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File 125199818147.jpg - (309.04KB, 1024x768, ea7a3e0427c0d5546d898cb5273abbe3.jpg) [iqdb]
Continuation from the /Gensokyo/ thread. Update up in 7 seconds because I didn't want this update's pic as thread-starter pic.
File 125199821425.jpg - (40.56KB, 450x447, HarCave.jpg) [iqdb]
You shrug and ignore the usually attention-attracting noise. It’s hell, isn’t it normal for violent stuff to be happening? You keep going forward without even a look back. The tremors do not stop but they aren’t strong enough to really be worrying. As you walk, explosion-like noises of varying intensities surge from behind in rapid succession and light of different colors flare up the tunnel at frenetic yet irregular intervals, painting their colors on the walls and your back as you calmly follow your path.

Quickly, you pass a few branches heading toward the general directions of right and left. The idea of getting lost, well, more than your ass already is, that is, isn’t very interesting. The noise and lights begin gradually less noticeable, but the fact that they still are after a while already is only a hint that whatever is going on is going on hard.

Finally, you reach the T and take on your left as instructed. Somewhere along the way the river of lava has disappeared and you are now left in complete darkness, using the wall as a reference, you advance more slowly, probing the area with your left hand and your feet.

After roughly a minute, your vision seems to recover slightly for some reason, the borders of the tunnel begins to appear amidst the darkness. The sight defies logic as there is apparently no source of light whatsoever, but who cares about logic in hell?

Satisfying yourself with the thought, you follow the now slightly visible path. However, this half-assed assumption is quickly annihilated as you realize that if the borders are visible and nothing else, it seems to be because the tunnels themselves are emitting a very faint lighting.

Tremors reach you more strongly from behind after having stopped for a moment, tremors of a much greater intensity even. Some faint lighting reveals itself before you

[ ] Ignore it and continue as if nothing.
[ ] Stop for a moment.
[ ] Speed up and hurry toward your destination.
[x] speed up and hurry toward your destination.

Is our bike still with us? Just being curious.
Why yes it is, and you'll keep it.

And I got to jet toward my Art History class, be back in 3 hours, I may update again before I eat and go to my math classes.
[x] Speed up and hurry toward your destination.
[X] Speed up and hurry toward your destination.

File 125203834285.jpg - (92.39KB, 384x448, 20080817231235!Th11Stage3title.jpg) [iqdb]
Tremors and suspicious shades in a tunnel? You’re drunk, not dumb. Actually, scratch this, you -were- drunk, regardless, this doesn’t affect your lack of dumbness. You hold on more tightly to the handles and speed up forward, leaving behind the unsettling tunnels.

You realize the importance of your decision as rumble makes itself heard very close by behind you, loudly and chaotically. You turn around just in time to witness the faintly glowing stones crumble and swallows the portion of tunnel you were walking in earlier. Had you walks more slowly, you just might have been caught up within. With a smirk you realize that this Utsuho girl was not really just joking when she told you to try not to get yourself killed. You’ll have to be more careful. Yet again this is hell, so who cares… arguably being in Hell while alive allows much more freedom than as a damned soul so yes you in fact do care.

Leaving the now blocked path behind you, you quickly fill in the distance remaining before the end of her general directions. As you reach the end of the tunnel, a massive calvera exposes itself to you, filled with a large, ancient oriental-style city seemingly taken out of a kung fu movie.

“If someone told me the Japs owned hell” you mumble in surprise.

You slower your pace and enter the city. Edo architecture greets you in all its magnificence, lanterns light up the paths, curved roofs and decorated houses surround you in a mystical, otherworldly feel.

Most of the people around you have horns. It’s not really a surprise since they’re supposed to be demons, but asides from the horns, they don’t -look- any scary, hell they would look human without them. Okay, maybe they’d have to hide their red eyes… But that’s beyond the point, isn’t it?

You raise your eyes as your gaze meets with the palace at the center of the city. It most likely should be the palace that girl was talking about. You expected more flames for Lucifer’s domain though.
[ ] Check out the Palace first.
[ ] Try to find the repair shop first. (Search around)
[ ] Try to find the repair shop first (Ask around)
[ ] Just wander around for now, you got some time.
[X] Check out the Palace first. And ask for directions there, since the boss would know where it is. Might as well since I need to talk with her anyways.
[x] Try to find the repair shop first (Ask around)

[x] Try to find the repair shop first (Ask around)
[x] Try to find the repair shop first (Ask around)
File 125209295986.png - (154.61KB, 299x367, 2009-09-04_130754.png) [iqdb]
Carrying around a damaged vehicle is neither the most practical nor the most smart-looking thing in the world. Your first priority right now is to repair your trusted companion and it shall be done. Now.

Not very fond of wandering around with no idea whatsoever where the repair joint might hide itself, you decide to ask for directions. Although it seems like the most logical thing to do, you can’t help but feel yes on you. Passer-by all glance in your general direction, their gaze carrying a certain something you can’t truly comprehend, mystic, unwelcoming but not quite hostile, alien, yet oddly familiar. One would think that it’s only normal to feel uneasy surrounded by demons of all sort, but this is different. It’s as if those eyes were not glaring at your humanity but your person precisely.

You manage to keep your calm but it still darts you, making the process of gathering information much less attractive. Nevertheless, you’ve never whimped before humans before, why would you bow now? You brave the Omen and approach a random Demon.

-“’Hey. I heard there was a place where I could repair my bike around.” You hail with a sign of your left hand to your Buell’s general direction. “Would’ya know where this is?”

The demon shrugs and scratches the base of his lone horn. The antipathy you were feeling from him seems to have melted away the second you talked to him.

“Sorry man, I rarely see those things around so I wouldn’t know. Don’t have one either.”

-“It’s all right, I’ll find it eventually.” You conclude calmly and walk away.

As you keep walking around, you realize two things. First, nobody seems to know more than a general direction of where it -could- be. Second, As soon as you strike a conversation, it has the same effect as with the demon you first talked to. It is comforting to feel less and less ominous glares around and you get the impression that you get stared at because of a preconception or a prejudice running around the place. Maybe it’s simply the fact that a human is here alive that makes them feel uneasy.

