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File 128116827746.png - (1.07MB, 965x1050, 78.png) [iqdb]
5414 No. 5414
[X] If a fight is what it takes to bring this to a close... you'll just have to find some way to survive!

It's too late to run now. Hell, it's been too late to run ever since you first talked to her; you have a feeling that she made up her mind to kill you as soon as she found out that you were against her 'cause'. At this point, even if you could get Orin out of her funk and moving, trying to run might just end up bringing Okuu chasing after you up into the city, and you can't think of a worse outcome than that.

Which means you're going to have to fight here. With one last look at Orin, you stand from your crouch and turn towards Okuu, sizing her up as you mentally prepare for battle.

That cannon is still pointed towards you, but she isn't firing yet; there must be some sort of limit on how quickly she can shoot, or she would have just hit you with a follow-up after her first shot grazed you. It's too heavy for her to wield it easily, too; she has to brace herself with her free arm just to keep it trained on you, let alone re-aiming. Add in the weight of the thing slowing down her footwork and the fact that she'd be fighting one-handed, and your path is clear: you're going to have to get close and stay close until you can knock her down for long enough to give yourself a chance to get out of here.

The only problem is how. There's about a twenty foot gap between the two of you now, and If Okuu's done the same thinking you have, then she'll be trying to maintain that distance just as sure as you're trying to close it. Dodging those fireballs won't be easy at any distance, but getting closer will only make the task more difficult, and judging by the speed of that last shot, twenty feet is as good as point-blank range for this weapon. Danmaku as a distraction is a possibility, but you have a feeling that putting what little you've got up against her projectiles would be like showing up bare-handed to a knife fight. At closer ranges, maybe you could--

"Get away from Taizou, Rin."

And thinking time is over. Stepping back into a more balanced stance, you ready yourself to make one of those flight-assisted jumps and glance down at Orin once more--

--and she's already gone, with nothing but the shadow of a black cat in the corner of your eye to indicate where she's gone. Your head whips back around to Okuu, but she hasn't taken advantage of your distraction, her gun remaining unfired.

Which means you still have time to try to talk her down. "I'm not going anywhere, Okuu. This is what you call 'hiding behind someone strong'?"

Okuu is silent, and the stoic expression on her face is only marred by the ripples in the air as her gun begins to pump out heat.

"And it's not going to end with me. You think the oni are just going to keel over and die when you attack them? Rin and Satori, you're willing to start a war that'll risk their lives?"

No response.

"You aren't, are you? You're going to protect them personally, aren't you? Because it's not so easy to make these 'necessary' sacrifices when you know it's real people that you're--"

She fires.

Your leap away comes a split second too late. You manage to avoid the fireball, flames just barely nipping at your heels, but the blast of superheated air as the projectile passes by sets your flight off course, and before you can correct yourself, the ground is there. You just barely manage to tuck your shoulder under you before you hit, turning your landing into a half-roll, half-flop that leaves you lying on your back and breathless.

Before you can even feel the pain, though, your battle plan resonates in your head, and you force yourself onto your stomach. Now's your chance to get close to her! Scanning the dim cavern frantically, you eyes catch on a speck of light, and you haphazardly throw yourself towards it, using some more flight power to pull yourself into the air straight from your hands and knees. It's not until you reach the top of your arc that the speck that was Okuu's chest light becomes a beacon, and you can make out the rest of your target; her cannon's resting against the ground at an off angle from the direction that she fired, pushed back by the recoil, and she's staring off after the fireball, oblivious to your position. Tensing your upper body, your eyes follow your trajectory as you prepare for a--

--landing, your knees scraping the rock below as you hit the ground just as off-balance as you were when you jumped. Okuu shouts in surprise, but it's too late; as your momentum carries you the rest of the way, you kick yourself onto your feet and pivot your body forward, your punch--

--PAIN. You barely notice your fist going wide as you hit the ground, the blow to the side of your head turning half of your vision a spotty white. Instinct sends you rolling to the side, but the second blow never comes, and you force yourself from your knees onto your feet, still staggering as you try to pick out your target again through the haze of stars in your eyes.

