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File 130171291092.jpg - (457.56KB, 780x2000, 83774eff3434342.jpg) [iqdb]
6565 No. 6565
You awaken early in he day, the sun hardly beginning yet to look over the horizon as it awakened from it’s nightly slumber. But the sun would have no part in your actions today, and, truly, had not for some time. For once more you must venture below the earth, digging deeper, ever deeper into the secrets of the caverns below. Even that which already you have discovered would fill a dozen anthropological papers, but that mattered little. The warnings, the dangers expounded upon in the carvings and paintings that filled the caves…

They piqued your interest.

So now, ever more curious, increasingly eager to discover the lost secrets and hidden dangers, you seek that which has long been hidden in the depths of the earth. Your camp has progressively migrated farther and farther into the system of caverns as you worked, and now you would have to rely on maps and the trailing line you’ve been stringing out behind you to even find the surface anymore. Your eyes have long been adjusted to the dim, yellow lights you’ve been using . The darkness of the caves holds no more fear, for you - regardless of the morbidity of the warnings that coat every wall, the only feeling you have towards the darkness into which you venture is curiosity, and a constant hope, every day, that perhaps you would find something, some clue as to the final revelation you seek. You have long since abandoned your original efforts to catalogue and study the ancient carvings and paintings, instead heedlessly going deeper and deeper into the bowels of the earth, setting up your small camp when you grow too tired to continue, and whenever you grow hungry eating tasteless food like paste and dry, uncooked prepackaged ‘meals’ of nutrient bricks, that you could only wish were as flavourless as the paste.

Your carefree whistling as you walk down into the darkness echoes around you, mixing with the dull thudding of your footfalls and the clattering of your gear. Occasionally you allow your fingertips to trail across the rough and jagged stone of the cavern walls, noting the carvings by their unnatural smoothness as you navigate almost entirely without the use of sight, a light breeze always at your back, flowing from the surface into the darkness with you. The route you are taking is by no means an easy trail, of course. There are a number of tight squeezes, and the entire system is rather narrow and winding - a lesser man might suffer from claustrophobia in these conditions.

You slow down, hands reaching out to probe the way ahead, sliding your feet carefully along the floor of the cave. The flow of the air is different, all of a sudden, and that calls for caution. You remember the first change in airflow you came across - a great chasm in the middle of an especially large cavern. You almost pitched right into it before you realized it was there. Luckily you were able to scramble away from it and find a way across: at the edge of the cavern, where the wall met the chasm, a narrow ledge remained, and you used this natural projection to edge your way to the other side.

This change was nothing so drastic, and your toes come into contact with a protrusion on the floor scant seconds before your hands encounter what must be the same smooth stone outcropping. Running your hands across it carefully, you realize that the object before you is a statue of some sort, carved long ago and forgotten. It seems to be some sort of grotesque humanoid figure, with a single horn, arms outstretched to bar passage through the narrow stone corridor. You reach up to your headlamp, heart pounding in your chest at this undeniable sign that you are indeed approaching the revelation which you seek. With a twist of the plastic casing, you brighten the light.

It takes a few minutes for your eyes to adjust to the sudden change in lighting, but when they do, you finally see. The statue before you…well, it’s not exactly grotesque. Depicted in nearly lifelike realism before your eyes, is a statue of a woman, in a strange dress atypical of the people of this region, regardless of historical period. Unfortunately, there’s too much wear to make out the precise details of the outfit, but you can tell it was certainly not any manner of traditional clothing. The most remarkable feature of the statue, though, beyond the horn protruding from the figure’s forehead, is the fact that someone destroyed the face of the statue, removing all features except for the single horn. Of course, given the location of the statue, and, you now notice, the way the carvings and paintings all abruptly halt exactly at the point where the statue’s outstretched arms would touch the walls, were they a fraction of an inch longer, anyone intending to deface the statue would have to know that the statue was here, and probably have a very good reason for doing so, given just how hard it was to get here. This, of course, raises all manner of questions.

You are focused on only one of them. The same one that’s been burning within you all along, the one that drove you here, the one driving you onward still. Just what’s down here?

You need to know.

You duck under the outstretched arm of the stone woman, dulling the light once more. It has served its purpose, after all. You wait for a few minutes, anticipation building even as your eyes readjust to the lack of light. Finally, you start forward, trailing a hand along the wall of the passage. The stone’s texture has changed, becoming rough, clearly unworked rock. You follow this tunnel for an indeterminate distance, before you begin to detect light ahead. Your pace picks up, and you see it. Ahead, the tunnel opens up into a larger cavern, and within the cavern is some kind of light source. Your heart racing, you emerge into the cavern.

