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Take note that this contains crack pairing and at such is not to be treated seriously. I'm not sure if /th/ is the right place to post this,

Anyway, without any ado.



She yawned. Today had been a hectic day, what was with the recent incident that involved the Palanquin Ship and its alleged treasure. She was tired in many ways possible: first there was this mouse commander who turned out to be a subordinate of a Vaisravana disciple, who in turn was an associate of the sealed youkai who claimed to be the “saviour of youkai-kind”. Secondly, she had to deal with the forgotten umbrella not once, but twice, no thanks to the “unidentified flying object” she was instructed to investigate. “All in the name of youkai extermination, dear,” she remembered the snake goddess telling her prior to her departure.

All in all, she needed to take a long break before she could concentrate on the shrine’s welfare.

“Sanae!!” Her attention towards preparing the bed was disturbed. Quickly she headed to the front door to see Kanako and Suwako leaving. “We’re leaving for an errand, so take care of this shrine, okay?” Kanako said.

“We won’t be long, so don’t worry about us,” Suwako said with a wink.

“Err… Lady Kanako, Lady Suwako, this isn’t the best time to… go out?” the green-haired girl spoke.

“Now, now, Sanae, we understand that you need some comforting from us,” Kanako answered. “But we goddesses also have our own needs to fulfil, so… sorry for not spending time with you.”

“You mad at us, Sanae?” the goddess of mountain asked.

“O-of course not!” she declined. “I understand. Deities’ affairs are not to be questioned. I’m sorry for asking.”

Kanako laughed and gave the girl a hard slap on the back, making her squeal. “Come on, Sanae! Don’t be so upset,” she roared. “At least you made us proud for your effort. Wonder if we should bring you in for a treat…”

“Like when we made Sanae drunk and strip her off? That sounds fun,” Suwako suggested.

“Nah! Why don’t we do something more ‘daring’ to her?” Kanako encircled her arm around the flustered Sanae’s shoulder. “What say you, dear? Do. You. Want. To?”

A bright red colour tinted her cheeks. “W-W-why should I?!” The flustered shrine maiden pushed both the goddesses out of the door. “You two have an errand to do, right? Now go! I’ll be fine!!”

“Jeez, Sanae is not fun,” Kanako grumbled.

“That only proves that she has grown up,” Suwako giggled. “I’m so proud~”

“Lady Suwako! Please!” the greenhead moaned.

“Alright, alright.” The goddess of mountain tipped her hat and lifted off, closely followed by the snake goddess. “We’ve cooked you some dinner! You can find it at the kitchen!”

“You don’t have to do that, Lady Suwako!”

Suwako smiled and waved a goodbye. “We’ll be seeing you later, Sanae. Take care of our home, okay?”

“Will do! And have a safe trip, both of you!” She waved the deities before headed to the kitchen. Her heart skipped at what she was seeing; a complete dinner set meticulously arranged on the table, complete with cutleries and seasoning. She approached the table and saw a paper with hand-written note on it.

‘Tonight’s dinner is simmered vegetable and omelette, your childhood favourite. Kana/Suwa.’

She smiled. “Thank you, Lady Kanako, Lady Suwako…” She took a seat, her hands clapped, and nodded. “Well, then. Let’s eat!”
With dinner done, she was prepared to take a bath before going to sleep, and there was nowhere better to go than the shrine’s outdoor hot-spring. She wished Kanako and Suwako had stayed so that they could have hot-spring bath together, but she understood. Being goddesses, they had to carry out their divine task and it wasn’t the kind of thing that could be done at the shrine daily. She had to question their intention of leaving the shrine for the night, though, and had reminded herself to ask them upon their return.

“Huh… it surely is quiet right now…” Immersing herself in the warmth of the pond, she used the opportunity from the private time to clean herself. “Wish Lady Suwako was here to give my back a wash…” She giggled at the thought, even as she was running her fingers through her delicate hair in methodical motions. “Oh, Lady Kanako might also want to wash my hair. That would be nice, too.” She leaned against the rock and looked up at the moonless sky, enjoying the glittering sight of the stars and the ear-soothing melodies of nocturnal creatures. So calming, she felt sleepy…


She squealed, almost jumping off the pond in the process. She turned around and could not believe what she was seeing. “What the heck are you doing here?!”

The heterochromia-eyed girl giggled and stuck her tongue out. “I’m kind of bored,” Kogasa said as she crouched beside the startled shrine maiden. “I thought I could surprise someone, so I visited you! And it was a success, too!”