-“Actually, yeah.” A female demon answers to your surprise. “I can guide you there, but I’m waiting for someone.”

You take a better look at the demon. For some reason you feel at ease nearby her, more so, you didn’t feel any stare coming from her general direction even before talking to her. Her long blonde hair and light-hearted figure strikes you. How is this supposed to be hell if everyone seems happy and lively like this?

-“It shouldn’t be too long, but we never know” she adds, not minding your eyes.

[ ] Go on ahead immediately
[ ] Wait with the demon until she is ready to guide you there
[X] Wait with the demon until she is ready to guide you there
[x] try to talk with her to find out more about what's going on down here.
[ ] Wait with the demon until she is ready to guide you there
[X] Wait with the demon until she is ready to guide you there
[ ] Wait with the demon until she is ready to guide you there
File 125210114537.jpg - (246.70KB, 530x745, 9e6e131077a7e565672461c7c4486296.jpg) [iqdb]
Quite honestly, this girl’s company seems more pleasant than wandering hell alone. You couldn’t exactly tell if it is simply the general feeling of ease that surrounds her or the fact that she is quite pretty and without it being due to revealing clothes or layers and layers of cosmetics. The girls above could learn a lesson or two from her.

- “I’m not in a hurry.” You state calmly, seating yourself next to her on a large gray rock, similar to hers “So, who’re you waiting for?” you ask simply.

-“A friend, she went after a local curiosity.” The girl replies and raises her arm, dragging your attention to some sort of large, flat cup she had been holding all the time but that you hadn’t noticed. “She should be back soon.”

-“Local curiosity?” you repeat, raising an eyebrow.

-“Yah.” She opens her mouth to say something but stops. She eyes you from head to toe, a glimpse of light in her eyes. She then lets out a small giggle and smirks, raising her cup and taking a long drop of the liquid inside. “Well, what do you know it looks like I’m lucky today.”

Her reply only adds to your confusion. You remain silent for a moment, expecting a more coherent explanation. She leans backward slightly and looks up. Even though it makes little to no sense whatsoever to you, you keep a composed face, roughly even seeming confused. Despite the looks, however, she seems to understand and straightens up again.

-“Well, Let me just say that if it’s weird for a human to suddenly find himself awake and alive in hell, it’s also very weird for us Youkais and Onis to suddenly have humans wandering around, and guess what? It makes two in two days, with you.” Another sip.

-“Two?” you point out, pondering.

-“Yah, the other one came yesterday, he wears clothes similar to yours and had one of those engines with him also, but that guy is completely psycho. I’m surprised he hasn’t killed someone yet.” Her tone is serious but light, as if the problem was real but unable to reach her.

-“And your friend went after this person when he passed by you two?” You hazard a guess.

-“Correct. ‘Funny to see you two look a lot alike but are completely different personality-wise. I’m sure she’s going to be jealous when she sees I’ve found another human without even moving a finger.” She throws a glance in the road’s general direction, as if expecting to see her friend arrive as if on cue. “Well dang, she still isn’t here.”

The girl grabs a rock of the size of an apple that was laying around and starts throwing it upward, catching it with the same hand with every throw as she looks some more at the road’s general direction.

After a while, however, she seems to have got bored and stops throwing the stone, letting out a small “kch” in a single motion, she literally grinds the stone into dust, making you blink in surprise. She lets the dust escape her hand slowly and drinks from the cup in her other.

-“Well, I’m Yuugi. Who’re ya, Local Curiosity Number 2?” She suddenly asks.

-“I’m Harley” you extend your hand out of habit. You are slightly unsure whether it’s a safe idea or not to shake her hand seeing what she just did to this stone but you don’t retract it. You don’t even consider it. “Nice meetin’ ya.”

She stare at the hand for a short moment before shaking it without crushing it, a smirk creeping on her face.

“You’re brave for a human. That’s good.” She takes another drop of the liquid in her cup. Just how much is there in this anyway?

It is now your turn to glance at the road’s general direction, but no one is coming your way yet.
[ ] Excuse yourself and go on ahead, it’s taking too long.
[ ] Suggest you two go find her friend.
[ ] Stay around with Yuugi.
--[ ] Just chat
----[ ] Ask about Onis.
----[ ] Ask about Youkais.
----[ ] Ask about what she’s drinking.
----[ ] Ask about the city.
--[ ] Suggest Arm Wrestling for the heck of it.
[ ] Stay around with Yuugi.
--[ ] Just chat
----[ ] Ask about Onis.
----[ ] Ask about Youkais.
----[ ] Ask about what she’s drinking.
----[ ] Ask about the city.
----[ ] Ask about The bunch in the palace.
[x] >>103
[x] Stay around with Yuugi.
--[x] Just chat
----[x] Ask about Onis.
----[x] Ask about Youkais.
----[x] Ask what's her poison.
----[x] Ask about the city.
----[x] Ask about the bunch in the palace.
----[x] Tell her you're with the Hell's Satans out of Bakersfield.
Hmmm... sorry if I'm squashing a dream but what little backstory I have ready for Harley says that he was not part of a gang back in the human world.

You're free to still say that if you want, but yeah.
[x] Stay around with Yuugi.
--[x] Just chat
----[x] Ask about Onis.
----[x] Ask about Youkais.
----[x] Ask what's her poison.
----[x] Ask about the city.
----[x] Ask about the bunch in the palace.
Not really sure what to make of the poison reference, but Writan anyway.
Hmmm... hold warmly, I have to go out for a short while. Polite SAGE on myself because Not update.
" The origin is simply that since the mid-19th century "poison" has been slang for alcoholic drink (in Australia a pub was known as a "poison-shop"). Thus the phrases "what's your poison?" "Pick your poison" and "choose your poison" arose naturally. "

[x] Ask what's her poison.
is just
[x] Ask what's she's drinking.
Since we know it's booze.
File 125212763315.jpg - (602.69KB, 983x1039, 966fb65e363790c9baf028bc04b5c8ec.jpg) [iqdb]
“I guess we still got some time before she comes back. “ You declare matter-of-factly.
-“Guess so” she replies. “Anything up in your mind?”
-“Actually yes there is.”
-“Got a few things I’d like to ask’ya. If you don’t mind.”
-“Sure, go ahead.”
-“Well, first, I’m not really familiar with the terms “Oni” and “Youkai”. From where I’m it’s just “Demon”. ”

Yuugi pokes her cup against her cheek a few times and look around absent-mindedly, most likely thinking.

