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86649 No. 86649
Alright. Time for the preliminary stuff.

Chose a starting setup.

[ ] Playboy. High Charisma, Has trouble with Strength.
[ ] Class Clown. High Charisma, Has trouble with Intelligence.
[ ] Academic. High Intelligence, has trouble with Strength.
[ ] Otaku. High Intelligence, has trouble with Charisma.
[ ] Bookworm. High Intelligence, Has trouble with Art.
[ ] Athlete. High Strength, Has trouble with Intelligence.
[ ] Thug. High Strength, Has trouble with Art
[ ] Brute. High Strength, Has trouble with Intelligence.
[ ] Average. No weak points, no strengths. Average growth.
[ ] Lazy. Below average in all areas, but has inconsistant growth.

[ ] 1st year
[ ] 2nd year
[ ] 3rd year

[ ] On
[ ] Off

If you have a clever inital starting setup, feel free to write it in. The 4 stats are: Intelligence, Strength, Charisma, and Art. If they're strong in one area they have to be weak in another, or have some other handicap. Actual romancing will start after this stuff has been decided.

>> No. 86650
☞ Bookworm. High Intelligence, Has trouble with Art.
☞ 3rd year
☞ On
>> No. 86651
[x] Lazy. Below average in all areas, but has inconsistant growth.
[x] 2nd year
[x] Off
>> No. 86653
[x] Lazy. Below average in all areas, but has inconsistent growth.
[x] 6th year (you've been held back a few times)
[x] On Only when you feel like it.
>> No. 86654
[X] Athlete. High Strength, Has trouble with Intelligence.
[X] 2nd year
[X] Off

Leaving the plot off so you have 1 less reason to bitch.

I really hope you didn't drop the original GA:SD
>> No. 86655
[\!/] Lazy. Below average in all areas, but has inconsistant growth.
[\!/] 2nd year
[\!/] Off

>> No. 86656
File 124261512197.jpg - (46.09KB , 637x471 , osakabancho.jpg ) [iqdb]
Bancho. High Strength, Average Charisma, has trouble with Art and Intelligence.

We'll make motherfuckers GENUFLECT, sucka'!
>> No. 86658
[X] Bookworm. High Intelligence, Has trouble with Art.
[X] 3rd year
[X] Off
>> No. 86659
[X] Bookworm. High Intelligence, Has trouble with Art.
[X] 3rd year
[X] Off
>> No. 86660
[X] Bookworm. High Intelligence, Has trouble with Art.
[X] 2nd year
[X] Off

I like Second Year. It strikes a good balance, all things considered.
>> No. 86663
[X] Bookworm. High Intelligence, Has trouble with Art.
[X] 3rd year
[X] Off
>> No. 86664
[x] Bookworm. High Intelligence, Has trouble with Art.
[x] Some year.
[x] Off
>> No. 86665
[x] Foreigner. Average in all areas, but has inconsistent performance. High growth.
[x] 1st Year
[x] Off

Sometimes the words just don't come out right. Sometimes you'll be having a conversation and you hear an 'elephant' where there shouldn't be one.
>> No. 86666
[x] Playboy. High Charisma, Has trouble with Strength.
[x] 3rd year
[x] Plot off
>> No. 86669
[x] Lazy. Below average in all areas, but has inconsistant growth.
[x] 2nd year
[x] Off
>> No. 86670
[x] Bookworm. High Intelligence, Has trouble with Art.
[x] 2nd year

Mind elaborating a bit on the plot? If it's really simple, then [x]On. Otherwise [x]Off
>> No. 86671
[O] Bookworm. High Intelligence, Has trouble with Art.
[O] 2nd year
[O] Off
>> No. 86672
[x] Bookworm. High Intelligence, Has trouble with Art.
[x] 2nd year
[x] Off
>> No. 86674
[X] Bookworm. High Intelligence, Has trouble with Art.
[X] 3rd year
[X] Off
>> No. 86676
[X] Lazy. Below average in all areas, but has inconsistant growth.
[X] 2nd year
[X] Off
>> No. 86677
File 124262397024.jpg - (860.10KB , 2000x1298 , 1242278499075a.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 86682
I assume that by plot you mean a series of events that would occur no matter what girl we chose, as opposed to the girl having an interesting background and her own individual path-plot.
>> No. 86683
[X] Lazy genius.Average strength and below average in all other areas, has potential for instant growth if necessary.
[X] 2nd year
[X] On
>> No. 86686
Yeah. Some overarching plot that would occur everywhere. If it's on, expect it to be resolved at the same pace that Detective Conan's resolved it's primary story arc. Ie: Glacally. 14 years and the kid's skill a kid.
>> No. 86687
[x] Bookworm. High Intelligence, Has trouble with Art.
[x] 2nd year
[x] Off
>> No. 86689
[ ] Oni. High Charisma, Has no trouble with Strength.
[X] 1st year
[X] Off

And he shall be named Hibiki.
>> No. 86690
☞ Bookworm. High Intelligence, Has trouble with Art.
☞ 3rd year
☞ On
>> No. 86691
How has that been going, by the way? Has Ran moved on by now (he typed, expecting the answer 'no')?