Okuu's cannon is still resting on the ground, but its new position between you and her tells you what you just got hit by. As if on cue, the side of your face burns with pain, but even as you cringe involuntarily, you recall your plan once more and step forward to press what little advantage you have left. This time, you step outside her right arm, and as she grips her gun with her off hand to take another swing at you, your fist connects with her face with a power that vibrates through your body, sending her staggering back...

...a single step.

Pushing your shock aside, you take a correcting step and turn your body to deliver a follow-up punch, but she's already regained her balance, wings flaring wide behind her, and as your fist clips her shoulder, she swings her weight around to bring her gun crashing into your ribs. Your feet leave the ground as you fly backwards into the dirt, and your next attempt to stand leaves you clutching your stomach and moaning, barely able to move.

Gritting your teeth through the pain, you use your arms to lever yourself up, only to be pushed right back down, a gust of unnatural wind kicking dust up into your face with enough force to sting. As the breeze dies down a second later, you understand its source; Okuu's wings are unfolded and opened wide now, wider than she is tall, and she floats backwards through the air, fluttering her wings gently as she lands a few dozen feet away.

And raising her gun to fire at you. Mind working frantically, you ready your last resort; raising one arm to chest level, you send a burst of danmaku her way, leading her fall by enough to hit her within a few seconds of landing. Her gun comes up to point straight at your bullets, as though to catch them in the barrel, but they just barely slip past her arm, heading straight toward her chest--

--and then she fires, and the last thing you see is the danmaku vaporizing in midair as the flames blossom. Closing your eyes involuntarily, you take the only option you have left to avoid the oncoming fireball, pressing yourself flat against the ground--

And then every inch of your body is on fire, your top layer of your skin popping and bubbling like boiling water as your body boils from the inside out. Your mouth dries up as soon as you open it, but you scream anyway, and your feel a wetness leaking through your skin as your heart tears itself open, trying vainly to pump blood through burst capillaries. Even with your eyes shut, your eyeballs swell to fill your skull, and you begin another scream as the pressure in your head threatens to burst--

--and then it's over. Your scream cuts off into a gasp at the sudden disappearance of the source of the pain, followed by another half-scream, half-groan as the sting of your burns radiates into your bones.

You're... not dead. You're not even that badly injured, you realize, scanning yourself up and down with your eyes.

And that means you need to get up, to keep moving, but everything hurts, and it takes several seconds and a few false starts before you're able to drag yourself onto all fours and slowly raise your body into a semi-standing position. You blearily scan your surroundings for Okuu--

--and step out of the way just in time to avoid the next attack, an overhead swing of that gun from midair. The wind from your attacker's sudden arrival hits a moment later, nearly forcing you back to the ground, but you remain upright, staggering a step forward to take another swing at Okuu.

The punch feels like it hurts you more than it does her, but you connect solidly with the side of her head, and this time, you don't miss your chance for a follow-up strike, swinging your off hand into her ribs. She growls in pain, crouching to try to defend herself, but with only one arm free, there's no way she can guard her entire body, and you continue your advance, alternating targets between her head and stomach. Each successful strike pushes her back another step, and you keep up the pace, the sheer speed of your attacks preventing her from striking back.

But you can't keep this up. Even putting all the energy you have left behind your fists, you're not doing much but making her angry, and with the pain of your injuries threatening to overwhelm you, you know you won't be able to do even that for much longer. Gritting your teeth in concentration, you prepare another danmaku strike, gathering the energy into your arm as you continue your assault.

Your mind doesn't want to stretch that far, though; as the power reaches its peak within you, your punch flops off-target, and Okuu takes the opportunity, parrying your arm away with enough force to spin your entire body around. Flailing back towards her, you point your arm at her body as she heaves her cannon, now glowing brightly, skyward with both arms--

The explosion pushes you backwards, knocking you onto your back once again, and you know without looking that your danmaku were caught in the blast as well. Trying to breathe in through the cloud of dust, you use your good arm to force yourself into a sitting position--

--before Okuu's foot hits your forehead, sending you back to the ground and snapping your head back hard enough to make you black out. Before you can even try to rise again, something hits you in the neck and stays there, pinning you with enough force to stop your breathing. Working near-blindly, you grab the impediment with both hands, trying to pry it away, but you already know it's useless; even if you could find a way to gain some leverage from your position on the ground, your arms feel like they're about to fall off, and they're only getting weaker with every second you spend gasping for air. Even as your vision begins to return, you can only blearily make out Okuu's form towering over you, her body seeming impossibly tall as she suffocates you with one foot.

