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She's right. You should try to relax a little. The danger has passed, at least for the time being. The fact that you'll have to likely face that again weighs heavy on your mind, but you should try to let it go at least for now.

You sigh, and that terrible feeling of dread that's been hovering over you for what feels like days begins to loosen it's grip.

"That's more like it!" Chiyuri says in a strangely playful voice.

Strange, only because it doesn't seem to match the situation at all. But the sound of her voice reminds you..

"What was that you said before?"

"Eh?" She acts confused, "What do ya mean?"

"Exactly what I said.." You sigh. Your ability to see right through her easily overwhelms her attempt to hide the truth. "You were mumbling something behind my back just now."

"I wasn't." She answers plainly.

"I heard you!" You reply forcefully. You know she's lying, she knows you know she's lying, but she still keeps at it. It's a little annoying.

"Alright, fine. You win, I was just talking to myself." She acts depressed and gives in. "But I'm not gonna repeat any of it."


You give her an angry look and decide to give up. She's not going to tell you. Even if you argue and yell at her all day, she's not going to tell you.

"Okay." You find no reason to make the attempt, either. Just let her have her way. Relax, it's nothing to worry about..

But you still want to know.

"This isn't what I meant by 'relax,' Boss." She groans. You can't tell if it's out of worry or annoyance.

Her hands find their way to your back again.

"I know, I know." You reply, "I guess I'm just not good at this.."

"At what?" One of her hands drops away.

"Uhm.." Lots of things, you could imagine. Giving up is one of them. Relaxing seems to be another. Well, you have a number of good reasons to be bent out of shape as it stands.

"Yeah, I figured." She giggles, "You're still thinking about it, aren't you."

"Yep." Her words are clear enough, and there's no use denying it. You still want to hear what she said.

"If I told you, would you try to let out some of this tension?" She says, driving a finger into one of the muscles on your upper back.

"Hey!" You pull away, pain hitting you only a fraction of a second later. "That hurt!"

"Heh, my bad."

[ ] Ask.
[ ] Don't ask.

>> No. 76080
[ ] Ask.
>> No. 76086
[x] Ask.

Chiyuri doesn't cave usually. I wonder what's up.
>> No. 76098
[x] Ask.
>> No. 76107
[x] Aks.

Black Yumemi?
>> No. 76108
[ ] Ask.
>> No. 76137
[x] Ask.
>> No. 76177
"Well," You say, trying desperately to reach for the source of pain on your back. "You've made your point."

It's no good, you can't reach it. Damn, it still hurts!

"So anyway," You try to redirect your attention by focusing on Chiyuri. "Are you going to tell me what you were saying?"


That's odd, she just said--


"It isn't important. Stop making such a big deal out of it."

"But you said--"

"It doesn't matter what I said. I was just trying to use it as an example.."

She groans in frustration, and gives you a slight shove from behind.

"Gah! You're making it worse!" She says, pushing you again. "Look, just stop thinking about it, okay? You're supposed to be relaxing, so just drop it and relax!"

Her mood seems to be rubbing off on you. Now you're the one feeling frustrated. She tells you to relax, but her actions make you want to do just the opposite. But starting an argument right here and now wouldn't help a damned bit, so...

"Fine." You reply quickly.

"That's it?" She seems confused. "'Fine'?"

You nod.

"You're not gonna start yelling?" Now she's starting to sound fearful. "Look, I can tell you're mad at me, so..."

She pauses. You continue to say nothing.

She mumbles to herself, "This's going downhill quick.." Finally, she turns to you.

"Alright, I'm sorry I pushed you. I'm sorry I yelled at ya, and I'm sorry you're not gonna hear what I said before."

You can tell from her expression that she's trying to keep herself from saying something off-color. You turn around, but she won't look you in the eye.

"Is that what you wanted?" She asks, her words tinged with resentment.

"No, not really." You answer honestly.

"Then what?!" She practically yells out the words, but aside from her visible anger, she looks you in the eye. You have her full attention, so..

[ ] "Tell me you love me."
[ ] "I'm not giving up. What did you say earlier?"
[ ] "I'm not going to relax until that woman's gone."
[ ] ?
>> No. 76181
[ ] "Tell me you love me."
>> No. 76188
[x] "Tell me you love me."
>> No. 76190
[x] "Tell me you love me."

Yumemi liek emotional boost.
>> No. 76198
[x] "Tell me you love me."
>> No. 76232
[X] "Tell me you love me."
>> No. 76285
File 123528570835.png - (244.50KB , 640x480 , tastes_like_strawberries.png ) [iqdb]
[x] "Tell me you love me."
>> No. 76352
"Tell me you love me."

You blurt it out without really thinking about it. Hearing your own voice asking something so straight-forward is a little surprising, but it doesn't come as an embarrassment. Truth be told you honestly want to hear those words come out of her mouth.


She seems just as surprised as you. She stares back at you, wide-eyed, and every last trace of her earlier anger seems to have disappeared in an instant.

The room falls deathly silent. Even the sound of the shower seems unable to permeate it. Because you hadn't properly thought your words through, you can't seem to come up with a follow-up. And Chiyuri, who's been blind-sided by it, can't do so much as look at you.

The silence pervades.

"I can't."

She says in a small voice, looking down to her feet.

Suddenly, she looks up. For some reason, she looks angry.

"And don't try to force me to, either." She says, looking you straight in the eye for once. "It won't come out right if you do."

She's not about to give so much as an inch with this. Her expression gives hint only to her resolve and nothing more. But as nice as it would make you feel to have her say it, she's right. It's not something you can force her to say. Still..

"But you do love me, right?" There's more than one way to skin a cat. Knowing her, she'll try to dodge the question, but her response may give you a little more insight to what's going on in that blonde head of hers.

She smiles. No, it's more of a twisted grin than a smile.

"If I hated you, I'd have left you to rot a looooong time ago." She says, placing more emphasis on the word 'long' than should be necessary.

"But seriously," She adds, looking down a bit. "If you're so keen on having this kind of discussion while we're naked.."

"Right." She brings up another valid point. "I think we've spent enough time in the shower."

More than enough time, considering. There's several pressing matters you can think of off the top of your head. The least of which is the green-headed woman and how to dispose of and/or evict her. Killing youkai is hardly one of your strong points, but you have a bit of information on a few folks who're experts on the subject.

You towel yourself off with these thoughts in mind, and make damn certain you don't catch yourself staring at Chiyuri for too long, or worse still if she catches you staring. In a matter of minutes you're dressed and ready for anything. Your weapons are all at your side, though the small black necklace that has more or less replaced your old cape never really left your side. Thank God for waterproofing!

"So, uh.." Chiyuri looks at you strangely, now dressed in the same clean white sailor suit you're used to seeing her in, "I hate to sound like a bad plot device, but what's next on the agenda?"

[ ] "Well if you're going to be so forward about it, why don't you let me take those clothes back off?"
[ ] "There's a few to many thorns I'd like to have removed from my side."
[ ] "Research, of course! There's a brand new test subject in the labs that's just waiting to be experimented on!"
[ ] "You know what, why don't we just grab breakfast and take it easy today?"
>> No. 76353
File 123536539148.jpg - (183.17KB , 800x800 , 1215988712646.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] "You know what, why don't we just grab breakfast and take it easy today?"
>> No. 76354
All these options are good.

[x] "Research, of course! There's a brand new test subject in the labs that's just waiting to be experimented on!"
[x] "...And disposed of, if necessary."

Yuka can die in a fire later. First, there is science to be done.
>> No. 76358
>there is science to be done.

I am now singing the Aperture Science theme song, manually.
>> No. 76360
[x] "There's a few to many thorns I'd like to have removed from my side."
>> No. 76363
>[ ] "Well if you're going to be so forward about it, why don't you let me take those clothes back off?"

[x] "Research, of course! There's a brand new test subject in the labs that's just waiting to be experimented on!"
[x] "...And disposed of, if necessary."

I like this.
>> No. 76370
[x] "There's a few too many thorns I'd like to have removed from my side."
>> No. 76371
[x] "There's a few too many thorns I'd like to have removed from my side."
[x] Go see the shrine maiden
[x] Take the girl with you so that green lady doesn't totally flip out and kill her.
>> No. 76372
[x] "Research, of course! There's a brand new test subject in the labs that's just waiting to be experimented on!"
[x] "...And disposed of, if necessary."
>> No. 76382
[x] "Research, of course! There's a brand new test subject in the labs that's just waiting to be experimented on!"
[x] "...And disposed of, if necessary."
>> No. 76390
[x] "There's a few too many thorns I'd like to have removed from my side."
>> No. 76417
File 123545948979.jpg - (411.67KB , 673x862 , 2719390.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "Research, of course! There's a brand new test subject in the labs that's just waiting to be experimented on!"
[x] "...And disposed of, if necessary."

Oh, don't mind me. I'll just be over here, being taken away by some green haired lunatic.
>> No. 76585
You stifle a laugh after hearing Chiyuri's little crack, and settle on your next objective.

As much as you'd like to be rid of that green-headed menace and her friend in the cage, you've been given an amazing opportunity.

So amazing, in fact, that despite it being under your nose this entire time, you've failed to so much as notice it. Perhaps your mind had been clouded by your antipathy towards it, but in that room sitting locked away is nothing less than you own personal golden egg laying goose.

"Research, of course!" You exclaim, eager to return to your studies. "There's a brand new test subject in the labs that's just waiting to be experimented on!"

Though, despite everything, your new 'test subject' is nothing less than deadly. Great care must be taken, and if necessary..

"And disposed of, perhaps.." You wind up thinking aloud, though Chiyuri didn't catch wind of that last bit.

"Now exactly what I was going to suggest, but.." Chiyuri seems a little confused by your sudden enthusiasm. "Well, I guess it's nice to see you finally acting normal for once."


"What's that supposed to mean?" You ask, leading the way.

"Nothing, nothing." She smiles, "Besides, if I told you, I bet ya'd just blow yer top like always."

"I'll 'blow my top' if you don't tell me." You quip.

"I just can't win with you.." She shakes her head in surrender.

"Of course." You laugh, slowing your pace a bit so that you may walk beside her. "The natural order of things must be upheld."

"Right, right." She seems entirely unamused. "Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines and you always have to be right."

"Mmhmm." You nod with a laugh. Haven't you heard that line somewhere before?

And before you know it, you find yourself stepping into the labs. You walk through the first testing area, round the corner as usual, and head to the end of the next room.

She's still there, that monster. In the tank where you'd left her.

Though what comes as a surprise to you only moments thereafter is a little off to the side. Almost out of view, with her hands up on the glass is that girl you'd picked up the night before.

[ ] "So you're awake?"
[ ] "Get away from there!"
[ ] "See anything interesting?"
>> No. 76587
[C] "See anything interesting?"
>> No. 76592
[ ] "See anything interesting?"
>> No. 76593
File 123580469881.jpg - (66.48KB , 602x590 , 48e48bfa9351418f6cf9f56fa59cdc51.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "See anything interesting?"
>> No. 76595
[x] "See anything interes--"
[x] "Wait, what are you doing in here?"
>> No. 76614
>"Research, of course!" You exclaim, eager to return to your studies. "There's a brand new test subject in the labs that's just waiting to be experimented on!"

>"And disposed of, perhaps.." You wind up thinking aloud, though Chiyuri didn't catch wind of that last bit.

I love villainous Yumemi

[x] "See anything interesting?"
>> No. 76623
Moment of truth: Yumeko or Rumia?
>> No. 76652
It comes as a surprise to see her here, but you think better than to vocalize such questions. She doesn't seem to have noticed you, and despite all the racket you and Chiyuri made on the way in she simply stares through the glass.

"So anything interesting?" You ask, smiling so as not to scare the child.

She doesn't look up, nor does she doesn't acknowledge you in any way at all. Frustrating? Definitely. Something you should act upon? Not at all. You're not quite so impatient.

"Exile.." She says after a spell of silence, tapping a finger on the glass.

"Exile..?" You restate her first and only spoken word thus far as a question. What in God's name could she mean?

"..." Silence.

"Oy, kid." Chiyuri grabs the girl by the shoulder, turning her around forcibly. "Listen when people are--"

And Chiyuri is silenced by another hand on her shoulder. Your hand, pulling her away from the child.

"You're scaring her!" You say, dragging Chiyuri behind you. Rather than wait for her response, you turn back to the girl.

"Can you tell me who this person is?" You ask, pointing to the silently staring woman on the other side of the glass. This time, her eyes seem wholly focused on the girl rather than on yourself. Thanks to that, your unease in the room is lessened.

"Exile." The girl says again, jabbing a finger to the woman and staring up at you rather curiously.

"Hey, we heard that al--"

Again, you silence Chiyuri. This time, a hand covering her mouth suffices. She really has no sense when it comes to dealing with children. Lost, frightened, and probably hungry children like the girl in front of you even more so.

"Could you tell me what that means?" You ask, keeping a smile plastered to your face all the while trying to hold steady the struggling Chiyuri.

"I don't like her." The girl points to Chiyuri. "She's mean."

"She is, isn't she?" You reply, staring down at the twin-tailed blonde in your arms. She locks eyes with you, and something tell you that enough is enough.

"Is all this really necessary?" Chiyuri asks, hands fumbling with her shirt as she looks to the girl. It's fairly certain to you now that, judging by that angry expression, Chiyuri wasn't too busy struggling to miss what the girl just said. Really, getting so riled up by such a small girl? "Who, or what is this 'exile', anyway? Can't ya just tell us?"

"Those who perform forbidden magics are exiled." The girl explains rather coldly. "She was exiled, and--"

The child falls silent as she looks to the floor.

[ ] "And what?"
[ ] "What kind of magics?"
>> No. 76657
[ ] "What kind of magics?"
>> No. 76661
[ ] "What kind of magics?"

The plot thickens!
>> No. 76662
Alice was probably exiled as well then, for the book incident.

[x] "What kind of magics?"

But this is what Yumemi's really interested in, isn't she?
>> No. 76666
[x] "And what?"
>> No. 76697
[x] "What kind of magics?"
>> No. 76759
It doesn't look like she intends to continue with that last sentence. She seems saddened by something, but you're not sure that it's a good idea to press the subject.

"What kind of magics?" You ask, redirecting the conversation just enough so that you'll still be able to get what you want, and she won't be so troubled explaining it.

"Bad kinds." She replies, a typical child-like response. Something tells you that she isn't too sure herself.

"What did she do?" You ask, changing the subject yet again as you point to the caged woman. The girl seems knowledgeable enough that she should be able to answer this sort of question.

"She went to the dream world." She says, looking you straight in the eye. "People aren't allowed to go there."

"Huh." Believable, considering that the woman likes to invade your dream world every night since two days ago. It's the worst kind of harassment. Even worse than the frustrated stares coming from Chiyuri.

"So how do we get rid of her?" Chiyuri asks the girl. "I don't think it'll just end if we chop 'er head off."