I mean, it's not like she and Shin'ichi were actually in a relationship to start with.
>> No. 86693
>>86670 here
Then [X]On
>> No. 86695
[X] Lazy. Below average in all areas, but has inconsistant growth.
[X] 2nd year
[X] Off
>> No. 86701


>> No. 86703
[x] Academic. High Intelligence, has trouble with Strength.
[x] 2nd year
[x] On <-- bear in mind, "on" does not mean "lol (9) squad magical girls"
>> No. 86705
[X] Bookworm. High Intelligence, Has trouble with Art.
[X] 3rd year
[X] On
>> No. 86706
[X] Athlete. High Strength, Has trouble with Intelligence.
[X] 2nd year
[X] On/Off Toggle
>> No. 86710
Ok. Calling it for bookworm, 2nd year, and plot off. As soon as I can get on a computer.

Barring being able todo that in an hour or so, I'll post from this.
>> No. 86724
>>[ ] Lazy. Below average in all areas, but has inconsistant growth.

Too bad this didn't win. Wanted to chill with Reimu and Machi on the roof during class.
>> No. 86725
Wait, wait. By "plot" we mean all the BS about magic and the rest of that, not stuff like the drama with Reimu and all, right? I kind of liked the normal aspects of the plot, really.
>> No. 86729

Yea. Would have been nice.
>> No. 86731
Monday, April 13

Your alarm clock screeches from across the room, startling you away from your pleasant dreams. The volume and the sheer annoyance of the tone is why you had chosen this particular model. Regretting this particular decision, a pillow finds it’s way across the room into the clock. This successful first strike on the alarm clock ends the tyranny of it’s wailing. However, this now leaves you with a very pressing dilemma. Stay in your nice warm futon and attempt to sleep with out a pillow, or get up and retrieve the pillow.

Leaving the futon takes but a moment. The early morning chill against your skin brings you fully awake. Out of bed, out in the cold, well, you might as well get going. As much as you’ve dreaded the day, it’s time to hit the new school.

The small apartment that you’ve rented out for the remainder of this school term.

‘It’ll be good for you, as a young man, to learn to live your life on your own!’ Your father had told you before giving you some money and tossing you out on your ass.

“Yeah. Thanks for that dad.” You say to no one in particular.

A quick glance at your planner lays out your schedule for the day.

Morning- School
Afternoon- School
Evening -

You don’t have any plans for after school at this point, and that suits you just fine for now. Glaring red numbers on the clock confirm that you need to hurry.

The trip to the school is quickly over. Entering with the mass of students you make your way to the main office of the school and report in. Your class is assigned as 2-B. Teacher: Onozuka Komachi.

Standing in front of 2-B, you knock on the door before proceeding in.

“Eh? Who’re you?” A rather busty redhead stares at you confusedly from the front of the room.

You stare at this woman, slightly shocked. “I’m the new student?”

“A new student? What? Oh wait. . .” the woman shuffles through a few papers on her desk before pulling out a crumpled sheet.

“Ah here it is ah. . . I can’t read your name. OH well. whatever. Just take a seat over there.” She waves her hands at the desks.

“Uh. . . Shouldn’t I introduce my self first?”

“Eh. Who cares. If you wanna, go for it.”

[ ] Introduce yourself
- [ ] Write in name, brief introduction.
[ ] Take a seat

Set an evening event?
[ ] No
[ ] Study
[ ] Art Learning
[ ] Athletics
[ ] Grooming
[ ] Pleasure
[ ] Rest
>> No. 86733
[=] Introduce yourself
-[=] "My name is Aston Lawley, and I like to read. I hope that we all can get to know each other before this year is over."
[=] No.

I'm a little tired of Japanese names or names that are irregular or nonsensical. I think a nice British name would work, and might not be what the writer had expected to do.

It's also best to keep the introduction short and to the point, while being polite to our fellow schoolmates. Maybe, if we're lucky, Patchouli will be in the class and will hear us mention books.

Also, we should keep ourselves open for the rest of the day. If we meet someone we like, then we could try and base our actions for the rest of the day around them, or we could do whatever may come up at the time.

Hope that you keep this one going on a regular basis, Kira. Best of luck.
>> No. 86734
File 124270468022.jpg - (65.18KB , 600x392 , 1241599190996.jpg ) [iqdb]
>“Uh. . . Shouldn’t I introduce my self first?”