-“Well, I guess you we could say Demon equals Youkai.” She declares quietly. “God I’m bored… Anyways, Youkai is a very generic term for a looot of species so it’s best you just see it as your demons or just unnatural creatures. Well, there are a lot of difference but it’s all technicality and I honestly don’t feel like going on about that.”
-“As for Onis” she smirk and look at you with a face full of mischief. Let’s just say we’re a specie of Youkais that love to have fun and fight people a lot. I’m not really in the mood for long-assed explanations so if you want more details ask me some other time or ask someone else.
-“Will do.”

Yuugi sighs and downs the wholesome of what remains in her cup, which takes a while on its own. Does she even breathe? You discard the thought, reminding your own experiences with Alcohol and chuckle, which deserves you a glance.

-“Somethin’ funny?” she asks.

-“Nah, just remembering about myself and drinking.” You brush the question away with calm. “By the way, What’s yer poisen’” you ask while pointing the now empty cup with the thumb of your closed left hand.

-“Hm?” she follows your sign and seems to understand immediately. “Oh that? That’s the only thing worth drinking my boy.”
As she say so, she trades her empty cup with it of a random passer-by. Said passer-by stops and opens his mouth to reclaim its property but a glare from Yuugi silences him and he quickly goes off.
“Yup, the only thing worth drinking.~” as she says so she takes a good drop from her newly acquired cup. She then looks at you and extends her arm “Want some?”

-“Sure.“ You grab the cup and take a sip. It’s strong, very strong; stronger than most “mainstream” liquors but not too strong for you: you’re not mainstream either. “Good stuff”

You take a second drop before handing it back to Yuugi who most inadvertently grabs yet another passer-by’s and hands it to you. You seize the cup with eager and down some more Alcohol. On the roads or in hell, the party is never over! But you still have questions.

-“So, can you tell me more about this city?”

Yuugi sighs and glances in the road’s general direction, almost painfully.

-“Really, history lessons aren’t my favorite topics so I’ll just tell you that this city may be called hell but it’s a paradise for us. It’s just that awesome living here, that’s all you need to know. Sure we lack a few things but it ain’t the end of the world. You’d be better off asking people from the palace about the city if you really want to get to know about it. ”

-“Heh, sorry to bother you with all those boring things then.” You state, realizing that 3 out of the 4 last questions seemed to have annoyed her.

-“Nah, don’t worry, it’s my cup’o’tea but we still have some time to kill; it’s okay.” She discards your comment with a smile and a sip.

-“Speaking of the palace.”
-“Heard some stuff about’em”
-“Stuff like?”
-“ ‘parently they’re not liked around, but the girl I was talking about it with never told me why.”

-“Oh!” Yuugi’s eyes widen and she puts a hand to her mouth then makes a hand gesture with the very same hand, as if chasing off something. “Well, the thing is, the mistresses of the Palace can read people’s minds, sooo it ain’t really interesting for people to stay around’em.” You raise an eyebrow. “You’ll have to experience it before you believe it I guess, but don’t be surprised. Well… the funny thing is, Satori ain’t a bad girl, she just has a power that frightens people, s’all.”

The both of you down generous portions of Alcohol but the girl Yuugi was waiting for is apparently nowhere to be found.

[ ] Keep relaxing with Yuugi.
[ ] Suggest searching for her friend.
[ ] Ask for some direction; you really have to get this bike fixed now.
Thanks to Anon and IRC for enlightening me about the poison tradition/slang. "The More You Know"
[x] Suggest searching for her friend.
-[x] Be sure to bring your bike with you. It wouldn't do to have someone just up and steal it.
[x] Suggest searching for her friend.
So much as I would want to update one last time tonight, I don't think I'll get any more votes before a while and it's already alte so I guess it's the time for me to return to sleep.

'Night night, Anonymous,I'll be back tomorrow... and the day after... and the next. I don't have college until next tuesday.
[x] Suggest searching for her friend.
File 125218338187.jpg - (189.11KB, 716x1000, previewd48d3df7d766eb27b549f1f4123fc5e8.jpg) [iqdb]
-“Not that I’m a hurry or anything but, wasn’t your friend supposed to be back a while ago?”
-“Yah, Takin’ long.” She scratches her lower lip with her thumb. “I’m starting to get real bored waiting.”
-“We could go search for her. ‘t’ll do something to do, at least.”
-“Yah, ‘ctually I was about to do just that.”

Yuugi swings herself and lands standing a few meters away from the rock, trading her half-empty cup for a filled one in the process. You stand up as well and walk up to her. From the looks of it she isn’t just strong physically, she’s also agile.

-“I gotta learn to do that; looks pretty darn useful.” You state with a chukle.
-“You mean?”

As a reply you subtly point to her newly acquired cup of alcohol with a smirk. No word needs to be said. Yuugi laughs a little and crosses her arms swiftly. The liquid in the cup waltz right and left but not a single drop leaves it.

-“So you noticed huh? You’re sharp; keep it up boy.”

She smirks as well and uncrosses her arms, for some reason you believe you caught a glimpse of light in her eyes just now. Amidst the lanterns however, it’s hard to view it as anything else but a coincidence.

The two of you begins walking around in search of Yuugi’s friend. At first, the discussion is only a general description of what she looks like, allowing you join in the search. Not much is said the crowd becomes larger and, naturally, it becomes harder to spot anything amidst it. You chat slightly every now and then but more time pass and more you realize that Yuugi’s friend is seemingly nowhere to be found.

