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File 130495519863.png - (1.96MB, 1524x2156, Blink and kamehamehe.png) [iqdb]
6747 No. 6747
“I heard that when you die in extreme pain or sorrow, you become an evil spirit, only caring about his revenge. Now I'm asking you: are you in pain right now? Of course, you're laying on some rocks. That's not very comfy. But you had worse, right? Like, I don't know, when you fall on those rocks! I bet it hurts. Are you still feeling the pain? Does it still hurt? Hey, I wonder! If I can erase the pain, will you not be mad at me for scaring you? Won't you throw rocks at me if I … let's say 'heal' you. I don't really want to go into explanations.”
“Please...” Is all you manage to say. Mainly because you're badly hurt, but also because your jaw is broken. That's what you get for trying speleology without reading the manual! And maybe the rope was too short too. And maybe the rock was too hard.
You were trying to fix that hook, like you saw in that movie, but then, something asked you what you were doing, and, startled, you fell from the plateau.
That was a beautiful fall, by the way. Maybe you should have recorded it, and uploaded it on Youtube.

Oh silly you! That's right, you can't really move, since your bones are all broken! That hurts a lot, by the way. Not as much as when your mom caught you drinking beer in the family basement, but it still hurts. Thinking about it, you're wondering how will react your mother, hearing that you disappeared in a hole. Maybe she'll say something like:
“He disappeared? Lock your beer and your daughters!”
Yeah, obviously something like that.

“So, are you decided? Suits me if you decide to become an evil spirit, we're in shortage of them. Rin may pay good price for a new spirit.”
“Who's... Rin?”
“She's taking care of hell, torturing some spirits. Kinda like a caretaker, but more sexy.”
That's right, you remember the building's caretaker. As friendly as a space invader, and as sexy as a bearded woman.
“Please... Help me.”
Wow, your jaw wasn't broken in the end? My bad, I though it was. Fine, let's say your jaw is fine. But talking is still the only thing you can do. In short, you're shut in a cave, with... A GIRL? DEAR GOD, this is a paradise! There's a young girl near you!
Okay, she's blonde, and she's wearing some kind of weird dress, but it's a godamn girl! Quickly, stand up like a man, and show her who you are!

Oh, right. You're broken like a bunch of sticks. You're really useless, aren't you? There's an innocent little girl next to you, and you can't even molest her.
“Did you said 'help me'? Okay then, I'll bring you to the Earth Spirit's master.”
What a sweet little girl, she's probably gonna carry you bridal style, giving you the perfect opportunity to grope her, and then-
“But you're too heavy for me, I'll just drag you like this.”
Taking you by the collar, the girl start walking, still dragging your painful body over the thousands little sharps rocks that are making this cave's ground.

At this point, 'pain' isn't enough to express what you're feeling. You already begged for pardon from God, Allah, Yahveh, and several other gods. And you're obviously not arrived yet. It's even worse, since you're not being dragged in stairs. Aaaaah, if only you were masochist, things would be different, but you don't choose what you are. That's bad, isn't it?

The girl starts singing. For anyone else, it would be a nice song to hear, but for you, it sounds like some kind of horrible and disgusting torture method. It doesn't help that the lyrics are mostly “Ha, haa, ha-ha-ha, haaa”, looking awfully like “HAHAHAHAHA”.

By the time you're finally arrived, you already passed out, thanks to your brain. Okay, he was a little late to understand the situation, but when the pain was too horrible, he decided to disconnect you, and go play a tetris. You should thank him, you know? Thanks to him, you missed some nice pavements, more stairs, and a doormat with “Go away, thank you” written on it.

When your brain finally rage quit from tetris, you're laying, still on the ground. No more rocks, but woods pavements. Your back gonna aches tomorrow. But at least, your bones aren't broken anymore. Maybe it was just a dream after all?
“Hello there.”
Of course it's a dream! Why else would a cat talk to you? It can't be anything else than a dream! Look at this bird! A three-legged raven! It's obviously a dream, hahahaha!
Look here! A little girl with a red thingy attached to her body by some weird thingies! It's a dream! In five seconds, you'll wake up, just in time to watch your daily 'My Little Pony'. And everything will be fine! No more broken bones! No more drag over sharp rocks! No more talking animals! Just close your eyes and think 'it's a dream, it's not real'! Come on, do it!
“It's a dream, it's not real.”
“As it sad me to break your illusion, this is not a dream. This is reality.”
Says the little girls with thingies all over her body. Shut up, dream. You're the dreamer, You're the one who knows what's going on. You're closing your eyes. Open them, and once they're opened, the little girl will be totally naked.
Let's try this. Open your eyes, aaaaaaannnnnnnd... Disappointment. She's still dressed.
“Lady Satori, why are you angry after him?”
Ask the raven. After the talking cat, a talking raven. Logic. Or not. What's next? A chupacabra?
“No, but if you're interested, I have a Mokele-mbembe somewhere.”
Yeah. That's a dream.
“Rin, would you kindly explain him what's happening?”
Hey, open your eyes, because the talking cat is turning into a magical young girl, just in front of you. So open your eyes, you're missing all the fun!
“Utsuho, stay with Rin, and make sure he's not doing anything weird to her.”
Is she implying that you would do something harmful to that cute little girl? QUE NENNI! You just love little girl, they make you feel so good, when they're all around it makes you feel like you're the only guy in town!
“Utsuho, if he tries anything strange, you knock him off, and you being him back to me.”
The “Red-Thingies” girl is still thinking you're weird. You're not weird! You just had a bad day!
Having every bone (except your jaw) broken, being dragged over sharp rocks all the day, and finally witnessing strange transformation would be scary for anything else! You're not weird! They are weird!

Kinda like when you were in summer vacation. Other kids called you weird because you wanted to build a hut in the river. But thinking about it, it was the better place to build a hut, because you were protected against monsters, bunny witch, and other crazy peoples putting rocks in their socks for some strange reason!
Of course, the river was quite deep, and several kids drowned when they tried to build the hut, but it was still a good idea!
“This is wrong on so many level that I don't even know where to start.”
She's confused! Time to attack!

[] Get the hell away from that place! You're healed and stuff, you might be able to run like a cornish game! Whatever that means, it's obviously AWESOME!
[] Surprise attack! Go hide in the... sort of building they brought you in. They'll never look for you if you're hidden under their nose!
[] Kiss her for no reason! She's a little girl, it should be a good reason! If not, she's pretty! It works each time!
[] Convert yourself to satanist! And then molest a virgin because the Devil asked you to do so!
[] Do something stupid and/or funny! (write-in).
[] Ask them about your stuff, where you are, and the usual starting questions.
[] It's a dream! Since it's a dream, you can fly! Try to fly to the exit!


A short story I'm writing on a whim, for the fun. Don't expect regular update, and don't expect it to be serious. In short, don't expect anything.
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>> No. 7370
File 13103194398.jpg - (806.23KB, 996x1345, Reisen with a kimono.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] go see Koishi.

But before doing anything stupid or fun or most probably both, you need to check something VERY important.
“Reisen! Tell me again where you put Koishi, I think I forgot!”
“You can't forget, since I didn't tell you!”
“Forget details, tell me where she is.”

