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File 130372426861.png - (529.17KB, 862x600, she_is.png) [iqdb]
6647 No. 6647
—We had strayed the caves for whole millennia.

No, to say that would be a bold overstatement.

One loses notion of time underground – seconds blend into minutes, minutes melt into hours, hours mingle into days. One could say time isn't much unlike a tankard of cheap ale in a wayside tavern – it is lost with neither heed nor notice, only apparent when you set your mind towards the past, to tally sceptically the gone-by numbers. Indeed; deep beneath the light-basked surface of the world, in the snaking bowels of Hell's foyer, time spilled between your fingers as drops of dilute golden brew.

Garion stopped, stooped against the cold, stone wall of the passage, then sighed – only to himself, of course.

He never would have directed such explosion of emotions at another.

He pricked up his ears and listened for the sounds of water seeping from the cracks in the uneven ceiling, measuring an interval at each loud tinkle when they crashed on the treacherous, crooked floor. His mind hovered just this side of restlessness, and the noise of falling droplets made a good substitute—however whole-clothed—for clocking how long he had been wandering the convoluted maze of sunless tunnels. His aching feet screamed Murder! but the screams went by largely ignored.

His feet's opinion had never been a point of much interest to Garion.

He ground his heel on an unoffending rock, then peered ahead, squinting warily.

He'd long drained his little oil-lamp of fuel, but even without its shine he hadn't shied from the dark. He'd stared it down. He'd glared stubbornly till the blackness thinned into grey, grey – into shades of blue, and those – into blurry shapes of sharp-edged stone. Soon enough, the darkness had held no more secrets for him. He'd found it a relief.

The darkness, needless to say, felt contrary. It's a timid thing; it much prefers its secrets uncovered.

That could be why it threw something else than itself at Garion.

An obstacle harder to scare off. A beast of a common kind.

A woman.

She came first a surprise and lasted one until the end. Her arrival stung Garion's ears with an out-of-place, mechanical screech of rusted wheels, then stabbed his eyes with a pale blue light of two incandescent spheres hanging loosely in the air over her shoulders.

Garion winced, shielding his eyes from the painful glow.

“Ah!” the woman made a gasp. So did Garion. He made it as small and quiet as he could, however.

He had seen magic before, obviously. He'd grown watching logic getting bent to ends of reason, bounced off of the borders of impossible, and tossed out the window of probability. He wasn't frightened by the fact that the woman seemed to hold floating orbs of light as pets on a leash. He was startled by how fiercely the orbs made violence on his dark-adjusted sight. He felt a pang of anger at the amount of effort they effectively robbed him of.

“Is little brother OK?” he heard the woman inquire amiably.
“Could little sister tell her orbs to settle down?” he snapped unwittingly. He immediately began cursing himself for it inside. The pang was gone now.
“Ah, yes,” the woman let out, “little brother will excuse little sister.” She gave a soft mutter and the light dimmed. “Now, is little brother all right?” she asked again.

Garion righted himself and turned to the woman with the conditioned blasé look that he always wore in face of others.

She wasn't a woman, he rectified. She was a girl, sixteen at most, small, although generously gifted. Her long, braided her was a riot of red, and it swayed playfully when she tilted her head, studying Garion's face also. Her habit was old-fashioned and green-coloured; a tight, low-cut bodice clung to her rich bosoms like an elastic mould, and she hid her legs behind the veil of a lavishly decorated dress. A pair of cute, tiny black booties peeked out from under plenteous frills like two curious rodents that have heard commotion outside their hideout.

She had fashioned the top of her hair to a cat-ear likeness and was pushing in front of her an old wheelbarrow.
Garion was baffled. He never would grasp the intricacies of underground clothing conventions.