>“Eh. Who cares. If you wanna, go for it.”

This choice seems to remind me vaguely of a certain other game....nahhhhhhhhh.
>> No. 86738
[=] Introduce yourself
-[=] "My name is Aston Martin, and I like to read. I hope that we all can get to know each other before this year is over."
[=] No.
>> No. 86739
[=] Introduce yourself
-[=] "My name is Joseph Joestar, and I like to read. I hope that we all can get to know each other before this year is over."
[=] No.
>> No. 86741
[X] Introduce yourself.
-[X] "My name is Alexander Grant; you can call me Sasha for short. I enjoy reading, writing, that sort of thing. I hope that we all can get to know each other before this year is over."
[X] No.

Just because I like the name.
>> No. 86742
[Z] Introduce yourself
-[Z] "My name is Koga Lupin. I enjoy reading and I hope that we all can get to know each other before this year is over."
[Z] No
>> No. 86744
[x] Introduce yourself.
-[x] "Irvin Goff. I enjoy reading."
-[x] Sit down.

[x] Study
>> No. 86745
[X] Introduce yourself
-[X] "My name is Custer. I enjoy reading and I hope that we all can get to know each other before this year is over."
[X] No
>> No. 86746
[x] Introduce yourself
-[x] "My name is Joseph Joestar, and I like to read. I hope that we all can get to know each other before this year is over."
[x] No.
>> No. 86747
[ ] Take a seat
[ ] No

Can't think of a good name and these names kinda suck. Might as well just sit down.
>> No. 86749
File 124271909252.jpg - (134.59KB , 736x482 , _.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Introduce yourself
-[X] "My name is Locke Warvast. I enjoy reading."
-[X] 'Stood in spotlight, gazing over audience of fools. Few students watched. Those with paper-thin attention spans had gazes drawn elsewhere, like insects to pitcher plants. Expect little trouble from them, barring unfortunate developments.'
-[X] 'Other ones, ones watching, much more worth careful consideration. Those who watch have capacity to be most dangerous.'
-[X] 'Should know. Am one of them.'
[X] No
>> No. 86750

"As I stood before my new class, I was pleased to note the preponderance of attractive young women; not just the students, either, but the teacher herself was a real beauty. When I was met with their disbelieving, perhaps even offended stares, however, I once again was forced to reflect on how asinine accepting that dare to narrate my life for a full week had truly been."

But seriously.

>> No. 86751
[x] Take a seat
[x] No

Why are all these names so terrible?
>> No. 86752
We won't decide on a name if we all keep trying to come up with one.
>> No. 86753
Lets just sit down and wait for the creative juices to flow later on.
>> No. 86754
[x] Introduce yourself
-[x] "My name is Joseph Joestar, and I like to read. I hope that we all can get to know each other before this year is over."
[x] No.

Gotta go with the JoJo.
>> No. 86755
[x] Take a seat
[x] Grooming

At least nobody's voting for Phoenix Wright names.
>> No. 86756
[O] Introduce yourself
-[O] "My name is Aston Lawley, and I like to read. I hope that we all can get to know each other before this year is over."
[O] No.
>> No. 86761
Aston and Joseph are the only ones that have gotten multiple votes. I tend to lean away from using the Joseph one simply because it's a refrence. In any event, do you guys want one of those two, or do you want to go with the Default name. 'Daisuke'?

[ ] Aston
[ ] Joseph
[ ] Daisuke
>> No. 86762
[X] Daisuke
>> No. 86764
[x] Aston
>> No. 86765
[X] Daisuke
>> No. 86766
[O] Aston
>> No. 86767
[X] Daisuke
>> No. 86769
[ ] Joseph
>> No. 86771
[x] Ashton (different name)

Aston sounds like a "ton of ass."
>> No. 86772
>> No. 86773
File 124275293923.jpg - (34.77KB , 400x300 , 1242536308544.jpg ) [iqdb]

>Aston sounds like a "ton of ass."

That is something
>> No. 86774
File 124275297251.jpg - (35.24KB , 400x300 , 1242536346977.jpg ) [iqdb]

we wouldn't be
>> No. 86775

Do we get a complimentary barrel as well?
>> No. 86776
File 124275300585.jpg - (35.25KB , 400x300 , 1242536377656.jpg ) [iqdb]

getting any of.
>> No. 86777

>> No. 86778
>> No. 86779
[X] Daisuke
>> No. 86780
[x] Joseph
>> No. 86782
[x] Daisuke
>> No. 86783
[x] Joseph

>Sick of Jap names
>Not many votes for Joseph
>Votes instead for a stupid sounding name

Alright, cool.
>> No. 86787
[x] Daisuke
i bet your going to make jokes about it sounding similar to Daisuki or something
>> No. 86788
Just stick to default names if we can't agree. I don't really see 'Joseph' as a bookworm person, since nobody named Joseph that I know is really that close to being one. I also agree with Aston sounding like a ton of ass.
>> No. 86791
[x] Joseph
>> No. 86794
[x] Joseph
>> No. 86795
That's the reason of the name. I guess none of you have played True Love 95
>> No. 86796
[X] Joseph

Do we get to choose our last name, too? Because being a JoJo would be awesome.
>> No. 86799
Kind of wish I never suggested Aston in the first place, now. The only reason I even went with it is because it can mean "east town", which could go along with being in Gensokyo.

