Archived Thread
File 120786013735.jpg - (75.19KB, 554x682 , 1205982296049.jpg) [iqdb]
Given the tranquil atmosphere that this area and the scene before you give off, you feel that it would be not only wrong but incredibly stupid to be loud and brash at this moment. You bow at the waste to both Youmu and Yuyuko. You greet the two politely. Yuyuko giggles slightly, while Youmu seems to be appraising you.

“Glad you finally made it here. We were really expecting you much sooner. Our other ‘special guest’ has had to step out for a moment.” Yuyuko giggles again, “Youmu, pour our guest some tea please.”
Yuyuko waves you over and offers you a spot on the blanket. You sit down and she scoots over closer to you. Youmu offers you a cup of tea, still giving you an appraising look. She doesn’t seem quite sure what to make of you just yet. You gratefully accept the tea from her. She settles back into her position where she was sitting before. The strange little white blob thing behind her seems to be ‘looking’ in your direction. Well, as much as a faceless white mass can look in any direction.

“Please, Help yourself,” Yuyuko waves her hand across the entire spread of food, “We’re glad to share. We don’t get too many visitors, well... visitors like you here.” A wan smile graces her ghostly pale face, giving an oddly unsettling effect to the gesture.

[ ] Eat
[ ] Don’t eat.
[ ] Engage in conversation.
[ ] Ruffle Youmu’s hair.
[ ] Ask about the “Special Guests”
[X] Engage in conversation.

I have a bad feeling about eating.
[X] Engage in conversation.
[X] Ask about the “Special Guests”
[x] Engage in conversation.
[x] Ask about the “Special Guests”

[ ] Eat

[x] Ask about the “Special Guests”
[x] Ruffle Youmu’s hair.

Ghosts can lose hands!

Er, they can't, can they?
[x] Ask about the “Special Guests”
[x] Ask about the “Special Guests”
[X] Ask about the “Special Guests”
No, but they can lose creadability and respect.
[X] Ask about the “Special Guests”
[x] So I missed Yukari?
[ ] Engage in conversation.
[x]Look at what Yuyuko has for sale
[X] Ask about the “Special Guests”
[X] Ask about the “Special Guests”
[X] Eat Myon
File 120786112163.png - (829.16KB, 700x989 , t13_TarotXIII-Death.png) [iqdb]
You ask Yuyuko about the “Special Guests” she was referring too.

Yuyuko giggles, and waves her hand. “It’s nothing, nothing. Nothing you need to be worrying about right now. Come, come. Eat, eat. There’s nothing wrong with the food if that’s what you’re afraid of.” There’s that smile again. You’re not sure if that’s how she normally smiles or if it’s for some other reason. Youmu shifts her position on the blanket slightly. Myon now seems far more interested in the trees behind Youmu.

[ ] Eat.
[ ] Engage in conversation.
[ ] Press about the ‘Special Guests’
[ ] Inquire about Myon.
[ ] Eat.
Obey the glutton.
[x] Press about the ‘Special Guests’
[X] Eat.
Oh fuck
Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck

Is that FFT Touhou art?

Oh fuck. Sauce. Now.

[x] Inquire about Myon.
yuyuko would never share food
[x] Inquire about Myon.

The food is a lie.
[ ] Engage in conversation.

I don't trust the food.
[X] Inquire about Myon.
[X] I'm a ghost. Only a glutton would still want to eat as a ghost.
[X] Eat.

Princess's request. It's only proper.
I'd like food.
That's an [X] eat vote, also.
[x] Eat
[v] Eat.
[v] Inquire about Myon.
We already know it's Yukari so screw it, let's eat.
[x] Eat.
I'm afraid what we're eating is Mystia, since she might have been the special guest...
responding with a PSP is kinda hard
[X] Inquire about Myon.
Well, it's not like we knew her or anything.
File 120786181198.jpg - (110.72KB, 888x875 , 1207605763937.jpg) [iqdb]
You decide to let the ‘special guest’ topic drop, and instead turn to look at the spread of food before you. There’s a little bit of everything you could possibly imagine. Pastries and sweets, meat, rice, and a couple of things you can’t quite identify. It all looks quite good. Yuyuko urges you on while you look over the food, giggling slightly.

So, what do you wanna try first?

[ ] pastries/sweets
[ ] Meat
[ ] Rice
[ ] Unidentified food.
[ ] Change your mind about eating.
[X] Unidentified food.

Might as well get it over with
[x] Meat
Delicious meat
I must eat
[X] Unidentified food.

