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"I'm fine, Chiyuri." Hearing the sound of her name seems to snap her out of it. At least, enough to loosen her tongue a bit. You have every right to be angry, all things considered. Until this point, she'd been telling you to take it easy on yourself, and now she goes and loses herself like this.. For some reason, you can't seem to muster up the energy.

"I-I.." She stammers, leaning back on her haunches. "I'm sorry, I-"

"I said I'm fine." You repeat your words more forcefully, hoping it might serve to lessen her guilt over hurting you. "Help me up."

She obeys silently, pulling you back up by your arms. The pain resurfaces as you try to flex your muscles, and you don't try to fight it as your strength fades. She doesn't complain with the added load, carefully yet laboriously setting you upright all on her own without so much as a peep.

And once she's done, she just stares at you, waiting for you, expecting you to scream or yell or lash out in anger. You know you should, and as much as you'd like to, you just can't bring yourself to do it. Maybe it's the pain, maybe your tired. Maybe, you'd enjoyed that kiss more than you thought..

"Yumemi?" She reaches out to you, reluctant yet intent on setting her hands upon you. Her expression is one of fear, but fear of what? "..Boss?"

"My hair." You grit your teeth as another wave of pain comes over you. The sound of your voice comes out sounding angry because of it, and the hurt on Chiyuri's face is evident. She takes a step back as you struggle to fight down the pain.

"I-I didn't-" She gives you a pleading look, begging you not to be angry, to not hate her, to not harbor an emotion you haven't held for her yet. Her posture is defensive, yet clearly unsure of herself.

"Don't give me that look." The pain is less enough that you're able to force a smile to your face, and though you try to lighten the mood, it doesn't really help. "You forgot to wash my hair."

"You.." Her eyes turn away briefly, and you can see her confidence slowly returning. "You still want me to-"

You nod, trying not to use words as the pain comes and goes. You don't want to push her away again, especially when you don't mean to.

"Even after I-" Again, she averts her eyes, as if to look at you were some sort of insult.

"Just shut up and do it." You begin to grow frustrated. Normally she'd recover from something like this a little sooner..

"I.." She looks up, smiling meekly. "I don't deserve you, sometimes."

"I'm a forgiving woman, Chiyuri." You smile back, your strength slowly returning as time progresses. "Just.. Try not to be so rough next time." You make a grab for the bottle she was using earlier. Though you know it's the wrong stuff, and mostly empty at that, you chuck it at her regardless. "Now hop to it!"

She catches it without missing a beat--hardly moving as it lands in her palm--and puts it aside as she positions herself to help you back into the water. The soapy residue on your body washes off as you're pulled back in, and you wonder if it would have turned out differently had you not been so slippery to the touch.

She grabs another bottle from the shelf, and though she does a piss-poor job at it, she tries to forget that anything ever happened. Hints of that fear you saw in her earlier still linger in her mood and mannerisms. Hopefully, this close contact will calm her down.

You remain still with your eyes closed as she wets your hair, running her hands through it once or twice before pretty much dumping the whole bottle onto your head. It's strawberry scented, like the last bottle. You wonder if that's all she knows about your likes and dislikes, but you don't bother to mention it. The sensation of her hands massaging your scalp feels too good to think of much else. Even the pain in your chest seems as nothing compared to it.

"'s nice.." You find yourself thinking aloud, whispering to yourself. "Maybe when I'm healed, we can-"

"Something the matter?" Chiyuri's hands stop moving as she talks.

"No, don't stop." You moan, "Keep going."

"Does it really feel that good?" She takes her hands away, "I was just about done."

"Damn!" You curse aloud, the sensation still fresh in your mind. Then, you get to thinking.. "Well, as long as I'm injured like this, you can indulge me. Can't you?"

"It's an honor and a privilege." She answers, laughing aloud as she dumps a bucket of water over your head. "Now let's get you into some proper clothes."

"Not yet." You brush hair and water from your eyes. There's still something you have on your mind.. "I want to see it."

"Hmm?" She doesn't seem to understand, at least, not immediately.

"The scars, my hair.. I want to see how I look."

"Ah-" She pauses, stepping around to help you back up. "Alright, I understand."

Her hands tuck under your armpits, tickling you slightly as she tries to lift your entire body from the water. Again, you have to help her. She can't do it on her own, but the flexing of your abdominal muscles brings forth another wave of intense pain. You try to ignore it, at least, long enough to safely remove yourself from the water.

As you stand, it seems to subside. It only seemed to get worse when you were sitting, but now, it's not so bad. What is bad, however, is the way you have to stand so Chiyuri can dry your body off. You feel like you're in some kind of debauched prison search or something similar, but you grin and bear it.

Soon enough, you find yourself comfortably sitting in the slightly more dignified wheelchair with a blanket over you, like some crippled old lady. Well, you certainly are crippled, but that's beside the point..

You wait and watch as Chiyuri tends to her own soaking wet body, toweling off and dressing herself as quickly as her small body can manage. She flips a switch, and the bath water drains as the lights begin to dim. Convenient..

"You've got a mirror in your room, right?" She asks, wheeling you out into the hall with haste. "I can't remember for the life of me.."

"I do, but..."

[ ] "What about your room?"
[ ] "The one in the locker room is closer."
[ ] "No, it's nothing. Keep going."
[X] "What about your room?"
{X} "What about your room?"
[x] "No, it's nothing. Keep going."

Let's keep our heads clear, folks.

Going to her room helps us to understand her nature, let's work to deepen the bonds between them shall we?

[X] "What about your room?"
It sounds like our room may be covered in a layer of dust.
[x] "What about your room?"
"What about your room?" You ask. You try to remember, but there isn't a single time that comes to mind when you've been in there. Surely, after all these years together, you've seen it before, right?

"My room?" She seems a little put off, like your question had caught her off guard or something. You can't see her face, but the sound of her voice comes to your clearly. "Well, yeah, there's one in there, but.. It's kinda messy, and-"

"Right," You interject, cutting her off before she can protest. "Take me there, then."

"It's really kinda out of the way," She groans, still trying to fight you to an extent. "Are you sure?"

"Absolutely." You smile, victorious. When the two of you are on equal ground, she rarely wins an argument. "I can't seem to remember ever having seen it. Maybe visiting it might serve as a refresher."

"I doubt that.." She whines, turning down another clean, exquisitely long hallway. "You've never been to my room, before."

"I haven't?" You still can't seem to recall. Maybe she's right, maybe you've never been to it before. You don't recognize this part of the ship..

"Nope, not once." She doesn't seem the least bit bothered by it. "You used to focus a lot more on your work, so I figured you never had time."

Or maybe, you didn't care. You wonder if it's possible that you never actually wanted to go there before. You did try to avoid her for much of the time.

"Maybe you're right.." You reply, still thinking to yourself as she comes to a screeching halt. You nearly fall from your chair.

"We're here!" She plants a hand firmly atop your head, mussing your hair.

You hear the hiss of a pneumatically-operated door, and you're pulled backwards out of the hallway. The door shuts automatically, leaving you to face the featureless, metallic wall. She slowly begins to wheel you around, cautiously, and with good reason you find.

There's loads of junk strewn all over the floor. Metal bearings, washers and bolts, electronics components to God-knows-what, and several slightly more dangerous looking bits she quickly picks up.

"Told ya it's a mess." She smiles, stepping off into the room to find something.

It really looks more like a machine shop than a room. Sure, there's a small bed at one end for sleeping, and a computer desk across from it. The rest is, well, a mess. You notice a pull-out work surface in the corner nearest you, covered in tools, grease, grime, and all manners of bits and pieces. Something in particular catches your eye.

In the farthest corner, sitting on the bed is.. Ruukoto! Or, what's left of her. She appears to be in two pieces--her head, arms and torso being one, and her legs being the other. You try to wheel yourself over the mess of bolts on the floor, but find it more difficult than you're able to handle.

"Hmm?" Chiyuri looks up as you knock over a large bit of metal sitting on it's side. The noise is enough to send her back over to you. "What's-" She tries to ask you what's wrong, but quickly picks up. "Oh, the android? Well, I really did what I can, but it looks like it's no use. The most I could do was transfer the data files over to a new body. I've got her running checks on the drive core at the moment, but I just don't know what to do with this old body.."

[ ] "So that's what this mess is?"
[ ] "Where's the mirror?"
[ ] "Can we see her?"
[x] "So that's what this mess is?"
[x] "Can we see her?"

"Oh, how it pains me to do this!"
"Wait! I... still... function!"
"Wanna bet?"
[ ] "Where's the mirror?"
[x] "So that's what this mess is?"
[x] "Where's the mirror?"
We can meet Ruukoto II later.
[x] "So that's what this mess is?"
[x] "Can we see her?"
{X} "Where's the mirror?"
[ ] "The mirror....."
[x] "So that's what this mess is?"
[x] "Can we see her?"
"So this mess is.." Caused by Chiyuri's attempts at fixing Ruukoto, you figure. You've never made the attempt, so you wouldn't know. Fixing that tank in the weapon's bay is a challenge enough for your technical prowess.

"Yeah, you guessed it." She laughs lightly, returning to whatever she was doing before. "I'll have that mirror out in a sec!" She calls out, digging through a pile of junk sitting in front of what looks to be a closet. You hear her mutter to herself, "Damn, I know it's in here somewhere."

