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File 130171291092.jpg - (457.56KB, 780x2000, 83774eff3434342.jpg) [iqdb]
6565 No. 6565
You awaken early in he day, the sun hardly beginning yet to look over the horizon as it awakened from it’s nightly slumber. But the sun would have no part in your actions today, and, truly, had not for some time. For once more you must venture below the earth, digging deeper, ever deeper into the secrets of the caverns below. Even that which already you have discovered would fill a dozen anthropological papers, but that mattered little. The warnings, the dangers expounded upon in the carvings and paintings that filled the caves…

They piqued your interest.

So now, ever more curious, increasingly eager to discover the lost secrets and hidden dangers, you seek that which has long been hidden in the depths of the earth. Your camp has progressively migrated farther and farther into the system of caverns as you worked, and now you would have to rely on maps and the trailing line you’ve been stringing out behind you to even find the surface anymore. Your eyes have long been adjusted to the dim, yellow lights you’ve been using . The darkness of the caves holds no more fear, for you - regardless of the morbidity of the warnings that coat every wall, the only feeling you have towards the darkness into which you venture is curiosity, and a constant hope, every day, that perhaps you would find something, some clue as to the final revelation you seek. You have long since abandoned your original efforts to catalogue and study the ancient carvings and paintings, instead heedlessly going deeper and deeper into the bowels of the earth, setting up your small camp when you grow too tired to continue, and whenever you grow hungry eating tasteless food like paste and dry, uncooked prepackaged ‘meals’ of nutrient bricks, that you could only wish were as flavourless as the paste.

Your carefree whistling as you walk down into the darkness echoes around you, mixing with the dull thudding of your footfalls and the clattering of your gear. Occasionally you allow your fingertips to trail across the rough and jagged stone of the cavern walls, noting the carvings by their unnatural smoothness as you navigate almost entirely without the use of sight, a light breeze always at your back, flowing from the surface into the darkness with you. The route you are taking is by no means an easy trail, of course. There are a number of tight squeezes, and the entire system is rather narrow and winding - a lesser man might suffer from claustrophobia in these conditions.

You slow down, hands reaching out to probe the way ahead, sliding your feet carefully along the floor of the cave. The flow of the air is different, all of a sudden, and that calls for caution. You remember the first change in airflow you came across - a great chasm in the middle of an especially large cavern. You almost pitched right into it before you realized it was there. Luckily you were able to scramble away from it and find a way across: at the edge of the cavern, where the wall met the chasm, a narrow ledge remained, and you used this natural projection to edge your way to the other side.

This change was nothing so drastic, and your toes come into contact with a protrusion on the floor scant seconds before your hands encounter what must be the same smooth stone outcropping. Running your hands across it carefully, you realize that the object before you is a statue of some sort, carved long ago and forgotten. It seems to be some sort of grotesque humanoid figure, with a single horn, arms outstretched to bar passage through the narrow stone corridor. You reach up to your headlamp, heart pounding in your chest at this undeniable sign that you are indeed approaching the revelation which you seek. With a twist of the plastic casing, you brighten the light.

It takes a few minutes for your eyes to adjust to the sudden change in lighting, but when they do, you finally see. The statue before you…well, it’s not exactly grotesque. Depicted in nearly lifelike realism before your eyes, is a statue of a woman, in a strange dress atypical of the people of this region, regardless of historical period. Unfortunately, there’s too much wear to make out the precise details of the outfit, but you can tell it was certainly not any manner of traditional clothing. The most remarkable feature of the statue, though, beyond the horn protruding from the figure’s forehead, is the fact that someone destroyed the face of the statue, removing all features except for the single horn. Of course, given the location of the statue, and, you now notice, the way the carvings and paintings all abruptly halt exactly at the point where the statue’s outstretched arms would touch the walls, were they a fraction of an inch longer, anyone intending to deface the statue would have to know that the statue was here, and probably have a very good reason for doing so, given just how hard it was to get here. This, of course, raises all manner of questions.

You are focused on only one of them. The same one that’s been burning within you all along, the one that drove you here, the one driving you onward still. Just what’s down here?

You need to know.

You duck under the outstretched arm of the stone woman, dulling the light once more. It has served its purpose, after all. You wait for a few minutes, anticipation building even as your eyes readjust to the lack of light. Finally, you start forward, trailing a hand along the wall of the passage. The stone’s texture has changed, becoming rough, clearly unworked rock. You follow this tunnel for an indeterminate distance, before you begin to detect light ahead. Your pace picks up, and you see it. Ahead, the tunnel opens up into a larger cavern, and within the cavern is some kind of light source. Your heart racing, you emerge into the cavern.

