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File 128133242037.jpg - (303.73KB, 600x506, Orin and Okuu.jpg) [iqdb]
5443 No. 5443
For as long as she could remember, Orin had been good at handling people. Dead people. All of whom she would handle straight into the Hell of Blazing Fires. That was what she did. It was her job. Her history was long and storied, and the vast majority of those stories involved corpses, fires, and the subsequent combination of the two. Those two things were the tools of her trade.

She was not sure what to do when all she had was one. Other than feel awkward.

"Hi there, little guy."

The small child she held aloft over her head made no reply, simply dangling there in his too-large clothes, his dark eyes staring at her from behind the messy tangle of his dark hair. Small beads of sweat rolled down her pale skin as she felt the gentle rise and fall of his chest beneath her fingers. Her vibrant red hair began to fritz, slowly unraveling one of her twin braids as her large, black, feline ears began to droop. Gradually it occurred to her that, in accidentally dragging a living person down to Hell and nearly tossing him into a flaming pit, she might have been a bad girl.

She whimpered a little. She had to make sure Satori didn't find out!

"Hey," she stuttered, smiling weakly at the little boy. "You must be a tough little guy, so I bet you'll be okay while I figure out what to do with you, right?"

The boy stared into her dark red eyes. She stared into his. His breathing stayed calm. She heaved a sigh of relief.

Then she nearly fumbled him right into the pit as he burst out crying.

Instinctively she pulled him close before he could fall, and jumped back from the pit, falling flat on her ass. A string of vague nonsense and pleas for him to be quiet poured from her mouth, but she had only the barest idea of what she was saying, only the barest idea of what to do. Panic surged within her. She didn't know what to do with a child! Not a living one! She needed help! She needed... she needed...

"Master Satori! Help!"

Tears welled up in her eyes, and she began to cry as she ran toward the Palace of the Earth Spirits, leaving the burning flames in the belly of the underground far behind.


Kindred Inalterable Dependency


Comfy. Dark. Peaceful. Warm. Being in bed sure is wonderful.

"... wake up."

The soft sound of Mama Orin whispering into your ear wakes you up as it does every morning, and you try to hide your giggle, scrunching your eyes shut tighter, and snuggling up to Mama Okuu even closer than before. She hugs you tight, too, even in her sleep! Mama Okuu is always so huggy, it's so nice!

"Come on, little guy. Up and at 'em."

Mama Orin cuddles up behind you, squishing you up against Mama Okuu. Mama Orin isn't as soft as Mama Okuu, but she's really cuddly too. So lucky having such nice mamas! You hide your smile as Mama Orin starts tickling you with her tails, and try to keep from squirming. She's sneaky, but the only way to get you out of bed is...

Mama Orin giggles, and says your name.




Hello, folks.

Yeah, I know it isn't HLA. Shoot me, but I have hit a rut in HLA, and I believe a part of that is simply having worked with the same characters for so long. In a bit of an effort to recapture my writing spirit, I'm trying something new. I have someone to nudge me along on this, too.

I hope you all can enjoy this.
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>> No. 6465
>May not win
I don't think any one vote is going to "win":
>I want you to think of all the different kinds of bullets you want to try, okay? Think of as many as you can, so I can show you all the different ways you need to use to make them!
>> No. 6466

You want Kouji to shoot pokemons? I like this idea.

I think he meant touhous. Shota moe is super effective against females.
>> No. 6467
File 129424142243.jpg - (63.05KB, 460x500, 69_Decarabia.jpg) [iqdb]
>You want Kouji to shoot pokemons? I like this idea.

slowpoke, slowpokes everywhere, but no how about something closer to "mama" orin/okuu as well as aunti Satori/Koishi?

Building on that >>6462 post!

BEHOND DECARABIA (yes same name as that persona creature summon but looks better)
>> No. 6468
He might end up growing up cute though.
>> No. 6470
He will end up with a harem once he is grown up.
>> No. 6473
>once he is grown up

I don't think you're looking closely enough at the present.
>> No. 6474
[x] Paw Print Bullets

Because yes. You know you want it. IT'S ORIGINAL.


Gosh, at least I remember to empty my name field when voting! ...sometimes
>> No. 6486
Should someone start the wriggle pics again?
>> No. 6487
File 129551494332.jpg - (225.75KB, 835x595, 15466936.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm just passing through.
>> No. 6488

The ebst wriggle. Also, maybe we should move on to doujins instead of simple pictures.
>> No. 6490
Sorry for the lack of updates, guys. Classes started back up, and I'm still acclimating. And despite it being only the second week of classes, I just had my first exam of the year a few hours ago.

That said, since that's out of the way, I'll aim for a weekend update.
>> No. 6493
No one believes you anymore. Not unless you're actually posting a snippet.
>> No. 6494
File 129566074572.jpg - (15.82KB, 480x360, yeah-right.jpg) [iqdb]

While you're most likely correct, show some civility towards someone who decided to share the fruit of their creative labors with you. Someone who, like most of us, has other obligations and responsibilities. Do I believe Patchwork is so totally swamped 24/7 with exams and schoolwork at university, based on my own personal experiences, that he is unable to find a moments peace to write a silly fan-fiction story if he had half a mind to? Not particularly. However, that doesn't exclude the possibility that his chosen academic path is more demanding than what I was accustomed to myself, or he just has more difficulty managing time. Regardless, neither are sufficient justification for being a disrespectful, and pompous ass.

I mean, hey. At least he bothers to occasionally pop in and offer apologies that I'm sure he is aware fall short, and could potentially elicit angsty or wangsty comments. Shows some character, considering the medium we're using here. More than what many writers here can bring themselves to do, to be sure.
>> No. 6496

Don't put up verbose defenses of other writers' work ethic, YAF. It just makes them look bad.


