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Going to Alice's house now might not be too bad of an idea actually, get it out of the way at least. You begin your descent as you fly in the direction of the forest. It occurs to you along the way that you might run into Marisa, and that you're currently carrying the sword you stole from her house. You really hope you don't run into her.

As luck would have it, you don't, and you arrive at Alice's house without much problem. The only concern of yours is the light hail that currently falls over the area and how soon it had started. You knock on the door, and wait a few seconds for a response. When none comes, you reach to knock again when you hear Alice's voice from inside.

“One second!”

A few seconds later, the door opens slightly, and Alice peeks through the opening, smiling when she sees you.

“Oh! Hello!” she says happily, opening the door a little more until she can see the weather, then she gives a start and blinks a few times. “Come in, come in, don't stand there out in the hail!” she says, stepping back as you enter the house. Alice looks like she just woke up, and is currently wrapped up in a blanket. She peeks outside, and you can hear her gasp, then she turns around to you. “The sky is red!”
“Yeah, it's been like this all day so far,” you say, looking outside for a second before Alice closes the door.

“I've been asleep since this morning,” Alice says with a slightly embarrassed smile. “I was up all night studying more,” she says, making a shrugging motion towards the all too familiar table, before tightening the blanket she has wrapped around her, looking a little red in the face.

“Something wrong?” you ask, looking her over. She shakes her head, but remains red.

“No, not really, it's just...” she starts, taking a few steps across the room towards her bedroom. “I'm not really 'decent' for male company...”

“Oh... uh...” you respond, turning your head away in an automatic response. “I didn't know, so...” An awkward silence follows. You don't really know what to say, and Alice has gone quiet as well, leaving only the muffled sound of the hail thumping against the side of the house.

“I never did really thank you for how much you've helped me,” Alice says, breaking the silence. You look in her direction, but she's looking out the window at the hail. “It really means a lot to me,” she continues, walking over to the table and sitting against it somewhat as she idly flips through some papers. “I've come so far in my studies, my goal is right at my fingertips almost, and I was heading in the entirely wrong direction before you came along. It wouldn't be right to give you something,” Alice says, with a curious pause towards the end of her sentence.

You really don't feel like you should take some kind of reward, since it was partially in your own interests as well that you followed her studies, and an amazing fluke that you made the progress that you did. For the sake of the moment though, you decide to just submit.

“Well, if you really insist,” you say, with a slight grin. Alice returns the grin, with a mixture of shyness and something else. That's when she pulls back her blanket and reveals her partially nude form, dressed only in a pair of laced panties. You feel your chest seize up for a moment. “W-wait-” you stammer, but Alice simply giggles a bit.

“Don't overreact too much, you'll embarrass me,” she says. “You've already said you'd accept.”

“Yeah! But, well, I was thinking it would just be some kind of gift or something,” you say, a little excitable at the moment, both from the sudden circumstances and, admittedly, from the sight of Alice's body. Her skin wasn't as pale as Hina's, and her breasts were smaller, but she had wider hips and a fuller figure than Hina, who had been rather slim.

“It is a gift,” Alice says, kicking the blanket away as she leans back against the table. “The gift of my body,” she says, though you note a slight waver in her voice, likely from her own nervousness. She's definitely making an effort to keep herself calm as well, judging from how red she's become.

“This is something else entirely,” you say, finding it still quite difficult to keep your eyes off her. You manage to avert your eyes, and hear a slight creak as Alice pushes off the table and walks over to you. She's close, closer now, leaning up against you.

“It's what I want,” she says, bringing a hand to your face and running her fingers along your cheek. “You've done so much for me already and you could have asked for payment, or you could have done whatever you wanted to me while you had control,” Alice says, pressing up against you as her other hand slides along your waistband of the hakama you're wearing. “This is as much for me as it is for you.”

“Is that so,” you choke out, slowly losing your control and looking back down at Alice, her orange eyes locked on your face. She almost looks like she's pleading now. She's really serious...