It’s huge! Impossibly huge! You gape in awe at the sheer, impossible size of the huge, brightly lit cavern. A moment of cognitive dissonance. Brightly lit…? You look up, for the source of the light, before flinching and shielding your eyes. They’d been watering the whole time, unable to quite adjust to the new light, but the glance at that subterranean sun really hurt

Wait. What?

There’s a sun. Underground. In a cavern that’s physically impossible. Well, alright. It doesn’t matter. No, it doesn’t. Not. At. All.

Maybe you’re hallucinating. Maybe you’re not. There are more things in Heaven and Earth…

A thrill runs through you. This. This is what you had been searching for! This is the secret! Incredible! INCREDIBLE!

You shade your eyes, and look around. Over to your left, and fairly close, is a big mansion. A big, western-style mansion, with stained-glass windows. …That certainly doesn’t belong here.

To your right, and somewhat distant, is a city, more appropriate to the region. It wouldn’t seem very out of place, above ground.

Of course, you could always just try going around the outside of the cavern, rather than just walking straight in. After all, it’s not very likely that these places are uninhabited, and there’s no telling how the people living here might react to your presence.

[ ] Investigate the mansion.
[ ] Investigate the city.
[ ] Go around the edge of the cavern.


I bring you a second CYOA. If you've never heard of me, I write over in /forest/, too.
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>> No. 6566
>I bring you a second CYOA
You mean third.
Now this is just getting silly.
>> No. 6567
Second, as in two running simultaneously.

That other one has not been revived quite yet.
>> No. 6568
[x] Investigate the mansion.
>> No. 6569
[ ] Investigate the mansion.

Because reading the mind of someone obsessed with CAVES should be pretty entertaining for Satori.
>> No. 6570
[x] Go around the edge of the cavern

It is my belief that this option will provide Parsee. I will be sorely disappointed if that is not the case.
>> No. 6571
[x] Investigate the mansion.
In any case, the more traffic in /underground/ the better. All my favorite touhous are here.
>> No. 6572
[X] Investigate the mansion.

Who's awesome? You're awesome.
>> No. 6573
[x] Investigate the city.

God knows underground needs more active stories.
>> No. 6574
[x] Investigate the mansion.

>> No. 6576
[x] Investigate the mansion.
>> No. 6577
[x] Investigate the mansion.
>> No. 6578
[x] Go around the edge of the cavern.

Caution!! Caution!!
>> No. 6581
Remember, Satori is supposed to be hated!
Funny how everyone forgets this, seeing how it's a central point to her character.
>> No. 6582
And feared. Hated and feared.

Anyway. Called the votes, am in the process of writing now.

Thought you should know. Probably have something by Monday.
>> No. 6583
well who to say some outsider would know that? I say that as the main character doesn't strike me as a native.
>> No. 6584
Who said anything about the main character?
I was talking to the author, as I've yet to see a depiction of Satori as actually hated and/or feared.
>> No. 6585
Read Glasnost's Underground LA. Most of the oni there hate her.
>> No. 6586
the hated/feared part applied to the general population of the past. The oni on the other hand might get along with her as they don't really lie. (And I seen a comic series of Pre-SA earth place where Yuugi had a big sister-ish role)
>> No. 6588
File 130197029397.jpg - (141.21KB, 583x682, 130196948649.jpg) [iqdb]
Quickly making up your mind, you start toward the mansion. Ignoring the sun, and similar impossibilities, it’s the most unlikely thing in the cavern. At least the city is of proper design for the region, even if it’s somewhat newer in design than it ought to be. As you approach the grand building, you notice that the floor of the cavern is smoothed and worked, in some places having even been paved with a different stone, inlaid into the rock of the floor. It’s incredible how much work must have gone into the preparation and construction of this one building, let alone the distant city itself.

Is this the home of some important figure? Is it some kind of public building? A seat of government? Your mind thrills with possibilities. This cavern is clearly what all of the warnings were referring to. That statue was a final guardian. While whatever it was that the indigenous peoples of the area feared so many hundreds of years ago is certainly long dead and forgotten, the inhabitants of this mansion must have been isolated from all of humanity for hundreds of years! They may even be able to shed light upon the warnings that blanket the passages leading to this cavern! Not to mention revealing why, exactly, a western mansion, complete with elaborate stained glass windows, is deep in the earth beneath Japan.