"It won't." The girl replies with an angry glare. "You can't do anything because you can't use magic!"

Wait, who said anything about that? How can this girl tell? Is there something about the way you look that screams 'outsider'?

"So, then what?" You ask, ignoring the urge to ask how she knows this.

"I don't know." The girl looks back at you, her expression calm when compared to how se looked at Chiyuri. "You'd need to talk to mother."


"Yes, mother!" She speaks as if you should already know this.

"Where is she, and where can I meet her?" Your questions are beginning to annoy the girl by the looks of it. "I'm not from around here, so.."

"In Makai, of course!" She answers civilly, thank goodness for that. "In the big palace in the city!"

"Makai.." That woman Luize mentioned it in passing a while back. Perhaps this girl can show you the way. "I'd like to go there."

"Now?!" Chiyuri asks, surprised.

"Preferably, yes." You turn back to the girl. "Can you take us there?"

"Of course, but.." She looks a little uneasy. "What about.."

She points to somewhere in the room behind you, to the smiling face of a woman you hoped never to see again. The sight of this green-haired menace makes not only yourself, but this little girl uneasy as well. Chiyuri is, of course, speechless in her instinctual fear.

"Going somewhere~?" The woman asks, still smiling as she takes a step closer. "I wanna go too~"

"You can't!" The girl declares, "You'll just make a mess of things again!"

"Is that so?" Her smile widens gleefully. "I hadn't planned on it, but I'll take the idea into consideration."

[ ] Try to shoo the woman away
[ ] You can't do anything right now
[ ] Walk away, ignore her
>> No. 76760
[x] Try to shoo the woman away.
[x] If she refuses, don't use force yet. Opt to gather info about her previous involvement.
>> No. 76761
[x] Tell Chiyuri to set a course for Makai immediately.
[x] Be forceful if you have to; you can explain it later as a convenient way to get rid of both of the monsters at once.

Sure Yuka, go wreck havoc. We'll just sit in the car with the engine idling.
>> No. 76768
>"Is that so?" Her smile widens gleefully. "I hadn't planned on it, but I'll take the idea into consideration."
>I'll take the idea into consideration."
>> No. 76792
[ ] Try to shoo the woman away
>> No. 77283
[x] Try to shoo the woman away
>> No. 77429
You don't get it. But you can easily see that there's a history between the two of them. It's doubtful you've ever seen such a small girl make such a spiteful face before in your life. There must be a reason for her to hate this woman so, though her attitude enough will suffice in your case.

"Why not consider leaving us alone, for a change?" You ask, rather forcefully, as you find your hand reaching for your sidearm. An unconscious gesture due to your unease, perhaps, but it's comforting nonetheless.

"Oh, but I mustn't!" She declares, smiling just as playfully as the moment she'd walked in. "If you're going somewhere, then I'm going too!"

"Even if it means your death?" Chiyuri brazenly steps ahead. Is she trying to protect you?

You push her back. Such a move was uncalled for and poorly thought out. It wouldn't be the first time her impulsive behavior has put your life on the line.

The woman snorts, "Ha! Good one."

What, does she think she's invincible? She bleeds like a human, the color of her blood is red, too. You've seen it, but..

That was all a dream, wasn't it?

"But not quite good enough." She continues, taking a step forward. Closer to you, closer to Chiyuri. And worst of all, closer to the impromptu holding cell behind you.

You prepare yourself to stop her from advancing, but she halts hardly a step away from you.

"Well, if I can't go, then.." She leans to the side, looking behind you with this utterly absurd curious expression plastered on her face. "I want to talk to her." She says, pointing to the glass cage.


You stop yourself from speaking, from panicking. She'll do it if given half the chance. She'll set it free and you'll be killed. You can't let her get to the tank!

"You can't!" Your mouth keeps running on autopilot as you try to ignore the cold shiver racing through your veins.

"I can't?" She asks, turning her head just enough to show you those deep red eyes. "Why not?"

"You just can't!" You don't even have the wherewithal to explain yourself at this point. There's a devil in front of you, and another one behind you. When did this all turn into such a living nightmare?

And why is it so goddamned hot in here? Your heart is throbbing nearly to the point of bursting from your chest, and your mind is racing, but no amount of stress in the world could make it this bad! Your eyes dart across the room. To the woman ahead, to Chiyuri in your arms, to the girl at your side..

Hey, where did she get that--

A deafening ringing in your ears shuts out everything around you as you feel yourself being knocked backwards. Your vision blurs as a wall stops you from sliding backwards any further. You can't breathe! Your skin is on fire!

Everything is on fire! The room begins to spin and your vision darkens.

Somebody tries to pull you up. Something clatters to the floor behind them. Your body won't listen to you.

Pain replaces fear, and the darkness replaces pain.

Silence fills the room. Silent, save for one person's voice.

They're screaming. At you, you think. You can't see them. Your eyes won't open.

But you can still feel the pain coursing through your chest.

You're still alive. You know that much.



Your hand is warm, but the rest of you feels cold.


Your senses come flooding back. The light stings your eyes, and Chiyuri hovers over you. The room is a mess.


"I'm here."

[ ] "What the hell happened?"
[ ] "Are you okay?"
[ ] "Where is everyone?"
>> No. 77430
[X] "Where is everyone?"
>> No. 77431
[x] "Are you okay?"
>> No. 77433
>To the woman ahead, to Chiyuri in your arms, to the girl at your side..

>Hey, where did she get that--


[x] "What the hell happened?"
>> No. 77439
[x] "What the hell happened?"
>> No. 77461
[x] "What the hell happened?"
>> No. 77854
"Wha--" You begin to say, only to be interrupted by an incredible pain as you try to stand. It hurts! Your leg won't move. Is it broken? It doesn't look broken. The pain subsides as you settle back down, and you continue.

"What the hell happened?" Why does she look so worried? You're not as badly injured as you feel, you think.

"Dunno, but it looks like things have quieted down a bit." She reaches under your arm and grabs you by the waist. "C'mon, lets get you up."

She tries to help you to your feet, and you make an effort to ignore the pain. You can stand just fine! This is nothing! She can't pick you up unless you--

Ah, you've fallen down again. And the pain only seems to be getting worse. It's not just your leg now, but your hips, your back.. Every part of you feels like it's been shattered.

"C'mon, don't make me go get the wheelchair.." Chiyuri gripes, lending a hand yet again.

This time, her efforts prove to be a little more successful. But even on your feet, you feel like you're just back where you started--in pain and using the walls to keep you standing.

Your attention turns to the rest of the room, perhaps as an unconscious move to keep the pain from taking hold again. Well, on the bright side, aside from the mess of papers and broken glass that lay strewn across the floor, the one thing you'd hoped would be still intact is still intact..

And the woman inside it just stares at you. Blankly, emotionlessly, but it still makes you angry. Isn't she laughing behind all that plastered-on impassiveness? You'd be laughing at you too were you to see yourself in this miserable state from her perspective.

But what of the others? No doubt all this was that woman's doing! Where is she?! Where did she run to?! You'll find her.. And when you do, you'll-

You feel dizzy. This isn't good. The pain is gone, you feel like you're going to be sick. Serves you right for getting so worked up while in this sort of state. You need to sit down--to lie down. But it hurts to do either one.

The wall doesn't help to keep your head from spinning. You lean on it, but it just doesn't--

"Ey, you don't look so good.." She sounds worried, that voice over your shoulder.


You fight the urge to be sick.


You can handle this. You have to handle this, or you'll just fall over unconscious. The room just keeps spinning. Relentlessly.

"Yeah, I think you need some rest." She doesn't believe you?

"I'm fine, I said!" You try to throw her hands off of you, to no avail. She's stronger. Was she always this strong?

No, it's just you who's weakened. You have no choice but to let her do what she wants. Funny though, that her shoulder seems to work wonders when compared to that wall. At least, you're able to see straight now.

At best, it feels about the same as being drunk. At worst, thousands upon thousands of knives are slowly being pulled from your body. Chiyuri carries you to God-knows-where, and you can't so much as put up a fuss.

But for some reason, she seems unhurt. There's naught a scratch on her. She was right next to you when the blast hit, so..

"Chiyuri, you're.."

"I don't think either of us are qualified for this shit." She says abruptly.

"I have no idea what the hell happened, but that ain't something we should be messin' with." She just keeps going. "Look, boss. Isn't there any way you can just give this whole mess up?"

Even in this deplorable state, you have no intention of doing so. She seems to recognize it in your expression, or maybe you've responded somehow unconsciously..

"Didn't think so." She shakes her head, hoisting you up as she half drags, half carries you down the hall. "You always were the stubborn type.. The challenge means nothing so long as you get what you're looking for in the end. How many more times am I gonna hafta carry your half-conscious body around like this before you find it?"

She pauses, seeming to know the answer herself already. You have enough trouble maintaining your footing as it is, and can't respond as you probably should.

"Ya know what, don't answer that. I know what you'd say to a question like that, and it's nuts!" Now, she seems more angry than anything. "Nuts, I tell ya! If this keeps up, you'll get yourself--or worse, me killed! Now I love ya, don't get me wrong, but I don't plan on dying before I reach eighteen. Not for you, not for anyone else."

"..." You can't get a word in edgewise.

"It's selfish of me, I know. And I can't just leave you out here to die in a ditch somewhere, so there's one helluva conflict of interests for ya." She turns a corner, leading you in to a familiar-looking room. Your room. She pulls you over and sets you down on the bed. A tinge of pain resurfaces, but quickly subsides as you sit yourself at the edge.

Chiyuri, standing just in front of you, continues to speak. "You've put me at odds, here. If this keeps up, I.." Her eyes turn away from you. "I just can't do it. I don't think I could bear to see you wind up like this again."

"Heh, listen to me ramble." She lets out a chuckle, and gives you a painful grin. "I suppose, what I'm tryin' to say is.. Can't you just give it up this time?"

"I.." How can you choose? Give up your dreams, or give up Chiyuri. There's just no way. You can't--you won't make that kind of decision, and you can't help but hate her for trying to force it upon you.

"I can't."

"Of course you can't." She suddenly seems so angry. "You never can, and I'm fed up with it. Do you really think we're gonna find anything out here? We're chasing fucking rainbows! There's nothing out here! Nothing! And here you are, one foot in the grave thinking it's all fine and dandy! Well I've have enough! I quit!"

"Chiyuri, I--"

"Fuck you!"

"You're misunderstanding--"

"The hell I am! Take me home, I've had enough of this bullshit!"



And the door slams behind her. Is she serious, or just overreacting? Either way, you're in no condition to go chasing after her. God knows you want to. You want to go out there, chase her down, hold her in your arms and tell her that everything's going to be okay.

"Chasing rainbows.." Maybe she's right, though. You flop back down on the bed with the words stuck in your mind. A year-and-a-half in this strange magical countryside, and you haven't a shred of evidence to prove even one of your theories.

Minutes pass, maybe hours. You've begun to lose track of things. Of everything. Even Chiyuri, who had been closest to you.

And losing her would hurt worse than what you feel now.

Was she serious?

The thought lingers in your mind, and leaves a horrible lump in your throat. You can't forget it. You can't even try. Forgetting it would mean that you don't care.

Give her time, try to talk things through. She can't stay angry forever. Despite her miserable timing in bringing up the subject, you still feel like you'll be able to pull through this one.

She still didn't tell you why she didn't get hurt by the blast. You can hardly move, and she has the energy to start up a fight like that..

The thought puts a smile on your face. Were you not so weighed down by emotion, you'd probably be laughing, too.

She even said she loved you.


This sucks.

[ ] Go find her. Right now.
[ ] Rest, try to recover.
>> No. 77855
[ ] Go find her. Right now
>> No. 77857
[ ] Go find her. Right now.
>> No. 77868
[X] Go find her. Right now.

Walking around injured? Sounds like a good idea to me.
>> No. 78115
[x] Go find her. Right now.

Getting Arcueid Ending choice vibes from these. I am choosing badly.
>> No. 78680
And you won't get any sleep if you can't stop thinking about it. Too bad the only way for you now to stop thinking about it is to resolve it here. You fight with yourself for a good while on the matter. Should you go find her? As much as you know you should, a part of you doesn't want to see her face ever again. You want her to stay, but that same part of you would like so much to see her go.

Does she have the guts to do it? To leave you by yourself? Rather, do you have enough courage to go on without her? You don't want to find out. Injuries or no, you're going to find her, and you're going to make her listen one way or another.

Even so, standing alone proves to be difficult. But despite the pain in your leg, you have to do this.

She should be in her room, if you figure it right. It's a long way off, and you're not sure if--

"Dammit!" You can't keep thinking that! If you tell yourself that it's impossible, it will be! You can do this!

Your first step is taken with the leg that doesn't hurt. Every part of you hurts, but by comparison.. It still feels like you're stepping on daggers, and both legs feel awkwardly heavy.

You should be resting. Your body is telling you to rest. Ignore it, all of it. You have to see her.

But without her to lean on, you can't even walk. You need help, you need somebody to help you.

Only now does it occur to you..

What about Ruukoto? You can communicate with her through your wristwatch. You could try Chiyuri, too, but there's no guarantee that she'll answer. Should you try?

No, you need to do this in person. Ruukoto will at least speak to you..

"Hello?" Her small voice fills the otherwise silent room. The video feed pops up shortly thereafter. "Oh dear!" She seems surprised. "Ma'am, you look awful!"

"Never mind that." You ignore it. "I need you here. Now."

She'll know where to go. Another small marvel of technology acts as her guide. All you need to do is wait. Wait, and try to fend off the excruciating pain. God, it hurts.

The door hisses open. "I brought some supplies from the med-labs so--"

"Forget it." You're fine. It hurts, but you'll live. "Just take me to Chiyuri. I can't walk on my own."

No response.

"That's a direct order."

"Yes ma'am!"

She does just as you'd asked, though in a manner much unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Somehow, she's managed to pick you up in her arms. Sure, she is a machine and completely capable of lifting objects in excess of two-hundred kilos, but..

This is embarrassing. It doesn't hurt as bad like this, but you still don't like it.

A means to an end is all it is. If you recognize it as such, it isn't so bad. Mind over matter, just deal with it.

She walks you through the ship's corridors as if this were routine. She doesn't smile, leading you to believe that she'd rather you be resting instead. If she were human, she'd probably be more apt to voice such complaints.

She leads you...

Directly past Chiyuri's room, and makes her way for the elevator. Does this mean that Chiyuri's gone back to engineering? It must be, she's always there when she's working or pouting over something.

You begin to feel glad to have enlisted Ruukoto's help, but--

"Put me down." You're inside the elevator riding down. You can't allow Chiyuri to see you like this, so.. "Put me down, dammit!"

She lets you down carefully. Careful enough not to drop you if you decided to struggle. But as soon as you're back on your feet, the pain returns with what feels like double the strength.

Bear with it, just bear with it.

