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84430 No. 84430
Muninn! You choose Muninn, memory. Have to remember.
"Good choice." The voice says. "Maybe you're not a completely hopeless case after all."
That fucking voice. You know it, you're so sure of it, but the insanity of the dream warps it too much, makes it sound like the voice of a demon whispering madness in your ears. You remember that voice, you remember it so well, so clearly.

"Well then, memory."

Your vision starts to clear, or rather it starts to make sense of the nothingness all around you. Shapes begin to take form, unblurring themselves into trees and ground, smashed cars, bodies and shredded concrete, the sky above a huge blanket of tormented rolling storm clouds. Sound slowly returns, like waves of thunder and static crashing over your ears. The smell of mud, petrol, fire and blood fills your nose, making you gag. You try to move, to feel, but you can't.

"Memory is an imperfect thing." The voice says, somehow sad, somehow amused.

For a moment you see the scene in perfect focus, paused, as if you were right there on the ground but also looking at it from the air. A stretch of forest road, lined by trees, just before a tunnel. Tiny figures stopped in the act of running, flames suspended like orange ramparts of light, arcing bullets mid-flight, a single falling grenade hanging in the air like an overripe pineapple.

"We never remember ourselves as we truly were."

In the centre of it all, unmoving and strange in the silence of paused time, is you.

"Memory distorts our self-image."

You look closer, fascinated by yourself. It is you, but different. Two antler-like horns sprout from your head, gleaming in the firelight like twin spears of bone. You're dressed in bloodstained and tattered clothes, your hands cut and bruised. You look more serious, more determined, mouth open wide in a scream of rage and defiance. Somehow fake, like a layer of bravado and false courage plastered over fear and cowardice.

"Not as you truly were." The voice says. "But actions speak louder than words."

Time resumes in a rush of noise and motion. Screams, orders being shouted, smoke and fire and death and you at the apex of it all. You're not in control, memory taking over your muscles, making you catch the falling grenade before it hits the ground. You hurl it back at the soldiers who threw it, putting so much power in your arm that the grenade embeds itself in the road before exploding, showering you with bits of tarmac.
"Fall back!" A shout from the men all around you, somebody in charge pulling them back before you throw another car at them. You rip a door off the nearest car and send it spinning into the back of a retreating soldier for good measure, roaring your anger.
A last smattering of bullets pings off the ground at your feet. They're afraid to aim properly, after what you did with the last man who actually managed to hit you. A few soldiers huddle in the entrance to the tunnel, spreading out when you notice them, all too aware that you could simply bowl them over with a tree if they bunch up like that. You grin, starting towards the tunnel. She's on the other side, they're using her as bait.


You spin around at the voice, to the sight of two men standing on the overturned tank. One of them, draws a bead on you with a spotting device, red point on your chest. The other holds the long tube of a missile launcher. The whoosh and concussive thump comes a split-second later.

"Memory is never exact." The mysterious voice says. "Muninn is more fickle than you might think."

You remember ...

[ ] Catching the missile.
[ ] Running.
[ ] Throwing something to intercept it.

>> No. 84431
[x] Throwing something to intercept it.

You DON'T catch missiles, missiles catch YOU.
>> No. 84432
[X] Catching the missile.
[X] Throwing it at the soldiers at the tunnel's entrance.
>> No. 84433
[x] Throwing something to intercept it.

Yeah... The low chance the missile doesn't get crushed as we attempt to catch it makes it very unlikely to succeed. We're not exactly being subtle with our strength right now.
>> No. 84434
>Two antler-like horns sprout from your head, gleaming in the firelight like twin spears of bone.
And I thought Suika's horns would often get in the way of doing normal thing, like going through doorways.
>> No. 84435
I'm also wondering who the girl might be. Considering this is our past, it is more than likely one of our fellow oni, or at the very least, some oni, though I imagine if it was Suika or Yuugi, anything capable of capturing them would certainly be putting up more of a fight than this unless trickery was involved which oni are certainly victims to all the time when challenged to contests.

My money's on Suika though.
>> No. 84436
{X} Throwing something to intercept it.
>> No. 84437
[X] Throwing something to intercept it.
>> No. 84438
[ ] Throwing something to intercept it.
>> No. 84439
[x] Throwing something to intercept it.
[x] A human body.
>> No. 84440
[X] Throwing something to intercept it.

Something quite heavy, a sewer pipe lid would do nicely.
>> No. 84443
[x] Throwing something to intercept it.
>> No. 84445
[x] Throwing something to intercept it.
>> No. 84447
File 123989440266.png - (446.01KB , 1127x1600 , 0007.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Catching the missile.

I'd like to wager on our strength + liquid courage
>> No. 84449
[x] Throwing something to intercept it.
>> No. 84453
[X] Catching the missile.
[X] Throwing it at the soldiers at the tunnel's entrance.

This is a memory, and we're still alive. That means that whatever we're going to do, we are guaranteed to survive.
>> No. 84457
Wishful thinking.

We could die horribly in the dream, and then suffer an aneurysm or something in real life.

Or hell, one of a million things could happen.
>> No. 84458
While it's presumably impossible to die here, the line

>"Memory is never exact." The mysterious voice says. "Muninn is more fickle than you might think."

makes me cautious. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I think if we make too many mistakes that our memory can't correct for, it will prematurely end the flashback. And we lose an opportunity to learn something about our past.

Alternately, we can't die, but we fall unconscious (saved in the real past by our oni fortitude and a third party). Again, the flashback ends early and we lose our chance to gather info.
>> No. 84462
Optimally, we're beside the best person for dealing with this shit should something go wrong. Satori can look into our mind and our heart to determine just what the hell is going on to help make things better.
>> No. 84463
[ ] Catching the missile.
>> No. 84466
[X] Surfing on the missile
>> No. 84472
[X] Catching the missile.
[X] Throwing it at the soldiers at the tunnel's entrance.
Badass option.
>> No. 84473
[x] Catch a running soldier, throw him at the missile.
>> No. 84474
[X] Commdore Perry's flygins scissor k-
oh, wrong story.

