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Man, the past week has been utterly wild. It all started with a good friend of yours, named Satori, happened to require an absence from Gensokyo for a little while, and couldn't bring her pets for whatever reason you didn't know at the time. She entrusted her pet raven, Utsuho Reiuji, to the local shrine maiden at the edge of Gensokyo, named Reimu Hakurei. Her pet cat, Rin Kaenbyou, she lent to your care. An odd choice, to say the least. Rin did not get along with you, and of course, you did not get along well with Rin yourself either. Still though, what had to be done had to be done, so you tried to make the most of your visit from Rin and attempt to make it as painless as possible.

Of course, this did not come so easily, for many reasons. For one, the beginning of things was not an ease into the factor. You had to trap Rin under your mattress to get her to cooperate. Sure, you sat on her by accident to start with, but things could've been forgiven right? She didn't have to look like a cat out of hot water. Speaking of hot though, and not that kind of hot, notable that day was also the fact that you ended up taking an unavoidable nap in Rin's warm spot that had left in her human form on the love seat. Judging from how short your trip to Marisa's was, you had to wager that she went into human form very shortly after you gave her the pillow, which is amusing and gives you something to tease her with later. With...proper care of course.

Yet, on the same day, you discovered something Rin had masterfully kept a secret. That she was in fact, a decent cook. She brought together a more tasty dinner then you honestly could have at that moment yourself. Even going as far as taking a trip down to the human village to gather up some missing pieces of the main dish. It surprised you, not just that she could cook, but that she actually did something nice for you, for a change. You couldn't remember the last nice thing she did for you, at the time. This is where it truly started, while you were showing mild forms of weakness to her cat form earlier that day, it's not something you're unfamiliar with. You've had the rare visit from Chen, member of the Yakumo family, in feline form once or twice. You had hoped Ran wouldn't catch you cuddling her with a deep affection for cute things.

Come to think of it, if Rin went to the human villaging mentioning cooking and you in the same conversation then...oh boy, you better start praying the gossipy wives aren't telling awful rumors about you. Otherwise you might have to contend with Keine-sensei badgering you about it.

And after that, of course, you had the unusual pleasure of sleeping with Rin in the same bed. Of course, at the time, she was but a mere cat, a feline just bigger then your head. You've always had the fantasy of sleeping in your bed, with your pet soundly slumbering with you at the end of the bed. Of course, at the time, Rin's resistance made this a tad hard, to top it off, you were rather tired and not thinking straight. Instead of acting out that fantasy, you instead brazenly brought Rin up into your own arms and slept with her like that. The end result is an embarrassing, but highly desirable condition of Rin sleeping peacefully on top of you. This was the beginning of...something else. A certain attraction to Rin you had never felt before, and it brutally reminded you of your current situation; that you're a lonely, active man in a world full of beautifully figured girls.

Later that day, you and Rin took a trip to Alice's, happening to be called over on this day to help her with her dolls. Of course, this isn't what she really wanted. What she really wanted was just someone to talk to while she worked, you honestly didn't do much yourself. Alice must be so lonely, so that's why you feel glad to be her friend to be there when she needs you. During this time is when you started thinking about applying that to Rin, and begun realizing that the pointless feud between you and her was potentially more pointless then you had previously thought. You valued your friendship with Alice and Marisa greatly, why couldn't you do the same with Rin? There was something missing, something wrong...or perhaps, there was instead, something right. Something that mere friendship couldn't comprehend. Maybe all along, you two got along better then you did with Marisa or even Alice.

After solving the Puzzle of the Seven Colors, Alice had given you an Adorable Ribbon that you decided to combine with Marisa's Proactive Bell and thus forged a Cute Bow. After a somewhat awkward dinner that night, you got the bow on her with mixed results. What you did was look like you were trying to rape her, it surprises you to think back on it. You had never been so dominate towards someone unwilling in your life. Especially not towards someone who could, you know, kill you in one fell swoop of a claw. You're not a doormat, but you'd like to think you have common sense. At least more then what you had shown. Somehow, one way or another though, you got past the encounter with nary a scratch on your hide. The reward was Rin acting uncomfortably affectionate towards you upon scratching her ear. And the consenquence was her stealing your bed for the night, forcing you to sleep on the love seat. Bitch.

The next day, though, you were not quite thinking so harshly of Rin. It started off with you going back and forth, confused of your own feelings towards her, mixed signals left and right, trying to decipher how you really feel about her, coming to no avail. I mean, sure, she's cute, pretty even, and the two of you are getting along a bit well, but really, this is just recently. It'd be a totally different story if she weren't living with you, you swear this on your manhood and pride. Your signs of weakness only continue to show forth the more and more you spend time with her and think about her. It's only the third day in, and so many things have changed within a heartbeat. At least, that's what it seemed like for the most part. As you sat in that bath, for the first time, your thoughts had not wandered off the single subject throughout the whole time you spent soaking in that water. That subject was Rin.

That wasn't the only thing that caused you to lessen your aggressiveness towards Rin. Oh no, later that day, tragedy struck. Reimu and Utsuho arrive at your rainy doorstep, delivering the news of Satori's uncertain fate. The reason she had left was to investigate something in a place called Makai, which is somewhere in Gensokyo better known as the entrance to Hell. While she is indeed strong, the demons of Hell are apparently much stronger, or much greater in numbers, both of which sound plausible. It seems she had not wanted her pets to suffer any similar fate, hence why she left them in the care of others at this time. But she had gotten herself caught, and contact with her has been dead still. She was practically presumed dead. Lost forever in the torrents of hell. Rin would of course, not have any of this. She thrashed about, shouting, screaming, crying, her emotions flying, whizzing past everyone, until she finally broke free and ran out to save her dearly departed master.

Utsuho told you she would come back, upon realizing that there was no way she could save Satori. You didn't know how long this would take though, and if it would be too late. However, you believed the raven's words and waited, waited, waited out the cold, rainy, dark day for Rin's return. Just as you were about to give up, Rin comes to your door, drenched, in both the rain and in her very own tears. At first she comes in through her cat form, but when you walk in on her in your room, there she stood, soaked camisole, wet bloomers, drenched hair, and it all looked so...perfect. While she was in the utmost despair, and you couldn't dare think of her in that way at the time, you got an incredible, candid look at her for what she truly was at the time. That she was in fact, more human then you had ever seen her as. You gave you maginificent insight not just into Rin herself, but into youkai in whole. While the one thing that makes youkai stand out are in fact how inhuman they really are, it's made you realize that they're still a lot more human then you really think.

You comforted Rin to the best of your ability, and felt like you succeeded, proving the point made earlier in the last paragraph. She felt comforted by your prescence, and while there was a general lack of words, you felt that's exactly what she needed. You've come to realize that Rin is a very physical person, like most pets. Cats and dogs, after being with a generous owner for some time, become very needy of the attention they give them, and start greatly valuing the physical contact they earn from them. While you're no Satori, Rin's relationship with her must be very physical, and needs an outlet for those feelings while Satori is absent. Of course, when you mix this in with actual, human emotions, things get complicated...very complicated. You weren't sure what to think at the time. Was Rin starting to warm up to you? Was she starting to...warm up to you? Were you starting to warm up to her? How do you really feel about her? How does she feel about you? You want to believe that she's nothing more then just a pet, as Satori has somewhat embedded into your mind after a few piercing questions you've given her, but you seriously can't get over the fact that much of the time, Rin is in a fucking human body.

After the huge drama session, you treated Rin to some tea, unexpectedly, to her feline form. You didn't think ahead and thought that maybe she would be more comfy this way throughout the night, still getting over her tears and agony. Still though, you treated her to tea nonetheless and after a bit of playing and petting, you settled down into bed with her. Again. You had clearly not learned from your past mistake and had once again, suffered from it, much more brutally this time. At this point, you started wondering if Rin would go into human form often during her sleep. It's certainly something to ask Satori later on. Of course, since all her clothes had to be hung to dry the previous night, there was further explaination as to why she chose her feline form; being seen in the nude is much more tolerable when lots of fur is covering you. This resulted in the highly awkward situation of her naked figure wrapped quite tightly against you. You were oh so painfully reminded of what gender (and sexual orientation) you were that morning. Oh so very painfully reminded.

Your bad ideas didn't stop there. Trying to get your mind off her nether regions practically rubbing up against yours, you decide to pet her and listen to her gentle purring. Of course. You tire of this quickly, especially upon realizing that this is just making her subconscious form even hornier, making your will tremble in the mighty fear of your awesome hormones. Mixed in with these feelings of desire and lust however, was happiness gathering from the fact that in the end, this just feels like another embarrassing entry to write into your journal of interesting memories with Rin. Thinking about this, you realized you wanted to have many more memories with Rin, not necessarily like this one, but happy ones nonetheless, detailing fun experiences you've had with her. You were always great friends with Alice, Marisa and Satori, but you believed you'd never have interesting adventures with them past idly chatting. It felt different with Rin. Even considering Marisa's hyperness, Rin just seemed much more active and outgoing with you, and it showed in the way you two went back and forth in teasing matches. This was a good example, although it's not like she did it consciously...she just happened to pressing up against you in that way in her sleep.

But this didn't change much about your confused feelings about her. After a rude wake up call involving a rouge sneeze attack, a waking stretch and the view of a goddess' exposed body, you woke up back in your bed, as if none of it had ever happened. But you would not soon forget the torture and pain you went through to keep Rin sleeping soundly, bare upon your body. What certainly didn't help was the fact that you walked right into her changing her clothes in the bathroom. Not only were you treated to a lovely view of her naked, splendid body wrapped rightly around you, and then having her sit on top of you, stretching all the while in what could only be the most suggestive pose ever, but now you got an eyeful of her clear as day naked body in the bathroom, this time fully and completely exposed, with no short detail left out. While it earned you a lump on the head, you had finally confirmed one thing through this ordeal, that you were really attracted to Rin. But it didn't change your confusion about whether or not this is right or wrong. Earlier arguements of her being a pet or not were once more endlessly repeated in your troubled mind.

Despite awkward thoughts of fucking a household pet, you got her to calm down and managed to get a serious talk out of her. A serious talk you were both happy to hear, and wishing you had never done. You wanted to check up on how she was dealing with the Satori incident, and also what she would do should Satori honestly have bitten the dust and not come back. Rin needed to stay somewhere, and you wanted to to provide that for her, though, maybe, just maybe, somewhere in the tiny recesses of your mind, you felt like you wanted it to be that way, if only so you could stay together with Rin much longer, but thankfully the common sense in you pushes that even further into the back of your mind for how mean and awful a thought that was. Still though, it resulted in a fight that ended with you discovering just how trustworthy Rin could be. Your broken heart met by Rin so uncaringly tossing your prized Cute Bow away. So tragic.

After what you hoped was an award winning performance, your went back to your room in a huff after brutally laying into Rin with everything you had, which actually had earned you not much more then a blazing headache. So in effect, this causes you to want to lay down and nap it away. For the most part, it only partially works. But you still feel mildly better despite it. But that soon turns to shit the longer the day goes on without Rin. Your ever growing guilt towards scaring Rin out of your house starts badgering you, making your dinner dry and weak, and your motivation fragile and empty. You couldn't stop thinking about Rin, not for one second. Her feelings and emotions more attached to you then ever before. You start realizing just how important her company is to you and how much living with another person has changed you. Despite having lived this way for years, the house being empty felt...so wrong.

When Rin came back, you wanted her to stay, not just to give you an explaination, but because you couldn't bear having her leave you, at least, not on such a sour note. After a bit of talking, you realize the Cute Bow is safe, once more in your possession, and that Rin didn't really mean anything nasty towards you. She just felt insecure about her relationship with you, especially with how fragile it is. It's the first time your human nature has worked seriously against you, making you realize how short human life really is, especially compared to youkai like Alice and Rin. But it only served to strengthen your resolve and make even better of your time with them. Because, after all, if life is so short, why waste it?

Throughout your sleep that night though, you're dragged into recalling your previous memories of Rin by your subconscious. They were memories of mostly bad and hateful encounters with her, but after all that's happened, you can't help but look back on them with fondness, as if all of it were just a tease. It's odd, but you felt happy reminiscing about the times you've had with Rin, both during and before this visit. You could only hope that your future encounters with Rin would be just as fun. Although it did bring an interesting prospect into all this. Where the hell is Koishi throughout all this? Couldn't she have taken care of Satori's pets? She's her sister after all. Perhaps Koishi is just the flighty type to not be reliable when you need her. Seems just that way, considering how...she is normally. Yeah, let's just leave it at that.

After actually waking up, you discover that it's abysmally cold, even in your own house. Sounds like it's time to pester Marisa for some fire spells to get your sickly fireplace started. Before that though, you need sustenance. You relieve it with food. Delicious breakfast. Though, along the way you picked up a mangy cat somehow. She's still cute though, even when waking up in feline form, so you get her to follow you into the living room and quite romantically share your breakfast with...a cat. Good god, what the fuck is wrong with you, you sick asshole. Potential thoughts of beastiality aside, the breakfast was filling and you had hoped Rin was just as full. You were ready to take on the day...or would be, if it weren't so damnably cold. Instead, you want to cuddle something big...and warm, and very comfortable. Rin half counts, but you can change that quite easily...

"Hey, Rin, do you mind going back to human for for a little while?" You say to her, with an endearing smile on your face. It's not becoming, but you're willing to sacrifice that for this chance. Rin just tilts her head though. No understand command? You keep trying either way. "Aww, come on Rin, please? For just a moment, seriously. It'll be great. Just don't leave a burn mark on my love seat, or I'll hurt you." Rin just gives you a cold stare in return to that remark. "Okay, okay, fine, you can if you must, just gimme your human form...please?" Rin stares at you for quite a few moments before she finally gets tired of you staring right at her and closes her eyes. Soon you back off a bit as she's enveloped by flames, and out from them comes Rin in her human form. Astonishingly, she manages to spare your love seat of being charred.

"What is it, Satoshi. This had better be good." The look on Rin's face when she notices that huge goofy grin on yours only serves to make what happens next even more satisfying. You quickly open your arms and pounce on the catgirl. She lets out a cute yelp as you do so, and now the awkward situation turns to you wrapping the blankets around Rin on top of her, while she tries her damnedest to relinquish you of your grip on her. "H-Hey! Quick it Satoshi! Th-...This is embarrassing! I'm serious!! Let...go of me...! Urgh! Ugh..." After much resisting and failed restraining, she finally gives in and sighs. You're finally in a cozy, comfy spot on top of her, head resting on her shoulder as if she were some massive pillow. Your grip on her is gentle, yet tight, arms wrapped around her torso, capturing an innocent yet loving embrace once more. The best part however, is how incredibly warm she is. Holy cow, it's like it's not even 20 degrees outside that blanket now.

After a short while and much reluctancy, Rin puts one arm around you and the other on your head. It's kind of an odd, yet happy feeling, as if the tables had turned and it's you yourself that is now the adoring pet, wishing nothing but attention from his master. It's extremely relaxing, to say the least. You know Rin is probably quite off on this idea but it's the least she could do after such a retard move she pulled yesterday. This feeling you're having right now...is one of true bliss. Like you never want to leave Rin's arms. Further and further you're discovering more and more that you're feeling much more then friendship with Rin, and while it's disturbing, confusing and awkward, the serenity you're feeling right now completely overpowers it and you can only lay here feeling very content with your decision.

The more time that passes however, the less and less content you feel with that. The more you think about Rin in her human form, the more you're brought to an awful realization that she was to be nothing more then ordinary pet. That's how Satori wished it to be, and she wouldn't have had it any other way. You suppose that this is awkward for Rin too, since apparently, whenever she's alone with Satori, she's almost always in cat form. You slowly start feeling more and more that it would've been best if you had just sat with her cat form for a while. It would've been less amazing, but would've had much more stability then this. To top it off, Rin is a youkai, you're a human...while there's nothing wrong with being friends, being anything more then that steps into a largely grey area. However, that's a topic you're willing to provoke from Rin. Things need to be settled, may as well do it now.

"Say, Rin," you start out with, not really bothering moving your head from her shoulder, "can I ask you something...?"

"Hm? Sure...what is it?" Rin sounds incredibly mellow and chill right now. You really hate to break the mood. Maybe it was a bad idea? But, you've said something now, you need to finish it.

>"Have you talked to Koishi, much?"
>"How do you feel about humans and youkai being...together?"
>"Has Satori talked about me?"
>"I need to know...what do you think of me now?"
>"Do you know how cute you are~?"

Action? >_

Hoooly shit, welcome /underground/, to why I took so long. 21 KB of hardcore recapping action. Why did I even do that? Nyrr.
>> No. 3322
>"Have you talked to Koishi, much?"

>"How do you feel about humans and youkai being...together?"
Probably not best to ask so suddenly after being given another perspective on such a relationship from the human side; She may need more time to evaluate on it

>"Has Satori talked about me?"
Not sure if it's a good time to ask that just yet.

>"I need to know...what do you think of me now?"
She's bound to say nothing more than she's willing to say openly; which may not be much.

>"Do you know how cute you are~?"
50/50 it will progress something good or just fall upon deaf ears to to speak.

[X]"Do you know how cute you are~?"
>> No. 3325
[X]"Do you know how cute you are~?"
Well... she is.
>> No. 3327
[X]"Do you know how cute you are~?"
>> No. 3328
[X]"Do you know how cute you are~?"
>> No. 3329
[x]"Do you know how cute you are~?"
[x]"I need to know...what do you think of me now?"
>> No. 3332
[x]"Do you know how cute you are~?"
[x]"I need to know...what do you think of me now?"
>> No. 3333
[X]"Do you know how cute you are~?"
-[X]"I need to know...what do you think of me now?"
>> No. 3338
[x]"Do you know how cute you are~?"
[x]"I need to know...what do you think of me now?"
>> No. 3342
[x]"Do you know how cute you are~?"

Oh yeah!! Hug-Hug-Praise attack!
>> No. 3346
>"Do you know how cute you are~?"

You should be asking or at least trying to get hints about Rin's feelings towards you, but maybe right now isn't the best time. So instead of getting to the point since you already got Rin's attention, the only thing you can do past that is skirt the subject a little. You know just how to, too.

"Do you know just how cute you are...~?" You say this with a fluttering happiness that, as you would look back on this later, definitely sounds nothing like you. This causes an expected reaction from Rin.

"...get off me." Of course, at this time, you really didn't want to.

"W-Why? Come on..."

"I said get off before I claw your throat out." There it goes, that unsettling notion of fear she loves giving you. This is gonna be a rough friendship for you, to say the least.

"Urk, I mean, really, it's true isn't it? I thought you girls liked being complimented that way." You can hear Rin's scowling behind your head. Doesn't sound too pleasant.

"Well I don't. Besides, I know when you're faking it, you creep."

"Huh? I'm not faking it, honestly." It's at this point Rin pushes you off her rather brazenly, sitting up and looking back at you angrily.

"Huah! Good lie! You just want in my pants now, I'm sure of it. It was because you had to lock me in that position throughout the night. Ever since then, you've just been chasing my tail around like a pervert. You men are all the same, I swear..." Rin then gets up and walks out of the room in a huff. The cold shoulder she just gave you could only be compared to the intense chill of the temperature in the house right now. Ouch.

About fifteen minutes pass and...well, you haven't budged. You're still stunned from that icy shun you received so gracefully earlier. However, Rin has come back, dressed in a scarf. She crosses her arms looking at your sad state.

"Satoshi, come on. Get dressed, maybe a walk in the cold air will shrink that man-bulb of yours." You shake yourself out of your shock after she finishes saying that.

"Oh! Uh, right then." You then hastily get yourself off the love seat and into your room to get dressed. Gosh, what a way to go.

Since you need to swing by Marisa's for a fire catalyst of some sort anyways, you go ahead and tell Rin that's your destination, while you two are walking. The magic forest today feels very misty and foggy though, the sun's rays are too weak to pierce the thickness of this dew. However, it still feels like a calming, relaxing walk. You occasionally look over at Rin, the way the scarf is wrapped around her neck, the way her braids rest softly on the fabric, the way the ends tail off in front of her and onto her chest...it's all too cute. However, Rin eventually makes not of this and confronts you rather peeved.

"Okay Satoshi, out with it, you seem...distracted." You twitch and try and look away with a nervous smile in response.

"What? Me? Never. I have perfect concentration!"

"Yeah, on me." You have to keep yourself from sulking. Man, was it that obvious? "So come on, tell me why you were staring at me."

>Be honest, she's just too cute
>Tell her she has something on her lip
>Ask if that's her own scarf
>Try and avoid the subject

Action? >_
>> No. 3347
[x]Try and avoid the subject.
if it doesn't work:
-[x]Be honest, she's just too cute
>> No. 3348
So wait, I thought we were being honest ...
>> No. 3349
Yes and it didn't work. Without a good write in, he might as well give up now.
>> No. 3350
[x]Be honest, she's just too cute and if she continues to dismiss it, "believe what you want to believe, forget I said anything" leaving it at that in silence

Seriously there's a point where one allows their character get dragged into the mud unfairly where either the person defends him/herself or simply ignores it entirely and moves on. Fighting about it wouldn't do much good now.
>> No. 3351

Seems the writer trolled us then. that and the logic behind the vote was flawed.

>Be honest, she's just too cute
>And if she asks about earlier, you were just thinking about sharing body warmth, nothing more.

Honest is honest, though she might not believe it.
>> No. 3352
It was one of those "damned if you do damned if you don't" moments
>> No. 3353
[x]Be honest, she's just too cute and if she continues to dismiss it, "believe what you want to believe, forget I said anything" leaving it at that in silence

Oh woe is me, I forgot the strikedown tag!
Guess my vote'll have to stay like this then.
>> No. 3355
[x]Try and avoid the subject.
>> No. 3361
ah... fuck it

[x]Be honest, she's just too cute and if she continues to dismiss it, "believe what you want to believe, forget I said anything" leaving it at that in silence.

Looks like Rin here's living up to one of her nicknames

God damn it Rin, I don't expect things to be all hunky dory all the time but man... That what you really think of him? Seriously? Feels as if she just did a 180 showing interest then shafting him harder than Activision/IW are with PC gamers

I'm suddenly reminded of those damned fire ants that appear early in Fallout 3. Those who've played FA3 knows what happens when you destroy their antennae.

In this case it looks like anon either got trolled hard enough, or simply surprised enough that they don't know how to respond and scatter/lose focus.

Seriously though I lost my appetite soon as I read the update; and I didn't even think this was possible for a CYOA. I dropped my sandvich, and I couldn't even eat it despite it landing safely on my plate.
>> No. 3364

Yeah... What the hell?