It’s huge! Impossibly huge! You gape in awe at the sheer, impossible size of the huge, brightly lit cavern. A moment of cognitive dissonance. Brightly lit…? You look up, for the source of the light, before flinching and shielding your eyes. They’d been watering the whole time, unable to quite adjust to the new light, but the glance at that subterranean sun really hurt

Wait. What?

There’s a sun. Underground. In a cavern that’s physically impossible. Well, alright. It doesn’t matter. No, it doesn’t. Not. At. All.

Maybe you’re hallucinating. Maybe you’re not. There are more things in Heaven and Earth…

A thrill runs through you. This. This is what you had been searching for! This is the secret! Incredible! INCREDIBLE!

You shade your eyes, and look around. Over to your left, and fairly close, is a big mansion. A big, western-style mansion, with stained-glass windows. …That certainly doesn’t belong here.

To your right, and somewhat distant, is a city, more appropriate to the region. It wouldn’t seem very out of place, above ground.

Of course, you could always just try going around the outside of the cavern, rather than just walking straight in. After all, it’s not very likely that these places are uninhabited, and there’s no telling how the people living here might react to your presence.

[ ] Investigate the mansion.
[ ] Investigate the city.
[ ] Go around the edge of the cavern.


I bring you a second CYOA. If you've never heard of me, I write over in /forest/, too.
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>> No. 7954
so glad you agree

[x] You're too hungry to focus right now. Go eat.
>> No. 7955
[X] Food can wait. You'd like to...
- [x] Find Utsuho. Maybe she could show you around...

Why not?

>See you in a month.

thus sets in my despair
>> No. 7956
[X] Food can wait. You'd like to...
- [X] Find Utsuho. Maybe she could show you around...
>> No. 7957
[x] Food can wait. You'd like to...
-[x] Find Utsuho. Maybe she could show you around.

Let's go find the Searing Divine Flame, shall we?
>> No. 7958
[X] Food can wait. You'd like to...
- [X] Find Utsuho. Maybe she could show you around...
>> No. 7959
I don't want Okuu to win, so here's a different vote.
[X] You're too hungry to focus right now. Go eat.
>> No. 7964
[X] You're too hungry to focus right now. Go eat.

Hunger gets what hunger wants.
>> No. 7966
Why not? She's a lovely raven.
>> No. 7967
[x] Food can wait. You'd like to...
- [x] Find Utsuho. Maybe she could show you around...

Now if we could find her in a bath heh.
>> No. 7969
[X] You're too hungry to focus right now. Go eat.

Must feed, but not sexually.
>> No. 7974
File 131854776310.jpg - (898.88KB, 850x1201, Satori261.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 7977
So YAF railroading his story here isn't enough for you?
>> No. 7980
File 13185751763.png - (31.54KB, 600x500, Satori734.png) [iqdb]
Not at all.
>> No. 7981
What? We've been given chances to change paths. Readers aren't taking them.
>> No. 7982
[X] Food can wait. You'd like to...
- [x] Find Utsuho. Maybe she could show you around...

Somehow, what little we've seen of Okuu seems really endearing in this story.
>> No. 7986
[x] Food can wait. You'd like to...
-[x] find Utsuho. Maybe she could show you around...

Indeed. YAF's story is already Satori route, so let's do something different here.
>> No. 7988
Forgive me, but YAF's story is a Koishi's route.
>> No. 7990

YAF was kidding. Did you notice the decisive win for Satori over Koishi? Now stop discussing other stories in this thread, it's disrespectful.
>> No. 7998
Okay, votes are cal-

...oh. It's a tie. I...guess you guys can have a few more hours? If it's not ready before I start watching Madoka tomorrow, I'll flip a coin or something.
>> No. 7999
[X] Food can wait. You'd like to...
- [x] Find Utsuho. Maybe she could show you around...
>> No. 8000
>> No. 8002
[X] You're too hungry to focus right now. Go eat

>> No. 8003
[X] Food can wait. You'd like to...
- [x] Find Utsuho. Maybe she could show you around...

>> No. 8040
Updates, please.
>> No. 8249
Come on, faggot. You've got a day left before it's a month.
>> No. 8274
That's not very nice. He probably wishes he could update, you know.
>> No. 11080
File 135935985450.png - (196.74KB, 600x450, didyouwantsome.png) [iqdb]
[X] Food can wait. You'd like to...
- [x] Find Utsuho. Maybe she could show you around...

