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File 144632778849.jpg - (377.51KB, 1200x1200, 9cd753e999f483d43ba1eedb8d734c78.jpg) [iqdb]
14411 No. 14411
Infiltrator has reached the third milestone! Thanks for reading, people. Update will be up within the next hour.

Thread #1: >>5934
Thread #2: >>13575

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>> No. 15106
[x] Check up on how Yuugi and Parsee are doing.

I don't think they'd mind.
>> No. 15107
[x] Check up on how Yuugi and Parsee are doing.
>> No. 15157
File 148083292260.jpg - (393.37KB, 1992x1156, __hoshiguma_yuugi_and_mystia_lorelei_touhou_drawn_.jpg) [iqdb]

[X] Check up on how Yuugi and Parsee are doing. (2 votes)


You don't take long to finally choose what to do with your next activity, and before you even get the words out, Kazuma asks you a question. "So what's next?"

"I think I am going to meet a couple of people. You probably remember Yuugi from the other day, Kazuma?"

"Yes, I do."

"Then we'll meet her. Hatate, you might get to ask Yuugi a few questions too."

"Awesome! I've always wanted to interview the Four Devas of the Mountains."

"You're a lot different to how my tengu siblings react about the oni, Hatate. Now, on me."


Usually, Parsee and Yuugi would be hanging around Yamame's place. Now that the spider lady's Poison House is closed for the time being, Yuugi would be hanging around anywhere. And so once you reach the shopping district's main hub, you ask if anyone had seen the one-horned oni anywhere. The answer came swift for you, and soon enough you find Yuugi in one of the higher-class, western-styled pubs wearing her loose blue kimono. Strangely enough, Parsee is nowhere to be seen near her.

Her attention towards you is swift once she notices the bartender waving his hand at your position - and she casts a smile at you.

"Hey, Seo. You in charge of being the tour guide again?" She jokes.

"More or less like that. I brought along some people too."

She might be familiar with Kazuma by now, but not Hatate. "Nice. Is she a girlfriend of yours, Kazuma?"


"Ah, such a lucky guy. So what's a tengu like you doing here?" She asks Hatate.

"I'm here to collect materials and such for my newspaper. Something like making some interviews as well... In fact..."


"Mind if I ask you... a few questions, since you're here?"

"Well, it depends on the questions themselves. I don't mind really. The name's Yuugi Hoshiguma. And you?"

"Hatate Himekaidou."

Yuugi nods at Hatate's answer and then turns her attention to you. "Seo, mind if you accompany Parsee over there? She wouldn't sit with me for the last couple of days, and I have no idea what she is being mad about." She points at where the bridge princess is sitting down, with her back facing you and Yuugi and her head barely visible.

"Yeah, I'll do that."

As soon as the conversation ends, Hatate and Kazuma take a seat beside Yuugi while you walk towards Parsee's position. She seems to be staring out the window dreamily, and it's interrupted as soon as she realizes that you're sitting next to her.

"Hey, Parsee."


"Yuugi said that you haven't been sitting with her for a few days now, something on your mind?"

"Eh... nothing much."

"You sure?"

"Yes..." She then goes back to mope on her own again, before asking you to change seats with her. Once that's done, she looks around and spots Hatate talking to Yuugi. "Is that a friend of yours? That tengu over there?"


"And who's that guy beside her?"

"Her boyfriend."

There seems a pause before she sits down on her seat again, crossing her arms and puffing. "I'm jealous of your friend's boyfriend."


"Because he's so huge."

Her reasoning immediately made you chuckle. "Really?"

"The more I think about it, the more I think of those arms giving her a tight hug... I'm jealous..."

That means that you should do something about it. And with that, you went ahead and wrap your arms around her waist, making her meep as you suddenly hug her, but she doesn't resist completely. "Like so?"


The mere fact that she doesn't resist the hug surprises you, yet despite that, you keep on hugging her. She returns the hug moments later, and stays that way until she lets go by herself. "There we go. Feeling better?"

"I guess so." She pauses as she looks around. "People are watching after all."

You don't really see anyone doing that in the bar, however. Instead of rebuking her words, you ruffle her hair and pet her. She seems to like it, and you then ask her if she wants anything. After hearing her reply, you go to the counter to order a drink for you and her, before coming back with your hands full.

While you and Parsee enjoy your drinks, you tune in to Hatate's interview with Yuugi.


"So... Miss Yuugi. How are things happening Underground lately?"

"The usual business.”

"Alright. Next question... how beneficial would you see Guardian's presence in Underground?"

"Seo has been a big help even though there's only one incident so far with his presence. I think he does make it seem that the Underground is much safer."

"I see. How are your views about the Surface?"

"The surface seems to be a nice place to hang out. There are times that me and Suika have gone bar-crawling at the human village. There are a few cautious eyes about when they see a couple of oni drinking above ground, but I can't blame them."

"What about the old generations' views you think?"

"Well, ever since the travel ban got lifted, there've been a few people from the surface coming down to enjoy it here." She answers. "Some people don't like this fact and sometimes they come to me to complain. As for the surface dwellers who come underground to enjoy themselves, as long as they don't make a scene." Yuugi pauses momentarily to take a gulp from her sake dish. "I made a name for Seo for helping the textile district in the past, but I know a few people who still don't like the fact that he's making a name because of that."

"Ah, so you let them be?"

"Well, as long as no harm comes to Seo, naysayers will be naysayers."

Hatate nods and writes down more notes. "Well, just one more question, How is your relationship with the Palace of the Earth Spirits as of recently?"

"That's a tricky one. but it's okay." She says. "At first, The underground people didn't like her because of her abilities, myself included. But then Seo sort of helped to bridge that gap, and when they realized she was allowing her personal guard to come help the textile district back then they started to warm up to her, but not entirely. Satori going out of the palace is still a rare sight, to be honest."

"I see."

After that, Hatate concludes her interview with lots of thanks. Yuugi then offers a few drinks to her, which she initially declined but then accepts it as Yuugi convinces her that she's not giving her liquor.


After saying goodbye to Yuugi and leaving the bar, Yamame then regroups with you, and you then bring them to the underground food court to have some lunch. Of course, since you're the guide, you pay them out of your pocket, Yamame's included. You don't really mind that considering that your work pays well. There a few people are curious about Hatate's presence but none of them are eager to approach her due the fact that Kazuma is next to her. Once lunch is taken care of, you and your tour group leaves the court with Yamame and Hatate chatting with each other.

On the way back, Yamame decides to pull her towards a lingerie store located nearby - it's a rather new shop, if you're not mistaken, it has the same name as the one Okuu visited back in the surface. Similar to Okuu's gesture from before, Yamame asks you and Kazuma to stay outside for a little while before beckoning Hatate to follow. A few minutes later, the girls exit the shop with a small bag in the young tengu's hands, in addition to her blushing face. You don't press on the matter any further, and neither does Kazuma. With that over, you and your group head back to the palace, where you soon return back to your post.


That night, Yamame joins you in your room as usual. She's already in her nightgown, while you are finishing up writing down the reports. It doesn't take long, and even after you're done there's still plenty of time for you to talk with her before going to bed.

What'd you tell/ask Yamame?
[ ] Ask her about the Red Light District.
[ ] Ask her the status of her shop.
[ ] Tell her about Parsee's behavior.
>> No. 15158
[x] Tell her about Parsee's behavior.
>> No. 15163
[x] Tell her about Parsee's behavior.
>> No. 15165
[X] Tell her about Parsee's behavior.

Seems logic.
>> No. 15238
File 148465354492.jpg - (697.05KB, 708x1000, __kurodani_yamame_touhou_drawn_by_makuwauri__c224f.jpg) [iqdb]

[X] Tell her about Parsee's behavior. (3 votes)

Way too late from my usual deadlines, but here's the first post for the new year.


Once the report's all done, you close the report book and head for your bed, while Yamame takes the initiative to help you undress. She takes off just your shirt and then sits down at the edge of your bed. You soon join her and relax your body a little.

"So how was your day as a guide?"

"Not bad, we got around the places so that Hatate would have pieces with some interesting interviews. Then when we were done, I met up with Yuugi and Parsee at a bar. Parsee was acting a bit strange though."

"How so?"

"Well, for starters she didn't seem like being near with Yuugi much, so much so that Yuugi asked me to accompany her." You then pause a little, before resuming. "She didn't say much about why she was sulking about Yuugi, but then she complained about Kazuma's big arms and how she imagined his big arms giving Hatate a hug."

Yams is quick to come with the conclusion to your story. "So then you gave her a hug."

"Yeah. But then, she didn't fight back, and she just stayed there until I let her go on my own."

She smirks understandingly. "Heh. Usually anyone who tried that would get shoved off the chair." She says. "You got lucky, seems like Parsee has gone and warmed up on you even though you don't meet her all the time. I know that you visit her from time to time however short it is, and sometimes you've brought gifts for her."

You are reminded of that one time you returned from the festival to give her one of the plush toys you won at the festival games. "Yeah, I did that."

"Who knows, if you keep doing that, she'd eventually open her heart to you even more, where people who tried in the past failed miserably or got rejected outright."

"So here are people who tried. And what about Yuugi?"

"Well, they have been friends for ages, but you can't deny that they have their own kind of love between them." She responds. "You're the first who's not even afraid of an oni and who's almost always with her, while not put off by her attitude to some people."

"Well, I did a little when we first met, at the start when she mistook me for Rei. I found it funny how even with that people still trying to court her."

"Sometimes her personality strikes other peoples' fancy. Love it or hate it as some would say." She then scoots beside you and gives your cheeks a smooch. "But enough of her for now. How about you focus on the one present now?" She invites sultrily.

You chuckle and give Yamame a tight embrace around her waist, and pull her over. "Come here, you naughty spider."

The rest of the night goes off as usual...


Next Morning.

After a morning bath with Yamame and a breakfast with Satori and your guests, you return to your patrolling work, while Kazuma and Hatate decide to linger around the palace. The latter takes the opportunity to interview Satori and everyone else present in the palace, which eventually includes you.

You reply to her questions with the best of your ability, describing your line of work, what you're tasked with and other small things. While you are being interviewed in the middle of an overwatch, you don't mind that as it's a good way to stave off the usual work boredom you have at the moment. By the time lunch rolls around, Satori calls everyone for lunch, and it doesn't take long for everyone to gather around the dinner table for yet another incredible lunch Satori just cooked up. For this Kazuma apparently likes it so much that Satori thanks him before he could voice it out.

After lunch, everyone stays put at the dining table, having some small discussion on the best places in the Ancient Capital to visit while you and Orin are busy washing the dishes.

"So have you visited the textile district yet, Hatate?"

"Not yet, but Kazuma already did. We could go there next time since we were busy with the crafting district yesterday." She replies "Then again... are there other places... interesting places? Like the ones that don't involve shopping or eating, since I have already covered them."

By this time, you are finished with the dishwashing and join the group at the dining table. "Where else? The underground hot springs could be a good place to go if you haven't gone there yet.” Satori suggests.

Ah yes, the hot springs. The last time you visited there was when you invited your friends over for a little sponsored visit, at the same time your mother was recovering from that certain incident. Kazuma has already been to the hot springs, and you assume that Hatate hasn't yet.

"Yeah, the hot springs would be fine with me. There's something about the place that I don't get, though. It's a public place but there were no other people except us last time." Kazuma says.

"It's something I have no exact idea about either. The place is only manned by a few staff, and visitors are a little scarce since they tend to come in groups rather than alone, and yet they still manage to get by. The hot springs are a rather popular place for young lovers, if you didn’t know."

"I want to go there then! Sounds like a nice place to relax." Hatate says.

"That settles it then. Who wants to come along?" You ask.

Okuu and Yamame raise their hand, but Satori and Orin don't. At least for Satori you know that she is not in the mood to go out. Orin's reasoning however isn't made quite clear.

Still, you decide against asking her about the matter.


Instead of going to the hot springs immediately after the small meeting, it happens much later in the evening. This is due to Satori suggesting everyone to go there after dinner for added atmosphere. The reasoning would be that you get to finish your work properly, allowing you to relax at the end of your shift. A little preparation with the bathing supplies later, and you and your group leaves the palace for the hot springs.

