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Oh hi, you might recognize me as one of your local writefags. Recently, it's come to my attention that I have a lot of ideas that are continually building up that I have nothing to do with, and as a few might be familiar with in the past, when I get overloaded with ideas, I tend to get bogged down. This is a partial explanation for the slow pace of my updating and writing lately, with another part being due to simple laziness and gaming.

For that first part of the problem, I've devised this. A thread for me to use to post some of my ideas for the sake of getting them off my mind, and for Anons to see where my mind goes, for better or for worse. I can't promise that the things I'll post in here could be to everyone's tastes, and there might be a few ideas that turn out only I like. For the most part, these will mostly be ideas I've had for new CYOA/LA's, though there might occasionally be shorts that pop up in here. I know that this is kind of how I ended up starting Gensou Coil in the first place, but I'll try to keep that from happening this time. If an idea does get enough positive feedback though...

Pic related: "The best thing about shitty Touhou fanfiction ideas isn't writing them, it's showing everyone online that I did and looking like an idiot for it."

That aside, first up: 'Warlord'

>> No. 91779
Mid day, Grand Arena. Five-hundred thousand spectators cheer for blood from the sidelines as the two men within face each other down. The youngest one moves shakily, palms sweating against his sword and shield. His opponent is a large, muscular man covered in scars, standing with a deadly sense of calm, the tip of his sword buried in the sand in front of his feet, hands resting one atop the other on the pommel. The younger takes a step forward, raising the shield in caution as he prepares to make a strike. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he steps forward and drives his sword towards the man's chest. He hesitates, only for a moment, his resolve wavering, and in that moment a flash of light bursts forth from his opponent's hand, is upper hand raised up to direct the palm towards him. The young man is sent hurtling back trailing smoke as the calm fighter takes up his sword and walks towards him, raising the blade over his head. The younger man has been hurt, the magical fire has burnt his face and skin, and as he struggles to see through the pain and sunlight, he mutters two words.

“Kill me.”

The victor smiles, how many times has he heard those words and obeyed? Too many times, that's for sure. He brings his blade down, moving the downed man's shield aside, and with a flick of his wrist he cuts a deep gouge in the man's chest, though he young man hardly reacts, already numbed by pain.

“No,” comes the reply. “If you wish to die, then heal, and train. Come back and challenge me again when you're strong enough to kill me.” With a thrust, he drives his sword into the sand beside the injured man, and leaves the arena as attendants flock to him and shower him with praise. In the stands, the audience goes crazy for the victory of their lord, aside from one woman in purple.

“All great men die one day,” she says with a soft smile, folding her fan in her lap.

This man is a King, ruler of a nation built on the backs of soldiers, spanning nearly the entire continent. His Empire began with nothing more than a squabbling pack of barbarians, bred in coastal foothills, and lived a life of constant warfare. Over time, he consolidated the barbarian tribes through bloodshed, becoming a true nation with him as it's leader. His thirst for power was too much to be sated for long, however, and he soon began campaigns against other nations. Victories were few in the early days, but with each loss came experience, new knowledge of battle that could be used. Through losses, he adapted to military strategy, and created ways to disrupt his enemy, be it through magic, missile or melee. Slowly, small nations began to be overrun, their armies crushed and populace captured and pressed into service. An army prone to revolt, yet continued to sweep across the land, conquering nation after nation, until only a few kingdoms, broken and ravaged, remained independent in the far reaches of the land.

You are this great man.


“My Lord, there is an envoy here to see you,” a man says from outside the doorway to the King's private quarters. You look down at the woman currently servicing you, and dismiss her with a wave of your hand. Taking a moment to return to modesty, you proceed to the door and pull it open. The man is waiting patiently, and bows his head at your presence. “He is from the Southern lands, he claims that his Lord wishes to negotiate a peaceful surrender.” You grumble slightly, and consider closing the door and returning to your women, though at the moment, any offer that would shorten the time you need to fulfill your conquest... You step from the room, pulling the door closed behind you.

“Let's get this done then, I'd hate to have to mobilize my troops towards such a weak country,” you state. Your servant turns away and begins to walk ahead, head bowed the entire time.

You are lead to a grand hall, a place where you typically conduct banquets, though you're dressed simply, hardly fit for even public appearance, tonight it contains only a handful of people; two guards, the robed envoy and a young girl, just entering the age for bearing children. The two visitors bow deeply to you.

“Greetings, sir,” the envoy says, straightening himself and adjusting his hood. “I'm sure you're aware of my purpose here?”

“You've come to submit to my rule,” you declare flatly. A dry smile comes to the man's face.

“Indeed. With the damage done to our lands by raiding parties and refugees, our nation is woefully low on supplies, and with all the land routes blocked by your troops and all sea routes covered by your grand fortresses, our only hope to make it through the winter season...” the man pauses, he looks to be uneasy with the admission he's about to make. “Is you, my Lord.”

“You submit to me in exchange for grains and wood then,” you muse, shaking your head. You've truly become the most powerful man in the world, it's no surprise anymore. The envoy nods solemnly.

“So it seems. Allow us to become part of your great nation, so that we may survive to add to your might,” the guest speaks, bringing a hand to the girl's shoulder while bowing his head. “As a token of our submission, we've come to offer you this young lady. The daughter of our kingdom's bloodline, to be one of your women.” The man swallows his last word hard. You can almost feel the pain in his words. You can feel something else too, as the young girl begins to walk towards you.

“A child assassin?” you quip. The envoy throws you a quick glance, and the girl stops in her tracks, but only for a moment. With speed, she draws a hidden dagger from beneath her bodice and rushes towards you, but you easily catch her hand and wrench the blade from her grip, frowning all the while. If this is the best ploy they could come up with.

You were mistaken, however. By the time you disarm the girl and look up, one of your guardsmen has skewered another on his blade, and the envoy has dropped his hood, revealing an intricate pattern of lines. Your traitor guard raises his visor, his dark skin reveals him as a conspirator. How long had he been waiting for this moment? You curse your luck at this infiltration. Using your grip on the girls wrist, you pull her towards you and take the liberated blade, pressing it to her throat.

“So, this is your true plan then,” you say, edging the blade against the girl. She struggles briefly trying to escape, but you've got a firm hold on her. The envoy doesn't seem to mind the threat.

“You'll have to excuse my rudeness, while the idea of submission was an option, becoming the uncontested ruler of the lands,” the envoy says with a sinister grin. “Well, I think you know how tempting a prize that is.” The envoy's eyes turn to the girl now, and he gives her a short nod. “You've served your purpose dear.” The girl stops struggling, instead lowering her head. You hear the sound of her voice, and quickly realize she's incanting a spell. Before you can cut her throat, she bursts into flames, and you release her, leaping back still clutching the dagger and the girl quickly incinerates. She once more served as a distraction, in the time since she began, the true assassin has begun his own work, the lines on his skin glowing. The traitor guard advances on you with his sword, recently stained with the blood of the servant that lead you here. A trained killer, one of your own no less. However, you're not about to be bested in your own castle by one of your knights, traitor spy or not. With a wave of your hand, one of the banquet tables flies from the ground and broadsides the guardsmen, clearing him from your path. With a quick step and a snap of the wrist, you fling the dagger into the shoulder of the glowing envoy, but it does little to stop him.

“You think your nation is going to survive after an attack like this?” you spit. “Everything above ground will be pounded into dust beneath the boots of my army.” The envoy begins to laugh.
>> No. 91781
“Our gambit employs more than just a young harlot and a murderer, sir,” the envoy cackles. “Our spies have likely killed all the sleeping guards in their quarters. You've already lost your own castle to subterfuge, and now,” he pauses again, this time to overcome his mad laughter. “Now I'll fulfill my contract to the Demon of the Abyss, and you shall vanish,” he shouts. You run towards him, pulling the dagger from his shoulder and preparing a second strike. He catches your wrist with unnatural strength, even his eyes glowing now. “All great men die one day.” Your senses are overcome with light, and you go numb as the world fades to black.


Sunshine rouses you. Your head swims, everything feels like a blur. Your body aches, and it doesn't take you long to realize you're lying in a pile of stones and broken wood. You look around slowly, your mind numbed, but slowly recognition comes to you. These stones, this wood. You recognize a scrap of cloth lying nearby, a banner from your hall. What happened to your castle? You look out past your immediate surroundings and see nothing but unfamiliar landscape. After a few moment of dumbstuck gazing, your mind snaps into place and you begin rummaging through the rubble. Those two men, the envoy and the spy, if you're here, there's a chance they are too. You plan to find them and dispatch them first, to ensure your safety.