Yeah. That's not better. Koishi is still sleeping, thanks to Reisen's drugs, but considering her current state, it's probably better like this. You tried to place a tourniquet on her... strings/blood vessels, but they're still bleeding. That's not something you can cure, either with Reisen's drugs, or either with your own skills.
“Reisen, tell me again what I can do.”
Checking a paper, she answers quickly:
“Well, if you can find her Third Eye, and bring it here, perhaps I'll be able to transplant it. It it's not rotten, of course.”
Now that's troublesome. You don't have any clue about this thing's whereabouts. You're not even sure how it looks like.

But you have an idea. Sure, at first, that sounds stupid, but there's a chance it'll work. You take Reisen by the shoulders, and you ask:
“Reisen. Do you have a laboratory here?”
Surprised by your sudden emotional outburst, she doesn't answer immediately, stammering instead:
“I-I-I-I mean yes! Yes, of course!”
“Show me!”
“A-A-A-All right! Follow me, doctor!”
She start walking, and you follow her closely, taking large steps. There's an idea in your brain, and you have to take it, put it in a pot, water it, nurture it, and admire the result. But for this, you'll need a laboratory. And lots of things. You can provide some of them, but the others... might be troublesome. You briefly glance at Reisen. Maybe she'll help you, and maybe... not. You'll have to take that into consideration. But she's the only one able to help you, all the others girls around are too young. You'll need Reisen.

“Holy pangolin from Saint Antioch!”
You can't help but swear aloud. The laboratory is a goddamn LIVING DREAM! You always wanted to have something THIS BIG to work, and fate is giving you one!
“Impressive, isn't it, doctor? That was Master's laboratory, when she was still working here. Now there's only me, working sometimes to make drugs.”
Poor Reisen, she's so lonely in this BIG and MODERN laboratory. It'll be a shame to leave her, all alone, in this WONDERFUL laboratory. Of course, SCIENCE called you here, but you really can't let a young and fragile girl all alone in this DREAMLIKE laboratory. It'll be a crime.
“Okay. I'll be borrowing this room sometimes.”
Reisen narrows her eyes.
“Planning something?”
“That's a surprise.”
To tell the truth, that's a stupid idea. Basically, since you can't find any third eye, you're going to create one. That's right, you're going to clone Koishi. Well, not really Koishi, but rather her third eye. This is going to be long and hard and troublesome and stuff, but you take that as a challenge.

Before making any real plan, you wanted to see what kind of laboratory you could use. And now, you're relieved. You have enough tools to do that. Spare pieces might be difficult to find, but maybe you can ask Reisen for some. The other difficulty being that you don't know how those things are working. Of course, you can identify them pretty easily, but the manual is probably not in english. For this too, you'll need Reisen.
Alright. Now, let's say you can use those machines. Considering what you know, you'll need Koishi's DNA. Blood samples should be enough. However, you'll need a living cell. Not an ovum, but rather a zygote. In other words, you'll need someone's ovum, and you'll have to add male gametes. You briefly wonder if youkai and human are compatible. If yes, you won't have to look for a male partner, since your own sperm will be enough. If not... you'll have to find a male youkai, and ask him nicely: “excuse me sir, but could you nicely ejaculate in this glass?”
Yeah, this is going to be difficult. Maybe there are some kind of sperm stocks somewhere in this laboratory? If there are, you won't have to put your nose in some girl's vagina.
“Say, Reisen, do you have sperm in stock?”

Okay, that wasn't very smart from you. But Reisen is overreacting. You mean, come on! Trying to shoot you down while shouting mean things at you? Just shouting is enough, does she know? No, not shooting, but shouting! That's it, with an “U”. Luckily, you have several skills, one of them being “skill to walk shoeless outside”. And, even more luckily, Reisen, despite her obvious deep military training, doesn't have this AWESOME skill. Which means that as long as you're outside, you're safe.
Unless she decides to fly. Fuck. Let's make a run for it, should you? After all, she can't fly in that bamboo forest. Well, that's what Mr. Logic says to you. But you're pretty sure that Mr. Logic is just plain insane. After all, nothing makes sense in this wacky world, so that means that logic is insane. Or maybe it's just you? Are you insane? Do you have hallucinations? Probably yeah. Hallucinations would explain why you're seeing a paper flying toward your head.
“Bunbunmaru! Read it or there's no tomorrow!”
And being insane would also explain why you heard a girl, despite the fact that you saw-
With your blood, you write the culprit's name on the ground.
'Newspaper did it'

“So, what's up Reisen?”
You hear a young girl speaking. Miss Memory identifies this voice as being Tewi's.
“This idiot is still saying nonsense, this paper is still full of lies, and there's a party at the devil's mansion. Nothing much.”
Oh, hey, that's Reisen's voice. According to your sonar, she's next to you. Probably sitting on a chair, with her beautiful and pretty clean kimono. While you're lying on the hard and rocky ground.
“Have they send invitation yet?”
“Not yet. Are you gonna make some for your rabbits this time again?”
You can hear the younger voice laughing.
“It worked pretty fine last year, right? Besides, it'll be cruel for me to go and let them here.”
“Yeah. And it worked the year before too. And the year before too. And the year before too...”
In comparison, Reisen's voice seems bored.
“If it works, there's no reason for me to not use the same trick again, isn't it?”
Funny, it reminds you a proverb.
“Fuck me once, shame on you. Fuck me twice, shame on me.”
Did you just said that aloud?
“I'm totally fine with fucking you, man, but you're too young for me.”
That surprised outburst was Reisen's. Fortunately, you're too stoned to be surprised, so you decide to play along and to answer in the same fashion.
“Perhaps the same can be said about you?”
You open your eyes. You're half-expecting a silly answer, but there's only Reisen with you in the room.
“Uh? Where's Tewi?”
Hiding behind a goo' old newspaper, Reisen answer in the most bored way:
“She left. You probably upset her. She doesn't like being treated like a little girl.”
You shrug.
“Doesn't she look like a little girl?”
“She looks like a little girl. But she's not one.”
“Uh? Is she, pretty smart for her age? What's the word, precocious?”
“No. She's just... maybe, 1,700 years old? Yeah, something like that.”
That's many, many lifting.
With a sigh, Reisen drops the newspaper on the ground, and stares at you.
“That's all you can say? But anyway, we're invited to the vampire's party.”
“Cool. It means alcohol?”
“Are you able to spend the afternoon without picking a fight with someone?”
“Is there alcohol?”
“Also, I wanted to ask, but what was that about sperm?”
You don't want to explain your BRILLIANT PLAN to Reisen. Besides, you're too busy preparing that oktoberfest. This is going to be epic, isn't it? You remember the last time you went to a party. It was a tea party, if you remember it right. It was also just before you leave United Kingdom. Was it a coincidence? MAYBE! Or maybe not. Does that even makes sense? Did Salieri really killed Beethoven? Probably not. Unless Salieri was some kind of time lord! Maybe Salieri killed Napoleon too!
“Hey Reisen!”
While you were thinking about most important matter, Reisen picked the newspaper and opened it again.
“Who the hell is the Hakurei virgin?”
“Just a chick. Kind of not really nice, and very lazy. But she died 2 centuries ago.”
“The Hakurei or the virgin?”
“Both. She was the last Hakurei.”
Oooh, makes sense. Or not. Why did you asked that? You don't remember that. Well, what you you know, maybe it'll be useful later.
“Anyway, let's prepare for the party.”
“So you're going, uh? Let's pray it'll end peacefully.”
“You're awfully pessimistic Reisen.”
“Sometimes. If you're optimistic, I'm going to be pessimistic. If you're pessimistic, I'm going to be optimistic.”
“And if I act like I'm optimistic when in fact I'm pessimistic, are you going to act like you are pessimistic when in fact you are optimistic?”
“... Maybe.”
“That's a cheap answer Reisen.”
“That was a cheap question, doctor.”

