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[x] Go to your room and practice distance manipulation. Make it short distances, say from your bed to the door and repeat as necessary.

Come to think of it, you never really did get the hang of the distance manipulation thing before, and you hadn't really taken the time to practice either really. Last time you did you ended up ramming into someone, and you're not even sure if it actually worked in the first place, considering you had your eyes closed. Maybe a more controlled environment would be better, somewhere that you have a little risk of running into someone or something. This makes your room the most viable choice. You take flight for your goal.

You touch down outside your room and open the door, closing it as you enter and heading over to the bed. You turn to face the door and sit on the edge of the bed. Okay then, this should be good, it's about six feet from you to the door, long enough to be a noticeable change, and short enough that it likely wouldn't need a great amount of concentration. You close your eyes and create a mental vision of the room. It takes you a few seconds to fully realize the dimensions in your head, focusing specifically on the door in front of you. You picture the door, and visualize yourself on the bed. You run through the steps you were told, visualizing a hand extending from your body and reaching out, snaking through the air towards the door. You concentrate on the target, and you start to feel a tingling in your chest where the spectral hand emerges in your imagination. You immediately shift attention to the sensation, a pulling sensation, like tape being pulled off skin. This must be a sign it's working, you don't remember feeling this before. You gather some energy up in your body and direct it to your chest, envisioning a glowing light spreading through the area. You envision the area the hand reaches from expanding, and the glow and sensation spreads with it. The larger it gets, the stronger the pulling sensation becomes. You envision the hand at the door digging it's fingers into the wall, and give a great pull.

You fall flat on your ass, eyes snapping open as you sprawl onto the ground in front of the door. God damn, it worked! Maybe you should have been standing, but it worked! Of course, it took you about five minutes of concentration, but you did it for sure. You wonder how far you can make it go, but then you start to consider that it took you five minutes just to travel to your door, perhaps you should just stick to improving your technique over short distances for now. Komachi can move great distances in the blink of an eye, you want to at least be able to move six feet with only a moments thought. Picking yourself up off the ground, you walk back to your bed and sit once again. You might as well continue practicing, you might be able to cut down the time it takes you even now with a little bit of work, now that you've done it once.

You spend another half an hour practicing the technique, each time you're successful you fall to the ground as a sign of victory. You make a slight progress in the time needed, managing to cut nearly a minute. Towards the end you began to practice with your eyes open, but had a much harder time meeting success, actually increasing the time it took. At least you still have the technique under your belt. You won't be using it in emergency conditions any time soon, but you never know when it might be handy. Now that you've spent time with that, you lay back on your bed, trying to think of something else to pass the time with.


Maybe one day I'll learn what it's like to be a real writefag and get out updates without having to take weeks to get out several paragraphs.
Is Youmu still here or not?
I'll go with yes.
[x] Go visit Youmu, see how she's doing regarding her letter.
[x] Go visit Youmu, see how she's doing regarding her letter.
[x] Go visit Youmu, see how she's doing regarding her letter.
Not that it wasn't already kind of obvious already, but I suppose a statement is in order.

Updates are likely going to be fairly long in between for now. With university classes every other day of the week and lots of reading and writing to do on the days in between, I'm focusing more on my own entertainment. Updates will tentatively be limited to weekends, though I will try to write any time I have the urge, even if I only get out a few more lines. Hopefully this will improve as I start to get used to university.
Good luck man.
[x] Go visit Youmu, see how she's doing regarding her letter.

Right. She might need us to go out and buy more paper.


I feel for you.
[x] Go visit Youmu, see how she's doing regarding her letter.

Youmu comes to mind, and the business between her and her father. You haven't really talked with her much about it, have you? After how you brought up the subject, only to let it go like that afterwards... Maybe you should just visit her to apologize, though so long after the fact seems a little foolish. In any case, you want to have a word with her. You roll forward off your bed and set out of the room, making your way to Youmu's room to start. She doesn't stay far from Yuyuko's room, which makes it fairly easy to find. As you approach the door, you hear movement from within the room. Seems that you're in luck, you won't have to looking for her. Still, you stop to consider what you're going to say, and the idea of the letter comes back to you. That's right, you could ask about that. Not wanting to just intrude, you knock on the frame of the door.

“Come in,” she calls out. With that, you slide open the door, finding Youmu standing in the middle of her room, holding her sword at her side, dressed only in a pair of bloomers and some bandage wrapped around her chest. After a few seconds for the realization to catch up to you, you look away.

“Uh, sorry, you were probably not expecting me,” you say, trying to sound apologetic. You hear Youmu moving, and glance back to see her picking up a towel from a table nearby. She has a better figure than you thought, though still petite. No surprise though, considering how loose her clothes usually are. You avert your eyes before she turns back to you.

