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File 120784728634.jpg - (71.58KB , 128x256 , Th09komachi_portrait.jpg ) [iqdb]
8930 No. 8930
You silently curse your complete and total idiocy. Why the HELL did you jump? Really, Did you think you'd magically sprouted wings? Did all that bamboo around get to your mind? GAH. Putting your frustrations aiside, you attemtp to greet the boat ferrier, only to find that you cannot speak. You try to scream, but nothing comes out. You can't even sigh dejectly at your seeming defeat. However, you did get the person rowing the boat's attention with all your anguish. She looks at you and smiles sadly.
"Don't worry about paying, I've already collected my fee. Quite honostly, I was amazed at the ammount you had. You must have been well loved." She looks off over the water. "It's always sad to see such well loved people die."
She goes back to rowing, silently this time.

[ ] Jump out of the boat.
[ ] Sit and wait calmly.
[ ] Search the boat.
[ ] Stare out over the water and reminiss.

>> No. 8931
[X] Stare out over the water and reminiss.
>> No. 8932
[ ] Stare out over the water and back 2 choices
>> No. 8933
[x] Stare out over the water and reminiss.

And pray our nerd rage for Yukari will allow us to kick reason to the curb and reincarnate ourselves.
>> No. 8934
>"It's always sad to see such well loved people die."
A little salt in the wounds of the assholes that killed us.
>> No. 8936
[ ] Sit and wait calmly.
>> No. 8937
[ ] Jump out of the boat.

The water you drank contained drugs. You are still in the forest with spikes in your arm, tripping balls while Wriggle cries.
>> No. 8939
[X] Search the boat.
What did we do omg, now we really have to get back to Gensokyo, no other choice.
poor cirno, poor rumia, poor wriggle
>> No. 8940
[x] Jump out of the boat
God dammit, I'm not going to get judged yet. Seeing as how this is anon I don't think that would turn out well. Time to do the impossible and break through into the world of the living, or become some angry spirit like Mima.
>> No. 8941
[X] Jump out of the boat.
>> No. 8942
[ ] Search the boat.

Use banana on boat.
Use banana on girl.
Use banana on water.
Use banana on self.
>> No. 8943
[x] Stare out over the water and reminiss.
>> No. 8944
[X] Stare out over the water and reminiss.
>"Don't worry about paying, I've already collected my fee. Quite honostly, I was amazed at the ammount you had. You must have been well loved."
Goddamn it Kira.
>> No. 8946
I'm changing my vote because it was a joke and I'm afraid Anon is dumb enough to actually do it.

[ ] Search the boat.
>> No. 8947
[x] Stare out over the water and boil with rage.
>> No. 8948
>What did we do omg

You chose to jump off a fucking roof.
>> No. 8949
[x] Stare out over the water and reminiss.
>> No. 8950
He's good at consistently giving us a massive upset plot twist just as we're getting comfortable with the current direction of things.

Jumping not withstanding.
>> No. 8951
[x] Stare out over the water and reminiss.
>> No. 8952
File 120784765074.gif - (9.90KB , 351x299 , death-note-just-as-planned1.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 8953
[x] Stare out over the water and reminisce.

SPELL IT RIGHT. But this is my choice.
>> No. 8954
[X] Sit and wait calmly.
>> No. 8955
Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
>> No. 8956
More like Reimuniss, amirite?
>> No. 8957
Kiras good at thinking up something in only 10 minutes time.
i like it
>> No. 8958
You stare out over the water, thinking back over your amazing adventures in gensokyo. It may have only been two or three days, but it was an amazing rollercoaster ride. Almost getting killed by a frog goddess, befriending (9), befriending rumia, wandering out in the wild, Finding That Camera. You let your hand fall down towards the water and slide along the surface.
"I wouldn't do that. There's quite a few things in there that like to eat ghosts."
You quickly pull your hand back into the boat and hit something. You're not quite sure what it is, as when you go back to try and hit it again, your hand seems to pass right through it.

[ ] Examine item.
[ ] Search boat.
[ ] Sit quitely and wait for the ride to be over.
[ ] Look over the edge of the boat and stare into the water.
>> No. 8959
By the way, what's the fee?
>> No. 8960
While Cirno and possibly more were watching, they found the body which is why you had a good send off.
Although I wonder where the (9) team and Rinnosuke got the cash.

[x] Search the boat.
>> No. 8961
[X] Examine item.

What the blazes?
>> No. 8962
[x] Look over the edge of the boat and stare into the water.
>> No. 8963
[X] Examine item.

Phoenix down?
>> No. 8964
[x] Examine item.
>> No. 8965
[x] Examine item.
>> No. 8966
[ ] Examine item.
>> No. 8967
[X] Search boat.
Shouldve done from the beginning
>> No. 8968
[X] Examine item.
>> No. 8969
Fee is all your money. Your money in the afterlife is all the love and affection and strong feelings that others have for you.
>> No. 8970
[ ] Examine item.
>> No. 8971
[ ] Examine item.
>> No. 8972
It's the LHC plans! I can feel it!
>> No. 8973
i am very sad we didn't had a real chance to read that note
>> No. 8974
[ ] Examine item.
>> No. 8975
[ ] Examine item.