Anyway! The party!
[] Take your revolver. Better have something in case it turns nasty.
[] Take your whip. Might be useful if you end the night with someone.
[] Take a stethoscope. This way, everyone will see you're a doctor.
[] Take a hat. You can't go outside without a hat. And someone destroyed your hat for no reason!


I'm pretty sure all that scientific stuff is correct. Almost correct. Maybe. Have a good party, Anon! Don't blow things up, you're just a human!
>> No. 7371
[x] Take your revolver. Better have something in case it turns nasty.
[x] Find a fedora
>> No. 7372
[x] Take your revolver. Better have something in case it turns nasty.
[x] Take your whip. Might be useful if you end the night with someone.
[x] Take a stethoscope. This way, everyone will see you're a doctor.
[x] Take a hat(Fedora). You can't go outside without a hat. And someone destroyed your hat for no reason!

You didnt say we couldn't choose them all, and the fact that we can easily take these all, give or take the hat.

[x] Make sure not to whip it out at the party. That would be disgusting.
>> No. 7374
You've got a point.
>> No. 7375
[X] Take your revolver. Better have something in case it turns nasty.
[X] Take your whip. Might be useful if you end the night with someone.
[X] Take a stethoscope. This way, everyone will see you're a doctor.
[X] Take a hat. You can't go outside without a hat. And someone destroyed your hat for no reason!

Reisen's being careful. Smart move, seeing as we're half insane. Even more so when the other half is Badass.
>> No. 7376
[X] Take your revolver. Better have something in case it turns nasty.
[X] Take a stethoscope. This way, everyone will see you're a doctor.
[x] Take a hat. You can't go outside without a hat. And someone destroyed your hat for no reason!
>> No. 7381
When did anon become so against Whipping it out! Children these days.
>> No. 7383
File 131049055531.jpg - (1.77MB, 2816x1872, DSC04058.jpg) [iqdb]
Can't update. This lil' guy won't leave me alone.
Or is it a gal? Since it's a worker, it's supposed to be female, but they can't reproduce, so...
>> No. 7386

Anyways, Go on with your life. We can wait to whip it out for as long as need be.
>> No. 7387
File 131059868247.png - (245.89KB, 660x900, Breakfast.png) [iqdb]
[x] Take your revolver. Better have something in case it turns nasty.
[x] Take your whip. Might be useful if you end the night with someone.
[x] Take a stethoscope. This way, everyone will see you're a doctor.
[x] Take a hat. You can't go outside without a hat. And someone destroyed your hat for no reason!

Completely disinterested in my sudden outburst, Reisen answers in the most bored and melancholic possible voice.
“Do you have a fedora? Or a Borsalino, I'm not sure how they call them?”
“I'm not sure. Look in the armory.”
“That's a hat, Reisen. Not a gun.”
She shrugs.
“Oh. Then look in the entrance. Master wasn't really fond of hat, more into cap, but she must have some of them.”
“All righty docty!”

Well, you did found a hat. Not the one you were seeking for, unfortunately, just a small ass fedora. Sure, it's a fedora, woo-hoo, but it's not really impressive. Better than nothing. Okay, that besides, what will you need? Probably shaving, brushing your teeth, stuff like that. Let's do that.
Now that you think about it, you don't have any spare clothes. Perhaps you should ask Reisen. As if. You're just going to buy some more. But Reisen is a stupid name anyway. Why would you call someone Reisen? Why not Travel? That's stupid and whoever called her like that is probably stupid too. Unless your naming sense is worse. Nah, impossible.

Okay, you're almost ready. You hide your revolver in your back pocket, your whip around your pant, disguised as a belt. You're ready. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you almost fall in love with yourself. Too bad you're not gay. But perhaps you could let your hair growing? This way, you'll look like a girl, and you'll be able to fall in love with yourself without having the feeling you're gay. But, then, you'll know that this beautiful and manly chick with long hair is a male. The only solution is to find a girl with long hair. Bonuses points if it's a ponytail. You love ponytail. No, to be more accurate, you LOVE ponytail. And you know what's missing, you need a stethoscope. This way, everyone will know you're a goddamn doctor. Don't expect anyone to take you seriously, even if you're shaved and presentable, you're still damn dirty, and you're still acting like a prey, looking everywhere around you, and still paying attention to any noise.

“Reisen, do you have a stethoscope?”
“Yeah, but whyyAAAAAAH?”
Was it an error to shave? Have you cut some vital artery without noticing it?
“What's up doc?”
“Who are you and what have you done to the dirty, half-shaved and disgusting doctor who was in this mansion a while ago?”
Were you really that ugly back then? Or is she just playing with you? Better to play along, hey?
“I'm a shape shifter. I killed him and ate him. He was delicious.”
“I knew it, you bastard!”
She points at you with her finger, and she shoots some weird thingy that you don't really watch closely, because you're too busy taking cover to really inspect her murderous tendency.
“It was a fucking joke, retard! Are moon rabbits joke-proof?”

She's overdoing it. Clearly. You're pretty sure that trying to kill someone for a joke is overdoing it. But past is past, and now you're ready. Reisen even gave you a stethoscope, so you look like a real doctor! Well, since you're not really a doctor, you feel like you're a faker, but your opinion doesn't matter. Reisen's opinion is far more important, and you'll need it. That asides, you wonder if those ears are real, or not. Real in a biological sense, of course, perhaps it's just some kind of high tech transmitter. Or perhaps you're not making any sense, as usual.
Whatever, you're now in front of the devil mansion or whatever they call it. No real differences. Except the gatekeeper. Last time you checked, there was no gatekeeper, and now there's one. And what a strange gatekeeper indeed. First, she's tall. Really tall. Second, she's chinese. You're fairly surprised to see a chinese in Japan, you though they couldn't stand each other. And, third, she's a redhead. That means she's obviously dumb. You'd better show that you're not hostile.
You raise your right hand, and you say in english:
You could try to say something in chinese, but unlike your japanese, you never praticed it. You're not sure you're speaking it at all, in fact, since you learned it from books. So for now, you decide to show that you're not a native speaker, and also that you're english. Not british, but english.
You're... not sure if you get it right, but you're fairly certain it means “hello”. Or maybe “good day”. As you try to answer in english, Reisen suddenly speaks for you.
“Hello Meiling. We're invited.”
With a nod, the woman let all of you pass. Yes, did you forgot to mention that Tewi and her rabbit tribe are coming along? Way to crush a party. Bah, it'll be funny.
“不要踩花。 ”
You're still not sure, but you think she's saying something about bananas. Or maybe it is related to the flowers. Whatever, you just go to the mansion, following Reisen, and followed by a smirking Tewi and a bunch of rabbits. You can't help but feel trapped between rabbits. You don't like that actual situation. But NOT AT FUCKING ALL.