That came out of nowhere that accusation, not even a sign in a past update.
>> No. 3366
>> No. 3367
He might be channeling Teruyo's spirit. Yeah THAT Teruyo with the Eirin handjob
>> No. 3376
is it just me or is the protagonist suddenly being incredibly creepy? like, way beyond what you'd normally expect from the voted choices?
>> No. 3377
I've noticed this too after rereading it, wasn't sure what to make of it.

>"Do you know just how cute you are...~?" You say this with a fluttering happiness that, as you would look back on this later, definitely sounds nothing like you. This causes an expected reaction from Rin.

So wait he knew she'd be pissed off? What? Then why feel bad about it at all if that's the case? Why even go for that type of goading in the first place? Why are we even trying to be a prick picking needless...

bah just gonna have to wait till the writefag returns for a required/demanded explanation
>> No. 3382
Yikes. Talk about trouble in paradise. Was gonna write but now I'm not so sure.

I'm really not sure what the problem is here. I thought some mild difficulty was kind of a good thing around here. You know if something bad happens it's always possible to get back up on your feet, and sometimes things aren't as bad as they seem. Face it, you're not going to be perfect.

As far as the protagonist being creepy, I can't really gather much that's making him creepy, unless you find confusion and endearment "creepy."

Because anon chose it?

Honestly, if you guys felt you were trolled unfairly, then I'll go ahead and simply rewrite the whole segment. There IS a reason behind what happened, but if you want to know, it might be best to get it out of Rin directly in-story, rather then badgering the story writer about it. This is a free form CYOA, after all. The choices I give you are sometimes not much more then mere suggestions.
>> No. 3383
I was more confused about the sudden accusation more than anything. Aside from previous moments I don't recall Satoshi doing anything more than petting, as one pets a.. well pet, and getting a couple of eyefuls of her physique in nude form.

I must be missing something if a compliment suddenly means, "hey I'm going to rape you just so you know in advance" based off Rin's train of thought behind the compliment. Just clarification is what this anon wanted

unless she's one massive tsundere and we missed that hard

I'll stick with the vote made in >>3353 and see how this go... I'd rather give you, the writefag, the benefit of the doubt and see how far this will go.

Beyond spoiling it, there must be a reason for her sudden accusations...
>> No. 3384

Problem is that this came out of NOWHERE. There wasn't even signs of this before hand in our flirtations.

Difficulty might be one thing, but to have our character's character assaulted out of the blue like that is another matter. It was almost as if I was reading DoLF1 all over again!

If she' called him a sappy idiot or such that'd be more normal.

Well let's see how this next update goes before I make any final judgements.
>> No. 3385

Don't stop, keep writing, it'll clear itself up hopefully.
>> No. 3386
Remember that Satoshi has been out cold a lot lately. You should give thought to what might happen beyond what you know, the world moves even when you're not there after all.

I probably could've written a bit more clearer/less awkward, I think this just goes to show I shouldn't write under tired/painful conditions.

Wasn't going to stop, was just offering to redo that update in case it felt, I dunno, really off for what the story is. No one's perfect, sometimes it takes practice.

Anyways, sage for the fact that I have a terrible headache due to dealing with retards earlier, so I'll put off writing until tomorrow.
>> No. 3387
's good as it is. Girls have that kind of attitudes sometimes. I'm sure there's a reason but, since we don't know what it is, we were just confused.

Keep on writin'
>> No. 3388
[x]Be honest, she's just too cute and if she continues to dismiss it, "believe what you want to believe, forget I said anything" leaving it at that in silence.
>> No. 3389
File 125803702183.jpg- (372.53KB , 1266x1018 , 45fe39081813ada3f235521b23fddc9e.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Be honest, she's just too cute and if she continues to dismiss it, "believe what you want to believe, forget I said anything" leaving it at that in silence

"Well," you say, deciding to just be honest with her, "you just look rather...cute with that scarf. That's all really." You continue not making eye contact with Rin for a short while before looking through the corner of your eye to check up on her. She has a half puzzled, half unamused look on her face. This causes you to just sigh. What is her problem anyways? "Look, just forget it. If it still sounds fake, then that's your problem."

"Come on Satoshi, since when have you ever believed I was cute? I thought you said you couldn't stand me." Rin retorts. Ugh, this makes you recall those several times you've told her otherwise during the so-called times of drama and distress you two had over Satori and the Cute Bow. It feels as if she never took it seriously enough.

...given that, maybe she's right. You certainly can't stand her right now.

"Sheesh, you'd think after all those confessions I made to you over the past few days, you'd have gotten it through your thick head by now..." You're not looking at her right now, but you get this feeling Rin just popped a vein. Kinda satisfying.

"W-What was that? Excuse me, but who do you think has the thick head around here?"

"Why? Implying that I'm being slow?"

"Yes! You're the one that keeps coming on to me so strong even when I tell you to stop!" Now you have to make eye contact with her. What kind of shit is she spewing?

"What? What's that supposed to mean?!" Rin just sighs and looks back forward, giving you that ignorant shoulder she's rather good at when pissed.

"You just proved my point, forget it..."

You want to further argue, but you get this feeling it's not going to lead anywhere useful. You just suck it up and continue on the walk, rather discouraged. You wished for Satori's power right here, for just a brief moment, just so you could know what Rin was thinking. You haven't a clue why she's like this otherwise. Maybe she just woke up on the wrong side of, erm, you.

It's not too long after that the both of you arrive at Marisa's nondescript shack. The house is in a bit of disrepair, as always. You wonder how Marisa could live in this place but she has a variety of spells that helps her keep her conditions comfortable, unlike you. You've envied her for a long while, since you've known her, in fact. Being an ordinary human like yourself, she's proven she's gone much farther in life then you have despite being younger.

You give a short knock on the door and a few minutes later, Marisa opens the door and gives you her staple wide grin.

"Hey, 'sup Satoshi! I see you brought Orin with ya too." Rin puts a hand up in a cheerful gesture.

"Hey Sis~" She seems awfully happy to be reacquianted with Marisa, though for what reason you're unsure of.

"Hey 'Risa." Marisa was always one of your more chill friends. Someone you'd hang out with to just generally relax with and laugh about things. Though this time, you're here for business, something Marisa herself seems to recognize.

"Heheh, guess you haven't fixed that fireplace yet, have ya? Reeeaaally cold out there!"

"Ugh, you don't have to tell me, my house was freezing earlier..." Marisa gives you a friendly smile as she steps aside.

"Well come on in, I'll treat you two to lunch while I dig up some scrolls for ya." You invite yourself in as per usual, though in the back of your head you noticed Rin has a slight bit of trouble doing the same. You pay no heed to it right now however.

"Both of us, huh? I guess you made quite the haul on your last buglary then."

"Hey, come on now, that ain't funny! I'll have you know I pick only the finest mushrooms in the forest." Marisa closes the door after you two and the both of you get to choose a chair in the main room.

Marisa's house was always kinda small, which is rather bad because it's pretty packed full of random stuff she's 'borrowed' from people. It's also incredibly messy and in complete disarray. Both you and Rin have to flexibly manuver around the piles of books and crap laid around assorted on the floor. The table and four chairs are incredibly modest. The table itself looks like it's went through quite a number of battles in it's time. Beside those is Marisa's rather comfortable looking bed. It's in bad shape, and the covers have numerous patches. Again, you wonder how she lives here, but everytime you ask, she mostly dodges the question, using such excuses like 'it's magic' or some sort.

"You two stay frosty while I finish cooking the meal, got it?" You can't help but roll your eyes.

"You don't have to tell me, I'm already quite frosty from the weather." You and Rin sit down while Marisa disappears into the kitchen. When you look at Rin, you notice she's quite curiously examining her surroundings, she must never have been here before.

It'll be a while yet before Marisa finishes. You suppose she might've seen you coming, but she would still have extra food to prepare. Speaking of which, you were never too fond of her meals, but on the plus side, it's free food. You certainly can't argue with that.

>Ask Rin how she met Marisa
>Examine some nearby books
>Go see how Marisa is doing
>Put on one of Marisa's spare hats for kicks

Action? >_
>> No. 3391
[X]Ask Rin how she met Marisa ...
[X]...while wearing one of Marisa's spare hats for kicks
>> No. 3393
File 125803975728.png- (12.14KB , 436x435 , 1254533721421.png ) [iqdb]
[x]Ask Rin how she met Marisa while examining some nearby books wearing one of Marisa's spare hats for kicks.

"maybe if I wore one of Marisa's spare hats and looked through a possible magical tome, I can bring about some independence for myself"

Seriously though if that can't be put together then just the first two in that sentence. May as well unwind and clear the mind of earlier troubles.
>> No. 3395
[X] Go see how Marisa is doing
[X] ...while wearing Marisa's spare hats for kicks.

Marisa seems to know Rin pretty well; maybe she'll have some insight on her mood.
>> No. 3396
[X] Ask Rin how she met Marisa
[X] Put on one of Marisa's spare hats for kicks

We need a hat, come to think of it. Maybe putting one on will make Rin think of an appropriate hat to give us in return for our Cute Bow?

I'm curious why she feels the way she does about Marisa though. Wish we got along that well with the little kitty...
>> No. 3397
[X] Ask Rin how she met Marisa
[X] Put on one of Marisa's spare hats for kicks
>> No. 3398
[X] Ask Rin how she met Marisa
>> No. 3401
[X] Ask Rin how she met Marisa

She might take wearing one of Marisa's hats the wrong way given her mood.

That and she doesn't seem to grasp the notion of a girl being a MASSIVE pain in the ass and cute at the same time.

It's like I'm really dating a typical girl!
>> No. 3407
[+] Ask Marisa how she met Rin

Even for a catgirl, this Orin is too catty.

On the other hand, she's a cat. Intently ignore her for awhile, and her inner attention-whore will take over, forcing her into dere mode.
>> No. 3408
[X] Ask Rin how she met Marisa
>> No. 3413
Or she'll leap onto your face from a hole in your cabinets that you didn't even know existed. Or even better, she'll start rubbing against your legs as you try to climb stairs, nearly killing both of you.

Cats have this annoying tendency to demand attention in the worst possible way.
>> No. 3414
File 125808069497.jpg- (22.17KB , 325x279 , bombay-cat.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is true as on a rousing game of Team Fortress 2 engrossed plowing the enemies with über on me and KGBs swinging, my cat suddenly decides to hop on my shoulders and try to become my new scarf.

That god damn cat cost my team a crucial win and me yelling OH SHIT OH SHIT while the cat yowled trying to stay on my face; and all-talk was on...

nonetheless I love her just as much as I hate her
>> No. 3415
[X] Ask Rin how she met Marisa
>> No. 3421
I've noticed this to be the case of certain cats, in particularly the British Bombay or American Bombay cat as the image that other anon used. Some cats don't even like having that much attention and are perfectly content just lounging around the house in certain areas; at most becoming a living breathing decoration for the house rather than a pet.

I want to say Rin's similar to a Burmese or Amer/Brit-Bombay cat but I'm not sure. She has said she'd be fine all alone...;_;
>> No. 3451
File 125836593998.jpg- (478.21KB , 1200x1200 , 434338a09dc58f814f2ff1df19f72d7f.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Ask Rin how she met Marisa
>...while wearing Marisa's spare hats for kicks.

You take a look at Rin, who's still eagerly checking out Marisa's pad. You'd hate to end her curious look around, but you feel like striking up conversation.

"So, Rin, how did you end up getting to know Marisa anyways? I noticed you're quite familiar with her." Rin looks at you suddenly before looking up.

"Huh? Oh, well...hmm. I guess you could say that."

"You guess?" You inquire, "Don't you call her by the name of 'Sis?'"

"Yeah, is there anything wrong with that? If you want more details, I think she's a pretty interesting character. One of two humans that actually beat me in a spell card battle. Of course, that only makes me want to haul her dead ass into the fire even more, but that's unimportant. She's pretty helpful and fun to be with, and help me and Okuu out of the weird predicament she got herself into with one of the gods at the Moriya shrine. Apart from that I su-...are you even listening?!" She shouts this out after having looked back at you, as you're not wearing one of the quaint witch hats Marisa had left near by. You can't help but crack a grin at Rin.

"Of course I am! Come on, haven't you ever seen a hat as serious as thi-whoops!" The hat slowly slides down your forehead and rests on your nose as you tip back a bit, trying to keep it from falling off. However, this results in the hat pretty much blinding you while not actually doing it's job of covering your head, making you look pretty goofy in the end. When you get the hat off, you see Rin trying to hold back some laughter before looking at you with that cheerful smile you've been waiting a while for.

"Geez Satoshi, way to look like a weirdo."

"Phht," you send a remark back at her, "you have to be a weirdo to be friends with Marisa." As you put the spare hat back on, properly this time, Marisa comes out with three servings of lunch, hot and ready.

"Eh, what was that Satoshi? I couldn't hear you over how loud your hat looks." You shoot a sarcastic glare back at Marisa, making sure to capture your good side while vollying a retort back at her.

"Well of course it's loud, it's your hat, Marisa." Marisa ends it with that big, goofy grin of her's you've come to know her for. The back and forth conversations you've had with Marisa are always like this and it's rather enjoyable for the both of you, though they're usually lengthier, and sometimes spicier, then this. You suppose it's because you brought Rin over, a rarity for you. You don't even visit here along side Alice, it's usually you alone.

"Remember, since I'm serving the both of you, you owe me double, Satoshi." A sly smirk is what you get from her when you look at her in responce, as she sets down the plates and sits down herself. Before you can send back another remark though, Rin just has to comment on this.

"Huaa! You make Satoshi pay for the lunch you treat him to?!"

"Well of course!" Marisa doesn't seem to have much problem replying to Rin in this manner, displaying an awful lot of familiarity with both you and Rin. "This is a shop after all, though it's no resturant."

"Still though, I have enough money problems. You know I don't make you pay for any food I give you."

"Hey, you're not the only one, pal. Besides, I think the only thing I have of any value would be my body, unless you want a kiss or something." Woah, wait, did she just use that in front of Rin?

In retrospect, this kind of thing is pretty much always a joke. This is because you yourself never really saw Marisa as a girl, or at least like any other female. It was hard to, not only with the way she acts but with the way she treats you. It's like how a brother would, sometimes...kinda. Either way, your typical reaction to that would be a hearty 'yeech, no thanks,' but instead of that, the first thing that comes to mind is worry about how Rin would feel about that remark, knowing that anyone else would probably take it a bit more seriously, especially if you were really friendly with Marisa herself. In the very short timeframe given, you take a quick look through the corner of your eye, and see that sure enough, Rin's expression has indeed changed, but to what, you're...not sure. It's went into a hard to read face now. The best course of action would be of course, to summon up your strength and reply like you usually do, but for some reason, it just doesn't have the energy that it should.

"Aha...no thanks." It more or less comes off as more of a nervous denial then anything and you wanna kick yourself in the head for not sounding like yourself right then and there. Marisa seems to have gathered that it was an awkward reply at best, but fortunately, which happens to be unlike herself, she doesn't haggle you further about it. Marisa is quite the nosy type, so at anytime she felt you were hiding something from her, there would hell to pay. Rin herself just seems to casually go back to her meal.

Looking at your plate, you're not quite sure what you've just been served, but this is typically the case every time Marisa treats you to lunch. It's always a surprise what happens to be cooked and while it usually tastes fine, finding out what it actually is has been so bad so many times that you're pretty off on the idea of ever asking again, lest you forget all the relatively cheap food you get from her. Even if it does indeed worry you that one of these days, Marisa's lunches will do a little more then just give you a slight case of food poisoning.

Then again, she's lived this long on this type of food and hasn't died yet. What could go wrong?

Despite that, though, you're not wholly hungry. You could eat, but you could just as well distract yourself otherwise.

>Pester Marisa for more conversational topics
>Get Rin to talk more
>Excuse yourself to the bathroom and see if you can't listen in on them talking privately
>Just eat and see if Marisa or Rin will start talking naturally

Action? >_

Remember that my choices, at best, are usually just suggestion material. You'll get much farther by using write-ins, especially in conversational areas of the story where you or other people are forced to talk a lot. Not that it's required though, story will continue moving regardless, just who knows what you might unearth using a clever write in?
>> No. 3452
[x]Just eat and see if Marisa or Rin will start talking naturally
>> No. 3453
[X]Just eat and see if Marisa or Rin will start talking naturally
>> No. 3454

Trying to force out a write in isn't the greatest of ideas; anon these days don't have much talent for them.

[x] Just eat and see if Marisa or Rin will start talking naturally
-[x] If not share how you and Marisa met and see if that raises up discussion.

That should work as far breaking the ice, and if Marisa's backing up your story, Fussy Rin can't get mad.
>> No. 3455

>Trying to force out a write in isn't the greatest of ideas; anon these days don't have much talent for them.

I wouldn't say that anon's talent for write-ins has died to that degree; there are a number of stories that still receive good write-ins. The issue is that certain types of stories are suited for write-ins formulated by different people, and more importantly, quality write-ins are highly dependent on the situation. For instance, at the point we're at in this story, it would be rather difficult to make a write-in - the choice we're making boils down to whether or not we start a conversation. Sure, someone could probably pitch some conversation topic in particular, but it's a bit difficult to come up with epic small talk.

[X] Just eat and see if Marisa or Rin will start talking naturally
-[X] If not share how you and Marisa met and see if that raises up discussion.
>> No. 3456
[X] Just eat and see if Marisa or Rin will start talking naturally
-[X] If not share how you and Marisa met and see if that raises up discussion.
>> No. 3457
Not really trying to force write ins, just encouraging them.

Although yeah, my timing for it probably could have been better. I guess I'm just tired of always ending up at cross roads during small talk scenes, which I happen to do often...maybe I should take a break or something.
>> No. 3458

Yeah but it doesn't help some folks like to particularly chew out some write ins.

But in some stories folks usually wait for the few talented people to make something then follow it.

light hearted stories have them flow easier as per less risk of screwing things up.
>> No. 3459
No, Wiseman, people only chew out your write-ins.

[X] Get Rin to talk more
-[X] Ask her about the 'predicament' that Marisa helped Okuu get out of.
>> No. 3464
[X] Share how you and Marisa met and see if that raises up discussion.

This seems like a good enough choice alone
>> No. 3476
[X] Just eat and see if Marisa or Rin will start talking naturally
-[X] If not share how you and Marisa met and see if that raises up discussion.
>> No. 3524
>Just eat and see if Marisa or Rin will start talking naturally

Eh, you're not feeling up to starting up a conversation right at the moment, at least starting one up yourself. If there's going to be any talk, then Marisa or Rin can start it up. Usually it's Marisa that does so anyways whenever you're with her, the loud girl doesn't know when to shut up sometimes, though she seems a bit more held back around Rin for some reason, or perhaps it's because both of you are there? Certainly an unexpected situation for her, most likely.

"So, Satoshi..." You were right, the girl starts one up herself. And that big, mischievious grin on her face tells you she's up to no good. Maybe it was a bad idea letting her start, but you let her do it every time anyways. "It's been a while since Orin started stayin' with ya, huh?" You look up, thinking to yourself.

"Ohh...no, I wouldn't say that. Maybe half a week at most?"

"Oh come on Satoshi! Half a week living with someone is a lot! I should know. Besides, you don't even know when Satori will be takin' her back, right?" You seriously don't know how to answer that. You look at Rin with an unsure look on your face and she just looks away, an uncomfortable expression painted on her. It's clear she doesn't want to talk about it, so Marisa will have to continue on without knowing, if she is indeed unaware of Satori's position.

"Ah, well, no, you would be right I suppose..." Marisa's grin gets wider. You can't help but feel as if you're playing right into her trap.

"Ah! See? Things are bound to get interesting then..." Marisa takes some of her mystery food and downs some of it, looking back at you slyly afterwards. "Well? How far have you two gotten anyways?" You look surprised over at Marisa. You have a good idea what she means but in all honesty, you don't want it to mean that.

"W-What do you mean?"

"Come on!! It's obvious why Satori gave Orin to ya, Satoshi! A man and woman living alone together under a roof...?" Rin takes this time to rudely interrupt Marisa to the best of her ability.

"S-Sis! Don't going saying things like that! How could they even be true?! I can't even imagine that!" The florenscent blush plastered all over Rin's face however, says otherwise.

"It's true though! Things like that happen."

"It doesn't give you right to just outright ask something so private! Have some decency!" You feel it's rather hypocritical of her to say that, considering how open she is about things like death, but that's probably still a totally different story.

"Aww, come on, I asked Alice about her silly little affair with some guy a while ago and she took it just fine!" It's very hard to believe the truth in this story, considering how stuck up Alice is, no offense to her of course. "Though I dunno what happened to him, he was staying at Eientei though so he probably got spirited away or somethin'."

"Don't say things like that! I'm pretty comfy in this world!" Rin looks back over at you with that naughty expression you've come to hate.

"Hmm, spirited away huh? I wouldn't mind it if I got to cheerfully carry your dead, rotting corpse in my wheelbarrow." Marisa enthusiastically replies with something totally expected of her.

"Oh, is that a new euphemism for a bun in the oven? I gotta write that down!"

"Go to hell, Sis!"

You just continue to eat in a timely manner, watching Rin crawl all over Marisa as she attempt writing something down in a little notebook. It actually gets kinda interesting (and hot) when the two tumble into bed, continuing to wrestle, but it ends soon enough when Rin tears the notebook up.

"Gaaahh!! I spent the past month filling that up with recent slang in Gensokyo!" Rin just turns away in a huff.

"Hmph. Serves you right for putting in misinformation."

"Give me a break, this probably never happens to that tengu!" You didn't need to be reminded of her. You've had your fair share of the reporter trying to get good pieces out of you. It's partly the reason why you wish you never left the human village. At least you blend in there.

"Can you two keep it down, I'm trying to eat here..."

"Oh! That's right, food. Gosh I'm hungrier then I thought..." Rin sits back down and hastily gets back to divesting the food from it's dish. Marisa, quite in the slump now, slowly gets back in her chair.

"Hey Satoshi...you wouldn't happen to be good at crafting would you...?"

"Forget it Marisa, I'm not repairing your notebook. You'll just have to either fix it yourself or write it all back down." The table shakes lightly with the the thud of Marisa's forehead meeting the surface of it. Both you and Rin sigh in responce.

"Gosh Sis, you should learn to take it more easy."

"Says the one that ripped up my notebook..."