She finds it eventually, and you just wait patiently as she digs it out. It's full-length, plenty for you to see yourself with, and you watch as she props it up against the door. You feel a sense of dread, not knowing what to expect. You prepare for the worst..

"Alright, let's get you up." She returns to you, kicking aside no small number of objects in her path. You should be able to walk without stepping on anything. "Now, I know it's a little cold in here, so let's wrap this around you for now." She ties the ends of the thin blanket that covers you around your neck, and she holds out her hands to help you up.

The feeling only gets worse and worse as you get closer. You begin to wonder if you really should look, if to be ignorant of it would be better. No, you have to face it. Whether you do or don't, the scars will be with you for the rest of your life.

You approach the mirror, first catching sight of your own face. You look.. ragged, exhausted, like you could faint from even the slightest of breezes. At least, she did a fairly good job on your hair. It goes a little past your shoulders, but the heavy braid you used to wear in the back is gone.

Chiyuri's arms move from your hips to your neck, slowly beginning to untie the knot in the blanket wrapped around you. As it drops, the cold air causes you to shudder and close your eyes. You slowly allow them to reopen, and you stare yourself in the face.

As you look further down, the wound makes itself apparent. A small scar snakes across your body, beginning in the space under your left breast and moving diagonally across your navel, tracing a thin red line that ends just above your hip bone. Something seems odd about it, though.

This isn't a sort of injury an animal's claws would make. There's no tearing of flesh, no huge, deep gashes like you'd expected--just a single, clean incision. Like something caused by a blade. It doesn't seem to be all that deep, either. This scar may heal almost completely within a short number of years, given the proper treatment.

But, if the wound is so clean, so shallow.. Why do you feel so much pain so deeply inside you? Why had you been unconscious for the past two months? Something isn't right..

"Chiyuri.." You mutter the name of the girl standing just beside you, hoping she may have the answers. "This is-"

"I think it gives you character." She smiles, looking back at you through the mirror as her hand slowly traces the small line. You feel a slight pain where she touches, but the skin seems to be healed. Is it nerve damage?

"That's not it." You reply, grabbing her hand and holding it. "This wound, it's.."

"All wrong?" Her smile fades as she places her hands back on your naked hips. "I know what you're thinking right now. I want to show you something." You watch as her mood turns grim. "I think you should see it."

"I want to get dressed, first." You turn around slowly, careful not to lose your balance. She's serious, and whatever she wants to show you can't be good. You should prepare yourself in advance. "And I'm hungry." You look to Chiyuri, demanding, pleading with her to give you time.

Her expression softens, that forbidding feeling in the air slowly fading away. "Already on it's way." She looks to the door, smiling proudly.

As if on cue, the door slides open and Ruukoto steps through, carrying something in each hand. A plate of food, and a stack of red cloth. Her appearance is largely the same--green hair, blue eyes, her soft facial features. The maid uniform is gone, however, having been replaced by a sort of generic blue mechanic's jumpsuit. It looks like one of Chiyuri's.

The two of them help you into your clothes, undergarments, skirt, blouse, vest, and all. You're still missing your cape, but you figure it's weight may be a bit much for you at this point. It just feels good to be wearing your own clothing again. You've had enough of being naked for one day.

You turn your attention next to the food, a ham sandwich you think. You eat it too quickly to even taste it, and you begin to feel better the moment you've finished it off. You wonder when you'd last eaten, if you'd eaten at all.

[ ] Go with Chiyuri, try to walk.
[ ] Go with Chiyuri, take the chair.
[ ] Try to find your cape. You need it.
[ ] Try talking to Ruukoto. (Specify topic)
[x] Try to find your cape. You need it.

Very much so.
[ ] Try to find your cape. You need it.
File 122782736157.gif - (497.82KB, 280x195 , FABULOUS.gif) [iqdb]
[x] Try to find your cape. You need it.

[X] Go with Chiyuri, take the chair.
File 122783700897.jpg - (228.19KB, 800x600 , yumemi_dramatic_cape_flare_out.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Try to find your cape. You need it.
Always gotta have the cape
Your attention turns back to the cape. Even if wearing it is an impossibility, you'd want to at least know where it is, or maybe even have it with you. Maybe it's a bad feeling you're getting, or maybe it has something to do with Chiyuri's expression. What does she want to show you? One thing's for certain--you're not going to like it.

For that reason alone, you want a bit more security for yourself. The last time you forgot to take it, you ended up being attacked by some black monster. A repeat of that isn't something you want, especially since you're just now beginning to recover from it.

You turn to the one closest to you, hoping Chiyuri might be able to help. "Where's my cape?" You ask, watching her eyes widen as some manner of realization hits her.

"You serious?" She replies with another question, her words come out slowly and carefully. "That might be a bit much for you."

"I know." You have to agree with her. Again, you're simply pushing yourself more than you have to, but you feel like it has to be done. You can't blame her for being apprehensive. "It's foolish and selfish of me, but I'm asking you this as a favor."

"Well, if it'll make ya feel better.." She looks away, shaking her head in silence. You'd expected her to fight you a little more. Watching her walking away in silent disapproval is more frustrating than you could've thought.

She throws open a drawer to her workbench, pulling a small shoe box from inside. She takes it and thrusts it into your arms, neither smiling nor saying so much as a word. You don't like seeing her brooding like this.

"What's this?" You ask, standing in the middle of the room, holding the box as if she'd just handed you a bomb. Judging by the weight of it, it's probably your cape. But you have to hear her say something. Maybe breaking the silence will also break the tension in the room.

"I was doing some work on it recently." She glances back at you, smiling slightly as she directs Ruukoto to stand behind you in case you choose to topple over. "You know, trying to simplify the technology and all."

"And?" You egg her on, eager to hear more. What did she do? Did she break it?! Surely, she couldn't have..

"Well, technical bits aside, it should run at double capacity with less than half the weight." She smiles, holding her hands out and motioning for you to open the box.

As expected, when you lift off the lid, all that's inside is red. There's the cape itself, which you take out and throw over your shoulders. It's weight is bearable--you don't feel any pain moving around with it. The weighty fabric envelops you, hiding your form and flowing with your movement as you twist and turn to get a new feel for it.

Ruukoto helps to secure it as you look back inside the box. There's a few more objects inside, some you instantly recognize as the two standard military-issue pistols you normally carry, though there's been a few slight modifications to the firing chamber and grip. There's one other object--mostly exposed circuitry and bare metal--that you don't recognize. You're somewhat reluctant to pick it up.

"Got some extra goodies in there, too." She steps forward, looking into the box in your hands. "Did a little maintenance to your guns, there. You really outta take better care of them." She groans in disapproval, throwing her hand into the box without hesitation. She touches the strange object, flicking it with her forefinger. "Now this here is, well.. Let's just say it's a gift from me."

She tilts her head up, looking you in the eyes as if to say, 'you wanna know what it is?', though judging by the shape and color of the housing, you have your guesses.

"Hand-portable positron emitter." She grins, letting out a small chuckle, clearly proud of herself. She picks up the object and one of the firearms, and presses the object into the grip.

"It fits into the magazine slot like so.." You hear the faint click of a latch catching, and she pulls her hands back to show you the now interlocked devices. It hardly looks any different than before, almost no different than a gunpowder-driven projectile weapon like you'd see in a war museum.

"And there ya go! It's self charging, so there's really no ammo limit." She gives you the weapon, smiling to herself as you take it from her. "Only had time to make one, so it might feel a little unbalanced to use both guns at once like you usually do. Feeling safer, yet?"

"Yes," You reply, feeling a little stunned by all of this. She's really been busy while you were out, hasn't she? "Perhaps, maybe a little too safe.."

Why she'd build something like this, you don't know. She probably has her reasons, but you're feeling uneasy holding so much power in your hands. What does she plan to kill with such a weapon?

Again, she pressures you to follow her..

[ ] Go with Chiyuri, try to walk.
[ ] Go with Chiyuri, take the chair.
[ ] Ask about the weapon.
[ ] Go with Chiyuri, try to walk.
[X] Go with Chiyuri, take the chair.
[X] Tell her she can keep working on the cape if she likes.
[x] Go with Chiyuri, try to walk.

Gotta start somewhere.
[x] Go with Chiyuri, take the chair.
[x] Go with Chiyuri, try to walk.
You tuck the one modified pistol under your belt, opting to leave the other one behind for simplicity's sake. Chiyuri seems a bit on-edge, but doesn't try to rush you.

"Ready?" She asks, standing by the door and watching as you impatiently. Well, you thought she wasn't trying to rush you..

"Yup, let's go." You'd rather not keep her waiting any longer. You take a step towards the wheelchair, initially intending on returning to your place in it, but..

All of a sudden, your legs feel fine. Well, maybe not 'fine'. A little weak, no doubt about it, but moveing around on them isn't painful like before. Considering you've spent the last two months unconscious in a bed, it's about time you got some exercise, and the sooner the better. Leaning on Ruukoto for support, you take a slow step past the chair.

Chiyuri groans, opening the door for you to step out. She gives you a look of disapproval, but waits for you to make the first move.

"I'd like to try walking." You smile to yourself, proud of even this small achievement. It may be far sooner than you anticipated, but you are noticeably recovering. You're still a little unbalanced, and your muscles are a little weak, but you're walking. Being on your own two feet for once fills you with a sense of accomplishment.