A female scream pierces the night and Yuugi looks up, alert. With a glance in your direction, she simply states with a harsh tone “That’s her.” She immediately increases her speed incredibly and speeds up toward the direction of the scream. Even at your fastest it’s impossible to keep up and her silhouette becomes gradually smaller. How can she even move in that crowd. Besides it’s not like you can actually run carrying a bike around.

For a moment, the idea of having it stolen darts you, but you quickly realize two things. One This is hell and your Buell is damaged, who steals things that don’t work? Two, this isn’t the time to worry about such petty things. You lean your Buell on the corner of a stand, trying to quickly memorize it’s name, then sprint forward, trying to catch up with Yuugi.

Fortunately, she stops and it allows you to close-in some more. Before you can reach her, however, she suddenly turns to her left and enters a dark alleyway. You try to increases your speed even more but your muscles are already strained more than they appreciate being.

-“What did you do to her?”

As you finally heads into the alleyway, you firstly spots Yuugi a few meters in. in front of her, at the end of the alleyway is a strange-looking man. The distant lighting of the streets doesn’t allow you to really make him out, but you can see mid-long black hair and a black outfit. Lines and dots stand out of the darkness as if chains of metal and other accessories were decorating the Mesmerizing blackness he wears.

-“More folks join in the fun, Yes yes!” He states and lower a military-looking black cap over his eyes. “Will you please please be of good cheer and feed me your pain?”

With a glance, you can see the collapsed body of a girl in the corner of the alleyway. A glance on your right confirms to you that it’s the girl Yuugi was looking for.
[ ] You simply don’t trust this guy, attack him right now.
[ ] Wait and see, it’s no good to rush things.
[ ] Try to talk to him. Maybe he’ll make some sense… maybe.
[ ] Ignore him and ask Yuugi what she intends to do.
[x] Wait and see, it’s no good to rush things.
-[x] Ignore him and ask Yuugi what she intends to do.
[x] "Hold on while I try to talk with him to find out what's going on. If that fails, then I'll try to kick my ass. But I can't stop you if you want to avenge her. I know I'd stop at nothing at avenging one of my bros if he got shanked."
[x] Wait and see, it’s no good to rush things.
-[x] Ignore him and ask Yuugi what she intends to do.
[x] Wait and see, it’s no good to rush things.
-[x] Ignore him and ask Yuugi what she intends to do.
File 125224938732.png - (210.04KB, 398x828, 2009-09-05_165821.png) [iqdb]
You stand still as the man laughs noisily and pulls out his tongue, trying to just ignore him. Rushing at him would probably just be entering his game; which just might not be the best of ideas.

-“Hm, I’m not going to stop’ya if you want to kick his” you point toward the collapsed body of her friend “I know if someone did that to one of mine’s they’d get it hard. But maybe we should make sure.”
-“Oh it was him alright there’s no way I could mistake this guy for someone else.” Yuugi spits out the sentence with a hint of despise.
-“I guess that’s the point where talking becomes useless huh?” you state calmly, hoping your coolness will calm her.
-“Useless? Useless! Futile futile futile! Why yes it is, it is!” The man claims loudly, not yet quite yelling. “Keep at it, you amuse me.”
-“This guy belongs in the Blazing Flames… how did someone like him get here?” Yuugi mutters, in disbelief.
-“What do you intend to do now?” you ask in a serious tone.
-“If it was a Youkai or an Oni I could just squash their ass like I damn well feel like doing, but that’s just a normal human. It wouldn’t be much different from stomping on a fly.” She explains, disgusted.
-“Stomping on a fly heh? That’s what she said” the man states before bursting in laughter, his head slightly leaning backward as his body shakes. “But I beat her damn right!”
-“Couldn’t be” you glance at the collapsed body then look at Yuugi. “Is this even possible?”

But the one-horned Oni has stopped listening to you; a smirk creeping on her face.

-“You… defeated her, human?” Yuugi asks in a less annoyed tone.
-“Sure damn well did! Mwahahaah, Panzer: 1 Flyer: 0 hahaaaaaa” The man raises his arms and his hands spasm as he laughs. “It’s not because you can fly and shoot shiny lights that you can beat me

Suddenly, the man raises his black cap and glare at the both of you. A dark, malicious and cunning intelligence shines in his eyes. His apparent insanity seems to hide much more than what appears to be obvious. One word darts you, one word to define him thoroughly: Dangerous.

-“So, who’s next?” he claims before lowering his cap over his eyes again and pulling out his tongue, letting out a small chuckle.
-“Well, that would have to be me. If you say that you defeated her than I have no reason not to fight you, you must be very strong for a human. But beating a Youkai and an Oni it’s not really the same thing.” Yuugi seems more excited than irritated now and takes a drop of her cup. “Shiny lights, so she used Danmaku on you yet you won? Well that makes you even more interesting than before.”

Without even a warning, long rays of blue light appear before Yuugi and spreads in every direction of the alleyway, efficiently covering the area. The man, however, displays unexpected agility as he dodges a first then literally backflips over a second and jump over a crate behind him.

-“Hope fails. Death shines” the man says while twisting his head.

More blue rays scatter around and pierce the wholesome of the alleyway but the man efficiently moves like a snake to avoid every single impact, sliding, jumping, flipping from a place to another, from a crate to the next, quickly closing in, eliminating the distance. Before long he is already right in front of Yuugi, reaching a teasing, crooked hand towards her face, tongue pulled out.

-“Hell’s vines, reaching out.” He cracks his neck and twists his head from left to right.

Yuugi, however, smashes the guy with her elbow, sending him flying toward the back of the alleyway. He coughs as he stands back up, holding his mouth with a hand. Yuugi however, sips some of her alcohol with amusement.

-“Come on, you got to have more than that.” She states.
[ ] Just stay away and watch, you’d get in the way
[ ] Help Yuugi, this guy just doesn’t look legit.
[ ] Pretend to help the man. It’s so crazy it just might work!
[ ]Screw the fightings, go get your bike before someone do jack it.
[X] Just stay away and watch, you’d get in the way. But Keep an eye on him in case he pulls something.

