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File 154107241794.jpg - (608.60KB , 1438x2048 , dreams.jpg ) [iqdb]
16139 No. 16139
[ ♫: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhhQrFfzFM4 ]
[Escape from Midwich Valley - TRILOGY (Carpenter Brut)]

I've still got 3 hours.

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2018/11/01(Thu)14:59

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>> No. 16353
[x] ... stick with the plan.
>> No. 16354
[x] ... stick with the plan.

Don’t take the bait
>> No. 16355
[x] ... stick with the plan.

Don't give him an excuse, Joon.
>> No. 16356
[x] ... stick with the plan.

Act like a goddess for once, Joon.
>> No. 16357
[X] Feign being normal. Totally even odds, earning a reliable and respectable reputation
>> No. 16358
[X] ... stick with the plan.

Ignore my late vote up above. I can’t hit refresh fast enough to keep up with your update speed
>> No. 16360
File 154332074138.jpg - (951.67KB , 1168x870 , approximation.jpg ) [iqdb]
Uri-kun does not actually look like this. I never even watched that show/read that manga.


[X] ... stick with the plan. Be... Be rational!

Don’t take the bait.

Don’t give him an excuse, Joon.

Act like a
goddess for once, Joon.

I breathe out. “Look—”

“You already saw it,” he cuts me off without noticing, looking at the money before letting it fall into his coat’s sleeve, “right? That my hand is faster than your flame. Or, what?” Now he looks at me. “You think a fledgling god can stand up to oni because she beat down a few weaker ones? You think only Hoshiguma Yuugi is worth anything down here in the Underworld?” He laughs again, like it’s such a joke. “You think you’re strong, Yorigami. You’re not.”

[X] Prove it.

[ ♫: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnZ6YhNSE3Y ]
[You’re Mine - Furi (Carpenter Brut)]

“That’s what we oni hate about gods,” he prattles on with his eyes closed (not even looking smug, that’s actually worse—he’s talking like all of this is irrefutable) while I start darting toward him, “so many promises, so much boasting and—” I raise my fist, then gag—he flew to me out of nowhere and grabbed my throat; the rest of my body jerks forward, legs kicking out while I wince, “—no delivery.”

No...! Fuck!

His feet gently step to the floor, and the ends of his coat start to fall too. He doesn’t look at me, holding me out and away from himself, his expression empty. “Listen, Yorigami...” he says, “don’t get it wrong, alright? Though we oni now live below the mountain...” now he looks at me, pressing his black claws into my skin, “once upon a time, we lived on top, and we left that throne by choice.”

Ha ha... that’s not true... Little Uri must be young.

Humans. Humans scared you off...

But that’s Yuugi’s secret. I won’t break it.

I grab his thumb—

I’ll break this instead.

What!?” he snaps, letting me go while fire rises at my back. The whole action transpired in less than a second. He didn’t see my hand until I’d let his go, crippled.

I get serious.

Up until now the only oni I’ve fought and actually tried to beat was Yuugi, but it was all practice, never felt like something was on the line. I watch as Gasha holds his broken thumb, going down to one knee, his harem joining up behind him slowly—no.

I’ve felt this before, with Yuugi in the warehouse. It’s like my mind’s in overdrive to keep up with how fast my body can move. Everything seems to slow down. Well—

First thing, I back off from him and stand ready to fight.

Thing is, oni tend to have weird abilities if they’re powerful enough, and if Gasha has one like I think he does... well, that should tell ya: I don’t know what it is.

Gasha is baring his fangs, looking with pained and furious eyes at his quivering, swollen digit. He puts the fingers of his left hand to it and closes his mouth in a frown, his eyebrow twitching. I think I hear something—a tick, but I’m not sure. He flexes his healthy fingers a few times and starts to stand up, wobbling a bit.

“That hurt...” he says.

“Not enough if you’re still standing up,” I tell him. “I came here wanting to make amends, y’know? But I can’t help it: looking at your stupid fucking stone-ass face makes me want to redeliver what you gave to me before anything else.” I lift my rings. “I wasn’t kidding, I’m gonna beat you ‘til your bladder breaks.”

“Kick me in the face too...? Tug out my hair?”

“All of it,” I swear. “Think of the way an oni thinks fair for once in your life, shit-for-brains.”

“Think about what provoking an oni can do, Yorigami Joon...” he mutters, smiling and looking at his feet. His coattails start to wave. “Sorry. I like warning people first but,” he picks his head up, his purple eyes gleaming, his grin toothy, “you’ve already went and made me mad, girl.”

Something thumps through me and my stance fucks up. My head swims, I almost fall onto one of my knees. I pull my shades up in my hair and try to look at him, my eyes not keeping focus. What I see is that the papers that were scattered around got flattened to the walls and floor, and most of the oni and other youkai up here are on the ground and foaming at the mouth. Only one guy, a tall oni with an immense single horn and long-ass hair, is still standing, though he’s got a mean grimace on. Gasha lifts his left hand and I see paper getting blown out the way as something invisible flies toward me. I can’t move though...!

It hits like a whip and I grunt. Wha... telekinesis? No, if he had that he’d have used it on me by now. I hold my head and rock it a few times, ignoring the stinging pain on the left half of myself. I get lucid, and Gasha grips the air in front of his face, grinning enough I see his gums now.

The room feels like it’s getting shaken all over, like an earthquake through the air. I can’t... can’t...!


I punch down on the floor before I can fall on my side. The oni behind him is holding on to a sofa’s arm and reaching for his face. Gasha moves his hand to the side, and silently snaps his fingers.


The space next to my ear bursts impossibly loudly, and I can’t hear out my left anymore. My neck pulls right from the blow, and I palm the wood underneath me to stay standing.

“... Ow!” I exclaim. Just like Yuugi...! Oni like these are bullshit! “Wh-What...? Y-You...” I force myself to talk, trying to get stable again, “Y-You talk about... strength and you... won’t even come near me!” I taunt. “D-Deliver, Gasha!”

He takes my bait. If his shit is something ranged or area, then I need him close... shouldn’ta backed off earlier.

Gasha don’t fight normal. He’s fast, and he doesn’t throw himself around brutally like most oni do. When he comes at me, arriving like a dark whirlwind in shade and impact, his eyes wide and his expression sharp-cold, he just raises his palm, like he’s planning on swatting me down like a bug. I grit my teeth and force myself to dash around him. He brings up his leg in a swinging kick to clothesline me. Thank god I’m already getting used to that.

I catch his leg to guard against it. He twists then and gets aloft, pointing his elbow at my stomach. Nuh uh! No!

I thrust backward. He reacts fast, and without caring about the damage extends his right arm a bit out from the elbow drop pose so he can get his palm steady on the floor. He breakdances, pivoting on his right hand and spinning both his legs around himself in a violent swirl. I pick my forearms up in a guard, his calf slamming into me and throwing me like two meters back. Almost hit the wall...

With his coat falling down and his shirt showing his happy trail, Gasha looks at me upside down from his handstand, his legs both bent over his head, and spread a little. My guard’s still up, it’s not like that didn’t hurt. He shows his left hand, his middle finger pressed into his thumb.

I duck. He snaps his fingers.

The space next to where my right ear just was warps, and the poster on the wall there gets torn apart. What the hell is that?

No waiting. I rush him, aiming for his face. Unsurprisingly he pushes off the floor to get in the air, and I stop, shift on my heel, and throw a blazing uppercut at the guy. My skull vibrates, and I totally miss. I look up, my eyes not focused again, and see him standing on the ceiling like it’s nothing. He reaches out toward me and falls.

I’m too disoriented to do anything about it. Gasha drops his arm through the loop of my handbag’s strap and swings his legs forward to land in a crouch and tug me down toward him with the band. He grabs at my collar and separates me from my cash, throwing me at the couch he was sitting in. I fall into it like a ball in a mitt, I pick myself up, and I give him the dirtiest look. He pulls up my purse and looks at it dangle in front of him.

He lifts one claw.

“Had money in here, right?” he asks. “Mine now, I guess,” he says lazily, reaching for it with his sharp digit.

“That’s mine, asshole!” I shout, and next thing I know, even though he was like four meters away, I’m right in front of his face. He looks at me, I look straight ahead, my hand outstretched. We both don’t know what happened.

I close my hand into a fist.

Gasha starts to put his right hand up, but I sock him in the cheek before he has a chance to block. He yells, getting pushed back, and he lets the strap go without thinking. Still in the momentum of my strike, I turn myself in a corkscrew and slip my bag back on in midair. I throw out my left hand and catch his face by the right cheek. I pull him up and my flames rush dazzling around my hair. I suck in my breath, and with bared teeth rock my skull against his, his horn giving me a little scratch on the way.

He collapses onto his right knee, grunting, my forehead still pressed to his. Think that’s it?

I pull my head back again.

Gasha’s eyes go white and he opens his mouth, his teeth shining. Oh no! That’s ba—


He screams.

Every piece of porcelain, every pane of glass in the room shatters. His friend is finally down to the ground, still conscious but shaking—oh, shit, no, it’s my eyes. My eyes too? Everything’s vibrating up and down—

I let go of Gasha and drop, still keeping up under the pressure. It’s worse than Yuugi! I guess I did hear oni have screaming contests—that’d mean more than one’s real good at it but damn! It’s so much louder—!

I hold the rings on my right hand and bend down like I’m suffering, while secretly building up power. Gasha’s lungs are almost endless, he just keeps screeching, rippling the atmosphere with his rage. I feel good about the power in my hand, meet his white eyes, and hurl my fist at his gut.

AAAAA—gh!!” his voice cuts out on the hit, which sinks into his muscles and flesh with a heavy OOMPH of a smash. Golden flame scatters across the floor, but he doesn’t move. While color returns to his eyes, and he starts to reach for his stomach, I build even more power in my fist while pulling it back. All of it. As much as I can. Burn.

“Take this, you fuck...!” I shout, and I throw another haymaker, picking him up off his feet and shooting him into the wall next to the stairway down. The whole building shakes. I’m on fire. I’m actually on fire: the divine flame crawling all over me and blazing. I look past it to my Chanel bag. I grab the top of the accessory and without warning fling it at Gasha’s reeling body.

When it hits him, I wish for it, and I instantly show up in front of him to take the bag back. From there I push my left palm against him, my nails digging into him through his shirt. I flare up my right hand again, and while I shoot out a straight, strong breath I punish his abs one more time.

“Ghahah!!” he aches. I punch him again. “Fghh!!”

Pound this...


fucking oni...!






FUCK you!


Treating a girl like that...


Treating a god like that...!


I’ll make a paste outta you, you son of a bitch!

“Ghahah... hah...!” he breathes ragged. Not enough?

Then fucking take this!

A golden tornado turns out when I tear my hand back and twist the toe of my boot. Again, I crush his stomach with a blast of a jab. He moans, obviously hurt, but I don’t see a stain on the front of his pants yet. The fires around me flicker as instinct takes over and I make a fist again. Let’s see some blood... Let’s see what’s inside you, you fuck...!

“Ah—!” I scream as something pulls on the back of my coat. I’m thrown at the other wall near the stairs and fall down awkwardly. Wasn’t expecting that... Growling, I look down at the second floor, and the oni worried about coming up, milling around that red fuck I kicked down there. I turn my eyes back to Gasha.

