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Story continues below~


A thrust, a swipe, a slash. Duck and weave and jump and you can't do any of this. The Captain moves far faster and with far more precision than you think you'll ever be able to manage.
At first when she showed you how to hold the cutlass right, you started to feel a little more confident, like you had some vague idea what to do. Block, strike, ward off a foe. It made sense. Heavy and tiring and sweating in the hot sun, but you got it. She's a good teacher as well as a good leader, if a bit rough.

But now she just shows you how outclassed you are. If she was holding anything other than a wooden practice sword you'd be dead ten times over by now. Your arms ache and your head spins with each impact. You manage a block once or twice, but Mokou just laughs and weaves around you again, her long mane of hair trailing after her every movement.
Her face is lit up, but in a different way to during the fight in the mess. There she was all grins and savage laugher, hopping on the balls of her feet. But this? This is play-fighting, she's just amused.

Out of the corner of your eye, you can see Renko still at the wheel, shading her eyes with her hand, ignoring or trying to ignore you and Mokou.

"Come on, boy!" Mokou says, taking a step back and leaving you a moment's breathing room. You heave in great lungfuls of air as she rests the practice sword on her shoulder and grins at you. She's dripping with sweat as well, but she looks at home in her element.
"Hard, isn't it?" She asks. You nod, wiping sweat from your forehead and flexing your fingers where they've been gripping the sword too tight.
"Yeah." You mutter. She points at you with the practice sword.
"Hard is good, means you're learning something." She seems more serious all of a sudden. "Few enemies would give you a moment to pause like this, understand?"

You frown up at her. Well, yeah, of course you wouldn't get a rest like this. What's she getting at?

[ ] "I ... don't get it, Captain." Shrug.
[ ] "Yeah." Nod.

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[x] "Yeah." Nod.

In before "No you don't~" and another smack.
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[X] "Yeah." Nod.

Good to see this back. I look forward to great things!
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>>"Few enemies would give you a moment to pause like this, understand?"
>>In before "No you don't~" and another smack.
Oh, wait, she wants us to attack her?

[x] "Yeah." Nod.
-[x] Go in with a feint, but then follow up with a disengage, like the Captain's been doing. It probably won't work, but at least it'll look like you've learned something.

Feint, disengage, lunge. Look ma, we're fencing!
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[x] "Yeah." Nod.

So is your shift key broken, or do you just like playing no focus?
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[X] "I ... don't get it, Captain." Shrug.

>> No. 89771
[x] "Yeah." Nod.
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[x] "Yeah." Nod.
-[x] Go in with a feint, but then follow up with a disengage, like the Captain's been doing. It probably won't work, but at least it'll look like you've learned something.

I like this.
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"Yeah." You nod, blinking and trying to hold yourself straight again. Your legs are wobbly after all the swordplay, you're slicked with sweat and you'd rather just get below decks again and have a long, long drink.
Mokou holds your gaze for a moment and then narrows her eyes.
"Captain?" You frown. "What-"

She comes at you again, even faster and crazier than the first time. You feel yourself trying to swing back into action but you're slow and sluggish to start, adrenaline racing back into your veins. Mokou batters at you, easily slipping away from every return stroke you make. You block high, she punches you in the gut, you duck, she whacks you on the top of the head, you go for her exposed arm, she elbows you in the ribs.
You're exhausted, sweating like a pig, confused and overstretched. Mokou gives you a final lazy tap on the forehead with her practice sword before tripping you up. Your backside hits the deck with a thump.

"Ugh." You spit up a little blood, sword forgotten at your feet. Mokou crouches down in front of you, catching your eye. She's giving you a look you haven't seen before. Pissed off, but not in a jovial way. She's not amused any more.
"Don't ever pretend you can do more than you really can." She says. "That's when you fuck up and get killed."
You nod. "Yes Captain." You say. "I ... didn't understand what you meant earlier." You admit. A grim smile returns to Mokou's face.
"Good!" She says, sitting down on the deck just in front of you. She waves the practice sword around as she talks. "You're a farm hand, never been in a fight. You felt that just then?"
"Felt what, Captain?" You ask, frowning again. She's getting at something, but you can't quite grasp it.
"So tired you just want to sleep where you fall?" She grins. You nod.
"Yeah, something like that." You say. Mokou reaches over and takes your shoulder, making you look up at her face.

