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*Note: characters here may not be representative of characters in any future CYOA's Possible grammar errors likely*

You rushed to the scene when you heard what happened from a panicking villager. Reimu Hakurei has been hit by an old rotting tree which is so incredibly heavy that the villagers couldn't lift her out of there and, as always, like hell the Youkai are going to help. Pushing through the crowds, you reach a clearing with the somber sight of a shrine maiden, Vanquisher of the Gods themselves, crushed between a tree and a hard place. How very pitiful...

A bit of commotion in the crowd prompts you to turn around to see a familiar bento box shape hat bobbing within the crowd. The local school teacher Keine Kamishirasawa and well renowned person of the village moves her way into the clearing beside you. She looks upon the scene in despair. Her skin pale white and her hands shaking, you feel sorry for the poor woman as she explains...

"O-O-Oh God. Without the shrine m-maiden, G-Gensokyo will dissolve in with the rest of the W-world. Causing widespread c-chaos through all the land"
"Thank you Captain Obvious" You think out loud, "But at the moment we should do something about this don't you think?"
"I-I-I can eat the history... B-but that will make the villagers know who I am... I can't eat so much at a time... I have to g-go get Mokou..."
"There's no time... What are we going to do?"

Then you get an idea... an idea so crazy it just might work. Gensokyo works on belief right? So theoretically this should work if you believe it so. You reach into your pocket and begin rummaging through all the crap you accumulated over your time here. It's almost like some sort of bag with unlimited room. But now isn't the time for thinking about that! You have a penniless miko to save!

After a brief but thorough pocket search, you find what you have been looking for. A small, clear, plastic box with a fliptop lid and filled with minty deliciousness. With no time to spare you empty two of the pellets on to your hand and pop them in your mouth. You crunch on the chilly confectionery you stay safe in the knowledge that your breath shan't turn girls away for perhaps a minute or two.

As you suck on the sweet minty freshness a loud rumble comes from the direction of the shrine which is soon followed by the terrified screams of many God-fearing villagers. Cries of "Death is upon us!" and "Auaghh!" could be heard from miles around. Indeed you yourself thought that this was the end. But hold on... there's a small streak of orange sprinting down the hill. Could your prayers be answered?

As the villagers panic and begun hiding under their desks, the small streak is slowly getting bigger... and it seems to be heading right to your very spot! Keine is whimpering on the ground beside you. Spouting gibberish as if there were no tomorrow (But then again...) You shake her violently and bring her up to your level.

"Kiene! Snap out of it! Look over there!"
"There's no.... What the fuck is that?"
"I think it's maybe the source of the rumbling,"
"Watch out! It's coming this way!"

You and Keine dive out of the way as a small troupe of six orange haired horned little girls march their way past you and towards the tree where the fallen priestess lay. The whole town stops in their tracks, watching the girls with confusion as they circle the tree. The girls stopped in front of the tree, and began to bend down, arms stretched and ready to pick it up.

"Suika, but how..." Keine began. "How did she know?"
"Relax Keine" You say, confident of the situation. "All will be clear soon."

The villagers as well as Keine watch in awe as the orange haired drunkard team slowly but carefully pick up the tree off the defeated religious figure and throw it aside. Freeing the trapped symbol of worship from it's woody grasp. With the tree out of the way the girls focus their attention to the conked out priestess and they place their hands on her legs. With a push and a pull the girl is quickly pulled upright and the odd sight runs of into the Bamboo Forest.

The villagers are standing there, completely dumbfounded by the sight of it all. Kiene gives you a strange look.

"What the fuck did you do?"

You turn to her with a grin and say

"Suik-Tacs. Full of refreshing little lifts!
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The end line was simply astonishing and didn't see it coming.
The sight of all those 'ಠ_ಠ's delight me, 10/10.
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Once again proves the only good Reimu is one crushed under a dead tree.
Honestly, I couldn't make it through, so I skipped to the end. Nice idea, bad execution.
Wait what? I don't get it.
I think the problem is that Bro& pronounces Suika as Sicka (which is wrong).
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Lol wut.
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At first I was like >>73470
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It was good.
Hilarious ending!
That was necessary. Really.

Two months.

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