“So much for the pride of oni...” I grumble, picking myself up.

The tall bastard boy toy who’s been watching ‘til now’s finally joined right when I got the upper hand on Lord Gasha... He looks at me with fury in his eyes... You wanna see fury!? HUH!?

My fires roar.

“Fhuckk...” Gasha swears, digging his heel into the floor over and over and putting his hands over where I was striking him. He breathes deliberately and steps off the wall. His lips part into an unstable grin, his teeth bright and brilliant.

Can I take the two of them? I’m not sure. Tall guy’s lasted this whole time through whatever Gasha’s been doing, so I guess he must be one tough bastard. Two on one like this...

[] Back down. Go to the first floor. Find Koishi.

[] I can take them.

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2018/11/28(Wed)12:00

>> No. 16361
[X] Back down. Go to the first floor. Find Koishi.
She's in danger, I think. And if we back up we can fight against him our way. With cloak and dagger
>> No. 16362
[x] Back down. Go to the first floor. Find Koishi

Remind yourself that overconfidence is a fast and brutal killer.
>> No. 16363
[x] Back down. Go to the first floor. Find Koishi.

Well, this went bad fast.
>> No. 16364
[x] Back down. Go to the first floor. Find Koishi
>> No. 16365
[x] Back down. Go to the first floor. Find Koishi

Dang it Joon, stop overriding our votes!
>> No. 16366
[X] Back down. Go to the first floor. Find Koishi.
>> No. 16369
File 154341773070.gif - (3.92MB , 750x750 , tag team.gif ) [iqdb]

image sources:


[X] Back down. Go to the first floor. Find Koishi.

[ ♫: http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=Z9CuaJZpxK0 ]
[Meet Matt Stryker - TRILOGY (Carpenter Brut)]

I throw my bag downstairs.

When it hits some guy in the mug (a brown-haired spider), I shoot to it in a flash, pick it up, and step on his face while my fire startles everyone around. I grip my bag again and toss it down the next flight.

It smacks down at the bottom, skids a ways in, and I jump off of this spider’s nose. I slide through space and arrive on the ground floor to snatch my purse up over my shoulder, coat waving and my fire searing away all the smoke in the air. Through the glow, through the tongues of fire, I look up at a gorgeous pair of legs, their ankles crossed.

“Koishi...” I mutter as my clothing settles, “gimme a hand.”

I face back where I came from. The spider I used as a step just now is falling down the stairs toward me, too quick. Poor bastard got pushed, too? I hop up and lower my left hand, catching him by the front of his shirt. I rotate with the momentum, swing him over the stools, and switch hands just before making a full revolution. I gather up strength, grunt, and throw him back where he came from like a bowling ball.

Spider bro, I owe you a drink.

He’s hurled into good ol’ Gasha, who must’ve sent him here. They collide, and for a moment the head honcho doesn’t know what to do. Like I thought, surprise is my best asset here.

I will myself to the youkai I used as a javelin and to my luck, I appear just above him (didn't think that’d work), landing on his back. No moment to wait: I jump over Gasha’s head, thrust my hand down, and get a grip on him from over his skull. I grab at his hair, and rather than pull, I call on my flame to plummet fast into the stairs behind him.





Even though I know his friend’s gotta be close, I take a satisfied look at Gasha-boy’s twisted face.

While my gaze is on him, I see Koishi fade into existence above Gasha’s body, floating almost like she’s underwater. She reaches casually past the now-unconscious earth spider with a hand of lightly bent fingers. She pokes Gasha’s chest, and in the second after that all hell breaks loose.

Rapid flashes curl away from her back, firing circle after fast circle of two dozen glowing pale-green diamonds each. The bullet curtain spreads, and soon everyone is ducking, diving, and getting the fuck out of dodge because it’s like a forest snowstorm up in here. I let go of Gasha’s hair (a clump and several strands dropping out of my hand) and leap at Koishi, catching her by her stomach with my left arm while the sound of an impact THUDs behind me.

I step on, pivot around, and kick backward off of the bar, flying toward the center of the room while magic darts helter-skelter beautiful through the hazy air: viridescent, crazy. I land on a table, knocking it over, staying on its edge, and make a very drunk oni stumble out of his chair. Gasha’s man is lifting him up by his back, and his clothes are tore up. Hmph! Nice!

I hop to the floor and spin Koishi out of my grasp, grabbing her hand to stop her (to her surprise). We both lean away from each other, me with one knee up, her with one leg out, and I pull her back to twirl her toward my right hand, letting her fall halfway to the floor before I catch her and hold her palm with my left again. With our little dance done, I deliver to the satori a coquettish simper. I grip her hand tightly, bend down, and take her lips.

“OOOOOHHH!!” everyone yells. Even Gasha’s hmph’s with a smirk at the sight. I stand and steady Koishi (who’s ecstatic) right next to me, clench my fists, spread my stance, and face the bastard again, my fire twisting eagerly and igniting fierce and golden at my back.

“Komeiji Koishi!?” “Lord Gasha-boy’s...!” “Tora’s up, whoa shit!” “Who’s that girl?”

I flick my nose with my thumb and grin.

“You gonna keep it up with all these guys around, Gasha!?” I ask.

“You’re paying for this bar,” he says, stepping past “Tora” with a hand on the other oni’s shoulder. “I mean that monetarily. With another meaning, you’re paying for this hair.”

“Try it!”

“What’s this? What’s this?” Koishi asks at my right. I blink at her, then smile.



Gasha-boy holds his right fist, and cracks his knuckles—to no sound.


“Move, Koishi!” I yell, disappearing to the left. Koishi just disappears.

The air around the two of us starts exploding throughout quietly, some patrons who got caught screaming and holding their ears. While I’m zipping through the almost invisible distortions of sound, I look at Gasha and see him reaching for his other hand. I start to slide backward under a table in spurts. While I go, I see that the wood above me’s getting dented and splintered, blasted over and over while it follows me. I jump up when I’m out from under the thing and see that Gasha’s holding his hand out toward me. I throw my bag at the ceiling. He snaps his fingers.

I land upside down, the bar-goers and gamblers looking up at me in disbelief while sound scatters down where I just was, taking a bite out of the table. Gasha aim’s at me again, a smile on his face. Wai—eh?


Next to me, right-side up is my girlfriend. She spreads her arms, then throws them out to me. I see purple hearts for a split second, then realize she’s caging me in her tentacles. Wha—!?

Everything’s amber and soft for a moment, and it smells like her, and next thing I know I’m rocketing at a very surprised Gasha. Uh—no time! I raise my fist, and I smash his nose in, the strike wet and warm. I feel Koishi’s third eye around me again and turn around to see that she reached me all the way over there, from the other side of the room. She yanks me back toward her while Gasha’s nose is bleeding. When I reach her I’m enveloped in petals again, but this time the leaves all just fall away and she’s left hugging me under my arms, eyes all closed and beaming.

“K-Koish—?” I start, but she fades away and there’s a sound like a chime.

Tora leaps at me with his knuckles behind him. I lift my hand, ready to bat at his overcompensating horn, and I stop because Koishi’s behind him. She holds her head, and a faded red line zips through the oni, who stops and spits. She then holds her arms out and cocks her head cutely. A giant, sky-blue rose blossoms in front of her, into Tora’s back, and explodes in color. He crashes, and destroys what’s left of the table.

I just watch while Koishi pivots in the air, puts one finger to her kissing lips, points another finger at Gasha, and blooms another giant flower. And another. A lot of flowers. A line of them start slow, then rush toward the still swaying stronger oni. He gets thrown into the wall, roaring in pain. Koishi then... leaps(?) while still aloft, throwing her hands in the hair, and a shit load of girlish hearts start Itano Circusing into the poor boys down below with pink and white clouds, and without a moment of mercy. I keep looking.

Holy shit.

“Hm--!? Eh!” Holy shit! Gasha’s comin’!

The guy’s shirt is totally blown open now, and his muscular chest is on full display as he starts cascading through Koishi’s barrage. He reaches Koishi, and swings at her with his left. I make sure I’m in front of her to catch it, and Koishi vanishes before he can get anywhere close. I pull his arm into a grapple, hold his hand so he can’t snap shit. Let’s break it...!

Then it’s like a bomb goes off in front of my stomach, knocking my air out and forcing me to let him go. I look at him, and his right hand is practically quaking. He snapped with his broken thumb...!

I throw a punch, he closes his right hand and throws up his forearm to block it. Fine... let’s get in there!

Koishi appears a ways behind him without theatrics. She looks at me, closes her eyes, and puts her finger up in a “shhhh” sign while grinning. She opens her eyes, grabs the brim of her hat and her hip in a sass-filled post, and becomes a rave.

Lights of all sorts of colors, each one to a ring, starts spinning and expanding out from her. I hold off on going at Gasha again until a line of them collides with his back. He gets thrust forward.

“What!?” he growls. I punch him in his side. “Fucking—!”

While he’s bending, I send out my left fist then my right again to finish a combo. I throw my hand at his lapel and he swats it away. Koishi’s bullets show up again and we both duck. Actually that’s a lot of bullets. We start dodging through the air, and gunning for each other whenever we can.

I huff.

He huffs.

We slip past one another. I sock him. He recovers fast, and throws a punch to my belly. I cough, and the pain burns through me.

I see Koishi behind him. Her eyebrows arch and she frowns. She lifts her hand toward him, and a double helix of hearts, pink and blue, erupt our way from behind her. Wait, ah—!

I bend my back, while a stream of pink hearts grazes my face. Blue hearts hit Gasha in the back and he curses again. I dash toward him, call for my flames, and give him another headbutt.

I swipe his jaw.

I beat my fist in his nose again.

I grab his hair and send a blazing knee into his teeth.

I dodge Koishi’s attack, all the colors, all the intensity making my heart thump faster and faster. I’m too focused.

Below us, Tora starts coming up. I reach for Gasha-boy’s coat again and this time I get it. I swing him at his friend and they both fall down. Koishi’s pattern bursts into shimmers and sparkles. She looks down and then puts her hands to her face. Anyone who’s still in here for some reason starts flying quick, and I see why. On the ground, coiling through everything are these strange, green bullet patterns reaching for and devastating basically everything they touch. They grasp and hold the two oni. I turn, pull the flame to my elbow, and become the meteor.

Green and gold erupt from the floor, glittering as it falls back down. I listen for gagging, but notice Tora’s hand’s on my arm instead. Gasha is glaring at me on the floor. Oh, fu—!

I feel Koishi coiling around me again, around my ankle. I get flung to the ceiling and look to where she was, but she’s gone. Uh... Oh! She’s... She’s where I was! I look down and see Koishi floating upside down, holding Tora’s hand and looking uncharacteristic. Her third eyes spreads around him, and from another perspective I see how she “swallows” him with them, making a sun-colored flower from his body. She “spits” him out to the ground with a crash, and while petals are still falling grabs him and does it again, bouncing him like a basketball, just with the speed and power of a cannon.

Gasha throws another punch at her, and connects this time. Koishi makes a sound I don’t wanna hear, I blur down to his back, and I drop my purse.

