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No, forget about taking it easy. You have all this new firepower, and testing everything out will certainly serve you well in the future. For starters, your gun is different. Pulling it from it's place under your belt on your back, you get a new feel for it's minor differences. It's weight has been shifted slightly to the back, though that's entirely due to the upgrade pack. The sights, trigger, and safety are all where you remember. You aim it at a nearby tree, looking down the sight and flipping the safety off. What little military training you have seems to serve you well.

"Erm," Chiyuri mumbles behind you, but your focus is concentrated entirely on the weapon. "I should.." She says, her voice quivering, "I should probably hide now."

As you hear her footsteps treading back to the lift, you brace yourself. You've no clue how powerful this upgrade is, but you should be ready for anything. Out here, a crater or two won't matter, but if it knocks you off your feet and hits the ship, it's game over. Your index finger pulls back on the trigger, taking out what little slack there is, and the weapon goes off in your hands.

You hardly even feel it, and the small burst of white light that shoots forward from the barrel makes you feel a bit disappointed. You'd expected more of an explosion. With a sigh, you flick the safety on and put the weapon back in your belt. You decide to see the damage it did, and fine a line of small holes stretching through trees, grass, and leaves--cutting a path through the entire forest as far as the eye can see. You can't see the end of it, and though it doesn't look like much, it clearly has stopping potential.

Now, you turn your concentration to the device around your neck. It doesn't take an idiot to figure it out--the activation switch has got to be the cross-shaped metal bit in the front of it.

You press it, and nothing happens. Again, disappointment. You'd expected to hear some kind of humming noise coming from it, and maybe a cape to appear when you thought of the word 'cape'. Maybe it has more to do with-

Wait, you can see it now. A red-colored cloth flows down your back, only visible out of the corner of your eye. It's certainly working, though it seems to be taking its sweet time in starting up. Little by little, the cloth-like substance seems to grow, taking up the form of the cape over your shoulders and cloak down your back as you remember it. You feel for the device around your neck, and it seems as though the cape isn't quite attached to it. Is it removable, you wonder?

You disconnect the clasp holding the cape on your shoulders, and pull it over your head. It comes off without tearing or breaking down into a red-colored blob as you'd thought it might. It seems to be able to support itself while not actually be connected to the device, and feels almost weightless in your hand. You think to yourself, 'sword', and it almost instantly changes shape. The weight seems to remain constant, but you now hold in your hands a rather large broadsword. For some reason, it's the same blood-red color of your cape. Perhaps the small machines that make up the object in your hands can't change colors, as well.

You run through a number of ideas, from a flamethrower that doesn't quite work, to a chainsaw that works rather well, to a quadripedal walking platform of spinning knives on chains that has your sides splitting in laughter, and finally back to the cape. Satisfied with it's performance, you decide to take it a step further. You take a handful of the fabric in your hand, and tear it away from the cloak to your back. It comes away like putty, and seems to turn to sand in your palm. The cloak regenerates itself almost instantaneously as your hand pulls away.

You throw your arm out in a sweeping motion across you, scattering the fine red dust in front of you. It travels incredibly far for it's weight--penetrating through the tree line several meters in front of you. All it takes is a thought, and all that stands before you is no more.

Crosses--thousands of crosses shoot up from the ground all at once, bathing the earth in a bloody-red light as each one rises from the burning dirt. In an instant, you turned this grassy plain into a hellish graveyard, and though an average person might quiver in fear, the sight fills you with delight. This is power--your power.

You take another handful of the stuff and toss it into the air, detonating it in much the same fashion. The sky turns to red as the dust explodes, and as they form, you're able to direct each cross where you want it to land almost precisely. It's far too much work to do it one-by-one, so you drop them. All of them, all at once in a hellish rain of crosses. They stick in the earth, scorching the ground they touch as they fade into nothing, leaving only a barren field in their wake.

You can hardly contain your laughter. Your throat starts to hurt from it, but you can't stop yourself. This is.. It's far too much, far too soon. You didn't think this technology could have had the capability to cause this sort of damage. Words hardly do it justice. It's as if one moment there was a lush, thriving forest, and the next, nothing more than a stretch of barren wasteland. A few trees remain scattered in the smoldering earth, but have been charred to little more than pillars of ash. What was Chiyuri thinking when she put this all together?

You manage to subdue yourself after a number of minutes, and as you brush a bit of dust from your shoulders, you return to the lift with your cape once again flowing behind you.

Chiyuri watches your approach from behind one of the hydraulic struts, though she seems to be at a loss for words. After what you just saw, you'd probably look the same if you were in her position.

"Let's go." You say calmly, setting a hand on her shoulder and pulling her along beside you.

"Y-Yes boss!" She replies with a nervous yelp, and despite designing the thing herself, she doesn't seem at all prepared to have witnessed that sort of havoc.

"I told you," You groan, pulling her closer into you as your hand slams down on the control panel to raise the lift. "Call me 'Yumemi'."

She looks back at you, wide-eyed with a smile haphazardly streaked across her face. She doesn't respond, so you kiss her. A gesture of your gratitude more than for your own pleasure, you pull away without wanting more.

"Thanks." You whisper with a smile, opening your eyes to find yourself back in the ship. You hadn't even heard the lock catch as the platform sealed itself shut.

"You.." She whispers back, seemingly calmer now that she's not out in the open. Her eyes turn to look inside the ship, then back to you. "You got a bit of dirt in your hair."

"Noted." You reply, smiling but trying not to laugh. This is her way of coping with stress, to make a joke out of everything. It's hard to picture her acting any other way.

[ ] Go back to the mess hall.
[ ] Skip lunch, head elsewhere. (Specify)
[x] Head someplace quiet to gloat over your new cape.
[ ] Go back to the mess hall.
[ ] Go back to the mess hall.
I don't know how, why, or when, but we should have Chiyuri sitting on our lap next time we get the opportunity to do so with a halfway believable excuse.

There may or may not be fondling.
[ ] Go back to the mess hall.
But despite all that's happened.. No, perhaps because of it, you've grown hungry. It's been almost two days, and aside from a sandwich you've eaten nothing. That empty feeling in the pit of your stomach forces you to reconsider any other plans you may have had for the time being, and as long as you concentrate on it, the feeling only grows stronger.

"Come on." You grab Chiyuri by her necktie, ascot--whatever the hell that thing around her neck is called, and drag her along behind you. Why you don't simply leave her here is a mystery to you--making her come with you seems to be the most natural thing to do. She doesn't struggle so much beyond having a little difficulty retaining her balance, and once you're in the elevator you have a bit of time to explain your sudden rash action.

"So," She says, straightening out her shirt a bit, picking some bit of dust from under the collar and giving you this confused look. For someone who had suddenly been dragged around like that, she seems awfully calm about it all. If it were you in her place, you'd have started yelling at her.. "Where to, all of a sudden?"

"I just remembered something. Ruukoto was making something in the kitchen.." You reply, staring off longingly into space as you try to remember the smell. It was sweet, maybe just a bit spicy--and smelled strongly of cinnamon. Some kind of pastry? You didn't get a good enough look at it to quite figure out what it was.

"I take it you're hungry then." She smiles, grins, and then gives you this taciturn stare as if she's trying to hide something. "If that's the case, I think you're S.OL. there, sister."

"Why?" You ask, your voice loud like that of a stubborn child. You silence yourself before you begin to gripe and complain. It won't get you anywhere, you tell yourself, and it'll only make you look foolish. If you have to wait, then you wait.

"Prep time's nearly all day, she says. I'm not sure if I shoulda left the cooking up to a robot, but.." She pauses, running a hand through her hair and chuckling as this silly smile streaks across her face. "Well, I'd probably burn it. I'm no good with cooked foods."

So that explains all the sandwiches! She can't cook, can she? Well, neither can you, so there's no point in teasing or gloating when there's nothing to gloat about. If there's one thing you've never had any confidence in, it'd be your own ability to cook. And, well, maybe also that one other professor who'd never get any work done on time, but that's another issue altogether. You try not to spend too much time thinking about your coworkers--especially since the elevator's reached the top floor.

Your stomach growls, and though you realize it's only a memory, it almost seems like you can smell the food from here. The mess hall is on the other side of the ship, which makes the thought seem even that much more illogical. You step forward, taking the same path as always--following corridor after corridor almost autonomously with Chiyuri in tow.

You're almost there when, somewhere down in the crew quarters, you hear something like a loud crash. The sound echoes dully off the walls, causing both you and Chiyuri to stop dead in your tracks. Was it.. Ruukoto?

[ ] Keep walking.
[ ] Check it out.
[ ] Check it out.
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[x] Check it out.

>Was it.. Ruukoto?

Or was it one of these babies?
[x] Check it out.

Gawd, this is such a difficult decision.
[ ] Check it out.
What's she doing in the crew quarters? Shouldn't she have been in the kitchen? Maybe she's following some old set of instructions, or maybe there's a bug in her programming. 'Free will' isn't exactly something you remember seeing in her system files.

You hear the sound again, not quite as loud as before. Whatever is causing it seems to be moving away, though not all that quickly as far as you can judge. You can't tell much from just the echo, though it reminds you of something like a metal file cabinet being pushed over.

"You hear that?" Chiyuri asks nervously, tugging on the back of your cape.

"Maybe it's just Ruukoto." You shrug, turning to head back. To be on the safe side, you should give it a look anyway. It could be Ruukoto. Then again, it could be that thing somehow managed to get out of her cage. You should approach this with caution, just to be on the safe side. You've enough scars as it is.

"Then again," You add, after rethinking the situation, "Maybe it's not." Your arm moves involuntarily to the pistol at your belt. Though it's not your first choice, the downside to having your cape powered up is that it might be in poor judgement to use it indoors. "Let's go check it out."

"I'm right behind ya." She answers, her expression cold as ice as she draws out her own weapon. Of course, she's been better trained for this sort of occasion, having attended some kind of military academy according to the testimony she gave when you'd first paired up with her. All things considered..

"Erm, you go first." You say, grabbing her by the collar and pulling her to the front of you. She gives you this frightened sort of look as you pull her past you, that deathly calm expression from before gone in an instant.

"Oh, goddammit!" She stammers, and with weapon in hand, begins slowly trudging down into the next hallway.

"It's always, 'You first, Chiyuri' or 'After you, my dear', isn't it?" She suddenly complains after a good deal of silence, mocking the way you speak in the most exaggerated and offensive way possible.

"I don't sound like that!" You reply in turn, trying to keep your voice low as you, for some reason, find it necessary to defend yourself. "I can't help it you're better at this than I am."

"Well, maybe you should've focused a little more on what's really useful, you damned private school educated piece of-" She calls back, keeping her eyes on the passage ahead. For somebody who's been trained by the military, she really doesn't seem to understand the concept of the Element of Surprise. You cut her off before she can finish.

"Keep your voice down!" You whisper forcefully, grabbing her by the shoulder and squeezing rather than just hitting her. "Now's not the time!"

"Good point," is all she says in response, shrugging your hand off and continuing down the hall. Her pace is about that of a snail's, but at least now she's making an effort to keep her voice down. "I should shut up."

You keep her pace, standing no more than a few feet behind her as the two of you follow in the direction the sounds came from. Every so often, you check behind you, looking for anything that could possibly sneak up on you. For a robot that's probably just gotten herself lost, this does seem to be a bit much.

After a bit of walking, you come to the crew quarters. With a number of doors to either side of you, this doesn't look good. There's no telling what could be hiding in one of those normally empty rooms. You try to think through some manner of strategy, but Chiyuri--straightforward and careless as usual--just walks up and starts opening them one by one.

"Fair enough," you groan, searching through each room on the left side as Chiyuri takes care of the ones on the right. The doors open and shut automatically, so each time you enter one of the fully furnished rooms, you're pretty much sealed in. The third or fourth room you check is Chiyuri's--a mess as usual. It's just as you last saw it, with no monsters hiding under the bed and no shadows popping out of the corners. It's perfectly safe, so you move on to the next-

"Found 'em! In here!" Chiyuri yells frantically from somewhere outside. You see her standing halfway in one of the doors, barring it from shutting itself as she points her gun inside. "Don't you fuckin' move!" She yells into the room, raising her gun slightly and turning her head back into the hallway. "Hurry it up, will ya?!"

"What is it?" You rush over as fast as you can, careful not to run into her by accident. She seems a little on edge--like the slightest bump would be enough to cause her to discharge the weapon. She seems to relax a little as you come up behind her, and she slowly lowers her arms to her side.

You peer over the top of her head, looking into the room. Initially, nothing strikes you as odd, but once you're able to step into the room, you're able to see clearly what's got her so spooked. Someone appears to be sleeping--or simply cowering in the bed. With the covers pulled over their head, you're only able to see the top of their head. It's that golden-blonde color--the same color hair as on Luize, or the woman from your dreams. The person seems to have tied some sort of ribbon into it. All you're certain of is that--hair color aside--the lump under the sheets is far too small to be Ruukoto. Maybe even too small to be Chiyuri, were she not beside you at this very moment.

"So, what's the protocol on stowaways again?" Chiyuri asks, shaking her head in the palms of her hands and holstering her weapon almost all at once. "Hey, you're the boss 'round here," she exclaims, turning her confused stare to you, "Why don't you do something?"

The lump in the bed moves, clearly awake after all that commotion and yelling Chiyuri had caused. A pair of yellow eyes glare at either you or Chiyuri in abject terror as this person--this child, by the looks of it--slowly lowers the covers over their face.