"You gotta be able to fight like that." She says. "Right at the edge." Her voice is not hard like when she's angry, nor full of laugher. Just blunt honesty. You nod, looking back down at your hands.

Mokou takes the sword you were using and gets to her feet.
"You have the rest of the day off." She says, pointing down at you. "Don't go to sleep, you're on kitchen duty tonight." She rummages in her coat, pulling out a water-skin and throwing it to you. "Drink up." She says.
"Uh, yes Captain. Thanks." You mutter.
"You're too knackered for more today. Rest up. We do muskets tomorrow." She says as she turns and walks away, taking the musket as well, leaving you sitting on deck, totally exhausted, watching her leave.

[ ] Just lie here. Too tired.
[ ] Is Renko still at the wheel?
[ ] Food. More food. Now.
[ ] Something else? [?]
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[ ]Throw yourself overboard. Its too hard to go on.

[x] Is Renko still at the wheel?
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[x] Is Renko still at the wheel?

can't think of anything else
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[X] Food. More food. Now.
>> No. 89778
[ze] Is Renko still at the wheel?

Let me drive! It's not a stick, is it?
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[x] Is Renko still at the wheel?
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Oh I bet Renko knows how to drive a stick, iykwim.
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How would a hardcore lesbian know how to do that?
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[x] Is Renko still at the wheel?
>> No. 89791
(the joke)
(your head)

>> No. 89792
He was being facetious.

Your head.
>> No. 89794

You're thinking into it too much again.
>> No. 89796


[X] Food. More food. Now.

Need protein for rebuilding them muscles you just tore shreds stronger. Need carbohydrates to replenish your wasted glycogen stores; otherwise, you might fall asleep. And that would be bad.
>> No. 89797
[x] Food. More food. Now.

>> No. 89798

God, I recognize this quote, but can't quite find the words...
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Ain't been here since '08.

HY is back in action? Really?

Hurray! Was pretty devastated when SDM playthrough 2 was put on hiatus, but this is more than adequate too. As long as Shirou-Anon gets to bang the cap'n, that is.

You know you've always wondered if Mokou's hymen regenerates.
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What makes you think she didn't fuck before she drank the elixir, namefag?
>> No. 89836
I dunno, maybe the fact that her life before drinking the elixir apparently consisted of her being confined to her home since she wasn't allowed out in public, and thus had very limited chances to meet anyone let alone sleep with them might have something to do with that? Maybe?
>> No. 89837

But she was living in the wild by the time she drank the Elixir, so consider that most girls in modernity 'lose' their hymen at puberty just on account of being physically active.

Also, Iwakasa.
>> No. 89838

Think she kinda murdered him before they could get that close.
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Forcing yourself up from the deck again takes quite a lot of effort. Your legs are shaky beneath you, but at least you're more used to the sway of the ship now. Wiping the sweat from your brow and taking a few deep gulps from the water-skin as you walk, you spot Renko still at the wheel.

"Hey there." You slump next to her, squinting in the sunlight. She glances over at you, looking you up and down, keeps her hands steady on the wheel.
"Captain give you a proper going-over?" She asks, hint of a smirk on her lips.
"What?" You ask. Renko snorts with private laughter and shakes her head.
"Count yourself lucky." She says, nodding behind her to where the Captain has just vanished below decks once more. "She's good, listen to her."
"I will." You say, drawing yourself up again and cracking the vertebrae in your spine. Need to stretch yourself back into shape after that fight. Renko watches you silently, then hesitates, opening her mouth but closing it again.

"What is it?" You ask. She shakes her head.
"Aw come on." You protest. "You were gonna say something."
Renko tuts and rolls her eyes. "You haven't got much tact, you know that?" She says, looking back out across the wheel, at the sea.
"What's tact?" You ask, frowning. Why must she be so round-about, what was she going to say? Renko doesn't speak for a long moment, her mouth twisting uncomfortably. You consider leaving, she's obviously pissed off or something.

