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You’ve already decided what you must do. After that message that Yuka left on your phone you have no choice but to check out her shop. Leaving Mokou behind, especially after that whole scene, isn’t really an option.

“Alright,“ Turning to face Mokou, you begin, “Well, there’s something I need to check out, and--”

Mokou holds up a hand, stopping you mid-sentence. “I know you’re probably about to invite me along on whatever little misadventure you’re about to run off on, but I can’t go with you. I’m already late for work as it is. Given that the owner gave me this job as a favor to my mom, there’s no way I can miss. He’s going to be mad enough as it is that I’m late.” Pulling her cell phone from her pocket she glances at the time displayed on the front. “Ah, good, I should just be able to make the train. Call me tonight! Or else!” Smiling at you briefly, Mokou turns and breaks off into a run towards the train station.

The grin sends a shiver down your spine.

Well, damn. So much for bringing her along. Glancing at your own phone you curse inwardly. You’re going to have to run if you want to catch the train. Turning, you run off in the opposite direction.

Panting and sweating you push your way onto the train. After your run through the mazelike corridors of the streets, you really don’t want to be dealing with this many people. Still, You’re just glad that you made the train at all. The sound of the doors sliding shut behind you only serves to reinforce this. Grabbing onto a hand hold you pull yourself through the crowd. The train lurches forward causing you to stumble slightly and tighten your grip on the handhold. It would seem that the trains on this line are older than those that you’re used to taking.

The ride is largely uneventful, punctuated only by people getting off the train at the various stops. While it is boring, it does allow you to snag a seat after about the third or fourth stop. Several stops later, you look up to see that you’re the only person left on the train.

Odd. While Yuka’s shop is well out from the hub of the city, you didn’t think that it would be so far out as to result in an empty train. Looking out the window you don’t even see the lights from the city any more. Blinking you stare out the window. The only thing that greets you is pitch blackness as far as the eye can see. Even if Yuka’s shop was on the most extreme edge of the city there should be some lights, either from buildings or from the city center far in the distance.

You stand up to see if the view is the same out of all the windows when you feel the train begin to slow. Outside the window opposite you, a concrete slab slides through the darkness, illuminated by a single light post casting a pool of light weakly against the surrounding darkness. At the very edge of the light cast there seems to be several trees. No, a forest would be a more accurate description as your eyes adjust to the darkness and you can make out the forms of several other trees swaying slightly. Pressing yourself up against the window, engrossed in this bizarre view, you failed to notice the aged woman who boarded the train. The woman takes a seat across from you as the train lurches forward. She clears her throat and begins speaking.

“Achem. Don’t you think you should sit down, son? If you stay like that, you’ll likely get knocked to the floor the next time the train stops.”

You almost jump out of your skin as you spin to face the woman. “Uh. . . I suppose you’re right,” Taking a seat you try to focus on her but seem to be able to identify anything but the fact that she’s an old woman. “Thank you for the suggestion, Miss. . .”

The woman impatiently brushes a stray lock of graying hair from her face. “My name is unimportant at this juncture, time is short, so I’ll be brief. “Take care.”

“Excuse me?” You stare at the woman quizzically.
“You’ll be meeting many new people soon. Some you’ve met before, some you’ve never known. Not all of them will be trustworthy. Trust your instincts.”

You scoff at this. “What are you going on about, grandma?”

“You’ll see soon enough,” The woman chuckles quietly to herself, “But the time for idle banter has ended. This is my stop.”

The train’s brakes scream as it suddenly lurches to a stop. You are especially thankful that you listened to the woman and sat down properly, otherwise you’d likely have been thrown to the front of the train. With a sprightliness surprising for someone of her seemingly advanced years, the woman stands to the doors of the train.

“One last thing. Don’t forget to--”

The whole train lurches to the side before the woman can finish speaking. Rocking back and forth violently, you swear you hear someone yelling at you.

“Damn kid. Wake up!”

A sharp stinging in your face brings you back to your senses.

“Damn kid, last stop. Get off the train.”

Looking around, you see that the train is still in the city.

“You can’t stay on this train. If you don’t have anywhere to go, that’s not my problem, just get the hell off of my train.”

Stumbling to your feet you shuffle off the train while the conductor who threw you off grumbles something about worthless homeless people. A fog still envelops your head as you stumble down from the train platform, but a quick shake of your head seems to clear it some. If that was a dream, it was a bizarre and strangely realistic one. You shake your head again and set off towards Yuka’s shop once again.

Meanwhile; elsewhere. . .

Ripping the helmet from her head, the shadowy figure curses to herself. “I thought I’d have more time. Oh well, at least I got the important part across.” Slumping down in the chair, another, much smaller figure runs up to her.

“I told you it was too dangerous. I TOLD you. Now c’mon. We have to get you back to bed. You need all the energy you can get.”

A smile crosses the slumped over woman’s face. “You’re too kind. Thank you again, little one.”


It’s late evening by the time you finally arrive at Yuka’s shop. You now fully realize why Patchouli had the four of you driven when you visited last time. She never would have survived that walk.

The shop itself seems largely undamaged, excluding the obviously smashed in window on the door, and the police tape wrapped around said door. You spend several minutes searching around the front of the store for any clues that might have been missed by police. Seems that luck isn’t with you in that there’s nothing that you can identify as being a clue out front. That means that there’s only one thing left to do. You’ve to get inside that store and see if you can find anything. Stepping up to the door you swallow hard. Since the police are gone, you don’t think that there could be anything harmful inside, but you’d also be trespassing on a crime scene. That’s not really a good idea either, but you need answers. Steeling your courage you go to reach through the shattered window on the door, when you see a light being cast on the inside. Shit, there’s someone else here! Leaping back from the door, you quickly run and hide behind a car parked nearby the front of the shop. From your vantage point you’ve an excellent view of the front of the store.

The door rattles a moment as it’s unlocked from the inside. Swinging open it reveals a young girl, about your age. Green hair, wearing a plaid vest and matching pants, she has a parasol and a flashlight tucked under one arm as she fiddles with a set of keys to re-lock the door. She’s obviously not a police officer, given that she seems to be sneaking around. With the dream from the train fresh in your mind, you wonder if you should reveal yourself to this girl, or if more could be learned by observing.

[ ] Reveal yourself
[ ] Stay hidden
One year anniversary of MiG! woo! I figured that I should finish up some of my older works. I also had a story in the works for the Anniversary. . . I just didn't make the date itself. It should be along in the next week or so.
Oh yeah, also, the whole 'game' mechanic is out. Going to work this more as a story than as a game, which means that there's no more routelock, flags, or anything of that nature. I'll be keeping track of some things, but not like how I was before. Yes, there will be some bad things that happen, but there will be good. You've gotta take both in order to have anything resembling a decent story. I'll try to avoid the rampant screw overs of MiG, no, I can safely say that there won't be the rampant screw overs of MiG repeated upon GASD. You'll have a larger degree of control, and far more information when the shit hits the fan this time around. So, have at it.
[x] Reveal yourself

Looks like Yuka to me.
[ ] Reveal yourself
>Gensokyo Academy: School Days. Day 5, Thread 17

at first i was holy fucking shit awesome!

but then
............the despair is gone. no mindfuck, rage and hate? What is left?