[ ] ?
[x] "Okay... you... Get out of that bed, slowly, and tell me who you are and what you're doing on my ship."
[x] "While you're at it, tell me how you got in. This is the second break-in we've had in a few months."
[x] "And if you call me 'Seer of Dreams' or 'Human' I'm going to be pissed."
[x] Keep your weapon trained on her.
[x] "Okay... you... Get out of that bed, slowly, and tell me who you are and what you're doing on my ship."


Goddamit, why are all the unknown people blond?
[x] "Okay... you... Get out of that bed, slowly, and tell me who you are and what you're doing on my ship."
[x] "While you're at it, tell me how you got in. This is the second break-in we've had in a few months."
[x] "And if you call me 'Seer of Dreams' or 'Human' I'm going to be pissed."
[x] Keep your weapon trained on her.

I'm guessing the creature found its way out, and we just don't recognize it? The ribbon would seem to confirm it's Rumia, at least.
[x] "Okay... you... Get out of that bed, slowly, and tell me who you are and what you're doing on my ship."
[x] "While you're at it, tell me how you got in. This is the second break-in we've had in a few months."
[x] "And if you call me 'Seer of Dreams' or 'Human' I'm going to be pissed."
[x] Keep your weapon trained on her.
You sigh. Is this Chiyuri's vengeance for you making her go first? She should be able to handle it, but.. When you think about it, she may have a point. Technically, this is your ship, and just one of the perks--or downsides of being the captain is having the last word on any and all matters within it. As such, this sort of situation should best be left to those with authority--in this case, you.

"Get up." You bark out a quick order, raising your pistol slightly higher. You're not sure if you could do it if you had to--to shoot this small girl staring wide-eyed in your direction. "Slowly," You add, "No sudden movements."

You motion for her to proceed, but she appears to have frozen. She doesn't move--staring at you with a strange look in her eyes that doesn't resemble anything close to fear anymore. It's almost as if she's seen something, but is reluctant to believe her own eyes. Her arms move out of the covers, her hands clearly empty as she pushes herself onto her knees. She leans forward on her hands, swinging her feet down onto the floor.

She doesn't seem to be dangerous, so far as looks go. If anything, she seems.. curious. Especially so towards you. Her hands reach out, feeling to either side of her for support like a blind man groping in the dark. She finds the steel frame of the bed, and leaning into it as if injured, she opens her mouth to speak.

"Mother?" She says, her voice no greater than a whisper. The girl's voice is thick with fatigue, and as you look more closely, her clothes are torn all over, with the threading come undone on the sleeves of her shirt and the hem of her skirt--she looks like a doll abused and thrown away. Her golden eyes look to you in shame. "I'm sorry, I couldn't.."

The girl collapses onto her knees, cutting her sentence short. She attempts to right herself with her one arm still firmly grasping the bedpost for support, but fails at each attempt. Something comes over you, you don't know what it is, but it forces you to put away your weapon. You feel like you have to help this girl.

You kneel down in front of her, catching her body as her arm fails her. Slowly, and with great pain, she reaches up to you, her hand touching your face as she smiles and loses consciousness.

"You had a kid?" Chiyuri asks, the sound of her voice sullen. The girl said 'mother', sure, but..

"Of course not. And don't ask me if I'm sure. I'd certainly remember if I gave birth to something." You answer, lifting the girl back into the bed. Her injuries don't seem any worse than a few minor scrapes, but for her to be so completely exhausted.. What could've caused it?

"But.. She said 'mother', just now." Chiyuri replies, somewhat confused. Her expression is at a relative ease as she walks up behind you. "You think she's pulling your leg?"

"She probably just has me confused with somebody else." If she was so fatigued, it could also be likely that her vision wasn't clear, either. It must be just a mix-up. Looking down at the girl, she hardly looks older than seven or eight--at least by average human standards. This world is a bit weird when it comes to ages, so it's possible that she could be much older than she looks.

And aside from her outlying injuries, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with her. She shows a few signs of malnutrition but it doesn't appear to be anything life-threatening. As far as things go, she's sleeping like a baby. It should be quite some time until she wakes up, but that leaves you with a bit of a problem..

[ ] Stay with the girl.
[ ] Let Chiyuri keep an eye on her.
[ ] Leave the girl alone.
[ ] Get Ruukoto to watch her.
File 122983813462.jpg - (396.86KB, 480x640 , 7a17784e321f4a8b7dff25dbe444c04d.jpg) [iqdb]
>she looks like a doll abused and thrown away.
>blonde hair
>yellow eyes

Could it be?
[x] Get Ruukoto to watch her.
[x] Get Ruukoto to watch her.

I know when I was a kid, I wanted a robot nanny!
>[ ] Get Ruukoto to watch her.

And hence we discover the origin of Alice's fascination with automatous dolls.
[x] Get Ruukoto to watch her.

If only to see Alice call her "Yumeko".
>You peer over the top of her head, looking into the room. Initially, nothing strikes you as odd,
This does not sound like our loud crashy-bangy noisemaker.

[x] Get Ruukoto to watch the girl (make sure the food is put on hold and not burnt)
[x] Figure out what was causing the commotion.
Well, you can't watch her. Not with all the stuff you- Wait, there's really not much else to do around here, is there? Well, maybe you just can't be bothered. You're hungry, and you want to eat. Locking her in here by herself seems a little cruel, and when you stop to think about it, you may be able to kill two birds with one stone.

"Chiyuri," You turn around, standing up straight to face your slightly agitated partner. This is a good idea, you're sure of it. "Go tell Ruukoto to come down here, would you?"

"And tell her to bring some food, too. I'm starving!" You add, giving her no time in between to speak out against you. Had you given even the slightest pause, or showed even the slightest bit of weakness in your voice, you're sure she would have, too.

"Alright, alright." She answers, throwing her hands up in a gesture of defeat. No, wait, maybe you're wrong. You begin to wonder as she starts talking into the watch on her wrist. "Oy, bucket-head. Get yer ass down to crew deck 2." She looks up at you smiling as she adds, "And bring some food. Doctor's orders."

"Understood," You hear Ruukoto's voice clearly through the device. It must be some sort of communicator, and one of quality for the audio to be so clear. "One moment."

"Bucket-head?" You give Chiyuri a strange look, questioning as to why she'd used a term like that. For a nickname, it's hardly endearing. Rather, it's downright offensive and why Ruukoto doesn't react poorly to it is only due to her programming.

"She doesn't seem to mind." Chiyuri shrugs, giggling lightly into the palm of her hand.

Though, were Ruukoto even slightly more human, you're sure she would. You generally try to act civil towards androids, despite knowing they neither have thoughts of their own nor think for themselves. You won't tell Chiyuri one way or another, though you make it clear in your expression that you don't approve of it.

"Well," You turn around, facing the girl in the bed as you give some thought as to what your next conversation piece should be. You can't think of anything..

Silently, you watch the rhythmic rising and falling of the girl's chest. Your eyes seem to zero in on it only because it's the only thing moving in front of you. You're so hungry you could die! Minutes tick by as you agonize over the horrible empty feeling inside. The more you think about it, the worse it gets. And the worse it gets, the more you think about it.

And just when you feel like you're going to go insane thinking about it, the door opens. You spin around in your chair, oblivious to everything around you but the soft hiss of gas from the pneumatics raising the door, and the smell of something tasty flooding the room.

"Food's here!" Chiyuri exclaims, nearly hurling something at you. You don't take notice of what it is, but it's instantly recognized by your brain as something edible. You dig in without hesitation, gulping down what tastes like some kind of soup as Chiyuri and Ruukoto discuss something you're far too tuned out from to hear.

"What do you think?" Chiyuri suddenly taps you on the shoulder, halting your almost fevered attempt at speed eating.

"Huh?" You grunt in response, your mouth full. You swallow before continuing, chipping away at that feeling of emptiness one bite at a time. "I wasn't listening."

"I said," Chiyuri's voice comes back slightly more annoyed than before. "What should we do with the kid?"

[ ] You should help her find her parents.
[ ] Kick her out when she wakes up.
[ ] Try taking care of her for a bit.
[x] You should help her find her parents.

And, well, if her parents just so happen to have silver eyes, well, then we're killing a whole bunch of birds with one stone, aren't we?
[ ] You should help her find her parents.
[ ] You should help her find her parents.
"Well, it's not like we can just kick her out. And I don't think we should keep her here for too long, either." You reply calmly, resting your hand on the girl's forehead. She's probably fine, but it doesn't hurt to check if she has a fever. "It's probably best if we try to find somebody that knows her."

"Like her parents?" Chiyuri responds, giving you new grounds to further clarify yourself.

"Or somebody who can tell us where to find them, yes." You turn back into the room, facing Chiyuri and, not surprisingly, Ruukoto who still stands in the doorway idly awaiting further instructions. That's right, wasn't she...

Wait, what about dinner? Wasn't it not supposed to be ready for a while? Chiyuri said so herself, right? Then, what's with this soup all of a sudden? It isn't half cooked, is it?

"Something the matter?" Ruukoto asks, taking a small step into the room. Her foot hardly makes a sound as she sets it down on the bare floor.

"Oh, no, it's just.." You pause, staring deeply into the half empty soup bowl, your eyes completely transfixed on it as if you were expecting the answers to all of your questions to just appear in the murky broth. "This soup, it's-"

"Good, isn't it?" Chiyuri cuts in, holding up a bowl of her own with this incredible shit-eating grin on her face. "It's my mother's recipe."

"Yes, it's- Wait," You scowl, finding something clearly wrong with her words. "Didn't you say you couldn't cook?"

"Well, yeah!" She replies, adding this sort of condescending know-it-all tone to her voice. Did you hit a nerve? "I can't but I know the recipe. I stuffed a few of 'em into ol' Franken-bot's head here, else she'd just serve up whatever's available."

"Again with the names?" You shake your head, burying your face in the palms of your hands as you begin to feel something like shame welling up inside. What exactly did you do to get stuck with this girl, again? "Anyways, I wanted to know why it was ready so quickly, but I just really don't care anymore.."

"It was the only dish I'd prepared ahead of time." Ruukoto replies in her usually mild, nothing's-wrong-everything's-peachy voice, either unaware of the mood or completely ignoring it. "I was intending to have it served for lunch, but it would seem that I just got so caught up in the process that I-"

"Stop!" You yell, tearing one hand from your face to hold out in a gesture to express the same word you spoke. "Just, stop. You already answered my question."

It's not even 2 in the afternoon, and these people are already starting to wear you out. Maybe you should take a rest, too, like the girl behind you. You wonder if it's a good idea, considering that there's plenty more you could do, and you're especially turned off to the idea when you remember that smell coming from the kitchen. With a feast like that in the works, why should you sleep? It must be because you just ate that you're suddenly feeling so out of it.

[ ] Rest.
[ ] Don't rest.

If don't rest:

[ ] Find something to do inside the ship. (Specify)
[ ] Maybe you could make it to the shrine before sundown?
[ ] Find a new set of clothes for the girl.
[X] Don't rest.
[X] Find a new set of clothes for the girl.
[x] Don't rest.
[x] Find a new set of clothes for the girl.
File 123007119564.jpg - (175.96KB, 848x1200 , 2d07dc2fd506abd7d206ed65781393bd.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Don't rest.
[x] Find a new set of clothes for the girl.
[x] Don't rest.
[x] Find a new set of clothes for the girl.

[x] Don't rest.
[x] Find a new set of clothes for the girl.
You should just ignore it for now. You'll feel better in a bit. For now, you should concentrate on other things. For starters, this girl's clothes are a mess! If you plan to take her out of the ship--and somehow you're getting the feeling that it's an inevitability at this point--you should find something for her to wear that's not quite so torn to shreds.

Giving her some of Chiyuri's clothing would be your first inclination, though it may be a stretch. Even if Chiyuri is short by average human standards, she's still bigger than this girl. You wonder if it'll work..

In any case, Chiyuri's room is right across the hall. She may have a spare set of clothes laying around, so it's worth a shot. You pull yourself upright, setting your hands away from your face to hopefully give yourself a more composed look about you.

"Hey," You take your focus off of your lap and try to look at Chiyuri. She's smiling so energetically, it just makes you feel more tired than before. Even so, you must persevere. "I've got a favor to ask."

"Anything," She replies, her smiling expression still firmly cemented to her face. "Name it."

"I'd like to borrow a set of your clothes, if you don't mind." As you speak, you see the smile vanish from her face. Taking it's place is a look of confusion, as if to say, 'What the hell would you need that for?' Without pause, you try to clarify your reason, "Not for me, for her!"

You point to the girl, still laying peacefully in the bed off to the side of the room. The look on Chiyuri's face fades away, and something seems to click as she realizes your intent.

"Oh, yeah, I understand completely." She smiles once again, adjusting her position in the seat she's taken at some point during the conversation. You hadn't even noticed she'd sat down, and now you see her suddenly stand up again to leave the room. She makes a quick gesture for you to follow, "Wanna come with?"

"Sure, why not." It's not like you've much else better to do at the moment, and it might be a good idea to give the girl a little peace and quiet.

You leave the room with Chiyuri, making doubly certain to tell Ruukoto to alert you when the girl does finally wake up. The door closes behind you, and a few steps later, you're standing ankle-deep in the mess that is Chiyuri's pig sty of a room.

She immediately gets to digging around as you stand just by the bed. At least, you think it's a bed. There's far too much stuff over it to be completely sure. Well, for now you should at least have a seat. You check the area on the bed behind you to make sure you're not sitting in any grease spots.