Be brave Anon
[ ] Rice
Playin it safe for once.
[ ] Unidentified food.

The bravest.
[x] Meat

Now I'm fucking hungry
[X] Rice
[x] Unidentified food.
[ ] Unidentified food.

If we were alive, I would regret this. However, we are already dead.
[x] Meat

Meat is good. Pastries are for dessert...
[x] Unidentified food.
[x] Unidentified food.
[X] Unidentified food.

We can't die again.
[X] Myon
If we lick myon, would Youmu feel it?
[x] Unidentified food.

[X] Myon
[X] pastries
[X] Meat
How about SPRING rolls?

[X]Unidentified food.

...Though i was thinking of choosing Myon.
File 120786239722.jpg - (127.96KB, 701x591 , 1207773745009.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Lick Myon
oh u
>>9276 two Anon in Gensokyo? What a pity that you manipulated the time and player 2 is already on day seven..
File 120786251623.jpg - (57.37KB, 480x479 , 119998247253(2).jpg) [iqdb]
You pick up a plate and use a spoon already in the unidentified substance to put some on your plate. Yuyuko seems quite pleased.
“Excellent choice, excellent choice!” She clapps her hands together, Then there’s that goddamn smile again. It REALLY unnerves you. Why does she keep doing that.
Shrugging your shoulders you bring a spoonful of the material up to your mouth, the taste is wonderful. Unlike anything that you’ve ever tasted before. You decided to ask Yuyuko what’s in there.

“Pomegranate” She replies simply.

Youmu sighs and shakes her head. You suddenly feel heavier, like something is weighing you down, and there’s a strange rumbling in what would be your stomach if you were alive. You feel cramps too. This whole thing just feels completely off. You double over, holding your middle.

[ ] Yuyuko… what…?
[ ] Youmu, Help me!
[ ] Attempt to flee.
[ ] Do nothing, remain silent.
[x] Yuyuko… what…?

[x] Yuyuko… what…?

[Z] Yuyuko… what…?

What is pomegrenade?
[X] Do nothing, remain silent.

Silent badass mode, activate.

We fell for a trap, but we're not done in yet!
[x] Yuyuko… what…?
God damn it. I really hope this isn't like that Greek myth.
[X] Yuyuko… what…?


Pomegranite. A fruit. Famous for being in a greek tale of how someone GOT STUCK IN THE UNDERWORLD FOR EATING IT.
[x] Do nothing, remain silent.

Take it like a man, it'll pass.
[X] Yuyuko… what…?
[x] Yuyuko… what…?

Well. I told you so.


Also, good call.
File 120786277264.jpg - (14.64KB, 231x213 , how2selectB.jpg) [iqdb]
My parents love these things. Horrible shit.
[x] Do nothing, remain silent.
[ ] Do nothing, remain silent.
[ ] Do nothing, remain silent.

Anonymous is the strongest.
[x] Do nothing, remain silent. Boil with rage.


[X] Yuyuko… what…?
[X] Do nothing, remain silent.
Well shit.
Actually, i did it partially for the lulz and partially so i could yell 'WHO DO YOU THINK I AM' after...
Pity everyone decided to be puzzled. oh well.
[x] Do nothing, remain silent.

"Dumbass" just doesn't seem to fit well enough now. What the hell, guys.
[x] Yuyuko… what…?

Why you do this to delicious fruit?
[x]Do nothing
File 120786305988.jpg - (16.64KB, 432x288 , Unimpressed.jpg) [iqdb]
>>for the lulz
File 120786306825.jpg - (88.42KB, 450x650 , 1205476980322.jpg) [iqdb]
“Ufufufufufufufufu…. It’s been so long since we’ve had someone here, I’ve been lonely, here, all by myself… ufufufufufufufufufu. So now, You get to stay! Forever! Aren’t you glad! WELL? Aren’t you!?”
Youmu stands up and walks over towards the mansion. “I’ll go prepare the guest room, Yuyuko-sama.”
With that, you’re left with Yuyuko. Alone. This could not possibly get worse.

Yuyuko has that smile on her face again. “Aren’t you glad you get to stay here?”

[ ] yes.
[ ] No.
[ ] Fuck you bitch.
[ ] Run the fuck away.
[x] yes.

I love Yuyuko. She's delicious.
[x] Fuck No.

[x] Does staying here mean I can bone you?
[X] Fuck you bitch.

[x] Yes.

[X] Ruffle Yuyukos hair
prepare for endless terror
[] Do nothing, remain silent.

Don't even fucking acknowledge the ghostbitch.
[x] No. This place is boring. Do you even have internet?
[x] Yes.