“Can little brother understand little sister?” the woman—pardon, girl—pushed on. “Can little brother hear at all?”
“Little brother can,” Garion responded with a nod. “He can understand as well.”
“Ah, a smart one!” the girl cooed delightedly. “What is little brother doing down here? Little brother doesn't look like he belongs, little sister thinks.”
Garion took a slow breath. He would cut straight to the core of the matter. “I am looking for someone,” he said. “A woman.”
The girl cocked her head once more, then ran her hands along her bodice as though to check something. “Well, little brother found one,” she said then, smiling. “He must possess amazing luck, chancing on one so deep underground.”
He let that pass. “You're not the one,” he said flatly. “I am searching for a very particular woman, and you're not her.”
“A shame,” said the girl. “A real pity, if little sister may say. A woman underground, though? Sheer folly, if she can be blunt. Has little brother gotten lost, by chance? Did he get here by means of the bridge that connects to this place?”
“... Yes,” Garion admitted, “to both, actually. Do you live down here? Are you familiar with these caves?”
“Until now, little sister believed she was. It was her thought that wayward humans were an attribute of the above-world. Is little brother a human?” she asked then. “He smells mysterious, but unlike monsters or spirits—sadly, on that last count, too. And where was he going, all by himself? How did little brother wander into these parts, anyway?”
“... I was—”
“Ah, but little sister forgets her master's lessons!” The girl let go of her barrow, ran in front of it, and curtsied. “Her name is Rin,” she introduced herself, “Kaenbyou Rin, though little brother may call little sister what he wishes. What does little brother say his name is?”

[ ] “Teruo. Teruo Matsuyama,” he replied. He then asked for directions back to the bridge. He had noticed a house as he had crossed it.
[ ] “Spalding Gray,” he said his name was. He was weary from his travels; he sought food and shelter.
[ ] He made himself known as “Skellen, Stefan.” He had no great hopes in coming here. He was lured by a hunch.
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>> No. 7297
YAF, I really like you, I think you're writing good stories, but honestly, complaining in your own thread that there are mean and stupid people on the Internet is just plain stupid, even for you.
If you had shitstorms in this story about emoticons or namefag, I could understand it, but this just came out of the blue. Are you looking for an excuse to give up on this story or what?
>> No. 7298
>this just came out of the blue
>I've got a severe case of meteopathy; shit like this kills me psychologically.

All clouds and no sun makes YAF a dull boy waste his time worrying about other people's mindsets. I know the feeling, so I'm fine waiting for him to reduce his fuck output to below 1 and return to the YAF we all know and tolerate.
>> No. 7299

You stopped coming to the IRC channel because you got into another argument with Tree? Wow. I don't know who's dumber.
>> No. 7300
>I'll stay away from the IRC channel as well, because some people there just can't unwring their diapers for a moment and consider the tiny little possibility that NOT EVERYONE ON THE INTERNET IS OUT TO DESTROY THEIR FEEBLE SELF-ESTEEM.

You say this right after ragequitting upon being buttdevastated due to a conversation with Treia.
>> No. 7301
Buttdevestated would be an understatement from my conversation with him. Excuses were had aplenty, and I think at one point he tried to pass himself off as neurotic.
>> No. 7302
Throwing around curses doesnt make you cool, mister 'i havent hit puberty yet'

But anyways YAF, If you've got a severe case of meteowhatever (cant spell/to lazy to copypaste), Then why are you on an imageboard of all places? You know how many shitstorms can start on here.
>> No. 7303

I propose that emoticons should be allowed- nay, encouraged in this one thread on the site. If for no other reason than to piss this whiny attention whore off.

That said

>> No. 7306
File 130999592926.jpg - (351.15KB, 535x838, 12c5e95d9779b4300d73b709467d8831.jpg) [iqdb]
>stop being such a Taisa
Out of sheer curiosity, could I ask you what your issue with Taisa is, exactly? I don't think this is the first time I've seen you post with a fairly non-subtle implication of disliking him.
>> No. 7307

3rd time's the charm, HERE is the tripcode.
>> No. 7308
I don't know what happened with Treia, and I don't FUCKING care.
All I know is that you, YAF, are creating a shitstorm in your own story, and you're losing Anon's trust by doing so.