Just like your previous visits to the hot springs, the place is pretty much deserted save for the staff at the counter greeting you and your guests. It feels quite lax as a result since the place doesn't seem to be exceptionally busy. After that, you and your group spend a moment in the changing room to strip down to the supplied towels before heading to the mixed bath section. Slowly, everyone wades into the pool and sink comfortably into it, you included.

As you and your group continue to stay in the hot spring pools, the girls start to converse with each other merrily. Okuu in particular seems to be getting quite fond of Hatate, partly due to how they are both basically corvids. Among the topics of their discussion are apparently both of them promising to write to with each other. You and Kazuma don't saying much to each other, but that's maybe because you don't have any good small talk topics. One thing's for sure, you and Kazuma keep your eyes on the ladies as it is the perfect opportunity to do so.



"I'm curious, how did you end up with Okuu, her and other girls so well?" By her, Kazuma meant Yamame.

"It's a long story. But... let's just say that previously Yamame and I met somewhere back. Remember when I was missing underground and your dad met the spider lady that took care of her? That was me."

"Huh. So you do go way back."

"Yeah. As for Okuu, she was a little not friendly when we met, but both of us fell in love the longer I stayed at the palace. The rest of them followed suit."

"Eh, not like you can help it. You do have that charm after all."

"True." You reply. "Okuu and Yams are quite the sweethearts, I believe I can say the same with Hatate. How'd you two met by the way?"

"Yeah... it goes way back when the Guardians were not yet a thing. Long story short there were some thugs who wanted to join the bandits you wiped out last time and wanted to use Hatate as a ticket to get in there. That didn't end well for them."

"I can imagine that." Now you know why Kazuma is close with Hatate.

At the end of the conversation, you and Kazuma are approached by Yamame and Okuu.

"What is it, you two?" You ask them.

"Mmm... mind coming with us for a while, Seo?"

There a small pause when you hear the request, and eventually you said yes. You then turn to the other couple. "Enjoy yourselves, folks. I'll be back in a moment."

The girls tug your arm gently as they lead you away from Kazuma and Hatate. This continues until all three of you reach a much secluded area in the hot springs. If you remember correctly, the rock formation reminds you your first time here, where Satori decided to slip into the pool beside you, surprising you as a result. On the other hand, both ladies go straight to the point, hugging and kissing you at the same time. You expected such a surprise attack of affection, but you hug them and return their kisses.

Once the kissing stops, they both pull away with a sultry smile on their faces. "Girls... you two planned this, didn't you?"

"Maybe, maybe thinking about this on the fly." Yamame replies. "Besides, Satori knows this place is a good place to have some fun~"

"But, you know that we are bringing along guests with us?"

"Mmm... well, it’s not like they can hear us talking here. Besides, I could see you and your friend staring at us girls~" Yamame chuckles as she guides your hand to her chest, and Okuu does the same with your other free hand.

"Well, now that we're in the mood, fancy doing stuff with us~?"

"Out in the open? That's a first for me."

"There's a first time in everything~" Okuu giggles.

Now a little convinced that the other couple won't hear you, you relax and sit on a rock that exposes the rest of your lower body to the girls some more. Your shaft is semi-erect from the bold display the girls showed, and right away they start to press your shaft between their breasts. Yamame chuckles as that gets you going.

"You don't seem to mind this, Seo."

"Well, as long as nobody catches us doing this or anything..."

"We'll be fine, don't worry."

Before you can voice out your agreement, Okuu and Yamame start to gently rub your shaft with their breasts in alternating up-down motions. You grunt at the sensation of their breasts rubbing against you. They then switch to a position where they squeeze it between a docking position and continue to rub it that way. It's hard to hold back when both of them are giggling happily while rousing you with such technique - and they know how to stop then suddenly start again.

Yamame and Okuu take their turns to lick your shaft as they pass it between each other.

"This is going to be a habit, isn't it?"

"Yes it is~"

You sigh and resume your relaxing position, now rubbing both of their heads affectionately. They know you're quite aroused by now that there's no need for warnings, and just as you're about to spray it out of you, Okuu closes lips around the head of your shaft. You grit your teeth as you finally shoot it up into her mouth, still conscious about the other couple's presence.

"Trying hard not to make too much noise, Seo?"

"You think?"

"I'm sure they don't mind hearing us~" Yamame smiles. "Now then... shall we continue~?"

You nod and instead of doing the deed in the pool, you decide on getting out of the pool. Okuu and Yamame would follow suit and head for the washing area where the floors are much smoother. You have trouble deciding to with either of the two, but eventually, you decide on Okuu with Yamame's suggestion. Okuu then approaches you, where you lay her on the floor. Yamame then rest Okuu's head on her lap while you tease the hell raven up to prepare her for the next action.

With the back of your mind hoping that nobody cathes you doing obscene acts out in the open, you push yourself into her in missionary position with nothing else too fancy. Okuu makes a slight squeak as a result and wiggles her hips at that sensation.

Soon, your hand grip on her waist and you start pounding her, with Yamame grabbing and squeezing on Okuu's breasts to make her moan. She apparently likes it that she's pressing down on Yamame's hands for more. At the same time, she even locks you with her legs, a sign that she wants more out of you too. For that you comply with her wishes, and thrust harder.

With every thrust you deliver, Okuu moans and her body jerks. You can feel her inner walls tightening up on you, which make you thrust into her more. Following your hips going crazy into her, you bend down and lie down on top of her, muffling her moans for more pleasure.

Over time, it eventually becomes too much for both of you to hold on any longer, and with a tight hug you reach your peak, shooting your seed right into her womb. Once you finished your deed, you let go of your hug on the hell raven to share kisses with her some more, but aren't pulling out of her just yet.

"Your turn now, Yams." You tell the spider lady as you look up to her.

She giggles heartily. "I'm all yours~"

Only then do you pull out of Okuu and the hell raven stays there, lying on her back in bliss. Yamame lies on her belly on the floor - which is not too coarse for her belly - while wiggling her hips invitingly at you. You can tell that she didn't want to wait with how soaked she is, and with the given opportunity you grab her hips and push yourself into her, slamming your hips roughly.

Yamame isn't holding back her moans, and she gets even louder as your thrusts get faster. In the meantime, Okuu only watches as the spider lady continues to react to your thrusts lustfully, bucking her hips back into yours to feel more pleasure.

A third buildup is really easy to achieve with her eagerness, and tightness around your shaft means that she is going to reach her own peak. You’re almost there yourself, with Yamame moaning out her request to paint her insides with your seed.

Once you hit the peak you can't hold it on any longer, thus shooting it inside her with the same intensity you had with Okuu just now. Yamame moans and twitches as the warmth inside stimulates her, before she slips off you, now lying flat on the floor, freeing your from her lower lips as a result. Both ladies continue to lie on the ground to regain their strength, before being able to sit up again.

"Well... that was something."

"Now you know why this place is often deserted." Yamame chuckles as she leans against Okuu.

Following that, you and your lovers get up to wash up; making sure that the scent of sex is fully cleaned. Once that's done, you head back to the locker room to get dressed. Unfortunately, the doorknob is locked shut.

You could have sworn you heard something from beneath the door, but you don’t want to intrude anyone's privacy by checking out. Unfortunately, since your clothes are in that room, seems like you'd have to do wait up.

"What's wrong?" Okuu asks.

"Looks like this door is locked."

"I think someone's busy inside, so let's wait elsewhere."

You nod to Yamame's words in agreement.


The following day is the last day of Kazuma and Hatate staying over at the palace - and they pack up, planning to leave by afternoon. But before that, Satori treats them both with a simple breakfast, and both of them stayed about until lunch.

Hatate and Okuu promise to each other to meet again in the future while you and Kazuma have a short discussion about future places to go next time, preferably with Hatate or Merlin or even both on another work-date.

Once everyone is ready, you then escort them back to the surface out of goodwill, before parting ways as you reach Kazuma's house and heading back underground once your side mission is done. Since you're keeping it short, you choose not to sidetrack by visiting your parents, but you make a mental note to visit them next time whenever you're not in the middle of a duty.

The rest of your journey down to the underground is quite uneventful as you hoped but just as you're about to leave the bridge, a girl bumps into you.

"Ah... Sorry, I didn't see you." She then looks up to you. "Are you... are you Fujisaki Seo?"

"Something wrong?"

"I have some... spider problems. Can you help me about it?"

Spider problems? She can't be talking about Yamame, isn't she? You then quickly ask her. "You need help with Yamame?"

"No, not her, it’s someone else."

That statement gives you a brief relief at least. While you're fine to help her, you are still on duty and unlike last time when your help was requested, you haven't told Satori that you're going anywhere else aside from escorting Kazuma and Hatate back to the village. From the looks of it, she hasn't asked anyone else for help.

What would you do?
[ ] Accept and investigate.
[ ] Decline and suggest Yuugi instead.
>> No. 15239
[X] Accept and investigate.

Usually with the main character involved, things go less awry
>> No. 15240
[X] Accept and investigate.
It's just a spider. How hard could it be?
>> No. 15241
[x] Decline and suggest Yuugi instead.

Curious about the road not taken.
>> No. 15242
[x] Decline and suggest Yuugi instead.

curious with Odd Choices
>> No. 15243
[X] Accept and investigate.
>> No. 15245
[X] Accept and Investigate.

Parsee's sick of being ignored! She's not gonna tolerate this now!
>> No. 15246
She's not a spider, mate.
>> No. 15261
File 148714932229.png - (363.73KB, 1000x800, 899213e8de2c89857470cb4f515714af.png) [iqdb]

[x] Accept and investigate. (4 Votes)

So Exploration option it is.


After giving a good thought on your choices, you finally picked an option. Perhaps this will not take too long for you and hopefully you wouldn't leave Satori waiting.

"Okay, I'll help you with that spider problem you have."

"Thank you!"

"I hope you're not going to lead me to some nonsense place."

"That's clearly quite absurd!"

From the bridge, the little girl leads you to the crafting district... and past it, before descending the stone steps leading to the red light district - the exact place you tried to avoid two days back. Instead of going there, she leads you to the settlements around that area,

You feel like you went through a completely different world, as the place is way more run-down than the ones you're familiar with. Buildings are in disrepair and the lesser onis here are wearing rags for clothes. It does suffice to say that you're in the slums where the unlucky lives. There are a few curious children and adults staring as you walk past them and you pull up your shemagh to cover your nose and mouth.

Just as you're going to ask the girl something, you noticed something was off.

Ah crap. You lost the girl.

Right now you're unsure that you should go and find her, but with such an alien place, it may take a while. You keep your rifle slung across your chest instead of holding it in your hands, since there are a few curious people still staring at you. It's best that you don't create panic, and you stick around and hope that the girl would retrace her steps to find you.

"Hey, kiddo." A voice snaps you back to attention as you wait, and looking up would introduce a group of three lesser onis. "Fancy weapon you got there. Are you an outsider?"

"Not really. Someone needed my help, and I sort of lost her lead."

"Ah, I see, I see. But still, you know what the rule of this place here is? You're not to show off your weapon as you please."

"I'm not aware of anything like that." You tell him.

"Well, now you know. But since you're carrying so openly, that means you must be really strong." You can definitely tell what'd come next. "And so, I am going to challenge you to a one-on-one fight. If you win, you get to keep your weapon. If I win, you get your ass outta here, and hand me that weapon of yours."

Such hospitality. You wouldn't surrender your rifle that easily, more so that it's your favorite service rifle. Gear accountability is definitely a priority here, there's no way for you to lose to some rowdy slum tough guy, and declining is even way out of the door now. "Well then, I accept your challenge."

He had this confident smirk on his face, as if thinking that he'd win. "Good! Now follow us."

He and his lackeys would then lead you to an open field, a playground so to say. After they chased out the kids who are playing there, you take one end of the field while he takes the other.

You then perform checks on your weapon, checking your ammo count and making sure that everything is in order and your weapons are set to condition zero. People had by then gathered around the field to spectate the match, which might not be convenient to you.

When the match is about to start, you then reveal your biggest surprise to them by unfurling your magically-hidden wings.

"Shit! You're not a human?! A tengu no less!"

You grin back at him. "Surprise."

Once the shock dies down, you and your opponent are ready for the match. You both bow to each other, but you still had the suspicion that everything goes.