And then ruffle her hair. loev yuyuko, even if she betrayed us.
[X] Run the fuck away.
Fun fact: Grenade comes from the French word for pomegranate.
[x] Yes
Eternity with Yuyuko?!
[X] yes.
Btw who the fuck picks "unidentified food" in a place like gensokyo?
[x] Yes.

If we get to have hot ghost sex, I approve.
File 120786322239.jpg - (154.30KB, 500x700 , 1168794281380.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] yes.

I see no problem with this.
Hot swordswoman by day, sultry death god by night.
[X] No.
[X] Complain about not being able to see the little sister squad.

[x]Stay silent and glare daggers.
Well from here we just have to be nice to Youmu and apathetic towards Yuyuko. Eventually she'll get fed up and kick one or both of us out.
[X] Yes.
[x] Yes

Fun fact 2:
In hebrew, pomegranate. and a grenade share a word:
they're both called "Rimon"
Clearly it is our duty to help this poor, lonely girl by filling the gaping void that has left her feeling so empty for so long.

...if you know what I mean.
You fuckers really need to get some backbone. We're the bitch of that damn glutton now and have no chance of seeing our little sisters ever again.
I'd her gaping void.

Maybe Yukari can gap us out to visit them once in a while!
So you're saying we need to get some backbone and....give up?

tell yuyuko to kill them and bring them here
I suppose if we get on Yuyuko's good side then we can get her to get Yukari to stop fucking with us.
It's not like they can't visit! Shit, anyone can get to where we are, if they just fly over the barrier.

Agreeing to the ghost bitch is giving up. We've just agreed to stay with her forever.

And so, Yukari's plan to get Sikieiki to send someone to the netherworld who wasn't a ghostblob to alleviate her friends boredom was successful.
So much for MiG anon being smarter than YWUiG anon.
Yuyuko presses up against you, obviously pleased at your response.
“Good. Now you get a bit of a reward for being such a good boy.”
Yuyuko leans in close. So close that her forehead is almost touching yours. Her body is pressing up against you in quite distracting ways. She quickly closes the distance between the two of you and kisses you on the lips. Her tongue runs along your lips and forces itself inside your mouth. You start to move your hands up to touch her body but she draws back from you quickly.
“NO. You are NOT allowed to touch. Only *I* may touch you. UNDERSTOOD?” Moving her hands, your body suddenly becomes rigid and unable to move. Yuyuko licks her lips slightly.
“You taste good…” And there’s that goddamn smile again.

The last thing you see is Yuyuko’s mouth opening impossibly wide.

[ ] Back 1 choice
[ ] Back 3 Choices
[ ] Back 4 choices
[ ] Start Over.
I am confused. I thought we were already dead. Yet here we are being treated as NOT just another ghost. People the Yama sends to Hakugyokurou don't normally have to do anything special to be stuck there, do they?

[x]go back three choices

[x] Back 4 choices
[ ] Back 1 choice
[x] Back 4 choices

>>So much for MiG anon being smarter than YWUiG anon.

Anon is Anon, no matter the circumstances.
[x] Start Over.
i want the school version back
[X] Back 4 choices
btw, Yuyuko wouldn't eat a human or a gohst, especially if sent there by Shiki,
She's actually supposed to keep them from harm
[x] Back 4 choices

[X] Back 3 Choices
It means that there was some other plan going on that having you stuck in the netherworld would have foiled. Try to survive longer next time. Talking's usually a neutral option.
[x] Back 3 Choices
[x] Back 4 choices
[x] Back 4 choices
[X] Start Over.
I think I'm the only one who liked the "real life in Gensokyo" part. At least, up until "we" decided to mess up with Mokou.
[X] Back 4 choices

Damn it.
[ ] Back 3 Choices
File 120786391533.jpg - (72.70KB, 704x792 , 1207516315386.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Back 4 choices
Also, Youmu said she was getting the guest room.

Why would she say that if we were doomed to be eaten immediately?
[X] Back 4 choices
lets GTFO
[ ] 4 Choices Back
Yeah, that doesn't seem right. Maybe we're still hallucinating.
[x] Back 4 choices
Yomi (黄泉), the Japanese word for the underworld in which horrible creatures guard the exits; according to Shinto mythology as related in Kojiki, this is where the dead go to dwell and apparently rot indefinitely. Once one has eaten at the hearth of Yomi it is impossible to return to the land of the living. Yomi is comparable to Hades or hell and is most commonly known for Izanami's retreat to that place after her death. Izanagi followed her there and upon his return he washed himself, creating Amaterasu, Susanoo, and Tsukuyomi in the process. (See Japanese mythology.)