When entering in the mansion for the second time, you manage to forget everything about rabbits, chinese gals or silly stuff. You're just too busy being impressed by the crowd. You knew where was still a lot of people around here, but so much people! And while they were having party here, you were trying to survive outside, alone, by yourself.
What's this, a red death? Are you wearing a mask? Stop that, Poe! You want to ask Reisen who are those guys, but she's already... GONE! Hell, it's like before, you can only count on you.

Okay. First, you though that they were all male. That's wrong. In fact, you quickly notice that there's less than 5 guys at this party. There's the Butler, one guy with white hairs, yellow eyes and glasses, two guys wearing masks, and you. What kind of party is that? 5 guys for, maybe 20-25 chicks? This is madness. Or heaven. Depends.
Second, everyone is wearing a hat. Or some kind of hair ornament. There's this little blond girl with a hat with eyes. Better a hat than a hill, you guess. There's that tall woman with some kind of underwear on her head. Her eyes are closed, and she looks like a fox. Silly you, there's no way she could be a frog.
Near the table, you can see Butler and that Izayoi maid talking together. Look like they're getting along like old friends. Sneaking near the table, you sneakily steal a cup of a strange drink. You wish it's champagne, but your expectations are easily betrayed. Taste like rice. Must be what they call “sake”. You don't like it. Taking several drinks, you try to eavesdrop on the butler's discussion. Maybe they're speaking about something interesting.
“No, but the clock tower was all dusty, so in the end, she just fell...”
“Must suck to fall from something that high, right?”
Mmm, nothing interesting. Probably some old story, or a private joke.

Daaammmnnnn, Reisen is nowhere to be seen. You're all alone, at a party, and you're supposed to enjoy yourself.
[] Go talk with Butler.
[] Go talk with the guy with glasses.
[] Go talk with one of the masked guys.
[] Go talk to the little girl with the strange-looking hat.
[] Go talk to the maid Izayoi.
[] Go talk to the foxy-looking woman with an underwear as hat.
[] Try to find Mima somwhere.
[] Go outside for a walk. Too much people here.
[] Try to find Reisen.
[] Sneak around. Use your stethoscope to find secret passages.
[] Get drunk.


Only one option.
Don't be afraid, the party will last for a while. Unless you do something stupid. I mean something REALLY stupid.
>> No. 7389
>Don't be afraid, the party will last for a while. Unless you do something stupid. I mean something REALLY stupid.

Getting Drunk isnt stupid. However what we do while drunk is, but we're going to be smashed anyways but who cares~

[x] Sneak around. Use your stethoscope to find secret passages.

We arent creepy. Shut up.

[x] Prepare to whip it out, just in case. After all, you're shaved, have a hat, and looking for secret passages in a vampires castle! This obviously means you are a Belmont, and a Belmont is nothing without his whip!
>> No. 7394
[x] Go talk to the foxy-looking woman with an underwear as hat.
[x] Inquire about her headwear choice.
>> No. 7396
[X] Go talk to the foxy-looking woman with an underwear as hat.

Hello? We would like to speak with the landlord around here. Goes by the name 'Yakama' or something...
>> No. 7399
I am a nice person.
This is your goal: http://tindeck.com/listen/yqus
Just be careful, it's VERY loud and probably not obvious at all.
Have fun.
>> No. 7400
I thought it was morse code.

Then I realized it was something I couldn't hope to figure it out. Well fuck. What the hell is that anyways?
>> No. 7401
- --- - .- .-.. .-.. -.-- -..-. -. --- - -..-. -- --- .-. ... . -..-. ... - --- .--. -..-. .-- .... -.-- -..-. -.. --- -..-. -.-- --- ..- -..-. . ...- . -. -..-. - .... .. -. -.- -..-. - .... .- - -..-. ... - --- .--. -..-. .- -. -.-- .-- .- -.-- -..-. ..- .--. -.. .- - . -..-. .. ... -..-. --- -. -..-. - .... . -..-. .-- .- -.-- -..-. ... - --- .--. -..-. .... .- ...- . -..-. ..-. ..- -. -..-. ... - --- .--. -..-. --- .... -..-. ... - --- .--. -..-. .- -. -.. -..-. ..-. --- .-. -..-. -.-- --- ..- .-. -..-. .. -. ..-. --- .-. -- .- - .. --- -. -..-. ... - --- .--. -..-. ... ... - ...- -..-. ... .... --- ..- .-.. -.. -..-. .... . .-.. .--. -..-. -.-- --- ..- -..-. ... - --- .--.
>> No. 7402
File 131067388499.png - (313.32KB, 802x600, who`s that pokemon?.png) [iqdb]
None of you ever followed the Portal ARG, I guess.

Spoilered to preserve the secret.
>> No. 7403
Thank you.
>> No. 7405
Was never too into Portal. Too fucking deep.

Though still, now we get the moonbitches? Fuck, how are we going to whip it out in safety now?
>> No. 7409

From behind. It will also satisfy Kogasa as well due to the surprise.
>> No. 7412
[x] Wave and smile.
We got our ass kicked already, no need to do so again... I think.
>> No. 7413
Update delayed. Sorry, but I'll take your vote into consideration, so don't worry.
>> No. 7415
Cool. Now hurry up doc.
>> No. 7420
File 131100285637.png - (442.53KB, 550x733, Koishi is my muse forever.png) [iqdb]
Sorry about that, but I don't like the current update, and, for some reason, when facing my open office document, I'm just unable to write anything. Writer's block, I don't know. Whatever.

This story is in hiatus for a while. I don't know how much time it'll take me to write that damn update, but I'm going to give up. However, don't expect anything. Next update may be tomorrow, or it may be in 3 months.
>> No. 7430
File 131120562875.jpg - (1.29MB, 1600x1200, PARTY TIME.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Go talk to the foxy-looking woman with an underwear as hat.

Well, you've got nothing better to do, so why not go speak with the strangest-looking woman in the whole room? Hell, it might be fun.