[x] Stay hidden
>............the despair is gone. no mindfuck, rage and hate?

And that's a wonderful thing.
[X] Stay hidden

From the description, and the fact she's bothering to lock the door, it would SEEM to be Yuka...but if it was, why would we not recognize her? I would suggest further observation before exposing yourself.
Kira turned rage, hate, and despair into an evocative art form. Decisions we make with other authors on other boards still reverberate with the pangs of what occurred in MiG.

(jk Kira. I love your work.)

[x] Reveal yourself
Breaking and entering versus stalking, all I knows is she has the keys.
[X] Reveal yourself

Girl with green hair and parasol that we don't recognise... No way, it couldn't be Kogasa.
[z] Reveal yourself.
[e] "Yuuka..."Is that you? Are you all right?"

Maybe it's child-Yuuka? If there's two Reimus --PC-98 and her child-- Perhaps there are two Yuukas (Yuukae?): Modern Yuuka, and her bedtime-suited younger PC-98 daughter.

...This makes to someone else, too, right?

Anyway, if the person is sympathetic to Yuuka, they hopefully won't run off when they hear we're happy she's alive.
Oh shit.
Holy shit

[x] Reveal yourself

Kogasa wouldn't be wearing plaid.

[X] Reveal yourself

Bandwagon jumpan gaems~
[X] Reveal yourself.

This is a good day!
Not bothering to vote, because I don't want to involve myself with something that is bound to fail within a thread and involve all kinds of whining and excuses from Kira.

This way, my hopes stay down, and I never get hurt.
but you can never get good things that way

and we shall see if it will fail. 50/50 at least.
[X] Reveal yourself.
inb4 DISPAIR wrong choice you should of stay hidden
File 123920553297.png - (332.97KB, 448x669 , Yuka-yuka.png) [iqdb]
The girl is still fumbling with the keys as you make your decision. Coming out from behind the car, you do your best to sound stuffy and officious. “Excuse me, miss, but what do you think you’re doing here.”

The girl drops the keys and whirls to face you, brandishing the umbrella in your direction. Seeing that it’s not a police officer she relaxes slightly. “I should be asking you the same damn question. I’d suggest you get the fuck out of here before I’m forced to hurt you.”

Taken slightly aback by the girl’s rough language you try your best to hide your surprise. Failing to do so, the girl cocks an eyebrow at you.

“What the fuck’s your problem? God, it’s like you’ve never heard a fucking girl talk like this you ass wipe. So, what the fucking hell are you doing here, bastard? You one of the fucks involved with making my mother disappear?”

You fail to hide your shock once again, “Woah, wait, what? Mother?”

“Yeah, she’s my fucking mother... Wait,” the girl sweeps up the keys with her parasol and moves closer to you. “You look... Familiar.” Pressing her face in close, you can see a glint of light off of her deep red eyes and feel her breath against your skin. Now, mere inches away, you can see that the girl really is quite attractive, despite her foul mouth.

“Ah! I know who the fuck ya are! You’re that bitch’s kid! Mamaw or somethin’.”

This girl’s really starting to grate on your nerves. “Her name was Mima. And yes, Mima was my mother.”

“Ah good, I fucking found you too!” The girl jams the umbrella’s spike up against your neck. “Now, Tell me what the fuck happened to my mother before I perforate your goddamn throat.”

“I don’t know anything about that! That’s why I’m here. I got a call from her the other day, apparently as the whole thing was happening!”

“Feh, and next you’ll expect me to believe that the damn phone just ‘magically’ deleted the message after you fucking listened to it!”

“Err... well, that is what happened...”

The girl glares at you.

“Ah, but there is an easy way to check this!” You spout in an attempt to placate the girl, “You could always go inside and hit re-dial. Supposing nobody else has used the phone since then, it should call me!”

“Fine. We’ll play your little fucking game.” The girl grabs you by your hair and swings you away from the car and towards the store. A jabbing pain in your back identifies the spike of the parasol as the prod pushing you towards the store. “Move.”

After being pushed a short distance towards the store, the girl jerks it open. Apparently, she didn’t get the door locked after she came out before. Shoving you inside she pulls it shut quietly behind her and locks it. The entire store smells musty and of plants. Even in the darkness of the shaded interior, you can make out the many rows of plants scattered all over the store. It’s quite obvious that a struggle took place here. Another prodding from the girl reminds you that you’re supposed to be moving. Into the back of the store you’re driven. Though darker here, the smell of plants is much stronger. A single pool of light is suddenly cast as the girl turns on her flashlight. Shining it on a door, she prods you in the back again.

“Get the fuck over there.”

Jabbing you in the back a few times to get you moving, the girl’s hand whips out and grabs your phone. Kicking the door open with one foot the girl shoves you inside and locks the door. “Just stay the fuck put for now.” Her footsteps fade away from the door as she heads off to wherever it is she’s heading.

The room you’re in is pitch black, and doesn’t seem very large. It’s likely either a closet or some sort of office, but you can’t really be sure in the darkness. The door behind you is yanked open a few moments later with the young woman looking rather upset.

“Fine, you were telling the fucking truth. Here’s your damn phone. Now, what the fuck did she say, asshole?”

You take your phone back and pocket it in one swift motion. “She said that she had some questions that only I could answer, then there was a smashing sound in the background, and the message cut out there. Something about Mima and freq. . .I’m not sure what the second thing she said was when it started breaking up.”

The girl stood there biting her lower lip, seeming to be lost in thought. “So. What was she going to ask you?”

“I have no idea what-so-ever.” You shake your head and shrug your shoulders. “She apparently never got the chance to ask me.”

“humph. Fine.” The girl stomps her foot. “Get the fuck out of here, wouldja? I have more work to do.”

[ ] Get the fuck out of dodge
[ ] Offer to stay and help
[x] Offer to stay and help.

I like Mini!Yuka. I bet she's a tiger in the sack.
[ ] Offer to stay and help
[X] Get the fuck out of dodge

My. She's every bit as charming as the daughter of another Touhou we know of.
>there's no more routelock, flags, or anything of that nature.
>no more route lock


But that's ok. I'm just happy that GASD is back.
[ ] Offer to stay and help.
[x] Get the fuck out of dodge

I forget, were there plans on a target? Just the obvious Mokou interest?
Last I recall, we were for either Kaguya, Mokou, or both, but then the whole "Tell Marisa the truth! DOOOOOOOOON'T TELL MARISA THE TRUTH! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH" thing happened, and with that the DESPAIR began to set in, further compounded by the near-death on the roof, loss of some voice mail messages, and that silly bit with the notes and Ran.

There might be some people who wanted to go for Reimu after that scene in the classroom, and I know that some people were wanting to gun for Yuka on, though, but otherwise I don't remember who else we would have been going for.
[x] Get the fuck out of dodge
She has work to do even though she was just leaving. Right. Suspicious, but we've done enough for today.
I still think we should pursue the imouto route
[x] Offer to stay and help

I still hate you Kira for taking away our fluffy bunny ears , but we need to man up for now.
[x] Offer to stay and help.
[X] Offer to stay and help

Why not?
>>Why not?
You mean aside from her shining personality and girlish charm? The fact she clearly wants us to go away? That she is armed with a weapon and seems quite willing to use it, be it to either drive us away, or to knock us unconscious and anally violate us while we are bound and gagged in the back room of the shop?