In a stroke of luck, you find that both men indeed came with you, and that in whatever event transpired that dropped your banquet hall to the foot of a mountain, they were crushed to death beneath collapsing stonework. In your search as well, you recover the dagger and the sword from your fallen guardsman. These weapons will serve you better, wherever you are. First, you'll need to figure that part out. Your body still aches as you make your way out of the rubble, getting onto grassy ground and trekking off into the forested wilderness nearby. You couldn't see any signs of civilization from where you were, and though you've spent years living well in a castle, you've never lost your skills to survive in the wilds. However long it takes you to find your way back is not important.

A second lucky break makes it's appearance though, as you happen across a river, and find several women sitting along it's edge, babbling and giggling happily as they play at the waters edge. You notice immediately their style of dress, or rather, the lack of it. Dressed in only small straps of cloth, they're nearly naked. This realization makes the most of itself when one of the women notices you and points you out, at which point they all submerge themselves in the water and swim away from the shore. A voice calls out from the trees off to the side, and you look over to see a group of young men in odd breeches approaching. They seem to be hailing you, though you quickly realize you don't understand their language. From appearances though, of both these men and women, they resemble people from the western lands of your empire. You've never bothered to learn their language, though nothing a spell won't fix.

“-are you supposed to be?” one of the men says as you finish your spell midsentence. You snort belligerently, is this man really asking who you are? It's been so long since you've conquered them they've dared to forget?

“I'm your King,” you state, which elicits a confused look from the group, followed by laughter.

“Yeah, sure,” a man at the forefront with green eyes says. “And I'm God of the River. We don't have a King.” You grimace at the man. Such blatant defiance. You walk towards him, drawing your sword. A brief look of concern crosses his face momentarily before it's replaced with an assured smile. “What, you going to kill me?” You raise the point of the sword to his throat.

“I'm not in the mood for jokes in poor humour,” you say, pressing the sword into his flesh. He doesn't even flinch at the pain. You wonder if he's some kind of soldier, or more likely a ruffian. Whatever his position, he doesn't seem intimidated. It's almost commendable.

“Put your sword away before you get hurt, dumbass,” the man growls. The insolence! You tighten your grip on the sword and-

Before you can pierce his throat on your blade, he steps aside with incredible speed, bridging the gap between the two of you and closing it with a powerful thrust of his fist that knocks you back. You're briefly stunned at the fact that you've actually been hit, but recover in time to prevent his second attack, drawing your dagger as back up and intercepting his second attack. You only manage to scratch him slightly with your hasty defense, and he skips back on one foot, hopping between feet for a moment before launching forward and leaping up, aiming a knee towards your face. You catch his attack in mid air and throw him to the ground, where you quickly follow up by running your sword into his stomach. He winces in pain, and you smile contentedly. The first true challenge you've had for a while. Shame it was over so quickly.

Then he begins to stand, sword still in his body, raising himself to his feet. At this range, you notice that his eyes are more yellow than green, and just how sharp looking and pointed his teeth are, like the jaws of an animal. What-

“Guess it's time to stop playing with humans,” he says, practically hissing through his teeth. Another quick thrust of his hand and you're sent flying backwards, no longer a simple stumble. You hit the ground and enter a clumsy roll, accidentally cutting yourself on your dagger in the process. You attempt to get to your feet, but the blow and landing has left you dizzy, and before you can recover entirely you feel a hand around your throat and you're lifted into the air singlehandedly by a man half your size. You look down at him, and see the wide grin on his face. You look up behind him, at the rest of the men that had been with him. They've all gathered together, and for the first time you see all the details you've missed before. Their odd features, the colours of their eyes, their sharp toothed grins. Monsters! The lot of them.

“D-demons-” you choke, barely able to breathe.

“Yep,” is the only word the man holding you up utters before you're thrown. You travel only a short distance before you hit something hard, and you hit the ground again shortly afterwards. “Sorry to keep you girls waiting!” is the last thing you hear before you lose consciousness.

You don't wake again until early dawn. A faint shimmer of light moving away from you is the first thing you can focus on as you come to. You're still in pain, your entire body aches, you feel short on breath. You feel terrible, but you can't stop smiling. You can't even see clearly again yet, and you're smiling more than you've smiled in a long time. This feeling, you've... lost. You've lost it all, haven't you? No matter where you were, if that man was telling the truth, your castle was already overrun with enemy agents. You were deceived, and you, along with a portion of your castle, have vanished to enemy magic. Even should one of your children claim the throne, the damage is done, news will spread about your death, and your great nation will crumble upon itself. The loss is painful, but there's a feeling that overcomes it all. Happiness. You brace yourself against the tree shakily, pushing yourself to stand up. You manage a few inches and stop to let the world spin, and you smile the entire time. You lost to a kid using nothing but his bare hands, monster or no. This is what you've been wanting for such a very long time, a real challenge. Your only clear thoughts contemplate the possibility of more like him, the thought of an entire country full of powerful creatures. The thought is exhilarating, the thought that you're back at the bottom. When you're at the bottom, all you can do is go up.

“All great men die one day,” you mutter between coughs. “Then... I must be reborn.”
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The idea for this basically came from several ideas I've had for SWR fights in Flight that wouldn't work quite well because Nobody isn't exactly mortal. So, with a bit of a mix of the discarded ideas and a pseudo-thematic rehash of 'Second Project', this idea came to mind: A one life, no continues quest to become the new King of Gensokyo or die trying.
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File 124878268571.jpg - (476.20KB , 1600x1131 , 1213315108304.jpg ) [iqdb]
Character in Warlord reminds me of this.
>> No. 91794
>Five-hundred thousand spectators
Lolwut? 50000? Entirely believable. 100000? Big by even modern standards, but still believable. 150000? Biggest ones that exist now are IIRC in the 120-130k range. I think the estimate you gave is a bit off.
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Indianapolis Motor Speedway has a capacity of a little more than 250k, but you could put Vatican City in the infield, so its fucking huge. Even with infield seating, the capacity is only about 400k.
>> No. 91889
It works well as an astronomical figure though.

ITT I don't know shit about arenas.
>> No. 92232
Do this.

Gensokyo will fall to your might. And when you become king, its residence will curse the name Yukari for all eternity, for if she had not made such a mistake, they would still be free. A mistake you took advantage of immediately.

Yukari herself would probably hide herself away, laminating to herself for her stupidity. If you let her live that is.

Let the true king of Gensokyo rise to his proper place, as a god.
>> No. 92285
File 124933918972.png - (68.41KB , 297x241 , 122480408823.png ) [iqdb]
>laminating to herself
>> No. 92318

You know as well as I do that Yukari will have to lose if our Champion is to win. Her Boarder manipulating powers will be of no use to her.

<b>SHE. WILL. <i>DIE.</i></b>
>> No. 92324

You use [ ] instead of < >, FYI.
>> No. 92325
File 124936494728.png - (87.72KB , 176x205 , 124158918884.png ) [iqdb]
Yeeaah. Look, you, uh...you're gonna have to go. This isn't working out. Sorry, but...no.
>> No. 92332
>> No. 92356
This looks good. I eagerly await it's continuation.
>> No. 92477

Actually, the prospect appeals to me so much, it almost seems like a shame that there will be no continues.
>> No. 92488
This place, I've been here before...

The scenery is so familiar, but so different at the same time. That tree... it's supposed to be dead, isn't it?

When did I come here?

These flowers under your feet aren't the same either. The season is wrong. That doesn't keep you from picking a few though. You tenderly wrap them in a cloth and place them back into your handbag without a thought, walking off the dirt path into the forest. The woods feel surreal, like they don't actually exist, even though you can feel the grass and the sun and the wind. If you strain your eyes enough, it's almost like you can see through them. They-

What was that?

You react to a sound, a rustling from off to the side. A faint click you can't place. What was that? You start to walk towards the sound, confused, intrigued and a little frightened all at once. This world isn't your own, it's something else, a world where dangers lurk everywhere, even in the bright daylight like right now. With time, you find an old house, worn and decrepit from neglect, the front door hanging open slightly. Was this the sound you heard? You push the door open, and it swings aside noiselessly. Something compels you to enter, and so you do. With only a few steps, you can already hear and feel the movement within. Footsteps on the wooden floor that you can feel with your whole body. That's right... this place is home to ghosts. You remember this place now, you remember when you were last here. Another soft click from another room. You've never been able to find the source, no mater how hard you look. It's all just lingering memories of lives past. You spend a moment in reflection, wishing the spirits of the house well before departing.

If this is where you are, then that one house should be...

Was it towards the sun? Hmm, it seems like a quiet day today, so I guess I'll be okay if I get lost.

You feel a little more reassured in yourself now, from the front door of this old house. The misty lake is in the direction the sun sets, though you can't remember just which way leads towards the house on it's banks and which just brings you to the water's edge. You know it's a good place there, with some friendly ladies that have always been hospitable. It's not a long walk from here either, but maybe you should hurry.

