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Cold floor, cold floor cold floor! Your feet patter across the room. Oh, shoes, poor lonely shoes, separated from your feet. You bite your lip, is this really a good idea? It's going to be so cold creeping upstairs. What if Sakuya sees you, in nothing but your nightie!" You'll have to be silent, have to hide. Sneaking through the house to the warm safety of your sister's bed.

Oh, it's too much, too great a temptation. Too exciting an adventure!

Mr. Door. Why won't you open? Ah, Sakuya locked it behind her. Never mind. The metal buckles under your fingers, squishing and flowing like butter. You grin at yourself, so clever for opening the door! Tearing the door-handle away takes only a moment.

Tearing and pulling and ripping and-

The door swings open with with the tiniest of pushes. You giggle. Nobody knows you're up! The stairs creak under your bare feet. Quiet, stairs!
"Shhh." You put a finger to your lips as you peek your head into the corridor above. Nobody here either! Sakuya usually finds you by now, where is she? What's that noise? You freeze, have to stay still. A kind of a low rumbling in the background.

Whatever it is, it'll distract Sakuya!

Time to creep, creep, creep along the corridor. Softly now, tucking your wings close to your back. Your heart hammers against your ribs, Sakuya could find you any moment and then you'll have to run away and everybody will wake up and sister will be sad. Have to be careful.


Candlelight flickers across the walls outside Remilia's bedroom door. So quiet. You turn the handle, so cold to touch, peek inside.
"Sister?" You hiss into the darkness. "It's me. Sister?"
There is no reply. You slip inside and shut the door. Creep to the bed, she must be asleep! Curled up in bed and-

There's nobody here. The bed is empty, untouched.

Disappointment claws at your insides, making something nasty well up in your throat. She's not here! The bed is empty but the curtains are still shut, the sun is up and Remilia isn't here! You came all the way up here, all the way from your room, your locked room! You made all that effort!

[ ] Tantrum! Shouting! Sakuya!
[ ] Sister always comes back. Get in her bed.
[ ] Sister always comes back. Get in her bed.
[X] Tantrum! Shouting! Sakuya!
Uh oh, I've got a bad feeling about this.
[x] Tantrum! Shouting! Sakuya!
[x] Tantrum! Shouting! Sakuya!
>What if Sakuya sees you, in nothing but your nightie!"

Pedo ja nai!
[ ] Sister always comes back. Get in her bed.
[X] Tantrum! Shouting! Sakuya!
[X] Tantrum! Shouting! Sakuya!

And then little sister realizes she is alone in the household.
[X] Sister always comes back. Get in her bed.
[x] Stupid noise!
[X] Stupid noise!

I bet that's the reason why Remilia isn't here! That noise should just diseappear.
[X] Stupid noise!
[x] Go back to the basement, get dressed, then search the house.

I don't care if we're one of the most badass people in Gensokyo, I'd rather be badass and wearing Flandre's usual duds instead of a badass barefoot loli in a nightgown.

BTW, can we instantly summon Laevateinn if we need it, or do we have to pick it up from somewhere?
[X] Stupid noise!
[X] Tantrum! Shouting! Sakuya!
>Look for someone
I would like to know this as well.
Tantrum? I should have expected that.

>>[x] Stupid noise!
Will be taken into consideration.

>>can we instantly summon Laevateinn if we need it, or do we have to pick it up from somewhere?

This will be addressed, don't worry.

Update probably tomorrow.

>Tantrum? I should have expected that.

With the way things have been going in the story, I'm starting to think staying in bed will be detrimental to Flan's survival.
You can lose your temper if you want to, it's not fair! Sister was supposed to be here! Faint tears of frustration and rage well up in your eyes. Why is sister never there then you want her to be? Why is your room always locked? Why why why why is never answered. Back to your room little Flandre, I'm sure Marisa is too busy for a visit right now! Instead of seeing the Shrine, why don't we stay here and have some tea? Lets go to your room and play! Never ever outside, where is sister?!

You pick up the pillow from her bed and hurl it at the door. It bursts, spraying soft white feathers from its violated innards.
"Sakuya!" You scream at the top of your lungs, balling your fists. Stomping to the door you fling it wide open, the wood shattering and the hinges buckling.
"Sakuya!" You scream again.