As you’re about to start up the steps to the front door, you pause, a bright patch of colour catching your eye. There’s a patch of colourful crystals near the corner where the stairs meet the house, almost like a flowerbed. Looking around, you see a few more similar patches, each carefully tended and shaped. It’s a beautiful effect.

You stand in front of the door to the house, pulse pounding, and raise one hand to knock…
Suddenly, the door’s thrown open, and you hear a female voice, “Master! I’m going out, okay!”, followed by a heavy impact to your body. You tumble backwards, and for a moment it looks like you’re about to take a fall down the (stone) steps and smash your head on the (stone) ground, until you feel your wrist get caught in an iron grip, arresting your fall immediately. You’re hauled back up to your feet, and your mysterious rescuer (and almost-killer) sighs in relief.

“Whoo. That was a close one, huh? Hey, hey, a human?” You finally get a good look at her. A young woman, about a head shorter than you, with bright, flame-red hair done up in twin braids. Her dress, which is a bit more elaborate than most, is a dark green, almost black, and trimmed with a lighter green. She grins at you, red eyes twinkling. “What are you doing here?” Her nose crinkles, “And when was the last time you washed?” Forget washing, you’ve hardly had enough water just to drink. A human body needs something like half a gallon of water a day. Since you weren’t exactly expecting to embark on this journey, you didn’t manage to bring as much as you ought. It’s been at least twelve cycles of sleep and waking, since you first entered the cave, and you only had two canteens with you at the time. You had been rationing the water, but you had run out not very long ago.

“Oh!” She smacks her fist into her open palm, “You must want to talk to Miss Satori, huh? Yeah, come on in.” She turns and walks back into the house. Bemused, you follow. What did she mean, ‘a human’? Strange girl. You ignore the hallucinations as you follow her down the hallway. Dehydration, that’s all. Dehydration. She does not have cat ears. Or two two? tails.

She may very well be swaying her hips like that though. She looks back over her shoulder - presumably to check to see if you are still following - and you just barely manage not to get caught staring at her ass. She smirks and turns back to watching where she’s going. The redhead stops outside of a door.

“Miss Satori is in here.” She doesn’t move to open it. It looks as though she’s watching to see what you do.

[ ] Allow her to announce you.
[ ] Knock.
[ ] Just go in, already.
[ ] Write-in?
>> No. 6589
I saw that.
[x] Knock.
[x] Thank her.
>> No. 6590
[x] Knock.
[x] "Thanks engy."
>> No. 6591
[x] Just go in, already.

Dynamic entry. Our burning desire for knowledge will not be contained by petty things like propriety.
>> No. 6592
[x] Knock.
[x] Thank her.
>> No. 6593
[x] Knock.
[x] Thank her.

Being civil is almost as important as caves!
>> No. 6594
[x] Thank her.
[x] Just go in, already.

>I've yet to see a depiction of Satori as actually hated and/or feared.
Really? Half the fucking Satoris I see are emo over being hated/feared. It's her own damn fault for not keeping her mouth shut regarding her mind-reading powers, too. A more prudent satori wouldn't be nearly as hated.
>> No. 6595
it's hard to hide that third eye and people get freaked out. Where do you see these emo Satoris? Most here are rather even tempered.
>> No. 6597
Doujins, mostly. Sorry I can't give any specifics.

And no, people don't get freaked out because of the eye. People get freaked out because Satori has no tact. In SA, she's all "I'm reading your miiiiind" flaunting it all the time. Of course people are going to hate her.
>> No. 6598
That's mainly incident talk which is prone to being more exaggerated than reality, let's not forget the time Reimu 'killed' Sakuya in EoSD. Also the heroine at this point has made a ruckus, including blasting her pet cat a few times.

"I'm getting better.

>Doujins as a source of information.
Go to the corner.
>> No. 6599

And let's not forget that that's just, oh, I don't know, a defining trait of her species? That's how satori are depicted as being in myth, after all; maybe she can't help it?
>> No. 6600
[x] Knock.
[x] Thank her.
>> No. 6601
He asked about doujins. I told him about doujins. I'm not citing them as a source.

And just because the protagonist was an asshole is no reason to do shit she knows will get her hated. Maybe she simply has no sense of pattern recognition? Who knows. As for the "they're just playing around during incidents" defense, that only flies for death threats and the like. Not revealing personal information that'd be better off unsaid.
A racial imperative to be an asshole? Maybe she should choke down those instincts and at least attempt to act civilized.

