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It is Valentine's Day. You've taken your favourite Touhoe out on a date. It's about time to meet her.

>Choose a Touhoe
(PC-98 characters not allowed, because they suck and nobody likes them and more importantly I know bugger all about them.)

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Parsee. I'm still jonesin' for her.
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I don't understand why, but she's just so lovable, in a way.
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[x] Genji

Yukari set you up on a blind date.

With a male tortoise.
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>PC-98 characters not allowed

>> No. 75849
>because they suck and nobody likes them

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You silly buggers.

You head on over to the bridge to go get her. You call out to her, and when she sees you she runs towards you happily, grabbing onto your arm. You leave for the festival in the village. Parsee cautions that this night is all about the two of you.

At the festival there are many people excitedly talking and moving around. There's several things to do at the festival. There's the big dance going on, the game stands, the shops, and the entertainment.

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>PC-98 characters not allowed
>No Yuuka

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[X] "What do you want to do?"
>> No. 75854
> Target shootan' game.

Nothing can go wrong.
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>PC-98 characters not allowed, because they suck and nobody likes them
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>You silly buggers.
Always will anon vote Parsee.

You will never escape her.
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In during reaction image thread.

>Target shootan' game.

You decide to go to the game stands and see if you can win Parsee something at the target shooting game.
You aim for one of the big fluffy bears, hoping to take down the big prize for your lady.
Unfortunately the gun somehow backfires, shooting the pellet backwards and instead knocking down Parsee.
She gets up, now with a small pellet shaped red mark on her forehead. The stand owner apologises for the mishap, and offers you the bear as compensation. You give the bear to Parsee, which helps to cheer her up.

>Next action
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[x] Get some snacks.
[x] Dance.
>> No. 75860

[X] Get some snacks.
[X] Dance.

You decide to go to one of the food stalls, figuring Parsee could use some time to sit down after that blow.
Cotton candy is always popular among girls, so you leave Parsee to sit down while you go get some.
She thanks you when you return, and begins eating. However, it turns out that Parsee is allergic to cotton candy, and her tongue swells up, leaving her unable to talk properly.
You apologise, saying that you didn't know and should have asked, but Parsee concedes, stating she didn't know either.

You decide not to let that ruin your night, and instead choose to go dancing together. You make your way to the large bonfire where everyone else is dancing and begin your own private dance.
However, you never learned to dance, and constantly trip over yourself, and Parsee. When attempting to spin her around like in the movies you lose your hold of her and fling her into the bonfire.


>Select new character
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Let's destroy Gensokyo as a result of our stupidity
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>> No. 75863
Something tells me this anon will never find true love.

[x] Utsuho

Because I'm a bastard.
>> No. 75864

Because a date with a mind reader will go so well.
>> No. 75865

The superior shrine maiden.
>> No. 75866

You head up to the shrine to go meet her. You're rather annoyed that she couldn't have come to get you when she can fly and you have to walk up those several hundred steps to get here. Lazy bitch.
But, as it's Valentine's Day you decide to leave that resentment at the back of your mind and try to enjoy your night with her.

You pick her up from the shrine and make your way back to the human village.
You decide to take her to a high class restaurant, hoping to give her a break from her usual poor meals in her poor lifestyle. Because she's poor.
However, Reimu, having never been to an expensive restaurant due to her excessive poorness, has no idea of what etiquette is and gets you both kicked out.
Being the bitch that she is, she blames you for it and ditches you.

>> No. 75867

Deciding not to let this get you down, you choose to one-up that crappy shrine maiden with the other, far superior shrine maiden.
However, the other shrine maiden is at the top of Youkai Mountain, and on your way there you are eaten by a grue.

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The darkness that infected YAF during CoMN has come back to write bad ends for us. Oh salvation.
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Which this inept guy around, it's no wonder most Touhou characters are lesbians.
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I'm not sure if I understand.
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You go to the palace to meet Satori, who with a blush starts the date by offering you homemade chocolate like a good girl. You thank her and take a bite out of it, then retch. It's absolutely disgusting. The worst chocolate you've ever tasted. You can't believe someone could possibly make something this bad.
Satori is looking at you expectantly, so you cover it up and insist that it's good, forcing yourself to eat the rest.

Satori is oddly quiet for the rest of the night, and disappears the day after.
Turns out she jumped into the hell of blazing fires.

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Dudes got some heavy misfortune.

[x] Hina
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Mima out of spite.
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Sure, sure. Hiding behind a cute Reimu won't help your case any.
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>[x] Hina

You figure that with how terrible your luck's been lately, you should go on a date with Hina and hope she can remove some of your misfortune.
She happily does so at the start of the date, wanting the night to go as smoothly as possible. However, having taken your misfortune onto herself, she is plagued by terrible fortune over the course of the night.
First, you get lost trying to make your way to the human village for a party. Then, you're attacked by nameless fairies on the way there. When you get to the village, the villagers decide to chase you off because of Hina's tendency to have bad things happen around her.
Lastly, she contracted AIDS from you, though you didn't have sex, and you don't even have AIDS to begin with.