Nothing. Where is she?! You want to scream and shout at someone and she's not here. All you can hear is that noise in the background, rising and falling like a gentle wave, mocking you.
So angry, so frustrated, so pent up and wound so tight and and and and and-
You pick up the table in sister's room by one of the legs, teacups sliding off and dropping to the floor.
"Argh!" With a scream of rage you hurl it at the windows. It catches the curtains and smashes through the window, tumbling to the ground, spraying slivers of glass across the floor. So pretty, so loud! Sudden sunlight streams into the room and you wince, baring your teeth and backing up into the shadows.
The strange noise abates for a moment, then returns with greater intensity, rolling through the broken window.

All anger forgotten, you stare out of the window in amazement. Shade your eyes, bah! Stupid sunlight is too strong. You drag a sheet from sister's bed, wrapping it around yourself so only your eyes are exposed before stepping forward into the sunlight. Not so bad like this. Like a butterfly again! Your wings rub against the sheet and you giggle, wondering at the sight outside.

So many people outside the walls! All shouting and waving things. Pitchforks and fire, so pretty like that, flickering. Are they all here to see sister? Some of them are pointing up at you! You grin to yourself and give them a little wave from under the sheet.
"Flandre!" Sakuya's shocked voice comes from behind you. Always so shocked to see you!
"Hello Sakuya." You turn your head. "Why are there so many people outside? Are they here to see sister? Is that why she's not sleeping?"
Sakuya looks so funny, all frowning and serious. Sister would laugh at her like that!
"Flandre, come away from the window, please." Sakuya says, holding out a hand. "You know the sun is bad for you."
"But I've got a sheet!" You raise your arms, flapping them to show off your new discovery. Why can't Sakuya see that? Is she blind?
"It's still bad for you Flandre." Sakuya says. "Please, let's go back to your room."
"No." You say. "Who are the people outside?"
"They ... just want to see the mansion."
"Then why are they shouting?" You ask, peering back down at the crowd below. Some of them are throwing things now, but you're too high up. Maybe you should go and see? Maybe they're here to see you!

"Flandre! Don't step so close to the window!" Sakuya says. Panic, panic. Doesn't she know you can fly? Silly Sakuya, so sweet.

"Where is sister?" You ask.
"She's ... busy. You should wait for her in your room, Flandre. Please." Sakuya takes a step towards you.

[ ] Sister wants you to wait in your room, so you better wait in your room.
[ ] Silly Sakuya. Fly down and see the crowd!
{X} Silly Sakuya. Fly down and see the crowd!
[x] Sister wants you to wait in your room, so you better wait in your room.

Aw... It's just an angry mob... Don't want Flandre to get possibly assaulted by them though
>[ ] Sister wants you to wait in your room, so you better wait in your room.
>[ ] Silly Sakuya. Fly down and see the crowd!

...Both of these options are pretty bad.

That's what write-ins are for, but I can't think of any that are good aside from possibly demanding to see Remi
>>...Both of these options are pretty bad.

That's because you're thinking with Flandre's mind.
[x] Silly Sakuya. Fly down and see the crowd!

[x]“Busy with what?”
[X] Silly Sakuya. Fly down and see the crowd!

What's the worst these people could do?
[x] Silly Sakuya. Doesn't she know how to distract a 495 year-old girl? The head maid is a pretty useless person.

A paper chase with candy would do just fine.
[x]“Busy with what?”
[x] Sister wants you to wait in your room, so you better wait in your room.
Yes, letting Flandre loose in an angry mob is clearly a good idea with no obvious negative repercussions.
[x] Silly Sakuya. Fly down and see the crowd!

These people outside better be wearing red shirts.
[x] "I'm a big girl, now, Sakuya. What's going on?"
[ ] Sister wants you to wait in your room, so you better wait in your room.
[x] Sister wants you to wait in your room, so you better wait in your room.
[X] Sister wants you to wait in your room, so you better wait in your room.
[x] Sister wants you to wait in your room, so you better wait in your room.
[x] "But you have to carry me there~"
Why would you want to wait in your room? It's not like we're gonna BAD END as Flandre.
Going back to our room doesn't mean that we will actually get there.
Back to you room! I was going to wait for a votespam check but fuck it, I like not being a mod anymore and not knowing these things. Spamming yourselves into a terrible situation will be enough if that ever happens.