[=] Joseph
>> No. 86804
[x] Ashton (different name)

We can be called "Ash" for short. Bruce Campbell style. I don't want the character to be called "Jo" for short because that sounds really lame, so no Joseph.
>> No. 86805
[X] Default

It never fails
>> No. 86807
[x] Daisuke
>> No. 86808
I knew a bookwork Joseph. He also was in the school's boxing team.

[x] Joseph
>> No. 86809
[x] Joseph

>> No. 86810
File 124276981340.png - (285.84KB , 656x288 , vlcsnap-229975.png ) [iqdb]
You don't like the name Joe?
>> No. 86811
>> No. 86840
Need a tiebreaker
>> No. 86841
File 124279351128.jpg - (146.29KB , 412x288 , vote ashton.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'll take the Physical Challenge.
>> No. 86842
If we won't be Jojo, then
[x] Joseph
[x] Daisuke
>> No. 86843
[x] Joseph

Enough weeaboo names. We should use a western one for once.
>> No. 86844
. . . Fine, leaving it overnight then, since it's tied, AGAIN.
>> No. 86845
You could just flip a coin.
>> No. 86846
how can it be tied again with 2 votes for joseph?

[x] Joseph
>> No. 86847
I want to murder you.


Well done, Admiral Faggot.
>> No. 86849
File 124279908330.jpg - (64.84KB , 797x576 , shittyfuckinganime.jpg ) [iqdb]
Anyone who was unfortunate enough to watch DNAngel was thinking it.
>> No. 86850
File 124280102128.jpg - (25.07KB , 300x299 , 1241647696849.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 86851
File 12428014287.jpg - (50.29KB , 221x746 , holyshitranma.jpg ) [iqdb]

See, I was thinking about this instead.
>> No. 86852
Well we agree that Daisuke is a piss poor name, and any name other than it is better.

So I guess Broseph wins.
>> No. 86853
File 124280227695.jpg - (3.33KB , 126x123 , 1237599024644.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Joseph

Daisuke? I don't think so Tim.
>> No. 86854
[x] Joseph

I liked the manga well enough.
>> No. 86857
Just forget about the name and use Anon
>> No. 86858
[X] Back 1 choice

[X] Take a seat

[X] No
>> No. 86861

Just going Anon got old, too. I guess some people still like it, but it's pretty stupid to never have the main character of the story named, in my opinion.
>> No. 86868
Finally. Joey wins it. Writan nao.
>> No. 86869
Ahem. Clearing your throat, you launch into your pre-prepared introduction speech.

“Hello. My name is Joseph. You can call me Joe for short. Not Joey. Joey and I’ll kill you. My family recently moved here from Canada. I enjoy reading and I hope that we’ll all get to know each other before the year is over.” Finishing your speech, you bow to the class. Everyone in the class just continues to stare at you, making you feel slightly uncomfortable.

“Uh. . . Miss Onizuka? Where’s my seat?”

“You’re what? Oh. Oh right. A seat, a seat. . .” The woman half heartedly scans the room for open seats before giving up. “Ah, who cares. Just sit wherever. It’s not like it matters or anything.”

Glancing quickly around the room, you see several open seats. A blonde girl with green eyes sits staring out the window in a rather bored fashion. On the opposite side of the room There’s a girl with white hair painting her nails. She seems completely engrossed in it. At the front of the room sit’s a girl with grey hair, her piercing blue eyes shooting you an icy gaze. Finally, in the middle of the room sits a girl with long grey hair with startling blue highlights running through it. Next to each one of these girls is an open desk. Of course you could always take the empty seat with nobody noteworthy around it.

[ ] Blonde
[ ] Blue eyes
[ ] Nail painter
[ ] Blue highlights
[ ] Empty desk
>> No. 86870
[X] Blue eyes
>> No. 86871
[X] Blue highlights
>> No. 86872
[x] Nail painter
>> No. 86873
>>You’re what?

