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207 No. 207
To begin with, Gensokyo isn't real. It is a fictional realm created by a relatively small independent game maker, whose name currently eludes me. This place is the setting for a series of curtain fire games, collectively known as the Touhou Project. It inspired a considerable amount of derivative works; fanworks include comics, animation, music, and even other games.

Before I go any further, I must emphasize that I am not an expert on the world of Touhou. In fact, I only heard about it from some acquaintances online, and I never really delved deep into it. I barely finished "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil" on normal mode, and I only played halfway through "Perfect Cherry Blossom". In my mp3 player, I used to keep a modest folder of Touhou music - it only contained the few themes I really liked, such as the themes of Satori and Utsuho. A similarly small folder in my computer contained a few doujin comics, mostly those that were especially meme-worthy. I never played any of the other Touhou-inspired doujinsoft games, nor did I watch the recently released independent animation more than once.

If I was asked about my own experience with Touhou, I would say that it was just another series of games that didn't really stand out. I didn't understand what some of my other friends saw in this series filled with magical girls and lasers and ridiculously difficult gameplay. A few of them, who I shall not mention here to protect their good names, even worship Touhou as a religion. Thankfully, I was not one of those who collected Cirno figurines or owned a Yuyuko body pillow.

I suppose that there was a time, perhaps only a few years ago, that I really got into this Touhou business. It lasted for probably three, maybe four months at most, and for a while, I really wondered what it would be like to live in a universe full of magic and adventure. Of course, living with a bunch of cute girls wouldn't be so bad either. I even remember that it reached a point where I started visiting a few websites dedicated to the discussion and expansion of the Touhou universe through fanfiction. While the novelty wore off, I did meet some interesting people online, a few of which I still chat with from time to time.

Unfortunately, reality is cruel. Soon after discovering the world of Gensokyo, I was swamped by the tragedies of everyday life. It reached the point where I didn't have any time left to even surf the net or chat with my friends. Just like many pleasant experiences in life, Touhou was soon reduced to just another precious memory.

And so I went on with my life, growing out of that fantasy world, and I firmly accepted the limits of reality. I became an ordinary, average person, who was more than satisfied and appreciative of his normal, everyday life.

The mention of the Touhou universe brings me back to the point I started from. There is no doubt that Gensokyo, literally translated as Fantasy Village or Illusion Village, isn't real. This must be distinctly understood, or nothing good can come from the story I am going to relate. It was with these thoughts that I went on with my mundane life without care.

That is, until that fateful meeting.

Even now, as I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling, I still repeat these words to myself, as if it was a prayer.

Gensokyo isn't real.


My Ordinary Life...
[ ] High School Student
[ ] College Student
[ ] Young Professional
[ ] Custom
[ ] Don't Care
>> No. 211
[x] College Student

high school? already have that
Young Professional? too old
No idea what this is about, but give it a try.
>> No. 213
[x] College Student
>> No. 228
File 125219656679.png- (230.91KB , 606x700 , suika.png ) [iqdb]
Someone was already waiting at the roof. I felt my mouth drop in shock. It was the last person that I had expected.

"You're late."

Suika Ibuki smiled.

I planted my palm hard upon my forehead. So that's what it was. She probably wanted me to buy booze for her again, since the liquor stores always give her trouble. The poor girl really did look underaged, despite the fact that she was a year ahead of me. I sighed loudly in disappointment.

"So it's just you again..."

"Just me? Now that's just rude!"

I waved my hand dismissively as I walked over to the girl. Deep inside, I had really hoped that the note had come from some secret admirer of mine. From the loopy, intricate handwriting, I had immediately guessed that it was a girl. Just not this girl.

"Hey, don't be like that. I didn't mean anything by it."

I took a seat beside her and glanced upward. The sky was a deep calming blue, with tiny wispy clouds here and there. It was only last week when this girl had dragged me up here to brief me on one of her crazy schemes. I wouldn't be surprised if this was the start of another long day.


She turned her head away, pouting. I blinked a few times, surprised. It wasn't like her to be irritated at such a small thing. Well, to be fair, it wasn't like her to be this sober at all. Her little purple gourd was nowhere in sight. For some reason, that made me feel a little uneasy.

"So what was that note about? You need something, I suppose?"

"W-well, not really," she said. "Is it wrong to just hang out sometimes?"

Her cheeks were slightly pink. Did she drink something earlier? Well, if she needs a drinking partner, then I'll have to pass this time. I really don't feel like waking up with a hangover tomorrow morning.

"Nothing wrong. But if it's just that, then I better head back and finish that paper for Dr. Grey's class."

"E-eh? Wait! Are you leaving already?"

I stood up from the bench and gave her a sad smile.

"Yeah, I haven't even started and that one is due tomorrow so -"

Not a moment after I said that did I feel something strike my stomach. My eyes blacked out for a moment in shock. Then, I felt myself land on my back. I could feel something heavy sitting on my chest.

"D-damn, that really hurt," I muttered.


"What the hell, Suika?" I cried. "What's the matter with yo-"

"I...ke you," she whispered.

"You could've broken a rib with this stunt, you crazy... wait, what?"

I stared up at the girl straddling me tightly. Her eyes were dead serious. I knew that this wasn't one of her stupid jokes. But I can't possibly have heard her correctly. And as if she could read my mind, she shook her head slightly and repeated herself a little more loudly.

"I said that I like you."

Her soft voice ringed loudly in my head. For some reason, my brain couldn't process this possibility. After all, why would anyone have any interest in an ordinary person like me? Of course, I don't mean to say that this was a bad thing. Her drinking problem and odd mannerisms aside, Suika was a pretty cute girl. In fact, I could say objectively, from the point of view of a friend, that she was really cute. But for her to confess to me like this, her things clinging tightly to my side, was unimaginable.

"Suika?" I finally managed. "A-are you serious about this?"

She smiled gently at me and nodded. At that moment, I felt something tighten around my chest. Of course, it could be the result of a mild concussion, but I slowly smiled back at her. Then she lowered herself until she was only inches from my face.

"That's why I decided to save you today," she whispered. "I won't let you get caught up in this unfortunate mess."

I stared up at her. For some reason, her words didn't fit this awkward confession scene.

"Save me? What are you talking abo-"

I was choking. It took me a few seconds to realize that her left hand was already at my neck. I tried to pry her off, but she was ridiculously strong. This definitely wasn't the strength of an ordinary little girl.

"Sorry about this," she whispered gently. "Please don't hate me."

My eyes widened in horror as I recognized the object in her other hand. It was a large cleaver. Her next words were said in a business-like tone, empty of any emotion.

"I'm going to cut open your head and free your mind from this madness."


My Pet...
[ ] Spider
[ ] Cat
[ ] Raven
[ ] Custom
[ ] Don't Care
>> No. 231
[x] Ermine
>> No. 233
[x] Ermine

This works.
>> No. 239
File 125219914186.png- (967.70KB , 960x1260 , 35e36f33ed1752e16fe35c916357e193.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Cat

Because I don't like actual birds and spiders.
>> No. 240
[x] Ermine
>> No. 241
File 125219977463.jpg- (20.30KB , 285x509 , rin.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Who the hell were those men in black suits?"

"Just some government agency. Nothing important, really."

"What the fuck, Morgan? They were shooting at us back there! We could have died!"

"And we didn't. That is the most important thing right now."

I stared dumbfoundedly at the guy running beside me. From the first day I met him, I knew that Rin Morgan wasn't like other people. He was smart and talented. He was great in sports. And he was popular with girls. But despite all that, he refused to join any science or sports clubs, and he has remained single all year. In fact, the only person he really hangs out with was me.

I was starting to regret that last fact.

"Could you at least tell me where we are going? This isn't the way to the police station."

Suddenly, Morgan stopped running. Ignoring my angry glare, he pulled out something from his pocket. It looked like a DVD disc. He pushed it into my hands.

"Take this to the West Radio Broadcast Station. Make sure they play it over the air. Tell them that 'Kourin' sent you."

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

Morgan just gave me his trademark smile before turning around and walking in the opposite direction. He brought his index finger to his temple and started whispering in a language I couldn't understand. There was something strange about this scene. It somehow felt familiar.


Then suddenly, three black cars popped out of the corner and approached us at high-speed. None of them had license plates. Before I had the time to call out to Morgan, everything turned white. A deafening explosion roared along the street.

I waited until my eyes and ears had recovered. And then I saw it all. The three vehicles had been reduced to scrap metal and ash. The buildings nearby were still on fire. The rank smell of burning flesh emanated from the corpses of our pursuers.

Rin Morgan was standing in the middle of everything. I recognized the weapon in his hands immediately. It was an RPG-7.

My friend turned around and gave me a sad smile.

"You should start running," he said. "There will be more of them."

Before I could reply, he turned around and started walking back the way we came. The sound of helicopters and vehicle engines rumbled in the distance.

"I'm counting on you."


Please note that users can continue voting for all customization options until the prologue is over. Final votes will be tallied during server maintenance.


My Favorite Food...
[ ] Steak
[ ] Pie
[ ] Cake
[ ] Eggs
[ ] Custom
[ ] Don't Care
>> No. 243

[x] Spaghetti
>> No. 244
[x] Spaghetti
>> No. 245
[X] Eggs

>> No. 247
[x] Gyro
>> No. 249
File 125220165796.jpg- (92.20KB , 495x699 , satori.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Please tell me that this is all some bad dream."

Satori stared at me blankly for a minute before speaking.

"I don't understand," she said. "I have already conveyed in words the relevant details of this incident. There is no advantage gained in continuing this facade."

I frowned hard at the girl.

"Never mind that," I replied. "Why the hell does it have to be me?"

"We have determined that your circumstances and individual characteristics have proven to be optimum to succeed in resolving the situation. At least, that is what I have received from the simulation reports K sent us."

"Optimum? What do you mean?"

"There is a 15-17% chance of success if you initiate first contact with her."

"You have to be kidding me. Is this our only option?"

Satori paused for almost a minute before answering.

"The next best alternative has an 84-88% chance of success, but there are disadvantages."

"What disadvantages? Why don't we go with that, instead?"

She shook her head firmly.

"We can't."

"Wait... what? Isn't that other alternative a better choice? My success rate isn't exactly something that we can count on? I mean -"

"We can't," she repeated. She said it a little more loudly this time.

"Why not?"

Satori suddenly stamped her foot on the ground.



I've never seen her worked up like this. Actually, I've never seen her worked up at all. From what I can remember, this girl's always been calm and collected. I can't understand why she won't explain. And I don't plan on going through with this crazy shit without an explanation. Even if she is pretty cute, I can't just go around -

"- doing random favors for pretty girls," said Satori aloud.

And another thing, I still think of myself as pretty reasonable... wait, what?

"You really are pretty dense, aren't you," whispered the girl. "We can't use the alternative solution because -"

She stepped closer and looked up at me. Her eyes full of determination, and her cheeks slightly pink, she finally spoke.

"I don't want you to die."


My Favorite Thing:
[ ] Rockin
[ ] Gifts
[ ] Love
[ ] Gaming
[ ] Internet
[ ] Custom
[ ] Don't Care
>> No. 252
[ ] Internet
>> No. 255
[x] Internet
>> No. 256
File 125220337041.jpg- (12.52KB , 300x300 , alarm_clock.jpg ) [iqdb]
I opened my eyes and turned to the left. The alarm clock read, 7:29AM. In exactly one minute, it would be ringing. I had better turn it off soon.

Slowly, I sat up. My head aches. I can't remember any of it, but I guess I must have been having some crazy nightmare. I really should stop watching late night japanese TV. It must be having a horrible influence on my subconscious.

Dammit. My back aches too. Hell, my whole body aches. Maybe I should go visit some specialist on the weekend. I guess that my sleeping posture must be pretty bad. For that one, I can only blame the Internet.

But enough of this shit. If keep on with this internal monologue then...


Without warning, Utsuho's SA theme filled the room. My eyes blurred slightly as I felt for the switch to turn the alarm clock off. It's been a while since I've grew out of that Touhou craze, but this was one of the few things I kept as a habit. I honestly hate how stressful the music was in the morning, but nothing was more effective than this as an alarm tone.

Silence filled the room abruptly as I switched off the clock. I yawned one last time before getting out of bed. I had better start my usual morning ritual.


I watched as the monitor flickered through its startup sequence. For some reason, I always felt like it took too long to power up, even if I'm sure it only takes less than a minute. I wondered idly if others felt the same way.

> Enter Username

I blinked stupidly. There seem to be a few other options below it. Were they there before? Well... it probably doesn't matter.