This is derailing the thread, though. I'll shut up now.
>> No. 6603
hostility is always raised during such cases, look at how the heroines were towards Byakuren before the last fight, yet in the endings, they were much kinder.
>> No. 6604
I believe that the defining trait of the satori species is being hated by almost everyone. People don't like it when you peer into their mind, the one thing that's supposed to be sacred and totally private (though flaunting it isn't earning Satori any points either). I believe that Koishi sealed her eye specifically so that she could avoid this fate.

The fact that Satori flaunts it, incidentally, implies that, unlike Koishi, she doesn't actually seem to resent her situation that much. The animals probably help.
>> No. 6605
File 130227912679.jpg - (476.02KB, 700x850, 92eaf83b8ef468cff32703f0f5fca2775979d714.jpg) [iqdb]
After a moment of hesitation, you open your mouth to thank her. A particularly disturbing dry rasp is all that emerges...almost something from a horror movie. You cough a few times, and try again, trying to ignore the way the hallucinatory tails puffed up at the sound. It's not easy to talk, your voice dry and rasping as you stumble through the words. It's been such a long time since you've last spoken.

"Th..ank y-ou." You cough again, dry and rasping, before turning to the door. You raise a fist to knock, when the girl interrupts you.

"Hey, you need some water or something? You don't sound so good, yeah?" She looks concerned, even if the ears atop her head - which are not there - are laid back. You nod. "Alright, then! I'll be back so fast it'll be like I never left~" And she dashes off. Shrugging, you knock on the door.

"Hm? A visitor? Come in, come in." The voice that answers is mild, just the barest hint of curiosity present. You open the door. The woman inside is sitting peacefully at a small table, a cup of tea in her hand. She’s not very big, and with the way she’s dressed, almost looks like a child. Not entirely, though. Disregarding the particularly odd vision of a large external eye-bulb, connected to her with strange flesh-tubes - dehydration, hallucination - you move to sit in the chair she’s indicated. She takes a sip from her teacup.

“I’d offer you some tea, but I believe that you already have refreshment on the way.” The young woman says, eyes drifting to the door you entered through. Indeed, almost at that very moment, the redhead comes through the door, a tall glass of water in her hand.

“Here you go.” She looks a little proud of herself. “Miss Satori always says we should try to make guests comfortable!” The girl across the table from you nods.

“Very good, Orin.” The redhead preens under the praise. “That will be all.” She nods, a self-satisfied smirk on her face, and leaves the room. You down the water in an instant. It helps, but your throat and tongue are still very dry. You speak, your voice still a dry rasp, but this time you don’t falter.

“Ah, so she’s-” The apparent mistress of the mansion interrupts you.

“‘A servant or something like that?’ …Well, I suppose it is something like that that, after all. Anyway, it’s not often we get visitors. What prompted this visit?” You open your mouth to speak, but she cuts you off. “Ah, those tunnels are still open? And they even lead to the Outside. That’s unfortunate. I’ll have to send someone to look into it, then.” A moment of confusion on your end. “Yes, I suppose I will have to explain. You see, you’ve managed to wander into Gensokyo. It’s a land hidden from the outside world, concealed behind barriers, where the supernatural can safely exist, despite the waning belief on the Outside.”

“…Huh.” It takes you a while to process this. Then that means…

“That’s right. You haven’t been hallucinating. No, not even the tiger.” For a moment, you blank entirely. It was a big shock, after all. Then pieces start falling into place. “Oh, so, when that redhead-”

“Yes. She’s a youkai. A kassha, to be precise. Ah, yes, you’ve figured it out, I am, indeed, a - well, it’s not quite…Secrets? Wha- look, just calm down.” She winces. “Can’t you…think slower or something? You’re giving me a headache…” She turns in her chair, and her third eye directs itself away from you. “Ow.” She rubs at her temples. “That bit about my name was unnecessary.”

“True enough.” You allow. “Sorry.” You say it with a shrug. “I do want answers, though…” She sighs.

“Listen, the underground is a bit dangerous for humans, alright? If you stay here, at least for now, you’ll be safe until I can figure out whether you can even return home or not.” You shake your head.

“I sort of doubt that I could manage…” A wave of dizziness overtakes you, and you wobble in your chair. She looks on with concern, still half-turned away.