"Alright, fine." She sighs, clearly upset with you for not following her instructions. She steps back inside the room, past you as Ruukoto helps you through the door. Chiyuri's really running you through the wringer with all these sudden mood changes of hers. You wonder if she's going to start pouting.

She suddenly walks back into view, thrusting some long, wooden object into your hands with a scowl on her face. Well, at least it's better than what you'd half expected her to do..

"If you're serious, then use this. You're tripping all over yourself!"

You look over the object. A long, square-bodied shaft, and a flat, curved composite bit at one end--clearly a hockey stick. Is she asking you to use this as a cane?

"Well, if you insist.." You laugh, finding humor in the fact that she's handed you such an unwieldy object with that serious face on. This kind of act is something you'd expect her to do as a joke.

"What's so funny?" She asks, no humor in her voice at all. You try not to react to it, but everything she says, everything she does--it all makes you want to laugh even harder.

"Nothing, nothing." You wave your hand dissuasively, hoping her mood won't worsen as you try to ease her out the door. "Let's get going, shall we?"

But figuring out how to stabilize yourself with this hockey stick isn't easy. The blade end flips off the floor as you lean your weight into it, and you have to use both hands to hold it the other way. Eventually, you just end up slinging the bladed end under your armpit and carry it like a crutch. It's incredibly uncomfortable, and maybe a bit too tall, but you don't have to rely on somebody else for support if you use it. You wonder what Chiyuri was doing with such an instrument in the first place..

Chiyuri tries not to run too far ahead of you as you hobble after her, setting one foot in front of the other and trying as hard as you can not to fall over. Ruukoto silently follows behind, watching your every move like a hawk. Clearly she's been given direction to make sure you don't hurt yourself.. Really, Chiyuri does worry so much sometimes.

You begin to recognize where you're walking after a while of walking. It's not difficult for you to come to the conclusion that you're headed for the science facilities--and more likely, the specimen tanks. What she plans to show you, you can only guess.

You watch as she walks to the side of the hall ahead of you, standing by the small metal door that leads to where you've done most of your hands-on studies. You know exactly what lies beyond it, but you find yourself filled with a feeling of apprehension.

"Now," She holds out her hand, stopping you by the shoulder as you reach for the panel to open the door. "I know it's going to destroy the mood, but I gotta tell you." She pauses, glancing toward the door at her back. She seems wary of someone or something. "The thing that attacked you, I caught it."

"...What?" Did she say that right? Did you hear that right? You could've sworn she just said--

"I thought I killed it, too, but I guess that didn't quite work out." She continues unabated, her tone of voice displaying a tinge of something like anger. "I'll explain the rest later. I know I kinda sprung this on you all of a sudden like this. Do you still want to go inside?"

"I-" You don't know. God knows you want to, that you should, that you might even have some sort of obligation to press forward into the room. You're still afraid, you think. Is it fear you're feeling? It's like your stomach has done a loop--you feel like you want to throw up. Behind this door is the monster that almost killed you.

[ ] Open the door.
[ ] Don't open the door.
[X] Don't open the door.

Isn't going to win, but... I'd rather just hear about it from Chiyuri.
[x] Open the door.

I wanna see if Chiyuri fucked it up proper.

And what the hell compelled her to capture the damn thing.
File 122794199370.jpg - (37.59KB, 640x480 , 1.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Open the door.

Oh little monster, time to suffer.
[x] Open the door.
Your hand inches closer and closer to the panel on the wall. Your fear, your anger, your resentment towards this beast--it all must be put aside. You have to see it, for your own sake. You press the button, feeling it click slightly under the pressure you've placed on it. The door swings open, and the lights inside the room flicker to life.

You step inside the cold, silent laboratory, a removable barrier wall that spans across the middle of the room, dividing it in half. Workbenches, dissection tables--an assortment of instruments and machines fill the room--and the specimen tanks are just to the other side of the barrier wall. There most certainly lies the creature that causes your body to quake in fear. The scar across your chest begins to ache.

"You're shaking.." Chiyuri whispers, placing her hand delicately over your shoulder. You only wish it was enough to comfort you, but the stress is so much greater.

"I know." You answer between heavy breaths. You're completely aware of it, but you're unable to control yourself. Determined, you push forward. The first tank slowly comes into view. No more than ten feet across and surrounded by a circular wall of glass, capped on the top and bottom by two heavy metal lids--empty.

Then the second, also empty. The entire far wall of tanks are empty, and as you pass through the opening in the barrier wall, you see it.

In the second or third tank--you're not sure--the black beast lay sleeping. When you look upon it with your own eyes, seeing it's powerless, caged form, you feel your fear loosen it's hold on you. It can't hurt you, you think.

It awakens as you approach, gazing upon you motionlessly with it's hollow, red eyes like it did before. It's heavy, clawed foot pounds against the reinforced glass containment wall noiselessly, futilely. It can't escape, or it would have already done so weeks ago.

"It can't hurt you." Chiyuri reinforces your belief, following you as you slowly, carefully, laboriously work your way closer.

The beast pounds it's claws against the glass once more, aiming the blow at your face as you stand just feet away from the glass. There's no sound, but the speed of it's attack causes you to flinch. The pain in your chest grows and recedes.

"What is it?" You ask, finding yourself slowly growing calmer and calmer as you stare the beast down. It fills you with a sense of victory, seeing it so powerless. Seeing it so weak, so starved, so tired--so much like what it's made you become. You smile, watching as it pointlessly tries to escape.

"Detritus, mostly. Flakes of dead skin, decomposed hair and bone, stuff like that." Chiyuri steps forward beside you, equally unafraid. "What I don't understand is how she can control it like this.."

"She?" The word catches you by surprise. Clearly, this monster isn't quite as it appears. "Tell me more."

"Well, I for one can't quite understand how all that stuff gets to be so... Black, around her." Chiyuri taps the glass, unflinching as the beast reacts by throwing it's body at her.

It's form dissolves and reconstitutes itself, like water vapors condensed to form the creature's body. Again, you see the faintly shining metallic object you witnessed before. Only this time, something else is behind it. You r eyes can't keep up as it returns to it's original form.

"She floats inside it, you see." Chiyuri chuckles at the creature's excessively violent reaction. "But it has a weakness. Radiation." She whirls around, pulling Ruukoto to stand in front of her. "Tell her, kiddo."

Ruukoto's eyes turn to you, and she opens her mouth to speak, "This 108 series-"

"Ruukoto is fine." You correct her, having told her numerous times to refer to herself as a normal human would. "Just talk like the rest of us."

"Understood." She smiles. A fake smile, preprogrammed to give humans a sort of reassured feeling. You recognize it as such, and because of it, the intended purpose is lost. "I had come under attack shortly after Master was incapacitated. The damage was such that my core had ruptured, resulting in radiation contamination of the immediate area."

Chiyuri takes over, pushing the android just far enough out of the way so she can stand next to you. "So yeah, long story short, nuts 'n bolts here went Chernobyl, and the black dust just dropped from the sky." She steps over to a control panel next to the tank. "Now, as you can see here," And she presses a button. "A little microwave radiation does the trick. Just be patient."

You sit tight and wait, eager to see whatever lies behind the shadowy, animal exterior. Is 'she' humanoid? Is 'she' even a living being? The dark shape of the beast begins to billow away, vapors falling to the bottom of the tank as if made of lead. The stuff collects together at the bottom before being filtered out by a self-contained air scrubber system. What remains is the shape of a woman, painted black by what remains of the beast.

Chiyuri presses another button. "Time for a shower~" She giggles, watching as water begins to flood the tube from the bottom. The woman-shape begins to struggle as the water floods past her neck, banging on the glass and turning the water to a murky black as she struggles to keep her head afloat.

Another button, and the water recedes. The woman kneels in the center of the tube, her now blonde hair, matted and wet, runs down her body and into the series of drains circling the inside perimeter of the foot-thick glass wall. Her face is hidden by the golden-yellow mess.

[ ] Try to talk to her.
[ ] Try to kill her.
[ ] Let Chiyuri play around more.
[ ] Try something else. (Specify)
[ ] Try to talk to her.
[ ] Let Chiyuri play around more.
[x] Try to talk to her.
[ ] Try to talk to her.

[ ] Try to talk to her.
[x] Tell Chiyuri to take this monster to Reimu. It's just a dangerous youkai, nothing more.

And then EX-Rumia ceased to exist.
[x] Tell Chiyuri to take this monster to Reimu. It's just a dangerous youkai, nothing more.
File 122800398348.jpg - (122.21KB, 600x800 , yumeko_knives.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Try to talk to her.
Hello, Yumeko.
She's clearly human, or something similar to a human. At least, she looks it. You watch as she crawls to her feet, weakly, still visibly affected by the radiation. It won't kill her, will it? You don't want her to die. At least, not yet. Not until you know something.

She reminds you a bit of that Luize woman--the long, golden blonde hair, those piercing yellow eyes--it can't just be a coincidence, can it? You've rarely seen anybody native to the village that could fit the description, and the ones that you have seen always come from someplace strange and out of the way.

You wonder, can this woman speak? Is she does, will she be able to use the same language as you? You still remember the word 'human' uttered by her before the attack. It's a safe bet, and maybe worth a shot.