A while later passes and both you and Rin finish your food, though Marisa's is left somewhat untouched since the incident. She spent the majority of her time pouting and greiving her loss, as well as plotting a way to get back at Rin. It's cute, but you don't wanna delve too far into that, for fear of letting go of the image you've made Marisa as being androgynous.

"Ahh, that was really good..." Rin leans back in her chair satisfied. Marisa looks over, and already you can tell this won't end well.

"Aha, you said ya were really hungry earlier. That lame Satoshi not feedin' you enough?" Rin's eyes shoot open and you take a mentally defensive stance already. You're prepared for the worst.

"Uh, w-well, no that's, I mean..." You were quite positive Rin was about take a potshot at you by explaining in a thousand and one ways why you aren't treating her right, but she seems rather unsure.

"So he is feeding you well~?" Marisa winks over at Rin in a suggestive manner, things go back straight to when Rin made that 'euphemism.'

"Not like that, you big pervert!"

"You didn't answer my question, Orin! So are you two having romantic candle light dinners by the window? Huh?" Marisa sounds all too enthusiastic to hear answers to that, and quite frankly it's weirding you out. Romantic dinner with Rin, of all people? Someone who would talk about death and how utterly noticable all your flaws are? Even weirder then that though, romantic dinner...with a cat? You feel like parting with what you just ate already.

"N-No! Well I mean, that's, maybe partially true I guess..."

"Ah! Really?!" Marisa looks over at you excitedly, awaiting your responce. You turn back to Rin, asking her through your expression, what the hell is she smoking? However, when she returns an embarrassed, submissive look back at you, you realize something.

You did have dinner with her. She even cooked. Several times by now. In fact, the two of you have been having quite typical dinners of a family household. You're not sure if this freaks you out just yet, but since Rin herself appears unable to give Marisa a straight answer, it rests on your shoulders. You try to keep in mind however that this is Marisa...it'd be okay to lie if it spared you, and possibly Rin, any further discomfort. Or better yet, worked to your advantage, somehow...

>Summon your confidence and unerringly tell her nothing of the sort happened
>Drop the bomb on Rin and tell Marisa it was her idea
>Flatly tell her the truth and try to hide any embarrassment
>Swallow your pride and try to defend Rin in all this

Action? >_

Sorry for taking so long to write, got so busy trying to catch up with things. Still am, sadly.
>> No. 3526
[x]Swallow your pride and try to defend Rin in all this
-[X]Hey leave her be, Rin's been gracious enough to show me her prowess in cooking considering how I've been used to just cooking for myself simple dishes to get me by daily. It's certainly a refreshing change of pace and I'm grateful for whenever she feels like cooking.

Perhaps not how Satoshi would say it but the idea is there... Adjustments/criticism is expected.
>> No. 3527
[x]Swallow your pride and try to defend Rin in all this
-[X]Hey leave her be, Rin's been gracious enough to show me her prowess in cooking considering how I've been used to just cooking for myself simple dishes to get me by daily. It's certainly a refreshing change of pace and I'm grateful for whenever she feels like cooking.

This is good for now.
>> No. 3528
[X]Swallow your pride and try to defend Rin in all this
>> No. 3531
I don't get it
>> No. 3532

I realized where I screwed up... here's the corrected version.

[x]Swallow your pride and try to defend Rin in all this
-[X]Hey leave her be, Rin's been gracious enough to show me her prowess in cooking considering how I've been used to just cooking for myself simple dishes to get me by daily. It's certainly a refreshing change of pace and I'm grateful for whenever she feels like cooking.

>"Aww, come on, I asked Alice about her silly little affair with some guy a while ago and she took it just fine!" It's very hard to believe the truth in this story, considering how stuck up Alice is, no offense to her of course. "Though I dunno what happened to him, he was staying at Eientei though so he probably got spirited away or somethin'."

FFFFx infinity; you just had to remind me of that!

>It's cute, but you don't wanna delve too far into that, for fear of letting go of the image you've made Marisa as being androgynous.

Next thing we know, he'd mistake Wriggle for a boy. Marisa=/= androgynous.
>> No. 3533
[x]Swallow your pride and try to defend Rin in all this
-[X]Hey leave her be, Rin's been gracious enough to show me her prowess in cooking considering how I've been used to just cooking for myself simple dishes to get me by daily. It's certainly a refreshing change of pace and I'm grateful for whenever she feels like cooking.

>"Aww, come on, I asked Alice about her silly little affair with some guy a while ago and she took it just fine!" It's very hard to believe the truth in this story, considering how stuck up Alice is, no offense to her of course. "Though I dunno what happened to him, he was staying at Eientei though so he probably got spirited away or somethin'."

There's simply not enough FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF that can truly describe it...
>> No. 3534

>Next thing we know, he'd mistake Wriggle for a boy. Marisa=/= androgynous.

Satoshi is talking about his perception of her, not what he thinks of her appearance. The way she acts around him keeps him from thinking of her as a girl, as he's said before.
>> No. 3535
[x]Swallow your pride and try to defend Rin in all this
-[X]Hey leave her be, Rin's been gracious enough to show me her prowess in cooking considering how I've been used to just cooking for myself simple dishes to get me by daily. It's certainly a refreshing change of pace and I'm grateful for whenever she feels like cooking.
>> No. 3537
[x]Swallow your pride and try to defend Rin in all this
>> No. 3538
File 125911360815.png- (55.33KB , 500x364 , 1209630910237.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 3539
>Swallow your pride and try to defend Rin in all this
>Hey leave her be, Rin's been gracious enough to show me her prowess in cooking considering how I've been used to just cooking for myself simple dishes to get me by daily. It's certainly a refreshing change of pace and I'm grateful for whenever she feels like cooking.

You stare at Marisa rather a bit flustered at the moment, finding it hard to think of something to say to her. Marisa just continues staring at you intently, knowing you'll crack sooner or later. When you look over at Rin, she appears to be worried about what you'll say herself. Seeing that face made you want to try and settle that worry, so you settled on something to say that will helpfully get at least Rin out of this awkward predicament.

"Hey now, leave her be," you start off with, looking Marisa square in the eye, "Rin's been gracious enough to show me her excellent prowess in cooking, and considering how I've been used to just cooking for myself rather simple dishes to get me by daily, it's certainly a refreshing change of pace and I'm grateful for whenever she feels like cooking." You nod to yourself after crossing your arms, feeling quite confident in yourself after that brilliant, totally honorable statement that even the strongest samurai would be proud of. Catching a peek at Rin, you see even she is kind of surprised at your fowardness with the whole thing. Maybe even a little flattered.

However, the whole thing falls apart the moment you hear Marisa bursting in laughter, rolling around in her bed behind Rin.

"S-Sis, what's wrong with you..."

"You cook for him? Seriously?! You're truly the model of a good housewife, Orin!!" You could swear you just saw a few cogs in Rin's mind literally fly away the moment Marisa says that. She looks like she just saw an incredibly horrifying and terrifying image, you yourself think you just imagined something highly disturbing yourself too. You feel that familiar aura of death around Rin as she slowly looks over at you with that unnerved look on her face. You have to give her the jazz hands in responce, trying to say that this certainly wasn't your intention. Fuck, if you could help it, you'd never want to imagine Rin as some common housewife...that's trespassing the territory of 'out of this world' to you. Kinda like Marisa suddenly becoming some sort of valley fangirl airhead. Just not gonna happen.

Marisa soon regains her composure from the bawling laughter she was suffering from and unexpectedly (at least to Rin) hugs her from behind, Marisa's arms draped over her with that trademark goofy grin. "Man Orin, I'm almost jealous!" Rin is still trying to get her bearings back after that incredibly troubling mental image.

"Could...you not say something so disturbing next time...?" Marisa then gleefully looks back over at you.

"So Satoshi, when can we expect to hear them ol' wedding bells, you lucky dog you?" It sounded like Rin just choked right then and there. You think she just died on the inside. Just a little.

"O-O-Okay M-M-Marisa, y-y-you can stop n-now..." It's a little difficult to keep yourself from shaking. You're grinning, but not from happiness or joy or anything. You think you're on the verge of insanity right now, either that or about to shove something sharp and painful through Marisa's face.

"Ah ah, Satoshi..." She gives you a wink and a mischievious grin in return. "You hafta say 'Please, Risa-chan~'" You absolutely cannot believe Marisa's arrogance right now, but looking at Rin under her, she certainly looks dead enough on the outside. She could pass as one of those corpses she carries off, for sure. So for right now, you throw your dignity away and prepare the most submissive voice you can stomach.

"P-...Please, Risa...chan..."

"Huh? What was that? I didn't hear you~" You're hoping some meteor would come down from the heavens and kill you right now. The sweet, peaceful embrace of death suddenly sounds a lot more tempting right now then it did when Rin talked about it all the time.

"I...I said..." You give a great big sigh and put your hands together in a pleading manner. "Please, let's change the subject, Risa-chan!" My god, that was more difficult then it should've been. But it seems to have pacified Marisa for now. She lets go of Rin and sits back down at her own chair.

"Ahh, alright, alright, I've had my fun. I won't pry about it any further." With that, she triuphantly resumes her meal. Looking over at the now deceased Rin, you can't help but feel sorry for her. You almost wanna have a moment of silence for her, to pray for her safe journey to the other world. At least, if not for the fact that 'other world' happened to be her home.

"....so....about those fire spells...."

A while later, you and Rin are bidding farewell to Marisa's pad. Though, not before Marisa sneaks in a disturbing whisper of 'good luck' with Rin, something you don't necessarily want to think of too much right now. You've had enough terrifying imagery for today. Rin herself appears to be a lot better, but she still seems quite troubled. You decide not to say anything until she does, and after a bit of walking, that's exactly what she does.

"Satoshi...why did you have to say something like that?"

"Hey! Come on! I told the honest truth and I told it in a way that was honorable and elegant."

"But..." Rin sort of grumbles in frustration and looks away, trying to hide her reddening face. "Well, okay...maybe some of what you said was nice, but...still, in front...of Sis? Like that?" You take a big sigh, Rin has a point there. Underestimating Marisa turned out to be your downfall. What a crazy situation. Furthermore, what a crazy guy...er, girl.

"Right, right, I'm sorry okay? I'll have to be more careful around 'Risa like that...jeez, what a pain."

"I just can't believe she said all those things...it still gives me shivers." As you listen to Rin saying this, she appears to you looking a bit submissive, possibly even afraid. It feels like the perfect time to ask something.

>"Are you scared of marriage?"
>"Well if you ask me, I'd think you'd make a great housewife, don't you...~?"
>"Should I have not said you cooked at all?"
>"Speaking of cooking, what's for dinner?"
>"Ah, we shouldn't talk about this..."

Action? >_
>> No. 3540
[X] "Should I have not said you cooked at all?"

Probing the mind of our beloved.
>> No. 3542
[X] "Should I have not said you cooked at all?"
>> No. 3543
[X]"Should I have not said you cooked at all?"

Mind proban gaems
>> No. 3544
honestly I would have gone for the housewife option with the wording:

"Well if you ask me, I'd think you'd make a great housewife for some one. Believe it or not, I'd be jealous of that some one."

Too bad it's not only too soon but more likely Rin would just get mad.
>> No. 3552
[X]"Should I have not said you cooked at all?"

Lets see how Rin responds to this.
>> No. 3553
[X]"Are you scared of marriage?"
>> No. 3554
[X]"Should I have not said you cooked at all?"
>> No. 3555
[X]"Should I have not said you cooked at all?"
>> No. 3559
{X}"Should I have not said you cooked at all?"
>> No. 3571
File 125923228296.jpg- (213.43KB , 350x640 , 425e6fac5433d7d514abf7855023e571.jpg ) [iqdb]
>"Should I have not said you cooked at all?"

You decide to probe the mind of your would be pet for the moment, seeing how she really thinks of the situation at hand.

"Then...should I have not said you cooked at all?" Rin looks over at you, spying your rather submissive and self conscious expression you're conveying, though it's mostly an act to try and make it sound more sincere. This way Rin might take it more seriously then if you said it plainly, since it's quite an often exchange between the two of you that most things said are just an effort to get on the other's nerves depending on the situation.

"W-Well...maybe not in front of Sis. I don't think there's any way she could take that the right way." Sounds reasonable enough. But then she continues. "Although...I think I'd prefer it if you didn't tell anyone I cooked at all." That's when you remember back when Rin first told you about her cooking experience, the way she went about it for that brief moment, it did sound like she didn't want you to know at first. It seems like she doesn't want anyone to know, for that matter.

"Why not? I think you're quite a great cook in my opinion. Satori was right, I think you have a natural talent for it." Rin looks away, and you can tell she's hiding quite the rosy tint on her face, which starts to explain a few things.

"Okay, okay, you don't have to flatter me so much. I ju-"

"Nah, no need, I think I get it now." Rin looks back at you confused, though she seems to have temporarily forgotten that redness painted on her face, you can't help but smile.

"What? What're you smiling about?"

"Nothing. Nothing at all~"

"Huah! As if, I can tell when you're hiaahh!" Rin suddenly sinks part way into a deep puddle. The entirety of her right foot and ankle has sunk into some muddy like substance. "Ugh! My shoe's ruined now. Did it even rain recently? This is ridiculous." As Rin tries forcing her foot out of the puddle, you realize something. No, it hadn't rained recently. In fact, it's cold enough that if it did, it would probably snow.

"Wait, Rin! Stop!" It's too late though, suddenly Rin's right leg sinks further into the puddle and it starts expanding rather profusely, the ground starting to give way.

You've lived in the magic forest for a nice while now, so you've become familiar with the assorted dangers that come with it. Many strange and aggressive youkai make their home in the forest, the most of which are some pretty terrifying plant monsters that seemingly came out of a rape movie. (Not that you would know.) This would happen to be one of them, that captures it's prey by making the earth above it moist and mushy, then sucking it in through it like quicksand. The particular youkai lives underground, so it has no fear of the cold weather.

Normally you're familiar enough with the forest to avoid the majority of the danger spots and keep yourself safe. However, you must've not been paying attention to that in your talk with Rin. Damn...you were careless! You quickly grab Rin's hand and arm, bracing yourself as you attempt pulling her out of the trap. While force would not be the primary exercise here, the monster had already been made well aware of Rin's prescence via her own force, so it's all or nothing now.

"Gaahhh! What's going on?!"

"Just hurry up and get out of there! Ungh!" You're pulling with all your might, put the substance truly is like quicksand, it's pull only getting harder in return.

"Ahh!! Get it off! This stuff is slimy!"

"Kuh! You girl!" Rin growls back up at you.

"Who the hell do you think you're talking to?!" She then looks back at the massive puddle she's sinking into. "S-Satoshi! Let go of me! Now!" You can't help but look at her like she's crazy. Does she WANT to be eaten?

"What?! No! I'm not letting you go to that monster!"

"I said do it!!"

"I'm not leaving without y-" You're interrupted when you're quite briskly tossed aside, caused by Rin's other arm finding solid ground and using that as a brace to pretty literally throw you away from the situation. The girl's a lot stronger then she looks.

"Okay you freak, I'm free now so you get to see how bad an idea this was!" You quickly get yourself up and when you look over, Rin has prepared a blue fireball in her hand, which she shoves into the muddy substance as you look over. Almost instantaneously, the entire area lights up like a bonfire, a massive pillar of blue flames swirling around Rin's central position. Soon enough, Rin pops out of the back of it, just barely evading a random, mysterious swipe at her. As she lands, the fire starts wisping away and undercovered is a very nasty looking pile of...holy shit, you don't know what it looks like but it's very unpleasent to watch. A weird goo covers it that's mixed in with all the mud that looks like a whitish saliva, a very disgusting form of it anyhow. The extreme ugliness of the creature under all that makes you want to vomit. But you're too frozen with fear, as it suddenly brandishes several long appendages you could identify as tentacles. No ordinary tentacles though...they appear to be bladed like long claws. Getting hit by one of those would be like being cut in half by a large katana, in other words, this demon is a lot more dangerous then you thought it was.

Looking over at Rin though, she looks more then just mad, but very serious. It appears she's called the power of the dead and is taking this as a serious fight. Several flaming skull spirits hover around her and that deathly aura you've always hated is stronger then ever. It's at this moment you realize that aura you've familiarized yourself with is actually Rin's own youkai power brimming out of her. This ends up changing a lot of the times you've felt it in your mind, but you don't have the luxury to think too much about that right now. You suddenly see Rin dash forward as one of the monster's blades limbs comes down on her former position. Rin skillfully strafes through all the tentacles coming at her as the monster itself screeches loudly, possibly in pain from having been exposed, though it's still being protected by it's layer of sticky mucas. When Rin stops by the edge of the crater the massive demon is parked in, her right hand turns aflame.

"It's over!"

Rin swings her hand and the flames expand, dousing the giant plant in flames. You think it's about over, due to most plants being naturally flammable, and easily susceptable to burning. However, while it's certainly covered in wildfire, one of it's swinging appendages strikes Rin from the side unexpectedly, and the fire starts dying down. You see that while the monster got singed, the large amount of saliva it had covered itself in had acted as a deterrant from it, and has started to recover from the attack. But that's not what you're worried about, when you look back over at Rin, you see her getting up a bit painfully, and witness a horrfying sight.

Blood. So much of it. You wouldn't be surprised if you had been told that Rin was literally spilling gallons out at a time. The blade had cut into her side very deeply, and as a result, the entire side of her dress under the gash had been dyed a dark red. The same leg on that side had blood running down it, practically fully coating it in her spilled blood.

"R-Rin..." You're suddenly surprised when Rin somehow backflips on the spot when another sharp tentacle comes down on her position, she continues acrobatically flipping backwards from hands to feet and back again as more limbs come after her. When the last one, the only one that can reach her at that point, comes down, she grabs it from the sides in traditional blade stopping position and grins.

"Now...I'm mad!" Rin then sinks her claws into the appendage from the side pulls with a powerful might, literally ripping half the tentacle straight off the monster, causing it to screech out loudly in agony, as a diluted green liquid comes spraying out of the limb's new oriface. Rin then takes the chance as it's distracted to rush over to it with great speed, claws beared. However, the monster appears to have seen through it, as it's already in position, when Rin leaps over the demon, one of it's other edged limbs comes down on her from behind, and makes a clean cut straight down her backside, and the next thing you're seeing is a large splatter of red coming out from behind Rin.

You don't believe ever in your life having seen so much blood all at once.

Rin falls with a sickening, painful thud somewhere close to your position, and you can't hold back anymore. You're simply too worried. "Rin!!!" You shout out to her as you rush over to her, but all in the blink of an eye, Rin looks up, and screams out at you.

"Satoshi!! Stop!!!" You skid to a stop as you've suddenly gained front row seats to seeing another one of the bladed tentacles come down on Rin, who somehow sped right in front of you just in time to take the hit for you, the tip of the edge piercing right through Rin's stomach and just barely coming out her back. It's a terrifying, horrifying experience you just had, as it showers you Rin's blood. It's a warm feeling you never want to feel again.

"R-Rin!! Are you okay?!" Rin growls lowly, grabbing hold of the tentacle, you do too, trying to pry it off of her.

"You idiot! Youkai don't die that easily! Don't throw your life away!!" The both of you become puzzled soon after that, and both of you go airborne. You fall off the rising tentacle before long but Rin goes on a much longer ride, being literally attached to the blade it has. An unfortunate state, as the tentacle slams her into the ground several times with incredible force, making you listen to her screams of pain and torture. With every slam, the screams become more and more vulgar and difficult to listen to. It more then just stabs at your heart, it's a wrenching, agonizing feeling that somehow seems worse then the actual pain Rin herself is going through. The demon then finishes off with slamming Rin into a few trees, knocking a couple down with the brute force and finally prying Rin off as she collides with a large tree branch and falls back to the earth tumbling down with it, but without the tentacle she had previously been a part of. You almost felt like screaming but you stop yourself, mostly from shock, not believing what you're watching.

Rin somehow rises from under the massive branch, half her face stained in blood, her entire dress ripped and torn apart in some places, and completely drenched in her own blood. You can tell her right arm is broken due to the awkward way it's limp and facing, and bruses and sores cover any area of her's that isn't dripping in her own blood. And despite all this, she spits out some of her blood from her mouth to the side and grins.

"You got lucky that time...I'm not going to go so easy on you now..."

Right at this point, right here, right then, you felt genuinely afraid. More afraid then you could've ever been in your whole life. After that moment, you could swear right then and there that you hadn't known true fear until you watched Rin oh so casually rise from all that pain and torture, without any regard to her own health. You truly realized that day what really separated humans from youkai. You knew that if Rin had not taken that blade for you, you would've died on the spot, and yet, here Rin was, taking all that and so much more, and yet still having the energy to fight.

Those thoughts leave in a daze for a while, and you're not brought back to reality until you hear Rin's screams of torment again. Without you having seen what happened, Rin was now suspended high up into the air by one of the sharp limbs wrapping tightly around her right arm, threatening to slice it right off her body. Rin fights back another tentacle with her other arm using her claws until a third one comes up and tightly wraps itself around one of her legs, nearly cutting it off and making her scream out in pain once more, and she only just barely recoups just in time to grab the previous appendage from cleaving her in two, though the blade on it does a number on her hand, she still holds on, keeping it from reaching her body with all her might. Something strikes you with fear though. Even though Rin had put one of it's tentacles out of commission, it still had one last one left in store. As it raises it up, ready to cut Rin down, you realize that this is checkmate, in the demon's favor. There's nothing left Rin can do.

You have to do something, but what? No, you mustn't think that way. You may be human, but this is not something you can just stand and watch in horror. There must be something you can do to help Rin...

Action? >_
>> No. 3572
Um i have no idea..

[†]Trace on!

>> No. 3575
[x] Think about if one of those fire spells Marisa gave you might work on it despite its saliva.

I can't think of much better at the moment.
>> No. 3578
[x] Think about if one of those fire spells Marisa gave you might work on it despite its saliva.

It's pretty much Satoshi's best chance at being able to fight the creature. Unlike Rin who may have to concentrate between melee and using her abilities, a fire spell may be just automatic on effect. Considering Satoshi's fireplace currently can't even hold a flame, the spell ought to work regardless of the environment.
>> No. 3579
[x] Think about if one of those fire spells Marisa gave you might work on it despite its saliva.
>> No. 3581
[x] Think about if one of those fire spells Marisa gave you might work on it despite its saliva.
>> No. 3582
[x] Think about if one of those fire spells Marisa gave you might work on it despite its saliva.
>> No. 3586
[x] Think about if one of those fire spells Marisa gave you might work on it despite its saliva.
>> No. 3587
Didn't it rain quite hard recently?
>> No. 3607
[x] Try one of those fire spells Marisa gave you as it might work on the creature regardless of its saliva.
>> No. 3609

Not that same day recently. Unless my memory is being a massive faggot again.