“You already know you’re not fast enough!” he says, turning on me with his strike. I dodge it, turn around him like I’m trying to get him from another angle and he follows just as quick. Then I shift to my purse.

I pick it up, skidding against the floor while time seems to slow again: Koishi reaching for her arm; Tora getting up; Gasha not knowing that I’m behind him again. I flash to his upper back, throw my arms forward, and grab him under his. I bend backward and give him a German suplex.

Boom, shake.

Gasha Uri, the pride of this part of the Underworld, crumples. I let go and burn the floor sliding out the way of his falling back. I see Tora getting grabbed up in tentacles again, and I stand up to see him getting pulled to a corner of the room. I look down at Gasha, then I look around at everyone else. He’s finally taken enough damage that he’s not just up and at ‘em like it’s nothing again. I slowly step over him, slowly get on my knees and over his torso, put my left hand on his collarbone and tell him:

“Tighten up your stomach muscles.”

I grip my right hand, the rings on it sparkling.

And I land an easy hit in his gut below me, fire raining down.

Careless of everything else, I beat into him. I keep pounding, watching his face go from defiant, to pained, to misery.

I, keep, going, while a crack forms in the floor, dust falls from the rafters.

I stop looking at him. I don’t even feel him anymore. I keep going, my mind drifting as my body takes over, until I feel a delicate hand on my cheek, a warmth against my back.

I get pulled off of him, and I look at the now-unconscious oni. I look, but he’s dry. I look at my knuckles, they’re dry too. Damn it... God damn it...!

He... was right...

I close my hand again.

Koishi whispers in my ear while rubbing my head, “You had something to do, didn’t you?”


I open my bag and spread my fire within it so only the bindings on the cash are burned away. I grasp a handful and throw it over Gasha’s body. Then, I have my flames erupt everything inside out, cutting their heat so it’s just force. Everyone cheers. Everyone’s confused, but happy.

I put my hand on Koishi’s forearm.

She hugs me tightly.

If this is what I can do...

... then can I do it? When Shion’s on the line, and it’s only my fist that can get her back...

... this isn’t enough.


[] Leave The Dead Horn Hole,
----[] just like that.
----[] with Gasha Uri.

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2018/11/29(Thu)12:00

>> No. 16370
[x] Leave The Dead Horn Hole,
----[x] with Gasha Uri.

Ah, they make a good team. As someone who mains Koishi in the fighting games, reading this update was pretty amusing.

Not really sure about this choice, but this option seems at least potentially like a way to gain something more from this whole affair.
>> No. 16371
[x] Leave The Dead Horn Hole,
----[x] just like that.
>> No. 16372
[x] Leave The Dead Horn Hole,
----[x] just like that.
>> No. 16373
[X] Leave The Dead Horn Hole,
----[x] just like that.

Not sure about not killing him, but she must have her reasons.
I understand that feeling of giving something your all and falling short all too well.

We should tell Satori what happened with her sister by the way.
>> No. 16374
File 154351408510.jpg - (460.10KB , 1200x849 , komeiji-san.jpg ) [iqdb]
No timer and I'm unsure I can get an update out in time for the end of November for the competition.

That said I already won like two or three days ago by the original rules so it's fine!


[X] Leave The Dead Horn Hole,
----[X] just like that.

[ ♫: http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=eI_YYEE7A90 ]
[クライム・ストーリーときみのウソ - Adrastea (ShibayanRecords)]

I run my fingers, rings still on, under the cold fall of a faucet, and rapidly they get relieved—feel soothed. My hand doesn’t look great here... the knobs for hot and cold are these fancy rose fixtures made of touch glass. The sink itself is marble. The metal of the spout is shining flawless. Then there’s my hand and rings... a dark red, almost rust-colored stain slowly runs off the skin and gold: the blood from Gasha’s broken nose. The only blood or anything I could squeeze out of him. While I wash it off, I don’t look at myself in the mirror.


The Komeiji Household, ground floor.

Faucet’s on, no lights.

I twist the cold rose and stop the flow, water dripping from my hand as a bunch swirls clean down the drain. I call my fire to my hand and it eases up and around my digits and palm, waving gently, warming me back up—I wonder why Gasha’s blood didn’t burn off while I was fighting him before.

I left The Dead Horn Hole with Koishi and with revelry at our backs. Before I walked out, I told one of the flustered patrons “Hey, I’m Yorigami Joon,” and I walked out saying and doing nothing more than that. For a second I thought about dragging Gasha-boy outta there with me, maybe toss him in the river and have a chat or something but I’m too miffed. I was too miffed, and I still am. The whole way over to the castle where she sometimes lives, Koishi had both her arms around my right, and walked me home gently. She knows I’m pissed. I’m smoldering.

I punch at the mirror above the sink, stopping just short of the surface. I’d really rather break it but that’d be a dick move...

I drop my arm, turn around, and open the bathroom door to leave. The only reason that fight with Gasha worked out at all was that I had the element of surprise on my side. My divine flame awakened another ability and Koishi saved me, so I won. Without the last-minute rescues, the machine-made gods, how would it have ended?

I walk toward the direction of their sitting room, a two-tailed cat sauntering up beside me and following me there, the tips of its tails dancing with dark flame. I hold the hand I used to beat into Gasha closed and bring it near my face, looking at the knuckles and rings, Gasha... isn’t the strongest an oni can be. He’s not close, I think, otherwise he’d boast more about it since, weird as he is, oni gonna be oni. Ouzu... Ouzu’s part... he was part of a “family”, the family probably responsible for kidnapping Sis, but that’s not the important part here. The part is that names – known ones, big ones, clans – mean everything to oni, and those who carry names, even Sezaru, The Liar, carry them for their strength. I haven’t asked what Ouzu’s old “family” was, but that they’re a family at all means they’re respected: respected for strength.

I don’t have it: what it takes to topple that strength on my own—and it has to be on my own. Just then, Yuugi’s words ring out from my heart:

You can’t survive down here on your wits, Joon.

You have to be honest, and you have to be strong.

More than anything, you have to fight.

“How long will it take...? Before I can do what I swore to...? Shit, fuck...”

Suddenly, I wince. A light show of dark red rays starts right next to me, covering this medieval-lookin’ stone hallway in a real horror show glare. I suck my teeth, and then feel the obvious touch of a fairly big pair of boobs against my cheek, pressing me almost aggressively. The cloth on top of them feels expensive. Well, I don’t really appreciate it though—

“Oi—” I start, lifting my hand, but whoever this is talks right over me.

“C’mon, c’mon! Cheer up, Sister! There’s so much good news today! Grin, Sister!” says a girl’s voice. With her tit still pushing at me and my back bent from her “friendly” hold, I do the opposite.

“Let me g—mmf??” I stop talking, not ‘cause she did anything but— “What the... You smell like a corpse!” I can’t believe it. Ash, too...!

“I cart corpses, Sister! It’s what kasha do,” she says too loudly. “This is Hell, you know!?” I turn my eyes to her face. Her lips curl into a cat-like smile—no, wait.

That scarlet base and raven-toned hair, those twitching extra ears pointing from her head... the tails.

She’s the cat.

“Ohhh!?” she bellows, a gleam passing over her eyes, “you didn’t think I could do that did ya, Sister!? Well!? Awesome, right!?”

“Nothing awesome about a monster cat,” I reply, putting enough irritation in my voice I hope it wards her off. Just in case, I start pushing her over that lolita, deep-green dress in some extra effort. She resists, a lot. I start gritting my teeth. She’s stubborn...!

“Snff... Hm? Snff, snff, snffff...!”

“Quit sniffing me!” I snarl while she pushes her nose in my hair, and then breathes in around my fingers once I start shoving her face. Igh...!

“That... blood? On the fist of a god? Wha... That’s real compelling...” she comments like I said nothing, then licks one of my fingertips. I shudder.

“Dumb cat... Get a hold of yourself!” my voice rumbles and I bring up my other hand, pushing down on her hair, smushing one of her ears and finally getting out of her grasp.

“Oh...!” she utters, bending her head under me. She turns it again, pushing back against my palm, her ears flopping up when my hand slips over them, back down when I slide back on. She nudges me with her cranium enough that I unfortunately get what’s happening. It gets obvious once she starts purring.

I pull my hand back, my eyebrows furrowed. “I don’t pet bad cats,” I tell her.

“Myaa...!” she moans plaintively, her eyebrows sloping. “Pet me!”

I take off. No more walking.

She gives chase. Tch!

I stop down at a crossing and dash with my flame around a corner, hoping I can gain ground before she figures out which one (seeing as I practically disappear when I move like this).

I blink-rush over a velvet carpet, making more random turns, zooming past paintings of the sisters and going for the sitting room, where they’re in the flesh and waiting on me. I throw a glance over my shoulder and don’t see the cat youkai... I’m safe, I guess? I throw the door to my destination open and dash into the floor, looking behind myself again, too worried to greet the Komeijis.

“Lost her...?” I wonder as she leaps from a different direction from the one I came from. Wha—!

I flinch, she pounces me and starts nuzzling my palm, squirming on top of me, revving like an engine and vibrating like a lady pleaser. She stinks...!

“Orin!” I hear Koishi’s voice and crane my neck to see her on the ceiling (wait, no, right, I’m looking at her upside down). She’s standing in front of a couch and pointing. Komeiji Satori is still sitting down, looking at Koishi with disbelief, her hands awkwardly raised like she doesn’t know what to do with them. “What are you doing with Joon!? Stop that!”

“Orin” isn’t listening. She starts to curl up on me (and for the record, she’s definitely a bit taller than me). Koishi shakes her fist and stomps her foot down a few times.

“Koishi...!” her sister exclaims, “you’re jealous...!”

“Of course I am, Orin’s got...” she looks down at herself briefly, crosses her arms and closes her eyes, turning her head dismissively “... you know!”

Oh Koishi, I’d take your cute, soft breasts any day over big, stanky, cat tats.

“Eh?” Satori sounds confused. “Who was that?” she asks. Uh.

“Get off me already, cat! Your masters are calling you!” I complain, trying to separate her from me again. This’s why dogs are better... they listen!

“But...!” the cat whines, looking up into my face, “Sister saved Lady Koishi! I want to thank her.”

You want to get pet.

“At least take a bath first...” I say, practically under my breath. Satori speaks again, assertively... half-assertively. She’s really distracted.

“O-Orin, take a bath. We have guests, not everyone is desensitized to the s... smell of death like—Koishi, Koishi do you remember who I am? Who Okuu is?”

With her sister’s attention turned on her, Koishi meets eyes with the pink youkai and screws up her mouth, twisting her eyebrows. “I didn’t get amnesia, Sis...” she says, quietly annoyed.

Satori touches her sister’s cheek, sitting on her hand and knees now. The cat on top of me slinks off and starts walking presumably toward the baths. I pick the top half of myself up from the floor, feeling golden fire tingle over my body and seeing it flicker over my clothes, cleansing me from that reek. I dust off the front of my dress and coat and finally stand up. “So, you figured out what’s up with Koishi, I guess,” I say, rubbing my neck and walking toward the couch they’re at (where Koishi is now sitting down, Satori still at her face and looking almost-broken).