“Didn’t anyone tell you not to peek on someone while she’s taking her bath?!” she asked. “And don’t you know that this is a holy ground! Youkai like you aren’t supposed to be here in the first place!”

“Aw! Greenhead is not fun~” Kogasa stood up and looked around the hot-spring, completely oblivious of Sanae’s anger at her unwelcomed presence. “I just want to look around this place. It looks kind of cool. Hmm… I wonder…”

“Hey! Hey!” Sanae stood up, ignoring the fact that she was stark naked, and pointed at Kogasa. “I don’t know what business you have here, but leave at once! You’re an eyesore!”

“Eyesore? Me?” Kogasa squinted at Sanae, and a low whistle of appreciation escaped her lips “Not very convincing, especially when you look really amazing there~”

Realizing the karakasa was looking at her rather scandalously Sanae dived back into the pond, her face burning redder than the ripest tomato. “You’re so lewd! Giving me that kind of look… that’s horrible!!”

“Really?” She giggled afterwards and put the eggplant umbrella she had been holding aside. “Hot-spring bath looks nice. Can I join you?”

“W-what are you going-” It was too late, because Kogasa already stripped herself and jumped into the hot water, producing a tidal wave that almost swept Sanae off her feet. “Aw! What are you doing?” the greenhead moaned.

“Wheeeee!!!” Kogasa started swimming around the hot-spring, singing a song that the shrine maiden could not apprehend with. “This is fun! Never thought I could actually have a hot-spring bath~”

“This is ridiculous how could a youkai go into this place and have pleasure from surprising me…?” Sanae grumbled. “Lady Kanako and Lady Suwako are going to be at me if they find out…”

Kogasa stopped swimming. “Oh, I almost forgot. I saw someone… make it two persons heading at this place. Can’t really tell if it’s the red-white and the witch, so…”

“Say what?” The timing could not have been worse. As she looked at the door, her eyes bulged out of the socket in disbelief. There, standing in front of the door, was the last people in Gensokyo - maybe in the whole world - she wanted to meet.

“Yo,” Remilia nonchalantly waved. “Hope we aren’t being rude by intruding your privacy.”

“Mistress, you already violated her privacy,” a less-than-amused Sakuya reminded.

“Hush, Sakuya. This is the best opportunity to evaluate her worthiness,” the vampire replied.

Sanae found herself sinking into the pond. “Oh dear… Lady Kanako, Lady Suwako, help…”
Of course Kogasa can go on holy ground despite being a Youkai; how else can it be surprising?
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I expected something better for #100000.
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“S… so that’s why…?”

Remilia nodded, even as she was washing her untidy hair with the warm water. “I could really go for some outdoor activity, and Sakuya has agreed to company me along,” she answered. “Ahn~ it feels so good to be immersed in hot water, don’t you think?”

“Then why the Moriya Shrine?” Sanae asked.

“I guess it’s… out of curiosity?” Remilia replied. “Anyway, I was going to take Patchouli along, but she said she needed to continue her study on alchemy. Seriously…” She sighed. “Patchy needs to stop behaving like a locked girl. This world is vast, and it needs to be explored! Textbook knowledge isn’t going to be helpful if we don’t get to experience it firsthand.”

“Actually it was Mistress Remilia’s insistence that we visit this place,” Sakuya corrected, not paying attention at the curious Kogasa who was looking over her shoulders. “I suggested that we go visit Reimu, but she insisted that we give the Moriya folks a visit. In fact…”
// flashback //

“I’m bored…” She rolled on the floor, her wings flapping wildly as she did. “I’m so bored I’m so bored I’m so bored!!!”

“Milady, please behave!” Sakuya reminded. “It’s not that you’ll die out of boredom.”

“But I am!!” She stopped rolling and sat down, pouting at the thought of not having anything to do. “Sakuya doesn’t understand the side-effect of boredom…”

“Just calm down, please,” Sakuya pleaded.

“Jeez. I really need to kill this boredom before it kills me instead…” She went into thinking mode, her face contorted, her eyebrow raised, her lips twisted, and it didn’t take her very long before an idea struck. “Ah, hah! I’ve got it!” Her smile turned foxy and she cackled at the newfound idea. “This is going to be fun~”

Sakuya could only laugh. “I hope you don’t have any plan in mind, Milady…”

“Oh, shush. It will be fun, I guarantee!” So saying Remilia walked down the stairs and headed to the door. “What are you waiting for, Sakuya? Come on!”

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see!”

