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It's back! And now in /underground/!

There's a handy summary back in thread 2 (over in /others/) if you want to catch up.

And without further ado:


“Ah... I was wondering if you were all right... since you seemed tired, but Satori said youkai don’t need sleep...” You trail off.

Instead of being annoyed, though, she smiles. “It’s okay. I’ve just been using more power than normal these last few days. After a little rest, I should be fine.”

“Power?” You cock your head and to the side. Does she mean mind reading? If so, why doesn’t she do it like Satori, with finishing people’s sentences and such? Not that you're complaining.

“It’s nothing you should worry about. I’ll be fine after some rest.” She smiles at you. “You should probably worry more about yourself.”

“But then... that dream...” she creases her brow in thought. “Did you...” she begins, and then shakes her head. “... No, it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.” She steps back into her room, giving you a small smile as she shuts the door.

You stand for a moment, unsure of what to do. With a sigh of resignation, you turn back down the hall. You accomplished what you came here for, so you should be getting back to Satori, shouldn't you?. It’s not good to keep a lady waiting, especially your host.

As you walk, you start to think. Koishi said she had been using more power recently. But for some reason, she doesn’t appear to be using her power at all. Unless... she isn’t a mind reader.

If so, then what is she? She looks the same as Satori for the most part, she even has a third eye.

But hers is closed.

So, what kind of power is linked to a third eye that’s closed? And what happened recently that could make her use more of it?

You stumble, barely avoiding a nasty fall by grabbing the banister. Wait, why are there stairs here? You don’t remember using any before.

You curse yourself silently when you realize what happened. You weren’t paying attention, and now you have no idea where you are. Koishi is in her room, Satori is probably still waiting for you, and you don’t recall seeing many of Satori’s pets around last time. As far as you can see, the walls here are absent of any doors or windows. Is this the inner mansion?



As you ponder which parts of your clothing would be most edible when starvation finally hits, someone's shadow falls over you.

"Orin!" You jump up, before realizing that since it had really only been ten minutes, you were probably a little to exited to see her. She stiffens a bit, and her ears go straight up.

"W-what is it?" Her tails stiffened too. Hmmm.

You blink once.

"Ah, sorry about that. I'm a bit lost again..."

She relaxes, scratching the back of her head. Wait, that posture...

"Actually, what are you doing here? I thought you went back down to the fires."

Her face freezes. Bingo

"I j-just wanted to check something!"

You raise an eyebrow. Flawlessly, you might add. Training really does help.

"Hmmm... Anyway, what were you going to check?"

Her expression brightens.

"You wanna see? It's really cool!"

"Actually, Satori is waiting... for... Oh, alright, just for a little while." You really can't say no to a face like that.

She turns and half skips down the corridor. You pick up her pace quickly, walking alongside her. Frowning in thought, you turn to her again.

"How come you don't get lost?"

"That's a Secret~"

Did she just wink at you?


Part 2 coming after dinner.
>> No. 2421
holy shit, the Doctor lives
>> No. 2428
Part 2~


The room Orin leads you too looks almost exactly like all of the other guest rooms. Only most of the other guest rooms aren't buried under a veritable mountain of junk. Most of it's clothing, but you spy several cell phones, a laptop, at least one television set, and a radiator. The items are strewn about, piled randomly on chairs and, mostly, the bed.

"Ta-da~" Orin sweeps out one hand like a practiced salesman revealing his latest wares. "My collection!"


"Yea!" She looks smug, smacking her fist against her chest. "Isn't it neat?"

"What is it a collection of, exactly? And more importantly, where did you get all this?"

You attempt to tactfully change the subject.

"Stuff! Dead people have lots of interesting things!"

...You really don't think there's a tactful response to that.

"C'mon, it's not like their gonna be using it! It'd be a waste to burn all of this!" Her tails wiggle enthusiastically. Well, that's as good a reason as any, you suppose.

Is that a pack of cigarettes you spy on the chair? You step over to them. Why it is! What a surprise to see you here, old friend!

You flip open the top of the pack. Not many left. You pick one out and stick it between your lips.

"What're you doing?"

Orin appears next to you, kneeling on the chair and peering at you intently.

"Smoking. Want one?"

She tilts her head curiously. You pull out another and hand it to her. Copying you, she sticks it between her lips. Backwards. You reach over and carefully correct it for her.

Now, lighter, lighter...

Oh, wait, you can just do that.

You cup your hands around the tip of the cigarette. Focus...

A small, red, flame springs into being above your burnt palm. You lift it up carefully, lighting the it. She quickly breaks into a coughing fit, nearly dropping it on the ground. You take it from her hands, preparing to snuff it out.

Your glance happens to fall on the package. There really aren't very many left...

With a shrug you place it in your own mouth. Orin recovers, looking up at you incredulously.

"What are those even for?"

You smirk. "It's an acquired taste." You blow out a little cloud of smoke that Orin watches skeptically.

Her ears suddenly perk up, and she hops down.

She pulls something out of her dress and sets on the nightstand, then hurries over to the far side of the bed. The pile shifts dangerously as she rummages through it. The bed creaks as she climbs deeper into the heap, her tails waving about in the air.

"Got it!" With this muffled shout, she tries to back out, but-wumph!-the pile collapses on top of her. You flinch. Still, she looks rather comical trying to dig herself out.

She finally surfaces again, holding some clothes in her arms. She strides purposefully over to you and spreads them out.

"I got these off some guys who looked kinda like you, so they should fit."

You make eye contact. That grin...

"Go on, try them on!"

[ ] Tuxedo
[ ] Jeans and a plaid flannel jacket
[ ] Hoodie and cargo pants
[ ] That cape looks pretty cool...
[ ] Black dress- wait, what is that even doing here?
[ ] Other (Write-in)

>> No. 2431
File 125522224994.jpg- (34.34KB , 389x311 , ItsAlive.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Jeans and a plaid flannel jacket
>> No. 2432
[x] Jeans and a plaid flannel jacket
>> No. 2433
[x] Jeans and a plaid flannel jacket
>> No. 2434
[x] Jeans and a plaid flannel jacket

Nice story so far, this should liven up the board some and it's nice to see the doctor do a CYOA (his /shrine/ story is the better known one at the moment)
>> No. 2452
[x] A blue pin-strip suit.

>> No. 2453
File 125525269575.jpg- (39.54KB , 675x467 , tuxkamen.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>[ ] Tuxedo
>>[ ] That cape looks pretty cool...

Pic related.

But since I doubt that these are very practical.

[X] Jeans and a plaid flannel jacket
>> No. 2455
Voting called on "jeans & plaid flannel shirt."

Not writing yet, so there's still some time for last minute votes.

