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Back now. Hmm, let's see... Nope, not much of importance happened. Although I did play bunch of visual novels, but that's it. Was a fun break. Delicious Hina legs for OP image(because I've used Momizi so many times already).


"Right." Yes, you have to take care of this now, if you let it go on any longer nothing good will come of it. Nodding few times to make sure she notices it, you repeat yourself. "Right, now is a good time."
"Hmmh, good." Smile spreads on Momizi face and she closes her eyes. Hopefully she'll now let you up fro-no wait her face is getting closer and what is she...
Instinctively you close your eyes, and a moment later you feel something on your lips. The taste isn't new, although there hasn't been this much alcohol mixed in it before before but you still can't keep yourself from gasping in surprise. She uses that opportunity to make the kiss deeper, pushing a tongue to your mouth.
This is- "Momi-mmhh..." You can feel her hand behind your head, and another lower, on your butt. Since she isn't holding yours down anymore, you place one hand on her back, and make way under front of her shirt with another.
"Ah! Adahn!" She stops the kiss to gasp, but then quickly gets back to it. Well, if she's fine with this, isn't it alright?

"Hey!" Wait, that wasn't Momi's voice! "Are you two thinking of..." The new voice gets quiet but picks up again. "Are you going to do that here?!" Mokou doesn't sound pleased at all.
Oh! Right, you're outside, and not alone at all! Thankfully it doesn't take too much to get Momizi to stop, as she heard it too. Soon you're sitting next to each other on ground, looking up at three people above you.
"I mean..." Mokou shakes her head from side to side. "I'm not really objecting to it, but you shouldn't do it here."
"...Huh?" Both you and Momizi tilt your heads to side.
"What I'm saying is... I'm closing up just now." This announcement gets her several surprised looks, that she doesn't notice from nodding to herself. "Service is over for today, so it'd be better if you continued that... Somewhere else. Like home."
"Eh, but.." You look at Momizi, who you seems to be just as confused as you.
"No buts!" Mokou slams her fist to table. "Shoo, it's over, I have somewhere else to go too." And she disappears inside the grill.
"...Well. That was a disappointment." Reimu stands up, frowning at the empty counter.
"Was it really..?" Hina looks at the old grill lost in thought for a moment, but then offers you a hand. "Time to go then."
"But... But..." You're still not really following what happened, but it looks like Reimu is helping Momizi up. "What about..."
"Oh, don't worry." Reimu winks at you. "You'll have all the night later."
...How does she hold the alcohol so well?


Water. Cold, refreshing and totally without taste. Nothing could feel as better on your throat right now than that.
You regain bit of consciousness as you gulp down that glass, and give your surroundings a quick look. Yeah, you just got home... Was there something before this?

Right, of course there was. At Mokou's grill you talked to Reimu, and then started drinking. Yep, that's where this started. Bunch of other stuff must've happened too but.. Oh, you can't really remember right now. Your mind is a blur.
But you're at home now, and it's late. Mokou must've closed the place down, did you just come here right away or was there something else before.."
Yes! Oh oh, you also visited Kourindou. Was it you, Momizi, Reimu or Hina that wanted to go? ...Most definitely not Hina, in any case. Weird for him to still be open at that time-
He wasn't. He was just going to sleep, and opened the door after your group had made enough noise. That was quite rude, but at least he was happy when you payed for the purchase. You think.
Well, Reimu must've gone home after that because you can't remember any more of her. And if you did do something more yourself, then you won't be remembering that any time soon.
Speaking of what you bought, what was it? ...And where is it?

...Thinking about that now is useless. Slumping down on the kitchen floor you lean to the closet, hopefully that thing turns up in the morning. Right now above everything else, you want to sleep.
Reaching for something stable, you pull yourself up and after a bit of wobbling manage to stand steadily.
Momizi is... Right, she went to bed already. Wonder if she's still awake?
Well, if she isn't you should be careful at the stairs and when sneak to bed. You know how horrible it's to wake up just after falling asleep.
First, out of kitchen... "Whew." You breathe in relief when you don't fall down or stumble to anything. Sure, you keep the floor clean, but it's dark so the feat is pretty impressive! The hallway is just as dark and even more empty so that doesn't pose any problems either. And the stairs should be easy too, after all you've- was there light coming out of Clay's room?
You fall down to your butt as you try to turn back and look. "!!---!" It hurts a bit, but nothing bad enough for you not to be able to keep yourself from screaming. Or maybe the alcohol dulled your senses, from the past experience you can say that those stairs are pretty hard...
"Hummh." No use sitting down and pandering that, though. With careful steps you make the stairs up without having to result to crawling, or leaning to wall for support.
Now, for the tricky part. First, to open the door without making a-"Finished with that water?" Momizi's muffled voice comes from bed.
"Aaah..." For a moment you're frozen in a movement of moving from hallway to your room, but then regain your senses. "Yeah."
First a hint of white appears around the darkness of the bed, then her glowing red eyes. "You must've been pretty thirsty." As your eyes adjust to darkness, you can see her clearing some space next to her in bed, and then she turns to look at you. "Come on."

Yes, it's a bit silly just to stand here. Slowly you make your way to bed while undressing yourself. As you're working on removing the shrine-maiden dress, you notice that Momizi is openly looking at you, without even trying to hide it when you notice. "..Momizi?"
"Huh?" She lifts her eyes a bit towards your face. "Is something the matter?"
"No, not really, but..." Ah, this is awkward. Apparently she doesn't herself think there's nothing weird about this. Maybe alcohol got to her too? "Nevermind. Let me get undressed, and I'll come to bed." Well, if she wants to watch then you're not saying no to her.
You nearly fall down while taking off your socks but make it to bed undressed, and soon you're laying down ready fall asleep. Oh gods, it's so soft and warm, you'll never move from here...

"Uhm..." Momizi sounds a bit confused next to you.
You get bit higher, and look at her. "..What is it?" No matter how sleepy you are, you can't just let that go.
She's lifted the blanket, and there's quite bit of space next to her. "Won't you get a bit closer..?"
...Huh? Doesn't she remember what it was like the last time you tried to sleep completely next to each other? Sure, it was great in a way, but neither of you couldn't rest that well because of how hot it was. But still, she looks like she's waiting for you, expecting you to make a move.
[ ] Ugh, no. It'll be way too hot, you won't be able to sleep.
[ ] ...Alright, just for a bit.
[x] ...Alright, just for a bit.

Nice to see you back.
[ze] ...Alright, just for a bit.

[X] ...Alright, just for a bit.

Good to have you back, Vodka.

Now bring on the Momi!
[ ] ...Alright, just for a bit.

Welcome back, I missed this story.
[x] ...Alright, just for a bit.
[x] ...Alright, just for a bit.
Obvious choice is obvious, also, welcome back Vodka.
[O] ...Alright, just for a bit.
[ ] ...Alright, just for a bit.
[x] ...Alright, just for a bit.

It'll be way too hot, indeed.
File 124712488128.jpg - (625.69KB, 768x1024 , 08bbb60f56f598ab33df193419d9f9d4.jpg) [iqdb]
Thanks everybody.
Or is it really? ...Alright, yeah. But the other option would've resulted in different scene, although with similar outcome.

If she really wants this, who are you to deny her?
After pushing the blanket off, you roll a bit(getting up again would just take too much energy) in the bed so that you're next to her. Oh god.
Even without touching her you can feel the heat her body is radiating, but... you'll most likely fall asleep anyway, so this should be alright. Feeling the exhaustion in your body, you just lay down on your stomach with your face on the pillow. Ah, hopefully there wont be any marks on your face in the morning...

What, there's still something? "Mmh?" Not even bothering to lift your head anymore, you just mumble something in acknowledgement.
"Uhm... Adahn, aren't you going to..?" She waits a moment for you to answer, but then continues. "Are you really going to just sleep?"
"..Hmm." Wouldn't that make sense? But the way Momizi is going on about that tells you that there is something more to this. "...Yes?"
"...Please, don't tell me later that you were just kidding. You really can't remember?"
"No, sorry." This will most likely take a while, and Momizi would appreciate you falling asleep in the middle of it, so you push yourself up a bit and rest on your hands so you can look at her. "...Is this really that important? Can't it wait until morning?"
"If you remembered, I think you'd agree that it will be best to do this now." Well, whatever she's talking about can't be anything too serious since your confusion just seems to amuse her. She takes a deep breath, and pokes you to nose. "Alright, I'll give you a hint. It's something we started earlier today, but couldn't finish."
Something that you couldn't finish? You just spent few minutes trying to remember what happened, but nothing like that came up. So, it's from earlier... Today? This week? Even longer?
Shaking your head, you hide your head under covers. "...Sorry, I can't come up with anything. Forgive me?"

You stay covered under the blanket, waiting for Momizi to scold you for drinking too much, or for having bad memory or- "Ehehe, I can't believe it..." Instead she's giggling to herself.
Alright, now you're confused. "Momizi, what are yooooooooou-?!" Suddenly there's something on top of you. Has to be her.
"Adahn, you keep telling me that I'm cute, but you're so adorable sometimes!" Yep, she pulled the blanket of from your head and now is hugging you from behind while ruffling your hair. "I couldn't believe it from how you're normally, but you're so sweet when you're like this!"
"Ahh, Momizi..." You don't mind her expressing her affection, but this position is a bit hard for you. Especially when she keeps moving like that. "Sorry!"
With a swift move you turn to side, and get her to fall off from you... So that she's facing you, but that wasn't part of plan. Oh well.
"Ahaha, this is so silly..." But she doesn't seem to mind, as she's still giggling like an idiot. "Right now I remember, and you're completely-!" Hugging you she laughs to your chest, all while kicking with her legs. "I never imagined it'd be like this."
"Oh, come on." Reaching for something, you grab a pillow and hit Momizi with it. "At least tell me what it was that we were supposed to do."
"..Hmm." That made her calm down. When she finally looks back to you she's completely calm. "Are you sure? You're going to be surprised."
"I won't be able to sleep if you won't tell me..."
"Oh, you won't sleep even if I tell you~" She breathes in, and then gently pulls your head closer to her and whispers to you ear.

"We were supposed to have sex."

...No, wait. What, did you hear that right?
Since you didn't show any kind of reaction, Momizi continues between her giggles. "As soon as we got home I rushed to bed to wait for you since you said you were thirsty, but... I can't believe you sometimes."
How did it even come to this?! No, no, this is great, but.. Aaagh! Why did this happen now, this is so confusing!
Momizi pulls back and looks at your face. "...Your eyes are totally wide."
"Uhm..." Shaking your head, you try to get bit of sense into this. At least you're not tired anymore. "Yeah, but this is your fault too!"
"My fault?" Momizi seems to be confused about where you're going with this. Honestly, you don't know either.
"Yes, the way you acted was totally off, and... I don't know!" Turning away from her you cover your face with the exact same pillow you used to hit her with. "I ruined it!"
"Ruined what?"
"The mood!" Why can't she just understand it?! "I walked in and I had no idea what was supposed to happen even though you were waiting so much, and then you must've thought that I'm totally...!" You really have no idea what she thought, but it couldn't have been anything good. "Aaah!"
Again, silence fills the room for a moment. "...Adahn, do you mean that you.. Don't want to do it?"
"...?" Slowly you lower the pillow, and see that Momizi's mood has totally fallen. "...But, isn't the mood ruined?"
"I don't mind that." She shakes her head, and then pats your head. "We can try to get perfect mood or anything later, right now it's more important that we..." The words are caught in her throat and she swallows. "...do it."
"...Alright." Trying to get your breath a bit steadier, you get closer to Momizi and place your hands on her shoulders. "So, we should start from...?" She nods, and you kiss her.

First slowly like you always do, but as the kiss gets deeper you move your hand from her shoulder to stroke her short white hair, and the other to her back. It takes Momizi a moment to follow, but soon she's holding you closer and closer to her, while trying to get more of your taste. It's sloppy, with both of you trying to get more of the other but it works to get some of the needed tension to the situation.
As you pull away, panting and gasping for breath, you feel your lip. "...Ow."
"Oh my-" Momizi, immediately gets closer to you, and tries to look at it. "Did I bite you? I'm so sorry! It isn't bleeding, is it?!"
"No, it should be fine." You can't taste any blood at least, there probably isn't even a wound. "...You just have sharp teeth, that's all."
As Momizi is troubled over your lip, you look at her. Like you, she's wearing only her underwear. The same featureless white bra and panties that she put on this morning. It would've been great if either of you could have prepared for this better, but even on this dark room you can see...
She jumps a bit as you run your hand on her side, feeling her soft skin. "...You have beautiful body."
"E-eh, no!" She shakes her head and covers her small breasts. "Aya and Hina have much more mature bodies, they're-"
"Momizi!" You take her hands, and look her into eyes. "Don't think like that, I love you! I wouldn't change a single bit of you!"
"I.." Gasping, Momizi can't seem to think where to look. Her gaze bounces between you, the wall and the bed. Eventually she settles for looking down. "...you too."
Gathering her courage she speaks. "...You have beautiful body too. S-sure you're bit bigger than me, but-" Putting a finger on her mouth, you stop her.
"...Thank you." You hug her again, this time much more conscious of the skin contact between you two. "Uhm, do you mind if I..?" Looking down to last pieces of clothing covering her, you ask her.
"It's fine." She nods. "You... don't have to ask anymore."

"Uhm..." As you're removing her bra, she speaks weakly. "...Do you mind if I.. I mean, can you tell me something?"
You freeze. No, she can't ask that, it's something she should leave for after this! "...Alright."
"Have you..." Since you stopped, Momizi seems much more conscious of what she's saying. "Ever done this before?"
[ ] No.
[ ] Yes.
[ ] No. (Lie)
[ ] No.
[X] Yes. (Lie)

I reject your proposition and replace it with my own.

[X] No.
[X] No.
[x] Yes.

Virgins are overrated. And I thought this was decided a while ago?
[X] No.
[x] No.