>Think about if one of those fire spells Marisa gave you might work on it despite its saliva

You have to think quick, think fast, that's when you remember something. You quickly pull out one of the scrolls in a stack of several dozen Marisa gave to you for the first half of winter. These things may just come in great handy after all. Without a second thought, you quickly sprint over towards the massive abomination. The closer you get to it, the more see that the monster's sticky coating from earlier had all but dissolved now, thanks to Rin's previous attack and it's lengthened exposure to fresh air. Just the perfect chance. As you approach the demon, you recite the couple of words used to activate the scroll in your hand, that you now know by heart thanks to having had to use one so often. Just before the giant plant tears into Rin, it hesitates and notices you, but it's far too late, you skid to a halt at the edge and rear back for the pitch.

"It's over!!" You fling the rolled up scroll like a spear at the heart of the monster, and it glides into position perfectly. As it collides with it, it explodes into a firey mess. In reality, the actual flames are not all that big, since they were meant for a small fireplace, however, it's close enough to the central workings of the demon to cause it to completely freak out and panic. The free tentacle it had left flails about wildly in the air back and forth, and you look back at Rin, hoping she can finish the job.

Thankfully, she doesn't disappoint. When she frees the blade she had been holding onto, it appears to be inactive due to the creature being distracted otherwise. She then takes this time to dig her claws straight into the side, and she suddenly lights up like a christmas tree.

"Satoshi!!! Close your eyes!!" You don't give that a second thought either, you immediately shield yourself from the oncoming action. Though you don't get to see what went on, you can tell a very, very bright flash of light took place, along with a condensed explosion sound. When you unshield yourself and look back at Rin, you find her left hand scorched, and the appendage that it had previously been clawed into completely disintergrated, all left of it being a burning half a limb, which is now also flailing about in panic. It's with this that the monster has had enough and promptly tosses Rin into the ground with a loud slam using the other two tentacles it had been using to hold Rin up.

"Gah! Rin!!!" You quickly rush over to Run and kneel down to her battered, weathered body. She looks a complete, utter mess right now, almost too gruesome, but you can't falter like that now when she needs help. However, when you try to pick her up, she motions for you to stop and move back. While it's a confusing notion to you at first, you go ahead and stand back like she tells you. She then weakly pulls a strange, glowing card out from her dress, somehow immune to being soaked in the blood she's been constantly spilling during this time.

"I've...had enough of this. Cursed Spirit...Zombie Fairy!" After calling out the name of the spell, Rin is suddenly engulfed in a massive dark blue aura, and it feels like a much more deathly aura then the one she normally radiates. No, just being near it makes you feel like you're staring at the reaper himself. At this point, several white fairies with gloomy expressions fade in around Rin. Within moments of being called, the swarm of them instantly race after the large demon, many of them simply suiciding straight into it, exploding in a firey blaze as they collide with it. It doesn't long before all the limbs of the monster fall limp, the main body being nothing but a former shell of what it previously had been, a great, gaping hole in in filled with ash. No mistaking it, this one was probably amongst the biggest in the forest, if not the biggest. You and Rin just took down one of the king demons of this place. Not without losses though.

Rin is coughing up blood next to you, quite profusely at that. You try to help her up, but you stop yourself when you hear Rin say something in a low, unfeeling tone.

"You idiot..."

"Uh...huh? Where'd that come from?" You're shocked as you suddenly take a right hook to the face. Even in her terrible, painful state, she still manages to punch you with quite a bit of force in it. It sends you flying back a bit on your backside.

"I said you idiot! Why did you keep risking yourself?! All that pain and torture I took for you would've meant nothing if it had killed you!!" You sit back up and rub the cheek Rin had delivered a magnificent blow to.

"I was just trying to help you, jeez..."

"Satoshi...! You're a human! There was hardly anything you could've done! At the very least...don't think you could've put yourself in danger like that without being struck down by a single swipe..." She's being very difficult with you right now. Maybe it's because she took so much damage to more then just her physical body, but it certainly doesn't give her right to lash out at you like this.

"Come on! Stop acting like this! I still saved you, didn't I? I..." You stop when you see Rin trying to get up on her own. When you get back up and start towards her, she shouts back at you.

"Stay away! I'm not like you! I can take care of myself!" She seems pretty upset, thinking about it, you'd be pretty upset too if someone you cared about unnecessarily risked their life for you despite being so fragile. In your defense though, you didn't know how much punishment Rin could take.

"Rin...I'm really sorry, for nearly getting myself killed, probably at least twice. But, I honestly didn't know what would happen to you. I was actually afraid you might die...but, I think when you rose from those branches after being tossed into that tree, I...finally realized how different you are from me." You really don't feel like admitting it, especially since it still scares you, even now, but it's the only way you can make it up to her. "I think I've learned today how...fragile I really am." When you look over at Rin, you see that she's wearing a bit of a surprised look on her face before it turns into a weak, though warm smile.

"Thank you...that's...what I wanted to hear..." It's only another step after that she takes that she ends up completely collapsing, practically in her own pool of blood under her.


The poor cat girl doesn't awaken for a while. While a bit difficult in your condition, you manage to carry her all the way back to your house. You gently set her down on your bed after clearing the sheets. Your mattress will just have to suffer, unfortunately, as you don't think the sheets will keep her blood from staining it. Speaking of which, you yourself are completely soaked in it. You don't wanna think about it too much, as not only is it pretty gross, it's really panic inducing. You hastily head to the shower and get yourself cleaned off as soon as possible, not just for yourself, but so you can help Rin.

The most you got, sadly, is a first aid kit. You do, however, have a fuckton of bandages. You tend to cut yourself somewhat often, so you always stocked well enough on them. Tying Rin up will likely expend the entire supply you have, but it's no big loss compared to what Rin is going through right now. Studying her body, kit in hand, you can see that she's totally drenched the bed in blood in a quick hurry. The bleeding appears to be stopping though. This fact alone comes as a shock to you. Not only are youkai bodies full of tolerance, but they mend at least fifteen times faster then any human body. When you take a closer look around her body, it does appear the the bleeding has slowed a great deal, but hasn't stopped completely. There's a few options you can take at this point, but in all honesty...you might have to fight your honor as a man to take a particular few.

>Modesty be damned, completely strip Rin and apply treatment to all areas
>Try to maintain her modesty a bit and only treat areas not covered by her undergarments
>Treat only areas not occupied by clothing
>No treatment; wait until she awakens and prepare some food or drink in meantime

Action? >_
>> No. 3610
[X]Try to maintain her modesty a bit and only treat areas not covered by her undergarments

She's already rapidly healing for the most part and most likely not injured, or at least not severely, where her undergarments would be covering. Making sure the wounds elsewhere are cleaned and patched up though would most likely be appreciated.

no way she would or could rage against that.inbe4 my logic causes a train wreck
>> No. 3611
[†] Modesty be damned, completely strip Rin and apply treatment to all areas.

I'll risk this. Satoshi was a nice guy and Rin is just a little bit tsundere that's all.
>> No. 3612
[X]Treat only areas not occupied by clothing

I think she'd be pretty mad if we done too much for her but doing nothing would be even worse.
>> No. 3613
[X]Try to maintain her modesty a bit and only treat areas not covered by her undergarments

Areas covered by clothes = A lot.
Areas covered by her undergarments = Little.
>> No. 3614
[x]Try to maintain her modesty a bit and only treat areas not covered by her undergarments
>> No. 3615
[X]Try to maintain her modesty a bit and only treat areas not covered by her undergarments
>> No. 3616
[X]Try to maintain her modesty a bit and only treat areas not covered by her undergarments.

It's best to be sure what injured spots are left are treated well, since it's not sure if Youkai wounds could get infected or not.

That and it's not as if Satoshi knows the exact limits of a Youkai like Alice or Marisa would.
>> No. 3618
[x]Try to clean off most of the blood and treat only the biggest wounds. Especially ones that don't seem to be healing, if there are any.
>> No. 3621
[x]Try to maintain her modesty a bit and only treat areas not covered by her undergarments

Works for me~!
>> No. 3622
[x]Try to maintain her modesty a bit and only treat areas not covered by her undergarments
>> No. 3626
>Try to maintain her modesty a bit and only treat areas not covered by her undergarments

You're sure she won't mind being stripped to her underwear. She's slept with you in them once before, after all. Though, then again, you've also seen her naked, twice, and you definitely don't need to again. Especially not in this condition, situation, and context. She'll still retain most of her chastity, and you'll still uphold most of your honor as a man, so this is the best solution. Yep. Indeed so.

...so why are you hesitant? Stripping off a girl's clothes was never your forte.

You kneel down next to the bed and study Rin for a moment, it looks like you have your work cut out of you. Even if you could, you wouldn't be able to get Rin's dress off the normal way. The dried blood has hardened the fabric a bit, and has more or less made it stuck to Rin's body and wounds. It's not a pretty sight. But that just means all the more reason to get it off. You open up the first aid kit and take out a pair of scissors specially made to cut through fabric. Every kit needs one of these, in the cases where the clothing must be sacrificed for good health. This would be a good example. Looking across her dress, you see it's probably completely ruined anyways, so there's no harm in cutting Rin out of it. You lift her collar a bit and start down the middle, cutting downward to the end of her skirt. The dried blood makes cutting a little difficult, but you manage.

Rin's now reduced to a simple, thin camisole and a pair of bloomers. The bloomers are in horrible shape, a tear on one side and totally covered in blood, wrinkled beyond repair. The camisole got off much easier. It's still in decent condition, only half covered in blood, with the occasional blood spot. The rest of her body is in total disrepair, however. A massive, gaping gash the right side of her waist from the first strike the demon got on her, and in middle of her stomach is a bloody, red mess, where one of the tentacles pierced right through her. These are just a couple of the very noticeable wounds on Rin. The more you look at it, the more you want to vomit. You know now you could never be a surgeon like this. But you fight on, Rin needs this treatment.

You give Rin the best treatment you can muster, disinfecting the wounds, wrapping them up, making sure Rin can recover from this with full strength. It's rather hard getting bandages around a limp body, but after a nice while, you patch Rin up nice and tightly. After finishing, Rin's entire torso up to just before her breasts are wrapped in several layers of bandages, her right shoulder wrapped up as well, bandages around her forehead due to the bleeding she succumbed to on the top of her head, and then her legs have had various cuts and scratches too. You're tempted to take the bloomers off due to it's disarray but it's covering an extremely important part of Rin that you don't need to expose, for so very many reasons.

After you feel you've treated Rin to the best of your ability, you apply a thick sheet to half of the love seat out in the living room. You'd rather not try and remove blood stains from such an important piece of furniture, especially when your bed has suffered enough. The sheet will just have to take one for the team. You then take one of the fire scrolls you got from Marisa and place it gently in the fireplace, then mutter the words of activation so that the fire place can magically hold a flame overnight. You then take a deep breath for the next step. You go back into your room and pick Rin up off the bed entirely. It feels very weird at first. When you had carried Rin back home, you carried her on your back. This time, you're carrying her bridal style, across your arms, doesn't help that she's practically half naked to boot. You try to calm your racing heart as you carry Rin out into the living room. It's silly though, carrying a woman like this was something you thought you'd only experience in your dreams, though when you remind yourself of the whole Rin being a housewife situation, it quickly turns you off the idea.

You sit Rin down in the love seat on the side you covered and gently lay a blanket down on top of Rin. You're hoping that with the blanket together with the closer proximity to the fireplace, that she'll be much warmer here. With that done, you head off into the kitchen to prepare a warm tea for Rin when she awakens from her battle induced coma. The poor girl has been through a lot, not only did she fight a couple of tough mental and emotional battles recently, but her very physical body was tested to it's limits today too. You almost feel like the indirect cause of it, but it was all down to bad luck anyways. Still though, past few days have been rough on the poor kitty. Eventually you're gonna have to make it up to her. More then that, you wanna tell Satori not to leave you two again. This is crazy.

It's only a few minutes after you prepare the tea and sit down next to Rin that she shows signs of life. A bit of groaning at first, following by vain attempts to move, ending with her eyes slowly opening as if she had just woken up from a day long nightmare. The first thing she sees, is you looking at her a bit worriedly. Though, it's offset by the fact that you're holding a spot of tea in your hand.

"Rin...are you okay?"

"Urgh...my everything hurts." Considering her condition, you almost feel like that's an understatement.

"You look terrible...well, I made sure I treated your wounds and patched you up. Would you like some tea?" Rin still seems to be in a bit of a daze, trying to catch up to all that happened.

"Uhh...thanks." You hand her the tea and she weakly holds onto it. You get really paranoid by this so you offer to help her drink some. After putting the drink down, you look back at Rin.

"You collapsed shortly after the fight with that monster. You've been out of it for a couple hours now." Rin sighs lightly, sitting back in the love seat more comfortably.

"Ah...I see." She lifts her blanket, looking down at herself before looking back at you. "Where's my dress...?"

"Huh? Well, it got stuck to you pretty badly due to all the blood...I had to pretty much cut it off." You weren't necessarily looking at Rin when you said that, though when you do, you're treated to her giving you a face of sadness and despair, almost childish looking of her.

"Y-...You cut up my dress...?" You feel surprised by this reaction and yet, disturbed by it all at the same time. Though you don't know what you're more disturbed by, the actual reaction or the fact that it was Rin that made it.

"It was kinda ruined to begin with considering it was ripped and stained everywhere, Rin..." Rin then sighs and sits back again.

"I guess you're right...oh well." She stares up at the ceiling, continuing to talk. "I'm...not really used to this, I suppose. I mean, whenever I got hurt, Satori-sama would treat me, yeah, but not this extremely. She always kept saying that I shouldn't be spoiled, and that one's own pain should be dealt with by the person who has them." You're not too sure you understand just yet.

"So...she's trying to teach you to become more self sufficient?" Rin sighs a bit.

"You still don't get it, do you? Us youkai, our bodies are so much different from how you humans are."

"Well I kinda gathered that from the fact that, you know, you can turn into a cat, but go on." Rin closes her eyes.

"If you spoil a youkai's body with medicine, it'll quickly become accustomed to it, and will start needing it. A youkai's body can recover from almost anything on it's own, but the more you try and help it, the less it'll try regenerating by itself."

"I don't understand...humans are the same way. If we take too much medicine, our bodies become too reliant on it, and we can't live on without it after a while. What's so different?"

"But that kind of thing matters much more to youkai, Satoshi. If we allowed ourselves to be nursed like that, we'd become as weak as humans, and lose what makes us youkai in the first place." When you thought about this for a brief while, you got a flash of vision of Rin actually being human, getting ill like a human, and even dying old as a human. It was very peculiar.

"I still don't get it, but, you reminded me of something else. Why was what I said exactly what you wanted to hear?"

"Huh? What did you say?"

"About...how I realized how different we really are from each other. There's more to it then just our lifespans, isn't there..." Rin blinks for a moment before smiling a bit and staring back up at the ceiling.

"You could say that...even though Satori-sama always told me I should try to endure my pain on my own, she...always tried sacrificing a lot for me. She's very strong magically, but she isn't in the best of shape physically...her body is rather fragile. So anytime Satori-sama would try to protect me from an attack, it would always end with her being badly hurt..." Rin then looks over at you, her head still tilted back some. "Satoshi...promise me you won't try and take pain for me. You're only a human...and since your lifespan is so short, I...I..." Right here is where you watch Rin lock up, turn a pinkish hue and look away from you, having lots of difficulty with the next part of the sentence.

"You...what?" There's a long moment of hesitation before Rin can finally gather up the courage to say what comes next.

"...I want you to be around as long as can be, so just...don't die before your time, okay?" You smile a bit, it's kinda cute, yet kinda silly that it took so much effort on her part to admit something like that.

"Alright. I'll try my best then, Rin."

Things go quiet after this, presumably because Rin is too embarrassed to talk any further. So the two of you simply rest there on the love seat for a while yet. The soft hum of the fire in the fireplace being the only sound you hear at the time. It's very...relaxing.

>Talk to Rin about something (if no write-in for this presented, topic will be random)
>Pull Rin over to lean on you
>...or, lean on her instead
>Go ahead and fix dinner
>Let the serenity take you and fall asleep right there with Rin

Action? >_
>> No. 3627
[x]Ask if she's up for something to eat, if not, let the serenity take you and fall asleep right there with Rin

She may not be up for eating something solid just yet but it couldn't hurt to ask. If not may as well rest after such a day.
>> No. 3629
[x]Let the serenity take you and fall asleep right there with Rin
>> No. 3630
[x]Ask if she's up for something to eat, if not, let the serenity take you and fall asleep right there with Rin
>> No. 3631
[x]Ask if she's up for something to eat, if not, let the serenity take you and fall asleep right there with Rin.

I don't recall such an effect of bandages and such on Youkai (and even with their regeneration, there's some wounds that can be threatening; they're not vampires or Hourai Immortals)
>> No. 3633
[X]Let the serenity take you and fall asleep right there with Rin
>> No. 3634
I think he meant youkai losing confidence or faith in themselves when they become dependent on certain things; a mental issue perhaps rather than truly physical.

I could be wrong through
>> No. 3635
[x]Ask if she's up for something to eat, if not, let the serenity take you and fall asleep right there with Rin
>> No. 3640
Hey if the opportunity comes up, maybe Satoshi can go visit Alice and ask her to reconstruct the ruin dress or make a duplicate one.
>> No. 3644
[x]Ask if she's up for something to eat, if not, let the serenity take you and fall asleep right there with Rin
>> No. 3645
[X] Let the serenity take you and fall asleep right there with Rin.

Sleeping with kitty.
>> No. 3646
>Let the serenity take you and fall asleep right there with Rin

You feel awfully tired after all that's happened today, wearing you out faster then a hikkikomori could stain a dakimakura...though you're not fully sure what that means. Either way, you're intent on letting this relaxation cradle you into sleep. Though, before you do, you do ask Rin something important.

"Ah...Rin, are you hungry...?"

"Uhh...no, not really. Maybe tomorrow. For now I just wanna sleep...although, speaking of which..." You're kinda disappointed when you notice Rin continuing, as it felt like you were about to drift off to sleep right then and there, only to have to interrupt your peaceful trip to dreamland. "You...wouldn't happen to have any sort of pajamas I could wear, would you? My underwear is kinda soggy in...well, my blood." You look at Rin a bit surprised she came right out and asked something like that. Still, you give her a simple enough answer.

"Uh...sure, I guess."

A short while later, you finish digging through your drawers for a good set of pajamas that you think would properly fit Rin, to the best of your ability anyways. You then walk back out of your bedroom, making sure you remind yourself tomorrow to thoroughly clean the poor bed that befell to the majority of Rin's vital fluids. You stand outside the closed bathroom door, noting that Rin is getting herself ready for bed otherwise, inside. You take the time to ask her a few things through the door.

"So, are you gonna be alright tomorrow? I mean...clothes-wise."

"Oh, yeah of course!" Rin's suddenly cheerful voice takes you by surprise, pleasent surprise but surprise nonetheless. You're not entirely sure why she suddenly picked up in mood though. "I always bring several spare dresses and clothes anytime I'm staying somewhere else, so you don't have to worry." After thinking about it...where the hell does she put that stuff? You sure didn't see her come in with all that when she first walked in. Must be some sort of special Anonymously Sinking Hammock like yours that she has. Oh well, you were kinda hoping you could have Alice design a new dress for her but you suppose that's unnecessary now. Odd though that the thought of dressing up Rin piques your interest, maybe you've been hanging around Alice and her silly dress up dolls too much.

"Alright, so...my next question then. Why do you need my pajamas? Couldn't you just spend the night in your cat form?"

"Well...yeah, I could. But I don't really feel like it. Besides, do I have to remind you how bad it ended last time I did that...?" You blink for a moment before realizing something. Yeah, last time she did that, she was sleeping on top of you, naked. In human form. Oh god, that was beyond awkward, and even more so frustrating, on many different levels. With that, you definitely come to the conclusion that this in the best interest for both of you. While part of you wouldn't mind being in that position again, the consenquences would be beyond severe. Even though you'd get another look at Rin's pu-NO!

"S-Satoshi...? Are you okay?" You're thankful you managed to miss the door, but your head still had an unfortunate meeting with the wall nearby.

"Ah, yeah, don't mind me. Anyways, I got the clothes..." As you try to finish saying that, the door opens slightly ajar, and an arm quickly comes out from the gap and snatches your pajamas away with astonishing speed, quickly ducking behind the closing door. "H-Hey!"

"What? You said I could use them, right?" Well, yeah, but not even a polite 'may I have them?' You keep that to yourself though and wait for Rin to emerge from the bathroom.

When she comes out, she's dressed in a modest light blue button shirt with matching pajama pants. The pants stretch quite far down, bagging up a bit at her feet. The shirt however, fits a bit more well, for embarrassing reasons.

"Well it's pretty loose, but I guess it works. Who made these?"

"Alice did. You can tell they were custom made, huh?"

"Huah! You got her to make this for you?" She looks down at the ensemble she's wearing. "I'm jealous, I should try asking her myself..." You laugh a bit.

"Haha, good luck. You don't know how long I had to poke her about it before she finally gave in. Although I think it fits you nicely."

"Oh come on, Satoshi. The pants are too long."

"That's because I'm taller then you, duh." Rin shoots you a sarcastic glare.

"Yeah? And explain the shirt then." You could make so many comments, but all at the risk of sounding like a total pervert, so you hold back a little on this one.

"I blame the milk." You turn around and walk back into the living after saying that, and Rin hesitantly follows you with a puzzled look on her face.

"Huh...? What...what does that mean?!"

After a bit of cleaning up the living room, putting the dishes used to house the tea away and setting up the love seat to work as a decent bed, Rin sits on it and looks up at you.

"So? Where are you gonna sleep?" You scratch the back of your head, thinking. That's a pretty good question. You'd rather not sleep on a blood soaked bed. That would be pretty...yeah.

"Huh...I guess I'll just find a spot on the floor." You look back at Rin and notice she's pouting at you. You're really confused until she explains why.

"Hrrm, that won't do."

"Uhh...and why not?"

"For all that, I could sleep on the floor and you could sleep here. I'm a cat, I'm used to it."

"You're also wounded. Since you brought it up though, couldn't you just sleep somewhere small in your cat form?" Rin looks away a bit uncomfortably.