You didn't pick that for something petty like being practical?
>> No. 2456

It was a difficult call for me, but I figured impersonating Tuxedo Kamen in hell would be stupid at best-

>>Cape duel with Utsuho.
>>Satori asking how we came up with this.

...I think I just depressed myself.
>> No. 2463
>there's still some time for last minute votes.
[X] Tuxedo
[X] That cape looks pretty cool...
>> No. 2464
>there's still some time for last minute votes.

How did I not see this?

>>2453 here, changing to Tuxedo Kamen option, not deleting post for hopefully obvious reasons.
>> No. 2465
[0] Jeans and a plaid flannel jacket
>> No. 2466
I'll extend the voting period a bit longer, since there's a chance the Tuxedo Kamen option could win.
>> No. 2467
[x] Jeans and a plaid flannel jacket
>> No. 2468
Okay, since "Jeans and plaid" has six of the nine votes, I'll call it now. Voting is closed, writing begins.
>> No. 2473
File 125530957027.jpg- (114.64KB , 500x813 , 56dbbcbd4dc808aaa2263c6536c38342.jpg ) [iqdb]
Lumberjack suit is go.


You glance longingly at the cape, but shake your head. Maybe some other time. Instead you settle with something more normal, a pair of well-worn jeans and a nice brown flannel shirt. It's plaid, too.

"All right, all right." Picking them up, you walk around to the other side of the bed. You note with some worry as you remove it that the bottom of your left shoe appears to have cooled with a face print on it. You shrug and set your tie aside as you unbutton your shirt.

The bed frame creaks.

You pull off your shirt and slip your arms into the sleeves of the Shirt of Wonderful Plaid. The fact that it used to belong to a dead person is offset by the fact that it is both dry and, importantly, not stained withanyone's blood. You unbuckle your belt and unbutton your pants.

A surprising amount of shifting occurs within the pile. You hear a muffled gasp, and a pair of tails flail indignantly in the air.

Quickly, you drop your pants and pull on the jeans. Hmmm, belt belt belt...

You re-fasten your belt and step out. Orin finally pulls herself out and looks at you.

She 'hmmms' at you while fixing one of her braids. Her ears go up and down slowly, ponderously. All of a sudden she smacks her fist into an open palm.

"Wait just a moment!"

She goes toward the bed- no wait, under it. The pile on top had been enough so you hadn't noticed the stuff peeking out from underneath.

"Oof!" She stands up hefting something in her arms. Wait, is that-

"This was with it!"

-a chainsaw? Yes, it is indeed.

"It's fine, you can keep it, really."

She looks disappointed, but puts it down anyway.

"I guess I should be getting back down to the fires pretty soon..."

[ ] Offer to go with her.
[ ] Right! Satori!

>> No. 2474
[x] Right! Satori!
[x] But before going, Thank Orin for the clothes, and the offer of the Chainsaw (You might need it in the future)
>> No. 2475
[ ] Right! Satori!
>> No. 2476
[x] Right! Satori!
[x] But before going, Thank Orin for the clothes, and the offer of the Chainsaw (You might need it in the future)
[ ] And the black dress. (I put on women's clothing, and hang around in bars! I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay, I sleep all night and I work all day.)
>> No. 2486
[x] Right! Satori!
>> No. 2500
[0] Right! Satori!
>> No. 2505
[x] Right! Satori!
>> No. 2508
[¥] Right! Satori!
>> No. 2510
Enough of the anonbase has reported in, so I'll call it now for "Right! Satori!"

Writing soon.
>> No. 2515
File 125538026919.jpg- (371.04KB , 494x700 , 3898e10c547ac86823f19e61e94ca3c8.jpg ) [iqdb]
Update delayed until probably tomorrow. Have some oddly appropriate Orin in the meantime.
>> No. 2574
File 125552593642.jpg- (208.36KB , 712x712 , b46d1fc3642f80bf6bf08bb887ab2756.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry about the delays, work, etc.

[X] Right! Satori!

"I think I should be getting back to Satori now, too."

She's probably a little pissed at how long you're taking. Or worried. You're hoping that it's somehow neither.

Orin's ears droop a bit. She looks so pitiful...

Oh, screw it. You reach up and ruffle her hair.

"I'll come down and see you later, okay? And thanks for the clothes, by the way."

She seems to have cheered up a bit.


You wave goodbye to Orin in the hall just outside the front room. Remarkably, it took barely a minute to get back, and you never did cross another flight of stairs.

At the door, you hesitate. Okay, deep breath...

Quickly adjusting your collar and cuffs, you stroll into the room as casually as you can. Satori, seated in an armchair, looks up from her tea.

"You're back." She states, plainly.

Yeah, sorry, I got a little lost...

"For the better part of an hour. With Orin, I might add."

Her voice carries a slight edge, and her expression is blank. Carefully blank. You scratch the back of your head, and see her eyes travel down from yours.

"And you changed your clothes."

Oh, yeah, Orin gave me these.

"I suppose they suit you." She concedes. "And thank you for not taking the chainsaw, or else things would have unfortunately become rather... messy."

Was that a joke just now?

She drinks her tea is silence. Taking a seat opposite her, you pour a cup for yourself. You take a sip carefully. It's barely more than lukewarm. A small magpie is working on the remaining half of a biscuit.

You try to apologize again.

Um... I'm really sorry...

Satori sighs, but her expression softens a little. She looks... a bit sad.

[ ] Write-in

This write-in could be to say something, do something, think something, or simply do nothing at all.

Also, I really need to get some more Satori images of Danbooru.
>> No. 2577
[X] Oh, come on, it's not fair for her to keep putting on that sad expression! It makes you want to--
[X] No, no you really shouldn't try it...
[X] Fuck it! She knows what you're thinking anyway!
[X] Hug the Satori. Hold her close.

Can't resist sad Satorin~
>> No. 2578
File 125553152053.jpg- (107.48KB , 450x646 , 4c3c6f030699ffb722c3457f837b7b83.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Do your best to not get distracted by those beautiful eyes or that gorgeous hair.
[X] Think of a way to apologize without sounding like an ass.
[X] Fail miserably: 'Sorry for taking too long, Orin wanted to show me something... and she looked so excited about it...'
>> No. 2579
[X] Oh, come on, it's not fair for her to keep putting on that sad expression! It makes you want to--
[X] No, no you really shouldn't try it...
[X] Fuck it! She knows what you're thinking anyway!
[X] Hug the Satori. Hold her close.
>> No. 2580
[X] Do your best to not get distracted by those beautiful eyes or that gorgeous hair.
[X] Think of a way to apologize without sounding like an ass.
[X] Fail miserably: 'Sorry for taking too long, Orin wanted to show me something... and she looked so excited about it...'
>> No. 2581
[X] Think of a way to apologize without sounding like an ass.
[X] Fail miserably: 'Sorry for taking too long, Orin wanted to show me something... and she looked so excited about it...'
[X] Oh, come on, it's not fair for her to keep putting on that sad expression! It makes you want to--
[X] No, no you really shouldn't try it...
[X] Fuck it! She knows what you're thinking anyway!
[X] Hug the Satori. Hold her close.
>> No. 2582
[X] Think of a way to apologize without sounding like an ass.
[X] Fail miserably: 'Sorry for taking too long, Orin wanted to show me something... and she looked so excited about it...'
[X] Oh, come on, it's not fair for her to keep putting on that sad expression! It makes you want to--
[X] No, no you really shouldn't try it...
[X] Fuck it! She knows what you're thinking anyway!
[X] Hug the Satori. Hold her close.