// flashback //
“Come on, Sakuya!” the flustered Remilia exclaimed. “You just have to bring that up, don’t you?”

“Then why didn’t you bring her along?” Sanae asked. “I’m sure she… appreciates gatherings like what we’re having now.”

“Who? Reimu? Well, we did lay out the plan in front of her, but she was like.” Remilia mimicked one of Reimu’s tired faces and began: “‘…you go by yourself. I’m too tired after chasing after that damned UFO. Just don’t cause too much trouble, or I’ll have to smack you on the head.’ Somewhere around those lines.”

“I… I see.”

Remilia sighed. “Reimu is so boring~ can’t have fun with her tonight~” She giggled. “Of course that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with anyone else. Right, Sanae?”

“I… I don’t understand what you’re trying to imply here, Lady Remilia,” Sanae said.

“She is just shy!” Kogasa exclaimed. “We need to surprise her some more~”

“Oh? Who might you be?” Remilia asked as her attention was diverted towards the karakasa.

“I’m Kogasa!” the girl with dual-coloured eyes answered. “A tatara!”

“A tatara? This is a surprise,” Remilia cooed. “Never thought this shrine would accept a youkai’s visit.”

“She… she’s not welcomed in this place,” Sanae spoke. “I have told her to leave, but she wouldn’t listen. Seriously, appearing at holy ground and not realizing the crime she has committed…”

“Boo!” Kogasa pouted at the remark. “I’m just visiting this place. Sanae is so cold~”

“The fact that you intruded someone’s privacy shamelessly is enough to be penalized,” Sanae spoke in stern voice.

“You know what? Sanae is still reluctant to let go off her common sense,” Sakuya said. “I was thinking… if we could make her let go off everything.”

“Yeah! That’s right,” Remilia agreed. “Why don’t we teach Sanae a lesson or two? I’m sure she doesn’t mind going through a Scarlet Devil lecture session~”

“W-what are you going to-” It was too late. As soon as Sanae inched away from the folks Remilia pounced at her and seized her body. The greenhead gasped when the vampire’s hands roamed over her body before they came to rest upon her breasts. “Not there!”

“Oh, ho? I see that you’re quite a healthy girl,” Remilia murmured. “No wonder why Reimu always complains over her size~”

“Let go! You… you’re embarrassing me!” Sanae gasped again when Remilia started ma “Please… let go… the people…”

“Hmm?” Remilia eyed at Sakuya who was struggling to keep Kogasa’s eyes covered in spite of her insistence to see the scene. “Nah, they don’t mind. Right, Sakuya?”

“Err… I suppose you’re right, Milady,” Sakuya answered. “Stay still, you!”

“But I want to see!” Kogasa whined.

“So…” Remilia’s breath was hot as she blew into Sanae’s ear, making her shiver. “Where do we begin our lesson?”


Writefag is tired. Part Three will be coming after he wakes up.
Why is Sakuya covering Kogasa's eyes?
nngghhh... my nose is bleeding
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She was in despair. Just as she thought the ordeal she had endured at the hot-spring was over, she now had to cook for the guests she considered to be unwanted. What’s worse, Kogasa’s constant pestering throughout the cooking session almost got into her nerves and she would have blasted the umbrella youkai out of existence if it wasn’t for Remilia and Sakuya. Along the time she had to remain composure and focused on preparing the meal, all while trying to ignore Kogasa’s whining (and the occasional Remilia’s kitchen break-in).

Minutes passed, and she was finally done with the dinner. “This is about it.” She looked at the delicacy; not much could be done, but at least it was better than nothing. Kogasa had earlier left, giving her the needed space of relief. “Alright, then.”

“Oh? What do we have here?” Startled she turned around and saw Sakuya standing next to her.

“Don’t appear like that, Miss Sakuya!!” Sanae whined, but the perfect maid paid her no attention as she tasted the food. It took her a few seconds before she gave the shrine maiden a pat on the shoulder.

“Not bad, but I was expecting something more exquisite for Mistress Remilia,” she said.

“That… that’s none of your business,” Sanae retorted. “I don’t know what Lady Remilia likes, so I cooked whatever I could think of to appeal her.”

Sakuya chuckled. “Don’t worry about the food. She said she’ll be taking whatever you’re cooking.” She, then, gave Sanae a playful poke on her flushed cheek. “You look so cute in that denial face. You know, someone as adorable as you shouldn’t take everything very seriously in this land.”

“H-hey! Stop teasing me, please!” Sanae moaned in protest. “Jeez! Why is everyone teasing me tonight?”