"I told you I didn't feel like it. Besides, I'm still recovering...I wouldn't be in shape like that and a cat needs almost all of it's physical strength to even get around at all. It wouldn't work." While she might have a point, what with a cat being much smaller then a human, meaning she might not retain all her original power in it, it still baffles you why she would need to get around while she sleeps. It more or less feels like she's just trying to avoid it, but pressing on wouldn't get you anywhere since she already said she didn't feel like it.

"Right, fine. You sleep there then. I'll...sleep in the recliner back here? Alright? That way you don't have to worry about my comfort while I sleep."

"Who said I was worried about your comfort?"

"Well, you did imply it earlier, didn't you?" Rin looks at you conflicted for a moment before looking down and eventually coming to a frustrated growl, quickly laying down in the makeshift bed and covering herself.

"Whatever! Good night, Satoshi." You're kinda left dumbfounded for a moment before you shrug and turn off the lights, sitting down in the weird recliner you had pointed out earlier. You'll never understand girls, or Rin for that matter, most of all.

It's dark. Not cold, but awfully dark. You can't sleep. Admittedly, it's hard sleeping upright in a small chair, but it's been a while now. You look over to Rin, still sleeping soundly, wishing you could join her. It looks so comfy and warm...but, then there's the implications behind that. However, in all honesty, right now you're too tired to care. Besides, her physical company has been something missing from your life for quite a while now. After having slept cuddling with her human form a couple nights, you've found yourself...longing for it again. You're starting to see Rin as something more then a pet and you're not sure if it's a good thing or not. Your experiences with Rin have been the most human you've probably ever felt, even more so then with Marisa...then again, maybe that's to be expected.

You want to join Rin but...alas, not to be. At the very least you want to salvage your bed in your bedroom but you don't know how well that would end. But there is one thing for sure, you're not falling asleep like this. Not right now.

>Go fetch a midnight snack
>Take a calm, relaxing bath
>Try and salavage the wreckage that is your bed
>Read a book in your bedroom

Action? >_
>> No. 3647
[x]Go fetch a midnight snack
>> No. 3648
[X]Go fetch a midnight snack
>> No. 3649
[X]Go fetch a midnight snack

Works for me~!
>> No. 3650
[x] Go fetch a midnight snack
>> No. 3652
[X]Go fetch a midnight snack
>> No. 3653
[x] Read a book in your bedroom.

Reading always makes me sleepy~
>> No. 3654
[x]Take a calm, relaxing bath.

It's really hard to think of Rin as a pet at all, sure Satori might have taken her and Okuu in before they assumed youkai form, but as is, she's more person than pet.
>> No. 3656
[x] Go fetch a midnight snack
>> No. 3674
[X]Go fetch a midnight snack

Lately been having insomnia after a certain incident; I'd get something to eat while working on a personal project or reading a book as well when that happens.
>> No. 3675
File 125958536914.jpg- (202.49KB , 656x879 , 337e92846269b133e6b04ac0dc9ec3e7.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Go fetch a midnight snack

While Rin declined your offer on foodstuffs earlier, you yourself haven't had a decent meal since leaving Marisa's. So the best course of action would be to rectify that. You (quietly) get out of the recliner and head into the kitchen to find something to satate your hunger. After looking around though, you don't find much appealing to your tastes right now. Maybe this was a bad idea...all that blood and gore has surely ruined your appetite, and you remember why you didn't eat in the first place. That's when you eye a peculiar red packages on your refridgerator. Taking it down you see it's labeled 'beef jerky.' It's something weird Yukari gave to you as a souviner but you've had very little courage and faith to try eating it...whatever it is.

Either way, you go about opening the package with a hearty rip and look inside. To your surprise, it looks like dried, smoked meat had been sitting in the package. On the bright side, it had been sitting there for a nice while, but this means that regardless of such, it likely hasn't spoiled. Taking a strip out, it certainly doesn't look very appetizing, but hey, food's food. You take a hearty bite out of it and...mmm, hey, this ain't too bad. You might have to bother Yukari for some more later. It has an oddly manly taste to it. At least, that's what you think. Maybe the lateness has just gone to your head. Still though, you're kinda enjoying the jerky.

After the satisfying snack, you head back out into the living. You stop however when you notice Rin sleepily sitting up in the love seat, looking over at you. While you can only tell via the light from the fireplace, the look on her face is rather apparent.

"Uh...something wrong?"

"Why are you up?"

"Ah...well, I couldn't sleep. So I thought maybe it was my hunger."

"I can give you the couch if you know..."

"No, you're still injured. You rest."

"But you're the master here Satoshi...ultimately you're supposed to be the one sleeping here."

Yeah...you're the master for now. You've been fighting with that ideal for some time now, but now that Rin herself has said it...you can't really come to accept that anymore. For a long time, you've seen Rin as nothing more then an annoying pet, but after spending so much time with her, especially with her human form for so long, that vision has all but disipated. You can't see it anymore, you see Rin, the person, the sometimes emotional, sometimes catty, sometimes energetic, but most of all, and you thought you'd never use this to describe a youkai, but the entirely human Rin. Maybe it's because you're not a youkai yourself, but normal pets, they don't talk, they don't cook for you, and they most certainly don't do battle with gigantic, menacing youkai that could kill you.

"Yeah...and I always thought as master, it was my choice where you and I slept too. Besides...it's not like I could ever be your master, Rin. Not as good as Satori, that's for sure." You take a moment to let go of your image of Rin as a pet, seeing if you can't start anew here. You're interrupted however, when you feel Rin gently leaning into you, standing before you.

"Satoshi...I hate admitting it but I was wrong about you...I thought I'd hate staying with you but you've been so kind to me even though I always picked on you. You'll never be as good as Satori-sama but you're a nice master to have..." You blink a bit to yourself, trying to wrap your head around this situation. Such a bold move by Rin, you're starting to figure she's a lot more tired and weak then you thought she was. Especially since the way she's leaning on you, it's more like you're there to keep her from falling to the floor rather then to cuddle or something.

"Rin...thanks. But...I don't think I really want to imagine myself as your 'master' anymore. You're a person, not a pet. I've come to realize this, despite how you are around Satori. You've been very different lately staying here with me and I don't think it'd be right treating you as just a pet, so..." You give a smile to Rin as you look down at her a bit. "Let's treat this as a visit between friends, huh?" After a moment of hesitation Rin looks over at you, wearily and confused, mostly wearily though.

"Satoshi...do you honestly think of me that way?"

"Uhh...yeah, I do. After everything that's happened the past few days?" Rin just sighs and goes back to leaning against you. While you know it's not necessarily a cuddling gesture, you can't help but put your arms around her anyways...it'd feel awkward being a wall to lean on so you figure this way, you can at least pretend you're comforting her.

"I'm too used to being nothing more then an accessory to Satori-sama...Okuu is the only person I could really consider a friend, apart from Satori-sama who's my master..."

"Well...you don't get out from underground much, do you?"

"Mmm, no...though if you're willing to be my friend Satoshi, thaah....aaahhhh....t might give me a reason to come up here more..." Judging from the long winded yawn that interrupted her mid sentence, you wager Rin's about to fall asleep standing up. You also have to wonder if Rin will even remember saying any of this tomorrow...surprisingly bold and admittal for her. For now though, it's bed time. But uhh...wow, what to do with Rin, you wonder.

>Put her back on the love seat and resume sitting in the recliner like a true, sophisticated man
>Cradle the kitty to sleep
>See if the both of you can't fit on the love seat
>Rin can sleep on the recliner for tonight

Action? >_

Wow, somehow managed to get sick about half way through, pardon the writing if it leaks out somewhere.
>> No. 3679
[X]See if the both of you can't fit on the love seat

Rin is going to continue feeling guilty about letting Satoshi feel he must be forced to sleep on the recliner. Not to mention she's become very comfortable around him so he may as well just rest beside her. Not to mention she's not necessarily nude so no chances of any awkward surprises:> the next morning will occur.
>> No. 3680
{X} See if the both of you can't fit on the love seat
>> No. 3681
[X] See if the both of you can't fit on the love seat
>> No. 3682
[x] See if the both of you can't fit on the love seat
>> No. 3683
[T] See if the both of you can't fit on the love seat
>> No. 3685
A compelling argument. We should make her feel bad for him.

{X} See if the both of you can't fit on the love seat
>> No. 3689
[x]See if the both of you can't fit on the love seat.

We're making progress and she's not naked. I don't see much harm. And it's great for warmth.
>> No. 3690
[x]See if the both of you can't fit on the love seat.
>> No. 3691
[X] See if the both of you can't fit on the love seat.

Oh for the love of all that is good Satoshi, don't fumble this situation!
>> No. 3696
[X] See if the both of you can't fit on the love seat. If not, then beside is alright.
>> No. 3723
File 125971015179.jpg- (281.30KB , 1000x729 , dc70d798c62647f8e4a0130031a28786.jpg ) [iqdb]
>See if the both of you can't fit on the love seat.

Well, better put Rin back into bed. Lord knows you can't have her drooling on your perfectly comfortable clothes. You sidestep around Rin a bit, noticing she's pretty intent on leaning into you. In fact you think she may have already fallen asleep. God damn.

You try holding Rin up as you ever so gently drag her back to the love seat. She's a lot heavier then you remember. Then again, you're awfully tired. And it certainly shows when you pretty much trip over yourself rather clumsily and land in the love seat with Rin on top of you. After the tumble, you examine yourself a-...aww, Rin is clinging to you. Yet she still asleep. It's ridiculously cute but you can't help but try and justify it with a mundane or otherwise careless explaination, as you don't wanna get too used to touchy feely Rin just yet. It's probably awfully rare that she's like this, at least with you, considering how hard up she is with admitting her friendship with you.

After giving a great, big yawn, you go ahead and lay down softly on the love seat, and Rin more or less comfortably rests atop you in sleeping position. Much like the embarrassing morning you had with her a while back, but this time she isn't naked, so it's thirty thousand times more comfortable. You think you could get used to this actually. She exerts a lot of warmth and her living, breathing body next to yours gives you a massive sense of security and well being that you hadn't felt since you were a young child. Petting her for a short bit results in her usual happy purring, a sound you've grown to love more and more as the days pass by. You almost want to play with her ears, but you've been around cats long enough that you know that's an easy way to recieve one (1) irritated kitty.

Another yawn signals you that you should put this to rest and get some sleep. Hopefully Rin doesn't mind waking up like this. You throw the covers that was on Rin previously on top of you two and put your arms around the feline. This feeling you're getting...eh, it's too late to be thinking about mushy stuff like that. You'll settle your mind and heart when you wake up tomorrow...maybe. Or perhaps you'll just continue putting it off and save your sanity. There's no telling what Rin might do. Stability is the most important thing right now.

The next week passes without event. Rin makes a full recovery the day after tomorrow that night you slept with her, her youkai body having amazing powers of regeneration. The very next day the majority of her injuries were but battle scars. The day after that, she was good as new again. You were incredibly astonished at her rate of recovery and it totally blew you away when she showed you what was left of her massive gashes the night after the big battle. Once again, you had underestimated the powers of a youkai body and how strong they can truly be. That is...until today. Today will be a memorable day...Rin was acting more fatigued then usual during the morning, and then sometime just as afternoon was rolling around, she just randomly collapsed, panting and in intense pain. She also had a fever that nearly burned your hand off. After getting her to bed, you quickly rushed off to Marisa's in search of help, and she somehow got a good doctor to help...

"Doctor...Yagokoro, was it?"

"Mmhmm~" Clipboard in one hand, thermometer in the other, the long, silver haired, oddly dressed woman had been examining Rin for what seems like hours now. You weren't aware there were doctors in the human village that did house calls...yikes, this must be expensive. You just know Marisa is gonna have your ass for it later...


"I can't say." The good doctor says this in the most nonchalant way possible, as she writes down something in her clipboard. Something about that smile just...irks you.

"Why can't you?"

"I'm not done yet, do you mind? This would be a lot faster if you just brought her to my office."

"Yeah, well, I don't exactly have the resources..."

"Ahh well, it's okay. I owe Kirisame anyways. You better be thankful she sacrificed that for you~" You definitely will have to be. Normally Marisa doesn't give up a chance to extort someone like that so easily, especially not someone as potentially rich as a doctor. Maybe she's having a change of heart towards her thieving attitude, but if not, you certainly do owe her a big favor.

After a nice, long while, Dr. Yagokoro finally puts her stuff away and gives a sigh, not one that's all to confidence building either.

"So...how bad is it...?" She then sits down, and looks over at you after crossing her legs.

"It seems your youkai friend has incurred a rather bad strain of youkai specialized disease, a particular virus that only targets the preternatural bodies of beasts and other living things that have transcended their original species to become youkai."

"Youkai specialized disease...so..."

"It would effect this girl here because she is a nekomata at heart, and thusly still retains some of the weaknesses her old, feline body had. This kind of virus isn't too common but thrives entirely on the bodies of youkai to maintain the unusually large virion in the strain. I believe it's weaker, mammal infecting cousin would be influenza?" You blink for a bit.

"...so wait, Rin basically has a flu for youkai then?"

"Something like that~" Her cheerfulness at your revelation is a bit uneasing. "Don't underestimate it though, as it is capable of infecting youkai, a type of body normally capable of resisting most types of human illness, it is extremely aggressive and extremely dangerous. While you're safe, because the virus is smart enough not to try and take on a host too weak to house it, any youkai of Rin's type is in grave danger."

"That means...Rin herself..."

"Correct. I would advise you to keep her indoors and keep anyone that isn't human outside of the premises at all costs."

"B-But how do I cure it? And...how did she get it in the first place..."

"Well, like influenza before it, it's commonly transferred through the aerosols created by coughing or sneezing, but other then that, certain types of demons and youkai are naturally immune to this particular strain, as they will only effect types of youkai like Rin. However, the strain still has a chance of inhabiting the youkai immune to it and transferring onto another host...think of it like this, if a youkai welcomes this strain of virus into itself, then even if it doesn't successfully catch it's prey, if it strikes it, it will always have the last laugh~"

...that massive plant demon Rin fought a while ago. It all feels like some awful coincidence out of a bad novel, particularly ones you've read, except now they're real, and you're not sure if you feel like crying because Rin's life is in danger, or how pants-on-head retarded this all sounds.

"Either way..." The good doctor finishes up with an injection shot into Rin's arm. The mysterious fluid slowly draining away into her blood stream. It's anyone's guess as to what it is. "If you take good care of Rin, make sure she gets the proper medicine at the right times, she should make it out of this wil my expertise help." She begins to pack up for leave, though she leaves a small vial of pills in your hands. "I've done all I can, so it's up to you, alright~?"

"U-U-Uhh...yeah, sure." Her closeness to you coupled with that mature, seductive look on her face makes you pretty uncomfortable right now. Her being almost slightly taller then you doesn't help. This woman could dominate He-Man.

"Make sure she takes those every five hours, and only let her eat until only a few short minutes after taking some." You look down at the pills rather nervously, the weight of the situation starting to get to you a bit. You never liked the idea of pills. It was basically just medical science's way of telling you that you should be dead.

"Rin's...going to make it, right? I mean..."

"I told you already, this all depends on you. While my medicine will keep her from dying outright, she needs care and rest, and someone to make sure she takes her medicine properly, to fully recover from this." You just give a depressed sigh. After what happened a week ago, this was a sudden turn of events.

"Wow, to think she recovered so fast from that fight too...just when I was wishing I could live as long as her..."

"Trust me, you'll learn to appreciate death when your time comes..." You try to look at the doctor after she finishes saying that, but after looking around, it seems she already left the room. You hope Marisa doesn't mind showing her out without your guidence. You don't really feel well enough right now to move outside the room.

About a half an hour passes as you sit beside by Rin, her painful panting being the only sound you get to listen to throughout the time she's spent out cold. You've lifted your mood out of abysmal slump, and into just plain worried now. However, you're starting to notice Rin moving a bit more then she has been lately. Perhaps she's finally coming to. This is a good chance to do something.

>Try to talk to her and communicate
>Get something to eat for Rin real quick
>No words are needed, just hold her hand to help with the pain

Action? >_
>> No. 3724
[X] No words are needed, just hold her hand to help with the pain

Poor Rin hasn't had her medicine yet so food's not a good idea.
>> No. 3727
[X] No words are needed, just hold her hand to help with the pain
>> No. 3728
[X] No words are needed, just hold her hand to help with the pain
>> No. 3729
[X] No words are needed, just hold her hand to help with the pain.
>> No. 3730
[X] No words are needed, just hold her hand to help with the pain
>> No. 3733
[X] No words are needed, just hold her hand to help with the pain
>> No. 3734
>"Make sure she takes those every five hours, and only let her eat until only a few short minutes after taking some."
>> No. 3736
I believe Eirin meant Rin is suppose to take the medicine every 5 hours regardless. However when meal time comes around, and the timing is close then Rin must wait for the couple of minutes before she's allowed to eat anything else to let the medicine settle within her.

Food may actually hinder the effects or strength of the medicine. Perhaps not too much if Eirin says to just wait for a couple of minutes.
>> No. 3739
[X] No words are needed, just hold her hand to help with the pain
>> No. 3740
File 125976716251.jpg- (197.38KB , 894x1067 , 893b9d76f5a2be904a4989dfa1c7a155.jpg ) [iqdb]
>No words are needed, just hold her hand to help with the pain

You sigh softly. Not much good being concious will do Rin, just means she'll be awake to feel the pain she's in. A pain much worse then battle scars, an internal struggle between her immune system and this frightful disease you were unaware existed. And just earlier this week she seemed invincible, withstanding all that punishment from something so big...and then something a hundred million times smaller takes her down for the count. You suppose the deadly virus had been seething inside her all this week, setting up a perfect front to attack her body with without her even knowing. It's terrible, stupid, and really disheartening. All you can do is hold her hand and pray for her safety.

When you softly take her hand, she respond by weakly gripping yours, a sign of life, albiet pained life. That's when she tries talking to you.

"S-Satoshi...am I...going to die...?" Your hair nearly stands on end in shock, you can't believe she just said that!

"W-What?! No! What makes you ask something so-"

"I heard...what the doctor said..." You have to back down now. After all that she said, you suppose it wouldn't be hard to ask that, especially since it's ultimately your jurisdiction right now, depending on how well you can take care of her. But god damn, you're surely not going to let her die.

"Don't...don't say things like that, okay Rin? It was you yourself that kept telling me not to die, not go before my time so I could spend more time with you. What kind of example would you be setting if you di-"

"I hate humans..."


"...what was that?" You ask faintly, and Rin just gives off a bit of a weak smile.

"I...despise them...because they're so different...living...just to die so soon after...killing each other...killing themselves...to them life is...nothing but a passing dream..." You're starting to wonder when Rin got all philosophical on you. It's kinda weirding you out.

"R-Rin...save your strength don't talk..."

"I never...got along with any human...until that day...when Okuu got...a god's power..." A god's power? You think you remember Satori telling you something about that, explaining the reason behind Utsuho's weird feet and left arm. "Urgggh..." You take hold of Rin's hand tighter now, you can't stand to see her in pain like this.

"Rin! I said stop! You need to save your energy to-"

"To what? Live? So I can be different from humans...?" Rin summons the rest of her strength to turn her head to you, admist some of the sweat covering her face, you can see a bit of tears welling up in her eyes. "Don't you...want me to be human...?"

You hesitate. For a long while. While that certainly doesn't mean you want her to die, you get the feeling she's asking you this out of that context, a serious question. You really have to think about this. It touches upon the whole being a mayfly topic. A very touchy topic indeed, as you hadn't mentioned it to Rin since she got upset about it over a week ago. The fact that she has to ask you this...it's signifying that she's still upset about it. Hell, she just told you it was why she despised humans, somewhat. You can tell that your being human is definitely getting in the way between you and Rin, but is that something so easily solved by Rin being one herself?

You're...not sure at this moment.

Action? >_
>> No. 3742
[X] I want you to be yourself. Whatever happens you're not the kind of person to give up, fight until the end. Death is inevitable, but it does not mean we must let it come as it wishes. I would do the same thing for you, so our time together can be longer, even if it's just a few minutes.
>> No. 3743
[X] I want you to be yourself. Whatever happens you're not the kind of person to give up, fight until the end. Death is inevitable, but it does not mean we must let it come as it wishes. I would do the same thing for you, so our time together can be longer, even if it's just a few minutes.

Works for me~!
>> No. 3745
[X] I want you to be yourself. Whatever happens you're not the kind of person to give up, fight until the end. Death is inevitable, but it does not mean we must let it come as it wishes. I would do the same thing for you, so our time together can be longer, even if it's just a few minutes.

This works for me.
>> No. 3746
[X] I want you to be yourself. Whatever happens you're not the kind of person to give up, fight until the end. Death is inevitable, but it does not mean we must let it come as it wishes. I would do the same thing for you, so our time together can be longer, even if it's just a few minutes.
>> No. 3747
[X] I want you to be yourself. Whatever happens you're not the kind of person to give up, fight until the end. Death is inevitable, but it does not mean we must let it come as it wishes. I would do the same thing for you, so our time together can be longer, even if it's just a few minutes.

Better than anything I could think of.
>> No. 3748
>I want you to be yourself. Whatever happens you're not the kind of person to give up, fight until the end. Death is inevitable, but it does not mean we must let it come as it wishes. I would do the same thing for you, so our time together can be longer, even if it's just a few minutes.

You give a lot of deep thought to this. In the end, you can't really come with a definitive 'yes' or 'no' to that, because in the end, that isn't really what's important to you.

"Rin, I want you to be...yourself. Whatever happens to you, you're not the kind of person to just give up. You should fight until the end. Death is unavoidable, and inevitable, but it's not like we can't let it come and go as it wants. Trust me, I would do the same thing just for you, since even if it'd only be for a few more minutes, that would expand our time together."

Gee, way to pull your lines straight out of a sappy chick flick, Shakespear. You try to ignore the little voice in your head that's shouting that in your ear, however. You're trying to be poetic here!

"Satoshi..." Oh, here it comes. "...that didn't answer my question...idiot..."

Ouch. Another nail in the coffin on that one. While, yes, she's correct in saying that didn't directly answer her question, you were hoping she wasn't going to be thick headed enough to not get the cannotations you were implying, but you'll forgive her on the basis that she's rather sick right now, since if she thought too hard you're afraid she might vomit her brains out.

"Well, Rin..."

"Mmm...Satoshi..." Rin closes her eyes back again and her hand falls limp, possibly denoting the worst.

"R-Rin...Rin?! Rin!!!" You stand up suddenly, fearing something bad just happened, until Rin cringes a bit and looks back at you with a bit of an annoyed face, at least, as much as she can muster under all that weight.