But that light is unmistakable. Through the fog, you can see Okuu's right arm, covered with dark, blotchy burns, as it begins to glow once again, her fist pointed straight at your head. Just like before, the air around her seems to darken and blur, and the cannon that she detonated to make that explosion slowly begins to reform around her arm, its tip mere inches from your head. Your vision dims, but that light stays constant as the space inside the barrel begins to glow, preparing the fireball that will end your life.

"Did you really think you would win this fight?"

You try to look past the barrel of the gun pointed at you to Okuu's face, but it's too far to see any more, and your head flops back onto the ground. "You... ghk... would've killed me if I ran anyway..." you choke out.


"Besides..." Maybe it's the lack of oxygen getting to you, but you even bark out a laugh, continuing to talk even though you know it's just wasting your breath. "It's worth... khh... worth it if it makes you realize... nng... that there's more to being strong than just being able to kill things..."

"...I don't think that's true."

...It's not an illusion. You're still struggling to take a breath, but Okuu's body is coming back into focus, and you can even see as far as her head now...

"But, hey, whatever makes you happy!"

...and her mouth isn't moving.

...Because she's not talking.


And as you say the name of the person that voice belongs to, your vision is filled by that vapid smile.

"Ooh, that was pretty quick!"

"Wha... why... ghk..." you sputter, renewing your vain struggle against Okuu's foot if only to get your questions answered.

"Oh, Okuu, you silly goose. Stop crushing Taizou's windpipe." The weight on your throat lifts immediately, and you roll out, chest spiking with pain as your deflated lungs hastily refill themselves. "There's a good girl. Now why don't you go play somewhere else for now?"

Okuu sets her foot down and lets her arm cannon dangle limply, staring blankly at Koishi for a moment, before turning away...

"Lady Koishi..."

But she doesn't leave. You catch a glimpse of the light in her chest burning bright as she jerkily turns back around, her free hand supporting her gun--

--as she swings it around to point straight at Koishi's chest.

"Please do not..." Okuu speaks through gritted teeth, and every word sounds like a struggle. "...do not interfere, Lady Koishi..."

"Oh, you." The smile never leaves Koishi's face, and she doesn't move to avoid the gun; instead, she pulls it even closer, folding her arms and resting her upper body atop it at she smiles at Okuu. "You realize it, don't you? You could fight me as many times as you want, and you would never, ever win." Koishi leans forward, and Okuu recoils away, the eye in her chest flickering on and off frantically. "And I could kill you whenever I want. Right now, even." Her voice gets quieter, but that smile never changes, even as Okuu's stoic expression begins to crack with signs of fear. "Now, Okuu. Go play."

"...I..." Okuu hesitates for one last moment, eyes flicking back and forth between you and Koishi. "...Yes, Lady Koishi." And then she's gone, the already-dim light in her chest growing further and further away as she takes off into the sky with a single flap of her massive wings.

"Now, then!" Koishi claps her hands once, spinning on her toes back towards you. "We have some talking to do, Taizou!"

"...What?" You're still trying to wrap your head around Koishi being here in the first place. "Was it you that sent Okuu to kill me, then?"

"Hm? But I just saved you! That would be dumb."

True enough. Sitting yourself up, you bring a palm to your forehead, trying to ignore the pain in your... well, in everything. "So what are--"

"In a few minutes, Orin's going to come back and plead with you on her hands and knees, you know. Even though you broke her poor little heart."

"..." Wasn't there anyone else who could have saved you just now? Anyone at all? You are just not mentally prepared for this shit right now.

"You don't remember? She was so sure that you would be able to talk some sense into poor, bird-brained Okuu. So sure that she told you that you wouldn't have to keep this a secret anymore."