"Ah, found it!" Chiyuri yells triumphantly a few moments later. She drags something white out from under a pile of shop towels--mostly used, though you think you can see a few clean ones thrown in. The outfit she holds is covered in dirt, though nothing a quick run through the wash wouldn't fix.

She seems to understand this, and a second later it's thrown down a washroom chute like the ones conveniently placed in every room of the living quarters on the ship. It'll be washed, dried, and sent automatically into her storage locker in a matter of minutes, though that means you'll have to take the long walk back to the changing room next to the showers. Well, not everything is so convenient in the real world. Go figure.

"And now that we're alone again," She says, taking a step back in your direction. She nearly stumbles over a bit of metal on the floor, eliciting from her a small giggle as she kicks it aside. Her arms rise up, and her hands grasp your shoulders. She leans in close, smiling widely as she uses her knee to push herself onto the bed and over top of you. The weight of her body pushes you back, and you feel powerless to stop it as she watches you with anticipation. "What to do, what to do.."

[ ] ?
[x] 'not now, i'm on the rag'
[x] "I wonder, I wonder..." Kiss her.
[x] Experiment with new and interesting uses for your new cape.
[x] "I wonder, I wonder..." Kiss her.
[x] "I wonder, I wonder..." Kiss her.

Save the potential awesome for later.
[x] "I wonder, I wonder..." Kiss her.
[x] Experiment with new and interesting uses for your new cape.
[x] "I wonder, I wonder..." Kiss her.

>[x] Experiment with new and interesting uses for your new cape.
Not yet.
Also, my first thought was the obvious one. Then I thought, "No, better than that. Tentacles."
So yes, this should be saved for later. The clothes will be done soon, so there's not much time at all for anything prolonged right now.

But oh yes, there will be tentacles for our uppity little assistant, later.
You respond in kind. "I wonder," You say, grinning widely, "I wonder.."

In this sort of situation, there's really only one thing you can do. Well, only one thing you want to do, at least. She pulls herself up onto the bed, forcing you further down under her miniscule weight as she straddles you on her hands and knees. It's not that you're weak. It's quite the opposite, really. You're just letting her have her way with you for... a little while.

You close your eyes and breathe heavy, taking in her soft scent. It's familiar to you, yet at the same time indescribable--reminding you of something and nothing all at once. You feel a slight depression in the mattress as her hand rushes to support her weight, and a slight rush of air against your face as she leans in to kiss you.

You place a hand behind her head, preventing her from escaping as you push your tongue through her lips. She pushes back with her own, her breathing quickening as her hand finds your chest and struggles to undo your shirt buttons. You allow her to pull away, giving the both of you time to catch your breath as your other hand slowly works it's way down her back, drawing ever closer to your intended goal.

Your eyes burst open as you feel your shirt being nearly ripped open. Her hands press down on you as she leans forward as if intent on kissing you again. Her face blocks your view, but stops no more than an inch from your face. With one hand now supporting her weight again, she uses the other to push your bra up and out of the way. The hand falls back down on your bare skin, sending a shiver through your body.

"Is it that good?" She inquires with a whisper, smiling and seemingly paying no mind to your one hand traversing its way into her panties.

"Your hands are cold." You mutter in response, your fingers caressing her soft, bare ass, and causing her to emit a soft moan as you draw your hand further down. Further, deeper you reach, your fingertips searching for that most sensitive spot on a woman's body.

But your arm doesn't bend that far, and you fall just short of it--you think. Even the slightest movement of your fingers seems to send waves through Chiyuri's body.

"Ah, a little to the left.." She purrs, biting her lip and letting out a lazy giggle as she speaks. You try to comply, but 'left' is a direction your arm doesn't want to move. You peel your hand back, running it back up her body slowly, deliberately so as to make her hurt with the anticipation.

You fingers brush against her chest, feeling her small breasts through her shirt before you push it down into her pants, feeling the warmth of her body through a thin layer of cloth. You'd moved too quickly, and in your hurry to surprise her, you find your hand on the wrong side of her panties.

Never mind, you'll make do with this. It makes finding her sensitive spots a little more difficult, but you're up to the challenge. A quick flick of your middle finger has her falling forward over top of you. Her hair lands in your face as she buries her head into a pillow beside you.

"Aaahh!" She lets out a loud moan--a mixture of what sounds like surprise and ecstasy, muffled by thick layers of cloth and padding. You can feel her weight shift as her head turns, and as her hair is pulled from your eyes, you begin to feel the heat of her breath against the side of your face.

"It's--It's too.. hah.. m-much.." She wheezes, words coming between heavy gasps for breath. "Le-lemme rest for a minute.."

Her words ring crystal clear in your head, and you're able to make out even the most minute qualities to the way she speaks. You can hear them so incredibly clearly that it makes you wonder if you can taste them. All you have to do to find out is turn your head slightly, and even before your lips touch hers, your tongue is thrust back into her mouth. She doesn't fight it with her body--instead pushing back with her tongue.

She lets out a slight, muffled moan as you pull her into you--and somehow, you wind up with your positions reversed. Now, you're sitting above her, and through all of the commotion, your hand hasn't moved from it's last position.

You pull back once again, allowing her--and you--a little time to breathe. The both of you are breathing heavily, and that last kiss seems to have done something to you. You're feeling.. bold, maybe--but certainly you've become much more curious. You find yourself wondering, 'I wonder what she'll do if I do this,' and 'Will she scream if I touch her here'.

You lean forward again, more intent than ever on having your way with her. Her eyes look to you in a haze of emotion. Fear, anticipation, dread, ecstasy--all jumbled together. You wipe a trail of saliva from her mouth and prepare to make your next move.

"You're so cute.." You purr, you voice resonating with surprising clarity as you take her hand in yours and smile. "Does it feel good?"

"I-- This is-- It feels.. amazing." Her eyes turn a timid glance off into the room somewhere, eventually unsteadily settling back on you. "To be completely honest, I've never done... this kind of.. thing, before."

"Me neither." You reply, feeling her hand squeeze yours as you begin to pull it down your chest--first across your breasts, then down to your navel, and lower, and lower.. "Maybe I'm a natural." You smile and wink, holding your hand--and hers in it--still for a moment before thrusting it slowly into your underpants.

You force your eyes closed, concentrating on the sensation of her fingers rubbing against your bare skin. It seems like you've become incredibly sensitive with the wait--every time her fingers touch you, it sends jolts of electricity through every nerve in your body.

"Mmmmm.." You moan, keeping your eyes closed as you start to lean back. "A little further.." A little further, and you'll..


Beep? What? That can't be right..

Your eyes shoot open as her hand is quickly withdrawn. She stares at the wristwatch attached just below her now slightly dampened hand. From it, you hear Ruukoto's voice.

"Uhm, I'm sorry to bother you, but.." Her familiar, yet incredibly--irritatingly calm voice is replaced by another, though the sound is a little less clear.

"Hey, you there. Who're you talking to?" Another, deeper, yet no less feminine voice inquires with an incredibly demanding tone.

"Please hurry!" Ruukoto calls into the communicator with a strange sense of urgency. You really hope she can't see you through it, even if she is only a machine..

"Hey, uh.." Chiyuri looks up at you, eyes wide with worry. "Maybe we should.."

"God-DAMMIT!" You yell, throwing yourself off the bed, your mind suddenly storming with rage. You hold your hands up to your temples, trying desperately not to start beating the walls down with your fists. How many more interruptions must you experience before you're able to have a good, long moment alone with Chiyuri?

Of course, you can't ignore this, and all that does is make your anger grow. You're practically livid, and though it's normally just used as a figure of speech, you're having trouble seeing straight because of it.

"This had better be good!" You pull your bra back over your breasts and quickly button up your shirt. You look like shit. You really look like shit, and it's not helping your mood at all! "FUCK!!"

"Hey, uh, maybe you oughta-" Chiyuri pulls herself up, holding her hands out in front of her as if she hopes it'll quell your raging temper.

"I am calm!!" You roar, grabbing her by the hand as soon as she's presentable and drag her out into the hall behind you. "Come on, let's go!"

You storm into the room where you left the girl, first noticing Ruukoto standing in the doorway. You push her aside without really thinking, and nearly bump heads with somebody else.

Taking a step back, you notice she's nearly as tall as you. She's also dressed similarly, wearing a medium-length red and white checkered skirt, and vest to match over top of a thin white blouse. Her long, greenish-colored hair covers most of her face, but through the strands you can clearly see her expression. She smiles with an incredible calmness, a complete opposite to your flaring temper.

[ ] ?

Note: My Christmas present to all the folks here. May all your wishes come true! (Warning: Results may vary.)
File 123021102876.jpg - (60.47KB, 450x600 , f8ff655ad3e8b097b1962be6195e7991.jpg) [iqdb]
>checkered skirt
>matching vest
>green hair

Uh oh. Hope she's not in the mood.

[x] "There better be somebody outside of this ship, and that somebody better be on FIRE. And the only fire extinguishing equipment is on board this ship. Because that is the only good reason I can think of right now as to why you had to interrupt what I was doing at THIS EXACT MOMENT."
>[x] Go all-out. Flying crosses, lasers--the works.
>[x] Cackling laughter.

I have a new theory for this CYOA: sexual tension attracts youkai.
>I have a an old theory for Yuuka: DESTROYING AN ENTIRE SWATH OF VEGETATION AND PLANT LIFE attracts plant youkai.

Hmmm... This could be bad...
[x] Calm down. Take some deep breaths. 1... 2... 3... There. Calm.

[x] "Who are you and what are you doing on my ship?"
[x] "There better be somebody outside of this ship, and that somebody better be on FIRE. And the only fire extinguishing equipment is on board this ship. Because that is the only good reason I can think of right now as to why you had to interrupt what I was doing at THIS EXACT MOMENT."

She wants someone strong to fight? Sure, we got somebody like that. Let's introduce her to the woman in the glass holding tank and record the results.
>fire extinguishing equipment

within a mile is on board this ship*

I shouldnt've made that write-in at like 5 in the morning.
Merry Christmas, Snake.
[x] "There better be somebody outside of this ship, and that somebody better be on FIRE. And the only fire extinguishing equipment within a mile is on board this ship. Because that is the only good reason I can think of right now as to why you had to interrupt what I was doing at THIS EXACT MOMENT."
"Well, there'd better be a good reason for this." You cross your arms, looking over the woman, who stands just slightly shorter than you. You don't recognize her, and that smile of hers is really starting to bug you. "For that matter, how the hell did you get on board?"

"I knocked." She continues to smile, drawing out the 'o' sound in the word 'knocked' as if trying to purposefully irritate you further. Her whole demeanor seems bothersome, like she's that kind of intrusive type you can't stand. It's hard to put your finger on it, but there's something about her that you really, really, really don't like.

"Right.." Her words are an obvious lie, as well. You and Chiyuri were.. clearly preoccupied, and Ruukoto has specific orders not to let anybody inside without your direct permission. She must've forced her way in somewhere--probably along with the girl, you figure. "So, what should I do to get you off of my ship?"

"Nothing." She replies, again drawing out the 'o' sound in the word like a small child who's a little too pleased with herself. She tilts her head slightly, leaning towards you as if trying to get a good read on your expression. If it doesn't say 'pissed off', you're not trying hard enough.

"Hey, we're incredibly busy right now," Chiyuri pipes up, leaning her head around you and glaring at this mystery woman with ire. "So if you don't mind getting the fuck out,"

You put a hand in her face, blocking her view and shutting her up before she says something regrettable. You'd like to keep this at civil.. somewhat, at least. You gently push her away, swatting your fingertips lightly against her face when she's behind your back.

"Busy, hmm?" The woman says, her eyes narrowing slightly as she leans down to eye-level with Chiyuri. Though, Chiyuri's standing behind you which leaves the woman more or less staring at your chest. It's a little unsettling, but she soon turns her eyes back to you. "Clearly, I'm not wanted around here."

You don't respond, and the woman turns her back to you as she heads over to the bed where the girl still sleeps. The woman leans down carefully with her arms crossed behind her back, her long hair covering most of her body.

"Then, if you don't object, I'll be taking back what's mine." The woman turns her head, looking back at you with those playfully inquisitive eyes as she places a hand on the bed.

"Yours?" Ruukoto stammers, "Is this girl your-"

"Hardly!" The woman scoffs, her other hand preparing to scoop up the girl as the one on the bed tears the blanket from her. "This girl is my possession. Much like this.. 'ship', is yours." She picks up the girl haphazardly in her arms, more slinging the child over her shoulder than carrying her like a mother would.

[ ] Let her take the girl.
[ ] Don't let her take the girl. (Specify method)
File 12304346076.jpg - (98.78KB, 640x480 , Protect the loli.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Don't let her take the girl.
[x] Challenge her to a danmaku battle over who gets custody of the girl.

She should keep a tighter grip on things that are hers anyways.
[x] Don't let her take the girl.
[x] Challenge her to a danmaku battle with Chiyuri over who gets custody of the girl.
[x] Record the data.
[x] Renege on your promise if Chiyuri loses and fight her yourself.

I almost forgot that Yumemi is a bad guy, and therefore is allowed to do bad guy things like this.
Too much almost-sex yada yada ...