Suspicious item is suspicious
>> No. 8976
We shall build the LHC while on the boat, and create a portal back to Gensokyo!
>> No. 8977
[X] Examine item.

All the money we had on us.
>> No. 8978
It appears we've been caught in a landslide, so to speak.
>> No. 8979
[ ] Examine item.



I say we hunt her down now.
>> No. 8980

also, [X] Examine item.
>> No. 8981
[X] Examine item.
>> No. 8982
you examine the strange item that seemed to stop your hand before, bending down and looking at where your hand hit, you see a glint of light. Reaching down, picking it up carefully and bringing it up into the light, you're shocked to see that it's the camera, aparently perfectly in tact! What luck! Well, if you can call it luck at this point. You wonder, curiously, what the HELL a camera's doing on a boat. Will you really look that gift hors in the mouth?

[ ] Hold the camera up for Komachi to see.
[ ] Keep the camera hidden on you.
[ ] Take a picture.
>> No. 8983
[X] Keep the camera hidden on you.
>> No. 8984
[X] Keep the camera hidden on you.

Komachi might try to take it from us.
>> No. 8985

[x]Hide the camera.
>> No. 8986
[x] Take a picture.

>> No. 8987
[x] Keep the camera hidden on you.
Tempted to take a picture, but lets play it safe for now.
>> No. 8988
[X] Keep the camera hidden on you.
>> No. 8989
[X] Keep the camera hidden on you.
Yukari sent us a gift, lets keep it hidden so we can use it as a secret weapon for escaping hell
>> No. 8990
[ ] Keep the camera hidden on you.
>> No. 8991
[x] Keep the camera hidden on you.
Fuck yeah, Speed Grapher time.
>> No. 8992
[ ] Keep the camera hidden on you.

Heh, the camera is dead it's a ghost!.
>> No. 8993
More pictures for Aya! Horray!
>> No. 8994

>> No. 8995
Well, the camera was broken earlier. It'd technically be "dead".
>> No. 8996
[X] Take a picture.

Pass it off as making a souvenir.
>> No. 8997
[X] Keep the camera hidden on you.
>> No. 8998
[ ] Keep the camera hidden on you.
>> No. 8999
Do ghost items have special powers?
>> No. 9000
[X] Keep the camera hidden on you.
>> No. 9001
[x] Take a picture.
>> No. 9002
Wait, no chance to sekuhara Komachi yet? Might as well do it, since we died already.
>> No. 9003
>>if that was real, who did we just kill ourselves in front of?

That's it, then. We traumatized our imoutos, we are already BAD END. We need to double-suicide and get it over with so we can go back a few choices.
>> No. 9004
You decide to keep the camera to yourself. Showing it off might arrouse suspision in Komachi, and really, your lucks been shitty enough as it is, ne? Well, not so much your luck but your recent decisions.

"We're almost there" Komachi says in a small sad voice, with a twinge of regret. It's almost like she doesn't really want to take you to Shikieiki.
In the distance the shoreline approaches. There appears to be someone out on the end of the dock, as if they were waiting for someone to come back.

[ ] Wave to the person.
[ ] Take a picture.
[ ] Sit there and wait for the boat to dock.
>> No. 9005
[x] Wave to the person.
>> No. 9006
[x] Wave to the person.
>> No. 9007
[X] Wave to the person.
>> No. 9008
[ ] Wave to the person.
>> No. 9009
[ ] Wave to the person.
>> No. 9010
[x] Wave to the person.
>> No. 9011
[x] Wave to the person.
Save the camera attack for the last minute.
Also if we manage to revive ourselves and show up in front of Cirno and the others, imagine the wonderful reunion.
>> No. 9012

[ ] Wave to the person.
>> No. 9013

Well that was fast
>> No. 9014
Well, that was easy.
>> No. 9015

>> No. 9016
She went psychotic before the groping.

>> No. 9017
We've been a good person. I think Eiki will look kindly upon us at judgment time.
>> No. 9018
[X] Sit there and wait for the boat to dock.

Mock my words, Gentlemen, for we will return to Gensokyo, eaven if we loose an arm and a leg

brb, has a few things needing to be taken care of
>> No. 9019
[X] Wave to the person.
We are gonna get judged
>> No. 9020
>Mock my words

>> No. 9021

>Mock my words,

lol k
>> No. 9022
[X] Wave to the person.
>> No. 9023
>> No. 9024
>> No. 9025

"Let's see, you were kind and friendly to children. That's good. You were attacked by a miko while rescuing a Youkai? Impressive. You........ groped a friend just before she beat you to death for making a sexual advance towards her, after which you killed your self in front of all your friends leaving them to clean up the mess.