You can see her through the reinforced glass elevator walls. That girl, who's been the cause of so much emotional strife. Your first inclination is to jump out and strangle her as soon as the doors open. Dammit, why is she down here?! After all she said, she's still working!

"Chiyuri!" The doors open. Ruukoto helps you to step forward. Chiyuri doesn't acknowledge you.

"Goddammit, Chiyuri!" You have to fight back your anger. It'll make matters worse. Fight it back!

"What." She replies softly, bitterly.

[ ] ?
>> No. 78833
[x] "I love you."
>> No. 78917
I don't know what to vote; I am bad at figuring stuff like this out.
Especially in this story.
>> No. 78919

That's the idea, at least in this case. Folks voted to go find Chiyuri, now they need to come up with a reason for it~
>> No. 78928
[x] "I love you. I really do. If admitting that means I lose a valuable assistant, then that's a price I'm willing to pay."
[x] "If you're too frightened or don't have enough faith in me or my goals as my subordinate, then I have to take you back, but that doesn't mean our lives together will end only because our careers diverge."

This isn't what she wants to hear. What she wants to hear is for you to in some way choose her over your work. However, I think responding in a manner that shows you have faith that your relationship can weather these storms will ultimately prove more productive.
>> No. 78929
[X] "I love you. I really do. If admitting that means I lose a valuable assistant, then that's a price I'm willing to pay."
[X] "If you're too frightened or don't have enough faith in me or my goals as my subordinate, then I have to take you back, but that doesn't mean our lives together will end only because our careers diverge."

Seems like the right course of action to me. Vote changed accordingly.
>> No. 79194
[x] "I love you. I really do. If admitting that means I lose a valuable assistant, then that's a price I'm willing to pay."
[x] "If you're too frightened or don't have enough faith in me or my goals as my subordinate, then I have to take you back, but that doesn't mean our lives together will end only because our careers diverge."
>> No. 79524
[x] "I love you. I really do. If admitting that means I lose a valuable assistant, then that's a price I'm willing to pay."
[x] "If you're too frightened or don't have enough faith in me or my goals as my subordinate, then I have to take you back, but that doesn't mean our lives together will end only because our careers diverge."

Yay bandwagon.
>> No. 79535
Her words bite. They hurt far worse than your injuries ever could. But you can't let that stop you. No matter how angry she gets, no matter how terrible she makes you feel, you still..

"I love you, Chiyuri. I really do."

She's taken aback. Her silence gives you the time you need to speak your heart--or mind, whichever one is willing to give you the right words.

"But I can't simply drop everything and leave. I have dreams, too, you know." She doesn't want to hear it, but you can't give her any other choice. "I'll get hurt--probably worse than before, but that's a price I'm willing to pay."

"So you'd throw yourself to the wolves and have me bear the consequences? Fuck you!" She glares. It hurts.

You can't bear to have her look at you like that. You can't bear to stay silent. Even if she hates you for it.. But what you wanted to say just won't come out.

"You're useless without me!" She yells. "You couldn't even find your own underpants if it wasn't for me being here! You think you could run the show all by yourself?! You'd be dead in a week!"

"So how would you leaving make it any better?!" Your temper flares. Don't let her goad you into a fight. You're not useless. You know it, she knows it. Does she truly have so little faith in you?

"If I do, then I won't have to carry your bloody stinking corpse back home!" Her eyes focus directly on yours, and suddenly dart away, her voice grows quiet. "Did you ever stop to think about what would happen to me? If you died?"

You hadn't. Not even for a second. The thought of you dead has been a topic your mind has made an unconscious effort to avoid. Even now, you try not to think about it.

"I don't want to think about me dying at all, Chiyuri. I didn't come all the way out here to get myself killed, and I think you realize that." You wait for her eyes to turn back to you. "I just wish you could have a little more faith in me."

"Have you looked in the mirror recently?" She asks. "You look like a ghost. You're running yourself ragged." She pauses and shakes her head, turning back to face the wall. "I can't have faith in that."

"Then you're really leaving.." You don't know if that was directed towards her or inwardly. You're don't want to confront the thought of her leaving, but she.. She really is leaving, isn't she?

Then if you can't stop her.. "Just promise me this one thing, then.."

"Stop it."

"Don't hate me."



"God-DAMMIT!!" Her hands slam down on the table in front of her. Once. Twice. "I can't do it. You know I can't fucking do it!" There's something wrong with her voice. You've never seen her like this before. Is she.. crying?

"What's wrong?" You ask.

"Everything!" She exclaims, turning to face you with tears in her eyes. So she is crying.

"You, me, this whole fucking ship!" She kicks the wall. "I can't do this to you. I don't have the right. I can't leave you here alone with.. with that!" Both hands, she points to the ceiling.

"So..!" She'll..?

"Stop fucking smiling! I'll slap it right the fuck off your face!" Crying, but still angry. "You don't know how badly I want off right now. I'd give both legs just to be sitting at home right now. But I just can't do it. It isn't right." She storms up to you, wags a finger in your face, and says, "So fuck you, I'm staying. But I'll be goddamned if I let anything happen to you!"

"Chiyuri, you.."

She slaps you. Lightly, but still--

"I told you.." She holds back. "Next time it's the chair!"

"Why the sudden change in heart?" You have to ask. She's mad as hell, but it doesn't look like she wants to fight with you anymore.

"I haven't changed my mind. Not even a little." She wipes her eyes.

"Then, why?" Why doesn't she just leave?

She kicks some hunk of metal into the wall as a gesture of her still seething rage.

"Would you shut up and rest if I told you that it was because I don't hate you?"

[ ] "Yes."
[ ] "I'm being serious!"
>> No. 79539
[X] "Yes."
>> No. 79543
[x] "Yes."
>> No. 79555
[x] "Yes."
>> No. 79565
[ze] "Yes."

Some sleep would be nice.
>> No. 79915
"Yes." You nod.


"Then what're ya standing around for?"

"I'm still injured, Chiyuri." Do you need to remind her? "I can't walk on my own right now."

"Coulda fooled me, going on and on like that." She shakes her head and turns away yet again. "Look, just get going. Ruukoto can help you back, right?"

"What if I wanted you to help me instead?" It can't hurt to ask.

"I'm busy." She faces you again. Traces of anger still show through her expression, but her smile is refreshing. "Besides, what's the difference?"

Busy? Busy doing what?

"Alright, alright." She throws her hands up. "I see where this is going. No need to stare at me like that."

"I was staring?" You didn't notice if you were..

"You were." Chiyuri grabs Ruukoto by the hand and pulls her in front of you. "I'll walk back with you if you want, but it's a helluva lot more convenient for the both of us if you just let her carry you back."

"Okay." Fair compromise. But you still don't like being carried around like that. It makes you feel like you don't have control, you suppose.

Ruukoto holds her arms out, ready to grab you and pick you up like before, but you stop her.

"At least carry me on your back!" The other way is too..

She complies as if you'd just given her an order. Well, you did just give her an order, didn't you? This 'piggyback' way proves to be far more comfortable, both for your injured body and worn-out mind.

Chiyuri follows the two of you back like she said, and after a tense ride up the elevator in silence, you finally manage to make some manner conversation with her.

"This is embarrassing.." You say, leaning your head over Ruukoto's shoulder.

"Serves you right." Chiyuri replies tersely.

"I didn't get injured on purpose, Chiyuri."

"Serves you right anyway."

"You're still mad at me, aren't you." You keep your eyes on the hallway ahead, regardless of what your emotions tell you.

"Damn right I am."

Truth be told, you'd be more worried if she wasn't. The fact that she's still upset proves that she thinks of you as more than just a superior, and despite the fact that she's shown compassion for you in the past, you still find it to be reassuring.


More silence.

"What were you doing in engineering before I came in?" You ask.

"Why does it matter?" She sounds a little confused. Sure, the thought had just occurred to you..

"I'm curious."

"Work." She says.

"You were sulking, weren't you?" You think you've finally begun to understand her.

"I--" She falls silent. You can't see her, but she sounds a little shocked. "I was not!"

"Of course not." You have your answer. There's no need to pursue it any further.

"You don't believe me, do you?" Bu when she decides to pursue it..

"We're here." You can see your room ahead. The timing is perfect.

"I wasn't sulking, dammit!" She raises her voice. "What the hell do you think I am? I'm not a child!"

"I never said you were." You ask a question in passing, and you've unknowingly created an outlet for all of that anger building up inside her. The fact that she's taken so much offense to it only proves to you that she indeed was sulking.

"You're fucking with me, is that it?" She asks as Ruukoto brings you into your room. Out of the corner of your eye you can just make out a small smile on Chiyuri's face. She sees you staring at her, and covers her face with her hand. "God, I shoulda left when I had the chance.."

"That isn't funny.." It isn't. A few minutes ago she was dead serious. The fact that she even mentions it proves that the thought still lingers in her mind.

"I just can't.." A sigh. "You really are impossible, you know that, right?"

"But you still love me." You can't think of anything else that matters more. Chiyuri falls silent as Ruukoto lowers you onto your bed. Immediately upon being released, you flop onto your back. It's so gloriously comfortable, you could just--

"Ruukoto, what's your take on all this?" Chiyuri suddenly switches directions. Surprised, you sit back up.

Ruukoto, despite being a machine, seems honestly surprised as well. Not even that programmed-in, feigned sort of surprise. It appears to be completely genuine.

"I don't believe that I am qualified to answer that--"

"Whatever, just say it. You've been too damn quiet this whole time, so you've gotta be thinking of something in that metal head of yours."

"I think you're both very wonderful people, and--"

"Lies!" Chiyuri jabs her finger into the taller woman's chest. "I know when you're lying! I programmed that nervous tick into your emotional subroutines, after all." She sounds so proud of herself, but to you it just seems so underhanded..

"I don't think she wants to--" You try to interject. Why you begin to feel sorry for this machine is beyond you. 'Emotional wreck' would describe you to a T, right about now.

"You shut up!" Chiyuri's finger points to you. Genuine anger bleeds from her eyes as she glares at you. "I'm still here, so you've already had your way!"

"And you!" She points to Ruukoto yet again. "Out with it already!"

"If the master so commands it.."

"I command it, alright!"

"I think she means me, Chiyuri." You've noticed Ruukoto's eyes darting towards and away from your direction for quite some time now. It can't just be coincidence.

"Then you make her!"

[ ] Chiyuri needs to calm down.
[ ] You want to hear what Ruukoto thinks.
[ ] Ruukoto obviously doesn't want to say it.
[ ] What is this nonsense, all of a sudden?
>> No. 79917
[ ] You want to hear what Ruukoto thinks.
>> No. 79918
[x] You want to hear what Ruukoto thinks.
>> No. 79919
[x] Ruukoto obviously doesn't want to say it.
[x] What you will order Ruukoto to tell you is what happened to the child and the youkai woman.

We should allow Ruukoto's that much dignity at least.
>> No. 79929
[X] You want to hear what Ruukoto thinks.
>> No. 80274
[x] Chiyuri needs to calm down.
[x] You want to hear what Ruukoto thinks.
[x] Before going to sleep, ask Ruukoto what happened to the child and the youkai woman.
>> No. 80571
"Well I do want to hear what she thinks.." You say to yourself, ignoring Chiyuri. Despite Ruukoto's reluctance--or perhaps because of it, you've become curious. It can't be anything good, if she's so disinclined to speak it..

"So stop thinking about it and do it!" Chiyuri demands, her every spoken word as forceful as can be.

"Fine then." You shake your head at her, and then abruptly turn to Ruukoto. "Tell me what you really think. I'd like to hear it."

"If I must.." She answers, downtrodden. It's strange, but the way she's been acting since you brought her back seems more.. human, than before.

"Your condition and mental stability has been steadily degrading this past week," She says plainly, no emotion inflected in her words to speak of. "Because of this, I believe that it would be in your best interest to remain here in your room for at least a week to follow. The fact that my advice will not be heeded by yourself is evident, however, and I will not attempt to force you to remain here despite my wishes that you should simply comply."

Speechless. You're utterly speechless. She knows you better than you thought. Of course you wouldn't remain bedridden for a whole week while a pair of monsters prowl around inside your ship! What kind of trouble would they get into without you there to stop them? And what of that poor little girl? That woman didn't do anything horrible to her, you hope..

Ruukoto shows no signs of shutting up.

"For that matter," She turns to Chiyuri. "Your ignorance of the master's condition is an act of gross negligence on your part. Why your employment hasn't been terminated defies all logic! Is it not one of your duties to attend to her needs?"

"Wha--" Chiyuri is just as speechless as you are. Being talked down to by a machine? Ludicrous! The fact that you had asked her to do so in the first place has put you at odds with yourself. The faith you hold in your own intellect seems to have shattered in an instant. For all intents and purposes this shouldn't even be happening. Has Ruukoto finally gone rampant?

"I have needs to ya know!" Chiyuri tries to argue.

"Your needs are secondary when compared to those of the injured. Have you no compassion? Or is it because you're just a selfish little brat?" Only to be shot down in a ball of fire a moment later.

"Okay, Ruukoto. That's enough." You wonder if she'll listen.. "I think she gets the point."

"You're far too lenient with her," Ruukoto replies. "But if the master so commands it.."

"If I didn't feel bad enough to begin with.." Chiyuri shakes her head and takes a seat on your bed. An angry glare shot at Ruukoto. "Geez, you don't pull any punches, do ya?!"

"You asked for it." You reply with a smile. She did ask for it, after all. Rather, she asked you to ask for it.

"I reap what I sow, eh?" A chuckle, but she still seems depressed. Well, better than angry, at any rate.

"Indeed." Or maybe she was better off being angry, instead.

"If there's anything I can assist you with.." Ruukoto acts as usual. If not for the depressed look on Chiyuri's face and the distressed knot in your chest you'd almost have believed that nothing at all happened.

[ ] Ask Ruukoto about the woman and child.
[ ] Tell Ruukoto to bring some food.
[ ] You don't need anything, she can leave.
[ ] Tell her to run a diagnostic. You think she's gone rampant.
>> No. 80573
[X] Ask Ruukoto about the woman and child.
[X] Tell Ruukoto to bring some food.
>> No. 80594
[X] Ask Ruukoto about the woman and child.
[X] Tell Ruukoto to bring some food.
>> No. 80630
[z] Ask Ruukoto about the woman and child.
[e] Tell Ruukoto to bring some food.
>> No. 80631
[x] Ask Chiyuri to bring some food.
[x] Ask Ruukoto about the woman and child.

Let's give Chiyuri a little time to cool off.
>> No. 81109
Well, now that you think of it.. Ruukoto might know something about the events that transpired in the lab.

"Can you tell me what happened?"

Chiyuri breathes an aggravated sigh. Did you say something wrong? "You know what happened. You got hurt, I got pissed off and left you here by yourself. Look, I didn't mean to be like that. I should've.." She trails off.