>>At the front of the room sit’s a girl with grey hair
>>At the front of the room sit’s

That being said,
[X] Blonde
>> No. 86874
FUCKING HELL. The goddamn auto correct on my word processing program kept changing that. I thought I'd caught it before I copied it over. Goddamn thing.
>> No. 86875
[x] Blue highlights
Keine not a teacher? This is one of those twilighty kind of zones, isn't it?

1. Turn off auto-correct, it's bullshit
2. Stop writing stories in office programs, get a real text editor (textpad, notepad++, etc.)
>> No. 86876
[ ] Blue eyes
>> No. 86877
[x] Blue highlights

Eh, only two possibilites pop in my head, and I like both.
>> No. 86878
[x] Blonde
>> No. 86879
[X] Nail painter

The one that'll bother us least is best.
>> No. 86881
[X] Blonde.

>> No. 86883
[\!/] The empty chair in the 1st row, 2nd from the back, window seat.

Otherwise known as the holy protangonist spot.
>> No. 86886
[x] Empty desk

There WILL be a transfer student. And then we will have direct access.
>> No. 86890
[x] Blonde.
>> No. 86892
[X] Empty desk
>> No. 86893
>[ ] Blonde
>[ ] Blue eyes
Sakuya or Youmu.
>[ ] Nail painter
I haven't the foggiest.
>[ ] Blue highlights

[x] Blue eyes
Let's get cut to ribbons.
>> No. 86894
File 124284627987.png - (178.01KB , 600x450 , 443c44141f3ba68a67729a32660964e8.png ) [iqdb]

Parsee is the nail biter.
>> No. 86895
>> No. 86896
[x] Blue eyes

We are obviously mage class. We need someone to soak up agro and tank while we cast spells.
>> No. 86897

Your terminology reminds me I know of such terms, pissing me of twofold.
>> No. 86898
[ze] Blonde
Hoping to roll a Parsee here.
>> No. 86899
Blondie wins it. Writan tiem.
>> No. 86901
Were you the guy who got irritated over the mention of Onyxia, too?
>> No. 86911

No. But it's most likely a WoW term I bet, not a MMORPG one.
>> No. 86915
File 124286184190.jpg - (95.19KB , 640x738 , 2bd5c874715fdb49de49dbf9e6fbd783.jpg ) [iqdb]
Picking your way through the gossiping gaggle of students, you take a seat next to the blonde haired girl. She looks away from the window for a moment. One appraising glance later, she turns back to the window. Odd girl. Thinking nothing of it, you proceed to remove your books from your bag and prepare for class only to see that Miss Onozuka seems to have fallen asleep at her desk. You blink a few times then look around the room. Given that the students seem to be busying themselves with their own little projects it seems that this is a normal affair. Only one way to find out though.

Turning to the girl next to you, you ask. “Uh. . . Does she always fall asleep in class?”

The girl twitches slightly but doesn’t respond.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but is it always. . .”


Curt. to the point. Looks like this girl isn’t going to be easy to get along with.

“Ah, I’m sorry to have bothered you.”

“Then stop.”

Again. Short.

The class passes quickly. You, yourself glad that you brought a book to read, barely noticed how quickly it passed. At the bell ringing Miss Onozuka perks up looking around the room. “Oh yeh. Parsee, show the new kid ‘round. Thanks.” The teacher vanishes with amazing speed before Parsee can even protest.

The girl sits there glaring at the space that the teacher had previously occupied as if her glaring might do something. Sighing resignedly, she pushes herself up from the desk and turns to you. Crossing her arms and glaring at you she speaks. “Fine. I have to show you around. What do you want to see?”

[ ] Clubs Building
[ ] Campus Grounds
[ ] The Roof
[ ] <Intelligence> The Science Wing
[ ] <Bookworm> The Library
[ ] <Charisma> Her panties
>> No. 86918
File 12428621741.jpg - (154.53KB , 750x1100 , See-Panties.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] <Charisma> Her panties

This can't possibly go wrong.
>> No. 86921
[X] <Bookworm> The Library
>> No. 86922
[ ] <Bookworm> The Library
>> No. 86926
[ ] <Bookworm> The Library
>> No. 86927
[X] <Friendship> "Your thoughts. This isn't a face you should be making, it doesn't really suite you."
>> No. 86928
[x] <Charisma> Her panties
>> No. 86929
[X] <Bookworm> The Library

Where we can meet our fellow bibliophile, Patchouli. Where Parsee can slowly become irritated and jealous when the new guy that she's supposed to be leading around, who's supposed to be paying attention to her, is giving his attention to someone else entirely.

Bringing it out early, all that Jealous moe~!
>> No. 86930
[X] <Bookworm> The Library

I'd rather choose nothing, this girl clearly does not want us near her.