You had a fight with someone? Good. Go play Doom or Dungeon Keeper, and torture your pet until you feel better. But don't try to change the world, you just can't. Even an admin can't force Anon to act as he wants.
I propose we ignore this thread until YAF update his story.
>> No. 7309
I was wondering when you were going to throw another bitch fit.
>> No. 7310
Back to IRC with you, kiddies, you aren't wanted here.
I agree. See you guys later.
>> No. 7311
>Back to IRC with you, kiddies, you aren't wanted here.
Oh shit son, you sure told them! The Cabal™ will be reeling from this fantabulous witticism for days!
>> No. 7312
We are wounded.

Terribly, terribly wounded.

In fact, during the next clandestine secret gathering we hold, I will put forth the admittedly-outrageous idea of putting on hold the discussions on penii and how best to ruin stories, and instead focus on how to respond to this devastating slight we have been dealt.
>> No. 7313
File 131000173860.jpg - (49.20KB, 500x406, ZUe1n.jpg) [iqdb]
>YAF drama bullshit the 245th
Don't let the door hit you on your way out.
>> No. 7314
File 131000185143.jpg - (29.90KB, 436x348, 130693448771.jpg) [iqdb]
>putting on hold the discussions on penii

This is an outrage!
>> No. 7315
File 13100030606.jpg - (277.24KB, 800x800, 80a6accc3915566fd2ae8e4916d66044.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 7316
File 131000359327.jpg - (22.18KB, 305x376, it will not move no matter how hard I push.jpg) [iqdb]
Penii shall never be removed from discussion.
>> No. 7317
File 131000361621.jpg - (791.21KB, 863x1200, 19781891_p1.jpg) [iqdb]
Bump limit. Sweet. I see your flood of posts and raise you a Satori.
>> No. 7318
File 131000411010.png - (372.49KB, 1300x1300, Satori731.png) [iqdb]
If all this stupid shit stops me from getting my Satori fix I swear to god I'll find every single one of you and put my testicles on all of your foreheads.
>> No. 7319
File 131000474597.jpg - (806.66KB, 600x800, 19937657.jpg) [iqdb]
731? This is why I don't number my pictures, it'd get depressing fast.
>> No. 7320

This. YAF, if you let trolls drive you off this site, your loyal readers will never forgive you! Yes we do exist, I know I'm not alone.

Fight the good fight! There aren't many intelligent stories left on this site that update with any solid regularity. Who would be left to stand against these fucking assholes that lynch new visitors and who generally find it impossible to take it easy?

You've chummed the water, and these fuckers came out of the woodwork. Don't let them win.
>> No. 7321
>Who would be left to stand against these fucking assholes that lynch new visitors
>implying YAF is not at the head of lynch squads
>implying this was a plan by YAF

So many things wrong with your post.
>> No. 7322
You've...noticed the contempt he speaks of /th/ with, right?
Why exactly do you think he hates it so much?
>> No. 7323
Oh for the love of fuck. This had to be the last story I especially looked forward to reading. GREAT GOING ANYONE AND EVERYONE.
>> No. 7324

Thank you!

Next up, his /shrine/ story!
>> No. 7325
File 131001375879.jpg - (178.48KB, 1200x800, 6714708.jpg) [iqdb]
Your good-natured hatred is refreshing. It's almost like you don't hate him at all, but that couldn't be true.
>> No. 7327
>triple greentext

Nothing wrong with it eh?

Anyways YAF, I personally couldn't care for you more as a person, and I couldn't give a rats ass if you just murdered your brother for a penny. I like your stories, and if you leave I will be saddened.

However do mind you brought this shitstorm upon yourself for using an imageboard as a blog.
>> No. 7330
Meh. I've been here since the beginning and it's sad to see yet another story ruined by a bunch of faggots who don't even read anything here.
YAF was a bitch, that's for sure, but I actually liked his stories -the ones that lasted more than a thread, that is- I don't think he should care about what a bunch of whiny teenagers say about him, but if he's that frustrated then he probably does. Nothing I can do short of putting a gun through in his head though.
>> No. 7334
Wait, holy shit. Are you saying you take all this Cabal super secret rulers of THP stuff seriously?