It doesn't take you long at all to reach the edge of the lake. Your calculations were off again, and you're at the edge of the water, but you're closer to the side with the large red house than the other, so that's god. You're not even worn out from the trip, even though you practically jogged the entire way. You start towards the house, straightening out your dress along the way. These people are refined, so you want to look your best at least. As you walk, you stare out over the lake through the mist. You can see vague shapes darting around just out of sight, and the occasional fragment of voices. You were told ones that fairies play over the lake, they must be out there right now. You take your eyes off the mist and look ahead. The outer wall of the estate draws closer, and the redhead guard is at her post, practicing her... what was it called again? Tai Chi? You slow down a bit so you can watch the woman a bit more. You've never really been familiar with martial arts, but that doesn't mean you can't just enjoy the display. You come to a stop a fair distance away while the woman goes through her routine, moving smoothly from one position into another, like some kind of slow motion dance. She eventually notices you, and wraps up, turning to you with a bow.

“Hello again, miss,” she says, greeting you formally. “I was wondering when you'd come back.”

“Ah, hello,” you reply politely. “Sorry to interrupt you, I just wanted to watch a bit,” you say. The woman smiles, brushing some loose hair behind an ear. “Tai chi, was it?” The woman nods.

“Tai Chi,” she repeats. “You know, if you're interested I could teach you sometime.”

“Oh, that's alright. I don't think I'm cut out for martial arts,” you respond, politely declining the offer. She doesn't seem to be done quite yet.

“It doesn't have to be for martial arts. It's good for your health too,” she boasts with a smile. “It's important to promote good health!”

“Well if that's the case I might have to consider it,” you say, returning the smile. You look past the gate towards the large house. “Are the others in?”

“Ah, you came to visit the Mistress then,” the guard says, stepping up to the gate. “Well, I won't keep you. They're in the back.”

“Thank you, uh...” you pause, feeling slightly embarrassed. You forgot this woman's name again. “I'm sorry...”

“It's Meiling,” she says. You offer a slight bow in apology.

“I'm sorry Ms. Meiling, I'll remember next time,” you say, stepping through the gate. Meiling smiles as she closes the gate behind you, then turns back to face the lake, leaving you to your own devices. As much as you'd like to sneak off and explore the house, a feeling of unease hangs over you every time you get close to the doors. Not that you've been here many times, but your past visits have always remained outside. What brief glimpses you've gotten of the interior have been prevailed by darkness and strange shadows. You think you wouldn't mind never having to go inside. You're not here to contemplate things like that though, you've got to go around back, and so you head off towards the edge of the property, circling around the outside of the building to the back yard, where a large portion of the area is covered under a large canopy, the young lady of the house and an unknown guest sit at a small round table under the canopy. From the back of the guest, all you can make out is black hair and a red and white ribbon. You approach the table, and the young lady perks up, turning to look towards you. You notice a lingering smell of eggs, and it makes you kind of hungry.

“Greetings, Miss,” she says formally, nodding to you. “Welcome.”

“Hello, Remilia” you say politely again, with a bow. “I ended up here again.” Remilia smiles softly, then gestures towards an empty chair at the table.

“Care to join us? I was just speaking to our miko here,” Remilia continues as you move to the seat, gesturing to the unfamiliar girl. Well, you say unfamiliar, but she's not unfamiliar at all. Something in her eyes looks familiar, an unusual kind of stare. You nod to her as you sit, and she nods to you. She reaches out a hand to you as if to shake.

“I'm Re___,” she says, her voice oddly cutting out. That's strange, but you take her hand anyway. You get a sudden rush of warmth, as if you're being covered in something. “What's your name?”


“I'm-”you start to introduce yourself, but this girl suddenly lurches forward, clasping a hand on your shoulder and shaking you.


You turn your head away from the sound as you open your eyes briefly before shutting them against the morning light.

“Mmn, Re-” your voice catches in your throat for a moment as memories of your dream come back to you. “Renko, morning...”

“Wake up Mary, breakfast is ready,” Renko says, moving away from the side of your... couch, actually. You'd fallen asleep... doing something, covered only in a rough blanket. The sound of Renko walking away and the following click all register at once, they're sounds that filtered through into your dream. You crane your head back to see Renko in your kitchen, turning off the oven. You stretch under the blanket, rolling to one side and dropping your legs over the edge. It was a dream again after all, wasn't it? You see your handbag sitting on the coffee table. You reach out to it, sitting up as you do. Renko walks over, carrying two plates of scrambled eggs and toast. As she sets down the plates, you open the handbag.

Inside is a small bundle of freshly picked flowers, wrapped in a cloth.

How much of my life is just a dream? How much is real? One day... I hope to find out.
>> No. 92489
Not entirely sure where I'm going with this. It's an idea with no future, not sure if I want to make a series of shorts out of it, or maybe a short LA or what. I was hit with this idea recently, and spent a bit of time reading up everything I could on Maribel and Renko to try to understand them more. I don't think I can do it too well though, since the way Renko talks is kind of confusing, I'm not really sure I understand how either of them acts really well either. Still, it's an idea I had. Maybe I can go somewhere with it.

Kind of feel like I'm walking on a path already traveled though. Something like this someone, somewhere's probably already done.
>> No. 92491
A story about Maryberry and her fantastic dreams? I like the idea, and I like what you presented.

That last line strikes me as a little off for Mary though, I have to say. From the way she speaks about dreams in Changeability of Strange Dream, she appears not to make any really concrete distinction between dreams and reality, and instead treats them as roughly the same thing. The memo she left in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost also seems to imply that she considers her dreams to be real events.

But then, that's just the way I see it. If you do decide to expand on this, I'd like to see it.
>> No. 92517
Seems good, but I still want to see 'Warlord' come to fruition. Mostly because I want to see Gensokyo fall to one great ruler. And to see Yukari get her ass handed to her, literally if possible.
>> No. 92526

The way I see it, even despite her beliefs she does spend a lot of time around Renko. Consider it a lingering hint of doubt implanted by Renko combined with her own curiosity over her trips to Gensokyo, and the added fact that certain points dissolve into nonsense or surrealism you would expect from a dream. What parts are real and what parts are just a dream? That's what she wants to find out.
>> No. 92527
I'd much rather handle Yukarin's ass, than hand it to her.
>> No. 92584
Then your crazy.

From the stories I've read here, she's a cross between Cosmic Horror and Demon Lord.
>> No. 92586

Some stories have her as a non-malicious trickerster and such. Though stories like CUtMS (in Eientei) really have Yukari in a negative light.

But in the Landlord story in Others, Yukari comes off as a mostly irresponsible big sister concerned about Gensokyo.

That being said I wouldn't mind putting my train in her gap.
>> No. 92649
>That being said I wouldn't mind putting my train in her gap.

>> No. 98379
Down in the deep, deep darkness below the surface, a song resonates through the stone. A tune carried by a tuneless bird, merrily singing her way across a sea of roiling flame. With a swoop here and a dive there, she prods the flames and keeps them burning hot, all part of her duty. The cave is glowing with heat from the raging furnace below her, and she giggles happily at the sight of her handiwork, idly running her fingers across the brilliant red and black gem adorning her chest. One very troubling thing becomes apparent all too quickly, however. A small corner of the cave, tucked away in a tight alcove, has blackened out. Nothing a little more fire won't fix! With a hum and a glide, she brings herself to the corner and brandishes the large rod connected to her arm, firing a thin beam of light. As expected, the rock quickly melts away into flames, but outside of expectation, the blackness begins to grow more as the fires below flow into a rapidly opening hole. The girl cries out in panic, quickly trying to deduce a way she can save her firey task from flooding away.

Over the panicked cries of a frantic bird, and a faint whistle from the air blowing through the widening chasm, another sound emerges, quietly at first, but growing steadily louder. A faint chittering grows into a rumbling crackling, until a small creature breaks through the melting passage, clawing over rocks to pull itself away from the flames. Long since abandoned her thoughts, the watching bird can only stare in confusion at the odd creature from the hole as it stares back at her. What a curious little thing, she's never seen anything quite like it. She floats closer to get a better look, fluttering down to only a few feet away. The creature tilts it's head in response, it's white eyes unblinking. Up close it's actually kind of frightening looking, but the growing darkness is making it harder and harder to make out it's features. She slowly raises an arm towards it, hand open and palm up as a sign of peace, as if reaching to a frightened animal. The response she receives is a mouthful of razor sharp teeth clamping onto her hand and tearing half of it away, along with one finger. With a scream of pain that rapidly transforms into a shriek of rage, the burning bird unleashes a fire of her own, a burning wave that rapidly reduces the figure to embers, and that's when the rumbling starts again, as more pour through the hole. Wave after wave is fired at the scurrying mass of blackness clawing across the walls and ceiling. Dark figures drop from above in an attempt to catch her, while others leap from the sides or below. Already having lost a finger and most of her hand, the girl makes a panicked decision to flee, escaping into a large shaft that runs above ground.