Most helpful thing we can do. Since we're not no where as strong as they are, and trying to help won't work, since for one it's not one of our bros.
[x] Just stay away and watch, you’d get in the way. But Keep an eye on him in case he pulls something.
[x]Just stay away and watch, you’d get in the way.
A prudent addition to the choice, It's a good thing you did it~

File 125225840795.jpg - (274.67KB, 1280x960, f79972211b9fc1764e7e944f81e1873b.jpg) [iqdb]
So, a Demon with Tremendous physical and magical powers and a so-called human with incredible agility and a vibe that screams danger? And you would meddle in their fight? Nah not quite. If anything, you would be in Yuugi’s way. That guy is faster than you and you just might get hit by her attacks by accident, there really isn’t much you can do. But you can’t shake the feeling that this guy is dangerous, illegit, that he’s a bad omen. You lean back against the wall of the alleyway as to state your lack of involvement in the battle.

You glance to Yuugi but your eyes can’t help but glue themselves to the odd-looking man. He’s just too shady, he must have something in his mind. Plus there’s the look in his eyes. You can’t forget that his eyes, they were shining with an Animal, Predatorian intelligence.

-“Yes yes, I do have more than that” he leans to his left. “Much more, do you really want it?”
-“Do your worst, Make it worth the spanking you’ll get afterward.” Yuugi comments cheerfully, as if she had forgot the reason she was there in the first place. However, in her tone there was something indicating that she did not.
-“Spanking? Catch me first bitch.” He replies vividly as he sprints forward “Or maybe you want me to spank that firm ass of yours instead?” he lets out a few centimeters away from her head, resulting in Yuugi punching him away once more.

The man brutally hits the wall and falls on his belly. He remains motionless for a moment but bursts out in laughter. He violently darts his hands in the ground and push forward, accelerating forward. He has already made half the distance before he is completely standing again. The man jumps backward as he reaches Yuugi and dodges the incoming fist.

-“Oh?” Yuugi comments in surprise. “You read that?” a myriad of light blue rays at point blank shot.
-“I sure do!” he kicks off and rebounds on a crate with a strong push of hands, spinning in mid-air. “Yeeeeeeeah!” He dropkicks toward Yuugi as he goes downward.

Unfortunately for the man, though, Yuugi seizes his foot and sends him flying once more. This time however, the man kicks the wall and manages not to crash.

-“You’re getting boring boy.” Yuugi declares as large, boulder-like blue orbs materialize above her and hurl themselves in his general direction.
-“Fine, fine.” The man states as he waltz around the boulders of Danmaku. It strikes you as odd how this time his tone was calmer, less psychotic. “I’ll play the Range game too.”

The man shoves a hand inside his coat and swiftly takes something out. A short, barreled sight prints itself in your eyes, lighted by a boulder of Danmaku for a split second. Black, shaped like an L, metallic. There’s no mistaking it.

-“Watch as the vultures open their eyes.” The man begins, raising his left hand toward the sky , almost singing. “The Desert Eagle spread its wings for you!” As he says so, he extends his right arm in a fraction of second, aiming his pistol with a grin.
[ ] Write-in
[x] "Watch out, that isn't one of those magic projectiles!"

A desert eagle can perhaps harm a youkai.
[x]Yell at Yuugi: "Get down!"
I don't know how hard oni skin is, but I certainly agree that the .50AE would cause some internal bleeding to any youkai.
[x] "Watch out, that isn't one of those magic projectiles!"
[x] Harley, being the streetwise biker he is, has had his share of conflicts with people opposing him with guns. Use those skills gained by brawling to disarm the enemy, or at least throw off his aim off Yuugi. Now this might end up with Harley getting hit instead, but from that distance, the bullet will quite probably just punch right through, hopefully not through some vital organ though.
I was wondering how long it would be before someone made the joke.

Anyways, waiting on tie-break.
[x]Yell at Yuugi: "Get down!"
That is a threat to about anything that doesn't regenerate really fast.

If it was of a lesser caliber, I wouldn't worry so much.

But it makes me concerned with how Parsee is doing.
[x] Go for a disarm only if you see an opportunity.

I'll play it safe :/
File 125227859253.jpg - (12.31KB, 390x313, p_pistol_Deagle.jpg) [iqdb]
No matter the physical strength of an Oni or their magical powers, a Magnum bullet from this range shouldn’t be really pleasant. The real question is, does she know what he just pulled out? Doesn’t seem like it.

-“Get Down Now!” You yell at Yuugi who jumps sideways at your sudden outburst. Perfectly in time for the thin metal to hit the bullet, making a loud noise and hurling a deadly projectile ahead at sound-fast speed.
-“The hell Harley?” she asks confused.
-“This isn’t some magical thing he’s using, that’s a real, lethal weapon.”

The man’s arm is still extended, the Desert Eagle on the side, well aligned with his eye, but in the distance. Can he even aims like this? It’s as if him, his arm and grin were stuck in time, motionless, frozen. Slowly, he lowers his hand and turns his head at you.

-“Cry more” he lets out creepily. “Bitch!” he instantly locks-on to you but a spray of spikes of blue light forces him to focus his attention on Yuugi.
-“Like hell I will” you mutter, sprinting forward now that his attention is divided.

You can feel the stare of his right eye in the handful of seconds it takes to cover the meters. He somehow manages to watch the both of you at once. In reply to Yuugi’s attacks, he slowly empties his clip in her general direction, as if aiming badly on purpose to have her dodge the way he was doing before. The girl manages not to get hit but it seems to only be because of his purposeful bad aim.

As you reach him, your hand reaches for his wrist as the first move of a disarmament method that made its proofs but before you can continue, a sweeping kick sends you flying backward. This guy’s strength is unbelievable, is he really human?

-“Niiiiice try” he says while stomping a foot and making a fist of his free hand in your general direction.

The guy reaches for a clip inside his coat to reload in the obvious intent of killing you but a boulder of light hits his back, sending him face first on the ground. You take this moment to stand up.