Of course, that isn't how CYOAs work.
>> No. 86931
[O] <Bookworm> The Library
>> No. 86932
[X] <Bookworm> The Library
>> No. 86933
Or, you know, she'll just get pissy at us and leave - thus setting back delicious Parsee route.
>> No. 86934
[ ] <Charisma> Her panties

Why did "bookworm" win?
>> No. 86936
[x] The Roof

The better to push you off with, my dear. Seriously another tsun-tsun-dere? I'm disappointed.
>> No. 86938
[X] The Roof
>> No. 86939
[X] The Roof
>> No. 86941
Think more ah. . . Haruhi combined with Ryoko.

And, unfortunately, Bookworm won. God damn anon, where's your spine?
>> No. 86942
We've already decided to become a bookworm, voting for the library is the only logical choice.
Stop saying stupid things.
>> No. 86943

I can't speak for anyone else, but I found the <Charisma> option rather distasteful. There's no elegance in it, no wit; it is crass. Are we not a <Bookworm>? Should our brand of charm, then, not be intellectual? Where others might be daring or cavalier with their words, ours should be measured, eloquent. I propose to attract affection through discourse, perhaps even flirtation, but not through brazen disregard of restraint.

Of course, I could have stood for going to the roof, so as to have some time alone with our dear guide. Perhaps at a later date.
>> No. 86946
I voted for lazy. Would've went for average but nobody else chose that. You guys should've realized that the others would limit some of your future options (even though you might lose some advantages, which is why I would've gone for average over lazy).

I also would like to choose Campus Grounds here, but since nobody else is picking that either,

>> No. 86947
[X] <Charisma> Her panties
I am torn between this and library. This could have interesting results, and by interesting I mean hilarious.
>> No. 86948
Vote's called already.
>> No. 86949

>God damn anon, where's your spine?

OH HO HO HO. That's sure is something to complain about.
>> No. 86950
If we're too busy being a bookworm, we'll never have any charm for dealing with people. We probably wouldn't notice others even existed(this goes for the people here who want to meet up with Patchouli, too). Even a smart guy needs some charisma; in this case, we'd call it 'wit'. Quick jabs to throw others off-guard, solidify a personality, make ourselves interesting, etc. Otherwise we'd spend most of our time sitting in a corner, reading books.

As for the panties option, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been quite so blunt.
>> No. 86951
I don't see the problem in your post.
>> No. 86960
I was supposed to be quoting more than one person. It looks like something fucked up..
>> No. 86964

Bookworm = Patchouli
I can predict there won't be much fun in this character.
>> No. 86970
And I can predict that you're an idiot.

Where's that "Reading is for fags" picture when you need it?
>> No. 86974
File 124293963540.jpg - (56.97KB , 550x550 , America_reading_is_for_faggots.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 87005
“Alright, Miss. . .”

“Just Parsee. I’m not big on titles and crap.”

“Alright, Miss ‘Just Parsee’, I’d like to see the library, if you don’t mind.”

Parsee’s glare doesn’t abate at your little verbal jab “The Library? Booooooring.” She thinks about this for a moment before continuing. “Fine. This way.”
The girl quickly vanishes out of the classroom, leaving you to scramble to catch up to her.

It turned out that the library was on the same floor as your classroom, just at the very end of the hallway.

“So here it is.” Parsee waves at the door, the nameplate on the wall next to said door proudly proclaims that her statement is in fact true. “Now, If you don’t mind, I have more important things to deal with.”

You nod, expecting Parsee to run off to another part of the school after her earlier comments. A mask of shock and surprise affix themselves to your face as she pulls open the library door and goes inside.

“Oi! Patchy! You here?”

Curious as to what’s about to unfold, you follow Parsee inside.


“How many times must I tell you, Miss Mizuhashi, It’s Miss Knowledge and to keep your voice down.” Miss Knowledge shuffles up to the check out desk while she says this.

Parsee turns to face Miss Knowledge, a broad grin affixed to her face. “Sup, Patchy. Seen Alice?”

Miss Knowledge shakes her head, rubs her temple and sighs. “Yes, Miss Mizuhashi, She came in her just a short while ago with Miss Kirisame.”

“What?” An angry expression flashes across Parsee’s face before that saccharine smile reappears, “Where are they? Tell me!”

Parsee’s outburst takes Miss Knowledge by surprise. “Uh. . . I believe they’re in the back of the library.”

“Thanks!” Parsee runs off deeper into the library.

“Miss Misuhashi! Don’t run in the library!” Miss Knowledge sighs deeply. “What AM I going to do with that girl? I swear.” Turning back to face the entrance of the library Miss Knowledge seems to finally take notice of you. “Oh my!” She jumps slightly in surprise. “I didn’t see you there!” Adjusting the tiny glasses that sit on the bridge of her nose, she stares at you intently. “I don’t believe I’ve met you before. Are you a new student, or just new to the library?”