Updating later tonight.

It's alright to votespam now? What a great way to piss off the readers.

Alright, I'll wait then.
Has there ever been another CYOA with Flandre as the protagonist?
[X] Silly Sakuya. Fly down and see the crowd!
I don't think so.
But there should be.
Because this is awesome.
[X] Silly Sakuya. Fly down and see the crowd!
All the people in the crowd look so small, like bugs rushing about. You hold your hand out and close one eye, imagining them all in the palm of your hand. So funny! All so tiny. You giggle, closing your hand as if crushing them in your grip.
"Flandre!" Sakuya says, panicking.
You stop. "Oh, must I go to my room Sakuya?" You pout and plead, waving your arms under your sheet. It's comfy and warm in here, why can't you have a sheet all the time?
"Well, at least come away from the window for now, Flan. You might cut your feet on all that glass."
You look down. "Oh!" She's right, all these shards of glass! You hop backwards, dancing out of the sunlight and into the shadows.
The crowd outside makes even more noise. Do they want you back where they can see you? You jump up and down, trying to wave to them. Sakuya bustles around behind you, trying to untangle your wings from the sheet.
"No." You say, hugging it to yourself. "I'm keeping it."
Sakuya sighs, but smiles. You like that, grinning back at her.
"How about you keep the sheet, but you come to your room, so Mistress Remilia can find you later?"
"Um ..." You pout a little, thinking. "Okay then." Glum glum glum, always going back to your room, always waiting for sister. Never playing with people outside!
"What about all the people outside?" You ask Sakuya as you take her hand.
"Don't you worry about them. They're ... not important." She says, leading you out of the room.


Scuff, scuff, scuff. The sheet keeps unwinding and trailing behind you as you walk along the corridors. Sakuya's grip on your hand is so strong. You wonder if your grip is stronger. Maybe you should squeeze and find out?
You stop and turn at the voice, letting the sheet flop away from your head and settle on your shoulders. It's Patchy and she's floating, like sitting in a chair! Patchy always looks so relaxed, but now she's frowning. Why is everyone serious today?
Sakuya gulps. "You're out of the library already?"
Patchouli nods. "The distance is becoming a problem, I need to be closer to the walls." She wheezes.
"Why are you so tired, Patchy?" You ask.
Patchouli narrows her eyes at you, then looks back at Sakuya.
"I know." Sakuya says. "Flandre's just going back to her room, aren't you Flan?"
You look down at the floor. "Suppose so." You say. Not a lie, not if you don't say yes. Not a lie!
"Good." Patchouli says. "Can you get-" Patchouli breaks off as a huge crunching noise comes from outside. You jump and shriek. Loud! You want to go and see but Sakuya tightens her grip on your hand.
"Is that ... ?" Sakuya trails off.
Patchouli nods. "A few of them are inside. I've closed it again."
"Right." Sakuya says, reaching into her pocket.
"Wait." Patchouli says. "Drain the blood when you're done. I can use it."
Sakuya nods.

And vanishes!

You stomp your foot. It's so confusing when she does that! You turn around and look for her but there's nobody there.
"Ahem." Patchouli clears her throat. "Going back to your room, Flandre?"

[ ] Go back to your room. You're a good little girl.
[ ] "Yes, Patchy." Pretend! Then go see what the noise was!
If we go down to the basement then SDM members die and Flan goes out of control later. If we go outside then Flan meets a lynch mob and goes out of control now.

....screw it.

[x] "Yes, Patchy." Pretend! Then go see what the noise was!
[ ] "Yes, Patchy." Pretend! Then go see what the noise was!
[x] "Yes, Patchy." Pretend! Then go see what the noise was!
[x] "Yes, Patchy." Pretend! Then go see what the noise was!
[x] "Yes, Patchy." Pretend! Then go see what the noise waBLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!
[X] Go back to your room. You're a good little girl.
[x] "Yes, Patchy." Pretend! Then go see what the noise was!
[X] "Yes, Patchy." Pretend! Then go see what the noise was!
[X] "Yes, Patchy." Pretend! Then go see what the noise was!

not much of a choice for flandre is it?
[ ] "Yes, Patchy." Pretend! Then go see what the noise was!