“Are you alright?” She asks, concerned, and you manage to shake your head, before the room tilts ninety degrees, sending you hurtling towards the wall. Blackness envelopes you as you fall. Your last thought is one of confusion. How is Satori sitting at such an angle? Shouldn’t she fall too…?

[ ] Pripyat
[ ] Kamchatka
[ ] Kesswil
[ ] Mundare
>> No. 6606
[x] Mundare

Voting at random. Hell yeah.
>> No. 6607
[x] Kamchatka

Seriously cut this shit out.
Fair enough. I just like thinking of her as an asshole. Other interpretations are fine too.
>> No. 6608
Ineed such a habit is annoying.

These might be Stalker references, so try looking them up.
>> No. 6609
Changing to
[x] Kesswil
>The village was the birthplace of the influential psychiatrist Carl Jung.

Fuck you for making me google that. Bastard.
>> No. 6610
[x] Kesswil
>> No. 6611
File 130230290364.jpg - (108.42KB, 829x968, 3071268.jpg) [iqdb]
Okuu - Pripyat - a ghost town near Chernobyl
Orin? - Kamchatka - peninsula in the Russian Far East(?)
Koishi - Kesswil - birthplace of Carl Jung
Satori - Mundare - town slogan "the small town with a big heart"

[x] Mundare

We need more Satori love around here.
>> No. 6612
[x] Pripyat

It's calling to us.
>> No. 6613
[x] Mundare
>> No. 6614
These, like the music choices, are not completely blind. With a little wikipedia searching you can more or less deduce the intent behind them.
It's just that few can be arsed to do it.

[x] Mundare
>> No. 6615
That's true. But you should be trying to make them obvious enough to not require checking a wiki.

Oh, and Mundare is also the birthplace of a psychologist. Albert Bandura. Still Satori, though.

Basing choices on famous psychologists? Good idea. Using their birthplaces? Bad idea.
>> No. 6616
[x] Mundare
>> No. 6617
[x] Pripyat

Want me some Okuu then.
>> No. 6618
[x] Pripyat
>> No. 6619
[x] Pripyat
>> No. 6620
[X] Mundare
>> No. 6621
Kapow said it was Satori time, so I'm calling the votes now.

Writing now~
>> No. 6622

>> No. 6623
File 130264297232.jpg - (145.60KB, 500x699, c56a15f2c608192fe3669e87c0fc951d.jpg) [iqdb]

My writing computer crashed and lost me the first 80% of the update, which I had been hoping to post today. I'll work on rewriting it, but I thought you should know why it's taking so long.

>> No. 6624
File 130264424486.jpg - (98.01KB, 541x591, 16565341.jpg) [iqdb]
Why are you apologizing for something that wasn't your fault and probably pissed you off?
>> No. 6625
File 130265570612.jpg - (174.58KB, 850x925, sample_cbefdcf3cf72b6659e2f637357d3ce46.jpg) [iqdb]
I can't believe this.
>> No. 6667
File 130377418583.jpg - (541.19KB, 850x1192, satori_cups.jpg) [iqdb]
You groan, slowly becoming aware of the world once more. The first sensation you become aware of is the scent of…scent of…well, it’s not a familiar scent, admittedly, but it certainly is appetizing. A mild voice speaks, and you struggle to place it.

“Oh, you’re awake. Come now, sit up and see if you can manage this on your own.” Ah, Satori. You can remember meeting her, just moments ago… “Actually, it was about three days ago.” She says, and your eyes fly open. The ceiling above is unfamiliar. Of course it is. You try to sit up, but you’re too weak. Clearing your throat, you’re about to try to speak when she answers your unasked question with action, setting something down and helping you up with slim arms, impossibly strong for their apparent lack of musculature.

“Thank you.” You croak, voice rusty with disuse. Satori smiles at you, and picks up one of the mugs she had set down.

“Here. See if you can manage it yourself, now.” As you lift it to your lips, she cautions you. “Careful, now. It’s hot.” You take a careful sip, and scald your tongue a bit. You almost spill the remaining liquid in the mug, as you jump in surprise and hiss air across your tongue. She shakes her head, but doesn’t say anything as she picks up her own mug, this one with a spoon in it. Hers is a bit larger than yours, though both are oversized. She sits in a chair next to your bed, and takes a spoonful of her own soup - what else could it be? You watch as she blows softly on it, to cool it down, and takes a bite.

“What happened?” You ask as she chews, “Three days, you said?” Were you unconscious for so long? Swallowing, she answers.