“I don't particularly mind,” she says, dabbing with the towel. “I'm not nude, after all. We'd have a problem then,” she smirks. “What brings you here?”

“I wanted to talk about your father,” you say, looking Youmu in the eyes. She freezes up for a second before turning away.

“I don't really want to talk about that,” she says, walking back to the center of the room and taking up her sword again. Seems she was doing drills. “If that's what you've come for-”

“Look, I know it's a bad topic for you, but I wanted to bring it up because I want to help you,” you say, stepping into the room. “Have you tried writing a letter? It might be possible to bring it to him to get a response.”

“What makes you think that,” Youmu responds, lowering her sword again. “If you even could find him again, after all these years, if he were to receive a letter from his daughter, do you think he'd respond? If he really wanted to hear from me, he'd have made contact on his own.”

“Even if you don't want a response, you could just write a letter to tell him how you're doing,” you say, sensing this topic already falling in to a hard downward spiral. Youmu looks at you for a second, then walks over to a small table and pulls out a pad of paper and a small box. From the box she produces a brush and a small bottle, a calligraphy set of some sort. After a few seconds, she tears the page off the pad, then walks towards you. She hands it over with a straight face, and you read what she wrote. In rough, bold lines is written 'coward' across the entire page.

“This is all I have,” she says flatly, returning to the center of the room again. “Now if you excuse me.” She returns to her drills again, leaving you with the page in your hand. You suppose that could have went a little better, whatever her real issues are, she's going to take some work to get to really open up. At the very least you weren't attacked, so that's something. You can only close the door behind you as you leave. “Be ready for tomorrow, we're having another training session,” Youmu calls to you after the door closes. Well, you have that to look forward to. Right now though, no such plans.


In going back through the threads past, I somehow feel like I lost something along the way. A shift in my style? The way I wrote a character? Hm.

Would you mind giving a summary of whats happened so far? I've become lost about what to do since the we brought Mokou over. Right now it just sort of feels we're just farting around and looking for anything to do until the plot comes back.
That didn't turn out well but at least me made a little progress. We got a hint to the relationship between her and her father but the problem is, is she putting herself down for not being able to put her thoughts together or does she resent Youki for leaving her.

Also, your writing looks good to me Mode. No problems here.

[x] Go outside and practice your curse manipulation.

Our curse manipulation worked fairly well in our fight against Suwako but wiped us out pretty quickly. We should build up some tolerance before the big fights start happening.

After bringing Mokou to Hakugyokuro:

- Helping Wriggle improve her feminine image, picking up second hand clothes at Kourindou.
- Learning that the Hakurei Shrine collapsed.
- SWR: Nobody's story Prologue - Suika fight
- SWR: Nobody's story - Suwako fight
- Sharing what you learned of the event with Reimu
- Calm Marisa's hostility towards you, learn about Mima's possible whereabouts.
- Visit Scarlet Devil Mansion, short bout with Sakuya, enact further plans against Remilia.
- Accepted Yukari's underground mission for an unspecified later time in exchange for a solution to Alice's sexual frustrations
- Another reflection on events so far
- 'Date with Yuyuko' story event, learn of Yuyuko's desire to depart from the afterlife.
- Cameo appearance by an OC that persists between two of my stories.

Right now, yeah, you kind of are pissing around. Wasting the rest of the day practicing abilities isn't really a misuse of time though. There are a few loose ends left to tie up: SDM's situation, Yuyuko's issues, Yuyuko's issues, Wriggle's issues, and SWR, though continued involvement in that is optional. Yukari's mission will be a separate thing from the current events, I might actually just delegate that to the land of 'extra scenes' so I don't take up more time to get back to possessing Touhous.

Thanks for this.

It gets annoying trying to come up with write-ins when you don't have any ideas of where to go.

[x] Go outside and practice your curse manipulation.
[0] Go outside and practice your curse manipulation.
[x] Go outside and practice your curse manipulation.
[ℤℯ] Go outside and practice your curse manipulation.
Can you rar up everything you wrote till now again for me please? I haven't read your story for ages now and would like to catch up again.
Practicing curse manipulation isn't going to be a big help when Suwako got her start conquering a host of curse gods, and swordplay is to be practiced with Youmu.

[x] Head to Moriya shrine. Kanako might be interested in meeting you.
[x] If she's not there, check on that lead Marisa gave you about Mima: The busted-up house that appeared in the mountains behind the Hakurei shrine.

I still think we should try approaching Kanako to ask for tips on defeating Suwako and maybe finding out what divinity we're descended from. Remember that Kanako did set out in search for us after we created that tornado, which was Suwako's explanation for her absence.