[X] "Yes, Patchy." Pretend! Then go see what the noise was!
... Twist.
Die already. Die.
>Sakuya nods.
>And vanishes!
Oh god Flandre is adorable.

[X] "Yes, Patchy." Pretend! Then go see what the noise was!
There is nothing to consider here!

Such a grave offense! Typing a sequence of lines that could be mistaken as a face! Surely they must be irrevocably damned for such a profane writing!
[x] "Yes, Patchy." Pretend! Then go see what the noise was!
Good god, who the fuck pissed in your cheerios?
XD So random lol! Its funny when you flip out over stupid shit! You're so clever! ^_^
"Yes Patchy." You look down and shuffle your feet. Lying to Patchy feels so bad, but you have to find out what that noise was! Maybe the people outside are having some kind of party, letting off fireworks? Why doesn't anyone ever tell you these things?
"Hurry along then." Patchouli says. "I have things to do." Her eyes are all unfocussed and glazed over. Is she doing magic? You want to see her do magic too! You almost blurt it out, but stop yourself in time, have to look like you're going back to your room. Don't be too excited!
Look down, pretend to be glum, shuffle away, clutching your sheet. But Patchy doesn't even watch you to make sure! She just floats off, waving her hands about and muttering. You frown and sigh. Silly people, all serious and ...

Nobody is watching you!


You can't quite skip with this sheet wrapped around you, but it's too warm and comfy, so you settle for hovering above the floor instead. With the sheet trailing along the ground you look taller! Is this what it's like to be a big person? You wonder for a moment before hearing another crash from outside.

Zipping along the corridors only takes a minute, the front door is wide open, letting the sunlight stream inside. You bundle the sheet over your head again, only your eyes showing, before stepping into the light. That's better, it doesn't hurt like this. You grin up at the sun, useless and weak now. Poor sun, why does it hate you so? Why so filled with malice, sun? Still makes your eyes ache a little, bah.

"Hello?" You call out across the garden. The noise of the crowd floats over the top of the garden wall. There are things on the grass, bricks and burning torches, and a person! You skip over to the person, lying there all crooked on the ground.
"Hello? Who are you?" You crouch and peer into his eyes. Lifelessness stares back at you, the bloody knife wounds in his chest speaking so much louder than he ever will again.
"Oh." You sigh, disappointed again. "You're dead." Stupid people, always busy or dead.

The roar of the crowd suddenly grows in pitch. You turn to see a hole in the garden wall, tumbled brickwork wrapped in protective enchantments. So pretty! All swirly and red and glowing, filling the gap in the wall like water poured into a bathtub. You can see people through the red mist. They can see you too! You wave at them and they shriek all the louder.

"It's a demon!"
"The devil herself has come out!"
"Break the wall again!"

"What are you all doing?" You ask, but your voice isn't loud enough for them to hear over all their shouting. Silly people, they should listen to you when you speak. One of them can hear you though, a woman is pointing over your shoulder and shouting something. You follow her line of sight.
"Oh, hello." You smile up at the man standing behind you. "Who are you?"
He stares in shock at the body next to you. Dull little villager, stinky clothes. You wrinkle your nose. Why isn't he answering?
"You ... you killed Rudd, you demon bitch!" He hefts a pitchfork in his hand, grimacing at you.

Rude man. Makes you feel-

[ ] Bored.
[ ] Scared.
[ ] Angry.
[x] Bored.

imma put u on ignore.
although i was hoping for an option where we treat it like pre-danmaku trash talk. and then we play~
[x] Bored.
{X} Bored.
[x] Bored.
[X] Bored.
[x] Thirsty.
[] Itchy
[] Tasty

Seriously, though.
[X] Angry.

Rudeness is bad. Very bad. Let's make him go kyu.
Why would Flan be bored if she was just itching to get out of her room for once and now that she's even outside?

"Bored"? Are you serious? What a waste.
[X] Angry.
>"You ... you killed Rudd, you demon bitch!"
How rude! We haven't gotten to kill anybody yet!
[x] Bored.
[x] Sick 'cuz of stink~
[x] Make the man go Kyuu~ to get rid of the smell.