> Enter Life
> Enter Pet
> Enter Food
> Enter Thing


My Username...
[ ] Custom
[ ] Don't Care

My Ordinary Life...
[ ] High School Student
[ ] College Student
[ ] Young Professional
[ ] Custom
[ ] Don't Care

My Pet...
[ ] Spider
[ ] Cat
[ ] Raven
[ ] Custom
[ ] Don't Care

My Favorite Food...
[ ] Steak
[ ] Pie
[ ] Cake
[ ] Eggs
[ ] Custom
[ ] Don't Care

My Favorite Thing:
[ ] Rockin
[ ] Gifts
[ ] Love
[ ] Gaming
[ ] Internet
[ ] Custom
[ ] Don't Care
>> No. 257
[x] Alex
[x] College Student
[x] Ermine
[x] Spaghetti
[x] Internet
>> No. 259
[x] Alex
[x] College Student
[x] Ermine
[x] Spaghetti
[x] Internet
>> No. 260
File 12522049009.jpg- (138.55KB , 600x450 , japanese-bird-cooking-spaghetti.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 264
[x] Alex
[x] College Student
[x] Ermine
[x] Spaghetti
[x] Internet
>> No. 265
Japanese Bird cannot cook spaghetti

[x] Alex
[x] College Student
[x] Ermine
[x] Spaghetti
[x] Internet
>> No. 280
[x] Battler Ushiromiya
[x] High school Student
[x] Ermine
[x] Gohda's Spaghetti
[x] Solving crimes
>> No. 287

You know that Gensokyo would be too much for Battler to handle, right?
>> No. 322
He would deny everything, then Yukari would come along and troll him into submission.
And this time Ange won't come along and save him.
>> No. 359
[x] Alex
[x] College Student
[x] Ermine
[x] Spaghetti
[x] Internet
>> No. 367
File 125229983214.jpg- (450.05KB , 887x666 , touhou_technology.jpg ) [iqdb]
> Enter Username
> Enter Life
> Enter Pet
> Enter Food
> Enter Thing

A few moments later, the screen was filled with the chaotic assortment of icons and pictures that was my desktop. I smiled. For some reason, I always felt at ease when I'm logged in to my own computer. It was only too familiar to me, this feeling of confidence and strength.

This was my element.

The sound of breaking glass brought me back to reality. I took a glance out the window, but I saw nothing. Well, there wasn't anyone screaming from the neighbor's place, at least. No sign of a fight nearby, either. Was it just my imagination?

In any case, that wasn't any of my business. I returned to my seat and glanced at the wall clock. Looks like I only have about half an hour to get to my next class. More than enough time to check a few emails, but not enough to do anything else.

A few seconds later, I had my inbox open. Most of the mail like spam (No, I am not interested in discount viagra). However, a couple of messages caught my eye. One of them seems to be from Rin Morgan. I wouldn't call him a best friend, or even a good friend, but we often end up hanging out together a lot after classes. The other seems to be from someone named "K". That was the same handle that an old online friend of mine used two years ago.

This little decision can't possibly be important, but I do have to get to class. I might as well...
[ ] Read the email from Morgan. I'm not meeting him in class today.
[ ] Read the email from K. I haven't heard from this old friend in a while.
[ ] Run through the rest of the spam. I might find something interesting.
[ ] Turn the computer off. Leaving for class early is fine too.
[ ] Explore the interwebs. I'll be late for class.
[ ] Update your blog. I'll be late for class.
>> No. 368
[x] Read the email from K. I haven't heard from this old friend in a while.
>> No. 369
[x]Investigate the breaking glass sound more closely.
>> No. 370
[X] Read the email from K. I haven't heard from this old friend in a while.

If you're going to descend into madness, might as well do it properly.
>> No. 376
[X] Read the email from K. I haven't heard from this old friend in a while.
>> No. 379
File 125231827641.jpg- (11.86KB , 475x317 , K.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Thirty minutes is a lot of time," I told myself.

I decided to check the email from K. It's been two years since we've been in contact. We met a long way back over the internet along with several other bros. Since we all had common interests at the time, we became pretty good friends, though none of us have really met. In fact, none of the group bothered with personal or real life information. There was no need to share such mundane details over the internet.

But even compared to the others, K was the most secretive. None of us knew his real name or nationality. None of us could find his picture or social network. None of us could find any other trace of his internet footprint aside from his username. It was like he didn't really exist as a person.

I guess in the end, none of those little details really matter. Friends don't bother about such unimportant details like that. Deep inside, we all knew that K was a true bro.

I quickly read through K's message.

> Hey Alex!
> Hope I didn't catch you at a bad time.
> I have something I need to tell you.
> Can you meet me at the coffee shop near your school? It's the one beside the bookstore.
> I heard they have great cinnamon rolls. Can't wait to try them.
> I'll be waiting at around 2:00pm
> Thanks!

For some reason, the hairs at the back of my neck went on end as I stared at my monitor. This message was creepy. How does K know about that coffee shop? Hell, how does K know where I study? Was he some sort of hacker?

My thoughts were soon interrupted. I almost jumped when I noticed it. According to the system clock, I have about ten minutes to get dressed and run to my next class.

No time to think about K's message. I'll just...

[ ] Reply that I'll meet him later.
[ ] Reply that I can't meet him.
[ ] Ignore the email.
[ ] Delete the email.
>> No. 380
[x] Reply that I'll meet him later.

destiny awaits
>> No. 381
[ ] Reply that I can't meet him.
>> No. 382

[X] This is either the start of it all, or the end before it starts... don't reply, but make sure to be in that area at that time. You'll decide when the moment arrives

If the shop's populated at the time, we go in. If not, we think on it based on the conditions then. Not like we won't be brutally killed/spontaneously exploded if there's people there, but at least there's a chance someone might notice...

>Cinnamon rolls

What is it with mysterious people and sweet things?
>> No. 383
[x] Reply that I'll meet him later.
>> No. 385
[x] Reply that I'll meet him later.
>> No. 444
[X] Reply that I'll meet him later.
>> No. 476
File 125237745871.jpg- (18.42KB , 442x361 , brofist.jpg ) [iqdb]
Morning classes were dull as usual. I barely kept myself awake as the professor discussed wave-particle duality. The math behind the concept was exceedingly boring, and the most I could do was scribble down notes every few minutes. Half the time, I couldn't understand the words coming out of his mouth.

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

I really shouldn't have signed up for this elective. I only chose it because it was the only one that would fit my schedule. It was either this class or I give up my Saturday weekend. Despite everything, I still believed that I selected the lesser evil. Weekends were a scarce commodity as it is. I wasn't going to give mine up so easily.

As the professor droned on about the implications of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, I found my mind wandering back to K's message. I never expected someone so secretive to request a meeting. Maybe he's in some kind of trouble? Or perhaps he just wanted to meet me while he was on town?

> I'll be waiting at around 2:00pm

Well.. it didn't really matter. What mattered most was that we were bros.

> Sure, bro. See you there.

I didn't have any plans for this afternoon. I guess it wouldn't hurt to do something a little different once in a while. I wouldn't be meeting Morgan in class today, so I'm pretty much free for the rest of the day. My afternoon class was cancelled for some reason. Professor had to take a short leave for personal reasons or some bullshit.

Today's class ended at 11:00am. As I packed my things into my bag, I took a moment.

There is still a lot of time until 2:00pm.

[ ] Visit the library.
[ ] Pass by the cafeteria.
[ ] Check out the club rooms.
[ ] Head to the computer labs.
[ ] Wander around the grounds aimlessly.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 479
[ ] Visit the library.
>> No. 483
[X] Check out the club rooms.
>> No. 487
[X] Visit the library.

I hope we don't find a book offering oddly specific advice...
>> No. 491
[X] Visit the library.

I'm just seeing if we run into anyone interesting in the meanwhile before the meeting.
>> No. 492
[X] Check out the club rooms.
>> No. 501
File 125238726576.jpg- (175.52KB , 571x800 , satori.jpg ) [iqdb]
Before I knew it, I found myself in the library. This place was always quiet and peaceful - the perfect venue for a nap between classes. At a glance, I already saw several students fast asleep on their desks. The librarian on shift was tolerant enough. To be fair, half of those who had passed out were engineering students. A few had even fallen sleep on open reference books.

I paused to think. I didn't need to photocopy any handouts for today, so I was pretty much free to kill time as I liked. I immediately headed toward the fiction section. A good story always made my day.

At least, that was what I had planned.

There was an oddly dressed girl with purple hair on my left. She looked a bit distraught as she walked back and forth along one of the shelves. In her hands was a stack of thick books. She stopped abruptly and stared at the shelf with a frown, as if trying to solve a difficult problem.

I didn't pay her much attention at the start. In fact, no one else in the library seemed to have noticed. The members of the Drama Club run around the campus in costume all the time. This was nothing new.

"A-ah! You there!"

The fiction section was toward the right, if I remembered right. But before I could get there, I felt someone tugging at my backpack. I turned around to see the purple-haired girl staring up at me. She had a really worried expression on her face.

"Can you help me with something?"

There was something familiar about her eyes. Do I know this girl?

[ ] Agree to help the girl. I'm not that busy.
[ ] Ignore the girl and walk away. I don't want to get involved.
[ ] Hold her tightly in my arms. Stupid idea is stupid.
[ ] Take her home with you. Shit will never work.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 503

[x] "Depends on what it is."
>> No. 507
{X} "Depends on what it is."
>> No. 509
[x] Take her home with you. Shit will never work.
>> No. 512
>> No. 513
[X] Agree to help the girl. I'm not that busy.
>> No. 514
[x] "Depends on what it is."
>> No. 515
File 125242302610.jpg- (56.94KB , 533x512 , satori.jpg ) [iqdb]
I quickly turned my gaze away before answering. Her face seemed far too close for comfort.

"Well... that is... it really -"

"- depends on what it is?" continued the girl. "Oh, don't worry about that. Just come with me!"

"Huh? Wait, how did you -"

"You aren't busy anyway," she said. "Don't tell me that you still have classes?"

"Classes? They just finished but -"

"Hurry! hurry!" she insisted. "I don't have much time!"

The purple-haired girl dragged me by the wrist toward the shelf. Pausing only for a moment, she took three thick books and dumped them into my arms. Then, before I could say anything, she pulled me with her toward the librarian's counter. After a few words with the librarian, she completed the transaction using my student's ID. It all happened so quickly that I was still confused as we walked out of the library together.

"I've already borrowed the limit with my own ID," she explained. "I needed a few more references for my work."

"So that was what this was about," I said.

"Don't worry," she added. "I'll make sure to return these on time. I already talked to the librarian about it."

It was slowly making sense. But how did she -

"Ah!" she cried suddenly.

Without warning, she turned around and gave a deep bow.

"I-I'm sorry for imposing! I was just in a real hurry and you didn't look busy so I thought it would be alright."

A few of the other students in the hallway were staring at us. We really shouldn't be making a scene for something like this. I guess I'll have to forgive her this time.

"Don't worry about it," I said. "I don't borrow books often anyway."

She straightened up and smiled at me brightly.

"Thanks a lot! You're a pretty nice guy, Alex!"

"Ah sure, don't mention it."

At those words, she gave me a wave and disappeared into the sea of students. It was only several minutes later that I realized something strange. How did she know my name? Do I know her from somewhere?

Well.. it probably isn't anything important. I took a glance at my watch (a battered old digital relic from high school). It's almost noon.

[ ] Head to the cafeteria.
[ ] Pass by the club rooms.
[ ] Visit the computer labs.
[ ] Wander around the grounds aimlessly.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 516
[ ] Pass by the club rooms.
>> No. 517
[x] Head to the cafeteria.

Wouldn't hurt to get a bite to eat

I wonder who'd we run into here.
>> No. 528
[ ] Pass by the club rooms.
>> No. 530
[X] Pass by the club rooms.
>> No. 557
[O] Head to the cafeteria.
>> No. 605
[X] Pass by the club rooms.
>> No. 621
File 125246045251.jpg- (85.44KB , 474x600 , parsee.jpg ) [iqdb]
"You insensitive bastard! Stupid piece of shit!"

"W-what the -"

"You didn't show up for our anniversary date yesterday!"

"But I told you already. The club is preparing its presentation for the next con and -"

"The club? The club! It's always about that club!"

"Our chance of entering this year is -"

"What's more important to you? Our relationship or that goddamn club?"

"Ah! Well.. that's really hard to say..."


I was frozen in place. What a time to walk into a scene like this. I don't know either of them personally, but I recognize the guy who got slapped as the president of one of the liberal arts clubs. Seems like his girlfriend got really pissed off at him just now.

"We're breaking up! We're through!"

With those final words, the girl turned around with a "Hmph!" and walked out of the building. The small crowd that had formed slowly dispersed after a while. The poor club president just stood there, dejected and lifeless. About a minute later, he retreated back into his clubroom in shame.

Soon, I found myself alone in the hallway. Well... almost alone anyway. To the right was a blonde girl with a pink scarf around her neck biting her nails. She stared throughtfully at where the club president was standing just moments ago.