You affirm that you are, indeed, a new student.

“Ah, how wonderful. We rarely get any new students, though, it is odd to be transferring in mid year. Oh, dear me, I seem to have wandered off on a tangent. Welcome to the Gensokyo Academy’s library, Voile.” Miss Knowledge sweeps her arms wide in dramatic fashion, “The greatest repository of knowledge in the country. Is there anything you’d like to know about the library?”

[ ] Yes, there is actually.
- [ ] What you would like to know? (write in)
[ ] No, thank you.
[ ] <Charisma> I’d love to know more about the Librarian.
>> No. 87010

[x] <Charisma> I’d love to know more about the Librarian.
>> No. 87011
[x] <Charisma> I’d love to know more about the Librarian.
>> No. 87012
[x] <Charisma> I’d love to know more about the Librarian.
>> No. 87014
[x] <Charisma> I’d love to know more about the Librarian.
>> No. 87015
[X] <Charisma> I’d love to know more about the Librarian.

Yes, I can approve of this. Much less slimy than asking to see a girl's panties.
>> No. 87016
[X] <Charisma> I’d love to know more about the Librarian.
>> No. 87018
[x] <Charisma> I’d love to know more about the Librarian if you know what I mean.
>> No. 87022
[x] <Charisma> I’d love to know more about the Librarian.

Parsee route foregone on the basis that she's already got someone in mind, it would seem.
>> No. 87025
Calling it on an almost unanimous vote for the Librarian. Writing will commense in the morning.

And many of the touhous do. Doesn't mean they're un-obtainable, it just means there's a little bit extra to overcome in order to get where you're going.
>> No. 87027
>>And many of the touhous do. Doesn't mean they're un-obtainable, it just means there's a little bit extra to overcome in order to get where you're going.

As risk-averse as Anon tends to be, that's pretty much the same as saying they're unobtainable. Either way, it ain't happening.
>> No. 87028

Screw that. Parsee route all the way.
>> No. 87029
I agree. We need to crack that tsuntsun jealous shell to expose the...jealous filling.
>> No. 87032
inb4 Nice Boat end as tsun Alice and tsun Parsee end up systematically murdering everyone who ever caught their eye.
>> No. 87045
“There’s one aspect of this great library that I’d love to learn more about.” You slide up closer to the checkout desk.

“Oh?” Miss Knowledge sounds quite interested.

“That would be it’s most lovely and wonderful librarian.” You flash a bright smile at Miss Knowledge.

Miss Knowledge just laughs at this. “Oh you little charmer you. Alright, I can tell you a few things. My name’s Miss Patchouli Knowledge. Blood type: B, Astrological Sign: Virgo. My three sizes are hi-mi-tsu. And one final thing I must make perfectly clear.” Miss Knowledge becomes very serious at this point. “I love this library. It is my life, it is why I wake up in the morning and come her--” Interrupted by a coughing fit, Miss Knowledge sits down.

“A-are you OK?” You look on worriedly.

Miss Knowledge just waves you off. The coughing abates after a few moments.. “Yes, yes. I’m quite alright. These things happen from time to time. Now if you have no further need of me, I really must get back to work.”

Not even waiting for your reply, Miss knowledge vanishes into the stacks, still coughing occasionally. Before you have a chance to go find her, the bell rings indicating the end of lunch. You sigh resignedly and head back to class.

Entering the room, you’re greeted by the sight of a green haired woman standing at the front of the room.

“You are exactly 1.04 seconds late. Take your seat quickly.” The woman snaps.

You hurry to your seat, glancing around slightly while doing so. The rest of the class is sitting up straight and is perfectly attentive. A complete contrast to the morning classes. Just as you’re about to sit down the teacher calls on you.

“Wait, you’re the new student, are you not?” The woman’s stern gaze softens slightly.

Standing next to your desk, you confirm her suspicion.

“Excellent. I am Miss Yamaxanadu. Take your seat, pay attention, and perform well. I do not care if you are new, I am not one to take it easy on students. Now, open your text books to page 297.”

The bell rings, freeing you from the most grueling class you’ve ever had. Miss Yamaxanadu puts her student’s noses to the grindstone and doesn’t let off until there’s no face left. Gods, you’ve never felt this exhausted from a class before in your life. You don’t think you’ve ever learned this much in such a short period of time either, but that’s besides the point.

The classroom empties quickly and you soon find out why.

“You there, Joseph. You’re taking far too long to leave the room. Tarrying is not a virtue. Three extra pages homework.”

Not wasting a second longer you dash from the room. Now free from the death grip of Miss Yamaxanadu you hurry out from the school. Many other students seem to be leaving at the same time as you, but you don’t see any that you recognize. Oh well, nobody to ask to walk home today, so you just head home yourself.