“This is the first time I've ever felt this strongly for a man,” she says, looking down. “I know that I have a thing with Patchouli now, but that's... something else. It's an infatuation between two kin, an attraction beyond physical means. We're like sisters, only... more personal. You,” she says, looking back up at you, meeting eyes. “You are a physical attraction, someone I've come to admire for their actions and themselves, rather than magical chemistry. In this, we're man and woman,” Alice punctuates this by rubbing a leg against yours.

“I- This is still really sudden,” you say, placing your hands on Alice's shoulders and pushing her back slightly. Your eyes wander downward for a moment before you catch yourself. “I have to say this is pretty nerve wracking for me.”

“I'm not doing much better,” Alice says with a nervous laugh, taking one of your hands and placing it on her chest. The initial shock of the action fades though as you feel her heartbeat, racing as it were. Well, at least she seems as worked up as you. “I still want you to have me, however you wish to take me.” Once again you look at her face, she's still red, and still serious looking. You can't shake the guilt you feel, that she is in a relationship you helped create, but you also can't shake another feeling. A feeling that wants to co-operate with her request. After all, she's offering herself to you, and while you don't really agree with her reasoning, she is rather taken by the idea and despite being visibly nervous herself, has committed herself to this. If you accept, you'll feel like an ass, but if you decline and leave you'll feel like an ass. Accept... well, at least you'll be a contented ass.

Alice steps in towards you, pressing against you once again. She doesn't say anything, simply resting her head against your chest as she loosely holds her arms against your chest. You give in, and cross your arms around her waist, laying your head against hers for a moment. Like this, you can feel her heartbeat again.

“Alice,” you say as you draw your head back, causing her to look up. Once she does, you lean in and kiss her, and she seems to succumb to her desires. She wraps her arms around your shoulders as she pulls you closer, pushing her tongue into your mouth. You return the action, running your hands along her back until she breaks the kiss. She looks almost relieved now.
“Thank you,” she whispers, as she initiates another deep kiss. This time, as you play with each others tongues, you run a hand into the waistband of her panties, running your fingers along the outside of her legs and slowly inching towards the crotch. For every inch you gain, Alice tenses up. Finally, she breaks away again, and goes back to resting her head on your chest. You run your hands over her body, up her sides, over her breasts and back down, running them over her ass, and around to the front again, where you run your fingers over a smooth patch of moist cloth, an action that causes Alice to tense up considerably and issue a slight gasp.

“You're pretty sensitive,” you say, removing your hands for the moment. Alice nods into your chest.

“I haven't- Well, much, before... really...” she stammers, her nerves getting the better of her now as she tries to form a sentence. “I don't, well, do that.”

“You sure you'll be okay?” you ask in a joking tone. Alice responds with a short, breathy laugh.

“I think I'll get used to it,” she says, and you slide your hand down her stomach, passing under the waistband and touching her bare skin with your fingers for the first time, which once again causes a tense reaction as you feel your way over the moist folds of her vagina. Alice squeezes against you, her arms looped over your neck, as you slowly run a finger between the lips and into the sticky warmth. A quiet gasp as you rub a hardening nub of flesh, and a slight shudder that runs through her body.

“You're really feeling it, aren't you?” you ask, withdrawing your fingers for a moment as Alice relaxes slightly.

“Y-yeah, it's...” she trails off. “Exciting and frightening at the same time,” she says after a few seconds of silence a few seconds that you've taken to sink your fingers back into the warmth between her legs, this time though, she doesn't tense up as much.

“Frightening? How?” you respond, a little curious. Alice doesn't answer for a while, other than quiet gasps as you rub and prod at her ever-moistening slit.

“This is my f-fir...” she chokes, burying her head in your chest. “I've n-never-” Alice cuts off with a slight yelp, which you are to blame for, as you've slid a finger farther down and along the edge of her entrance.

“I understand,” you say, using your other hand to rub her back as you fondle her with the other. “I'll go slow.” With that said, you brings your hands to bear on the sides of her panties, now visibly wet, and begin to pull them off. Alice doesn't resist as the last garment on her body slides away, and she steps out of them when they hit the ground. “Right now though, it'll be harder for me to do anything standing here like this,” you say, and gently move her back. You back her up until she bumps into the table, and instinctively slides back and seats herself on the edge. The wood creaks as she leans back, one arm supporting herself against the table, the other resting on her stomach. Once again, you slide your hand along her skin and slide it into her folds, an action that elicits a shiver from her. It's not too different from when you had Nitori like this, as you push your fingers along inside of Alice. She squirms as you play with her, feeling second by second as she gets increasingly hotter and wetter, and she's beginning to whimper and moan a little too. It's not much different at all, except now you have familiar equipment.