"I understand, Chiyuri." This is awkward. She's misunderstood your words, and is now trying to apologize. You don't want to stop her, but you still want to find out why you had been injured in the first place. You can only remember an explosion..

For now, you want some time alone. With or without Chiyuri at your side, it doesn't matter. But Ruukoto's presence is making you feel uneasy. She just keeps staring. She just stands there, staring and silently thinking to herself. You don't like it. She shouldn't be in here. Not after that.

"Ruukoto," You say, trying to hide or ignore that uneasy feeling. She may have thoughts of her own now, but she's still subordinate. Her eyes slowly turn to you, that smile should be reassuring, but it only seems to make matters worse. "Can you bring some food? I'm hungry."

"Right away, ma'am." She answers immediately, and is gone from the room almost as quickly. Only now can you breathe a sigh of relief.

"Thanks.." Chiyuri does the same, and throws herself backwards onto your bed.

"I didn't send her away for your sake."

"I know, but thanks anyway." You can feel her eyes on you. "Maybe now, I can--"

"It's alright, you don't have to." You already know what she intends to say. Whether her words will be honest or not isn't something you'd be able to discern, regardless of whether she says them or not. She may just be apologizing to make you feel better, or she could be truly sincere. Right now, it doesn't matter.

"About the explosion.. What happened? What about the girl?" You ask, in keeping with the most important issues on your mind. The green-haired woman is a danger, but her safety isn't something you're willing to concern yourself with. She could be vaporized by that explosion, and as far as you're concerned the world would be a better place for it.

"Ran off, I think." She doesn't seem certain, as her words suggest. "All I remember was, BOOM!" She throws her hands up, trying to emulate what she saw as best she can. "I saw what looked like a wall of fire, and then you huddled up in the corner."

Then she's in no different a position than you are. You remember the explosion, and then losing consciousness for a spell. No recollection of the girl or woman whatsoever.

"We should check the video feeds." Chiyuri says something unexpected after a note of silence. "Maybe that'll--"

"That's it!" You've found your answer! The video logs will show you everything! "Chiyuri, you're a goddamned genius!" Why, you could dance around the room with her! If you had the strength, that is..

"I am." She doesn't try to deny it at all. "And it's finally good to see you doing something other than moping around." She sits back up, a huge grin pasted onto her face. "Don't ever stop smiling, alright?"


It takes a second, but her words eventually begin to sink in. Did she actually say that? 'Don't ever stop smiling'? The hell? How stupid is that? You take it back, she's not a genius at all. She's the biggest idiot you've ever known, and you can't help but laugh at her.

"Hahaha!" You cover your mouth, but the laughter slips right through your fingers. "Wha--Hahahahaha-ow! Ow! Ow!" Pain. Your chest is on fire, the wound from before must've been aggravated by the blast. But you can't stop laughing. You beg for it to stop, and when you're able to finally contain yourself the pain takes hold.

"What's wrong?!" Chiyuri leans over as you try desperately to make it go away. The pain shows no signs of letting go of you.

"Argh!" You roll over onto your side, and eventually it begins to subside. Don't move. If you move it'll get worse.

"Hey!" Chiyuri shakes you, her hands clutching at your shoulder. You see her leaning over you.

"Ugh.." You think you're finally safe. Slowly, you sit back up. The burning in your chest continues to fade. You turn to Chiyuri and try to smile. "Your stupid jokes might just kill me, one of these days."

"And your crappy comebacks are gonna make me kill you." She throws her arms around you a second later. "God, don't scare me like that!"

You can't say anything back. Returning the embrace seems to be all you're capable of doing. So long as you don't let go of her, she won't run away. She can't run away. She can't leave you.

But it can't last forever, no matter how much you may want it to.

Ruukoto walks into the room. You didn't even hear the door open. She sets something down on your night stand as Chiyuri pulls away from you.

"It isn't much, but I hope you like it." Ruukoto smiles. It doesn't seem to other you as much as before.

"I'll make do." Another sandwich, by the looks of it. That's about all you've had to eat as of late, isn't it? Your memory fails you in this one instance.

"But first," Ruukoto takes a step towards you. "I think it would be a good idea to have a look at your injuries."

"Uh, I.." She makes a good point. As you are now, you have no idea as to the extent of your injuries. Your leg and chest hurt the worst, but the rest of you feels pretty beaten up as well. But watching her standing there and smiling makes you fell uneasy. Like she's telling you to 'take it off'. The fact that you no know that she is capable of at least some independent thought makes you feel just that much worse about it.

"Okay." But you still do it. Unease or no, you're still injured. And you're no doctor. As an android programmed with an extensive database of knowledge relating to human anatomy, she can help you.

But even undressing yourself proves to be a challenge. Bending your arms in certain directions cause an indescribable pain to surge through you. You're forced to rely on Chiyuri to help get your clothes off.

But after all that's done, when she reaches to undo your bra..

"That's enough, Chiyuri."

You're still capable of stopping her with words.

She sits back, pouting slightly, as Ruukoto starts her examination. She tells you that, for the most part, it's just bruises and ligament damage, and that a few days rest ought to heal most of it. As for your leg, she says, well at least it isn't broken.

"And I suppose you're going to tell me to stay in here while monsters have their way with my ship?" You glare at Ruukoto, angry at her despite knowing that you shouldn't be.

"It would be recommended, but I still won't force you."

"I'll force you, though." Chiyuri pushes you down on the bed, her eyes locked onto yours.

"Chiyuri! What're yo--" You can't work your way out of her grip. Her hair gets in your face as she leans down over you. She's close enough that you could almost kiss her, were you to try.

"I'll stay here with you if you want, alright?" Her voice is soothing. So much so that you could almost forget that she's still forcing you down. "It's just a few days. Nothing bad'll happen."

[ ] Alright.
[ ] ?
>> No. 81142
[X] ?

Mystery option
>> No. 81152

Intended as a write-in as something contrary to the first option, really.
>> No. 81155
>She's close enough that you could almost kiss her, were you to try.

[x] Kiss her.
>> No. 81166
[X] Kiss her.

>> No. 81167
[x] Alright.
[x] Kiss her.
>> No. 81193
[~] All right...
[z] But you'll be keeping track of everything from here while you recover.
[e] There's things to be done around here in the mean time, and you will need the full cooperation of Ruukoto and Chiyuri both if you can't be seeing to then yourself.
>> No. 81194
[x] Kiss her
<appended to the top of the list.>
>> No. 81195
[x] Alright.

[x] Kiss Her

with a dash of romance~
>> No. 81301
Don't answer her, not yet. This is good. You like having her close to you. The times that you've had the chance to be this close are few and far between at best. You want to draw out the moment for as long as possible.

But how could you not kiss her? How could you pass up such a glorious opportunity? Your arms aren't weak enough that you can't move them.

You pull her closer. It throws her off balance, but it doesn't bother you. Her lips are yours, at least for the moment they touch yours.

She tries to pull away, to say something. It only comes out as a muffled moan, and her attempts at pulling away are instantly quelled. She's completely yours, now.

Her hair and breath tickle your face, forcing you to shut your eyes. You place a hand behind her head, caressing her and preventing her escape all at once. You push your tongue forward, entangle it with hers. She tries to push it from her mouth.

"Mmm.." She lets out a quiet moan, and then another. She quickens her pace and pulls away. You breathe a heavy sigh, satisfied despite your racing heart. You want more of her, but are afraid that you'd be unable to handle it in your condition.

Rest now, take her later. When you're well again.

"Ah, I'll.." She sits up, straddling you with her hands on your chest. She doesn't seem to notice where she's touching you. "..take that as a yes?"

"So long as I get at least three of those a day, sure." You smile, but.. Maybe that won't be enough. "No, make that four."

"Just four?" She grins. "You can have as many as you want, so long as you promise that you'll try to get better."


"'atta girl."

"But if I'm going to be an invalid for these next few days, that means you'll be in charge of things." Your mind keeps thinking of more and more things for you to do. "Oh, and I'd like to have some of my notes brought in from my office. I'd rather not let my mind languish like the rest of me."

"Sure, sure." She just keeps agreeing. Maybe that kiss set her straight. Her voice still seems so nonchalant, so could she just be agreeing just for the sake of it? "Whatever you say, boss."

"And try not to fondle my breasts so much." It's a little painful, actually.

"Oh, uh.. My bad." Her hands remove themselves in an instant. "I didn't realize--"

"Sure, sure."

"No, really!" She seems honest enough.

[ ] Have her help you into bed.
[ ] Kiss her again.
[ ] This is fun. Keep messing with her.
[ ] (Write-in)


Lazy~ Can't think of any good choices~
>> No. 81303
[x] Have her help you into bed

Lazy~ Can't think of any good write-ins~
>> No. 81305
but we're already in bed
>> No. 81309

On it, not in it~
>> No. 81318
[X] Have her help you into bed.
>> No. 81347
[ze] Have her help you into bed.

>Rest now, take her later. When you're feeling better.
Oh, I like the sound of that.
>> No. 82128
My laziness had gotten the better of me. Re-written to (hopefully) sound a little less disjointed and more in-tune with the characters' situation.


"Well, if you're so keen on touching me," You try not to smile, try not to laugh at the strange look on her face. She seems uneasy, maybe because she's worried that you could be mad at her. "Then why not help me into bed."

"Feeling tired?" Her voice is suddenly softer.


"Yeah, I'll bet." She must be commenting on the bruises that have started to appear on your arms and leg. Your interpretation has more to do with the fact that you're half naked and the air is cold, but hers works just as well.

She turns her attention towards helping you, but seems to be having significant difficulty with you in the way. "So how am I gonna pull the covers down with you laying on them?"

"You'll find a way." You snicker, laughing silently to yourself. The distressed look on her face is adorable. You want to let her have that look for just a little bit longer. For that matter, moving proves to be difficult now that you've begun to get situated.

"Lazy bum." She smiles at you, the words coming from her mouth are clearly meant as a joke. Certainly not funny to someone in your condition, but not something to get worked up about.

You sigh, feeling a slight thump come from the mattress as Chiyuri tries to figure out how exactly to get the sheets over you. Somehow, she's able to manage, but only with a limited amount of movement required on your part.

She eventually has you in bed, though the effort she exerted was significant. You think you might've started to drift off a bit--you can't quite remember how she got you here. Nevertheless..

"Chiyuri." You turn to her, and speak with no small note of concern.

"Hmm?" She sounds comfortable, to say the least.

"Why are you in my bed?" You ask.

"To the victor go the spoils." She replies, snuggling up to you.

"You didn't win anything, though." It doesn't seem a proper figure of speech when taking into considering the situation at hand. You find yourself unable to leave the error alone, going so far as to concern yourself more with her words than the fact that she's lying right next to you and still fully clothed.

"Sure I did~" She says with a laugh, clearly not being serious at all. You can feel her breathing on your neck. What she meant by what she said is a mystery, but it doesn't seem to matter nearly as much when she hugs you tighter.

"Ow! Hey, that hurts!" You enjoy the feeling, but your injured body rejects it regardless. She releases you with a note of apology, but her arm still hangs loosely over your shoulder.

"Aren't you uncomfortable like that?" Wearing all those clothes? You wonder if she'd even taken her shoes off.

"I'm fine." She closes her eyes. "Used to it."

"I'm asking you to take them off, not to make idle conversation." They're dirty. Covered in dust from the explosion and possibly some grease from her time in engineering. It can't be healthy--for you or for her.

"Alright, alright. I hear ya, loud 'n clear." A smile, a groan, and she reaches to pull her shirt off, not even bothering to sit up to do it. You watch closely. You don't care if it bothers her, if she gets embarrassed because she's worried about her breast size. You wonder if that's the reason she'd initially kept her shirt on.

She pulls her shirt over her head, but it gets stuck. On her ears, on her pigtails, you can't tell--but it gives you a little more time to look at her body freely.

Huh, there's a small mole right below where her neck meets her collarbone. You hadn't seen it before.

Her shirt comes off, and she tosses it behind her. You can just barely hear it hit the floor. Her pants go off next. You can't see anything as she's completely under the covers for a spell. You want to sit up and expose her, but it doesn't look like your body will let you. She comes back up with her pants and socks all bunched up in one hand.

She smiles as you wrinkle your nose at the smell, and those, too, are tossed aside. There's a quip about her being a working girl you don't catch but laugh at regardless, and then she puts her arm back around you.

Well, that's better. Her dirty clothes are out of the way, and you're not the only one in your undergarments.

But you're starting to get yourself worked up again. Dammit, if she's going to do something like this..

How the hell are you supposed to go to sleep like this?! You can't get over the way she keeps smiling at you.

[ ] Pretend like she's not there.
[ ] Try talking to her.
[ ] You still haven't eaten.
[ ] What about Ruukoto?
[ ] Sit up, try to find something to do.
>> No. 82147
[x] You still haven't eaten.

Tonight, I'll be dining on Chiyuri.
>> No. 82158
[X] You still haven't eaten.
>> No. 82190
[x] Try talking to her.
[x] You still haven't eaten.
[x] ...If you know what I mean.
>> No. 82293
[x] You still haven't eaten.

Food good.
>> No. 82297
[x]Fall asleep.
>> No. 82362
And you're still hungry! The empty feeling in the pit of your stomach pushes its way to the forefront of your mind. With food just out of arm's reach, it should prove to be an easy problem to solve.

Should be..

But you don't want to get up. Seems you're exhaustion has decided to hit you with full force. You can't seem to bring yourself to sit up to eat, for that matter, even reaching over Chiyuri's head to grab the plate off your night stand proves to be problematic. You nearly drop it on her, though the mental image of seeing her scowling face splattered with.. well, peanut butter and jelly this time, causes you to emit a chuckle.

"What?" She scowls regardless as you sit up to eat. The cold hits you instantly, and your arms automatically pull the sheets up over your exposed half.

"Just thinking of what you'd do if I dropped this on you." You take a bite, still smiling at the thought. One bite, from an ordinary peanut butter sandwich, but for some reason it's the most delicious thing you've ever eaten. It must be your hunger, else Ruukoto has a good many more secrets up her sleeves--if she had sleeves.

"That's not very funny." She groans, rolls away, and sets her wristwatch where the plate was sitting before you grabbed it. You think she's setting the alarm, but her next words confirm it.

"How's eight hours sound?"

"Longer." You say behind a mouthful of food. Manners be damned, you're hungry! You swallow before speaking further. "Twelve sounds about fair."

"Twelve?" She turns her head and glances at you from the corner of her eye. "You lazy bum."

You say nothing. Speaking would get in the way of eating, and you're nearly finished. The empty feeling only begins to subside, leaving you to wonder if you should've asked for something a little bigger than just a sandwich.

"..Alright, twelve it is." Chiyuri adjusts the alarm accordingly, and turns back around. "You know, it's probably not a good idea to go to sleep right after you eat."

"Hmm." Another bite. About three more to go. Chiyuri can deal with silence for that long.

"You'll get fat." A grin, she pinches you just above your waistline. You push her hand away.