Teach me.
[X] No.
[+] Yes. "I've taken off a bra before ..."

So, wait, is this decision about telling a truth or a lie, or deciding whether Adahn has done this before or not?


[X] No.

Part of me wants to say yes, but the other part wants to see Adahn bumbling around while Momi giggles at how cute it is.
[ ] No.
[X] No.
[O] No.
[+] Yes. "I've taken off a bra before ..."
[+] Yes. "I've taken off a bra before ..."
[ze] Yes. "I've taken off a bra before ..."

Stupid, and yet I can't stop myself from voting for it.
[+] Yes. "I've taken off a bra before ..."
[x] Yes. "I've taken off a bra before ..."
[x] Yes. "I've taken off a bra before ..."
[x] Yes. "I've taken off a bra before ..."
>>90115 to >>90177
I was >>90103 and I regret including that flippant comment.
[x] Yes. "I've taken off a bra before ..."
And votes have spoken. Adahn is a virgin, but she has taken bra off before! Writing shall commence... Later.
Don't expect results imediately. Most likely tomorrow(or later today for Eurofags). It'll be better to get on this after good night of sleep rather than almost 24 hours of being awake.

It hasn't been dealt with, or even brought up in story before. I've probably talked about it in the IRC, but most of the things I say about the story in there should not be taken too seriously.
Nah, don't apologize. That is pretty great.
File 124736554949.jpg - (225.73KB, 396x705 , 2114326.jpg) [iqdb]
"Yes." Nodding few times you continue with the first thing that came into your head. "I've taken off a bra before..."
The look of relief that had previously spread on Momizi's face is wiped away, and replaced by shock. "Wait, that's not what I-!" Click. She stops.
"There." You got her bra off and let it fall down. For a moment you don't look down, but keep your gaze on her face. Even before you dare to lay your eyes on her bare breasts, your hands find way to them carefully feeling the small soft mounds.
"Ah-" Silent gasp escapes her lips and you can't keep yourself from kissing her again. This makes your position somewhat awkward since you're both still sitting on the bed, but she isn't letting herself be pushed down. Finally, as the kiss ends with bit of saliva trickling from her mouth, you swallow(in excitement, or more likely because you're afraid and anxious of what's about to come) and look down.
Actually seeing her breasts with your hands on them is kind of... Not even awkward because you've been feeling them this whole time, but still kind of weird. It takes a while for you to break away from just staring them and her small pink nipples. Slowly you move your hand up and feel them.
"Adahn..." Not erect, so next you should... Massage them more, or kiss them? You should be careful the teeth though, it would be a nasty surprise between the- "Uh, do you want me to..."
"Ah, sorry!" Her words bring your mind back and you immediately look up preparing to let go of her. "Should I stop or-"
"No, no!" She shakes her head. "Do you want me to lay down?"
"Uhm... right!" That would really make this easier for you. "Can you do that, please?"
"Alright~" Smiling, she giggles to herself as she lays down in front of you with her hands on her stomach.

...There would've been no point telling her. She should notice soon enough.

"Haaah.." Breathing heavily as you're leaning over her, you try to calm yourself down. It's strange, you had waited for this to happen so much and now... Did you even think about it any longer? You never thought what to do when you got even this far! "Hmm." ...No use contemplating about past now. Trembling you lean over her, your mouth getting closer to her left breast. She's probably looking at you right now, so you can't even think of turning away now.
"Ah..." She lets out breath as your mouth touches her skin. Not considering your actions, you run your tongue over it.
Salty from sweat. Well, neither of you had a chance to have a bath or wash yourself up before- Ah, is that going to be a problem later?
Moving up, you kiss her nipple. "Mmmh!" She moans and you keep on, running your tongue over her nipple and altenating between licking and sucking it. But... Her other breast is totally free now, right? Quickly you start fondling it with your free hand.
You continue like this for few minutes, sometimes changing the side you focus on, with Momizi keeping her hands on your back, gently massaging you.
Hmm, she likes it when you pinch or kiss them, so what if... "Aah!" As soon as your teeth touch her now hard nipple, she lets out scream and you feel bit of her nails on your skin.
"Sorry!" Immediately letting go of her, you sit next straight biting your lip. "I- I didn't mean to..."
Momizi looks at you for a moment thinking about something, and then speaks. "...Adahn?"
"Yes?!" Oh, hopefully she isn't too upset... "What is it?"
After staring at you for a moment longer, she smiles. "Do you want to switch now?"

"Eh?" You look dumbly at Momizi when she fixes her position.
"It's not fair that you're doing everything." She gets closer to you, and reaches behind your back with her tail wagging from side to side all the while. "Let me have some fun too."
"Hey- ah, wait a-" It's not bad that she's taking the lead, but if she's going to-Click. "Ah!"
Momizi smiles, with your bra on her hand. "I've taken a bra off before too~" You imagine that with Momizi it doesn't necessarily mean only her own... A more concerned look comes on her face as she speaks. "Ah, if- if you really don't want me to do something, just say so."
You think about it for a moment, and then nod. "Alright... Go easy on me- or, I mean, don't be too..." You stop trying to say it, and just lay down like she did earlier.
"Hmm." Unlike you she doesn't go straight for your bosom, but first kisses you, pressing her whole body against yours. Like this you can feel her exposed chest against yours, just like her nipples. She then starts slowly kissing your neck, and you lean your head back exposing more of it to her. As she she gets lower you feel your nipples harden when you feel her warm breath on your chest.
"Mmmomi.." You moan her name when she starts kissing your left breast, teasing your nipple with her tongue. All while she works her magic on you, you feel no shame, but rather find yourself thinking "why didn't I try that?". Finally, she ends it with kiss to your navel.
When she stops you want to tell her to continue, but she smiles placing a hand on your leg. "What do you think?"
"What do I think about what?" You're still bit dazed from earlier, to tell the truth.
"Would you like me to do something more too?" She looks down to you legs that are spread, and toes still curved from pleasure.
"Eh, wait..." But... You didn't take bath, and... There's something else too!
"Come on, we have to do this too..." Smiling, she lowers her head and gets ready to take off your panties. R-right! Back when you bit bit her nipple, her nails, they...
When Momizi's fingers get closer to you, you can't stop yourself. "No! Slow down!"

She complies, but most likely doe to confusion rather than anything else. "...Sorry, what?"
Still with your legs shut tight, you look at her. "I- I mean, with your fingers?"
She tilts her head to side, not realizing what she was about to do. "...Yes?"
"But..." You look at her hand. "Your nails. Aren't they really sharp?"
Momizi looks at her hands, and then back at you. "Adahn, I promise, I'm going to be careful." She then looks at you again, and puts hand on your thigh. "...Could you open, please?"
"Mmh..." Reluctantly you open your legs, and let her do what she wants.
She starts taking off your panties, but soon runs into problems. Looking at upi with embarased face, she laughs a bit. "Heh, can you help me a bit here?" You smile, and first lift your body up after which you move your legs so she'll have it easier.
When she gets them off, she is looking at your bare pussy. Soon she moves closer to it, opening her mo- "Wait!"
Again she stops, now looking a bit annoyed. "...What now?"
"I- neither of us washed ourself, and weren't you supposed to use your fingers?"
Momizi looks away, smiling bashfully with her ears drooped. "I... I thought that since you were worried about that I'd do something else."
"Hmm..." Well, you'll have to let her do so something... "...Alright, do it if you want to."
"Eh?" She looks back to you, her tail again swinging energetically. "Really?"
"But fingers first!" You're not mentally prepared for anything else yet.

For just a moment you try to fight against the desire to cry out in pleasure, but then give in.

File 124736566612.jpg - (394.84KB, 900x750 , 3098694.jpg) [iqdb]

"Ahh~" The bed feels hot, but you don't mind right now. After all, Momizi next to you is much warmer, but even that feels great.
"Hey..." You look to your side, and immediately get kissed. Caught surprised, you bring your hand to your lips. "Ehehe." Momizi wraps her arms around your neck and then lays on top of you.
"Geez, you..." Not content with just letting Momizi have her way, you nab her in embrace and grin to her. "You're not getting away after that!"
"Aaa~, no don't~" She wiggles around playfully and smiles weakly. "What are you going to?"
"Nothing, but you shall never escape me!" You spend the next few minutes laying on the bed, kissing and hugging each other. Occasionally one of you tries to do something more, but neither of you has any energy left.
You've totally lost your sense of time... How much is the clock anyway?

Eventually you let go of her, and she rolls next to you while still holding to your hand. "Haaahh..." She sighs. "I'm tired."
"Me too..." You were about to sleep before you started, but right now... You could just closer your eyes and drift away. "Isn't this enough for tonight?" No matter what, you're going to sleep in tomorrow.. Or today? Doesn't matter.
"Mmmh." Momizi hums in agreement, but soon speaks. "Ah, Adahn?"
Well, you can probably stay awake for few moments longer.. "What is it?"
"From now on, are we going to.." She pauses, but continues soon. "Are we going to do it like this every day?"
"...Hmm. I don't think so."
"Eeh?!" She almost gets up, bust just settles on on squeezing your hand harder. "Why? It wasn't good?"
"Aah, no, but..." You think how to say it for a moment. "...I think next times should be better."
"...What are you talking about?"
"I mean... Next time I should know better so you won't be doing the most of..." You turn around and hit your head to pillow. "...I sound so stupid."
"No, no..." You feel Momizi hugging you from behind. "I like that about you."
"Well..." If she doesn't mind it, then it shouldn't be too bad. "Good night Momizi."
"Mmh, good night." She lets go of you, and soon her breathing settles.

...Oh. There's one thing. "Momizi?"
"Hmm?" Ah, good she's still not asleep.
You shift closer to her, and whisper to her ear. "I love you."
"Hmmh..." She breathes in satisfaction, and lifts her hand, trying to reach you. "...I know. You told me already..."
"Yeah, but I still love you." You get closer and put an arm around her.
"Mmm, alright." Sighing happily, she holds onto you. "Love you too..."
It's warm but you fall asleep.

Second Arc - End of the first day
That was.... Surprisingly ha- difficult. Sorry if this is too short, but getting stuck any more on it wouldn't be good at all, I'm already late enough, which I apoligize for. Hopefully you enjoy it, though.
File 124736754283.jpg - (38.04KB, 323x681 , 1209179073278.jpg) [iqdb]
Feels good man.
File 12473775123.jpg - (14.29KB, 268x155 , stare.jpg) [iqdb]

Wait.. Wait! What happened between them! There better be more next time.
Something's happening alright, and we missed out on it.
File 124742949532.jpg - (69.64KB, 800x500 , outsid_the_border.jpg) [iqdb]
Yeah, sorry. Writing it all would've taken a while. There are other reasons too, but I promise that there will be next time.

"Food here isn't as good as it was at that other place."
"Other place?"
"The one that we went to day before yesterday."
"That's only obvious." After taking a sip of her coke through straw she continues. "That was a high-class restaurant in France, this is just some place in America."
"Huh, why are we even here then?"
"You know..." She leans over the table grinning with her long blond hair almost touching the food, and speaks in low excited voice. "I hear that hamburger was invented here!"
Looking at still untouched "burger" on your plate you frown. "Mess like this is a big deal?"
"Obviously! Millions, if not billions of humans eat one daily! Most don't even taste lobster in their lives, so this is much more relevant!" After this she settles down and sits back down on her side of the table. "Well, but other places are saying the same thing. I doubt you can even say for sure anymore."
"If we're going to eat something that's popular, there's plenty of instant ramen back home." At least these potato-sticks are good, even though they probably won't fill you.
"Ah-ha, but those wouldn't get you out of that flat." Quickly she nabs few of your potato sticks and dibs them into ketchup. "Besides, I like the food here.
"Well, I don't." Frowning you cross your arms. This is shaping to be one of your worst experiences yet.
"That's a shame." Sighing, she takes another bite of her burger and goes back to typing on her pocket laptop. "Another bonus, there's free wireless here."

"Hmm... Yukari, something has been bugging me."
"Hmm, before you ask, one chef doesn't prepare all of the food here. Most of it is just heated."
"It's not that this time." Although you're glad that she told you that now. "You're not normal, right?"
"Oh, you always say such obvious things!" She laughs, but doesn't look up from her laptop. "Normal people aren't nearly as successful as me, this level is something they can only dream of! Obviously success like this also calls for incredible life-style!"
"Living without a man isn't incredible."
Yukari frowns. "What is it then?"
"It's miserable." That you can say with complete confidence.
"Oh?" She finally looks at you with sinister smile on her face. "Where did you hear that?"
"I read it from internet?"
"You shouldn't trust that!" She hits few keys and then shows the screen to you. "See, right now it says on WIkipedia that Goku is voiced by George Bush!" And so he was, wow!
With your eyes beaming you look at Yukari. "I can't believe they got one of the US presidents to do voice-acting!"
"...Look." She takes the laptop back to herself and closes it. "Anybody can edit Wikipedia. I just did."
"Ooh!" First time you ever heard of that. Possibilities will be endless! "But there's other stuff too. Like how we always exit the same door when leaving home, but we end on different places."
"You don't know about portal technology?"
"No, but I know that there are still cars. And you instantly warm up tea and food from fridge, that's magic."
"How would you know that, just last week you almost ran away screaming in that zoo." You're about to tell her to shut up about that, but she continues. "But I'm glad you're starting to catch up. No, I'm not normal but things I do aren't on the same level as just "magic". My powers are closer to those of god."
"God? You mean like..."

[ ] "Elvis?"
[ ] "Jesus?"
[ ] "Head of a big company?"
[ ] "Some ancient extraterrestrial being?"
[X] "The Beatles?"

Bigger than Jesus, baby.
[x] "Iä! Iä! Shub Niggurath! Cthlulhu fhtagn!
[x] some sort of Lovecraftian horror?
[x] some sort of Lovecraftian horror?
[ODIN] Nyarlathotep?