...That's right, isn't it? "Wait, you were there when--"

"And now that you've broken her trust and failed her," Koishi continues happily, dancing around the cavern in time with her own words, "she's going to come back and ask you for one more little favor. 'Please, Mr. Taizou, can you keep this a secret for just a little while longer?'"

"And you're going to say 'No!'" Koishi chirps, trying and failing to sound stern. "And, leaving a heartbroken kitten in your wake, you'll return to the surface and face some of the most important decisions of your life! Who should you tell? What should you tell them? How can you keep yourself safe amidst the turmoil that's sure to arise?" Koishi claps her hands to her cheeks, swooning exaggeratedly. "Ooh, so exciting! Just like a spy thriller!"

"Or maybe you'll say 'Yes!' when Orin asks you! Then everybody will be happy! Except you, since you'll be lying to everyone who's ever trusted you down here, plus some! Will your mind snap under the strain of your deceit? Will you seek comfort in Yuugi's arms, even as you betray her trust?" Koishi poses again, pressing a hand against her forehead and pretending to faint. "That one could be a pretty good romance novel, huh?"

"Or maybe..." Koishi begins once more, only to cut herself off with a gasp. "No! Of course not! How could I think such a thing?!"

"..." You don't want to listen to her. In fact, you'd rather she just left you alone now to consider how you're going to deal with the very real problem she's just brought up. You don't really want to go against Orin's wishes, even if it wouldn't technically be breaking a promise, but how are you supposed to keep quiet about what just happened? And for that matter, what does this mean for your tacit agreement with Satori? The idea that she's trustworthy enough to justify hiding this cavern from the oni is pretty well shot to hell now, but does that mean you should just go tell the council head right away? And what about... the...

...She's breathing in your ear.

Fuck it. Best to just give her the reaction she wants, and hopefully she'll go away. "...What, Koishi?"

"Well, I was just thinking..." This time, she stops herself with a slap across her own cheeks, loud enough that even you flinch. "No! I musn't! I promised!" And then, her dramatic speech finished, she returns to staring at you in anticipatory glee.

"..." If you roll your eyes any harder, they're going to come out of your head. "...What?"

"Welllll..." And in an instant, Koishi is sitting right next to you, her face inches from yours. "...You could just forget about all of this. Then you wouldn't have to make any hard decisions, and everyone would be happy!"

"That..." Is she saying...?

"Buuuuut you said I'm not allowed to play around with your head any more, so there's no way that will ever work, huh?"

She is. For a moment, your anger at her -- at this whole situation -- nearly gets the better of you, and you reach toward her, only to let your hands fall short, coming to rest on your knees. You let your head hang on top of them a second later, staring down at the ground below.

"So?" And she's there, laying on the ground with her head between your legs, looking up at you. "What'cha gonna do?"

[ ] So? What'cha gonna do?
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>> No. 6547
I've noticed the writing's tone (depressing, walls closing in etc) is a bit similar to the author's current life style.

was this intentional?
>> No. 6548
I would question how you know so much about Glasnosts life.
>> No. 6802
>This would be a shitty place to leave the story for a month, so there's going to have to be another update within a week.

Five months later
>> No. 7035
nearly six now
>> No. 7141
Okay, time to grow a spine and own up to the fact that I have basically been a tremendous prick over in this part of the Internet.

Details tomorrow because I am really tired and I would get all bummed and say stupid things if I tried now.

Also, I never anticipated that I would have to thank Docteur Hartmann for anything. It feels sort of weird, but a good sort of weird.

preemptive tl;dr I do not plan to drop this and I'm sorry for all of this nonsense.

Bumping over actual, active stories without an update because I am a huge fucking egomaniac. Sorry, YAF and ddyk.
>> No. 7142
>preemptive tl;dr I do not plan to drop this

>> No. 7143
>Details tomorrow because I am really tired

See you in a month or two!
>> No. 7144

Good the see you're sill kicking, in any case.
>> No. 7170
It's a good thing I didn't post what I wrote yesterday, because it is mostly excuses and mopey blogging. I've spoilered it below for people who want that sort of thing, but the upshot of it all is that there are two things that need to get done before I finally finish writing this.