Then suddenly, her gaze met mine. It must have been only a moment, but there was something really sad about her green eyes. She let out a tiny sigh before turning away. Before I could speak, she began walking deeper into the building.

Maybe she belonged to another club? But for some reason, I felt like I saw something that I shouldn't have.

It was around 12:45pm when I realized the time.

[ ] Walk away quietly.
[ ] Follow the blonde girl.
[ ] Call out to the blonde girl. I have a bad feeling about this.
[ ] Follow the club president. No, I'm not getting involved in that.
[ ] Check out the other club rooms.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 623
[ ] Check out the other club rooms.

Do not want to get involved with that green-eyed monster.
>> No. 624
[ ] Check out the other club rooms.
>> No. 625
[x] Check out the other club rooms.
>> No. 634
File 125247221217.jpg- (20.46KB , 400x400 , cat.jpg ) [iqdb]
Most of the club rooms were busy with their own activities. By the sounds of it, there seemed to be a large event coming up in the next few weeks. Members of the literature club were busy preparing their publication. The drama guild was all over the place, with some of them practicing lines out in the hallways. Several members of the art club were running around with paints and other supplies.

The science clubs were no different. The physics club at the other side of the building were preparing a bunch of posters. A few students from the astronomy club were setting up a telescope nearby as they discussed weather conditions for the event. Even the computer club seemed busy - their clubroom was locked with a small sign reading "Simulation Underway".

I found it strange that at the very end of the hall, there was one room that was completely empty. There was no nameplate on the door. Curious, I stepped inside.

Aside from a few generic desks and seats, the room was pretty bare. There was only a single shelf and a couple of cabinets in the corner. I didn't see anything unusual. Even the black cat that sat on one of the stools didn't pay me any attention.

Wait, a black cat?

As soon as I noticed it, the cat turned around and scrambled under my feet and out the door. I felt a little guilty for scaring it away. Did I disturb it? As I walked around the room, I wondered idly if it had an owner.


I felt like I was being watched. I casually turned my head to the side, and sure enough I spotted my observer. The cat was peeking at me from the doorway. I smiled. It seemed kinda cute.

"Hey cat~" I said.

At those words, the black cat disappeared from view. I waited for a few more moments, but it didn't come back. Maybe it was shy?

I took a glance at my watch. It's almost time to meet K.

[ ] Head for the coffee shop.
[ ] Walk around the city for a bit
[ ] Just go straight home.
[ ] Follow the cat. Why would I do that?
[ ] Custom
>> No. 637
[ ] Head for the coffee shop.
>> No. 641
[x] Head for the coffee shop.
>> No. 642
[x] Head for the coffee shop.

Let's see so far we've run into Parsee, Orin, Satori (And I suspect Rin is no other than Rinnosuke)

I suspect K's Koishi
>> No. 646
[X] Head for the coffee shop.
>> No. 647
File 125249519493.jpg- (82.91KB , 503x700 , morgan.jpg ) [iqdb]
Like always, the coffee shop was full of students. There were several small cliques talking leisurely around the larger tables. There was also a small study group toward the back discussing some project, while a few more were finishing papers on their laptops. To the right was one of the younger professors enjoying some coffee before his next class.

I took a few slow steps inside as I collected my thoughts. A glance at my watch informed me that it was 1:59pm. I was still a minute early, but something else bothered me. I had no idea what K looks like. How was I supposed to meet him? Was I supposed to give him some kind of signal, or did he already -

"Hey Alex!"

I turned toward the voice to see a familiar face.

"Are your classes done?" he said. "Why don't you take a seat?"

The guy who called out to me already had a small table to himself. In his hands was a thick novel. He gave me a polite smile, which I awkwardly returned.

"Ah, so it's just you," I said. "Didn't think I'd see you today, Morgan."

"Neither did I," said Rin. "But this is good timing. Do you have a few minutes?"

"Eh? I already paid the money I borrowed last week."

He chuckled slightly and waved his hand dismissively.

"This has nothing to do with that. I have something rather important I'd like to talk to you about."

I paused for a moment. There was something strange about Morgan's eyes today. For some reason, it made me feel a bit uneasy.

[ ] Take a seat beside Morgan and hear what he has to say.
[ ] Tell him that you are meeting someone else today.
[ ] Make up an excuse and leave the coffee shop.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 648
[x] Take a seat beside Morgan and hear what he has to say.

Let's hear it.
>> No. 649
[O] Take a seat beside Morgan and hear what he has to say.
>> No. 660
[x] Take a seat beside Morgan and hear what he has to say, but inform him that you're meeting someone today in a few minutes so hopefully it won't take too long.

it might be possible that Morgan has an idea who K is and such.
>> No. 675
Or, you know, that he is K.
>> No. 691
[x] Take a seat beside Morgan and hear what he has to say, but inform him that you're meeting someone today in a few minutes so hopefully it won't take too long.
>> No. 726
File 125253817296.jpg- (31.47KB , 402x392 , morgan.jpg ) [iqdb]
I glanced around the coffee shop. No one else seems to have noticed that I stepped inside. Maybe K hasn't arrived yet. When I turned back to Morgan, he was still smiling patiently. I sighed and took a seat beside him.

"I guess I have a few minutes. Let's hear it."

His smile widened, as if he expected that answer. Somehow, I felt a little irritated.

"You live pretty close to the school, right?"

"Sure, what of it?"

"I overheard something interesting earlier, and I thought you should know."

I shook my head and frowned.

"I'm not interested in gossip," I said.

"Gossip? Ahaha, it's nothing like that at all."

Morgan leaned forward and lowered his voice.

"Keep it to yourself, but yesterday evening, there was an incident just outside the school grounds."

He was still smiling as he spoke, but there was something very different about his eyes. I just gave him a nod to continue.

"Two students were badly mauled by some unknown animal. They had to be taken to the city hospital. The student council had to run all over the place to keep this quiet. I heard that whatever attacked them hasn't been caught yet."

I knew that he wasn't joking, but I didn't really feel any anxiety. Perhaps I just felt a little surprised.

"I didn't know that you were part of the student council."

Morgan leaned back and started speaking normally again.

"I'm not," he said. "I just have a few contacts here and there."

Then, he closed his book and placed it in his bag.

"Well, that's all I have to say," he said. "Just avoid going out at night until this is over. I'd hate to see a friend end up in the hospital."

"Thanks, I guess. You be careful too."

He paused for a moment and raised an eyebrow at me. Was there something amusing about what I said?

"Sure Alex. I'll see you later."

I watched as he walked out of the coffee shop. Several girls sighed in unison as he left. For some reason, I felt even more irritated than before.

Well... at least I have a table now.

[ ] Get myself a coffee and something to eat.
[ ] Buy coffee and pastries for two persons.
[ ] Open a book and wait patiently.
[ ] Leave the coffee shop.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 727
[x] Open a book and wait patiently, at least until K gets here, then order the coffee and food.

Coffee's no good cold.
>> No. 728
[x] Open a book and wait patiently, at least until K gets here, then order the coffee and food.
>> No. 730
[x] Open a book and wait patiently, at least until K gets here, then order the coffee and food.
>> No. 740
[X] Open a book and wait patiently, at least until K gets here, then order the coffee and food.
>> No. 742
File 125254743083.gif- (58.19KB , 500x508 , dizzy.gif ) [iqdb]
As I waited, I thought about what Morgan said. Students getting mauled at night? That sounds like something straight out of a horror novel. Was it a vampire? Maybe we'll start hearing about students going missing. Then a few days later, the police will find their corpses drained of blood.

"... Nah, couldn't be..."

Surely it was just some escaped zoo animal. Hopefully it wasn't some psycho that gets a kick out of biting and tearing into people. The authorities should catch the culprit right away. Something this big couldn't possibly be kept quiet for long in a city like this.

I suppose Morgan was just a little worried as a friend. He might be a little strange and irritating, but he probably meant well. He usually didn't sound so serious like this.

I randomly pulled out a book from my bag. Might as well study a little while waiting for K.


At least, that's what I had planned. Within fifteen minutes, my eyelids felt really heavy. There was something about studying that always encouraged a nap. But I can't fall asleep now. K said that he would meet me here.

I took a glance at my watch.

> 2:47pm

Ugh... I'm getting really sleepy. I have to fight it, but...

> Sleep


[ ] That voice is kinda familiar.
[ ] Close my eyes just a little bit.
[ ] Force myself awake with pain.
[ ] Leave the coffee shop.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 745
[ ] Force myself awake with pain.

Fuck you voice in my head.
>> No. 746
[x] Close my eyes just a little bit.

Another point towards my Koishi theory. (she's one of the few who can pop up in dreams)
>> No. 747
[X] Close my eyes just a little bit.
>> No. 749
[X]Close my eyes just a little bit.
>> No. 750
[X] That voice is kinda familiar.

I'm guessing Morgan is K.
>> No. 751
[x] Force myself awake with pain.
>> No. 752
[x] Force myself awake with pain.
>> No. 753
[x] Close my eyes just a little bit.
>> No. 754
File 125255207964.jpg- (137.28KB , 500x500 , touhou_technician.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Now all I need to do is... there! It's done!"

"Is it finished? Is it finished?"

Nitori smiled confidently at her work.

"This is nothing," she said. "Now that Ran and I have found a way to clear up most of the signal interference, you should be able to connect without any problem."

Kaguya squealed with delight, clapping her hand happily. The blue-haired blushed a little bit before continuing.

"Well, this is the best we can do for now," she said. "I'll continue working with Ran to find other ways to improve the signal, but this should be good enough for ordinary tasks. Just don't expect too much bandwidth during peak times."

"I can't thank you enough for this, Nitori!"

The black-haired girl gave Nitori a formal bow, which she returned in kind awkwardly. Then, Kaguya turned toward me. She gave me a polite and cautious smile.

"Please send my regards to Ran," she said.

"Of course," I replied. "It took her longer than I had planned, but it was definitely worth it. The first phase of the project was completed with only a few small problems."

"I do hope you gave her some time off."

I returned Kaguya's polite smile in kind.

"Of course. I had her take a vacation leave, whether she agreed to it or not. Poor girl will overwork herself to death if I let her decide on her own."

"That was very thoughtful of you," said Kaguya.

After bidding her farewell, Nitori and I stepped out of Eientei. Under the shadows of the tall Bamboo Forest, we walked together in silence. Then, she paused and turned to me excitedly.

"So where are we headed next?" asked Nitori.

[ ] Moriya Shrine
[ ] Scarlet Devil Mansion
[ ] Hakugyokurou
>> No. 755
[ ] Hakugyokurou
>> No. 757
[Z] Hakugyokurou
>> No. 758
[X] Moriya Shrine

Our gods are great gods.
>> No. 759
[x] Hakugyokurou
>> No. 760
[x] Hakugyokurou
>> No. 761
File 125255578966.jpg- (312.95KB , 591x874 , yuyuko.jpg ) [iqdb]
I watched idly as the half-ghost led Nitori out of the dining room.

"Why don't you have some tea? We can let those two take care of the rest."

I turned toward our host. Yuyuko Saigyouji smiled gently at me. I can't remember the last time I've seen her eyes at peace.

"Thank you very much," I said.

As she poured the liquid into my cup, I couldn't help but feel myself smile. The ghost princess seemed so content these past few months. I suppose that it's only natural.

"So, how's your gardener?" I asked.

My old friend frowned a little.

"She's been a lot more absent-minded lately," she admitted. "But I guess I can't blame her."

"He isn't back yet?"

Yuyuko shaked her head.

"Youmu's been like this ever since he left on another journey. I guess I can't blame the girl for being a little lonely."

I sipped my tea before speaking.

"You seem quite happy now. I'm surprised."

I couldn't place the expression on her face. There was something very different about my friend. I don't remember seeing her smile like this.

"It's nice to be a family again," she whispered.

> Hey!

I stared at my tea for a moment, thinking about many different things. We sat together in silence. There was no need for words.

> Hey! Can you hear me?

[ ] That voice sounds really familiar.
[ ] Close my eyes and relax.
[ ] Update my blog.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 763
[ ] Update my blog.
>> No. 764
[X] That voice sounds really familiar.

Friendly voices.
>> No. 768
[x] That voice sounds really familiar.

go and see who it is.
>> No. 769
[x] Update my blog.
>> No. 770
[x] Update my blog.

Updated my blog.
>> No. 774
File 125256118074.jpg- (113.19KB , 570x802 , maribel.jpg ) [iqdb]
> Blog updated. Data saved.

"Hey you! Can you hear me?"

Someone was nudging my shoulder. I half-opened my eyes for a moment. The world was a blur. I guessed that I must still be dreaming. I slowly closed my eyes once more.

I felt someone whisper right into my ears.

"Watch out when you are walking alone at night."