"W-What...?" You blink a bit before sighing and sitting back down, that was quite a scare, though it kinda humiliated you. You then resume holding Rin's hand gently while putting your other one on top of her's in a kindled embrace of hands.

"Just please, try and pull through this. If not for me, then for Satori and Utsuho..." You then look at Rin and see her face has gotten redder then earlier. She then embarrassingly takes her hand out from between yours, withdrawing it with a bit of a shocked expression.

"Y-Y-Yeah. Sure." She then turns over in bed wearily, supposedly to rest. You just sigh a bit again to yourself. How weird.

You walk out into the living room to decide on what to do next. It's shockingly much colder out here then it was in your bedroom. A part of Rin's power is generating fire, so it may be possible that the illness is causing it to react and turn her into a hu-err...youkai room heater. The fireplace is of course, dry, you haven't bothered putting a new scroll in for a few days now. You like to try and wear you usage down thin so that you don't run out before winter ends and therefore, have to coax more out of Marisa.

>Speaking of whom, should visit Marisa
>Maybe Alice can give some advice on this situation
>Perhaps scrounge around for some food you can use for Rin
>Visit the human village in hopes of finding clues
>Head back to Rin's side; it may be boring but her health is most important

Action? >_
>> No. 3749
[X]Head back to Rin's side; it may be boring but her health is most important

Rin needs all the care she can get right about now.
>> No. 3750
[X]Head back to Rin's side; it may be boring but her health is most important
>> No. 3751
[x]See if you can't toss together something simple in your house.
[x]Head back to Rin's side; it may be boring but her health is most important.

Feel free to improve upon this.
>> No. 3755
[x]See if you can't toss together something simple in your house.
[x]Head back to Rin's side; it may be boring but her health is most important.
Good enough, for now.
>> No. 3761
>See if you can't toss together something simple in your house.

Does this mean something like food?
>> No. 3762
I would assume so, but you can never be too sure.
>> No. 3763
[x]Maybe Alice can give some advice on this situation.

Alice is always helpful. That Cute Bow really came in handy.
>> No. 3765

Yes it does mean food in the house as opposed to trying to go outside to gather foodstuff or shopping.
>> No. 3767
File 125982676554.jpg- (13.25KB , 235x148 , 080929_rin.jpg ) [iqdb]
>"Don't you...want me to be human...?"
>I want you to be yourself.
>"...that didn't answer my question...idiot..."
She isn't human. If she's herself, she's not human. Should we have started with "no"?
>> No. 3769

Being herself doesn't necessarily mean not being human. Maybe physically, but otherwise Rin could be human and still be "herself" in all technicality.
>> No. 3806
[x]See if you can't toss together something simple in your house.
[x]Head back to Rin's side; it may be boring but her health is most important.
>> No. 3807
[x]See if you can't toss together something simple in your house.
[x]Head back to Rin's side; it may be boring but her health is most important.
>> No. 3811
>Head back to Rin's side; it may be boring but her health is most important.

You sigh softly. You can't really stay out here much longer. Not only does Rin need you, but it's just so...empty in the house without her, it seems. Knowing she's not going to come out of that bedroom, and either happily greet you or hit you from out of nowhere with one of her snarky jabs. You contemplate fixing some food, but you don't know if Rin will be awake anytime soon to eat and you yourself aren't feeling particularly hungry. Must be the bad mood. It's enough to sink your stomach down at the bottom of your abdomen. Very disheartening. You hurry back into the bedroom feeling worry for Rin piling up like bucket full of water under a rapidly running faucet.

As you sit next to Rin in bed, you start wondering again why you came in here. She's sleeping. You staring over her unmoving body isn't going to do anything. You almost entertain the thought of going back out into the living room, but then your worry gets to you again. What if Rin suddenly goes into shock? What if she needs you? Would she be able to reach you? You know you can't just sit here all day...or could you? You couldn't bear the thought of leaving Rin in this sorry state...what kind of man would you be? But then she might be uncomfortable with you constantly watching over her like this. Maybe you could sit looking away from the bed...no, that wouldn't work. Besides, you're not sure...wait.

...oh god, you're obsession over Rin.

You shake your head of evil thoughts, and try to recompose yourself. What just transpired? You started thinking about Rin's sickness, then things utterly and hopelessly snowballed. You need to get over yourself. More over, you need to calm your heart rate. Admist all this, you're starting to realize something, and it all likely started with the whole notion a week ago of no longer treating Rin as a pet. Ever since then, she very rarely ever went into cat form, if ever. You think she may have done it a grand total of two times since you told her that. She slept, she ate, she did everything in human form up to now, and she still refuses to regress back into a feline even during an intense illness, where it might possibly benefit her, even though you're not fully sure. You'd ask, but you get this feeling there's bias going on, and it stems from you.

You have to think this over a bit more carefully now. There may have been more to it then what you thought when Rin first asked you if you wanted her to be human. Maybe she was asking it in much more then a physical sense? Perhaps she was asking you if you wanted her to act more human? Grr, you don't know. The whole thing gives you headaches, much like it has been since Rin first got here, and in all honesty, you're not sure if you'd have it any other way. It would feel even more awkward then it did now if everything actually went perfectly. Still though, there has to be some sort of closure to this. You've known and been with Rin for months, almost a year now, but it wasn't until recently that the two of you started looking at each other seriously, through different eyes, and started living together...that's probably the most defining trait here. The lack of Satori means Rin has no one to look proud in front of, and spending so much time with you...does this mean all this time you've been spending with a candid Rin?

You snap yourself out of your stupor induced by the little voices in your head when you realize almost an hour as passed. Rin appears to be having trouble sleeping. She's tossing and turning, moaning and groaning, sweat running down her face and torso heaving up and down from the panting. You watch her for a couple moments before she eventually opens her pained eyes slightly, revealing quite a painful expression. You're still prepared to help in any way you can though, so you have to reach out to her and try helping her, even if...just this once.

"...R-Rin. Are you okay?"

"Nnngh..." Doesn't sound like she can give you a solid answer just yet.

"Rin...just remember that I'm here for you. If you need anything, ju-" You stop suddenly, your mind goes totally blank. You're not even sure why until you reenter reality and notice Rin's hand clinging to your sleeve weakly, her apparent distress getting the best of her, her face and expression cringing in constant pain. You can't continue. You couldn't. Not while she's like this. You take the hand reaching for you with your other one, holding it in a bit of a gentle, kind manner. Yeah, that works. With the hand she was gunning for earlier, you reach over to softly carress her forehe-

OW! SHIT! That fuckin' burns! You're lucky you didn't yelp out, especially with how sudden it was. You knew she'd be having a fever but she's practically a boiler up there. This must come with the whole fact that being a youkai, her body is fifty times more resiliant then a human's, and thusly, requires something fifty times more powerful to take her down like this. You're strong though. You've been through it yourself. Illness, famine, sickness...all alone. But you aren't going to let Rin go through that, not by herself, oh no. You prepare your hand for a second journey and, even though it burns like sticking your hand in an open flame at first, you manage to gently stroke Rin's hair off her forehead. You then feel more relieved.

It's at this point, Rin vaguely opens her eyes, now filled with more fatigue then pain, seems it's calmed down for now. Perhaps she's approached the eye of the storm.


"What is it? Do you need something?" You have to try rather hard from continuing in a bit of an obsessive manner. Your emotions are riding a big wave and you wanna kick yourself i nthe head for nearly overreacting to all this.


Rin appears to be unable to finish her sentence. You don't know if this is a prompt to fill in the blanks or not. Being inexperienced at taking care of someone while they're sick is starting to bite you back. But there's plenty you could do for Rin...

>Ask Rin if she's hungry
>Get Rin to take some medicine
>Offer a sponge bath
>Read Rin a story

Action? >_

Sorry for not posting in a while, hilariously enough I came down with a fever a while back but I'm all better now.
>> No. 3813
[x] Ask Rin if she's hungry.
-[x] Find a bowl and fill it with cold water. Dipe a towel or washcloth, wring it out a bit and use it to wipe her forehead to try to help lower her fever.
>> No. 3815
[x] Ask Rin if she's hungry.
-[x] Find a bowl and fill it with cold water. Dip a towel or washcloth, wring it out a bit and use it to wipe her forehead to try to help lower her fever.
>> No. 3816
[x] Ask Rin if she's hungry.
-[x] Find a bowl and fill it with cold water. Dip a towel or washcloth, wring it out a bit and use it to wipe her forehead to try to help lower her fever.
>> No. 3817
[x] Ask Rin if she's hungry.
-[x] Find a bowl and fill it with cold water. Dip a towel or washcloth, wring it out a bit and use it to wipe her forehead to try to help lower her fever.
>> No. 3818
x] Ask Rin if she's hungry.
-[x] Find a bowl and fill it with cold water. Dip a towel or washcloth, wring it out a bit and use it to wipe her forehead to try to help lower her fever
[x] Medication schedule check. (Just making sure)
>> No. 3820
>Ask Rin if she's hungry.
>Find a bowl and fill it with cold water. Dip a towel or washcloth, wring it out a bit and use it to wipe her forehead to try to help lower her fever.

Wait, better get your priorities straight first. Wouldn't do you any good asking then leaving right after! Or if she was hungry, then coming back with a bowl of water might send wrong signals. It's okay, you've learned to properly order your actions before executing them since that incident at the Yakumo household!

Yeesh, never again.

Either way, you tell Rin to sit tight and wait for you as you quickly rush off into the bathroom. No, wait, what're you doing, there's no bowls in the bathroom! You grab a washcloth while you're here anyways since you made the trip. You then rush off into the kitchen and grab a good bowl you can easily dip into without soiling yourself. You fill it with mildly cold water and come hurrying back to the bedroom. Rin is as you left her. You then softly dip the washclooth into the bowl to absorb some of the water, then wring it out so it isn't hopelessly dripping wet, just moist and cool. After that, you carefully apply it to Rin's fo-...is that steam? You could swear you hear sizzling. You'll leave it like that for a few moments before turning it over and hopefully not scalding yourself.

"Rin...are you hungry? I can fix you anything you like." You sound rather worried about her, you want to calm down but it's hard to hold back like this, especially when the prospect of her dying on your bed like this is constantly knocking on your door. Ready to bust it down at any moment. As long as you take good enough care of her, she should be fine, that's what the doctor said...though, you're kinda short on how you would take care of a youkai right now. Doesn't seem to be much you can do for Rin.

"A-Ah...no...Satoshi..." Rin takes a few more panting breaths before looking over at you and smiling kinda weakly. "Thanks...though..." You're still worried, but deep down, on the inside, you're extremely happy. This is awakening some odd joy in your heart you haven't really felt before. What it actually is you're not ready to delve into right now though. You have bigger fish to fry then entertaining the little voices in your head.

"Well...is there anythhing I can do for you then?"

"Just...stay here with me..." Rin closes her eyes again part way through the sentence, and starts panting again. It isn't long before she seems to be cringing again. Oh no, the eye has passed, the storm is brewing once more.

You know it's not too far off that Rin will be in intense pain again. The wet washcloth is probably helping but that doesn't fix the rest of the problem. You can see Rin starting to shake. You don't have much time, if you're going to do something to help Rin, now would have to be that time.

>The medicine! She needs to take the medicine!
>There might be a way to get her comfort to the rest of her body...
>Bail; quickly go out in search of Marisa/Alice to help you with this
>Not much you can do other then sit back and wait it out

Action? >_
>> No. 3821
How many hours passed since her last dosage if she had one at all?
>> No. 3824
Good question, unless that part is taken care of automatically considering our perception of time seems different to theirs; which I doubt but still.

It didn't seem too long since she's taken some medicine, assuming she had taken some. For now though unless someone thinks of something better though.

[X]There might be a way to get her comfort to the rest of her body without leaving her side at the moment
-[x]Continue with the damp cloth treatment

She did ask for Satoshi to be by her side before she lapsed back again, she very well may feel better when he's with her than when he's away at the moment despite her suffering.

Again unless we're aware of the timing, it may be too soon to take the medicine.
>> No. 3825
[X]The medicine! She needs to take the medicine!

Eirin didn't mention anything about overdoing it but not getting any at all might have serious effects and at this point the other options don't seem like they'd do much good.
>> No. 3828
[X] Check the time and compare it to the last dosage of her medicine.
-[X] If the time passed is reasonable with Eirin's instructions, give her the medicine.
[X] Regardless of the outcome, remain at her side periodically continuing the damp cloth treatment.
>> No. 3829
[X] Check the time and compare it to the last dosage of her medicine.
-[X] If the time passed is reasonable with Eirin's instructions, give her the medicine.
[X] Regardless of the outcome, remain at her side periodically continuing the damp cloth treatment.
>> No. 3831
[X] Check the time and compare it to the last dosage of her medicine.
-[X] If the time passed is reasonable with Eirin's instructions, give her the medicine.
[X] Regardless of the outcome, remain at her side periodically continuing the damp cloth treatment.

Works for me~!
>> No. 3835
[X] Check the time and compare it to the last dosage of her medicine.
-[X] If the time passed is reasonable with Eirin's instructions, give her the medicine.
[X] Regardless of the outcome, remain at her side periodically continuing the damp cloth treatment.
>> No. 3836
[X] Check the time and compare it to the last dosage of her medicine.
-[X] If the time passed is reasonable with Eirin's instructions, give her the medicine.
[X] Regardless of the outcome, remain at her side periodically continuing the damp cloth treatment.
>> No. 3839
[X] Check the time and compare it to the last dosage of her medicine.
-[X] If the time passed is reasonable with Eirin's instructions, give her the medicine.
[X] Regardless of the outcome, remain at her side periodically continuing the damp cloth treatment.
>> No. 3855

You look over at the clock and try to estimate how long it's been since Rin's last treatment. Actually, come to think of it...

You take the bottle of pills the doctor gave to you and examine it. It's not open. In fact, it looks like it hasn't been opened in a long while. It's still full! You honestly don't know if that injection counted as a dosage but right now it doesn't feel too far from the truth that Rin has actually not had any medicine at all yet. Maybe you should've tried giving Rin the medicine a nice while ago, while she was still in decent enough condition. Way to go. After reading the instructions properly, though quickly, you hastily get the bottle open and put two pills in your hand. You then look back at Rin.

"Come on Rin, you need to take your medicine...ohh..." It's no good. She's shaking, cringing in pain, her mind now shut off from the rest of the world. You're gonna have to force it down her throat, it may be unpleasant for the both of you, but it has to be done, otherwise...

First, you need water. Water...there's still some left in the bowl...no. No, what the hell are you thinking? You dipped a washcloth in it earlier, and she's not a pet to you anymore. Although speaking of which, it probably needs to be replaced now...

No, wait, the medicine, priorities, right. You rush into the kitchen for a glass of water and come running back into the bedroom.

As a note, your body is starting to waver under the kind of pressure your emotions are putting it under. The constant rushing is wearing it down much faster then it should.

You sink an arm under Rin's body, but holy hell it burns. Not nearly as much as her forehead, but if you had prolonged exposure to her body like this, it'd certainly singe your skin. You tirelessly lift Rin into a bit of a sitting position either way. But it's really difficult. This is going to require a lot of strength, stamina, and coordination.

Rin's convulsions don't really help in this situation. Her frantic panting, frequent cringing and frenzied twitching make sitting her up just a little a challenge. Not to mention that you need to do this with one arm, the other needs to make sure she properly takes the medicine. After propping her up to the best of your ability, with the pills and glass of water in hand, you prepare to do this. Popping one pill into her mouth gently and then carefully pouring some water in...you don't do a good job at that last bit, as water softly streams down both sides of her mouth, down her neck and dampening the camisole a bit that she was wearing. Jeez, you'd find this kinda arousing but this is far from the time for that kind of thing.

"Come on Rin, swallow..." You delicately close Rin's mouth by lifting her chin with quite possibly the only free finger you have on your hand holding the remaining pill and the glass of water. After a short while, Rin's eyes shoot open and she rather painfully downs the water and medicine with an exhausted groan.

"S-Satoshi...it hurts..." She seems to be in more pain than ever now, but at least she's come to.

"I'm sorry Rin, but one more, it'll help, I promise." You fetch the last pill from the palm of your hand and feed it to Rin, and get her to drink some more water. The water goes in much easier this time due to Rin being conscious for it, even helping with one of her own hands. After you get the glass of water set down though, Rin turns over towards you, leaning into you and hanging onto your clothing for dear life. The washcloth previously on her forehead makes a soggy splat sound on the floor right under you. You're...not sure how to take this mentally, but at the very least, you get up off the chair and sit at the edge of the bed, cradling the upper half of Rin's tortured body. It takes a few moments for you to just stop thinking too much into this and sigh your troubles away. No good acting like you're the sick one here right now.

After a few minutes, Rin seems to apparently calm down, her convulsions faded away and left with just hot panting. Her cringing seems to have disappated too. Is this how fast acting the medicine is? Maybe it's a powerful pain killer inside the medicine. You're not sure, but maybe this is a good time to find out. You remember there being a label on the bottle. You go ahead and stretch over for it, taking it from it's perch on the nearby table.

Hmm...pyro...neuro...something-something-ortho...Wow, you can't piece the name together at all. You're not even sure if you got it right. Scientific terms were always beyond your comprehension. It does list some basic things though, like what's in it (filled with even more complicated scientific terms you aren't about to go into), directions, risks, etc...then you spy an odd little line. 'Best taken with food?' Come to think of it, the doctor mentioned something about having Rin only eat a few minutes after taking some...perhaps she meant that Rin shouldn't eat unless it's soon after taking the medication?

Uh oh. In that case you better get started now, it's already been almost ten minutes. You gently dislodge yourself from between Rin and the bed and wall, then quickly get to the kitchen. Along the way you notice your hand is slightly singed from the heat. It's probably kinda tender right now. Just what you need. You still have to cook either way. When you get to the kitchen, you look around for something to make. The house was restocked on food two days ago, and with Rin here, you splurged and got more then you usually get. Nevermind the fact that you don't get much money, you'll just have to keep giving Marisa IOUs. On more important matters though, what do you make a sick cat girl youkai who's come down with a super flu?

Action? >_
>> No. 3857
[X]Check what food's available and see if you can make some kind of soup.
>> No. 3858
[X]Check what food's available and see if you can make some kind of soup.

simple and quick for now.
>> No. 3868
[X]Check what food's available and see if you can make some kind of soup.
>> No. 3870
>Check what food's available and see if you can make some kind of soup.

Well, as stated, there's plenty of food to choose from, as you restocked not too long ago. There's some salmon Rin asked (read: pleaded) you to get when you went shopping with her a couple days back. Then there's a bit of chicken you got, still fresh. Of course, there's always standard beef that the human village churns out at an alarming rate. And if that doesn't clean your pallete, you got a host of different vegetables too. Veggies were your primary source of nutrition for a nice while, still is, which is why you tend to get a lot. You're pretty handy with cooking with them, so you like to believe.

That's all that stands out to you when it comes down to making some sort of soup. You have different kinds of noodles and tofu to help the process along too and make it not seem too bland. What will it be?

>Salmon stew
>Chicken soup
>Beef Potpourri
>Just plain vegetables will do
>> No. 3871
[x] Chicken soup

Let's save the salmon for when she gets better. Stew would be a waste.
>> No. 3874
[X]Chicken soup

Yeah I wouldn't want to relate a favorite food with illness so the salmon can wait. hopefully till she's much better to enjoy it
>> No. 3875
[X]Chicken soup

Cats like birds for food, and Chicken soup is a highly believed in helping with illinesses, and this being Gensokyo its healing properties must have gotten a boost (sure it's no replacement for Eirin, but I'd figure it'd have some effect)
>> No. 3876
[X]Chicken soup
>>3875 has a good point about belief. Maybe Eirin's medicine is a placebo empowered by Satoshi's desire for it to work.
>> No. 3890
[x] Chicken soup
>> No. 3897

Doubt it, I'm sure believing in it would help though.

But I don't think Eirin would be one to pull such a stunt with a serious illness.
>> No. 3901
[+] Chicken soup

We can make another batch with noodles later, when she's feeling a little better.
>> No. 3947
>Chicken soup

Something nice and simple will do. Chicken soup was something people of the human village always made during the flu season anyways. It makes sense. You get some things together and start cooking. During set up, preperation, execution and serving, you start...thinking. While you should focus one hundred percent on the task at hand, you've been cooking long enough that your mind tends to wander as you preety much robotically churn out the dish. And of course, since she's been the focus of your mind for quite some time now, the majority of what you think about during this, is Rin. The little cat girl who's been staying with you in the absence of her master, a good friend of yours whom you met a while ago.

Your meeting with Satori was all based on luck, you were told to go see the local shrine maiden to deliver something for Marisa, since she was 'busy' at the time. As you were about to ascend the stairs, you looked up and noticed a little, pink haired girl already going down them. At this time, you weren't well aware of any sort of mind readers in Gensokyo, especially not this little girl being one of them, so of course, your mind was quite brazenly on the thought of her panties, which were really quite easy to see from your position. That's when the girl, suddenly surprised, pushes her skirt down, and in the haste, ends up slipping on one of her steps down, causing her to trip forward. Being the quick thinker that you are, you sprint up the stairs a bit just in time to catch her, though the momentum just throws you and her down the stairs, culminating with you laying at the bottom, holding onto the girl for dear life. You swear you could still feel the awful pain in your back from that tumble.

After all was said and done though, the girl offered her name to you as Satori, and told you she was indebted to you for what you did. While you were modest about it at first, she went ahead and said something strange. "I will grant you a wish, not just any wish, but any wish that is within my power. Please accept it as a token of my gratitude." She seemed so formal about it at first, but in all honesty, you couldn't actually think of anything you wanted at the time. You didn't want money, because you felt being rich robbed you of your feelings. You didn't want to be famous, because you enjoyed being secluded. There were really no sort of material wants that you felt like having at the time. So, you just came right out and said it.

'All I really want right now are some new friends to help me get me by.'

Satori looked at you a bit stunned for a moment before giving you warm hearted smile. She told you that you were pleasantly honest with her, and unlike any other human she had met before. She told you that your reward would come in time, and that you'd know the values and boundaries of friendship, and maybe a little beyond that as well. This embarrassed you, because it sounded like she might've been coming onto you, and after that, she continued on her way. A couple days later, you got an invitation down underground to her mansion, and that's when it all began. Your friendship with her since then has been simple, chill and for the most part, comfortable. However, after what's happened, you're finally starting to understand what she meant when she had said those last lines. The little chessmaster apparently had something planned all along, as you felt it was strange that she gave Rin to you so randomly.