Koishi told me to head to the bathroom and back here when we arrived. Now I look at the kinda cluttered sitting room: the old lamps, the bookshelves, the fancy-patterned doilies on top of everything, the old and patterned rug, the stained glass designs on the walls. It’s actually got a cozy atmosphere... ceiling’s high, and the place is this warm, almost twilight-like dark. Like it’s dark, just gives me that same sorta feeling watching the sun go down—there ain’t no orange lights here or anything.

“Komeiji?” I ask, and Satori doesn’t budge. Can you hear me, oh cat lady of the third eye?

She turns slow toward me, mumbling “... ‘the third eye’...” absently. She blinks, and meets my eyes with a hard stare. “... Orin was right; you really saved her—why? Really, just for your sister?”

I put my hand on my hip, staring down to my feet hard.

“‘No, it’s not just that anymore; I think I’m falling in love with her,’” she says, and I pick my head up, fast. I grit my teeth in a grimace while my cheeks burn. Koishi puts her hands over her mouth and picks up her knees in a self-conscious move. “‘Ahh, don’t do that—I’ll wanna tease you!’”

“Stop that!” I snap at the older sister while the little sister squirms in her seat, not taking her eyes from my face. I cover it with my hand and sigh... Man, I don’t need this—I’m having a crisis of goals and motivations here; I don’t need Satori—

“—‘reading my thoughts about her tasty’—ohh, tasty?—‘sistyeah, she’s been saying what I’ve been thinking this whole time right?’ Yes.” Satori sits down against the couch a lot like Koishi, her knees up and her third eye’s tentacles wobbling very slowly in, like, an orbit around her. She looks at me with her ordinary eyes, her hands out on her knees. “You’ve... had sex with my sister?” she drops this casual bombshell.

If I’d had tea or something, I’d have spat it out now. “N-No!” I lie at her. I don’t wanna talk about this with family!

“‘Not the time sh—ah! No, don’thin... kle babble, bah, buu, buu, bah.’” She talks nonsense.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s enough outta you...” I say, trying to think up mental chaff to throw her off. Am I really sure I want to restore Koishi’s old self completely...?

“Well,” Satori says all of a sudden, as if she hadn’t just said a bunch of dumb tongue twisters about persimmons and peaches, etc., “I have to thank you at any rate. I can read her again. This is... it feels like nothing short of a miracle.”

She talks earnestly, and Koishi looks over at her silently, somber, her hands stretched onto her knees and completing this inversed-mirror look they’ve got going on with their colors.

“I...” I start, bringing up my hand and rolling some of the soft strands of my hairline between my right ear and eye, “... I haven’t saved her. If I’m being honest, Komeiji Satori... I’m worried whether I can or not.”

No answer.

The sisters don’t say anything. I frown.

Ngh... Feels awkward...

“I see...” Satori eventually talks, breaking the quiet. “But... even when she stole the Mask of Hope last year—”

“I didn’t steal it—”

“—her personality wasn’t restored entirely. The menreiki’s mask was—”

“Mine! I found it, she lost it!”

“—something like an artificial object... a crutch, support, but nothing to heal...” Satori finishes despite Koishi’s interruptions. She hugs her legs, pushing the lower half of her face into them and having her eyelids fall halfway. Her third eye drifts off, its staring done. Satori closes her eyes. “She’s Koishi... my Koishi again...” she flinches—oh, no. Actually...

Koishi looks over at her sister sadly and I frown, feeling kinda complicated as I watch that seemingly cold, clearly obnoxious Satori start to weep, not caring a lick about our watching. “I didn’t think... I never th-thought...” Tears rolls down her cheeks and Koishi finally turns to hug her, her face showing kind of how I feel.



Because this isn’t healing either. “It’s just a stopgap,” I admit to her, unable to look at the near-sobbing chief of hell. I put my left hand on my neck, scraping my nails at it lightly, “I... don’t know if I can... do anything really.”

“That’s so dishonest,” Satori says, her voice shaking only a bit. I look at her rose-magenta irises, glassy beneath a tortured brow-line. Her third eye bores into me with its gaze, and I turn my head down under it, “you, you... You are made... of arrogance. You should be arrogant.”

But I don’t have anything to be arrogant about.

“You do.”

I don’t know if I can stop whoever it is kidnapping gods.

“You can.”

No, I can’t.

“You can...”

I’m just some lousy god. I can’t even perform real miracles, I just force things to happen.

“What’s more miraculous than a golden will...?” I look up again, seeing that Komeiji’s eyes are shut while her sister cradles the red part of herself in one hand, petting through her pink tresses and locks, comforting. “Maintain it... please. Be who you are, I beg you from the bottom of my heart.”

“Stop,” I insist. “From the bottom of my heart, I can tell you how gross and scum it is.”

“I can tell you,” Koishi mutters, “how bright and pretty it is.”

Something hits like a wave. My nose scrunches a little and I bring my head back reflexively. Just like that—quick, hot—my eyes fill with water. My lips quiver, and I try to take the frown from them, but then a tear rolls down my face. Another, and another one.

Don’t tell me that Koishi...

I... no.

I can’t match that... and I can’t be a better person.

I can boast, but the facts are facts, and walls are walls. You can’t just punch a wall down when it’s in your way. And if I wait long enough that that might even be possible for me, my sister might not be behind it anymore.

And the hope I keep giving you will run out.

And what’ll I have to show for it, in that dead end?

Pretty clothes, jewels, but not even a single slip of cash left.

“Koishi,” Satori says, just looking her sister with a turn of her head. Koishi nods, rubs Satori (who eases into it) one more time, and steps from the couch. She takes my hand, and I look at her, still feeling wrecked.

“Come on,” she says, squeezing her fingers, prompting me to close mine, “just come.”


I was pretty despondent throughout the bath. The Komeijis can pretty much just open my heart up and touch me where I flinch, where I break. I just let Koishi wash my body and hair and after we finished and she dried me, I followed her, still holding her hand, to her bedroom.

Her room is as gothic as most of the rest of the palace. The floor is a red carpet, her bed is huge, circular, and soft, hidden behind see-through, very elegant curtains from a high banister. The sheets are lavender and smooth. There are flowers on her nightstand, and a bookshelf of what looks like family albums. We’re sitting on the edge of her bed, side-by-side, her hand on the back of mine while she leans in toward me. My heart beats with feeling all of a sudden again when her hair tickles against me. Koishi’s... bedroom...

Ah... It’s been... three days....

Koishi sits up straight and looks at me, determined. I blush.

“I... I’ve been thinking,” she tells me, “so... I know... what I want to do with you, now.”

I shrink a little, and she holds my hand a bit more firmly. Waa... I’m not used to this...!

“I... I want to—

[] eat—ah, put my... tongue in you...”

[] um, put my... finger—fingers, in...”

[] grind us together, l-like, uh...”
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I've been waiting for this update and it didn't dissapoint. Loved it. Thank you.

[X] eat—ah, put my... tongue in you...”

Any option is fine.
>> No. 16376
[X] eat—ah, put my... tongue in you...”

Scissoring is overrated.
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[x] eat—ah, put my... tongue in you...”
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Happy to please you

Now then, sex stuff. 18+ update,folks. Kids go home, but feel free to vote first 'cause the choice got nothin' to do with it. On that note, with this update, counting only "Make a fist.", I complete Nanowrimo. /bows| I shall take the first crown.


[X] eat—ah, put my... tongue in you...”

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[Lullaby of a Deserted Hell Acoustic – FlameZero16 (GJT/Spiderman)]

I gulp, and close my fist over the sheets. Hearing that really set me off.

“You’re excited,” she says, turning into me again, quietly putting her hand over my heart, “good...” Her third eye, closed as always, sways up above her head, silently reading thoughts I can’t put into words. I kinda find it comforting... I have a hard time saying how I feel unless what I’m saying is vile, rude.

Koishi kneads my breast softly over the lace nightgown she had me borrow, the breath of her nose falling on my skin in way that feels like a warm, calming cloth draping my collarbone for a moment before disappearing. More than feeling good, her hand calms me down. The excitement I’m feeling is from knowing someone else will be taking the lead for once.

“This hurts...” she says, squeezing my chest. From her hand I get a shiver that goes all the way down to my stomach, and lower. “Joon, I think you’re like me.”

“H-How so?” I ask while she lifts her hand to move it to my dress’s strap, lifting that too and reaching with her right hand to slip off the other shoulder’s band.

“You gave me a big speech but you struggle with yourself, too. With your nature, and your heart.” She pulls my dress down, looking almost sleepily at my breasts. Then, she turns her eyes on me. “It’s the struggle between a want to be good and a need to do ill. I... I really remember it.”

Koishi slowly brings herself in front of me, on top of me, and when she spreads her legs over my left thigh—the heat of her crotch waving over my skin— “Nn...!” I end up moaning at the memory of her masturbating on top of me. With each of her thighs over each of mine, she cups my breasts and slouches to put her face at the left side of my neck, her hair sliding over me and sending tingles through every touch. She speaks hotly, “But you—” presses, grabbing the whole of my chest, and I squeeze my thighs together, “—the way you’re different from me is that despite the struggle, you stay strong. I figure, you’ve got to’ve gone through something crazy—a lotta crazy things.”

She kisses my neck. “Hah... a-ah!”

“But you’re you,” she tells me, releasing my breasts to touch me only with the pads of her fingers, and dragging them slowly over the top of my skin so caringly, so nicely, that the trembling pleasure that reaches my crotch makes it wet immediately. With her caresses, I feel my nipples prickling little by little, becoming stiff. I bite my bottom lip just a bit, and she licks me just once, making me let go and pant.

“So you’re here,” she says reassuringly, her words cool on the small spot where her tongue touched me, but intensely hot everywhere else. She kisses me more, her hands coming to a gradual stop just under my breasts. She holds me without any strength, and after sucking at my skin enough almost to leave a mark (making me shake, my pussy throb), she straightens her back to look me in the eyes, saying—

“And I fell in love with you.”

Wha— Really—? You...

“I’m in love with you,” she repeats while looking downward, and something similar in feeling to the awakening of my divine flame starts to build inside me. I feel heat welling in my eyes again. My mouth flounders open, wordless.

I dunno, I’m... I’m... happy.

A tickle I wish I wasn’t familiar with draws down my cheek, and Koishi catches the culprit teardrop with a kiss. “I love you, Joon,” she whispers that, almost like a secret, and the last doubts and apprehensions fall away from my heart. She licks up my cheek with affection, bends to get closer to my lips, and when hers meet with mine – her tongue hugging me, touching me, caressing me – I admit to myself that I feel the same way. More tears fall, a pleasant sensation blends between my body and mind, and I find my hands inside her gown. I love her, don’t I? I love this wounded girl. My fingers trace her stomach while she tongues me more and we each start to lap up the saliva of the other.

Koishi, I love you. I fell for you too. I totally did. I speak in my heart, wanting her to hear me. I take my hands from under her gown and bring them above. I pull down her straps and soon feel her nipples pushing against mine. They brush, I twitch, they press on my breasts and I pant onto her tongue, Below me, I feel something like a mist through the cloth, and thinking about Koishi’s vagina I feel my own clenching, the inside of my thighs getting sticky enough you can hear them part and shut.