I woke with a start. What the hell -

"Ah, you finally woke up!"

It was a blonde girl in a purple dress. She had a poofy hat upon her head that suited her. At a glance, I'd guess that she was a student around my age.

"You should head home," said the girl. "The coffee shop is closing."

I opened my eyes wide. It seems like this girl and I were the only customers left. The owner was shooting sharp glances at us every now and then. I quickly collected my things.

"My bad," I muttered. "Thanks for waking me."

The girl sighed in relief.

"Good thing you got back," she said. "You shouldn't be sleeping in a dangerous place like this. The borders here are very thin..."

"Eh? Is the owner dangerous or something? Borders?"

She covered her mouth with her hand, as if she accidentally said something private.

"Ah, was I thinking aloud? It's a bad habit of mine, sorry!"

The girl bowed in embarrassment. Then, she hurried toward the door.

"Ah, wait -"

She was already out of sight by the time I spoke. A glance at the shop owner told me that I was no longer welcome here, so I quickly grabbed my things and headed out of the coffee shop.

"Sorry for the trouble," I called out behind me.

That was stupid. I fell asleep while waiting for K. Now I have no idea if he came or not. And to make it worse, I didn't even thank the girl who woke me up. Regret filled my stomach bitterly as I walked away.

"She was kinda cute too," I muttered carelessly.

"Who was?"

I turned toward the voice. My face went white. It was the same girl who woke me up in the coffee shop. She smiled gently at me. I felt my face slowly turn red.

"Ah.. what were you saying?" I said dodgingly.

Her smile shrank the tiniest bit.

"Who was kinda cute too?" she repeated clearly.

I nervously took a glance at my watch. It was past five in the afternoon. I looked up at the girl again. She stepped a little closer as she waited for my response.

[ ] Tell her that she's cute.
[ ] Tell her that your girlfriend's cute.
[ ] Tell her that the girl in your dream was cute.
[ ] Tell her that you have a headache.
[ ] Mumble incoherently.
[ ] Run away.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 776
[ ] Tell her that she's cute
>> No. 782
[X] Tell her that she's cute.

Non-linear story, rapid viewpoint shifting, atypical directions for story progression...
Is that you, Lighthouse Anon? (If not, you're doing one hell of an impression; keep it up.)
>> No. 783
[X] Tell her that she's cute.
>> No. 785
[X] Tell her that she's cute.

She is.
>> No. 789
>"My bad," I muttered. "Thanks for waking me."
>And to make it worse, I didn't even thank the girl who woke me up.

{X} Tell her that she's cute.
>> No. 794
[O] Tell her that she's cute.
>> No. 798
[x] Tell her that she's cute.

Its true.

Borders are thin? interesting point, though I wonder what happened with K...
>> No. 860
File 125262393626.jpg- (39.46KB , 356x284 , maribel_blush.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Well... that is..." I muttered.

The girl was still smiling at me, and I felt that she wouldn't let me leave until I answered. Why was she asking such an embarrassing thing? It just wasn't fair that she would corner me like this. And those sparkling eyes.. I just couldn't bring myself to lie to this girl.

"You were," I said finally.

She gave me a blank look, as if unable to process what I had said.


Was this girl teasing me? Did I need to spell it out for her?

"I said that I thought you were kinda cute."

I cleared my throat and looked away. I must have looked pretty damn stupid in front of her. This was such an uncool move. She'll probably start laughing at me now.

"A-a-ah!? W-w-what did you say?"

When I looked at her again, her cheeks were bright red, and she had the cutest embarrassed expression upon her face. I felt something pull at my chest, and I could barely keep my cool. I had to say something.

"Don't think too much of it," I managed. "I didn't mean to make you feel awkward. We should just pretend that this never happened and -"

"N-no!" she cried. "I didn't mean that! I-I just wanted to know if you remember seeing any other cute girls while you were asleep. It would be troublesome if you tried to involve yourself with those girls. Well, not myself, of course, but... ah!? W-what am I saying?"

Before I could respond, the girl gave me a nervous bow.

"My name is Maribel Han. I-it was nice to meet you!"

"Ah -"

She quickly ran off before I could tell her my name. I was so surprised that I couldn't bring myself to go after her. When I came back to reality in what must have been almost ten minutes later, I instantly cursed myself for standing frozen like that.

"So her name was Maribel," I said aloud.

I sighed. Looks like it will be getting dark soon. I should head home.

[ ] Head straight home.
[ ] Walk around the city.
[ ] Visit the school grounds.
[ ] Stalk after Maribel Han. No.
[ ] Take Maribel home. I wish.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 864
[X]Head straight home.
>> No. 867
[ ] Head straight home.
>> No. 868
[X] Head straight home.

No sense in getting mauled to death this early in.
>> No. 875
File 125262661993.jpg- (32.08KB , 458x285 , spaghetti.jpg ) [iqdb]
> Spaghetti

I had a simple dinner of instant spaghetti alone in my apartment. For some reason, I felt a little lonelier than usual. I sighed despondently. This was the limit of an ordinary human life. I learned long ago that I couldn't expect more from reality. The most I could ask for was a peaceful student life.

"Well, at least I have spaghetti," I said to myself.

For some reason, I could hear the bitterness in my voice. It must have been because I didn't meet K today. No matter how much I deny it, I couldn't help but feel a little excited when I got that email from K. It was like something from a book or a movie. Daydreams of adventures with hackers or secret organizations or aliens ran in my head throughout the day.

> They don't exist.

Of course, in real life, those exciting scenarios don't really exist. That message was probably just a stupid prank. The only excitement in my life would be the preparations for the end of term examinations. Well, at least I could ask Morgan for his notes when the time came.

I took a glance at my watch. It was still a bit early in the evening. I guess I could kill some time on my computer. In a couple of minutes, I was already logged in.

[ ] Check my mailbox.
[ ] Explore the interwebs.
[ ] Update my blog.
[ ] Turn it off and step outside.
[ ] Go to sleep. Not yet.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 877
[ ] Check my mailbox.
[ ] Explore the interwebs.
[ ] Update my blog.
>> No. 878
[x] Check my mailbox.
[x] Explore the interwebs.
[x] Update my blog.
>> No. 881
[x] Check my mailbox.
[x] Explore the interwebs.
[x] Update my blog.
>> No. 884
File 125263072166.jpg- (74.20KB , 422x400 , mailbox.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Might as well clear my mailbox," I said to myself.

There was a lot of spam. "Congratulations! You've just won 150,000$". Sent to spam folder. "I think your hot 'n sexy! Wanna meat up?". Sent to spam folder. "Viagra at wholesale prices! Discount if you order now!". Sent to spam folder. "Participate in the annual school festival 2009! Send your organization's..." Sent to spam folder. "Are you unhappy? Then..." Sent to spam folder. "This week's Touhou newsletter highlights the release of UFO." Sent to spam folder.

I sighed. How the hell did all these mailing lists get my email address? If I get rid of all the spam, then there are really only two or three.. wait. Is this from K?

> Subject: Re: Today's Meeting

I clicked the message quickly.

> It was great seeing you today, Alex!
> You look well.
> Sorry, I didn't have enough time.
> Can you connect to...

The email ended with details of a private chatroom. I hesitated. K saw me today? Well, I'll check the rest of the mail first. Ah, here's the one from Morgan this morning.

> Hi Alex,
> Just want to remind you to keep your blog updated.
> You never know when you need to look back at things.
> See you on Monday.

Was there any point in telling me that? Seriously, this guy was pretty damn strange. I couldn't believe that he was so popular with girls. Was it natural charisma? Well, whatever it was, it really irritated me.

There was one last message. The sender seemed to be from a forum admin.

> You have been invited to join Dark-Webs Forum
> Discover the demon friend for you!
> We look forward to your response, Alex!

There was a link to the forum at the end of the message. I would have sent this to the spam folder if it weren't for the last part. It really creeped me out. What is it with the Internet? It's like everyone out there knew my name.

I paused thoughtfully.

[ ] Log in to VIVIT webchat and meet K.
[ ] See if Morgan is online on Youkai! Messenger.
[ ] Click the link to Dark-Webs Forum.
[ ] Turn the computer off.
>> No. 885
[x] Click the link to Black-Webs Forum.
-[x] Simultaneously log in to VIVIT webchat and meet K.
>> No. 886
[x] Click the link to Black-Webs Forum.
-[x] Simultaneously log in to VIVIT webchat and meet K.
>> No. 889
[0] Click the link to Black-Webs Forum.
-[1] Simultaneously log in to VIVIT webchat and meet K.
>> No. 893
[x] Click the link to Black-Webs Forum.
-[x] Simultaneously log in to VIVIT webchat and meet K.
>> No. 895
File 125263521416.jpg- (107.04KB , 850x850 , yamame.jpg ) [iqdb]
> "Can you hear me, Snake?"

"Who's Snake?"

> "Nevermind. This is K."

"Alright. Where I am I?"

> "We've arrived at the Underground. Watch out for areas with signal interference. I won't be able to contact you in those places."

"Got it. These things work underwater?"

> "They should, but they aren't that sturdy. A sharp blow to the head can destroy the transmitter."

"Understood. Have they been alerted to my presence?"

> "No. The others are unaware of your mission. Your disguise should be enough to walk amongst them."

"Alright, I'm approaching the entrance now. I'll contact you once I've reached the city."

> "Good luck, Alex."

I shut off the transmitter and headed deeper into the cavern. It took several minutes for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. K said that there was a hidden entrance somewhere around.. ah! Here it is.

I slipped between the rocks into a large hallway. This path was rarely used, so I shouldn't encounter anything unusual. It was the city itself that I was worried about.

"Oh? A human? How unusual."

I looked up in surprise. A blonde girl in an odd brown dress was seated comfortably among what looked like dozens of silvery threads. These fibers were all over the room. Wait.. this room almost looked like an oversized spiderweb. I bit my lip. This person definitely wasn't human.

"Did you come to play underground?"

The girl swayed her bare feet lazily as she watched me.

"I do hope you aren't as violent as the other humans."

"What do you mean?" I said carefully.

"This path is unknown to most, even to the youkai that live underground. I wonder why you didn't take the normal way in~"

I stood my ground and said nothing.

"But by the looks of it, your task has nothing to do with me."

"It doesn't," I said quickly. "I only wish to pass peacefully."

Without warning, she jumped down beside me, landing without a sound. She took a step closer. I took a step back.

"Oh, don't worry," she whispered slyly. "I'm not your enemy."

She licked her lips.

"Unless you are into that sort of thing," she added.


"Why don't you let me guide you?"

K didn't mention anything about this person. However, she doesn't look like she will leave me alone without an answer.

"They won't suspect anything if I'm with you."

This was not going according to plan. I'll have to play this by ear.

[ ] Leave the way I came. I'll find another way into the city.
[ ] Accept her offer. This might be a good chance.
[ ] Refuse her offer. I'll pass this way even if I have to fight.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 896
[ ] Refuse her offer. I'll pass this way even if I have to fight.
>> No. 897
[x] Accept her offer. This might be a good chance.

Don't make things harder for ourselves.
>> No. 899
[X] Leave the way I came. I'll find another way into the city.
>> No. 900
[X] Accept her offer. This might be a good chance.

It's Yamame. I like Yamame. And she likes brave people.
>> No. 901
[x] Accept her offer. This might be a good chance.
>> No. 902
File 125264843529.jpg- (90.09KB , 600x675 , yuugi.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Oho, what is this? Another rowdy human?"

Before I knew it, I found myself right in the middle of the lion's den.

"Now don't be like that," said Yamame. "This one is mine~"

She leaned herself against me. I could feel her softness through the back of my shirt. Laughing uneasily, I reminded myself that this was just part of Yamame's plan. She said that I would play the part of her friend.

The Oni before me leaned closer to inspect me. She had long blonde hair and red eyes. For some reason, I felt her gaze probing me very carefully. I said nothing until she looked away and took another drink.

"You're pretty good too," she said. "I like you!"

Without warning, Yamame hugged me tightly from behind. This time I could feel her youkai strength as her grip grew steadily more painful. But at the same time, I could feel her surprisingly soft chest dig deeper into my back. It was heaven and hell at the same time, and I could barely keep a straight face.

"I-I said that this one is mine!" she cried. "I'm not sharing!"

I took a glance at her. Her face was bright pink. Wait a moment. Was this still part of the act?

"Ah, too bad," said the Oni. "But I guess we can have you two join the party?"

Yamame slowly released her grip. I took a deep breath in relief.

"Yes, we will be joining the festivities."

"Then let's go then!" cried the Oni.

"As a couple," she added.

Yamame gave me a seductive wink.

"Sure, whatever!" said the Oni.

She quickly grabbed my hand in a firm, but polite handshake. Somehow, the gesture gave me a feeling that this Oni was a powerful and confident individual.