-“You’re supposed to fight me twat.” Yuugi lets out angrily. “Come and fight like the man you’re supposed to be.
The man swings himself back on his leg, arms on his sides. “You say that but you’re the ones 2-on-1ing me.” He states.
-“You pulled out a gun in a brawl dumbass. Your fault.” You interrupts him sharply.
-“You shut up Fuckface!” he yells aiming his gun at your face with a mad grin. “Anyways, I’m outta here.”

As he says so, he jumps on a crate and kicks off it, reaching for the edge of a roof with his free hand. He lifts himself up and kicks the wall, resulting into an upward frontflip which lands him on the roof.

[ ] Engage pursuit
---[ ] Go on ahead immediately
---[ ] Let Yuugi lead this one
[ ] Stay here
---[ ] Mention her friend
---[ ] Mention that she can always find him later.
---[ ] Mention the palace
---[ ]Talk about the guy’s weapon
---[ ] Talk about the guy’s uncommon strength and agility.
---[ ] Ask about those lights.
[x] Stay here
---[x] Mention her friend
---[X]Talk about the guy’s weapon
---[X] Talk about the guy’s uncommon strength and agility.
---[x] Ask about those lights.

First thing is first, checking on her friend; not sure how a gun would affect her.

Second talk to her about that guy, and his weapon; despite the fact he looked human and had a gun, he was alot more agile and stronger than even the toughest guy you've met.

Then ask about the lights and be really introduced to danmaku.

The palace and the matter of the guy can wait a bit until these topics are covered.
[x] Stay here
---[x] Mention her friend
---[x]Talk about the guy’s weapon
---[x] Talk about the guy’s uncommon strength and agility.
[x] Stay here
---[x] Mention her friend
---[x]Talk about the guy’s weapon
---[x] Talk about the guy’s uncommon strength and agility.
[x] Stay here
---[x] Mention her friend
---[x]Talk about the guy’s weapon
---[x] Talk about the guy’s uncommon strength and agility.
[x] Stay here
---[x] Mention her friend
---[x]Talk about the guy’s weapon
---[x] Talk about the guy’s uncommon strength and agility.
File 12523567327.png - (722.08KB, 900x660, fea00a9367500b1a0ed3685d58c7990a.png) [iqdb]
Sorry I got dragged into a few things today and yesterday. I'm going to cook supper then I'll be back for the next update.

In the meanwhile, Onis are watching you.
File 125237059861.jpg - (148.36KB, 777x1000, preview84aaaa86c76cc9fbf10c572f3a327a1a.jpg) [iqdb]
As soon as the man disappears into the darkness of the rooftops, you interfere and move between his last known position and Yuugi.

-“I know he’s escaping, but right now your friend should take priority.” You tell her calmly. As you say so, a memory surges into your mind, uncontrollably.

It’s not midnight yet, but the sun has been out for long now. Regardless, the moon and the light posts in the main street still fail to clearly put light on the scene in front of you. As you acknowledge the clothing and vehicle as his, you can make out vaguely the traces of battle that linger, displaying in the faint light the last fight of a man corned, teased with like an animal, stuck in the dead end he was.

This was signed Street Gangs all right and had you arrived sooner you may have been able to call an ambulance and save him, but it was already too late. The loss of a friend is definitely not something you would wish on people, even less such enjoyable company. No matter how powerful Demons are, a bullet from this man’s weapon could prove itself lethal.

-“You’re right…” Yuugi instantly cools off, letting go of her fighting spirit. “I like fighting strong people a lot so I kind of jumped on the opportunity. Youkais aren’t easy to kill so you shouldn’t worry that much.” She declares in an soft tone, smiling apologetically.

As if on cue, grumblings are heard from the earlierly collapsed body as the demon groans and sits up. First notice: she has no horn. Maybe those are the difference, physical at the very least, between Youkais and Onis.

-“Owowowowow… my head” she utters as she rubs her forehead strongly.
-“You’re all right?” Yuugi asks in a comforting tone. “The guy’s gone.”
-“Yeah… he’s got quite a punch… damn…” The girl complains quietly. “woah wait who’s that guy!?” she points at you with an obvious lack of any trust at all. “He looks like the other one.”
-“Jeez, Do I really look like that psycho so much?” you reply in disbelief.
-“Nah, he’s with us.”

The girl blinks, as if only realizing the depth of what Yuugi just said.

-“Wha!? No fair! I have to hunt for it and one just randomly stumble by you? Yuugi you lucky…” She doesn’t finish her sentence. A pause. “Anyways… why do I always get the weird ones…” she mumbles to herself, causing Yuugi to chuckle.
-“Though luck, Well, luck isn’t something you can just train or whatever, so I guess you’re stuck with your bad luck for a while.” Yuugi comments with a smirk, as if totally disregarding the threat.
-“Yuugi! So mean!” the girl pouts. “Don’t say things like that.”
-“Sorry to interrupt gals” You say and clear your throat ludly to catch their attention. “No matter how lovely your reunion is, there’s something you two need to know.” The two turns to you with sudden attention. “You know, well, I don’t know if -you- saw it.” You point at Yuugi’s friend’s general direction. “But that guy had a weapon.” They nod. “It looks small and useless but I can guarantee you this thing can kill in the blink of an eye, Demon or human. Unless you can catch bullets going toward your skull at a miles per second, which is sort of faster than the the light projectiles you were throwing around, no offense.” The girls nod again.
-“I knew he was shady and weird, but I didn’t know he had that kind of things” The girl comments.
-“Well, he used it in a non-lethal Danmaku fight, so he’s a cheater.” Yuugi states, raising her shoulders as if brushing the fact away and completely ignoring the fact that she could have been injured earlier.
-“Anything else mister second human?” the girl asks, rubbing her head again.
-“Well, honestly yeah.” You begin with an intrigued tone. “ This guy… he was fast… and strong too… “ You instinctively massage your stomach as you remember his kick.” That was really above the average for a human. I mean, really above. It’s rare, it doesn’t even feel like the hits of a human. Take that for whatever you want, but his strength is far above a human’s.”
-“Oh well” the girl shrugs. “We’re bound to meet him again, but this time we’ll know what to expect.”
-“Because you say you’ve been knocked out because you under-estimated him?” Yuui interrupts her.
-“Jeez, Yuugi, you really say things like they are and in a way that makes it so you’re right and it makes me feel bad.”
-“You should feel bad for being beaten up by a human” she teasingly adds.
-“Anyways”. Yuugi cracks her fingers and neck and heads toward the entrance of the alleyway. “This matter is over. To the joint, or the palace? Your call.
[ ] Proceed to the Joint.
[ ] Proceed to the palace
{insert topic of conversation, if any.}
[x] Proceed to the Joint while asking about what's it's like living in hell. They must have some wild stories.