And so the match begins. As expected, your opponent makes his first move with a shoulder charge towards you, which you sidestep and evade it completely before making a distance. He tries it again, but with the next evasion, you strike his side hard with the butt of your rifle. He staggers a little, and the sting wears away quickly as you'd expect from him.

"You shouldn't try that when I could just get out of the way, you know."

"Trying to be smart, huh?"

"Just saying."

"Guys, gimmie the club!"

His lackey tosses him the classic kanabō, and right away you see its weakness - its handle is wooden. He raises the club in his hand, which you quickly pull up your rifle from its sling and focus through your iron sights to shoot at the handle. However, the window passes by quick and as he breaks into another round of mad dash with his club unscathed from your attempt to break it.

As he swings his club within range, you take a dive and feel the rush of the club's wind over your head. He missed his mark and ran past you, allowing you to turn around on your back. From there you switch your hold to the EGLM's trigger, and firing your grenade just as he turns around. As a result, the unnamed oni gets a faceful of grenade... which bounces off his face rather spectacularly.


He covers his face with his hands in reflex, dropping the iron club he had. As for the fired grenade, it bounces on the ground twice before settling down, and then bursts into a cloud of smoke.

...at least it's not High Explosive.

The oni on the other hand decided that enough is enough. In rage, he throws his club at you, which you narrowly dodge and hit the wall of a house behind you.

The action stops a bit when one of the spectator yells out, which you assume is the damaged house's owner. "My wall!"

Your opponent plants his palm to his forehead. "I'll fix it!" He yells back.

"You better will!"

You chuckle to yourself at this small comedy, and snap back to your senses when the oni runs towards you, screaming at the top of his lungs. He then starts throwing punches at you, and you try your best to evade them with your speed being the advantage and making some small hops backwards when needed.

"Stop moving so I can hit you!"

"Hey, it's fair game. I'm taught not to be hit in the face by an oni." While you decide to be a sport, you still want to win this match.

And as he finally manages to grab your vest, you immediately follow it with a counter by locking his arm with yours, letting his chest meet your backpack, and then throw him over your shoulder with a grunt. A slam could be heard when he hits the ground, and you roll backwards before leveling your rifle at him with your iron sights still aligned at your downed opponent. One thing that signals the end of the match is how slowly he gets back up, and sitting up instead of standing up.

"Alright... fine... you won. You get to keep your guns." He says with a wince of pain.

You smile and let your grip on your rifle, letting it hang down on its strap as you bow to your opponent in respect. The spectators cheer for you as they disperse. His friends run close to help him get back up to his feet. "That's a good match, yes?"

"Well, I didn’t expect you can throw me over your shoulder like that."

"I have some training, of course."

"So, do you fancy for a drink? It’s on me."

"I'm afraid I had to decline, since I am still on something. But I do have some questions to ask, if you don't mind."

"Go ahead. You're the winner."

What are your questions would be? Pick two.
[ ] Ask them about any occurrence of spiders in the area.
[ ] Ask them if they saw a young girl who was with you previously.
[ ] Ask if the red light district is safe for you to investigate.
>> No. 15262
[x] Ask them about any occurrence of spiders in the area.
>> No. 15263
[X] Ask them about any occurrence of spiders in the area.
[X] Ask them if they saw a young girl who was with you previously.

Spider problems and missing girls. We need to get to the bottom of this!
>> No. 15264
Here adding
[X] Ask them if they saw a young girl who was with you previously.
>> No. 15276
[X] Ask if the red light district is safe for you to investigate.
[X] Ask them about any occurrence of spiders in the area.
>> No. 15296
Just a heads up, the votes are closed, and the (big) writeup is on the way.
>> No. 15348
File 149266876067.jpg - (258.79KB, 1920x1080, __original_drawn_by_erica_naze1940__374627bb24c994.jpg) [iqdb]

[x] Ask them about any occurrence of spiders in the area. (3 Votes)
[x] Ask them if they saw a young girl who was with you previously. (3 Votes)

Aaaaaaaaaand here it is, folks. Finally got to put that down. With that said, that's the end of Yamame's week.


"Right, the original reason I was led here was that I was told there were some spider problems going on around here."

"Spider problems? You don't mean the jorogumos, don't you?

"The requester isn't being specific about the kind of spider she was talking about so I have no idea."

"Well, as far as the notable ones that exist around here, you have the earth spiders and the whore spiders. Some of the latter, who work at the red light district… well, you know they live up to their name."

"I see." You say. "Did you see any little girl that was with me earlier?"

"Is she the one you're talking about?"

You turn around at the question, seeing the same girl jogging towards your position. "…yeah. That's the girl who asked me. Thanks." You then re-join with the girl, thanking the onis before moving on with the girl in tow. "So nice of you to leave me behind and not get straight to the point."

"I got carried away, okay? I mean I hadn't even realized you were lagging behind…"

"Fine. So where's this place where you last met that spider?" She then stops to point at the great darkness beyond the slum's boundary. At this point you stare sharply at the girl in disbelief. "Wha- why the hell would you be out there on your own?"

"I don't know."

"Don't 'I don't know' me, little miss." You snap at her, and then sigh as there are signs showing that it's just the kid being irresponsible. "Are you really sure this spider you're talking about is really being harmful to you?"

"No, but I don't like her."

The thought of aborting the request is really tempting but you don't want to disappoint a request. After asking a few more unhelpful details, you head towards the place where she last saw the spider.

The farther you go from the slums, the darker the area becomes, forcing you to put on your nightvision goggles to help you see. The terrain also doesn't help navigation when you reach a certain point, but that isn't a problem since you can just fly over it. In addition to that, you start to drop glowsticks to show you the way back should you need to retreat.

Eventually, you stumble upon a cave, and your mana scan seems to indicate that someone - or something - is indeed residing in there. You land on a flat surface before hiding your wings and walking into the cave with a hand to your handgun holster.

"Tch. Another outsider? You got some guts to wander around a cave out in the middle of nowhere." You hear a woman's voice from one corner of the cave as you move deeper.

"…actually I… am not an outsider. I'm here because-"

All of a sudden you feel a sharp strike to your stomach, but dampened by your pouches stacked full with magazines. That's one heck of a kick, as you get back up on your legs.

"You're not an outsider yet you're dressed like one! What the hell are you?!" She then keeps her distance. "Lemme guess… you're here for youkai extermination, aren’t you?!"

That's not a good vibe from the tone of her voice. "I am not here to exterminate you!"

"Lies! You're even armed with outsider weapons! I'll exterminate you first!"

"Can we just talk over this?" You plea for a late diplomacy option.

"You can talk after you're dead!"

And just as she says that, the lady morphs - her lower body turning into a spider. While you were already used to the sight of Yamame's when you were younger, this form is definitely not as friendly as Yamame is. She jumps over you and seals off the exit with her webs so that you won't be able to escape. By hook and crook you need to get out of the place fast - otherwise you'll be spider food.

You bring your rifle to bear at that thought, and start firing at her.

Unlike most youkai who usually play by the rules and use danmaku, she doesn't, as she swings her legs and attempts to stab you with them. In addition to that, she shoots some webs towards you, which you have to evade as fast as you can to avoid being stuck to the cave walls. You don't want to reveal your true nature to her, so you evade her attempts on your life with multiple combat rolls and shooting back at her. Unfortunately, your bullets only serve to tick her off.

"Die, human!"


Unfortunately, as you fire at her, her thrown web sticks onto your rifle. She is indeed trying to pull it out of your hands, resisting her attempt by pulling back, while ejecting the round in the chamber and the seated magazine. In the tug of war, eventually she wins.

"I've got your weapon now, human!" She yells before sticks your battle rifle to the other side of the cave wall.

"I still have one over here!" You yell back at her as you pull your pistol from its holster, activating the underbarrel laser-light combo attachment, and effectively plinking her with it.


Now your focus is on retrieving your primary weapon back, although freeing it from the webs will be one of your problems. Second, she always has her back facing the captured rifle, so much so that you won't be able to retrieve it. All you need to do is make a feint so she'll abandon that post. As such, all you can do for now is to continue annoying her with rapid-fire danmaku from your pistol.

It seems to be eventually working as she lunges towards you. Seeing this, you do a short boost with your wings and dash underneath her before she crashes down on your previous position. Now both of you are on the opposite ends of the battlefield.

"You won't get your outsider weapon off that wall so easily, human."

"Bite me, eight-legs."

You continue to egg her by bending down to pick up a handful of stones, and pelt her with them instead of using grenades.

"Rocks? Really now? You're awfully pathetic."

Of course, the rocks are only a distraction, as one of the 'rocks' you thrown is actually a primed flashbang. "Here, catch!" You yell, and it detonates as you look away from the blast - predictably disorientating your target as she was unprepared for your sleight of hand.

Next, you pull out your knife, now using your mana to heat up your knife and flying up to cut the webs surrounding your SCAR-H, being careful on not to get yourself stuck on it. You manage to retrieve it and peel of the remaining webs with your heated knife.

"You bastard… and your tricks…"

"There's a reason why I don't want to fight. It's just something over small matters."

"And you're so cocky as well!"

"Am not! You're just hard to reason with!"

By now, you realize the need to escape or it'll become a fight that lasts until someone drops. You notice your bullets tear through the web, but you don't have enough to make a hole for yourself without having her notice what you are doing. In addition, she'll have repaired it on the fly as well if you even try that. You do a mental inventory check, trying to remember what you have with you while evading blows and returning fire.

And then it hits you.

You did bring along a few High Explosive grenades for your EGLM!

With the spider lady not doing anything, you quickly take this chance to load your grenade launcher with an HE round. When she does lunge at you, you are a tad late to react, and as a result you get swatted by her legs to across the cave. It's a good thing you still have your helmet on, otherwise the impact would be far e painful.

Still, you decide to call it quits.

With a grenade in the chamber, you fire one at her, before reloading another and shooting the solid surface where the webs are attached. In addition, you toss another flashbang at her before loading another round into the launcher breech.

"Stop that, you bastard!"

"Right back at you!"

Two more grenades to the web later and the webs collapse from the top just enough for you to fly slip through. You're just able to make an escape route for yourself, and all you have to do is to keep her distracted, which you do with your remaining flashbangs.

"I said stop…!!"

With your rifle loaded and charged, you fire at her in bursts, causing her to stumble backwards from since she can't see you. "Sorry but I don't intend on sticking around much longer. I'm only here because I only wanted to talk." Pulling the pins off a couple of smoke grenade, you throw them at her feet. "And since you don't feel like talking peacefully, I'll be leaving."

While she's blinded again, you retreat for now while she storms up a mouthful of curses at you. And to complete your escape, you unfurl your wings and follow the trail of glowsticks you left behind earlier.


Just before you arrive at the slums, you land and hide your wings, before resuming the rest of the way back on feet. As expected, you see the little girl sitting on the bench, presumably waiting for you. As soon as she sees you she jumps off and runs up towards you.

"So how did it go?"

"I had to run off. Fighting a spider in her nest isn't a good idea."

She doesn't seem to like the mention of you having to retreat. "But you're strong! I saw how you fight!"

"Kiddo, a wise fighter should know when's the right time to fold it and book it." You tell her, staring at her angrily. "I could have been jorogumo food, and you wouldn't have gotten your problem solved the next time you went into the dark."

"So she eats people? My problem's not solved then?"

You are not quite sure if the girl was even a target in the first place, she just came across that spider girl and spooked her off. "Maybe, as long as you don't go far from this place. Also, can you tell me why you wandered off that far in the first place?"

"Because… I sometimes got curious, though…"

"I'll tell you first - there's nothing else out there but tons of rocks. You're lucky you ran away before she could do anything. Then I had to investigate on dead and or missing children. I hope next time you don't go off too far, because next time you might not be so lucky." She doesn't give an answer, yet she tries to pout at you. You only sigh and cross your arms. "Try to ask your friends for some help first will you? As much I am able to help… I can't do everything myself, especially youkai extermination."

"Even youkai extermination?"

"Even youkai extermination."

"I'll try…"

"Good." Sighing, you pet her head before walking off back to the palace.


As soon as you reach the palace, you head for the kitchen and for the fridge in search of something to drink. Luckily, there's a bottle of half-filled soda in there, which you grab and drink it straight from the bottle.