This realm of the dead seems to have geographical continuity with this world and certainly cannot be thought of as a paradise to which one would aspire, nor can it appropriately be described as a hell in which one suffers retribution for past deeds; rather, all deceased carry on a gloomy and shadowy existence in perpetuity regardless of their behavior in life. Many scholars believe that the image of Yomi was derived from ancient Japanese tombs in which corpses were left for some time to decompose. After the arrival of Buddhism, Yomi also became one of the Buddhist hells in Japan, like Kakuri which is ruled by Enma.

tldr; don't eat teh foods


File 120786424162.jpg - (358.28KB, 500x707 , t01_TarotI-theMagician.jpg) [iqdb]
Huh, looks like I've missed some pretty important stuff.

Here you go.
This time, let's ask about Myon
Whatever gets more Youmu and less Yuyuko is fine by me.
anon should have used the whole '5 unique votes = win' thing to go back to when we decided to jump
It would have totally been a GOOD END if Yuyuko wasn't a raving carnivorous bitch.

Really I don't know why she ate us, I mean if visitors are so rare. She can go eat the Anonymous ghosts anytime, can't she?
You know, if we'd bypassed the Prismriver sisters, we might have met Yuyuko's guest.
I dunno why Kirakishou made her that way.
if Zun would see that scenario, he would RAGE
Some people are into vore y'know.
Anon is too powerless right now. We need some way to defend ourselves, something that even a human can learn.
Dammit, I'm still wishing for some ORA ORA ORA ORA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA against Sakuya.
File 120786478871.jpg - (154.16KB, 1280x960 , 1206947603814.jpg) [iqdb]

Pfff. Anon suffers the fatal flaw 'Tastes delicious', it's hard for anyone to ignore such delicious tasking anon that must be eaten.
And yes, i do feel personally disturbed at saying that.
let's ask erin to hit us with an arrow. maybe we'll develop a stand.
Except knowing us it'll be a cake-shaped stand. Special ability - to make things tastier.

Oh, and stop time.
I go to sleep for a few hours, you guys mess up a post-Third Impact-esque paradise, get yourself killed, and eat food from Hades.

This isn't Anon stupid. This goes beyond Anon stupid.
File 120786517338.jpg - (238.47KB, 850x740 , sample-a2bfa34ccb6bb79b9f649007e9241322.jpg) [iqdb]
Suddenly, Spring!
Yeah can't we go back to before we harassed mokou? Story was awesome up until that part.
File 120786521590.jpg - (60.66KB, 496x675 , 1206667254572.jpg) [iqdb]
Yuyuko-sama, the Guest Ro-

-Oh, never mind that, Youmu-chan...♪
When's Kira gonna copypaste the >>9299
File 120786522644.jpg - (35.62KB, 251x251 , 1206154930851.jpg) [iqdb]

The phrase "Suddenly Spring" sounds like the brand of perfume Lily would wear.
I want to return to the Mokou part too, or at least right before we jumped off. Story is good but being dead and separated from our sisters is just saddening.
He's too busy laughing his ass off at anon's stupidity.
File 120786531080.jpg - (121.27KB, 1600x1200 , 1162356148742.jpg) [iqdb]
Blah. Damn thing's eaten 3 posts now. I think it's pretending it's Yuyuko. Anyways, you're not playing with low level bosses anymore.
You ask Yuyuko about the “Special Guests” she was referring too. This all seems somewhat familiar.

Yuyuko giggles, and waves her hand. “It’s nothing, nothing. Nothing you need to be worrying about right now. Come, come. Eat, eat. There’s nothing wrong with the food if that’s what you’re afraid of.” There’s that smile again. You’re not sure if that’s how she normally smiles or if it’s for some other reason. Right now, though, it sends shivers down your spine. Youmu shifts her position on the blanket slightly, sighs, and then takes a sip of her tea. Myon now seems far more interested in Yuyuko. For some reason, this all seems far too familar, but... Different some how.

[ ] Press about the ‘Special Guests’
[ ] Leave.
[ ] Drink your tea.
[ ] Look at the cherry blossoms.
File 120786535162.png - (69.74KB, 239x257 , some anon.png) [iqdb]
Mr Dumbass
Stand: Anonymous
Can sage anything, turning it into a sagebomb. Can also manipulate time so as not to die being eaten, or drowned.
[X] Leave.

I'm not going to be eaten again
[x] Leave.