And that's how Gensokyo began it's fall.

The first signs everyone saw was turmoil on Youkai Mountain, a swarm of youkai and the curious that had gathered at first that rapidly became a lightshow, visible from anywhere in the land. As the bursts of danmaku gave away, dread news began to surface from people fleeing the mountain. Hordes of horrible creatures pouring from cracks and fissures, bursting from the ground and cliffs, tearing down buildings and consuming anyone they could catch. It wasn't long before the news reached the two most prolific problem solvers of Gensokyo, Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame. Together, they set out for the mountain, only Reimu returned in one piece, though by no means unharmed. In tow, she carried Marisa, missing one eye and an arm, both taken by the creatures that now infested the mountain. An emergency situation was declared, spellcard rules were declared temporarily void, and a barrier was hastily erected around the entire mountain to contain whatever evil lurked there. In the following days, scattered reports of sightings continued, and were destroyed by vigilant defenders. The incoming sightings began to slow as weeks passed, though not from a decrease in numbers, but from the deaths of those reporters. More problematic news began to follow as well; beasts other than the scurrying lurkers have been seen, and with growing regularity.

While the barrier contained the hordes on the mountain, nothing stopped them from clawing up through the ground, making new paths, and the spread continued slowly from makeshift shafts that slowly spread across the surface. The Forest of Magic was one of the first places outside of Youkai Mountain to be left behind, as a great number of reclusive survivors abandoned their hidden homes to flee into safer areas. This exodus was punctuated with a large scale collapse of a portion of the forest into subterranean caverns, creating an unstoppable flow into other parts of Gensokyo. The Bamboo Forest of the Lost, with it's heavy fogs and dizzying bamboo, became the ultimate death trap. The Misty Lake and Scarlet Devil Mansion became a battleground. The Human Village was a massacre, with only a small number of inhabitants successfully escaping. The Garden of the Sun, as well as the Nameless Hill, had rapidly become overgrown with thick vegetation and plants, creating a thick, near impenetrable living barrier, no doubt created by the youkai that lived there. Even still, occasional blasts of light piercing the sky give sign that at least one person still lives. With unconquered lands slowly being lost, the surviving people of Gensokyo thought they were seeing the end of days, until news came of safe havens where the dark hordes couldn't reach: the Afterlife and the Underworld, lands of the dead. A great migration ensued, with all able people, human and youkai, offering their help to those less gifted.

Hakugyokuro became the primary location for those fleeing the destruction of the surface, with it's gates located high in the air, it's huge, pleasant gardens, the inhabitants were already aware of the situation below thanks to the news from the deceased that have come to stay. It is here that the first plans to strike back were formed, and with little complaint, a warcamp was quickly created in the gardens of the vast estate. Higan, the other destination, was preferred by the less able. Though it's entrance was located dangerously close to the Youkai Mountain, an impressive number of spirits and ghosts had taken up arms and kept the Road of Reconciliation clear, much preferring to fight the creatures than man the festival booths as they had before. With a standing army of the dead protecting the way, the migrants to Higan are doubly protected by the impassable Sanzu River, providing the ultimate defense against any invading creatures that manage to infiltrate, rapidly sinking into the phantasmal water and being torn apart in turn by ancient beasts of the deep. With the best access to raw materials to be taken from the underground environment and a considerable amount of coinage, this is where the efforts to create weapons to fight back were made. With combined efforts, the two colonies had begun their long war to take back Gensokyo.

It's been several months since the hordes spread out into Gensokyo, driving the inhabitants into refuge. Without proper care, the Great Barrier has begun to show signs of deterioration. With the lingering threat of the barrier's collapse, and the risk of these creatures spilling into the outside world, the survivors are on edge. Reimu has come forth to claim her intent to take back her shrine grounds with two purposes, the first being to strengthen the Great Barrier, and the second being the creation of a new bastion where offense forces can strike from. Marisa, with a rebuilt arm created by combined works of science and magic, has pledged to recover magical artifacts from the ruins of the Forest of Magic in order to strengthen the forces that remain. Other groups with other goals begin to come forth, each preparing for their own attacks with their own goals. The largest offensive strike of the war since the retreat from the surface is about to begin. Who do you fight for?


It's pretty much right there in the title, the idea for this came from playing Hellgate: London and Demon's Souls for the last few days. I've been considering giving this a short test run for this week just to try it out while I take a short hiatus from Flight before retcon.
>> No. 98382

It looks really good.
>> No. 98386
>Who do you fight for?
>Without proper care, the Great Barrier has begun to show signs of deterioration.

Outsider forces!
>> No. 98399
>Who do you fight for?

Flandre's Counter Clocks!
>> No. 101296
Reimu looked over the sheaf of papers in her hands with confusion, turning glances up at the smiling woman in red before her, and then to the crowd gathered behind her. After a few seconds, she goes back to the papers, flipping through a few of them.

“I don't understand what these are supposed to be,” Reimu says dejectedly, waving the papers at the woman in front of her. The blue haired woman's smile widens.

“They're our contracts!” she says happily, clasping her hands in front of her chest. “All of ours!”

“Contracts?” Reimu repeats, looking at the papers in confusion again before looking back. “And... what does that mean again?” The woman's happy smile sours slightly.

“Oh you poor girl, you don't even know?” she says sadly, her head and arms sagging slightly. “What a shame...” Reimu starts getting irritated at the display in front of her, tapping her foot.

“So are you going to explain yourself?” she asks, looking over the group gathered on the grounds of her shrine. A lot of people are here, presumably for the same reason. They all look vaguely familiar, but Reimu can't quite put her finger on why. As she scans the crowd, a blonde haired girl in a blue and white maid outfit raise her hand to catch Reimu's attention.

“I think they mean we're... uh, entitled to... something... and you, uh... are responsible...” the girl speaks out, slowly losing steam as she does. She doesn't sound very confident in her explanation, and Reimu is not too impressed. Turning back to the blue haired woman, who looks as if she might break down in tears any second now.

“I don't know what this is about, or what you're after, but whatever it is I don't think I can help you,” Reimu says, handing the papers back to the woman. She takes them dejectedly, then sinks to her knees.

“It's not fair...” the woman whines, looking up at Reimu with misty eyes. “It's not fair, Reimu!”

“Uh, sorry?” Reimu apologizes, starting to get a little uncomfortable by the display going on in front of her as the woman bows her head. Another blonde maid emerges from the crowd, this one in red and white, and hurries to the sullen woman's side.

“Master Shinki, are you alright?” she asks, and just like that, a flood of memory returns to Reimu.

“Wha- Wait! You're Shinki!?” she asks in disbelief, looking down at the moping woman, who nods slowly without looking up.

“It's so lonely,” Shinki says, looking up at Reimu again. “No one remembers us, or even pays us attention,” she says, wiping some built up water from her eyes. “We've been left behind, forgotten in the past, while everyone moves on ahead of us...”

“Uh...” Reimu interrupts, wanting to get in a few words, but Shinki doesn't seem to respond.

“We sit back and watch everyone around Gensokyo having fun, playing danmaku, causing trouble and having good lives, while we...” Shinki stops again. “It's too cruel! We want to be a part of it all! That's why, I thought 'Maybe we could trick someone! If we went to Reimu, she could make people recognize us again!'. I heard people on the outside get tricked with 'contracts' all the time, so I thought maybe it would work on you, but...” she looks back on the edge of tears. The maid woman pats Shinki's back consolingly.

“My lady, you don't need to speak, allow me to speak for you,” she says, and Shinki nods in response. The maid proceeds to stand up and face Reimu. “As Master Shinki said, we're tired of being ignored by Gensokyo, so we've come to do something about that.” Reimu takes a step back from the door, expecting trouble.

“Well, what can I do? I'm just a shrine maiden,” Reimu says with a shrug. “You guys want to make some noise, go somewhere else and cause trouble. I'm sure everyone will know who you are then.” The maid shakes her head.

“I don't think so, Reimu,” she says, raising a hand and pointing at the shrine maiden. “You are responsible for all this. You've single handedly defeated us all in the past, and since then we have all sunk into shadows. It's your actions that destroyed the original Makai, leaving the denizens of the world without a home. You should apologize for that by helping us integrate with this new world.”