>> No. 9026
We were promised Rumia porn a few threads ago. I'm still waiting.
>> No. 9027
Yes. I will. You were one of the five who chose "Jump".
>> No. 9028
Theres just one thing that bothers me. Where in Gensokyo is there a building tall enough that jumping off it would turn us into "Street Pizza"? The only place I can think of is maybe the SDM, but even it isn't usually depicted as that tall.
>> No. 9029
I doubt she will think highly of what we did with Mokou.
>> No. 9030
Shkieki doesn't look only at the deeds
she also knows the circumstances.
Someone has been fucking with our brain to the point we don't know what's real anymore, she might take that into considiration.
>> No. 9031
You wave to the person on the dock as if waving to a long lost friend. They look at you strangely, as Komachi pulls the boat up to the dock, and coughs into thier hand.
"Well. Then. Good work Komachi. I see this one made it across. I'm glad you didn't take your time."
Shikieki reaches down and helps you out of the boat. Komachi nods solomnly and pushes off, rowing the boat back off into the mist. Wait, Was there a mist before? Remembering things seems to becoming harder... In any event, you Shikieiki motions for you to follow her, and you do so. You walk into a small house, modistly furnished. She motions to a chair in front of a desk and walks around to the other side. She opens a cabinate and pulls out a couple of files. She reads through them quickly, before putting them down before you.
"I'm going to try and keep this quick and simple. I know you can't talk, so I'll try to limit myself to yes or no answers. Do you understand what's happened to you?"

[ ] Nod your head
[ ] Shake your head.
>> No. 9032
>You........ groped a friend just before she beat you to death for making a sexual advance towards her

That didn't really happen, though.

>after which you killed your self in front of all your friends leaving them to clean up the mess.

That did, but also note

>"Don't worry about paying, I've already collected my fee. Quite honostly, I was amazed at the ammount you had. You must have been well loved."
>> No. 9033

We weren't in gensokyo.
>> No. 9034
Then we'll grope her as well.
>> No. 9035
[X] Shake your head.

Well, we're dead, but...

No, really, we don't know.
>> No. 9036
[x] Shake your head.
>> No. 9037
[x] Shake your head.
>> No. 9038
[X] Shake your head.
>> No. 9039
[ ] Shake your head.
>> No. 9040
[x] Shake your head.

>> No. 9041
[X] Nod your head
>> No. 9042
[X] Shake your head.
We don't know WHAT the hell Yukari has been doing with us.
>> No. 9043
[9] Shake your head
>> No. 9044
[ ] Nod your head
We know we're dead, thats pretty much it.
>> No. 9045
[ ] Shake your head.
>> No. 9046
[X] Nod your head
>> No. 9047
[X] Shake your head.
GOD DAMMIT YUKARI in our head.
>> No. 9048
[X] Shake your fist
>> No. 9049
>>been shitty enough as it is, ne?

Slowpoke here, I slightly raged.
>> No. 9050
[X] Shake your head.
>> No. 9051
This is all our fault. Five idiots chose to jump. Blame them.
>> No. 9052
This thread is the only one with any (non-saging) activity in the past hour. MiG wins.
>> No. 9053
It's usually a bad idea to cop a feel on someone who's about to decide where you spend your afterlife.

Unless you get off to being burned.
>> No. 9054
it's even more entertaining than WUIG
>> No. 9055
I wouldn't be surprised if Anon was a huge masochist.
>> No. 9056
You shake your head no. You don't know shit Cap'n. Shikieiki sighs.
"This... This may take some time to explain, Unfortunately, that's the one commody we're excessively short on."
Shiki looks over to one side, and touches something just out of your sight just below the desk. She sits back up, and makes a few notes in the file before standing and putting the file back.
"Alright. Now it's time to take a quick look at everything else that's happened."
Pulling up a small mirror, she begins to gaze into it. She laughs slightly, a dry sad laugh.
"You are quite bold, I'll give you that. You're also fiercely loyal to those you call ally. Standing against someone that strong for someone you've just me? Quite remarkable really." Shiki puts down the mirror slowly. "I know that there's been... Someone messing with not only you, but your mind as well. While I may not approve of this, I am currently powerless to stop it." She sighs and rubs her temples.
"It is my decision that you should go to Hakugyokurou for the time being. It's probally the safest place for you at the moment." Shiki stands up and looks directly at you. Your head feels light. The room around you begins to spin and fade away.
The last thing you hear is a parting comment from Shikieiki. "I've let you keep your present. Don't loose it again."

Time Passes.

You come to slightly dazed. You seem to be at the bottom of a staircase that seems to extend upwards far into the sky. You shake your head, hoping to clear away the haze that's starting to take up residence there, but to no avail. Directly behind you there's a gate. It seems to be sealed quite tightly.

[ ] Climb Stairs.
[ ] Sit down on the steps.
[ ] Call out for Someone, ANYONE.
[ ] Curl up in the Fetal Position and cry.
>> No. 9057
[ ] Climb Stairs.
>> No. 9058
[x] Sit down on the steps.
And smoke. And look cool while doing it.
>> No. 9059
[X] Sit down on the steps.

Until we can think clearly. Don't want to die AGAIN because our head was too fuzzy and we fall down the damn stairs.
>> No. 9060
[X] Climb Stairs.