Because that's basically what Yukari is, give or take an arbitrary amount of active malice.

"What his fate would be, he did not know; but he felt that he was held for the coming of that frightful soul and messenger of infinity's Other Gods, the crawling chaos Nyarlathotep."
File 124743284986.jpg - (9.94KB, 180x213 , Gaap.jpg) [iqdb]

I'd say that she's more like Gaap, personally.

[x] "The Beatles?"
[X] Nyarlathotep?

Jesus is love. Elvis sang. Choosing the head of some company is foolish. The last option seems most appropriate and Norseman's suggestion works best.
[O] Nyarlathotep?

Looks good. ZUN would also fit...
[X] Nyarlathotep?
[X] Nyarlathotep?
File 124744750882.jpg - (471.11KB, 1280x1024 , 9611b0d707e6dface3f01591e885731c.jpg) [iqdb]
Yukari leans back with her laptop raised to cover her smile. "Now where did that come from?"
"You said it yourself. You're like a god, but nobody around us seems to realize it, they're just treating you like another human."
"Indeed, that is so, but... How did you even learn about that?"
"On the internet again?" She sighs.
"No, actual books." You have bit more class than that. "And looking at computer screen all the time isn't good for your eyes."
"And here I was thinking that you're spending all these days just surfing web! There's one thing bothering you though."
"Hmm? What's that?"

"How are you getting all those books? Are doing the impossible and sneaking out of house to library?"
You lift your eyebrow. "Impossible?"
"You mean you are?"
"No, I mean why would I even want to go outside any more than I already do?" "Anyway, getting the books is easy, I just buy them."
"You said I could use that credit card however I wanted, right?" Grinning you pull it out from your pocket and swing it a bit in front of her face. "You wouldn't believe what kind of crazy stuff people are selling online!"
"And I never noticed anything... You really would've had a lot to explain at the end of the month."
"It's your own fault for sleeping all days. To me it's really annoying that I have to run at the door every day."
"Every day..."How long have you been doing this?"
"At least two weeks, sometimes I lose the track of time, though."
"Aren't you running out of space? Or are you keeping it somewhere else than that tiny room?"
"Hah, no worries, there's plenty of space of floor!"
A look of disgust flashes on Yukari's face. "...Well, I don't care how you're treating that stuff, but soon you're going to be very upset with yourself if you won't take care of it better."
"What do you mean?"
"Just don't buy anything valuable for a while, rather get a closet or something. Actually..." She grins. "We have a whole empty basement, maybe you'd like to move there?"
"Ugh, no way!" You frown, disgusted by the idea. "There's probably rats there!"
"...Pity. Sometimes I feel that it'd be a perfect place for you."
You don't say anything, and just keep watching Yukari as she finishes on her burger.

"Hmm... Adahn, we need to come up with new name for you."
"Yeah, I search for "Adahn" on Google and got all kinds of weird results. What's up with that?!"
"I'll explain it later. If you still feel like doing it after that, you can complain to that one girl."
"Oh! I haven't seen her in ages! Is she alright?"
"She should be." Yukari checks her clock. "There's a movie I want you to see starting soon, let's go."
And you follow her through another door.

~Intermission End~

...Why is sun always so bright in the morning?
That's your first thought when you the rays of light wake you up from your slumber. "Mmm..." Something is holding your right arm, so you rub your with the left.
"...Hmm." You turn and see Momizi to your tight, holding tightly to your arm. Last night, you were drinking and....

...right. You finally did it. Just to make sure, you check under the covers and yes, you're still naked. As is she.
Ah, no, you shouldn't panic now. It has already happened, you've done it, there's nothing more to it. But even so, she's so awfully cute when she's sleeping-
...You shouldn't do anything to her. You woke up earlier just like always, so you should let her get up on her own time too. Letting her have her peace, you lay back down and breathe in relief. How is life going to be from now on? Hopefully better, and after that hot spring is taken care of-

...No way, today is the day you're supposed to go underground! Why?!
[ ] Get up, you have to get things ready.
[ ] Stay in bed. It's fine to wake up late, right?
[ ] Get up, you have to get things ready.
[O] Get up, you have to get things ready.
[X] Stay in bed. It's fine to wake up late, right?

Taking care of the underground is important, but being there to give Momi a good morning kiss after consummating the relationship last night is even more important.
You've convinced me.

[X] Stay in bed. It's fine to wake up late, right?
[X] Stay in bed. It's fine to wake up late, right?
Ohhhh, shit.

I couldn't figure out who Yukari was hanging out with until the very end. I'd forgotten all about her.

Now I want to see more of them.
[ ] Stay in bed. It's fine to wake up late, right?
I'm glad she's okay.

[X] Stay in bed. It's fine to wake up late, right?
File 124753465824.jpg - (142.64KB, 600x664 , guess_who_saw_you.jpg) [iqdb]
...But they should understand. The time you were supposed to start everything was never specified, and Reimu got pretty drunk last night too. She's probably still sleeping, or at least lying on her bed.
And Momizi is still asleep next to you, it's not like you could even go anywhere when she holds on to you like this. Light should hit her face too soon, but until then you're not going to do anything, other than watch her.
You've done this countless times already, but it never gets old. Looking at Momizi as she's sleeping, breathing calmly with her chest raising and lowering in slow rhythm.
"Hmmh..." And just as expected, when light gets to her she starts rubbing her eyes, but still keeps her hold on you. You watch her take her time waking up, just like always she's a bit slow, rolling around and yawning while still keeping her eyes tightly shut. But after a while lean over her, and gently kiss her lips. "...Mmm?" Slowly her eyes open to look at you drowsily.
You smile, and run your hand through her hair. "Good morning."
"...Morning." She yawns and finally lets go of you. "...You watched me wake up again."
"Mmm, yes~" Still smiling to yourself, you watch her as she sits up in the bed and stretches, still completely naked. "...You look even more beautiful in the morning."
"Eh...?" It takes moment for her to realize it as she looks down on her naked body. "Ah!" She immediately covers herself with blanket, and looks at you with her eyebrows lowered. "Why am I..."
"You don't remember?"
"Remember? You mean..." She thinks for a moment, and her face starts turning red. "...You mean, we really did it..?"
"Yes." You shift yourself a bit closer to her, and thankfully she doesn't try to get away. "It was wonderful."
"I remember that!" She shakes her head. "Just, uh... Come a bit closer!"
"Alright?" You do as she tells you.
When you're just in front of her, Momizi nods. "Close your eyes."
You do as told, and soon you feel her lips on yours.

As you open your eyes, you see her smiling, all the previous tension gone. "Good morning kiss."
"But I..." You feel your lips. "I just gave you one."
"That was from me to you." She then hugs you, with the blanket still covering her. "...Please let me wake up to this every morning from now."
"I..." You don't know what to say, why is she always first with these things?!
"Heh, it's alright." She pulls away and playfully pokes your nose. "I like that side about you too. But Adahn, we should get up soon. This is going to be a big day for- AYA?!"
"Aya-?" You repeat her in confusion, but then follow her stare to window where there's- "AYA!"

Yep. Outside, kneeling on windowsill with scarf around her neck she's grinning and pointing to something on her hand... OH GODS!
"Camera!" You scream and quickly sit up. Unfortunately you just then realize that you were naked under the covers, so you try to quickly reach for them and- There's a flash of light from the window. Did she even have any pictures earlier?! And you just gave her free opportunity for one! Turning to other victim, you panic. "Momizi, we have to-!"
"It's no use." She shakes her head. "Look."
"...Oh." She's already gone.
"She's the fastest in Gensokyo." Sighing, she covers her face. "...If she doesn't want us to catch her, then there's no chance for us."
"There's got to be something..." You get quiet after thinking about situation. "..There's nothing for us to do."
"Hmm." She nods. "But, you know her. She doesn't mean anything bad by this."
"Right, she doesn't, but..." Suddenly feeling very down, you lay back on the bed. A great morning, turned horrible by one stupid accident... "Momizi, I'm tired."
"Oh, come on now." Stroking your hair, she speaks calmly. "You just woke up."

Knock, knock.

That came from the window, but... No way.
You look there, and once again see Aya kneeling on the windowsill. This time she seems to be motioning you to let her in. Without came on her hand.
Lowering your eyebrows you look at Momizi. She frowns, but nods. This time taking care to cover yourself in blanket, you get out of bed with pillow in your hand and make your way to the window. You look back, and see Momizi holding one too.
...You kind of wish it'd open outside so you could knock her off, but no. As soon as it's open enough she slips herself in, with you fully prepared to strike.
"Hey ho-"
"Jerk!" Aya doesn't get a chance to finish her greeting, due to Momizi throwing pillow straight to her face. "What do you think you're doing!?"
"Hey hey hey, don't you-WOAH!" She quickly dodges another flying pillow, but you're just behind her.
"That's not something you'd want to wake up to!" Relentlessly you continue the pillow assault, with Aya covering herself with her arms as well as she can. "We're never going to forget this!"
"Hey, alright! I deserve that!" Eventually she's had enough of it, and just flies up to avoid any further blows. You could just fly too, but... Not with just this blanket covering you. "So..." After it's clear that you're not going after her anymore, she grins and looks at you two. "How are you two lovebirds doing?"
"Wouldn't you like to know?" Still a bit annoyed, you walk back to bed and sit down next to Momizi. "If I tell you the truth will there still be an article in evening's special edition of Bunbunmaru News?"
"Oh, come on!" She leans back on air and floats down. "If I really was writing about you two then we wouldn't be talking right now! You wouldn't have even noticed me!"
"W... What about the picture?" Momizi shyly asks while clutching the covers tightly to herself.
Aya sighs, and opens back of her camera showing it to you. "No film."
"Seriously...?" You still find it a bit hard to believe that she'd just pass on opportunity like that. "You're just not hiding it somewhere?"
"No, you two aren't really news anymore." She thinks for a moment and her mood lightens up. "...Although, if you insist, we can do a retake."
"Eh?" Both you and Momizi just stare at her.
"Yep, lay naked on that bed looking all surprised and I'll snap an actual picture of you! Couple had sex!" She forms square with her fingers, and looks you to through it. "That'd make a great article, wouldn't it?" She looks at you, waiting for a reaction but then sighs. "...Yeah, I don't think so either. Maybe if you had been hiding this like other people do, then it'd be worth writing over."

"So..." Breaking the silence, you speak and Aya immediately turns to look at you. "Why did you come here?"
"Hmm? Didn't I say it earlier?" Her shoes clack as she walks across the wooden floor in front of you. "I came to see how you two lovebirds are doing!"
"We're doing... Great." Momizi takes your hand and smiles at you.
"Yes." You answer her and stroke her hair. "Life hasn't been this good in ages."
"Hmm..." Aya hums, but then grins at you. "Last night was pretty good, then?"
"Yes, since- oh no!" Immediately after saying this Momizi covers her mouth.
"Oh~" Her mouth forms "o" as she looks at Momizi. "Couple has sex for the FIRST time! ...Nah, still doesn't sound great. So, was it good?"
"Why are you asking that?!" You throw a pillow at Aya, but she effortlessly catches it from air. "...Ah."
"Well, I had to let you two vent a bit earlier." She throws the pillow back on the bed. "Now come on, I want to hear!"
"We're not telling you that!" Now Momizi joins you too.
"Hmm..." Aya frowns, but then turns and walks to the door. "Oh well, perhaps later. I'll go get something to eat."
"Hey wait a-" Momizi tries to say something, but she's already gone. You didn't even see the door open. "Well, what now?"
[ ] Bath first. You didn't have one before you went asleep and...
[ ] Breakfast. You're hungry, and now there's guest in the house.
[ ] Laze around in bed a while longer.
[X] Bath first. You didn't have one before you went asleep and...

Love baths.

Love baths with Momi even more.
[O] Bath first. You didn't have one before you went asleep and...
[ ] Bath first. You didn't have one before you went asleep and...
[x] Bath first. You didn't have one before you went asleep and...
[X] Bath first. You didn't have one before you went asleep and...
[X] Breakfast. You're hungry, and now there's guest in the house.
We just can't make our guest wait, right?
"...I'm going to take a bath." If you remember correctly, you fell to ground last night and back home with Momizi was pretty... Sweaty. "Really, I have to."
"Uhm, so..." She gets up. "I'll make sure that Aya won't make a mess of- eh?" She looks back to you when you take a hold of her hand.
"You're coming too." Grinning you start dragging her towards the closet. "You need one at least as much as me, and..." You trail off. What else? Well, that should become clear when you get there.
"Eh, but what about..." She looks down to herself. "What if the others see us when we're..."
Grabbing a towel from closet you throw one to her. "Anyway, only Aya, Hina and Clay are here, and Clay... Does he even care for anything but fighting?"
"I wouldn't be so sure about that..."
"Eh? What do you mean?" You're still looking for one for yourself.
"Nothing." She wraps the towel around her, and stands straighter. "We have tons of towels, what's taking you so long?"
"Just a second- Ah, here!" You pull out your old towel, that big one colored like bright yellow sun with picture of flower in it. "I'm not using anything but this!"
"Isn't that getting worn out already- oh?" She reaches for it, feeling the texture and gasps in surprise. "It almost the same as before!"
"Yep, isn't it great?" Smiling, you wrap it around yourself. Yep, furniture might come and go but this towel stays. You take Momizi's hand again, and this time you don't have to drag her along. "Come on, let's go now!"

While walking to bathroom, you go past window and see Clay training outside, beating the same old tree with wooden sword. Although now with the garden covered in fog it gives whole thing quite otherworldly feel.
"He's pretty incredible, in a way." Momizi must've seen him too, as she speaks.
"He is?" You try to get a better look at him, but the fog conceals the finer movements pretty well. "I don't know, his technique seems very basic."
"No, I don't mean that. But he does this every morning, doesn't he?"
"Ooh, yes. He does." You think back to few times you woke up earlier than usual. "...Actually, he might do even more."
"Really?" Momizi gives you questioning look, but then focuses back to Clay in garden.
A moment from just last week comes into your mind. For some reason didn't sleep well, and walked downstairs earlier than usual still in your underwear to prepare tea. In the middle of you waiting for it to be finished, Clay comes in from cold morning air, not wearing a shirt at all. He just gave you a long look, and walked past the living room into garden not saying a word. "...I have no idea what that might be, though. Maybe jogging?"
"Maybe..." Momizi thinks to herself. "He has to be doing something to keep himself in shape."