“Alice, are you liking this so far?” you ask, a rhetorical question really.

“Uh-huh,” she gasps as you relentlessly attack her genitals with your probing fingers.

“Then, I think I'm going to take it up a level soon,” you say, tugging at your waistband. You've got a rather uncomfortable thing growing in your pants, swollen as much with blood as it is with anticipation. You've been here in this world for a while now, and you haven't taken any time for yourself, really. Nitori doesn't count, that was for Hina, even though you were the instigator. This, however, is your pleasure, your reward for your good deeds. A payment in willing flesh from an eager woman.

“Please d-do,” Alice stammers, though out of pleasure of nerves you're not sure. Maybe both. You withdraw your hand, leaving a trail of fluid between her and your hand. You close in once more, leaning over the table to kiss Alice once more, pulling down the edge of your hakama and freeing yourself from it's confines. You can already see Alice trying to resist looking as you pull back from the kiss.

“I'm going to put it in now,” you say, dick in hand. Alice takes a moment to adjust her position, sitting forward more now, as she wraps her arms around your neck once again. Seems to be bracing herself. She's shaking too. “Are you scared?”

“M-maybe a little,” she says, looking down at the awaiting cock. “It's su-supposed to hurt at first, right?”

“A little, maybe,” you respond, caressing her face with your free hand. “It's alright though, I'll be gentle.” As you finish, you press forward, the head pressing into the hot, sticky skin that's been so vigorously prepared for your entry. Alice jumps a little at the sensation, and pulls herself forward, resting her forehead on your chest.

“O-okay,” she says weakly, and that's your go signal. You move a hand to her lower back and pull towards you slightly as you straighten yourself out. You gently pass the outer lips, hot and wet. She tenses up as you enter slowly, squeezing her legs against your hips. Slowly you press on, inch by inch, enjoying the warmth of her body as it engulfs you until you meet a fleeting resistance that's gone before you even realize it. Alice only responds with a quick tensing of her legs, and doesn't so much as move afterwards until you hit your stop, completely submerged. At this time, Alice lets out a heavy sigh, and squirms a little. “It... it didn't hurt as much as I thought...”she says, looking up at you with a smile. “You're... inside me now.”

You respond by kissing her again, and as you do you slowly pull out. As you do, Alice breaks away, and joins you in looking down. Only a slight hint of pink is any indication of Alice's old status. She runs a hand along the exposed flesh, causing you to shiver a little this time, and she gives a small giggle.

“It feels so hard, it's almost unbelievable that it's all from blood,” she says, removing her hand and placing it on your shoulder. She looks like a big weight was lifted off her, she looks totally calm and happy now, compared to the shaking ball of nerves she was just seconds before. You push back in, and stop once more.

“Looks like there wasn't as bad as you thought at all,” you say. Alice's hands run over your shoulders, so you run your hands up her body, stopping at her breasts. “Think you're ready to really start?” Alice tilts her head to one side and gives you a welcoming smile.
“My body is yours right now, I'm ready to take whatever you can give me.”

And so it begins, you withdraw once more, and set yourself into a slow rhythm. Alice closes her eyes as you begin, leaning a little towards you. You play with her breasts, tweaking her nipples and massaging them. Alice herself hits a steady pattern with her breathing, set to the pace of your penetration, intermixed with the occasional low whimpering moan. She was doing a little more than that before, but you'll give her a little time to get into it. You're not sure exactly how much pain she'd experienced, but she didn't seem too put off by it. It didn't seem to dampen her spirits any either.

“Liking this?” you ask, giving her a squeeze.

“It's so much better than with just your fingers,” she replies in bursts between breaths.

“Funny, you don't sound like it's better,” you retort, moving one hand down to accompany your penis at work, by toying with the sensitive nub. Alice reacts immediately with a jostle and a gasp. “I see!”