"You look so beat up, Seo. A run-in with a jorogumo?"

"I had a side quest I had to bail out."

"That's a new one."

"It doesn't always work I guess."

"It's good to know when to call it quits, Seo. Perhaps this way people won't overestimate your ability. "You can skip the rest of the hours, Seo. Go get some rest."

"I'm fine."

"Rest." Satori insists.

"Alright, alright… just let me finish off this drink…"

As soon as you finish up your bottle of soda, Satori helps you to get you out of your combat vest. She then sends you off over to your room, just so you can take a bath, get some spare non-work clothes, lie down and get some shuteye before dinner comes.

That's all you need, for now.



Few hours ago…

Earlier today, you received a message from Erin about an armed and injured outsider that Hiiragi found. Sarge heard about it as well, and since that he's in the village for other duties, he asked you to tag along with him to pay a visit to Eientei. Strangely enough, you didn't hear anything back from Seo. Perhaps he had his radio off.

As soon as you and Sarge reach Eientei, Erin is there and directs you to visit Eirin for further info.

"You said that Hiiragi brought in a guy in an army uniform a while ago?" Rei asks.

"Yes, Rei. Injured and as expected a little delirious, but he's stable now." Eirin then pauses, before delivering an unexpected detail. "He's bearing the same flag patch as yours, Alex, but I don't think he's from the same branch."

"I'll look at him then. Where's his room?" You say.

"His room is the last one in the corridor; Hiiragi is waiting outside of the room if I remember correctly."

"That's strange; I don't remember her being so concerned over an outsider." Sarge remarks.

"Maybe it’s because she was the first one who found him, Sarge."

"She was, Alex." Eirin says. “Found him first in Youkai Forest and she brought him in the right away.”


"Alright. Alex, you go ahead and take a look at that guy. I'll stay around here for a bit - got to talk to the doc for other things while I had the chance."


You part ways with Rei and head to where the new person's room is. Indeed, Hiiragi is waiting outside of the room, and she immediately turns toward you before you can get close to her. She gives a ladylike bow to you as a greeting, before helpfully showing you the patient's room.

Though, as soon as you walk in the room, you're in for a surprise.

"Jesus Christ… Gabe? Is that you?" You raise your voice in excitement.

Said person looks up from the position and his face brightens when he sees you. "Alex… I thought you died!"

It had been ages since you last saw Gabe ever since you had been deployed to Iraq, and then stuck in Gensokyo after that patrol went wrong. You and Gabe share a prompt reunion hug.

"…hey, mind the bandages, man…"

"Oh, sorry, sorry."

"…you two know each other?" Hiiragi says as she walks into the room.

"Of course! He's a good ol' friend of mine!" You grin to her, with an arm around his shoulder like a good friend.

"What's your name again, miss?" Gabe asks.

"Hiiragi Fujisaki. Nice to meet you." Hiiragi answers, bowing at Gabe. "Just Hiiragi would be fine."

"Ah, I see."

"And Hiiragi, this is Gabe Wagner." You introduce your old friend to the wolf tengu.

"From the United States' Army." Gabe adds. "…thanks for helping me out there …Hiiragi. I thought I was hallucinating some sort of afterlife."

Gabe extends a hand for a handshake, where you notice Hiiragi accepting it with both hands before letting go. "You're welcome." She smiles, before picking up her sword and shield she left inside the room. "Now that he's all fine, I shall take my leave. Alex, if you see my brothers, please send my regards to them."

"Sure thing."

Hiiragi then leaves the doorway, with your head tracking her footsteps until they are completely gone.

"You know her?" Gabe asks, attracting your attention.

"Some part of it. She's an older half-sister to a fellow Guardian that's currently stationed Underground." You then pause when you realize that none of it makes any sense to Gabe as a newcomer. "Also that's… an awfully long story."

"I've got time, you can tell me about it."

"Alright then… now where shall we start?"

"Start with how you got here in the first place."

"Okay, so…"

Since you haven't seen Gabe in a long while, and you have nothing better to do, you entertain Gabe by telling him all the things that you've experienced during your stay in Gensokyo.


A couple of hours later…

You spent quite a lot of time explaining to Gabe about your Gensokyo adventures, where he would listen intently, stopping at times to catch a break or having to answer Gabe whenever he stops you.

"So yeah, that's pretty much it."

"…Christ… That's a lot to take in."

"You'll get used to it, like I did." You then take a different topic. "By the way, how's my mom, Gabe?"

"The last time I saw her is before I went to Iraq, she's still grieving about your loss. I mean, nobody can even find a body at all. Even insurgents denied ever holding you hostage."

"I was about to be shot at point blank back then, but then I woke up and found myself here. Man, sometimes I wish I could get back home and hug her."

By then, Sarge decides to walk in to see how Gabe's doing. He seems to be standing there and has apparently been listening to your long conversation for a good while now.

"How long have you been standing there, Sarge?"

"Since Hiiragi left. You two are quite close, I see."

"Oh, he's a good ol' friend of mine, Sarge."

"Rei Yamato." Sarge introduces himself, extending a hand for a handshake, which Gabe takes it.

"Gabe Wagner, nice to meet you.”

"Seems like you're holding up very well even with your injuries. Any idea what happened before you got here?"

"Everything's a little blurry. But I think I remember three things - friendly fire, tank, a friend."

Rei nods and seems to be able to figure out things, but didn't comment about it. "Well, once you recover, you can stay at our HQ. There's plenty of living space for newcomers. We might be having a talk about certain things by then too. Alex, tell Erin to keep you up to date with your friend's status,"


"I'll be back at the HQ for now, so if there's anything just poke me on the radio."

"Got it."

As soon as Rei leaves, Gabe then turns his attention to you. "Are you seeing what I am?"

"What, the ears and the tail?"


"Oh. That. Yeah, Sarge is basically a werewolf, so…"

"Then what about the girl, Hiiragi?"

"She has a pair of 'em too, but she's a tengu instead."

Gabe raises a brow at the alien terminology. "…man, you sure did get used to this place."

"Eh, it's been a couple of years or so I think. You have a lot to see here."


Few days after your run-in with that jorogumo, Yamame had gone back to her place as the renovation to her bar was complete. She invited you over for the grand reopening of her bar a couple of days later, where you show up with your tengu uniform.

"Behold! Yamame's New Poison House is now open!" Yuugi announces as the head of the area, and everyone gives applause as she cuts the ribbon.

As you can see, Yamame's bar has a much nicer interior compared to the old-school underground bar look from before. She even has a couple of new assistants to help with bartending, who you assume are spidergirls as well. Yuugi and Parsee are present as well, with the former having a lively conversation with you, before you go ahead and have a conversation with Yamame

"Thanks for letting me stay over at your place, Seo. It was fun."

"Eh, don't thank me, that's Satori for you to thank."

She chuckles. "True, I got to spend some time with you a bit longer than usual. If you feel like staying over next time, feel free to drop by. The food and drink's on me as usual, and we can do… 'things' if you feel like it~" She ends her sentence with a wink.

"You're such a lewd spider, Yams."

"Only for you." She replies, leaning over to you for a kiss to the lips.

You smile and return the kiss. "Likewise."

After that opening ceremony, you go back to the palace for duty with some gifts, which consists of a few bottles of fine liquor as well. Your stay at the tower wouldn't be just you alone, as Orin is there to give you company in her cat form.

As you pet her you can hear her purring loudly, a telling sign that she enjoys your touch. After a while, she returns to her human form, still seated on your lap.

"Is your brother's wedding coming this weekend?"


"I wanna go with you."

"I'm sure everyone in this household is invited, Orin."

"That's great."

"You want to hear a story, Seo?"

"What is it?"

"The other day I went to the surface and visited your hometown. I found this cute little cat being bullied by a nekomata, so I couldn't help but join in the bullying~"

"…that's horrible, Orin."

"I'm kidding, I'm kidding." She giggles at your reaction. "Well, you know that seven tailed male fox and Yukari's servant?"

"What? Nanabi and Ran? What about them?"

"Well, apparently Nanabi is a guardian of the smaller cat, and he was out with Ran for some ingredients shopping, and when they saw what the two-tails was doing to the crook'd tail cat, she got scolded on the spot by both foxes." Orin giggles, and by that description you realize that she is talking about Arikado the cat. "You should've seen the look on her face when she was being scolded - it was so funny!"

You lightly tap her forehead admonishingly. "I know that you're older-"

Then, your radio crackles to life.

"Seo, you there?"


"Alex here. Did you hear about the injured soldier Hiiragi brought to Eientei a few days back?"

"Err, no. I might have gone off the reception range for a little bit. What about it?"

"If you're free, come on over to the SDM. We've got a new guy to introduce to you. He has just joined the SDMGD, so everyone's here to introduce themselves."

"I'll see about it. I might have other things to do today."

"Just give us a heads up if you're coming."


"Have a good one. Roach out."

Now that you think about it, you're pretty bored yourself.

What would you do now?
[ ] Fly over to the Youkai Mountain and see how Kaede is doing. Bring Orin along.
[ ] Head over to the SDM and meet the new guy, then pay your parents a visit. Bring Orin along.
>> No. 15349
[x] Head over to the SDM and meet the new guy, then pay your parents a visit. Bring Orin along.

curious about the new guy.
>> No. 15350
[X] Head over to the SDM and meet the new guy, then pay your parents a visit. Bring Orin along.

Want to see how he reacts to the Japanese fantasy land.
>> No. 15351
[FNG] Head over to the SDM and meet the new guy, then pay your parents a visit. Bring Orin along.
>> No. 15352
[ze] Head over to the SDM and meet the new guy, then pay your parents a visit. Bring Orin along.

New people hype!
>> No. 15433
File 149737656556.jpg - (59.40KB, 800x800, 631bad70df5e7c9b37e8b36594766362.jpg) [iqdb]

[x] Head over to the SDM and meet the new guy, then pay your parents a visit. Bring Orin along. (4 Votes)

Life has been hard on me on the last few months, but enough with that and enjoy this new update.


"Since you don't have anything to do, why don't you go and check out your new teammate?" Satori suggests. That is a good idea too, since you're curious yourself. "Just be back before dinner, I'll be cooking tonight.

"Sounds like a good idea." You then call for the Kasha. "Orin, let's go."

"Right behind you!"

And since you didn't bother on using the stairs, you jump off the tower and use your wings to descend to ground level before jumping over the gate. Orin follows suit, and once you both are outside, you then start your flight to the SDM.


Soon, you arrive at the mansion.

Sakuya and Meiling greet you and Orin, and you're directed to the SDMGD office. Inside, you see Rei and the rest waiting, chatting with each other. They drop whatever they are doing when they hear you knock on the HQ's door.

"Did I keep you guys waiting?"

"You're here on time. Oh, you even brought Orin along."

"Well, gotta take her for a stroll and such."

Rei nods. "Alrighty. Seo, I want you to meet the new guy. He decided to be a part of our team, and I think by this point he has already met everyone on the SDMGD, not counting the smaller village guards. Go ahead and introduce yourself, Gabe."

"Gabe Wagner. Pleased to meet you."

"Seo Fujisaki. Pleased to meet you too."


Orin jumps off your shoulder and transforms back to her human form in a small fireball. "Rin Kaenbyou, nice to meet ya!" She says, complete with a salute. You can hear the chuckles coming from the rest. "What?"

"Ah, it's nothing."

"Are you from the same branch as Alex is, Gabe?"

"Eh, not really. I'm from the Army, he's from the Marines." Gabe replies. "I think Alex joined the Marines after I did with the Army."

"So you two know each other?"

"Yeah. We know each other before Gensokyo. Our families were quite closely knit together; you should've seen the look on my face when I saw Gabe at Eientei for the first time." Alex replies.

"The look of pure joy of a reunion." Rei interjects.

"Pretty much that, yes."

"So that's just about it, then. You can return home or hang around the mansion. There's not much to do around here."

"I'll have to leave, there's some medicine I need to deliver at the village." Erin says.

"Yeah. I'll be gone too, you guys know where to find me. Erin, let's go."

"I'll stick around then."


Afterwards, you and Gabe hang around the balcony overlooking the garden, and in the meantime you see Kaede arriving, where you presume he's looking for Hiiragi. Your hunch is right as Kaede is seen talking to Hiiragi... and then getting dragged along to your position.