“You had very nearly died. You were badly dehydrated, you know. You’re lucky you made it this far. It looks like you’ll pull through, at least. You’ve recovered quite nicely. Orin was so disappointed.” She takes another mouthful of soup.

“Disappointed?” You ask, before sipping carefully from your mug once more. This time, you remember to blow on it first, and the heat is much more tolerable. The broth is delicious. “This is really good!” Satori smiles over at you.

“I’m glad you think so.” She nods. “Yes, disappointed. She so wanted your corpse. I hated to disappoint her so badly…” She’s smiling mildly the entire time, “but you’re a guest.” You shake your head.

“That’s creepy.” You say it bluntly, as soon as it pops into your head, before blinking. “Whoops.” Satori starts laughing softly, however.

“My, my, you’re quite honest, aren’t you?” She takes another spoonful, “I guess it won’t be so bad to have you around.” She pops the spoon into her mouth.

“…what? Have me around?” You’re confused. “I thought you were going to have me return home…?” She looks a bit sheepish, now, as she swallows the most recent mouthful of food.

“Ah, yes, well. There’s a problem with that…” She looks away, though the third eye remains fixed on you. “The tunnel….was destroyed, unfortunately.”

You’re stunned for a moment.

[ ] “What?!”
[ ] “How?”
[ ] “…oh.”
[ ] “Oh.”
[ ] Write-in? (Keep it short and sweet.)


I return. Have updates.
>> No. 6668
[x] “Oh.”

I can't see him being very surprised at this turn of events. He can't have been digging properly.
>> No. 6669
[x] “Oh.”

Oh well.
>> No. 6670
[x] “Oh.”
>> No. 6671

Now, I don't believe I ever said he was digging.
>> No. 6672
[x] “Oh.”
>> No. 6673
>digging deeper

Seriously, I got this confused with another story somehow.
>> No. 6674
[x] “How?”

I also can't see him being surprised at this turn of events, but I do see him questioning how they came to be.
>> No. 6675
[X] "Bullshit, that's impossible! It was perfectly fine when I came through!"
>> No. 6676
[x] “How?”
>> No. 6677
[X] “How?”
>> No. 6684
[X] "Bullshit, that's impossible! It was perfectly fine when I came through!"
>> No. 6685
[X] “How?”

That would be my first response at least.
Glad to see this story continue, the Komeijis and their pets are my favourite group and so far I like your depictions of them.
>> No. 6688
[X] "How?"

Do I get a cookie? No? That's okay. I'm not hungry anyway.
>> No. 6689
[x] “How?”
>> No. 6690
Calling votes here, then. I'll get writing now~
>> No. 6696
File 130395253782.jpg - (345.18KB, 850x531, This_Happened.jpg) [iqdb]
“How…?” You ask, wide-eyed. As disastrous as this news is, you feel oddly detached from it all. Your only way home was just destroyed, and you just feel…cold, inside.

“You’re in shock.” Satori observes quietly. She sets her own mug down on a side table, an indecipherable expression on her face. “This can wait. Take a moment to gather your thoughts, and-” You interrupt her with surprising vehemence.

No.” You take a deep breath. “No.” You say, more calmly, “How did it happen?” You need to know. You don’t know anything about rocks, really, but it seemed fine when you came through.

“Well…that’s true. It was fine. The tunnel itself would likely have remained sound for centuries.” Satori nods slightly, and fixes her gaze on a point somewhere over your head. “I mentioned the dangers that exist down here in the underground.” It’s a statement, not a question, but you nod anyway. You aren’t certain, but you understand her point. “Well, I had sent one of my pets to investigate the tunnels you’d mentioned. Apparently, and the only reason you managed not to get yourself eaten, they were very heavily warded against youkai, up to that statue, which I would guess likely had been the focus of a barrier itself, which, had it not been defaced, may have prevented your entry in the first place.” She shrugs, slightly, the barest lift of her shoulders, and continues on in the same mild voice. “Of course, this is all conjecture. My pet was only able to confirm the warding, and the statue’s presence. It was as she was leaving the tunnel that the…event occurred.” You listen, attention fixed on the young woman before you - well, even if she is a satori, something you‘ve given up doubting, she looks enough like a girl to refer to her as such. Not at all like the traditional depictions of her race.

“Now, one of the more dangerous, and stupider, of the creatures that dwell down here decided that my pet would make a good meal. She was forced to…defend herself. Quite thoroughly.” Ah, so that’s it.

“So the tunnels were destroyed in the fight? Some kind of minor cave-in?” …Satori looks rather uncomfortable.