Because it had to be suggested.
See, the problem with playing a canon Touhou character is that everyone in Gensokyo tends to shoot first and ask questions later, Flandre especially. But it's important for us to find out what happened to Remi, because after the shit hits the fan there probably won't be time to ask any more questions.
[x] Bored.
[x] Angry. In the "I didn't do anything yet!" way.
[x] Call for Meiling. Isn't it her job to keep mean people like this away?!

.... Though asking questions might be good, I doubt we'll get any.

cuz she can change directions just like that. the things she focus on tend to break. Bored can mean more than pluggin her ears and walking away. She could change gears and do something fun. A magic trick perhaps. Lets put a smile on that face!

[x] Angry. In the "I didn't do anything yet!" way.
[x] Call for Meiling. Isn't it her job to keep mean people like this away?!

is quite nice, although I don't know if it fits the mood. Well, from Flan's perspective prolly yes.
>"You ... you killed Rudd, you demon bitch!" He hefts a pitchfork in his hand, grimacing at you.

...wait a second. Rudd isn't a Japanese name. I'm pretty sure pitchforks were European. And wouldn't a human in Gensokyo use the word Youkai instead of Demon?

Maybe this is a flashback to before the SDM came to Gensokyo.

You don't think rabbits with German-made guns have any correlation?
>>Rudd isn't a Japanese name. I'm pretty sure pitchforks were European.

Sometimes I just get things wrong. I'm saying this now because I don't want you all going off on some wild tangent because I was too stupid to check if pitchforks were used in the east.
Nobody really cared and I think nobody thought of it as 'a mistake'. I also feel that vampires just scare Catholics a thousandfold better than they could invoke fear in the hearts of Shitoists.
Why not take your subjects with you if you move?
[C] Angry.
Eh, all you need is for an eastern outsider to have ended up in gensokyo god knows how long ago and survive for something like pitchforks to be introduced in some limited fashion. So why not? Same with non-eastern names too.
I know, I just didn't want people losing their heads over it.

Anger it is then. Update perhaps tonight or perhaps tomorrow.

Now for a slice of bad news. The commitments of life have reared their multitude of heads, hyrda-like, to snap at my heels for a bit. I don't want to put the story on hiatus, because I'm really enjoying it, but combined with imminent lack of delicious internet bandwidth and things are going to seriously slow down for the next week and a bit, until I can sound the all clear. I'll try to squeeze an update out every 2-3 days, but don't count on it. Come next weekend I can resume at normal speed.

tl;dr: HY has been kidnapped by real life, are you a bad enough Anonymous to F5 for updates? Back on the 21st.

Gensokyo wasn't sealed until the late 1800s, 1885 or so. Japan's isolation started to end in 1853 and by 1958 they had treaties with several western nations, so the 27 years following that would likely be more than enough time for several minor European and other western objects (like tools, and loli vampires) to trickle into Japan, even if they hadn't before the isolation period began in the first place.
You're damned right they should.


Too busy hating the influx of newfags that don't bother to learn the local customs to try and be clever.
It's funny that you'd use "lol so randum XD" in their defense, though.

I don't think THP needs a Champion of Accepted Behaviour quite yet. Perhaps if it was actually a large scale, noticeable and indeed completely problematic swarm of newfags rather than a few people that don't share the particular taste of internet expression that a few others on this site don't agree with, it would be something worth trying to make cause out of.

As it is now, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of folks around, so insulting and demeaning people might only end up driving away newcomers that could actually help grow the userbase. I don't think you'd complain if the stories around here updated more often, I know I'd like to update more than maybe once a day or two, go back to writing several updates a day. I think we need more users for that though. I don't care where my readers come from, I don't care how they type, so long as they're not actively making trouble or starting shitstorms or trolling or what have you. If they're here to read touhou fanfiction, then by all means let them enjoy it!

Also, the middle of a story thread might not be the best place to go on about this, so I'm going to stop shitting up HY's thread with this.
Just... dial it back a little. I know that most of us came from 4chan. but this is not 4chan. not by a long shot.
Sometimes TP reminds me of a Prison Camp where all kinds of people from different counties got put into.
I am amazed by the reasonable attitude you both are taking and the willingness to talk about it rather than say "Shut up and let them do as they will."