[x] Don't let her take the girl.
[x] Challenge her to a danmaku battle with Chiyuri over who gets custody of the girl.
[x] Record the data.
[x] Renege on your promise if Chiyuri loses and fight her yourself.
This is our MO. We are sticking to it and that's my final say in the matter.
"That so?" You ask rhetorically, stepping forward and setting a hand on the woman's shoulder to prevent her from simply walking away. Her head turns to the hand, and you continue to speak. "Well, as far as possessions go, I should say that everything in this ship belongs to me." You nod to the girl, making sure that the woman's watching you when you do it. "Including the girl." You pause, watching for any sign of reaction from the woman as you add, with force, "Put her down."

"What was that?" The woman asks, her voice livid with anger as if you'd just punched her in the face. Well, it's not like you'd planned to resolve this peacefully from the start. You tighten your grip on her shoulder, trying your hardest to keep a smile plastered onto your face as the woman slowly begins to turn around.

"I won't repeat myself." You reply with a veil of cheerfulness to your words, trying to keep calm despite every living brain cell in your head telling you to lose your shit. You're still inside, and you don't want to destroy the ship. "Leave now, and you won't get hurt."

"'Ey, wait, you're not going to-" Chiyuri interjects from her place by the doorway. She's only a few feet away, but you can hear her like she was standing right beside you.

"You finished this cape just in time, Chiyuri." You laugh quietly, watching the woman watching you. "I've found the perfect test subject so soon!" She sets the girl back on the bed, throwing your hand from her shoulder and turning to face you all in one swift movement. In one hand, you notice she's holding a parasol she hadn't had with her until now. You'll save your thoughts on it for later; for now, you should try to get out of the ship.

"It looks like.." The woman stops to think, glaring at you through a thin veil of a smile. Perhaps she's sizing you up, or perhaps she's going through the motions of a predator watching the last moments of life coursing through it's prey. You don't know, and you don't particularly care. Your focus is directed on the movement of her lips as she continues speaking, "..I've found a troublesome human."

"You seem to be powerful enough," You respond in turn, "You'll make an excellent specimen for my labs."

"Oh my.." You hear Ruukoto mutter in surprise across the room. You don't stop to look at her, but you figure she's probably smiling as she always is.

"And you'll make for an excellent bloodstain on my carpet." The woman shrugs off your words like nothing, but something catches you as more than a little strange. 'Her' carpet, she said? Is she trying to stake a claim on your ship if you lose? Does she possibly-

Your arm shoots forward involuntarily. It takes your mind a moment to catch up, and you realize you're holding your pistol firmly in the palms of your hands. It takes you another moment to recognize why, but you soon notice the woman's slowly started to raise her arms, and..

In the blink of an eye, the world seems to vanish. Well, seems to. All the furnishings--and people--that were present in the room previously have all been moved into this dark space. Like your dream, everything else around you is black. Light from an unseen source floods only the objects you recognize--beds, tables, chairs, people. Everything else is invisible, and this bloodthirsty woman still stands before you.

"Well, that makes things easier." You grin, flicking the safety off on your pistol. This way, you won't have to worry about your ship being destroyed, though it strikes you as a bit frightening. Your mind is too full of adrenaline to notice. You let one arm leave the grip to gesture a quick wave behind you. "Chiyuri!"

"Yeah?" She steps up beside you, letting this devilish smile show on her face. Yet another expression she's never shown you before--it looks like she's really itching for a fight, for once.

"How would you feel about the usual tag-team?" You glance down at her, yet never for a second letting your weapon drop. The smile on her face grows wider as she pounds a fist into the palm of her other hand.

"I was countin' on it!" She takes another step forward, ripping that tiny pistol she carries around from the loop on her belt. "Sorry, lady," She raises her voice, addressing the woman directly. "Looks like you're not gonna have the chance to fight the boss, here."

"Oh?" The woman seems surprised, letting all of the tension go from her expression as she turns to give you this confused sort of scowl. "And why not?"

"'Cuz I'm gonna kill ya right here is why!" Chiyuri answers, without hesitation firing off three successive shots from her weapon. One manages to hit the woman on the hand, though she seems to ignore the pain. She raises her hand to eye level, curiously investigating the burning flesh on the back of her wrist.

Her expression changes to one of anger, and it looks to you as if she's started floating off the ground. You see something begin to appear from the woman's back. Several somethings, at that. They circle around the woman, billowing in a nonexistent breeze like leaves in the wind as they begin to encircle her.

[ ] Watch silently.
[ ] Assist Chiyuri.
[ ] Call Chiyuri back.
[ ] Try to find a way out.
[ ] Talk to: Ruukoto, the girl, yourself
[ ] Call Chiyuri back.
[ ] Unleash hell.
[ ] Watch silently for now.
[ ] Be ready to assist at a moments notice.
[x] Talk to: Ruukoto

Analyze this void, Ruukoto.
[ ] Watch silently for now.
[ ] Be ready to assist at a moments notice.
[x] Watch silently for now.
[x] Be ready to assist at a moments notice.

[x] Watch silently for now.
[x] Be ready to assist at a moments notice.
Yes, they do look like leaves, don't they? Or, maybe they look like flower petals. It's hard for your eyes to make out the details of the objects fluttering around the woman. To you, they appear as little more than tiny specks of brilliant light in the otherwise pitch black of this room.

This could prove to be interesting.

You only wish you had your notebook with you, or even some of your usual laboratory equipment--though as it stands, all you have to rely on are your own two eyes. The trouble is, you're having a good bit of difficulty believing them. The woman waves a hand to the sky, and the objects accumulate in her palm.

And like a ball, she tosses it at Chiyuri, who's more than fast enough to dodge as the particles scatter like the insides of a popped water balloon. More of the objects begin circling the woman, and some of them are able to deflect Chiyuri's shots. The yellow-white beams of laser light scatter off into the darkness before they come into contact with the woman's body. To break through a defense like that, you'd need to..

The woman lets off another shot, this time scattering the reddish ball of light in several directions. Chiyuri nearly misses having her leg shorn off by one of the blasts, and is instead thrown backwards into the darkness. You wonder if you should step in, but you think twice of it as Chiyuri returns into view, safe and--mostly--unharmed.

"You're awfully persistent." You hear the woman sneer, quickly dodging another one of Chiyuri's blasts with ease. The particles of light return, though they appear to be brighter this time. The patterns the lights follow across the woman's body have changed, as well, and as they collect in front of her, they begin to turn yellow.

Something shoots out of the steadily growing ball--nothing more than a pinprick, like the concentrated light of a laser steadily moving across the room, reflecting off of miniscule particles of dust in the air as it searches for a target.

Before the light settles on Chiyuri, you decide to step in. Something tells you that this is dangerous, and on her power alone, Chiyuri would be unable to protect herself. Time seems to slow for you as you dash headlong across the darkened room--the ten-meter run from where you stood to where Chiyuri is seems like it lasts several minutes.

You make it just by a hair, knocking Chiyuri out of the way just as soon as the thin ray of yellow light settles on her chest. You fall forward, Chiyuri's body in your arms. And as you shut your eyes and brace for the inevitable hard landing, you see light.

Light, and nothing else. It's blinding, even through your tightly shut eyelids. It's as if a nuclear blast went off right next to you. There's no scorching heat, no wave of pressure--only that blinding light.

And it's gone even before you hit the ground. The room returns to darkness, and the floor rises up to greet you with a firm slap on the back. The impact knocks the wind out of you, but you're able to get back up despite the pain. Chiyuri supports you from beneath your shoulder, and you turn to face the woman you're no longer able to see.

The intense light has caused your pupils to constrict, temporarily blinding you. This isn't good--you're about to enter a fight, and you're blind and hurting already. You don't even have time to think about what caused that light, as you can faintly hear the woman giggling as she most certainly prepares for another attack.

Through the darkness and your clouded vision, you're able to make out a faint set of glowing shapes in front of you--like leaves blowing in the wind.

[ ] ?
File 123069618413.jpg - (97.31KB, 800x600 , 0.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Use your strongest attack. Take her down before she can do you in.
Chiyuri is safely right next to us so ...
[x] Shoot it until it dies.
[x] throw up a shield
[x] Use your strongest attack. Take her down before she can do you in.
[x] Use your strongest attack. Take her down before she can do you in.

Blow the hell out of everything.
[x] Use your strongest attack. Take her down before she can do you in.

Despite your partial blindness, you're able to get a decent picture of the woman's location from the particles of light billowing around her. Though, as it stands, you have little choice in your actions. You could try to run and, possibly trip over yourself or get blown away in some unsightly fashion. Or you could attempt to set up a barrier to block the attack, though judging by the sheer power of that last one, even the strongest of barriers won't hold for long.

They always said that a good offense is the best defense, so why not just launch an all-out attack. It might confuse her, and if you're lucky it'll buy you some time to recover your eyesight.

It's just like before--you tear a bit off of the cape, and as it disintegrates in the palm of your hand, you give the sandy substance a toss in the direction of the light. A quick thought and a moment later, you can see the red glow of a number of cross-shaped objects.

Though, aside from everything else, you're able to see--and hear your own attack as clear as day. Has your eyesight returned? The red light from your attack illuminates ass but the room itself, swallowed by the darkness around you as though it were a black hole. Beside you, Chiyuri looks off into the light, squinting as though she's searching for something.

"What's going on?" You ask, feverishly searching for some sign of your attacker's presence. "Where is she?"

"And here I thought it was just me," Chiyuri glances back at you, her pistol at ready as she twists out from under your arm behind you. From your back, she whispers, "Throw out a few more of those things, will ya?"

"Don't mind if I do!" You yell in response, setting off another chain wave of destruction as the first series of crosses begins to fade. The empty space in front of you quickly turns into a phantasmagoric graveyard. The light from it bathes you and Chiyuri in a deep red hue, yet no sign of the woman's presence emerges.

"Shit!" Chiyuri curses aloud, backing into you with enough force to almost send you falling forward. "I got nothin'!"

"Sa-" You freeze, and your blood runs cold as you feel a pair of hands slowly snaking across your shoulders and neck. Suddenly, you don't feel Chiyuri to your back anymore, and the air becomes thick and hard to breathe.

"Booooring!" The woman's voice echoes across the room, resonating clearer in your left ear as the pair of cold-fingered hands touch your cheeks.

"And here I thought," She continues, her voice ringing in your ear as if she were standing just beside you. You dare not look over. "You'd be more fun to play with." She sighs, pausing only long enough for you to feel her breath against the back of your neck. "Oh well.. I suppose I'll just kill you and take back what's mine."

Her words ring sharply in your ears, like a knife being slowly pushed through your skull. The short fight with Chiyuri, that blindingly powerful attack you'd just barely managed to dodge--and she was just playing with you? Despite the overwhelming terror you feel, you find yourself growing angry. Well, maybe anger isn't quite the right word for it, but one thing is clear.

You want to fight this woman. You want to see what she's capable of when she gets serious. This isn't the first time your life has been at risk. Maybe you'll figure something out this time. Coming face-to-face with a being of such unimaginable magical power like this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you don't defeat her here, then what? Not only is your life at stake, but what of your research? You've put it off for far too long, and now is the perfect occasion to make up for lost time!

"Chiyuri," You force yourself to speak, ignoring the woman's hands on your face and breath on your neck, "Are you still there?"

"Yeah, b-but.." She seems completely spooked, probably more so than yourself.

"Chiyuri," You call out her name once more, hoping to fully draw her attention back to you, "Stand back."

You hear a quiet footstep echo into the room, the extra distance that one small step provides should be enough to..

[ ] Grab the woman's hand, throw her over your shoulder.
[ ] Turn the cape into knives, try to stab the woman.
[ ] Use your pistol, try to shoot the woman.
[ ] (Insert cape method of use here)
[x] Turn your cape into spikes and impale the woman from afar.
[x] Use your pistol, try to shoot the woman.

The is the pistol that blew a hole clean through the forest when we tested it out last.
[x] Use your pistol, try to shoot the woman.

[x] Turn your cape into spikes and impale the woman from afar.

i'm pretty sure the cape did more damage to the forest than the pistol.

It did more damage because that was CROSS BEAMSPAM LOL

The pistol's probably going to do more damage than spikes.
[x] Use your pistol, try to shoot the woman.

[x] Turn your cape into spikes and impale the woman, pushing her away to a safer distance.
[x] Then, use your pistol, try to shoot the woman while she is impaled and hopefully immobilized.
You hardly take the time to think of your next action. While she has her guard down, you should give her your best shot. You grab for the pistol under your belt, and aim it relative to the placement of her hand. If her hand is here, then her head should be..

The weapon kicks slightly in your hand, almost noiselessly, and a flash of blue appears in the corner of your eye. The hand drops from your face, and you step away and turn around. Did you hit her? You don't hear so much as a yelp come from the woman, and as your eyes settle on where she should be, you see...

Her hands. Just her hands--her body from the wrists back is completely hidden by the darkness, as if it wasn't really there to begin with. At least, you seem to have surprised her enough to force her to release you, and left at least part of her vulnerable and open to attack.

You fire the pistol again, this time for the pair of hands suspended in mid-air. A beam of blue-white light fires from the weapon, and grazes just past your target. Damn, you missed! You correct your aim, and take another shot.

It hits, and the woman's disembodied voice screams in pain.

At least, now you know you can hurt her. Despite all that assaultive power, she's not invincible. The hand fades away into the blackness, the charred flesh around the hole you put in her hand remains visible, instead crumbling away and falling to the ground rather than disappearing with the rest of her. It breaks apart with the impact as it flutters to the floor, flaking apart like charred wood to leave a small grey beacon on the all-black background.

"Enough fooling around!" You yell, gripping your pistol tightly in hand. "Come out here and fight!"

