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Pic unrelated

Two women were sitting at table, discussing a book the other had found in her travels.

"This is rather disturbing, but it raises a point. I've let things go too far and too long for me to try to stop alone. But I thank you for bringing this to my attention. But..." the first woman said about the book the other one found; her voice being youthful.

"You want me to bring in something to shake things up, is that it? Well it should prove to be more entertaining as opposed to random stunts. But I will need some time to find the ideal catalyst, since I doubt the average person would do in this case." The second woman said, with a more mature sounding voice.

The other woman replied in an angered tone, "Of course! The last visitor made a complete perverted ass of himself. It took all the kindness in my heart just to toss him out. That little darkness youkai must be getting more than she ever wanted with such easy prey!"

"So you need someone fearless yet with character? Such a person would make all of Gensokyo more lively. But I wonder what would your plans be for the catalyst otherwise..." the older woman remarked.

"Depends on his potential, since it's a vast unknown out there, and there may be something I'm seeking for different reasons. And not a snide remark about that!" the younger woman shouted.

"Well I will be off then, since I have plans to make for what might ultimately prevent incident down the line." the older woman said as she exited.

"I do hope so, Yukari" the younger woman replied to the air as she left the room, leaving a book with a red leather cover, with these words somewhat visible: "St....ne...." and "....em.....r"

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I'm just saying that this is a food for thought sort of thing that will become clearer as you read the story.

Also depending on how long it takes for the old data to be moved, I might add a few more small little stories here.
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This is an alternate take of a scene later in the story, but it serves as a prototype of how some characters are portrayed.

This also serves as a bit of a writing prototype.

Also there are hints to aspects of the actual story littered about.

I guess I should be lucky, getting a big party at the SDM in my honor... then again Remy said she wanted an excuse to throw a party to keep up with Kaguya ("That moon NEET", Remy's own words) and Yuyuko.

So far it's a nice little party and I've been introduced to many many people, some of which I've met. And Remy was nice enough to let Cirno and her friends in as well.

I guess I should take some time to check in with Flan; good thing today's a safe day or else, she'd get no visitors at all.

I go down to the basement where Flan was playing Guilty Gear Accent core, practicing a long combo.

I speak up; "I guess you're not too badly bored with the party going on."

"Not really, I understand why, and Marisa and Meiling already visited. I don't want to accidently ruin big sister's party. I know I can be scary at times, and that's why I get no visitors on those days. But it's better than losing my friends." She replies. Oh Flan, only you could be so insightful and cute. Once again I find my icy shell falling apart further as I realize how cheesy that thought was.

She then speaks again. "Thanks for visiting, Johnny. But you should get going; it's your party after all. Don't worry about me; I'm still trying to perfect this Eddie infinite combo. Have fun upstairs, and don't drink the Oni's drinks, they're too strong for humans" as she continues playing the game as I go back upstairs.

But as soon as I went up there I was confronted by no other than the two Oni.

"Come on Johnny, I doubt you've been introduced to the underground folk yet. Name's Yuugi, though I'm sure you know it already." The taller, much curvier Oni speaks as she drags me along. In fact she was easily 1-2 heads taller than me, and obviously strong enough to drag me like a kid.

"And I'm Suika, and we were just getting some more drinks for the party room... and for ourselves! Don't let Reimu fool you; she's as much as a party animal as we are once she drinks enough." The smaller Oni says. I knew Suika from some of the games; not so much Yuugi... though that might change for various reasons.

Soon I was dragged into a corner of the party where it seems all the folks from the latest shooter were sitting down talking. "Look what I dragged in; it's the human the vampire's showing off!" Yuugi remarks as she then took a drink from a dish she pulls out of nowhere and drank some what I assume to be strong as hell booze from it.

"I don't understand why a big deal is made, but its nice being here. I'm Yamame, and while I have power over diseases, I don't abuse it." The blonde spider youkai says. Part of me wonders how she'd fit in with Cirno's group.

"And that girl swinging from the ceiling is Kisume. Oh you should introduce yourself to Satori's group, just to be polite" She adds. I remember that Satori being a mind reader.

I'm interrupted before I could speak. "Your name is Jonathan Smith, correct? I am Satori and this is my sister Koishi. I hope that wasn't too uncalled for." The purple haired girl answers.