Dammit, EZ; you're a mod. Shouldn't you be trying to make me angry and confrontational, rather than more at ease and willing to discuss this?

I demand you be sacked at once. I cannot tolerate this gross display of competence.
Frankly, I think Mode’s post is somewhat demeaning towards many of the users here. I didn’t post anything about it because the thread doesn’t need any more shitting up. The shitstorm that had to be thrown over the emote has been thrown, so all is well.

When I last talked to Ran before he was shitcanned by holy, he told me that someone expressed to him that he didn't have to explain his actions at all, because the majority of the people here are used to being told to just shut the fuck up. Maybe you are, but I don't think that's the way to go about it. I think that letting people air their grievances is important, and informing people of important events and happenings is crucial. I don't like to be in the dark when it comes to how things are going, and misinformation, or lack of information can be a key to a lot of problems. THP is a pretty small community, the last thing needed is infighting and enmity between users, especially if it's just over preference differences. This carries over into intersite elitism as well, because it seems that most of the western touhou fandom is divided between several sites, and each site seems to have a problem with a few of the others. Not sure what can be done about that though.

I personally like a calm atmosphere, where people get along and everyone just takes it easy. If everyone's having a good time, that's good. I write my stories, others write theirs and anons read and vote, that's what this site is all about. Start fighting over minor personal preferences that don't even have to do with the story and it's just an eyesore, and it can be damaging. Threads can be derailed (induring, etc), tempers flare and become open flaming on sight, and people start avoiding the site because they don't want to bother with the drama. I know I considered leaving a few times when there was shitstorms brewing everywhere, it's not an enjoyable atmosphere when it could explode into a shitfest at the drop of a hat. In the aftermath of the last shit-armagaddon, THP lost one of it's favourite writers because he didn't enjoy the site anymore after all the raging and shitstorming, and the hard time he was given, regardless of how people felt about his actions. I'd like to avoid any more problems like that, that drive people away from the site, we don't need to get smaller.
the world would be a much better place if everybody just realize that nobody gives a shit about opinions.

pissed off over some rather inconsequential shit someone said over the internets? that's coo. decided to vent by BAAWWWWing over the same internets? a little faggy, but fine too. just don't expect your opinion to be given some sort of magical weighting that the newfag post didn't have.
I am moved by your post.
Mode is a pretty cool guy. eh moderates from a position of information and open discussion and doesn't afraid of anything.

This guy has a point too. All I was trying to say is that in the large scheme of things, Smileys are the least of our concerns. In fact, you'll have a hard time breaking people who don't come from 4chan of the habit, because people have basically been brainwashed that its the only way to convey expression on the internet. Hell, even I do it when I instant message people sometimes. I get lazy and throw in a :P or a :D on occasion.

If nothing else, you could look at it as a way to distinguish between 4channers and "normal" people on the internet I guess, but its nothing to rage about.

Now lets see if I can sage properly this time. I really should be stopped from posting at 3 am in the goddamn morning.

Yeesh didn't mean to ignite a shitstorm, nor did I know that people had such a disdain for smiley's. Lesson learned.
Shitstorm in HY's thread? Never do it again.

Please, this, ladies and gentlemen.
Gentlemen, back on track, if you will:

[ODIN] Happy.
[ODIN] Rude man wants to play? Fun!
I want to believe in you Mode. That is why i asked what would you do if you were a Mod. You are doing exactly what you said.
You are doing good, don't let someone else tell you otherwise.
>You are doing good, don't let someone else tell you otherwise.
So he is, in fact, GoodModing?
Damn you, Angry.
Still alive! Time for Flandre to get angry. Update perhaps today, maybe tomorrow, by Saturday night without fail, then back to normal.
>Time for Flandre to get angry.

It's the end of the world as we know it and i feel fine

Rude man makes you feel angry. He's in your home, in your garden, stinking and looking ugly and waving that fork about. Why is he so slow? He's so stupid and annoying he can't even hit you, but he tore your sheet! You ball your fists up, face turning red with rage. He tore your sheet! He's so loud, all the screaming and flailing and shrieking. Disgusting.
"I don't like you!" You shout, floating back and fourth.
"Just die!" He's out of breath already. You pluck the pitchfork from his hands and fling it against the wall, the handle splintering into a thousand shards.

