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File 127068666826.jpg - (17.86KB, 200x208, n100000734760508_9566.jpg) [iqdb]
Hello Touhou im kind of new hear. :3 Just found the site.

You are a terrible troll.
I wouldn't be surprised if this is the same faggot who created that mockery of a story in /blue/, but I'm not about to bet on it. Newfags who don't know how to lurk do occasionally happen, and I'd rather not chase them off right away, some are actually capable of learning.

Welcome! Now fix this:

1) Leave the name field blank.
2) Leave the email field blank.
3) Check your spelling, it's 'here'.
> :3
4) No. No emoticons that aren't ಠ_ಠ or ;_;, and even those are to be used sparingly.
>Hello Touhou im kind of new
5) We don't care. Introductions are unnecessary. Just post intelligently and we'll get along fine.

Before you ask "why?" to any of these, the answer is: that's just how this site operates. Now find a story to read so you actually have something to contribute once you've caught up.
Just direct him over to /gensokyo/
Teruyo put a lot of effor into making a guide/faq/whatever you want to call it.
No one reads it, but hell! It is there for that reason.
...He did?

All I can find are the sticky >>/gensokyo/1351/, which deals solely with the sites organization and technical features, and the story recommendations thread >>/gensokyo/3/. That second one should probably be stickied as well, come to think of it.

Regardless, I can't find any guide dealing with the etiquette around here, which is something we could really use. If he did post one and I missed it, a link to it would be greatly appreciated.
>guide dealing with the etiquette around here
Be my guest, make one explaining on how to behave on such a board as this.
Only people who came from /jp/, 2 years ago not the current, know this.
But i actually can make this myself.

Don't behave like a faggot. No emoticons.

That is all there is to it.
File 12707039147.jpg - (48.82KB, 400x400, 1220287082184.jpg) [iqdb]
File 127070395073.jpg - (195.63KB, 561x475, 1220287182078.jpg) [iqdb]
File 127070397944.jpg - (95.46KB, 612x828, 1220285859974.jpg) [iqdb]
File 127070409072.jpg - (1.25MB, 2124x2158, 1220287542687.jpg) [iqdb]
See >>/gensokyo/1819 for a sort of etiquette guide.

It used to be; I think it must have been unstuck after people stopped contributing.
File 127070424868.jpg - (202.30KB, 578x976, 1220287955249.jpg) [iqdb]
Couldn't resist. No one likes her, might as well share the love for her.
>No one likes her

That's not entirely true, there are some people who like her.
I happen to be one of them.
File 127076020078.jpg - (844.37KB, 800x1000, not that bad.jpg) [iqdb]
Yeah, it was unstickied because it was sitting there uselessly and people stopped contributing.

As for the whole being new thing, I've always been a subscriber of the school of 'lurking more'. Stay quiet, observe, imitate. If you need to ask, then you need to lurk more. This is because people tend to make asses of themselves. If they don't, no one's the wiser to the fact they're new or not.

And yeah... I kinda like Koishi as well.
This board needs a Koishi cyoa.

Someone wants to give it a go?
File 127076442915.jpg - (175.60KB, 700x1000, 6f8d7deb1badcd218bd1d6f8ea9cc04d.jpg) [iqdb]

well glasnost's "Underground LA" features a very nice Koishi and Grue had a good one as well (though i guess some people hate me now for reminding them).

I'd still love to see a story which is more focused on her.

...For varying definitions of "very nice".

I've thought about it...
File 127098449792.jpg - (367.06KB, 850x1214, sample-649f2d66d22eef68397542d54808a0b9.jpg) [iqdb]

Koishi doesn't think about it.

Koishi DOES it.

(*Induces strong writing urge in Anons Id*)
Folks like her, it's just that /underground/ is very slow and she's overshadowed by other characters.

Yeah original opinions on a CYOA site are bad, right? No wonder some folks say that this isn't a healthy environment of writing.

But seriously, posting anonymously is far more of a boon than anyone would guess. Since if you don't make yourself too distinctive, anything stupid you do will just be lumped into classic anon stupidity.

Good luck with that, since if someone does a good job, that asshole will start going "____ is Grue/HY" and we'll get another repeat of that incident.
No one will ever know why Grue quit. He was just gone one day.
Are you drunk, Wiseman? You seem more bitter than usual.
It's likely he was eaten.
>Since if you don't make yourself too distinctive, anything stupid you do will just be lumped into classic anon stupidity.