"Wow a human male, I wonder if you're also able to do amazing things like those two" Koishi says, wearing something that came out of the 1920s. Weird sisters, Satori reminds me of Yuki from that Haruhi anime, and Koishi seems nice enough.

"Oh I'm Rin and she's... Utsuho, but you can call us Orin and Okuu." The 4 eared cat girl speaks up. Her hair is akin to the wendy's mascot... damn I'm hungry for a hamburger now. After I'm done here, I should see if there's any left.

The crow-girl near by then replies cheerfully, "Hi! I'm the strongest, not that fairy! But you should be careful of the lake outside; people that go in it never come out." Now what kind of a retard jumps in a freezing cold lake? Though Okuu’s known for her birdbrained aggressiveness, she looks very cute at the moment.

"Don't worry, I'm not that stupid. You're pretty cute as well as strong" I reply as I end up ruffling her head. She likes it by the fact she's smiling, but I start to get a bit worried.

"Don't worry, she doesn't leak any radiation. She isn't fission powered. Though she only lets nice people other than me ruffle her hair like that." Satori reassures me. I'm getting used to being called a nice guy. It feels nice though, to be applauded as a nice guy. I still have no idea what compelled me to ruffle a cute atomic crow-girl’s hair, just that it’s nice, so I continue.

I would be offended by Satori’s mind reading, but I think it’s rather nifty. I just have to make sure I’m not thinking anything offensive. “Thank you for being understanding” Satori replies. I wish more women could read men’s minds at the right time, which would clear up so many things.

After a few minutes of ruffling Okuu's hair, I decided to end it. She looks kind of sad but smiles. "Thanks! Oh! I wonder if Mystia’s finished some more of those eels” she adds as she runs off.

Then there’s Parsee, whom I think I’ll apologize to, since I think she’d end up jealous. “I’m Parsee, and I’m jealous of how you talked to everyone else first, and how you can pee standing up!” she remarks with an angry face before having a blush as she adds, “Sorry about that! I’m trying to get over my jealousy addiction. I learned just because I was a jealous youkai is no excuse for being so petty. I’m so- SORRY!” She says as she runs off. She’s a lot cuter when she isn’t being petty, that’s for damn sure.

“Well Johnny boy, now we’ve gotten that finished, it’s time for us to have a competition. You get to choose since it’s only fair to have an outsider get a handicap. It’s been a while since I did an old fashioned competition with human, especially a male. Suika’s been bragging too much about that guy.” She says behind me. I wonder what she means by that remark. But it might have a nice prize, heh. Now let me see things I could beat an Oni in... Only a few things come to mind here. First being video games, I doubt they know about those. There’s the whole not drinking thing, but that’s boring and not so sure fire. And there’s something those geeks taught me.... THE GAME. The ultimate trump card, since as far as I figured only Yukari and perhaps the moriya folk would be immune to it. Never has a better idea come to my mind.

“What are the terms of the prize? Since don’t you Oni have prize conditions?” I ask, slowly getting excited at the prospect of beating an Oni at a game. Though I shouldn’t get too excited; it’s not like she seriously wants to fuck me.

“To be honest, not really, but if you lost, I’d have made you drink this shady energy drink the moon doctor made and had my way with you until I was done. Do you have any idea how annoying it is to hear a friend braging about their sex life when you’re high and dry? And I heard that Suika’s human boyfriend actually appreciate the whole body, not just the pussy.” Yuugi says honestly while holding a can with that freaky parody of Eirin on it. You gotta give them that; they are very honest.

“If you manage to beat me, it’ll be up to you. Hope it’s interesting since losing to a coward is no fun.” She adds. I smirk as I know what I want. After all I never fucked an oni before. And that shady energy drink sounds like it could come in handy.

“I accept, since it’ll be one of many highlights of this party” I say confidently as Suika starts gathering people.

“I can’t help you now.... I hope you got a good plan, since humans don’t usually win these things.” I heard Reimu say as she came up to me. She shouldn’t worry; I have this in the bag.

“Remilia, could you please bring down the playstation 2, since the competition will be Hyper Street Fighter II” I ask politely to Remy as she calls for Sakuya to bring it down.

“You have no excuses to lose this match; the pride of the Scarlet Devil Mansion is leaning on this!” Remy says to me as Sakuya brings it down and hooks it up to the otherwise unused TV without fail.