“I don't understand,” Reimu says, stepping back again and starting to slide the door shut. The maid's foot interrupts the process, and Reimu gives her an annoyed look. “Do you mind leaving now?” Before the maid can reply however, Shinki crawls forward and throws her arms around Reimu's legs. In response, Reimu gives a surprised yelp and proceeds to fall over, causing Shinki to crawl up even more and lay across the fallen girl.

“Please Reimu!” she whines. “We don't want to be left behind anymore! Please help us live in this Gensokyo with everyone!” Reimu tries to fight off the fallen goddess, but to no avail. With a sigh, Reimu slumps to the ground lazily.

“Fine, fine. Whatever you want, I'll find a way to help you,” she says. Shinki sits up in surprise, all trace of sadness replaced by surprise.

“Really!? You mean it?” she asks happily. Reimu takes this opportunity to sit up herself, and pushes Shinki back a bit to keep her from pouncing on her again.

“I still don't really get it, but I suppose all I have to do is find a place for you to live and get along with everyone else, right?” Reimu asks, to which Shinki nods excitedly. “Well then, I'll see what I can do,” she finishes, looking outside. The group of girls that had gathered has started to cluster around the door, each with their own happy expressions to oppose Reimu's annoyed gaze.

“... Where do I even start...” the shrine maiden sighs.


I forget when or how the idea came to me, but I've had the idea for a while. The PC-98 characters are still around, but no one pays much attention to them, so they descend upon Reimu and force her to help them integrate their lives into 'modern' Gensokyo. I'm not sure if I would go in a CYOA direction with this, maybe a series of shorts, but if it was a CYOA, you'd be Reimu and the aims would be getting whichever character you choose into a happy life in modern Gensokyo. No drama, no despair, warm and fuzzy feelings only, final destination*.

*May contain traces of drama, actually.
>> No. 101297
Ah, I was going to say something else, but forgot to: The original idea for this literally had contract disputes and very little fourth wall, but I wrote it like this instead. I still kind of find the idea of Touhous complaining about their employment history and threatening to go after ZUN amusing, but I don't think I have the skill and knowledge to make it courtroom drama-ish like I envision it.
>> No. 101314
Nice stories. For now, the Hellgate one seems the most interesting, although it seems like a pain in the ass to write.
And, like anon said, we should start as outsiders. P/E: Agents of some sort of paranormal agency who wants to investigate the strange readings that appears over a certain area of Japan.
>> No. 101410

>it seems like a pain in the ass to write.

I don't follow.
>> No. 101413
I sadly don't know much about the PC-98 characters, but I like the idea for their reintegration.
And the Hellgate story makes me imagine a sliver invasion.
>> No. 105217
In the early twenty-first century, humanity created a means to travel through space without having to rely solely on solid fuels, enabling longer space trips and expanding their circle of influence. The first lunar colony was established within the decade, and with the low gravity environment, a research station was constructed to create prototypes larger than could be easily made on Earth. The lunar station flourished, rapidly transforming from a simple research outpost as more money was funneled to operations. By the end of the century, the capital of the moon had become an officially recognized political body, the first of it's kind, with it's independence from Earth finalized within the generation. Colonization began in earnest after that, with the advanced engines developed by the Lunarians allowing rapid travel to nearby planets. As humanity spread it's influences across the moons and planets of their Sol system, they eventually reached the asteroid belt, where navigation became dangerous to the oversized ships they had used so far, and so a new direction in engineering was sought.

What was once a product of popular culture and fantasy became a practical reality: bipedal, humanoid ships modeled on the human form. Small enough to navigate the dangers of the asteroid belt, they were also adapted to construction and mining projects within space, even some designed for combat or military use, needing only a single pilot to control. The project was a success, with a group of volunteer pilots breaking through the asteroid belt to reach the outer planets. As the colonies grew, a method of traveling between the planets quickly had to be found. After many long years, a faster than light travel system was put to the test successfully, jumping from the design lab on Venus, straight to Neptune. It was then that the government of Earth planned a project to spread outside of their own star system, reaching out into the star system around them. Various countries of the Earth each planned their own projects, funding and building their own probes to launch. By the late twenty-second century, the probes were complete, manned with crews specially trained in the use of all manner of experimental hardware included in the final designs, as well as full complements of materials needed to establish a colony out of the probe itself.

One such probe, constructed by Japan, found it's way to a star after several years of travel. Officially labeled 'GNS-09', the star had several satellites, one of which was found to be nearly completely habitable, with only a minor amount of terraforming needed. Shortly after colonization, strange ships were seen in space near the planet, unlike any known to human design. Attempts were made to reach the vessels, but approaching ships were met with weapons fire of levels unachieved by human engineering. With the threat of a potential alien attack looming over the newly landed colony, the defenses were raised. Speculation over the appearance of these lifeforms ran rampant through the GNS-09 colony, until all expectations were broken by the pilot of a small shuttle that descended to the planet, and surrendered to the colonists. They were human in appearance, with the only visible distinction being the unnatural glow in their eyes. The envoy of their race had a unique purple glow to hers.

Weeks passed as a team of linguists worked with their willing prisoner to decode their language, and to teach their own words in turn, hoping to be able to reach a peaceful resolution to the threat of violence. What they learned as the alien language began to unravel was grim. A nearby sister star was currently experiencing a large scale civil war, and as such they have been rapidly colonizing planets in order to boost their personal resources and become harder to destroy. Even with this news, the colony was not wholly prepared for the attack that followed. Within days a single new ship appeared in orbit and started dropping craws to the surface, where the differences of the alien race they had encountered became more defined. Tall humanoids with inhuman features, elongated ears, clawed hands and feet, and physical abilities far beyond that of humans. Initial contacts were brutal massacres, with the human soldiers being torn apart quite literally by the advancing enemy. A fierce battle raged for the better part of a month, the end of which came from intervention of the previous group they had contacted, lead by their captive. The invading force destroyed, the protective team was honored as valued friends, with their leader 'Yukari', as she was named for the colour of her eyes, was offered a position of power within the governmental body of the colony, which was declined in favour of simple assistance. Though weakened militarily, the colony grew quickly with help of the aliens, dubbed as 'Youkai' for their resemblances to ancient Japanese mythologies.

It's been fifty years since the initial landing, and the civil war of the Youkai continues strong, with occasional raids on the star system by aggressive Youkai looking for a foothold. The rapid expansion of the GNS-09 colony under the aid of the friendly Youkai has lead to a prosperous planet that mirrors Earth, and the new weapons and hybrid mechs created from human and Youkai technology provide a stable defense against new attacks in both space and on land. News of the encounter with alien life and the war has already long spread back to Earth, and onto other distant colonies, bringing in a thin trickle of mercenaries and merchants looking for fame and wealth in space. One such fortune hunter is you, lead by the thrill of adventure, a jack of all trades.


You can thank >>103165 for reminding me all over again and providing the trigger for it to resurface. I had spent a bit of time planning something like this oh so long ago, and since there have been two mech themed stories that have petered out.

I admit as well that as far as mechs go, I like the idea, but I'm more of an Armored Core/Front Mission fan than a giant robot anime fan, so I'd definitely be aiming for a more real approach than super. If I weren't already writing 3 stories, I'd definitely give this one a go. I'd say that this and Warlord are my two ideas I'm most anxious to work with.
>> No. 105220
only problem is that most things don't go through the asteroid belt, they go around

Other than that, nice idea.
>> No. 105221

Yeah, I thought about that, but then why waste a perfectly good opportunity to develop something to handle specialized work?
>> No. 105228
I see what you did there.
>> No. 105250
It'd work in the sense of using them for spacial construction and/or mining, but then they'd only have a vaguely humanoid appearance for the specialized work that they'd be engaged in. Multiple arms, and a variety of sensors/interfaces would probabally be used over a humanoid form.
>> No. 105254
File 125918849455.jpg - (678.17KB , 1300x1000 , utsuho_is_the_core.jpg ) [iqdb]

Yeah, well... they didn't!

Yeah, I got nothing. Have some Utsuho.
>> No. 111996
The Scarlet Devil Mansion, or more precisely, the underground magical library, Voile. Kept and maintained by Magician Patchouli Knowledge and her Devil familiar Koakuma. A dusty, dim place where hundreds upon thousands of magical books and tomes are kept in storage. A goldmine of arcane knowledge, and a very high profile target for one particular local witch. Within it's nearly labyrinthine depths, the caretaker sits at a desk, books spread out on the table in front of her, with several more free floating in the air around her, lit only by the light of a single candle.