You're not that hungry yet, you decide. First, you can go look for Utsuho. Maybe you'll tell her you forgive her more eloquently, this time, without having to let Satori do it for you. And it would be nice to have a guide to show you around, anyway.

Satisfied that you've justified your decision to yourself, you set off down the hallway, studiously ignoring the tiny winged girls who are busily tidying the house. You might not be able to deny some of the weirdness you've encountered, but you're absolutely not prepared to actually acknowledge any more than you have to.

As you walk, keeping an eye out for Utsuho's distinctive wings, you idly ponder the implications the reality of your discoveries presents. The myths of a society might, perhaps, be somewhat more literal than you had previously believed, beyond the mere existence of the creatures themselves. But then, Satori had mentioned that belief played some part in it, hadn't she? The question you seem to be left with, of course, is how. Are these youkai, these creatures of myth, born of their myths? Propagating them for their own survival and through their existence? Or are they the source of their own legends, expanding their influence in the world by spreading their reputation? Or perhaps it's something more...?

You take a moment to mourn the laptop you left on the surface. You have so much you need to write down...

It's not until you reach the bottom of the staircase that you realise with a start you've been idly scratching the the ears of a large tiger, as though it were just a big dog. At least it didn't seem to mind, you reflect, as it simply keeps walking, leaving you behind at the bottom of the stairs.

With a slightly nervous chuckle, you continue your search - though, to be honest, you'll admit it's more along the lines of 'aimless wandering'. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to go looking for someone in such a large building, with no idea how to find them and no familiarity with the building itself...

Eventually, you find yourself drifting towards an appetising smell, arriving at a small, simple-looking kitchen towards what you believe to be the back of the building. You stop in the doorway, and take in the scene before you.

Utsuho is humming, as she fills a plate with freshly-peeled hard-boiled eggs. The counter, however, is an incredible mess - eggshell, water, and unidentifiable powders scattered over every surface except Utsuho herself and her plate. You've found her, at least.

She finishes plating up her eggs, and turns towards the doorway, already biting into one as she starts to walk towards you, before freezing when she catches sight of you. She stares at you with wide eyes, mouth full of egg, and you notice her glance down at her...meal? Snack? - awkwardly.

A long silence fills the room, before she finally swallows.

"Ah," She begins, "Um." She glances down at the egg in her hand, and then holds it towards you, her posture uncertain. "Did you...want some?" She tries, looking at you, but not meeting your eyes.

[ ] Accept the egg.
[ ] Take one from her plate.
[ ] Decline.
[ ] Cut straight to the point.
[ ] "...Eggs? Isn't that a little..." She is a bird, right?
>> No. 11081
[x] Accept the egg.

Almost forgot about this story
>> No. 11082
[x] Accept the egg.

Huh. Never seen this one before. Coming back after a year+ hiatus is a good sign. Looks like a fun story, too.
>> No. 11083
[X] "...Eggs? Isn't that a little..." She is a bird, right?

Yes, I know biology and unfertilized and all that, but she might not. Which should be amusing.
>> No. 11089
[x]accept the egg
>> No. 11090
File 135942601434.jpg - (83.21KB, 850x1205, 130714309043.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Accept the egg.
If she doesn't know why it's strange, we shouldn't be the one to explain it.

>It's not until you reach the bottom of the staircase that you realise with a start
My subconscious sense is tingling.
>> No. 11091
[X] "...Eggs? Isn't that a little..." She is a bird, right?

>> No. 11092
[x] Accept the egg.
>> No. 11097
[x] Accept the egg.
Big, black wings? She's probably a raven, so this isn't all that unusual, aside from the quantity. Maybe she just likes eggs.
>> No. 11099
Votes called for taking a half-eaten egg.

I guess you don't mind sharing food or drinks, eh? Taken into consideration, I suppose.

Expect an update within a week.
>> No. 11101
An actual week or a "Week" (2 months+)?
>> No. 11102
Seven minutes after I finish this bowl of delicious soup.
>> No. 11136
So I guess the soup killed him.
>> No. 11137
Classic THP.
>> No. 11160
Muh updates. Bread, if you disappear again, I will hunt you down daily on IRC and pester you.
>> No. 16009
File 153041505678.jpg - (321.34KB, 800x920, unyu.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, assuming I got my trip right, here we go.

I'm back.


[x] Accept the egg.

You raise an eyebrow, somewhat bemused by her reaction. She squirms a bit under your gaze, until at last...

"Sure." You pick the egg out of her hand and pop it into your mouth - with half missing, it's no problem. Perhaps it's just that this is the first real, solid food you've eaten in weeks (those ration bars don't count on either qualifier), but... it's maybe the most delicious thing you've ever eaten. However she did it, these eggs are amazing.