"I am Yuugi Hoshiguma," she said. "Welcome to the Ancient City of the Oni!"

"His name is Alex," whispered Yamame.

I felt a slight shiver when she gave away my real name like that. For some reason, I felt uneasy about this. Was I falling into some kind of trap?

"Alex, eh? Sounds like a strong name! I'll have you two drink with me at the table of honor tonight to celebrate!"

"Huh? What are we celebrating?"

Yuugi smiled brightly as she took another drink.

"Your welcoming party, of course!"

[ ] Drink with them.
[ ] Refuse the offer.
[ ] Try to escape.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 903
[ ] Drink with them.
>> No. 904
[x] Drink with them.
>> No. 905
[X] Try to escape.
>> No. 906
[X] Drink with them.

Oh gods, Yamame is hot.
>> No. 907
...I am forced to ask.

Writer, who are you? Because I think you've written here before. Tell me if I'm wrong.

Keep in mind that, should you choose to answer this question, I will not hold anything against you. And, probably (hopefully), neither will anyone else.
>> No. 908
[x] Drink with them.

Fights aren't what we want to get into... that and if we go with the flow well enough we'll get a chance to check in with K.

Also it's kinda cute how Yamame got a bit clingy in response to Yuugi's fondness. (very natural, since Yuugi is a curvy jovial oni, and in Touhou, there's not much that can stop an oni from getting what one wants)

I also figure Yamame would be on the smaller side (not flat, but in the cute range)
>> No. 913
[x] Drink with them.
>> No. 990
That deduction is accurate enough. I'm not a new writer. However, I don't have any name to give you. I've always been among those who have only been known as Anonymous.
>> No. 997
File 125271159126.jpg- (6.53KB , 172x152 , yamame_sleepy.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Not bad! Not bad at all! Not many humans can handle an Oni's drink!"

Yuugi slapped me hard on the back and laughed heartily. I only smiled weakly in return.

"Are you sure that this one's a human?"

The owner of the voice was a one of the old Oni elders. He stroked his beard thoughtfully as he watched me.

"Of course is he is!" said Yuugi. "What else could he be?"

Suddenly, Yuugi stepped right beside me and sniffed at my hair.

"He certainly doesn't smell like a youkai," she said. "But that's strange..."

Again I felt like Yuugi was inspecting me as if appraising the quality of meat at a butcher shop. I stood still as she stared closely. From this distance, I noticed that she was surprisingly feminine. Her smooth skin and delicate curves gave her the appearance of a natural beauty. Perhaps it was the alcohol, but I couldn't help but feel drawn to her boundless energy.

"How many cups have you drank?" she asked suddenly.

I looked down to see that my bottle was already half-empty. Then, I glanced at her bottle. She was only slightly ahead of me. For some reason, that made me feel uneasy.

"I guess I had a few," I said. "I'm not really a strong drinker, though."

That was the truth. The only reason I was able to keep up with these Oni was because of a certain drug I took earlier. K said that I would need a high resistance to alcohol to infiltrate the Ancient City. I didn't realize how useful it would be until now.

"Oh?! A humble one, eh?" said Yuugi. "I'm liking you more and more!"

Someone grabbed my left shoulder in a tight grip. I cringed slightly as I turned to the person beside me.

"Mine," whispered Yamame. "Alex is mine~"

"O-of course!" I said hastily. "Yamame is the only one for me! Now why don't you just let go for a sec -"

"No!" she cried. "I won't let you go!"

Yamame grabbed me tightly with her youkai strength. I felt like I was being crushed by a vice. Yet, when I looked back at her, I saw a strangely innocent expression on her face. It was cute. No, it was very cute. My mind was torn between the pain and the moe. If this continued, I would most certainly pass out.

"I won't... let go..."

Her grip loosened. Then suddenly, she fell unconscious in my arms.

"Interesting," said Yuugi. "Even she fell asleep before you..."

She finished off the sake on her cup and slammed it loudly on the table.

"I've decided!" she cried. "I challenge you to a drinking contest, human! Do you think you can keep up with Yuugi the strong?"

"What?" I cried.

You have to be shitting me.

"Don't worry about her. There is already a room prepared for the guests at the back."

This was most certainly not going according to the plan.

[ ] Accept Yuugi's challenge.
[ ] Take Yamame to her room.
[ ] Propose a different challenge.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 1000
[ ] Accept Yuugi's challenge.
>> No. 1001
[X] Take Yamame to her room.
[X] "Sorry babe, I belong to Yamame... and she belongs to me. We do things together, and that includes little impromptu naps."
>> No. 1002
[JE] Accept Yuugi's challenge.

The safe option since Oni are just walking lie detectors, aren't they?
>> No. 1003
[x] Accept Yuugi's challenge.
>> No. 1004
[X] Take Yamame to her room.
[x] Accept the challenge, but inform her you'd be going with Yamame after this is over.

it'd help to blend in.

And it'd be the right thing to do with the spider girl. And Yuugi has her route in ULA, it's time for spidercutie to shine if anything.
>> No. 1007
[x] Accept Yuugi's challenge.
>> No. 1012
This has been used before on Komachi, I'm sure Yuugi will like this as well.
[ ] Propose a different challenge.
Challenge Yuugi to The Game
>> No. 1017
File 125271625040.jpg- (110.76KB , 645x645 , yuugi.jpg ) [iqdb]
A few minutes later, there was a whole crowd of Oni around our table. For some reason, our contest had gotten everyone's attention. Some of them were cheering loudly for Yuugi as we continued. Surprisingly, a few were even cheering for me. Most of the others were just laughing and cracking jokes by themselves. But regardless of the reaction, everyone seemed to be eating and drinking with twice as much gusto as before.

"I was wrong to underestimate you, human," said Yuugi. "You're pretty damn good!"

Her cheeks were starting to turn pink.

"Starting to feel a little tipsy? I would have thought that an Oni would be stronger than this."

I only understood half of what I was saying. The drug K gave me had its limits, and I was certainly starting to feel the effects of the alcohol in my body. I was sure that my face was flush as well.

"Ahahaha! Well said! Shall we start the real contest?"

As I finished my last cup, I could only smile stupidly in response. I took a glance to my left. Yamame was sleeping peacefully with her head on her arms. She doesn't show any sign of waking.

"Are you sure about this, Yuugi?" asked the Oni elder. "You might really kill him with this, you know?"

"It's fine! It's fine! I'm sure he can handle this if he was able to get this far!"

It took several seconds for the words to register in my brain. Real contest? Kill me?

"Now, shall we start?"

I slowly turned toward Yuugi. In her hands was a single small bottle. I couldn't understand what was written on the label, but it had the insignia of a pair of silver wings with an Oni skull in the center. For some reason, I had an ominous feeling. She poured some into my cup, and then she poured some for herself.

"We shall be taking the shots at the same time," she said. "The last one standing wins!"

Suddenly, all of the Oni around the table started cheering even more loudly.

"Let's see what you are capable of, human!"

Yuugi raised her cup, and I did the same. We both paused for a moment and stared into each others eyes. Then suddenly, I noticed it. It was a very tiny movement, and I doubt if any other Oni saw it.

Her hand was shaking.

[ ] Admit defeat now. Someone might get hurt.
[ ] Try to stay focused. This isn't the end just yet!
[ ] Think of a way to cheat. Winning is all that matters.
[ ] Update my blog.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 1018
[ ] Try to stay focused. This isn't the end just yet!
>> No. 1020

Heh.... I did something similar in my Yuugi side story. I should have thought about that for this oh well.

[x] Try to stay focused. This isn't the end just yet!
[x] Update my blog.

You might have a chance of winning.
>> No. 1038
[x] Try to stay focused. This isn't the end just yet!
>> No. 1039
File 125272911017.jpg- (81.94KB , 800x842 , yuugi.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yuugi's hand was shaking. I didn't know if it was from excitement or nervousness. That didn't matter now. I stared back at the Oni with the confidence only alcohol could imbue.

"Let's begin," I said.

We both took our drinks straight, in one swift motion. It took a moment for the sensation to reach my dulled senses. Pain. Lots of pain. Oh god, what the hell did I just drink? It was like pouring acid down my throat! The liquid scratched horribly at my insides, and I could barely stop myself from throwing up. This stuff was no longer alcohol. It can't even be called a drink! This was poison! For some reason, I was reminded of those idiots who drank antifreeze or paint thinner. But on this day, we were those idiots.

"That.. was some nasty shit," I said.

Most of the crowd cheered and laughed as I stood my ground against Yuugi. A few of the Oni girls started cheering my name. Somehow, I managed to wink back at them before turning to my opponent.

"Heh, you still alive back there?" cried Yuugi.

Suddenly, she started coughing in a fit. The crowd fell silent as they watched. But somehow, she kept herself together and looked up at me with a wide crazy grin on her face. She gave the crowd a thumbs-up. Everyone cheered.

"Ready for another one?" said the Oni elder.

Yuugi nodded slowly. Her face was flushed bright red now, and her eyes looked out of focus.

"How about you?" he asked. "Can you really handle it, human?"

I realized it at that moment. Even an Oni like her was having a hard time with this stuff. This contest wasn't a joke anymore. If I hadn't taken K's drug, I might have been dead by now. This contest was fucking insane.


For some reason, I couldn't bring myself to give in. Maybe it was the alcohol, or perhaps the loud cheers of the crowd. Slowly, my lips formed a smile. I knew it was madness, but sanity had left my side a long time ago.

This was motherfucking Gensokyo.

"I can take it," I mumbled slowly.

At the elders signal, we drank the Oni poison once more. This time, I felt the pain immediately. I was wrong. It wasn't acid. This time, I had poured magma down my throat. As I downed the last of the liquid, my eyes blurred violently. Slowly, the sounds of the crowd started to fade out.

> You aren't getting up after this one. Idiot.

Before I pass out, I must...

[ ] Give Yuugi a thumbs-up.
[ ] Steal a kiss from Yamame.
[ ] Try to contact K with the transmitter.
[ ] Update my blog.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 1040
[x] Try to contact K with the transmitter.
[x] Update my blog. (How is this possible where we are?)

Maybe trying to compete wasn't a good idea...
>> No. 1050
[x] Give Yuugi a thumbs-up.
>> No. 1051
>(How is this possible where we are?)
> Just want to remind you to keep your blog updated. You never know when you need to look back at things.
The blog is pretty clearly a meta element, allowing us to change POVs. Pay attention.

>[ ] Steal a kiss from Yamame.
If only she was conscious.

[X] Give Yuugi a thumbs-up.
>> No. 1054
[ø] Ugh... y-*hiccup*-you win Yuugi
[ø] Update my Blog
>> No. 1056
{X} Give Yuugi a thumbs-up.
>> No. 1145
File 125279485184.jpg- (96.81KB , 700x535 , touhou_computer.jpg ) [iqdb]
I opened my eyes to find myself sitting up on my bed, giving someone in front of me a thumbs-up.

"Good game, bro," I said.

Too bad there was no one else in the room with me. Now, looking back, I would have found this a little unusual if it weren't for another little fact.

I had a massive hangover. It was so heavy that I couldn't think straight. There was no memory of what had happened after I had my simple little spaghetti dinner with my lonesome self. Did I drink myself stupid in a depressed stupor again? I laughed at myself weakly. That wouldn't be the first time.

Suddenly, I became painfully aware of the morning sun. My eyes felt like they've been stung by bees. I covered my face with my palm as I felt my way to the bathroom. Ha ha, oh wow. This was just the worst way to start the weekend.

After washing up in the bathroom, I felt a little better. But only a little. For some reason, as I stared at my cheap little apartment, I felt a tightening in my chest. I couldn't understand it. What was this feeling? It was as if I had lost something really important. Or perhaps I had forgotten something close to me. As I closed my eyes, I could almost see the scenery that I have never -


Pain. Within moments I was hopping on one foot in pain.

"Fuuuuuuuck that hurt!" I cried out. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck this morning!"

As I opened one of my eyes, I saw that I had hit my shin hard against the leg of my table. It hurt like hell. Needless to say, I uttered several more curses until the pain subsided. It took a few minutes to calm myself down.


A glance at the clock said that it was only 8:36am in the morning. Today was a weekend. I didn't have any plans for the day.

[ ] Check my mailbox.
[ ] Update my blog.
[ ] Get some breakfast.
[ ] Explore the interwebs. Nah, I can't think right now.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 1146
[x] Get some breakfast.
>> No. 1150
So I guess "[ ] Steal a kiss from Yamame" would have resulted in us waking up frenching our keyboard?

[X] Get some breakfast.
- [X] I wonder if that coffee shop serves breakfast?

Iron Heart Surge that hangover, we've got a Han to romance.
>> No. 1175
[x] Check my mailbox.
[x] Get some breakfast.

sounds like a good combo, but I wonder how things in Gensokyo progress when we're not in it and the other way around.