Koishi pushes me down a bit haltingly, kissing and pulling short from my mouth again and again, licking ticklish at my extended tongue and staring at me with her white-center eyes in a way that almost makes me cum just from seeing it. Her eyes are locked on mine, her face is completely flushed and composed—adult—and she closes her eyes – her eyebrows flinching – every time she presses the crotch of her damp and warm panties against my belly. Seriously, I’m gonna cum from this...!

While I’m on the bed, Koishi rises up and starts riding my stomach, playing with my tits again. She pinches my nipples, twists them, palpates, all while humping me with her tongue slightly lolling, saliva dripping down on me as she pants. I feel my mind going white... I keep my teeth ground against one another, and I can’t stop moaning with pleasure while she takes control of my body.

Before she can climax against me, Koishi repositions herself. She shifts so her steaming crotch is over my left thigh again, and while I look at her nipples bouncing gently from the motion, she pushes her knee into my panties.

“NHaA! Ah! Ko... Koi... shi...!” my brain’s in chaos from the raw force against my slit, I shiver and convulse since she got my clit too. While she rhythmically moves her knee and my hips rear up in time, in natural motion, wanting however good this can feel—the best it can feel—Koishi bends down again and starts licking my chest. Her mouth and tongue are slimy, almost searing, but it feels so... so good. She gets her teeth around one of my nipples and starts suck at me, exhaling warmly after each tug. I’m vibrating... I’m floating... Ngh...! “Koishi... Koishi... K-Koishi—!”

I hold her head at the sides and bring my nose to her scalp while she goes to town. I breathe in deeply, still calling her name, dampening the top of her hair with my breath. Her smell, the odor of sex, the pulling at my chest and pushing at my crotch... I start seeing stars. I feel all crazy...!

I take my right hand and push her torso up, grabbing her breast.

I take my left hand and yank at the right side of her panties, once, twice and I tear the band. With them off, I push her hips down, her free and glistening pussy, her hard nub opening a little over me. I sit up, totally losing my mind.

Aw man... I don’t know what to do! Sniff her panties? Keep pushing her down? Keeping molding her breast? Ah... ahh...!

Koishi grinds on me while I slouch in front of her and savor it, still shoving her down because I want more of this slippery, slimy feeling—this little touch of her aroused, stiffened, and most sensitive part. Her skin... I grind into her knee, and she keeps up the rhythm with the sway of her hips. I pull her nipple far out.

“AAAHH!! J... Jo—!” Koishi quivers all over, her left hand down on the bed, her right one clawing into my shoulder.

I take the panties from my left hand, still squeezing her flesh, and I push the crease into my face, my brow twitching over and over as the fragrance of her soaked underthings overwhelms me. The smell of sweat... this stuffy scent... flowers... Koishi’s...

I’m at my limit... Nnf...

I chew on Koishi’s panties, cumming in shakes and sucking the almost flavorless juice from the cloth. My thighs go up and down rapidly, but I notice Koishi isn’t cumming with me. What...? I didn’t get her off.

Koishi lets me finish, and at the end I’ve completely soaked her left leg. I droop as afterglow sets in, and she takes her hand from her shoulder to stroke my hair a few times (since I don’t have it in drills now, I guess). It tickles... but it’s nice. I lean into it.

She turns her head to give me a loving kiss without tongue for a few seconds, and when she stops she whispers, “Now I’m gonna lick you.”

“Hyan!” I squeal a bit hearing that. I feel, like, way more like a girl than I usually do.

That said, when Koishi crawls away from me, taking off her gown over her head and then pulling off mine, she sits naked on the floor in front of me looking like all her confidence is lost, her posture tense. I’m still breathing heavily and twitching from the climax, but I think hard and tell her, “B—...” her panties drop from my mouth, “Be c-careful with my cl-clit... I’m, hahh... sensitive right now.”

Looking at her vagina (since the way she’s sitting, her legs are wide), I pick my legs up and start tugging and pushing my underwear off. It’s hard, they’re, like... totally done. “Put... Put your tongue in and... wiggle it around...” I say, finally pulling the undies from my right foot. I let them fall out of my hand to the floor and I open my legs in front of her, my heart pounding in my ears, my body leaned back on my elbows.

She brings her face near me, her expression equal parts anxious and anticipating, her brow lowered and kind of stern. I’m nervous... because I think anything she’ll do will make me go nuts again, even if she’s awkward at it. That, said, first I want...

“Um, also,” I say, “ki... kiss i—IH!? Hyahh! Agh!”

She kisses it.

She pecks at it all over, and each time she puts her face to my genitals so cutely (her eyes are closed and calm now) a jolt fires through me. She starts teasing me with small laps of her tongue and my heart thumps more and more heavily. Eventually, she kisses my pussy full on, and I feel like I’m gonna cum again ‘cause she spreads her mouth wide, opens her eyes halfway, and gives me an unexpected, wide, rough lick all the way up. It feels like it sparks—I sit up, my hands moving over her head but not touching it.

Koishi eats me out with none of the style I used on her—at least not yet. She kisses me and slathers me with her tongue, but doesn’t put it in yet. It’s incredible, because I want more, but god I want this—it’s adorable and feels just amazing. Her hands on the floor between her thighs, she keeps at it, and swirls of stupid strong pleasure churn through my lower body.

She spreads me out, again without warning, and kisses my insides. I start panting high-pitched like she does, spurting my juices on her cheeks, jerking up and down. She laps long at me, kisses me; I shut my mouth, put my hands on her head, and groan. I exhale, exploring her hair, rubbing and caressing her ears when I find them.

I suddenly grasp her hair totally, gritting my teeth and grunting. “Ugh! Ahahhh... Ahh, hah—! Ng... Hh...” I... It’s in...!

I feel her start to push inside, curl, and thrust. I put one hand over my face, and my thighs close up while this impossibly euphoric wave swells up from my deepest parts. It’s hard, but I manage to force my thighs open and push my hips toward her. I want more so bad... I start to hear a squelching noise echoing in the room, Koishi’s moaning, and realize one of her hands is at her own place, and I can’t see it. S-Seriously? K-Koishi’s masturbating and I...!

Nn, but the mental image is...!

For a while I push Koishi’s head into my crotch and get off on her twisting tongue and her sounds. It doesn’t take long for the familiar rolling sensation of an incoming orgasm to come to my loins, but I speak to Koishi before I let it explode. “Tell me... when you’re... gonna cum...” I ask her through intermittent breaths.

And after a few more minutes of desperately holding back I hear, “Now... Now...! Mm...!”

I finally let the buildup release, spraying into her open mouth and over her face and wow, I’m feeling lightheaded. I see her hair bouncing as her body spasms with constant pleasure. We both let this feeling wash over us, panting like dogs, but before I can feel any more exhaustion I will myself to reach down to her cheek, then under her chin. I lift gently, and she halfway stands on wobbling legs. I pull her up by her arm then, and she falls on top of me, her skin sticking to mine with sweat. My back falls to the bed, and I feel her heart beating. I look at her floating extra eye, bring my eyelids down, and kiss the top of her head. I relax like that for a bit and then, summoning strength again, I scooch back and pull her further onto the bed so neither of our legs or feet are dangling. I hug her, but she doesn’t have the power to hug back. I reach down and squeeze her ass, touching her pussy too and enjoying how my fingers slide and how taut and tiny everything is. She puts her right hand on my breast, and weakly grasps me.

“I love you...” she says, her breath cooling my skin.

“Koishi, I love you too. I love you... so much.”

I feel twisted emotion again, sadness and worry tying with joy and hopefulness. I start to cry again, and I thank her.

I feel tears roll from Koishi’s face as well, down my side, and she thanks me back.

My consciousness starts to fade, and as it does I appreciate what it means to have someone love you who isn’t yourself, and how important it is that that person isn’t related to you at all.

She just loves you.

Even if you have nothing but contempt for yourself, at that lowest point she can bring you back up.

Remind you who you are, and right you.

This is love, one of the bonds one makes in life...

And I, Yorigami Joon, am too happy I found it.


Satori will give me information about (probably) Shion’s kidnappers tomorrow. What should I do after that?

[] Consult with Yuugi.

[] Talk with Ouzu about his old “family”.

[] Slow down. Build influence and reputation while exploring the city with Koishi.
>> No. 16379
[X] Talk with Ouzu about his old “family”.

More info is always vital. Overstimating opponents is as bad as understimating them.

>Nanowrinomachines done

>> No. 16380
[x] Talk with Ouzu about his old “family”.
>> No. 16381
[X] Talk with Ouzu about his old “family”.
>> No. 16382
[X] Talk with Ouzu about his old “family”.

Sounds like a plan.
>> No. 16383
[X] Talk with Ouzu about his old “family”.
>> No. 16384
File 154383989145.png - (803.09KB , 800x800 , bout the city.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Talk with Ouzu about his old “family”.

“The Ibaraki Quarter.”


“It’s been a rather lawless place since its namesake’s departure.”

The Palace of Earth Spirits.

“‘Lawless’? What the heck are you saying?”

Dining room.

“This is the Land of the Oni, right?”

Satori puts down a cup of tea and lifts a piece of bread. A large dog—not sure what kind, a mutt maybe—steps loudly over to her and pushes its nose toward her. Satori says “no”, and pushes the animal back. I meanwhile look around the room, where exotics and common sorts of creatures are lazing around, leaving the room or entering it. My eyes move to my food. Ehh... eating with animals...

“Claiming this land to be lawless in front of one of its rulers is a bit off, Miss Yorigami,” she says, and I gotta scoff that.

“You live in a palace,” I tell her, “that doesn’t mean you’re a queen. Don’t pretend it’s not a cage, Komeiji Satori.”

“It is only as much a cage to me as any home is to any person,” she replies, biting her toast. I shake my head.

“You don’t even do anything, right?”

“My job,” says Satori, “I do my job.”

“When it shows up in your face. Everyone heard about your blind eye to your pet crow, right?”

“... That was just an example of my being trusting.”

I reach for my own toast. “‘Trusting’ to you. ‘Lazy’ to the Shrine Maiden.”

I bite on the crust, the dog from before plodding over to me and Satori shooing it off from her side of the table. While it stalks away I glance at Koishi sitting next to me, drinking tea.

“‘Cute...’ you say,” says Satori. I swallow, and glare at her.

“So, she’s in the Ibaraki Quarter, right?” I try returning to the subject.

“Their operation is within the Ibaraki Quarter. I don’t know if your sister is there.”

“How’s it lawless? It dangerous or...?” I ask.

“It’s a seedy place, and the youkai there operate unscrupulously. Yuugi does nothing about it, because she believes that part of the Underworld is her friend’s responsibility. It does exist in the Noble District, though... so despite being seedy, the only ones who seem to do any business there are high in status within oni society.”

I lean into the back of my chair. “So it’s good I’m planning to be high society, high influence,” I confirm halfway to her and halfway to me. “I’ll probably need sway to get people to trust me, let me in...” I slam my rings into an open palm, “... so I can beat their faces.”

“Whatever you wish, I will support you,” Satori vows to me casually, taking another sip of tea.

“So all you know is where they are?” I ask her, slumping a bit down in my seat.

“I pick up rumors on the occasions I am out. Nobody really tells me anything... ‘Makes sense’? Yes, I suppose it does.”

“Well...” I say, putting a hand on my face, “I’ll find them, definitely.”