"By the way, Gabe, I want you to meet someone. This is Kaede, my little half-brother."

"Err... hello, Kaede."

Kaede only nods, before finally getting the hint of familiarity she's exuding towards Gabe. "So... is he your boyfriend now?"

"Err... maybe?" She denies, but the blush on her face betrays her.

"Yeah, you definitely found yourself a boyfriend."

You can see Kaede staring at Gabe rather judgingly. It's not like he's jealous, but you can feel him being protective of his older half-sister instead. Gabe is a bit anxious about that, and Hiiragi then breaks that up.

"Ah! Gabe, I'd like to invite you to my little brother's wedding this weekend."

"His wedding?"

"Yes. He got hitched to a mountain shrine priestess, so I think it would be a good time to introduce you to both sides of my parents."

Gabe chuckles awkwardly. "I don't know... it's only been a few days... but what about the others?"

"Eh, don't mind us; we already got invitations from the clan."

Kaede isn't too pleased about it, but he doesn't do much aside from his slightly-angry face.

"I have my eyes on you... Gabe."

Hiiragi grabs Kaede by the ear and tugs him away. "That's enough coming from you, Kaede. Let's go around the place."

"Let go! Let go of my ear!!"

All that you can hear after your half-sibling walk out of your sight is Gabe chuckling in amusement.

"You know... that's the first time I've ever seen her be so friendly to a stranger she just met." You say as you finally break your own silence.

"I don't know, for the last few days she's been close to me. She often visits once a day and brings gifts, asking how I am doing and such." He says.

From there you get the hunch that your half-sister is genuinely attracted to Gabe. "Maybe you two have just met but I do believe that you're going to be a good person for her."


"It's a trade secret." You grin at him as you use the often-heard quip back at your place. "To be honest, it's only been a few months since I found out that my dad's previous marriage ended up with a child. As a result of a human and wolf tengu marriage, I have a half-breed, half-sister."

"I see."

"Come to think of it, has she had bad run-ins with men in the past?"

"She has." You tell him. "It might stem from the fact that the last time she got caught, she nearly got violated and almost killed herself. I dealt with the person responsible twice."

"Is he dead?"

"He is." You quickly answer. "By the hands of yours truly."

That seemed to cool down Gabe, though he does seem skeptical about the fact on how you don’t seem troubled about your body count. "You don't seem to have problems about killing."

"When the order comes and I see the rationality of said order, I do it." You explain to him. "My mother was in danger of dying from the same person, and it's only fair I give it back to him tenfold. If not, it's all self-defense for trying to kill me first."

Gabe nods sagely at that. "Good. I don't want someone like you become a senseless murderer."

As you and Gabe continue conversing, Hiiragi and Kaede come back, saying their goodbyes and leaving. Orin also returns after her roaming session around the mansion as well. Thinking that it's the time to leave for your next plan, you excuse yourself and leave for the village with the Kasha on tow.


With the business at SDM done, you make your run towards the village with Orin on tow. Soon, you finish your jog as you reach your father's shop. It seems like there's nothing out of the ordinary, up until you see one of your neighbors noticing your presence and beckoning you to come closer.

"Is there something you need?" You ask him.

"Yes. I just want to tell you something." He then pauses for a moment before resuming. "I'm sure you were out of town when it happened and nobody told you but... Daisuke recently divorced out of the blue."

Hearing that news sends a jolt through you, and you stare at your neighbor wide-eyed. "What? What the hell? When did this happen?"

"A few days ago, word spread out quickly but nobody knows why. Daisuke has gotten quite aggressive lately too, like he would suddenly attack other people without warning."

"Where is he now?"

"I'm not quite sure, but just keep an eye out for him. I heard that he's been badmouthing you lately, but nobody buys that."

You raise a brow at that, but nod in agreement. "I'll keep an eye out for him."

You then leave your neighbor for your original objective, and continue to jog until you reach the shophouse, where your new house now stands proudly right next to it. You take your moment to admire the house that Akyuu had financed as her thanks for your combined rescue effort.

That is until you realize someone is standing behind you. The tinge of malicious aura makes you turn around to see that it is Daisuke, complete with an angry face and a club in hand. Before you can even mouth out your greeting, Daisuke swings his club at you and you quickly dodge to the left.

"You're not supposed to be here."

"So it is true..."

You dodge another swing and your hand quickly cups the grip of your service handgun, but you don't pull it out.

"A youkai is not allowed in this household!" He yells, even pointing at Orin with his club. She even snarls at Daisuke, but you signal Orin to stay out of it.

When Daisuke comes for an overhead swing, you go for a disarm move - closing your back against him, grabbing the club and then throw him over your shoulder.

Although it seems that Daisuke thinks he has the advantage when you started that move, the odds favor you more since you have your youkai strength to help you. As soon as he slams onto the ground, you kick him to roll over to his back and immediately you press your knee on his back and tie his wrists together with your zip cuffs in a swift motion. Now Daisuke is firmly apprehended, and you didn't have to resort to pulling out your weapon.

And soon enough the fight is over.

"Get off me!" He grunts.

"Can we at least talk like normal siblings, and not with you trying to club me like I am a bad guy?" You reply. "I still have my limits, you don't want me to destroy you, brother."

"You're not my brother! you're a youkai spawn! A traitor to humans!"

You feel incensed at such a bold remark from your brother. "Get up!" You raise your voice back at him. "Reality check, Daisuke! Our family are descents of the tengu since the old days! Stop with your nonsense!" By this time, the rest of your family has gathered outside, plus a few more neighbors being curious on the commotion.

"It's all lies! You made that up! It's all lies just like dad's first child! A mongrel like that should never exist!"



In an act that you never foresaw, your father just slapped Daisuke with his whole strength, wobbling after that swing. He's red-faced in anger, and you can tell the reason why - Daisuke just insulted the very child he tried hard to conceive in the past.

"You do not talk nonsense about her!"

"She is a youkai!"

"Even if she's a youkai, she IS my daughter! She comes first before you do! I'm disappointed in you, Daisuke! Never in my life have I taught you about hating your own sibling!"

"I'll never consider her as a sibling! Never! Honestly you shouldn't have followed that pact, it's all a mistake!" Daisuke snaps back at your father.

"Enough! You are the eldest son! You should have more sense of rationality! After you divorced your wife, you picked fights with other people out of the blue, then attacked your own younger brother! I had enough of your nonsense, Daisuke! I forbid you to step foot in my land! Get lost, you thankless child!"

Daisuke stares at you and your father in contempt, before picking himself up and running away from your family's compound, still with his zip cuffs intact. Just as he disappeared from your light of sight, your father is about to fall over, but you, Orin and your sisters quickly catch him. Your old man now started crying about how he failed to keep Daisuke's marriage - a pity since from what you remember it was a happy one initially.

You and your siblings carry your father inside the house, before your mother tells you to let them handle him, and she asks you if you want to stay around. You decide to go back to the palace, and she nods.

You and Orin then head back to the palace, but at a walking pace instead as the whole scene plays about in your head.


After what seems an hour of walking, you finally reach the palace. Satori greets you, and she notices how you're dragging yourself over. "You seem to be down, did something happen?" Satori asks.

"Yes. Well, it's not exactly that the meeting didn't go well, it's that I got in a family fight after that."

"...ah... that's horrible." She replies. "Would you like to have some rest? I'll call you for dinner later."

"Yeah, I'll do just that."

And with that you retreat to your room, shedding your gear as you get there and then diving face first into your bed. With a sigh, you later hear a meow before a familiar fuzz nuzzles your face.

You realize that you hadn't locked the door, but that doesn't matter.

"Still thinking about that, Seo?" Orin asks as she morphs back to her humanoid form.

"I can't get that out of my head, honestly." You reply, sighing as you roll over to your back, "The fact that I forgot about his wife's request to look over him kind of makes me wonder what actually happened between that day and today."

"You wanna talk to me about it? If not that's fine too."

"Well... let's see..."

What would you do?
[ ] Talk about it to her.
[ ] Just forget about it.
>> No. 15434
[c] Talk about it to her.

Best to not worry the hellcat. Still, not cool, Daisuke. Totally not cool.
>> No. 15435
[X] Talk about it to her.

Was Daisuke awlays this nasty or dickish? Because Jesus that was terrible.
>> No. 15436
[X] Talk about it to her.
>> No. 15438
[x] Talk about it to her.

It'd help and I want to see how this goes.
>> No. 15575
File 15051683234.jpg - (400.18KB, 494x694, __kochiya_sanae_touhou_drawn_by_sakurano_tsuyu__29.jpg) [iqdb]

[x] Talk about it to her. (4 votes)

It's been absolutely hell trying to crank out something due to some real-life issues, but I'm glad I got this one out finally. Please enjoy.

Also some name change.


"Well, I'll talk about it to you."

"Alright then." Orin then starts it off. "Was your brother really like that? I remember him being a rather gruff guy when I first saw him."

"To be honest, he never acted like that before."


"Yeah, I never thought I'd see him as a different person. He'd never pull punches at me with the intent of harm." You tell Orin. "I'm not sure why he started becoming like this, but I know when, since his wife once complained to me about him, like not showing up for his own son's birthday celebration."

"I see. I know about that birthday, Okuu told me about it. He's aware of what's going on between you and your tengu family."

"Dad told us that he once married to Hisagi, but back then we didn't know much about the details. Maybe Daisuke interpreted it the wrong way."

"And he sees that your father is a hypocrite when he accepted Hiiragi in his life?"

"Certainly." You sigh and pinch the bridge of your nose. "I never thought of dad going that drastic on disowning him, but then again when Daisuke divorced his wife, tried to assault me and insulted the very child that dad tried so hard to conceive, I think dad's the winner in that."

Just then, you hear someone knocking at the door, and since Orin didn't lock it when she entered, Satori peeks in.

"Oh, Orin's here too." She says. "Alright, dinner's ready. Come downstairs, both of you."

Orin jumps off your bed and bolts downstairs for dinner, while you follow Satori and walk there instead. When asked about what she cooked for dinner, she replies you with "Beef curry with potatoes."


Dinner went on quietly, with no mentions of today's incident or other things happening underground. You can bet that Satori knows by reading you and decided to not pry any further. It stays that way until Okuu decides to break the silence and tell everyone about her day at the power plant.

As soon as it's bedtime, you slink back to your room

After writing down your report about your work and other things to pass time, you're eventually ready for bed. At this moment as well, Orin shows up to join you. She just slips into your bed, hugging you from the front and stays there while purring to herself. You then cover her with your blanket.

"Can't sleep?"


Orin just hugs you tighter, and you return the favor. You figure that she wants to sleep easier with you around her, not that you're complaining. So to let her sleep easier, you begin stroking and petting her head. Hearing her purr confirms that she enjoys it, and Orin squirms in your embrace. A little bit more of your gentle touch would eventually put her to sleep, as evidenced by her light mewling.

And so you follow suit.


Fast forward a few days later.

As the weekends arrive, you finally reach the special day for your half-brother.

It is a rather early morning, and Satori and Okuu have already gone up to the Youkai Mountain first, while you leave with Orin after completing the security checklist and checking extra baggage since you're going to stay up at the fortress for a couple of days. You don't have to worry about the post - a young rookie Guardian just arrived to take your place. After giving him the security briefing, you entrust him with your SCAR-H before taking off to the surface.

Your first stop when you reach the surface is to look for your parents but you learned from your siblings, who decided to stay, that the tengus had already escorted them off to the mountains. You figure that you should fly straight there.

In the middle of the flight to the mountain you just realize that you didn't bring anything for Kaede as a gift. And so you have to detour to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, thinking that you might have something back at your old place, or at least something from the company as a surplus like how Rei gave Hafizi an MP5 back then. As expected, most of the figures at the mansion are already on their way to the mountains, leaving Meiling behind.

Though, when you reach the office, you see that Rei's there, along with... Kagerou in a maid uniform? You can see her ears twitch before she turns her attention to you. She then alerts Rei.

"Oh, Seo? I thought you're already at the Moriya Shrine by now."

"I left the palace last; have to check everything before letting the new guy take over. Checked up on my parents but they had left first. Then I had to stop by because I forgot to bring something for Kaede." And so you begin to ask Rei something. "Do you have any good ideas for a gift, Sarge? I forgot to buy some while I was at the village."