“Alright, alright. Let me help carrying the meal.” Sanae knew she wasn’t in the best position to refuse and could only let Sakuya carry the trays to the guestroom, where Remilia and Kogasa, much to Sanae’s frustration, were awaiting.

“What took you so long?” Remilia asked. “We’re starving~”

“How was I supposed to prepare it quickly when I kept getting distracted?” Sanae replied and glared at Kogasa.

“Now, now, Sanae, be nice to your guests,” Sakuya reminded and served the diners. “They’re just hungry, after all.”

“And you being a guest yourself, too,” Sanae sighed.

Nevertheless dinner was served, and all the diners were sitting around the table, eager to have a feast on Sanae’s delicacies. Sanae was wary of the guests’ reception towards the menu, especially Remilia’s appetite but she kept the doubt to herself.

“Well, then!” Remilia clapped her hands. “Let’s eat!!”

“Let’s eat!” Eat they did. There were a few things in the world that could beat having meals prepared and served by a shrine maiden, and the diners were enjoying every piece of it as they could.

“Say, Sanae,” Remilia said. “I understand you’re staying with your old folks. Where are they? I kind of wanted to see them in person.”

“They… they’re out for an errand,” the green-white answered. “Uhh… do you have any business with them? They won’t be home until later tonight, and even if you could wait, I doubt you’re patient enough.”

Remilia giggled. “I’m just asking.” She turned her attention to Sakuya, who was at the time wiping Kogasa’s lips and scolding her for the lack of table manners; the umbrella youkai merely giggled silly and apologized for the mess she did. “Sakuya.”

“Yes, Milady?”

“I wonder if you can keep Kogasa busy for a while. I have an important thing to speak to Sanae after dinner,” Remilia said.

“Will do, Milady.” Kogasa whined in protest and Sakuya scolded her for the second time. “Jeez. You really act like a child.”

“Aw! But I want to play with Sanae~!” Kogasa cried.

“I’m sorry, dear, but mistress’ business is not to be interrupted,” Sakuya told her.

“Aw, okay~” Kogasa turned to Sanae. “You better not run away, because I have more tricks to show you!”

“It’d be better if Sakuya just kicks you away,” Sanae grumbled.

“Sanae, don’t be that harsh,” Remilia reminded. “Kogasa just wants to play with you. Right?”


Dinner was finished, and Sakuya fulfilled the task of keeping Kogasa busy by asking her to help her cleaning the table and washing the dishes. Delightedly the girl obliged, all too eager to learn the curves of housework from the perfect maid, and that left Sanae alone with the charisma lady. The shrine maiden found herself in awkward situation, and it was not without a reason: she had only listened from Kanako about the owner of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and this was the first time she actually had the chance to sit side-by-side with the person.

“Well… umm…” She stammered, trying to construct the words needed to begin the conversation. “I don’t know what exactly you want from me, and-”

“How about we go to the outside and watch the stars?” Remilia suggested.


“Well, isn’t that what you would do?” Remilia asked.

“Not for the most of the time, though,” Sanae replied. “It really depends on weather forecast and other factors.”

“Like those matter to you, don’t they? Come on! I want to see how knowledgeable you are.” Sanae could not say anything and just followed Remilia’s lead to the courtyard, and Remilia wasted no time jumping onto the arch, forcing Sanae to take a leap onto the structure. “We got to have high vantage point to stargaze, right?”

“What’s with you today?” Sanae sighed.

“Nothing~” Remilia took a seat, her feet kicking the air in almost playful manners as she did. “I thought I could spend my time with another shrine maiden, and it’s not Reimu for a change.”

“Why Reimu?” Sanae asked, slightly bothered by the name.

“Eh? Maybe it’s because I’m a vampire full of charisma?” Remilia replied. “But it’s not a sin for a vampire - or any youkai - to visit a holy ground, is it?” The vampire giggled. “How silly, for someone like me to speak of sin and holy ground…”

“Well, that…” Sanae was bothered even more. Remilia had a point, she thought, but the idea of letting a youkai setting foot on the Moriya Shrine complex was almost unacceptable in the first place, and it had been enforced in her mindset that a holy ground was supposed to be untainted by tainted beings.

She shook off the thought. Nothing in Gensokyo was normal, as far as she could tell, and she realized she had to discard all logics if she was to live an easy-going life in this sealed land.

“You asked me about sin and holy ground, so what’s the point?” Sanae asked.