The satoris both smile at me with different levels of affection. The older sister speaks: “I’m glad you’re honest in saying that.”


[ ♫: http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=02yditXnQZw ]
[Hotline - Hotline Miami (Jasper Byrne)]

Of course I am.


I left Koishi behind, told her I wanted my heart to grow fonder.

She knew I just didn’t want distractions.

It hasn’t been long since Ouzu became a follower of mine, but since I told him I wanted faith out of him... boy’s given me faith. I’ve never felt as strongly believed in. That’s why... I almost feel bad about having to roll up on him and get him to give up his past to me. I need to be careful... need to make sure he doesn’t think all I really wanted from him was a few words and belief... even if that’s the truth. The premise was I cared about him... so I’ve got to show I care. More than just appreciation, y’know? Concern.

... I can probably do it, I just need to make sure that my head is clear.

I walk through the Ibuki Quarter, much nicer lookin’ than the last time I came around (me, not the place... although...)

Come to think of it, Satori said the Ibaraki Quarter lost its shit with the absence of its Matriarch. Why not the Ibuki Quarter? Ibuki Suika’s been topside for over a decade now and the place looks perfect. Hmmmm...

... Whatever, here’s his place.

“... Ouzu!” I shout from outside his mansion, not even walking up to it. “Your god seeks an audience!”

After a few seconds, the gray giant opens his front door, dressed colorfully, expression light. He looks like this nowadays... happy.

“Lady Yorigami...! I see life has been kind to you!” Yeah, happy.

“Pretty much... Hey, do you only need hope, Ouzu? I can bless you with oth... well, curse enemies, if you’ve got any.”

“Hope was what I needed to begin steering my life to a different path,” he tells me, looking all enlightened. “Bringing conflict in again right now might ruin it all.”

“... I just wish I could give you something else.” I look over my hands and clothes. “This stuff is mostly on you when it comes down to it, Ouzu.”

“I’m overjoyed to hear it,” he says, smiling warmly. “If what you need to become a hero in this Hell is my support, I will gladly give it to you.”

I feel my cheeks blush, looking at some of the statues of rabbits outside of his house instead of him.

“... Alright. Say, Ouzu?”


“I need to talk to you about who you swore by before me,” I admit, locking my eyes with his.

He gazes at me stonily. I breathe in with my eyes closed for a second.

“I need to talk to you about Kurode.”


Just another yakuza type running in the underground, not too benevolent but not too criminal neither, the Kurode aren’t notorious or particularly heralded. Uradaka Ouzu was formally “Black Hand Ouzu”, and he was an old hand at that. He gained wealth and influence under that name. His life wasn’t all charming, but I could understand his loyalty real well once he told me the reason for his family’s name.

It was simple: the first head of the family was an oni who lived for others, rather than for himself. The “black hand” was literal—representing the fact that he saved a fellow who had, at the time, been an enemy of his often after his head. Kurode Yuuen rescued Kurokatachi Heirei from a tar pit, sacrificing his arm to molten pitch simply because to Yuuen, all that mattered was that he was there and a life could be saved. Although it scarred him for life, although he could have been trapped as well in the attempt, although the act could have been futile (and yeah, Heirei’s new name said it all about how he turned out after), he still went ahead and did it. A man too noble, and a brother for life. Selfless camaraderie thus defined a brand new oni-gumi that started from nothing.

Those values of helping others were ultimately what gathered good-natured oni to the crew, so... I mean, it was never a lot of guys and girls, but it was worthwhile. Time and the world spit in the face of altruism, though. By the time Ouzu joined them, they had to resort to some dirty stuff just by being around and needing to protect their own first. Because of that, though, they ended up becoming pretty obscure in time... not notable for much of anything.

“Few even know what the name means,” Ouzu tells me. We left the Ibuki Quarter, the noble district, the city altogether to some obscure and stony outskirts. Even if he left them without any major problems, Ouzu’s got to be careful with the shit he says about them. If they’d be listening anywhere, it’d be at his house.

I drag at a cigarette, exhaling luminescent smoke. “So?” I ask him. “Where do they set up shop nowadays?”

“Ah, yes... because of...” the god-trading. That was Ouzu’s last straw, having had to do a lot of ill alongside good under the Kurode name. “You believe they have your sister.”

“Do you know if they do?” I venture, looking up from my rock-seat.

“I don’t. I’m afraid all I know is that they trade divine slaves. I never tried to dismantle the operation, let alone look into it.” He sounds frustrated with himself, and definitely he’s giving off bad vibes again.

“Don’t worry, they’re still your family even if you swore against them. Can’t blame you for not wanting to fight them.”

“... They’re in one of the unfinished parts of Old Hell. That’s where the Black Hand operates and trades.”

I drop my cigarette.

“... Not the noble district?”

“Never. Why?”

“Ibaraki don’t ring any bells?”

“It’s only the name of one of our queens,” he tells me.

... Two? ... There’s... two!?

I pick my cigarette back up from between my legs, crush it in my hand, and burn it all away in golden fire.

Two asshole groups committing violations of life in the same crap city... Sis, which would’ve taken you?

And damn if the areas couldn’t be any more different...

“Lady Yorigami?”

I open my hand, my flame dying and ash falling out of it. “... What else can you tell me about them? Nothing?”

“... I hope that doesn’t disappoint you.”

“... Nah, but,” I answer him, but don’t find myself able to follow through. Two... Two trades...


... I’ll, have to think about what this really means, ‘cause it... might mean more than Shion...

For now... I gotta gather more info.

[] Go to the Ibaraki Quarter.

[] Go to old Old Hell.

Koishi will go to the other place.
>> No. 16385
[x] Go to old Old Hell.
>> No. 16386
[x] Go to old Old Hell.
>> No. 16387
[x] Go to old Old Hell.

We go to the shady, violent place and Koishi goes to the high class place, where her name might mean some protection.
>> No. 16389
File 154392836097.jpg - (179.42KB , 960x1359 , forgotten town.jpg ) [iqdb]
This story needs momentum to really keep my groove on it, I feel, so I'll try to keep quick updates on it up. Also, I SEE THE ENDING. Not to say it's that close.


[X] Go to old Old Hell.

[ ♫: http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=Z2ZwzUuEyY0 ]
[Abyss Intro - Hotline Miami 2 (LipPi Sound)]

If I’ve got two places to see, I’ve got two sets of eyes to see them. After stopping by the Palace again, I asked Koishi to check out the place her sister told us about on her own, try scoping it out for anything about my sister. I told her the important details... a tall, thin, blue goddess who stinks and causes trouble just by being around. Koishi didn’t like my description.

Now I’m back in the forgotten parts of this forgotten Underground once again, and hating it. Does it really have to look so... abandoned? Youkai squat around here, right? Make it look more lived in! Fuckin’... glass and shit on the streets—I can’t take it.

And like, I look so much nicer than this place does now. Ugh.

Hope Shion isn’t here...

The Kurode’s House is supposedly nondescript. It’s a high rise, old apartment building that the oni had built for sinners. Ouzu told me there’s only a few like it, so finding the right one won’t be hard... Should I start my fires up? Seriously, I can’t stand this place.

I bring my sunglasses down and skulk down an old touristy road, vaguely moving toward a big ol’ shadow looming, like... North and East of here (fuck if I know if it’s actually those directions). I think it’s probably a sky... ceiling-scraper, but it seriously just looks like an oversized 2001 monolith from here.

I’m smoking again. I probably shouldn’t, even if it can’t do anything to me, but it feels right here. The way fumes lift up and twist outta my mouth, disappearing in the air, fading into light—it’s nice, and nice is something I need in this shady-ass literal hellhole.

I round a corner, and in front of me is a cracked, colorless plaza. A poster of rules drifts by, riding a draft from topside or downside—who knows which. I take a gander at the shape stretching wide and tall out ahead of me... closer, it’s definitely an old apartment building. Shitty, too, because of course it is. I crane my neck, and spot a few other ones around, just like Ouzu said. I close my eyes.

Let’s see... which a’ these has people in them...

I send a feeler out for emotions, waves of thought or whatever...

... And I catch something, some vague wishing from somewhere behind this thing. I open my eyes and look at the apartment.

Alright... behind that’s another building for sinners, I’d guess. And it’s the only one that’s occupied... That means The Black Hand.

I hold and crack my knuckles.

... Let’s be diplomatic for now. I don’t want Ouzu getting in any shit over my reckless action. I start stepping over the concrete, making my way around this colossal architecture and slowly, slowly watching the building I need come into view.

I step into the lobby. There weren’t any doors.

I look back over my shoulder and get a bad feeling. Even if kindly old Ouzu used to hang here all the time...

... right, the family’s changed beyond what that kindly old oni can accept. Shit... I’m nervous.

“... Hn? What’s that?” Something feels... repelling?

I put my palm to the dusty floor, squinting at it through my shades.

... Something’s... down there.

Not to sound like it’s a monster or anything...

I stand up, looking into the darkness beyond the mailboxes.

... It’s a barrier. Any god or youkai could sense that.

Anyway, if this is the place, nothing about it gives that away. This building looks like it got ransacked an age ago... or like an eruption blew through it. Seriously... I think this isn’t dust: it’s ash.

I start walking in, my boots making a little (which is too much) noise.

According to Ouzu, Kurode changes which floor they’re operating on daily, only letting other members know. If I want to find them...


Well... maybe I don’t just yet. I stop at a staircase and bend my head inside. Going down, or going up... either way, it’s pitch dark. I blink, and straighten up.

I can just start sneaking up floor by floor, I can fly around outside (and maybe get spotted) trying to figure out where they’re at but... maybe that’d even be better. Almost less suspicious, being that upfront. I don’t like my odds against a group of oni yakuza, ya feel me?

Or... Or I can check out the basement first.

I swallow.


[] go upstairs.

[] go outside and buzz around the building.

[] go downstairs.
>> No. 16390
[x] go downstairs.
>> No. 16391
[x] go downstairs.

onward and downward!
>> No. 16392
[X] go downstairs.

Might as well start from the very bottom.
>> No. 16393
[x] go upstairs.
>> No. 16394
[X] go downstairs

It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue
>> No. 16396
File 154407376925.jpg - (58.53KB , 170x762 , alone.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] go downstairs.

[ ♫: http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=1aMosK_-w8E ]
[Abyss - Hotline Miami 2 (LipPi Sound)]

I lift my shades up with a finger under one of the arms and take out my cigarette, burning it up into nothing in my grasp.


Carefully, I start to levitate, and make my way down, not giving off any light—sticking near the wall. Silent... let’s hope whoever’s standing guard doesn’t have good senses.



I’m not even hearing any mice. I know this is the place, but damn if it doesn’t feel like it. Doesn’t take long before I’ve gone past enough stairs that I straight up can’t see anything anymore. I hold my breath and descend, lower, fall, until light starts shaping things for me again. The (at least) first basement floor... I approach where the stairs end, and sharp blue bleeds in from the first hallway underneath me. I stop for a second and check again for feelings... No one. No oni, I guess. I hover down to the bottom.

...? This is...

I stop and look at what I’ve found.

... a barrier?