Hina decides that you're too unfortunate and returns your terrible fortune telling you to never come near her again. Unfortunately shortly after your misfortune was returned a sudden landslide ended her life.

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Critical 「Heart Break」
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No, seriously. I don't understand.
>> No. 75885
Ran :<
>> No. 75886
>it turns out that Parsee is allergic to cotton candy, and her tongue swells up

What? It's flavored fucking sugar. I don't even
>> No. 75887
You're looking for logic where there is none. Stop it.


You knock at the door to the mansion, eagerly waiting to take Remilia out on a date. You've planned out the entire night, with everything suited to her tastes.
However, Sakuya answers the door and doesn't let you in because in fanon she's always portrayed as a huge bitch and fanon is canon in Touhou.
Remilia thinks you've stood her up as a result, and then hunts you down and drains you dry out of spite, if you know what I mean.
And by that I mean she drank your blood. Because nobody will ever like you in that way.

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poor Mr. Farmer
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[x] Yuka
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You and Ran decide to have a quiet night in at Mayohiga rather than go through the trouble of a long night out. Ran bought Chen a bike to keep her busy, and Yukari is sleeping, so you have the place to yourselves.
Ran starts by offering you her homemade chocolate, which you thank her for and take a bite out of. It's absolutely delicious. You want to hear more, but Ran takes it away from you, telling you it'll spoil your dinner. You reluctantly agree to save it for later.
You help Ran prepare dinner, which Yukari comes to eat, teasing the two of you about your "date" as you sheepishly eat, amazed at how great Ran's cooking is.
You share the rest of the chocolate for desert, but Ran doesn't have any, insisting that she made it for you.
You spend the rest of the night talking and having fun with Ran, playing childish games and eventually falling asleep, Ran hesitantly agreeing to let you use her tails as a pillow with a blush.

However, you never wake up, as Ran, being the monstrous fox youkai she is, eats you once you fall asleep.
On the bright side, she agreed. That chocolate was delicious.

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[x] Medicine Melancholy
>> No. 75895
>> No. 75896
[x] Medicine Melancholy
>> No. 75897
>[x] Medicine Melancholy

You decide to go spend Valentine's Day with Medicine, but on your way through the suzuran field to go get her you're poisoned and die.



You decide to spend Valentine's Day with Myon. That's right, Myon, not Youmu.
Youmu is always so cold to you, but Myon has been nice for all these years. As nice as a white ghost blob can be, at least. You imagine that this is Youmu's softer side, where she doesn't need to put up a tough front.
Naturally, Youmu doesn't approve. But you don't need her approval. You and Myon are in love, and that's all that matters!
You take Myon out for a romantic walk under the cherry blossoms, followed by the magnificent view of Gensokyo from the top of Hakugyokurou's stairway.
You do a few other things, but most importantly, at the end of the night you seduce and have sex with Myon, happily knowing that Youmu is somewhere squirming as you do so.
When you're done, however, Youmu comes and cuts off your fucked up head.

>> No. 75898
[x] Daiyousei
>> No. 75899
>[x] Daiyousei

You decide to spend Valentine's Day with Daiyousei, but as she's an unimportant character you quickly forget about your obligation and instead stay home and watch a movie.

>> No. 75900

Bastard. Fine then.

[x] Yamame.
>> No. 75901
[X] Tewi

What could possibly go wrong with a lucky rabbit?
>> No. 75902
[x] Sakuya
>> No. 75903
[x] A Chen is fine too
>> No. 75904
[x] Koakuma
>> No. 75906
[x] Your right hand. Wait, this sounds familiar...
>> No. 75912
[x] The Prismriver Sisters.
>> No. 75919
[x] Shanghai.
>> No. 75922
You were always taught to treat woman with a degree of chivalry,and you do just that, opening doors, paying for dinner and trying to see her home safely.
But to tell the truth, you've never met a woman as cold and dispassionate as Shanghai; she just sits there, refusing to eat, to talk with you or even to move.

She justs sits there.

Since the fact that she's a doll hasn't occurred to you, perhaps this would qualify as a sad life, rather than a bad end.
>> No. 75925
[x] Cirno
[x] Hong Meiling
[x] Mystia
[x] Shikieki
[x] Iku
[x] Tenshi
>> No. 75926
[x] Rorschach.
>> No. 75927
>Choose a Touhoe
>[x] Your right hand.

This has awesome implications.
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I use mine to deliver JUSTICE.
>> No. 75931
File 123468257116.jpg - (64.67KB , 337x251 , 1231766140664.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Your right hand.