“Point? Do I need a point in asking?” Remilia replied and put a finger upon her lips invitingly. “You know, there’s something about the maiden of the Moriya shrine that demands me to investigate.” The vampire beamed at Sanae in such way that the shrine maiden found herself restless. “Do you mind if I compare you to Reimu? In one way or another?”

Sanae was confused. “Comparing with Reimu? What do you mean?”

Remilia licked her lips. “Something like this?” And she did something that knocked Sanae off her socks.

She pressed her lips against hers.

And kissed her.
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She was startled. Never before in her entire life had she been kissed before. And by a vampire, on top of that! She tried to push herself away from Remilia but instead the scarlet devil pressed on and deepened the kiss, pressing herself against her body and whisking her tongue on the top recess of her mouth.

She managed to break away from the kiss, startling and disappointing Remilia. “Lady Remilia! What… what was that for?!” she gasped.

“Silence. Do you want to disgrace your guest of honour?” Remilia hissed into her ear.

“But I-” Again, she was denied the chance to defend herself as Remilia claimed her lips in another kiss, and try as she wanted to, the explosion of intimacy was becoming too much for the green-haired girl to resist. Soon the shrine maiden found herself returning the kiss with an eagerness that startled her subconscious, and she sighed softly as the sweet taste of virgin nectar became vivid in their mouth. Her hands crept along Remilia’s body and came to rest upon her bottom, and she gave the warm mound a quick squeeze that caused the vampire to moan into her mouth, and the reaction only encouraged to shrine maiden to deepen the kiss, which Remilia was all too eager to accept.

The kiss disengaged. Remilia licked her lips, her smile turning sly. “Mmm… that was kinky~”

Sanae had to look away in embarrassment. “It was you who started it first…”

“But you responded~” Remilia giggled as she put her arms about Sanae’s neck. “Just as I thought,” she murmured. “You’re a good kisser.”

The answer caused Sanae to blush furiously. “I’m not…!”

“Is that so? Then why did you give me that long and deep kiss… not to mention wet?” Remilia asked. “You must have honed the skill with someone else, am I right?”

“It’s… it’s none of your concern,” Sanae answered and pushed Remilia off her. “Anyway, it’s not safe for my guest to stay outside. Why don’t you consider staying in the shrine for time being? I’ll prepare you the bedroom and everything you need.”

“That sounds fun. I’ll let Sakuya know that we’re having sleepover tonight.” Remilia jumped off the arc and headed back to the shrine. “I’ll be waiting inside, then~!”

The vampire went in. Sanae was left alone, her heart pounding wildly against her ribcage, her emotion more entangled than a poorly constructed bird’s nest. She was in total disbelief; not only had her first kiss been stolen, but she had also returned it as much as she had imagined, and it only served to tarnish her image as a self-respected maiden of the Moriya shrine. “Jeez! What’s wrong with you, Sanae!” she groaned. “You’re a shrine maiden, not a lover! Be more self-respectful, please!”

She frowned. The otherworldly taste of Remilia’s vampire kiss, the honey-flavoured love substance they had shared, everything that came with the kiss. She put a finger upon her tingling lips, wondering on how wonderful it would be if they were to have a proper kiss…

She shook her head. “Get over it! That’s just too embarrassing!” She jumped off the gate and headed back to the shrine, promising to get over the mortifying ordeal by dawn of the next day.
The night passed without a hitch. Sanae was able to have a peaceful sleep, despite her initial worry that the guests would complain over the lack of comfort in the accommodation. She was relieved that Sakuya had agreed to look after Kogasa until she fell asleep, and it really helped her a lot as the umbrella youkai had endlessly pestered her while preparing the bedroom (it was not a surprise that Remilia, too, did her bidding in making her task more miserable).

And now she was at the kitchen, preparing the breakfast for the guests who would be awake at any moment. Being a morning person, this had been her routine ever since her inception into the Moriya shrine and it was more than just an obligation. For her, it was an expression to her dedication to the shrine and the goddesses that lived in it, and nothing was better than to begin the day with nourishing meal.

Her attention towards preparing the breakfast was distracted when she felt not a pair of lithe arms wrapping about her neck. “Oh, come on, can’t you please wait for a bit longer?” she said, expecting one of the goddesses to greet her this way.


She paused. That’s right; Kanako and Suwako didn’t show up last night. Silly Sanae, she told herself, how could you forget? “Good morning, Lady Remilia,” she greeted the hugger. “How was your sleep?”

“Mmm~ the best I’ve ever had in my life~” Remilia said in sing-song intonation. “What’s for breakfast?”