"And I just know you're not saying this for no reason, or are you really that worried about my weight?" Doesn't she have her own problems to sort out?

Wait, wait. Stop! You're getting angry. Don't get angry. She wasn't trying to insult you.

"My weight is the last thing on my mind right now, Chiyuri." You're tired, you're in pain, and you've only just dealt with your hunger. You've probably lost a good bit of weight just because of the stress. Getting angry will just make everything worse. You're in a good spot right now--food in your hand, Chiyuri laying next to you..

Don't ruin it for yourself.

And what is that God-awful itching feeling? Shit, there's crumbs all over your bed!

You breathe an aggravated sigh and lay down. With no more sandwich in your hands, you're free to act as you want. The plate falls somewhere onto the floor beside you, emitting a piercing clattering of ceramic against ceramic, though it doesn't break. You turn back to Chiyuri and pull the covers over your head. Most of the crumbs'll fall to the floor. The ones that don't will most likely bother you until you find time to have your sheets washed.

Chiyuri rests an arm over your shoulder from outside the blankets. You don't feel any warmth from it, but the size and shape of the indentation and pressure you feel is enough to give her away.

It's dark, with your head under the covers. Dark, and yet comforting. And Chiyuri is oh so very warm--your arms are drawn to her because of it, and using her body as your pillow you can finally welcome the sweet embrace of sleep.


Oh, you forgot about this part. About the cold, dry darkness you see when you sleep. The same vision, now for several nights in a row. Two? Three? Even one was too many, and before you stands the girl in white.

Yet she somehow appears different this time. You see some blue in her dress this time. Why does she remind you so much of--

"Oh," She acts surprised, like this is her first time berating you in your sleep. "Oh my!"

"What is it this time?" You confront her directly, as you have done before. "Or do you just want me to sleep another restless night.."

"Oh dear, it worked! I don't believe it!" She looks around. The invisible floor below, the endlessly tall ceiling above, and into the darkness that surrounds you. Surrounds her, and everything else that might exist in here as well.

Her eyes turn to you, glowing golden amidst the void-like space behind her.

"Ah, there you are! I've been trying to find you for weeks!" She smiles--something you've never once seen her do before. It seems an honest smile, but--

"Stop fucking around with me." She must be trying to confuse you. "I know who you are, I know why you're here. Get to the point and be gone!"

"Oh dear.." She shows yet another awfully human-like expression--this time in the shape of a frown. "I believe you have me mistaken for someone else."

"Do I?" Perhaps such a possibility exists. Right now, you're not willing to accept it without definitive proof.

"You do, I'm sure of it!" Her response carries with it a sense of hurt. "I've done nothing to warrant this sort of animosity from you.. I don't think.."

"You don't think.." You mock her words. Absurd! This is absurd! She's definitely trying to drive you mad! "Now you listen here--"

"Oh, but I'm sure of it now!" She takes a step closer. Only one, and now she stands merely half a step from you. Such a thing seems impossible by reality's standards, but you are somehow able to accept it regardless.

"It's her, isn't it?" She smiles cheerfully, clapping her hands together in front of herself. "I'm sure of it! You must've met my sister!"

"Wha--" Oh, great. More of them. Just what you needed.

"Hold on, I'll be right over!" She seems hurried, now. "Oh, but please try not to be startled when you wake up! I promise I won't bite!"

Then, she's gone. Not in the sense that she'd simply vanished. Rather, it would be more plausible to believe that she was never here in the first place. The darkness fades from your dream world, returning it to you. Your dream world is your own again, and in it, you see...

[ ] Write in dream sequence.


No numbers this time. Simple is best sometimes. Of course, you can always vote to skip the dream sequence and get right back into things. It's a write-in, so be creative, etc, etc.
>> No. 82365
[x] Your presentation on the "magic" hypothesis of unified physics that got you laughed out of the university.
>> No. 82386
>Your dream world is your own again, and in it, you see...

[X] Faceless men
>> No. 82402
File 12386375789.jpg - (236.65KB , 987x702 , faceless man army.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Faceless men
>> No. 82411
[X] Faceless men

>> No. 82413
[ze] Your presentation on the "magic" hypothesis of unified physics that got you laughed out of the university.

You know faceless men will only be a fuckton of nopperabou and have nothing to do with sex, right?
>> No. 82618
People. An entire crowd of people. You can't even begin to estimate the numbers. To you, they appear as a wall of shadows--black as the air in that nightmare room--all pasted over a background of pure white.

Some present with them an air of familiarity, though being only shadows you wonder where you know them from. The academy? Perhaps a childhood acquaintance. This dream proves to be no less mysterious than the last.

One steps closer, and grabs you by the collar. It shouts something, or at least you think it does. The room is silent, save for the rustling of your clothes and the sound of your own breathing.

"Get off of me!" You push it away. It staggers back and disappears, turning to a cloud of black mist that quickly disperses. Nothing more than a spot of grey remains.

"What the--" Are they all like that? You touch another with the tip of your finger. It too loses shape and becomes a cloud. Such fragile things.. Are they people? A pervading sense of guilt tells you not to destroy another.

But at the same time, they surround you. On all sides, moving--walking around in a large circle, mindlessly like a horde of zombies.

Another one approaches you. Tinted with red, unlike the others. It almost looks the color of blood..

"..." It merely stands there, silent as the rest of them.

All movement stops, as if time itself had been frozen in an instant. The shadow that stands before you sways listlessly from side to side, proving otherwise. It alone moves, while the others behind it remain as still as statues.

"You must be lost." You hear a voice. No, you're not hearing it. The sound seems to come from inside your own head. Funny how it sounds just like your own voice.

"Or, maybe your own will has brought you here." It continues. You find yourself unable to control it, so it seems impossible that you're just thinking to yourself.

"Nevertheless, we welcome you with open arms. At any point you wish to end the dream, you may find us here."

"Dream?" You think yourself mad for answering it. For hearing it in the first place, you must have gone insane. It's not so bad, you figure. "What are you talking about?"

"That which you see, what you may touch, taste, and smell--merely an illusion. Beyond the boundaries of rationality lies the object you seek."

"That's all fine and good, but why don't you cut the clich├ęs and just give me a straight answer." The shadows begin to move. Not in circles. Towards you.

The voice remains silent as the shadows pull you down and drown you in a sea of darkness.


"Ugh." Your head hurts. Throbbing, like you'd spent the night upside down.

You feel Chiyuri's warmth beneath you, and hear the soft whisper of her breathing as her chest rises and falls.

[ ] Stay like this. This is nice.
[ ] Get up. Get dressed.
>> No. 82644
[x] Get up. Get dressed.

Somebody has to put food on the table.
>> No. 82645
[x]Stay like this. This is nice.
promised to stay in bed a few days.
>> No. 82650
[X]Stay like this. This is nice.
>> No. 82657
[ze]Stay like this. This is nice.

>> No. 82658
[X]Stay like this. This is nice.
>> No. 82680
You couldn't bring yourself to move, even if you wanted to. Her body is warm, the air around you is cool--it all works out well in the end. You gently reposition her hands, a slow and delicate relocation from the back of your neck and head to a less suffocating place on your back.

She's still asleep, though for all intents and purposes you should've been the last to awaken. Your body doesn't hurt quite as badly as it did yesterday--only where you've received the most damage does it still pain you. Your leg--just below the hip on your right side--hurts the worst. Though right now it feels only as if you'd slept on it wrong.

You try to ignore it--a rather simple task if you concentrate your senses on what's below you. Chiyuri's skin is soft and smooth, unblemished and perfect in your eyes. You restrain your thought to just that, and try to ignore the sight of her naked breasts right in front of your eyes.

That's right, she said something about wearing a bra to bed the last time this had happened. You'd forgotten, though your memory had been instantly refreshed once you looked up. Her breasts are as small as you remember, and even while you rest your head on her you're able to see right past them to the sleepy look on her face.

'They stick out properly!' she'd probably say while blushing, were she awake to catch you staring at them. It takes every ounce of your self-control to restrain your arms from reaching up and touching her. To rub your palms on her smooth flat chest, to play with and pinch her small pink nipples between your fingers, and hear her moan in pleasure.. You want her awake for that moment when you finally lose yourself.

"Uhhhh..." You groan, stretching your legs out, testing your range of movement. How far can you get before the pain stops you?

"Agh!" Not very far, it seems. Walking would certainly prove to be troublesome. Not only is it painful, but you're also stiff and sore after a night's rest. Only time can cure you now.

Yes, time. What time is it? 2:30. In the morning?

No, the PM light is on. It's half past 2 in the afternoon. You're only just waking up. You didn't hear the alarm, which could only mean..

"Chiyuri!" You don't try to stop yourself from shaking her awake. At the very least, you're able to pull your body up over her, though you still find yourself reluctant to peel your face away from her warmth.. "Chiyuri, wake up!"

"Ueeeh.." She sleepily tries to push you off, her eyes closed as she yawns widely.

"You turned the alarm off, didn't you?" She's awake, you don't need to shake her any more. Unless, that is, she tries to go back to sleep.

"Mmmmmm.." She slowly opens one eyelid, rubbing at the other with the back of her hand. "Huh?"

"The alarm. It's off." You grow annoyed with her as you restate yourself.

"Yeah.." She rubs both eyes at once, her words come out as little more than a muffled groan. "Cuz I shut it off."

"I know that!" You don't want to wait for her to wake up. "I'm asking why? It's 2 in the afternoon!"

"Eh? Really?" She's wide awake now, her blue eyes focus entirely on you. "Wow, I didn't think I'd oversleep for that long.."

"So why'd you do it?"

"Man, you're persistent!" She gives you a slight push and begins to sit up. You lean over and hold her down. She doesn't struggle, but looks at you confusedly and with curiosity. "Alright, alright. I get it. I thought you could use the extra sleep, so I killed it. Happy?"

"So long as you don't get up." You smile, and lay your head back on her chest. Right where you were moments before you forcefully awakened her. You bury your face in the heat of her body. "Mmmmm.."

"You win this round, I guess." She strokes your head. One small hand, fingers running through your hair. You're surprised that it makes you feel so relaxed.

[ ] Tell her about your dream.
[ ] Ask her how she's doing.
[ ] Try touching her.
>> No. 82689
[x] Try touching her.

Sure I'll have it.
>> No. 82738
[X] Try touching her.

Sexual harassment in the workplace.
>> No. 82758
[X] Try touching her.
>> No. 82793
[~] Tell her about your dream.
[z] Ask her how she's doing.
[e] Try touching her.

A buffet of Chiyuriness.
>> No. 82844
You want to tell her about your dream, to tell her what you saw--or think you saw during the night. Words escape you. How should you describe it? 'So I was in this black room' just won't do it justice. You instead choose to remain silent.

"Feeling any better?" She asks, running her fingers through your hair. You shut your eyes, enjoying the feeling for what it's worth.

"Not really." It's hardly been a day. What should she expect? A miracle recovery is beyond your means, and likely beyond the means of anybody else for that matter. Aside from that, your mental state is one strikingly similar to pure bliss.

"Damn." She mutters, her hand pausing in it's movement for a brief half-second.

She seems to feel strongly about the subject. Perhaps more so than even yourself--the injured. You couldn't possibly fathom as to what makes her react in such a manner.

But you have all the time in the world to think. To think, eat, sleep, and little more. You'd be bored half to death already, were it not for your assertion that she remain here with you. When you get her into the right situation, she'll put her heart on her sleeve for you. You're glad for her agreeing to stay here.

But 'hands off' wasn't a rule decided upon previously to having her stay with you. She'll let you rest your head on her, so is it safe to assume she'll let you go a bit farther? You want her to enjoy herself, too.

"Chiyuri.." Your hand rests on her navel, and you pick your head up. You're on eye-level with her now, and there's enough strength remaining in your body to keep you from toppling back down.

"Hmm?" She gives you a look of concern, unaware of your intentions. It doesn't feel right. She has to know first.

You lean down and kiss her. Just lightly on the lips.

Not enough. It's too pure, unadulterated by your will to ravage her body. You move in yet again, kissing her deeply, forcing your way into her mouth.

She responds favorably, grabbing you by the shoulders and pulling you into her. She likes it, enjoys it, wants it.

Then, so suddenly, she pulls away.

"You lied, you're feeling a lot better." She wipes a thin trail of saliva from her lips and smiles.

You'd tell her to shut up, but your own actions prevent you. You press your lips against hers yet again, resuming the kiss she'd so abruptly ended. You wrap your arm around her, grasping her by the back of her head to prevent a second escape. She seems to do the same, forcing you closer. Her body is warm, her lips are warm. God, you want her.

Finally, you make the decision to pull away. She fights you at first, but you win in the end. You always seem to win against her, no matter what.

"Aaahhhhhhh.." She moans, her mouth open as she falls back onto the pillow.

"I'm not done yet, Chiyuri." Your one other hand, the one you kept resting on her navel, begins to move across her body. Down her body, lower and lower as slow as you'll allow yourself. You want to make her want it. She has to need it before you'll go any further.

You dip the tip of one finger below her pantyline. Her body pushes forward, nearly knocking you away. She places a hand on your back, staring at you lazily with a dazed look in her eye, groping for something. Must be the clasp to your bra.

You smile and lean down. She instinctively reaches out to kiss you, but you pull away.

"It's your turn to feel good, Chiyuri." You say with a giggle, a mere whisper in her ear. "How do you want it?"

"Jus-Just shut up already." She replies hurriedly, seemingly with anger. "Help me get this damned thing off!"

"I don't have any hands free, Chiyuri." One is playing at her waist, and the other keeps you from falling. "You'll just have to do it yourself~"

"Bitch." She grumbles, blushing and grimacing all at once. You don't want to see that face. You won't give her time to be angry.

You shift your body lower, hand reaching under her panties. Twice now, you've been in this situation with her. This time, you won't allow for any interruptions. A gentle touch..

"Ahh~! Hey!" She squirms, but elicits a soft moan. "That's cheating!"

Again. Your fingers venture further, lower. Ahh, she's already..

"Chiyuri.." You can't stop smiling, you can't stop blushing, you can't get enough of her.

"Don't say it." She looks away with embarrassment.

"Then you admit it?" You want an acknowledgment on her part. A verbal note that she's enjoying herself. Your attention is redirected when you feel something come loose.

"Ah." She's finally removed that hindrance of clothing. "Ah~!" Her lips touch your chest, her hands grab you--

And push you over onto your back.

"You're still injured." She giggles. "We can't have you collapsing during the middle of things because your leg hurts."

She's been completely switched on; almost like the Chiyuri in front of you--on top of you--is a completely different person. She smiles greedily, leaning forward over your body.

Her lips touch your chest, resuming what was halted when she pushed you. She kisses you all over, slowly descending. You can stretch your arms out fully now, and only the back of her head can be reached. Her hands caress your hips..

"Wow, wouldja lookit that.." She says with wonder. "You got banged up pretty bad."