You say in a casual tone.
“Hello, doctor.”
Wait, what? How does she know you're a doctor? Is she some kind of mind-reader? Can she read your past? Can she, like, change your history like it's a wikipedia article?
“How do you know I'm a doctor?”
“You have a stethoscope around your neck.”
Well, you guess that makes sense. Wait a minute! Was this stethoscope really around your neck? Or did someone put it here while you weren't looking? Or was it never here to begin with? Does stethoscope exist for real, or are you imagining them? Reality is a creation, you already know that. Reality is a dream that you're creating without even noticing it.
“Yeah, yeah. So, uh, I'm a doctor. Well, to be accurate, I'm more like a scientist than a doctor, but, uh, there's a gap here, so I became a doctor to fill that gap and...”
Silly you. You try to show yourself in a good way, and all you can do is speaking nonsense. But the foxy-looking lady doesn't look worried. Not a single bit, in fact. It's even the opposite, she's smiling.
“I know you, doctor.”
“Makes my job easier, since I don't have to introduce myself. But I want to know two things.”
“Ask, and I will answer.”
Aaah, she's so nice. That warm smile. He looks like your mother. Except the fact that your mother wasn't so foxy-looking. And she didn't have those tails. Fluffy tails. Warm tails. You want to grope them, and- BACK TO BUSINESS!
“First, how do you know me?”
Her smile grows wider.
“You remember Usami, right? I'm... her coworker? Something like that.”
“Usami? Who?”
“Renko Usami.”
Oh, the black-haired smoking seductress.
“Oh, yeah. How is she? Is she doing fine?”
The foxy-looking lady nods in a friendly way.
“She doesn't want to see you. That's why I was dispatched to this party. But I forget my manners. My name is Yakumo Ran, but you can call me Ran.”
“Hello Ran. Second question, what's that thing over your head?”
“That's a hat, doctor.”
Nonsense. Your thing is a hat. Her thing is... the hell is that thing anyway?
“Nice hat.”
“Thank you. But, it's a good thing I could see you today.”
You inspect her one more time. Strange hat, yellow eyes, business-like smile, and... tails? You couldn't notice them before. She has tails. That means that she's not a foxy-looking woman. SHE'S A FOX!
Your hands are shaking. Really shaking. Okay. You should calm down. She's not going to gut you like a fish. Probably. Maybe. What with the business smile, anyway?
“I have another job for you.”
Oh. Great. You haven't even finished your first job, and you're already asked with another one. Screw that.
“Can we talk about that later? I want to enjoy the party. Just a little, please.”
“Fine. I'll send you a letter.”
“Thank you.”
You stay silent for a while, not really sure how to ask about that. Luckily, she detects your trouble, and she speaks for you.
“Feeling bothered by my tails?”
“Yeah. You're not human, but what are you, if I can ask?”
“I am what they call a kitsune.”
A kitsune. It remembers you something. From a video game.
“Interesting. Are those tails sensitive?”

With more luck, it could have been a wonderful discussion. After all, “Ran” is far more cultured than Reisen, and you really enjoy speaking with her. She's a good listener, and she's a really good teacher. Earlier, you were talking about youkai biology, and you noticed that, instead of explaining you everything from A to Z, she was just giving you the bases, letting you figure the rest by yourself.
But, of course, that couldn't last forever. You wish it could, but it couldn't. And why? Because Reisen passed by, and warned Ran that you might slice her up to see how she's done. Totally wrong, by the way. You could never do that. Mainly because you don't like working on a woman, but also because you're pretty sure that she's stronger than you. SCIENCE wants sacrifice, but SCIENCE can't be done if you're dead.
After Reisen, you could always keep on speaking with Ran, except that something else interrupted the both of you. “Something else” meaning in this case: “the masked guys you saw earlier fighting against a blond little girl”. Yeah. They were two, they were adults, they were fighting a little girl, and they were losing. Of course, at first, you though they'll win. Mainly when one of them crushed a punch bowl on the girl's head. But when she threw them through the room, you understood that they were screwed.
Haaa, how sweet, Tewi is worried about your well-being, and-
“Wanna bet?”
Nevermind. She's totally corrupted. Beyond any redemption.
“Yeah. £5 on the little girl.”
“That's an easy bet, you know? Rien ne va plus, les jeux sont faits!”
You feel awful for betting on the little cannibal. But it's not like they're going to be killed. Or else, that means it's some party to run away from REALLY FAST.

It may be that kind of party. Everyone around you is smiling. They aren't worried at all. Hell. There's a LITTLE GIRL sending TWO MEN flying, and you're the only one worried. Perhaps you should have a drink. A nice little drink. It will calm you down.

Okay. Let's think about that quietly. Everyone -including you- is watching a fight between a girl and two men, while a poltergeist group is playing “The Barber of Seville , Largo al Factotum”. You're pretty sure by now that drinking wasn't a good idea. But, thanks to that, you know that most of those people are youkai. You should be scared and already running for your life, but nobody seems to be hungry now. So you're fine. Maybe. Let's have another drink.
“Barman! Something to drink!”
“Why not? Have something strong.”
That barman is smiling in an annoying way. And I think I saw him somewhere before. Who the hell is he?
“Fine by me. What's that?”
“90° alcohol. Used mainly to cauterize open wounds. Nice to see you can drink that without dying.”
You throw the glass over your shoulder. That guy is trying to get you drunk! You're going to bate... baet... BEAT HIM TO DEATH WITH YOUR GODAMN BEAR HANDS!
“Problem, doctor?” He adds.
His smile disappears quite quickly. Probably because you're jumping over the table to get your hands on him. And maybe also because you actually grab him.
“I hope you know how to avoid being injured while kissing a table!”
While saying that, you raise him over your head, and throw him IN the table. Not on, but IN. Head first. Like in comics. Of course, maybe it would work if the table wasn't as solid as it is now.
“I'm annoyed by your aggressive behavior, doctor. I though you were someone smart.”
The bastard just... BOUNCED! That's the good word! You though he was going to get his head nicely crushed against the table, but instead of that, he just.. bounced.
“I'm extremely annoyed by your wizards tricks, son. I was expecting you to take that punch like a real man.”
That's what you say. But what you think is way ruder, so you're not going to say it.

Amusingly enough, you couldn't notice while you were fighting against that strange barman, but your fight triggered something. And you finally understood was this party was about. It was for frustration. Or, rather, against it. The humans, the youkai, and the ghost. They come here, they exchange some punches, no hard feelings, no hate.
Of course, you couldn't notice that by yourself. Especially after being grabbed by the legs and used as a weapon against an angry vampire jumping everywhere. After that, you met Mr Table, and you don't remember anything else. You remember being dragged and put against a wall, but that's all.
When you finally wake up, the room is … not a damn mess? Well, that's what you get for hiring a wizard. He can fix stuff with his magic hands. What a cheater.
Oh, hey, here's Reisen. Hello Reisen.
“I should have know I'll find you here.”
“You sound tired, Reisen.”
“I am tired. I was invited here only to take care of the wounded people.”
“Not to relax?”
She sighs.
“I'm can't relax when I know I'm hurting people.”
Yep. She may be totally useless as a doctor, she's still acting like one. You should act like her, you know? Oh, right, you're not really a doctor. Not in the medical sense. You take pleasure in opening thing and see how they work. But, still, you should try to act, and think, like her.
“I can walk. Can I help?”
“Oh? Well, yes. Can you take care of them?”
She says, while designing the 2 masked guys you saw earlier.
“And you'll take care of the youkais?”
Let's do this.
>> No. 7431
File 131120578512.png - (312.89KB, 688x400, vlcsnap-2011-06-08-09h55m57s208.png) [iqdb]
Those guys are strange. Blue jeans, why not, shirt, yeah, but why the hell are they wearing masks?
“Hello! Tell me, what's wrong?”
“Me leeg iz brokn.”
“Kant fiil my arm.”
Mmm... Yeah. You don't speak their … gibberish language, but you get the main idea. Of course, if they weren't wearing those masks, you wouldn't bother with that, but their face being hidden, you're kind of curious. Are they so ugly that they're hiding their face? Or is it some way to recognize themselves as human? After all, they were the only one here wearing masks, so maybe that's it.
“Okay, I see. I'll try something for your leg. However, your arm will probably require some medication.”
“Faine bai mi.”
“Are yu a man?”
That line amuse you. Do they care? Are they just interested by a new face? Are they going to accept your medication if you say you're human? Bah, you'll gain nothing if you lie, so be honest.
“Yes, I'm human. Don't move, I'll set your leg. This is going to hurt. A lot.”
“Human? Wy are yu wif HAAAAAAAAAAA-”
“I told you it was going to hurt.”
After setting the fracture, you quickly place a splint over the leg, along with some advices.
“Don't move too much. Use a walking stick if you really have to. Wait 2-3 weeks before removing it.”
“Thank you.”
And, now, the other one. You borrow a syringe from Reisen, and you stab him in the arm. No reaction. This is going to be interesting.