What's worse, you're afraid it might be working. You got over your image of Rin being a pet, which ended up influencing Rin's time between human form and feline form, you feel. And after seeing Rin as a person, and living with her for so long, you've realized that your seclusion and lack of a lot of experience has ultimately made thinking of Rin as 'just a friend' rather difficult too. You've had fantasies and such before about the girls you've seen in your life before, you've already admitted, but it's an entirely different story when you're living together with one, seeing her every day, having every meal together with her, spending all day together...it's like...it's like...you two are a newly wedded cou--!!

OW! The ladle you had once been holding onto makes loud clanging noises as it hits the floor. You had accidentally spilled a little of the hot broth on yourself. Maybe this is your body's way of telling you that's not a good way of thinking. You clean yourself and the floor up a little and wash the ladle thoroughly. After that, you finish up cooking. Still though, you can't deny living together with Rin hasn't changed your views on not just her, but yourself and on life in whole. Being someone who grew up in the human village, your views on youkai were simple; some ate humans, some didn't, but they all shared one common aspect. They weren't human. It wasn't until you started living with Rin that you realized that last bit is far more vague then it lends itself to. You've learned quite a few aesops in Rin's time here.

Without realizing it, you're in your bedroom next to Rin in bed, holding the served dish in your hands, carefully though. You then look at Rin, who's still appearing to be resting.

"Rin...Rin, are you awake? You should eat." All Rin does though is sort of whimper. She looks better then she did before, but still in misery and pain. Still, she should eat...somehting might have to be done.

>Go and find a proper bed table so Rin can eat in bed
>Try to feed Rin yourself
>Set the soup next to her and excuse yourself
>Simply wait

Action? >_
>> No. 3948
[x]Try to feed Rin yourself

Cats do like to be pampered, and I'm sure Rin's not really different.

I think Satori had us watch over Rin to teach her a lesson about humans, just as we learned lessons of Youkai other than magician types.
>> No. 3955
[x]Try to feed Rin yourself
Moving her is no good, and leaving her to eat herself is even worse
>> No. 3968
[x]Try to feed Rin yourself
>> No. 3969
[X]Try to feed Rin yourself

Should have her sit up properly so she doesn't end up choking on it going the wrong way lying down; in fact there's a lot more that needs to be done considering she shakes when lapsing into pain...


spilled soup = in more pain.
>> No. 3971
Cat tongue seems to only apply when she's a cat.

But I do think that getting a bed table and sitting her up would be useful if we're feeding her.
>> No. 3972
I meant she may be more sensitive to sensations than she would normally be. I know I was when I tried soup when I was real sick. Felt hotter than it should have been when I make it myself one time.
>> No. 3997
I've been caught up in a lot of christmas hustle, you know what that means; even less updates. But fear not! Come January, they should start picking up. Until then, updates will be sparse, or possibly even nonexistant. Apologies in advance.

[x]Try to feed Rin yourself

You can't really count on Rin being able to do anything by herself. Not in this condition. You'll have to help her as much as you can. You set the dish down for now and sit on the edge of the bed next to Rin, looking at her.

"Rin, Rin can you hear me?" You get more whiny responces from Rin. It's starting to look like all the sense in her mind has shut down and every bit of her attention is being gobbled up by the pain she's in. That's not good. You pick up her hand closest to you and put your other hand behind her shoulder in an attempt to help her up. "Come on, Rin..." You pull and tug a little, but it's no good. Rin won't sit up at all. Very troublesome. "...Rin..." You aren't about to give up though. You bring your arm around and over her other shoulder and lift her up into a sitting position, however she nearly falls into you as a result, and you have trouble keeping her steady. It's like sitting a heavy ragdoll up. Even feeding her in this condition will be a total challenge.

You manage to find a position where Rin is sitting up, leaning back into you, where you've moved behind her. It's kind of embarrassing and makes you somewhat more anxious then you already are, but it can't be helped. You then reach over and bring the tray the bowl of soup is sitting on over and set it gently down in Rin's lap, making sure it's level so it doesn't spill. Taking a short break to reconcile yourself, you move onto the next step. It's all a delicate balancing act at this point as even a little drop can put Rin in a serious world of hurt; that soup is still steaming hot. You take a bit of a spoonful and blow on it a bit to make sure it's cool enough for Rin, and carefully lift it towards her mouth.

"Come on Rin...say ahh..."

You continue lifting the spoon towards Rin, slower and slower, and she refuses to respond, even after the soup is clearly right under her nose. You gulp a bit and lightly press the tip of the spoon into Rin's bottom lip, and she finally gives a responce as her mouth opens ever so slightly. It takes a while, but a gentle pouring of the soup into Rin's mouth works. Though, you're finding yourself more and more embarrassed as this goes on...you've never really paid much attention before, but having to look and in fact, outright stare at her face so close, you notice the finer details of it. The rosy red tint of her smooth, round cheeks, the delicate strands of eye lashes, gradually getting longer ever so slightly as they reach the outer rim. Most of all, her lips are very well taken care of, as they look so smooth and soft...

Gah, all you can think about now is the recent chapter in the book Keine-sensei lent you. You had just gotten done reading the part where the hero and heroine kiss, and that part was practically hyped throughout the entire story. Curse you, Keine-sensei!

The blaming of wanting to kiss a pet cat on a teacher aside, you continue feeding Rin in this manner for some time, and while slow at first, you're eventually able to feed Rin more and more at a time as she slowly starts becoming more aware, and less in pain. Once the soup has mostly been drained, Rin now no longer looks like she's in much pain at all, just rather fatigued. The pills must be working now, absolutely. Rin is even using her eyes now, watching you take more spoonfuls and bringing them up to her mouth.

"How does it taste?" You ask her, after she gulps down another spoonful.

"It's nice..." Rin tells you in an exhausted voice. She's still tired, though you wouldn't mind staying like this. The physical contact is, for some reason, making you rather happy. You suppose it must be due to the fact that you haven't really had it since you were a child, having become pretty self included since then.

"That's good. I've been worried about you, you know. I hope you're doing alright." When you finish saying this, Rin weakly looks over at you.


Your hair practically stands up on end for a split second. The honorific she tied to your name just then was something you hadn't experienced since your days of childhood, apart from Keine-sensei. You've totally forgotten what it really means to have someone use that with you, until now.


"Thanks" is all she says before her head leans back into you and she closes her eyes. Looks like she's ready for a nap. Just as well, the soup is practically finished anyhow. You set the tray aside on the table and look at Rin. She's very clearly about to fall asleep any moment now. She's starting to look a lot better too. You don't know if her fever has gone down any though. Her pain is certainly being controlled, but in all honesty, you doubt she's out of the woods just yet. For now though, it'd do her some good to let her rest.

>Rest together with Rin
>Reach for a book and read it while Rin sleeps with you
>Get out from under Rin and let her sleep
>Get out from under Rin and take a bath
>Get out from under Rin and visit Alice or Marisa

Action? >_
>> No. 3998
>Rest together with Rin
>> No. 3999
[X]Rest together with Rin

sure why not.
>> No. 4000
[x]Reach for a book and read it while Rin sleeps with you.

I've always been wary of falling asleep with someone who would take pain from the slightest accidental stir.
>> No. 4001
[x]Reach for a book and read it while Rin sleeps with you.
He should just keep watching over her.
>> No. 4002
[x]Reach for a book and read it while Rin sleeps with you.
>> No. 4003
[X]Rest together with Rin
>> No. 4004
[x]Reach for a book and read it while Rin sleeps with you.

She may end up waking up needing to take a trip to the bathroom and need help reaching to it at least.
>> No. 4008
[X]Reach for a book and read it while Rin sleeps with you
>> No. 4020
File 126115400070.jpg- (18.29KB , 381x338 , updatePNG.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 4027
>Reach for a book and read it while Rin sleeps with you.

You lean back a bit in a laid back position with Rin now sleeping comfortably on you. She looks very content and peaceful, especially compared to before when she couldn't stop wincing in pain. You can't help but pet her a bit softly, sure, she doesn't respond to it like she normally does, but it's relaxing nonetheless. You hadn't been able to do it in a few days. Things between you and Rin have become so...casual. Almost practically going into a routine. It's creepy to think that you're getting used to living with Rin, and not just as a master to a pet, either. But the more you think about that, the more it feels like you just got married to her and the more creepy it gets considering neither of you have actually shown any serious feelings toward each other.

To get your mind off such awkward thoughts, you reach over and grab the book you've been working on reading over the past week. It's been nearly a month now and you're certain Keine-sensei will want the book back eventually. You're almost finished with it though, so you'll take this free time you'll have now cradling Rin to do so with this book. The whole reason why you have it in the first place is kinda silly actually. About three days before Satori entrusted Rin to your care, you were visiting Keine-sensei and she was commenting on a young love that had apparently blossomed in between two of her students. While she thought it was cute, you were being cynical about it, after all, these were primary schoolers she was talking about.

That's basically how it happened. Keine-sensei gave you this book saying you were too cynical about the youths' love and that you should learn more about it. Of course, due to this, you were heavily expecting a rather sappy romance novel that only girls could really get into, but upon trying ot out, you found out that it had a rather in-depth story line, complete with plenty enough of action and fighting, realistic emotions portrayed without any sort of bowlderization, and found the characters to be very likable, and yet very raw all at the same time, finding ways to relate to almost every one of them. They all felt so real, so human, even the demons felt more human then some of the people you know back at the village. You got caught up in the book so badly, despite nearly forgetting about it due to Rin's sudden visit.

Sometime yesterday, before you went to bed, you finished reading one of the final chapters in the book. It was interesting, to say the least. The main character, Sora, the mercenary swordman who had been traveling together with a group, recently came to terms with heroine, Matsuri, and they ended up kissing. This event had been the one thing you had been waiting for to happen throughout most of the book, simply because the sheer tension between the two was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. But of course, this meant a lot of things. This more or less confirmed their love for each other, which starts a lot of complications. One of which, being of course, the entire journey on whole; the reason Matsuri was traveling together with the group the story is focusing on currently, is to restore her lover and husband, who had been cursed and sealed away into jewel which shattered.

The entire story was great of course, the other characters, including an also cursed magician, a professional slayer, and a pair of small demons, all had deep and engaging personalities and backgrounds, and had special relationships with one another. The bad guys themselves were so well done that you fear the day they would be defeated once and for all, because you would always want to see more of their character. Even the supporting, lesser seen characters in the story were so full of personality, you think they could hold their own as main characters of their own stories. But up until this point, it had focused a lot on various different aspects of storytelling, with fighting, action, comedy, a little of a lot of things, but as you continued reading, the story had a big thing to focus on; the controversy of the two main characters' relationship. What of Matsuri's lover? How does Sora feel about all this? And why is...Rin groaning...

Half way into the chapter you just continued from, you notice Rin is moaning a bit in pain. The expression on her face is none too pleasent, but she doesn't look full conscious. You're honestly afraid of checking her temperature again, your hand is still recovering, from many things. It's hard getting your mind off the book though, the story is addicting...and you find yourself on the edge of realizing something with the story that's on the tip of your head, but you can't place your finger on it quite yet.

...wait, why you worrying about the book? Maybe you should do something about Rin...

>Prod her awake and ask if she's okay
>Get out from under her so she can rest more properly
>Resume wet cloth on her forehead and attempt comforting her
>Maybe she needs a bath...
>It's medicine time! Time Passed: Approx. 1 hr

Action? >_
>> No. 4028
Well considering it's too soon to be taking another dose, (1 hour ago since taken) Satoshi probably will need to get out from his position to let her rest properly, not to mention she may just need the wet cloth treatment for now unless she some how says otherwise.

[X]Get out from under her so she can rest more properly
-[X]Resume wet cloth on her forehead and attempt comforting her while asking her in between treatments if there's anything she wants or needs right now from Satoshi

Realistically making assumptions that she may want a bath, which I'm guessing may be the case, could be bad as it may anger her rather than please her; especially since she herself can't do it alone unless she managed to find new strength.

I'm honestly hoping some one can convince me that giving her a bath would be the best choice.
>> No. 4029
[x]Resume wet cloth on her forehead and attempt comforting her
>> No. 4030
[X]Get out from under her so she can rest more properly
-[X]Resume wet cloth on her forehead and attempt comforting her while asking her in between treatments if there's anything she wants or needs
>> No. 4031
[X]Get out from under her so she can rest more properly
-[X]Resume wet cloth on her forehead and attempt comforting her while asking her in between treatments if there's anything she wants or needs right now from Satoshi
>> No. 4032
[x] All Of The Above (including snickers)
>> No. 4043
[X]Get out from under her so she can rest more properly
-[X]Resume wet cloth on her forehead and attempt comforting her while asking her in between treatments if there's anything she wants or needs right now from Satoshi
>> No. 4044

Clensing the body during an illness speeds up the healing process a bit by washing off any of the bacteria and germs sweated out by the body, and generally helps the person themselves feel better too because who doesn't enjoy feeling clean? Satoshi would be more then happy to give Rin a bath himself, washing her, cleaning her...she wouldn't mind by this point...right?

[x] Maybe she needs a bath.
>> No. 4046
[x] Maybe she needs a bath.

inb4 Satoshi becomes James Sunderland incarnate
>> No. 4047
[x] Maybe she needs a bath
>> No. 4048

Hopefully she won't mind too much despite her being a cat youkai and Satoshi being a guy.
>> No. 4052

...maybe it can be a sponge bath then >_>;
>> No. 4053
[x]sponge bath
>> No. 4056
>Maybe she needs a bath

You sigh a bit and bookmark your page, putting it down on the nearby table. This will have to wait. You get out from under Rin and examine her a bit. She seems to be panting a bit, and possibly overheating. The sweat she's drenching herself in clues you into this. She's not convulsing though, so she might not be in terrible pain. Just suffering. Still not really a good thing. You think of ways to allieviate this problem. Maybe a bath is in order. You remember being taken care of your dear ol' mum, and she would always give you a bath and you'd feel much better afterwards because you got that stickiness off you and it regulated your temperature a bit. Combining that with the medicine means Rin has a chance of putting the worst behind her and making the rest of the illness trivial for the most part. Now then...

Just one problem. Rin's not going anywhere in her current state, much less moving much at all. This is where you come in. Yes, a valiant effort to save her from the clutches of death brought on by a deadly virus, you step up to make things all better! Why wouldn't Rin commend you for this? First thing's first, you sure can't take a bath while clothed, now can you? That would just be weird. And it'd make the clothes all soggy. So, you remove the covers off of Rin a bit and proceed to very eagerly pull Rin's camisole o-

"What do you think you're doing...?"

Your eagerness is displaced and in turn, you become frozen with a sense of fear overcoming you. You've noticed that Rin is gripping your right arm, claws drawn so it's very dangerous to move it. Slowly looking over, you see Rin looking over at you with quite possibly the coldest death glare you've seen her give you in a while. Looks like she's been awake all this while, your mistake! You were gonna surprise her, but in retrospect, that was a horrible idea you probably only went through on with total instinct. For once, you didn't quite think before you acted.

"I...I...uhhh..." You cringe a bit when you start to feel Rin's claws nearly digging into your skin. Ohh shit. "I'm sorry! I wasn't thinking! Let me go!"

"Explain to me what you were doing first..." You attempt to interrupt your panic for a moment to look over at Rin. She seems to be struggling just to keep herself looking intimidating to you, and you can really tell. You swallow your pride a bit, you know she probably doesn't want to hurt you, not in this situation.

"I...I wanted to give you a bath, to help you better...I-I should've asked first. I didn't think you were awake...I'm really sorry..." After a few moments, Rin lets go of your arm, giving out a sigh.

"Whatever...so hot..." Rin lays her head back down and resumes concentrating on her sickness. You in the meantime, you're cradling your poor arm thanking god you are no longer a future amputee. That was mighty scary. You arm has marks on it, but she didn't draw blood, so you're fine.

"Well...now that I know you're awake, can-"

"I don't like water." Rin turns over as she says this, indicating quite the flat out rejection. You think maybe this is just majorly laziness on her part though due to her illness. And maybe a little childishness too. She could still use it, but...

>Try to reason with her, this is what she needs
>Offer a sponge bath instead
>Abandon ship, leave Rin alone for the time being

Action? >_
>> No. 4057
Here. I stand for my vote. A spong bath is just as good and will help her with taht temperature thingie.
>> No. 4058
[x]Offer a sponge bath instead
>> No. 4059
[x]Offer a sponge bath instead
>> No. 4061
>Offer a sponge bath instead
>> No. 4062
File 126162552749.gif- (4.48KB , 406x342 , 1241743711729.gif ) [iqdb]
wait, wait a second

>swordman who had been traveling together with a group
>[complications involving cursed former lover]
>jewel which shattered.
>including an also cursed magician, a professional slayer, and a pair of small demons

>> No. 4063
File 126162583892.png- (6.42KB , 389x306 , holy_shit.png ) [iqdb]

>> No. 4064
Aside from that revelation earlier, we ought to make an acceptable argument for the sponge bath.

[X]Rin, I have another idea to help wash off the sweat and help relieve that temperature but have an open mind...
-[x]Offer the sponge bath.
--[x]"Rin, if you can trust me, just allow me to clean off the sweat and cool you down. You don't necessarily need to be in the tub so long as you can cooperate with me on this. At most all you need to do is to allow me to take off your dress, which for now that's as far as I'll go for your sake and swab away what I can access with a damp, cool sponge okay? You'll feel fresher, if not better, and it should help you in the long run.

real wordy I know, but its at least best that she knows exactly what the alternative to lifting her to a tub of water which she seems to want nothing to do with.
>> No. 4066

I noticed it, but found it pretty easy to ignore.
>> No. 4067


Anyways I'll go with this


Updates will come sometime soon...ish.
>> No. 4068
File 126174778562.jpg- (140.64KB , 850x531 , sample-6b9c0661b3bd27063562bb6e4dceb114.jpg ) [iqdb]
Merry Christmas.

"Rin, if you think you can trust me enough, then please, just let me help you cool you down and get that sweat off you." You lean forward a bit, putting your arms on your legs for support, sitting beside the bed Rin is laying in. "You don't necessarily need to be in a tub full of water if you can just cooperate with me on this. All I need for you to do is let me wash you, in fact I'll only wash the parts of you that's not covered by your pajamas. At the very least, you're feel fresher, if not better. It'll help in the long run, you do want to recover from this, right?" You sit there for a moment, but Rin doesn't respond, not for a nice while. You sigh and sit up, about to leave thinking that Rin has declined you via silence, until she speaks up.

"Satoshi...why can't I resist that logical sounding serious voice of yours..." You blink for a moment before smiling and sitting back down.

"Because I'm right and you know it. So?"

"Ugh, fine." Rin turns over wearily, she does seem better then earlier, but still terribly fatigued and under the weather. "If it'll make me feel better I suppose I have choice. I feel really icky anyways..." You can't help but smile, finally, things are going your way.

"Great, I'll bring in a sponge and tub of water really quick then..."

"Could you bring a big enough tub for me to sit in, if you have one? I don't have to make your bed all soggy..." You freeze in middle of your motion to stand up, rather surprised, though whether it's at Rin's thoughtfulness or otherwise is another story.

"Uhh...sure thing, I guess." You finish standing up and go out to fetch the required items for this venture. First thing's first, you grab a large, metal tub out from your kitchen, it's rather crude, but it's the only one that'll fit Rin. You then grab a large pitcher and drag them into the bathroom, grabbing proper soap and a large sponge, with a couple washcloths. You also grab a large towel for yourself, if you need the drying off. You know it's highly unlikely, but you always remember the golden rule Yukari taught you; Always bring a towel. For some reason, it always worked.

With all the items in the tub, you lug it back into the bedroom and set it down in front of the bed, but it's here you notice something. Rin's camisole and bloomers are resting a bit haphazardly on the table nearby...

"...what?" is her response to your awkward stare at her. She's clearly embarrassed though, knowing exactly what's on your mind. She answers that burning question seering a hole in your head. "I didn't want my clothes to get wet...besides, I didn't see any point in washing just parts of myself. I hate water but I hate being dirty too..." Ahaha, she may be a cat but she's also a girl at heart too, it seems.

"Well that's going to make it harder to protect your modesty in the end." You start off saying, as you empty the vat of it's items, organizing things. "It's not like I could blindfold myself and still wash you effectively, or, wash your entire body for that matter..."

"...what modesty? You've seen it already, haven't you..." The poor girl is clenching the covers on top of her a bit tightly while looking away, being the only thing keeping said subject from being spoiled right now.

"You really sound like you don't want to do this. It's not too late to turn back, or, hell, to put your clothes back on..."

"I just want to get better, I've never felt so terrible physically in my whole life...besides, I owe you some right to have control, after what's happened..."

Ugh, that's not cool. It feels like she's practically offering her body to you out of sheer submissive will. It goes back to the whole pet/master thing you thought you discussed well enough with her, though it seems weakness will keep her continuing down that mindframe. This isn't the time to argue with her about it though.

"Just take this and get in the tub. If you can't get in by yourself, I'll lift you in, but at least cover yourself enough." Rin looks up at you for a moment and weakly takes the large towel you brought in for yourself, mostly.

"A-Alright then." You take a big sigh and take the pitcher back into the bathroom, allowing a bit of time for Rin to get into the tub. You fill it nice and full with some warm water, and after waiting a few more moments, you walk back into the bedroom and find...

...Rin shivering in bed uncontrollably. The covers are moved aside and Rin herself is laying on her side, back to you. The towel is only covering her front side, with her two tails bending down from her lower back and curling in between her legs. While it looks pitiful, it's preserving an important part of her chastity at least.

"Uh...Rin, are you okay?" You say to her as you approach the bed.

"S-S-So cold..." You sigh again.

"Jeez, you're hopeless..." You then pour some of the water into the tub, so that it's just about ankle deep. This pretty much drains the majority of the pitcher so you'll be going back out once more it seems. For now though, you set the pitcher down and walk over to the bed, bending down and picks Rin up, in a silly bridal style you wish you could both stay away from and do more often. Oh, how nice to be met with our old friend conflicting feelings again.

You set Rin down sitting in the tub gently. Her body is extremely hot though. The fever is showing it's signs of over exhaustion, Rin must be pushing herself a little too hard. It's a pretty nasty predicament, you need to cool Rin down, but at the same time, uncontrolled cold weakens her body. Hopefully, the bath will settle things. You pet Rin a bit before rushing out the bedroom and refilling the pitcher with lots of warm water just in case, since scraping the bottom of the metal tub is the last thing you want to do. Upon coming back into the bedroom, Rin seems to have relaxed a bit, sitting on the tub, but her embarrassment, and hot chills, are very clearly noticeable.