[X]Throwing something to intercept it.
>> No. 84477
[x] Throwing something to intercept it.
>> No. 84482
[x] Hold Shift for focused movement.
[x] Graze
Nothing can go wrong.
>> No. 84494
[X] Throwing something to intercept it.
>> No. 84495
Right, back to work. Writing now.
>> No. 84500
Kinetic damage you can deal with, but concussive? It might knock you out long enough for them to get a net around you. Your fingers sink into the metal of the car next you like it was made of butter, sending it spinning through the air with a heave of your arm. It seems to travel slowly, a ton of metal bodywork, plastic and glass arcing across the road.
"Shit, duck!" Somebody yells, but you weren't aiming at them. The missile hits the car only a few meters from you, exploding in a shower of metal fragments. A wheel goes flying past your head, the smoke clouding your vision and clogging your lungs. Their traps aren't getting any better, more desperate, badly planned, uncoordinated. They're falling apart.
You ignore the man with the missile launcher. His spotter has been decapitated by a huge piece of shrapnel anyway.

"Memory is unclear." The voice says. "We fill in the gaps ourselves."

Your vision blurs again, warping and twisting. You're outside, pulling limbs off men like they were flies, inside the tunnel, ripping chunks of concrete from the floor, outside again, tearing the tracks from a tank and pulling back the armour plating like it was cheap tin. The violence registers only on an abstract level, in the madness and dark of a dream.

"Nothing?" The voice asks.

You want to ask what all this is, to ask why this happened, when. But the insane rush of images slows once more, memory replacing thought, leaving you no room to contemplate.
The other side of the tunnel is unprepared. They didn't expect you to get through. She's here, you can smell her, a heavy animal smell you'd recognise anywhere. They must have her chained, gagged, caged. Something. Gods alone know how they caught her. You fling men away from you like a dog shaking off fleas, breaking bones and pulping flesh with every swipe of your hands. They scream, run, stumble and stare back as if you walk as death itself.

"Hahaha." The voice actually laughs at you. "Memory is always imprecise."

They did cage her. Wrapped from head to toe in protective seals, chained to each point of the compass with links as thick as your arm. She's conscious, at least. She looks at you, and you can read the look in her eyes like an open book.
This is still a trap.

Gaps appear in your vision, whited-out spaces, failures in memory as you turn around. The trap is obvious. Get you in one place, distract you with enough ablative meat and bullets, get you right where the Gap Demon wants you. That must be how they've holding those chains in place, this site is consecrated, designed to unravel a being like you. The memory is falling apart, like a picture that's been crumpled up, static and interference and blank space ruining your recollection.

"Not a failure of memory." The voice says. "Failure of perception. She wiped your mind."

A figure appears from the tunnel mouth, blurred and ruined by static, but you know it's her, terrible and everlasting, breaking the very fabric of reality around her as she tries to catch you. Yukari. Maybe you can run, open the cage and just go. Maybe you could distract her, even as the world falls apart around you.

Maybe she bleeds like everything else.

You remember ...

[ ] Running.
[ ] Trying to get the cage open.
[ ] Trying to distract Yukari.
[ ] Fighting.
>> No. 84501
[x] Fighting.

Oni see, Oni punch.
>> No. 84502
[x] Trying to get the cage open.
>> No. 84503
[x] Trying to get the cage open.
>> No. 84505
[x] Trying to get the cage open.
>> No. 84506
[ ] Trying to get the cage open.
>> No. 84508
[x] Trying to get the cage open.
>> No. 84509
[X] Trying to get the cage open.

The trap has already been sprung, it's too late to run. May as well do what we can to save the bait.
>> No. 84513
[x] Trying to get the cage open.

Only thing that matters.
>> No. 84516
[X] Trying to get the cage open.
>> No. 84518
[x] Trying to get the cage open.
>> No. 84521
[x] Trying to get the cage open.
>> No. 84525
Okay. Writing.
>> No. 84526
You remember, the rush of memory broken and fragmented even as you turn on your heel and sprint for the cage. You can't fight Yukari, she's not a demon, she's closer to a god, or a simple fact of the cosmos. A tidal wave of impossible power. The ground is like putty beneath your feet, holes in perception leaving you with nowhere to tread. You reach the cage and grasp the bars, ignoring feeling in your head as parts of yourself begin to fall away. Have to get this open, have to get her out. Maybe two of you can take Yukari, if only for a moment. Give the bitch a fight to remember.
You pull, iron bars bending and snapping as you strain. It's treated metal, designed to hold creatures like you. Contact with the metal burns your skin, blistering the surface of your hands, making you wince with pain.
"Mmmm! Mmmmm!" She's still gagged, probably trying to tell you to leave her and run. She thrashes at the chains, but they barely move, wards and seals sapping her strength. You can feel the pressure of Yukari behind you, a rising wave of horrible laugher resounding all around you.

"Your memory is what you are. Every part of you is made of experiences." The mysterious voice says.

Inside the cage isn't any better, it feels like you're in an oven, suffocating with the heat of the forces arrayed against you. Rip the chains from their mountings, tear up the links, crack open the manacles. Keep going, don't look back at the thing behind you, don't let Yukari know she's got you panicking.
"MMM!" Finally free of the chains and manacles, she rises from the floor, still weak, still plastered with those dammed wards. You catch her in your arms for a second as she stumbles. Yukari is only a few feet away, at the mouth of the cage. You need to do something now.
Reaching behind her head, she rips the gag away, spitting it out and almost retching. You start to pull away one of the charms, a large one wrapping her right arm, sealing up her strength.

"No." She says.
"But we can-"
She shakes her head. "Too late."
The static is almost unbearable, Yukari looming so close now, making it so hard to hold on to yourself, keep your thoughts together.

She leans forward, rising up on her toes to meet your face. "Remember me on the other side." She says.
"Suika." You mutter.

"Memory!" The voice nearly shouts, elated and triumphant.

The darkness closes around you, perception and reality breaking up entirely. The last thing you feel is Suika, as you cling to each other against the onrushing nothingness.


"Uh!" You jerk awake, breathing fast, covered in cold sweat. You blink a few times and then reach down and pinch yourself. Yes, that hurts. You're really awake this time.
The room is still dark, a little grey early morning light filtering in from a small window near the top of the wall. The smell of Satori still fills your senses, her back pressed up against your front, warm and welcoming. She's breathing softly, asleep.

Holy shit. What-

[ ] Go back to sleep. Satori is warm.
[ ] Get up for a bit. You need to think.
>> No. 84528
[x] Lie in bed and think. You don't need to leave this pleasant warmth.
>> No. 84529
[x] Get up for a bit. You need to think.