“Koa, new candle,” Patchouli mumbles quietly, trying to maintain her train of thought. Dark circles under her eyes telling of her lack of rest as her eyes dart from book to book in the poor lighting. The winged girl collects a spare from a box, lights it with a simple gout of flame from her finger, and then sets it in midair, floating without effort. A mumbled thanks is given by the magician as she dips her pen into her inkwell, tapping off excess ink before returning to the page. She scribbles quickly, while the information is still fresh in her mind. She had finally come to the point where she was ready to learn the next key, advance her own magical power another level, and become the most powerful magician in Gensokyo. To keep herself from losing her shot, she's taken it upon herself to transcribe all the results of her study from the last 34 hours, a process which is quickly drawing to a close. A faint smile on her lips as she slides the full page away, exposing one more fresh page. She sets upon it as well, scratching out her knowledge and- pens dry, dip in ink- record her final steps towards the key. There's an energy in the air as Patchouli quickly scribes, and even Koakuma is growing tense as the words and sentences flow from the pen.

One final scratch, a flurry of strokes, and Patchouli sets the signed page aside, collects the stack of pages and then neatly aligns them, setting them back down... and then silence.

“I've got it,” she says, her smile still present, “I'm ready for the next key.”

“That's wonderful!” Koakuma exclaims, shuffling over to her mistress and laying her hands on he shoulders, gently rubbing them. “Now you can take a nice bath, and then get into bed.”

“Yes, yes,” Patchouli mutters, her head sagging slightly, “a bath, and then- No! No, wait, I'm not done!” Patchouli suddenly bursts, taking up her pen once more as Koakuma steps back with a sigh. “I need to enchant the book. Confound it's contents, keep Marisa from understanding it. I need to seal it into the library, no, to my very body. My mind!”

“Is that really necessary?” Koakuma asks, a little exasperated and slightly worried.

“Absolutely! I can't let her unlock the key, I can't let her match my power,” Patchouli mumbles feverishly as she applies a spell to paper. “I will keep this power to myself!” Silence falls over the library again, with the only noise being the scratching of pen on paper, and the soft sounds of pen in glass.

“After this, you could even summon a second familiar to help with management,” Koakuma speaks up after a few seconds, breaking the silence. Patchouli mumbles slightly in response at first.

“Right, a new pair of hands. Summon a new servant to help maintain the library,” Patchouli mutters as she works on the spell, fighting back the effects of sleep deprivation. Just a few more lines and runes and she's done, now she can seal the... the...

“Patchouli?” Koakuma asks, several seconds after the aforementioned girl stops writing, blinking down at the page in front of her.

“I made a mistake...” Patchouli says, blinking some more, then setting down the pen and wiping her eyes, “I made a mistak-” she repeats, cut off by a sudden burst of light from the page. She falls back in her chair with a cry and Koakuma rushes to her side, collecting her toppled master from the floor.

“Are you alrigh-” Koakuma starts, only to be cut off by Patchouli's cries again.

“No! Wait,” she shouts, attempting and failing to get to her feet, entangled in her own robes, “I screwed up the spell!”

“What?” Koakuma asks, helping Patchouli to her feet. The magician stumbles for the page, only to be repulsed by a bright flash of light that floods the room. Another flash and the light expands out from the page, consuming everything in it's path.

As the light subsides, Patchouli and Koakuma open their eyes, blinking against the spots and streaks in their vision from the light in the dim environment. As their eyes adjust to the darkness once again, a very peculiar sight awaits them. Upon the table lay a single figure, devoid of clothes. The table as well, devoid of anything but this figure. In fact...

The entire Voile library was empty.

“Oh,” Patchouli mutters, shuddering slightly, “Oh no,” she says, taking a step towards the table. Koakuma looks around in confusion at the change. The bookshelves are bare, stacks of books missing from the tables, chairs, and floor. Everything is missing, save for a pen, an inkwell, and a floating candle, pooling wax on the table beneath it.

“Mistress...? What happened?” Koakuma asks, taking a step after Patchouli.

“I... sealed the library,” she says quietly. Koakuma tilts her head slightly.

“Pardon?” Koakuma asks, as the figure on the table starts to stir. The light haired figure starts to mumble itself.

“I wanted to shut away... the knowledge I'd gained... lock it into my mind...” Patchouli speaks in slow, broken sentences, “keep it from being stolen.” The figure shifts, pushing itself up from the table with one arm. A thin black tail raises up form it's limp position, and a pair of small black wings stretch out from a folded position on both head and back.

“A Devil?” Koakuma reacts with a hushed whisper.

“... but...” Patchouli continues. The devil turns its head towards the two girls. A young man, bleary eyed, looks towards them in response to the sound of their voices. “Instead...”

“Hmmn?” the boy groans, rubbing his eyes. “Who're you?” Patchouli is on the table faster than either devil can react, hands on the boys throat, and pushes him down on the surface.

“Give me back my books!” Patchouli shouts, feebly attempting to choke the devil boy with her small hands. “Give me back my library!”

“Wha-! I don- Get off!” the boy struggles, pulling Patchouli's hands off him and holding her arms back. She struggles and flails in return, pulling her hands free and proceeds to beat her fists against the devil's head and chest.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it!” Patchouli shouts during her assault, while the confused boy makes an attempt to deflect her otherwise weak and random blows until Koakuma steps up, grabbing her master by the shoulders.

“Mistress! Please!” Koakuma shouts over Patchouli's ranting, pulling her back and subsequently off the table with a cry, keeping Patchouli from mounting the table again.

“It's all there!” Patchouli shouts, struggling against Koakuma's grip. “In his head! My library! My books! Give them back!!” Patchouli cries, now on the verge of tears out of plain frustration, while both devils, equally confused by proceedings, exchange glances. Eventually, Patchouli's tantrum settles down, as she rapidly loses consciousness, fainting in the arms of her familiar.


“I'm sorry about all of that,” Koakuma says as she returns, bowing slightly to the boy, who is temporarily dressed in spare clothes rummaged up from Koakuma's own stock.

“I still don't even know what's going on. What happened to me? Where am I?” he asks, still all very bewildered by the recent events. Koakuma give a tired smile.

“My best guess is that Miss Patchouli fumbled a spell in her fatigue, ended up combining a spell to seal a book into her memories with a summoning spell, but...” she pauses, looking around the library, “it seems she sealed the entire library...”

“Into me,” the boy says, finishing the sentence. Koakuma nods hesitantly.

“That... seems so,” she says, tapping her fingers together, “I've never heard of something like this happening, I don't know what to do.”

“And for where I am?” the male devil asks next.

“You're in, well, the former magical library Voile, beneath the Scarlet Devil Mansion, in a realm known as Gensokyo,” Koakuma explains, giving a half hearted sweeping gesture to the large, empty library space. “There are all sorts of magical people and creatures in this world, so you'll fit right in... well, as long as you're around.” Koakuma seems to slump a little at the last part, the the boy seems no more pleased at that.

“What'll happen to me?” he asks.

“Honestly? I don't even know,” Koakuma replies sadly, “I hope that the books can be retrieved without incident.” Silence falls between them for a few seconds.

“You're a devil too, right?” the boy asks, looking over Koakuma. She nods in admittance.

“I am!” she says happily, “it's been so long since I saw another Devil, it's kind of nostalgic.”

“And you're here...?” the male leads.

“Miss Patchouli summoned me many years ago as a familiar to tend to the library,” Koakuma says, her tone dropping a little at the end thanks to the current state of said 'library', “she was intending to summon a second one, which would be you, to help, but...”

“Unforgivable!” Patchouli's voice calls out as she stalks towards the pair from the bookshelves.

“Mistress!? Why are you up?” Koakuma asks with concern, rushing towards the girl.

“Like I could die while my library is like this!” Patchouli states, looking worse for wear than before, visibly haggard and disheveled, not to mention stripped down to her underwear and a slip. “I need to expel this Devil and recover my library! Everything I know is in here! I can't let anyone but me have it!”

“With all due respect, Miss, it can wait,” Koakuma says soothingly, only to be met with a frustrated squeal.

Absolutely not!” Patchouli wails, flailing on Koakuma now, who catches the attacks quickly and holds Patchouli back. “I must get started immediately, I have no time to waste on this!”

“Look,” the boy says, walking towards the pair, “I know that I have something important of yours locked away in my head, but have you looked in a mirror lately?” he asks, catching Patchouli's attention. “You look like shit, seriously,” he states, leaning forward slightly to get a better look at her face. He's got a head on her in height, just barely taller than Koakuma herself. “You want to wrinkle your face up over something like this? No man would want someone if they look like a hag before their time.”

Who do you think you're talking to!?” Patchouli screams, struggling harder against Koakuma, as vain as it is. The latter throws a glance back at the young man as he steps back a bit, and catches an unusual sight. His lips are moving, as if he's speaking something. He finishes, and once again Patchouli goes limp in Koakuma's arms, however, the change is instantaneously rather than gradual. Coinciding with the end of whatever the young devil was speaking. Koakuma's eyes widen at the realization.