Die in a fire.

>That said, since that's out of the way, I'll aim for a weekend update.

>> No. 6498
It's not YAF , not enough gratuitous english slang. But the guy has a point.
>> No. 6499
As does >>6493
It was perhaps...poorly worded, but the message behind it is no less true for that.
>> No. 6504
Okay, so kind of a big problem.

On Friday I had a tangle with some malware on my laptop, and while I think I managed to get rid of it all, it seems to have taken a toll on the three or four year old OS. Windows has... hiccups from time to time. Bad ones.

Consequent to that, I'll be backing up some choice files, and reformatting my drive because I should really upgrade to Windows 7 already, and the university is offering it at a dirt cheap price. It's a one-two punch that should get rid of the software troubles, and help me out in the long run. Ideally I should be able to do that tonight, but it's going to be a long process in all likelihood.

So, that leaves me without a functioning computer during the interim. As a result, although I've done work on the next update, don't expect it until late tonight at the earliest. While my laptop is out of commission, I'll try and see if any friends have a computer I can use to keep working on the update. Stay tuned for news on how this all turns out.
>> No. 6505
You say "big problem" but all I'm hearing is "I'm working on the next update."

>> No. 6506
>don't expect it until late tonight at the earliest.

Guess we'll see you in a month, Patches. Seriously though, glad to hear from you, and I hope you get those computer issues under control.
>> No. 6513
File 129610791843.jpg - (545.53KB, 689x792, f138c0d940087c1d1c4ada7f931c974e.jpg) [iqdb]
m i doin it rite
>> No. 6514

Too early, wait at least a week first.
>> No. 6515
All I'm hearing is "seven minutes", if you know what I mean.
>> No. 6517
File 129707896231.png - (553.82KB, 626x515, BAD LITTLESHRIMP.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 6519
File 129761918538.jpg - (8.67KB, 170x236, 1297049088931.jpg) [iqdb]
Any day now.
>> No. 6535
So I'm guessing Patches never got a new computer or something? That or he thinks that he's a troll and this is /b/.
>> No. 6537
Or he's just reached the epitome of laziness and simply stopped writing, moving, thinking, and breathing altogether.
Although I hope that you're right and Patches still loves us.
>> No. 6539
I arbitrarily declare this thread one excessively long and convoluted plan to troll us all. If Patches wants to argue the point, he can post at the time he schedules instead of lying about it.
>> No. 6549
I vote Patchwork to be the new glasnost.
>> No. 6550
File 130089518471.jpg - (43.45KB, 500x416, WTF japanese tag is hardcore.jpg) [iqdb]
>See this story in the bumped threads.
>A smile makes his way to my face.
>I'm so happy I could die right now and still go to Bhava-Agra.
>Not that lazy Patchy, just another bump.
>> No. 6551
Get back to whence you came. Also, why the hell do people keep bumping this. Not only is it still an infant story, but it's written by Patchwork. I cannot comprehend the massive amount of attention it receives. Is it because it's one of the few stories in underground?
>> No. 6553
File 130090134067.jpg - (284.96KB, 684x748, 129237573892.jpg) [iqdb]
What are you guys doing. Get a grip.
>> No. 6554

Dying animal in denial.
>> No. 6555
You can't compare patchwork and glasnost. At least, sometimes glasnost translate comics on Danbooru or on Voile. Patch is just lazy.
>> No. 6556
Equally likely, Patch is incredibly busy, working hard on things that are more important than this.
>> No. 6557
Like? Managing the irc channel?
>> No. 6558

That's Kap, not Patch. Patch hasn't been on so much of late, even.
>> No. 6560
Believe it or not, but patch can ban people on the irc channel. Doubt it? Just try.
>> No. 6562
That's a perk many other writers get as well and it's less maintaining the channel as it is kicking someone for fun.
>> No. 6579
I wasn't talking about kicking, but about banning. You know, the thing like "How could you do that I don't want to see ya again!"
Like that, you see?
>> No. 6580
They can, but most don't do it very often because they know someone else will undo it.
>> No. 6596
>> No. 6602

Yeah, kicking and banning ain't maintaining the channel. It's mostly for dicking around.
>> No. 6753
Still patiently waiting :)
>> No. 6757

Just die, you worthless piece of shit. This has been bumped in the past for these same reasons, and I am completely positive it has been brought to Patchworks attention.
>> No. 6762
File 130502162291.jpg - (43.99KB, 400x990, vengencelook.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 6765
Seriously, why do you people have to get so angry all the time?

Never mind, I'm not starting an arguement here.
>> No. 6773
Wow, it's like you're trying to be a dumbass.
>> No. 6833
Because when I click that button on my browser that brings me to Touhou-Project and I see that list of newly bumped threads and a story I really like and would love to see more of is on there after a long time of no updates, I make an assumption.
Sure enough it's probably not a smart assumption, but it comes from that little part of me that always holds out hope that something good is about to happen. It comes crashing out of the cage of logic after breaking the padlock of pattern recognition and causes me to have a little moment of happiness, and with my heart all gooey and ripe from hope and joy I click on that link only to have the bitter cold taste of disappointment shoved down my throat.
That is why we don't bump threads pointlessly.
>> No. 7422
File 131105611878.jpg - (465.82KB, 1200x1696, 1311055180857.jpg) [iqdb]
You don't fool me, patchwork. I know you're here!
>> No. 7492
File 131180248770.jpg - (1.01MB, 1415x2000, Bringing_Up_A_Child_of_Crow_008.jpg) [iqdb]
You don't fool me, patchwork. I know you're here!
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