“I-it did hurt a bit,” Alice says, looking up at you. “There's still a bit of lingering pain, but it does feel good. It feels better when you do that too.”

“It's no good to go at that too soon though, wouldn't want you to get off so quickly.”

Alice only responds with a smile, and once again shifts slightly, leaning back more. You continue on your gentle pace, and more and more Alice's breathing returns, though you notice an increase in her moaning.

“Feeling it now?”

Alice nods, and takes one hand from your shoulder, laying it back on the tables edge.

“The pain faded,” Alice says, obviously putting an amount of effort into keeping her voice from cracking or stuttering. “Feels much better.”

“That's good to hear,” you say, leaning forward. This new position is a little awkward, but you manage to lean far enough forward to bring your mouth to Alice's chest, taking one of her breasts to your mouth and tonguing the nipple. From her gasps, you guess she enjoys it, and the hand she placed on the back of your head pulling you in only strengthens that assumption. You're starting to feel the pleasure too, not that you haven't been already, but now it's progressed into a distinct feeling, the addictive sensation that draws you and and begs you to continue. Not too much longer now. You increase your rhythm slightly without even realizing it, and Alice offers no complaints, her breathing turning more into panting as almost every exhalation is accompanied with a pleased sigh. You can tell she's really starting to get into it

“My body feels hot,” Alice says. “Nnn, it feels so good.” She can't withhold her moan, and you pull yourself back. “I love it, this feeling. It's-mmm♥ -addictive,” she coos, her voice giving away rapidly to her sighing moans again. She lays down flat against the table, one hand massaging a breast, the other laying palm against her groin, running her fingers along her parted lips, stroking against she shaft of your cock lightly. She closes her eyes, taking in the pleasure. It's not too long before that expression wavers to a pained look. “Ken, I,” she starts, cutting off with a sharp moan. “I you more than ever, aah, Ken. I'm-” she moans, cutting off again as she tightens her legs around your hips. She's coming, and you're not that far behind her either. You increase your pace for the last time and set your hands on her hips, rapidly thrusting into Alice as she enters the throes of orgasm. Despite all her moaning leading up to it, she's gone completely silent, breath caught in her throat as you work yourself to a finish, with a final push, you pull Alice towards you, dragging the table a short way as you come as well, a wave of pleasure running through you from within Alice.

Your knees feel a little weak, but you keep your stance, leaning forward over the table. Alice's eyes are open again, and you can see a kind of light in her eyes. You kiss once more, bracing yourself against the table with on arm so you don't completely put your weight onto her. You don't break away for quite some time, and when you do, you don't go very far. Alice raises her head into your shoulder and wraps her arms back around your neck.

“That was wonderful,” Alice whispers. “Thank you.”

“Any time,” you reply with a slight laugh. Both of you are still sensitive, and the slightest movement causes a shiver in the both of you. A welcome feeling.

“It would be a shame to go back to acting like this never happened,” Alice says, rubbing her legs against yours. “I could get used to this,” she continues, shifting her hips slightly.

“What about Patchouli?” you query, a little worried about how she would react to the notion of her partner receiving a pounding on the side.

“She has Koakuma still, so I think she could understand the situation,” Alice says, smiling slyly.

“I think their situation is a little different,” you retort. “After all, Koakuma needs the energy to live, doesn't she?”

“Oh, details,” Alice scoffs, running her fingers through your hair. You enjoy the moment, until a realization of events hits you.

“Say, Alice, you won't, uh-”

“Not this month,” she replies, laying her head back. She's a little red in the face. “Youkai reproduction cycles work differently than humans, much slower.”

“And that I'm a spirit doesn't matter?” you ask, a little confused.

“It works for humans, so maybe.”

You lift yourself up a little. Even though it's been a few minutes, you're still hard, and you haven't made an effort to withdraw your penis from it's fleshy sheath. In fact...

“So you're safe for the entire month you said?” you ask, a slight smile crossing your face. Alice nods, then she returns the same smile after a few seconds, and props herself up.