See, that's the problem with you, Wiseman. Your posts make it painfully obvious that it is you, and that makes me shake my head and mutter "Goddamn it, Wiseman."
...why are people still posting in a troll thread?
File 127111025760.png - (694.87KB, 850x600, sample_e8bc59608939c5124e9e807affa095eadce1343e.png) [iqdb]

Probably because we got some discussion going here. Who cares about the OP anyways.

>I'd still love to see a story which is more focused on her.

I made up my mind on that, she's not really made to be some kind of main character. The role of an important background- or string-pulling character fits her better. I suppose glasnost is doing a good job on that, can't wait to see how it will turn out.
It's thinking like that that causes many characters to go without routes. I'm sure you have your reasons, but for most it's "Don't bother with the effort needed to make part of the main cast", and basically pigeonhole her.

Seriously she'd do best as the main character or heroine of a lighter hearted story, either focused around her hijinks or getting dragged along the way. In a serious story, her overly cheery nature can clash with the mood and her wanderlust isn't inductive to the plot. That's before any extra touches writers do with her, mostly making her on the creepy side.

I do think that writing a character like Koishi as a main character would be an interesting challenge.
File 127121997751.jpg - (197.63KB, 882x1000, 4dc2f78c5928c3230c90591daf88a0a9.jpg) [iqdb]
I like to think that Koishi is always the main character.
We're just not conscious of the fact.
While your points are valid, I believe this is something of a moot point. More likely, it comes down to a case of: if a capable writer becomes truly inspired, said writer can fit whichever character he/she wants into whatever role he/she wants, and we will happily eat it up. The most prominent example of this, recently, being Fell's Kogasa. I don't think there's anyone who's read that story and not had their mental image of the surprise youkai influenced by it in some way.

Eventually, someone will dream up a scenario to give Koishi greater depth as a character, and I for one would love to see an author turn her into a compelling protagonist.
Such a move is a double edged sword, good as in it shows there can be more to a character and bad in that it poisons people's opinions of that character, resulting in unintentional homages at best and plagarism in all but name at worse.

With Fell's story though, it's far more damning for Sanae, since people will most certainly project Fell's Sanae on to other writer's with potentially disastrous results. It's a repeat of what happened with EX Nine's Yukari.

I do agree with someone has the artistic drive and skill, they can make it happen. It's just that people like that are somewhat uncommon here. I mean people who push the envelope in new ways; there's some good writers that make very entertaining stories without any envelope pushing.

I personally think that we put Sanae and Yukari in a bad light due to the fact that they haven't been properly dealt with yet. Fell's Sanae is close to that mark, so that image of Sanae may simmer down and (hopefully) disappear soon. ExNine's Yukari however, is nowhere near that mark.

Another reason is because of the utter lack of consequences for their actions. ExNine's Yukari is the absolute offender of this, with brings Karma Houdini up to nearly Mary Sue levels.

Heck, that's probably why. In a land full of Game Breakers, one of them has to become a Mary Sue to be a proper villain.

And people really hate Mary Sues.
>Quoting TVTropes incorrectly
>Quoting TVTropes at all

This is what THP has become.
Doesn't everyone do that nowadays?
File 127138059515.png - (169.05KB, 500x500, 2898256.png) [iqdb]
>In a land full of Game Breakers, one of them has to become a Mary Sue to be a proper villain.
>Doesn't everyone do that nowadays?

If by "everyone" you mean Livejournal users, "authors" on fanfiction.net, Gaiafags and shippers, then yes, you're absolutely right.
It's not like that suddenly started. We always had them.
Well, they became more conspicuous when the gaia users started appearing and everyone else left.
Like /tg/, you guys have no idea what the term means. A Mary Sue is not a character that's all powerful or that you dislike. Protip:the average cyoa protagonist would more likely fit under the label

Nice to meetcha, boy that sure was a VIP quality post!

We sure set a good example to so-called 'gaia users' don't we?
File 127139950028.jpg - (76.28KB, 620x825, 1269698553191.jpg) [iqdb]
hahaha, just look at this. Thread got better, was good for a while and now it turned into utter shit.
It's like i am really on /jp/!
Now all we are missing is KoG sent me and we are ready to go.
File 127140872686.jpg - (485.80KB, 2052x1425, 1270780437505.jpg) [iqdb]

stupid blind slut.jpg

But really, fuck this thread.
File 127440183664.jpg - (282.06KB, 1024x768, 8499545_p11.jpg) [iqdb]
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