This and R.I.M's story in Shrine are similar in the dual world matter. Might this be the next gen of CYOA? I might be thinking too much here.
>> No. 1182
[ ] Go out to eat. There are a few places nearby
>> No. 1183
File 12528047926.gif- (23.28KB , 850x429 , touhou_pissed.gif ) [iqdb]
I went into my poor excuse for a kitchen grumbling. Bad day or not, a man must eat. Maybe I would feel a little better after a meal. My headache was still there, but it wasn't as bad as earlier. To start the day right, I might was well get some coffee and some good old -

"Ah shit," I said.

I frowned hard at the cupboards. How could I have overlooked this? Was I really getting this absent-minded? What the fuck was wrong with me? This was unacceptable. This was intolerable. This was goddamn pissing me off!

I was out of spaghetti.

My palm was on my face before I knew it. And just to make my mood worse, I heard another loud crash outside. Of course, by the time I looked, there was no one there. Ahahaha... if I ever find the kid who kept making that racket, I'd teach him a lesson. In fact, if I wasn't a perfectly sane person right now, I'd grab my old baseball bat, chase him down, and beat him bloody until he stopped moving. Fucking kids! Get the fuck out of my lawn!

I banged my fist on the table in frustration. This was turning out to be one of those wonderful wonderful days. I prayed loudly that a truck would hit me when I stepped out so that I wouldn't have to deal with any of this shit anymore.

A few minutes later, when I calmed down, I quietly took back what I had said.

[ ] Go out to eat. There are a few places nearby
[ ] Order something by phone. A pizza is fine, too.
[ ] Fuck this shit. I've lost my appetite.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 1185
[x] Go out to eat. There are a few places nearby

Let's see who we'd run into today, since we've ran into some suspicious folks already. But I think we should try to find out how we change worlds exactly (since as it is our blog checking if anything is the trigger, and we don't quite understand it)
>> No. 1186
[X] Go out to eat. There are a few places nearby.
>> No. 1188
[x] Order something by phone. A pizza is fine, too.

If we go out a truck is going to hit us. I fucking know it.
>> No. 1190
File 125282124025.png- (168.60KB , 330x380 , renko.png ) [iqdb]
After making sure that there were no trucks on the road, I stepped outside of my apartment. My legs started walking by themselves towards a familiar shop. There was a convenience store only a few blocks away. It wasn't fine dining, but it was cheap and close by. I didn't really feel in the mood to eat in a family restaurant full of people. Actually, I didn't feel like meeting any people at all. I was going to go in the convenience store, get some much needed supplies, and spend the morning in my room.

The morning sun shined brightly, and the clear blue sky overhead promised that it would be a nice sunny day. I laughed grimly. Hah! As if I was going to fall for that. This was going to be one of those days when I wished that I didn't get up this morning. I just knew it.

The streets were deserted apart from a few other strangers who I paid no attention. When I saw the convenience store sign from afar, I found myself sigh in relief. Perhaps nothing bad was going to happen after all.

"Weird... this is just too weird..."

I didn't mind her at first. A girl with short brown hair had stepped out of the convenience store. She was quickly finishing her cup noodles as she stepped outside. In a few seconds, she slurped it all and threw the cup into a nearby trashcan. Then, she stared straight up at the sky.

"Ugh... here too..."

The girl took out a small black notebook from her pocket and scribbled on it. Then, she started walking toward me, mumbling to herself.

"These coordinates can't be right. Even the time isn't normal..."

I did not make anything out of what she was mumbling. None of it seemed really unusual. What I overheard when she walked past me was what finally caught my attention.

"What the heck is going on?" she said to herself. "And why isn't Mary answering her mobile? This can't be right..."

For some reason, the face of a certain blonde girl flashed before my eyes when I heard the name "Mary". Was she talking about that -


A loud crashing noise brought me back to reality. I turned toward the source. It came from a small alley to my right. For some reason, I was sure that it was the same sound as before.

I took a glance behind me. The girl was already several yards away. She didn't seem bothered at all by the noise. In fact, she didn't seem to hear it all. She just continued walking off, mumbling to herself.

This was strange.

[ ] Follow the girl quietly.
[ ] Take a peek into the alley.
[ ] Enter the convenience store.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 1195
[ ] Take a peek into the alley.
>> No. 1202
[x] Take a peek into the alley.

we're in for another warp it seems. That and always interesting things going on in alleys
>> No. 1227
[ø] Take a peek into the alley.
and if there isn't anything interesting there,
[ø] ask the girl what it is that's bothering her.
>> No. 1266
File 125288236741.jpg- (4.60KB , 149x172 , girl_sleep.jpg ) [iqdb]
People mumble to themselves all the time. There was no reason to involve myself in others' business. Besides, if I really wanted to see Maribel again, I'd have headed to the coffeeshop first. I still haven't thanked her properly. Maybe I could buy her dinner sometime.

"... or not," I said with a sigh.

I shook my head sadly. My wallet was already pretty light this month. Well, I could ask Morgan for another favor. I'm sure that I could -


It was that sound again. The same thing I've been hearing before. For some reason, no one else in the street noticed it. Maybe I was hearing things, but this was ridiculous. At the very least, I needed to know what was causing that racket every time.

After taking one last glance at the almost empty street, I stepped into the alley. I half hoped that I would discover something unusual. Trans-dimensional portal? A robot from the future? Or maybe an alien from an advanced civilization? This couldn't be coincidence.

"Hey!" I called out warily. "Is anybody there?"

No answer. I slowly walked into the little alley. The place looked filthy and abandoned. Not even a cat was in sight. Maybe I really was imagining things. Or perhaps I was going crazy? Honestly, I wouldn't really be surprised. In fact, in a dull world like this, I would welcome a little insanity once in a while. At the very least, things would get a little more exciting.

"Who's there?" I called out again.

There probably wasn't anyone here. If I continued shouting like this, someone might call the police. I better just head back to the convenience store and get some supplies. This was a waste of -


It was faint, and I almost didn't notice it. A weak and tired moan. It sounded like a girl's voice.

"Hey! Who is it?" I said.

I quickly ran deep into the alley. The sound came from behind that pile of junk. I just need to -


A girl was lying unconscious on the ground. She had long raven-black hair tied with a long green ribbon, and she was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt with an odd red print in the center. Her green skirt looked dangerously short, and I had to resist the temptation the check the color of her underwear. At a glance, she looked a little younger than me.

> Chernobyl

What? Something flashed in my mind. For some reason, I felt like I have seen this person before. I knelt down and shook her gently. I had to try to wake her, first.

"Hey, are you alright?"


No response. Even when I shook her harder, she didn't move. I slowly moved her to the side to examine her body. She didn't seem to have any visible injury. Then, I decided to check for her heartbeat. Wait!? This was weird. Instead of her heart, I felt some continuous vibration from her chest, not unlike the humming of an engine. Every so often, I could feel a sudden pulse as well, like a slight electrical charge.

Damn. Did this girl have a congenital heart condition?

[ ] Quietly walk away
[ ] Carry her home to my apartment.
[ ] Try to bring her to the nearest hospital.
[ ] Time for some CPR! What!? I don't think first aid works like that...
[ ] Custom
>> No. 1269
[X] Try to bring her to the nearest hospital.
>> No. 1273
[x] Try to bring her to the nearest hospital.
>> No. 1280
[x] Carry her home to my apartment.
[x] See if K's in; since something strange has happened and he/she might have a clue about it.

Taking her to a hospital is a bad idea; folks would be more interested in seeing what makes her tick than actually helping her.
>> No. 1282
[x] Carry her home to my apartment.
[x] See if K's in; since something strange has happened and he/she might have a clue about it.
>> No. 1286
[x] Carry her home to my apartment.
[x] See if K's in; since something strange has happened and he/she might have a clue about it.
>> No. 1287
[x] Carry her home to my apartment.
[x] See if K's in; since something strange has happened and he/she might have a clue about it.
>> No. 1297
I like this write-in
[ø] Carry her home to my apartment.
[ø] See if K's in; since something strange has happened and he/she might have a clue about it.
>> No. 1301
File 125290078044.jpg- (153.81KB , 600x635 , utsuho.jpg ) [iqdb]
This girl needed a hospital.

Very carefully, I hoisted her on my back. She was surprisingly light; I could hardly feel her weight at all. In fact, I was more troubled by how her slim figure and delicate curves pressed carelessly against me. I took a few moments to position her in the least enticing manner. This wasn't the time to enjoy the moment, no matter how soft or smooth this girl was.


Still no reaction from her. After making sure that she wouldn't fall, I starting walking out of the alley. The nearest hospital was about four blocks away. Maybe it would be better to hail a cab. Or perhaps I can ask someone for help.

> Chernobyl

There it was again. Something flashed in my mind. For some reason, I felt really uneasy about taking this girl to a hospital. In fact, I felt really nervous about carrying her around any public place. But why?

"To the hospital we go," I said to myself firmly. "No time for stupid games."

I shook my head. It must have been my imagination.


Fifteen minutes later, I found myself back in my apartment. I slowly put the girl down on the bed. After catching my breath, I realized what I had done. I slammed my palm upon my forehead.

"What the hell am I doing?" I said aloud.

I took a peek outside my room. No one seemed to have noticed. I quickly locked the door behind me and tried to collect my thoughts. I stared at the helpless, unconscious young girl lying on my bed. There was no doubt about it.

I was now a kidnapper.

"Ah shit," I mumbled. "This was a bad move."

I made my way to the kitchen and started making some coffee absent-mindedly. Why did I bring her back with me? Why was it that I had such a bad feeling about taking this girl to a hospital? And why was I so damn sure that I made the right decision?

I almost spilled my coffee when I got back to my room. The girl was sitting up on my bed, looking curiously at her surroundings. Her eyes seemed confused but energetic. And now, those eyes had fallen upon me.

"Good.. morning?" I managed weakly. I prayed that she wouldn't scream right away.

The girl stared blankly at me for a moment. Then, she put her hand to her chest, as if to feel her heart. Finally, she looked up at me again with those clear, innocent eyes.

"Are... you my master?"

[ ] Custom
>> No. 1303
> K has come online

> "Maybe I'll help you out a little, this time"

[ ] Tell the girl that you are her master.
[ ] Tell the girl that you are her friend.
[ ] Tell the girl that you are her brother.
[ ] Ask the girl who she is.
[ ] Ask the girl if she is hurt.
[ ] Ask the girl if she is hungry.
[ ] Custom

> "These are just a few suggestions. We're counting on you, Alex"

> K has logged out
>> No. 1305
[x]"I'm just a friend."
[x]"Are you ok? Does it hurt anywhere?"
[x]You should probably get her something to eat, it's possible she passed out from exhaustion.
>> No. 1307
[X] "If by master you mean some guy who picked you up off the street because you seemed like you needed immediate medical attention, then yes, I am your master."
[X] "... if it doesn't trouble the lady, can I ask why you would ask that?"

Servant Okuu?
>> No. 1308
[X] "If by master you mean some guy who picked you up off the street because you seemed like you needed immediate medical attention, then yes, I am your master."
[X] "... if it doesn't trouble the lady, can I ask why you would ask that?"
>> No. 1309
[x] Tell the girl that you are her friend.
[x] Ask the girl who she is and introduce yourself.
[x] Ask the girl if she is hurt.
[x] Ask the girl if she is hungry.
>> No. 1312
File 125290578593.jpg- (221.52KB , 533x690 , twintails_okuu.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Tie her hair into twin-tails
>> No. 1313
[0] "If by master you mean some guy who picked you up off the street because you seemed like you needed immediate medical attention, then yes, I am your master."
[1] "... if it doesn't trouble the lady, can I ask why you would ask that?"
>> No. 1317
[ ] Tell the girl you are her lover.
>> No. 1318
[x] "If by master you mean some guy who picked you up off the street because you seemed like you needed immediate medical attention, then yes, I am your master."
[x] "... if it doesn't trouble the lady, can I ask why you would ask that?"
>> No. 1319
File 12529087095.jpg- (45.54KB , 437x354 , utsuho.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Well.. if by master, you mean some random guy who picked you up off the street because you seemed like you needed help, then yes, I am your master."

The girl blinked curiously.

"I am most certainly not some suspicious person who grabs cute young girls and takes them home without realizing his indecency."


She cocked her head to the side, confused. I cleared my throat loudly.

"Err.. let me try this again, from the start," I said. "I'm just a.. friend of sorts. Why would you think I'm your master?"

The girl opened her mouth, but could not find the words to answer. She paused, looking absolutely bewildered.

"I.. don't know," she said. "Do you know?"

She looked up at expectantly. I just shook my head.

"Ah, let's try another question. Are you feeling alright? Does it hurt anywhere?"