"Can we try talking to her?" You ask Chiyuri, keeping your eyes focused on the woman behind the glass. She stares back at you, sneering like a wild animal.

"You could try." Chiyuri responds, smiling wryly as she looks over to you. "I don't think you'll get anything out of her."

Still, you'd like to try. The woman seems to be particularly interested in you, for some reason. All her attacks on the glass have been focused, and clearly directed towards you. It's almost as if she doesn't realize the glass is there..

You reach for a small apparatus resting on a hook beside the tank's control box--a wireless headset that allows you to communicate with whatever may be kept behind the glass. It's handy for an occasion like this, though you hardly ever use it.

You turn on the speaker, tuning it to the proper tank number. It's number 3, you think. If you don't hear anything, you'll know for sure. The earpiece produces a slight bit of static--a design flaw that never seems to have been properly worked out. It tells you it's working.

"Hello," You tap the microphone piece a couple times, hearing the slight echo through the earpiece. "Can you hear me?"

She doesn't respond, just sitting there, maliciously staring at you through the glass wall.

"Uhm.." You're at a bit of a loss. She probably won't answer, even if you are speaking through the proper channel. It's like talking to a brick wall. Well, a brick wall that, for all intents and purposes, wishes to rip you to pieces at the slightest chance it gets. You take the device off, figuring that a little incentive might serve to loosen the woman's tongue. "Chiyuri, does the radiation output go any higher?"

She cocks her head to the side, clearly understanding your intention, but confused possibly by the question itself. "Err, yeah, it does.. But.."

"If she dies, she dies." You reply, caring not one way nor the other. You'd like to hear this woman speak, but at the same time you wish for her to die in excruciating agony. "Do it, or I will."

"You're the boss." Chiyuri lets out an uneasy chuckle, uncertain of whether she should comply, or try to stop you. In the end, she just does as you ask, only bothering to utter, "Jeez, this's gotta be some kinda animal rights violation.."

She slowly turns the dial, and you watch the woman's expression slowly begin to grow strained. She's definitely feeling it, but she chooses not to move an inch, suffering silently as the radiation intensifies.

You don the headset, choosing to speak first and listen later. "Answer me, and I'll shut it off."

Nothing. Before your very eyes, the woman declares war. She'll neither speak, nor give you the satisfaction of watching her die. Only until she tires out will this continue. This is.. insane, and nothing less than infuriating for you. As much as you want to, you're afraid to turn the radiation levels higher. Though her skin neither burns nor boils, and though she shows none of the common signs of radiation poisoning, the fact that she's in pain is apparent. You can only watch and wait as she begins to show signs of breaking.

Eventually, she collapses, falling on her knees as her now dried hair whips around and falls after her. Chiyuri turns the radiation dial back down automatically, though you'd never intended to have her do it. You want to show the woman the same amount of mercy she'd given you. You want to see what'll make her beg to make the pain stop, to show her what she's put you through. You're sure Chiyuri feels the same.

"Now, you will talk." You speak into the microphone, your words more an order than a request. She'll have to speak eventually, or else you might really kill her.

The woman's long, slender arm shoots forward, her nails dragging down the glass. You can hear the shrill squeaking through the headset, and you watch as she tries to grab for you. Her eyes produce a faint, reddish glow that shines through her long, golden locks. You see her mouth open wide, pointed teeth glimmering under the florescent light as she screams, her voice an echo of pure unadulterated rage.


[ ] That's it. Kill her.
[ ] Try talking again.
[ ] Leave. You've had enough.

[ ] Try talking again.
[X] That's it. Kill her.

What was that? I can't hear you over the sound of you dying.
Well, that was... really gruesome and uncalled for. We voted to talk to it, not torture it into submission. This was supposed to be the nice option.

Oh well.

[X] Kill her. It's a mercy at this point.
[x]Leave. You've had enough.
File 122802370386.png - (479.97KB, 600x750 , 33ae988daa0f66b71ca49a1c1e55682e.png) [iqdb]
[x] Leave. You've had enough.

This might not win, but personally, I want to save the Youkai killing for the people who KNOW how to do it properly, with a, you know, more permanent means of dealing with them, instead of what's possibly going to be a very excruciating but TEMPORARY death that might bring about a very vengeful and pissed off youkai later on.

And hell, your Friendly Neighborhood Shrine Maiden can probably tell you who this bitch is. The way she was smart enough to stay in one location and wait for guaranteed tasty human morsels to come to her, I bet she's gotten in trouble before.

[ ] Leave. You've had enough.
[ ] Try talking again.
[x] Leave. You've had enough.
Talking is a pain now.
The sound is grating, the woman's voice ragged. She's angry. Angry, and in pain.

"I'll kill you!" She screams, clawing and punching at the glass with all her might. "I'll kill you!!"

"I don't think she likes you anymore.." Chiyuri whines, resting her hand on the metal housing of the control panel. "Then again, she didn't seem to like you much from the start.."

"I'm none to fond of her, either." You rip off the headset, tired from the now constant yelling. Without it, the room goes silent, and you breathe a small sigh.

You watch as the woman throws herself again and again into the glass, her long hair becoming a tangled mess as it wraps around her body. You notice she's wearing some manner of black clothing. It looks like at one point it was a dress, but is now torn and ripped to the point of being unrecognizable. It almost appears to be a small remainder of the black mist surrounding her previously.

She's not going to talk to you, that's for sure. If there was any chance that it might've happened before, you've gone and made it a certainty that it'll never happen. There's really nothing more that you can learn from her, and from what Chiyuri has told you, killing her isn't as easy as it seems. Your better judgement says that you should leave.

And you do just that. You'll have Chiyuri explain the rest later, but for now you should concentrate on yourself. Though it doesn't feel like it at the moment, you're still injured, and you still need to rest. Getting all worked up in here isn't going to make things better.

"Chiyuri," You turn away from the tank, and the woman inside. You try not to sound upset, though you can clearly feel yourself boiling with hatred. You want to see that woman die in the most horrible ways possible, but the fact that you're even capable of having such thoughts frightens you. You have to get away from it all, before you give in to them.

"I'm tired." You say, turning back the way you came in. "I don't want to be here anymore."

She doesn't respond, but you know she's behind you, hear her behind you. You feel her hand slip into yours, and you want to be comforted by it. But that creature is behind you, staring holes in your back. You want it all to stop--this fear, this anger, this pain in your chest. If only this had never happened, if only you hadn't chosen to go back that day. Maybe it would have been better.

You leave the lab behind you, watching the lights shut off as the door closes, leaving that creature of darkness back inside to live in another sort of darkness.

"Wanna try again later?" Chiyuri asks, after so many long minutes of silence. "I know it's gotta be tough for you to handle."

"I'm not sure." You moan, shaking your head as you try to rid yourself of everything you saw and felt inside that room. "I don't think I'm in the right mind to answer that."

"You're tellin' me!" She blares, her suddenly loud voice confusing you. "What the hell was that? 'Turn the radiation up', my ass! I thought you'd lost your fuckin' mind!"

Maybe she's right, maybe you did lose your mind for a spell there. Then again, maybe seeing that woman writhing in pain was exactly what you wanted. After what she did to you, after seeing her so powerless like that--that sort of vengefulness isn't something you're used to.

"I'm sorry." And all you can think to do is apologize. What all you could say, what you should say.. None of it comes out. Instead, just a simple, half-hearted apology with no emotion behind it.

"Don't apologize to me, goddammit!" She yells, tearing herself away from you, standing in front of you with the sort of tenaciousness you've come to expect from her. "I know you better than that! There's gotta be something in that head of yours that you're not tellin' me!"

"What do you want me to say?!" You yell in turn, suddenly on the defensive. You don't want to argue with her, but you feel like she's forced you into it. "That I wanted to do it? That I enjoyed doing it?! That it felt good to watch her squirm?!" You can't bear to look at her when she's staring you down like that. Those blue eyes of hers make you feel weak, like there's nothing you'll ever be capable of hiding from them. Chiyuri is.. strong. Stronger than you. You don't know how she can do it. "I feel like I'm.."

"No better than her?" Chiyuri asks, her voice softer than before. She taps the door a few times as she walks past it, stepping closer towards you. "That's not true and you know it."

"I do." You answer, surprised by her sudden insight. It's like she can see right through you, like your thoughts are an open book to her. It only serves to reinforce her claim that she knows better. "I know I'm better than that, but I can't help but think it." You'd probably have kept going, had you not been able to pull yourself away from it all. Maybe you'd have killed the woman, and you'd almost certainly have been glad of it. You were smiling when you gave that order, when you told Chiyuri to turn that dial.

"Well, stop thinking it then." Chiyuri groans, pulling you back from your thoughts. "If you keep thinking about it, you'll only make it worse." She lays a hand on your shoulder, trying to comfort you, or trying to keep your mind focused elsewhere. You can't tell just by the feel of it. "Sometimes it's better to just run away."

[ ] She's right. Try to think of something else. (Specify)
[ ] She's wrong. You need to stop and face it.
[ ] She's right. Try to think of something else. seer of dreams?
File 122803278645.jpg - (360.56KB, 800x600 , 57cbe88d4c7e2eaf13d10f6c9733b227.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] She's right. Try to think of something else.
[x] When and how you're going to get somebody else to go deal with that monster so you can put this behind you for good. A professional that doesn't carry as much emotional baggage over this issue and won't dwell on it like you do, and you would.