>You can't fight Yukari, she's not a demon, she's closer to a god, or a simple fact of the cosmos.
Yukari fhtagn?
>> No. 84530
[X] Get up for a bit. You need to think.

Well, looks like our inevitable reunion should be interesting.
>> No. 84531
[x] Lie in bed and think. You don't need to leave this pleasant warmth.

>> No. 84533
[X] Get up for a bit. You need to think.

>> No. 84534
File 123992087036.jpg - (95.10KB , 600x450 , suika006.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Get up for a bit. You need to think.


We remembered.
>> No. 84535
[X] Get up for a bit. You need to think.
>> No. 84536
File 123992114850.jpg - (866.03KB , 860x900 , 436760.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Get up for a bit. You need to think.

>> No. 84537
Suika route is GO!
>> No. 84538
Yeah, no.
>> No. 84539

You are both excitable faggots.
>> No. 84540
[x] Lie in bed and think. You don't need to leave this pleasant warmth.
>> No. 84541
File 123992288517.jpg - (78.65KB , 300x300 , 1197014193834.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is going to turn out to be one of those things where our old friend has been brainwashed into working for the enemy, forcing the two of us to fight each other to the death and ending with her finally regaining her memories of us just moments before she dies, isn't it?
>> No. 84542
File 123992305746.gif - (52.03KB , 504x500 , dogeatingbees.gif ) [iqdb]
>[x] Lie in bed and think. You don't need to leave this pleasant warmth.
>[x] Lie in bed and think.
>[x] Lie in bed
>[x] Lie


[X] Get up for a bit. You need to think.
>> No. 84543
File 123992326417.jpg - (337.51KB , 650x780 , cb764613f44711d8d184e030b926d0d8.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Get up for a bit. You need to think.

Also: "The room is still dark, a little grey early morning light filtering in from a small window near the top of the wall."
Aren't we underground?
>> No. 84545

Never been in a basement with windows?
>> No. 84546
[X] Molest. Hands under shirt, time to explore.
...well, no.

[X] Go back to sleep. Satori is warm.
We'll have the whole day to think.
>> No. 84547
[x] Lie in bed and think. You don't need to leave this pleasant warmth.
>> No. 84548
I meant literally underground, as in deep underground.
>> No. 84549
Writing now.
>> No. 84552

>> No. 84554
This cold sweat is disgusting, your mind is buzzing like a hive of angry bees and you feel vaguely sick. You need some space, just for a moment. You need to think. Gently easing the covers off you doesn't disturb Satori, good. You don't want to wake her up, not sure if you're up to facing anyone right now. You replace the covers after slipping out of the bed, feeling a little guilty at leaving Satori alone like that.
"I'll be back soon." You whisper to yourself, stepping over to the door and slipping out into the corridor. You close the door silently behind you, then lean back against the wall and take a deep, shuddering breath, closing your eyes and wiping your face.
"Oh, gods." You mutter under your breath. That dream ... that wasn't a dream. You need water, a bathroom. On the right was Youmu's room, end was more mattresses. You can't think where a toilet would be, but luckily somebody has left the door ajar, the room on your left. You stumble inside, clicking on the light and shutting the door behind you. The bathroom is small and dank, bare concrete, yellowed, but clean, porcelain, a single shower cubicle. You turn the sink taps and splash your face with water, cupping your hands and drinking.

Your face in the mirror is tired, confused, but the same as it always has been. Antlers? You touch your head curiously. You had antlers in that dream, great spars of bone sticking out of your head. Of course there's nothing there. No lumps, no-
"Ah." You jab your finger on something sharp. A little piece of bone sticking out of the skin. Your eyes widen in horror and surprise. It's only a tiny sliver of bone, so small you wouldn't have noticed it if you weren't pressing down on your head, but there it is. You gulp and take your hand away.

What does that mean? Removed? Growing back? Stunted? Horns ... horns.

"Suika." You mutter. "Suika." Again. "Suika!" You remember. Her name, you've said it thousands upon thousands of times. Her face, her smell, you'd know her smell anywhere. The way her eyes move when she's saying something. Her smile and her laugh, her frown and her rage. Her skin, her hair, flowing in an orange wave when she turns. Her fists, scarred and tough and with a grip like a vice. You close your eyes, picturing her in your mind. You know her, you know her better than you've ever known anyone.

But you can't remember why. Or how. All you remember is her. Visceral, physical. The sound of her voice, the feeling of her fingers and the smell of her sweat. Not how you met her, not who she is to you, not even her second name.
"Shit." You say, taking a deep breath. This is fucked up. How on earth do you deal with this? You remember her so clearly, you need to speak to her, soon. Now. She's another Oni. She's Suika, she's .... she's-
"Argh." You groan, holding your head. You can't remember what she is, your memory is ruined and tattered.

Memory, Muninn. That fucking voice. What was that? Someone in your head? Memory itself speaking? Suika wanted you to remember, maybe that's what happened, maybe she did something to your head to make sure you remembered her. You feel a dull wave of nausea. Yukari. That static in your head, the way she felt like a great, otherworldly pressure at your back. You never want to run into her again.

You stare at yourself in the mirror again, trying to calm down. Too much to think about.

Muninn. Memory. Hmm.

[ ] Go back to bed. You need to sleep.
[ ] You need to talk to someone, but everyone's asleep, right?
[ ] Stay here. Think.
-[ ] Yukari
-[ ] The voice in your head.
-[ ] Suika.
>> No. 84555
[x] You need to talk to someone, but everyone's asleep, right?
[x] Go see if Sigma is up for a man to man talk. It'd be over quickly if he is at least.
>> No. 84556
[X] Stay here, think.
-[X] Suika
-[X] Yukari
-[X] That voice in your head
>> No. 84557
[x] You need to talk to someone, but everyone's asleep, right?
>> No. 84558
[x] You need to talk to someone, but everyone's asleep, right?
[x] Go see if Sigma is up for a man to man talk. It'd be over quickly if he is at least.
>> No. 84559
[x] You need to talk to someone, but everyone's asleep, right?
[x] Go see if Sigma is up for a man to man talk. It'd be over quickly if he is at least.
>> No. 84560
[X] You need to talk to someone, but everyone's asleep, right?

I'd vote to stay and think, but ADP still haunts me.