“Well…the area might be passable in another…seven hundred years?” She shakes her head. “Okuu mentioned it was rather….irradiated.” This gives you a shock. What could she possibly… “Yes. The creature itself was quite resilient, I’m told. Okuu didn’t exactly go easy on it, either.” Satori looks a bit exasperated. “She’d forgotten her own strength again.”

You aren’t entirely sure how to respond. Radiation? Some sort of mystery monsters wandering the shadows of the cavern? What kind of place…

“It’s Gensokyo. That’s how things are.” Satori says, with a philosophical lilt to her voice. She shrugs again. “You have something to say.” She’s right. You take a moment to gather your thoughts, and speak.

[ ] “Thank you.”
[ ] “There’s…no way home?”
[ ] “I’m sorry.”
[ ] Write-in?
>> No. 6697
[x] “I’m sorry.”

What the fuck does he have to apologize for? Mysterious option is mysterious.
>> No. 6698
[x] “Thank you.”

Might as well look on the bright side of things: She did save the MC's life.
>> No. 6699
[x] “I’m sorry.”
>> No. 6700
It might be referring to how one of her pets got into trouble as a result of checking out the tunnel.
>> No. 6701
[x] “Thank you.”
>> No. 6703
[x] “I’m sorry.”

A hot tunnel now, is it? I hope no one else wanders in after us, or they'll die in a very acute and painful way.
>> No. 6704
[X] “Thank you.”
>> No. 6708
[X] How may I return home?
>> No. 6710
[x] "What's going to happen to me?"

The most important question.
>> No. 6711
[x] “Thank you.”
>> No. 6717
Calling the votes now. Writing commences!
>> No. 6719
[x] “I’m sorry.”

We will be depending on her hospitality longer than was planned
>> No. 6737
File 130476456594.jpg - (1.30MB, 800x1386, 5567160.jpg) [iqdb]
Let me just get everyone's hopes up here for a second.
>> No. 7197
File 130904002539.jpg - (622.04KB, 1000x681, 18942670.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 7358
File 131016651572.jpg - (349.01KB, 600x600, 9c744a5f4cff8dd581b5e8d1de521022.jpg) [iqdb]
Suddenly, UPDATE!


"Satori..." You begin, words welling up from a deeppool of feeling within. "Thank you." With those two words, you attempt to make clear your gratitude. Slightly red, she tries to wave off your thanks.

"Ah, well, there's no need-"

"Yes, there is. Thank you, Satori." She seems stunned intp silence at you words, but for what reason, you don't know. You continue, "You've done a lot for me, ever since I turned up on your doorstep. You explained this place to me, as best as you could, and even though you had reason to, no obligation to me, you you took me in, nursed me back to health....even sent your pet to check on my only path home. You've done so much...so thank you. I owe you more than I can ever repay." Exhausted, you fall back onto the bed, coincidentally missing her rising blush.

"Ah..." She sounds a bit embarassed. Turning, she busies herself with something you can't see from this angle. You do hear the occaisional clink as she does whatever it is she's doing, though. "Okuu helped." She glances back at you, tentatively, before returning her attention to what she's working on. "Taking care of you, I mean. She's always so eager to help, and I think she felt bad about what she did to the tunnel..." She falls silent. Finally, she turns around. In her hands is a small cup, lightly steami- wait, no. That's more of a dry ice effect. It's...slightly disturbing, actually.

"Drink this." You eye the cpncoction apprehensively.

"Ah...what is it?" The way it smokes sort of makes you nervous.

"It's perfectly safe. It's an Oni medicinal brew." She explains, pushing it into your hand. It's very small, almost shot-glass sized, and feels warm to the touch. "It will speed your recovery." Grimacing, you drink it, coughing at the burn as it slides down your throat. "You need to regain your strength before I could give it to you, or you might not have survived."

"Wha-?!" You manage only the single syllable, before the world explodes into mind-achingly strange fractals and impossible colours. You begin to convulse, muscles tightening painfully, and you can feel a pair of hands grab each of your arms, pinning you firmly to the bed, preventing you from flailing around. Gradually, everything fades away, and consciousness leaves you.


You awaken to pain, more than just the aches of your body, but also perhaps the worst headache you've ever had.

"Oh, you're awake?" Satori's voice makes itself heard, and you cringe at the burst of pain through your skull at the sound. A second voice speaks up, sending another spike through your skull, and a wave of nausea through your body.