Of course, there's one other thing that should be taken care of.

"...Here, I'll help, so let's clean up the kitchen." Her wings droop a bit as she stares at her empty hand for a second before shaking it off.

"R-right." She still seems a bit awkward around you - perhaps the whole 'destroyed the only way home you had' thing made more of an impression on her than it did on you. ...Well, that's not to say you're not concerned about it at all, but...

There's just so much that you have to do, so much to see here that you wouldn't need to worry about it for a long time, yet. In a way, you almost have to be grateful to this girl. After all, Satori had been planning to send you home immediately, hadn't she? With the way blocked, for now... you can actually perform the investigations that you had been hoping for. There's so much for you to learn, here, and while your laptop may be on the surface, well... they have paper, at least. You've seen Satori's books around, so there shouldn't be any trouble, in the end.

You come back to the present abruptly, realizing that you've just been staring off into space while you thought. ...Maybe you were affected more by your dehydration and collapse than you thought?

Anyway, before you get caught up in your own thoughts, you move up towards the counter, grabbing a rag hanging nearby to start cleaning up.

"Ah, wait, you don't need to...! Umf." That was almost certainly the sound of Utsuho stuffing an egg in her mouth before putting her plate down to help you.

"No, no, it's fine, I'm happy to help." You wave off the girl as you wipe down the counter. She makes a muffled protest, but starts cleaning up too - rather energetically, in fact, as though she were trying to do the cleaning before you had the chance. ...Which might even be the case, actually.

The two of you spend some time cleaning the kitchen, and you marvel at just how much of a mess she'd made, even though she was just preparing hardboiled eggs. She actually has to climb up and wipe down the ceiling! But it doesn't actually take two long, with both of you working, and soon you're sitting together snacking on eggs.

"These are really good." Your words prompt a questioning hum. "The eggs. I'm not sure how you did it, but these are probably the best eggs I've ever had." There's a few moments of silence before she replies. You probably caught her with her mouth full.

"Really?" You can hear her wings shifting under that cape of hers. "I didn't really do anything, though..."

"You know, I know that Satori already said it, but..." Only silence greets your words as you think about how you're going to phrase it. "I just wanted to say it for myself. What you did to the tunnel..." The noise she makes can only be described as 'worried'. "It's okay. I forgive you." Silence. "Don't worry too much about it, okay?"

"...Y-yeah." She eventually replies. "Okay." She sighs, a relieved-sounding exhalation that makes you grin, a little bit. She's still worried about it, huh? She really is a good girl, isn't she? She was even willing to help you get up here. And speaking of that...

The view of that city from the roof of Satori's mansion is pretty good. You can identify at least three distinct architectural periods in the construction of the buildings. You really want to go check it out.

You bite into another egg, as you think.

[ ] "Hey, so how did you irradiate that tunnel, anyway?"
[ ] "Do you think you could show me around later?"
[ ] "Why the boot?"
[ ] "What kind of eggs are they, anyway?" Do they have chickens down here?
[ ] "Who lives in the city?"


How the fuck was this only on page three? This thread should be dead.
>> No. 16010
[X] "Do you think you could show me around later?"

A tour should help ease Okuu's mind.

Also man an update for a story 6 years old! Neat!
>> No. 16013
Whoa whoa WHOA. Six years has gotta be a record! I don't even remember if I've read this or not. Excuse me while I go catch up.

> This thread should be dead.

None of /underground/ is dead yet. >>1 is still on the board. Joys of youth, eh?
>> No. 16014
[X] "What kind of eggs are they, anyway?" Do they have chickens down here?
Worry intensifies.
>> No. 16015
[√]"What kind of eggs are they, anyway?" Do they have chickens down here?
>> No. 16018
The voting period will end in 30 hours.

If you're still reading this, don't forget to vote!
>> No. 16019
[X] "What kind of eggs are they, anyway?" Do they have chickens down here?
>> No. 16022
File 153084520689.webm - (879.32KB, 590x754, cooked like this.webm) [iqdb]
Egg-citing questions await!

Prepare yourselves for some of the most eggs-ellent questions about the eggsotic foods of the Underground! No yolks here, folks, it's serious! Why, when you see some ovum, you'll hardly believe it!

I'll scramble this one out, and hopefully it won't be too badly de-laid.
>> No. 16033
File 153154020456.jpg - (148.55KB, 338x732, image.jpg) [iqdb]
reading that physically hurt me
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