“Oh Street Fighter? I play that on an old 3D0 that someone dumped. Let’s see how you outsiders do at such an old game! Even in video games, us underground Oni are no slouches” Yuugi says confidently. FUCK! Well I’m in for a tough battle. Inner Geek, give me skills!

It was a hard long battle, even my best tried and true fighters had trouble against her Zangief. If I didn’t know the meaning of real soviet damage before, I do now. But I barely prevail with Ryu.. “Well I guess I won...” I said, realizing my plans were ruined.

“It was a nice close fight, but I want a rematch, this time, give me your best shot! I want to beat you in your strongest game!” Yuugi exclaims. She wants my best shot.... oh she’ll get it.

“Come on, Johnny! Win this game, otherwise I’d have to return all those books early!” Marisa shouts with a mug in her hand. Alice and Patchy proceed to shake their heads at their friend’s irresponsibility.

“Okay everyone, I’m going to tell you all about THE GAME.” I say as I notice Yukari and Suwako walk away. They must know about it. I then resume speaking “There are only three rules to this game. First, you are always playing it. Second, when you think about THE GAME, you lose, and all losses must be announced!” I say to everyone in the room watching the competition.

And it is glorious seeing the reactions, people are screaming, hanging their heads down. It’s rather crazy how I just basically owned most of Touhou’s most memorable figures in one fell swoop. “I LOVE YOU JOHNNY!” An obviously smashed out of her right might Komachi is heard saying as her boss tries to stop her from stripping naked. Too bad, since I could have used a threesome to highlight my victory; but I don’t fuck drunk girls, they wouldn’t remember it, and their fuckability suffers. Ah well, if my luck holds up I might think of another great game to beat Komachi at as to fuck her.

Suika in contrast is laughing, ever the fun loving oni. But Yuugi’s reaction is the best.

Her Sake Drop.

Yeah I’m using that stupid meme just to show how badly I owned her. I decide to scan for that shady drink. Why? I suspect it’ll make me rock hard for a long time, and frankly if I’m about to fuck someone with superhuman stamina, I need a little something in my corner. I find it and chug it, causing a few gasps. “Fine choice, my good human! A night with her is a worthy prize for a worthy game!” Suika quips as she takes another drink out of her gourd.

“But you won...” Yuugi says still shocked. From what I seen earlier, it’s obvious her body perhaps only has one area with body fat: Her seemingly firm double Ds.

I go up to her and whisper in her ear “Yes and my prize is getting to fuck your brains out... that is if you want to. I’m not really into the whole forced thing” as I smile at her as to ease her worries.

“A deal’s a deal, but let’s take it somewhere private” Yuugi said regaining her normal confidence. As she stands up, I’m reminded at how she towers over me. We quickly go up into my room in the mansion as I heard Remy disperse the crowd.

“Are you a virgin?” Yuugi asks as she takes off her skirt to reveal a red G-string highlighting her buns of titanium.

I stripped myself down to my boxers when I heard that as I answered, “No, I’ve been around, though it’ll be my first with an Oni.”

She was then taking off her shirt as she says, “I see that drink’s worked its magic” as she finishes taking it off, letting her very firm yet soft breasts jiggle. I also noticed how her G-string as soaked as she then took it off.

She lay down on the bed as I waste no time getting rid of my boxers and playing with them and other areas of her body. What a marvelous contrast of hard and soft.

“You don’t have to worry about me breaking, Johnny. Go wild, since I’m your prize for the night!” She says as I did just that, fully kneading them and playing with her nipples enough to arouse but not to hurt. I soon got bored of that and proceed to suck on one of them, carefully yet vigorously licking and nibbling her nipples. Wow I guess even iron-skinned Oni can be sensitive in the right spots.

I move to the other one as I heard her shout, “I’ve got to talk Parsee into trying him out!” I stopped and looked at her, realizing that her Oni honestly reared itself.

“Does she know you’re fucking me?” I ask. No offense to the cute jealous youkai, but I’m still having my prize.

“Sure, that’s one of the reasons I came, to see if you were worth a casual fuck. That and it’s a party that has my buddy Suika in it. It’s too bad her boyfriend couldn’t come, said he had work to do outside, something about UFOs and giant robots. Supposedly the guy outdrank her in a drinking contest. Well it might be possible, since you basically beaten me so soundly. Supposedly, he’s super famous around here, but I haven’t heard of him before recently.” She replies. I suspect who she’s talking about.... that’d be a real mind fuck.