Pluck off his arms so he can't flail anymore! Pluck out his tongue so he can't scream and shriek! Off with the legs, no more running! Out with the eyes, no more rolling in their sockets!

Blood slick hands punch through his rib-cage. Aren't you supposed to remove human's hearts to kill them? You forget. Doesn't matter, done already! No more person to make you angry, just charred lumps of flesh and bone. You fling the mass of gore in your hands at the crowd.
"Go away!" You scream in anger as the crowd recoils. Humans don't like the inside bits of other humans. Stupid. What's to be afraid of? Stupid, smelly, dumb people make you angry angry angry angry-

You lick your lips, then look down at your hands and start licking your fingers. That tastes nice, at least the stupid man was good for something. The crowd roars, something buckling the bricks further down the wall. What are they doing out there?
Your anger starts to ebb away, the taste on your hands is so relaxing!

The wall crunches and buckles again.
You turn at the voice. "Hi Sakuya!" You wave her as she rushes across the grass.

Crunch crunch crunch. Won't the humans ever shut up?

"Flandre." Sakuya stops short of you, eyes wide and staring, hand to her mouth. "I ... you need to ..." Her eyes flick between you and the falling brickwork of the wall.
"What?" You ask, flapping your sheet. It's all soaked with red now, flecks spreading when you move. Better let it dry later, or sister will tell you off.
"Flandre, I told you to go back to your room." Sakuya says, gulping and taking out her pocket-watch. So shiny, all golden!
"I know but there was this big noise and this stinky person in the garden and he had a huge fork!" You say.
Sakuya just stares at the wall, on the verge of panic. What does Sakuya have to panic about? She's meant to be perfect! Sakuya doesn't panic! You frown and put your hands on your hips.
"I need to deal with something." Sakuya says very quietly. "Flandre, go back inside." Her thumb hovers over the button of her pocket-watch.

[ ] No! You still feel angry, why do you have to go back inside?
[ ] Sakuya is right, go back inside, the taste on your hands is relaxing enough.
[X] Sakuya is right, go back inside, the taste on your hands is relaxing enough.
My dose of yandere overkill is plentiful.
[X] Sakuya is right, go back inside, the taste on your hands is relaxing enough.
[X] Sakuya is right, go back inside, the taste on your hands is relaxing enough.
[ ] Sakuya is right, go back inside, the taste on your hands is relaxing enough.
[X] Sakuya is right, go back inside, the taste on your hands is relaxing enough.
[x] Sakuya is right, go back inside, the taste on your hands is relaxing enough.
[x] No! You still feel angry, why do you have to go back inside?
>[ ] No! You still feel angry, why do you have to go back inside?
This seems like it could end up on us killing Sakuya. And I really want to avoid having any named Touhous die becuase of us.

[X] Sakuya is right, go back inside, the taste on your hands is relaxing enough.
Look's like that's decided. Update tomorrow.
>You sill feel angry,

I feel so violated.
>You don't feel any better.
Sorry for the continuing delay. Life is piling on the work right now and I need to keep on top of it. Give it time, I'll try to squeeze out some updates later this week.
[X] Carry your Commander.
[X] Carry your Commander.
[X] Carry your Commander.
Updated version with small writing change to make more sense.


You let your shoulders droop, disappointed again. Sakuya is right, you should be a good girl and go back inside. Sister would want you to be a good girl, right? Being a good girl means doing what you're told? You frown, but keep licking your fingers.
"Yes Sakuya." You mumble.

Crunch. More fragments of brickwork go flying across the garden.

"Good." Sakuya's voice is shaking now. "Run along now Flandre." She says, swallowing.
You turn away from her and wrap your sheet tighter around yourself, huffing and kicking at the ground listlessly. Why do you always have to go back inside when exciting things are happening? It's not fair! It's always the same!

Sakuya screams and you glance back. How did she get over to the wall so quickly? Stupid, stinky people climbing over the tumbled bricks. Throwing torches, waving their pitchforks and shouting. What is Sakuya doing? She's just lying there, bleeding.