“You used magic on her?” she asks, and the devil responds by scratching his head.

“I won't deny that there's a lot of new knowledge in my head I didn't have before, but a sleep spell isn't anything special. Most Incubi know one or two,” he says, noticing the new look he's getting from the female devil, “not that I am one, but there's lots of opportunities to learn new tricks, you know?”

“Right, I understand,” Koakuma says while kneeling to pick up Patchouli's slumped form again. “Sorry, I'm going to bring her back to her room,” she adds, hoisting the short girl up and carrying her away.

“Hey,” the guy calls after her, “what's your name?”

“Koakuma,” she replies.

“... Your real name?” he presses, not content with the given name. Koakuma frowns a little.

“I gave up my name when I became a familiar, so it's just 'Koakuma' now. It will be the same for you,” she states. Now it's the boy's turn to frown.

“Give up my name...” he says, “and if I don't?”

“Your name was already stripped from you when you were summoned,” Koakuma replies matter of factly. This elicits a sneer from the new guy.

“No way, I still remember my name,” he says, which gets a disbelieving grin from Koakuma.

“So?” she asks, still smirking. A few seconds pass, and a rather pronounced frown crosses the devils face as he comes to realize the truth of the matter.

“It really was stripped from me, wasn't it,” he grumbles, kicking his foot against the ground.

“A devil's name is their power, after all,” Koakuma says, smiling gently, “it's to keep your power from being misused by others that might seek your strength, and it keeps you from breaking the contract on your own.”

“Guess I need a new name then,” the male sighs, folding his hands behind his head. “What did you say this library was called again?”

“Voile?” Koakuma repeats, only catching onto the intent after the grin spreads across the boys face.

“Then,” he says lowering his hands and wearing a cocky smirk, “I'm Voile from now on.”


No points for guessing what gave me the inspiration for this. There's also a similarly flavoured idea in the style of Railgun that would be another slice-of-life high school story, but I'm already writing a slice-of-life-story-based-on-a-mixture-of-anime-and-Touhou, so I figure only one of them at a time, eh?

This is actually not the idea I alluded to having before in... whatever thread I had brought that up in. I've still yet to write that, since it requires a certain... flair I suppose, given the subject. It also won't be in here, because this is an idea for a story, whereas this other idea is just going to be a oneshot, it'll have it's own thread. If I'm lucky, it'll have it's own picture as well.

Updates to my stories coming when I wake up in 6 hours. In before no one even comments on this. Even after I went through the trouble to hunt it down and bump it so I didn't clutter the board with another useless thread.
>> No. 111998
Voile-kun/Koakuma sounds like a nice pairing, continue in this line of story when you can.
>> No. 112013

I like it. Delving into the mechanics of magic is a something I enjoy in stories, and this seems to have it.
>> No. 112019

Given the focus, this would definitely be an LA, and so it'd go in /sdm/. The majority of the other ideas would be /th/ or /others/.
>> No. 112034
So how is 'Warlord' coming along?
>> No. 112049

Depends? It's a CYOA idea, and I do technically still write 3 (if I ever update that one in /others/ I keep forgetting about).

If there's enough demand for one particular idea/story, I'd be willing to start one up just for a test run.
>> No. 112053
Likewise. I'm plenty interested in this.
>> No. 117067
Legends tell of a land of magic, sealed away in it's own little world, completely independent from it's original world on the surface, but still susceptible to influences from beyond the barrier that separates the two worlds. Where the occasional stray falls in from the outside, it's the incoming souls of the dead that are the most commonly seen. Common enough that every sixty years, an event transpires wherein the overflow of souls of the deceased escapes to the surface to inhabit flowers. An easily predictable event, the cause of which was never quite understood, but always accepted, and as the years wore on, the sudden blooming of out of season flowers was no longer a cause for concern, but rather an occurrence many people looked forward to, and a festival grew out of it. Perhaps it was the acceptance of the routine nature of this event, or just how ingrained it had become into the bubble world's culture, that it quickly became a concern when the Flower Blooming Festival lasted far longer than it ever had before. What began as normal began to concern the citizens long after the spirits were supposed to have been taken away, and for the first time in centuries, an investigation was launched into the reason behind the blooming flowers.

Maiko Hakurei, the latest descendant of the Hakurei family set out alongside her fellow shrine maiden from the Youkai Mountain, Atsuko Kotiya, and their ancient and powerful friend, the Great Witch Marisa Kirisame. Despite their best efforts however, even after traveling all the way to the Judge of the Dead, Shikieiki, they had no power to change anything. The volume of souls was simply incomparable to the amounts that had come before, and even with the Shinigami working at full capacity, it was simply too much work to remove so many souls. This news did not sit well in the minds of the heroines, who returned home troubled by the implications of so many dead in the outside world. As the days carried on and the lingering spirits did begin to dwindle, a curious Maiko made a trip to visit an old family friend, the Youkai of Boundaries, Yukari Yakumo, with a request: to take her outside of the Barrier. Yukari attempted to dissuade the young descendant, but ultimately gave in to the Hakurei's request, already knowing the sight that awaited the young woman.

A destroyed world, ruined by warfare, awaited them outside the magical border. The desolate, burnt terrain confirmed Maiko's fears, and the two made ready to return, when movement caught the eye of the young priestess. A haggard and dirty young boy, peeking out from behind some rocks. Before she had a chance to speak, the boy began to run, and Maiko gave chase, followed closely by Yukari. Neither made an attempt to catch the boy, but rather to simply follow, until they reached his destination. Despite the wasteland, a small number of ramshackle huts and lean-tos were constructed from scrap and debris, providing shelter for a small number of equally dirty, but living, people. Survivors of the war that destroyed the world. It was then that Maiko made a decision that would change everyone's lives.

“Yukari,” she said solemnly, turning to her family friend, “please, help me remove the Great Hakurei Barrier. We have to help these people.”

Silently, the blonde youkai accepted the plea, and the two returned to begin their work, as well as spread the news. Rather than the fear and anger that was expected in light of the news to lower the Barrier and expose themselves to the outside for the first time in a thousand years, voices of support rose from the citizens. Within a day, the entire population was making preparations to assist in whatever way they could, and gathering resources that could be useful in helping those that survived. Two days pass before a bright light fills the air as the magical barrier that once enclosed the magical world dissolved into the air, and a veritable army of people, human and youkai, marched beyond the borders of the land they've lived in their entire lives into a world only a few ever knew, all in order to find any survivors and either bring them back to their homeland, or to make an attempt to improve the land again for them with their powers in a world that no longer held the power to repress their abilities.

And so, Gensokyo became a Paradise on Earth.


I forget when I came up with this idea, but it's something that's been on my mind for a while. Rather than a traditional CYOA story featuring one protagonist though, there would be choices of groups combined of people with similar goals, each with their own reasons for venturing forth, and there would be chances to change which particular character is controlled at a time to solve problems.

I wonder if anyone's tired of seeing this thread...
>> No. 117070
I'm certainly intrigued by the idea. The question of, "What would become of Gensokyo as the rest of the world turns to dust?" is one that has crossed my mind as well. The idea of dropping the border and initiating a rescue/restoration effort, on the other hand, has not. Suffice to say it strikes my curiosity.

My primary concern is that the post-apocalyptic setting is ripe with the trappings of cliche, but I'm fairly confident in your ability to work around such things. I was about to say that having so many original characters could also be an issue, and while not necessarily a false statement, it's dumb and I feel dumb for thinking it. I think I need to stop reading fan-fiction for a while, lest I forget entirely that OCs are, in fact, the norm. Just plan carefully and do what you think is best as far as OCs are concerned. Again, I'm fairly confident in your judgment regarding this.

All told, there's a fair amount of potential here, and if you feel motivated to pursue the idea, there's no reason not to go for it. I can't say much more than that without seeing the characters and events in action.
>> No. 117072
Nice idea, though I think it'd be better for to wait until your plate clears up. Juggling 4 stories isn't an easy feat.

I have no problems with this thread.
>> No. 117073

Actually, it will be fairly OC light, aside from Maiko and Atsuko, due to the fact that they're descendants of Reimu and Sanae filling their roles long past any believable time span a normal human could live for. Marisa, as you might suspect, becomes a youkai Magician, and thus stops aging, though fellow humans Keine and Sakuya manage to survive, Keine through exploitation of her ability to change history in her Were-Hakutaku form, simply bumps up her birth year by one. Sakuya... I haven't decided, either Lunarian all along, or becomes a vampire, or time hax.

Otherwise, the characters will all be familiar faces. Older, maybe wiser, but familiar all the
same. Maybe a few minor OCs, but even still, nothing over the top.
>> No. 117079

For what it's worth, Sanae living an absurd amount of time is completely believable. Aside from her ability to bring about miracles, the way Suwako talks about her in Hisoutensoku makes it seem as though Sanae is moving down the path to full-on divinity. She could easily live a miraculous amount of time, or simply become a living goddess and gain the extremely long lifespan that accompanies the status.