Get out of this damn shit hole and back to our sisters.
[X] Press about the ‘Special Guests’

[x] Look at the cherry blossoms.
[X] Look at the cherry blossoms.

That shouldn't cause any problems.
[x] Press about the ‘Special Guests’
[x] Leave.

Lets play hard to eat...err get. Hard to get.
A sagebomb like killer queen does, or just a sagebomb

[x]Look at the cherry blossoms.
[x] Look at the cherry blossoms.
[x] Leave.
[x] Press about the ‘Special Guests’
Time to recover our testicles, we seem to have lost them a while ago.
[x] Look at the cherry blossoms.

This seems safe enough.
[x] Leave.

As someone pointed out earlier I don't think eating food from this world is such a good idea.
[ ] Press about the ‘Special Guests’
And as we leave, we moonwalk our way outta there
Yes, and they're freaks.

[X] Look at the cherry blossoms.
[ ] Look at the cherry blossoms.
>Anyways, you're not playing with low level bosses anymore.
You could almost say that Now We're Thinking With Endbosses.
[X] Look at the cherry blossoms.
I wouldn't put it past her to put some in the tea as well.
I guess I'll change to
[ ] Look at the cherry blossoms.

Though I wonder. If it was possible, what would happen if we cut down that demon cherry tree?
File 120786584386.png - (124.70KB, 279x535 , do do don.png) [iqdb]
Just like killer queen.
Leaving is a bad idea. It's rude. Don't be rude, Anon.

One does not simply cut down a demon tree.
shouldn't be a problem with youmus swords
getting the swords might be a problem though
God I wish I could find my King Leonidas sad picture....
[ ] Look at the cherry blossoms.

Firstly: Fuck you guys, maybe if you niggers learned you a book you wouldn't die in such an obvious fashion. I leave for two beers and this is what I see?

Ruffle her untill she gives us swords?
You lean back propping yourself up on your arms, and look up at the cherry blossoms. Yuyuko urges you to have something to eat a few more times before realizing that you’re not listening to her. She sighs quietly.
“You’re quite clever, aren’t you? You probably already know who the guest is too, given how fond you are of cursing her name.” Yuyuko suddenly brakes out into a huge grin.
Youmu sighs. “I told you it wouldn’t work. Besides, she’d be quite upset if she came back and found that he was stuck here forever.”
Yuyuko giggles. “ I know but it was fun to at least try.” She looks up at the blossoms. “You really are quite lucky, you know, not many people, alive or dead, get to see the cherry blossoms in this garden. Sure, people may say that there are sights that are far more beautiful than this, but if there is, I haven’t seen them.”
Yuyuko leans forwards and presses against you. “Hey, boy, How about you come back and visit me sometime, after this is all over. I’ll make you regret it if you don‘t,” She says in a breathy voice, before sitting back up and giggling. She turns to Youmu and begins babbling off about some thing or another, but you’re quite distracted at the moment. You just continue to stare at the cherry blossoms and hope that you don’t piss this seemingly fickle ghost princess off.

Suddenly, there’s a face staring directly into yours, from above. It’s upside down to boot.

[ ] Scream.
[ ] Boot to the head.
[ ] Flee.
[ ] Yu... Yu... Yuyuko!
[X] Scream.
[x] Blink once. Then say "...Hi."
[X] Boot to the head.

[ ] Boot to the head.
Balls of steel anon, balls of steel.
[x]Do nothing!
[X] Yu... Yu... Yuyuko!
[x] Yu... Yu... Yuyuko!
[x] Boot to the head.
[x] Boot to the head.
[x] Boot to the head.
[ ] Flee.
[ ] Yu... Yu... Yuyuko!

In opposing order if it please you m'lord.

Otherwise just flee
[x] Boot to the head
[X] Stare silently.
[x] Yu... Yu... Yuyuko!
Fuck I just realized it's probably Yukari. Should of booted the bitch.
[X] Yu... Yu... Yuyuko!

Is there anything bigger than slowpoke.jpg?
[x] Yu... Yu... Yuyuko!
[x] You... You.. DOUBLE GHOST
[x] Boot to the head.
Who could this be I wonder.
>not many people, alive or dead, get to see the cherry blossoms in this garden.

You're a god damned liar Yuyuko
"Usually open to the public"

oh and
[ ] Boot to the head.
[x] Blink once. Then say "...Hi."
slowpoke.png maybe?

Slowpoke.rar contains all previous suggestions as well as all to come.