But... we need to talk to Suika. We have to.
>> No. 84561
[X] You need to talk to someone, but everyone's asleep, right?
[X] Go see if Sigma is up for a man to man talk. It'd be over quickly if he is at least.
If not...
[X] Think.
-[X] Suika
-[X] Yukari
-[X] That voice in your head
>> No. 84562
[ ] Stay here. Think.
-[ ] Yukari
-[ ] The voice in your head.
-[ ] Suika.

I, for one, aim for a new target.
>> No. 84563
[X] Stay here, think.
-[X] Suika
>> No. 84564
[x] Go see if Sigma is up for a man to man talk. It'd be over quickly if he is at least.

If not...
[x] Think.
-[x] Suika
-[x] That voice in your head
-[x] Yukari
>> No. 84565
[x] Think.
-[x] Suika
-[x] Yukari
>> No. 84566
Looks like not fighting Yukari is not possible now.

And Suika~. Was she a lover or just a very intimate friend?
>> No. 84569
[x] Think.
-[x] Suika
>> No. 84570
family maybe?
>> No. 84572
[x] Go see if Sigma is up for a man to man talk. It'd be over quickly if he is at least.

If not...
[x] Think.
-[x] Suika
-[x] That voice in your head
-[x] Yukari
>> No. 84574

>Too much to think about.
You people aren't helping.

[x] Stay here. Think.
[x] That voice in your head
>> No. 84575
[X] You need to talk to someone, but everyone's asleep, right?
[X] Go see if Sigma is up for a man to man talk. It'd be over quickly if he is at least.
>> No. 84576
>Vote A.
>If not...
>Vote B.

I swear, this is the most stupid way to vote.
>> No. 84578
[X] Suika.

Let it come.
>> No. 84581
[X] Think.
-[X] Suika
>> No. 84589
Writing now.
>> No. 84602
You need to talk to somebody about this, you need to get it out, all this stuff buzzing around your head. Everybody's fast asleep though, and even if they were awake you're not sure you want to risk telling people about this, dream or not. You need somebody who understands, clinically, perhaps somebody who can help you with recovering what all this means.

You could talk to Sigma again. Maybe you just broke down some internal barriers yourself. Maybe he could take it further.

One last glance in the bathroom mirror, you're tired, stressed, confused and now you're pining for contact with a girl you remember more clearly than anyone else in your life. There's a voice in your head and you're dreaming about your past. Yeah, you need a machine for this, not a person. It's too fucked up.
You leave the bathroom, padding quietly down the corridor. All the lights are off but you can see well enough in the dark if you stop and focus for a second. The floor is cold under your feet, making you walk faster. In the main room, most of Tewi's computers are still humming away, casting a dull blue glow over the walls and floor. You cross the room quickly, a little spooked out by the sight in the silence of the night. The temperature drops as you descend the stairs to the underground room where Sigma is kept. The internal doors aren't locked, and when you finally reach Sigma and shut the door, you just stare at him for a moment.

The eye is closed now, not reacting when you flick on the lights. Rika's computer is off and the room is completely silent. Sigma just lies there, inert and motionless. A huge dark mass like the centre of a black hole. You step forward, taking a deep breath and holding your hand out.
"Sigma." You say. "It's me. Can you hear me?"
No response, telepathic or otherwise. You reach out and touch the smooth black surface of Sigma's outer armour.

A second passes, two seconds. Then the feeling of having your brain bathed in liquid honey and sugar washes over you and your senses simply end.


//neural connection established //recognised user


Oh good, you're awake.

//sleep is a biological function

But you need rest, right?

//current cogitation usage:
//repair and reclamation - 99.3%
//neural connection - 0.7%

So ... talking to me uses up resources?

//very little resources //you are simple to communicate with

Oh, good. Wait, is that an insult?



//but it is amusing

Very funny, I'm sure.

//largest use of cogitation resources on record for single user communication is 23%

Who was that?



//long story

I bet.

//user neural structure has undergone significant change

I couldn't sleep. Dreams. I think I'm remembering my past.

//neural border [type-171YUKARI] found //border is porous //further interference will alert [171YUKARI]

Porous? That's new.


I had a dream.

//therapy time


//rika has dreams //0.00003 of total cogitation storage


//loading psychology protocols //input feed ready

[ ] Suika.
[ ] The voice.
[ ] Yukari.
>> No. 84603
[x] Suika.
[x] The voice.
[x] Yukari.

In order.
>> No. 84604
[x] The voice.
>> No. 84606
[x] The voice.
>> No. 84608
[X] The voice.

We can start with this, I suppose.
>> No. 84609
[X] Suika.
>> No. 84610
[x] The voice.
[x] Suika.
[x] Yukari.
>> No. 84612
[X] Suika.
>> No. 84615
[x] Suika.
[x] Yukari.
[x] The voice.
in that order
>> No. 84616
[x] Suika.
>> No. 84617
>I had a dream.
>//therapy time

oh yes that's why he is awesome.

[x] The voice.
[x] Suika.
[x] Yukari.

Why choose one when you can have all 3.
>> No. 84618
[x] Suika.
[x] Yukari.
[x] The voice.
>> No. 84619
[x] Suika.
[x] Yukari.
[x] The voice.
>> No. 84620
And now for the bad news! I'm getting dragged on obligatory family holiday for the next week, annoyingly enough just after I had started to get my writing groove back as well. I'm going somewhere backwater enough to not have any internet, so I make no promises. Consider this a week-long hiatus that will hopefully be punctuated with updates if I find any delicious wireless bandwidth or bizarre fish-people internet cafes. If no updates, then hopefully I will return with certain pending scene requests written, some of which will be posted around the site.

Might get a couple more updates out tomorrow morning before departing.

Back this time next week.
>> No. 84621
[X] Suika

Need to know.
>> No. 84622
[x] Suika.
[x] Yukari.
[x] The voice

Sigma is a true bro.
>> No. 84623
I expect some sort of wall-like aberration when you get back
>> No. 84626
i can only agree
>> No. 84629
Am I the only one who wonders what the point of asking for votes is when everyone is going to pick all of them anyways?
>> No. 84630
Don't worry, as some would say:
//family requires maintenance

[x] Suika.
[x] Yukari.
[x] The voice
>> No. 84635

>> No. 84636
File 123994347170.png - (50.89KB , 600x390 , 2596030.png ) [iqdb]
You're certainly not the only one, and it should be noted that some anon had the decency to just pick one. However, the circumstances of the situation certainly lends itself to a line of questioning, so the fact that anon is at least prioritizing some choices over others is encouraging. Finally, if the writer is going to disappear for a week, a wall of awesome Sigma dialogue as compense is the least we can ask for.
>> No. 84639
[x] Suika.
[x] Yukari.
[x] The voice
>> No. 84640
[X] Suika.
[X] The voice.