"Unyu~?" You're too busy suffering to care, however.

"Quiet..." You manage to croak. A cup is placed into your hand, with a single terse command.

"Drink." You do so, anything to keep them from repeating their demand. After a moment, the pain simply ceases to be. You open your eyes, blinking twice in shock. It's as though it never was.

"Better?" Satori asks. The tall, black-haired woman next to her looks on curiously.

"Yeah." You sit up, and find it easy. You...you're entirely recovered?

"How do you feel?" Satori asks, with the other girl standing there silently.

"...Good. Very good, actually." You stand. "Better than I have in a long time."

"That's good. Do you need anything?"

[ ] Your nose crinkles. You...kinda reek. "Yeah, a bath. Do you have one I could use? I'm sorry to impose..."

[ ] Your stomache rumbles. "I suppose I could use some food..." You smile sheepishly. "When's...dinner?" You aren't quite sure what time of day it is...

[ ] "No, not really."

[ ] (Write-in?)
>> No. 7359
[x] Your nose crinkles. You...kinda reek. "Yeah, a bath. Do you have one I could use? I'm sorry to impose..."

Nice to see this start up again!
>> No. 7360
[x] Your nose crinkles. You...kinda reek. "Yeah, a bath. Do you have one I could use? I'm sorry to impose..."

bath option = right option 100% of the time
Also, welcome back. Don't do that again, yeah?
>> No. 7361
[x] Your nose crinkles. You...kinda reek. "Yeah, a bath. Do you have one I could use? I'm sorry to impose..." all is right in the world welcome back
>> No. 7362
[x] "No, not really."
I don't particularly want to read about bathing or food.

Fuck yeah, you're back. I wonder how long it'll be before you fly off into the fires of Hell this time.
>> No. 7363
[x] Your nose crinkles. You...kinda reek. "Yeah, a bath. Do you have one I could use? I'm sorry to impose..."
>> No. 7364
[x] Your nose crinkles. You...kinda reek. "Yeah, a bath. Do you have one I could use? I'm sorry to impose..."

>> No. 7366
File 131022521330.png - (39.50KB, 800x473, 1309396329184.png) [iqdb]
[x] Your nose crinkles. You...kinda reek. "Yeah, a bath. Do you have one I could use? I'm sorry to impose..."

Welcome back
>> No. 7367
[x] Your nose crinkles. You...kinda reek. "Yeah, a bath. Do you have one I could use? I'm sorry to impose..."
>> No. 7368
[X] Your nose crinkles. You...kinda reek. "Yeah, a bath. Do you have one I could use? I'm sorry to impose..."

I'm glad to see that you haven't abadoned your story after all.
>> No. 7369
[ ] Your stomache rumbles. "I suppose I could use some food..." You smile sheepishly. "When's...dinner?" You aren't quite sure what time of day it is...
>> No. 7377
[X] Your nose crinkles. You...kinda reek. "Yeah, a bath. Do you have one I could use? I'm sorry to impose..."


welcome back
>> No. 7438
File 131122864237.jpg - (304.79KB, 799x1172, BOW.jpg) [iqdb]
Satori nods, with a slight smile.

"Of course. The baths are the third door down, on the other side of the hall. First, though, Utsuho has something to say to you." At the mention of her name, the tall girl starts, a silent 'Ah!' forming on her lips. She fidgets awkwardly, prompting Satori to give her an encouraging, "Go on. You can do it." She flutters her large, black wings nervously - How'd you miss those before? - before taking a deep breath.

"I'm, ah..." She looks away, then back over to you, tears in her eyes. "I'm very, very sorry that I got carried away and destroyed your only route home, possibly trapping you underground forever and ever in a former hell full of evil spirits and oni and dangerous youkai, anthough I guess since Orin's in charge of the spirrits they won't be too much trouble for you maybe, and..." Satori pats her on the arm, and she cuts off before she can really get into the babbling flow. She bows sharply to you.

[ ] "Uh, that's...alright? I forgive you?" You're a little thrown by the babbling. This is the really powerful pet? She seems a bit airheaded.

[ ] Wait, this is a pet? "Satori..." This can't be right. She's a person...

[ ] Time for some fun. "That's not good enough, girl." Scare her just a bit...

[ ] Write-in...?
>> No. 7439
[x] "Uh, that's...alright? I forgive you?" You're a little thrown by the babbling. This is the really powerful pet? She seems a bit airheaded.

I can't be too mad at Okuu.
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