One is a recap of the story up to now. As it happens, I still have about as firm a grip on where I want the story to go as I did before leaving off, but I can only guess how many readers I chased off by being a flake, to say nothing of users who joined TH-P after I stopped updating with any semblance of regularity. I have not really decided whether this should be in the style of Owen's summaries (i.e. one- or two-sentence descriptions of each post in a thread with links) or a more narrative style (i.e. paragraphs of text telling an abbreviated version of the story), so please give me your input on that.

The other is to get my groove back as a writer, to the extent that I ever had one. The good news is that I have 19 drafts in my Gmail folder, 15 of which are unfinished Touhou short stories, so I should be able to spit-shine one, post it, and let the resulting wave of adulation and/or excoriation get me thinking writerly thoughts again; between that and this /nue/ thing, I should have no want of opportunity for a while. Any non-Nue stories will go in a thread in /gensokyo/ (unless you guys think it should go in /th/, in which case please tell me so), so keep an eye out.

Lastly, I've seen it kicked around a few places here, so I'll confirm that I am the glasnost on Danbooru. I'm split on the issue of whether or not to tell you all to bug me there should I appear to have flaked out again: half of me feels like it would increase accountability and get me working again, and the other half feels like A) I would be better served by learning to motivate my own damn self, and B) this is some late-stage, metastatic form of tripfaggotry where I give out other bits of my online identity to seem important. So, uh, make up your own minds on that one, I guess.

I have a strange reaction to having to do hard things: basically, I close my eyes, cover my ears, and blow off deadlines with reckless abandon until a real, hard, "do-this-or-you're-fucked" deadline approaches, at which point I freak the fuck out, work non-stop, and shit out something that fulfills whatever duty I was assigned. The trouble is that after a lifetime of doing this, my "you're fucked" spider-sense borders on the preternatural and I very rarely catch any shit for doing this; without negative feedback, any impetus to change this behavior has to come from within, and you all know better than anyone that self-discipline is not my strong suit.

So, long story short, my "you're fucked"-sense started going off in January for a deadline in April, and in classic form, I finished up the weekend before my ass was due to be grass and escaped any consequences for my behavior. By this point, though, the shame of having blown you guys off for so long made posting here again its own special sort of difficult, so I initiated operation "la-la-la-I-can't-hear-you" once again with TH-P as my target, the trouble being that since TH-P can't threaten not to pay me, there was nothing to snap me out of it.

So that's my story. Sorry it's so, you know. Retarded.

>> No. 7171
Any common themes for these sorts? Such as locations or are they truly all over gensokyo? I'd like to hear that before recommending any boards as /gensokyo/'s chronically overlooked since that one anon started an actual story. The that posts those satire bits there. And /th/'s rather overcrowded/active as is.

As for the knowledge you're on danbooru as well? Well, the trade off is the more places we know you're on, the more we can bug you when you start flaking out worse than usual.
>> No. 7172
My top five are something depressing with Sanae, something with Tewi best read with The Entertainer playing in the background, a Murasa origin story in a strange experimental style, a Byakuren story that I couldn't finish in time for that Christmas thread, and MokouxKeine, so yeah.
>> No. 7173
File 13088186296.jpg - (320.65KB, 700x700, 03db66d2b6eae66b078f7aa8c979921a.jpg) [iqdb]
>and MokouxKeine, so yeah.
jump to
>> No. 7187
File 130896482213.jpg - (449.34KB, 1000x918, 8d435cbc50ffc58fc9ce65ba2051f5a9.jpg) [iqdb]



Also hi, good to see you again!
>> No. 7188
It's dead, Jim. Me and you are the only ones who even remember it.
>> No. 7189
>Me and you are the only ones who even remember it.

Not true. Setting a story about Remilia in 18th century France was a pretty ballin idea.