Second, I think we might get more progress with Youmu if we can get him to send a letter to her first. Besides approaching Komachi, there's Mima who might be able to help us do that. Secondly, we need Mima in order to complete Alice's route.

>“If it's Mima... there's an old house way out in the mountains behind Reimu's shrine, kind of looks like it fell through the border rather than just appearing, so it's all busted up. She might be there, since it's the closest place. That's just a guess though...”

Alright, deleted previous vote.

[x] Head to Moriya shrine. Kanako might be interested in meeting you.
[x] If she's not there, check on that lead Marisa gave you about Mima: The busted-up house that appeared in the mountains behind the Hakurei shrine.
>Perfect Curse Manipulation
>Go outside and practice your curse manipulation

What? Why are you going to practice something you are perfect at?
Okay, been a while since I've updated, owe you at least a heads-up.

This week is a faggot, seriously. I not only have a midterm exam tomorrow I don't even know if I'm ready to take, but I also have a paper to write for Friday, as well as a shitload of reading and self-testing for an online course I'm taking as well. It's a headache beyond all possible comprehension for a student as shitty as me. However, there is good news. I have no classes for the rest of next week.
So, since it came up in >>/gensokyo/2185 , I've decided to come forward here.

If you read through that thread, you'd get an understanding of the situation, but I'll repeat somewhat here: I think Hakugyokuro has been a big, big misdirection, and it's seemingly been a cause for a bit of discontent with the reader base. I'd like to finish it as soon as possible, but at the same time, a huge retcon could also potentially solve the problem. I've also imagined doing a reboot, starting over from scratch. Both of these options kind of feel like a cop-out, but frankly, if there's any support for a retcon/reboot to get back to possessing girls and doing the ghost thing as this started with, I'd be open to hearing it. If not, I'll just proceed as normal.

As I said to you in that thread, I support a massive retcon to way back before Nobody even got a body. I realize it may make a lot of your work feel a waste, but I think it would make the story a great deal more enjoyable.

I think the main problems with things are A) How it seems too much is on his shoulders (He's trying to solve every problem in Gensokyo rather forcibly) and the mood whiplash in some parts (The whole thing with Yuyuko.)

The words are still here, and I've still learned and hopefully grown from the time I spent on it. Whether or not it gets retconned, it's not a waste.
Yes, retconning to before the Hakugyokuro arc is appealing, but it also means that all else was for nothing. But considering that half of the time spent until here ever since Youmu's possession was SNOWis clueless for the most part.
>And write-ins only makes things significantly slower; anon is clueless for the most part.

So true. I can't begin to count the time I've spent coming up with write-ins for this only to have to flip back through old threads to remember what's happened and figure out what the hell to do.

You should reinstate choices with an option for write-ins.

Yeah, I spent like, what, 4-5 threads on that thing? That was about the time I started to come to the conclusion I might have made a mistake.
I'd support a retcon. I stopped closely following shortly after we gained a body, since the ephemeral being/possession aspect of the story was what was most appealing to me.

I also second the notion on write-in only all the time. On occasion is fine, but it does slow responses quite a bit.
I suppose I should probably see if there are more opinions on the matter before I make a final call on the matter, but at this rate, a reset back to post Hina. I'd cycle the choices, so there's a new batch of characters. I think I'll avoid getting back to Hakugyokuro for a while.

Of course, now with a new game out...

If there is a retcon please add choices back in.
We've spent so much time in Hakugyokurou that retconning it all away seems like a waste. Besides, if you're a ghost, Hakugyokurou is the best and most obvious place to get help. It seemed to me that the biggest disadvantage of the Hakugyokurou arc was that the situation was very similar to Patchwork's HLA round 1, but at least that's over now.

The problem we're now facing is, so many of the characters know us that possessing people will become impossible... unless it means becoming Gensokyo's ultimate spy! Suppose Yukari intentionally sends us out to intervene in the SWR plot by possessing Iku in order to gather intelligence about Tenshi? Suppose her mission for us in the underground involves possessing an SA character? Visiting the underground could be a lot like the initial story arc, except that instead of Komachi and Reimu being our enemies, it'll be Orin and Satori.

But if you really do want to retcon something, I'd recommend having Yuyuko know that her body's sealing the Saigyou Ayakashi, because it seems pretty stupid of her not to know this after the events of PCB. I think releasing Yuyuko from the afterlife is one task we're going to have to decline, because she's just too much fun to watch where she is right now. (Or if we solve her problem by taking her place, that's going to be the last thing we do: it'll be Prince of the Netherworld End.)

There will be choices, for sure.