Your eyes circle the room, searching as you wait for any sign of the woman's presence. A fleck of red on black, a bit of green hair--anything that gives you an idea of where she is. Shooting blindly into the darkness is not an option, and the chances of you hitting anything that isn't friendly by doing so are dismally low.

You feel something behind you. Did you back into a wall, you wonder? But then, why does your face hurt? Did something hit you? You could swear you're seeing spots right now, but it could just be a trick of the eyes.

Ah, there she is! It's that woman, smiling, laughing as she stands... Over you? Then you're--

It takes you a second to put two and two together, but the realization hits you like a ton of bricks. She hit you, that woman! That would explain the pain in your cheek, and why you're laying on the ground right now. But--

Good, you didn't drop your pistol. That firm grip you had on it must've saved you there, otherwise you may have dropped it. Funny, she doesn't seem to recognize it as a weapon..

"My," The woman's smile widens, her eyes gazing down at you with a deadly sort of glee you could only find in the most twisted of killers. "Where are my manners?"

She takes a step forward, her red eyes gleaming with intent as she kneels down over you. Her knee presses into your ribs, making it difficult to breathe. The vision in your left eye goes red as blood flows down your face, and you force it shut as the pain hits you.

"I do so enjoy playing with my food," She says softly, leaning forward with a grin.

[ ] ?
>"I do so enjoy playing with my food,"

[x] "Didn't your mom ever tell you..."
[x] Turn your cape into spikes and impale her into immobility.
[x] Press the barrel of the pistol under her neck.
[x] "Not to play with lasers?"
[x] Blow her head off.

Changing that vote a little because, fuck, Yuka practically set that up.
[x] "Didn't your mom ever tell you..."
[x] Turn your cape into spikes and impale her into immobility.
[x] Press the barrel of the pistol under her neck.
[x] "Not to play with lasers?"
[x] Blow her head off.
[x] "Didn't your mom ever tell you..."
[x] Turn your cape into spikes and impale her into immobility.
[x] Press the barrel of the pistol under her neck.
[x] "Not to play with lasers?"
[x] Blow her head off.
[x] "Didn't your mom ever tell you..."
[x] Turn your cape into spikes and impale her into immobility.
[x] Press the barrel of the pistol under her neck.
[x] "Not to play with lasers?"
[x] Blow her head off.
[x] "Didn't your mom ever tell you..."
[x] Turn your cape into spikes and impale her into immobility.
[x] Press the barrel of the pistol under her neck.
[x] "Not to play with lasers?"
[x] Blow her head off.

Changing vote, because this is the superior epithet.
Though you hadn't planned it, her positioning couldn't be any more perfect--couldn't be any more open. She thinks she's won, but you'll show her that she's so far from it!

Despite being dazed from that last blow, it seems you're still in full control of yourself. Your grip tightens around the pistol grip, the rough sandpaper-like texture digging into the heel of your palm. Your arm bends at the elbow, raising your weapon just high enough so that the shot fired won't accidentally hit your own leg.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you," You speak, your voice rough as weakened as you force a smile to your face. The woman stares back at you, still smiling though you're now certain you detect a hint of confusion in her gaze. Her knee presses down on your chest, painfully forcing the last bit of air from your lungs and preventing you from finishing your words.

You have her distracted, and there couldn't possibly be a better time to launch an attack. Your thoughts are forced from the pain in your ribs and face, and away from the rabid woman staring smiling above you. You concentrate on your cape--and with it you formulate a way to immobilize or, if possible, kill this woman. It takes every last ounce of your remaining concentration to control the mechanism, and as you run through the thought pattern to activate the device, you settle on spikes. A wall of spikes, razor sharp, with enough of them to surround you and the woman entirely.

Bright red protrusions--more like blades than spikes--shoot forth to skewer the woman where she stands. Luckily, a few manage to hit their target. One runs clean through her shoulder, and another through her bent leg at the knee.

She reels back, surprised, but you don't allow her the time to feel the oncoming pain. Just as soon as blood begins to flow from her wounds, a shot from your pistol snuffs out her life--the laser leaving a small, burned-out hole through her head right under her right eye.

The momentum from the shot, combined with the forces of gravity send her body toppling backwards. Though, the spikes through her shoulder and leg hold her upright, leaving her staring to the sky as what little life is left in her body fades away before you.

Her body fades away too, seemingly turning to something like ash and disintegrating all at once and falling to the floor like a pillar of sand. The substance runs through your fingers, disappearing altogether as it melds with the now fading blackness.

"Heh," You smile, now able to clearly see bits of the room through the haze of darkness. You take a deep breath, filling your previously flattened lungs with that familiar smell of recirculated and conditioned air from your ship.

Soon, everything seems to have returned to normal. Ruukoto stands in the doorway, looking incredibly confused, the girl in the bed is still sleeping like a baby, and Chiyuri is laying unconscious on the--

"Chiyuri!" You scramble over to her, ignoring the pain coursing through your own body as you scoop her up in your arms. "Chiyuri, wake up!"

"Ugh, shut it, will ya?" She whines, stretching her arms out as if she were just asleep this whole time.

Wait, asleep?

"What the hell was that, just now?" She asks, rubbing her eye or her head, you can't tell. "Ugh, shit!"

You allow her room to sit up on her own, letting your arms drop to the floor to instead assist you at getting up off of your knees. Even the act of standing on you own two feet seems painful at this point. Maybe, considering it as the most probably likelihood, you've aggravated the wound across your chest.

"Mah head, it's spinnin'.." Chiyuri wails, holding her head with both hands as she moves her upper body around in small circles. "Ey, Yumi, what the hell was that woman?"

"Your guess is as good as mine." You try to shrug, but an intense pain forces you to give up the gesture. You have absolutely no clue how best to answer that question, though one thing's for certain.

"I think," You say aloud, watching the girl in the bed from the corner of your eye. Most of your attention remains directed towards Chiyuri, or the pain in your chest and head. "She was after this girl."

"No shit, Sherlock." Chiyuri replies, suddenly with a hint of aggravation to her tone. "She went after the kid, and then she tried to kill us? Seriously, if you ask me? Bitch's crazy."

"Why, that's not true at all!" Says a voice you thought you'd never hear again. The sound resonated from above, and as you turn your head towards the sound, you wonder if you've gone mad.

It's the woman--alive--and with not even so much as a scratch on her! She's.. Walking on the ceiling?!

[ ] Shoot her again.
[ ] Let her speak.
File 123103893940.jpg - (41.82KB, 199x183 , what.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Let her speak.

What the fuck.
[x] Let her speak.

[x] "Says the woman standing on my ceiling?"
[x] Let her speak, but level the gun at her and be prepared to fire if she in any way displeases you.
>>[] Let her speak then shoot her again.
>>[] Shoot her again then let her speak.
... nah. We're not that bad.

[x] Level the gun at her, then let her speak.
Your hand moves to your weapon, but you don't draw it. For some reason--maybe it's just in your head, but it seems like she doesn't mean you any harm, this time. You can't seem to see past that smiling façade plastered on her face, but maybe--it could be something in the way she moves. Whatever it is, it's keeping you from shooting her dead a second time.

"Very well done, I should say." She giggles, clapping her hands together as she takes an improbable step forward. The sudden sound causes you to flinch involuntarily, and before you know it, she's standing right in front of you. On the floor, thankfully. You don't know if your sanity could take another blow like the one received only moments ago.

"I bet you're wondering," The woman says with a smile, leaning towards you just the slightest bit as she holds her right index finger just under her eye on the same side. "Why am I still alive, correct?"

You nod, silently, your hand squeezing your pistol so hard you're afraid you might break it. This woman, she's..


"It's quite simple, I can assure you." She takes a step to your left, and another one back to your right. She continues this motion until you realize that she's just pacing back and forth. "Well, I could waste a perfectly good explanation on a bunch of strange outsiders if I wanted, so let's just cough it up to magic, shall we?"

"Fair enough." You answer, nearly stumbling over your own words in your fearful and frozen state. "So why shouldn't I just kill you again?"

"Because.." She pauses, the smile dropping from her expression the instant you say the word 'kill'. Something in her eye causes you to draw your weapon out, only this time she seems to recognize it for what it is. "Oh, my!"

"Jus' drop 'er already!" Chiyuri yells from the sidelines, still holding her head with one hand as the other draws out her own pistol.

"Such hostility!" The woman exclaims with feigned surprise. The response makes you feel as if she's simply being sarcastic, like she'd expected this from you. "Well, I suppose you could try, but.."

Again, her expression changes. In it, you see nothing. Nothing, that is, but a monster. A monster that could easily rip you into pieces and drain your entire body of blood in seconds, all without so much as batting an eyelash. The impact of her stone cold gaze makes you cringe in fear.

"I wouldn't recommend it." She continues after a brief pause, suddenly standing straight up and smiling normally again. "I'm not going to cause trouble, honest!"

"Wha--" You yelp, silencing yourself the moment you hear your voice creaking. You clear your throat--and hopefully your mind--and try again. "Why are you here?"

"I'm just bored, I guess." She scratches the side of her head, turning away to face the girl lying still on the bed. The woman takes a step over, the one stride enough to cross the distance from you to the bed, and she simply taps the girl on the cheek.

"Mmnnnn.." The girl groans, shrinking away under the covers as if the reaction were instinctive.

"Mmnnnn~" The woman repeats the sound, going so far as to match the length and tone in her own, womanly voice.

"This some sort of game?" Chiyuri tugs on your shoulder, her weapon still ready in her other hand. "What's she doing?"

[ ] Tell Chiyuri to put the gun down.
[ ] Ask the woman not to bother the girl.
[ ] Wait, see what happens.
[ ] Shoot the woman while her back is turned.
[x] Wait, see what happens.
[X] Ask the woman not to bother the girl.
[x] Wait, see what happens.
Little late there, champ.

[x] Ask the woman not to bother the girl.

Hmm hmm...
[x] Ask the woman not to bother the girl.
[x] Tell her if she's really that bored, you have someone else she might like to meet.

Yuka seems to be interested in the girl for her power, so we might be able to trade one powerful being for another. Not saying it'll necessarily come to that, but if we're really thrown against the ropes, I'd rather we take care of the one that didn't try to kill us.
[Let's] Ask the woman not to bother the girl.
I don't know if it'll be that easy to deter Yuka but, this is the best I can come up with at the moment.
"She's..." You pause, watching the woman hovering over the poor girl. This woman is.. Her actions seem unfathomable to you. She makes a valiant effort to try to kill you, scares the living shit out of everybody on board, and then seems to act as if it was all a joke. Your chest still hurts from where she had her knee pressing down on you. You feel like you should be angry, but watching her trying to wake up the girl seems to be more pressing.

"Hey, you," You step forward, grabbing the woman by the shoulder and pulling her around. She gives you a strange look, though it's not one of anger like you probably should have expected. "Don't mess with the kid, alright?"

"I don't know who the hell you are," You say, ignoring the woman's attempts to reply, "or where in God's name you came from, but as long as your aboard my ship, you'll follow my rules."

Again, you pause, watching as the woman pulls away from you. Silently, she turns away, again facing the bed at her feet. Thankfully, the girl is still asleep, so anything and everything you've just said hasn't been for naught. Though, pulling your attention away from the thoughts racing through your mind, you notice the woman hasn't said a word since you finished speaking.

"Got it?" You add, putting emphasis to the words. At least, it's enough to warrant a response from the woman.

She sighs, heavily and aggravated, "Fine, fine." She again faces you, looking over her shoulder just long enough for those red eyes of hers to meet yours. Another sigh, and, "You're no fun at all!"

Well, had you not just nearly been killed, you might have something more to be happy about. When you think back on it, and though it happened just moments ago, it almost seems to you as if it wasn't really you in that dark room with her. Your nerves really must've taken a harder blow than you'd expected, and it's already..

Past midnight? Maybe your watch is off. Maybe something in that room messed with the inner workings of the device. Clearly, something isn't right, and though you have the feeling it's just your watch, you..

[ ] Go outside and check.
[ ] Stay inside and talk.
[x] Stay inside and talk.
[x] But have Chiyuri check for you.
[ ] Stay inside and talk.
[x] Stay inside and talk.

So going into that alternate dimension thingy for combat caused a timeskip? Unless we jumped a few years into the future, that shouldn't be a big deal...
[ ] Stay inside and talk.

or maybe we were all just having a realistic dream experience. that would explain why Chiyuri was sleeping.
So I bought myself a new computer. Hence the delays as of late. I'll be back to writing as soon as I've situated myself with the new operating system. Likely, this will be no more than a few more days.
new operating system = vista?

Yep. My last computer was a Mac too, so yeah. Makes it even more difficult, despite my experience with XP. I'll probably be back on top of things by Monday, so it's probably safe to expect something by then.
Well, you shouldn't do anything rash. The time is a trivial matter, compared to what's in front of you. Although she's stopped bothering the kid, the fact that this woman is still here is distressing. You really want her to just leave, but she's already acting like she plans on staying, and you haven't the means to simply force her out.

And it's not like saying 'Hey, you, get out!' is going to make things go any more smoothly. This sort of situation requires tact, and this woman doesn't seem to respond like a normal human would. Well, clearly she isn't human, but..

"Ey, you got that look again." Chiyuri tugs on your sleeve, forcing your attention away from the situation at hand. You'd be glad she did it any other time, but you have to think of something.

To hopefully put her a little more at easy, you give Chiyuri a pat on the head. She forces her eyes shut at first, wincing as if expecting you to hit her instead. You don't, of course, and her reaction to your touching her is little more than a strange look.