A wispy cerulean haze makes a thin wall just a few steps into the basement floor. Making a circle... square along the walls, roof, and floor are some red and white seals, grounding it. It’s actually really sparse of a barrier... the reason I notice it, aside from the glow, is that I can feel it pushing me away. A barrier against gods?

This must be the place... Sis...

I look past the waving magic and see that there are fire lights brightening the hall, shining from glass lanterns. I look around this place... Broom closet, but aside from that the only way to go is back up. I look down at the floor, at the garbage left here. It’s not piles, just a lot of stuff left behind. I bend down to a wayward sake dish...

... and shove it toward the barrier.

I watch quietly as it slides through, skidding with a little light scraping a meter past the blue border, not disturbing the thing at all. I wish for it back in my hand—

—and, just like that, I’m on the other side.

“... I’m lucky that worked,” I mumble, picking the red lacquer thing up. It looks like what’s actually happening when I do that is I legit teleport, rather than actually moving at all. That explains why I don’t have any momentum beyond what I started with when I catch whatever I threw. But seriously, if I actually moved real fast... I’d have fucked with that barrier bad.

I look back at it, bring my sunglasses down again...

... and I start heading into the halls.

Almost every door I pass while floating through the basement has that same sensation as the barrier at the entrance. There’s no doubt in my mind: this is where they keep their stock. The basement floor(s?), converted into more of a prison. I keep wandering, not sure what I should do but... no guards down here. They’re really confident in their barriers, eh? ... Where’s Sis?

Sis’s powers work whether or not she wants them to. If she was kidnapped, the smart thing to do would be to put her far away from anyone else. It’s too bad they changed out the doors in the basement from cell-type ones. Or I’m guessing that much since I saw the ones on the ground floor had windows, bars. I can’t check what’s behind any of these doors without making a lot of noise.

Eventually I make it to an intersection of a kind. I go left, trying to look invisible. I wish my fires could do something like that.

After a while, I see another staircase down. That’s definitely...

I stop at one of the doors that has a barrier on it. I look around for a sec, land, and open my bag. I take out a pen and my notebook. Going to an empty page, I write on it “Take this please!”, turn it over and write a warning. With that, I drag my finger down near the binding. A line of shining fire burns it off without a sound, and I take it into my hand, putting everything else away and kneeling. I slip the paper under the door.

... I hear something. A gasp, definitely.

While I wait for the occupant to take it, I look around the hallway for something else. Hm... that tokkuri there on the wall? Good enough. I stretch out to put my fingers on it for a little while. This is another target.

The paper gets tugged out from my fingertips. I look over to the door. Half a minute goes by, and I wish for that paper again.

Blink. Flash.

I’m in a cell.

Well actually, it just looks like a small, stone, and one-room pad. I pick up the paper and look at my second message: “Now put it on the floor and get away”. I put it in my back and lift my gaze. A green-haired boy looks at me confused, He’s dressed pretty fancifully, like ceremonially. I can tell pretty much just by being near him that he’s a god. Dunno of what, though.

I glance at the door behind me. The thing is surrounded by more ofuda, The doorknob has a rope bound around it. Shimenawa... I think? There was probably one at the start of the floor, too. Must’ve missed it. These things are specifically for holding a god in place.

“Hey,” I whisper. “Do you know who stole you? Kurode?”

I look at him. He looks confused. “Tatted up oni. Each one of them has a mark of a hand on the left side of their chest. Well?”

He thinks for a sec, then nods at me.

“Alright... now how about this? You hear anything about a god of misfortune getting caught? Really thin. Like, rail-thin right.”

He thinks again, and shakes his head.

“Do the oni talk about others at all whenever you see them? Any mentions of an office?”

Now he opens his mouth, saying “Sometimes... and yeah.” That’s good... Alright, I should get out of here. “Are you here to rescue us?”

I look at the little god. “No,” I tell him, “I came here mostly to figure the place out. Don’t put your hopes in me.” I lift a finger and aim it at myself. “I’m a god too, so I can’t do anything about the seals on the rooms or in the hall. My friends... I’m not sure if I want to bring them in on this either.”

He turns down his eyes and lips, wincing just a little. I turn around and put my ear to the wall beside the door. “Disappointing?” I remark. “Get used to it. We can’t all get saved.”

Doesn’t sound like anyone’s out there...

“But hey, maybe I’ll get you out of here. I’m just saying, don’t believe in it.” I throw him a look over my shoulder. “I don’t need you cursing this god for not answering your prayers.”

He glares at me, then a door’s in his way. I switched to the other side, in front of the tokkuri I touched. I pick it up and gaze down the next staircase which is still well-lit.

Can’t figure this goes down any further past that... let’s find Sis, or find an office. Maybe there’s a registry...

I’m worried how there’s no guard, though. Ouzu said there were seven members not counting him. Seriously? Not even one is down here?

I haven’t tested how far this teleport stuff works but I’m guessing I can’t shift back outside the building to escape... or even to the start of the floor. Rather, I shouldn’t bet on it. I wonder if I can shift
through floors, though. I don’t see why not...

Anyways, let’s go.

The journey down and through the next floor is just as quiet as the first basement floor. I hover over stairs, hover past doors, and keep going further along, not a sound interrupting, further and further in. Until I’m at a long, narrow hall. A hall with only a light over a door at the far end... Shion.

No mood overtakes me. My heart remains consistent. It’s Shion... right? It’s probably her.

I move toward the door.

Soon enough, I stop in front of it. I take off another sheet of paper from my notebook. Just in case... Just in case, ‘cause if it isn’t her, but it’s still someone dangerous...

I write on the paper, “Shion?

Knock twice if yes, once if no  on the wall”

I slip this note beneath the door...

... Knock.

Now I feel something. Sinking, crap emotion, defeating me. I pull the paper back and write on it: “If they find out I was here, and they want a name, give them ‘Hoshiguma Yuugi’”.

I hold that under the door for a little while, hearing knock, knock after near a minute. I pull back the paper and crumple it up.

... I feel a little bad about that, but I can’t risk surprising a god they clearly separated from the rest. I don’t feel bad about giving Yuugi’s name. Nobody’s going to fuck with Yuugi down here. Hell, if that’s the name they get it might make them scared shitless... more likely to make ‘em scoff.

An office, now.

Even after all this exploring, I can’t detect anyone’s joy, wishes, pain, or sadness. Gods don’t register, but any youkai would. I walk through the second basement floor openly now, tired of flying around, checking door after door for the telltale signs of god-repelling barriers. There’s gotta be at least fifty slaves down here...

After a few minutes, I find one: a door that doesn’t push me away. I look around a bit, walking over to a different hall and checking both ways. I put the sakazuki around a corner and step back to the door. Next, I lift the flask I picked up from before, putting myself flat to the wall next to the entrance—to the right of it. I hurl the tokkuri at the floor, and it shatters loudly.

I wait, and hold my breath.

... The door opens. I go tense. A lanky woman with curled horns steps just outside, adjusting her kimono slightly and glaring at the floor. I ignite like an inferno and dash in front of her, throwing an uppercut at her jaw. She’s alone. I can do this.

She’s baffled. Before she can figure anything out, I throw my bag at the wall behind me and hit her over her jaw. She acts fast, opening her thin arms wide over me. She takes hold of me, and I slip back to my bag, out of her hand. While she’s even more confused I kick off the wall and shoulder-check her into the room, to the ground. Still making sure the golden flame is going strong, I punch her across her right cheek, jab her in the nose, and seal the deal with a headbutt to her skull. While she’s agonizing (blinded, bruised, and beaten), I shoot my gold fingers to her throat, grab her by the neck and drag her off the floor—pushing, pushing, until I have her to the next wall. I raise my other hand, blazing, in a fist, and watch her face while I squeeze, pushing my thumb into her artery and cutting away her breath.

Her skin slowly goes blue.

After a minute of her eyes fluttering, she knocks out. I let her drop against the wall and turn my head around quickly.

I bend down to the guard and rip open her shirt, looking over her clothes and ignoring her tattoos... Nice: sarashi. I pull the bindings over her chest off and her breasts spill out. While they’re like that, I adjust the long strip of white cloth in my hand and move to wrap it around her face. I cover her eyes, and bind it tightly. A small, strong knot. I pull her away from the wall and drag her to a desk.

A wooden desk. I push a rolling chair out of the way (it’s cushiony, and the seat’s obviously depressed) and shove her under it. Then, I push the desk over on top of her—hearing something slap onto the floor. Finally, I check around the room—for the lights. I quickly dash to the two lamps in here and punch each of them broken, making the room too dark to see. I take my golden flame, and use it as a torch.

First, an evaluation tells me aside from the heavy desk and the chair, there’s a filing cabinet nearby. I look around the walls. A poster explaining virtues is there, but that’s about it.

I check the floor while the oni starts waking up. There’s a folder... I open it, and see it’s empty. I look around quick and don’t see anything. Just an empty folder, then...

“Nnn... whuh... Who...?”

I zip to the cabinet and fling open the top drawer.

“Who’s there!? Yosho! There’s someone here!”

I don’t think anyone’ll hear her but I dart over to her anyway. I carefully lift the extra length of sarashi trailing onto the floor so she won’t notice, and burn it off. It’s long. Long enough for another wrap. She grunts with effort, not sure how much she needs to stand. I grip her kimono and rip off a piece.

“Ah!? Who the fu—ffh!?”

I balled up the cloth and shoved it in her mouth. Next, I tie the sarashi over the makeshift gag. She roars with anger and confusion. Back to the files.

I start making a mess, yanking every drawer out and dropping them to the floor, each with a metal crash. The top one’s empty. The second one’s empty. The third one... something! I open the fourth one, too. It’s empty.

The third drawer has a bunch of folders sorted around. I flip through them, checking each category. “Searches”... “Families”? ... “Risk Clients”... “Gods”—Gods!

I hear the desk moving. I move to the oni and elbow her in the back of her head. She falls, whining.

I go back to the “Gods” section. Pulling out its contents, it’s just a few sheets of paper, each a list of “sorts” of gods. Types. I look through the lists twice under golden light. Thrice. I look over and over... but there isn’t even one “binbougami”.

They wouldn’t mistake her. She can’t hide it, after all.

Shion isn’t here.

The desk flies off and hits a different wall with explosive sound. I look at the oni, flailing and mad as hell. She knows some shit is up and is already reaching for her bindings. I bounce.

While I’m going out I turn left and start destroying each lamp on the walls I can find, creating a path of destruction until there’s a turnoff. I turn down the hall and destroy a few more, back up a bit, and teleport back to the other end on the other side of the office door, to where I left the sakazuki. I pick it up, and start rushing for the stairs.








Turn... turn... go—

—The barrier.

I start to stop and slide the dish underhand through the barrier. I slip through, not looking back.

Alright, just the home stretch now.


This security... is it too low, or did they not think someone could circumvent it? Before heading back up the stairs, I check out the ofuda around the place... on a closer look, they’re different from the ones on the door I saw holding the green-haired kid. I don’t know anything about seals, but since there’s no rope I can see (I mean, what would it get tied to?) could this be a general barrier? Maybe it alerts people that someone tried to cross it if they do. That’s the only thing that makes this laziness make sense. I’ve heard of people exploiting gaps, but... there’s only a few folks out there who can use skills like that, and none of them would care about what’s going on down here, I’m sure.