Disappointing it was, after all. You couldn't find the solution, so you ask Reisen, and you both decided it was some kind of youkai poison. It'll disappear in a few hours.
“That wasn't really interesting. Am I right, Reisen?”
“It happens very often, doctor.”
“They meet together, they drink a little, and then they fight? And it happens very often? That's stupid.”
“That's the only solution we found.”
Reisen is no longer speaking by now. Just whispering. Which means that she's telling interesting stuff.
“Solution to what?”
She shrugs.
“Frustration? Hate? Grudge? Everything. We all need to cool down. Human and youkais alike.”
“How was it before, Reisen?”
“Before? We had danmaku.”
You bet that 'what-the-hell-is-that-crap' is written all over your face, according to Reisen's reaction. But you can't really ask her. Why, are you asking? Because that Ran foxy woman is waving at you.
“You will have to explain that to me later.”
“Fine, fine. Go play while I have to heal everyone. By myself.”
You left her without any remorse, and you walk to Ran.
“Hello again, Ran.”
“Hello again, doctor. Nice to see you up.”
“Yes, nice to see me up.”
“Here's for you.”
You were expecting a letter, but instead of that, that's a FREAKING PARCEL she's giving you!
“Say, Ran, there's... Ran?”
She disappeared. Like that. Just a 'pof', and she disappeared. Yep. You don't like youkais after all. Because if she can disappear like that, it means that she can also appear like that. From nowhere. Exactly like Renko did. This is why you won't be able to wank. Fuck. Let's hope you won't get any boner until that job is done. Or you're going to be in a troublesome situation.
Let's think about that. All youkais here are female. And all human (the two masked guys and you) are male. In other words, either you fuck a cannibal monster, either... DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! Let's just hope that youkais aren't like praying mantis. Maybe you can find something in Reisen's storehouse against boners. You'll have to think about it.

There's something nice about being obsessed about something. You're so focused on it that you can't notice anything else. For example, just now, you're in the mansion. And you don't remember walking all the way. Bah. Let's just go all alone in a room, and open that damn parcel.
“Yes, Reisen?”
“I-I'll have to ask you to...”
“To what, Reisen?”
“Uuuhh... Never mind.”
What the hell was that about? Bah, as she said, never mind. You quickly run in your room, and you quickly open the parcel. Or rather, try to open it. A DAMN KNIFE! You NEED A DAMN KNIFE! Speaking about knife, where's your hat? And where's your revolver?

Okay, you got them back. Turned out that someone took them from you, and brought them to Reisen. She don't want to tell you who did that. Perhaps she doesn't want you to go on a rampage. Whatever. Parcel, parcel, parcel. With a scalpel “borrowed” to Reisen, you finally manage to rip the whole parcel into pieces. Inside it, there's a wooden box, and a letter.
The letter says:
“Hello, Doctor Moriarty.
Ran told me you wanted a letter rather than a spoken message. But considering that job, I want you to burn that letter once you've read it.
Allow me first to congratulate you for reaching Japan. I know that was a long way from Spain. Especially with those things wandering and killing on sight. Sincerely, congratulations.
But you do know that's not why I'm writing, right? So, let's get down to business.
There's an investigation going on near Kyoto. I know another lunarian lord is coming. Maybe tonight, or tomorrow, and near your place. I'm not sure when. I want you to get rid of him. How you do it, it doesn't matter. Just get rid of him.

I know you'll be bothered about being paid for that, but I'm sending it to you anyway. That parcel contains a wood box. Inside of it, you may find several mirror shards. I think they may be useful to you.

Yakumo Yukari”

Slowly and carefully, you tear the letter in several pieces. You're going to burn them with the parcel remains. After that, you sit on the ground, and you breath deeply. You used doublethink to defend yourself. To avoid despair and madness. After meeting Satori, you keep using it, but to avoid being discovered. You almost genuinely forgot about Moriarty. And now, you feel like everyone know you. That's not good. Not good at all.
So, here's the plan. You take care of that “job”, you get rid of that lunarian guy, and then, you'll ask to meet that “Yukari”. You want to see who she is, and what does she want. Good plan. But you'll have to get rid of that guy first.

The lunarian lord is coming...
[] Some poison should do the trick. It'll kill him in some painful way.
[] Frontal attack. Challenge him, and “accidentally” kill him.
[] Take him alive for “interrogation” and autopsy.
[] Go to the storehouse, try to find some non-lethal poison (precise what you want to use). You just want him to go back to his precious Moon, nothing else.
[] Write-in.


I still don't like this update, but at least, I went through my block. Update seemed to be too long, so I broke it in 2.
>> No. 7432
[x] Go to the storehouse, try to find some non-lethal poison (chloroform). You just want him to go back to his precious Moon, nothing else.
-[x] Tell him to go back to his moonie place or whatever.
--[x] If that doesnt work, Whip it out. As in, a knife. Dissect him, as lunarians might have different insides then humans.

Why the fuck not. Also, If there's a better non-lethal poison, or anything better then chloroform, please say so now, as thats the only 'poison' I know that doesnt kill.
>> No. 7437
>>7432 here, forgot to say 'oh yeah we're a good 15ish posts away from auto-sage so get to making a new thread so we can whip it out in peace'.
>> No. 7445
[X] Take him alive for “interrogation” and autopsy.