So, memories are beginning to seep through whatever block was placed on them, but any further tampering could alert Yukari. Would that just mean Sigma can't do more about it, or that we need to be more cautious about how much we remember at a time?
>> No. 84641
[X] The voice.
>> No. 84642
[X] Suika

well, at least we know that Yukari only wipes the mind and not the memories.
>> No. 84652
[x] Suika
[x] The "other side", right? I wonder if Yuugi, too...
>> No. 84653
[X] Suika
>> No. 84657
I am so glad somebody got that little reference there.
>> No. 84663
Honestly, it's not just that it's dumb to choose every pick. In this situation, where the entire conversation takes places in a few seconds, it'd be dumb to NOT pick all of them. The only reason not to would be if the voting anon assumed that the answer wouldn't be helpful ("That voice you heard? It's just your own subconcious. Nothing important."); but even then it's not harmful so you might as well ask. Really, this choice just seems like it's here so solt can stop writing because he has to leave. There's nothing wrong with having to stop, but why have a choice?

And, of course, there's tons of other situations where it isn't so easy to explain voting for everything and yet people still do it.
>> No. 84664
[] The Voice. Try and understand it.
[] Make a noise and make it clear.


[x] Suika
>> No. 84667
[ ] Suika.
[ ] Yukari.
[ ] The voice.

In this order. Or not. Whatever order is better to write.
>> No. 84672
For the sake of having a breakpoint, besides, it's a cheap discussion point in the absence of updates.
>> No. 84674
[Q] Suika.
[Q] Yukari.
[Q] The voice.
Unless thinking about Yukari will alert her somehow.
>> No. 84705
[X] Suika.

Voting for more than one choice lessens the yield of each. This is what is most important.

Even if this is/was Satori route now, Suika was close to us. She might have been family, rather than a lover-- and if not, we can still treat her as such.
...And I, for one, think you'd have to be high to turn down a chance to have Suika as a little sister. If she were to call us "onii chan" or something to that effect, it'd give Flandre a fucking run for her money.

But that's just me.
>> No. 84706
[x] Suika
[x] Yukari
[x] The voice

It's not like we have a limited pool of magical conversation points and Sigma will kick us out if we run out. We have have all the time we need here. Plus if he's going to be gone a week, might as well get a wall when the story resumes. And really, the more Sigma, the better.
>> No. 84708
>>Voting for more than one choice lessens the yield of each.

I fail to see how that could be. It's not as if there's a time limit or anything, and even if there were we already know that huge amounts of information can be gained from Sigma in mere seconds of actual game time.

Besides, if Sigma's going to be playing psychoanalyst for us now, I would think we could only benefit from giving him as much to work with as possible.
>> No. 84710
Actually, that sounds like a useful sneaky mechanic, controlling access to events/encounters (or different points in an event!) based on how long you spend during an exposition or introspection scene, then what happens or what you do afterwards. This might also lead to a controlled form of "self-learning" where the players can chain topics sequentially to come to conclusions they can act upon in the story that they might have not learned until too late otherwise, with appropriate red herring conclusions.

Obviously, you need a game that well planned out. You couldn't lump this trick down just anywhere and expect it to work.

And you'd be insane to try and plot the decision tree for it.
>> No. 84713
I understand what anon is saying from a different perspective. When a writer has so much on their plate, they might forget a detail or two in the update that may have been important to us. Then there's the slim chance they don't catch that mistake and inform us later.

On the same perspective, thinking about one subject would increase the update to revolve around that one subject, leading to the possible outcome of getting extras the writer may not have ever thought of putting into the story.

If we think of those three things, for instance, we might find out the Suika and Hibiki had a little chemistry. If we focus only on Suika, we might find out we were lovers. Keep pushing that button, we get more and more until the writer is forced to write vivid h-scenes from our memory.

Whether or not that could actually work, is unbeknownst to me. I'm not sure what we would get out of thinking about the voice or Yukari, except maybe a throbbing headache.
>> No. 84720
I guess that's it for a week. Happy one week holiday HY.
>> No. 84722
I'm not seeing the worry about Suika. I think this was a bonds of family/race thing, not a romantic one.
>> No. 84723
Why hello there delicious internet cafe, hello there datastick.

I'll update whenever I can get here.
>> No. 84724

I'm not worried about Hibiki and Suika being lovers. I'm actually hoping for it.
>> No. 84725
I hope so, I wouldn't want to betray her by going for someone else.
>> No. 84726
This is why I always drop whatever HY is writing. Everybody has to argue about something, and it's normally something pretty stupid.
>> No. 84727
and you are happily contributing to it
>> No. 84728
Egads, people are actively discussing something! ON THE INTERNET!

Having actual talk about the story is a nice change of pace in my books compared to walls and walls of [x] INSERT VOTE HERE.
>> No. 84730
Having a real discussion is nice. The problem is it tends to turn into what we just went through with Orin. Endless posts of nothing but MY OPINION IS THE BEST AND ANYONE THAT DOESN'T SHARE IT IS AN IDIOT.
>> No. 84731
Like I said, it isn't that they're discussing something, it's that they're arguing about it.
>> No. 84732
>>84726 >>84731
Oh no, people are doing something other than voting and taking potshots at other people/the author! The humanity!
>> No. 84734

...Did you even read the comment? The potshots are the whole problem.
>> No. 84811
I remembered another Oni, in my dream. I think I used to know her. Her name was Suika.

//suika ibuki


//suika ibuki: [Homo Sapiens Onicus Demonicus]

You know her?

//opening database [287SUIKA]
//[Homo Sapiens Onicus Demonicus]
//class 9 passive telepathy [emotional-based lie detection]
//class 8 reality manipulation [physical properties unknown]
//threat level unknown //data insufficient
//recommend no contact

That's not much.

//external information via communication only //deep active scan offline until further repair


//only what rika told me

Oh ... I need to know more. I feel like she used to be important to me. I'm sure of it.


I am, yes. I don't know what side she's on, or if she has her memories back either.