...Or this might be exactly the same thing as the second option. I don't know.
[X] She's right. Try to think of something else: How you're going to spend your month of rehab/vacation.
I'm still not sure how this somehow turned into a torture scene but ...
>>[X] She's right. Try to think of something else:
I'm feeling a bit dense right now, so I'll write in something later.
[x] She's right. Try to think of something else.
[x] When and how you're going to get somebody else to go deal with that monster so you can put this behind you for good. A professional that doesn't carry as much emotional baggage over this issue and won't dwell on it like you do, and you would.

ha ha ha ha
[x] She's right. Try to think of something else.
[x] When and how you're going to get somebody else to go deal with that monster so you can put this behind you for good. A professional that doesn't carry as much emotional baggage over this issue and won't dwell on it like you do, and you would.
This isn't gonna win, but.

[x] She's wrong. You need to stop and face it.
Maybe she's right. Maybe you should just put all of this behind you and try to move on. Trying to stop thinking about it completely at this very moment is impossible, what with that creature of a woman still locked up inside the ship. You can't leave her there like that. Eventually, she'll find a way out, and then she'll come after you. You need to find some way to neutralize her before that happens.

"'Ey," Chiyuri jerks her hand on your shoulder, shaking you slightly once or twice, derailing your train of thought in what could easily be described as a giant fireball. "You alright?"

"I'm better." You look to your side where she stands. She smiles, but the rest of her expression shows that she's worried about you. She probably knows more about the woman than you do, but you're still feeling tired. You'd like nothing more than to go back to your room and lay down. Yes, that sounds nice. You'll think about everything else later.

"Where're you goin'?" You hear Chiyuri call out from far behind. The sound of her voice alerts you, bringing your attention to yourself, and how you've been absent-mindedly walking away for a few seconds now.

"My room." You reply, your voice sounding weak. Maybe you've overworked yourself again, or maybe it's getting late. Your watch is gone, and you have no way of telling what time it is. "I'm tired and I want to lay down."

"You sure?" Chiyuri rushes to catch up to you, Ruukoto following just next to you. Has she been there the entire time? You struggle to think clearly as Chiyuri runs up behind you. "It's hardly even past noon."

"My legs are tired, my head and chest hurt.. Yeah, I'm pretty sure." You look down to her, smiling as you go. The hockey stick you carry under your arm begins to hurt, and you switch it to your other side. It's just as awkward on either side, making you wish you had something a bit more stable for support.

"I'm not gonna stop you, if it's only for a little while." She seems a little distraught, though you can't blame her. She's been chasing you around all day to this point, and then you go and scare her like that with your strange behavior. Even thinking about that woman back there makes you burn with anger, and pushing it all from our mind isn't nearly as easy as Chiyuri makes it seem.

"It might give me time to think." You tell her, though you know it's not true. All you want to do is curl up in your bed and go to sleep. You don't want to think about anything at all right now.

Chiyuri shrugs, following you down a corner, past the first door in the hall, and into your room. Ruukoto follows just behind her like, well.. Like a robot. Do the both of them plan on following you forever?

[ ] Let them stay.
[ ] Kick them out.
[ ] Let only Chiyuri stay.
[ ] Do something else. (Specify)
[x] Kick them out.

Yeah, I think we might need some space before we pop a gasket right in front of them.
[x] Kick them out.

"what part of nap-tiem don't you understand?"
[ ] Kick them out.
[X] Ask Chiyuri to lie down with you. It'll help you sleep to know that she'll be right there with you.
[X] Let them both stay.
[X] Ask Chiyuri to lie down with you. It'll help you sleep to know that she'll be right there with you.
[x] Let only Chiyuri stay.
[x] Ruukoto should keep watch on the prisoner.
[x] Let only Chiyuri stay.
[x] Ruukoto should keep watch on the prisoner.
[x] Let only Chiyuri stay.
[x] Ruukoto should keep watch on the prisoner.
[X] Let only Chiyuri stay.
[X] Ask Chiyuri to lie down with you. It'll help you sleep to know that she'll be right there with you.
....I think most of the votes for last time were more along the lines of:
>[x] She's wrong. You need to stop and face it.
even despite the fact that it was the other choice, what followed after it showed that were were trying NOT to just go "LOL I'M GOING TO REPRESS THIS AND IGNORE IT" like Snake seems to have interpreted it.

I think the write-in WAS trying to repress and ignore "it".

Where "it" is all the emotional and moral issues Yumemi is going through over what amounts to little more than an attack by a wild animal. Instead of letting the turmoil and conflict she's going through get to her, she's escaping from it all by pushing the responsibility of finishing it off onto somebody who does it for a living and won't give a fuck about it either way.

Oh, and they'll do it quickly and properly, too. I don't think using a giant microwave is the most humane way to kill somebody, or that it'll even work.
(>>70059 here)
I thought so, too. But I was the only one who voted that way.

[X] Ask Chiyuri to lie down with you. It'll help you sleep to know that she'll be right there with you.
Well, maybe it's fine. You're not sure you want to be alone right now, especially considering the strange thoughts running through your mind. Chiyuri's advice regarding your situation doesn't seem to be helping calm you at all, and the image of the woman screaming in the tank keeps floating to the front of your mind. You can't seem to shake it off.

You take a seat on the edge of your bed, feeling the familiar spring of the mattress as it gives slightly under your weight. You wonder if you should really be resting like this when there's a monster like that aboard your ship.

"It's fine, isn't it?" You tell yourself aloud, though you can't quite convince yourself that it truly is. You should be doing something, and just brushing it all aside won't help you to stop thinking about it. It's like there's a thousand little voices inside your head telling you that there's something wrong with what you're doing.

You wonder if you should kick Chiyuri and Ruukoto out so you're free to wrack your brain without obstruction. But what about your condition? Your body is still recovering, and even if the progress you've made in a day is astounding, you shouldn't push it too hard. You're already hurting enough as it is. No, it's probably best to let them stay. You can't simply push them away like they're strangers. Chiyuri would worry, and Ruukoto.. Well, who knows.

"Chiyuri," You sigh, looking up into those big blue eyes of hers, watching her snap to attention as she hears you call for her.

"Hmm?" She hums, taking a step into the room. Ruukoto mimics her movements precisely, even down to the way she crosses her arms. "Something wrong?"

"Have a seat." You smile, patting the space next to you as you try to look friendly. You're still fighting with yourself over whether or not you should allow yourself to rest like this--when there's something you know you should be doing.

Your careful eyes watch Chiyuri. The way she moves, the slight movement of her arms as she waves Ruukoto out of the room, the way her hips swing from side to side as she walks. It all serves merely as a distraction for you, and it hardly seem fair to her for you to think of her like that's all she is.

The bed rocks slightly as she plops down next to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders like she's trying to be reassuring. It's.. nice, that she thinks of you so much.

You sigh and hang your head, resting your forehead in the palms of your hands. You don't want to use her like this. She's not just another tool you can use for distracting yourself when you don't want to think of something else. Chiyuri is..

"You're still thinking about it, aren't you?" She asks, the sound of her voice calm as ever. "This really isn't like you, ya know. Normally, you'd just, well.. Ahaha," She lets out a small laugh, throwing a fist into the air. "Well, normally you'd just beat 'em into a pulp without thinking twice." She smiles, putting her fist down as her other hand slowly draws up and down your back.

"C'mon," She groans, "You're supposed to be stronger than this.."

[ ] ?
[X] She's right. And for her, you can be. Put a stop to it. Put it out of your mind. Smile.
[X] Ask her what the deal is with strawberries.
[X] She's right. And for her, you can be. Put a stop to it. Put it out of your mind. Smile.
[X] Ask her what the deal is with strawberries.
[X] She's right. And for her, you can be. Put a stop to it. Put it out of your mind. Smile.
[X] Ask her what the deal is with strawberries.
[x] "You're right. I'm supposed to be strong. But, back then, that thing made me feel so weak."
[x] "And to think the source of all of this is sitting there on our ship! As long as it's like this, I can't get this off of my chest. I want to be rid of it."

I don't like that other write-in. It's like, "Suddenly, I don't have problems anymore! This is the power of love!!!"
x] "You're right. I'm supposed to be strong. But, back then, that thing made me feel so weak."
[x] "And to think the source of all of this is sitting there on our ship! As long as it's like this, I can't get this off of my chest. I want to be rid of it."

I hear that.
[x] "You're right. I'm supposed to be strong. But, back then, that thing made me feel so weak."
[x] "And to think the source of all of this is sitting there on our ship! As long as it's like this, I can't get this off of my chest. I want to be rid of it."
File 122833270174.png - (142.39KB, 600x700 , strawberry_nom_nom.png) [iqdb]
[x] "You're right. I'm supposed to be strong. But, back then, that thing made me feel so weak."
[x] "And to think the source of all of this is sitting there on our ship! As long as it's like this, I can't get this off of my chest. I want to be rid of it."
[X] Ask her what the deal is with strawberries.