Maybe you're just making a sarcastic statement but it's about two levels of sarcasm too far for me to translate it over the internet. So I feel like I should let you know that's more or less a running gag about a group of people that sit around all day shooting the shit and linking Touhou images at one another.
>> No. 7335
File 131005188283.jpg - (70.18KB, 553x800, f7cb890ad1b5938c1046f87ca7fc2e9e.jpg) [iqdb]
Aw, you bunch of rogues, you know I'll feel awful if all you say things like that, right? Appealing to my sense of guilt? Not fair, folks, not fair at all.

And >>7301, pray tell, what the fuck conversation are you talking about? And what ragequit, >>7300? I stopped going to IRC altogether due to a software failure. I'm back on Rizon now, but I just don't feel like dropping by #THP. Quit tossing dirt at my upstanding reputa—er... Actually, forget it. Just don't lie about it, all right? Lying's bad for you. Well, not really, but it's bad for me. So there.
>> No. 7336
I miss you already. Thank you
>> No. 7337
To be fair, you did pop in for a handful of seconds in the middle of your period of absence, only to tell people not to listen to anything Treia says, before vanishing again.
>> No. 7339
To be fair Treia is a goddamn Tree.
Can't trust trees.
>> No. 7340
Can you guys post some chatlogs if you're going to argue about irc drama? I feel like I'm missing out.
>> No. 7342
I'm going to say this as bluntly as possible, in the hopes that perhaps multiple people will hear it.

TOUHOU STORY IMAGEBOARDS ARE FOR TOUHOU STORIES AND IMAGES. I don't get why everyone keeps flipping out and getting upset over what-the-fuck-ever it is people are getting upset over. It somebody disses somebody else on a chat, why freaking care? It's just some random prick in the wastes of the internet. We come here to read rediculous stories about fake people we like, and some people around here find something to get upset over. I personally find nothing wrong with YAF for the sole reason of HE WRITES A STORY, unlike a fuckton of people that try to start problems, so he actually at least vaugely sees the purpose of this website. I don't give half a shit about this "drama", and neither should any of you.

YAF, get back to work nigger. We love your writing.
>> No. 7343
>unlike a fuckton of people that try to start problems
>implying YAF doesn't try to start problems
>> No. 7344

Nobody said that didn't include him. My point is, does it matter? At least he contributes something.
>> No. 7345
Do not respond to >greentext posts.
>> No. 7347
So, what, you're saying writefags are entitled to being dicks and dumbasses just because they write?
>> No. 7351

I'm saying there shouldn't be anything other than writing around here. Whatever happens in IRC or /blue/ or whatever else should stay there. This is a story board. For stories. Just write and vote please. I haven't seen him make a nuisance of himself on any story threads, so I don't have a problem with him. If I just missed him doing so, then yeah, he did something bad. That doesn't mean this story should get ruined because of outside faggotry.
>> No. 7354
>I haven't seen him make a nuisance of himself on any story threads, so I don't have a problem with him.
>I haven't read a lot of story threads.
>> No. 7356
>I'm saying there shouldn't be anything other than writing around here.

I agree with that. In a story thread, you should have only updates, votes and maybe speculations or discussions.
>> No. 7357
> So, what, you're saying writefags are entitled to being dicks and dumbasses just because they write?

Pretty much, at least in their thread.
>> No. 7378
Noted. I'll make sure to be the douchebaggiest douche that ever douchebagged from now on.
>> No. 7379
Mission Accomplished
>> No. 7380
Ironic that YAF was seemingly ousted by the same method that was used to oust Ranmillia.
>> No. 7384
File 131051875497.jpg - (169.43KB, 812x1300, 9cdc6d3edc74e32a49a77e8083f3c729.jpg) [iqdb]
Good lord, you're daft. Also, I fucked your touhoe.

Oh wait, what's this? A picture of Tenshi? GASP! I wonder what this means!
>> No. 7385
File 131052397757.jpg - (448.89KB, 792x1538, 20072949.jpg) [iqdb]
Does it mean Tenshi is awesome? I think it does.
>> No. 12031
Be a gentleman and finish what you started.

And, I'm not a writer myself, I don't know what motivates you to write. But I know if I'd get to write, I'll write for myself, for my own amusement.

Fuck the haters.

And damn, I had this bookmarked since a few weeks ago, and just now read it all in one sitting. Wonderful.
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