Whoever she was to me, she wasn't allied with Yukari before, at least in the dream.

//wish fulfilment

That's possible. I hope it wasn't just a dream. It didn't feel like one.

//expanding neural interface //reading data

You're looking at the dream?

//linguistic communication is slow

... fair enough. Go on then.


What is?

//neural connections //heart rate increase //hormones //blood pressure increase //visual recognition //aural recognition


//suika ibuki //positive prior knowledge

You're sure? I really used to know her?

//current facial recognition in short term memory of insufficient resolution for reconstruction in subconscious


//95.0026% chance of positive

Positive what?

//yes I am sure

Good. I really need to talk to her, I think I need her.

//initiate contact through mutual social connections //contact as member of inclusive social group

You mean get someone else to talk to her first? And er, just as a student?


That's ... yeah that sounds like a good idea.

//social contact outside of inclusive social groups deemed unsafe

I get it, okay. I'll talk to her in school.

//stored query protocol triggered

Query? You have a question?

//neurological construction 'school uniform'

What about school uniforms?

//multiple current users show psychological fixation

Ah. Yeah.

//no social precedent in cogitation array

Not come across that before?


It's sort of hard to explain. They're nice, to look at, on girls.

//social and cultural mating signals

If you want to put it that way.

//you beings are fascinating

Thanks, I think.

//ha ha ha

You said 'multiple current users', who else has a thing for school uniforms?

//loading recent user list under specified search //most recent user first

I think you have an error in there.

//I can make some error in you

Point taken. No offence, but you do have an error in there.

//cogitation array undergoing long-term repair and reclamation

You don't know what that error is?

//I do not

Sorry. Who's Tenshi, she's one of the group here, isn't she?

//she is neurologically fascinating

That sounds worrying.

//it should do


//never mind

Who's 'Rumia'?

//cogitation array undergoing long-term repair and reclamation

You don't remember?

//neurological connection established with [ERROR RUMIA] and [335RUMIA] before recent reboot and commencement of repair and reclamation cycles //communication logs corrupt

Corrupt logs?

//fragmentary //low power mode communication recording interrupted [7] times

You have only fragments of your conversation with this 'Rumia'?


Can we talk about that later? I'm curious, but I need to talk about all this dream stuff before I get too confused about it.

//I know

You do?

//dream.1 [287HIBIKI] saved to cogitation array

Oh, right, yeah. You've seen it all now.

//you fight well

I do?

//species 287 pending reclassification //threat level assumed very high

Very high?

//I like the part where you open reinforced steel with your bare hands

Oh. Thanks.

//still prefer gravatics

Of course. Did I really do all that then?

//dream.1 [287HIBIKI] contains neurological signatures indicative of memory

I did. Okay. Wow. What about that voice I heard, at the start?



//what voice?

There was a voice. At the start of the dream, asking me about 'Huginn and Muninn' or something.

//ha ha ha

What? What is it?

//dream.1 [287HIBIKI] contains nothing of such description

Shit. What's so funny about that?

//crazy oni


//hypothesis: outside neurological interference

That was someone else?

//second hypothesis: pre-arranged neurological trigger

... something already inside my head?

//data insufficient


//neurological interface connection [287HIBIKI] returns schizophrenia possibility 0.7%

So I might be a little bit crazy?

//a very little

Shit. Crap, uh, that's the voice in my head then?

//you are less crazy than most //hypothesis: outside neurological interference

Not crazy?

//not crazy

Oh, good.

//just someone in your head


//ha ha ha

The voice was talking about Huginn, Muninn and some 'severed head'. What could that mean?

//hypothesis: enjoy your odin


//ignore previous statement //interaction with 'severed head' not recommended

Why do you think that?

//cultural records indicate high probability of resulting neurological and psychological abnormality

I'll go mad?

//do not say I did not warn you

Okay, point taken. Thanks, I'll try to remember that.

//[171YUKARI] present in dream.1 [287HIBIKI]

Yeah. I wanted to talk about that too.


What is?

//[171YUKARI] used ambush //bait //trapping

Oh? Has she not done that before?

//species 171 has never been observed using advanced military tactics against non-keter species or species with less than class 3 reality manipulation

I'm guessing a pair of Oni aren't badass enough to qualify?

//you are not that good

So why did she need to bait us?

//unknown //data insufficient

Huh. What about Yukari herself? She felt like ... something horrible, something I can't even put words to.

//species 171 observed creating neurological and psychological disruption in 99% of non-keter species

They fuck with your head?

//they really fuck with your head

Is that why you were able to fight them for so long? Being a machine?

//class 3 and above machine entities immune to effects of physical proximity to species 171

And what do you classify as?

//class null

What's that?

//off the chart

Did you make up this scale?

//oh yeah

I should have guessed

//ha ha ha

So, those memories of Yukari are accurate? That really happened?

//correct //[171YUKARI] removed your memories

Hmm. Okay. At least I know it's all true now.

//dream.1 [287HIBIKI] contains neurological signatures indicative of memory

Yeah, you already said that.

//indicative of memory


//not all memory

Some things have been changed? Added? The voice in my head kept going on about how memory is unreliable.

//your memory is unreliable //meat

Yeah, yeah. Gloat all you like, you're missing huge chunks of yours.


Sorry. That was uncalled for.

//you are lucky I like you

Yeah, sorry.

//recommended courses of action:
//pursue covert communication with [287SUIKA]
//observe self for signs of indicative of schizophrenia
//observe self for signs of neurological intrusion
//avoid [171YUKARI]

Damn straight. Thanks Sigma. I feel a bit better now. Do you seriously think I should try to contact Suika?

//I am not going to try to stop you


//oni plus oni


//never mind

Well, thanks again.

//loading allowed user functions

[ ] //end
[ ] //communication logs neurological connection [ERROR RUMIA] and [335RUMIA]
[ ] Ask Sigma a question.
>> No. 84812
we got WALLED! nice very nice wall Sol.

[ ] //communication logs neurological connection [ERROR RUMIA] and [335RUMIA]
>> No. 84813
[x] //end
>> No. 84814
[X] //end

I love you, Sigma.

We have a Suika in our future.
>> No. 84815
>//hypothesis: enjoy your odin

Jesus, Every time we "talk" with Sigma I like him more and more.

Also, about Yukari baiting us, maybe we have a power that's HAX enough that, combined with Suika's Density manupulation, required Yukari take a more cautious route to capture us.

