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Thread 938 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125269828886.jpg - (235.60KB, 1145x849, 68b047de0a456c1078da5a29492d1e04.jpg) [iqdb]
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"Let's check your room." You say, instantly turning bright red again and wishing the ground would swallow you up. You've never been this open in your entire life! What on earth is this girl doing to you?
"Ohoho!" Koishi puts a hand over her mouth. "You think the cat will be there?"
"No, I- I mean yes! The cat might be there." You take a deep breath, trying to steady yourself. "Also I just want to get you alone in your room for more hugging ... argh!" You grit your teeth and hold your face in your free hand.

"Aww." Koishi reaches over and pats you on the head. "Come on then, let's go to my room!"
"R-really?" You look back up. "I mean you, I just met you, I don't mean we should-" You stammer, but Koishi holds up a finger, silencing you.
"Let's go to my room!"
"Come on!" She tugs on your hand, and you are powerless to resist.


The inside of Chireiden is huge, like the inside of some ancient monolithic pyramid. You traverse corridors of stone, across huge hallways, under massive stained-glass windows, always up, back towards the higher levels.
Eventually the furnishings become more like those in a home, even if they do a poor job of hiding the true nature of this place. Carpets half-cover the cold stone floor. Candles and weak electric lamps replace some of the glow-globes, wiring left to trail across the ground. Koishi leads you to a room that has a perfectly ordinary wooden door.

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>> No. 1278
Children, please. You're welcome to argue about topics unrelated to the story, but not in Grue's thread. Take it to IRC, if you must. I'm sure they'll love you there.
>> No. 1285
It is definitely him.
>> No. 1292
He's dropped incredibly many hints.

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File 125242638734.jpg - (368.42KB, 793x1000, 73060acb65287e66659e37bf65854a40.jpg) [iqdb]
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Okuu glances between you and Nitori a couple of times, chewing her fingernails and starting to look a little awkward.
"So." You avert the oncoming awkward silence. "I take it you're Utsuho? I was told I would have to answer to you if I bothered the Kappa."
"Yeah, that's my name!" Okuu smiles at you. "Most call me Okuu, easier on the tongue."
"Well, pleased to meet you Okuu." You smile back at her. Her grin widens and a little bit of colour enters her cheeks, she's obviously not used to being spoken to like this.
"I don't want be rude ... I don't really understand the ways and customs down in the underground yet, but," you hesitate, is this worth the risk? "What exactly are you?"
Okuu seems surprised for a second, then puffs up with pride. "Uh, I'm a raven." She says, starting to positively beam at you. The red glow on her chest almost flutters a bit. "'Course, now I'm also the ... the," Okuu frowns with concentration, licking her lips and forming the sounds as carefully as possible. "Y-ya-ta-ga-r-ra-su. Yatagarasu, yeah!" She nods, smiling, seemingly pleased with herself for getting that right.
"Uh, cool!" You say. She's so happy with herself that you can't bring yourself to tell her you have no idea what that means.

"I'm really sorry for scaring the Kappa." You say. "It was just a joke, hard to resist."
"I know." Okuu says in a stage-whisper, grinning. "They're pretty funny, right?"
Nitori makes a 'humph' sound, back still turned to you.
"So uh, why are you looking after them anyway?" You ask.
"Oh, they're working on the reactor systems." She says, a hint of enthusiasm entering her voice. "Some folks blame 'em for the quakes, some folks just don't like 'em."
"Blame them for the earthquakes?" You ask. Nitori looks over her shoulder at you and Okuu.

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>> No. 935
Writing now.
>> No. 936
Aaaaand we're in auto-sage. New thread?
>> No. 937

Thread 113 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125211972165.jpg - (233.45KB, 600x600, Th11_Cover.jpg) [iqdb]
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Deeper Underground - A Limited Adventure.

Well, been sitting on this idea for a long time, and the rebirth of the site seems like a good sign I should go ahead and write. "Limited Adventure" is such a great idea. Have fun, try not to die, turn off your targeting computer and use the force. The title should explain where we're going here, but expect a few more things too. Protagonist will remain unnamed. Etc etc, you know the drill.