"You're not ignoring me, I hope." She says with a groan, looking up at you with a half-open eye while you simply smile and keep rubbing the top of her head.

"You worry too much," You reply, though you're sure that you're the one doing all the worrying. The irony is, of course, lost on Chiyuri, and you eventually turn your attention back towards the woman leaning idly against a wall in a corner of the far side of the room.

Though she doesn't seem to be bothering anybody at the moment, you should probably say something. You think and dwell on what to say, but nothing comes to mind. Well, so much for-

"I've been thinking," The woman says, directing her words at nobody in particular while holding up a hand and staring at her nails. "You look familiar."

"Who does?" You ask, wasting no time in your response. You're kind of glad she said something, since it means you're not going to have to initiate the conversation with some awkwardly worded question or something.

"You do." She answers, turning her head and staring at you with red-colored eyes. She pushes her body away from the wall, her movements carrying with them the great and sluggish weight of her reluctance to leave the wall.

Her eyes hardly once turn from yours as she slowly crosses the room. Each step taken just as painfully slow as the first. She pauses in the center of the room, staring at the ceiling for a second before continuing on with the final few steps over to you.

"I can't quite put my finger on it," She mutters with a smile, "Though, for some reason," the smile fades as she pauses, "It pisses me off."

[ ] ?
File 123180269639.jpg - (178.41KB, 1000x738 , Shinki.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] "Let me guess. Is it the dress?"
[x] "Or is it the attitude?"

Like the mother complex.
[x] "Let me guess. Is it the dress?"
[x] "Or is it the attitude?"
[x] "Let me guess. Is it the dress?" Give it a twirl.
[x] "Or..." get right up in her face and replace her lost smile with one of your own. "Is it the attitude~?"

I'm motherfucking Yumemi "Cross-Spam" Okazaki, Department Chair of Comparative Physics, and Captain of this Hyperspace Probability Vessel! I refuse to be intimidated by this barbaric earth monster.
[X] "Let me guess. Is it the dress?"
[X] "Or is it the attitude?"
[X] "Let me guess. Is it the dress?"
[X] "Or is it the attitude?"

Seems an interesting way to do things.
"Huh." You shrug. Her meaning is unclear, particularly on exactly what it is that's bothering her. Though, hardly being on friendly terms with the woman, you have difficulty taking it to heart. She's just trying to get your goad.

"Lemme guess," You add with a moment of pause, the short bit of time allowing you enough time to come up with some manner of comeback. "Is it something about my dress?"

The woman stays silent, staring at you in bewilderment as you continue your probing in what is clearly the wrong direction. "Maybe it's my hair?" You ask, giving the hair on your own head a quick tousle, "I must admit that short really isn't my style, but.."

"You're annoying." The woman states plainly, her arms crossed as she glares at you from the middle of the room. Well, that clearly didn't help the situation at all. But, at least you're feeling a bit better. To be completely honest with yourself, seeing her angry has you feeling more at-ease than that cheerful facade she had up a moment ago.

"Am I?" You ask, responding to the woman's impromptu declaration of war as directly as possible. Well, almost as directly as possible. A momentary urge directs your attention to Chiyuri, and the question goes along with it, "Is it true, Chiyuri?"

Well, who better to ask than the person closest to you? Your condescending tone seems to strike the woman directly, causing her to recoil slightly and grit her teeth in restrained anger. Chiyuri, of course, hasn't been paying the slightest bit of attention during the exchange.

"Huh? Oh," She turns her head slightly, acknowledging you out of the corner of her eye as she fumbles with something in her hands. "Yeah, you're a real bother," She says, sarcastically and with a slight grin, thereafter adding somewhat absent-mindedly, "But a rude-ass bitch like you would be lost without somebody like me, so yeah. Whatever floats your boat, boss."

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that." You reply. Judging by the sound of her voice, that last bit about a 'rude-ass bitch' or whatever was her honest opinion. But that's something you'll have to set her straight on later. For now..

[ ] Ignore the woman, deal with Chiyuri now.
[ ] Tell the woman to leave.
[ ] Offer the woman a room.
[ ] ?
[ ] Ignore the woman, deal with Chiyuri now.
[ ] Offer the woman a room.

Obviously, Yuka isn't going to leave and telling her to GTFO with just lead to another fight. Hopefully, if she becomes a guest, she'll calm the fuck down.
[x] Offer the woman a room.
[x] Offer the woman a "room".

One of the observation cells, we have at least two empty ones. We can tell her that it's got a "nice view".
[ ] Offer the woman a room.

It'll probably annoy or confuse. Either's fine.
Well, it's probably better if you gave yourself some time to think. The sudden appearance of these two mysterious strangers was a curve ball you didn't expect, and Chiyuri's snide little comments aren't helping. Maybe you should be thankful the little one's still asleep.

But of course, as it always has to be, just looking at her sleeping comfortably--mostly comfortably in that bed makes you wish it was you in her place. Minus the nosy green-haired monster of a woman poking you in the face, of course.

"Will you knock that off?!" You say forcefully, intending for your words to be taken not so much as a question but as a demand. It'll be the end of her if that girl wakes up, by your hand if necessary.

"Fine, fine.." The woman shrugs, crossing her arms as she spins on her heels to face you. And if looks could kill, you'd probably be a bloody mess by now. She clearly isn't happy with you bossing her around, though her actions are more that of a spoiled child than what you'd expect from a grown woman. "So, now what?" She asks, cocking her head in some God-awful tough-guy routine, "Round two?"

"How about 'no'," You reply swiftly, hoping maybe to throw her for a loop with a little quick thinking. For starters, what would she expect? You're angry, sure. And she knows it. She'll probably be expecting you to try and force her out, at which point she'll start off 'round two' regardless. She'll have to leave on her own accord, else she probably won't leave at all. And come to think of it..

"Instead," You add, pausing only slightly to take a deep breath, exhale, and scratch your head, "Instead, why don't you use one of our rooms?"

"Hmm?" She scowls--a small note of confusion, but plenty more than you were expecting. "A trap? You're going to try and kill me in my sleep, is that it?"

"That's a little too underhanded, even for me." You shake your head, burying your face in the palm of your hand. Is she an idiot, or is she still just trying to goad you into a fight? "If it'll get you you of my hair for a while, I'll let you have any room in the ship."

"Then..." The woman grins--a sign of malicious intent, or something more in jest. "I want--"

"Any room," You interrupt, pausing for a moment to verify that your rude gesture is indeed valid. "but this one."

"You're no fun!" She retorts, strikingly playfully for someone who'd been out to kill you only moments ago. You don't understand this woman. You don't understand her one bit, and you probably never will. She smiles with a childish glee, pointing towards the wall nearest to the occupied bed. "Then... I want the one next to this one!"

You sigh, exasperated though you should've expected as much. "Fine, but don't cause any trouble. It doesn't need a key, just," You wave your arm, a gesture of 'get out!' You give up on the rest of your sentence, having forgotten what you wanted to say.

You head over to Ruukoto, standing silently next to the door as she has been for much of the recent events. You lay your hands on her shoulders, holding on to her for support as you look her in the eye. In truth, she is your support. Your only support, and most likely your first line of defense for what you have in mind.

"Keep an eye on these two for me." You direct her to the woman and child, "Don't let the woman cause trouble, and alert me if the girl wakes up. Don't," You pause, giving the two of them a look, "And I mean, don't, under any circumstances, allow that green-headed bitch near the kid, got it?"

"Understood," She replies, her cheerful voice hollow and robotic at this close range. "Ma'am, will the use of force be permissible?"

"No," You reply, watching as the woman, arms behind her back and stepping lively, walks out into the hall without even a passing glance. The door hisses shut behind her, and you continue, "If anything happens, let me know. She's free to leave the room, just keep an eye on her and call me if she starts causing problems."

You stop to think. With somebody so untrustworthy aboard, it'll probably be a good idea to lock down the lower levels and any access to the command decks. You should probably lock this door once you've left as well. Leave only the living quarters open if she decides to go exploring.

[ ] Take Chiyuri with you.
[ ] Leave Chiyuri behind.

If Leave Chiyuri:

[ ] Tell her to take care of the bridge.
[ ] Tell her to lock down the elevator.
[ ] Tell her nothing.
[x] Tell Chiyuri to occupy your 'guest' by giving her a full tour of the ship, but only giving gloss descriptions of any of the critical equipment. If she asks any dangerous questions, claim ignorance and tell her to ask you about it.
[x] Go see the monster in the holding tank; see if she's interested to know she has a potential visitor.
[x] Don't lock off the sectors. She has no idea how to operate any of the equipment and probably wouldn't be interested in it anyway. Locking doors would probably only serve to make her want to break them down.
[x] Tell Chiyuri to occupy your 'guest' by giving her a full tour of the ship, but only giving gloss descriptions of any of the critical equipment. If she asks any dangerous questions, claim ignorance and tell her to ask you about it.
[x] Go see the monster in the holding tank; see if she's interested to know she has a potential visitor.
[x] Don't lock off the sectors. She has no idea how to operate any of the equipment and probably wouldn't be interested in it anyway. Locking doors would probably only serve to make her want to break them down.

[x] Tell Chiyuri to occupy your 'guest' by giving her a full tour of the ship, but only giving gloss descriptions of any of the critical equipment. If she asks any dangerous questions, claim ignorance and tell her to ask you about it.
[x] Go see the monster in the holding tank; see if she's interested to know she has a potential visitor.
[x] Don't lock off the sectors. She has no idea how to operate any of the equipment and probably wouldn't be interested in it anyway. Locking doors would probably only serve to make her want to break them down.

This sure is slow
Or, rather, why not sate her curiosity before anything happens. If you--or more likely--Chiyuri shows her around the ship, maybe she won't be so keen on exploring. It's a gamble, sure, but it's gotta work.

"Hey, Chiyuri," You grumble, trying not to concentrate so hard on the strange stare she's been giving you for the past minute or two. You've got her attention, or at least it seems that way. Her eyes seem to have become more astute after hearing her name called. "Go give out guest a tour of the ship, will you?"

"Huh?!" She furrows her brow, sending another odd look in your direction as she rises to her feet. "Have you lost yer fuckin' mind?!"

"Maybe." You reply with a smile. It's cheap and insincere, but it gets the job done. "Just do it, will you?" You allow yourself a brief pause, giving you a little more time to think, and at the same time allowing Chiyuri to fume in anger and confusion for a moment longer. If anything, she's probably only worried about your motives for the unusual request, and maybe a little insight might help to calm her.

"I have an idea," You say slowly, providing yourself time to choose your words carefully. One misstep and she'll probably just walk out, lock herself in her room and refuse to talk to you. It wouldn't be the first time.. Regardless, you continue, "It's probably not a very good idea-"

"Damn right it isn't!" She yells, interrupting you only to go silent again once she sees you pointing to the girl in the bed. A moment later, she speaks up again, her voice volume lower, but her words hardly less forceful. "What the hell are you thinking?! You can't just let some random stranger go waltzing into the ship like that! What if she breaks something? We'll be stranded here!" She sighs, rubbing her brow between her thumb and forefinger before shaking her head. "Nuh-uh, no way. I ain't doin' it and yer not gonna make me do it."

"Just hear me out, then, will you?" You answer, pleading with her in an incredibly un-boss-like way. Though it's times like these you want her to simply obey you, you should know better than to expect it. Her relationship with you has become.. personal in the last few days. Maybe you should've seen it coming--this argument, her attitude towards you and the whole thing.

"I was thinking-"

"No, you weren't." Again, she cuts you off. Her arms cross, and you can plainly see her entire stance become more aggressive. Is she really planning on fighting you through this the entire way? "You didn't think this through at all, as always. It's just another one of your hare-brained schemes. I can tell ya right now, it's gonna fail. They. Always. Fail. And when it does, you're just gonna say it's my fault!"

"I will not-"

"You will too!" She hisses, her eyes telling you that she's not simply going to back down from this one.

[ ] "Whatever, just do it."
[ ] "Now's not the time for this!"
[ ] "Then let's see you come up with something!"
[ ] Walk away, do it yourself.
>She hisses, her eyes telling you that she's not simply going to back down from this one.

huffy chiyuri is huffy

[x] "Fine, be that way."
[x] Walk away, do it yourself.
[ ] "Then let's see you come up with something!"
[x] "Fine, be that way."
[x] Walk away, do it yourself.
File 123258438655.jpg - (164.23KB, 633x600 , whateverjustdoit.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] "Whatever, just do it."
[x] "Fine, be that way."
[x] Walk away, do it yourself.
Oh, hey, somebody got the reference.
[x] "She's gonna kill us if we screw up."
"Fine, whatever." You sigh, "If that's what's bothering you, then I'll do it myself.."

If you want something done right... Right? Sitting around arguing with this brat isn't getting you anywhere. Take action--what's needed right now isn't another argument. You need to solve the issue somehow, and get that woman off your ship!

Though, as you make for the door, you're again impeded by Chiyuri. Honestly, this kid's relentless, and the way she silently glares at you just pisses you off.

"Move." You demand, though you know better than to expect she'll just give up with a word. Words won't move mountains like the one before you.

"No way." She answers as expected, but expecting it and hearing her say it are completely different. And whatever infinitesimally small glimmer of hope you had that she'd listen and get out of the way has just been shot down in a ball of fire.

"You don't get it at all, do you?" She continues unexpectedly, her eyes locked firmly onto your own. Wordlessly, you beg her pardon. It frustrates you to no end, but for some reason you still want to hear what she has to say. You could easily circle around her, or even push her down if you wanted. Physically, she's incapable of stopping you. But despite the urge to press on, you wait.