You don't care enough about Clay to look at him much longer, and make your way to bathroom. Immediately you turn the warm water on, so bath starts filling up.
"How warm do you want it?" You ask nonchalantly as you feel the water.
Momizi leans to wall, looking at the cabinets. "Uh, not too hot, just.. What you like is fine." Ow, too hot. Turning it bit cooler, you look at Momizi and decide to play around a bit.
"Do you want to go first?"
"Eh?" Her ears perk up. "I thought..."
"You'd rather wait until I'm done? How sweet!" You start taking off your towel and lean over still filling bath.
"No! Weren't we supposed to-" She steps forward, and you feel her presence behind you.
"Or how about..." You turn around and look at her. "Both of us together?"
"..." For a moment she's silent, but then takes hold of you. "Wasn't that the whole point?" And pushes you into bath.
"Aah!" You don't scream because the water is hot that or you were hurt, it's more just the surprise. "That could've been painful!"
"Hmm, is that so?" She speaks while looking for shampoo and soap. "Then it's good that it wasn't, hmm?"
"That's not the point!" You keep whining to her.
Finally she turns around with two different bottles in her hands, smiling to you. "Oh, shut up and make sure I fit in there too."
Admitting your defeat for now, you look at the water. "...Yes."


"Hmm..." Drying your hair, you breathe in pleasure. "I feel so much better right now."
"Really?" Momizi who is still toweling herself asks you.
"..You don't?" You're genuinely worried about that.
"Well... I guess it's nice to be clean, but..." She thinks for a moment, but when she sees your face she laughs. "I'm kidding! I feel refreshed and awake."
"Ahh, that's good." You let out a sigh of relief. "Don't scare me like that."
"But you look so cute when you're worried!" She smiles, and ruffles your hair.
"Hey, I'm trying to get it settled!" You grab a brush and run it through your long hair again. "Geez, just after I did it..."
"Come on!" Despite your protests, she does it again. "I like it when it's messy, just keep it like that for today, alright?"
"Well..." You still brush down the end of it so that it looks kind of decent. "Just for today."
"Hm... Alright, alright." If you tried any more, she'd just mess it up again, or act upset.
As you set the brush down next to you, Momizi grabs it. "This will take a while, you can go ahead."
"You're not keeping your hair messy too?" You ask even though you know the answer.
"I'd get knots." That's what she always says.

When you walk into living room, Aya who is just carrying tea to table looks at you for a moment. "...Nice hair."
"Thank you." You reply bitterly. "Momizi said it looked good too."
"She's right, it suits you." She sets it down and looks behind you. "Where is she, by the way?"
"Still drying herself... Or maybe she's started brushing now?"
"Hmm..." Aya thinks for a moment. "Couple has sex in the bath! No, still lacks punch."
"How are you so sure we had sex?" You sit down next to table, feeling a bit annoyed with her.
"Oh come on, I know both of you, and I know how people work!" She walks to kitchen, and looks over her shoulder. "...Or are you telling me you didn't?"
"Ahh, well..." You go silent, and try to think of something else to say. "...You're the only one here?"
"Yep, Clay is still outside, and Hina is... Sleeping I guess?" Her voice easily carries out from kitchen. "Weird, huh?"
"Hmm... Maybe." Looks like you and Momizi weren't only ones who slept late. "By the way, why are you doing this? Did you make whole breakfast?"
"There was nothing ready when I checked here, so I thought I'd do you a little favour. I'll just take some food as my reward, aren't I nice? Oh, by the way, you've gone to Kourindou?" Aya speaks absentmindedly while carrying few more things to table.
"Eh?" You try catching a look of her face. "How did you know? Little birdies told you?" You try imitating her usual tone as you say it.
"Oh..." For a moment her gaze stick to brown paper bag set on the chair next to wall. "Just a hunch."
...you can't believe her sometimes. Well, lots of times actually.
[ ] Go get Hina, she should wake up too.
[ ] Get Clay, he needs to eat too.
[ ] That bag is interesting, what's inside it?
[ ] Never mind any of that, just enjoy the breakfast when you still have time.
Another scene skipped?! Well... Yeah. There just was one, you know.
>Another scene skipped?! Well... Yeah. There just was one, you know.


[x] Go get Hina, she should wake up too.
[x] Go get Hina, she should wake up too.
[x] That bag is interesting, what's inside it?
[X] That bag is interesting, what's inside it?
[O] That bag is interesting, what's inside it?
File 124790556456.jpg - (166.51KB, 1039x1476 , not_exactly_like_these_clothes.jpg) [iqdb]
Whatever is inside that bad must've amused Aya, and that's enough to get you interested too. Standing up, you go over to the bag and take, quickly looking inside. Something white and black with frills... Hmm.
"What's up now?" Aya asks you. "I didn't steal anything if that's what you're worried about."
"That's not it." You reply. "I'd like to know what I bought too."
"...You lost me. How can't you remember something like that?"
"A lot happened last night." That's the only explanation you're going to give to her for now.
"Hahahah!" She laughs heartily while walking to kitchen, soon not visible anymore. "Even when drunk you're still totally yourself!"
"What do you- oh." You pulled the contents of the bag out, and can immediately tell what it is. "Mmh."
Maid uniform. Kinda like the one Sakuya usually wears, but instead of dark-blue this one is black and... Is the skirt a bit shorter? Definitely. Anyway, aside from the dress itself there's also headdress, stockings and everything else needed for full uniform included too.
"You look kind of upset." Suddenly Aya is leaning over you, looking into your eyes. "I thought you liked maid uniforms, or did your fetishes change?"
"Yes, I do, but..." You shake your head. "...This is kind of a weird thing to just run into."
"I guess that's true." Aya gets off you, and thinks for a moment. "...Are you going to make Momizi wear it? Or save it for yourself?"
"Eh? Why do you want to know?" While still sitting, you hold the dress in front of you and inspect it closer. "...Well, I think Momizi would look great in this..."
"Hmm? What about me?" As you're still holding the it totally visible, Momizi must've walked in. "Others aren't here ye-eeh?"

You brace yourself, and turn to see Momizi wrapped in a towel, standing near the door and staring at you. You take a deep breath, and lift the dress bit higher, showing it to her clearly. "...You should wear this, it'd really suit you."
After being still for a moment longer, she silently walks to you and takes the dress to herself and looks at it. "...Really?"
"Y-yeah!" Trying to salvage what you can, you continue. "Really, you should wear it later, maybe after we're finished with the-"
Momizi first calmly folds the dress, and then sets it down on the table. "I'll do it. But..." She looks at you. "You'll have to do something that I like too." She then pours herself some tea, and starts making a sandwich.
"...Whatever you say." You can't stop yourself from smiling when you reply.

"What about that other thing?" Aya grins like idiot when she speaks.
"Huh?" You look back to the bag with maid uniform still in your hands, and like Aya said, there is still something else in there too. Package wrapped in brown paper. "...Did you look inside that too?"
"No way." Aya sits down and pours herself tea. "That was packed separately so I figured it was something private."
"...And you still didn't look at it?" Momizi speaks, sounding doubtful.
Aya laughs dryly in response. "Come on now, why would I do something like that~?"
Sighing, Momizi continues. "Because something private is exactly what you're usually interested in."
"Hmm..." Leaning back while thinking, Aya hums. "Well, even if I did look what was inside I'm not telling you. So isn't it basically the same as if I hadn't looked?"
"That's not the... Never mind." Aya won't admit doing it, or change no matter what you say. It's just better to let this go for now.
"Right." She first nods cheerfully and then follows as you push the bag away. "...Wait, you're not going to open it?"
"Why should I?" You follow Momizi's example and pour yourself some tea, getting ready for late breakfast. "There's lots of time."
"Oh come on! You're already going through stuff, so why not open that too?" Huh? Maybe she really didn't open it earlier... "I bet it's going to be great!" Or maybe she did.
You take the package again in your hands and look Aya. "...You're not going to give up about this, huh?"
She shakes her head. "Nope!"
Sighing, you wrap open the brown paper, partly expecting snakes to jump out at you. With Aya's (and to lesser part Momizi's) expectant eyes on you, it opens. So, the amazing thing contained in mystery package is...
[ ] Umbrella? Well, if it starts raining...
[ ] Green panties with a red heart inside of a trunk.
[x] Green panties with a red heart inside of a trunk.
[x] Green panties with a red heart inside of a trunk.
So tasteless~
[X] Green panties with a red heart inside of a trunk.
[ ] Green panties with a red heart inside of a trunk.
[X] Umbrella? Well, if it starts raining...

Could it be Kogasa of our very own?
File 124794791351.png - (382.31KB, 704x1000 , c52affded524ad64a327ab391b0c8913.png) [iqdb]
[x] Umbrella? Well, if it starts raining...

DO WANT to adopt Kogasa
[X] Umbrella? Well, if it starts raining...
[x] Umbrella? Well, if it starts raining...
[x] Umbrella? Well, if it starts raining...
[x] Umbrella? Well, if it starts raining...

Umbrella's are nice.
[x] Green pantsu with a red heart inside of a trunk.
[x] Umbrella? Well, if it starts raining...

Kogasa would make a far better familiar than that back-talking bastard sword.
[x] Umbrella? Well, if it starts raining...

Impossible. This umbrella can't be Kogasa for various reasons. First, it's not purple. If it really was Kogasa, I'm pretty sure Vodka would have mentioned it's color.

Secondly, only abandoned or broken objects can become youkai. By picking the umbrella and using it, it's purposed will be fullfilled and it will never become a youkai.

Thirdly, another familiar? As if.

Also, why the fuck would you take an umbrella to the underground? SA will be happening in this game day, the only thing that will rain down on Adahn are rocks and suns.

[X]Green panties with a heart

This. Imagine Momizi wearing this with the maid uniform. Or Adahn. Or Hina.

Do you not get the reference made by those panties?

I was gonna ask that, but got too busy imagining one them wearing it.

Why, is it important?
File 12484817016.jpg - (96.79KB, 400x400 , doukutsu_oekaki496.jpg) [iqdb]

So that's why I didn't get! I have no idea who that is nor have I ever heard about whatever she is from.

Yeah, no hopes for to ever find out by myself.
Cave Story. Google it mofo.
[x] Green panties with a red heart inside of a trunk.

Umbrella = Parasol = symbol of power


>Umbrella = Parasol = symbol of power

Shrine maidens don't use parasols. They use gohei, and gohei belong to a different category of items than umbrellas and parasols.
Stupid class restrictions ...
I forget, do we even have a gohei yet? Maybe we can still allocate our strife specibus with the umbrellakind abstratus.
What the hell are you on about?
Quite eloquent looking white... No, very light-pink umbrella. Honestly, you would've expected something more special...
"Open it." As you're about to put it back into bag, Aya speaks.
"Inside?" Turning to her you lift an eyebrow. "Don't you know that's-"
"Bad luck, yeah yeah." She rolls her eyes. "I can always throw some water on you if that'll make you do it faster." She then actually reaches for a can full of water.
"I-it's fine!" She'd definitely do it, and last thing you want is water all over the living room. "I'll open it, alright?" Misfortune seems to gather to you recently, might as well help it a bit.
Aya laughs to herself as you quickly open it above yourself, and are greeted with light shadow being casted over you along with red threads hanging from the bottom of it.
"Oh." Well, this fabric isn't going to hold itself against any water at all. "I've never had a parasol before."
"Me neither." Aya shakes her head leaning back. "So I didn't know what to think when I saw that."
"Hardly anybody in Gensokyo has parasol." Both you and Aya turn to Momizi when she speaks. "Usually it's just people who need it, like that vampire, or..." Her voice gets quiet.
"Yuuka!" Aya yells the name out. "Yep, people like her do it just for style."
Aya seems to think that her explanation is as good as any, but there's something bothering you. "Wait a moment, who's Yuuka? What do you mean by people like her?"

Room falls into silence as Momizi and Aya exchange looks, neither looking too willing to explain.
"Ahehe." Finally Aya lets troubled laugh, and speaks. "She's somebody... Ridiculously strong. A force of nature, nobody hardly ever approaches her, even I'd rather not do it."
Momizi nods. "The other person with parasol would be... Yukari. And you know just how strong she is, right?"
"I.. See." Really, they could have just mentioned Yukari and you would've known what she meant. Not closing it, you set your new parasol down leaning next to wall with bit more respect for it now. "I'll figure what to do with it later, let's eat now."
The late breakfast passes with calm mood, reminding you of the days months ago when Kagiyama shrine wasn't finished yet. Something like this used to happen every day, Aya always had something to stir the mood with.