>> No. 9061
[X] Climb Stairs.

Up we go! Let's make friends with the gardener and the hungry ghost. We can cook some eggs for Yuyuko, or in this instance, make her a sandwich.
>> No. 9062
[X] Climb stairs.

Onwards. Though dead, we will persevere.
>> No. 9063

Let's take it easy first, no need to break down YET.

[ ] Sit down on the steps.
[ ] Call out for Someone, ANYONE.
>> No. 9064
[X] Climb Stairs.

Fuck Yes! Thank you Shikieiki!
>> No. 9065
[x] Sit down on the steps.
And think about why we're being fucked with so much. Isn't it sad, Mr. Dumbass?
>> No. 9066
[X] Sit down on the steps.
>> No. 9067
[ ] Climb Stairs.
befriend Yuyuko
Yukari appears
get back at yukari, somehow
>> No. 9068
[X] Sit down on the steps.
lol, we are already DEAD. Lets think of a way to escape now, we are a damn ghost now, cant touch or do anything
>> No. 9069
Lets get a picture of the tree.
>> No. 9070
[x] Sit down on the steps.
no escalator or lift?
>> No. 9071
[x] Climb Stairs.
>> No. 9072
File 120785030089.jpg - (159.22KB , 841x600 , 8c358c00.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 9073
File 120785081353.jpg - (621.02KB , 1280x960 , c8bb96e5ef2b654a5b5c274dc8ab3b755f56123c.jpg ) [iqdb]
Let's meet Youmu.
>> No. 9074
1. youmu is a loli
2. loli liek hair ruffle
3. ???
>> No. 9075
We are a dead spirit. D-E-A-D.
>> No. 9076
[ ] Climb Stairs.
>> No. 9077
File 120785109150.png - (138.64KB , 848x271 , yuyukonotinvited.png ) [iqdb]
Guise, we should've sat down on the steps. We weren't invited! We're going to get SLASH'D!
>> No. 9078
We WERE a dead spirit. Now we're a ghost, as real as either of them. Ruffling is well within our means.
>> No. 9079
didnt kira say you can only ruffle low level bosses hairs?
if we do that with Youmu we are going to get slashed down in a matter of secounds
>> No. 9080
You begin slowly climbing the stairs. Looking around you see many other ghostish forms floating about. Most seem to be little more than glowing balls of light, while others have more of a definite form to them. However, you still seem to have the same form you had before you went and threw yourself to your doom. You realize that most, if not all of the spirits around you are flying, or at least floating, while you, on the other hand, are walking. Up an enormous flight of stairs. That seem to stretch forever off, in both directions now.

[ ] Attempt to fly.
[ ] Call out to the other nearby spirits.
[ ] Continue climbing the stairs.
>> No. 9081
File 120785130724.jpg - (37.43KB , 350x509 , 80d1ddcec2ee43d28f0ea1a754bf5af540d66b44.jpg ) [iqdb]
Spirit interaction guide for dummies:
>> No. 9082
[X] Attempt to fly.

We're a spirit or a soul of some sort. Damn the laws of physics!
>> No. 9083
[x] Attempt to fly.
Don't do anything fucking stupid though.
>> No. 9084
[X] Call out to the other nearby spirits.

We can fly later. No need to try.
>> No. 9085
[ ] Attempt to fly
>> No. 9086
[X] Attempt to fly.

Try to fly but for the love of god stay on the stairs.
>> No. 9087
[ ] Continue climbing the stairs.

If we fly we're loose a little bit of our humanity, that essence which binds us to the living world. Never forget that we once lived!
>> No. 9088
[ ] Continue climbing the stairs.

Anon is a MAN
>> No. 9089
[X] Attempt to fly.

Oh, yeah. Not exactly human anymore. Derp.
>> No. 9090
Yama invited us.
>> No. 9091
[ ] Continue climbing the stairs.
>> No. 9092
[X] Attempt to fly.
oh well we are an upgraded spirit, so we cant die anyway.
>> No. 9093
[ ] Attempt to fly.
>> No. 9094
[X] Attempt to fly.
>> No. 9095
[ ] Continue climbing the stairs.

I'd rather not fall on our face again, and since we can't get our own Myon, only option is the only option.
>> No. 9096
You take a few trial hops, and see that you float down to the ground slowly. It’s not quite flying, but you take a bound and skip about twenty steps in a go. This is actually kinda fun! As you go along, you start bounding past more and more steps in a single go, until you seem to be hovering slightly above the steps. They still seem to stretch on forever in both directions. However, this time you think you hear something nearby, but slightly off of the stairs. There seems to be several clouds that near by ghosts are sitting on, and you think you might be able to use them as stepping stones to get over to the sound.

[ ] Investigate noise
[ ] Continue up the stairs.
[ ] Ask the ghosts sitting on the clouds what the noise is.
>> No. 9097
Can we be Yomu's Myon?
>> No. 9098
[ ] Ask the ghosts sitting on the clouds what the noise is.
>> No. 9099
[ ] Ask the ghosts sitting on the clouds what the noise is.