"Sorry." She says quietly. "Tact means ... uh, knowing when people don't really want something. Being subtle, so fourth."
"Okay." You nod, you get the former part, that's easy. "Thanks."
"I was going to ask you if Maribel had spoken to you at all." Renko says.
"Oh, yeah." You say. Renko raises her eyebrows, looking curious.
"What did she say?" Renko asks.
"Just asked me if I liked the Captain." You reply, trying to remember what exactly Maribel said last night, down in the armoury. The memory of her gas-lit face makes you shudder a little, even out here in the heat of the sun.
Renko just nods. "Hm, okay."

She turns quiet, lost in thought.

[ ] Bid her good-bye, go somewhere else.
[ ] "So what's up with Maribel then? Why's she on board?"
[ ] "Renko, what was that ship this morning?"
[ ] "You said something, uh, yesterday, about showing me how you navigate?"
[ ] Ask something else.


No multi-voting please. Missing things in conversation doesn't mean you won't get some other kind of explanation sooner or later.
>> No. 89852
[x] "You said something, uh, yesterday, about showing me how you navigate?"
>> No. 89854
[x] "Renko, what was that ship this morning?"
>> No. 89855
[x] "You said something, uh, yesterday, about showing me how you navigate? Can you teach me, too? Maybe someday I can cover for you."
>> No. 89856
[X] "You said something, uh, yesterday, about showing me how you navigate?"
>> No. 89857
[X] "Renko, what was that ship this morning?"
[X] "You said something, uh, yesterday, about showing me how you navigate?"
>> No. 89858

Learn to read.
>> No. 89861
Oh Lawdz.

In that case:

[X] "You said something, uh, yesterday, about showing me how you navigate?"
>> No. 89863
[ ] "You said something, uh, yesterday, about showing me how you navigate?"
Let's learn how to use a compass!
>> No. 89865
>Ain't been here since '08
Yeah, you have a lot of catching up to do.
>> No. 89866
[x] "So what's up with Maribel then? Why's she on board?"

A little rude-sounding, but I'm curious, and the wording fits the protagonist's character.
>> No. 89868
[ ] "You said something, uh, yesterday, about showing me how you navigate?"
>> No. 89925
[X] "You said something, uh, yesterday, about showing me how you navigate?"
>> No. 90300
[x] "So what's up with Maribel then? Why's she on board?"
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File 12474065911.jpg - (175.55KB , 640x480 , Canvas195.jpg ) [iqdb]
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Shit, forgot my vote.
[X] "So what's up with Maribel then? Why's she on board?"
and if possible sneak this in too.
---[x] "And your reason, too. Just asking."
>> No. 90358
I'm loving the fast paced updates here
>> No. 90370

Don't worry mate. Once the winds starts blowing again, the updates will sail faster than ever.
>> No. 90372
Actually he's pretty fucking out of it right now. Been trying to get an update up for days but nothing's come out right.
>> No. 90398
Uwah. Hope he knows we all love him and support him an' all that. But hey, if it's not coming out right, we can wait. No rushing perfection, after all.
>> No. 90406
Why doesn't he tell us this then. Should just say that he needs a break for some time until he finds his creativity again.
Keeping quiet and saying nothing is worse.
>> No. 90823
Yeah, sorry. Been putting off saying anything because it feels rather humiliating being unable to update. Creativity is shot to hell, life is catching up with me, I'm tired, etc.

Finding it very difficult to update/focus on any stories, so I guess everything is on extended hiatus until I work things out. I'll be around, voting and reading, if I manage to finish any requests or shorts I guess I'll post them up too.

Meanwhile, go read some other stories. There's great stuff all over these boards, if anybody is too lazy/busy to look through them then I'm happy to post some personal recommendations up here if you ask.
>> No. 90830
I'm asking. Do recommend!
>> No. 90832

Seconded. It's cool to know the preferences of the writefags here.
>> No. 90837
I'm asking too.

Also, never underestimate the power of wearing a silly hat to increase creativity.
>> No. 90840
HY's little recommendation corner. Now listening.