"By the way." Momizi speaks, having finished most of her food. "It's rare for you to visit like this, Aya."
"Huh? I do this all the time, don't I?"
"During the day, but not mornings." Momizi is right, it's not like her to do something like this. Jokingly you continue. "Did you only come to nab some food from us, or is there something more to this?"
"Mmmh." With her mouth filled with sandwich, Aya points to paper on the table.
"Hmm?" You immediately recognize the title and writing. "Bunbunmaru News? Didn't you just deliver one few days ago?" During your months of living with her, you came to learn that Aya's paper is dubious at best, but she's a friend and occasionally writes something interesting.
After swallowing, Aya grins. "This one's an extra! Oh, you're really gonna like this one!"
"Is it really alright for you to be wasting time here, then? Don't you have to deliver it to others too?"
"I brought it here last, since there's also something else I have to say too." Aya looks at one of the framed photos she has taken that's now hanging on your wall. This particular one was of Youkai Mountain. "Actually, I was going to come here first, but I looked inside and saw you two, so..."
"Alright, we get it." Momizi raises her voice and manages to shut Aya up. Thank goddess, you don't want to hear her thinking of more articles involving you and Momizi together. "...So, what did you want to say?"
"Hmm, yes. This one is actually about you, Momizi."
"Huh?" Her ears perk up, hearing that it concerns her.
"Nothing too important, don't worry~!" Aya shakes her hand, trying to reassure Momizi. "I'll get to point, you were late so they asked me to see what's going on."
"Oh, nothing more than that?" Momizi sighs in relief. "You had me worried for a moment there."
"Yeah, I told you it wasn't anything too important! I don't think normally they wouldn't even worry about this, but there's been something going on with kappas and Moriya shrine, so it's going to be a bit busy."
"But..." She looks towards the table. "...Why now?"
"Something like this happens all the time, you should know they won't keep you overtime or anything!" Aya doesn't seem to think this is a big deal, but you can see what Momizi is worried about.
"Aya, I was thinking of not working for next few days or so." Momizi speaks with hint of hope in her voice. "Could you try pulling some strings and arrange it?"
"Uh..." Suddenly Aya seems troubled too, her earlier cheerfulness gone. "...Normally I'd agree without moment of doubt, but I don't think I can do anything about this right now. Usually you're so diligent about the work, why now?"
"...The hot-spring." Momizi says completely down.
"Ah, you must've noticed it when you flew here." You take Momizi's place in explaining to her. "That appeared yesterday because of something that happened underground, and we're going to-"
"I see, I see." Aya nods, with hand on her chin and stands up. "...I'll try to do something about it, but I really won't guarantee anything."
"...Thank you, Aya." Momizi speaks quietly, still looking at the table.
"Don't mention it." Aya walks to the door and looks back over her shoulder. "I'll be off no-Whoa!"

Just as she was gathering strength for the jump into air, Clay appeared at the door. She looks at him for a while totally silent, but finally moves out of way. "..I didn't see you when I came here. Where were you?"
Averting his gaze, Clay just walks past her. "What I do is none of your business, and I hope it remains that way."
"Hmm, everybody has their secrets~" Aya doesn't even try looking at him, and just speaks still facing outside. "Most people don't even know if something that they're trying to hide is totally obvious to others."
"What are you-" Clay tries to look at Aya, but she disappeared the moment she finished speaking. "..Hmph." Ignoring what just happened, he walks inside and first thing he says to you two... "What's up with that?"
"Huh?" You follow his gaze, and see that he's looking at the parasol next to wall. "Ooh, this?" You take it and wave it a bit over you. "I got this from Kourindou last night. So, what do you think?" You ask him, spinning it a bit causing the red threads to twirl through the air. "Looks good, no?"
"Hmm." After thinking for a moment he answers. "Would've been better if the color matched your clothes. Also, parasol? What're you going to use that for?"
"..You gather too much useless stuff around you..." He's about to sit down and eat, but stops in the middle of it. "...Hina still isn't up?"
"Looks like it."
"I'm going to wake her." Immediately he starts to walk towards stairs.
"Hey, wait a... never mind." You just look after him as he leaves the room.

[ ] Hina was kind of weird last night, go see what Clay will do.
[ ] You're curious to see what Aya thinks is enough to warrant for extra paper this time.
[ ] There should be something you can do about the deal with the mountain, go after Aya.
Sorry for the late update. Stuff happened, for example patch for Tsubaki's route in Devil on the G-String was released, more of Rance was translated...
Also, I'll be going for a trip starting Sunday and being back on Thursday. I definitely won't have full-time access to internet, but maybe some. I'll try to update daily, or at least every other day.
>"Would've been better if the color matched your clothes. Also, parasol? What're you going to use that for?"

See, we've just bought a useless item. Maybe we can give it to Hina after we gather enough believers and she powers up?

[ ] Hina was kind of weird last night, go see what Clay will do

Finally Adahn shall discover the truth!
[X] There should be something you can do about the deal with the mountain, go after Aya.
[x] Hina was kind of weird last night, go see what Clay will do.
[ze] You're curious to see what Aya thinks is enough to warrant for extra paper this time.

What're you writing about Moemiji, crow lady?

[x] You're curious to see what Aya thinks is enough to warrant for extra paper this time.

This seems more interesting to me, but then again so does the Hina one...
[X] You're curious to see what Aya thinks is enough to warrant for extra paper this time.

Goddess being tied by living sword, see exclusive photos!
>Goddess being tied by living sword, see exclusive photos!

I don't think Aya would do that. That would be disgracing to the shrine's image and could make Adahn's and Momizi's life miserable.

[ ] Hina was kind of weird last night, go see what Clay will do.

Will he give a good morning kiss?
[ ] Hina was kind of weird last night, go see what Clay will do.
File 124899969952.jpg - (169.58KB, 1250x625 , 137dac6a6a8f379a7ff2d5eabc23de11.jpg) [iqdb]
"I'll go see what Clay's planning to do." Declaring this you stand up and head after him.
"He- hey, wait a moment!" Momizi doesn't seem that fond of the idea. "Don't you think it'd be better to do something else, like..." Her voice gets quiet.
"Like...?" You urge her to continue.
"...Read the news?" She suggests hopefully.
"I can do that later if I wan't, this has to be dealt with right now."
"But..." Momizi looks like she has something to say, but in the end doesn't and turns her head to table. "Never mind, just act as you wish."
"Oh come on, I'm not that insensitive!"

-Press select for ATE-
"Come on now. Get up." You nudge her few times. "What would Adahn think if she saw you like this?"
"Mmmh..." And all you get is a muffled response. "Hmm mm hmmh~"
Oh, she's awake but just doesn't want to get up? "You're forcing me to do this." With that, you pull off her covers with one quick move.
A bad idea.
How did you forget that she didn't have anything on after last night? Or maybe you just expected that she had gotten dressed, or... Well, by the look of her face she wasn't nearly as oblivious of this fact as you. For a moment you just stare at her full, naked body on the bed with her hands barely covering her breasts and crotch. And she's looking at you too, smiling like a devil.

...And then you turn around. You keep telling yourself that this is how real man acts, even if they walk into room with woman in her underwear seemingly totally oblivious of her own state. "...I'll find you something to wear." Thankfully most of her clothes look the same.
"You're so boring..." She sighs behind your back. "Even after last night you're acting like this?"
"Last night didn't change anything." You throw underwear to her over your shoulder. "But I admit that it was good."
"Just that, huh...?" Shouldn't she be happy? You can't understand gods sometimes, even less in this crazy land. "Can I ask you something, Clay?"
"Go ahead." And dress. Hopefully it won't be anything too weird this time.
"What is the most important thing in the world?"

...Again? "You keep asking me this, and I keep getting it wrong. Doesn't that tell you something already?"
"Hmm? Like what?" Acting completely oblivious, then...
"It's time to change the question."
"This is like with the monster question. Even if it wasn't entirely correct, it was close enough. Before you do at least the same with this, no. So what is your answer this time?"
...You have to change your tactic. By now it's clear that she doesn't mean most important to you, but something different. Possibly to her? "Maybe faith?"
"Wrong aga-"
"Or Adahn?" You continue.
"...Why do you say that?" A-ha, you managed to surprise her!
"She's the one you have to thank for almost everything you've gained in the past few months. Same applies to me, if she wasn't here I wouldn't be either."
"...Clay." A disappointed sigh leaves Hina's lips. "I thought you were getting there, but once again you're completely wrong."
"So what about change?" This is starting to irritate you.
"Not until you get at least close to target. Search your feelings... That should be enough of a hint for you." ...Heh. Way to encourage you to think.
-End ATE-

...What was that?!

You didn't hear the beginning, but... Last night was good? No, it couldn't be... And what's with their attitude?!
...But if it really is true, you should just try to accept it. Hasn't there been something like this before too? If you're just getting stupid ideas, then at least you'll have something to laugh about with Hina and Momizi later.
For now you should get away and- CREEEEEACK Why does the floor do this now?!
"Who's that?!" Hina's surprised voice from inside.

[ ] ...They already noticed you, get inside.
[ ] Don't do anything, be quiet!
[ ] Quick, get away from that door!
Well, that updating during trip didn't go so well. Sorry, my internet/computer access was much more lacking than expected.
[X] "Meow."

Super stealth.

If only we had a box...
[ ] Don't do anything, be quiet!
[X] "Meow."

Hoping for the response...

"Oh, it's just a cat...wait, WE DON'T HAVE A CAT!!!"

Damnit Vodka, this is the fifth time i've accidentally clicked on this thread while looking for another story!

I blame delicious Hina!
[ze] "Meow."
[x] ...They already noticed you, get inside.
[x] ...They already noticed you, get inside.
[X] "Meow."

If anything it'll confuse them.
[O] "Meow."
[+] Quick, get away from that door!
Fly, you fools.
[9] "Meow."

Nyan nyan nyan nyan ni hao nyan
[x] "Meow."

Yes! YES!
Just a moment of consideration, and you act. "Meow!" You do your best to make it sound realistic, which isn't too hard since-
"...A cat?" Clay sounds confused. "Do we have cats around the shrine, Hina?"
"Don't be silly." She replies calmly. "To them even outside of the house smells like dogs so clearly that they know to stay away."
"Hmm... Maybe this one is particularly stupid kitten?" Hey!
"I... Don't think so." They're seriously considering it? Maybe the bluff wasn't too bad after all... "After all, Adahn prefers dogs. It's much more likely she'd let one of those inside." ..You knew you got something terribly wrong.
"Yes, oh that Adahn..." Clay sighs. "Always meddling around..." His comments annoy you, but you don't make a sound or move.
A few moments of silence follow, during which you're basically holding your breath to avoid even slightest hint of you being there.
"Do you think that little kitten is still behind that door?" Finally Clay continues.
"Oh, she most certainly is." Hina replies with amused tone.
"Hah! Pussycat, then?" There's sound of moving inside the room- no doubt towards the door!
As quickly and smoothly as you can, you lift yourself in the air. Too bad with your current posture being quite awkward, it doesn't go nearly as well as normally and you end up floating in weird position... Away from the door, thank gods, but way too slowly.
Still, you keep your eyes forward and hope that they don't-

"Oh!" Voice behind you. From that smug, victorious tone there's no need to guess twice who it belongs to. "Adahn! What a coincidence!"
...Reluctantly you turn your head and force a smile to your face. "Hi Clay."
Hina appears next to Clay at the door, with her hair untied. "Oh my, Adahn, why are you floating in the middle of the hallway?"
She knows. She has to know. "I'm just..." You roll your tongue in your mind, trying to get some kind of idea. "Trying to get new view on things."
"Well, that's certainly going to help." She smiles happily, and pushes Clay totally out of her room. "Now that I'm awake, we might as well get going."
"W-what? Right now?" You get back to ground. "Wouldn't it be better to eat, or make things clear before leaving?"
"Nonsense!" Hina swishes her hand through the air. The same gesture also works to drive Clay farther. "After all, most likely I won't be going anywhere, it'll be you and Momizi, right?"
"Actually..." The talk with Aya springs back to your mind. "I don't think Momizi can come."
"...What do you mean?" Finally her pace seems to slow down.
"There's some business at the mountain, and-"
"You can talk about that later." Clay speaks from the stairs, and you both turn to him. "Reimu has probably been awake for hours now, don't make her wait for you."
Awake, after night like that? You don't think if that's possible for even her... "Alright, I'll gather everything, can you wait for me at downstairs."
"Hmm." Hina nods. "You probably know best what you're going to need." And then enters back to her room, closing to door behind her.

"...Right." Left alone in the hallway, you get inside your room and sit down on the bed.
...No use slacking off. You'll have plenty of time to think about what just happened when you're traveling. It takes you few minutes to gather everything, but this way you should be able to pick stuff out easier.
Hmm. You have no idea what to expect, so...

Time to fill your inventory!
You're going underground so you're going to need a weapon, or something.
-- That claymore... Now would be good time to use it.
-- ...Didn't Clay buy something a while back?
-- Actually, that parasol might turn out useful.
-- Just that ribbon should be enough, hopefully you won't have to fight anybody. (You always have it with you no matter what else you pick)
Other stuff too! You shouldn't carry too much, though.
-- Swiss army knife (purple and unmagical)
-- Your wallet, currently containing 10,000 yen.
-- Large towel with picture of flower in it.
-- Golden ring with diamond.
-- Newest issue of Bunbunmaru News.
-- Marble(?) holding weird purple smoke.
As for clothes...
-- The dress Hina got for you.
-- Your shrine-maiden dress should do fine.
-- Maid wear! Maid wear!
(You can only use one set of clothes at time, carrying more than one takes lots of space!)
There are no actual named limits for your inventory, but picking everything is stupid. Be reasonable.
-- ...Didn't Clay buy something a while back?

-- Golden ring with diamond.
-- Marble(?) holding weird purple smoke.

-- Your shrine-maiden dress should do fine.

Oh and.. can't we just read the news now?
You're going underground so you're going to need a weapon, or something.
-[P] Actually, that parasol might turn out useful.

Good enough for Kirby, good enough for me.

Other stuff too! You shouldn't carry too much, though.
-[P] Large towel with picture of flower in it.
-[P] Marble(?) holding weird purple smoke.

I'd take the ring, but I'd rather it not melt when we reach the Hell of Blazing Fires.

As for clothes...
-[P] Your shrine-maiden dress should do fine.

Shrine Maiden. Shrine Maidens solve incidents.
>I'd take the ring, but I'd rather it not melt when we reach the Hell of Blazing Fires.

We would be dead by then.
-- Actually, that parasol might turn out useful.

-- Your wallet, currently containing 10,000 yen.
-- Large towel with picture of flower in it.
You always need a towel.
-- Maid wear! Maid wear!
How can you pass this up?
-[x] ...Didn't Clay buy something a while back?