Loading ...

Deeper Underground – v. 1.0

Loading ...

Route list:

Satori Komeiji (Open)
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>> No. 518
Sleepy today, but expect a new thread soonish.
>> No. 519
[x] "Sorry for scaring the Kappa. Was just meant to be a joke."
[x] "So, I take it you're Utsuho?"

Minor issues aside, this is certainly off to a good start. Keep it up bro.
>> No. 643
Just leaving a pointer for others who, like me, start from the beginning of a story.
Next thread:

Thread 222 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125219483784.jpg - (462.28KB, 1680x880, sa.jpg) [iqdb]
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This will serve as the thread for unexplored routes, , and pretty much anything I write that is tangentially related to ULA.

First up is the Kisume H-scene I promised you way back when. Updates at the speed of copy-paste.
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>> No. 419
Very delightful and quite stimulating. It really is quite an adorable story, and the little post script with the other Underground residents inspired quite a d'aaaawww.

Now to be mean: technically quite flawless, but the ommission of a description of Kisume's physique and appearance was quite glaring. Breasts, hips, butt, stomach, fingers, shoulders, neck, eyes, tongue, ears, skin, face... nary a sentence describing any of these (beyond having them) is present. After entering the bucket, you can replace Yamame's name for just about any Touhou. I think the paragraph after
>So why is she more captivating now than ever before?
could have contained a more detailed description of Kisume's appearance, along with how she was behaving. Even before that, when she covered Taizou's eyes with her hands: what did it feel like? The touch of her fingers, hands trembling in anticipation, the warmth of her supple frame pressed against Taizou's back? In order to create a very sensual piece of fiction, I think you need to balance the 5 senses with the narrative of what is actually happening.

This was certainly more than I had expected, but very fulfilling to say the least. I had prepared myself for "Yuugi and Yamame are sad, and they tried extra hard to keep Reimu and Marisa out to keep the same from happening to them," but the out-and-out destruction of the underground kingdom because Taizou got his head caved in was an order of magnitude beyond that in terms of interesting.
>> No. 441

True on both counts; I never seen anything going to shit so badly due to one death. Also more details would have helped; sure I filled in the blanks, but details of the girl helps in this regard.

>>411 (Note Kisume fans do not click on this)
You did not need to say that.

Glas, you magnificent bastard! (what else to say of someone who does such a downer of a post bad end timed right after a cute little H-scene, when both involved a character, combine making an terrible effect on people than if you posted that post bad end in another thread.)
>> No. 496
Thank you. Reading back, that portion and after the second section break stand out as particularly egregious in terms of skimming over the details.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand? It's not the death, it's the situation surrounding it. One person can't start a war, but they can pull a trigger, in both a literal and metaphorical sense. That applies to the main story in ULA as well.

You ever had shaved ice in one of those conical cups? Y'know how you can eat most of it just fine, but there's always a little bit stuck in the corner that you can't get out?


Thread 1 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 12519666625.png - (826.86KB, 1280x920, subterranean_animism.png) [iqdb]
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>> No. 3
File 125196713231.jpg - (50.92KB, 550x490, Satori projects thoughts.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 10
Yeah, you are. It's also September. Where's our monthly update?

Thread 2 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125196673122.jpg - (896.53KB, 1500x1275, Shinki.jpg) [iqdb]
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I hereby claim this board in the name of Shinki. All hail your new Overlord!
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>> No. 7
File 125198221672.jpg - (253.00KB, 600x450, 4570135_m.jpg) [iqdb]
Indeed, long live the god of the demon world!
>> No. 1254
File 125287686716.png - (353.90KB, 350x671, alice.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 6283
File 12897095001.jpg - (11.63KB, 275x300, slowpoke.jpg) [iqdb]
Applies to this post as well.

Thread 4 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125196772094.jpg - (31.56KB, 352x408, 1241663670329.jpg) [iqdb]
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