Though as far as the writefag's work, I'll take anything I can get.
>> No. 7190
>I have a strange reaction to having to do hard things: basically, I close my eyes, cover my ears, and blow off deadlines with reckless abandon until a real, hard, "do-this-or-you're-fucked" deadline approaches, at which point I freak the fuck out, work non-stop, and shit out something that fulfills whatever duty I was assigned. The trouble is that after a lifetime of doing this, my "you're fucked" spider-sense borders on the preternatural and I very rarely catch any shit for doing this; without negative feedback, any impetus to change this behavior has to come from within, and you all know better than anyone that self-discipline is not my strong suit.

Dude, I do the exact same thing. I bullshitted my way past so many deadlines in college. I don't even clean my apartment unless someone's coming to visit the next day. I'd probably read reddit all day at work if I had my own office.

>> No. 7191
File 130897795046.jpg - (457.11KB, 1100x1600, WaHH Ch_05 18.jpg) [iqdb]
Go figure. I thought only Taisa liked MoaV. (Hi, Taisa!) The reason I stopped it before ULA, though, apart from the fact that ULA had more man-hours in it and was further along story-wise, was that I had intended it to be a mystery-drama hybrid, but ended up stitching the worst parts of those genres (tortuously slow pacing and wild mood swings from dramas, overly conspicuous character establishment and convenient plot devices from mysteries) into a confused Frankenstein's monster. The "what's wrong with Patchy's health" subplot was the second thing I came up with for the story, and both reader reactions and my own reading indicates that I didn't execute it in a particularly compelling way.

But these are the risks you take when you put a first draft on the Internet one page at a time. I am less sure about the four-chapter scheme I had planned for that story, because the plots of the Sakuya and Meiling chapters in my mind are still a rehash of the Patchouli chapter and virtually nonexistent, respectively, but I will at least be finishing the storyline I started. After this, though.

Translating Wild and Horned Hermit this weekend before even Voile gets tired of me; pic related. Will post here afterward for focusing purposes.
>> No. 7192
why you would go on a site thats based off stealing 4chan's content and making it even more unfunny than it already is, is beyond me
>> No. 7196
It's where stuff gets translated and has productive things somewhat?

>Translating Wild and Horned Hermit this weekend

>> No. 7200
I meant reddit
>> No. 7203
File 130913750439.png - (56.68KB, 450x450, siiip.png) [iqdb]
Reddit is huge. That's like if you saw /vp/ and went around telling people 4chan is a pokemon fansite.
>> No. 7205
Well, that went surprisingly well.

http://pastebin.com/YNQkwms4 -- WaHH Chapter 5 script. Posted here exclusively for a few hours, because I still love you best, THP. (Also if anyone can think of an abbreviation for "labor union" that anglophones actually use, that would be swell.)

Still waiting for opinions on whether you want the ULA summary in single-sentence style (e.g. >>/sdm/42033) or in narrative form. (Although I guess those of you who are still here and reading this are the ones least likely to actually need a plot summary.)

4chan isn't a Pokemon site?!

But yeah, low-subscription subreddits are where it's at; f7u12 is aggressively unfunny, and most of the default subscriptions are nigh-unreadable for one reason or another. Sort of like how most of 4chan is just an eyesore nowadays. oh god am i a hipster douche now i think i may be
>> No. 7206
Nice, does this mean 3 and 4 are done as well? And would you know when the translated 3 and 4 will hit the touhouwiki? I do need to catch up on 4 at least.
>> No. 7208
I finished the translation on 4 a while ago at http://voile.gensokyo.org/res/43418.html ; they just haven't edited it because the scans for 3 proved elusive and they didn't want to release out of order. The translation for 3 I posted yesterday at http://voile.gensokyo.org/res/41901.html , and 5 will be at http://voile.gensokyo.org/res/45687.html shortly, so you can watch those URLs for edited versions.
>> No. 7219

Narrative form sounds nice, though who are you gonna use as a narrator?
>> No. 7230
>ULA summary in single-sentence style

Definitely this. That format looks pretty fun to write, gets people all caught up in an amusing and engaging fashion, and it doesn't get caught in the narrative flow of the story. Refreshes the old readers, catches new readers right up, and in the best case scenario, people feel motivated to re-read old threads for all the details. Some of the same could be said for a narrative retelling, but they generally aren't as entertaining (for me at least).
>> No. 7233
Gordon Freeman of course.
>> No. 7234
Me. When I say 'narrative', I just mean 'as a continuous story'; basically, the way that you would tell the story verbally if you were summarizing it for someone who had never read it.