[x] Miscellaneous
-[x] Golden ring with diamond.
-[x] Marble(?) holding weird purple smoke.

[x] Clothes
-[x] Your shrine-maiden dress should do fine.
-[x] ...Didn't Clay buy something a while back?

[x] Miscellaneous
-[x] Golden ring with diamond.
-[x] Marble(?) holding weird purple smoke.

[x] Clothes
-[x] Your shrine-maiden dress should do fine.
-[-] ...Didn't Clay buy something a while back?

[=] Miscellaneous
-[-] Golden ring with diamond.
-[-] Marble(?) holding weird purple smoke.

[=] Clothes
-[-] Your shrine-maiden dress should do fine.

This works. Traveling light is the way to go.
You're going underground so you're going to need a weapon, or something.

[x] ...Didn't Clay buy something a while back?

Other stuff too! You shouldn't carry too much, though.

[x] Golden ring with diamond.
[x] Marble(?) holding weird purple smoke.

As for clothes...

[x] Your shrine-maiden dress should do fine.
-- Actually, that parasol might turn out useful.

-- Your wallet, currently containing 10,000 yen.
-- Large towel with picture of flower in it.
You always need a towel.
-- Maid wear! Maid wear!
-[-] ...Didn't Clay buy something a while back?

[=] Miscellaneous
-[-] Golden ring with diamond.
-[-] Marble(?) holding weird purple smoke.
-[-] Focus Sash

[=] Clothes
-[-] Your shrine-maiden dress should do fine.
[O]Actually, that parasol might turn out useful.

[O]Large towel with picture of flower in it.

[O]Your shrine-maiden dress should do fine.
-- Just that ribbon should be enough, hopefully you won't have to fight anybody. (You always have it with you no matter what else you pick)
Other stuff too! You shouldn't carry too much, though.
-- Swiss army knife (purple and unmagical)
-- Golden ring with diamond.
-- Marble(?) holding weird purple smoke.
As for clothes...
-- Your shrine-maiden dress should do fine.

I'm taking the Hina's ribbon. Not only it's a part of the Shrine Maiden uniform, but I also think it will be useful against Parsee and Orin, just because I think Parsee's powers are similar to control of misfortune and because the undead are automatically cursed. If it does help against Orin, there is nothing to worry about until we reach Utsuho.
-[x] ...Didn't Clay buy something a while back?

[x] Miscellaneous
-[x] Golden ring with diamond.
-[x] Marble(?) holding weird purple smoke.

[x] Clothes
-[x] Your shrine-maiden dress should do fine.

Did you miss the bit in parentheses? The ribbon comes along regardless of what else we vote for. Why limit yourself to only the ribbon when we're being given the opportunity to take it and a more sensible weapon?

Parentheses? What parenth-Oh, that one!

Yeah, I kinda missed it.
-[x] ...Didn't Clay buy something a while back?

[x] Miscellaneous
-[x] Golden ring with diamond.
-[x] Marble(?) holding weird purple smoke.

[x] Clothes
-[x] Your shrine-maiden dress should do fine.
>You're going underground so you're going to need a weapon, or something.
-- ...Didn't Clay buy something a while back?
-- Actually, that parasol might turn out useful.
>Other stuff too! You shouldn't carry too much, though.
-- Swiss army knife (purple and unmagical)
-- Your wallet, currently containing 10,000 yen.
-- Large towel with picture of flower in it.
>As for clothes...
-- Your shrine-maiden dress should do fine.
File 124968271016.jpg - (56.56KB, 500x484 , Shrine Terminator.jpg) [iqdb]
For a moment you amuse yourself with the idea to use the maid suit, but you'll be going there on shrine business, so it's best to dress properly. Also, you don't want to ruin the uniform. It's best saved for... something else later.
Now, the other stuff... What are you going to need, exactly? Much of the stuff you own is kinda useless in serious situation, save for towel but... It's huge, how would carry that? Carrying bag might end up troublesome. Finally you notice the two items you've always kept separate from others. That ring and marble(if that's what it is, you're not sure at all) haven't been of any use to you, although you did have some plans for the ring, since...
No. If you'll get a ring it's going to be something you earned yourself. Shaking your head you pocket the small pouch holding them. In the end it might as well happen that you won't need to use either.
Everybody's been saying that underground is dangerous, so you need a weapon, but what? The claymore is clumsy, and you hate using it. And although some more powerful people around here apparently like to use parasols, that wouldn't be of much use to you underground. You have that ribbon Hina gave to you, but most likely it won't be enough-
Then it hits you. Clay bought that... katana or something few months ago, right? Well, at least it's a light sword, and he hasn't been using it at all. It should be perfect for you!

After making your way back downstairs, now fully dressed, you see that Hina and Clay are waiting for you at living room.
"Travelling lightly, huh?" Clay remarks as you enter the room. "...I guess that'll work."
"Actually..." You're not rude enough to just borrow something without telling the owner, even if it's Clay. "I still need to get something."
"Hmm, well you should hurry up then." He says nonchalantly while looking out of open doorway.
"Yes, and I'd like to ask your permission for it."
"..?" Slowly he turns to look at you with burrowed eyebrows. "..What is it?"
"You're not using that katana, right?" As soon as you mention this, his eyes go wide but you continue. "I'd like to borrow it, I think it'll suit me a lot better than that huge claymore."
"You're not serious." He stares at you, but then corrects himself. "No, you are, but you don't know what you're asking."
"What do you mean~?" You ask, now much more interested in the weapon. "It's just a sword, isn't it?"
"Hah, just a sword..." With a dry laugh, he repeats your words. "Of all people, you should know that in Gensokyo weapons aren't just them self."
"Then if it's so special, why aren't you using it?" This you've been wondering too, at first you though he could only fight with claymore, but villagers say he's killed few youkais with just axe. "I didn't know you were one just to waste money!"
"Now, now." Hina steps between your argument, smiling calmly. "If this continues, we'll never get to leave, right Adahn?"
"...Yes." You turn your eyes to floor in shame.
"And Clay?" She gets annoyed grumble in response, and continues. "Would it be a bad thing for Adahn to use that katana? If not, can't she take it?"
"Khh-!" Biting his teeth Clay looks down. "...Fine, if anything it definitely won't hurt you."
"Ah, so it's fine?" You try to catch his gaze, but he keeps looking away.
"Yes, it's in my room, you can't miss it."
"Th-thank you." He can be kinda... well, alright sometimes.

Finding the sword from his room was easy enough, save for incredible coldness that struck you when you slid the door open. He seriously likes that temperature? Dear god.
While flying over to Hakurei shrine(seeing Hina carry Clay never gets old) you try to start a talk. "When did Momizi leave?"
"Ah, just when we got down." Hina is usually the only to speak when those two are like this. Well, for once you can understand Clay. "But, she didn't go to mountain yet."
"Oh? Where did she go, then?"
"Same way we're heading, Hakurei shrine. She wants to make sure Reimu is awake by the time we get there."
"Ah, that's good." You sigh in relief. You don't want to be the one to wake her up.

"Gaaaahh..." Reimu slowly leads you around the Hakurei shrine. "Why is the sun so bright...?"
"I'm... really sorry." You try to speak quietly, with Momizi next to you. When you raised your voice earlier Reimu wasn't happy at all. "If we had known, we would've come later."
"No..." She massages her head. "Wouldn't have helped at all. Some dumb cat woke me up ages ago and I couldn't fall asleep after that. At least that dumb noisy oni isn't around..."
"Where is Suika, by the way?" Hina takes the moment to ask this. "In the mountain again?"
"Mmmh..." Reimu drags her feet through the rocks on ground. "No, not this time, I think..."
You give her moment of silence to think as she stops and leans to nearby tree for few seconds.
"..Right, she's underground." Finally she continues walking.
"I-is that so?" That's a relief to hear, at least there's somebody familiar down there. "So I might run into her?"
"Dunno." Dull and short response, by now you can already see the cave Reimu is leading you to. "She might be totally passed out, or just not on your way. Anyway, there it is."
"Mmh." Hina frowns at the sight of the cave. "Quite a feel it gives."
You can't sense misfortune as well as Hina, but you have to agree. Seeing it first time makes your hair stand up, hopefully you'll get used to it. "Are those curse seals?" You point to few papers set to rocks near the entrance to cave.
"Charms. Youkais don't go in, they don't get out either." She sighs as she walks closer to them. "But I guess I'll remove them for few minutes..."

"That won't be necessary." Aya appears from sky in front of Reimu, and then turns to you and Momizi. "Sorry, no can do. They seriously need you at mountain, looks like I won't be doing much reporting either."
"It's that bad...?" Momizi holds tight to your hand. "You really-"
"Trust me, I talked to everyone I could." She gives a weak laugh, scratching the back of her head. "Everyone I could reach, that is. Nobody has time."
"...I see." Momizi is still for a moment, and then takes a deep breath. "Adahn, good bye kiss."
Embracing her, your lips touch. You stay like that for a moment, with her arms tightly around your back. "...Momizi, I'm going to be fine." Trying to hold back tears, you speak quietly.
"I want to believe that." She shakes her head, burying it to you. "I really do, but..." She stops again, but continues. "...Please come back." And then you part, hopefully for not the last time.
"Well..." You turn to Reimu who is digging something from her pocket. "I don't know if this will help you survive, but-" Aya gives her light smack to back of the head. "-sorry, this should be of use." She hands you one of her ying-yang balls.
"...What?" You've heard plenty of things about the orb's power, but nothing that would help you. "Are you worried I'd eat lots of sweets?"
"These aren't the usual ones. Yukari gave these to me." She gives another one to Hina, who inspects it. "They're not in as good condition as they used to be, but..." She rubs her chin. "They should be at least able to carry voice over to one another. Just let it float around you, no need to carry it in pocket. They could even show what you see, but with Yukari gone they've gotten weaker."
Her again... "Thank you." You smile heartily, at least now you'll be able to speak with somebody when you travel.

"...I want to tell you I will be helping you as much as I can." Hina speaks while holding the orb against her. "If there is anything, ask me."
"Thank you, but..." There's something bothering you. "You don't seem worried at all, why?"
"There's no need to be like that." She smiles confidently. "I'm certain you can do it.
That's enough to get your spirits up. If Hina believes in you, you can do it.
"Hey." With determination in his eyes, Clay approaches you. "Adahn, I have to say something about that katana."
Fully prepared for him to be just like usual, you snap at him. "W-what, are you going to tell me to not use that, or what?"
"The exact opposite, actually. Use it."
"What?" That's the reason you took it!
His back turned to you he says his good byes. "Don't die."
...With that done with, mood is still kinda heavy. You turn around, and walk towards the cave, and as soon as you enter small shock runs through your body.

Ah, right, the youkai wards... Well, you could enter so it's not too much of a problem. Looking behind you, you wave to everybody and get on air, flying deeper into the cave.
Since the longest time, there will be options leading bad ends coming up. After I get some sleep, that is.
File 125004735446.jpg - (101.29KB, 1024x768 , outside_again.jpg) [iqdb]
Change of plans, for the better.
You're hungry, and the air feels stagnant.
No wonder, it has been a while since you left this room, Yukari hasn't even taken you out to eat for few days.
Also, her earlier prenomition has come true, you're starting to run out of room in here. Books are being stacked over eachother in the floor, with some laying on the sofa. That one closet you have is overflowing with them, with old instant food packages dominating the table.
...You have to find some way to sort this out.
"Yukari!" You call out and wait few minutes.

No answer.

This hasn't happened before. Usually she shows up in second or two. "Yukari!" You try again, but louder.
Still nothing, now you have to see what's going on.
You hop over few books and nearly slip on cover of old leather-bound one. When did you even get that one? From now on you'll be buying ones with rough wooden or rock covers.
The lights are turned off everywhere in the house. And her room's... door is locked. Hm.
On the kitchen table you see paper with neat handwriting in it.
"I've lost something, and will be spending next few days looking for it.
You know how to order food if you run out, but I doubt you will.

...She has a point, closets are filled with everything from canned peas to dry noodles, but that stuff starts tasting really bad after a while. Even worse than burgers.
You pull out your cellphone, and look at the time. 12:39. That means...
Peeking out from between curtains you look outside. Yes, light. Even if you called Yukari, she would be sleeping around this time.
So, you're bored all alone in quiet house.
[ ] Just stay inside and waste time.
[ ] Go outside by yourself.
[x] Go outside by yourself.
[x] Go outside by yourself.

You double posted one of your posts by accident, it seems.
[x] Go outside by yourself.
[x] Go outside by yourself.
File 125011483995.jpg - (114.25KB, 425x331 , no_tetris_windows_here.jpg) [iqdb]
Yukari has been saying that you shouldn't go out alone, and even something like it's impossible to you!
How could that be? People knock on the door almost daily to deliver something, and you can open the door just fine.
Confidently you grab the door handle, and... Right, you have to unlock it too. After messing around with the lock for a minute you get the door to open, and step outside to bright and fresh day!

...There are people everywhere. Wow, you might even get lost between everybody if you're not careful, better make sure that you can make it back to here.
You turn around and give your home a good loo- uh. Has it always been that rugged?
The windows are broken, paint is chipping of the walls and roof is... No no, you'd know if it was like. Rain would get through.
...Yukari can do all kind of weird things. Maybe it just looks different to outside. But she should've picked better, that house sticks out like sore thumb when compared to others next to it.
What's this? There's a piece of paper with writing on it set on the door. Looks like Japanese.
As you inspect it, you mumble the words written on it. "This property is available for sale or rent... Please contact the managing company if you're expressing interest..." Rest of it is just addresses or promises about cheap remodeling. "...What?!"
Quickly you try one of the keys that Yukari gave you. Doesn't fit, no wonder, it's to your room. Then, that one... No, the cellar.
In frustration you kick the door, and then immediately regret it when the wood gives in to your foot. ...Hopefully nobody will be mad to you.
People keep passing by you, with most only giving you quick glances as they keep walking. Some don't even do that.