“But enough chitchat for now, just lie down and enjoy yourself. I’m going to try to give the second best titfuck in all of Gensokyo.” I wonder who’s in first place... never mind. No girl or woman likes it when the guy thinks of another one. I just relax and enjoy it, since none of my exes with good enough do nothing but slap me each time I suggest it.

She is no way half-assing this... then again Oni were never the sort to half ass things. Tch... Not even with the best penis drug Eirin can make could prevent what occurs eventfully after such tit mastery: the climax.

“Yuu...” I try to say before I come on her face and the top of her breasts. She takes some of it on her finger and licks it. “This goes good with sake... who am I kidding I’m an Oni, anything goes good with sake!” As she manages to pull a Sake bottle out of her pile of clothes as she uses it to rinse off the come off her face and breasts and into her sake dish in which she drinks it.

She hands a bottle to me as she says “Don’t worry its normal sake, something I carry around in the case that Suika isn’t around for refills.”

I decide to take a chug.... and DAAMMMNN! It burns.... but it’s also good. “First time drinking sake and you chug it? I thought humans like you didn’t exist.” She adds with a smile. I think at this rate I’d at least walk away with a friend, if not a fuck buddy.

“I’m not exactly nor-whoa” I say as I notice her pouring and rubbing in the sake all over her naked body. And talk about a nice little blonde muff. Sake as fingering lubricant... I guess that fish guy’s crack pot theory about Onis drinking so much that they lactate sake might have been right.

I decide to take a closer look as she fingers herself. “Why not use it as a cup? Since pussy shots are a tradition among Oni couples.” Might as well, since I never know when I’d get to fuck an oni again. She lies back as she pours some in. I waste no time in licking it and finding out her juices add favor and texture to the sake that’s in there as she helped me drink out of there. Her twitches, pants and slight moans are hard to miss. Yep I’m getting buzzed.

“I think that’s enough, since as much as I’d like to get smashed to celebrate, I want to remember this.... and drunken guys can’t fuck worth a shit.” I remark. And truth be told, my cock cannot wait.

“Suika would beg to differ with her boyfriend. Parsee can use her cute little tongue any time, but I want something else down there” she said as I quickly got the point. My cock goes in nice and smooth and she’s definitely nicely snug. I wonder which position I should use first. I got all night, a willing horny (heh) girl, and a raging boner that won’t end. So far she’s in the doggy style position... not a bad choice; since I want to at least make her come once before I do so twice.

I figured she’d like it rather fast and hard, since I’m sure she could take it. “Ah... been....ooh.... Too long... big for a human...” I hear her say. I think any girl used to Japanese guys would say about my dick. I wonder when the last time she had sex with a guy. I thought 2 weeks long blue balls were bad. First I play with her breasts as I fucked her. I Guess I must be doing well since she was gasping the usual things when a girl gets a good fuck. But eventfully, I started to feel the pressure build, which at that point I grab her hips and start to go harder and faster... perhaps more than I could.

Things after that kind became a blur now that I’m pondering it in the afterglow... we tried out all sorts of positions, coming in her like no one’s business, and Yuugi loving every second of it. Somewhere along the way we started drinking again, and at that point I passed out.

Ugh.... my head... my arms... my legs... FUCK and my dick! “Let’s see what I did...” I accidently say outloud as I struggle to open my eyes.

What I see is Yuugi, still naked seemingly calm and sober as if she didn’t outdrink a whole bar, looking at me. “Are you alright, Johnny? You really did go overboard last night. But you can now say you beaten an oni, fucked her brains out while loving every second of it! Don’t mean to copy my little green eyed cutie, but I’m almost jealous of the girl that gets her hands on you!” she says. I don’t think it’s a big deal, since I had help from that drink.

“As well as surviving it, heh, My body might be a wreck but I feel rather badass” I say to her. I wonder what- OH SHIT! I didn’t have a rubber!

“Calm down, I prepared for this so I won’t be popping out any babies. Even Oni guys have the whole ‘oh shit! I knocked her up face’. Care for a morning drink? Oh sorry, I forgot that humans usually feel like shit after doing that much drinking. Let me get you a glass of water” She says getting up, giving a good view of her ass. Tch... I do not need my dick acting up while it’s sore. She heads into the walk in bath room and sounds of something being filled as she comes out with some aspirin and water. “Suika taught me that these pills help humans with their hangovers.”