Don't rush in now
>> No. 9100
[x] Investigate noise
When do we get to "GHOST BLOWJOB WOOO!"?
>> No. 9101
[X] Investigate noise

Well, it's not like a fall would kill us. At worst we'd just have to start climbing again.
>> No. 9102
[ ] Ask the ghosts sitting on the clouds what the noise is.
>> No. 9103

[ ] Investigate noise
>> No. 9105
[X] Investigate noise
>> No. 9106
[X] Continue up the stairs.
>> No. 9107
[Z] Investigate noise
>> No. 9108
[X] Investigate noise
>> No. 9109
[ ] Ask the ghosts sitting on the clouds what the noise is.
>> No. 9110
[x] Investigate noise
>> No. 9111
1. Take picture of self
2. Soul is trapped in picture
3. Have picture delivered to outside world
4. ???
5. Profit!
>> No. 9112
>> No. 9113
When we get left along with lady Yuyuko before dinner time.
>> No. 9114

But how do you get out on the other side?
>> No. 9115
Yomu could deliver it?
>> No. 9116
No, i mean, how do we get out the picture once it arrives?
>> No. 9117
You hop deftly along the clouds and come across a girl sitting on the edge of a cloud. She has white hair and blue eyes, and is kicking her legs back and forth, staring off into nowhere. She piques your curiosity, though, you still haven’t reached the source of the noise yet.

[ ] Greet girl.
[ ] Continue on to noise.
[ ] Go back to the stairs.
[ ] Take a picture of the girl.
>> No. 9118
[ ] Greet girl.

>> No. 9119
[X] Greet girl.
>> No. 9120
[ ] Continue on to noise.
>> No. 9121
[X] Greet girl.

Must add delicious Youmu to harem. Or, at the very least, to our list of friends.
>> No. 9122
[ ] Greet girl.
>> No. 9123
[X] Greet girl.
No starting to suddenly be rude.
>> No. 9124
[X] Greet girl.
It's nice to be polite.
>> No. 9125
[X] Greet girl.
>> No. 9127
[X] Greet girl.
>> No. 9128
Well, that was a fast win for Youmu.
>> No. 9129
We arn't able to talk. Why can't Anon understand this.
>> No. 9130
[X] Greet girl.
It is music time.
>> No. 9131
We couldn't talk as a spirit going to visit Eiki. We are now a ghost. Circumstances have changed.
>> No. 9132
It would be stupid if Siki sent us back without us being able to talk. She's a nice lady.
>> No. 9133
>"I've let you keep your present. Don't loose it again."
>However, you still seem to have the same form you had before you went and threw yourself to your doom.

Just a hunch, but I say we're back to our normal (dead) selves.
>> No. 9134
We're a ghost now, Ghosts can talk. Dead spirits can't.
You call out to the girl who looks over to you. You now notice that there's a trumptet floating near her, and she's wearing a white box of a hat looking thing.
"Oh. Hello. I didn't know anyone was there~ hehe. Would you like to hear me play something?"

[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.
[ ] Go to investigate the noise.
[ ] Go back to the stairs.
>> No. 9135
[ ] Yes.

Oh, fuck. That's not Youmu. Even better.
>> No. 9136
[ ] Greet girl.

Soon we shall ruffle your hair my sweet, soooooooon.
>> No. 9137
[X] Yes.

Be polite. We may be a ghost, but bad things can still happen to us.. Some how.
>> No. 9138
[x] Go to investigate the noise.
Oh fuck wrong girl wrong girl YOU TRICKED ME
>> No. 9139
[ ] Yes.
>> No. 9140
[ ] Go to investigate the noise.
>> No. 9141
[X] Yes.
Hell why not. We can defend ourselves in a danmaku battle if it comes to that.
>> No. 9142
[X] Yes.

Might be nice.
>> No. 9143
Okay, you have been misleading us
Youmu- White hair, blue eyes.
Merupi- LIGHT BLUE hair, blue eyes.
WE SHOULD GTFO before she goes berserk
[X] Go back to the stairs.
>> No. 9144
>Listen to my song

....fine. [X] Yes
>> No. 9145
[X] Yes.
Aww, it's Merlin. For some reason she seems like the most uninteresting of Prismriver sisters.
Well, we're not in a hurry. Might as well listen.
>> No. 9146
[X] Yes.
>> No. 9147
[X] Yes.
Nice time for a trumped solo.
>> No. 9148
[ ] Yes.

I'd say it'll probably kill us, but I have my doubts as to exactly what can hurt us right now.
>> No. 9149
[X] Yes.
Find the other sisters!
>> No. 9150
>> No. 9151
I'm not sure about the rest of you, but all I care about is getting back to Cirno, Rumia, and Wriggle.
>> No. 9152
[ ] Yes

From the wiki:

Specializing in brass instruments, she uses sounds that can uplift the soul.

So, since we've been doing so shitty as of late, let's have her cheer us up. If we get Merupo'd, I'm sure we can find a way out.
>> No. 9153
this is actually thread 7
>>5843 >>6553 >>7390 >>7796 >>8215 >>8616 >>8930
>> No. 9154
Hey, Youmu can be a musician, too!