>> No. 2584
I don't see much disagreement, so...

Confirm GATTAI?

[ ] yes
[ ] no
>> No. 2585
[X] yes

Looks good for me.
>> No. 2586

You mean of the first two write ins into the third? Or something else?

[x] yes

Either way this sounds good.
>> No. 2587

>> No. 2588
Okay, vote called for the combine write in! Writing starts soon, I've still got some work to do.
>> No. 2589

Vote called, I don't give a fuck. Voting is fun!
>> No. 2617
File 125563923610.jpg- (531.84KB , 900x1200 , 6282a2d322faceff07b09721222c52a4.jpg ) [iqdb]
This took a lot longer than it should have.


[X] Think of a way to apologize without sounding like an ass.
[X] Fail miserably: 'Sorry for taking too long, Orin wanted to show me something... and she looked so excited about it...'
[X] Oh, come on, it's not fair for her to keep putting on that sad expression! It makes you want to--
[X] No, no you really shouldn't try it...
[X] Fuck it! She knows what you're thinking anyway!
[X] Hug the Satori. Hold her close.

You try again.

Sorry about that, Orin wanted to show me something and... she just looked so exited, and I...

Ugh... You really aren't good at apologizing, are you? Staring into your teacup in awkward silence, you feel a warm, soft feeling rise up in your chest.

Her sad expression... You almost want to just-

No! Bad idea!

But, she does look like she could use one...

Oh, to hell with it.

"Eh?" Satori breaks from her reverie a second too late.

Before she can fully process your thoughts, you half-stand, stepping lightly around the table, and wrap your arms around her, pulling her into a tight embrace. She lets out a little 'eep!' of surprise, and her shoulders stiffen.

You stay there, just holding her, until her arms finally relax. She's warm, and soft. The only sound in the room is the both of your breathing.

After what must have been at least several minutes, Koishi speaks up.

"That looks like fun. Can I join?"

Satori nearly leaps out of her chair. You step back automatically, and-

Oh, the table was there, wasn't it?

-fall over, legs up in the air, lying on your back, and staring at the ceiling. You hear the clatter of dishes, and the distinctive "wah-wah-wah" of a plate wobbling, but thankfully no crashes. The last thing you want to do is to break something.

"I-I-I-I'll refill the t-teapot!" Satori stammers.

She rushes out of the room, only to return a moment later, snatch the the teapot hurriedly off the table, and run back into the kitchen.

Koishi's face appears between you and the ceiling. She's still in her nightgown, you note absentmindedly. She offers her hand. When your brains registers you take it, and she pulls you up to a standing position. She's pretty strong...

You slump down into your chair, thoughts muddled by the pleasent pink haze from Satori and the dull ache in your skull from the floor.

"Koishi... I thought you were sleeping? Or resting, or whatever?"

She plops down into a chair, swinging her legs idly.

"I wasn't very tired. Besides, it's been over an hour already."


Koishi glances at you briefly.

"You met Orin?"

"Ah, yeah... she was nice enough to give me some new clothes." Your brow creases. "I tried the whole 'no destination' thing, and it didn't work out too well."

You think you see the faintest hint of a genuine smile on her lips, but when you blink it's gone.

"Sorry, I suppose that wasn't a very good explaination. It's a lot more complicated than just that." She picks up a spilled biscut off the table and starts to nibble at it.

You lean back and sigh. There really are just too many weird things here. It'll be a while to get used to all of them. From the direction of the kitchen, you hear a little yelp of surprise, followed by the sound of something being poured into a sink and the hiss of boiling water. Is she okay back there? Koishi doesn't seem to be paying it any attention, so you assume she's fine.

After several minutes, Koishi swallows the last of her food and turns to you.

"Hey... do you want to learn to fly?"


"It's not that hard, really."

[ ] Sure, why not?
[ ] No thanks, I'm fine
[ ] Humans can't fly

>> No. 2618
[x] You're serious?
[x] Sure, why not?

Flight Instructor Koishi?

Oh, this will go splendidly.
>> No. 2619
[x] You're serious?
[x] Sure, why not?

I think we flustered Satori rather epically.
>> No. 2620
[x] Sure, why not?
Then we can go to the NEXT STAGE
>> No. 2621
[x] You're serious?
[x] Sure, why not?
>> No. 2622
[x] You're serious?
[x] Sure, why not?
>> No. 2623
[x] You're serious?
[x] Sure, why not?
We need to POWER UP to defend -the girl with strange eyes that noone loves- from her numerous and dangerous enemies that only exist in our mind.
>> No. 2627

I think that's why the hug flustered Satori so much, she's not used to that at all.
>> No. 2633
[X] No thanks, I'm fine

Perhaps Satori would like to teach it instead..?
>> No. 2634
First we managed to get Satori flustered and now you're just gonna run out from her instantly as she's going to comeback to an empty room considering the room is probably not conducive to flight training.

This sits well for others..?

damn don't I feel sorry for Satori;_;
>> No. 2635

She didn't say we were going to practice flight now.
>> No. 2636
You wouldn't be spontaniously leaving her again. Just to clarify.
>> No. 2639

Yeah she was just offering it, and I think Satori would like some time to sort things out for a bit.
>> No. 2646
[x] You're serious?
[x] Sure, why not?
Satorinrin can sort things out in our embrace.
>> No. 2649
Voting called, writing now.
>> No. 2657
File 125571414050.png- (327.58KB , 1125x1499 , efd0bcf8c34b112d0e58af990c538efb.png ) [iqdb]

[x] You're serious?
[x] Sure, why not?

You eye her and raise an eyebrow.

"You're serious?"

She nods.

Placing a hand on your chin, you think for a few seconds. Well, flying could be pretty cool...

Mental note: See about getting a razor, I could use a shave.

"I mean, what kind of flying are we talking about here?"