The girl took a moment to examine herself. Then, she turned to me again.

"Why would I be hurt?" she asked.

This wasn't right. Why was I the one being questioned here?

"Okay... let's try this once more. What's your name?"

The girl's eyes widened in excitement. She opened her mouth, as if to say something. Then suddenly, she was at a loss for words. Slowly, her face started forming a worried frown. Then she looked down sadly.

"I.. don't know," she mumbled. "Wha-what? Why don't I know? Who -"

The girl looked up at me. She looked really scared now.

"W-who am I?"

For some reason, she seemed really familiar. She might panic if I told her the truth. I had to tell her something to calm her down. For now, I'll just say that...

[ ] She is my classmate.
[ ] She is my neighbor.
[ ] She is my old friend.
[ ] She is my sister.
[ ] She is my pet. Nah, that's just stupid.
[ ] She should leave.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 1322
[x] She is my sister.
>> No. 1324
[x] She is my sister.
>> No. 1325
[ø] She is my classmate.

Clueless Okuu taking classes with you...
>> No. 1327
[X] She's my pet.

I like it, damn you!

Also, do we really want to condemn her to the Unlucky Childhood Friend role, or relegate her to the position of being untouchable due to her thinking we're siblings? Okuu's awfully cute...
>> No. 1331
>Okuu's awfully cute...

[x] She is my classmate.
>> No. 1332
[X] Tell her the truth.

I'll take NOT MESSING WITH PEOPLE'S HEADS for $100, Alex.
>> No. 1334
Don't read too far into it yet, we're just calming her down in the meantime. I think we WERE planning on letting her know at some point that she isn't, say, our sister.

[x] She is my old friend.

This seems like an option that might put her mind at ease for a bit, and maybe explain why she's with us and why we helped her, but on the other hand not sure what's going to happen down the road when we DO tell her. Oh well.
>> No. 1335
[X] Tell her the truth.
>> No. 1338
[x] She is my sister.
>> No. 1339
[0] She is my sister.
>> No. 1342
[X] She is my sister.

And her name is Jerry Sizzler.
>> No. 1344
[X] Tell her the truth, but gently.

this should work well in my opinion.
>> No. 1404
[x] She is my classmate.
>> No. 1442
[X] She's my pet.

>I'll take NOT MESSING WITH PEOPLE'S HEADS for $100, Alex.

But... we are Alex.
>> No. 1455
[x]Your name is Utsuho Reiuzi, nicknamed Okuu. You're a Hell raven with the power to manipulate the Nuclear Fusion. You were born a few miles below a place called Gensokyo. Your master is a mind-reader called Satori Komeiji.
>> No. 1594
[Q] Tell her the truth

Best option.
>> No. 1596
File 125314562369.jpg- (96.40KB , 850x850 , utsuho.jpg ) [iqdb]
"W-who am I?" she cried weakly.

"Eh? You can't remember?"

The girl looked up at me. She looked really scared right now. The girl might panic if I told her the truth. Did she have amnesia?

I had to tell her something to calm her down. I was pretty sure that a little white lie would do more good at a time like this. That is what I had told myself at the time as I prepared to speak.

"Ah!? My bad!" I said hastily. "What am I saying? It's just that I haven't seen you in the longest time. I didn't recognize you right away."

"Didn't.. recognize?" she said.

I absolutely did not have any perverted intention whatsoever. The fact that this girl was very cute did not have any bearing to my decision. What I said next had only the purest and most honest of intentions.

"You are my little sister, of course! It was a good thing that I found you! Are you alright? Did you get lost finding your way here?"

"..sister?" she said. "..lost?"

The girl frowned as she rubbed her head. After a minute, she shook her head.

"I-I'm sorry," whispered the girl. "I can't remember."

I feigned a sigh and patted her lightly on the head. Even if this was just temporary, I had to maintain this facade.

"Don't worry about a thing. I'll take care of you."

The girl blushed and smiled cheerfully as I ruffled her hair. She giggled a bit, clearly enjoying it.

We should have something to eat while I figure all this out.


Apologies for the delay. The cat was on fire and I had to replace it.

Little sister Okuu is now preparing~


[ ] Order something to eat. A pizza is fine too.
[ ] Prepare a home-cooked breakfast with whatever I have left.
[ ] Take her to a family restaurant. There is one a couple of blocks away.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 1597
[ ] Prepare a home-cooked breakfast with whatever I have left.
>> No. 1598
[x] Prepare a home-cooked breakfast with whatever I have left.
>> No. 1599
[ ] Prepare a home-cooked breakfast with whatever I have left.
>> No. 1601
[x] Prepare a home-cooked breakfast with whatever I have left, eggs hopefully

Okuu loves eggs.
>> No. 1603
File 125314910629.jpg- (55.27KB , 530x862 , eggs.jpg ) [iqdb]
"So you like boiled eggs, eh?"


She gave me an energetic nod as she ate. I munched on my own eggs and toast as I watched her. Her eyes looked much brighter now, and there was no trace of the confusion and fear from before. This girl adapted to the situation very quickly and trusted me without question. I almost felt a little guilty, lying to her like this. But if this game of pretend could put such a bright smile upon her face, then wasn't it the right decision?

".. please?"


The girl smiled as she handed me her plate.

"Brother.. more please?"

"Ah, sure. Make sure you finish it all, okay?"

She nodded quickly as she started shelling the next egg. For some reason, I couldn't tire of watching her eat happily like this. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to just be her older brother for real. She really is kinda cute, and we could even -

I quickly shook those dangerous thoughts away. Bad idea. I should focus on getting this girl home. It was really bad luck that she doesn't have any identification on her. The only thing she had were her clothes and hair ribbon. I had no idea what to do next. Should I go check with the police station for reports of missing persons? Or maybe I should focus on trying to get her memory back somehow? This was a very delicate situation, and I -

My thoughts were interrupted by a gentle tug at my side. I turned to the girl who looked up at me with innocent eyes.

"Brother Alex?" she said. "I-I'm sorry that I can't remember, but could you tell me my name?"

"Name?" I repeated carefully.

I guess I had to give her a temporary name. This had nothing to do with the attachment between brother and sister, of course. It was just a logical convenience. I just had to pick out some random girl's name that -

> Chernobyl

What? Something flashed again. What was I trying to say? My head. I can't remember very well, but for some reason..

"Che.. cher..."

The girl looked up at me and waited patiently. The strange red print on her shirt caught my eye.

"Cherry," I managed. "Your name is Cherry."

Somehow, it felt a little off. However, the girl seemed really pleased with it. Without warning, she gave me a tight hug. Then suddenly, she went silent as she buried her head on my chest.

"Ah!? Is something wrong?" I asked.

She shook her head.

"I'm just happy," she whispered. "I'm not alone anymore."

I didn't know what to make of it at the time, so I just stroked her hair gently until she pulled herself away on her own. This girl trusted me with everything. I was her only link to this world.

I had to help her.

[ ] Try to contact Morgan.
[ ] Walk around town with her.
[ ] The Internet has the answer.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 1604
[x] The Internet has the answer.

This much is obvious.
>> No. 1605
[x] The Internet has the answer.
>> No. 1606
[x] Walk around town with her. Perhaps someone will recognize her, or something will jog her memory back.
>> No. 1607
[x] The Internet has the answer.

>The girl smiled as she handed me her plate.

>"Brother.. more please?"

>> No. 1608
File 125315539324.jpg- (132.20KB , 500x475 , touhou_net.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Now be careful as you scrub," I said. "You don't want to break any of those."

"I got it!" said Cherry. "Thanks for breakfast, brother!"

She hummed a strangely familiar tune as she did the rest of the dishes. I was unsure at first, but she seemed to be familiar enough with the sink and kitchen to handle this chore on her own. I gave her own last headpat before heading out.

"I need to check something for a bit. Just call out for me if you need anything."

"M'kay!" replied Cherry.

While it was difficult to pull my eyes away from this cheerful, honest girl, I forced myself to step back to my room. I couldn't afford to lose focus. I had to find a way to help her.

Before I realized it, I was already seated in front of my computer. As it hummed to life, I stretched my arms and psyched myself up.

"The Internet has the answer," I said aloud.

I resisted the urge to slam my palm on my face. Well, at least the Internet was familiar. This was a lot less complicated than going around town and searching for her family. I could easily be mistaken for a kidnapper at this point, so I had better play my cards carefully.

What should I do first?

[ ] Check my mailbox.
[ ] Log in to VIVIT webchat.
[ ] Explore the interwebs.
[ ] Update my blog.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 1609
[ ] Check my mailbox.
[ ] Log in to VIVIT webchat.
>> No. 1610
[ ] Check my mailbox.
[ ] Log in to VIVIT webchat.
>> No. 1611
[X] Check my mailbox.
[X] Log in to VIVIT webchat.
>> No. 1612
File 125316150796.jpg- (65.73KB , 482x464 , vivit.jpg ) [iqdb]
After clearing my mailbox of spam and solicitations, I sighed. There wasn't anything interesting in here this morning, just a lot of random emails. I sent the messages to the spam folder before closing the window. Maybe I'll receive something interesting later.


I opened another window and selected an old site I used to frequent. VIVIT was a web-based chat client that had a number of useful features. A familiar little maid mascot smiled at me when I reached the login page. Up to now, I still have no idea where this character came from, but I heard that the developer had named it after his "waifu".

I first found out about this handy site from a friend who was taking up Computer Engineering. He said that it was something of an internet legend. No one figured out how the site could connect to practically any type of chat server, regardless of the protocols or encryption settings. Some even say that it could be used to connect to servers with untraceable locations. Rumors started that it could even connect to a group of mysterious servers that even the CIA couldn't infiltrate. This rumored section of the Internet was only known as the "underground".

Of course, all of those rumors proved baseless when the owner of VIVIT sold his company to a large IT corporation. The VIVIT webchat client was now just another of many free services available over the internet.

> Enter User:

> Enter Password:

I paused as the site loaded. Which channel should I join first? Or perhaps I should contact those on my friends list. In any case, I -

> You have been invited to a private chatroom by "K"
> Enter the room?

Without hesitation, I clicked "Accept".

> K: Good to see you online.
> Alex_G: What's up?
> K: I need you to help me with something.
> Alex_G: ?
> K: I need you to check a certain site.
> Alex_G: Huh?
> K: Oh yeah, this might take a while. Do you have time?
> Alex_G: ???
> K: This is really important. I'll explain when we start.

I had no idea what he was talking about. However, K is a bro...

[ ] Yes. Ask him for the link.
[ ] No. I don't have time for this.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 1614
[X] No. I don't have time for this.
-[X] "Sorry, bud. I've got an amnesiac girl here, and I've got a responsibility to take care of her."
>> No. 1615
[X] No. I don't have time for this.
-[X] "Sorry, bud. I've got an amnesiac girl here, and I've got a responsibility to take care of her."
>> No. 1616
[X] No. I don't have time for this.
-[X] "Sorry, bud. I've got an amnesiac girl here, and I've got a responsibility to take care of her."
>> No. 1617
File 125316737076.jpg- (33.47KB , 418x524 , utsuho.jpg ) [iqdb]
Even if K was a bro, there were some things that were more important right now. I didn't have time to play his pseudo-mindgames and meta-trolling.

> Alex_G: Err.. I can't right now.
> K: ?_?
> Alex_G: Sorry, bud. I've got some things to deal with.
> K: What's wrong Alex?
> Alex_G: I've somehow ended up with an amnesiac girl in my apartment, and I've got a responsibility to take care of her.
> K: ... wat
> Alex_G: sounds crazy, eh? I better check up on her now.
> K: Wait. You aren't shitting me are you?
> Alex_G: I shit you not. I found her unconscious in some alley.
> K: ...
> Alex_G: When I brought her home, she didn't know who she was.
> K: You found an unconscious girl in some alley and brought her home to your apartment?
> Alex_G: Er...
> K: Ha ha, oh wow.
> Alex_G: Shut up. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
> K: You best be trollin.
> Alex_G: I'll talk to you later.
> K: ...

Alex_G has logged out.

I sighed to myself loudly. Again, I realized how stupid this all was. And now, the girl thinks that I'm her brother, too. I can't just kick her out of my apartment. Maybe I shouldn't have gotten involved at all.

After turning off the computer, I grabbed my wallet, coat, and a few other things. I could check the police station for missing persons, or maybe I can ask around the university. Perhaps I could do some investigating at that strange alley too. In any case, I couldn't just do nothing.

With no particular solution in mind, I opened the door and took half a step out of my apartment.

"W-where are you going?" whispered a familiar voice.

I turned around to see Cherry standing a few steps behind me. She looked nervous and unsure of herself. Her eyes looked a little damp.