...though, I suppose that last one is actually an incentive to some people.
>“Get the fuck out of here, wouldja? I have more work to do.”
Oh really?
>Swinging open it reveals a young girl, about your age. Green hair, wearing a plaid vest and matching pants, she has a parasol and a flashlight tucked under one arm as she fiddles with a set of keys to re-lock the door.

Looks like she was ready to leave just now. Suspicious~ Question is, give a distraught (and violent) girl the 3rd degree, or let an obvious inconsistency slide?

[X] Ask about the work; she looked ready to leave just now.

Consideration vote (I'm a dick). The mysterious Mima/Yuka connection gives us just as much a right to be concerned about this as her, especially with the whole Marisa thing looming in the background.
I'm not sure if it's really an inconsistency, though. After all, while she appeared perfectly ready to go before we revealed ourselves, our sudden appearance and explanation of what we do (and do not) know about Yuka's disappearance might have given her an idea of a new lead to follow.

Besides, she didn't say anything about the work she had to do being there, in the store. She could easily still have something to do in the general area.
...or, of course, it could just be that as someone whose mother just disappeared after a clearly violent altercation and finding that the one person she thought might know something is even more clueless than she is, she wants to be alone right now, and telling us to buzz off because she has work to do is a convenient excuse.
[x] Offer to stay and help
[x] Ask her to call you if she finds any lead to your mother/Yuka's disappearance
>Besides, she didn't say anything about the work she had to do being there, in the store.
Right, I think she just doesn't want us to be in the store after she leaves.

[x] Ask her to call you if she finds any lead to your mother/Yuka's disappearance
[x] Get the fuck out of dodge
She's too pissed off, we probably won't get any more information out of her now. We have sisters to look after.
[X] Offer to stay and help
[x] Offer to stay and help
[x] Ask her to call you if she finds any lead to your mother/Yuka's disappearance
[~] Offer to stay and help.
[z] Ask if her mother had any enemies, or suffered from/harbored any long-time grudges.
[e] Ask her to call you if she finds any lead to your mother/Yuka's disappearance.

>You one of the fucks involved with making my mother disappear?”
Called it!
Calling it. offer to stay and help with the subtext of asking to be informed of any leads wins the day. Update should be along either late tonight or sometime tomorrow, due to work.

Updates coming, home from work, writing, etc.
Delays delays all around. Shorter update for now.

“Well, is there anyway I can help you with it?” You ask, hopefully.

After giving you the once over, Yuka scoffs. “You? Help me? HAH! That’s a good one! And just what, prey tell, could you possibly help me with?”

“I don’t know. You said you had some work to do. Maybe I could help you with that, if you’d tell me what it is you’re doing.”

“I don’t have to tell you a god damn fucking thing.”

“Well, excuse me! Here I thought you might like some help, but I can see that its obviously not wanted.”

“Well then., dip shit, Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

You shake your head. While this girl is unbearable, this ribbing back and forth feels familiar somehow. Well, maybe not with this girl, but familiar somehow. As you turn to leave, a thought crosses your mind.

“Hey. Gimee your cell number.”

“Why the hell would I do that?”

“If I find out anything that could help find your mother, I could call you.” You toss your phone to the girl, who catches it deftly.

“Humph.” The girl quickly keys her number into your phone before shoving it back into your hands with another one. “Put yours in. If I decide that you’re worth letting help me, you’ll hear from me.”

You quickly key the number into her phone and toss it back to her.

“Fine. I guess this makes you my fucking partner, for the time being.” Faster than you can see, she grabs you with the hooked end of her umbrella and pulls you in to her. Pressed up against her, you can feel the warmth of the body as her face gets very close to yours once again. “But. . .” You feel her breath, warm upon your skin. “Cross me and you’ll pay.” Yuka pushes you away from her causing you to stumble slightly before regaining your footing.

“Now, Really. Get the hell out.”

“Yeah, yeah. It’s getting late anyways, and I’ve got school tomorrow.” Sighing you turn to leave, only to have Yuka fly in front of you.

“School? You mean the Academy?” Her hand connects firmly with your chest. “I forgot about that. Your mother helped set up that place, didn’t she? There’s something odd about that place, and it’s not easy to sneak into. You, however, you could be very useful to me.” Yuka shoves you backwards a couple of times until you feel yourself falling into a chair. Now looking up at the foul mouthed girl, she grins down at you.

“I need your help to get into there. Get me in as a student. I need a family to vouch for me, given that my mother’s missing at the moment. Sure, she helped set up the place, but none remember HER over Mima. But, if her family was to vouch for me? They’d let me walk into that place like nothing. So. You really want to fucking be useful to me, Help me become a student there.”

[ ] Help her.
[ ] Don’t help.
[ ] Help her.
[X] Help her.

Could be interesting having Yuka II as a student, even if Reimu II is already more than filling the bitch-quotient there.

We left Reimu broken and on the run from her mother. I don't expect she'll be too much a problem. She's probably mindlessly playing games in Kaguya's arcade all day and night.

[x] Help her.

I want to introduce Yuka II to Wriggle.
[x] Help her.
[x] "I'll try, but I can't guarantee they will accept you."
[x] "You should try to be more ladylike, I don't want any people dieing from that mouth of yours going off"

if write ins aren't allow i guess I'll go with
[x] help her

don't want her bitching with we fail, since we already got Reimu Jr. with the role of bitching, we don't want 1 more and second option is trying to get her to at least ACT like she's going there to learn instead of a disguise of investigation
[ze] Help her.

Just don't let Marisa find out.
[X] Help her.
[X] Don't help her

1)Yuka was a rival or Mima and was shadowed by Mima's fame. This girl clearly has a deep grudge against Mima because of that.
2)She is not interessed in Mima. Finding out what happened to Mima is the main goal of GASD, and not recovering the lost memory (that's just a step towards the main goal)
3)She may actually disturb our investigation of what happened to Mima, and won't solve the amnesia problem, given that she barely recognized the protagonist.
4)I don't like her.
>1)Yuka was a rival or Mima and was shadowed by Mima's fame. This girl clearly has a deep grudge against Mima because of that.

I think it's more clear that she was raised by Yuka than that she bears us any specific animosity. And what's more is that her mother is missing, which would put anyone on edge.

>2)She is not interessed in Mima. Finding out what happened to Mima is the main goal of GASD, and not recovering the lost memory (that's just a step towards the main goal)

Yes, but her mother is. We know her mother had information pertaining to Mima that she wanted to relay to us before she was spirited away, and we know Marisa, who has been maintaining our amnestic state, explicitly told us to stay away from her. Helping this girl is the only chance we have of finding her mother again and finding out what Marisa didn't want us to know.

>3)She may actually disturb our investigation of what happened to Mima, and won't solve the amnesia problem, given that she barely recognized the protagonist.

I'm doubtful that she would get in her mother's way. There's no reason for her to care about her mother's already-settled grudges.