But I was already leaning towards the alternative, and >>7230 makes a good point about the encouraging re-reading, so I will probably go with that instead.

Sanae story is coming along; it's not as good as I'd hoped, but I've sat on it for long enough, so it's getting posted whether I like it or not. I think I will do that and the Tewi one in one thread in /gensokyo/, then summarize (if I'm not done with it already), and then get this show on the road again.
>> No. 7235
Koishi or Satori could make a good narrator.
>> No. 7328
Sanae story is up in >>/gensokyo/7531.

To keep this vaguely /underground/ related and (weakly) justify a bump: anyone who's not reading Chirei De by Karaagetarou over on Danbooru is missing out. Make your way to http://danbooru.donmai.us/pool/show/1407 and enjoy.
>> No. 7329
I've read it already, but thanks for the suggestion.
>> No. 7352
Just popping in to say that I just went through the "Autumn Sky Paparazzi" pool and noticed you had translated the majority of it. Many thanks.
>> No. 7414
This story in a nutshell:
-some guy goes underground.
-lives at Yuugi's place.
-face underground's racism.
-notice there's something rotten in the underground city.
-have to be impartial between an "argument" between Satori and the onis.
-lie and hide.
-Satori disappears, Utsuho wants to burn the world, Yuugi doesn't trust MC anymore.
That was this story extremely shortened.
>> No. 7428
File 131119855431.jpg - (271.07KB, 900x1050, 9e6c9732f7774a5a73afa6f89f2b47c7.jpg) [iqdb]
Someone tell me how to send PMs on Danbooru so I can yell at glasnost.
>> No. 7448
My Account -> My Mail -> Compose. Or this: http://danbooru.donmai.us/dmail/compose?to=glasnost

And now I notice it's been a month. I wrote the Sanae thing, and a Nue thing in /nue/ (but which one? it is a mystery), and now I am writing the Tewi thing and it is going pretty well, and after that I will definitely stop stalling and write the summary here (not that >>7414 didn't do a good job), and then it will be update time.
>> No. 7449
I want to believe.

Don't leave us hanging again....
>> No. 7450
>>7414 here.
What I wrote was more a reminder than a real summary. I have a pretty good memory, but I don't have the patience or the time to write a real summary, and even if I had it, it's YOUR story, not mine, and I would feel awful if I were to take over your story after bringing you back.

And I want to be reeve, too.
>> No. 7593
where are the updates eggman

you said there would be updates
>> No. 7628
I pester him daily about it.
>> No. 7796
come on man
>> No. 7797
That board is dead. There's not a single good writer here. YAF left, and glasnost is missing.
>> No. 7799
You'd be surprised what he's going through for you readers. I'll leave the details (or lack of) up to him, but you really shouldn't be hating on him.
>> No. 7802

Not hating here. Just waiting.

He'll continue eventually. He always did.
>> No. 7803
File 131625276546.jpg - (147.23KB, 500x500, 19400245.jpg) [iqdb]
If writing is painful, I'd rather he do something he enjoys.

just tossing that sentiment out there
>> No. 7804

He enjoys writing. There are just complex complications.

Again, details or lack of to him. Last post I make on this subject, lest I tread on his personal space.
>> No. 7805
He should post something that tells us what he is up to instead of just being silent.
>> No. 7811
Nah. Telling us won't magically make the update come faster. And, you know, privacy.
>> No. 7812
What this has to do with privacy i sure don't know.
A notice is always welcome so that we know what is going on. Saying nothing is always the worst thing to do. And even if he says things like "nothing at the moment" i am fine with that. Before he lets the whole thing rot he should put it on hold or something.
>> No. 8427
File 132402069183.jpg - (70.08KB, 859x1500, stoprightthere.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 8502

also, apologies to all the people whose hope I might've gotten up with this post.
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