"That woman's bad news." She says, still barring your passage out of the room. "There's something.. wrong with her. I don't know what it is, but I sure as hell don't plan on finding out."

"And why should I--"

"You're not going anywhere, either." She states plainly, though her tone seems awfully authoritative for a one-hundred and thirty-something centimeter tall brat with pigtails. She's given you a number of reasons in the past minute and a half--all of which should be enough to convince you to listen to her. Trouble is, you don't know which one she honestly worries about the most.

"I shouldn't have to tell you all of this, should I?" She continues, her voice suddenly starting to sound a lot less angry and a lot more worried. "You can feel it, can't you? That woman is--"

"She's just another woman, Chiyuri." You reply, hopefully you're able enough to use logic to snap her out of this. "Granted, she's an oddball and is clearly looking for a fight, but if you're going to ask me if I feel something, I don't. Anyways--"

And that's as far as you get. A shadow--maybe a surge in the lighting system catches your eye. You look up to the ceiling lights, though nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. You turn back to Chiyuri, trying to remember what it was you were going to say just now. But..

Behind her, looming just through the doorway, it's--

That thing--that beast in the lab!

[ ] Fight
[ ] Science
[ ] Run
[ ] Parry
[X] Science

She blinded me with it.
File 123277333731.jpg - (14.69KB, 290x416 , 1350713.jpg) [iqdb]

[x] Science.
[x] Science

What does this button do?

Update GiG.
[X] Science
[x] Science

Only possible choice.
[x] Push Chiyuri out of the way.

Chiyuri, you're not going to get far here if you can't get over the fact that everyone and their mother in Gensokyo is capable of obliterating you in an instant.
[x] Science

"Chiyuri! Get ou-" You yell frantically, cutting yourself short in your own disbelief. Surely, you saw it. As clear as day, you saw that amorphous black shape in front of you. But.. It's gone!

Your first thought is to wonder if you've lost your mind. Your second is, of course, to use the nearest comms hub to check the cameras in the lab. The woman is still there, sitting staring listlessly off into space in the tank where you last saw her. She's still there, so that must mean..

Oh God, you've gone crazy! This isn't good--you'd almost blown it away! And with Chiyuri standing right in front of it! You could've killed her! Chiyuri, that is.

First you see strange apparitions in the drive core, then it's voices in your head, and now this? Calm down. You need to calm down! You can't be having a nervous breakdown in the middle of the hallway! You need to get back in that room, grab Chiyuri, and just.. Leave!

That's right, you should get some rest. Maybe it's fatigue playing tricks on your mind. Yes, that has to be it! What else could it be? You're not crazy after all! You're just tired!

As you step back inside the room, Chiyuri gets this nervous look when she sees you, saying, "Ey, you alright? You look like you've just seen a ghost!"

"I must be losing my mind.." You reply, shaking your head and running your hands through your hair, trying desperately to keep a hold on reality. Though, the more recent events are trying just as hard to pull you away. "I just need to-"

"So, you've finally arrived,"

"Wha-?" You shudder when you hear the words. That certainly isn't Chiyuri's voice, nor is it belonging to that green-haired woman you shooed out of the room a few minutes ago, though it seems oddly familiar. "Who's there?!"

You spin around to face the door, frantically looking around the room for the source of the strange voice. Your eyes find nothing, and for the moment, you hear nothing.

"I knew you would come," The voice continues, though it's words seem hardly connected with the current situation. Everything seems to happen all at once, and from the doorway appears a woman of short stature, dressed from head to toe in deep red flowing robes.

"Who the hell are you?!" You say to the woman, turning back for a moment to see Chiyuri's reaction to it all. "Are you seeing this?"

"What?" She responds anxiously, with a strong note of confusion. "Are you alright? Who're you-"

"I wonder?" The woman continues, the sound of her voice overpowering that of Chiyuri's. Her words echo throughout the halls convincingly enough that, were it not for Chiyuri's reaction, you would most surely believe that she were actually standing here speaking to you. "So, what is your goal?"

[ ] Answer the woman. Maybe this is important.
[ ] Ignore the woman. She's not here, you're seeing things.
[ ] Answer the woman. Maybe this is important.
File 12330239867.jpg - (92.58KB, 1022x580 , SE35.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Answer the woman. Maybe this is important.

Who cares if we're seeing things? This is pretty awesome.
[x] Answer the woman. Maybe this is important.

Sup Shinki. I have your kid.
[x] Answer the woman. Maybe this is important.

Shinki if you give me any shit, I'm giving your kid to Yuka.
[x] Answer the woman. Maybe this is important.
Well, know you know you've lost it. For all intents and purposes, this woman isn't actually even here. She's just a vision--an apparition, maybe--that only you can see.

"This is crazy.." You mutter to yourself, staring the white-haired woman squarely in the face. Her eyes stare off into the space behind you, either refusing to acknowledge you or unable to, you frankly don't care.

"But, perhaps you've gotten a little out of hand," The woman says with a hint of aggravation, though the smile on her face masks her true feelings and intent.

Though, her words seem a little off.. Disjointed, even. And hardly related to the current situation. It's like you're watching a pre-recorded message. She neither acknowledges nor responds to your words, instead continuing on speaking to another party that is clearly not present at this time.

To be absolutely sure, you do a couple of quick, on-the-spot checks. She doesn't seem to notice it when you wave a hand in front of her face, and you meet no resistance when you try to slap her. Your hand just passes through her as though she were nothing more than a mere hologram.

"Huh," You shrug, and decide to sit back and watch the show. It seems to be the most... sane course of action, though the situation is something a truly sane person should never encounter.

But you turn your head away for a brief second to find a seat, and when you turn back, the image is gone. And rather than feel distraught and upset about it, you breathe a sigh of relief. Your brief moment of insanity has passed--you think--and the real world steps back in at full force, with Chiyuri pulling on your arm.

"What," You groan, turning to look the worried girl in the eye, "What is it?"

"Oh, good," She replies, letting go of your arm and looking slightly more relieved than before you decided to open your mouth. "You're back to normal. Had me worried there.."

She pauses, her eyes narrowing as that uneasy expression returns to her face. "You... are okay, right?"

"Well, beyond seeing things that aren't there and that feeling that I'm losing my goddamn mind, yeah. I'm fine."

At least, the fact that you were able to find a seat seem to detract from your feelings of fatigue, though only slightly. A warm bed and a good night's rest would be far better, but for now, the chair will do fine. The only bed in the room is occupied, after all, and you wonder if it'd be possible for you to make it to your own room without falling asleep in the halls in your condition.

"It's just one thing after another..."

"You say something?" Chiyuri asks, hurriedly returning to your side. It seems that, in the last few moments, she'd managed to work her way to the other side of the room without your noticing.

"No, it's nothing," you sigh, "Just.. Talking to myself.."

"Well, as long as you don't start a full conversation.." She lays a hand gently on your shoulder, and a moment later, her other hand finds it's way to your other shoulder. "C'mon, you look like shit. Forget about all this for now 'n go get some sleep."

[ ] She's right, you should go back to your room.
[ ] One of the rooms across the hall should do fine.
[ ] You still have things to do.
[x] One of the rooms across the hall should do fine.

Someone's leaking memories. Staying close could prove useful~
[ ] One of the rooms across the hall should do fine.
[x] One of the rooms across the hall should do fine.
[ ] You still have things to do.

What about Yuka? Shit, give her a copy of Half Life 2 in order to pacify her and put chastity belts on Chiyuri and Alice so she can't rape them while we're sleeping.

No mere chastity belt could stop Yuuka.

What if it was made of Nintendium?
Yuka runs on part Nonsensoleum, part Clap Your Hands If You Believe. The Nintendium doesn't stand a chance for once.
"No arguments there," You say, finding your own voice sounding strikingly weaker than before.

Rather than take the long walk back to your room, you decide to take over one of the rooms across the hall. It's not like anybody's using them, and the close proximity to your.. guests.. makes it all the better. If something goes wrong, you'll have the ability to react much quicker than were you to choose sleeping on the other side of the ship.

Though, it seems odd that Chiyuri chooses to follow you the entire way over. Sure, the walk is short, and she's notably worried, but wouldn't it be normal for her to leave once you've situated yourself. Wait, she isn't planning on-

The realization hits you only after you've started undressing. She's not going to leave. Chiyuri plans to stay with you the entire night, and though it's probably only out of worry, after what happened earlier the whole situation seems.. awkward.

"You're not.. Planning on staying, are you?" You ask, knowing the answer but finding that posing the question puts you a little more at ease.

"Yeah, why?"

"Uhh.." You hadn't planned on her coming back with a question of her own, nor does the look she gives you serve to lessen your anxiety. And any and all responses you can come up with only sound like excuses to get her out of here--and away from you. The last thing you want is for your only ally in this to be angry at you because she thinks you hate her.

"Never mind." You sigh, setting yourself down on the bed that's been tucked neatly away into a corner of the room. It's hardly large enough to comfortably fit one person, let alone the both of you. To make matters worse, it's the only one in the room! And Chiyuri's already taking her clothes off!

You silently curse your decision to sleep here. You should've seen this coming, and you should've found a room with a bigger bed. Well, if worst comes to worst, you should start preparing for when you wake up with a stiff neck. At least you can trust that Chiyuri won't try anything funny when she knows you're exhausted.

The bedsheets are cold and thin, and entirely different than what you're accustomed to. The overall amenities in the room are sparse, and only slightly more comfortable than some army barracks and prisons.

Chiyuri flicks a switch by the door, sealing the lock and shutting the lights off all at once. Moments later, you feel the weight of her body create an indentation on the mattress as she lays down beside you. You move back to allow her room to lay down, and you wind up with your back to the wall.

But you're far too tired to complain. The wall is cold--even through the sheets you can feel the cold, metal surface. But Chiyuri is warm, and her soft embrace provides you with enough comfort that the rest of it doesn't seem matter. It doesn't take long at all for you to fall asleep.

[ ] Write-in dream sequence

(Note: Same deal with the numbers. 1-1000, closest number wind. No repeats, etc.)
[845] Yumemi's Adventures in Wonderland.
[500] Yuka having a conversation with Ruukoto
[327] Yumemi as the mom. Chiyuri as the dad. Yuka as their lovable but crazy daughter. Hi-jinks ensue.
[134] "No Yumemi, you are the youkai." And then Yumemi was imprisoned in a glass tube.
[666] SCIENCE Fighter Team

Yumemi as SCIENCE Fighter Red
Chiyuri as SCIENCE Fighter Blue
Nitori as SCIENCE Fighter Green
Rika as SCIENCE Fighter Black
Rikako as SCIENCE Fighter Pink

Eirin as SCIENCE Fighter White

And Bill Nye as Zordon
>(Note: Same deal with the numbers. 1-1000, closest number wind. No repeats, etc.)
>closest number wind

Just noticed this now. Supposed to be "wins".

Writing now?

Not yet. I'm gonna give it a bit more time and see if any more votes turn out.
[24] The Yumemi and Chiyuri vs Yuka fight, redone Dragonball Z style.
An entire wall of

[1000] roll 1d3 to choose between >>74478 , >>7448 0, or >>74487

Number was 768. >>74478 is the closest judging by my incredibly poor on-the-spot mathematical calculation, so yeah! Writing and all that fun stuff.
The world around fades out for a brief moment, and once it presents itself once more, you find yourself standing in a breathtaking sea of flowers. As far as the eye can see, the picturesque vista of rolling hills of greens and reds; blues and yellows--under a cloudless sky of a deep azure overwhelms your senses.

Of course, this isn't real. You can't help but remember that, only moments ago as it seems, you were lying on a cold, uncomfortable military standard-issue cot with Chiyuri. You force a sigh, wishing--no, longing for a place like this to be more than mere fantasy.

Though, a fantasy it is, it's a convincing one at that. And had you not been so excruciatingly aware of your physical self lying in utter discomfort, you may have succumbed to it's utter beauty.

Before you, a hint of movement. Something, hidden and concealed beneath the foot-high stalks of green, makes itself known..

And runs away.

Something--some sort of primitive urge tells you to follow it. Chase it, even. It seems to you that, were you to catch this source of commotion in the field, you could, perhaps, even attain true happiness.

So you give chase.

You run for what could be miles, never slowing or stopping to catch your breath. After a while, the scenery seemed to tune itself out of your mind. It's beauty fades to a blur of colors that all seem to run together after a while.

And all at once, they disappear. Again, you find yourself inside a room of darkness. Again, you find yourself feeling frightened and worried. And, as you'd expected, the culprit stands before you once more, golden-haired with skin of pallid white; in contrast to the blackness that surrounds her.

"We.." She says, smiling as she takes a momentary pause. "Meet again."

"I hope you're not planning on making a habit of this."

"Your frustration is noted, and.. Disregarded, of course." A wry smile from the woman causes your temper to flare up, though you force it back even though you have every right to let it loose.

"How civil of you," You reply, words dripping with calm hatred.

"Indeed," She answers you, though clearly ignores your tone, "I am civil. This meeting is... Merely a reminder."

"Seems more like you're just hassling me for the sake of it, really." You cross your arms, only to find you don't have any.

Don't panic, you tell yourself. This is all a dream--err, nightmare. It's only natural for you to see things--err, not see things that, for all intents and purposes, should still be there. Don't panic..