"A gift, eh? All I can suggest now off the top of my head is new combat boots, new boots. Not sure of what his foot size would be, but comparing you and him, I think you both share the same size."


"What's your size again?"

"8, I think."

"Gimmie a sec, I'll get those for you."

As Rei disappeared behind the door leading to the storeroom, Orin and Kagerou have some small talk together. A few minutes pass and your commanding officer comes back with a dusty shoebox in hand, and dusting it off once her sets it on his table.

"Yeah, here it is - standard combat boots for the Guardians. Do want this wrapped?"

"Yes, please."

Kagerou nods and retrieves a few gift-wrapping essentials from the drawer behind Rei's desk. She also chooses a wrapping paper patterned with multiple maple leaves, which fits the occasion. In short order, she wraps the box beautifully, finishing off with a beautiful ribbon knot on top.

"That's gorgeous. Thanks, Kagerou."

"You're welcome." She replies with a smile.

"So when are you going there, sir?"

"In a moment. The wedding will be starting in a couple of hours from now, so I need to sort the clothing in my department up and then I'll be right there with Kagerou."


"Alright, you folks run along now. Time for us to get ready as well."

"Will do."

And so you and Orin say your goodbyes first before leaving the Scarlet Devil Mansion.


As soon as you reach the fortress, you can see that your family and friends have already gathered around the Fujisaki house, and upon spotting you Hisagi tells you to get changed, in which you and Orin do. Now swapped out from your casual clothes to a kimono, you join the rest of your family and friends, just as Reimu and a small group of ritual musicians arrive.

Once the musicians start playing their tunes, you and everyone joining start heading towards the Moriya Shrine where the main ceremony is held. The ceremony - from the purification, to the rice wine drinking was performed flawlessly, even though Kaede was very nervous as you can see from some points of the ceremony.

And speaking of the rice wine, finishing that marks the two as husband and wife, and the end of the ceremony as well.

That was not the end of the festivities yet, as you learn from Hisagi that night that the Shinto wedding was a private event between friends, family and the main figures in Gensokyo. The more public occasion would be held at the Tengu Fortress, where the rest of the tengu would be able to join. You also notice that Kaede and Sanae aren't seen anywhere around the Fujisaki household, which you assume means the two are having a private night together elsewhere.

A day then passes, and in the tengu's grand hall, the second half of Kaede's wedding is held. To go with the western wedding theme, the bride and groom go for more western outfits, with Kaede wearing a tuxedo and Sanae in a beautiful wedding dress. You and Kotaro are assigned as Kaede's best man in formal clothes, while Sanae is accompanied by Nitori, Momiji and Hina as her bridesmaids.

Since the dress code is a bit more lax than yesterday's wedding, you can see the Guardians just went with their BDUs, with Erin and you being the main exception.

In short, both bride and groom perform the rites again, this time behind headed by a tengu priest instead. The ceremony is a lot shorter than yesterday, and it ends with a kiss. Afterwards, they both meet and greet the guests where they both receive quite a lot of gifts and best wishes from them.

A few familiar faces from the Human Village are also present, helping themselves with the feast, if not chatting around with your parents. Aya and Hatate seem to be interviewing them as well when they both get their chance. On the other side, you can see Akyuu, and among her are Yuki, Wriggle and Shinobu, occupying a table as they eat. Then there's Yuuka, who as you expect is being accompanied by Nanabi. His younger sister however is nowhere in sight.

Everyone seems to be having fun, and the reception continues until dusk.


As nighttime falls, finally the second part of the wedding ceremony is over.

With the rest of the guests returning home, your family and the bulk of the Guardians stick around at the Fujisaki household for the night, and having a dinner together.

Then the ladies and gentlemen would group up with their own, presumably having a conversation of their own. Unlike yesterday, you can spot Kaede and Sanae in the household as well, though now that they are married, they might leave later tonight to their own retreat.

Now what should you do?

[ ] Join the ladies and their conversation.
[ ] See what Kaede and the guys are up to.
[ ] Retreat to sleep.
>> No. 15576
[X] Join the ladies and their conversation.

See how they're doing.
>> No. 15577
[x] See what Kaede and the guys are up to.
>> No. 15581

[c] Join the ladies and their conversation.
>> No. 15772
[ze] Join the ladies and their conversation.

Vote, hoping for this to resume.
>> No. 15798
Don't worry, still here, just got busy.
>> No. 15799
File 151314229214.jpg - (502.26KB, 1200x900, 7b9516f97ead685ecc3cd1d2c2b4eb3e.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Join the ladies and their conversation. (3 Votes)

Seems like I keep getting distracted from doing updates lately due to other creativity focuses, but I'll make it up with bigger content per update. Enjoy.


While the guys were busy with their own conversation, you had the thought of joining the opposite side for a change of pace. And so, you went on to join the ladies with their own group conversation, all of them flocking about at the living room of the house.

Currently, the group consisted of your mother, Hisagi, Sanae, Hiiragi, Satori and her two pets.

And so, you sat beside your mother, just as she was chuckling at their conversation.

“Ah, good evening Seo. I thought you would've been more interested in joining the rest of the guys.”

"Eh, a good change of pace I guess."

"Good, then you're not missing much~"

You figured that most of the questions had already been asked, so you settled on asking Sanae on her future plans. “So what might you two be doing next?”

“Well, perhaps we’ll be spending time at our house for the time being , maybe fly around Gensokyo and see things I haven't seen yet. In the short term, we might move our things from the shrine and Kaede's room."

“So what about going on a honeymoon?" You say.

"It’s in the priority list, yes."

"I suppose you haven't visited much of the Ancient City, yes?"

"Only around the Underground Geyser Centre, why?"

"You can hang out there if you haven't explored everything yet. Kaede's been around at least once down there with mom and Hiiragi, and I could give you a tour there too if you want." You tell Sanae.

"Great! I'll add that to the bucket list."

“Ah, Hiiragi, now that your little brother’s gotten married first before anyone else in the family, do you have anyone special yet~?” Sanae asks.

Immediately, you could see the blush on Hiiragi's cheeks. She was even hesitating to answer that question. “Eh… maybe… I would have introduced him to father... maybe tomorrow...” She then turns to Hitomi. "Did father go home already, mother?"

"Not really, he just went to bed early."

"Ah, I see."

"Don't worry. I think your father's taking it better being around youkai nowadays. Thanks to Seo, of course."

Sanae patted Hiiragi's back. "See, you still have your chance, Hiiragi! Go ahead and tell it to him in the morning before you miss the chance~" She turned her attention towards you next. "What about you, Seo?"

"Oh, I think I might have plenty in my hands."

"Is that so?"

"It is so." You say, as Okuu and Orin sat closer beside you. "...yeah."

The rest of the ladies chuckled at your response, more so when you had to pet both Orin and Okuu.

"Are you going home tomorrow?"

"Yeah, but I'll hang around longer. It seems like I've got the clearance to do so." You said when you saw Satori nod at you.



And now it was time for just you in your own guest room. It was midnight by now and the rest of the household was already winding down or asleep. You weren't feeling sleepy yet, and as such you were lying on your back, looking out of the window of your room, contemplating things.

Okuu and Orin accompanied you to your room, and while the former was already asleep, the kasha on the other hand was resting her head on your lap as you pet her ears idly. She was purring so much that you couldn’t help but giggle.

"Mmm... it's so calming~"

"Yeah, at least this time nobody's trying to jump on me at the front door like last time."

"No need to worry about that now." Orin says, just as she gets up and stretches. "Just relax when you can." She then shifts her position to sit on your lap.

"Yeah, pretty much." You reply, loosely wrapping your arms around her in a hug.



"You think sometime in the future we can get married like your sister did?"

"Of course we can, though if you do what kind of dress would you like best for that?"

"That one with the large gown of course."

"Ah, that'd be western-style then."

"It's as pretty as the traditional garb but I think it's so troublesome to put on."

"Yeah, that's tradition for you. At least you only wear it once in a lifetime."

"Unless you remarry."


Orin then hummed as she nuzzled your cheek. "I do imagine when you do get married with us; you'll have multiple brides at the same time."

"I'll do that, it would save money and keeps everyone happy."

She giggled at your response, before eventually yawning. Silence followed for a few moments before you broke it. "Sleepy yet?"

"I guess so."

"Alright, time for bed."

Orin rolled off from your lap, while you got up and lay down beside Okuu. The kasha occupied the space beside you, throwing the blanket over her. Just as you do the same, Okuu rolled over in her sleep, grabbing you in and wrapping her arms around you, before pulling you closer to her chest. You assume Orin saw this and decided to do the same, purposefully pressing her chest to your face.

In this situation, you just let them be and try to sleep.


When morning arrives, most people in the house took their time to wake up, as the ladies in the kitchen woke up early to prepare breakfast. There were so many chefs in the kitchen that breakfast ended up becoming a small feast.

Needless to say, everyone present was enjoying the hospitality both sides of the Fujisaki family were offering.

And so by afternoon, it was time to go home for most of the guests. You met up with Orin, Okuu and Satori to go home together, before Satori insisted that you stay for a little longer while they went home on their own. You just agreed and loiterd around the household, seeing other guests leave as well.

Then you came across your squad, at least there were some of them.

"Hey, folks." You greet Alex and Erin as you approached them.

"Hey, Seo. You're not going home yet?"

"I would but Satori asked me to stay, and they are going back on their own."

"Must be something going on that she needs you to see, but that's just me."

"So what about you two?"

"I'm packing up in a bit, once the Eientei crew is done. Me and Erin will escort them home."

"All of them on your bike?"

"Don't be silly, it can only fit one more, two if you don't mind being squished behind me."

"The rest can fly so there's no problem."

"I bet Kaguya wants a ride on the bike, so I think you should tell her to tie up her hair, Erin."

"Eh? Why me?"

"Well, you managed to get her out of Eientei so I guess she listens to you."


Just then, Hiiragi approached your group. "Sorry for interrupting, but did any of you see Gabe?"

"I think I did. He said that hed go down the mountain on his own later. Let me call him on the radio." Alex replies.

"Yes, please."

Alex seemed to about to ask the reason why Hiiragi was asking for Gabe's presence, but he chose not to - and instead just called Gabe over the radio. Moments later, he appeared, before your half-sister led him off elsewhere.

"That girl is so head over heels on him already I tell you." Alex said. "I just find it odd how quickly they bonded."

"Might be magic." Erin said, just as the Eientei folks showed up and were ready to leave. "And I think my entourage is ready."

"Eh, whatever. Well man, we're packing, so catch you later at the village."


Alex and Erin then grouped up with their escort, leaving you alone. You on the other hand made your way to find Hiiragi and Gabe, who you spot behind the Fujisaki household.

To your surprise, your parents were present as well, and from this you assume that Hiiragi was introducing Gabe to your part of her family. From what you can gather from your little eavesdropping, your father actually agreed to her pick.

"I can tell you're a good man for her, Gabe, even though I only met you today."

"Yeah... I heard that before too, Seo told me the same thing."

"Then I can agree with what he says." Your father told Gabe. "Well, the only thing I would ask from you is that you treat her well and look after each other."

The conversation went for a little longer, before Gabe eventually excused himself, as it was time for him to return to the village. He soon caught up with you, and you both took the decision to walk all the way back to the village.


"You know... I am amazed how you and my half-sister get along so well, Gabe." You broke the silence while halfway down the trek to the foot of the mountain.

"You meant Hiiragi? Wait - you and her are half-siblings?"

"Uh, yeah. Thought you would already know about it beforehand. I guess Hiiragi didn't tell you?"

"Well, he did say half-brother without telling the specifics."


"I never thought she'd introduce me to his father, I mean yours."

"I guess she wants his blessings now that she finds that you're the perfect match for her."

"I see." Gabe sighed. "I had no idea you had such a diverse family, Seo."

"Neither did I, at least until recently. It's a long story anyways, if you want to know more."

"Oh, I don't mind, we still have a bit of a walk to do, so some story would be nice."


And so, you start telling Gabe the history of your family, from the start of the joint pact between the village humans and tengus, to the resulting marriage, Hisagi's leaving, and then to the present day where you finally reunited the two families back together.