>4)I don't like her.

Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.
>Ripping the helmet from her head, the shadowy figure curses to herself. “I thought I’d have more time. Oh well, at least I got the important part across.” Slumping down in the chair, another, much smaller figure runs up to her.
>“I told you it was too dangerous. I TOLD you. Now c’mon. We have to get you back to bed. You need all the energy you can get.”
>A smile crosses the slumped over woman’s face. “You’re too kind. Thank you again, little one.”

A bit late, but who else thinks this was Patchouli and Koakuma in our dream?

Probably. But only thing I can say is that the intermission was a bit anti-climatic.
[X] Help her.
[X] Help her
File 123959466967.jpg - (133.38KB, 450x600 , 0bcfe294c84103726483088fa976e6fa.jpg) [iqdb]
[\!/] Help her.

This Yuuka is love. In a sadist kind of way.
Calling it for the almost unanimous vote for helping her, with a light seasoning of
[x] "I'll try, but I can't guarantee they will accept you."
[x] "You should try to be more ladylike, I don't want any people dieing from that mouth of yours going off"

Writing will occur after work.

grandfather had a heart attack, writing delayed temporarily.
Been a hellish week. But you probabally don't care about that. Updates may be slow going forward, but they will come.

"Alright, alright! I’ll help you. Jeeze. You really are quite the violent one, aren’t you?” You wince as she smacks you.

“So what if I am? It’s never fucking steered me wrong before.” Yuka rummages around inside her vest for a moment before producing an envelope which she roughly shoves into your hands. “All it needs is your family’s seal on it, and that should get me in as a student. I’ve already filed the application, I just need the recommendation. Do that for me and you’ll be helping out like the little fucking boy scout you wanna be.”

The envelope is quickly tucked away in your jacket. “Alright. I’ll do my best. I can’t guarantee that this will get you in though, you know. Even if my mother did help set up the school.” sighing, you shake your head, “It’s not like she’s still around, it’d only be a seal from her family. That I can guarantee isn’t as good as coming from my mother herself. It might still carry some weight, but really, it hasn’t gotten me any special treatment. Now move so I can get out of here, would you?”

Yuka steps aside allowing you up from the chair.

As you move to leave, a thought occurs to you. Turning around, you face Yuka and take her hand in yours. A look of surprise and confusion crosses her face as you move in close. “You know, a beautiful flower such as yourself” You gaze into her eyes, causing her cheeks to flush slightly. “Really should carry herself in a more. . . Lady like fashion.”

Yuka expression gives away quite easily the fact that she’s been flustered by your sudden debonair demeanor. As she tries to stutter a response, you break out laughing. “Oh jeeze, I couldn’t keep a straight face any longer. That was too perfect. But really, you should watch your language. The Academy is really quite strict about such things.”

Her face towards the ground, you see Yuka’s shoulders shaking slightly.

“Uh. . . Are you ok?”

“Leave. Now.” Her voice is barely above a whisper. You catch the slightest hint of the murderous tone that it carries, thanks in no small part to Mokou having done the same thing to you recently. Taking this as a very clear sign that you took your joke too far, you rapidly vacate the building.

The trip home is as uneventful as the trip to the store was.

As you walk up to your house, you’re surprised by how brightly lit it seems to be. The front steps disappear behind you as you take them in a single bound and open the door to the house.

“I’m home!” You announce to nobody in particular.

No response.

You slip off your shoes and quietly walk further into the house. A glance into the living room as you walk past tells you that there’s nobody in there. Ditto with the kitchen. However, you notice a note on the table. Walking over and picking it up you read it quickly.

I took your sisters out for ice cream. They just seemed like they could use the cheering up. We shouldn’t be back too late. Dinner’s in the oven.

Well, that solves the mystery of why the house is lit up. ‘Makes the burglars think there’s someone home’ or something of that nature is what your father would say. Opening up the oven, there’s a small ceramic dish with something in it. Thinking you were going to pass on it, your stomach growled loudly, making your mind up for you.

Sitting at the table having eaten dinner now, you wonder what you should do next.

[ ] Go to bed, it’s been a long day.
[ ] Watch some TV.
[ ] Read the letter Yuka gave you.
[ ] Take a bath.
[ ] Clean up the house a bit.
>>[] Watch some TV.
Chance to learn about some event during the day that we missed in between evading death, detention, rape, scandal, death again?

>>[] Read the letter Yuka gave you.
Hm. Only if Kira can say that the letter is already "open" and the seal he means is an actual wax seal to close the envelop, then I change my vote to this.

[+] Take a bath.
We must smell like Reimu.
[X] Clean up the house a bit.

Good to have you back, Kira. Hope things get better for you.
[X] Read the letter Yuka gave you.
[X] Clean up the house a bit.
[x] Read the letter Yuka gave you.
[x] Read the letter Yuka gave you.
[x] Make sure you turned the oven off.
[x] Take a bath.
[x] Clean up the house a bit.
well... we might find some clues when we're cleaning or not. watching TV wold tell us some events that are happening in the city while opening Yuka's letter depends if it's sealed or not
[x] Read the letter Yuka gave you.
[ ] Watch some TV.
[ ] Read the letter Yuka gave you.
[ ] Take a bath.
[x] Clean up the house a bit.

To be fair, we could just put Yuka's letter in another envelope if it's already sealed.
But reading someones admission letter? That's just very fucking rude.
[x] Clean up the house a bit.
[x] Clean up the house a bit.
[d] Clean up the house a bit.
[a] Take a bath.
[z] Watch some TV.
[e] Go to bed, it’s been a long day.
Calling it for Cleaning. Writing will start sometime tonight when I get home

Leaning back in the chair, you glance around the kitchen. Dirty dishes are piled next to the sink, the plastic recycling is almost full, and the garbage can is nigh overflowing. Marisa hadn’t been gone that long, but you knew between your father and your sisters that nobody was likely to clean up, save Wriggle. Given that she was out with the rest of your family right now, that left the cleaning up to you.

Starting the sink to fill, you take the trash and the recycling out. On the way you make note of several other things that need to be cleaned up. I hits you that it might be a good idea to turn out the lights as you finish cleaning rooms so that you know where you’ve been already. The garbage and recycling in the can and tub, respectively, you turn to head back inside. A glint from in the grass next to the front door catches your eye. Kneeling down you see something that looks like a pen with a music note on the top of it. The size is a bit large for a pen, but given that it has a musical note on the top, and is the same lovely shade of pink that you know your sister loves, it’s obviously Mystia’s. You slip it in your pocket and make note to give it to her later.

Back inside you hurry back to the kitchen, making it just in time to shut off the water. A drop of soap later, you’re busily washing the dishes. It’d go much quicker if your siblings were here to help you assembly line it, but since they’re not, you’ve to wash, dry and put away. That task completed you turn to the rest of the house.

About an hour later you collapse onto the couch in the living room. You’d straightened up every room downstairs, and you didn’t have the energy to continue to the upstairs rooms. The couch is comfortable, and a haze slowly descends as you lie there, staring off into space.