“Nothing very complicated, just sandwiches and some tea to accompany,” the shrine maiden answered.

“A housewife’s treat is to be savoured wholeheartedly…” Remilia chuckled. “I’ll take everything you prepare, then.”

“You sure you don’t need to take a shower first, Lady Remilia?” The question earned her a rather childish chuckle, and she looked at her left only to have her lips kissed. A delighted smile was carved upon Remilia’s mouth as she poked Sanae’s cheek.

“Just call me Remilia, okay?” she said with a wink.

“A…alright then.”

“Good girl.” Remilia gave her another kiss before she released her neck and jumped off. One quick glance at the vampire mistress as she took her seat could be mistaken for a generic girl who just woke up from her sleep, what’s with her oversized night dress almost slipping away, revealing her bare shoulder for the eyes to see. Sanae was amazed; with the bat wings that were sticking out, she wondered how Remilia was able to sleep on her back unbothered.

“Where’s Miss Sakuya, by the way?”

“Oh, she’s still sleeping.” Remilia laughed lightly as if she remembered something. “You know what? Kogasa came in and said she couldn’t sleep, unless Sakuya agreed to let her share the mattress. You should see Sakuya’s face when Kogasa kissed her.”

“I see.” Sanae continued preparing the sandwich for the rest of the guests. “You sound like you enjoy… having fun with your servant a lot.”

“Correction! It’s maid, maid,” Remilia insisted. “But yeah! I always have fun teasing Sakuya here and there. She was almost like you when she first came to the mansion, and she still is.” The vampire outstretched her arms and gave out a quick nod. “Yeah. Just like you.”

“Why are you comparing me with her?”

Remilia chuckled. “I don’t know. Maybe it’s for fun?”

“Whatever.” She served Remilia the sandwich along with tea. “Here you go. Please enjoy your breakfast while I go wake Miss Sakuya and Kogasa.”

“And leaving me just like that?” Remilia questioned.

“But what about them?”

“Just let them enjoy their dream. Why don’t you sit down and have some chatter with me? Maybe that will loosen you up,” Remilia said.

“I…” Sanae sighed. She wasn’t exactly in the mood to argue with Remilia, and she knew she had no options. “Very well.” She sat down next to her, only because she was asked “nicely” to, and settled in. “So you think Miss Sakuya would be freaked out if you tell her what you and I did last night?”

“H-hey! Why are you suddenly bringing up that topic?” Remilia retorted. “I thought it was supposed to be a secret between us…!”

“Secret? You didn’t say it would be one,” Sanae replied. “And to think it was a kiss from a vampire… how unholy…”

“Are you trying to imply something here?” the flustered vampire asked.

“Maybe, but next time.” The shrine maiden leaned in and pressed her lips against Remilia’s in a soft kiss. It did its trick in startling Remilia yet it wasn’t for long before she returned the kiss. The kiss disengaged a few seconds later, and Sanae giggled as she pulled away from Remilia, a light tint of red colouring her cheeks.

“Please let me know if you’re going to kiss me. I’m not used to surprises.”


Writing this has proven to be more fun than I originally thought, although it saddens me that there isn't even single RemixSanae picture out there to be found.

I'm not sure if I should write an epilogue for this, since I consider part 4 to be the last, but if needed I'll write one.
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This is the only image with just the two of them that I have. Shame, since you've gotten me interested in RemixSanae.
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Okay, I think you deserve an opinion longer than 1 word now.

Long story short, I liked this short story. Silly but fun. First time I read something about that pairing, it has potential. Not exactly Naughty x Innocet though, we all know by now that Sanae isn't a good girl.
One last thing: it needed an H-Scene. IMO.

Good job.
"Needed" an h-scene, sir, "NEEDED"?! After post 3 it was obvious that it would have an h-scene. Then the writefag pussied out and gave this half-assed cop-out.
Something about the writing style just really put me off. I couldn't read past the beginning of part 2. The writing is just really awkward sounding.
File 125665309780.jpg - (215.74KB, 850x1390 , sample-fd797c26a6ef8cc9dc5d3e8d962cfd0d.jpg) [iqdb]
I wish I could, but my H-writing skill is nowhere as good as Patchwork.

Yeah, my apology for the weird writing style. If there's anything I can do to improve my writing, shoot it away. I'm listening.

I appreciate this. Saving.
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what the fuck is "honey-flavoured love substance"?
Well... you see... when a mommy loves another mommy very much...

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