Koishi slips forward out of her chair, touches the ground with one foot, ascends almost three feet vertically, and lands flawlessly on the table. She then leans forward slightly, rising again, and twirls gently across the room, landing tip-toe on the back of the chair beside you.

She sways forward and back, arms outstretched, making the chair rock dangerously. You start to get up, when the chair suddenly flips backward. Just as the adrenaline starts to spike through your veins, Koishi leaps, easily going six feet straight up, and floats gently to the ground, doing three full flips on the way. She looks up at you.

"I could do more, but sister says I shouldn't fly indoors, It's bad manners."

Coming down from the adrenaline high, you bend over and pick up the fallen chair, setting it upright. Koishi has a very specific idea of 'manners', it seems.

"Sure, why not?" You smile. Not like it could hurt anything.

Satori comes back into the room carrying a steaming teapot. You notice a few wet spots on her sleeve.

"Sister!" Koishi runs over to her as she sets it on the table. "I'm going to teach him how to fly!" Satori looks up rather quickly at that. You shrug.

She creases her brow. "I... I guess if it's fine with him. Just be careful, okay?"

"Yay!" Koishi hops backward into her chair, kicking her legs into the air. Satori frowns at her, then takes her own seat and pours herself a fresh cup of tea.

The three of you make small talk for the next hour or so.


Koishi skips ahead of you, occasionally doing little pirouettes in the air. Seeing her like this makes you a little excited about it, too.


"Flight training," she calls it...

You lie on the dry grass, staring dazedly into white light above. The ground seems to be rather assertive today...

Koishi's head pokes out of the second story window. You dimly raise a hand to shield your eyes as she steps out into thin air and proceeds drifts down like feather, in sharp contrast to your earlier decent.

"Hmmm... I thought that would be enough."

You turn your head, prompting a bright ache as your brain wobbles around in your head like pudding.

"D-does that normally happen?" You wheeze.

She squats down beside you, hands on her knees.

"I don't know. It's the first time I've tried it."

Hahaha... such a pretty light...

"Hm? Hey, are you okay? Hello?"


"Ow!" You wince as the icepack is pressed against your head. You gingerly reach up to hold it in place.


"What exaclty were you trying to do?"

"Well, I thought maybe if you stopped thinking that you couldn't fly, you'd be able to, but... I guess it's more complicated than that. Hehe." She raps herself lightly on the forehead.

You scowl and let a long breath.

"And you're positive I can learn to fly?"

Koishi nods vigorously "I've seen it!"

What is...?

"You've... seen it? When?"

She frowns, very slightly.

"I don't remember."

You let out a sigh and lean back.

"I'm feeling a little tired right now... could you tell Satori that I'm going to sleep?"

She nods and steps out of your room, closing the door behind her. Ugh... today was pretty exhausting...

You drop leave your clothes on the chair and slip between the covers. You yawn. It feels warm...

[ ] Moving on cat's paws
[ ] A star is born
[ ] People-watching
[ ] Running with your eyes closed


Another dream choice, only less cryptic.
>> No. 2658
File 125571501452.jpg- (426.33KB , 1200x960 , 2416122.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] A star is born
It might be due to the fact that I'm mentally retarded, but I find all of these (except for the cat one) still very criptic. If I had to guess I'd say I'm choosing Koishi or the hell raven... I hope I'm wrong though. Satori's where the fun is at.
>> No. 2659
[x] People-watching

did we see a Satori dream yet?

I think the cat in Orin, Star is Okuu's, Watching is Satori's and eyes closed in Koishi.

Pretty simple.
>> No. 2660
[x] People-watching
>> No. 2661
[x] People-watching
>> No. 2662
[X] People-watching
>> No. 2663
[X] People-watching
>> No. 2664
[x] People-watching
>> No. 2667
I guess I might as well call the vote now. [X] People-watching it is. Satori~

Writing soon, but I've got stuff all tomorrow morning, so no promises.
>> No. 2670
[x] A star is born

Nuclear Star.
>> No. 2692
>> No. 2721
Okay, really short and took too long, but people keep trying to watch over my shoulder.


[X] People-watching

She stands amid the throng of people, flowing around her like a snake, or a river. She is the heart of an island, none come near her, none dare touch her.

She sees through them. Their thoughts prance lightly through their heads. When they see her watching, they turn away. They don't say anything. They don't need to. What they don't say hurts enough.

She still watches, silently, unprotesting, beneath a mask.


You wake up and shift around, yawning. Your eyes drift open briefly in the half-light. It's so warm in bed, you don't really want to get up. Ah, whatever, it's not like you had anything you had anything you needed to do today anyway. You settle back, contented.

The door opens with a soft click. Muted footsteps cross the room and stop by your bed. The person beside you lean down and places her palm against your forehead. It's very soft.

[ ] Just lie there.
[ ] Open your eyes.


I'll write a longer, more normal update later today.
>> No. 2722
[x] Just lie there.
>> No. 2723
[x] Just lie there.

I wonder if it's Satori.
>> No. 2724
[x] Just lie there.
>> No. 2726
[x] Just lie there.
>> No. 2737
{X} Just lie there.
>> No. 2738
I'll call it now, and get crackin'.

>> No. 2741
[x] Just lie there.
It had better be satori, I've had enough of that fucking cat.
>> No. 2742
Oh she's not bad at all, though I suppose some are still haunted by the Orin-block incident?
>> No. 2744

From IPF? Or something else?
>> No. 2747

IPF for sure, since no other story really had the underground, and in Grue's story the amount of time that's being spent with Orin as opposed to trying to find Kogasa or hanging out with Okuu could be considered a type of Orinblock.

Yet another reason why Orin's considered that Damned Cat (first would be her difficulty as a boss)
>> No. 2749
File 125591133423.jpg- (838.94KB , 1013x1200 , OHYOUGUYSSOFUNNY.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 2750
File 125591358548.jpg- (295.79KB , 600x800 , 12eb6baee96d25e0a139dadb7a31363e.jpg ) [iqdb]
Feeling a little out of it right now, hopefully the update is okay.


[X] Just lie there.

You sink lower into the covers, letting out a contented sigh. The hand brushes your hair, ever so gently.

A smile comes to your face. This is nice too...

You drift blissfully back to sleep.


You are rudely awakened as something very, very, heavy lands on your chest. Your mom had a cat that did that once, but it was a lot lighter.

When you finally stop wheezing, you finally get a good look at the perpetrator. It's Koishi, surprisingly.

"What did you want, Koishi?"

"I wanted to make sure you were okay."

Not. Helping.

"I'm a bit better now, thank you for asking."

"You're welcome." She says, completely serious.

You sigh and shake your head. She really doesn't understand sarcasm, does she? Oh well. You start to get out of bed, then notice your clothing still in a pile on the chair. All of your clothing.