>> No. 9155
7 Min.
>> No. 9156
Give the poor Man some time to think of something
>> No. 9157
Said poor man is probably watching that cute vid... XD
>> No. 9159
XD it's so kawaii~~~
>> No. 9160
Making sure I got the lyrics right. also, cute vids are REALLY FECKING CUHGGGGGTGNNNNNNKKKKKK....
You tell the fine young woman that you would indeed listen to her play. She closes her eyes, and strangely enough, music begins to come forth from her trumpet. She also starts to sing something quietly. You can’t quite make out the words but it’s a pleasant little melody. You sit and listen for a while before two more girls show up. One wearing a black outfit like the first girl’s white outfit, and with a violin floating near her, another with a bright red outfit, and a keyboard floating near her.

“So here you are sister,” The one in black addresses the one in white, “We were wondering where you wandered off to.”

“Ah. hehe. I just felt like sitting here, then this nice gentleman asked to hear me play.”

“Oh really. Is that all.” The red one addresses the white one now.

“That’s so nice for you to have made a new friend Merlin. We should all play for him~”

The three take up positions and their instruments spring to life. A nice little melody floats through the air, slow paced and seemingly with meaning.

Lunasa begins to sing quietly, “hateshinai sora ni naritai hageshii amaoto no tachisukumu toki wa gitaa wo kakinarashi kokoro wo shizumeyou”

The song sounds vaguely familiar from somewhere, but you can’t quite place it. It’s quite a pretty song. The three quickly finish up and look at you expectantly.

[ ] Clap
[ ] That was very pretty.
[ ] Run your fool ass off.
[ ] Thank you for that lovely performance, but I really must be off.
>> No. 9161

Stop that!
>> No. 9162
[ ] That was very pretty.
>> No. 9163
[X] Clap
>> No. 9164
[X] Clap
fuck yes, lets get some ghosts too
>> No. 9165
[X] Clap
People died to bring us that song, we'd better be appreciative.
>> No. 9166
[X] Thank you for that lovely performance, but I really must be off.
can you replace "lovely" with "amazing"? we should show more grattitude than that, but- Yuyu&Youmoe are waiting for us!
>> No. 9167
[clap] Pachi

Google says it from Macross, so I have no clue...
>> No. 9168
[x] Clap
>> No. 9169
[ ] Clap
>> No. 9170
Macross 7, "My Soul For You" if you wanna know.
>> No. 9171
[X] Clap

We'll get up the stairs. I imagine they're headed that way too, and it was a very nice song.
>> No. 9172

[ ] Clap
[ ] That was very pretty.

I do not trust the lyrics, bable fish was silent however.
>> No. 9173
[X] Clap

I knew we would get awesome ghosts powers of flotation if we killed ourselves. All went just as planned with the jumping
>> No. 9174
[X] Clap
>> No. 9175
You're still a faggot.
>> No. 9176
Is this sum bizzaro WUIG? Or what did I miss?
>> No. 9177
Jumping off a building, with Cirno watching. To our deaths. We can't actually come back.
>> No. 9178
>>9176 This is MiG, Misadventures in Gensokyo. Kinda like a kagetsu Tohoya of WuiG
>> No. 9179
I have archived some of it. The others are in previous threads:
>> No. 9180
As opposed to adding Mokou to our already growing harem?

Your plan sucked ass!
>> No. 9181

"When you're scared of the sound of the violent rain, the strumming of my guitar shall calm your heart"
Or something to that effect anyway.
>> No. 9182
I will archive the rest once my 90% calculus final which is in 50 minutes is over.
>> No. 9183
You missed it because you were busy posting porn in /jp/ (and I thank you for it). Do you have Rumia porn by chance?
>> No. 9184
It's a mirror universe where anon didn't put 10 ranks in drowning.
>> No. 9185
Instead we made good friends with Cirno, Rumia, and Wriggle, and then jumped to our death in front of them.
>> No. 9186
You clap politely. The three light up and take a bow before excusing themselves. You find your way back to the stairs and continue your way up them. They really do seem to go on forever, and you have no way to tell time. It seems to almost always be either just after dawn, or just before twilight here. After an indeterminate amount of time, You finally reach the top of the stairs. As you walk forward you’re greeted by a huge orchard of cherry blossoms, stretching as far as the eyes can see. It’s a breathtaking sight.
Looking around you really see nothing of interest at this point. There’s a paved path leading through the cherry blossoms, as well as a large wall running off as far as the eye can see in both directions, perpendicular to the stairs. Looking down, you can see the stairs stretching back down into infinity.

[ ] Go back down the stairs.
[ ] Walk along the wall.
[ ] Walk through the cherry blossoms.
[ ] Jump.
>> No. 9187
However, we also didn't put ranks into Tracking so, frankly, we get lost a lot.

And our ranks in Jumping didn't do crap.
>> No. 9188
[X] Take picture of infinite staircase.
>> No. 9189
[ ] Walk through the cherry blossoms.