Called it, it was the Lunarians.
>> No. 7447
The fugu is a really interesting fish. His organs are filled with neurotoxins, paralyzing the target. Subject die from asphyxiation.
>> No. 7452
File 131128830751.png - (87.29KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2011-05-24-12h56m35s173.png) [iqdb]
Better safe than sorry.
Better safe than sorry.
They asked me to open the door.
I couldn't answer.
They begged me to open the door.
I sat in a corner, and I tried to sleep.
They screamed and cried.
I ignored them.
And they it came.
One after another, they stopped screaming.
It killed them.
No pain.
No scream.
It just took them.
No hard feelings.
Before leaving, it whispered to me, through the door.
It said.
You will be next.
It couldn't know I was here.
I tried reading.
I tried to forget.
I couldn't forget.
The book screamed at me, calling me a coward.
The door screamed at me, calling me a coward.
The entire room screamed at me, calling me a coward.
I put my hands over my ears, and I sang.
I wanted them to shut their mouth.
Objects can't speak.
They can't.
They can't.
They can't.
I grabbed the book, and I told it it wasn't supposed to speak.
I threw the book away.
I grabbed the door, and I told it it wasn't supposed to speak.
I yelled at the whole room.
I was the only one.
I was all alone.
There was nobody else with me.
I was yelling at an empty room.
The empty room can't love me.
I had to leave that hateful empty room.
I opened the door, and I ran.
I heard it.
It was eating.
It was eating the people who were screaming earlier.
It noticed me, and it laughed at me.
I tried to laugh back at it.
I couldn't.
So I just ran.
I was the wisest in the group.
I told them that it was stupid to leave the shelter.
I told them, but they never listened to me.
I was the wisest, but I followed them anyway.
I was alone soon after.
I found a shelter, and I closed myself in.
Nobody goes in, nobody goes out.
And then it came.
Looking like a girl.
It came, and it whispered.
Day after day, it came.
Day after day, it whispered.

It was waiting.
After it ate the other, it came after me.
It's after me.
Neither running, neither walking.
It was crawling over the ground, whispering and whispering.
It chased after me.
Pushing me toward a cliff.
And when I was trapped, it whispered.
It whispered.
And again.
“Do you want to live that bad?”
It crawled to me, and it whispered in my ear.
“Why don't you give up?”
I tried to ignore it.
It whispered.
And again.
And again.
I gave up.
I walked.
I jumped.
Time stopped for an eternity.
And then, I meet the ground.

I died that day.
Through death, I became something else.
I hate myself for being so weak.
I blame myself for being unable to fight.
And there's nothing I can do now.
I'm doomed.
>> No. 7453

I really like what you do with this story, to be honest. It's always serious, but theres always just the right coating of joy or some other emotion to cover up whats really happening.
>> No. 7454
To be frank, I try to avoid being too serious.
Each time I tried writing a "serious" story, I ended up giving up and writing a half-baked ending (Gensokyo's Tower, You are just a blink).
With this story, I'm trying to alternate between serious parts (lunarians, Koishi, Mima), and less serious parts (Reisen, Butler, Mima).

Those intermezzos are just here because I want to write them. Sometimes, you may discover some tip, but that's all.
>> No. 7455
[x] Go to the storehouse, try to find some non-lethal poison (precise what you want to use). You just want him to go back to his precious Moon, nothing else.
-[x] Chloroform, yeah/
>> No. 7462
Nearing autosage. Get ready to whip it out in a new thread.
>> No. 7470
Not going to update before a while.
THP hates me, and each time I try to post, I'm facing some allocation-memory-shit-I-don't-know-about.
Also, I lost the nue contest, hourra!
>> No. 7475
If you won, You'd have to deal with people crying about how they didnt win.

Though i'm still extremely butthurt that the mods got something against focused urine. Shits serious even if it isnt real
>> No. 7523
File 131206634159.png - (2.89KB, 240x240, En garde.png) [iqdb]
I-it's not like I wanted to win, anyway.
Anyway, have some Yorihime.
>> No. 7532
File 131215242751.jpg - (74.36KB, 434x338, damn hurry up I've got a raid.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Go to the storehouse, try to find some non-lethal poison (chloroform). You just want him to go back to his precious Moon, nothing else.
-[x] Tell him to go back to his moonie place or whatever.
--[x] If that doesnt work, Whip it out. As in, a knife. Dissect him, as lunarians might have different insides then humans.
Well, since it's a job, and since you accepted it, you have no choice but to do it. That woman, Yakumo, asked you to “get rid of him”. Not “kill him”. That doesn't mean you're not going to have some fun with him. You know that lunarians can feel pain. That doesn't mean they're resisting to torture. Besides, you're kind of interested by any biological difference. But you'll have to consider the situation as a whole. So, be Moriarty, and stop fooling around.

First, that lunarian will probably be wary. You can't attack him directly, you'll have to use what they call a “middleman”. Someone else to interact with him. Which means you'll have to poison him. Or drug him, whatever. But do not attack him directly, and do not attack him yourself. The ideal way would be to send someone to stab him while he's taking a crap. But you don't want to kill him.
Second, Reisen probably knows about it, somehow. Earlier, she said she wasn't able to contact her fellow moon rabbit, and yet her behavior proves that she know about that lunarian. Especially when she tried to ask you something, only to go all “nevermind” after. You're not totally sure, but you're fairly certain she was about to ask you to go take a holiday somewhere else. Back to the topic, it means that she'll be on guard, especially toward you. You'll have to refrain attacking the lunarian as long as Reisen is up. Which means you'll have to get rid of Reisen, somehow. Sending her to town, or something like that.
Third, as said before, you don't want to kill the lunarian. However, sending him back to the moon is as stupid as going to the moon yourself. Therefore, if you want to interrogate him, you'll have to use a trick to make yourself impossible to identify. Maybe wearing a mask or something like that. But you'll have to consider his resistance. As far as you could tell, Yorihime was stronger than you. Maybe it's because she was training everyday, or maybe it's some lunarian thing. In other words, you'll have to be very careful with the lunarian, he might be just injured by a blow who could have killed you.
Fourth, even if you don't consider them as a threat, the mansion's rabbit have to be treated with caution. You don't know how they'll react if they understand what you're planning. In the best case, Tewi might blackmail you. In the worst, they'll attack you. You can't count on them, and, worse than that, you'll have to do everything in their back.

In short, in your situation, it's you versus the whole mansion. You can't help but feel excited by this revelation. You're not really the cunning one. Your favorite solution is more often the most violent one, mostly because you think you learn more from people when they're feeling threatened. But that's not the point. The point is, you're in a mansion, with maybe fifty-sixty witnesses, and you have to make a guest prisoner, while getting rid of the mansion's physician. You can start humming “Mission: Impossible” theme. Because you're going to do that. Fulfilling a impossible mission. By yourself. This is an interesting challenge, admit it.

Okay, time to open that wooden box. After that, you'll burn the parcel, and the letter. Can't leave anything behind you. You reach for the box, and you quickly open it. And you're kind of disappointed. Of course, Yukari said mirror shards. And you were expecting some kind of joke. But it's really containing mirror shards.
“What am I supposed to do with that? How is it supposed to help me?”
Screw that, put them back in the box, and put that in a corner or something. After that, try to find where Reisen put her medicines.

“Ha, that was here. Thank you.”
You say, while trying to smile at the rabbit. She's seems to be scared by that pure and innocent smile, since she just leaves you alone. But thinking about that, you were supposed to be deadly scared by those rabbits. Keep acting, moron, or Reisen will suspect you to be planning something. It's not like you had any other options, anyway. The drugs are placed in a storehouse, separated from the main building, and half-hidden by vegetation. There's was no way you could discover it by yourself.
“Holy mother of god!”
That was pure reflex, you swear! It's just that the storehouse is DAMN BIG! There are, like thousands shelves! All filled with strange looking bottles!