The last one is still the most important one.
[X] "You're right. I'm supposed to be strong. But, back then, that thing made me feel so weak."
[X] "And to think the source of all of this is sitting there on our ship! As long as it's like this, I can't get this off of my chest. I want to be rid of it."
[X] Ask her what the deal is with strawberries.
[X] "You're right. I'm supposed to be strong. But, back then, that thing made me feel so weak."
[X] "And to think the source of all of this is sitting there on our ship! As long as it's like this, I can't get this off of my chest. I want to be rid of it."
[X] Ask her what the deal is with strawberries.
"Maybe you're right," You respond, "Maybe I shouldn't let it get to me so much."

"And normally," she whines, agitated, "You wouldn't listen to my advice, either."

"I probably shouldn't." You laugh. Weakly, but it's still a laugh. You try to remember yourself from several months ago. You were truly happy then. Strong, indefatigable, and deaf to all but yourself. You think of that part of yourself, and it feels like you're thinking of a stranger, like that you is long since dead. Maybe you're not weaker..

Maybe you've just changed. Maybe it took something like that attack to make you see the world around you for what it really is. Maybe now, only after you've seen it, you're afraid. Afraid that you've lost the ability to control the things around you, afraid that you may have never had that control to begin with. Or, maybe you're just thinking too hard. That's already too many 'maybes' for you as it is. The way you see things, there's only one thing you should concentrate on right now.

That thing, sitting caged in your labs. You need to be rid of it, and soon. Simply having it there, knowing it's right next to you--it's too much to bear. If you allow it to keep breathing down your neck like that, you'll lose your mind! You might already be losing it!

You feel like Chiyuri is the only thing holding you together. She's there, she's always been there, and you hope she always will be. Even through all of this--the hell you put her through, the scare you gave her in the labs--she's never once left your side. Thinking of her like that makes you feel.. Like you're only using her as a crutch. Like she's no better than this stick in your hands. Is she really no better than that?

What is she to you?

You don't know. You don't know at all. Chiyuri is..

"Ey, keep it together here." She's snapping her fingers in front of your face. "You're doing it again."

"Again?" You reply, shaking yourself awake. You feel like you started to doze off for a minute, there. You must be thinking much too hard.

"Yeah, again." She nods, her expression almost too stern. Like she's just messing with you. "Think of anything?" She breaks out into a smile, her head leaning down to rest on your shoulder.

"That thing, in the labs.." You tell her, "I want it gone."

"Gone?!" She jumps up, suddenly standing over you with a look of shock on her face. "L-like, dead gone?"

"If necessary." You remain calm. You've thought this through well enough to know what you want. "I want it so that it's no longer a threat to our--and especially my safety. It seems particularly interested in killing me, for some reason."

"Yeah, that's 'cuz you zapped it a good bit, there." She replies, sardonically. Her eyes narrow to mere slits as her lips curl to form a wry sort of smile. "I don't think I'd-"

"No, before that." You interrupt, "It's attacks before that were all aimed at me, or did you not notice?"

"Well, if you say so.." Her expression clears, but she still doesn't seem to completely accept your words as truth. "But isn't killing it a bit too much?"

"For me, no." You feel strong emotions welling up, and your voice grows cold because of them. You recognize the feelings as making you less than impartial. "I'm sure you know what I feel."

"Yeah, it's kinda normal." She shrugs, retaking her seat next to you. "Look, maybe you'll calm down after a bit of rest. I can't say I'm fond of this spiteful side of you."

And you can't say you're fond of it, either. Some of the thoughts and emotions running through your mind give you these terrible impulses. Burying them is impossible, and to give in to them would make you no less than a monster yourself. Chiyuri might be right, you think. Maybe a bit of rest ought to clear your thoughts.

[ ] Rest.
[ ] Don't rest.

If Rest:

[ ] Let Chiyuri stay.
[ ] Make Chiyuri leave.

If Don't rest:

[ ] Specify action.
[X] Rest.
[X] Let Chiyuri stay.

We really shouldn't have gone to see it. Too much shock and trauma for today. Cool down with the reassuring presence of a loved one. Get some sleep.
[X] Rest.
[X] Let Chiyuri stay.
[X] Ask her what the deal is with strawberries.
[X] Rest.
[X] Let Chiyuri stay.
[X] Ask her what the deal is with strawberries.
{X} Rest.
{X} Let Chiyuri stay.
{X} Ask her what the deal is with strawberries.
Yes, you should probably get some sleep. You doubt you'd had a good rest since you sustained this injury. Chiyuri's right, though. Sleeping will surely give you time to clear your head. You've spent a good while thinking about the situation as it stands, and every time you get to the woman in the tank, you run into a wall of emotion that keeps you from progressing.

But at the same time, you don't want Chiyuri to leave. Her simply being here is comforting, and you like talking to her. You're not sure you'd consider it to be fun, but hearing the sound of her voice gives you this unshakable warm feeling--like you could listen to her talk forever and never grow tired of it. She has to stay.

"Here, lemme help you." She picks herself up, helping you take the covers down on the bed.

The simple black coverlet feels heavy in your hands, though you remember lifting it time and time again. You never had to put this much effort into it. Your body aches all over, especially around the wound. You feel like you've aged 60 years in that small period of two months, and your ragged appearance only serves to make you look it, too. You're sure you'll feel better tomorrow, or--depending on when you wake up--later today.

Undressing yourself proves to be just as great a task as anything. Each button on your shirt makes it seem as if your pulling railroad spikes bare-handed, and maneuvering your arms out of your vest and shirt proves to be more painful than you can manage alone. You end up recruiting Chiyuri's help yet again, and comply with her directives until you're down to your skivvies.

You lie down and rest your head on one of two pillows laid side-by-side. Unlike that small, uncomfortable mat back at the shrine, your bed could easily fit two people comfortably apart. The sheets are cold yet comfortable, and you feel like you could doze off at a moment's notice.

But you have to stay awake, if only for a little longer. Chiyuri leans over the bed as she gently raises the cover over you, and as she readies herself to leave, you grab her. Your hand catches firmly around her wrist.

"You're staying." You smile and pull her arm closer. She seems to have been caught off-guard, but not all that surprised.

She smiles warmly and nods, "Alright." and you let go of her wrist.

"But seriously," She jokes, throwing her shirt off and revealing her naked chest. Still, she refuses to wear a bra. "Don't hold me accountable if I try something funny."

"You won't, though." You let out a quiet giggle, watching as her shoes and pants come off last.

"I will, I won't. Who's to say?" She shrugs, throwing the cover back, exposing you to the colder air in the room. She wastes no time jumping in next to you.

You feel an arm snake across your collarbone, and as she pulls herself closer you can feel her breasts and chest touching your arm. Maybe she does it on purpose, or maybe it's something she's not quite cognizant of when she does it. You don't know her reasons, but you're sure it's a good feeling. Her bare skin is warm, like it was in the bath. Thinking about it reminds you of something. Though it does seem a bit out of place at this point and time, you'd like to ask..

"Chiyuri?" You ask, looking over to see her staring at you with that innocent look in her eye. "I've been meaning to ask you this, but.." It's still a bit awkward. Why do you think of it now, of all times?

"Go on, I'm listening." She presses you, her fingernails scratching delicately down your sternum and stomach, again resting her hand on your navel. You take notice of the smile on her face, but you don't pay it any mind.

"Why strawberries?" The soap, the shampoo--they were both the same scent. You wonder if it came in a set, or when she even bought it.

"Huh?" She gives you a confused look before the realization hits her. "Oh, that? Well, I kinda thought.. Well, you know. That thing you do with the crosses, right?" You wait and let her run her course. She fumbles with words for a bit as she tries to think up a proper reason or excuse. "Well, I guess it had something to do with that."

"Hmm, well.." You stop and think. That 'thing you do with the crosses', as she calls it, is no more than a mix of nanotechnologies, magnetics, and laser emitters. The cross-like appearance of each created object stems only from the fact that a cross shape is incredibly simple to produce over and over again. You feel like she should know at least some of the technology that went into it, considering she did some work on the emitter devices built into your cape.

"You don't believe me?" She smiles and coos, inching her face ever closer to your own.

"Bullseye." You laugh, laying completely still other than your one hand that seems to have involuntarily started playing with her hair.

"Geh, how mean~" The end of her tongue pokes through her lips, and she winks. Clearly, she's just playing around.

[ ] Keep talking to her.
[ ] Try to sleep.
[X] Keep talking to her.

I want more delicious conversation. I reckon we'd want some more positive social interaction in character as well. (Although fooling around would actually be counterproductive, if this is a vote for that in disguise then go to sleep instead.)
Also have I mentioned yet how awesome this story is? It is simple but still manages to be more engaging than a simple "Here's some SCIENCE and Chiyuri yuri, hooray!" description would indicate.
[x] Keep talking to her.

Yeah, hasn't it been like, two months? Yumemi needs to find out where she was so she can get back to work nigger.
[x] Keep talking to her.
[X] Keep talking to her.
[X] Keep talking to her.
"You're used to it." You reply, carefully feeling for her under the covers. Once you have your hands on her, you'll make her laugh herself silly! She's bound to have at least one ticklish spot on her.

Her expression acts as a gauge for you--each time you lay a hand on her she changes it slightly. A smile, a giggle, a narrowing of her eyes--all acting as signals that you're getting closer.

She seems to be getting closer in a more literal sense of the word. You feel her wrap a leg around your thigh, using it to pull you against her.