"I never once agreed to help you." You add, trying to keep the lump in your throat from making your voice quiver. It's taking a herculean effort on your part not to scream and yell and try to fight your way out of this, and it'll all be for naught if you can't keep some semblance on a calm demeanor. "You are aware of that, aren't you?"

"I am." She says matter-of-factly, the smile dropping from her expression. "Though the decision is yours to make, I am positive that you will see things my way. This... world of dreams is.. my world, after all."

And without warning, the flowers return. The woman, along with her room of darkness, simply vanish in the blink of an eye, leaving you to carry the burden of her words back to the waking world.

"'Ey!" Chiyuri's voice grumbles as you're jolted awake by some blunt-force trauma to the bedstead below you. "How long're ya gonna sleep?! It's almost noon!"

"Nnnnnn.." You groan, finding it far too painful to open your eyes at the moment. The light hurts, the noise hurts, and, as you'd somewhat expected, your neck hurts as well. You barely manage to call out a lazy "Five more minutes.." before pulling the sheets over your head and turning away.

"Oh, goddammit, Boss!" Chiyuri cries with pure, unadulterated frustration, "If you're not gonna get up..."

"Fine, fine.." You finally answer her. Between poking and prodding, and a good solid minute worth of tickling, as it stands you're not sure you'd be able to handle what she plans to dish out. "I'm up, I'm up."

"'S about time!" She whines, "I've been yelling at you for ten minutes now!"

"Really?" You hadn't heard a word of it.

"Really!" She replies, returning your one-word answer with double the force.

And, opening your eyes, you can judge that, by the look of her, she probably hasn't been up for long at all. Probably, she woke up just now and decided to get you up as well. Maybe it's for the better, though.

[ ] Check on the woman.
[ ] Check on the girl.
[ ] Grab a shower first.
[ ] Forget it, laze around for a while.
[ ] Forget it, laze around for a while.
[x] Grab a shower first.

Today will be filled to bursting with the trials of playing landlady for a robot, a back-talking research assistant, two monsters, and a little girl. At least meet it with a clean set of clothes.
[ ] Check on the girl.
[ ] Check on the woman.
File 12334410173.jpg - (7.62KB, 175x175 , city.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Grab a shower first.



A new friendship is born!

If you get this, even without the image, I'll slow clap for you.

Let's hit the showers, bad boy!
[x] Grab a shower first.

In b4 we drop the soap.
Better because, if that's truly the case you can grab a shower with her. Well, with her, per se. Each stall barely has enough room for one person after all. It's a change from the usual routine; when you think about it you don't think there's been many times when the two of you woke up at the same time. The change is... pleasant, you could say. Though the last time you showered with her was hardly so, but maybe she'll give it all a rest for the time being.

And you'd like to stay around thinking about it longer, but you seem to have unconsciously pulled the covers back over your head and that wake-your-ass-up-right-now you're receiving from Chiyuri is incentive enough to get to your feet.

"Finally!" She mutters, breathing a hefty sigh of relief as she takes a step back from the bed. Ignoring her mildly annoying reaction, you pull yourself upright and stumble forward into another day of what's sure to be full of surprises.

On the short walk to the showers--surprisingly shorter than the distance from your room--you take to chatting it up with the blonde. Though, as soon as you open your mouth, you immediately regret doing so. She bursts out in full-force one-sided conversation, not even stopping to realize that you'd gone silent a number of minutes ago.

She babbles on and on, talking about anything and everything that seems to hold interest to her. You don't catch a whole lot, other than some banter about a leak in the ship's exhaust lines, a wrench--quite literally--thrown into the gears of one of the trash compactors, and one of the ship's computers going on the fritz again. You stay silent, replying on occasion with something like "Oh, that's interesting," or "I guess so".

But once she catches sight of that green-haired woman lurking down in the halls ahead of the two of you, she quickly falls silent. You, on the other hand, were quite silent to begin with, so you're spared the trouble.

"Morning~" She calls out, giving the two of you a friendly sort of wave as you approach her. You give a small wave back, and keep walking. Though, ignore you she does not. Instead, she takes up walking along your other side.

And before you know it, you've already gathered your third wheel for the day. Likely, she'll keep this up for quite some time, judging by the utterly amused look on her face.

"Where to?" She asks plainly, smiling with her arms crossed behind her back.

"Showers," You reply just as flatly, pointing to the door you can now see clearly just up ahead.

"Oooh, sound like fun!" She beams with unadulterated excitement--a sort of glee only a child would be able to possess.

"I guess so," Chiyuri replies in your place, her voice--previously bubbling with excitement--has gone flat.

You wonder what's going through her mind to cause such a drastic change in mood. A number of ideas come to mind, but nothing absolutely astounding. Silently, you walk into the room and promptly begin undressing.

Chiyuri stares silently, as always. Though it hardly bothers you as much as it might've prior to yesterday's transpired events. Thankfully, the third party seems to be off in her own little world, staring thoughtlessly around the room. Of course, judging from the residencies of the locals, the place must seem completely alien to her.

But it doesn't come as much of a surprise when she starts undressing as well. Maybe she's just following suit--Chiyuri's already buck naked, and you're nearing that point yourself. Silently, she heads off to the next room over and into the showers, throwing her clothing into the laundry chute as she goes.

Which, of course, leaves you alone with this woman, which normally wouldn't bother you at all. But the passing glances you seem to be receiving from her make it known that she seems to want something from you.

[ ] Ask her what she wants.
[ ] Follow Chiyuri.
[~] Ask her what she wants.

What's that? You want us to wash your back? Sure~
[ ] Ask her what she wants.
File 123346903879.jpg - (66.70KB, 449x594 , rapelincoln.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Ask her what she wants.
Well, maybe it would bother you a little. Her so-called passing glances soon become a constant stare, as if she's just begging you to ask her what all the effort is for.

And, of course, you give. What else can you do? You're standing here, naked and defenseless, sharing the room with a monster that could easily tear you apart. If that isn't just a little bit unsettling, then what is?

"Is there something you need?" You ask uncharismatically. To you, your voice seems.. uninterested. As though you could care less. It wouldn't be too far from the truth. This woman's problems don't concern you.

"Mmmhmm?" She hums, nodding her head with a smile.

Well, that doesn't get you anywhere at all. Maybe she's upset; perhaps bothered by your poor tone and using this method as a sort of vengeance. Well, it's working.

"So?" You ask, raising an eyebrow to the woman.

"Yes?" She replies in her usually flowery voice, again trying to dodge the question.

"If you're not going to tell me.." You grumble, making for the door to the stalls behind you..

Only to feel yourself jerked sideways, and momentarily thereafter finding yourself staring up at the woman from the corner of the room. Shit, you turned your back on her. How could you have slipped up so easily?!

"Guh-" A pain in your side rears up, causing you to double over, involuntarily clutching at it on reflex.

And another pain pulls you back up as the woman pulls you to your knees by your hair.

"Hmmm~" She beams with terrifying glee as she leans forward, inspecting you with those terrible red eyes.

"What the fu-" You try to speak, though a second pain forces the air from your lungs. Again, your reflexes try to take over, though with her holding you up against the wall you've nothing to do but to silently bear it.

"Such impertinence.." She giggles quietly to herself, her eyes pleased to see you writhe in pain.

"You should know," She continues, her grip on you pulling you back to your feet, "What I'm capable of.."

"Ho-How the hell should I-"


Her sudden outburst silences you, her face contorting with rage, showing you--if only for a second--what kind of beast lies behind her human-shaped mask.

"I saw it, you know," She continues, as calm as ever before. She even smiles, as if to reassure you that, if you tell her what she wants to know, you'll live to see another minute. "..what you locked up in that room."

"Ho-" Again, you try to speak, your voice meek with fear. Only after seeing this side of her do you realize just how truly dangerous she is. Though you silence yourself as she releases you--not completely, but enough so that you're able to stand under your own power. Her arms still block your only means of escape, and you can only hope that Chiyuri will grow impatient and come to your aid.

"How does that have anything to do with anything?" You ask, stumbling over yourself in order to recover your calm outward appearance.

"Hmmm~" She replies, amusedly--smiling at your attempts to reassert yourself.

"Does it really warrant all of this?" You ask, hoping that she might have enough decency to remain civil, now that you've chosen to answer her.

Though, it's not all out of fear. You're hurting all over and practically shaking in your boots--if you were to be wearing any boots, that is. But, once you're able to recover your composure, you realize that this sort of reaction could mean that this woman knows something that you don't.

"I should say.." The woman speaks up, grinning as she runs her hand down her cheek. "No."


"Perhaps I've been a bit too forward.." She continues, ignoring you to instead converse aloud with herself. "I really should be more careful. Humans break easily, after all.."

Though you'd grown fed up with her the moment you saw her. The fact that she beats you down to no end but to satisfy her own lust for amusement both scares the living daylights out of you and puts you on the verge of spiraling into a blind rage.

"Listen to people when they're-"

"I guess this isn't a good time for talk, either." She turns her eyes back to you, only to walk away a second later, and without a word further she walks off into the shower room.

[ ] Go after her, try to grab her attention.
[ ] Go take a shower, don't talk to her.
[ ] You'll take a shower later.
[ ] Go take a shower, don't talk to her.
>Though you'd grown fed up with her the moment you saw her. The fact that she beats you down to no end but to satisfy her own lust for amusement both scares the living daylights out of you and puts you on the verge of spiraling into a blind rage.

I agree. I won't put up with this woman a moment longer.

[x] Go take a shower, don't talk to her.
[x] When you next are able to get Chiyuri alone, tell her to fetch the shrine maiden, and to take the child with her. You have a youkai infestation on your ship that desperately needs to be exterminated.

Reimu will recognize Alice, which should be enough to convince her that this warrants concern.
[x] Go after her, try to grab her attention.

Did we just spook Yuka?

Because it seems a little weird that she's not trying to kill us when she's now fully aware that we have the potential to bottle her up just like we did that shadowbitch, even though that's something that would make her lose her composure. Is she working under somebody?

In b4 Yuka and Yumemi debate over who's the bigger monster.
[x] Go after her, try to grab her attention.
>Because it seems a little weird that she's not trying to kill us when she's now fully aware that we have the potential to bottle her up just like we did that shadowbitch

Maybe she's not trying to kill you precisely for that reason? That is, because you've spooked her?

Yumemi's reliance on technology must wreck terrible havoc on Yuka's ability to gauge her opponent, since Yumemi is physically weak and wields no magic, yet was able to kill Yuka in dreamspace as well as subdue that monster in the vat, using methods unknown to her. Furthermore Yumemi has remained confoundingly non-confrontational despite Yuka's constant attempts at provoking her.
[x] Go after her, try to grab her attention.

All things considered, I think I've had an assful of Yuka.
[x] Go take a shower, don't talk to her.
[x] Go after her, try to grab her attention.
Again, you're all alone. Alone, naked, and a little beaten up--both mentally and physically. No different from the last few days of your life. Awfully brutal for a run of bad luck.

But how that woman simply blew you off--like she was talking down to an insect--there's more anger to be felt from it than fear. She doesn't scare you. No, you won't let her scare you like she's trying to do.

And you're going to walk in there, you're going to grab her, and you're going to--


But you don't see her. You're sure it's not just a trick your eyes are playing on you--Chiyuri's showering right in front of you. No, she's definitely gone. She's not hiding in one of the corners in the room, either.

"Chiyuri," You grab the blond's attention, "Did you see--"

"See what?" She replies as you begin to trail off. Her expression changes once she sees the look in your eye.

"Is everything alright?"

"Err, no." Not after what you've just been through. "Did that woman come in here?"

Chiyuri shakes her head.

Damn! So she disappeared again! That woman...

"Ey," Chiyuri calls to you in a rather demanding voice, "Worry about that later. I'll wash your back for ya."

You sigh. As much as you want to chase after that woman, Chiyuri's calls to you are next to irresistible. You take her up on the offer in the hopes that it might serve to calm your frayed nerves. You'd like nothing more to be back in your clothes..

And maybe with a gun in your hand.

"Having a tough time, huh." Chiyuri tries to sympathize.

"You could say that." You reply, stepping into the shower stall with her. If anything, you'd like to avoid explaining the details of your last encounter with that woman to her.

Chiyuri touches you from behind. Her hand on your back is slick with soap. She keeps to your back as promised, rather than try to feel around like you half-expected--and maybe hoped she would.

This isn't calming at all. Even though it's Chiyuri, you can't seem to shake the uneasy feeling of having somebody standing behind you. No, maybe because it's Chiyuri--

"Loosen up a little." She says, "I'm not gonna do anything."


You hear her whisper something to herself, but the words are easily drowned out by the sound of the water from the shower. You--

[ ] Want to know what she said.
[ ] Should try to relax.
[ ] Need to get out.
[x] Want to know what she said.
[x] Should try to relax.
[x] Want to know what she said.
[x] Should try to relax.
>But you don't see her. You're sure it's not just a trick your eyes are playing on you--Chiyuri's showering right in front of you. No, she's definitely gone. She's not hiding in one of the corners in the room, either.

Yumemi was frozen in time for over a week, so this is hardly surprising.
[X] Want to know what she said.
[X] Should try to relax.
[x] Want to know what she said.
[x] Should try to relax.


[x] Should try to relax.
[x] Want to know what she said.
[x] Should try to relax.
I really like your PC-98 characters, Snake.

This is story has become more interesting than Gunman and the writing is topnotch.

So, updates?

Eventually. Flu or some shit is kinda getting in the way right now. Next update will probably be in a new thread.


New thread~

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