I think the inner garden is closed off. After all, how big is Hakugyokurou anyway?
/hr/ sized slowpoke.bmp on a 56k modem.
Really REALLY big. And this might have been a better source:
"Plenty of ghosts and youkais attracted by these beautiful ones visit here every year.
Recently, alive humans also have known the existence at last. That's why a flower-viewing party is held by alive and dead beings at Hakugyokurou. "
I'd open her inner garden.

Youmu sweeps the garden of the Saigyouji family; it's about 200 yojanas long (The mistress exaggerates, of course). This garden has a large amount of cherry trees, where is a good site for residents all over the Netherworld. When spring comes, Youmu is very busy in sweeping.

(Note: Yojana is a unit of the distance that ancient India's imperial army could move per day. 1 yojana equals about 10-15 km. In other words, the Saigyouji's garden is about 2,000-3,000 km. long... Is that so?)
While explained crappily, I meant the inner garden, not the outer one, hence the Not many people see it deal.
[x] Boot to the head.
Anyone want to bet that Yukari just gapped one of our imoutos in just to fuck with us?
It's not like the other choices were much better. Scream, run away, or call for the malicious ghost to aid you. The chance for revenge aginst Yukari is worth the risk compared to any of those.
stop giving kira ideas
File 120786824184.jpg - (43.47KB, 497x527 , 1198025601817_anonib(2).jpg) [iqdb]
You fall backwards, rear your foot up and slam it directly into the face that, until just a moment ago, was directly in yours. The blonde haired woman falls out of the strange black space that she had just, until a moment ago, been hanging out of. She’s then sprawled out on top of the food that had been laid out. Yuyuko looks down at Yukari in shock, and Youmu is taken aback. They then both turn to you, anger decidedly showing in their eyes. But Yukari pushes herself up.
“Calm down. I probably deserved at least that much.” Yukari reaches out her hand and puts it on Yuyuko’s shoulder. Yuyuko immediately calms down, but turns, worriedly to Yukari.
“Are you really quite sure you’re ok?”
“I’m fine, Yuyuko.”
Youmu, seeing her master being calm again, sits back down. She’s still glaring daggers at you, though.

Several minutes pass.

Yukari, with the help of Yuyuko, has gotten most of the food off of her clothes. Youmu cleared away any of the food that hadn’t been fallen on, leaving you, Yuyuko, and Yukari alone.
Yukari looks at you quite seriously.
“While I did enjoy watching you run around Gensokyo, it was never my intention for you to be killed. I only stopped watching for a short while, and when I came back, You’d apparently flung yourself from a roof. I really must apologize.”

You shrug and give a non committal answer.

“HOWEVER, I do have a plan that may fix all of this. But you’d need to agree to go through with it, despite the dangers that may be involved. If you succeed, I can almost guarantee that ‘you’ won’t survive. But that will really solve all the problems. You’ll also get back to your little friends. So, are you willing to try?”

[ ] Agree.
[ ] Disagree.
[ ] I don’t trust you Yukari.
[ ] Leave.
[ ] Agree.

She's not EVIL, she's just.. bored.
[X] Agree.

I can't resist the allure of possibly returning to our little sisters.
[x] Agree.
[X] Agree.

We can't be in any worse of a condition than we are now. Besides, if we don't agree she may just try to force us in to it anyway.

[X] Disagree.
Being dead's kinda nice.
[X] Agree.
[x] Demand explanations.

[ ] I don’t trust you Yukari.
[x] Agree.

I don't like those parentheses around the 'you' though. Does this mean YOUKAI END?
[X] Agree.
She sounds legid
[ ] I don’t trust you Yukari.

She may bargain or something
>I can almost guarantee that ‘you’ won’t survive
What the fuck? Unless she clarifies:
[ ] Disagree.
>>[ ] I don’t trust you Yukari.

>>If you succeed, I can almost guarantee that ‘you’ won’t survive.
[ ] Agree.
>If you succeed, I can almost guarantee that ‘you’ won’t survive.
Guess we're not going to ruffle Yomu's hair?
>I can almost guarantee that ‘you’ won’t survive.

Wait what
[ ] I Agree, but I don’t trust you Yukari.
[x] Agree.
I saw >>9533 , and that made me think of
>Is that so?
in >>9529 .

Also, I would have used the "Please press the Is That So~ button" doujin snippet here, but I can't find it. Don't know what doujin it's from, come to that.
Putting three options for no(Disagree/don't trust/leave) spreads votes out and means that the yes(agree) will probably win, unfortunately.
[x] Demand explanations.
[X] I don’t trust you Yukari. but [ ] Agree.
Agree hit 4 before disagree even hit 1.
[x] Agree.