"You're being awfully friendly." She smiles, touching her forehead to yours.

"I am." You readily accept it, resting your hand somewhere on her back. She jumps slightly in your arms, maybe surprised by it. Her body relaxes, and she doesn't say one thing or another about it.

And you don't bother to ask. Doing so, you feel, might push her away. Having her this close, pressing her warm body to yours.. You've missed it, you should say. Maybe, your body is what's missed it more. The time seemed to pass in an instant for you, but for the rest of the world, and for the rest of you, it was a whole two months. When you stop to think about it, maybe you've missed much more than just the touch of another.

"Chiyuri, I-" You start, looking into her eyes. Her closed eyes.

She's fallen asleep, hasn't she? Should you wake her? This is important! No, no, it's fine. You'll just wait to ask her tomorrow. Maybe it would've been too much to ask anyway, at a time and in a place like this..

But the lights are still on! You hadn't figured to turn them off before, and you don't want to get up now. But it's not like you could just get up if you wanted to. Chiyuri's arms are wrapped loosely yet securely around you, and it feels like she's got one of your legs locked firmly between hers.. She-

She doesn't want you to leave, does she? Well, you can't really blame her. Not after what she's been through. Even asleep like this, it would seem as if her thoughts carry through to the rest of her unconscious body. Her strong feelings aside, it's actually kind of cute. You'd opt to play with her a little bit, but you feel like falling asleep yourself.

This girl, she.. really has some good ideas.. sometimes..

[ ] Write-in dream sequence.

Again, same deal as GiG. Number, 1-1000, no duplicate entries, etc.

Yumemi Okazaki pilots Evil Eye Omega for the first and last time to serve as Humanity's last hope against the dreaded Genjira.
Ruukoto enters the 3rd Annual Maid-Off Competition against long-time rival, VIVIT.

Yumemi and Chiyuri go to a fancy dress ballroom dance together, and end up feeling just a smidge too naughty - they try as hard as possible to get each other off as they dance. The night ends in embarrassment as they reach climax simultaneously, synched with the last crescendo of the music, and everyone present watches the two of them tumble to the floor in orgasm.
[X] 777

Yumemi and Chiyuri live a simple life out in a quiet neck of the woods, tending a strawberry farm. It's Chiyuri's birthday, but she knows Yumemi doesn't usually pay attention to such things, so she doesn't expect anything to happen, but...

The ghosts of christmas past present and future show up to convince her to change her youkai hating ways
File 122869300082.jpg - (119.96KB, 819x613 , 1227563065552.jpg) [iqdb]
Yumemi Okazaki, vampire slayer, partners with Chiyuri Kitashirakawa, a vampire.

Together, they fight crime! Er, together, they kill Remilia Scarlet in a noir-esque story sequence.

Sunohara face Chiyuri is frightening.
Yumemi finds herself in a snowy land, being chased by a crazed Kotohime. Chiyuri swoops down on an antique biplane to rescue her.
And then they crash into a tree. But they laugh it off, launch it again, and fly into the sunset together.

Wins. Number was 815. Writan will begin sometime soon.
Another dreamless night. You're not sure if you recognize this scenery. This isn't your room! You don't recall falling asleep in a place like this. The walls, the floors, the ceiling--it's all made of wood! Like some kind of antique cottage. Whoever in their right mind would use such a primitive form of construction in this day and age?

There's not a hint of metal in the construction. No electricity, none of the usual amenities you'd expect from a modern dwelling--there's not a sign of technology anywhere! Has Chiyuri been messing with the probability drive again? Have you somehow been transported back to the dark ages? As if you didn't have enough questions when you went to sleep..

"You up yet?" From the corner of your eye, you see Chiyuri burst into the room. The sudden calamity of the door being flung open forces you to sit up.

Something's not quite right with her, either. The way she's dressed seems just as archaic as the styling of this bedroom. A simple white gown replaces her usual sailor's garb, the long and thin skirt flows loosely around her as she steps closer to you. She holds a hand to your head, wearing a scornful sort of expression on her face.

"Are you sick or something?" She bends down over you, staring carefully into your eyes. She holds her pose for a minute or two, allowing you enough time to recover from the initial shock of waking up in this strange place.

"Chiyuri.." You call to her, your voice sleepy and unsure. "What is this place?"

Her eyes widen in an instant, and you find yourself laying flat on your back a moment later. She pushed you! That impertinent little-

"You live here, remember?" She takes a seat on the edge of your bed--which appears to be little more than a sack stuffed with all manners of cloth and straw. Her voice is calmer than usual, if only just a little bit worried. "Yep, you must be sick. 's not like you to oversleep like this."

Her gaze turns to the wall, and then down to you. The faintest of smiles works it's way into her expression. "You remember what day it is?"

It's the third of October, right? Funny, it seems awfully warm without any visible sort of heater or conditioning device around. Is it summer? Spring? Not only do you not know where you are, but now you're at a loss as to when.

"It's okay." She whispers calmly, patting you on the head. "You just rest, okay?"

All you can do is nod. Nothing here seems right. The house, the bed, the weather--even the way Chiyuri acts seems off. She's never this calm. Ever! Something is clearly wrong. You don't feel sick at all. If anything, you're feeling fine. Better than before--the pain from your wounds seems to have vanished in an instant.

You can even stand on your own, and you're clearly strong enough to fight Chiyuri off of you as she tries to put you back in bed. You easily grab her arms and fling her onto the bed, and somewhere along the way, you wind up on top of her, holding her down.

"Yumi, what're you--" She stammers, straining her face and struggling to pull free from your grip.

Funny, she was never this weak before. You don't even have to put any force into your hands holding her wrists-

Or at least, you were holding her wrists. She was under you. But in the blink of an eye, she seems to have gone.

Everything--the entire house is gone. In it's place is what amounts to nothing. A simple impenetrable blackness, no different than the beast-shape around the woman that attacked you. Except, you don't feel afraid of it.

In fact, you hardly feel anything at all. There doesn't seem to be anything under you--no floor, no straw mat--you're just floating. At least, you think you're floating. You wonder if you should be surprised.

"You're finally asleep," A voice calls out from the blackness. A woman's voice, smooth and clear--carrying with it a sense of incredible power. "Perhaps now, we can talk."

[ ] "Who are you?"
[ ] "What is this place?"
[ ] "Why am I here?"
[ ] "Where's Chiyuri?"
[x] "Who are you?"
[x] "Why am I here?"

These two seem the most important.
[ ] "Why am I here?"
[X] "Who are you?"
[X] "Why am I here?"
"Talk?" You ask, the sound of your voice is weak by comparison. What is there to talk about? What is this place? Why have you been brought here? Surely, you were asleep a moment ago.

It's strange, though. You feel like you're wide awake. This vision is.. far too vivid to simply be a dream. You must be dreaming, though--a place like this is far too surreal for it to possibly exist. Your head is filled with such contradictions as you struggle to grasp just where you are.

You don't seem to be floating anymore. Your feet find solid ground, and the sensation is that of something cold and hard. The floor is smooth--far too smooth, like one false step might send you reeling. It's like.. Yes, that sounds about right.

It's like you're walking on water.

"Seer of dreams," The voice booms, the sound just shy of deafening. It's next words come out softer, almost warmly. "I require your assistance."

"Who are you?" You ask, not sure where to turn. The sound of the voice seems to emanate from all directions. "Why am I here?"

"In time." The voice responds gently, yet forcefully enough to assert control of the situation. "You have something I want."

"I.." That makes no sense! At least, the wording is far too vague for you to understand the meaning. What is it that you have? What does she want? What does any of this have to do with you?

"I suppose," The womanly voice sighs, suddenly showing a clear sign of human emotion. It seems distraught--worried about something clearly important to it. "I should clarify your understanding.."

You hear something off in the distance. It's not the voice--you can clearly assess the direction it's coming from. It sounds like.. footsteps?

You listen carefully, trying to judge the distance of the noise just by the sound of it. The sharp, plastic noise echoes off of invisible walls--the sound of something like the soles of shoes against a hard stone floor.

You can faintly see something moving in the darkness--human-shaped by the looks of it. The form slowly draws closer, a faint, menacing yellowed glow where it's eyes should be. It's.. terrifying. You dare not move.

The darkness seems to give way under the two tiny dots of light as the shape in the dark is slowly removed from the cloud of black. Behind them is the form of a woman, with long golden hair and eyes to match. She carries something large on her back, the shape still obscured by the darkness around her. Her face is hidden, concealed by the bright light that seems to emanate from her eyes.

The shape on her back moves closer to her body, but the way she moves makes it seem as if the object simply shifted on it's own. The glow around her fades, but the darkness keeps receding. You can see the floor under you now, but your eyes are fixed on the approaching woman. You can see her face, but you don't seem to be able to understand what you're seeing. This woman, she frightens and angers you, despite having done nothing to provoke such emotions.

No, that's not right. She has done something. You'd never forget that face as long as you live. This woman is..

She's the monster that almost killed you.

[ ] ?
[X] "Get out. I don't want anything to do with you."
[x] Laugh. Laugh like this is the funniest joke you've ever heard.
[x] "It was you?! Were you with them, those people that sneaked onboard my ship and screwed with my probability drive? And then you nearly killed me, and probably brought me back to life, and drove me into such a miserable state, right?"
[x] Grasp your head in frustration.
[x] "Clarify things already! What do you want? Nothing makes sense!"
But.. Why? Why is she here? What does she want with you? Why won't she leave you alone?!