Part of the concerns of mine is that it would be difficult to recover after the Hakugyokuro arc, though I must admit that people being suspicious of possessions are the least of the worries. The story started in spring, with the possession of Cirno, and two possessions later, it's midsummer, despite only spending a few days total. You've been around a lot longer than just over a week, but there's a long lapse of time between the initial possession and when you actually gain enough power to manifest your control over the body, leading to weeks of lost time. Since you've arrived, the rumour of an escaped spirit has long faded into memory, and only a handful of people are actually aware of your ability to possess in the first place.

And why the hell did we not know of that difference in time? In before anon is clueless.

Well, hate to say it, but it's more or less that you didn't pick up on it. I could have been a bit more clear, in hindsight.
Huhh.... sick a few months and things happen. Hm.

Provided the retcon occurs, would it still be possible to have the parts of the Hakugyokuro arc happen, but more spread out/interwoven into other parts?

For instance, it's doubtful we'd get entire Yuyu days without Hakugyokuro. However, it may be possible to see her in the middle of other arcs. Example : Showing up during a particularly tricky time and listening to us and maybe even giving some advice back. (If she seems to come in out of nowhere, she both knows ghosts and is rather perceptive. At the very least, she'd probably try to figure out what we're doing, possessing a host.) Pay her back by treating her to dinner, and it's actually a date. (Although we might not know it if Nobody doesn't figure out that she actually knows 'he' exists.) Each go back home thinking highly of the other.

Another arc, just about the same thing happens. Maybe cooks for her instead, opting not to bankrupt his current host by accident. Getting drunk and giving her a kiss. (Very awkward the next day when you realize that you also involved your host as well.) Provided Nobody doesn't figure out she's just following him, looks up to her thinking that she just helps people, like him. Maybe play an increasing supporting role, actively nudging things along because it's interesting and fun. blehanurraeljugasdfaljkfjasf

Incidentally, it's been around a year since I Muhaha. Come to think of it, maybe it would've gotten more votes if it was a a sexsd and snowfight. goddamn i am tired

Come to think of it, there was something about Komachi and Youmu as well that I forgot.
I for one like the story as it is now, and want to see it continue in its present form. The only retcons I support are making the sex scenes canonical (since it helps explain Yukari's attitude) and that Yuyuko know that her body is sealed beneath the Saigyou Ayakashi.

I see nothing wrong with the present narrative. No one except a certain few trusted persons know that Kenshiro has possessed people. I was thinking Kenshiro should 'die' as a public entity during the SWR arc in a fight with Remilia, after giving Youmu the 'East is Burning Red' speech that she'll need in order to gain the courage necessary to defeat Tenshi and finish writing her letter. Yuyuko, and others known personally by Nobody, could be told the truth in secret, while Remilia spreads the word of her own victory.

As for the belongings identifying him as Kenshiro, the Kusanagi has been variously reported and represented as different kinds of swords; since Kenshiro knows some magic, couldn't he transmute it? Seems like the kind of spell a witch would know. Or maybe he could learn from Suwako how she transmutes her own weapons, once he defeats her?
>The only retcons I support are making the sex scenes canonical

There's a problem with that. He's said in a previous thread if the Alice Scene was canon we wouldn't have time for the snowball fight.

But if that infamous snowball fight is retconed it'll make time for the Alice scene.

Well, it's pseudo-canon. It's considered to have happened, but not as written, since the way it was done suggests multiple rounds of fucking fury.

Then there's the Hina connection. Being of distant divine descent, and Goddess's ability to conceive from any sexual partner, there'd be the problem that suddenly, Hina has a child that will suspiciously grow to look somewhat like 'that one ghost dude that was around 10 or so years ago', which is what's kept me from considering it as canon.

Of course, canon or not wouldn't specifically matter for Yukari, since from her point of view there is technically no fourth wall. Even if they didn't canonically happen, Yukari knows that they could have, and in 'alternate realities', has.

I suppose I should probably hold a formal vote for the retcon idea, since it is something that would have a huge impact. Maybe I'll make a thread for that so it doesn't take up room in this one.
>Yukari knows that they could have, and in 'alternate realities', has.

She's a bit of a cunt that way.
>[spoile]Then there's the Hina connection. Being of distant divine descent, and Goddess's ability to conceive from any sexual partner, there'd be the problem that suddenly, Hina has a child that will suspiciously grow to look somewhat like 'that one ghost dude that was around 10 or so years ago', which is what's kept me from considering it as canon.[/spoiler]

THAT is the reason?" That...is not a good reason, at all. Really! That would actually be pretty cool...

But if you are intent on using that as a lame excuse, then be aware that Hina has the most effective anti-conceptive method of all: kill everything inside her womb with curse and misfortune.

Drama for the sake of drama is stupid.

Nobody doesn't need more shit on his plate.
Personally, I like the idea that Yukari (and maybe Yuyuko helped as well) simply held back the sunset for a bit the just like how the night got extended in IN.

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