That only means Anon is a dumbass.
Why is Anon suicidal even after death?
Suicide for the sake of suicide, no, but a suicide mission? How can we not see where this absurd adventure will lead?
You quickly agree to Yukari’s plan. Not quite sure what you’re getting yourself into, you ask her to explain the plan in more detail.

“Well, this is going to take quite a bit of power, but what I’m planning on doing is sending you back to the moment when you jumped off of the roof. If I can get you there at the right time, You should be able to prevent your past self from ever jumping. However, in doing so…. well.. that’s not exactly important. The thing is, Remember to be quick. I’m not sure how close I’ll get you, but you only have one shot at this. Fail, and it’s game over. You won’t get another chance at it. Chan and Ren have been preparing the necessary energy for some time now. There’s only a short window here, so are you ready?”

[ ] yes
[ ] no

So did the Miko really attack us? How much of that was real?
>Yukari kiso
>Yukari is ok
I hate outdated romanization (syo), but I can't help but feel I've stumbled onto something.
[x] yes
Alright, let's do this. LEEEEEROY
[X] yes

Open up the warpgates, Yukari
>Chan and Ren

[X] No
[ ] yes
File 120786917173.jpg - (133.75KB, 819x1150 , 1202700900599.jpg) [iqdb]
Maybe she'll reward us for playing her game....
[X] Yes

Even if we time-wipe ourselves out of existence. Our past self will live.
[X] yes
[X] No.
This plan sucks.
What? I've been said to be Kagetsu Tohya to GM's Tsukihime. what's wrong with that.
(Besides the typo)
[x] yes
It's a gamble for our little sisters with our un-life on the line. If we don't agree we are just going to sit around all day being dead.

Besides, we owe Yukari for getting Wriggle to join our Ruffle Alliance. At the very least we could listen to her.
[X] yes
I guess we won't need a time egg and our own clone.
[ ] yes
[X] yes
In before Pime Taradox
[ ] yes
>You should be able to prevent your past self from ever jumping. However, in doing so...

...you will destroy this timeline and perish. Am I right or am I right or am I right?

It will also destroy the version of Yuyuko that tried to eat us, as well as destroying a version of Yukari. I'm liking this plan more by the second.
[ ] Yes.
This is gonna be like FSN and Back to the future
Basically, if we succeed, then the current "us" will never have existed, leaving only the "us" that was about to fall.

That's my guess.

[X] yes.

It's time to John Connor ourselves.
oh and
[]ask about the hallucination

Because it doesn't seem like she knows about it.
>You should be able to prevent your past self from ever jumping. However, in doing so...

You will have to fight to the death. The surviver will carry on the title of "Anonymous".
[]ask about the hallucination

second for the write in extra
We have the Camera, our past self has no chance
>>You should be able to prevent your past self from ever jumping. However, in doing so...

But if we stop our self we won't die so we won't stop our self so we'll die so we will stop our self so we won't die so e won't die so we won't stop our self so we'll die so we will stop our self so we won't die so......
I think we should grope Yuyuko or Yukari just before we jump in warp, they wouldn't have the memory of the event to retaliate.
So we jump into the past and screw around a bit in order to prevent our current selves from existing? This sounds like something Archer would do.

[X] yes
[]ask about the hallucination

Paradox wont' happen on the basis of self-correcting timeline theory.
Re: You went back in time. Time changed. The original time no longer exists period. We live. (until our next stupid shit). the person who came back to save us... er... lives. Given they have no existance to return to... unless you subscripbe to the potential of parallel timelimes.
That will seal our fate if we fuck up the time hax. Let's keep our hand to ourselves this time around.
>I guess we won't need a time egg and our own clone.
We are the Egg ("This body is probably itself an egg") AND the Clone (after all, there's going to be two of us in the same place).

I KNEW I was hearing the F/sn battle music for a reason.
( http://vico.imeem.com/music/ecjSBARZ/sword_of_promised_victory/ )
And then Anon was the Blick Winkle.
Yea time travel... Its complicated shit.

I say we do this. Golden chance, can't miss
If we fuck up the time hax we're dead anyway. Will you really pass the chance of the finest breasts in Gensokyo?
need the confused cirno picture here.
>>Re: You went back in time. Time changed. The original time no longer exists period.

You haven't explained why there wouldn't be a paradox, you haven't given a reason why the event should still happen if that future is destroy which would, you know, make it impossible to alter the original event
New thread inc.
Pretty goddamn simple.
There is no paradox because THERE IS NO GODDAMN FUTURE.
Take the grandfather clause...