[ ] Tell her to stay here.
[ ] Take her with you.
[ ] Go back inside.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 1620
[x] Go back inside.
-[x] She's tearing up. Dammit, I'm a sucker for crying girls. Go give her a hug.
-[x] If she's going to be staying with me, I'll need to take her clothes shopping tommorrow.
>> No. 1621
[x] Go back inside.
-[x] She's tearing up. Dammit, I'm a sucker for crying girls. Go give her a hug.
-[x] If she's going to be staying with me, I'll need to take her clothes shopping tommorrow.
>> No. 1622
[X] Go back inside.
-[X] She's tearing up. Dammit, I'm a sucker for crying girls. Go give her a hug.
-[X] If she's going to be staying with me, I'll need to take her clothes shopping tommorrow.

Adorable Utsuho.
>> No. 1623
[0] Go back inside.
-[1] She's tearing up. Dammit, I'm a sucker for crying girls. Go give her a hug.
-[2] If she's going to be staying with me, I'll need to take her clothes shopping tommorrow.
>> No. 1624
[X] Go back inside.
-[X] She's tearing up. Dammit, I'm a sucker for crying girls. Go give her a hug.
-[X] If she's going to be staying with me, I'll need to take her clothes shopping tomorrow.

Well that didn't go as well as we'd hoped; though I'd have tried the interwebs...

Now to console our temporary sister.
>> No. 1625
[X] Go back inside.
-[X] She's tearing up. Dammit, I'm a sucker for crying girls. Go give her a hug.
-[X] If she's going to be staying with me, I'll need to take her clothes shopping tomorrow.
>> No. 1658
File 125322899874.jpg- (451.26KB , 1000x1412 , utsuho.jpg ) [iqdb]
I turned around to see Cherry standing a few steps behind me. She looked nervous and unsure of herself. Her eyes looked a little damp.

"B-brother?" she whispered.

My chest felt tight. Oh, damn it! Was she tearing up? But I needed to go out. I wouldn't accomplish anything if I just stayed at home with her. In any case, I shouldn't let this confusing relationship last any longer than it had to. If I could just find someone who recognized her..

"Are you.. leaving me?"

A single tear rolled down her cheek.

I knew then, at that moment, that I couldn't leave this girl. Without hesitation, I stepped back inside and gave her a hug. Her eyes widened at the sudden gesture. I heard a tiny gasp escape her lips. But she didn't pull herself away. Instead, she slowly wrapped her own arms around my waist and returned my embrace.

This girl felt so soft and fragile, and she had a subtle sweet fragrance. Were all girls like this? I wouldn't know. I had never held a girl so close to me before. And she was such a cute and innocent girl, too. I couldn't remember how long we stayed together like that. It just felt right, somehow. This girl was really important to me. I didn't understand why, but I knew that I had to protect her.

> The Outside is dangerous for them.

I had to protect her from this world. This place was really dangerous for this girl. And right now, she had no one else.

[ ] Teach her how to cook.
[ ] Teach her how to use a phone.
[ ] Teach her how to use a computer.
[ ] Watch TV with her.
[ ] Play video games with her.
[ ] Take a walk outside with her.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 1660
[x] Teach her how to use a phone.

This is essential; we'll be able to move outside the house while remaining easy to contact. Otherwise, we're basically going to be stuck in the house.
>> No. 1661
[ ] Teach her how to use a phone.
>> No. 1662
[x] Teach her how to use a phone.
>> No. 1663
[x] Teach her how to use a phone.
>> No. 1664
[x] Teach her how to use a phone.

Next is the computer, though it might be hard, Okuu's not known for her brains. But it might be useful for perhaps finding information.

But if what I think is going on is true, we might be able to run into Satori again around school.

I'm surprised that it hasn't dawned on the guy that boundries are being crossed. Since I think even a touhou casual would know of the latest games.
>> No. 1669
File 125323480166.jpg- (68.45KB , 800x800 , touhou_phone.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Yes, that's right. You have to hold it up so it's all exposed to -"

"Ah!? L-like this?"

"Good. Now hold still and wait. I just have to.. my.. into the -"

"N-not so fast, brother! I.. I'm not ready yet!"

"Just relax. It is only.. at the beginning."


"Now close your eyes and try to -"

"Aaaah!? Haa.. haa... aaahn~"

"Can you.. it? I'll start slowly, but try to keep up."

"A-alright. I'll.. try... kyaaah~"

"Oh no! Don't drop the -"

I barely caught it before it hit the ground. Both of us sighed in relief. It would be really troublesome if the phone broke. It was just a regular telephone handset, but I didn't really have the budget to buy a new one. I was already in the red this month, and I didn't feel like borrowing money from Morgan again.

"I'm sorry, Alex.."

Cherry gave me a worried look, but I just smiled and ruffled her hair. I couldn't blame her for the trouble. It wasn't her fault that she didn't remember how to use a phone.

"Let's try it again," I said. "This is really important, so remember it carefully."

It took her almost an hour to learn (or relearn, probably), the basics of telephony. After I made sure that she understood how to use it, I wrote her detailed instructions on how to call me on my mobile. Then, we spent a few more minutes making practice calls.

"Wow!" said Cherry. "This thing is really great! I can hear your voice even if I can't see you!"

I didn't feel comfortable about leaving her alone in the house, but I couldn't be with her all the time. This was the next best thing. I explained that she was to call me whenever she needs help and I wasn't at home. It took her quite some time to absorb the concept, but she eventually got the hang of it.


Soon after our morning lesson on phone use, Cherry fell asleep on the spot. I carried her to my bed and let her rest. She must have been really tired from everything that had happened. I only hoped that she would start remembering things soon.

In any case, it was already late morning. Today was a weekend.

[ ] Stay with her.
[ ] Use the computer.
[ ] Leave the apartment.
[ ] Call Morgan by phone.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 1670
[ ] Use the computer.
>> No. 1671
[x] Use the computer.
>> No. 1675
File 125323831998.jpg- (225.49KB , 800x600 , confused.jpg ) [iqdb]
K has come online.

> "Let's talk a little about what you have seen so far."
> "By now, you should be aware of two distinct places."
> "The first is Gensokyo."
> "This is the world where magic exists."
> "Most of its inhabitants have strange and wonderful powers."
> "However, the use of technology is rare and limited."
> "The second, is this world."
> "Also known as the 'outside', this world is governed by logic."
> "Civilization evolved without the use of 'magic'."
> "Instead, its inhabitants rely on modern technology."
> "For the most part, everyone in Gensokyo lives within a set of rules."
> "Magic is commonplace, even for humans."
> "In the same way, everyone in the 'outside' lives within another set of rules."
> "Magic cannot exist, as it denies logic."
> "Keep these 'rules' in mind as you continue."
> "..."
> "Don't worry."
> "Laser is not difficult."
> "So don't think too hard."
> "..."
> "I can probably answer one or two questions before I log out."

[ ] "What happens when I update my blog?"
[ ] "Why can't I remember certain things?"
[ ] "Where can I learn Laser?"
[ ] "How can I enter Gensokyo?"
[ ] "How can I return to the 'outside'?"
[ ] "What is the color of Satori's underwear?"
[ ] "What kind of movie does Yamame like?"
[ ] "What is Yuugi's favorite drink?"
[ ] "How can I make Parsee blush?"
[ ] "Where should I pet Orin?"
[ ] "How can I meet Okuu?"
[ ] "Why is Morgan always hanging out with me?"
[ ] "What does Maribel do in her spare time?"
[ ] "What does Renko like to read?"
[ ] "Does Alex know what's going on?"
[ ] "Who are you?"
[ ] Custom
[ ] "See you later, bro."
>> No. 1676
[X] "What does Maribel do in her spare time?"
[X] "Does Alex know what's going on?"
>> No. 1678
[x] "What happens when I update my blog?"
[x] "Why can't I remember certain things?"

The two most important questions.

>>[ ] "How can I meet Okuu?"

Now this doesn't make sense; since if Alex knew enough about her, he'd have recongized her quickly.

Not to mention the other silly questions.

>>[] "Why is Morgan always hanging out with me?"

This is also a good question.

>>[ ] "How can I enter Gensokyo?"
>>[ ] "How can I return to the 'outside'?"

These are good as well but I think they'll be covered in the Blog question.

>>[ ] "Who are you?"
I think it should be obvious: Kaguya.

>>[ ] "Does Alex know what's going on?"
>> No. 1679
[x] "What happens when I update my blog?"
[x] "Why can't I remember certain things?"
>> No. 1680
[x] "What happens when I update my blog?"
[x] "Why can't I remember certain things?"
>> No. 1681
[x] "What happens when I update my blog?"
[x] "Why can't I remember certain things?"
>> No. 1684
File 125325195737.jpg- (103.64KB , 475x539 , touhou_bebop_at_his_computer.jpg ) [iqdb]
"What happens when I update my blog?"
> "Reality inverts itself and your perception of time and space is reinvented."
> "..."
> "Well.. not really. I'm not so sure of that myself."
> "What I do know is that your blog is accessible from both sides of the border"
> "Because I'm looking through it right now"
> "also: striped pants generally reflect poor taste"
> ":>"
> "..."
> "In any case, updating your blog might be useful"
> "As it is a semi-permanent record of your different experiences"
> "From both sides of the border, it seems"
> "Though not necessarily at the same time, nor from the same point-of-view"
> "..."
> "Why would it be useful?"
> "Well, if one needed to look back at a certain moment of time"
> "The most important thing would be a record of activity"
> "As there are infinitely numerous moments in a time stream"
> "You would need some kind of anchor to ensure that a specific moment is isolated."
> "..."
> "Going back in time?"
> "What are you talking about? Time travel isn't real."
> ":>"

"Why can't I remember certain things?"
> "Because you were dropped as a child?"
> "..."
> "No u. But seriously, you can only remember what you experience."
> "It's common sense."
> "You can only remember things that you did yourself."
> "This is why you remember things that you did, but you can't remember what Alex did."
> "Also, what YOU remember about our little chat right now"
> "Only YOU know. Of course, you and Alex have no idea of this."
> "..."
> "What am I talking about?"
> "Ugh, facepalm.jpg"
> "Isn't it obvious?"
> "You should already know what I'm talking about"
> "If you limit yourself to 4-dimensional thinking, then of course you won't get it."
> "..."
> "Well, just don't worry too much about it"
> "It's not like you're going to die if you don't understand it all"
> "You remember what you need to remember."
> "That's what matters most."

> "That's all the time I have"
> "I need to log off"
> "Good luck, bro."

[ ] Check my mailbox.
[ ] Explore the interwebs.
[ ] Update my blog.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 1685
[ ] Update my blog.
>> No. 1686
[X] Update my blog.
>> No. 1687
File 125326076965.jpg- (21.11KB , 320x299 , thenamelessone_2.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Update my journal.
>> No. 1688
[x] Explore the interwebs.
- [x] try to look up pictures of characters from the newest touhou game with Cherry's features.

Time to find out who our sister really is.

I think the reason why we forget certain things is due to the dual reality nature, in short in the real world we have a hard time remembering our actions in Gensokyo. But the whole Blog thing is also so we can try to remember it
>> No. 1689
> "Going back in time?"
> "What are you talking about? Time travel isn't real."
> ":>"

Suddenly, sheer hatred.
>> No. 1691

> "You can only remember things that you did yourself."
> "This is why you remember things that you did, but you can't remember what Alex did."
> "Also, what YOU remember about our little chat right now"
> "Only YOU know. Of course, you and Alex have no idea of this."

I realized something? We're having more than one point of view than just Alex, since I thought our Anon's name was Alex.
>> No. 1699
File 125331353472.jpg- (268.75KB , 534x822 , humans_only.jpg ) [iqdb]
> Blog updated. Data saved.


I jumped in surprise. It took me a few moments to reorient myself.


Sounds like someone was at the door. Who would visit me on a weekend? I was pretty sure that I didn't order a pizza. And I already paid the bills last week. Was it a solicitor or salesperson? I wasn't in the mood to deal with those kinds of people.

I took a glance at the computer screen. I only had one browser window open. The search engine listed out several strange pictures. I glanced at the key word for the search.

> Cherry

Huh? Why would I be searching for pictures of some fruit? Did I really expect to find anything? This was strange. I don't really remember what I was doing. I guessed that I must have fallen asleep in front of the PC again. According to the system clock, it was already approaching lunch time.


So persistent. Who could be visiting me, anyway?

[ ] Answer the door.
[ ] Just ignore it.
[ ] Custom
>> No. 1700
[ ] Answer the door.
>> No. 1701
[x] Answer the door.
>> No. 1702
[x] Answer the door.

Might as well... I wonder which view point this is.. since this is getting VERY CONFUSING!
>> No. 1706
> "I like pie."
> "Do you like pie, Alex?"

>> No. 1707
File 125334034938.jpg- (390.08KB , 500x1500 , i_see_wat.jpg ) [iqdb]

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