Sometime later you jerk awake. The room is pitch black. You realize that you’ve been covered with a blanket, and there’s a pillow where your head was lying just a moment ago. Rubbing an eye with the back of your hand, you realize that you must have dozed off after cleaning the house. Your family must also be home, given that they’re the likely suspects to have given you the blanket and pillow. A shake of your head to clear the daze of sleep does little. You’re about to lie back down and just spend the rest of the night on the couch when you hear a sound coming from the back door. It sounded like it had just been closed, albeit quietly.

[ ] Go to the back door.
[ ] Sleep.
[ ] Watch TV.
[ ] Sneak around to the Back.
[ ] Sneak around to the Back.
File 124072130530.jpg - (278.49KB, 1280x1840 , b84d6037ca9fe5977a8b82988aeefb7c.jpg) [iqdb]
[\!/] Sneak around to the Back.

It's a SPY!

No, worse. A deredere Reimu.
[X] Sneak around to the Back.

Moving to intercept.
[ ] Sneak around to the Back.

Sneaking mission. All we need is a cardboard box.

Snake, I know you're reading this. Update.
[x] Sneak around to the Back.
Let's hope we don't get intercepted by Mokou instead for sneaking around thinking we're burglars and miss whoever left or we took too long and they're already gone
[x] Sneak around to the Back.

If you know what I mean.
[X] Sneak around to the Back.
But what if it's Mokou who is the one we're intercepting?
that would mean Mokou either forge a replica key to our house w/o our knowledge(meaning there could be others holding one too) or can pick locks.

I wouldn't think it to be improbable for your neighbor and best, most trusted friend to have a key to your house, or at the very least know where the spare is hidden if there is such a thing.
[ze] Go to the back door.

Were they coming in ...or going out?

This is the only way to be sure of seeing whoever it was.
Friendly reminder;
>Call me tonight! Or else!

[x] Sneak around to the Back.
[+] Go to the back door.

I'm waiting to pounce on the option.
[x] Don your Sneaking Suit, get a carboard box and some tranquilizers and sneak around to the back.
Don't worry, I haven't fucked you over on that.

Also calling it for Snackin gaemz. + writing.

P.S.: Yet.

>Don't worry, I haven't fucked you over on that.

all lies... i can already see the bad end here. A Kira is no to be trusted.
Oy, oy, cut that shit out right now.

I believe in Kirakishou.

The sad truth is that Anon will never trust Kira again until he delivers them to a good end.
And even then...
[]sneak around to the back.
[]grab some booze.
I forgot that in earlier choices.

If everyone keeps wallowing in their Kira despair, they'll never get the good end they seek and will only perpetuate their despair and the eventual 'Kira = DESPAIR' shitstorms.
Why the hell are you screaming? Nothing's actually happened yet.
_,,.. -- 、__,,..,,__
,. -<. `ヽァo、`ヽ.
, '7´ ) ';`ー゚) '、
ノ ! ; ! i'´ .i
;.' '; _!_ ,! ! /_!_ ,i ,i
,' '; L./ |__」/!_」__ ソ ,.イ |
i ,' !7´!ハ '! ,ハ`Y! / ,'
!_ハ_! ,ハ. ,!り '、_ノ ノ !コ i
ソーr' !'" "''r'´二.ヽ ',
;' ノノ>.、.,_ ワ _,. イ/´ _iノヽ i
i ン´ ,,.ィ`i7こ__ノ こ二、ヽ,ハノ
', ! ァ'レ' レ' i:::::iヽ._/ レ'
、_)、ノヽ/ / |:::::! (二`ヽノヽ_
/二_'i |::::::| ) `i Y´_,.]、
__/ / |:::::!| / !゚ー゚) ',

Can't see shit, Kira.

Also, that had better be a copypasta.
If not, it means you were making it when you could've been writing.
Oh, that's nice.
It seems to be missing something though.
What could it be, I wonder?

Oh, yes. That's it.
A gaping hole in her chest.
just as planned, just as fucking planned. He doesn't even need to do anything to get despair reaction. He just needs to sit back and enjoy the show. Dance my puppets dance.
He posted a bit of JIS art. That's "just as planned"?

Man your life must be one harrowing experience after another. Riding on the bus: "Oh, god. The elderly man in the seat across from me yawned! He's screwing with me. What's he planning? Oh, god. What is he...of course! He's trying to cause alarm! He's trying freak me out by yawning at me! That bastard! He yawned, knowing that I'd see it and become freaked out, and I did! That utter bastard!"

"Oh god, that woman tapped her foot!"
File 124104107827.jpg - (32.14KB, 500x281 , 11.jpg) [iqdb]
Learn from this man.
Congrats! You not only disregarded everything in the post you replied to, but also responded with a reference to a stale, overused meme! Your parents must be proud.
Huh? The point was to sarcastically suggest you become more like Itoshiki, who freaks out over trivial things twice an episode. The post was agreeing with you.

Sage as a tacit suggestion to take it easy~
You guys are nuts. Anyways, update's almost finished, 7 minutes. Tops.
If that was your intent, it really didn't come through too well. There isn't much sarcasm apparent in your four words.
File 124107374485.jpg - (38.38KB, 717x415 , House Layout.jpg) [iqdb]
In a single, swift motion, you roll off the couch and sneak off towards the front door. Slowly, painfully slow, almost, you creep along the hallway. Each step seems to make the floorboards creak in an improbably loud manner. Your heart hammering in your ears, your breathing sounding like a ragged wheeze.

Out the front door now. Carefully, carefully. Close it quietly, you don’t want to alert whoever. . . or whatever, may be behind the house. Noises. There’s several of them coming from behind the house, but you’re far too far away to identify any of them. Down the steps. Quietly. Quiet like a mouse. Into the grass, which muffles your footsteps. Crouching low, you lean against the house ever so slightly, using it as a guide and a means to keep yourself hidden. Slowly, carefully.

A rattling from behind the house draws your attention as you near the back corner.

Then, A voice, barely above a whisper. “Hurry! We can’t risk getting caught at this point, we have to go now!”

“But. . . but. . . What about our promise?” Another voice, also hushed.

“I’m going as fast as I can. They must have changed the locks on here, or I picked up the wrong keys” Hisses another.

“Just hurry!” The first again.

Slowly you lean around the corner, glancing into the gloom that resides behind your house. Four figures are gathered around the small shed in your back yard that contains gardening implements as well as the family’s bicycles.

Clack. The last lock pops open and the doors swing wide, surprising in their silence. Into the pitch black the four figures vanish momentarily only to emerge with the bikes in tow.

“D-did you hear something?” the second voice.

You duck back behind the corner, hoping that they didn’t see the movement.

“You’re hearing things, it’s just your nerves playing tricks on you. We haven’t been up to this as of late, so you’re afraid that we’ll be caught this time.” the third hisses.

“Let’s go~ We don’t have time to be wasting here.” a new voice.

“Yeah! Let’s go!” The first voice, on the precipice of leaving a whisper.

Three voices hiss for the first to be silent.

“Sorry,” it whispers.