Getting to other places is easier with a bike.
[x] The most important thing right now would be to make sure Tewi is also all right.
[x] And find out what the hell happened.

Now I play the waiting game and wait to see how long it is before Anon consider the fuel issue.
[x] Proceed to the Joint while asking about what's it's like living in hell. They must have some wild stories.
-[x] Make sure to bring your bike with you.
[x] Proceed to the Joint while asking about what's it's like living in hell. They must have some wild stories.
[x] Proceed to the Joint while asking about what's it's like living in hell. They must have some wild stories.
-[x] Make sure to bring your bike with you.

Because you would do such a horrible thing as have us not take our bike, wouldn't you?
[x] Proceed to the Joint while asking about what's it's like living in hell. They must have some wild stories.
-[x] Make sure to bring your bike with you.
Nooot quite, but it sounds like a fun idea to start picking up those small details, Hilarity would ensue~

Also, writing~ Holidays? what holidays.
[x] Proceed to the Joint while asking about what's it's like living in hell. They must have some wild stories.
-[x] Make sure to bring your bike with you.
Sorry I had a truly crazy week, running around right and left. I'm done now, Hopefully.

-“’I’ll get this r’paired first, the earlier the better.” You conclude.
-“Alright then.”
-“Hmm… I’ll part with you two here.” Yuugi’s friend declares with a hint of fatigue. “I’m feeling shitty right now so I’ll go take some rest.” She shrugs.
-“If you see a human on the way you know what to do.” Yuugi replies with a purposefully vague comments that makes her shake her head.
-“I’ll pass…” she turns to you but finally decides to say nothing.

The demoness heads away holding her head, leaving you alone with the Oni. You retrieve your Buell which was, just as planned, still untouched where you had left it. Who steals broken things, especially in hell? The two of you head to the joint at a quick, yet not too hasty, healthy pace.

The trip is pretty much eventless. You travel in alleys and street similar to the previous ones, lighted by lanterns hanging from ropes between or along buildings. As you progress, you can confirm that the wholesome of the city is built in the same Edo-style architecture in its every detail.

As you go along, discussing casual things, you eventually ask more about how it is in Hell. One would guess that you’re bound to find out yourself at some point, but hey. Along the way, you learn two important things.

Firstly, contrary to common belief, Hell is apparently an actually pretty nice place to live, or so tells you Yuugi. In any case, you’ll have to see of this by yourself. For a second your thoughts wander to the encounter earlier and you chuckle at the fact that it was a human messing demons up in hell and not the other way around.

Secondly, Yuugi also told you that the Blazing Flames of Hell, the innermost part of Hell, has been through a period of renewal very recently. The power of the flames has been ever-increasing for some reason and spirits altogether have started becoming stronger here, both living and ghosts.

Time passes and escapes your notice as before you know it you’re already at destination. Or was it that it was closer than you expected?

[ ] Thank Yuugi and go inside.
[ ] Offer her to come with you.
[ ] Stay outside for a while more.
---{ }Input Conversation/action
[ ] Thank Yuugi and go inside.
[x] Stay outside for a while more.
---{X}"Blazing fires of hell? I met this bird girl with a trippin' cape and a stick for an arm talking about it. I wonder if she's related"
---[x] "Thanks for the help, but... is there a inn that takes dollars? Since it's clear I'm not getting out of here anytime soon"

Just in case he hasn't set up a place to rest yet.
A small notice: I never mentioned the Third Leg when you met Utsuho because you simply did not see it, as in she had two normal arms at this moment.

Then disregard the stick for the arm; she still has that trippin' cape.
[x] Thank Yuugi and go inside.
[x] Thank Yuugi and go inside.
[x] Thank Yuugi and go inside.
Hey. Are you still here?
File 125399963776.jpg - (20.44KB, 320x240, 125264642731.jpg) [iqdb]
I really hate myself for starting this

Don't. It's amusing, really.

Also, shouldn't it be too early to declare this story dead? Usually we wait for a month.
>Don't. It's amusing, really.

-“Alright, thanks for showing me here.” You state before downing the rest of the cup you -acquired- earlier.
-“Don’t mention it.” She replies indifferently. “You avoided me some trouble with that psycho’s weap’ so we’re fair.”

With a “bye” of your hand, you snatch the handle of your engine and enter the joint. The place, unlike the rest of the city, is much more westerner. Multiple appliances and other… random… things… machines… just lay scattered about everywhere. Tools and oil are everywhere, the stench rises up of old rusted steel and grease… man that feels just like home.

-“Yo” a tri-horned demon approaches you. “What’s u-- WOAH what the FUCK a human!?”
-“Yup, I’m a human, cool no? but I’m still in hell with a bike with a smashed front.”

The male demon looks pretty decent, his horns are all twisted, both rear ones curl up like a goats and the front one simply go forward like a thunder bolt. His garbs are pretty cool too, nice black jeans, a tight sleeveless shirt that lets you see unlike mechs of America he’s buffed instead of a fatty. Hell if you were a girl he’d look pretty damn good... But you’re not so he’s not gonna get anything off you.

-“Alright alright, whatever, let me take a look a’that’shitz.” He brushes you off and inspect the Buel. “By the way, name’s Marcel”

-“Like the guy who keeps messing with Lucifer? // Like the guy who started that bad-ass bike brand?”