"So yeah, that's pretty much what happened so far."

"Man, you really have an interesting family tree."

"I think so, because according to the tengu's records, my family is basically a noble family with tengus on their side. Other things I found also say that there might be some of the noble family still living in the outside world with their tengus."

"Ah. By outside world, you mean..."

"It’s basically the world outside of Gensokyo's barrier, where you, Alex and Sarge once lived."


You then adjust your weapon sling a little. "How long have you known Alex, by the way?"

"For a good while, my family and his were good old friends, long time neighbors. Well, at least until Alex's family had to move for work related things. We still visited each other from time to time, still keeping in touch with each other."


"So Alex joined the Marines, while I joined the Army. I got the news about his disappearance from his mother, but I never knew I would find him here of all places."

"That reminds me of something... what happened before you ended up here?"

"I don't think I could remember much, unfortunately."

"Alex said that his unit got wiped during an escort ambush, and he was losing so much blood but he got saved in time to be teleported here."

"Ah, I see..."

There was silence once again.

"That aside... is it normal for someone to fall in love that fast? I mean at least in this place."

"I think so. " You tell Gabe. "At least I know a few examples that I know of. Me and my friends had it happen too."

"What about Alex, did he get anything similar?"

"About Alex... he's still finding anyone that suits him," You tell Gabe. "Not everyone's lucky on getting that.”

"I can hear that, you fuckers." Alex suddenly spoke into the radio, his voice dripping with annoyance. "Thanks for the hot mic."

At this point, only then do you realize that the sling you adjusted was pressing on the PTT button, resulting in whatever you said just now to be transmitted to the other Guardians, which you quickly fix."My bad. Sorry, Alex."


"Come on, man. At least I can make things up for you."

"Nah, its fine. Just get me something to drink, will you? I can't be arsed to get off the tower. Anything would do."

"Okay. Just wait wherever you are, we’ll get your drink as soon as we reach the village."

"How far are you two anyway?"

"We just reached the foot of the mountain."

i"...I'd rather go get it myself. You guys are taking forever." Alex lamented. "Wait, why are you on foot, Seo? You can fly right?"

"Of course I can."

"You can fly?" Gabe asked.

"Long story."

"...I'll hear that one later."


A couple of days passed since the wedding ceremony…

Earlier that day, you had been given an invitation to visit a bar at the lower parts of the Ancient City, near the red light district. You took the offer, going to visit the bar in your full gear. The bar was recently renovated, but there were not many people visiting yet. The oni – who you beat the other day – apparently owned the bar after winning a big lottery.

You were indeed enjoying your time there, minus drinking liquor since you had other things to do. Instead, the bartender served you non-alcoholic drinks as you and the owner continued to have a conversation.

That would suddenly stop when he noticed someone was behind you, and his eyes went wide mid-speech.

“Hey, what the fu– “

Sensing danger, you quickly threw yourself to the side, dodging just in time just as an axe embedded itself inside the bar counter. You quickly got to your feet just as your attacker dislodged his weapon, with your hand gripping your service handgun on your holster.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing?!"

"Shut up! He's mine!"

As he geared on another attack you pulled out your handgun from your holster, parrying another attempt at attack and striking the side of his face with the butt of your pistol.

"Take it outside, you two! Stop wrecking my place more!"

You nod to the owner, taking heed and dashing outside, making a beeline towards the stairs to the upper parts of the Ancient City.

"Alpha 1-1, Alpha 1-1, this is Alpha 1-3. Come in, over."

"Alpha 1-1, copies, what is the situation, over?"

"I am being engaged by an unknown assailant, I am about to return fire. How copy, over?"

[i]"Alpha 1-1 copies–"

“It’s happening already? Damn, that’s fast.” Alex's chatter could be heard in the background.

“Guys? What’s going on?”

“Alpha 1-4, this is Alpha 1-1. We’ll tell you the long story after everything is all clear from on your side.” Rei says. "For now, focus on apprehending him. If you hear anything from Yukari, you know what to do. If possible, remember to minimize collateral damage."


"Godspeed, Alpha 1-1 out."

Just before the long stone stairs to the upper parts of the ancient city, you turned around and held your ground. You loaded your grenade launcher and charged your rifle into battery. Soon, your attacker would catch up with you.

"There you are! Finally stopped running, huh?"

"I had to make some distance between you and the civilians."

"Oh, you spoilsport. Let the people watch! That'd be fun."

You figure you could stall him a little bit more, just so you could pry info from him. "...what do you want from me, attacking me so suddenly?"

"Do we need an introduction? I want you dead, that’s all you need to know."

"I don't even know what sin I ever did to you, but if you insist."

There's no use talking if that's the case. You now weighed your options –

Now, you could fight him and stall him as much as you can, and when Yukari willed it, you could shoot him down where he stood. You could try and radio Yamame, and she would bring the word to Yuugi, and she might help in bringing order. It was probably the quickest support but that also took time.

The problem with both is that there would be a fight anyway, and civilians were all over the area - and they were climbing up the nearby roof to see the duel that was going to happen soon - which meant stray bullets could be a problem since you didn't have barrier techniques to keep them safe from the fight. If you had to shoot him down lethally as per Yukari's orders, there would be witnesses too. That could be remedied with some smoke and mirrors, however.

Or, if you wanted to save the bullets, you might as well lure him to the Death Machine and let the laser designator point the way. Not sure if he would take the bait well, but if you succeed, at least he would be incapacitated from the bigger amount of bullets expended on him. Apprehension should be easier that way.

What should you do?
[ ] Contact Yamame for help.
[ ] Stall him long enough.
[ ] Bait him to the DM.
>> No. 15800
[x] Contact Yamame for help.
>> No. 15801

「c」 Contact Yamame for help.
>> No. 15821
[X] Contact Yamame for help.
>> No. 15876
File 151842200782.png - (1.21MB, 992x1403, 94b6848f732a0a55ae1cebb96e046411.png) [iqdb]
[x] Contact Yamame for help. (3 Votes)

Update at last!


You decide that the best way to deal with this is to call for help. Belated or not, you have faith on the word spreading fast to Yuugi in time.

"What, you're not going to shoot first?"

"Yeah, I will."

You aim your rifle towards him, only to point the muzzle upwards before you pull the trigger to your grenade launcher. Everyone's focus follows that direction, including him, where your grenade explodes in mid-air, spreading a cloud of black smoke. Your little distraction caused the crowd to flinch a little at the surprise, and this allows you to take a few steps back and onto the main stairs leading up.

"You little- you're not running away from me!"

"Come and get me then." You say, taking a few steps up.

Your bait to get him onto the stairs works as planned as he charges at you, even though you risk slipping when you make your way upwards. Now with just him in your sight picture, you continue to pelt him with your bullets, skipping a few steps upwards or sidestepping it as he gets in range for a swing.

Since they are just your standard danmaku bullets, it serves nothing but to piss him off.

"Hey, Yamame, are you around?"

"I am, Seo. People are saying that they saw a cloud of smoke near the entrance to the Lower Ancient City, was that yours?"

"Yeah, that's mine. Can you do me a favor and ask Yuugi to get to go to the main stairs leading there? I have someones bent on hacking me into pieces, that I don't have enough firepower to bring down."

"Yuugi's already here at my place, so I'll tell her to go there right away!"


"Calling your friends now?!"

"Hey, it's for your own good." You tell him as you reload your rifle and jam your thumb onto the bolt release.


Just as he swings his axe at you, you dodge it, before hopping up a few steps some more.

"Says the one who tried to chop me from behind!"

All that step-skipping eventually brings you to the top of the stairs, where you can see civilians gathering around wondering what is going on, as you glance over your shoulder briefly. You expected that, but at least your weapon isn’t aimed at the crowd's general direction like before.

Soon your adversary appears with his weapon ready, causing the group of spectators to become alert, and even taking a few steps back.

As soon as he lands on the ground, he continues his frenzied strikes at you, only to miss again and again. Seeing the perfect chance to unload, you flick the fire selector to Auto and let loose upon him.

He sees the chance to strike as your rifle clicks dry, and he jumps overhead in an attempt of an aerial attack.

"You're finished!"

"You are, brat!"


It turns out your dodging didn't follow with him hitting the ground, as Yuugi arrives just in time to tackle the attacker off the air, and onto the ground elsewhere. He is quickly disarmed from his weapon, and the nearby onlookers pull it away from his reach.

Despite being disarmed, the younger oni gets up to his feet for a fist fight. That is a very unwise decision, as Yuugi is the experienced fighter compared to him. For at least trying, Yuugi awards the oni a fierce jab to his chest and belly in a quick succession. And at the end of her attack is a fierce uppercut, throwing him off the floor and onto his back, with Yuugi's friends wasting no time on pouncing on the oni to restrain him. The amount of them pinning him down makes sure he stays grounded.

"Let me go!"

"No can do, kiddo!" Yuugi denies.


A single punch to the face is enough to knock him unconscious, and her friends restrain the oni lad with chains brought by one of them that lagged behind on the action. Yuugi then turns her focus towards you, just as you reload your rifle with a fresh magazine.

"Are you okay, Seo?"

"Yeah, I'm good." You reply. "Nice timing too."

"So what's this guy's problem?"

"I don't know, Yuugi. The guy in the lower parts of the city invited me to his new bar, and that fellow just decided to jump me from out of nowhere."

"You meet him before?"

"The bar owner, yes. Him? No."

"Well, then I have a lot of things to ask him." Yuugi then turns towards the crowd. "Carry on, folks. We will take it from here."

And so the crowd slowly disperses.


While the crowds are long gone, Yuugi and her company carry the restrained oni away, looking for a place to interrogate him. In the end, everyone agreed on the warehouse from before, based on your suggestion. Once you're there, the group wasted no time on tying him up with chains around the sturdiest pillar in the warehouse.

"Yuugi, I got the bucket you wanted." One of her friends walked in with a water-filled bucket.

"Throw it in his face, that’ll wake him up." Yuugi tells him, where he throws the contents onto the captive oni's face.

It worked, and he jolts awake with the cold water dumped on him, waking up to the sight of many people staring down at him. He tries to break free, but since the chains are quite sturdy for use against a young oni like him, he isn't able to move a budge.

"You have some guts, kid, for attempting murder in the middle of the day – on my friend no less." Yuugi then crosses her arms, you can tell that she is hardly pleased with that fact. "Let me remind you that I am one of the Devas of the Mountain, and naturally, that wouldn't sit well with me if he dies."


Yuugi clutches her face with her hand. "Kids these days... you oughta learn about knowing your damn elders for once."

"So you're gonna interrogate me then?"

"Well, what else it’s going to be, smartass, a celebration party? You'd better not lie, for your own sake." Yuugi then gives her position to you. "Your turn, Seo."

"Alright." You then take over the interrogation, holding your rifle in your arms. "So, you came out of nowhere, tried to ambush me and attempted murder as well. I'm pretty sure my last visit to the lower City didn't involve you, and today is the first time I've even known you."

"Do I look I care?"

"I do care. Since that would mean that you were ordered by someone to carry it. Am I right?"

"So what?"

"Yes or no. I need a simple answer."

"Fuck off, wannabe."

You sigh, before suddenly striking him across the face with the stock of your rifle. "When I ask you a question, all I need is an answer. No beating around the bush is needed."

"Why'd you need to know?"

"Because when someone is hired to kill me for no reason, I have rights to be concerned." You stare at the oni. "After all, you must be looking up to someone and think him as a saint, didn't you?" He only stares at you. "I knew it."

"So are you going to tell the whole story or not?" Yuugi butts in. "I can still give mercy."

"Why'd you care? He's human!"

"Yeah, so? He helped us a lot, and that doesn't even matter these days." One of Yuugi's friends echoes in.

"Kiddo, let me tell you a thing. You don't mess a Guardian when they are in a job, let alone a group of them." Yuugi says. "Now I suppose if they are going against them in the surface, then I say by now they might have already run into his friends."

"Fine! My friends went up to the surface for some business to settle!"

"And what does it have to do with me?" You ask.

"I want to kill you so that I can become a hero! They are stronger than your friends are with your peashooters!"

"That's not how it works, kiddo. You're talking like a fanatical twelve year old, for heaven's sake." Yuugi retorts as she shakes her head.