You hear the gate into the alleyway pop open. Peeking out from behind the corner you manage to catch a glimpse of the figures vanishing out it. A glance around your back yard now confirms that you are alone there. Moving as stealthily as you can, you sneak to the back gate and look into the alleyway. It’s as empty as you had assumed it would be. You move quickly to the shed. A flip of the switch cause the light bulb overhead to blaze into life. Taking a quick stock, it’s easy to identify the bike that must be yours, and the older bikes that are obviously your parents. Missing, however, are the smaller bicycles that would belong to your sisters. All four of them. Either your sisters have just taken their bikes out for a late night joyride with out telling anyone, or they’ve just been stolen.

Out of nowhere, your phone starts ringing. You nearly jump out of your skin as you frantically try to get your phone out of your pocket. Flipping it open you hiss into it, trying to keep your voice down, “Hello?”

“Hey! Someone’s in your shed. I glanced out the window and saw the light was on. Whatcha whispering for?” It’s Mokou.

“It’s me in the shed,” your voice returns somewhat now. “Either someone stole my sister’s bikes, or they’ve taken off somewhere in the middle of the night!”

Mokou curses loudly. “They promised me they wouldn’t do this until you were feeling better. Damnit. Get on your bike and go after them. I’ll be out just as soon as I can sneak out. Go! Go!”

Hearing the frantic tone in Mokou’s voice you grab your bike with one hand as you shove your phone in your pocket with the other. You’re not sure where your sisters took off to, but you shouldn’t be that horribly far behind them in leaving. Flipping off the light and pushing the shed doors almost close, you’re off on your bike riding into the night.

- - -

It had taken a while, , but you had managed to track down your sisters. They were moving quickly, and glancing around frequently. You’re not sure if it was because they thought they might be followed, or if they were looking for something in particular. Either way you stayed a good distance back, making sure that you could easily see them. The winding path they had taken them eventually lead into one of the nearby large parks. Waiting a scant few moments, you follow them into the park only to discover that they’d seemingly vanished.

Just as you were about to ride on, a glint of light catches your attention out of the corner of your eye. Investigating, you find that it’s your sister’s bikes, expertly hidden among the bushes along side the path. It would seem that they’ve abandoned their bikes in favor of traveling on foot. You whip out your cell phone and quickly inform Mokou of where you’d found the bikes.

“Wait for me there. I’ll get there as quick as I can. Don’t do anything stupid.” Mokou sounds honestly concerned.

A loud noise and some shouting from the woods near where the bikes were hidden catches your attention.

[ ] Investigate the noise.
[ ] Wait for Mokou.
[ ] Call out for your sisters.
[x] Investigate the noise.
[ ] Investigate the noise.

I swear, if it's another fucking rapist, that fucker isn't leaving alive.
>>Wait for me there.
>>Don’t do anything stupid.

>>"Do something" option
>>"Don't do something" option
>>"Call out for _________" option

Oh. Crap.

[X] Wait for Mokou.
[X] Wait for Mokou.
[X] For the love of god, wait for Mokou.
oh god how could i have missed that. DAMN YOU KIRA
[X] Wait for Mokou.
[X] Wait for Mokou.
[X] Investigate the noise.

No way. Not willing to risk little sisters being raped. Not willing at all.
[X] Wait for Mokou.

A rapist attacking four girls at the same time? Really?
Tentacle monster.

[+] Wait for Mokou
[X] Investigate the noise.
[X] Wait for Mokou.
Wait, how far away is she anyways? Waiting 5, 10 minutes is fine, but any longer than that and I think it'd be better to just investigate.

How about four rapists?

[ ] Investigate the noise.
[x] Investigate the noise
I hope by "investigate", Kira means just observing them with zero chance of appearing in front of the sisters even if their in trouble or we get an option to choose what to do if it happens
>>85534 >>85572
Four rapist tentacle monsters?
What if there is no rapist? What if they are just having an incest fueled orgy?

I don't know, what if they're just a bunch of little sluts who go out and fuck random strangers every week in secret?

We're getting absurd now.

One rapist was absurd enough.
>Oh, hey, a noise! I wonder what it is? Omg, maybe it's rapist! Or a group of rapists! What should I do!" Oh, I know! I'm going to stay here and wait for Mokou while my sister are in possible danger. Yeah, that should keep the girls safe.

You guys are amazing.
[x] Investigate the noise

hey kira, why don't you stop gloating over creating yet another shitstorm and actually do something constructive, like, i don't know, writing?
[x] Wait for Mokou.
It's like I'm reading a bad porn doujin.
Hey, Maybe if I didn't have to work in the morning, a 2 hour train ride, and then treatement, and another 2 hour train ride home, I would have been. As it stands, calling it for:
Waiting for the Mokou to arrive.

But investigate has 7 and Mokou has 6.
Eh? I counted 6 for investigate and 7 for mokou, so unless someone deleted a vote and changed it since then, That's what my count stood at...

Oh, my bad. it's tied. Need a tie breaker.
[x] Investigate the noise
Alright. Calling it for Investigating the noise then. I'll probably start writing tomorrow, as I'm crashing out now.

Not Kira.
awake and writing. Update ETA: couple of hours to 7 minutes. Somewhere in there.
>>couple of hours to 7 minutes

Not "7 minutes to a couple of hours""... Oh, I see what you did there.

Up to the top.
File 124163848257.jpg - (600.57KB, 1280x1024 , 9squadGOGO!.jpg) [iqdb]
Appologies for delays. Kira was sick, and in the fevered madness of the illness, wrote an entire update for the wrong choice. ORZ. Proper update coming now.
Damn it. There’s no time to wait for Mokou to get here. You have to investigate that noise now. You’re not entirely sure why, but there’s something inside that tells you to hurry. One last glance around to see if Mokou was there, then you’re into the trees and undergrowth.

The going is slow and difficult as you shove your way into the woods. The undergrowth soon gives way to a maze of trees. Moving as quickly and quietly as you can towards where you first heard the noises from you all but stumble onto what seems like a small yet well worn path. Well, path may be an overstatement, it’s more like an animal trail. Traversing it is much easier than trying to find your way through the maze of trees, and is currently the only lead you have on your sisters, assuming they found the same trail. They don’t seem to be anywhere nearby, but a quick inspection reveals that this path has been trod recently. You break into a light jog as you travel along the path.

The sound of voices brings you to full attention. It sounds like someone’s arguing. Not close enough to make out who’s arguing about what. Getting low to the ground, you intend to sneak up on the arguing parties. No sense getting caught if it isn’t your sisters. Luck is not on your side tonight, though, as the arguing parties end their debate well before you manage to get close enough to catch even the smallest snippet. Damn. Your feet fly beneath you as you break into a run, trying to catch up to the group that was arguing, all thoughts of stealth lost. In your haste to catch up, however, you failed to notice when the forest ended before you could stop. As you burst through the brush, you find yourself rather exposed in an extremely large clearing. You glance around quickly, and not seeing your sisters, take refuge behind a rather large rock nearby.

Taking the time to fully examine your surroundings you find yourself in a rather large clearing, the other side barely visible from your vantage point. Rocks and boulders of varying sizes and shapes as well as many tree stumps and fallen trees litter the edge of the clearing. The middle of the clearing is mostly just an open grassy field, sloping gently from north to south, save for the single monolithic outcropping of rocks roughly in the dead center of the clearing. The entire scene is rather serene, bathed only in the light from the moon. The wind picks up causing a chill to run down your spine. As you resume your visual search for your sisters the entire clearing is plunged into darkness as clouds pass in front of the moon, cutting off the only light source.