"Koishi, could you... step outside for a bit?"

She looks at your blankly, then tilts her head.

"So I can get dressed? Please?"

She nods and hops off your bed. The door closes behind her with a click.

Breathing out a small, musing sigh, you hastily pull on your clothes.


"Flight training didn't work as well as I hoped, so-"

Koishi holds up a finger solemnly, her back to a door.

"-today, we will practice spell attacks."

Wait, what?

She steps backward, pushing open the door. It takes a minute for your eyes to adjust, and the sight you see leaves you breathless.

The room you find yourself in is absolutely enormous. The ceiling stretches up, peaking in a mural-covered dome. The walls reach off to the sides in a faux-horizon, dotted with columns every twenty feet or so. The floor is... very reflective. Wow. You look up to Koishi's face quickly, reddening.

"Sister says we can use this room for practice."

You let out a low whistle. It takes about five seconds for the echo to come back.

Koishi walks out into the room with her hands behind her back. You follow her in. She turns abruptly, leaning forward to face you.


She turns to the side, raises her arm, finger outstretched, and-

An enormous, rose-like blast flies past you, dissipating as it strikes the far wall.

"You should try to make a bullet. Now, close your eyes..."

You do as she says, and feel her hand on the back of your own. The heat gathers to your palm easily.

"Now, shape it."

[ ] Create shot type


Rules: No "sign 'name'", just "name." This is your basic shot, so make it something that can be fired quickly and easily. It can be changed and upgraded later, too.

Powers: Right now, you can project hellfire from your burned hand. Bullets can be programmed with very basic patterns, but cannot be controlled after they are fired. Your attacks be imbued with explosive properties, should you desire.
>> No. 2751
[x] Hell's Bullet

Couple of shots that explode upon contact with something. (akin to Marisa's magic missile)
>> No. 2753
[X]Basalt Shot - greyish black bullets with faint heat glow to them.

Basalt: a common extrusive volcanic rock. It is usually grey to black and fine-grained due to rapid cooling of lava at the surface of a planet.

perfect bullet yes..?

Couldn't help it but it just came to me due to a brief stint in vulcanology;
[X]Effusive Eruption :An effusive eruption is characterized by an outpouring of low viscosity lava which has a fairly low volatile content.

Starter spell card potential? Fuck Yes

>> No. 2754
Brimstone Shot

Fire and Brimstone
>> No. 2755
Bored. See if I can just spew forth a bunch of different options. (Not like the heroines are limited to one shot type either...)

[] Erinyes Shot (Hunting) - Fires a spread that goes straight for a short distance before acquiring a target, upon which the shot accelerates rapidly it impale it's victim. Otherwise, it just goes straight.

[] Eruption (Versatile-shot) If Marisa can have a shot option that has more than one mode, why can't we? Besides the fact that she's one of the most powerful danmaku users in Gensenkyo and we're just learning, of course. Sub-types include -
--Vesuvius-mode, which just fires a powerful shots forward
--Stromboli-mode, which fires shots to go forward a bit, before arcing back as if they were falling back towards you. Very tricky stuff, espically if switching back and forth between modes.
>> No. 2757
I have no contribution, but I'm looking forward to whatever's picked.

Is it just going to be whichever seems most interesting, Dr. Q?
>> No. 2759
[x] >>2755
>> No. 2766
[x] >>2755
>> No. 2767

Works for me!
>> No. 2768
Calling it for >>2755

I'll start with Erinyes Shot (Hunting).

It's function: Small, red orbs are fired in a spread pattern. After about a second, they change into arrowhead-shaped bullets that move quickly to the target's location as of the time of firing. If no target is found, they simply move straight ahead.

Adjusted slightly to compensate for Anon's skill.
>> No. 2770
File 125597089438.jpg- (257.14KB , 500x600 , 1dbd295ad8a7a0f722a89b0af69d8e72.jpg ) [iqdb]
Feel free to imagine "Eye of the tiger" playing while you read this.


[X] Erinyes Shot (Hunting)

The heat shifts with barely a thought, molding itself into the shape you want.

"Open your eyes."

You do, and raise your arm, mimicking her earlier actions.

"Release it."

Three red, gently burning orbs fly out as your hand snaps open. They go a few feet, before suddenly elongating and tearing apart. You stare dumbly at the rapidly fading sparks, all that remains of your first shot.

Koishi gently drops your hand and strolls over to examine the area. She turns on her heel, and you see her eyes flicking quickly between you and the ground at her feet.

She frowns, one hand on her chin.

With a wave of her hand, a greenish bubble forms in the air. Bringing two of her fingers together in a pinch, she makes the dull red sparks spring to life, flaring brightly as they swarm together into a bullet again. She holds up the sphere and examines it critically, looking at it from all different angles.

"Oh! That's the problem." She looks back to you. "You tried to make it change shape in mid-air."

With a flick of her wrist she sends the bubble, and your bullet, flying out into the center of the room. They promptly dissolve in a green flash and a shower of sparks.

"But, I made it work before." You insist.

"Oh?" Koishi looks interested. "Show me, then."

She leaps back, landing a good thirty feet back with little effort. Show her? Does she mean attack? She looks at you expectantly.

You take a deep breath and raise your arm. The shape flows into your mind.

Hell Sign 「Wall of Perdition」

A massive ball of black-red flame hurtles toward her. She dances easily to the side as it slows down. It's core pulses once, and the ball breaks, uncoiling two arms of flame that lay across the ground, forming a wall. Koishi steps back, unphased by the heat. A second volley flies through the barrier. Instead of going back again, Koishi slips around it, running parallel to the flames as they emerge.

You grin a little despite yourself. She's already trapped between two walls. You launch the next shot.

As soon as it leaves your hand, she stops. Is she just going to let herself get hit?

The bullet begins to slow, and she runs back the other way as it explodes, harmlessly boxing off one side. She repeats it flawlessly on the other side.

All four sides are closed off now.

When you shoot the fifth attack, the first wall fades out. Koishi rushes through opening, advancing toward you with incredible speed, springing back lightly in front of the bullet and allowing the wall to form in front of her.

She continues this pattern, letting herself get boxed in with four shots, only to advance as you begin the fifth. When the pattern ends, she's standing only a few feet away, completely untouched. You drop cross-legged on the floor.

"Not bad for your first spell. Not much for offense, though. It could use some work."

She nods to herself and squats down in front of you.

"I think I know why this works. Before, you were trying to make your bullet change like this-" She curls up her fingers, then extends them quickly, "-and so it broke. But this time-" She makes a fist with one hand, and wraps the other around it, "-you did it more like this." She unwraps her hand and flattens her fist quickly. "One bullet inside another."