You go back in time and kill your grandfather.
You don't disappear.
Why? because you exist. How you came to exist doesn't matter, you exist in that period of time and thus you will continue to exist. You will not, however, be able to return to your own time as your own time does not exist.

In effect you simply 'deleted' the future. It's kinda like deleting the second half of a hard-drive after moving some shit to the first half... the shit that was in the second (now in the first) still exists, but can't go back because the second half is now blank.
Naturally time traveling to the past and interacting with oneself requires temporarily detaching your "temporal anchor" so that continuity issues no longer affects you. Of course, this requires a massive amount of power, and you will be time-wiped as soon as the power runs out, because you no longer have a place in the timeline.

But really, what kind of non-mumbojumbo explanation do you want with time travel?
You're all assuming the paradox will kill you, but I doubt bordering through time will break the entire universe or else Yukari would do it herself because she'd be nonexistent no matter what. It's possible that going through a time boarder makes you magicalradioactive or some shit and you die a few minutes after doing it no matter what.
Please don't scare Kira away with the time travel. Not everyone has read the chrono compendium.
also new thread
what about mass/energy addition paradox? (wait, we're a ghost, lol)
Your theory still requires the existence of at least one future where you do go back in time to stop the event, even if it isn't the exact future involved in the initial scenario.

If you destroy the future you're from you can't exist in any time frame regardless of any crap about energy. You can't just fade out because this isn't a wave/particle style problem, your past was locked in all ready and if you destroy it you will not exist to destroy it. No "lol temporal anchor hax" will change this.

Although, I imagine you can create an alternate time line based around your tampering if you didn't come from that time line you won't feel the effect.

For more information consult Dragon Ball Z
h4x solve everything
And the dragon balls
I think you're quoting the wrong post. There is no error in >>9612.
The reasoning behind his criticism is applicable to both, really. >>9612 says, "You just exist. YOU JUST DO, OKAY." >>9643 says, "CAUSALITY BITCHES. Can't erase your past EVER." >>9614 says, "Science Fantasy mumbojumbo makes causality irrelevant."

Really, it's not about errors for any of them, since any ACTUAL time travel would be beyond our understanding anyway and could take any form.
Except it's not applicable.

>Your theory still requires the existence of at least one future where you do go back in time to stop the event, even if it isn't the exact future involved in the initial scenario.

It doesn't.

>"You just exist. YOU JUST DO, OKAY."

This is proven by tautology. Existing is a premise of the question.
If you're wondering how he paradoxes and fades and other science facts, Just repeat to yourself "It's just a story, I should really just relax
>It doesn't.
Uh, yes it does, or we're not talking about time travel anymore. But we WERE talking about time travel, so >>9612 DID require a "future" to exist. After that, his criticism/statement that "You can't arbitrarily ignore causality and say, 'You just exist'" applies.

>This is proven by tautology. Existing is a premise of the question.
Yes, but a tautology provides no support to a conclusion (since if the conclusion is held in doubt, the premise--being identical--does not counter this doubt). And the problem was that an existence in any point in time is unintelligible without a causal history to that existence. Therefore, if you say "even if you wipe out your causal history, you still exist, cause you just do", no support is adduced for the claim that "you still exist".
Thanks for putting it in a more presentable form for me, I don't know crap about time travel but what I read didn't quite make complete sense to me.
>Uh, yes it does


How is it required to have an immutable future in order to have traveled to the past? Explain this in a way that doesn't include anything resembling "It just doesn't make sense." That's not a reason.

>Yes, but a tautology provides no support to a conclusion (since if the conclusion is held in doubt, the premise--being identical--does not counter this doubt).

Let's say the base question is "What if you traveled back in time?" Thus, a premise of the question is that you traveled back in time. This is to say that you exist at some point in the "past" relative to the original context.

It's a premise of the question and not of the argument, and therefore requires no support.

>And the problem was that an existence in any point in time is unintelligible without a causal history to that existence.

The cause is "you traveled back in time." I could submit an addition to the theory that more fully explores the concept of cause following effect, but I don't yet see it as necessary.
>How is it required to have an immutable future in order to have traveled to the past? Explain this in a way that doesn't include anything resembling "It just doesn't make sense."
The 'immutable future' is part and parcel of having a 'causal history', and the 'causal history' was proposed as necessary for existence. If you simply don't accept that stopping a cause means stopping an effect, that is acceptable and there's nothing more to discuss. As I implied earlier, it's useless to argue over the actual mechanics of time travel, since it's still nothing but fiction.


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