You cling to the rock, afraid to move in the darkness, waiting for your eyes to adjust to the lack of light. It takes but a moment, that moment feels like an eternity to you. More and more details of the scene in front of you spring up as your eyes adjust. It’s at this time that a glowing near that large rock in the center catches your attention. It seems that there’s several figures huddled around a single light source. How many you can’t tell at this distance. Staying along the edge of the woods, you carefully pick your way along until you’re almost directly across from them. Finding a suitable rock, you resume your vigil from there. It would seem that there’s four people, well, four teenagers. Which would most likely be your sisters. As you’re about to leave your hiding place behind the rock, the wind picks up once again. This time, however, it feels different. Almost. . . Dangerous.

A shout grabs your attention. You readily identify it as wriggle’s voice.

“It’s coming! We have to get ready now!” She shouts over the wind.

“But. . . Mystia’s not ready! And, and, Chen‘s not here yet either!” Rumia.

“I don’t know~! I don’t know~! I had it earlier! I swear~!” Mystia.

“No time! We have to go now!” Wriggle again.

“ALRIGHT! LET’S DO THIS!” Cirno this time.

The clouds part revealing a blood red moon that casts the clearing in an almost sinister light. Three of the four figures near the stone outcropping raise something into the air and shout.





The bodies of the three girls glow and change slightly. It’s an amazing process to watch.

Wriggle’s glowing body is covered by a dress shirt and pants magically appearing, a cape suddenly waves out and grows almost down to her feet, now flapping wildly in the wind, and two antennae sprout from her head and curl around.

“⑨ GREEN!”

Cirno’s transformation is an amazing sight to behold as well. Six translucent shards of ice seem to grow from her back, jutting out into the air, supported by nothing visible. She arches her back as she floats in the air and a simple one piece dress appears over her body. A ribbon seems to swirl out of the wings and ties up her hair with a large bow on the back of her head.

“⑨ BLUE!”

Rumia’s encapsulated in a sphere of absolute darkness, preventing you from seeing exactly what happened during her transformation, but she comes out of it with a small red ribbon tied in her hair, wearing a black one piece dress, and her arms thrown out to either side.

“⑨ BLACK!”

The three of them then cry in unison, “⑨ SQUAD! ACTION!”

No sooner had the completed this than several dark shapes began pulling themselves up out of the various shadows around the clearing. The shadow creatures were extremely tall. They had to be at least 8 feet tall or more. They lumbered slowly, one great eye in the center of their heads glaring down at the small group near the rocks.

“Mystia, get back against the rock.” Green stepped between Mystia and the nearest shadow creature.

“Ohhohohoho. You act like that’s going to save your precious little cheerleader, ⑨’s” A new voice, coming from. . . Ah, on top of the rock!

All eyes whip to this new voice. It’s a young girl, short black hair and a simple one piece black dress.

“YOU!” Blue yells out, shaking her fist at the girl. “We’re here! Now tell us what you want!”

“Oh? Quite simply, I want you to die.” The girl pulls a sword from its sheath and points it at blue. “I want you to get out of the way of my master’s plan.”

“Uuuuu. . . I T-told you we should have listened to Mokou! It’s a trap!” Black is on the verge of tears.

“Shut UP Black! We’ve made it out of worse scrapes than this before!” Blue screams at Black, earning her a glare from Green.

“No time. Here they come!”

The shadows rushed the three girls. Before you can react, however, A strong hand reaches around and clamps itself over your mouth, the other hand wrapping around your chest tightly, pulling you back behind the rock.

[ ] Try to scream.
[ ] Fight whatever has grabbed you.
[ ] Acquiesce.
[ ] Another action. (Write in)


[ ] Acquiesce.
Sentai? In my Gensokyo?
what the hell kira

>*performs action over the internet*

I don't even

File 124164141389.jpg - (9.09KB, 200x189 , 1241559952824.jpg) [iqdb]
[!/] Acquiesce.

Sigh, whatever.
File 124164249680.png - (47.75KB, 275x275 , p-2008.png) [iqdb]
I'm just going to leave this here for, uh, future use.
Meanwhile, [+] Acquiesce.
[x] Acquiesce.

This is something very special.
File 124164773196.jpg - (19.57KB, 227x289 , 157842187512.jpg) [iqdb]

No, it is beyond that point now.
Now it is a 100% true wallbanger.
[X] Sigh.
>in the fevered madness of the illness, wrote an entire update
so you posted that one by mistake, right
How long has it been since we got a good update for GA:SD?

I used to love this story.
File 124165212167.png - (50.72KB, 430x285 , 1238123756757.png) [iqdb]
[X] Acquiesce.

And what, exactly is wrong with this update?
File 124165367570.jpg - (7.49KB, 317x283 , 1239875420179.jpg) [iqdb]

Oh, I'm not complaining.

Nothing wrong with a "Wut" here and there.
Not sure what exactly just happened...

But, oh well.

[X] Acquiesce.

To try and help things move along.

Super-powered high school students has been done. But so has a memory wiped high school male student recently, as well.

tl;dr Too much circle jerking around here.
[ ] Acquiesce.

Huh, so thats what our sisters do in their spare time...
To put it bluntly, unless this turns into "lolyouweredreaming" or "they'reactingforaschoolplay", the update drastically changes the type of story this is. And if it is some kind of act, that's just lame. I like this story as a simpler school themed one (don't care so much for the whole Marisa running off thing, but that's easier to deal with). Some kind of sentai theme just feels... wrong.
[X] Acquiesce.

[x] What.
The reason it's changing is because you had stuck to the rather mundane parts of the story before this point. I decided to bring in some of the more fantasic elements of the story you had been avoiding when I decided to not run it like a game anymore and run it more like a story. If you guys hate it that much just vote for a damn retcon.
File 12416612697.png - (12.87KB, 291x311 , 1237022605353.png) [iqdb]
Retcons are stupid. Just keep going and make it good.
File 124166214880.jpg - (137.51KB, 700x600 , 1190820114465.jpg) [iqdb]
My current theory is that we were actually borderline psychotic before the memory loss, but we were so good about it that it completely flew under everyone else's radar. With the memory loss, our character has forgotten how to compensate for those few times when the walls start to melt.

On the off-chance that this is really happening, I'll have to chalk it up to a case of A Wizard Did It and keep on trucking.
It came out of left field.

In fact, it came so far out of left field, the ball just crossed over back INTO left field.
As long as this shift is noted and accounted for by the inner monologue of the protagonist, then it's all good.
[x] Fight whatever has grabbed you.

It's certainly a surprise, but I don't mind it all that much. Let's keep going.
[ze] retcon

It was only a matter of time before someone made this picture.

Train wreck. Can't look away.
[X] Acquiesce.
Don't worry guys. We'll turn around and see just who it is who grabbed us is none other than our Super Best Friend, Mr. Banana!