"It's alright, Rin. I'll be sure to finish as soon as possible." You say this as you sit on your knees behind Rin and get things ready. You almost hesitate though, as Rin seems rather upset. She definitely doesn't want to be doing this. You try and force yourself though, because once it's over, both of you will feel better about it. Well, Rin will, at the very least..

It starts off simple enough. Your soak the sponge well enough so that it'll moisten Rin's skin nicely, but isn't too drenched in water that it ends up being too much. You start with Rin's shoulders and upper back, and washing her arms next afterwards. It's calming, relaxing, and rather peaceful. Rin's panting calms itself during the process, as does her shivering, letting you know that the warmth from the water is helping. Soon, it's a very peaceful activity, and as long as you take it slow, Rin herself doesn't seem to mind, until she perks up a bit and starts talking to you.

"You know...whenever...Satori-sama bathed me, it was always a hassle...she would try to wash me with so much water and did it rather brashly..." Rin doesn't look at you when she says this, but it's excusable, she seems to be just staring aimlessly with a look of forelonging painting her face. She seems rather emotional at the moment. Satori, having been gone for so long, and being potentially in danger of dying, must've been hard on her. You don't even know how long the two have been together, but it's probably much longer then you could comprehend.

"Did she always try to wash you in your cat form?" Rin nods softly in response.

"I hated taking baths so much. Any time I felt it was unnecessary, Satori-sama would always have to force it on me...but I think that's one of the things that brought us closer together..." You nearly stop cleaning Rin upon hearing this, but you continued nonetheless, unfettered by this notion.

"Huh...I see..." You're not sure why, but it kinda pangs you. It feels like you're being compared to Satori, to whom you know you'd never compare to, not in Rin's mind. Because of this, you feel the need to get this off your chest. "What...what about now then? What...I mean, how do you feel about this method then? It's a lot less water so..." You feel like you're trying to avoid the end result of what you really want to ask, but you're not going to go there. Insecurity be damned.

"...well, I still hate it, but right now I'd rather do this then get forced to bathe like Satori-sama makes me do. Besides..." You see Rin's toes twiddling a bit at the other end of the tub during this next part. "We can talk a bit more candidly like this, and I really like talking to you at times...bathing does that, you know?" Over the past few days before Rin came down with this flu, you and her steadily began talking more. It was very casual at first, just about random things, but over time, particularly yesterday, you found your talks with her somewhat addicting, looking forward to spending time with her to just chat.

It feels so incredibly refreshing to talk to Rin like that, something you discovered just yesterday you think. Talking with Alice, you always felt stupid, because Alice typically lead the conversation with topics you were nigh not knowledgeable enough about to really have much say in the matter. With Marisa, it felt very natural at times, but in reality, the two of you share little interests, and whenever it came down to when you two had nothing to say, it got extremely awkward. Finally, when you talk with Keine-sensei, it's more or less just you listening to her chatter on about her life or work. You hardly ever say much to her, and she, unfortunately, doesn't seem too interested in your life anymore since you left the human village. Quite honestly, those three are probably the people you talk to most, since even your closest friends in the human village, apart from Keine-sensei, all drifted from you when you left.

It's very nice to know Rin feels the same way about your chats with her too though. Your sentimental feelings though, come to a halt when Rin laughs a bit weakly, and says the following line.

"Haha, although...normally girls just talk like that when they're bathing together...it's not like you're the naked one here. Unless you wanted to for the sake of conversation."

You stop instantly, having to turn your head away, as it's nearly bursting out with blood. When Rin finished saying that, the thoughts came in...the oh so perverted thoughts. Bathing together? With Rin? Bathing with a girl before was a concept that had honestly never entered your mind in such a fashion before and now that it has, it's struck you like a ton of bricks. Oh man, you feel a nosebleed coming on...

"...I-I was joking, don't take it seriously or I'll kill you after this is over..." You look back and see Rin giving you a tired death glare, or, well, maybe it's more of a fatigued annoyed stare, you can't tell when she's in this condition.

"Geh, no way, that's just creepy." Rin's expression changes, and now it's kinda like she's just looking at you quite unimpressed with your words.

"Then...why are you blushing...?"

"You had to remind me you were naked, okay? I'm still trying to deal with that."

"What? Do you realize how easy you are to tease, Satoshi?"

Oh, you know. Marisa has taken advantage of it all too well at times. Good proof might be the one time you made the mistake of bringing Rin over.

"...shut up and give me your other arm."

"Say please."

"You're pushing it for someone who's being hand washed considerately."

"I'm also not the one with a hard third leg here."

"...you tease Utsuho with that a lot, don't you?"

"Hehe, I do. She hates me for it but she know I love her."

After that short rally, Rin allows you to continue washing her. It's somewhat rare that you and Rin would toss sexual gestures and comments to each other in such a casual manner, but anytime it happens, it makes you feel a little bit better considering the awful start you two hard on that front, what with her coming out and claiming you as a dirty pervert suddenly. The talk continues on a bit, peacefully and calmly, as Rin displays very little actual energy. So the conversation more or less feels emotional in a relaxing sense. Although, as Rin predicted, it's a bit more revealing then the conversations you two normally have are.

"Well, I did do some pretty weird shit as a kid myself..." was your response to Rin being nostalgic about her youth, particularly her corruption of such.

"Really? I'm curious, when did you know about sex?"

"Eh? Why do you want to know something like that?"

"I just told you. I don't talk with many humans you know."

"Well...I guess it was like, sometime when I was ten or eleven, probably going on it."

"Did you catch your folks doing it something?"

"Ugh, I wish I was normal like that...this older girl I knew in school more or less taught me in a hands on and aimless kinda way."

"Ehh? Really? Did she like..."

"She just took advantage of me, I'll leave it at that." Normally, this is where the subject would start shifting directions, but Rin starts urging you to go on. You feel as if her own nudity in physical form is guilting you into thinking that you owe her some form of exposure yourself in return, so you do eventually give in.

"Wow, did she really do that? How old was she?"

"About fourteen, maybe fifteen, I'm not sure anymore. She was very straight forward with it though...but she wasn't very experienced."

"So she was just doing it to get that experience out of you then."

"I guess so, you seem a lot better yourself then she was at the time."

"Eh? What do you mean by that?"

"Well, what about you? I mean, I don't even know how you youkai think about sex."

"Well, most of the ones I know, we don't really think about it, it just comes naturally I guess. We know when the time is right."

"Oh, so is it like when you're in heat or something?"

"What? If you wanna put it that way, I guess. You humans are so vulgar..."

"Well excuse me for using vulgar terms then."

"We're a lot more honorable then you take us for, even if we feel it by instinct. At least we don't just go about doing it randomly for all the wrong reasons like you do."

"...there are humans that know when the time is right too." Rin looks at you kind of surprised. You've all but stopped what you were doing for the most part to continue on. "I don't know if you youkai deal with such a thing, but some of us humans, we do it out of love. When we're with someone we love and care for very much, usually we get very intimate with them until it happens...you say we all just go about it randomly with no real purpose, but there are people who take it very seriously and would only do such a thing with the one person they love most on this planet."

That was a rather sappy thing of you to say, but after reading that story, you get the feeling that's the kind of lesson Keine-sensei was trying to pass down onto you. You feel a bit more understanding of the whole concept of 'love' now, you think.

"Huh...love then..." You nod to Rin softly as she looks back down in the tub in wonder. "Then...should I be having sex with Okuu and Satori-sama or something?" W-W-What?! You could swear that you would have done a spit-take just now, had your mouth been full of a beverage of any sort.

"N-No! That's not right!" Rin then looks back at you a little confused.

"What do you mean by love then? I feel that I love Satori-sama and Okuu, so if what you're saying is true..."

"But...ugh. That kind of love is kind of like a family type love. Like the love you'd give a sister or brother. The love I'm talking about is more...uhh...intimate, I guess." Wow, you suck at explaining things. It shows too.

"I don't get it. What's this kind of love you're talking about then?" You want to explain it to her, but you feel that not only would you not be able to explain it clearly enough, but that she wouldn't really understand either. The love you're talking about is one of the most human emotions you can think of, so it's possible it might be a bit beyond Rin's understanding without her experiencing it firsthand. Something you're not capable of right at this moment.

"I can't really tell you, but I'll say that...you'll know the feeling when talking to someone starts making your heart race, or it gives you butterflies in your stomach knowing that you'll see them soon. It's a happy but anxious type of feeling I guess."

"...sounds troublesome." When you put it that way, yes, it does sound troublesome, and for some people, that alone couldn't describe it well enough. You ignore this for now to continue washing her up. But a few more moments into it, you realize something. You're run out of expose areas to clean. All that remains is her chest, stomach and pubic areas, two of which you're know you're not allowed to go near, but...

"...Satoshi, what's wrong?" Rin's noticed your hesitation. You sigh a bit, preparing for bad omens.

"Your stomach...I can't wash it with your towel in the way." Rin looks down at her for a moment before rather reluctantly lowering the towel down to just below her waist, covering her above-average chest with her free arm. She's looking away in a pretty embarrassed and apprehensive way.

"I don't understand what you're so huffy about. I mean, I think your stomach i-"

"Don't finish that sentence, I don't want to know what kind of awful things occupy your perverted mind." Gah, you can't take it anymore. That's just wrong, especially since you two were so casually joking about it earlier.

"Listen, I'm not perverted, okay? I have my urges, sure, but it's not like I'm out to catch a peek all the time or something." Your voice is as stern as it can get without being raised, something you know you shouldn't do to a sick person. "I'm only human, but I'm not any worse. Seeing you naked isn't a goal of mine." Rin looks down guilt ridden suddenly.

"...I'm sorry. I guess you're right. It's not like you haven't seen me before already anyways so I guess it doesn't matter then..."

"Not that I want you to stop, but if you honestly felt that way, why are you still covering yourself like that?" Rin suddenly looks like a realization just hit her square in the face.

"...I...don't know..." After a little hesitation, she's about to bring her arm off her chest when you stop her in a hurry, wondering why you weren't scared of that happening in the first place.

"H-Hey, what did I just say?"

"You asked me yourself, I have no reason to..."

"Yes you do."

"Then what's that reason?"

"Because you still have some modesty left in you until you willingly want to expose yourself to me like that." Rin just looks at you somewhat puzzled. This just goes back to the whole love thing. But it's a sign of hope at least, since even though she lacks understanding of it, she still tried preserving herself out of instinct.

You get back to washing Rin, making sure she continues covering herself, if only for her own sake, so she won't get insecure on you like that. After a bit of rinsing and more washing, you tell Rin she can lift the tower back up to her chest, only to receive no response...you even poke her a few times, she's out cold. Maybe cold, isn't the right word, as when you put your hand on her forehead, once again you nearly burn yourself. Her fever seems to be rising a bit again, you hope it's not because you make her lower the towel, though it's sort of amazing how she could fall asleep like that, still protecting her breasts in such a manner.

She still needs to be cleaned a bit, notably rinsing and finishing her arms. There's also the matter of her chest and, well, pubic area, but you're not sure if you should take advantage of Rin's state like that, even if it's for a good cause. It might still make her feel better though...and then there's the whole issue of drying her and getting her dressed again. Oh man, either way, it looks like chastity is going to be promptly flung out the window for this. Looking at your clock, it seems it's been almost an hour and a half since this all started too, so in effect, it's quite late at night now. You might have to put Rin to bed for tonight, and potentially get some sleep yourself, though the option of doing other things instead after getting Rin back in bed are still there, as always...

For now, you should probably think of a good way you're going to go about doing this. You might have to get a little creative if you still care about Rin's modesty, even if she's mostly unconscious...

Action? >_

also inb4 [x] disregard that story you were reading was ever any good
>> No. 4070
[x] Finish washing of Rin but avoid her chest and pubic area and dry her off the best we can while she's asleep
[x]Wrap a towel around her while trying not to look if possible and carry her to bed
[x]Find something to do for an hour hour or two in case Rin has trouble sleeping.

Not the best of possible ideas I know. Just thought I'd get the ball rolling.
>> No. 4071
[x] Finish washing of Rin but avoid her chest and pubic area and dry her off the best we can while she's asleep
[x]Wrap a towel around her while trying not to look if possible and carry her to bed
[x]Find something to do for an hour hour or two in case Rin has trouble sleeping.

Eh, we might as well.
>> No. 4072
[x] Finish washing up Rin but mind her chest and pubic area and dry her off the best we can while she's asleep.
[x]Wrap a towel around her while trying not to look if possible and carry her to bed
[x]Find something to do for an hour hour or two in case Rin has trouble sleeping.

I don't know if it's just me but I can't help but feel the exact wording will affect what will happen. If we say "avoid", it would seem as if Satoshi is by passing the particular areas as if it's a atom bomb with a hair triggering component; or as if it's a life or death situation.

If he "minds" the particular area, he's simply careful and tries his best to allow Rin to keep her modesty to the best of his abilities and actually treat her like a person, not a bomb.

Just saying...
>> No. 4073

I'm not as anal as I used to be. I'm much more laid back now. Consider me one of the more "generous" writers on here.

Gonna start writing an update now. I dunno why I stopped writing there, maybe it was too late. I should've known there wouldn't be much other choices considering how I couldn't think of any on my own without overcomplicated it.
>> No. 4074
>I'm not as anal as I used to be.

Yeah I felt this had been the case before though it had not been as apparent to most anon it seems. Whether that's a good thing or not remains to be seen, though for now at least anon appears to be flexible, if not, capable of adapting more or less.
>> No. 4077
File 126192428049.jpg- (824.67KB , 1400x1400 , 668d5ded0185b031c71bd70ebca0f1ea.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh I did say I was gonna update huh my mistake

>Finish washing of Rin but mind her chest and pubic area and dry her off the best we can while she's asleep
>Wrap a towel around her while trying not to look if possible and carry her to bed
>Find something to do for an hour or two in case Rin has trouble sleeping.

It's not really going to do Rin any good without a thorough washing. While you're iffy about touching her breasts, and certainly would rather steer clear of her crotch, you should still finish cleaning the areas you started, namely the arm covering her, her stomach, and her back. You still need to properly rinse them. Her stomach is no problem, you do that first of all, already exposed and free, it proves no thread to your progress. Her back is easy too, with a bit of effort. Bending her over manually isn't very pleasent, but isn't too hard. You freeze when you notice something though. Her arm finally fell off her chest. You don't see anything though, as you're too directly behind her. Maybe this is a good thing though.

When you finish washing her back, you simply pull her unfinished arm over and finish it up that way. It's so nice that things don't have to be a fedral fucking issue. After softly rinsing her down a bit, you declare Rin nice and clean. Perfect way to sleep. Hopefully she'll wake up feeling much, much better this way. Although, now comes another issue...getting Rin out of this state of in the tub and completely wet. Up until now, you've done things gently so as not to rudely awaken her, but you're afraid you might not have much choice. You're unsure of your ability to effectively dry, clothe and put Rin away when she's mostly dead weight at the moment.

"Rin...Rin, wake up." Rin seems to cringe a bit, but otherwise it's no good. The more you prod her, the more she just groans in pain. Her breathing is starting to pick up again. She may be clean now, but the longer she sits naked and wet like this, the more detrimental it's going to be to your effort to help her feel better. This is honestly much more complicated then it has to be. First thing's first, you need to dry her off. She has a towel in her lap but several things impede your progress there...

Keeping true to your word, being the honorable man you are, you try to block any sort of view towards her bare chest with one hand, even though she is in fact, asleep and probably wouldn't mind. This is about dignity, honor, and making sure you don't become overcome by greedy lust from the frustration of years and years of not getting any. However, this proves to not be helpful enough. You were going to just quickly snatch the towel away, but most of it has seeped in between her legs and into the water. Only a fraction of it actually ends up covering her pelvic area, and it becomes very revealing when it succeeds in making her fabeled 'mound of venus' stick out more. The towel is wet and soggy and pretty much sticking to any skin it can find, making picking it up without actually molesting Rin very difficult indeed. Still though, you start reaching down...and down...and...

No, no you just simply cannot do it. The moment you could feel a warmth being emanated was the moment you knew this was not doable by any sane means in your head. You can feel urges and hunger for flesh roaring inside you. Much of it isn't even under your control, oh how grand it is to be human. You wonder if youkai ever have problems like this. You certainly can't deny it now, you're highly attracted to Rin. She may be a cat in her true form, but illusion or not, some visuals are just too hard to ignore. You sigh and get up, immediately about facing and heading into the bathroom really quick. You don't like wasting cloth, especially the larger towels, as you have very little of them and washing them is a massive chore. But what must be done must be done. You quickly get back and wrap the towel around Rin, and begin drying her upper body off. With the towel covering her chest, it's rather easy to distract yourself, though lord knows what might happen if you too mindlessly kept drying her and groped her chest as a result.

Now comes the hard part. You need Rin to get out of the tub. Easier said then done, considering she's mostly dead weight for the moment. You try and shake her a bit in one last feign attempt to wake her, but it does you no good. All that happens is Rin just clutches the towel to herself more, seeking precious warmth. It kinda makes you wanna feel sorry for her, what with her illness hitting her so hard. You could just leave her sleeping there, but that wouldn't be the healthiest of options. So you then prepare yourself and walk over, bending over the tub and picking Rin up out of it. Despite being mostly unconscious though, Rin proves to be lighter then usual. It's kind of nice, the way she lays across your two arms and yet, doesn't put too much pressure on them.

After that thought though, you notice something. The first towel, the one that had been sitting in her lap for a while now, had slipped during the lift, and would now be sitting in the tub, soaking up water. Of course, you realize this the hard way. In the brief glimpse you catch, you ended up seeing nought but a small, cute tuft of hair, thinning out into the gap in between her legs. For probably the third time, you can confirm the carpet matches the curtain. Luckily, you didn't see much else, since the way her legs are being bent forward, makes the rest of her pubic area well out of sight from your point of view. Didn't stop the inevitable though, your shirt has a running blood stain on it. About as long as your stiffy, to boot. It's making you want to...do things to her! Curses!

Ignoring your frustration, you set Rin down on the floor gently, keeping your eyes closed, and while keeping her sitting up, you take care to dry the rest of her body off, in as calm a manner as you can muster, again, with your eyes closed. Wrapping the towel around her, you then pick her back up and place her gently on the bed. When you open your eyes again, you're thankful you're looking at Rin's angelic, sleeping face, and not the erotic imagery the dark depths of your imagination is conjuring up for you. Pulling the blankets over her, you sigh deeply to yourself and put the tub away, draining it of it's water, and putting things away. Throughout this, your mind has proven an awful persistence to you. now that you've acknowledged a problem, you find yourself dwelling upon it. Thoughts of actually wanting to be intimate with Rin...thinking about it, you've felt this way before, you were just...hiding it. Even though you're seeing her like this now, it's also only made you realize how much you actually care for her.

God...god dammit.

For the next few minutes, you've sat by Rin's side, just staring at her for the most part. You've admitted it several times, she's cute, adorable, beautiful even. You're starting to admit it so much to the point to where you could say you're attracted to her, in a bit of an innocent way. But the more you think about having seen her body for what it actually is, and about how exceedingly lonely it's actually been here, you're afraid that attraction might spiral down a different road that could endanger your friendship with her. On the other hand, if it did go well, there's no doubt she'd be a rocket in bed...

Woah, wait, that was a nice tangent your mind wandered off into. Thinking about that is doing your frustration no favors, that's for sure. You should do something about it, probably.

>Well, only one way to get rid of something like this...
>Go into the living room and get to reading a book
>Fix yourself some dinner, food is the best distration
>Sleep will temporarily solve all problems right now
>Get medicine ready Time Passed: Approx. 3 hr
>> No. 4079
[x]Fix yourself some dinner, food is the best distraction
>> No. 4080
[x] Well, only one way to get rid of something like this...

Dude's gonna lose his fucking mind at this rate. Let off some steam so we can focus on taking care of her.
>> No. 4081
[X] Well, only one way to get rid of something like this...

Works for me~!
>> No. 4082
And then Rin can smell the odor when she wakes up and reach all the wrong conclusions, right?

[x]Fix yourself some dinner, food is the best distraction
>> No. 4083
[x] Well, only one way to get rid of something like this...

He is a normal guy

But I don't think Orin's human form is an illusion at all, just that unlike other animal-based Youkai seen so far, she can turn back into a cat.
>> No. 4086

Satoshi suddenly forgot he has a bathroom..?
>> No. 4088
to clarify, >>4080 is meant to be a vote for going in the bathroom and locking the door first
>> No. 4089
[X]Fix yourself some dinner, food is the best distration
>> No. 4090
[x]Fix yourself some dinner, food is the best distration

Satoshi has been through worse, he can cope with it for now.
>> No. 4091

I think that's what the vote in general refers to, since he's not crazy enough to do that anywhere else.

That and he can stand to clear his mind before cooking (lest he ends up imagining eating some food off of a naked Rin.)
>> No. 4092
[x] Well, only one way to get rid of something like this...

Ye gods, "repressed" doesn't even begin to describe poor Satoshi.
>> No. 4093
>I think that's what the vote in general refers to, since he's not crazy enough to do that anywhere else.

This anon is thinking pretty clearly...

>(lest he ends up imagining eating some food off of a naked Rin.)

...until he starts giving me bad ideas.
>> No. 4094
[X]Go into the living room and get to reading a book

If his mind begins to wander again, he can just slam the book shut on his dick. Then he'll associate perverted thoughts with dick smashing.

It all works out.
>> No. 4095
'That' smell doesn't go away easily. Even more so, if you're trying to hide from a fucking cat.
Oh well, let's just hope he bathes afterwards or something.
>> No. 4096

Even if he flushed down a toilet?
>> No. 4097
[X]Fix yourself some dinner, food is the best distration
>> No. 4098
[+] Well, only one way to get rid of something like this...
Food is utterly worthless as a distraction. It only provides more fuel for the fire.
>> No. 4101
Will write an update sometime on New Years, hopefully. Votes are tied right now, if they continue to be tomorrow, I will have to flip a coin for it..
>> No. 4103
[X] Well, only one way to get rid of something like this...
>> No. 4104
[x] Well, only one way to get rid of something like this...
>> No. 4107
[x] Fix yourself some dinner, food is the best distraction
>> No. 4120
[x] Fix yourself some dinner, food is the best distraction
>> No. 4129
Just because I'm curious what'll happen...

[X] Well, only one way to get rid of something like this...
>> No. 4917
It's been approximately three months if more since your last update. I'd like to see you continue this.
>> No. 4975
the last thread is >>4113

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