Leaning into rugged wall, you sigh and look up to the sky. What now? Are you stuck outside with only the money in your wallet, waiting until Yukari comes back home?
...If anything, you'll find out when you get back. Now that you're out, you shouldn't just stand here.
So what to do?
[ ] News! What's going on in world?
[ ] Just find a restaurant, you need to eat.
[ ] Do some people watching, best to not wander too far.
Yeah, I was kinda tired when I updated.
[ ] News! What's going on in world?
[~] Do some people watching, best to not wander too far.
[z] Just find a restaurant, you need to eat.
[e] News! What's going on in world?

In that order.

>Yeah, I was kinda tired when I updated.
It's showing in your grammar.

>Since the longest time, there will be options leading bad ends coming up.
[X] News! What's going on in world?

Oh no, no, no! Should not have gone outside. Poor little hikikomori girl is trapped now.

Best learn about where she's stuck, then.
[X] News! What's going on in world?
[O] News! What's going on in world?
File 125014520354.jpg - (40.67KB, 500x500 , 1219559755770.jpg) [iqdb]
should've played video games and slept all day like a good girl
[X] News! What's going on in world?
[X] News! What's going on in world?
File 125196847738.jpg - (193.44KB, 750x700 , 1231750700670.jpg) [iqdb]
We're back! Whoo-hoo!

Right, news! You keep on the stuff through internet, but who knows if normal people use it. They read papers, right?
You look around a bit, and quickly spot a... small house next to street promoting different kind of news. That's what you need!
Walking over there you give the man on the other side of the counter a nod, and pick a paper read.

Let's see now....
"Vegetarian vampires being spotted around the globe" ...Do they attack potatoes, or something?
"Undead stripper in a bar, photos inside!" Eh, you're not interested.
"Time of the world is looping endlessly!" ...Better read more about this. Definitely important.
"Humans are being secretly recruited into an alien cult!" Maybe you could consider joining? Ah, but it's secret, how will you ever know how to get in?
"Nuclear radiation grants woman power of MIND-READING." Sounds scary, you hope nobody never reads your mind!
"Talking cat found" That's ridiculous, everybody knows cats can't talk.
Oh, this one looks more recent. "Tom Cruise is being chased by aliens"? Hopefully he can get away! Aliens seem to be on the move these days.

"Aa, shoujo."
"Eh?" You look up from the paper, and see the middle-aged man staring at you with annoyed look on his face. Did he have... Something to say to you?
"..." No matter how much you look at him, he doesn't continue. Right, you should say something now! But...
Knocking your brain into speaking Japanese takes precious seconds, and finally you manage to form a greeting. "Oh, g-grea- I mean good day to you sir!" ...Should've just sticked with "hi". It's been ages since you last spoke this language!
For a moment longer he looks at you before sighing. "...Listen, I don't care if you're gaijin or something, but I won't let you get away without paying."
"W-what... are you talking about?" His tone is making you scared, and you stumble on the words again.
He extends his open hand to you, and you immediately step back a bit. "...That magazine you've been reading. Pay up."
"Eh?" But that thing was on display, so doesn't that mean you're allowed to read them? Like that one time Yukari took you out to... wasn't that a library? "These aren't free?"
Laughing dryly he shakes his head. "Hahaha, no. I need to make a living too, don't I? I don't know how it is in the woods where you came from, but over here we have something called money." Money... Oh! Right, obviously you have to give that! Food costs too!

Immediately you start running through your wallet. Let's see, that magazine is 250 yen, so that'd be... You pull out a five dollar bill and try to offer your best smile. "You can k-keep the change."
He looks at it for a moment, and then back at you frowning. "...What the hell is this? You don't even have proper money?"
"..what?" Just few weeks ago that worked fine!
"Listen, I'm not interested in dollars, you gotta pay in yen here!"
"R-right!" Again you look through your wallet, but... "...sorry." You can't even look him in the eye anymore, and speak with your gaze on the ground. "...are you sure that won't work?"
"What are you doing, reading papers in here without proper money, damn tourist..." By now it's clear that he's getting angry, and you try to move away- "Hey!" He slams his fist to counter. "Don't even try to escape!"
The sudden yell makes you jump, but now you won't be moving anywhere. Who knows what he might do!
"..Okay, wait a moment." Having calmed down a bit, he takes out cellphone from his pocket, still keeping an eye on you. "I'll call few of my friends to deal with you."
WHAT?! No, that can't happen! You're not even sure if... You quickly check your wallet, and just as you feared, you don't have any sort of identification on you.
So what should you do... There are people walking around, but you can't let this turn into anything serious. Isn't it the only choice to-
"Excuse me." A familiar, female voice.

You feel a hand on your shoulder, but can't bring yourself to look away from the man.
The person behind you speaks again. "...Is there a problem?" Isn't this... Yukari?
"Huh?" Man stops dialing a number, and looks over you. "Not at all, just let me get this done with and I'll deal with your order."
"Deal with what, exactly?"
"That tourist in front of you." He sighs, and sneers at you. "She can't pay, so I'm letting my buddies deal with her."
"Hmm..." Yukari thinks for a moment. "How about this? I'll pay for whatever she couldn't, and she makes it up to me later."
"Huh, like that? I don't know, wouldn't that be tons of trouble..?"
"After I pay you, you don't have to worry about thing." That's Yukari! She's always has her way with people! "How much does she owe you?"
"1000 yen." ...what?
"That's quite high, isn't it?"
"Oh, this girl is a real trouble maker. Not worth your time at all."
"...I see."
"Yeah, even if you pay for her, you definitely won't get it back from her." Wh-what?! That man, he knows you have money, but... You look at him, and see him grinning at you.

...Yes, there's people like him, aren't there? For no reason at all, they want to hurt others, and use them to get an easier life.
"...That doesn't matter to me. Time is money, like one of my friends says. It's okay if she spends some of that with me."
...You're happy with getting out of this, but... Is it fine letting him go?
[ ] No, that man is evil. You should teach him a lesson.
[ ] Just let Yukari handle this.

[x] No, that man is evil. You should teach him a lesson.

Also the # No. function got fucked up again. Would an admin mind fixing it to how it used to be?
[O] No, that man is evil. You should teach him a lesson.
[x] No, that man is evil. You should teach him a lesson.
[x] No, that man is evil. You should teach him a lesson.
Rip the fucker apart like it's the goddamn middle ages.
[ ] No, that man is evil. You should teach him a lesson.
[x] No, that man is evil. You should teach him a lesson.

I'd key his car.
[ze] Just let Yukari handle this.
[x] No, that man is evil. You should teach him a lesson.


File 125207881833.jpg - (89.20KB, 627x627 , The_Secret_Seals_Club.jpg) [iqdb]
...Even if Yukari will get you out of this, what about that man? He gets away free- no he gains something from acting like that! It's not right!
"Hu-uh? What're you staring at me so viciously for, girl?" The man leans over the counter and grins at you. "Stop that or I'll change my mind."
"Right, there's no need to act like that..." Even Yukari thinks that he's right?! No, you have to do something now, but what...""Just wait a minute and-?!" Suddenly her speech breaks, and the hand on your shoulder grips tighter. Something is happening to wall behind the man.

The space is breaking.
Piece by piece the wall is being replaced by darkness. Ah, right. It's not falling apart, this is kinda like those gaps Yukari likes to use, it just looks different. Both you and Yukari look quietly as this continues.
Man lifts his eye brow, looking increasingly annoyed. "Both of you now..?! Is there something on my face?" He's totally oblivious to what's going on behind him, and soon single red eye is staring out of the hole looking at his back.
Looking at it hungrily. It's just one huge eye, but even with your experience you can tell that much.
"M... Mister, b-behind..." Yukari tries to say something.
"What is it now, are you going to run away the moment I look away?" He reaches for something on the wall, and takes it close to his face. "I have the whole day, and I'm not loo... king...?" That something was a tentacle.
Right now there's much more than just one eye on the wall. You can't help but to smile to yourself as he slowly turns his head, and sees all hundreds of them staring straight at him. The way he tried avoiding looking at the tentacles on walls was great too~
"..a.. aaa... aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" And then he screams, and then the tentacles get closer to him, and then the whole street is looking at your way, and then-
"Come on!" Yukari pulls you away?

This is weird. You're running through crowd of people, with Yukari pulling on your hand. If you have to get away, can't you just use gaps? "Hey..?" You try to ask her about it.
"Shut up, just follow me!" She responds quickly. Well, she always has some reason for whatever she does, so you shut up and let her lead you.
...But this really is hard. You can't remember the last time you seriously ran... actually, have you ever done it? Anyway, it's getting harder to breathe, you hope you won't have to do this much more...
"Here!" Suddenly she stops in front of some restaurant, and pushes the door open. "Quick, come in!" Compared to her usual character she seems much more hurried, but you're happy that you can finally stop running so you follow her.

Inside the restaurant it's quiet and calm, and Yukari leads you to table with... somebody already sitting next to it?
"Ah, Mary!" Girl with a weird hat at the table stands up as you get close to her. "Hahaha! Usually it's me who is late- who's that?"
"...Shut up for a moment Renko." She sits you next to table on opposite side to other girl, away from window and grabs the other girl's hat. "And I'll borrow this." She then puts it on you. This is weird!
"Hey, that's my-!" She tries to grab it back, but Yukari stops her.
"Please, just let it be for a while. I promise there's a good explanation for this." She looks at you for a moment, and you respond by looking at her. "...Could you also borrow your coat?"
The girl thinks for a moment, but soon takes her black coat off and hands it to Yukari, who then lets you have it. "...I don't mind, but why?"
"She's still kind of easy to spot." As Yukari explains, she takes her hat off and ties her hair into ponytail. "Hopefully this will make it a bit harder."
"...Maribel Han, what happened this time?"

Maribel? You look at Yukari again, blond hair and dark gold eyes. It should be Yukari, but the girl called her Maribel?
"...You know how we have seen all kind of weird stuff together?" Why isn't she saying that the girl got her name wrong?
"Yes... Like places and items that shouldn't be there?"
"What I saw moments ago... It goes beyond all that." Yukari rests her head on the table. "And I'm sure that she had something to do with it."
"Well, umm..." The brown haired girl, now in white shirt and tie speaks. "...She looks kind of confused. Wouldn't it be better to let her ask something first?" She gives you a worried look.
"Hmm..." Yukari studies your face and finally nods. "Alright, do you want to know something? You'll have a lot to explain after this, though."

[ ] "...You're Yukari, right?"
[ ] "...Maribel?"
[ ] Point at brown haired girl. "Who are you?"
[x] "...Maribel?"
[ ] "...Maribel?"

I wonder if this might get an answer out of Yukari; doubt it
[x] "...Maribel?"
[O] "...Maribel?"
[X] "... Maribel?"
[X] "... but you look like Yukari!"

Adahn2 is confused.
[ze] "...You're Yukari, right?"
[x] "...Maribel?"
[X] "... Maribel?"
[X] "... but you look like Yukari!"
[x] "...Maribel?"

[x] "...Maribel?"

You're not Yukari!

You're not Yukari at all!
File 125218406086.jpg - (1.01MB, 1000x1000 , 3671197.jpg) [iqdb]
"...Maribel?" You look at the blond girl in the eyes. Hmm, with her hair like that, she looks really different.
"Yes, Maribel Han." She answers calmly, while looking out of the window. "That's my name, anything else you want to know?"
"Uhm..." There's lots of things you're not sure about, but what you want to know? You're not sure at all, and these two may not even be able to answer, it might be best to just trouble them with that stuff... "...No, I'm fine."
"...You still look totally lost." Brown haired girl(was it Renko?) sighs. "Come on, you really can't think of better question than her name?"
"She said it herself, didn't she? - Get down!" Suddenly Maribel turns away from the window and hisses at you. Renko immediately leans down, while you just look around startled. "No-! Not you Renko, I mean you... girl!"
"Ah!" You follow Renko's previous example, and lean close to table. "S-sorry..."
Mary stays quiet for a moment, but then lets out sigh of relief. "...I don't think there's any problems anymore." hearing that, Renko is about to take her hat back. "But I think it's safer if we keep her hidden concealed for a moment longer."
"Fine...." She crosses her arms and pouts.

There's a moment of uncomfortable silence before Maribel lets out small cough. "...Well, you know who I am, but I have no idea what to call you." She looks at you for a moment, and since you don't respond she continues, slightly frustrated. "...That means I'd like to know your name."
"E-eh?" You push yourself against the back of the seat. "Why?" And her questions started now?
"...I could just keep calling you girl, but I don't want to. And I don't think you want it either."
That makes sense. "..Okay, it's A-" But wait, is it really alright to tell it to these two? "...Adhana." You're so clever!
"Oh, a foreigner? I couldn't really tell, you don't see bleached hair that often anymore these days." Renko grins at you.
"...?" You just stare at her with puzzled look.
"...It's bleached, right?" She leans over the table and pushes the hat you're wearing up a bit. "And those are contact lenses, aren't they?"
"You mean my... eyes? Is red really so weird color for them?" You cover your left eye with your hand to stop Renko from peering at it.
"...Maribel, just what is she?"
"I don't know." She takes her hair out of ponytail, and shakes her head so it's again like before. "But I have quite few questions for her, hopefully they'll clear this up a bit."
And does she ever have questions! It takes even longer since she hast to explain everything to Renko, who wasn't there to see what happened.

-What was that"-
[ ] A gap.
[ ] Something ripping the fabric of space open for a short while.
[ ] Summoning spell you accidentally activated.
-What happened to that man"-
[ ] He's still alive.
[ ] He should be dead by now.
[ ] ...You don't know.
-Where are you from"-
[ ] Not here.
[ ] Inside the house.
-What are you"-
[ ] Human.
[ ] Not human.
[ ] Nobody has told you that.
-Do you know about Gensokyo"-
[ ] No.
[ ] Isn't that just a myth?
-Yukari, then"-
[ ] ...
[ ] Yes, very much.
[ ] No! Not at all!
[X] A gap.
[X] He's still alive.
-{X} Though probably very sore, and in very unpleasant places at that.
[X] Inside the house.
[X] Nobody has told you that.
[X] Isn't that just a myth?
[X] Yes, very much.
-[X] She's really nice!