[x] //communication logs neurological connection [ERROR RUMIA] and [335RUMIA]
>> No. 84816
[X] Ask Sigma a question.
- [X] What is a keter? Where are they from? Were they involved in Sigma's (& siblings') creation?

This is assuming we don't already know about them.
>> No. 84817
[x] //communication logs neurological connection [ERROR RUMIA] and [335RUMIA]
>> No. 84819
[x] //end
>> No. 84820
[x] //communication logs neurological connection [ERROR RUMIA] and [335RUMIA]

This looks important.
>> No. 84821
Still trying to have it both ways:
[x] //communication logs neurological connection [ERROR RUMIA] and [335RUMIA]
[x] What is a keter?
>> No. 84823
What do we know about Sigma's species catalog so far?

34: Pak
171: Gods (Dehisco Vermis Infestus Deus)
193: Human
205: Youkai?
232: Celestial
287: Oni (Homo Sapiens Onicus Demonicus)
335: Youkai of darkness?
345: Hive

Isn't it interesting that Sigma recognizes Rinnosuke as half-youkai, but doesn't recognize Youmu as half-ghost?
>> No. 84824
keter=crown in hebrew, so i'm guesssing a "keter being" is to describe high level/high ability beings.
>> No. 84825
That would be an interesting question to ask Sigma.


No idea what those mean.
>> No. 84827
Hm, I wonder if Rumia was the 'giant mouth coming out of head' girl or whatever it was. The one who fooled Satori but then was ID'ed as hostile by Sigma.
>> No. 84828
[x] //communication logs neurological connection [ERROR RUMIA] and [335RUMIA]

EX-Rumia and Rumia

>//I am not going to try to stop you
>//oni plus oni

What does he mean by this? That something will happen? Or is it that group of is something he wouldn't want to mess with?
>> No. 84829

Since both Youmu and Rinnosuke share Type 193, we can assume it's the Type for human. Odd that Youmu is just a human; maybe she hasn't realized her abilities yet?
>> No. 84830
Youmu isn't half dead right now.
>> No. 84831
>Hm, I wonder if Rumia was the 'giant mouth coming out of head' girl or whatever it was.
I guess that would explain why she's on the list without being a member.

[x] //communication logs neurological connection [ERROR RUMIA] and [335RUMIA]
>> No. 84832
File 124025207010.jpg - (91.61KB , 316x600 , youmu298.jpg ) [iqdb]
Rinnosuke having a thing for school uniforms doesn't surprise me, and neither does Tenshi, really, but Youmu? Heh.

Now I can just imagine her putting her uniform on, taking a look in the mirror, and finding her panties getting wet.
>> No. 84833
Maybe because a ghost is just a dead human? It is a neural interface, after all.

>//still prefer gravatics

And now I really want him to meet Suika.
>> No. 84834
More talky-time with Sigma, or back to snuggling in bed with Satori? Talk with Sigma, snuggle with Satori? Sigma, Satori, Sigma, Satori...

Oh hell, I'm curious.

[X] //communication logs neurological connection [ERROR RUMIA] and [335RUMIA]
>> No. 84835
Remember, talking to Sigma takes very little time, so we can have both!
>> No. 84836
[X] //communication logs neurological connection [ERROR RUMIA] and [335RUMIA]
[X] Ask Sigma a question.
- [X] What is a keter? Where are they from? Were they involved in Sigma's (& siblings') creation?
>> No. 84837
[X] //communication logs neurological connection [ERROR RUMIA] and [335RUMIA]
>> No. 84841
[X] //communication logs neurological connection [ERROR RUMIA] and [335RUMIA]
>> No. 84844
[x] //communication logs neurological connection [ERROR RUMIA] and [335RUMIA]
[x] Ask Sigma a question.
- [x] What is a keter? Where are they from? Were they involved in Sigma's (& siblings') creation?
>> No. 84845
[X] //communication logs neurological connection [ERROR RUMIA] and [335RUMIA]
[X] Ask Sigma a question.
---[X] You'd like to see the logs of different species Sigma has been in contact with recently.
>> No. 84847
[X] Ask Sigma a question.
- [x] Ask if he knows anything about the various people we encountered (Komachi, Sanae, Reimu etc)
>> No. 84848
Suddenly, Youmu asks Hibiki for an awkward favour.
"Hibiki, did you ever think of trying to wear something.... different?"
>> No. 84852
Sigma is a machine. He's just telling us that as an Oni we should mate with other Oni. Whether that is strictly his intent, or is just trying to get us away from Rika, I'm not quite sure.

Oh dear Jesus, no.
>> No. 84854
>>Whether that is strictly his intent, or is just trying to get us away from Rika, I'm not quite sure.

Well, he did say it himself:
>>//sexual intercourse with her own kind would be beneficial

He probably isn't opposed to us getting involved with her, if we so chose. He just doesn't want her to get hurt if we do. Hence his friendly warning:
>>//inflict hurt on her and I will use what remains of my gravity manipulators to crush your sexual organs into a fine paste

Of course, considering we'd be talking about intercourse between a human and a being that's apparently capable of tearing through reinforced steel with his bare hands, maybe Sigma would prefer if we stuck with someone far more naturally durable after all. Neither breaking Rika's heart nor her bones would sit well with our friendly neighborhood weapon of mass destruction, I'm sure.
>> No. 84856
We can deal with Rika when she's bent over/lying down in front of us with a cake on her ass, and us with a knife and fork.

Personally I think we should partner that event up with our promise to Tewi, and going beyond the second wave. Reach the peak of being lucky, kick some serious ass, and then end it all with a tasty treat off someone's ass.
>> No. 84858
File 124026896241.jpg - (676.31KB , 1280x960 , 69398423.jpg ) [iqdb]
>"Extra Stage - Purple (brown?) eyes, long purple (brown?) hair in two braids, has white horns, wears a strange red hat. Wears a purple shirt with a red ribbon in front"
You never know, EX-Rika might be an oni as well.
>> No. 84860
>Of course, considering we'd be talking about intercourse between a human and a being that's apparently capable of tearing through reinforced steel with his bare hands
I think Rika'll be fine if we ever end up sticking it to and in her.
>> No. 84866
>I think you have an error in there.