“Let me turn around,” she says, and you nod. You pull your hips back, withdrawing entirely from Alice as she sits forward off the table and turns around, this time laying her chest on the table and spreading her hands across her ass, raising her hips into the air. You push yourself back into her awaiting hole for another round.

This is a bit of bizarre psuedo-canon, like the rest of the missing H-scenes I've thought of that didn't get implemented. Technically, it could have happened had I not cut access due to the fact I feel that the reasons behind it were (and still are) weak. You can consider this having actually happened within context of the story, or you can enjoy it as a little aside, a free 'Unlockable extra' of a sort. The only issue with fully integrating it with canon is that it would mess up some continuity, in that having spent a fair amount of time fucking Alice instead of whatever it was you were doing that day, you didn't accomplish the same goals. I'd have to go back and read around that part again to know exactly what it would change, but that's a factor for all the scenes. Their happening would skew the timescale of events, and throw off things that happened otherwise.

That said, I have scene ideas for Komachi, Yukari, Hina and Chen so far that fall under 'lost data', and I'm sure more will pop up during the course of the story to become fodder for me to crank out later.

I also have 'what-if' scenarios that would never happen and were just ideas I had for Ran, Yuka and Letty.
While there's a non-cyoa thread containing EZMode's writing up, I'm going to take the opportunity to use it to ask a question.

Does anyone want him to continue writing Border Crosser? He hasn't updated in fucktons of time, and it's quite due for updates in my opinion.
So, votes.

[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.
[ ] Burn down the story in a fit of insanity.

[Modvote] Burn down the story in a fit of insanity.
[x] Yes.
You actually wrote it. You magnificent bastard.
This story makes me want to do inappropriate things to myself.


[x] Yes

I know you've said you're not into static fiction nowadays, but it was a fun read.
>I have scene ideas for Yukari

is what i read

[x] YES
[x] YES
[x] YES
[x] YES
[x] YES
[x] YES

You mean that thing from /border/?

[X]Burn down the story in a fit of sanity.
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>I have scene ideas for Komachi, Yukari, Hina and Chen so far that fall under 'lost data'

[x] Komachi

>I also have 'what-if' scenarios that would never happen and were just ideas I had for Ran, Yuka and Letty.

[x] Letty
You should have given the choice. No Karma is worth this.

>The only issue with fully integrating it with canon is that it would mess up some continuity, in that having spent a fair amount of time fucking Alice instead of whatever it was you were doing that day, you didn't accomplish the same goals. I'd have to go back and read around that part again to know exactly what it would change, but that's a factor for all the scenes.

I've been reading the archived thread too. Alice gave us the strings for controlling our sword, and she wanted us to accompany her to see Patchouli, but we had to go back to Hakugyokuro to meet Yukari. If we took a long time fucking Alice, Yukari might not have waited around for us, we wouldn't have been able to challenge her, and we probably wouldn't be having this snowball fight at all.

Ah, right. There was actually no avoiding meeting Yukari, how quickly you got back would influence how she thought of you though, and she'd have a little more ammo for her complaints about your behaviour.

You'd also have run into Marisa.


The issue is more that I'm not sure how many people would read it. Plus, having refined my writing a bit since I started that, I feel like I can do it better if I restarted it entirely.


Actually, Border Crosser is the working-title-that-became-stuck for a static fic I was writing back on Pooshlmer before I found/joined THP. A few people seemed to like it, and Jerl's been it' most vocal supporter. I'd write it again if people are still interested.

What's written so far can be found on the Touhou Wiki, http://touhou.wikia.com/wiki/Fiction_by_EZMode
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>Plus, having refined my writing a bit since I started that, I feel like I can do it better if I restarted it entirely.
Then why not restart it entirely? I liked reading your stuff, and I'd hate to see Border Crosser end entirely.
Unrelated image is unrelated.

Eh, I probably will restart it, though I have quite a few writing things going on already. 3 CYOAs and a backlog of other material, as well as several unwritten ideas. Wouldn't exactly be top priority.

I'll try getting around to it once I get my computer formatted again.
>There was actually no avoiding meeting Yukari,
>You'd also have run into Marisa.

Try inviting them along. Three blondes at once? Hell yeah.
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God damn it man, are you trying to kill me?!
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