I took them and she let me rest my head on her naked lap. “You’re like an incestuous little brother. And to think according to Suika, this was a tame party!” She says as she chuckles.

I relaxed until a knocking was heard at the door as I heard Parsee’s voice say “Are you alright in there?” Yuugi got up, not even dressed as she goes to the door.

From what I see Sakuya was also there, but holding her nose. “What did you do to make that room smell like Raunchy sake?” she asks with an angry tone that seems to be increasing.

Yuugi replies, “Sex with an oni, it’s pretty normal, actually better than normal, no vomit.”

I noticed Sakuya starting to get angry “How... dare... you... flaunt those...” she mutters. Oh shit... a boob complex... and at this rate I think she’s going to pick a fight with someone who she can’t beat.

“Oh a fight? I’ll take you on! I had a good drink, a good fuck, now all that’s felt is a good fight” Yuugi said taking a fighting stance, mindless of the fact she’s naked and still has cum dribbling out of her still.

“STOP IT! Please Yuugi, get dressed, we don’t want to start trouble here.” Parsee shouted loud enough to cause my head to ache.

“Alright, but could you keep it quiet here? The kid’s gotten himself a hangover, and I think Suika said loud noises aren’t good for them.” Yuugi said, quickly getting dressed as she walked in my direction. “Sorry but it seems I’m pissing off the maid. Keep your ears open, since while having her be jealous of my body may be one thing, but the whole matter of a being with a man cannot. Hope you don’t mind, after all she is pretty cute, and you don’t need to go so hard and fast with her. Well see ya later kid, and rest up” as she left.

With that note I fall back asleep.... and wake up surrounded by Patchy, Meiling, Sakuya, and Eirin. “What happened?”

“You passed out for a week. I guess I should perfect that... energy drink more. I only gave that to her due to the fact she agreed to some tests. Not every day where you get to study an oni. But I’ve been supervising your care in the past week as to make up for the... misjudgment.” Eirin says with an air of class. Ouch... seems my dick’s still kinda sore, but at least it still works if it reacts to how her dress hugs around one of the biggest pair of tits I’ve seen.

“Ah I had an idea of what I was doing, but...” I trail off, being a bit embarrassed about it.

“I hope you’re proud of yourself for your acts of sheer recklessness” Patchy says, kind of snidely. Not surprised, she’s always like this when I do something stupid.

“I most certainly am, most guys would have wet themselves” I shot back as she chuckled softly.

“I was worried for the whole week after that party, so were some of the other guests. Reimu actually apologized for not stopping them. That’s a very rare event indeed” Meiling replies in a kind tone. Even from the start she’s been the nicest to me, even in the face of penis-driven stupidity.

“Sorry about that outburst, it was very uncouth of me to behave in such a manner. I do hope that you send Yuugi-san my apologies and a reminder that in the future to answer the doors dressed. But I too am relieved that you are alright, but please refrain from actions that would negatively impact the mansion’s reputation.” Perfect and elegant more or less, expected no less from Sakuya. Maybe I did get a bit carried away... Nah, getting carried away would be the whole thing in plain sight.

And to think that was a tame party; I start to wonder about if I’d survive a wild one. I quickly dismiss the notion; since I was too busy being excited about the future, one that definitely wouldn’t be boring.
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"Really Yukari, what the hell are you thinking bringing in all these people!?" A Teenage brunette girl in an unusual red outfit that seems to emphasize the armpits and side of her breasts speak.

"I just wanted to liven things up, I never imagined they'd behave so terribly. Though a few folks had the good sense to live in the village." Yukari replies in a collected manner.

"Oh you never had to deal with them asking about my armpits! They're not the only good part of my body, as you'd know. Next time I see some outsider pulling shit, I WILL make you pay for it." Reimu replies angrily.

"I'll stop it, they've been proving to be boring anyways. I guess those stories I've read were wrong." Yukari muses.

"You don't mean those stories where people could make stupid choices like that lake. Before now I never knew outsiders were mostly a bunch of idiots that'd make that Ice Fairy seem smart." Reimu shouts.

"I guess I'll figure something else to do to pass the time. I think I'll go harass Kanako, for a goddess with her figure she certainly is uptight." Yukari answers.