Follow the path. Don't get lost.
>> No. 9190
We really don't know who we jumped to our deaths in front of, or even where we jumped from. Fucking Yukari.
>> No. 9191
[X] Walk through the cherry blossoms.

Gotta try play safe, want to meet little miss loliswords
>> No. 9192
Of course.
>> No. 9193
[x] Walk through the cherry blossoms.

Let's keep going, no need to be schizo and go down the stairs.
>> No. 9194
[X] Jump
We might be able to see something from above, but....
I forgot the Saigyo Akashi garden is a few thousand kilometers long
it'll take MONTHS to cross it
>> No. 9195
Please, post it in /at/, tripfriend.
>> No. 9196
>[x] Jump
You feast on the stupidity of Anonymous, dontcha, Kira...

[x] Walk along the wall.
I still don't think Yuyuko nor Youmu will be delighted to see us... avoid the garden at all costs!
>> No. 9197
[X] Walk through the cherry blossoms.
What could possibly go wrong?
>> No. 9198
[X] Walk through the cherry blossoms.
>> No. 9199
[X] Walk through the cherry blossoms.

Paths gotta go somewhere, right?
>> No. 9200
OM NOM NOM NOM. I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of my feast. OM NOM NOM NOM.
>> No. 9201
[ ] Walk through the cherry blossoms.

What exactly is it that one does here?
>> No. 9202
Second death!
>> No. 9203
File 120785500838.jpg - (41.97KB , 750x563 , mgs_boss_750.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Walk through the cherry blossoms
"I've been waiting for you, Snake."
>> No. 9204
[X] Walk through the cherry blossoms.
>> No. 9205
>> No. 9206
File 120785542596.jpg - (438.73KB , 1024x768 , 1206256148647.jpg ) [iqdb]
While waiting, Yomu
>> No. 9207
Thank you, tripfriend.
>> No. 9208
Thanks Hong
>> No. 9209
Ok guys, one more quick post then, I'ma snag lunch. Ima getting a bit nomish. I'll be taking off for about an hour, so MiG'll resume then with a new thread.
You walk along through the cherry blossoms at a leisurely pace. it really is quite a spectacular view, nothing you’ve ever seen would ever compare to it. The path is well maintained and the grass around the trees is well kept. Whoever has to do all the gardening work for this place must be a master gardener. After walking for some time you come across a large building seemingly situated in the middle. Really you have no idea where it’s situated, you just figure that it’s the middle, given that there’s two paths leading off directly left and right of this large mansionesque building, and you assume that there’s another behind it. You hear some giggles coming from off to your right, and turn and see a young girl with white hair and blue eyes sitting on a blanket on the grass. There’s a small white blob floating behind her and two swords laid at her side. With her is an older woman. If you had to guess her age you’d say mid twenties. Decked out in all blue, with the palest skin you’ve ever seen in your life, strikingly set off by her sakura colored hair. She’s rapidly eating a variety of foods that have been laid out on the blanket, while the girl with the white hair sips on some tea.
The two seem to notice you in the same instant. The small white haired girl reaches down for her swords only to have the older woman put her hand out and shake her head. They both look at you expectantly, awaiting you to make the first move.

[ ] Greet them loudly and clearly
[ ] Greet them politely and humbly.
[ ] Walk over to the blanket, plop down, and start eating.
[ ] Genuflect.
[ ] Point at the food and say “Can I have some of that?”
[ ] Take a picture, It’ll last longer.
>> No. 9210
Hong Meiling, you missed >>5843, >>6553, >>7390, >>7796, >>8215, and >>8616.

Or the Fate route to WUiG's UBW.
...which makes Cirno Saber?
>> No. 9211

[x]Politely and humbly.

Don't screw this up people.
>> No. 9212
[ ] Greet them loudly and clearly >>with a big smile

Because I want to be nice, but not another spineless worm like GM's anon.
>> No. 9213
[ ] Greet them politely and humbly.
>> No. 9214

[x] Genuflect.
>> No. 9215
[x] Take a picture, It’ll last longer.


Also where the fuck are my youkai little sisters.
>> No. 9216
[X] Greet them politely and humbly.
Youmu is quite traditional, having respect for the ones who give respect as well.
Yuyuko is very friendly, no reason for something bad to happen as long as we're not jerks.
>> No. 9217
Polite and humble is why GM anon is a fucking wuss, be extrovert and awesome as well as kind and lovable.
>> No. 9218
[x] Greet them politely and humbly.
>> No. 9219
[ ] Greet them politely and humbly.
>> No. 9220
[X] Greet them loudly and clearly
>> No. 9221
[ ] Greet them politely and humbly.
>> No. 9222
[X] Greet them politely and humbly.