Both of you stare at each other for a moment and end up laughing.


-“Alright, I can fix it easy but it’ll take some time. The critical parts aren’t damaged it’s just the outside, still need to make replacements.”
-“Yeah, d’you think there’s a’fact’ry around boy? HELL NO I make every single replacement piece myself.”
-“Yeah! Every little thing I can’ fix I’make. So ya’gonna have to wait a bit for me to fix tha’shit.”
-“ ‘t’s’okay. How much’s it gonna be?”

The demon shrugs you away with a hand motion.

-“Nobody pays a shit in hell, you just have to convince whoever you’re dealing with to give you what the fuck you want to get, and you get it. If you’re a failure and you can’t, then money or not you get nothin’ but a kick up your arse, got that human?”
-“I should be done in two days son, come back by then.”

You leave your precious Buell in the care of none less than the infamous demon Marceland get back outside. Yuugi is nowhere to be found.

[ ] Search for Yuugi
[ ] Search for the Palace
[ ] Fuck searching, you’re way too sober right now, it’s ALCOHOL TIME
[ ] Fuck searching, you’re hungry, get some food down this.
[ ] Just wander around and look for something fun to do; it’s hell, there should be lots of “sinful” things to do around.
[x] Search for the Palace.
-[x] But if you find a place to eat, stop by.
Nice to see this story back!
[x] Search for the Palace

This is, what, five writers coming back in time for summer?
Fucking awesome.
[x] Search for the Palace

I missed this story so fucking much.

Good to see you back.
[x] Search for the Palace
[c] Search for the Palace.

Welcome back.
File 127481626738.jpg - (151.15KB, 500x333, the-purple-palace.jpg) [iqdb]
Now with that business taken care of, the next thing you wanted to see is the dreaded Palace with the local gender-bent mind-reading Lucifer. Just like that girl with the Acid-tripping cape said it’s the easiest thing to find ever: a huge purple building in the center of the town, many stories tall. As you get moving you imagine a bit what -Her- Evilness will look like. Considering succubi, Fem-Lucifer must probably be quite a sight.

Your mind wanders as you travel onward to your destination. From the possible sinful outfits of the hottest babe in hell you realize, oh hey, she read minds. It might be a decent idea not too think about that kind of things too much in her presence.

As you walk, the warm but faint light of the lanterns in the utter darkness of the calvera reminds you of wandering modern cities by-night. It’s kind of charming, in a sense. The reminiscence, however, begins going downhill at this point.

With nothing but yourself to mind, memories of the past assault you… memories of “modern cities” by night; memories of why you always refused to join any gangs or biker groups. It’s not as much the fact of being an outlaw or killing people, but when thinking of all those street gangs gnawing at the tiniest bone, desperately snatching off a couple grams of drugs for money, it sickens you. They’re lame and they kill for lame reasons in lame ways. Such despicable worms…

As you make your way closer to the palace, you feel a pair of eyes on you, but it’s different than the usual stare of confused demons…

[ ] Ignore it and hurry up to the palace
[ ] Stay careful and try to shake off your pursuer or make him/her reveal themself
[x] Stay careful and try to shake off your pursuer or make him/her reveal themself

Youkai biker came back for us already? Fuck.
[x] Stay careful and try to shake off your pursuer or make him/her reveal themself
[x] Stay careful and try to shake off your pursuer or make him/her reveal themself
[c] Stay careful and try to shake off your pursuer or make him/her reveal themself
[~] Stay careful and try to shake off your pursuer or make him/her reveal themself
File 128314595431.jpg - (41.81KB, 633x348, P226-X-5-Open-detail-L.jpg) [iqdb]
In a move not much unlike it of Yuugi a while ago, you acquire a “relatively” abandoned cup of sake and down it before discarding the empty and therefore useless item. Those eyes you feel diving into your back, they can only belong to one person and you know it. It’s him, he’s came back already, for you.

With a burst, your earlierly leisurely pace increases in speed. You easily out-walk everyone in the crowd of demons and onis, waltzing between gatherings, into lines, out of groups, the people become nothing but water to you as you slither into and out of the crowd, but it still isn’t sufficient; you still feel those eyes as you “acquire” another bit of sake.

In a spin, you waltz to the east and enter a dark alley. You walk up to the end and cross your arms, feet distant from each other, face frowning. You stare at the dark depths of the alley awaiting your not-so-unknown phantom pursuer as your whole body screams “who the hell do you think I am”

Suddenly, a cracking noise erupts on your left. It’s him, no doubt about it; he dropped from the rooftops into a crate down. Standing up from the gust of dust, his eyes of pitch darkness stare to you amidst the smoke..

-“Not bad not bad at all,” he says leaning forward “Even better than a few of those failure wannabe demons!” he squeals out laughing. “Well… I guess that makes me go for plan B” he starts walking toward you with a large chessire grin.

You move your right foot back in fighting stance and raise your fist. Even if you know this guy is just of a completely different level, that’s still what separates you of -them-. You will NOT go down without a fight and you sure as hell will make it worth your while. Very much ready, you await his attack… which never comes…

“Well well wellllllllll aren’t we the paranoid one” he says while his face centimeters from yours, as if observing you from point blank with his right eye, head raised for his cap not to hit you.” Guess what sucka! I’m not here to kill you… yet! I got something for you.”

Silently, he slided back one step and turned on his left, rummaging in his coat and swiftly taking out yet another firearm, holding it by the canon and reaching it out to you. It was quite an expansive model, a handgun designed for no less than competition hunting, a SigSauer’s latest…

“I didn’t sniff out any on you earlier” he says, giving an exaggerated sniff and sticking out his tongue. “You’ll need some of those beauties to survive in this world… ” he leaned onto you again. “So what say you?”

[ ] Accept
[ ] Refuse

[x] Refuse
[x] Accept
He'd have killed us if he wanted to.

[x] Accept

eh, why not.
[x] Refuse
[x] Refuse
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