Although, were she to become a goddess, I suppose she would need a priestess of her own...
>> No. 117081

Does this mean Sanae will become a great-great-great-great-great-grandmother?
>> No. 117085
>Lunarian all along
I will murder you.
>> No. 117098
There's nothing saying that she isn't while there's nothing that says that she is.

So... Take it easy!
>> No. 117215
>Keine (...) through exploitation of her ability to change history in her Were-Hakutaku form, simply bumps up her birth year by one.
So, she could claim to be whatever age she wants and make it true?

Man, the grannbeatiful young women of Gensoukyou will hate her forever for this.
>> No. 119793
I love all these ideas. Forget CYOA, they could each be really great short stories
>> No. 119794

Quiet you, I'm trying to get him to start up that CYOA Overlord idea of his.
>> No. 123484
A long dirt road runs out of the human village, taking a winding path along the foot of the eastern mountains that leads around the outskirts of the Forest of Magic, and ends at the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. On this night, a full moon hangs in the air, bathing the road in a white light, as two women stare each other down across the stretch of dirt, while several others watch from the sides.

“I have to give you credit, little girl,” Mokou says condescendingly, glaring at her opponent, “you've got talent.”

“Hmph,” Mystia huffs, fluttering her wings impatiently, “of course I do. It's only natural for a youkai to be better than a human at everything.”

“That may be true,” Mokou admits with a sarcastic grin, “if it weren't me we were talking about.” Mystia chuckles at the boast.

“As if you'd even be able to measure up to me, even with a lifespan that stretches to infinity,” Mystia taunts, bearing a wide grin, “you'll never match up to me.” Now it's Mokou's turn to laugh, as she raises a knife gripped tight in her hand.

“I suppose we'll see about that,” Mokou declares. Mystia simply scoffs.

“As if that knife will help,” the youkai bird snidely comments.

“This blade has been at my side for years. It has taken the life of countless other birds,” Mokou announces, “and tonight will be no different.” A cool smile crosses Mokou's lips as she brandishes her knife. Mystia draws one of her own.

“A human blade like that couldn't even hope to stand against the perfect craftsmanship of a youkai-forged blade,” Mystia boasts, scraping her finger across the edge. Even the slight touch creates a cut that draws blood, though she doesn't flinch. “This knife could easily carve through flesh and bone, even without my strength advantage.”

“I don't doubt it could,” Mokou replies, knowing all too well how fine youkai blades were, but even the finest of blades is no good in inexperienced hands. Keine steps forward from behind Mokou, placing her hands on the shoulders of her friend.

“Mokou, you don't have to do this,” Keine says, with a slightly worried tone. Mokou shrugs her off, looking over her shoulder.

“It's alright Keine, I can't lose to a bird,” Mokou quips, then turns her attention back to her opponent, raising her knife towards her. Mystia reciprocates the action, and the two grin at each other across the road, knifes glistening in the moonlight.

“We'll settle this tonight,” Mystia declares.

“Just which of us is meant to continue on,” Mokou declares in turn. Both women strike a pose and raise their knives. They strike simultaneously...

Onto the respective cutting boards of their food carts, incidentally set up along the road as well.

“These two are so melodramatic,” Reimu whines from a spot beneath a tree, where she sits with Marisa and Sanae, cups of tea in hand. Still hot too, thanks to a thermos brought by Sanae. “All this over a cooking competition? Give me a break.”

“It kind of looks like fun though,” Marisa chimes in, kicking back on the sheet spread out beneath the three of them. “I wonder if I could open my own food cart.”

“What would you sell?” Sanae asks. Reimu casts her a sidelong glance as if to ask if she really wanted to know.

“Probably mushroom soup,” Marisa responds, then laughs slightly, “I'm not really that great at cooking anything else.”

“If you tried to sell that, I'd be forced to exterminate you as a threat to Gensokyo,” Reimu says flatly. Sanae seems a little concerned.

“Is there something wrong with it?” Sanae asks of Reimu, who responds simply with a dry heave as she recalls her unpleasant experience with Marisa's 'cooking'.

“It's a really acquired taste,” Marisa cuts in before Reimu can give her opinions on the matter. The three sit in silence for a while, watching the two stand owners work quickly to prepare their specialties faster than the other.

The news had spread a day or two prior, about a 'show down' between Mokou and Mystia, apparently at the ends of their ropes in dealing with each other, they finally decided to 'settle their score'. There was promises of 'blood and fire', 'without Spellcard rules' and 'the ultimate victor being decided under the light of the moon'. It was only natural that everyone got worked up and caused quite a concern among several residents of the land. Despite the intent being misunderstood, the event itself had become a spectacle anyway, with even more people coming soon after the situation was found to be resolved with food.

“First set ready!” Mokou shouts as Keine sets out a tray loaded up with her specialty yakitori.

“First set ready!” Mystia shouts soon afterwards, setting out a tray of her own. Nearby onlookers flock to the two stands, clearing the trays in seconds. Among them is Marisa, having already left Reimu and Sanae to join the taste testing.

“I wonder how hard it would be to run a food stand...” Sanae wonders aloud. Reimu sighs into her cup.

“You too, Sanae?” Reimu complains.

“Eh? I just think it would be kind of interesting. Plus, it would be a good way to make some money for the shrine,” Sanae says. Reimu is silent for a few seconds, but shakes her head.

“Nah, it wouldn't be good. You should just be diligent to your position and be a good miko,” Reimu says dismissively, which elicits a slight giggle from Sanae.

“Aren't you the one that doesn't take your position as seriously as you should?” Sanae asks, and another lengthly pause passes as Reimu takes an unusually long draft of her tea.

“This tea sure is good, Sanae,” Reimu comments off-handedly, “maybe you should open a tea cart or something.” Sanae nods in agreement, then lapses into thought, an act that bothers Reimu. “You're actually considering it, aren't you?”

“Ah! Well, not really, but...” Sanae stammers, obviously having been caught, “what else would I serve besides tea?”

“You're serving something?” Suwako asks as she pops up out of the ground beside the sheet.

“Oh, I was just wondering what I'd make if I ran a food cart,” Sanae says.

“It's gotta be sweets,” Suwako chimes, pulling herself out of the ground and sitting on the edge of the sheet.

The goddess and her maiden continue with their planning, both apparently liking the idea of a food cart of their own. They're not the only ones in the crowd with such an idea. Murmurs spread through the crowd gathered, others getting their own inspirations for food carts, for various reasons. To further one's own goals, to spread their name around Gensokyo, to make loads of money easily, a myriad of reasons arise that night to convince the attendees of the cook-off spectacle to worm their way into the business. Mystia and Mokou, unaware of the event they have set in motion through their melodrama, prepare tray after tray of food until their stock is empty and everyone is fed.

In the end, the result is a tie. The audience is split between who runs the better stand, but perhaps it's for the best. They are only two food stands, after all, and they're about to see a lot more competition. The true test of who is the best food cart owner has yet to begin...


One of the less 'serious' idea's I've had recently that came up during my month long absence. I'd like to say 'I have no idea where this came from', but I'd be lying. I blame spending time laying in my bed with my laptop, reading Addicted to Curry and Yakitate!! Japan as the cause of this, as well as my own hobby of cooking.

This idea I have more suited to a CYOA idea, though like many other ideas, I could also just make a simple series of shorts.

As for CYOAs, I'll be updating Gensou Coil and Idyllic Life later tonight, so if anyone that reads my shit is around and even still cares, those will be up.
>> No. 123794
A little late, but all the same:

>> No. 123865
File 128556692725.png - (133.89KB , 480x480 , chefs-silhouette.png ) [iqdb]

A CYOA similar to Yakitake Japan? That would be awesome. It'd probably be a lighthearted adventure, with only moderate focus on romance (maybe who you'll eventually team up with as both a business and life partner to open up a full fledged restaurant?)

You, a young human villager, have finally started on your journey to become the best food cart owner in all of Gensokyo. Inspired by that heated battle under the moonlight so many weeks ago, your cart assembled, your spice rack filled, and your heart ablaze, will you manage to ascend to the top of this dog-eat-dog, chicken, pork, beef, vegetable, fish, etc. business?

Allez cuisine!
>> No. 123887
File 128559571279.png - (126.20KB , 350x495 , 939bf36b254316e74fd8c5e4a8aacf4c.png ) [iqdb]
Cooking Master Boy + Yakitate Japan MC? I'm all set. Do it.
>> No. 123902
Inb4 someone names the MC Elzam V Branstein