So... this isn’t it. Does that mean Shion’s in the Ibaraki District?

So what do I do, then? About Ouzu’s place...?

If I leave it alone... he’s not gonna like that, I guess.

I might not like it either.

[] Just escape for now.

[] Go do some more damage upstairs before leaving.


image source: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/3040562
>> No. 16397
[x] Go do some more damage upstairs before leaving.

Fuck these guys
>> No. 16398
[x] Go do some more damage upstairs before leaving.
>> No. 16399
[x] Go do some more damage upstairs before leaving.

No harm in dabbing into a bit of vigilanteism.
>> No. 16400
[X] Go do some more damage upstairs before leaving.

Well they're to alerted yet, and they'll find out you've been here anyway, so...
>> No. 16402
File 154445008742.jpg - (923.30KB , 1500x1187 , arson.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go do some more damage upstairs before leaving.

... Yeah. Let’s wreak some havoc.

[ ♫: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aS4KCEvpfyY ]
[Le Perv - TRILOGY (Carpenter Brut)]

When the golden flame really woke up at my back, I remember thinking it couldn’t start a fire. To me, it felt too familiar. It was just my willpower, given some sorta shape.

I learned fast enough it could burn.

With memory in mind, I clench my fist and stoke the fire. It’s morning, right? Let’s go and make something like sunshine.

First, I ascend. I can already hear the oni from before rampaging beyond the barrier. Glowing, I start to flash up the stairs: higher, higher, past the ground level, and into the upper and lightless stories. I don’t know what floor the Black Hand is on, but I’m going to the top. I’ve got a wicked sort of plan.

Every new hall that I shoot by looks empty, until I’m far up and can feel some wayward wants. I can’t say which one it was—I’m not counting. I just fly to the top, until the only staircase left will lead to the roof. I don’t go there, I go around the top floor’s rooms. I find old sheets and beds, and I start yanking them from where they were, pushing armoires down to the floor, spreading things evenly across as much space as I can, and of course reaching to the walls.

In three minutes, I stand at the stairwell again, staring at what looks like a shelter for disaster relief. Well, there’s about to be a disaster.

I take a cue from Gasha. I lift my forearm in front of me, middle finger pressed to the joint of my thumb. I push them together, cause a snap, and my power spreads wildfire. Shining energy consumes everything in that moment, and grows beyond just me, casting a glow of money on the entire floor, while black smoke builds and builds. I hold an ignited hand over my mouth and nose, causing more illumination as it stops the dark air from taking my lungs. Flame licks at the floor and ceiling, the walls begin to peel. I leap backward over the stairs, draw back my other fist, and punch a ball of fire into the inferno.

A blast shakes everything, and I hear glass shattering at once while I drop. I swing down to the floor below. This tomb is now sure as hell afflicted by arson, but I want it to burn more.

At every floor I dart within the first hall and alight like a phoenix, casting fire out over the level like a broken dam of molten gold. I get three floors down doing this, before four oni climb to the same story. Surrounded by flame that can’t even sweat me, I look at them through shades while knelt on the floor. I slowly stand, my hand raised, and turn my thumb down at them while something bombs and ripples my clothes behind me.

“That’s the one...”

“That midget...!?”

“Hey...” I address them. I pick up my chin. “This is fine, I’m tired of punching air. Come and give me some faces.”

I start to make fire saw around me like a cyclone.

A heavyset guy climbs out behind two others, his horns almost like antlers: twisted, high. It’s hard to tell in my light, but it looks like he’s got purple skin. He’s dressed like Ouzu used to – gray and unremarkable – and there’s a story in pictures on his chest, circling the mark of a palm over his heart. His muscles are unbelievable... like cartoonish strong, shoulders and biceps shaped like boulders. I grin for a moment. I want to fight this guy.

“Who’re you with?” he asks.

“Hoshiguma Yuugi.”

“Bullshit,” he spits, “Sovereign Yuugi wouldn’t bother with us.”

I shrug, still smiling, fire whipping past my cheeks.

“You’re really with no one? You’re doing all this shit by yourself?” he asks, starting to march my way.

“I told you I’m with Hoshiguma Yuugi,” punch my palms and crack my knuckles. “She’s not here right now, but that’s who gave me this fist.” I hold it up, my rings catching light and blinding.

“Yosho, what do we do?” says a half-familiar voice.

Not looking back he answers, “One person stick with me, the rest get everything fucking out of here.”

Hm. “‘Out of here’?” I repeat. I raise my pointer finger and rotate my wrist to wag it at him lightly. “Nuh uh, all this is pointless if you aren’t hurt in the end.”

He stomps once in front of me, raising his knuckles back and above him, looking at me with mad eyes.

“Not you yourself,” I say pointing at him and almost tapping his navel. Fire starts to curl up and smoke billows. I turn my finger’s aim straight up to the ceiling and break my gaze from him with a lowered head. “I’m hurting every finger on this ‘Hand’.”

The floor below me cracks and falls away, “Yosho” now throwing his fist through fire. With embers and cinder falling around me along with singed and burning planks and unaffected insulating material, I drop to the floor below and set off again, a geyser of shimmering wrath erupting around me and taking the oni’s brows. While this floor burns further, I fly to the stairwell again.

Two oni are running down and don’t expect to see me coming. I throw my purse to the wall behind one of them and flash to their back. It’s the girl from the basement. I reach my hand back to grab her face, grip tight, and jerk her skull to slam it into the wall I’m standing on. I push it with every ounce of my strength. The walls cracks and crags.

I imbue my bag with flame and swing it at the other oni’s (a male’s) face. I don’t engage him and head downstairs while I hear his boss telling him to take care of the one I guess I shook unconscious.

I skip igniting the floors after that, searching for desperate desires to figure out which is specifically the floor they were using today. After only two skipped, I find one; pursuers not even close to my heels with how fast I’m blinking through the building. I rush in, and shoot myself to the ground straight away. A studded club screams over my head, swung my a three-horned oni with hair as long and straight as Ouzu’s. I stand still while he completes the arc and while I wait for him to swing again, I make as if I’m about to move away. He throws the club, I catch it and push it away with my fire.

His eyes go wild as he near loses his grip on the bat, and before he knows it I’m right in front of his face with my forehead out. I smash against his head (cutting mine on one of his short spikes) and while he’s reeling shoot my left hand into his mane. I grip and tug, bringing him off his feet and all the way down. I stand, look down at him. Looking at him, and looking at how stubby his horns are, I’m sure he’s a kid.


I pick my boot up and stomp an amber-raging foot into his face, repeatedly, tossing teeth and warm red until I can’t feel how worried he is anymore. My vision sharpens and my heart really starts to beat. I turn my head around, because I can still feel that desperation that stopped me here. The smoke from above starts to crawl down.

I light this floor on fire.

“You crazy bitch!” I hear. But before I can move anything but my neck, through the curtain of yellow flame the mauve-colored oni grabs the back of my skull and pushes me to the floor. My cheekbone smarts, my ribs feel crushed, and I nearly land wrong on my arms, but the biggest problem after all that is that I can’t lift up against him. I strain, and he takes my left forearm and bends it to my back. I glare, and see the oni he’d told to stay with him rushing into the hallway. “Help Jeira get the documents!”, orders his boss.

“Don’t worry,” I tell the purple people eater, my body only quivering underneath him, “I’ll cauterize it immediately.”


Before he reaches “—t” I use my flame to force my body to turn around, feeling my left arm snap and pop. I meet straight with his gaze through the dark filter of my glasses, ignorant of the pain rushing through my limb, and I through my free right hand at his face, my empty palm to his cheek, my sharp thumb in his eye.

Flame shoots out of his wound, the hot juice and gunk of his ruptured organ largely evaporating in the flame surrounding me. I pull my hand back.


He roars. I throw the heel of my palm under his nose, hearing a pop.

Yosho frees me and cradles his face, hardly able to kneel, and I burn a path to the oni who went to help “Jeira”. I repeat what his boss did to me, fast taking the back of his head (bald, for what it’s worth), shoving his nose to the ground, but not twisting his arm. Instead while he’s still in shock I grip the back of his kimono, ignite again, and pick him up to throw him into the nearest wall. He gasps, my heels sear the floor beneath be as I turn to face him. I lift my rings, and focus.

I smash into his face. Again, and again, crunching and softening his mug. It turns out oni faces are more delicate than oni stomachs. He loses an eye too in my pounding, since a ring of mine met it, and that pulls me out of the fever destroying his face was making me feel. I stand up from him, looking at the sticky, not-all liquid stuff dripping off my knuckles and then at my limp and painful left arm. I place my palm against the wall above the now-groaning oni, and I bleed fire into it to spread the chaos even further. I don’t need to find the specific things they’re looking for: this message is clear.

“Can’t fhhucking beliefyu... I can’t FHUKKING—!” I hear a voice rumbling through clenched teeth, and look to see the bloody-faced clan leader (probably) standing perfectly fine, ignoring his damages. With his only remaining eye, he looks at me, and I can feel his rage. Even if I try low blows now, I don’t think I can stand a chance against a beefy oni THAT pissed.

“You...” I start, turning to face him, “you’ve got stock you’d better take care of. Tell... ‘Jeira’ and the conscious oni upstairs that they’d better get that safe before the building chokes every god below. There’s another one too, right? Another Kurode. Hope she’s on that.”

His grimace is twitching from anger and pain, his bared teeth near-chattering, but he doesn’t deny the problem.

“I couldn’t take the gods, so I took all this instead,” I tell him, gesturing to the fires around me that are swallowing floors faster and faster now. “I want you to know, this was a whim.”

I put my good hand in a pocket and stand with my chest out, looking at him without words for a moment. Then, I lift my shades from my eyes, just to show him them. We watch each other for that moment.

“When I start to plan,” I say, dropping the strap of my purse into the crook of my thumb, “cover your ass.”

I toss the bag behind me and slip to the end of the hall. I quickly turn and open the room there. I throw my bag through the window and when the shattered glass and it fall, I vanish and catch the thing outside, falling from the building now lighting up the underground like the top-point sun. I drop all the way down to the earth in a cloud of dirt and stay still for a couple seconds, letting my adrenaline lower. Then, I move to hold my left arm. I focus, squeeze it, and with faith it starts to reset. I clench my left hand a few times and take out a new cigarette. With no look back at the building now over two thirds done in with fire, light it and start to walk back toward the Palace of Earth Spirits.

I’m looking forward to this rumor being added to the pile. Spreading my fame.

Spreading my infamy.


Heading back to Koishi’s place...

Next order of business?

[] MORE business. It’s time to start talking with money-makers.

[] Meeting up with Yuugi again.

[] Fuck. Just relax with Koishi for the rest of the day. Fuck, man.


Image source: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=66893045
>> No. 16403
[x] Fuck. Just relax with Koishi for the rest of the day. Fuck, man.
>> No. 16404
[x] Fuck. Just relax with Koishi for the rest of the day. Fuck, man.

R&R with a rock
>> No. 16405
[x] Fuck. Just relax with Koishi for the rest of the day. Fuck, man

Koish time
>> No. 16406
[X] Meeting up with Yuugi again.
>> No. 16407
[x] Meeting up with Yuugi again.
>> No. 16486
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