Her implication isn't lost on you. Maybe if you tried that with your shots...

You grin broadly, and you think you can see a hint of a smile on her as well. You pull yourself up.

"Let's try it, then."


You fling out a trio of red balls that spread out in the air. They shatter in unison after a few seconds, each releasing a small, fiery arrow. The arrows accelerate ahead, vanishing in swirl of smoke just before they hit the wall.


Your shoulders sag from exhaustion, and the feeling of dogged victory. Behind you, Koishi starts clapping. You've finally got it down perfectly. They're harder to make than you initially thought, but you can easily fire twenty to thirty volleys in a row now. The feeling of the heat on your palm has become familiar now, almost comfortable even.

Lying back on the floor, you stare up at the ceiling. How long has it been since you last felt like this? The giddy feeling of success, of accomplishment. It makes you want to run up and hug somebody. Koishi bends over you.

"I think that's enough training for one day. You should rest for a while."

You nod dimly, struggling to your feet. Koishi takes your arm and leads you over to a chair. Huh, you didn't see these before. It's not nearly as nice as the ones in the sitting room, but it's still pretty nice. You lean back and close your eyes. Well, what should you do next?

[ ] Stay here and try to strike up a conversation with Koishi.
[ ] You promised you'd visit Orin. Why not now?
[ ] Find out who cooks the food here.
[ ] You're a bit sweaty from training, maybe a morning bath could help.
[ ] Something else? (Write-in)


You'll have a chance to revisit the choices you don't pick later.
>> No. 2771
[x] Stay here and try to strike up a conversation with Koishi.
>> No. 2772
[x] Stay here and try to strike up a conversation with Koishi.
>> No. 2773
[ ] Find out who cooks the food here.
>> No. 2774
[X] Find out who cooks the food here.

Okuu with apron, master of the griddle & stove top, or perhaps Satori. Hmm...
>> No. 2775
[ ] Find out who cooks the food here.
>> No. 2776
[x] Find out who cooks the food here.
[x] You promised you'd visit Orin. Why not now?

>It makes you want to run up and hug somebody. Koishi bends over you.
I got nervous twitches for a second after I read this. Still uneasy with anything involving Koishi and hugs after Deeper Underground.
>> No. 2778
[x] You're a bit sweaty from training, maybe a morning bath could help.

If we have time for all these choices, I think a morning bath would be best, since while Koishi is nice, I doubt we want to subject her to BO.
>> No. 2780
>Still uneasy with anything involving Koishi and hugs after Deeper Underground.

I eagerly await the next opportunity to hug Koishi in Deeper Underground. Maybe have everyone else present, and break down the psychological barriers to everyone sharing a big group hug, in fact.

[X] Stay here and try to strike up a conversation with Koishi.
-[X] Subconscious urge is bubbling up. Hug her, if the opportunity is presented.
>> No. 2781

DU Koishi was very cute and it was infectous, not sure if that was Grue's intent, but if the lady wants hugs then she'll get hugs. Hope she does not mind the BO.
>> No. 2782
[x] Find out who cooks the food here.
[x] You promised you'd visit Orin. Why not now?
>> No. 2789
[x] Find out who cooks the food here.
>> No. 2796
Calling the vote for '[x] Find out who cooks the food here.'

Writing soon.
>> No. 2829
First half, sorry for the delays.


[X] Find out who cooks the food here.

Your stomach grumbles a bit. Come to think of it, you didn't have anything to eat this morning, did you?

After waiting a few minutes to make sure your legs will support you, you stand up. Koishi looks at you curiously.

"I was thinking of getting something for breakfast."

Koishi nods and hops up effortlessly. You lean back and stretch, listening to the little 'pops' and 'cracks' with some measure of satisfaction. You wonder absently if you're becoming to relaxed.

As you and Koishi leave the Huge Room- which, from the looks of it, used to be a ballroom- you recall that you still haven't met the cook. Well, maybe you'll get a chance.

It takes almost twenty minutes of walking and taking random turns before you finally reach the front room again.

Hmmm... Satori's not here. Pity, you'd have enjoyed her company. She probably has other things to do, though.

Not stopping, Koishi walks back toward the kitchen. Curious, you follow her.

The kitchen itself is more what you'd expect from a restaurant than a house. They really don't go half way with anything, do they?

You do note that despite the presence of (probably) gas stoves, and even what looks like running water, there isn't a refrigerator or freezer in sight. Actually, you haven't seen anything that's definitely electrical since you got here. That... makes sense, in a somewhat roundabout way.

Koishi puts two fingers in her mouth and lets out an ear-piercing whistle.


You hear a low groan, one that probably isn't human, and footsteps that sound like they have claws. An enormous black dog rounds the corner, and you stiffen a bit. While your knowledge of dog breeds is among your more severely lacking skills, this dog looks very much like a Rottweiler. A very large Rottweiler. It looks at you, very clearly unamused.

Koishi walks over and kneels down beside it.

"Mugi, could you make us something to eat?" She gives it a full-blown smile. In fact, you'd swear the dog smiled back. But that's ridiculous, dogs can't smile.

And cats can't turn into girls, and humans can't fly, and people die when they are killed, and- Oh, right.

As it lumbers past you briefly think to try and pet it's head, but it sends you a look that says quite plainly, "Don't even try." You take a step back involuntarily.

You watch in fascination as the dog props itself up to the counter and reaches for the knife. Before you can see further, however,Koishi takes you by the arm and leads you back into the front room. You sit dumbly, staring straight ahead.

"Koishi, that dog was-"

"That's Mugi. He's our cook."

"...does he change into a human?"

Koishi flops down onto the sofa across from you.

"He doesn't like to."

"While cooking...?" You venture.

Koishi shakes her head, and gradually tips over, until she's laying on her side across the couch. She starts humming to herself.

Clearly, you need to reevaluate your idea of common sense.


Part 2 coming soon.
>> No. 2835
Cerberus in hidden/normal mode?
>> No. 2836
....Clever, but only one head.
>> No. 2838
hence "hidden"/"normal" mode, not "trueform"/"final"
>> No. 3004
Are you still around?
>> No. 3007

Yes. I've been writing over in /th/. And I've been working on this on the side. I hope to make the update by this weekend, and then resume the normal schedule.
>> No. 3045
File 125702023365.jpg- (239.51KB , 833x964 , 2c37aa5c8c0822695aaf612a3c636660.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry for all the delays! Check out Trick-or-treating in Gensokyo to see what I've been up to in the meantime.


Mugi comes out after a surprisingly few minutes, pushing a little trolley laden with covered silver dishes. You contain a snicker. All that's missing is a chef's hat.