Not before Ms.Orange has to take him away for being such a silly banana! ^____^
I love Kira <3
Go back to bed, YAF.
Whatever we were expecting, it wasn't this. Keep going Kira.
After some thought, I really don't have a problem with this.

What could be more awesome than magical girl adventures with Team ⑨?
You know, it's alright to bring it up, but doing it so suddenly in such an unrelated way looks like you're pulling our leg.
It's like- 1 moment it's a mistery novel, and suddenly, POOF! mahou shoujo.
Frankly, i didn't know if that post is serious or are you mocking us. It was a bit too hard of a landing, IMO (not that i don't like it, hell, this should've happened earlier!)

.....Is there a "Magical girl fiery Mokou-tan" in this whole busiess? Please say there is ;__;
It's terrible, to be honest. But everything you've written lately does not compare to how you used to write, so it's no surprise. I'm not sure you even try anymore.
Considering what else we've already encountered, this shouldn't be a surprise, honestly. It's almost par. The transition is what strikes us as louder than it should be, to the point where this sudden explosion of the played-straight mahou shoujo shtick looks cornball as opposed to screwball.

Or maybe it's just our immediate lack of reaction shot:
>>Mokou: ... and, long story short, your sisters are magical girls.
>>Us: I know my memories are only good for a week at most, but that's still the craziest thing I've ever heard!
Maybe our lack of reaction shot is meant to be telling about the background of this alternate "Outside World."

Yes. Regardless, let's press onward.

>>Whatever we were expecting,
>>Four rapist tentacle monsters
>>Considering what else we've already encountered, this shouldn't be a surprise, honestly. It's almost par.

Exactly. Even if there weren't exactly any hints about your four adorable sisters being superheroes by night, the fact that one of our after-school activities involved a club whose membership includes a girl who has the problem of her head occasionally becoming detached from her body might have been a bit of a clue that things aren't exactly what you could call "normal" here. I mean, really, if the experience of helping with reattaching someone's head to their body (with the head in question continuing to speak through the entire process, no less) didn't tell you to at least be prepared for the possibility that things are going to get a LOT weirder the more you re-learn about your life, I just don't know what else to tell you.
> becoming detached from her body
Damn, completely forgot about that. Man it's been a long time.
>>Four rapist tentacle monsters

I'm disapointed this didn't happen.
To be fair, the girls ARE about to be attacked by what could be basically described as several big, black, one-eyed monsters.

Yeah, I remember now. How the fuck did that get swept under the rug?
Well, we have been just a tad distracted lately, what with discovering a sort of love-triangle relationship between us, Mokou, and Kaguya, having our step-mother disappear in the middle of the night and leaving the rest of the household in a state of disarray, dealing with a drunken Reimu after she knocked us unconscious and basically tried to rape us, looking into the sudden disappearance of Yuka and getting involved in doing a favor for her oh-so-charming daughter, and now...this.

That sort of shit would be overwhelming to anyone, even if they didn't have the additional baggage of trying to deal with recently losing all memory of their life up to now.

All things considered, I almost wonder if our amnesia wasn't actually self-inflicted. Sort of like how people use drugs or alcohol to forget about their problems, but with longer-lasting results and less chance of liver damage.
File 124173660337.jpg - (56.67KB, 200x200 , Red_Demoman.jpg) [iqdb]

Oh you

You're right, but it's a little hard to remember it after all that time.
>"Magical girl fiery Mokou-tan"
DO WANT! Moe moe kyun~
>>"Magical girl fiery Mokou-tan"

I read that, and all I can think of is "THROUGH FIRE, JUSTICE IS SERVED!"
>"Magical girl fiery Mokou-tan"

Suddenly, the update has a brighter side.
File 12417480384.jpg - (183.63KB, 800x800 , 1206579495118.jpg) [iqdb]
In the name of the Moon, she will \CAVED!!!/ you!.

Congratulations on jumping the shark
File 124175006457.jpg - (120.23KB, 600x750 , 1236732949439.jpg) [iqdb]
>Is there a "Magical girl fiery Mokou-tan" in this whole business?
You know... I would happily take this over the whole ⑨ Squad sentai thing.
It would be silly, but in an amusing parody sort of way, rather than something that made me frown.

I remember this. In fact, someone even made a point of saying "This is our first indication that not everything is 100% normal here," or something to that effect.

This thread went through the same thought process that I imagine Kourin Jr would go through, from "My sisters are magical girls, what the hell is going on here!?" to "Hey! Mokou knew about this! I wonder if she's one too! Mmmm, Magical girl fiery Mokou-tan ".

You are know thinking that Kourin is exactly like that teacher from Card Captor Sakura.
Oh, if only Magical Girl Fiery Mokou-tan turns out to be true. Hopefully we'll have our phone handy to take a quick picture to go along with that one we have of her in the waitress getup. And then, our Moe-Moe Mokou photo collection will be one step closer to completion.

Also, any idea who the new girl is supposed to be? Short black hair and black one-piece dress doesn't ring any bells for me.

Black Tewi
File 124175574173.jpg - (92.60KB, 500x600 , 1235835745204.jpg) [iqdb]
Is there supposed to be something different about her beyond the change in wardrobe?

Who knows. Maybe Kira decided to make her not a bitch as a LOLREVAMP.
Seriously, Kira.
Simply do a little light retconning, and swap out the ⑨ Squad thing for Magical Girl Fiery Mokou-tan, and all will be forgiven.

It's an easy fix, a win-win situation. You get not only a pleased audience, but you also save face by not insisting on keeping it, and showing how flexible you can be.

No. The 9 squad makes a lot more sense than Mokou. And even if there is no common sense in Gensokyo, it's still a lot better. Besides, I'm sure Mokou already has something special too for her.
File 124183704560.png - (94.53KB, 222x186 , 1241820676598.png) [iqdb]

>I'm sure Mokou already has something special too for her.

It's Kira, obviously it's
"Isn't it sad, Mokou-tan?"
I won't let that happen.
Hell, if Kira won't write us a Magical girl fiery Mokou-tan post, I WILL.
I don't really see what's so bad about this, anyway. Until we see this resolved, this could just as easily be their way of playing like they're heroes like they see on TV, but with magic eliminating some of the need to pretend.
...okay, a LOT of the need to pretend.

Still, Mokou told us not to do anything stupid, and something like charging into your sisters' little game because you didn't know it was a game would probably qualify.
Then again, charging into an actual magical battle probably would, too.

So. Yeah.
File 124190396389.jpg - (311.70KB, 730x950 , 7c5cf270cef522feb5ab67d414504dd1.jpg) [iqdb]

I couldn't help but think Kira will now retcon this and make Touhou Strike Witches: Nine Squad.

Only to act surprised again when the cries of WUT ring through the Internets.
I'm not sure what I would find funnier if that happened. The idea of a spin-off creating a spin-off, or if it does so after it turns out we're still asleep and this is dream, making it a spin-off inspired by a dream sequence inside a spin-off inspired by a dream sequence.
Post? That deserves an entire fucking story.

Needs more recursion.
Haven't seen Strike Witches.

Also, back from the con and calling it + writing somewhere here tonight.
It deserves a fucking Anime.
Sir, are a GENIUS.

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