In a heartbeat, you quickly begin to look among the shelves, for some kind of paralyzing drug. Or a sleeping drug would do it too. Maybe more a sleeping drug, since it'll allow you to move him without troubles. Yeah, that should do it. Luckily, you quickly find what you seek. In fact, there's a whole shelf of sleeping drugs! Are you in paradise or what? Bah, just take the most powerful.
Chloroform. You're not going to try some random drug. Even if that nightmare pill looks promising. You snatch the bottle from the shelf, and you hide it in your pocket.

“Haaa, Koishi, this is going to be really troublesome if I can't fix that.”
She's still bleeding. That's worrying. And that's also dirty, she's bleeding all other the blanket. Hold on, what are you doing here? Weren't you supposed to be doing something? You can't remember. If you can't remember, when that wasn't important, right? Maybe? Probably? Perhaps? You're not really sure. Bah, if it's important, you're going to remember it. As your father said, 'when you die, you are dead forever'. You're not sure what it means, but your father said it, so it's obviously important. He also said you to never sky for free or something like that, and after that he went mumbling about yetis.
“Anyway. Thanks for your blood, Koishi. I'll try something as soon as I can.”
Of course, she's sleeping, so she can't hear you. But you feel less alone by speaking, even if it's to someone who can't answer. Even if it's a supernatural creature able to break your skull on a whim without any remorse. Even if it's a supernatural creature able to bleed for days without dying. About that, you'll probably want to observe her red corpuscle. But it can wait for a while. The most important problem right now is that her clothes are getting bloody.
Which means you have to undress her. Or ask someone else to do it for you. But, unfortunately, there's nobody else but you. What a waste.
What's that noise? Oh, a rabbit. Great! You won't have to undress her yourself! You can ask that rabbit to do it for you.
“Hey, hummm, rabbit?”
You were half-expecting it to talk, but it's just squeaking. That's just a rabbit, so there's no way it would talk, after all. Even if it's probably understanding you right now, it can't answer. WHICH MEANS IT CAN'T HELP YOU! That's grea- too bad, really too bad, you have to do the dirty job. But first, you'll need spare clothes.
“Rabbit? Can you bring me spare clothes, please?”
It squeaks, while jumping on a chair. Oh. It already brought them. Good job, rabbit. Really. Good job. Well, since you have everything, you can change Koishi's clothes. But you can't do ANYTHING else, since the rabbit is here. Freaking rabbit. You hate rabbits. You want to take that rabbit on a walk, and SNAP ITS LITTLE NECK. That dirty mongrel censoring rabbit. That whity dirty disgusting annoying rabbit!
It's done. The work is done. Now, since you have some free time, let's observe that blood in the microscope. Maybe you'll find something interesting. But before that, you go to your room. Mainly because you're pretty sure you won't need your whip, nor your revolver. The hat and the stethoscope, you keep them, they might be useful. But the – who the hell threw his garbage in your room?! Who has the nerve to throw a parcel in your clean and white room?! Who is the freaking communist who just signed his death sentence?! Who the hell is responsible for that crap in YOUR – oh, wait, it's you. You received that parcel three years ago, and you carried it around from Russia. Amazing you opened it, truth to be told. Whatever. Let's burn it, it'll warm you a little.

You answer in the most polite way, trying to piss off the newcomer.
“Hello to you too, Reisen. I'm burning some things.”
“You're... burning... things?”
“Yeeees, Reisen. I'm burning garbage.”
Pinching his nose, Reisen sigh, and ask in a very casual tone.
“I think I can understand your motivation, but I do question your common sense. You're burning garbage, yeah, that's logic. But why do you think that burning garbage INSIDE the mansion is a good idea?”
You're dumbfounded. You're not supposed to burn stuff inside that fireplace?
“I don't get it, Reisen. There's a fireplace here, so I burned the stuff inside the fireplace.”
“Aaah, that explains why there's smoke everywhere!”
You knew there was a logical explanation to the lack of ventilation, but you though it was some weird lunarian construction.

The fire's finally under control. It only burned three rooms, so there's no reason to worry. Except maybe the pissed off lunarian rabbit soldier in front of you with red glowing eyes of doom.
“Listen, Reisen, I'm sorry I burned a part of the mansion. I won't do it again.”
“SHUT UP! Now listen. We're going to receive someone tonight. I want you to be totally invisible. I don't want him to hear you. I don't want him to even see you.”
“Why? Because I'm welsh?”
“No. Because you're an earthling, and the lord I'm going to receive is very... proud.”
“Say racist, it sounds better.”
She slams her hand against the table.
“WHATEVER! I don't want any more trouble! Thank to you, I can't contact my fellow moon rabbits anymore, they're all probably thinking I'm dead, I'm probably going to be scolded when he'll come, so don't create any more trouble for me, okay?”
You're pretty sure that was a wonderful speech. Unfortunately, you were too busy scratching your nose to pay any attention. Hey, attention isn't free, you know? It costs £50/hour! You can't afford that! Neither can Reisen, apparently.
“Whatever. I'll be working in the laboratory, so unless your guest is a scientist, we won't meet.”
“Good idea. I'll order the rabbits to lock you in the laboratory.”

You are now prisoner, locked in the laboratory. You don't really understand how they can lock those papers door, but they can. It must be magic. No, not magic. Let's say it's a trick. Even if tricks are for kids. You're not a kid. You're a scientist. Or a wizard. The same. Magic is like high technology. You don't know how it works, so you think it's magic.
[] Take it easy. Work on some blood samples.
[] Create a deadly neurotoxin to spend time.
[] Investigate the wooden box you found in the parcel.
>> No. 7538
-[x] Investigate the wooden box you found in the parcel while fleeing.

I dont see why not. But wait! Why arent we whipping it out?!
>> No. 7539
[x] Create a deadly neurotoxin to spend time.
>> No. 7540
[X] Create a deadly neurotoxin to spend time.

Hello [INSERT NAME HERE]! It's your best friend, deadly neurotoxin!
>> No. 7541
I hate you so much

>> No. 7544
File 131222063979.jpg - (329.59KB, 1600x1200, Sparkling Champagne.jpg) [iqdb]
This is my first thread reaching autosage. It means champagne for everyone! Which means only me and my computer, since you don't know where I'm living.

Anyway, there's a nice tie. No, not the one you put around your neck. So, if there's no tie-breaker when I'll feel like writing, I'm going to decide by myself what's the winning option.
>> No. 7545
Flip a coin. If its heads, go with option one. If ita tails, go with option two. If its on its side, suicide.
>> No. 7547
[x] Create a deadly neurotoxin to spend time.

I am now picturing the MC's sane half as GLaDOS, and the insane half as Wheatley. Someone please kill me.
>> No. 7550
File 131254649192.jpg - (586.48KB, 1024x681, DSC04093.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 7555
If it lands in the pavement, Get to work you lazy nigger.
>> No. 7557
>sane half as GLaDOS

The guy needs help ASAP.
>> No. 8420
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