"You're right; it is a peashooter because I'm using danmaku bullets. Playing by the rules set ages ago. Should I be allowed to use a better round or a bigger gun, it can tear you apart... literally." You say. "Now, your friends went to the surface to stir up some trouble. Did they tell you what they are going to do?"

"...I don't know."

"Oh, really? Just to stir up some trouble?"

"...maybe pay their old friend a visit...?"

"So you're telling me you are the distraction while they slip back up to the surface, and settle up an old score with an old friend in the surface?"

"Yeah..." He says, trailing off to a smug grin as he looks up defiantly at you. "There's no way you can tell your friends in the surface anyway!"

Yuugi's group laughs heartily as if that was a joke.

"What? What's so funny?"

"Wipe that grin off your face, kiddo. You've been living in that slum for too long to know things have changed. Show it to him, Seo."

You grab your radio to contact your squad leader.

"Alpha One-One, this is Alpha One-Four, I have successfully neutralized the target with a bit of a help. How's the situation up there, over?"

"Great job, Alpha One-Four. We had a situation developing up here, had some of Rinnosuke's old friends holding up Keine as hostage right now. We can handle it so far. Keep us posted if anything happens, over and out."

The younger oni stares at you with an open mouth, in shock.

"That sounds like they are already having a party up there."

"They are." You tell them. "Alright, I think that's good enough for this little chat. Yuugi, do you want to add anything?"

"Yeah." She steps forward while cracking her knuckles. "Good night." Yuugi then punches the guy in the face, and thus sending him unconscious.

"Oooh, that's a sleeper hit, Yuugi."

"Good one, Tetsu."

"So, now what we are going to do with him?"

"We could toss him back where he came from, and let him be. Surely he'll be back to his senses and try not to repeat it again." His friend replies.

"Fair enough."

"If he does this again, call me, Seo. I could teach him a lesson until he gets the point."

"Alright, I got it. By the way, thanks for your help, Yuugi." You then turn towards the rest of the group. "You guys too, thanks a lot."

"Hey, it's no big deal. You helped us before; it's only fair we help you back."


With Yuugi and her company taking away the boy back to his place, you stand outside of the interrogation site, reaching for the radio to contact your teammates.

"Alpha One-One, this is Alpha One-Four, what's the situation up there, over?"

"This is Alpha One-One. We're in the middle of something right now, but it's nothing major." Rei replies.

"Do you guys need a hand up in the surface?"

"Should you want to, you can come up to the surface as our air support. If you don't, it's still fine, over."

What your reply will be now?
[ ] Go to the surface and lend a hand.
[ ] Return to your patrol, the guys can handle it.
>> No. 15877
[x] Return to your patrol, the guys can handle it.

Hope we get the full story later
>> No. 15878
Apparently I didn't know the update box exists.
>> No. 15879
[X] Return to your patrol, the guys can handle it.

No need to worry. And let us be thankful for the power of technology!
>> No. 15880
[c] Return to your patrol, the guys can handle it.
>> No. 15993
[ze] Return to your patrol, the guys can handle it.

Returning to this after a while. Useless vote, but still.

Waiting for that update!
>> No. 16002
File 152983275997.png - (1.50MB, 1176x1150, e01e6b1f86cdc654ce6061730f3e57f2.png) [iqdb]
[X] Return to your patrol, the guys can handle it. (4 Votes)

It sucks that I wrote a good chunk of the update already but for some bloody inane reasons my online pad decided to roll back to the one I last made on 30th of April, and I overwrote the revision a week before I realized that problem. So here I am pushing back the update again.

Nonetheless, enjoy this long overdue update.


You weigh in your options as you ponder on helping or not.

Judging from the current situation, it seems like they aren't having much of a problem handling the problem on their side. You want to help, but you're quickly reminded how often you'd go out of your supposed operation area, just like just now.

And so you make up your mind.

"Sorry, sir but I suppose I would have to decline this time."

"It's alright. We'll take care from here, and get back to you when it's done."

"Roger wilco."

"Alpha 1-1, over and out."

Sarge then disconnects the call.

Suffice to say, you feel a little guilty on turning them down even though you have faith in their ability. In the meantime, the whole ordeal did leave you quite parched so you make a detour to Yamame’s place for a drink.

When you reach her place, it's quite populated as usual with the familiar patrons, some of them greeting and waving at you as you enter the bar. Yamame herself is cleaning up the counter, and smiles at you as you approach her.

"Welcome, Seo. I'm glad to see you're doing fine."

"Yeah. Thanks for the help though, Yams."

She smiles in response. "Anyways, is there anything you want?”

“Just an orange juice, if you don’t mind.”

“Gladly. One orange juice coming up~” Yamame then quickly goes to prepare your order.

While you watch Yamame do her work, you hear the other patrons welcoming Yuugi and her friends as they return from the fight. You and Yuugi lock eyes just as she enters, with the latter raising her eyebrow in amusement.

“You’re still around, Seo? I thought you had already gone back to the palace.” Yuugi asks as she takes a seat beside you at the counter.

“Yeah, I need a drink before I go back.”

“Fair enough.” Yuugi then sits down beside your seat at the counter. "Gimmie the usual, Yamame."

"Coming right up~" She then serves your ordered drink first, before turning around and reaching for a bottle of Yuugi's favorite liquor.

"So, Yuugi, what did you do to the kid?"

“Nothing much. I dumped the kid back in the slums, and then I found out that he got his ma and pa with him. You should’ve seen the look on their face when the Deva of the Four Mountains came and visit with their kid on her shoulder." Yamame then serves Yuugi her drink. "Thanks."

"Terrified, I assume."

"Exactly. Though from what I see those two are kind, it's just that the kid was mixing with the wrong people and eager to prove himself. I just told them that if they can't keep an eye on him, my guys would."

"I can guess as much."

Yuugi then gives you a pat on the back. "This is why I am glad you’re holding back against him."

"He's lucky that there was no direct order coming from the upper echelons. If there was one, that'd be a trigger pull that I'd regret for life."

"So what about your above ground friends? Aren't going to help them like you usually do?"

"Probably not this time, they said they can handle it themselves when I said no."

"It shouldn't be a problem then, it's not like it's a big incident or something. Don't worry too much about it."

"I guess I'll try that." You continue to finish off your drink, and empty your mug in the process. Now that you're fully hydrated once again, it's time for you to return to base like your promised earlier. “Alright, Yuugi, Yams. I’ll head back for now.”

"Alright, take care out there, Seo." Yuugi says.

Just as you are about to pull out your wallet and pay, Yamame politely stops you with a gesture.

“Its okay, Seo, it’s all on the house.”

“Are you sure?”

She only smiles, before leaving her work area. “I am sure.”

Yamame then follows as you walk out of her pub, where she sneaks a kiss to your cheek when both of you are outside.

“Come visit me again, Seo.”

“I will.” You smile and smooch her cheek in return, before waving goodbye.


The day after...

You start off the day doing your usual morning routine - waking up, get dressed, eat breakfast and do your rounds around the palace inside and outside. After making sure everything is within expected parameters, you return to your watchtower spot to sit down and scan the area before your next

As you write down your report for the day at your post, the radio starts to crackle with reports about other Alpha team members reporting in for duty. You then pick it up to call in.

"Alright, good to know everyone's up for today's usual boring duty." Sarge says from his end.

"Same shit, different day when there's nothing going on."

You take this chance to poke them about the operation. "So... guys, how was the operation?"

"Long story short, it was a success."

You sigh in relief. "Glad to know you guys are fine."

"Don't worry about it. We ran into some roadblocks but we sorted it out just fine." Sarge says. "Rinnosuke lent a hand as well at the last minute, and helped us take out the second half of the pair."

"Yeah, he asked us for help, but ended up helping us. Not that I would complain." Alex adds. "Some repairs to the village were needed, but that was par the course. They barged in when me and Gabe were looking at a different angle."

"Uh huh."

"Yeah, figures."

"Wait, wait, wait. Can I hear the whole story from the start, if you guys can?"

"You sure? Over the radio?"

"Just tell him, Alex."


Alex then starts from the beginning of the story, about a few days earlier when Rinnosuke contacted the surface Alpha Team members and asked them to keep an eye on Keine, basing his judgment from a dream he had about a future incident. It wasn't a one-off dream either, as you were told. Days would pass and the security was tightened but nothing happened until the two suspects barreled through the village to steal money.

Then Alex explains how the bandits, who were youkai, changed objectives from stealing money to kidnapping Keine for ransom. Alpha Team then engaged one of the two suspects, and Rinnosuke stepped in to ease up the fight before the former could confront the other who was fleeing.

It's quite an interesting engagement, from what you heard.

"Oh, one more thing - I've been informed that we will not have any combat training, and Team Bravo will be in charge for the weekend instead."

"Any plans for your weekend, sir?"

"I'm thinking on going hunting, if anyone does want to join then just show up at the office at the morning. Other than that, enjoy your weekends, folks."

"Thanks, sir."

The radio then goes silent.


Later that evening, you've completed your rounds as a guard and it's time to sign off.

You return to your room, thankful that there's not many incidents happening for the day. Putting aside your service rifle and taking your patrol gear off of you, and shedding the rest of your clothes, you then head to the bathroom for a bath, and a good long one at that to wash away the daily work fatigue. Once you're done with that, you don your usual casual clothes of plain t-shirt and track bottoms.

To pad out the time for dinner, you sit down at your desk to write down your report when you hear a knock at your door.

"Come in."

The door then opens, revealing Okuu and Orin as they step into your room. You on the other hand resume writing your report as they find a place to sit down.

"Are you busy?" Orin asks.

"About to, anyway. You guys are waiting for dinner?”

"Yeah." Orin flops onto the couch in your room, while Okuu lands on your bed. The former grabs a book you set near the light stand, before flipping through the pages. As you took a glance, she seems to be reading Wintry Steam once again. It doesn't take long for her to get quite absorbed in it.

"Seo?" Okuu breaks the silence as you went halfway through your report.


"I heard from the Kappas working at the Geyser Centre that yesterday there was an incident at the Human Village?"

"That's true."

"Were you over the surface for that time too?" You shake your head at her question, making her look confused. "Why not?"

"I was handling a small incident that was somehow connected to the one at the surface. I asked if they need any help, but they asked me if I wanted to. I chose not to this time."

"Eh? But you don't leave your friends behind, right?"

"Well, as it turned out it's a really small incident at the village - by small it was just two large perps. They could handle it by themselves, considering that they are more experienced and better numbered."


"If it'd make you feel better like I do, I gave them a call earlier today during the morning report in, and everyone's fine. Alex told me what happened, and they did handle it without much of a hitch."

"Ah, that's a relief then."

The room goes silent, just before you hear Satori calling for everyone for dinner. Okuu quickly jumps off your bed and bolts out of the room, leaving you and Orin behind. You're about to leave as well, but Orin starts to speak.

"Seo, are you going to be free this weekend?"

"Yeah, I am. Someone else will be taking the Alpha Team's place for guarding on the weekends, what's up?" You answer her.

"I was thinking that we should go out again to the surface."

"You want to go to the village?"

Orin shakes her head. "Nope. We already went to the village a few times, so let's try something different for once."

"Fair enough. What do you have in mind then?" You're also reminded of the last time when your visit to the village turned sour. Perhaps she doesn't want a repeat of that.

"We can go find a place at the forest, or if you can, let's explore the Tengu Mountain together."

"I thought you were at the mountain during Kaede's wedding?"

"As a guest, yes, but I wanted to explore more of the place. The problem is when I want to do that by myself I got kicked off every time I tried." Orin then leans closer. "So, since you are a tengu, I was hoping I get your help so that I can I can explore more while within your bounds." She explains. "Though if you don't feel like it, we could probably try and find a place that's good to sunbath and have a picnic too, just anywhere but the village."

"Alright, it sounds fair enough."

"So... what do you say we do for the weekend?"

Which one should you pick for her?
[ ] Go out on a picnic on the surface.
[ ] Explore the Tengu Mountain with her.
>> No. 16003
[x] Explore the Tengu Mountain with her.

this should be interesting
>> No. 16004

[c] Explore the Tengu Mountain with her.
>> No. 16008
[x] Explore the Tengu Mountain with her.
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