You pull a straight face when the dog glares at you. Those eyes look all too hungry.

"Good boy~"

Cooing softly, Koishi scratches behind his ears and under his chin. You've seen dog owners like that before, but the fact that this dog is both sapient and a cook makes the scene quite strange. He gives you a condescending glare.

God damn him how does he even do that.

Seemingly satisfied, he lumbers back into the recesses of the kitchen.

Koishi lifts the top off a particularly aromatic soup and sniffs it appreciatively. Wow, that does smell good. Your stomach rumbles again, reminding you of why you came here in the first place.

As you fill you plate, a question rises to your mind.

"Koishi... about how strong is Mugi?"

She pauses in thought.

"He could have your legs off in two seconds, if he wanted to."

...Time for plan B: Learning to cook. Later, or course.


You lean back into the cushy chair and let out a satisfied groan. Honestly, you could get used to this. Koishi is still busily finishing what's left on the plates. If she does this all the time, she must either have some kind of freaky youkai metabolism, or get a lot of exercise.

This is... strangely relaxing. You'd never really had time to relax before. There was always work or classes, bills to pay, having enough money for food... And suddenly you're here, with nothing better to do than sit around on a couch after meal fit for a king.

You can't help but feel worried about it, though. Like it's too good to be true, and if you look at it too closely it'll just... disappear. You fiddle idly with your shirtsleeve in one hand.

Exhaling heavily, you smirk at yourself. Something this good is dropped in your lap, and you're going to squander it away worrying? Hell no.

Maybe you should find something to occupy your time, though? It'd be pretty boring to just sit around all day. Antisocial, even. You've been given a chance, so you should make the most of it, not sit around all day!

...as soon as you can get up off this chair. Ooh, you might have eaten a little too much. He might be a dog and an ass, but he's a truly magnificent cook.

What to do next?
[ ] Now is bath time.
[ ] You've eaten, time to see Orin
[ ] Talk with Koishi? (Optional: specify topic)
[ ] Other (write-in)


Unless you can figure out how to do two at once, refrain from double votes.
>> No. 3046
[ ] Now is bath time.
>> No. 3047
[x] Talk with Koishi? (Until our stomach settles)
[x] Then Take a bath.
>> No. 3048
[x] Talk with Koishi? (Until our stomach settles)
[x] Then take a bath.
>> No. 3053
[x] Talk with Koishi? (Until our stomach settles)
[x] Then take a bath.
>> No. 3060
[x] Talk with Koishi? (Until our stomach settles)
[x] Then take a bath.
>> No. 3070
[X]Talk with Koishi? (Until our stomach settles)
[X]Then take a bath.
>> No. 3075
[x] Talk with Koishi? (Until our stomach settles)
[x] Then take a bath.

It took one vote for us to give your edict the finger. Ouch.
>> No. 3084
[Q] Talk with Koishi? (Until our stomach settles)
[Q] Then take a bath.

Good enough. Called. Writing soon.
>> No. 3118
File 125716749392.jpg- (537.97KB , 750x1070 , 0050d0ddf28b1fbe2a77c606904edf0e.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry about lateness.


You crane your head and look at Koishi, who is now engrossed in the remains of the mashed potatoes. With two fingers, apparently. Her idea of manners seems to be severely warped at best. Well, you're own aren't that good, and you've only known her for all of, what, two days? You aren't really qualified to comment right now.

"Hey, Koishi."

"Nn?" She looks up at you, fingers in her mouth, sucking off the last of the white fluff.

"What do you do around here?" She tilts her head quizzically. "I mean..." Your grasp for the right word. "Do you get bored at all? What do you generally do to kill time?"

Drying her fingers on her skirt, she "hm"s in thought and looks up at the ceiling.

"Sister has me take care of some of her pets, sometimes. But... I guess I watch people."

"Watch people? Like spying on them?" That makes you a little uneasy.

She nods, then hesitates.

"It's not like peeping through keyholes or anything, it's... more complicated than that."

Where have you heard that before? Oh, right. Almost every other time she's tried to explain something to you. With a groan, you heave yourself out of the chair. You've put it off long enough, it's time for a bath.

Koishi watches you. Is this what she was talking about? She must get bored really easily for something like this to be amusing.

Oh, right.

"Koishi, do you know how to get to the bath from here?" Stupid question, actually, since she lives here.

"No, but I can take you there."

How does that work?

She hops up out of her chair and trots ahead of you, back into the mansion's halls. Well, you'd better follow her if you plan on getting there anytime soon.


You settle down into the hot water. Aah, that feels good. Taking the opportunity, you examine the bullet hole in your chest. It can't really be called a "hole" anymore, it's closer to an ordinary flesh wound. It's been healing remarkably fast, and it doesn't seem to be scarring either. Is there something special about you, or is it this place? Either way, you're glad it doesn't hurt anymore. That, at least, is some comfort.

Oddly, the burn on your hand hasn't really changed that much. It doesn't hurt anymore, but the skin is still a dark, scorched brown. It doesn't bother you much now, but it would probably make other people lose their appetites. You'll ask about getting something to cover it later, like some bandages or a glove or something.

Slipping deeper into the water, you exhale slowly. This definitely isn't the same hot spring as last time. Are they rich enough to have multiple, indoor hot springs? Or is this just another side effect of the mansion's bizarre architecture? In that case, how many rooms does it have that they don't even know about?

Hmmm... maybe you should bug Orin or Satori later so you can get around by yourself. You'd like to be able to get places without needing to ask someone every time.

From the other side of the room, you hear a soft splash, followed by a startled yelp.


...You knew Koishi was in here, but who was that just now?

[ ] Investigate
[ ] Call out
[ ] Other? (write-in)

>> No. 3119
[X] Investigate
>> No. 3120
[X] Investigate
>> No. 3122
[x] Investigate
>> No. 3124
[x] Investigate
>> No. 3132
[x] Call out

I don't fancy a Hilarious Hot Springs Peeking-Related Misunderstanding sort of thing, but maybe I'm crazy like that.
>> No. 3186
[x] Investigate
>> No. 3201
Called for [Q] Investigate. Writing soon.
>> No. 3225
File 125743418694.jpg- (469.30KB , 650x918 , f4497230027ae2edb5028d4e5b7ccb00.jpg ) [iqdb]
Not as long as I'd like, but it'll have to do.


You'll have to go find out.

With a great force of will you manage to stand, wading through the hot water. The only thing you hear is the persistent "splash-splash" from Koishi's swimming. Curious, you peek your head around the central cluster of rocks.



You freeze mid-wave as Satori's face turns a lovely shade of pink to match her hair. Crouching down, she draws her arm back in the water. You panic, diving back behind the rock as she throws-


-water. Huh. It's not like she has much to throw, now that you think about it. Exercising proper caution this time, you poke your head back around the rock.