"I know." Don't stop. Shut up! Stop talking! You want to yell at her, to hit her with your fist for delaying it. The palm of her hand rests absent-mindedly on your most sensitive spot. You feel the warmth of her skin through your underwear. It frustrates you to no end.

[ ] Grab her by the hair, pull her back to where you can reach her.
[ ] See where this goes, just be patient and wait.
>> No. 82848
[x] See where this goes, just be patient and wait.

>> No. 82851
[X] See where this goes, just be patient and wait.
>> No. 82854
[ze] Grab her by the hair, pull her back to where you can reach her.
Hello, tide.
>> No. 83291
Oh, wow, a whole three votes! I'm beginning to wonder if anybody still reads this. :/

Still, 3AM h-scene is tough to write. And there's my excuse in case it sucks~


You don't want to rush her. The added pressure might make her stop, or feel uneasy. Something like that. You don't want her to stop.

She shifts her head to the side, inspecting the bruise on your leg. You think she's simply wasting time, trying to get you all worked up. It's working. You can feel it, the anticipation is killing you. If you had the strength you'd simply turn her over and have your way with her right now.

But you're still forced to wait.

Her fingers brush lightly against your stomach, her other hand rests on your hip. She brings her body back up to bear, smiling gleefully when she looks back up at you--grabs your hand, and thrusts it between her legs.

"Ladies first~" She giggles, throwing a leg over your body. You can feel a warm dampness on your fingertips, telling you that she's ready.

"We're both women, Chiyuri." You say, hoping she'll understand the underlying meaning. You want her to touch you--your body begs for her touch, and even if you can't bring yourself to put the feeling to words you just can't deny that the feeling is there.

You move your fingers, just a little bit. Chiyuri reacts favorably--tensing up slightly and forcing her eyes shut. A look of utter pleasure.

"Ahh~" A small voice escapes her lips. She leans forward, bracing herself by placing her hands on your chest. The added pressure hurts, a little. You can ignore the pain.

You slide your hand back, and slip it into her underwear. You feel her bare skin--hot to the touch and slick with wetness. You waste no time with fooling around. One finger slips inside..

"Mmmmh~!" She bites her lip, a small shiver runs through her body. This is.. different, than last time. You finally have the freedom to enjoy yourself--and her body, all without restraint. Unlike before, no hesitation shows in her eyes. She wants you, she needs you, she'll have you. But even the tiniest of movements your fingers make can make her lose her mind.

"Ooh~!" A quiet moan as she throws her head back in ecstasy. Her hands tighten around you, fingernails pressing into your sides. You can ignore the pain.

"Chiyuri.." You call her name. Maybe just to hear it, maybe to see how she reacts to the sound. Her eyes settle on you slowly, and you tell her exactly what you want.

"M-Me too.."

Your voice sounds weird. Different, but not in a way you can put to words. Maybe it's the slight wavering that makes you sound less confident. You don't like the sound you make. Her eyes widen with understanding, and she lowers her hand. You feel it slip inside your panties. There's a slight feeling of dread when she finally does touch you, but it soon passes.

Her fingers are electric, and every time you feel them it sends waves through your body. From your core to your extremities--and you can't keep yourself still no matter how hard you try. You body moves as her fingers dictate.

"Aahhh!" The sound of your own voice. It's bothersome--you can't hear anything over it. You want to shut yourself up, but you seem to have lost control over yourself. None of it seems to matter when she puts her fingers on you--in you.

"Hmm~" She giggles, though the sound of your own heavy breathing makes it hard to hear. "So you're weak there~?"

"Wha--" Deep breaths, try to control yourself. You can't talk when you're like-- "AHH!"

She touches you again, in the same spot. It feels--

You don't know, you can't think. If she touches you like that again, you'll lose it. Your mind, your sanity--all gone in a flash of light. It feels like your body's on fire.

"One~" She purrs, leaning down so oppressively close. Just out of reach. You can feel her breathing on you. It creates a sense of longing. You want more of her--all of her. Even the stupidly cute grin on her face--you want it all to yourself.

You can't stop her--don't want to stop her. It feels too good. Your body feels numb, and you can no longer tell where she's touching you. You don't know if she's--

"Ah--Mmm--" Something wriggles around inside of you. It feels weird. You don't know what it feels like. It's amazing.

"Hah--Hey," She leans down closely. "Don't stop.." She grabs your wrist--the same hand you touched her with, fallen limply to your side. "You gotta--Mmm.." She thrusts it back into her panties. "Keep going.. Keep the score even.."

"The.. hah-hell're you-- Ah!"

You can't. You can't bring yourself to move--like your body is beyond exhausted. Your head feels light. She removes her hands from you, the strange sensation you feel slowly subsides. You want to touch her. Your hand falling away was merely a fluke, caused only by the erratic movements your body had involuntarily made. You try to move your fingers.

Se reacts positively yet again. It feels like you've started over, though that wouldn't be all bad. She moans, cries out in pleasure as you regain control of yourself. What was that, just now?

Chiyuri leans in, as if to kiss you. Your fingers find their way back inside her, and she jerks up, arching her back as she lets out a scream of pleasure. An indescribable sound--like it's not even coming from her own body. She falls back, collapsing onto the bed in a heap.

You see her chest rising and falling--are mesmerized by the sight until she begins to get back up. She pulls her body back up, only to topple over face-first onto the pillow beside you.

"Mmmmm.." Her voice is muffled by the pillow, but clear enough that you can understand it. You touch the back of her head, run a hand through her hair. She smells of sweat and grease.

"Haah.." You sigh, recovering that last missing bit of your awareness. The world is clear to you yet again. Maybe clearer than before. It could just be the endorphins.

"Now that I think of it.." Chiyuri says, turning her head just enough so that you can see the very corner of her eye. "The score is 2-to-1, now."

"I was trying to say.." You pause. A flash of memory, a sensory reminder of the events that just transpired. "What the hell do you mean by 'score'?"

"You had to ask.." She seems disappointed, but eager to answer. "The number of times we came, Yumemi. Combining that time in my room and just now, it's 2-to-1 with me in the lead."

"You plan on keeping track?" You remember the interruption from last time. You don't want to, but the memory just floods back in.

"Absolutely." She sounds serious, but with her expression hidden.. "For fairness' sake."

"Fair or not, it's still a little.." It's a little embarrassing, to say the least. But this is Chiyuri, and it's just one of her quirks you'll have to get used to. Maybe it's her way of rationalizing what you'd just done.

"Well, I'm not much for bedside chat." She rolls over, facing you, running a hand across your face. "I'm not used to this kind of thing."

"Could've fooled me." She seemed to know what she was doing. She didn't fool around at all, and the orgasm she gave you was.. The best you've ever had, you're sure of it.

"So I just guessed." She laughs, loudly enough that even those standing outside could hear. "Or maybe you're just that easy to figure out."

"You're absolutely right." You say, now in complete control of yourself. "You really aren't much good for bedside chat."

"No kiddin'!" She rolls onto her back, staring straight up at the ceiling.

"So I was gonna get up and make ya somethin' to eat this morning--er, afternoon." Her eyes dart over to you with her usual enthusiasm, making it seem like nothing happened at all. "Needless to say, this was a better idea."

[ ] Ask her to make you something.
[ ] Keep talking, don't make her get up.
[ ] Ask her to find Ruukoto.
>> No. 83296
[x] Keep talking, don't make her get up.

I still read this but i just keep forgetting to vote.
Also that was awesome.
>> No. 83297
[X] Keep talking, don't make her get up.
>> No. 83298
Glad to hear it. Personally, I thought the last bit of dialogue was a little forced. Kinda wanted to re-write it, but yeah.
>> No. 83304
[x] Keep talking, don't make her get up.

That was hot.
>> No. 83316
[x] Keep talking, don't make her get up.
>> No. 83369
[X] Keep talking, don't make her get up.
>> No. 83372
>[ ] Ask her to make you something.
That was great... Now go make me a sandwich.
>> No. 83547
"A better idea?" No, this was a terrible idea. The timing, your condition--when all is accounted for it couldn't have been any worse. Still, you're at least certain that it was enjoyable. But the price you'll have to pay for such enjoyment..

"Well, maybe not for you." She says rather callously, now lying flat on her back. You look at her angrily, intent on spitting something equally nasty right back. Then, she starts to smile. "Hey, don't worry!" She tries to sound reassuring. "I'll have the pills ready in case you start to feel any worse."

"Pills won't do much good for confusion." You sigh, pulling the bed sheets back over your body. They smell like sweat. You'll probably get sick if you sleep in these another night.

Chiyuri laughs, nudging you on the shoulder. Trying to help you feel at ease. Seems you can only feel comfortable with yourself when you try not to think about it--about you and her, doing--

Forget it.

"Pills won't do much for these dirty sheets, either." A bad idea indeed.

"Heh, guess not." She sits up, shaking her head as she shields her eyes with the palm of her hand. Her normally tied-up hair has started to come loose, and even the look in her eye seems a bit disheveled. "Well, I'll get the wheelchair."

"I can walk on my own." You try to sit up too, make it halfway and flop backwards overcome with pain. It's worse than it was yesterday. Duller, stings less, but your range of movement seems lessened. So worse in other aspects that the intensity itself. "For that matter, what the hell for?"

"The sheets need changing. My underwear needs changing, and I'm sure you need a shower at least as bad as I do. We can save the cuddling and deep emotional discussions for when we're not covered in filth and smell like shit."

"Sure. Fine." You couldn't agree more, but something about the way she puts it annoys you to no end. It frustrates you even more when you can't put your finger on what exactly it is about her that's causing it. "But I'm still walking."

"I don't think that's such a--"

"Shut it." You won't let her stop you. This is a test--for yourself, for your own body. You need to know how much you're capable of in this miserable state. If you don't find out now.. What if something goes wrong? What then? You don't want to argue with her. "You're not gonna change my mind."

She locks eyes with you. Sitting, judging you for any sign of backing down. You won't, of course. You're steadfast in your decision, and no amount of arguing or staring on her part will stop you.

"Alright, fine." She gives in, shrugging and sighing with exasperation. "You win. Again." She stands, her posture stiff, perhaps angry. "This isn't exactly the kind of discussion I'd have expected us to be having after doing something.. like.." She trails off, looking down. "Well, you know." She circumvents a direct mention of the act. Perhaps she's feeling a little uncomfortable about it, too. You can't even begin to wrap your head around it all.

Ignore it.

"Leave it to me to fuck things up, then, hmm?" You jibe, wondering how she'll react to it. Your eyes follow her as she heads around her side of the bed, making a bee-line for the closet, her bare feet stepping softly over the hard floor. The way her hips shake with each step is mesmerizing. You don't mean to stare, but you just can't stop yourself.

"That isn't-- I didn't mean it like that." She looks to you with a pleading expression, but instantly turns her attention elsewhere. She starts to dig through a number of cardboard boxes piled on the closet floor. "Look, do you have anything to wear in here? Ruukoto picked all our clothes up last night."

"On the left." You point her in the right direction. "There's probably something in there." Though you don't normally keep your clothing in there. It's usually empty, save for.. Well, namely old research equipment. Everything involving your research into the occult is piled in there, along with a number of other dead-ends.

"Lessee, here.." She digs through some garbage, or what you're pretty sure is garbage. The last time you touched that room was.. Huh. You can't seem to remember. "Vials of blood, human skulls, dream catcher, a book called 'How to Summon a Demon'.." She speaks as if those are all ordinary household items.. "Capes, capes, capes.." She looks back at you, a little confused by what she's found. "Ya know, if I didn't know you like I do, I'd think I was digging through evidence for ritual human sacrifice."

"And supposing that it was..?" You ask eagerly, now seated at the edge of the bed. It doesn't seem to hurt sitting so long as you keep your knees bent.

"Yeah, somebody needs to call the cops on you." She smiles, shakes her head, and pulls out one of your old capes.

"I've seen your room, and you're one to talk. Just think of all the illegal weaponry and war treaty violations I could find!" You laugh. Anti-matter weaponry has been outlawed for at least a hundred years, and you're positive she's got a few grenades and pistols in there that use the technology. Perhaps she even has a neutron bomb..

"Just because I haven't cleaned it in a while doesn't mean--" She catches you staring at her. There's reasonable, and then there's her room. She has no excuse, you know she has no excuse, and she knows she has no excuse to leave it like that.

"Alright, fine. So I've never cleaned it. Not once, not ever. Satisfied?" She throws one of the bright red capes over her shoulders. The ends drag on the floor as she tries to figure out a way to tie it shut around her. "So how do I look?

[ ] Like a clown.
[ ] Like me, only shorter.
[ ] Like my dream come true. (Honest)
[ ] Like my dream come true. (Sarcastic)
>> No. 83566
[x] Like me, only shorter.
[x] "...I suppose that explains the attraction?"
>> No. 83580
[+] Like my dream come true. (Honest)
Why not?
>> No. 83589
[x] Like me, only shorter.
>> No. 83593
[X] Like me, only shorter.
>> No. 83595
[~] Like me, only shorter.
[z] "...I suppose that explains the attraction?"
[e] Laugh, but not in a mocking way.
>> No. 83597
[X] Like my dream come true. (Honest)
---[X] "If we could just have children, they would be so cute!"
>> No. 83674
"Funny you should say that, Boss... Lemme show you something else that cape of yours can emulate."
>> No. 83731
[X] Like my dream come true. (Honest)
---[X] "If we could just have children, they would be so cute!"

>> No. 83764
[z] Like my dream come true. (Honest)
---[e] "If we could just have children, they would be so cute!"

Oh, what the hell, fine.
>> No. 83765
Can't delete >>83595 for some reason. Might have been on the other computer.

Anyway, count >>83764 as my vote.
>> No. 84029
Haven't updated in a while. Work sux, etc.


"Like my dream come true." You smile, rub your face, and pull yourself closer to the edge of the bed. You really mean it, though it was said only in passing.

"Let's hope it isn't one of your damn nightmares, then." She grins, finally managing to cover herself completely. Funny how it looks more like a bathrobe..

"It's not. I'm sure of that much." You can't stop yourself from smiling. She coughs into her hand nervously as you sit and stare.

"Ehem, well.." She looks away briefly, suddenly tossing something over your head. "Anyways, get dressed. I don't wanna waste time."

"Waste time?" Why, you have all the time in the world, right now! So many days with so little to do.. She's just making up excuses, but you don't really mind. You'll play along, so long as it doesn't pose any sort of risk.

You pull the red veil from your eyes, and wrap it around you, emulating Chiyuri. Better her way than holding it shut the whole time. You might need your hands free. It doesn't occur to you until after you've secured it that you could've just used the device around your neck to generate some clothing instead..

Oh well. No sense thinking about it now.

You shrug, painlessly, and slowly try bringing yourself to your feet.

So far so good.