Adahn2 is adorably sheltered.
[X] A gap.
[X] He's still alive.
-{X} Though probably very sore, and in very unpleasant places at that.
[X] Inside the house.
[X] Nobody has told you that.
[X] Isn't that just a myth?
[X] Yes, very much.
-[X] She's really nice!
[O] A gap.
[O] He's still alive.
-{O} Though probably very sore, and in very unpleasant places at that.
[O] Inside the house.
[O] Nobody has told you that.
[O] Isn't that just a myth?
[O] Yes, very much.
-[O] She's really nice!
-What was that"-
[ ] A gap.
-What happened to that man"-
[ ] ...You don't know.
-Where are you from"-
[ ] Inside the house.
-What are you"-
[ ] Nobody has told you that.
-Do you know about Gensokyo"-
[ ] Yes, very much.
[ ] Something ripping the fabric of space open for a short while.
[ ] ...You don't know.
[ ] Inside the house.
[ ] Nobody has told you that.
[ ] Isn't that just a myth?
[ ] Yes, very much.
[x] Something ripping the fabric of space open for a short while.
[x] ...You don't know.
[x] Inside the house.
[x] Nobody has told you that.
[x] Isn't that just a myth?
[x] Yes, very much.
[X] A gap.
[X] He's still alive.
-{X} Though probably very sore, and in very unpleasant places at that.
[X] Inside the house.
[X] Nobody has told you that.
[X] Isn't that just a myth?
[X] Yes, very much.
-[X] She's really nice!
>-What was that"-
[x] Something ripping the fabric of space open for a short while.

>-What happened to that man"-
[x] It depends on whether she was hungry or not.
-{x} If he is, he's probably very sore, and in very unpleasant places at that.

>-Where are you from"-
[x] Inside the house.

>-What are you"-
[x] Self-employed.
-{x} You work out of the home.

>-Do you know about Gensokyo"-
[x] You're not interested in joining their cult--or any other organization they may represent.

>-Yukari, then"-
[x] Of course. Yukarin is your BFF.
-{x} That Maribel looked like her is the only reason you're here right now.
...Do want created trap-Adahn in 8 more mentions (since the name Adahn was from a guy in Planescape, shouldn't Adahna be a boy?)

>You're so clever!

-What was that"-
[x] Summoning spell you accidentally activated.
-What happened to that man"-
[x] ...You don't know.
-Where are you from"-
[x] Inside the house.
-What are you"-
[x] Nobody has told you that.
-Do you know about Gensokyo"-
[x] Isn't that just a myth?
-Yukari, then"-
[x] ...
[X] A gap.
[X] He's still alive.
-{X} Though probably very sore, and in very unpleasant places at that.
[X] Inside the house.
[X] Nobody has told you that.
[X] Isn't that just a myth?
[X] Yes, very much.
-[X] She's really nice!
File 125227265584.jpg - (58.18KB, 440x514 , deercavesarawak.jpg) [iqdb]
After explaining the basics to Renko(who's reluctant to believe even word of it), Maribel rubs her forehead and speaks. "So... The thing that opened in the wall behind him... What was it?"
"A gap." Easy first question.
"...A gap?" She repeats it, confused.
"Mmh." You nod.
Renko is grinning for some reason, and Maribel hits her. "Okay, moving on. What about that man? Is he dead or...?"
"No no!" You shake your head furiously. "He's still alive, but..." How to say this... "He might be kinda.. very sore for few days."
"Oh, just something like that...?" Maribel sighs in relief.
"Sore in unpleasant places." You continue.
"...Oh." She swallows. "So, now about you. Where do you come from? I can't place your accent at all."
"I'm wondering the same thing." Renko looks more serious now too. "Europe? Americas?"
Those are familiar places, but... "No." You shake your head again, at least you think those are wrong. "I'm from inside the house."
"House?" Renko frowns. "Is that some weird company?"
"...I think she's being serious." Again, Maribel sighs. "Then, uh... Sorry if I'm being personal, but what are you?"
Another hard question, this is actually something you've thought about too. Too bad you never got around asking Yukari for confirmation. "Sorry, I can't answer that."
"Oh, so it really was too personal." She looks disapointed.
"No, I mean..." Bad wording again... "I'm not sure about it, nobody has told me."

"...She's giving lots of vague answers." Renko looks at Mary frowning.
"I'm fine with it. Now, do you know about Gensokyo?"
"Mary!" Suddenly Renko stands up yelling, and you push yourself to back of the chair. "Are you serious?!"
"...I am." Maribel doesn't even bat an eye. "Now let her answer."
After Renko sits down and seems to have calmed down, you think it's safe to say it. "...Isn't that just a myth?"
Moment of silence follows, broken by Renko holding her head and hitting it to table. "...are you serious?"
"Y-yes." You slowly bow your head. "I mean, I've heard about it, but... You know what everything people write on the internet."
"Okay..." Mary seems lost too. "This is the last question, although I don't have my hopes up at all." She looks you into eyes. "Do you know Yukari? As in, Yukari Yakumo?"
In the mention of familiar name, smile spreads on your face. "Yes!" The eyes or your two companions widen, but you continue. "I know her, she's really nice!"
"He-hey, are you sure this is the same Yukari?" Renko speaks with troubled expression. "You know, borders, really influential... This is not just not normal person- actually, not a person at all!"
"I know!" You nod, now a bit annoyed that Renko doesn't believe you. "She's weird sometimes, but I like her!"
"Ah, uhm..." Mary bites her lip, but finally speaks. "Adhana, can I see your wallet?"
"Huh? Why?" You tilt your head to side. "Wasn't the last question the final one?"
"I know, but... please?" She crosses her arms and looks at you with upturned eyes. "I just want to check something."
...She looks like she really wants it, so you hand it to her.
As Mary opens your wallet, Renko leans over to look at it too. "...Don't you have some kind of identification?"
"What's that?"
"...Never mind." Mary shakes her head, and gives the wallet back to you. "Do you have some place to stay the night at?"
"I..." The house? No, you have no idea how to get back inside. "...I don't."
Mary's face lights a bit. "Then, would you like to stay with me and Renko?" Renko looks like she's about to say something to this, but doesn't.
Since you don't have any other choice(actually you do, but they're all kinda bad), you nod.
"Okay!" Mary smiles, and stands up. "Then let's get going!"
"Eh?" You get up too, but still bit reluctant to leave. "Right now?"
"Yes, we still have to make you a room and everything, after all."


<...Can you hear me?>
"Oh, Hina!" Turning to look at the orb floating next to you, you smile. You had almost forgotten about them, glad to see that they work. "Yes, I hear you fine. What took you so long?" It's been... Bit over half an hour from when you started traveling down this cave.
<We had check few things over here, I just got to sit down now.> There's faint sound of rustling paper before she continues. <More importantly, how has it been?>
"Surprisingly easy." You look around, and see something move in the shadows behind rocks. "...For a place that's supposed to be filled with dangerous youkai, there's way too few of them. Nothing has attacked me yet."
<Hmm... I think I know why that is. Did you read Aya's paper?>
"...No, should I have?"
<Don't worry, you're not missing out on any big news. Unless forest faeries interest you.> She lets out small giggle. <But, there's one thing that will concern you.>
"Oh?" Not anything related to tengu mountain or kappas, you hope. "What is it?"

<Marisa went down there too.>
"...Ah." That answers the youkai thing, then. She must've given them quite amazing image of surface humans, poor things are scared to attack you. "Why did she come here, anyway?"
<Uh, according to interview, she...> Hina pauses for a moment. <...She wants a hot-spring for herself too.>
"Complete with ghosts and spirits?"
<She lives in the Forest of Magic, those aren't anything compared to youkai there.>
Fair enough, if she keeps everything out of your way, then fine. Hopefully you don't have to deal with her, though. "Was the incident at our shrine mentioned?"
<I'm having Clay go through the paper, he'll tell me if there's anything good there and I'll forward it to you, okay?>

"Hmm, sounds good... Ah." After turning around the corner, you see something amazing.
<What is?> Hina replies immediately when you let out the surprised breath.
Right, she can't see what's going on down here... "There's a huge door here."
<Just regular huge, or how big?>
"Hmm..." You take a moment to think of a comparison. "...Well, Scarlet Devil Mansion's front-door has nothing on this." A giant could fit through it. Only thing that it's lacking is some kind of embellishment, but... With size like that, you really don't need anything.
<When you think about it, it only makes sense.> Speaking in amused tone, she giggles. <I mean the door being there, not the size. On surface there was just few wards to keep youkai off, that door really is the final warning to humans who might've wandered down there.>
"Right..." As you walk closer to the door, you notice something. "It's already open." Truly, it's open enough so that there's a small gap that person could fit through.
<Marisa must've went through before you got here.>
When she puts it like that it seems perfectly natural, but wouldn't the door be all the way open, or all over the next room if Marisa wanted through?

[ ] ...Never mind that, just go through.
[ ] This is just too obvious. You should...
- [ ] Inspect surroundings for trap.
- [ ] Kick the door and see what happens.
[ ] This is just too obvious. You should...
- [ ] Kick the door and see what happens.

Action Adahn.
[ ] This is just too obvious. You should...
- [ ] Kick the door and see what happens.

Any traps should be on the other side of the door.
[x] This is just too obvious. You should...
-[x] Kick the door and see what happens.
[x] This is just too obvious. You should...
-[x] Kick the door and see what happens.

[x] This is just too obvious. You should...
-[x] Kick the door and see what happens.
[O] This is just too obvious. You should...
-[O] Kick the door and see what happens.
[~] This is just too obvious. You should...
- [z] Inspect the surrounding are for traps.
And then
- [e] Kick the door and see what happens.
[x] This is just too obvious. You should...
-[x] Kick the door and see what happens.
ARRR! Doors are for kicking!
[x] This is just too obvious. You should...
- [x] Inspect the surrounding are for traps.
And then
- [x] Kick the door and see what happens.

caution is good here
File 125235608584.jpg - (17.57KB, 250x250 , 715f145a1d552799be2ddacfe575cea2.jpg) [iqdb]
Isn't this bit too obvious? The way that door is opened reminds you of you of those bucket pranks that kids like to pull, but...
You confidently walk to the door, steady yourself and land a kick to it, causing the door to open and- "AaaaaAAaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"
Then you jump back and look up to the direction of the yell. Something is coming down fast, accompanied with swirling clouds of danmaku. When you realize what's going on, it doesn't take too much effort to dodge them.
Barrage dies down as soon as it started, and soon you can calmly look as.... some kind of bucket is lowered towards ground. When it's few feet from there, you see that it's not empty, but apparently there's green haired little girl sitting on it.
The sight is so absurd that you really don't know what to say. "...Hello?" Except greet her.
"Wha..." The little bucket girl looks around troubled. "What is this...?" She then focuses her stare to you, looking hopeful. "I'm sure I heard two people here... O-or did I hit somebody just now?"
"No, sorry." You shake your head. "I'm the only one here."
"Ohh..." She holds her head. "I hope Yamame won't get mad.."

<Adahn...?> Hina's voice comes from orb, and the girl immediately looks at it. <What happened down there?>
"Ah, uhm..." You look between girl and the orb, and decide to answer to girl first. "Hina, wait a moment, alright? This orb can receive and send voices, I have a friend in the surface." Her eyes lighten up as you explain it. "...She was the one you heard earlier."
"Oh, I get it." She nods few times to herself. "Yes, Yamame should understand mistake like this."
"So..." Now speaking to orb, you explain what happened. "There was somebody keeping a watch on the door."
<...I see.>
"Excuse me..." The girl speaks, and you turn to look at her. "You're from surface, right?"
"...I am." No use to lie about it, she probably wouldn't even buy it. You lean over and smile to her. "I'm Adahn, what's your name?"
"I-I'm Kisume!" Somehow the bucket moves away from you. "I'm youkai, you're human, right?"
"...Hmm." You try looking up to see where the rope that's attached to the bucket ends to, but it's just too dark up there. "Yes, that's right."
"But you have only one name?"
"What?" You look back down to her.
"Most humans, and even youkai I've heard about about have two names."
"Ah, well..." Why does this come up so often? They do have a point, though. "It really should change soon."
<Oh, interesting~> Hina giggles on the other side.

"Hmm..." Kisume looks away into darkness. "I wonder what's taking her so long."
You lift an eyebrow. "We're getting company soon?"
"Y-yes, Yamame should be here any moment now. I don't know if there will be anybody else, though." She speaks while covering behind the bucket.
<Excuse me, Yamame Kurodani?>
"Yes!" She smiles and nods to the orb. Obviously Hina can't see it, but the gesture makes you happy.
<..Clay, can you take over for a moment, I have to make sure of something.> Followed this Clay yells in the background. <Huh? Why no- hey wait a moment!> Couple of weird sounds follow, after which it seems to calm down. <...Right.> Clay sighs.
"Who's that?" Kisume seems surprised at the sudden change in orb's voice.
"He's a..." Oh, what should you say about Clay? "...Nice guy, really. Just kind of grumpy."
<...> There's a displeased grunt on the other side. You're sure to hear about this later.
But somebody else is going to show up too, huh? Seems like you have few moments to spare before it.

[ ] Anything she can say about this Yamame?
[ ] What's going on up there anyway?
[ ] ..How does she move around?
[ ] Anything she can say about this Yamame?
[ ] Anything she can say about this Yamame?
[O] Anything she can say about this Yamame?
[x] ..How does she move around?
[x] Anything she can say about this Yamame?
[x] Anything she can say about this Yamame?
Vodka you lazy cunt, update already.

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