"Here this book somehow popped out of the gap you came in on, seems like one of those stories." Reimu says more calmly as she hands a red book over to her.

"Why thank you, I'll read this before going and harassing her. Have a nice day." Yukari said before I left.

"There's one thing I liked about those stories: the parts where I ended up killing the morons for their stupidity. Being the Hakurei Miko means killing no humans without an absolutely good reason, sadly those morons are too stupid to be a real threat." Reimu says to her self.
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>Gensokyo cannot defeat the vast armies of Anonymous, Reimu. We have galaxies full of reserves. Those Outsiders that you killed were killed because we decided that they should die.

>Do not anger us Reimu, for Anonymous never forgives, and Anonymous never forgets. We can very easily kill you. The last one who received our wrath could make Yukari seem like one of those random faeries that you exterminate at random on your little excursions around Gensokyo. We believe his name was Giygas.

> As long as Gensokyo continues to amuse us, we will not have to give Gensokyo a fate worse than death.

> And we are getting very good at it.
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Fuck. Yes.
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File 125583026338.jpg - (115.76KB , 640x520 , BakavsSoft.jpg ) [iqdb]
a quick little story about the incident Meiling told Johnny about recently. (Again I say it's quick)

This early morning, outside of Hakurogyo, a small group of young youkais and fairies have gathered to do a prank to top all pranks.

"Why isn't Chen here with us?" Rumia asked.

Cirno, the leader answers, "Because she'd give away our positions!"

Soon most gathered except for Cirno as Wriggle, the tactics/distraction girl explains, "Right Mystia's singing will get us cover, Rumia you defend Mystia. I'll be on the lookout ready to lay down the distraction. While Cirno goes in and Dai-chan, you keep her in line until everything is ready."

The older fairy answered, "Okay, I'll do my best"

Wriggle resumes the discussion, "The plan for success is about 32 1/3 percent." She thinks back to Cirno's idea.

"Yeah I seen the moon princess play and it was awesome and she showed me this vid with Leeroy Jenkins leading them to victory!" Cirno said back then as she suggested stealing Yuyuko's ice cream as a 'test of guts' (Trying to steal from Mokou was a bad idea, since for one Mystia wouldn't help out and second young youkai and ice faires burn real easily)

Wriggle got her mind on the present, "Okay Dai, keep Cirno in line as-" she said as she saw Cirno charging in with her ice sword going "Let's go! I AM THE STRONGEST!!!"

The remaining 4 were quiet for a few moments until Rumia flew after her asking "Is that so?~"

"Damn it, now we have to save them from their own stupidity!" Wriggle responded as she went towards the mansion.

As they got in they seen Cirno running out with a bunch of ice cream frozen in a block of ice... with a bunch of ghosts and what appeared to be a half dressed by very angry half ghost after that.

"HOW DARE YOU DISTURB YUYUKO-SAMA'S SLEEP WHEN I HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED ON BREAKFAST YET!" Youmu yelled as she charged intending on killing the group.

"Cirno, what the hell were you thinking?" Wriggle asked.

Cirno replied, "I was doing it like in that vid... but I remembered something."

"What is it? Please tell me there's good news" Wriggle replied.

Cirno answered, "Everyone died in the end and had to start over!"

Wriggle tried to summon words to sum up her anger at everything, but failed. Not even a "God damn it Yukari" would have worked. All they could do is escape the netherworld in tact.

Wriggle and Mystia tried their best to slow Youmu down with their abilities, but with little effect. "he's a stage 5 boss of course" Wriggle muttered.

Soon Cirno handed the block to wriggle as Cirno said, "I'll slow her down."

Cirno then charged forth with a massive Ice block and started fighting the swordsgirl. The rest ran out.

A few hours later, Daiyousei asked, "She'll be okay, even against that sword girl, right?"

Wriggle replied, "Who knows but in the end we succeded" Looking at the slowly melting block with the ice cream in it.

This was interrupted by Cirno, slighly a smaller size than usual arrived. "Yeah we got ice cream!"

"Cirno, we are not doing this again, Dai-chan's been worried about you!" Wriggle shouted.

Cirno calmly replied, "I'm the strongest, nothing that a respawn can't fix"

Wriggle, "whatever you say, Cirno Jenkins."