It doesn't hurt to stand, so long as you keep your weight off of your injured leg. You can walk too, though pain starts to creep back into your muscles after a few steps. Take it slowly, and everything will be fine.

Chiyuri offers her assistance, which you politely refuse.

Shouldn't have done that.

You feel yourself falling forward, balance suddenly failing you. Chiyuri catches you early, before you start to fall.

"See what I mean?" She says.

"Didn't think that'd happen.." You say to yourself.

"Then why don't you just lemme help you?" More complaining.

"Fine, fine." You don't want to argue. For that matter, your sense of reason is telling you to just give in. Like it or not, you need her help. "This's gonna be one hell of a long day.."

"Even though it's halfway over already?"

You nod, leaning your weight onto her shoulder. It's difficult and awkward, and you wish silently to yourself that she was only another ten centimeters taller. You have to lean forward, as tall as she is right now. Long day, indeed.

"Ya know.." She tries to turn her head back, giving up halfway when she realizes that your elbow is in the way. "Maybe this isn't such a good idea."

You sigh, knowing already what she's about to say next.

[ ] "Fine, get the damn wheelchair!"
[ ] "We won't know unless we try!"
>> No. 84067
[X] "Fine, get the damn wheelchair!"

Chiyuri is a sexy nurse.
>> No. 84069
[X] "Fine, get the damn wheelchair!"
>> No. 84070
[x] "Fine, get the damn wheelchair!"

Free wheelchair ride, whoo!
>> No. 84077
[x] "Fine, get the damn wheelchair!"
>> No. 84079
[x] "Fine, get the damn wheelchair!"
>> No. 84568
"Fine, get the damn wheelchair.." You wish she wouldn't, but it's clearly all that's on her mind right now. And here you are, only just beginning to realize that it's probably impossible for you to make it out the door without it.

"And here I thought.." She almost sounds as if she'd expected you to fight her on the subject.

"I'm trying to think this through rationally. I'd rather not strain myself so soon after being injured." You'll have time to try walking on your own again later.

"Huh, well okay then." She shrugs, letting out a small relieved sigh as she makes for the door. "Back in a flash!" She smiles, waves, and the door shuts, leaving you all by yourself.

It isn't so bad. The silence is refreshing, gives you time to think. About this and that, and especially about what happened just after you woke up today.

You flop backwards onto the bed, staring at the ceiling. Bright lights assault your vision, growing brighter and more blinding as you continue to stare at them. You wonder what would happen were you to keep staring at them.

The obvious answer if retinal damage. You shut your eyes, ad breathe deeply. The bed, your clothes, your body all have Chiyuri's scent. That oily smell, like grease. You're probably covered in the stuff. It'd probably take an industrial grade detergent to get the smell out.

"Hey, you!" Chiyuri's voice, coming from your wristwatch. "Don't you fall asleep on me just yet. I'm almost there."

"I wasn't sleeping." She can see you through it? Or maybe there's a camera in the room?

"You sure looked like it." She pauses. "Still tired?"

"Like you wouldn't believe." You pause, considering asking her about it. But the conversation seems to be taking a different sort of turn, and you just go with the flow. "But you'd know all about that, wouldn't you?" Your fatigue is caused partly by injury, but mostly by physical exertion.

"Hehe~" You can't see her face, but you can sure imagine how it'd look. She's sure to be grinning ear to ear right about now.

"So where are you?" You ask.

"Looking for the damn thing. I can't seem to remember where I left it.."

"You know, now that you mention it..." You take a look around the room. Nope, it isn't here. But memory serves you well. "Didn't you leave it in your room?"

"Augh, dammit!" You can practically hear her hitting herself in the head. "You're right!"

"I know."

"I'm heading in the wrong direction, expect a few minutes delay."

"Fine, fine. Just don't take too long, now." You offer her some incentive, "I'm starting to feel a little lonely." You end the call before she can reply.

And it's back once again to staring at the ceiling. A few deep breaths calm you. Slightly, but the difference is noticeable. Again, you shut your eyes, lean back and relax yourself. You really are tired..


Your mouth is dry. Did you fall asleep? It wouldn't come as a surprise. The air smells surprisingly clean--the oily smell is gone.

"Ugh.." Your head hurts, too. There's a surprise. Did you fall over? You're on the floor. Probably hit your head. Is that what woke you up?

A chill runs through your body.

Or rather, you'd felt cold to begin with, but hadn't noticed until now. The pain is gone. Your leg, your chest--both feel fine. Looking down, the scar on your chest is gone, too.

You sit up, your hair falls over your eyes as you move. You brush it aside.

You can stand, too. Rather painlessly, though your legs still feel a little weak. You take a look around the room, but you can't see anything. It's dark. Not dark like the room in your dreams, but rather just an ordinary room with the lights out.

Nothing unusual, there. The lights are on a timer, so they'll simply shut off if no movement is detected in the room. You wave your arm. The lights stay off. Maybe somebody hit the manual switch. They won't turn on if that's been shut off.

Something blocks you from walking forward. Like an invisible wall. It circles all around you.

What the hell is going on? Where's Chiyuri? Shouldn't she be back by now? What time is it?

You look at your watch. It's gone.

The lights suddenly turn on.

The bed is gone too.

Strange.. The entire room is gone.

There's a lump in your throat. Panic. What the hell is going on?

This place looks like the labs.

This place is the labs--and you're trapped in one of the specimen tanks.

You see Ruukoto turning the corner into the room.

"Hey!" You beat on the glass, dull thumps echoing throughout the enclosed space. "Get me out of here!"

What the hell is going on? Is this some kind of sick joke? Not even Chiyuri would lack the sense to do something like this!

Ruukoto stands in front of the glass, simply staring at you. She probably can't hear you through the heavy reinforced walls holding you inside.

You turn to your watch--oh, right, it's gone.

"Um, hello?" Her voice comes through an overhead speaker.

"Ruukoto? Can you hear me?"

"Erm, yes, I-- Wait. How did you--" She sounds uneasy. For that matter, why isn't she letting you out?

"What is the meaning of this?!" You grow angry with her for being so slow to react. You can't seem to reign yourself in. "Let me out of here at once!"

"I can't. You know that." She shakes her head, her eyes seem a little sad.

"You can and you will, dammit!" Your fists beat on the glass. "Is this somebody's idea of a sick joke?! Where's Chiyuri?!"

She seems to ignore you for a moment, saying something to herself. Nothing comes through the overhead speaker.

"I'm afraid that without proper administrative authorization, I cannot be permitted to release you." Now she's beginning to sound more like a machine.

"Well, that just makes it easier."

[ ] Tell her to confirm a voiceprint match.
[ ] Give her a verbal override command.
[ ] Try asking nicely.
>> No. 84582
[ ] Try asking nicely.
>> No. 84586
[ ] Give her a verbal override command.
>> No. 84587
>"Erm, yes, I-- Wait. How did you--" She sounds uneasy.

"--know my name?"

>"I can't. You know that."

[x] Tell her to confirm a voiceprint match.

Guys I think we've been body swapped.
>> No. 84598
[X] Tell her to confirm a voiceprint match.
>> No. 84599
>[ ] Tell her to confirm a voiceprint match.
Bodyswap means that we have a different body, hence different voice you dolts.

[X] Give her a verbal override command.
this is what we are looking for
>> No. 84600
[X] Give her a verbal override command.
>> No. 84601
[ ] Give her a verbal override command.
>> No. 84611
[X] Give her a verbal override command.
>> No. 84644
[d] Give her a verbal override command.
[a] Look at yourself. Are you still you anymore?
[z] Ask for the time; compare it to when you last saw it.
[e] Ask her to warn Chiyuri that something is very wrong.
>> No. 84646
Oh, wow! Two updates in the space of 24 hours. It's like some kind of miracle!


"Administrative access, priority alpha. Authorize override, user identification one-one-three-eight."

Ruukoto stands perfectly still, emotionlessly--like a robot. It's working, so far. She recognizes the command, but..

"Retinal scan mismatch, access denied."

Damn. This is no different than working with a computer. Voice commands may only go so far, it seems. Push it a step further, see if you can't simply bypass it.

"Bypass biometrics scan, authorization code D-five-D-A-F-Zero. Identify via voice commands."

Ruukoto's back stiffens, her eyes show a vague hint of surprise. Can't she tell it's you in here? She should be completely aware that you're capable of overriding any and all orders she's been given. Even your own!

"Challenge: 'Hot as hell in here'. Awaiting response."

Good. You've got it now. As you recall, the proper response is..

"Yeah man, but it's a dry heat." You reply with the proper phrase.

"Access authorized. Awaiting further orders, miss Okazaki." And there's Ruukoto's friendly smile. The same, pre-programmed one she'll show every time you give her a directive.

"Finally!" You hit the glass again. "Let me out of this god-dammned cage!"

She takes a step to the side, towards the control panel. You watch as she disengages the locks. You hear a faint hiss as the glass surrounding you comes loose from the ceiling and sinks down into the floor.

"That's more like it." You stretch your arms, only just beginning to realize your position once you've been released.

"Shit, what the hell is going on?" You turn to Ruukoto.

"I don't think I'm qualified to.."

"Damn your qualifications!" Shouldn't have asked. She doesn't seem to know anything, nor does she seem to completely believe that it's you standing beside her.

Your turn to either side, surveying the room. The tank you were just in, wasn't it--

"Oh, god no." You cover your face, smacking yourself mentally when you realize that the monster that was here before is now gone. You should've seen it earlier, but in your panic, you'd completely missed it.

You turn to Ruukoto, who looks back at you in simple confusion. "What happened to that monster girl?!"

"..." She remains speechless, eliciting no response. She just gives you a blank stare.

"Who am I kidding--We've got to find Chiyuri!" You prioritize, instantly, in your head. You'll find out what happened later. If it's gotten loose, Chiyuri could be in serious danger! You can't just sit around like this! You've got to--

Wait, where are your clothes? Likely, in the same place as your wristwatch and the rest of your equipment. You need to find something to wear. One of the dust covers from the tables in the next room should suffice.

It's a simple, plain white cotton sheet. Fit to be nothing better than some sort of hospital gown--or a table cover, as was it's original purpose. You don't have the time to worry about it's itchiness. You take full advantage of your seemingly cured body, and dash out into the hallway.

The floor is cold, you don't care. The air is still, you don't think about it. Your mind is focused entirely on what is most important to you.

Ruukoto follows you, all the way to Chiyuri's room. She said she was headed there before, so it's the first place you'll look. The door raises automatically, and the lights inside flicker on.

Empty. No Chiyuri. Thankfully no signs of a struggle, but the wheelchair that was left here is gone. She must've taken it.

Your room, then!

But that's on the other side of the ship! You'll really have to push it to get there quickly.

On the way, you turn to Ruukoto.

"Find Chiyuri!" You yell, remembering that Ruukoto is able to access the ship's computers wirelessly from anywhere. You should've done this first! Another irresponsible blunder that has cost you precious time.

"Engineering, third deck." Ruukoto informs you while you're still on the move. Good. That'll cut off half of the trip.

The elevator is just down the next corridor. It hasn't been locked down, thankfully. She must not be aware of the escape, else it would be.

The wait by the door is more excruciating than the pain in your chest from running. The elevator can be seen raising from the decks below through the transparent doors, but it's so damned slow! Can't it go any faster?!

It's only brief seconds, but it feels like forever to you. The elevator opens, and you pile in with Ruukoto.

The elevator begins it's slow descent. First, past the midlevel deck, and slowly down to the bottom floor. The doors open.

You rush out, caring little about the metal grating biting into your bare feet. Chiyuri is just up ahead. Alone, with--

"Wha--?" It's like staring into a mirror. You see yourself, sitting in the wheelchair just beside her. Smiling, laughing, talking with her like normal.

But if you're over here, then who is--

[ ] Attack her. She isn't you.
[ ] Pull Chiyuri away from her.
[ ] Walk in. Try talking to her.
[ ] This is a dream. Wake up.
>> No. 84649
[ ] Walk in. Try talking to her.
>> No. 84659
>Bodyswap means that we have a different body, hence different voice you dolts.

That would be the entire point. We knew we were body-swapped; Yumemi didn't.

If we wake up now and we go back to our original body, the monster will be free. At least right now, she doesn't know how to use our weapons and such.

[x] Tell Ruukoto to put you back in the holding tank.
[x] This is a dream. Wake up.
>> No. 84671
[X] This is a dream. Wake up.
>> No. 84738
>[] This is a dream. Wake up.
So, we give the monster girl administrative access to Ruukoto, release her from her cage, and then switch back to our crippled body with her right down the hall. Awesome idea.

[x] Walk in, bring Ruukoto. Try talking to her.
Or we could take advantage of the fact that, if the situation is really as it seems, the monster girl is now stuck in a wheelchair. No sudden movements until we convince Chiyuri who's really who.
>> No. 84739
[x] Walk in, bring Ruukoto. Try talking to her.
>> No. 84744
Body swap? Whatever gave you guys that idea~


Perhaps the reality of this all hasn't sunk in yet, but you feel incredibly calm. More so than usual, even. You don't see the need to do anything irrational. Chiyuri seems to be getting along well with this 'other you'--almost as if it were really yourself. For starters, you should try talking to them.

You walk over, keeping quiet. The floor grating digs into your heels, making walking difficult. It's hardly more than a nuisance. Seems you've become used to pain recently. You step closer, expecting that any moment one of them will notice you.

They don't, at first. Chiyuri remains utterly oblivious as you lock eyes with yourself for a brief moment. She turns away, mind failing to register your presence. If you were in her place, you'd likely think that you were hallucinating.

She looks back up, making a quick double-take. Then a triple. She blinks, and rubs her eyes.

"The hell?" The other you mutters.

"My thoughts exactly." You reply, totally unfazed.

"I must be going crazy.." She says.

"That'd make two of us." You smile, laughing nervously. "One minute I'm falling asleep on my bed, and the next minute I'm in the labs in a holding tank."

"Woah." Chiyuri turns around, facing you. Then turns to face the other you with a look of utter disbelief. "Uhh, hey. There's two of you."

"How observant of you." Your other self says. "I believe we've figured that part out."

"I was somewhat expecting the two of you to panic, after I walked in." You step closer.

"After what happened last week.." The other you glares at Chiyuri. "I suppose this much should be expected."

"Last week?" You weren't conscious last week. For that matter, your other self has started to stand. She doesn't seem pained or ailed in any way. "What happened?"

"You don't know?" The other you seems confused, but calm. "Last week there was a second Chiyuri, and now this. I'd probably lost my mind long before any of this.."

"Huh, so.." You start to think. First, you think of the probability core, and how it may very well be involved in this mess. You don't feel like you're in a dream--unlike when you find yourself transported into that black room with the monster. No, this is real. You're really here, really talking to yourself.

Unless you've gone insane. You're far too calm, considering the situation. This sort of thing seems impossible--or for that matter, improbable. Short explanation? Somebody monkeying with the probability core made the impossible, possible.