Satori is low in the water, half-turned away from you. Her third eyes shifted higher and to the side, now both blocking your view and looking directly at you. She's still blushing, and her scowl is a little more intense than usual.

You sit down, you back against the rocks. Satori shifts around several times, and you let out a long sigh.

...There really isn't much to talk about, is there?

[ ] Talk about something? (write-in)
[ ] Stay silent


Sorry about the slow speed of this update, been working on some Rumia over in /at/.
>> No. 3226
[c] Stay silent.
>> No. 3227
[X] Hum.
>> No. 3231
File 125743954818.png- (56.44KB , 600x800 , komeiji008.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Ah, just relax a little. The bath is nice and comfy.
[X] It's a shame that Satori is frowning, she looks a lot prettier when she smiles. She's cute when she gets flustered, too~

Messing with Satori~

Because I like her.
>> No. 3233
[X] Hum a song (3rd Eye) to distract you from thinking too much about what you just saw.
>> No. 3235
[X] Ah, just relax a little. The bath is nice and comfy.
[X] It's a shame that Satori is frowning, she looks a lot prettier when she smiles. She's cute when she gets flustered, too~
>> No. 3239
[X] Ah, just relax a little. The bath is nice and comfy.
[X] It's a shame that Satori is frowning, she looks a lot prettier when she smiles. She's cute when she gets flustered, too~
>> No. 3241
[X] Ah, just relax a little. The bath is nice and comfy.
[X] It's a shame that Satori is frowning, she looks a lot prettier when she smiles. She's cute when she gets flustered, too~

This Satori is cute.
>> No. 3242
Agree on creativity.
>> No. 3246
[X] Ah, just relax a little. The bath is nice and comfy.
[X] It's a shame that Satori is frowning, she looks a lot prettier when she smiles. She's cute when she gets flustered, too~
>> No. 3247
[Q] Ah, just relax a little. The bath is nice and comfy.
[Q] It's a shame that Satori is frowning, she looks a lot prettier when she smiles. She's cute when she gets flustered, too~

Called for trying to fluster Satori (again).

Writing soon~
>> No. 3248
>Called for trying to fluster Satori (again).

You make it sound like it's a huge mistake;and it probably so man are we gonna pay for it.;_;
>> No. 3249
Go! Go! Go!
>> No. 3291
File 125773932073.jpg- (223.77KB , 450x450 , 3bcad1e8bcad1469823667c3560f5729.jpg ) [iqdb]

[Q] Ah, just relax a little. The bath is nice and comfy.
[Q] It's a shame that Satori is frowning, she looks a lot prettier when she smiles. She's cute when she gets flustered, too~


Silence can be nice too, you suppose. You close your eyes and let the warm water relax your muscles.

The only thing that could make this better would be if a certain girl would start smiling. Or if this whole thing was taking place on your own personal, flying, tropical island. Complete with your own personal maid army.

You experimentally swirl your wine glass, leisurely surveying the luscious island from atop your private observation tower. You snap your fingers, and your butler appears beside you with a fresh bottle. He uncorks it with one hand.

"Butler, is this vintage wine?"

"Of course, sir. Only the best for you."

A brontosaurus raises its head and calls against the background of an active volcano.

Satori tries valiantly to resist, but finally succumbs to the throes of laughter. She turns to you, attempting to form an apology between giggles. You raise your imaginary wine glass and smile back at her.

You'd choose here any day.

The color she turns is quite pretty, if you do say so yourself. It matches nicely with her hair.

Your next few thoughts run something like "glub glub glub" as Satori hits you with a rather large wave of water. You don't know how she did it, but you suspect the answer is something along the lines of "magic."

By the time your eyes are clear, Satori is on the other side of the bath, half hiding behind another rock outcropping. You decide to leave it for now, and resign yourself with a sigh.

"Hi, Koishi."

She's on all fours in the water, blowing bubbles. You reach over and give her a pat on the head.


"I think I'm about done now."


She immediately stands up, mere inches from your face. She walks past unconcerned, water dripping from her body as she walks. The door shuts, and you sag back against the rock, letting out a dry little laugh. This keeps getting harder and harder, doesn't it?


You finish buttoning up your shirt and step out of the dressing room. Koishi is still here.

Were to?
[ ] Sitting room, you've got time to kill.
[ ] Your room, you're tired.
[ ] The Ballroom, you're ready for some more training.
[ ] The fires, you'd like to visit Orin.
[ ] Other (write-in)


Almost anything can be done here. It's afternoon, you've eaten and bathed. The rest of this day is pretty much free-roam.
>> No. 3292
[x] The fires, you'd like to visit Orin.

A little visit never hurt.
>> No. 3294
>This keeps getting harder and harder, doesn't it?
Why yes, I am.
>> No. 3297

Yeah, naked Koishi is no doubt a nice sight indeed. Seems rather comfortable doing that unlike Satori who would blush alot.
>> No. 3326
[ ] Sitting room, you've got time to kill.
>> No. 3330
[x] Sitting room, you've got time to kill.
>> No. 3357
[x] Sitting room, you've got time to kill.
>> No. 3360
[x] Sitting room, you've got time to kill.
>> No. 3363
[x] Sitting room, you've got time to kill.
>> No. 3365
[Q] Sitting room, you've got time to kill.

Calling it, writing soon.
>> No. 3390
Critical lack of motivation has occurred. So, as much as I'd rather not, I'm putting this on hiatus. Not sure for how long, hopefully not too long.

When it returns:

[ ] Just keep going the way it is
[ ] Kick in the plot, start toward the end.
[ ] Just let it die already.
[ ] Other?
>> No. 3394
[X]Just keep going the way it is.

God dammit Q, you better come back to this.
>> No. 3399
[x] Just keep going the way it is
>> No. 3400
[x] Just keep going the way it is

We like it the way it's been going.
>> No. 3402
I should probably say why that option was crossed out: I can't continue to write like that. Not well, anyway. It's draining, a bit monotonous, and I'm running out of stuff I can use before plot kicks in.

Generally speaking it was kind of a stupid question, but I can blame it on difficulty thinking right now.
>> No. 3403


I'll change my vote then.

[x] Kick in the plot.
>> No. 3404
[x] Kick in the plot.
>> No. 3405
[+] Kick in the plot.

Just don't let it die, Q.
>> No. 3406
[x] Kick in the plot.

Just as long as character/relation development doesn't suffer, since we don't need no "Final boss for the pure sake of a final boss"
>> No. 3418
[x] Kick in the plot.
>> No. 4714
If anyone is still checking this thread, I might start up again soon. I've been working on an update, anyway.

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