>//I can make some error in you

Hibiki got served.
>> No. 84870
>Of course, considering we'd be talking about intercourse between a human and a being that's apparently capable of tearing through reinforced steel with his bare hands, maybe Sigma would prefer if we stuck with someone far more naturally durable after all.

Inb4 another shitstorm about maiming the girl during sex.
>> No. 84881
Knife and fork? Fuck that noise. We're going in face first!
>> No. 84882

>We can deal with Rika when she's bent over/lying down in front of us with a cake on her ass, and us with a knife and fork.


>knife and fork


You eat cake with a knife and fork?
>> No. 84883

I can't speak for him, but where I come from that's a little something called class.
>> No. 84884
Depending on how I want the cake to look after I start getting into it, yes.

Kind of hard to use a fork to create a slice out of a whole cake.
>> No. 84885
Wait, how much cake are we eating off her ass?
>> No. 84886
Just so long as we don't have to use a straw...
>> No. 84887

I'd assume it is purely up to us to decide. She said we could eat cake off her ass, and she never specified how much. We could bring in a multi-layered wedding cake if we wanted to spite her that badly.
>> No. 84891
Eating even a full normal sized cake is probably too much. Even if an oni wouldn't get physically sick from it, I'm sure you'd get mentally sick of eating that much cake, regardless of what it's sitting on. Putting a whole wedding cake on her ass would look funny, but I don't think it'd be that much more humiliating to eat it since you'd start so far away.

Let's keep things simple and just put like 2-3 slices of cake off her ass. And using a goddamn fork would just defeat the purpose
>> No. 84898
I'd still be for bringing in a large napkin, a knife, and a fork just for prop purposes at the start to give her the wrong idea would be worth it before digging in how we really are going to.
>> No. 84899

You can be classy while eating cake off a girl's ass?
>> No. 84900

You just have to extend your pinky while doing it.
>> No. 84901
File 124028569862.jpg - (169.33KB , 800x757 , nitori062.jpg ) [iqdb]

You can be classy while doing anything. In fact, the nastier the job, the more classy you look when doing it immaculately.

Trust me. I'm a scientist.
>> No. 84902

Looks like an electric bicycle seat.
>> No. 84906
Maybe I'm missing something, but why would you want to maximize the amount of cake? I mean, I love cake as much as the next guy, but isn't that more like the road trip rather than the destination?

Doesn't the real fun start where the cake ends and the ass begins?
>> No. 84927
Maximizing the size of the cake means maximizing the area in which tongue to ass contact can be sufficiently justified as licking up frosting.

Also, I think we're putting way too much thought into this.
>> No. 84928
Can we drizzle the cake in chocolate syrup, giving us an excuse to lick her most intimate region when the syrup inevitably drips over it?
>> No. 84930
Between the idea of maximizing surface coverage and the use of syrup, I think we should go for a slightly different approach.

Not asscake, gentlemen. Asspancakes.

And there are far worse things and ways to over-think than this. Better to be united under over-thinking asscakes than divided over-thinking the mechanics and hazards of sex with an Oni.

Truly, asscake is the Great Unifier.
>> No. 84933
[~] Ask Sigma a question.
- [z] What is a keter?
[e] //communication logs neurological connection [ERROR RUMIA] and [335RUMIA]
>> No. 84937
I'm reminded of the dialogue in Mallrats about Wonder Woman being the only woman who could bear Superman's children, because his ejaculation would punch holes in any normal woman.
>> No. 84945
>> No. 84950
File 124029731566.png - (476.99KB , 600x800 , 16b20d46cb980734c494638d796aa6c7.png ) [iqdb]
I'm all for a Suika route providing it doesn't end in a SAD END and/or despair, especially if we find out that there was something special between us... which actually might explain our pent up sexual frustration.
>> No. 84953
>The problem is this. Electroencephalograms taken of men and women during sexual intercourse show that orgasm resembles "a kind of pleasurable epileptic attack." One loses control over one's muscles.

>Superman has been known to leave his fingerprints in steel and in hardened concrete, accidentally. What would he to to the woman in his arms during what amounts to an epileptic fit?

So I guess that leaves out holding most of the girls during sex
>> No. 84956

What it might be like to sex up Suika only a lot more oni on oni dominance and a lot less being a pussy

>oni plus oni

Indeed Sigma...
>> No. 84957
Also, I would imagine there would be a lot of wrecked furniture.
>> No. 84962
In before absolutely no consequences or danger in boning perfectly non-invincible women and you've all been fretting over this like ninnies when you could have been pounding vagina like a hero.
>> No. 84964

We won't know until we exercise our right to some tail from Tewi at this rate since that's the only sure thing right now
>> No. 84965
To be fair, what do you think we've been trying to do all evening, but have failed due to either cockblocking via Orin or being too physically fatigued?
Had things gone more smoothly, and we not worn ourselves out with fighting for our life, fighting for our life some more, running for our life, only to wind up fighting for our life yet again, I'm sure we could have at least hit it so hard with Tewi that our luck would have shot through the goddamn roof, making us so lucky we'd basically be a walking cheat code.

It's too late now, anyway. Best to focus on what's ahead, like giving Mima and Nitori hell for voting in favor us getting snuffed out, planting the seeds for our reintroduction to Suika, gaming with Kaguya, hanging out with Brokou, tea time with Sanae, maybe getting to know Wriggle some more, and working our Oni mojo on the rest of the female population.
>> No. 84973
what is all this I don't even

I love you people. I love this place.

I'll get writing again in between fending of screeching midgets and falling off boats.
>> No. 84974
Why are you fighting asian monk midgets on a rowboat?
>> No. 84975
Because it's all a part of his training, obviously.
>> No. 84978
Those must some vicious midgets.
>> No. 84982
>like giving Mima and Nitori hell for voting in favor us getting snuffed out

Yeah, right. As if Anon had the balls for that. The only option I can see Anon voting for right now is to glare at them during.
>> No. 84986
You mean grope.
>> No. 84988
We shall glare at them very very evil so that they will regret it.
>> No. 84991

Mima's a big girl. She can take one to the face, no problem.
>> No. 84992
>Mima's a big girl. She can take one to the face, no problem.
If you know what I mean.
>> No. 85051
I'd update her, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 85053
Shit has been crazy. Working on requests. Chill, I'm back on Saturday.
>> No. 85114
Got home today, but wiped out and too tired to write much yet, sorry about that. I'll finish this update for tomorrow and then try to get back to speed after a proper night's sleep.