"But Chiyuri was headed to her room at the time, so.." You find yourself thinking aloud.

"Hmm?" The other you looks intrigued.

"No, it's probably nothing." You turn back to face her. "I'm guessing this has something to do with the probability drive."

"You'd be correct to think it." She says, glaring at Chiyuri for a second time. Did something happen that you're not aware of? It sure seems like it--you're not likely to be angry with somebody without good reason. "That happened to be the case with the previous incident."

"I said I was sorry! Jeez!" Chiyuri exclaims belligerently. "Why's it always gotta be my fault?!"

"Because it usually is.. Your fault."

You remain silent, hoping to gain something from this argument yourself and Chiyuri are having. Something still seems off about the two.

"For the record, I would like to state.." Ruukoto jumps in front of you. "That this woman here is aware of the access protocols for mine and the ship's systems and subroutines."

"Of course she does." Your other self turns away from berating Chiyuri for a moment. "I have no doubt as to her identity, if that's what you're implying."

"Rather, I'd meant to state that, judging by those facts, she may also have full access to the probability drive core and its subsystems, as well."

"But you still let me out." You spot a flaw in Ruukoto's logic. She may consider you a threat, but she'll still act under orders.


"She's me, through and through." Your other self says, plainly. "She may be half-naked, and look a little rough around the edges, but I still know exactly how she thinks." You notice that upon hearing 'half-naked', Chiyuri's eyes immediately turn to you.

Nothing, yet everything seems to be out of the ordinary.

"Same goes for you." Except for the half-nude bit. You'd like to do something about that as quickly as possible, but getting things back to normal seems to be a bigger issue. "Any ideas on how to fix this?"

"None whatsoever." The you next to Chiyuri answers flatly and without pause.

"I see."

"Well if it's any consolation, I didn't do anything this time, so--" Chiyuri, still trying to clear her good name.

"So, what?" Your other self turns to her, angrily. "To be quite honest I'd prefer it if it was you. At least then it would be easier to solve." She turns to you again. "But before we go any further, I think you should get dressed. I'd absolutely hate to see myself run around like that and not do something about it."

[ ] She's got a point. Find something to wear.
[ ] Refuse. This should be sorted out as soon as possible.
[ ] Kiss Chiyuri. You need to be sure.
[ ] Try to recover any items you may be missing.
>> No. 84745
[X] Refuse. This should be sorted out as soon as possible.

They could duel to the death.

There can only be one
>> No. 84756
[x] She's got a point. Find something to wear.

>> No. 84757
[x] She's got a point. Find something to wear.
>> No. 84857
[x] Kiss your other self. You need to be sure.

>> No. 84864

Frankly, I think Chiyuri-Alternative would find that even hotter than if she got the kiss herself.

[X] Kiss your other self. You need to be sure.
[X] "Hey, just checking for paradoxes. Don't seem to be any."
>> No. 84865
Changing my vote.

[x] Kiss your other self. You need to be sure.
[x] "Hey, just checking for paradoxes. Don't seem to be any."
>> No. 84874
[x] Kiss your other self. You need to be sure.

>> No. 84876
[x] Kiss your other self. You need to be sure.
[x] "Hey, just checking for paradoxes. Don't seem to be any."

>> No. 84888
[X] Kiss your other self. You need to be sure.
[X] "Hey, just checking for paradoxes. Don't seem to be any."

This is a great idea.
>> No. 84889
[x] She's got a point. Find something to wear.

Oh sweet merciful god, the H-scene potential of this situation is insane.

I can't help but be reminded of Yuuka's Dual Spark.
>> No. 84894
[~] Kiss your other self. You need to be sure.
[z] Kiss Chiyuri. Extra sure.
[e] "...Just checking for paradoxes. Don't seem to be any."
>> No. 84908
Oshi writan
>> No. 84922
She has a point. You'd rather things turn back to normal quickly, but as long as you're here you might as well be dressed properly.

Something about her--you--still seems wrong. She doesn't seem to act like yourself. Maybe this is some sort of alternate universe, and you've just been thrown into it? If so, the similarities to your own world are astounding. But the differences seem to stick out like a sore thumb. Time travel seems less likely, and a dream world even less so.

Your own sanity doubts you. Anything and everything you can possibly think of is impossible. None of this should, or could happen under normal circumstances.

You still find yourself approaching the 'you' by Chiyuri's workbench. You grab her by the collar, expecting Ruukoto to intervene at any moment to stop you. You pull her up, finding it necessary to use both arms to lift her. She stares at you, surprised, fearful.

Then, you kiss her. You have no reason why. It just feels like something you need to do. She smells just like your cheap shampoo.

Her arms push you away, but she's the one who struggles to maintain her balance. You carefully observe her reaction.

"Wha--" She pauses, surprised, straightening herself out. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" She yells, her voice just as piercing as your own.

Nothing out of the ordinary there.

Ignoring her, you move to Chiyuri, and kiss her as well. No different than usual--the taste, the texture of her lips. All the same. Even that greasy smell is there. She resists at first, simple disbelief and shock getting the best of her, but she soon warms up to you. You feel her arms wrap around you.

"Ch-- CHIYURI!!" Your other self throws the two of you apart, glaring at you--a spiteful look in her eye.

"What the HELL do you thing you're doing?!" Hands on your shoulders, she tries to push you into the wall to your back. "Explain yourself!"

"Nothing seems to be too out of the ordinary.." You finally begin to figure out what caused you to do that. She keeps on staring, unable to understand your meaning. You're not sure you can understand it, either.

"I'm really beginning to wonder.." She pauses, tightening her grip. "..If you're even me at all."

"I'm not." You cast her arms aside, stepping away from her. "I just wanted to make that clarification for myself."

"By kissing me?"

"The both of you." Chiyuri is silent; you only now begin to notice that she's blushing. She refuses to meet your eyes, or the eyes of your other self for that matter.

"So tell me," You turn to yourself. "Have you been attacked by any youkai, recently?"

"The hell is a youkai?" Her expression shows only a greater confusion. As if the look she had after you'd kissed her wasn't confused enough..

Apparently not. Nothing more needs to be said on the matter, and you immediately focus your attention elsewhere.

"Indeed." You're beginning to think you've got things figured out. "So, how long have you been out here, studying Gensokyo?"

"About a year and a half, by my estimate." She seems to be getting the gist of things. "It's nearly winter, now."

"Same place, same time.." You mutter to yourself.

"Chiyuri," You turn to your other self's befuddled assistant.

"Y-Yeah?" Still refuses to look straight at you.

"Was that the first time I'd kissed you?"

She nods. All the confirmation you need.

"You seem to have figured something out.." Your other self steps closer.

"I don't think I'm in Kansas any more."


"What?" You look towards the other two, who silently stare back at you. You see a mix of anger and confusion in the eyes of your mirror, but Chiyuri stays silent for her own reasons.

"And you had to kiss the both of us to determine that you've been relocated to an alternate reality?" The other you rubs her brow. "Honestly, I'm not sure I even understand myself anymore.."

"Seems that way, doesn't it?" And it would seem that the events here and the events in your own world have played out incredibly differently. No youkai attacks, no grievous injuries.. Even the relationship you have with Chiyuri seems to have never even begun in this world.

"...But I'd still like to get dressed, if you still don't mind the intrusion." This 'you' is the forgiving type, you hope.

"Of course, go right ahead." She starts to lead you towards the elevator, but stops once you reach the door.

"My guess is, you're able to find the dressing rooms on your own?" She doesn't seem to want to follow you.

[ ] You'll find it on your own.
[ ] Ask her to come along.
[ ] Ask Ruukoto to accompany you.
[ ] Ask Chiyuri to go with you.
>> No. 84924
[ ] You'll find it on your own.
>> No. 84929
[x] Ask her to come along.

Tsundere clone is the best kind of clone~

Maybe the two of them can discuss the differences between their two realities.
>> No. 85003
[x] Ask her to come along.
>> No. 85006
[x] Ask her to come along.
>> No. 85016
[z] Ask her to come along.
[e] Fill her in on the differences.
>> No. 85225
So, been feeling kinda crappy this past week. Hence the lack of updates. So just as an FYI to those folks who don't/won't visit IRC, I'm not dead or anything. So expect a wall or two for this and GiG sometime Monday or Tuesday.
>> No. 85378
Bah, I should be asleep.


"Correct," You reply. "But I'd like some company on the way, if it's not too much to ask."

She doesn't seem pre-occupied by anything pressing, to say the least. And this half-assed sort of outfit has left you feeling a bit.. Exposed, perhaps. You'd feel better if somebody--preferably your duplicate--was with you, weapons and all. If there's a point to your being here, and if it wasn't just a sudden meaningless turn of events, you'd prefer to have a little firepower around for good measure.

"You're pushing it." She acts upset--probably because of your previous actions. "But since you asked so nicely.."

She steps into the elevator, keeping at arms length as she presses the button to shut the doors. Nearly instantly, you and her become shut off from the outside, and the elevator starts to rise with the push of another button.

You shift uncomfortably, locking eyes with yourself once or twice during the silent ride up. You must've thought wrong that, by being a copy of you, there'd be plenty to talk about amongst you and her. But, having not experienced the unfortunate series of events that you've been put through, she seems like an entirely different person--much like your old self, but with an irritability value that's through the roof.

"So?" She finally speaks, arms crossed, just as the doors open at the top level. "Why am I here?"

"Why, indeed." You can't answer what you don't know, so you keep silent. "I can only guess as to the cause of this kind of nonsense.."

"No, not that." She glares at you, leading you out of the elevator and into the hall. "Why am I following you around when you obviously know where you're going?"

You turn a corner, taking a shortcut and unconsciously proving to her that you in fact, do know where you're heading.

"You're still angry because I kissed you, is that it?" She's practically transparent, stopping dead in her tracks in the middle of the hall as the words spew from your mouth.

"Not at all." She looks away for a moment, like she's trying to examine a particular corridor that happens to not exist. Clearly, she's lying. Clearly. "I'm only concerned that this is merely time wasted, when I could easily be doing something worthwhile."

"Sure, sure." You don't even try to sound convinced, but lies aside, she still makes a good point. You feel like you should explain yourself and your motives. At least it'll keep her from wondering.

"To be completely honest, it's more for safety than anything else."

She raises an eyebrow, looking back at you as she starts walking again.

"My safety, that is. I don't really care to explain it, but I've every right to be a little paranoid. I know you have weapons on you, and I know that you won't simply lend me one or two. So I asked you to come with me instead."

"Hmm?" She looks back for a moment, suspicious of you. "Well, you're right about one thing.."

"What's that?"

"You're not getting a gun, if that's what you want."

"I'd prefer a clean dress and a cape.."

"At least some parts of us are similar." She pauses, heading through the doorway to where your office should be.

"Hold on, I gotta grab something."

The door shuts behind her.

"Dammit!" You curse under your breath, still hoping to be done with this as quickly as possible.

[ ] Wait here.
[ ] Go on without her.
[ ] Head into the room.
>> No. 85396
>"Hold on, I gotta grab something."

[x] Wait here.
>> No. 85405
[x] Wait here.
>> No. 85407
[ze] Wait here.
>> No. 85461
[x] Wait here.
>> No. 85554
You wait. Silently, you listen to the sound of rustling papers behind the closed door. The barely audible opening of a drawer.

She steps back out, pushing something into your hands. Some sort of jeweled necklace.

"What is this?" You ask, dumbstruck by her sudden serious expression. It's like she thinks she's just handed you a key to answering the question regarding the meaning of life, or something. You can't make heads or tails of it.

"My latest lead." She replies with sincerity, leading you onward as you fumble with the thing in your hands. "I picked it up in town the other day. It seems to hold some magical properties."

Upon hearing the word 'magic', you opt to take a closer look. You've heard of things like this before--magical energy given tangible form for the wielder's convenience. But even on closer inspection, it seems to be just an ordinary--albeit likely very expensive--piece of jewelry.

"I think you're fooling yourself." You say flatly, with no intention to mince words. Being you, she should be able to handle it being put so bluntly. "There's nothing special about this from what I can tell."

For that matter, what does it have to do with getting you dressed any faster?

"I see.." She walks on ahead, unable to hide her disappointment.

Silence pervades throughout the rest of the walk, though the lack of conversation means that you're able to achieve your main goal without further distraction. Damn, it feels good to be dressed again! You feel like most of your time spent recently has been either partly dressed or not dressed at all.

You walk out of the locker room feeling refreshed and ready to take on-- Well, certainly not the world. Though judging by your current circumstance, you may be forced to do just that.

You're first greeted by your own scowling face, or that of your twin standing outside staring intently at the necklace you'd returned to her somewhere along the way.

"Are you sure?" She asks abruptly.

"Hmm?" You're sure about a lot of things, but she's left you in the dark as to what specifically she wants to know you're sure about. You figure it has something to do with that--

"What if it does have some latent magical properties? It'd be a waste to simply overlook it."

"I still think you're wasting your time."

"Then what would you have me do?" She grows defensive for some reason.

"Why not start with people that know how to use such things? Show it to them. They'd know better than I would." She doesn't seem quite as experienced as you are in your studies. Perhaps she's been slacking?

"I suppose that makes sense.. But, where would I--?"

"You could start by helping me get back to my own world." You say, reiterating the most important issue on your mind. You don't have time for some stupid necklace with absolutely no scientific value.

"Right, that.." You can tell she's hitting herself mentally over that one. Seems to have completely forgotten, for that matter--being far too drawn in to her own world to notice on your notable lack of one. Are you this forgetful, too? Or is it just her?

"For starters, let's go and--"

[ ] Pick up Chiyuri, ask her to help.
[ ] Check the probability drive for leads.
[ ] Go back to the labs, search for clues.
[ ] Search the ship, look for more discrepancies.
>> No. 85559
[X]Let's get some clothes on.
[x]Then, check the probability drive for leads.
Still walkin' half naked here.
>> No. 85562
>Silence pervades throughout the rest of the walk, though the lack of conversation means that you're able to achieve your main goal without further distraction. Damn, it feels good to be dressed again! You feel like most of your time spent recently has been either partly dressed or not dressed at all.

So I didn't make more than a little side note of it, but I can assure everybody that we are, in fact, dressed and free to do other things.
>> No. 85575
[X] Check the probability drive for leads.
>> No. 85586
[ ] Search the ship, look for more discrepancies.
>> No. 85593
[X] Check the probability drive for leads.
>> No. 85635
[x] Check the improbability drive for leads.
>> No. 85648
[X] Check the probability drive for discrepancies.
>> No. 85670
[ze] Check the probability drive for discrepancies involving lead. Leads.
>> No. 85934
[X] Check the probability drive for discrepancies.
>> No. 85973
[x] Check the probability drive for updates.
>> No. 85990
Updates are slow lately, and likely to be a bit slow for a little while longer. Bear with me as I try to sort all this out.

New thread soon-ish, since this one is maybe two posts from autosage.