As much as I didn't want to meet these two and as much as taking a picture seems tempting, DO NO DISRESPECT THE YUYUKO-SAMA!
>> No. 9223
[X] Greet them politely and humbly.
>> No. 9224
[x] Greet them politely and humbly.
>> No. 9225
Finally in heaven!
Youmu and Yuyuko, fuck yes
[X] Greet them politely and humbly.
Lets greet them and then befriend them, and snatch all the food away
>> No. 9226
Damnit anon have some goddamn balls, we were GAR once upon a time!
>> No. 9227
[ ] Greet them politely and humbly.
You just interrupted Yuyuko during her OM NOM NOM time. Be nice.
>> No. 9228
Depends on the person.
Yuyuko is an equevillant of a princess, we should be polite and humble here.
Youmu is traditional and lives by samurai code, also need to be polite and humble- it'll earn us MUCH more points with both of them,
if it was suika, i agree we should be like "AHOY THAR! with a giant smirk on our face and a bottle of sake in our hand.
>> No. 9229
File 120785607956.gif - (59.91KB , 320x330 , yuyukoeatyoumu.gif ) [iqdb]
Stop being a daredevil, Anon! Know when you're are defeated!

Or would you rather jump off another fucking building again...
>> No. 9230
awesome story so far Kira, its fun, gonna look forward to more once your back.
good work done in entertaining us
>> No. 9231
Don't use the camera yet! You need to let them get closer and wait for them to attack to do any damage!
>> No. 9232
We have already been defeated. We're dead.
>> No. 9233
Am I the only one that thinks it would have helped us a lot if we would have found a pistol and some ammo when in Kourindou
>> No. 9234

1) Jumping was dumb, but it was born from despair rather than MANLY RAGE\BRAVERY

2) We managed to move while paralyzed through SHEER FORCE OF MANLY WILL

3) Yuyuko is just lovely, she'll adore us so long as we're as nice as she is. Yomu might not like it at first, but our uninhibited care free life style and our pure GAR will lead to hair ruffling.
>> No. 9235
If Shiki concludes we shold be alive again, we would be reincarnated in a flash- As ourselves, memories&all included.
Plus, we've been allowed by shiki to keep our original form in Hakugyokurou
you realise how much of a giant privlage is that, right?
>> No. 9236
It was born from Anon thinking it would be funny to get a BAD END.

"Durr hurr hurr wouldn't it be funny if we jumped to our deaths"
>> No. 9237
A gun would have not have fit with the story and setting, leave that shit for the outside world, not this.
Jumping was a mistake yes, but oh well, we found our way to Yuyuko and youmu and possible get powered up before we escape back to gensokyo
>> No. 9238
Can we get a Youkai form upon resurrection?
>> No. 9239


>> No. 9240
What good would that do? Everyone in Gensokyo is specialized in DODGING BULLETS!! The only ones we'd get lucky with and hit are our own sisters and Rinnosuke himeself!
>> No. 9241
Clearly you have never seen Twelve Kingdoms.
tl;dr, finding a gun did nothing but fuck things up for the guy.
>> No. 9242
But without jumping we would not have gotten here. Well, we did splatter our brains in front of one of our little sister, but with this, the option of returning back a bit powerfuller opens, which helps a bit with survival. Plus, if we play our cards well, we aquire imoto Yomu to join in on the party
>> No. 9243

This post. This post. This post. This post. This post. This post. This post. This post. This post. This post. This post. This post. This post. This post.
>> No. 9245
Just remember, we're not dealing with EASY MODO Stage 1 and 2 bosses anymore.

Of course, if we had remembered that we might have gone farther than getting pummeled to death by Mokou. ...that was kinda worth it, though.
>> No. 9246
even in a board loaded with tripfags I think you might be the worst one
>> No. 9247
The dumbest.
>> No. 9248

Kira made the choice far too tempting not to say. Besides, where would the story go in that world?
>> No. 9249
lol we were dealing with Reimu, and still survived somehow, so as long as we dont do anything out of place with Youmu, it will be fine. We feed Yuyuko and we win anyway.
The beaten to death by Mokou was a dream or some messing with our brain anyway.
>> No. 9250
Who'd of thought hallucination Mokou would kick our ass as real Mokou would?
>> No. 9252
Story couldn't have gone much of anywhere in the dream world. Flirting with Mokou was a good way to go.

I have to wonder if "call little sisters for help" would've gotten us farther, though.
>> No. 9253
>>Besides, where would the story go in that world?


Never. Never ever. Never ever ever never.
>> No. 9254
I thought that.
>> No. 9259
Are there any Kirakishou-only-posts archives of this?
>> No. 9260

>> No. 9264
that's what you think.
>> No. 9265
I'm adding RUFFLE QUEST to the WUIG thread list:

>> No. 9266
YES. That IS what I think.

Doesn't mean I'm right, of course.
>> No. 9267
That was already implied.
>> No. 9268
bigger nalls?
>> No. 9269
I can tell you this, and nothing more. You're wrong. So totally wrong. You couldn't be more wrong if you tried.
Also, If anon plays thier cards right, they might find out.
>> No. 9271
How far ahead have you planned out the story? Do you improv?
>> No. 9272
I dont know if i want the setting to be in the real world, lets stay in Gensokyo
>> No. 9275
We were never in the outside world.
>> No. 9280
new thread.
>> No. 9313

Thank ye, kind sir.