Bleeding Sakuya, stinky mess in your garden, mess, horrible sister where are you? Sunlight too bright, bleeding shouldn't be, supposed to be perfect. Death, not now. Back to your room back to your room back to your room back to your room back to your room.

You tear open the belly of the first human that reaches you, screaming your inexpressible, agonising rage as the fire starts up inside.


Gasp. No, don't go back to sleep again. Don't dream. Wake up. Take a deep breath, open your eyes.

Where? Oh, the hospital. So tired. Look over at Momizi, your eyes meet. She's already sitting up in bed, bleary-eyed and pale.
"You're awake." Surprised. Missed her. Don't let it get to you, don't think about it.
She nods. "Been awake for a few hours." Her voice is weak, scratchy.

Just stare at each other. Shit, bonding psychosis, last pair of a pack. Shouldn't be doing this.

"The doctors told me you saved my life." Looks down at her hands. "Were they exaggerating?"
Take a deep breath. Look back up at the ceiling.
"Thank you." She says.
Open your mouth. Speak. Can't. Lump in your throat.
Momizi looks at you again. "I'm not supposed to know this, not meant to worry about it," she says. "But one of the junior doctors told me we're at war."
"We are." Tongue is like lead.

Momizi takes a long, shuddering breath. "Why are you here Isamu?"
She knows too.
"You're not supposed to, you're supposed to get reassigned."
"I don't want to be reassigned." You don't. "We're at war, you're my Commander."
She sighs. "I'm seriously wounded and," gulps, catch in her voice, eyes filming up with tears. "I lost the rest of my pack. I'm not your Commander."
"Yes you are."
Screws her eyes shut. "Don't do this. It's not healthy for either of us."
"It's right though." Don't think too hard about this.

"We're really going to do this?" She asks. "Alright then." Voice goes hard, resolved. Purpose.
"The rest of the Commanders will be holding a war council while I'm sitting here in bed. I'm healing up but I'm too weak to walk."
"Carry me there."
Open your mouth. "... Commander?"
"I said carry me there. That's an order. Do it." Tries to shout at you, too difficult. Eyes full of tears.
"But you're-"
"You want to make an unhealthy choice by giving in to our instincts then we're going to make the most of it. Carry me." She stares at you, gritting her teeth.


[ ] Refuse the order. Walk away.
[ ] Carry your Commander.
{X} Carry your Commander.
[X] Carry your Commander.

This is an unhealthy choice I can support.
[X] Carry your Commander.
[x] Carry your Commander.

She gave you an order, soldier.
[x] Carry your Commander.
[X] Refuse the order. Walk away.

For your...Consideration.
[x] Carry your Commander.

do it, faggot
[ ] Carry your Commander.
[ ] Carry your Commander.
Understood. Update tomorrow.

Fuck, did we just practically kill Sakuya? Why didn't we kiss Sakuya?

[x] Refuse the order. Walk away.
Sakuya ;_;
>Sakuya screams and you glance back. How did she get over to the wall so quickly?

What the hell happened there? She's
>supposed to be perfect.

Poor Sakuya always gets the shaft.
What happened to stopping time? Yeesh, sounds like a hole to me ...

Stopping time means nothing if you're caught by surprise before you can use it.

That's what happens when a killing machine tries to behave like a good girl while an angry mob destroys it's home instead of simply protecting what belongs to it.
I like how nobody is discussing how we're fucking up Momiji.
sorry, can't hear you over this bonding psychosis

feels good man
Something is rotten in the state of THP.

I'll be back, seven minutes.

Oh hooray Anon, I adore you but you know not what you herald this time.

Okay, I'm burnt-out by real life work and I'm still facing a mountain of things I have to do over the next 5 weeks. I'm tired and it's making the story look all wrong and I don't know if it's a problem with THP or just me, so I'm going to take a break, give me a while.

I'll be around, there's a few h-scenes I owe people.
>I'll be around, there's a few h-scenes I owe people.

Try to relax and let the creative juices bubble back up again, HY. Take a break from stuff if you need to. You're a good writer; it helps no-one if you burn yourself out.

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