Now back at your small apartment, you’ve already changed out of your uniform.

Evening activity-

[ ] Study
[ ] Art Learning
[ ] Athletics
[ ] Grooming
[ ] Pleasure
[ ] Rest
[ ] Work
>> No. 87046
[Shikieiki-sensei~] 'Grooming' ... If You Know What I Mean.
>> No. 87047
[ ] Rest

y halo thar horrible old eroge
>> No. 87048
[x] Rest
>> No. 87050
[X] Study

Well. I have a new goal, piss Shiki off and shrug off her punishments.
>> No. 87051
[X] Study

We will drop a bull at 40 paces with our knowledge.
>> No. 87052
[O] Study
>> No. 87053
[X] Study
>> No. 87054
[X] Study

>> No. 87055
[X] Rest
>> No. 87056
[ ] Study
>> No. 87060
Hopefully study means "Do all the homework we've been given."

I'd like to add "Do more homework in Shiki's class ahead of time for her eventual punishment."
>> No. 87062
It's almost a shame we didn't pick "lazy" or something that steered us more towards delinquency.

Just imagine all the possibilities and scenarios that could arise from the strict disciplinarian clashing with the unmotivated and unruly student. Keeping you after class to scold you, making you stay after school for special detention, just you and her, the countless "tutoring" sessions where she seeks to break you and remold you into a fine, upstanding member of the student body, and the harsh punishments whenever you defy her...
>> No. 87063
[X] Study
>> No. 87064
It's a shame we didn't pick playboy, because this Shiki sounds as if she needs a real good fuck. Then we get special treatment from her during class, causing rumors to spread throughout the school.
>> No. 87065
Playboy Bookworm Gestalt.
>> No. 87066
Similar but equally fun scenario: We fuck with her.
We show up to her class five minutes late whistling to ourselves, then sit at the desk and open a novel we're reading for our own pleasure. We stay in the classroom for a good half hour after it's over. We don't pay attention to anything she says. We do all of the extra homework she assigns perfectly and score perfect scores on her predictably hard tests. We continue to show up/leave late and not care about whatever she does, address her informally, little things like that.

Basically, go through my high school career.
>> No. 87067

What a rebel.
>> No. 87069
File 124302977292.gif - (26.27KB , 650x450 , ps652.gif ) [iqdb]

Is it possible to have a dramatic change of events and change attributes to become a Playboy or Athlete? Like rolling the numbers to shift them between stats? Because that would be rather fun, and a lot better than being stuck as Bookworm and earn points in Str or Cha. Heck you could even make it so that we can't control what becomes what and just leave it to chance.
>> No. 87070
>>Is it possible to have a dramatic change of events and change attributes to become a Playboy or Athlete?

Like, say, a sudden bout of total amnesia?
>> No. 87071
[x] Study
>> No. 87072

Even better.

>> No. 87073
Well we could retcon, or we could just spontaneously change our attributes during the game for fun events. Blame it on multiple personalities? Who knows. Regardless, I don't think many of us want to be stuck as a bookworm.
>> No. 87074
>I don't think many of us want to be stuck as a bookworm.

The amount of study votes speaks otherwise.
>> No. 87075
Votespam, character entrenchment, etc. Maybe everyone is ok with it, maybe not. I really don't care that much. I simply saw a conflict and came up with a solution which might be fun.
>> No. 87076
Best solution.

Drop this. gb2/magicsquadnine/
>> No. 87078
Better solution.

Drop everything. Write a buddy cop CYOA.
>> No. 87081

If they were honest votes, I'd say it's probably because they're trying to stay in character.
>> No. 87087
Kira. Still fagging up the THP with DRAMA. In any event, I'm going by the Most votes after periods of time moreso than first to a certain number. Getting a votespam check, then calling it.
>> No. 87088
Ah, and let me explain a few things that I may not have.
Doing the various activities train your various abilites. The bookworm having problems with Art just means that it's harder for you to raise your artistic ability, and it's capped lower. Athletic ability and appearance are capped at a normal level, and intelligence is capped higher than normal.

Study raises academics
Athletics raises athletics
grooming raises appearance
Art training raises your artistic talent
Pleasure means you go wander the town,
Rest lowers your fatigue.
Work gains you money, and can change your job dependant upon your highest stat.

It's also possible to meet people while working or wandering the town.
>> No. 87089
Glad this is clarified now.

[x] Grooming

To hell with your min maxing, GoJo want to feel pretty.
>> No. 87117
Wich one gives us stand perk?
Or at least unlocks ripple technique?
>> No. 87121
I have no idea what any of that means.
>> No. 87150
I don't either, but at least I know what he's fucking referring to.
>> No. 87201

I think is it's Touhou-to-Persona-to-Jojo reference.