Your fear takes over. You want to scream, you have to scream! You open your mouth, but the sound doesn't come out. You feel the wind rush out of your lungs all at once, but all you hear is silence. Not even the sound of your breath escapes.

You have to run away! She'll kill you if you stand here! You have to run away!

But your feet remain in place, unmovable no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you want to escape. You're powerless, and amidst all of your struggling, your eyes never once stray from the woman's face.

She's smiling. Smiling as if she's enjoying watching your pointless struggle.

That's all it is, isn't it? Pointless, useless, meaningless--you're completely frozen. Again, just like that time back in the field, you're completely at her mercy. This.. This isn't happening!

It's all a dream, isn't it? Why can't you wake up? Why can't you move? Even in your own mind, are you really this powerless to do anything? Why doesn't she just kill you? She's just standing there, watching you with that strange smile on her face.

"You truly are an interesting being," She giggles, taking another step closer. "I should say I'm surprised. Most humans would have died from such an injury.."

She places a hand on you, drawing a line with her fingers across the scar on your chest. Her expression, the way she freely touches you as she pleases--it should make you sick. It's funny.. You don't really feel anything at all..

"But it seems.." A grin, "You still haven't recovered."

The woman glances off to the side, relieving some of the pressure those monstrous, almost reptilian eyes have imparted to you. Her expression softens, her smile grows calm, and her eyes turn back to meet yours.

"You must really hate me," She says, her voice carrying with it what could almost be called sorrow. "Tell me, Seer, are you afraid?"

"I-" You utter, suddenly finding yourself able to speak again. Of course, you're overwhelmed with fear. It takes every ounce of your willpower just to keep yourself from screaming. But why is she..

"I can't say I blame you. After all, I did something terrible to you." Her gaze grows cold, and the faint smile drops from her face. "Is this not how you see it?"

Her hands drop from your body as she turns away. The object on her back seems to have disappeared, or at least, you can't see it anymore. Why hasn't she killed you? She doesn't seem to want to savor this victory of hers at all, instead asking you all of these strange, probing questions. Should you answer her? Should you make the attempt to acknowledge her? Will it do anything to calm your racing heart?

"I- Why are you-" Even your voice shakes with terror. You try to calm your mind enough to speak, only to find your efforts in vain.

"Had I intended to kill you," She whips around, those snake-like eyes gazing right through you. "... No, I won't kill you. As it stands, I harbor no manner of ill will towards you." Again, you see her smile.

Is she lying? Is she simply saying that to give you a false sense of security? Judging by the situation you're in, that could be the case. But at the same time, it doesn't seem likely.

[ ] "What do you want?"
[ ] "Can't you just leave me alone?!"
[ ] "Fuck off!"
[x] "What do you want?"

[X] "What do you want?"
[ ] "What do you want?"
[x] "Can't you just leave me alone?!"
Eh, crap, sorry about that.
Stupid board posted my response - Scream - three times, acted like it Timed Out, then I reloaded the page an hour later. FUBAR'd the vote.

[x] "What do you want?"
We not going nowhere .
"If you're not going to kill me," You start, managing to somewhat recover a bit of strength in your words, "Then what do you want from me?"

The woman turns away yet again, this time showing her back to you. Damn, if only you could move! Then, you might be able to get out of this! Even if it looks like you'll be able to reason with her, if the opportunity arises..

"This may seem strange, coming from the person who tried to kill you," She replies, letting out a small laugh as she finds some sort of humor in the situation. "To be as forward as possible, I need your help."

"Help?" If you weren't confused before, that certainly did it. "Why the hell would you want my help?" Furthermore, what reason do you have to help her? She almost killed you!

"Indeed, I find it strange as well." Again, she faces you, an innocent sort of smile on her face. "Why, of all people, a human? And an outsider, at that." Her eyes examine you with precision, as if searching for something special. "Still, the fact remains that I was somehow unconsciously attracted to you.."

"You seemed pretty damned conscious when you tried to rip me in half." This is.. She's clearly out of her mind! First, she tries to kill you. And now she wants you to do her a favor?! Like hell you will! The bitch can rot in that tank, for all you care!

"Perhaps I did." Her eyes turn away, and her shoulders droop as she gives you this dejected sort of glance. "Though were I conscious at the time, that surely would not have happened."

"What are you getting at?" Does she want you to feel sorry for her? After what she's done?! You only wish she'd hurry it up so you can get out of this God-forsaken black hole of a room.

"I can't think of a simple way to explain it." She sighs, turning once more as she takes that one step forward to stand at arm's length from you. "My mind has been.. Fractured, I could say. I'm none too sure of it myself, though I know that it wasn't always like this. Someone, or something did this to me. The me in your dreams, standing before you at this moment, is not the same as the one in the physical realm on your vessel."

"Oh?" Well, isn't that lovely? A woman with a broken brain tries to kill you, only to beg for help in your dreams the day after you become conscious again. Well, that's just great. Should you feel sorry for her? Should you pity her and offer your assistance? No, all you can feel right now is a seething hatred towards this woman, and whether she rightfully deserves it or not, the fact that you feel that way won't change.

"It would appear that, though I'm able to sense what happens around me, I am unable to control my body even the slightest bit during my waking hours." Her expression changes yet again. You see anger, frustration, hatred--the same expression she wore when you first met her gaze when she was in that tank. It only serves to frighten you.

"It's.. frustrating," She speaks through her tightly clenched jaws, "Do you know what it's like? To watch yourself kill somebody you love--to be unable to stop yourself from ripping them apart with your own bare hands?"

She turns away, no longer able to face you. As she takes a step back into the dark space around you, you think to yourself. Should you still be angry, after hearing her say that? You want to hate her, to curse and revile this woman with all of your heart. You just don't know what to do. She seems.. almost human, now.

"To be honest, such an even has yet to take place.." She murmurs, her back still turned to you. "Though I would hope that it helps to illustrate my predicament."

"Wait, wait, wait." You nearly stumble over your own shock as you speak. "You werelying?!"

"I was merely using it as an example. My intention was not to gain help through the use of deception." She shifts her weight slightly, crossing her arms as she wheels back around with this stupidly smug look on her face. The smile quickly fades. "However, such an occurrence is a very real possibility, considering the lack of control I have over my body. It is.. far too powerful to simply allow to run amok."

You move to speak, but he woman's icy cold stare quickly silences you. Clearly, she's serious, and whether she was lying or not is a moot point. You try to force down your feelings of frustration and anger, and allow her to speak.

"I wish to stop it, though I have no intention of letting myself be killed. I believe it to be some manner of curse or spell. A powerful one at that, considering that I am unable to dispel it's effects." She walks up to you again, stepping closer and closer, until her body nearly touches your own. "This," She smiles, again drawing her hand across your scarred chest. "Is where I need your help."

Grinning, she watches for a reaction as her hand snakes it's way down your body. Again, you find yourself unable to speak--once more at the mercy of this woman's will. Her hand slowly moves across your bare abdomen, stopping it's descent just short of your navel.

"The one who did this to me," She whispers, pulling herself ever closer. "I remember little from the time it happened, but I'll never forget those silver eyes. Find them, bring them to me, and I'll see to it you're well rewarded."

You feel a sudden jolt as the woman pushes you away, and you find yourself falling to the invisible ground below.

A moment later, you find yourself back in your own bed, wondering if the vision you just had was really a dream. You feel a cramp in your side, but much of the pain you felt the day before has subsided. But..

Weren't you asleep with Chiyuri? As you sit up, you can't seem to find any trace of her. Where has that little brat gone off to this time?

[ ] Think about the dream.
[ ] Try to do some work.
[ ] Walk around for a bit.
[ ] Find Chiyuri.
[ ] Take a shower.
[x] Take a shower.
[x] Think about the dream.

I can imagine several different points within that nightmare where Yumemi would piss herself out of fear.
[ ] Take a shower.
[X] Take a shower.
[X] Think about the dream.
[x] Take a shower.
[x] Think about the dream.
Well, you'll just have to worry about Chiyuri later. There's more important things to take care of. For starters, you want to grab a shower. You're entire body feels slick with sweat, most likely because of that horrible nightmare.

Silver eyes, she had said. Certainly, it's not much to go on. But what of that reward she mentioned? Is there anything at all you could possibly hope to gain from it? You should try to think about it in the shower. Wracking your brain just after you woke up will only leave you with a terrible headache that you could easily do without.

You work your way to the side of the bed, pushing yourself away from the damp part of the sheets where you were just sleeping. Were you really sweating that bad? You should get Ruukoto to change out the sheets later.

You pull yourself to your feet fairly easily, with only a mild bit of pain where the scar runs across your abdominal muscles. Walking doesn't seem to take as much effort as before, and you can probably do without any supports.

Speaking of which, where is that thing? The hockey stick Chiyuri gave you isn't where you left it. For that matter, your clothes are gone. You figure Chiyuri or Ruukoto came through and picked them up while you were asleep.

The walk to the shower is about as routine as you could expect, and despite your injuries, you make it there with almost no trouble at all. Normally, you'd meet up with Chiyuri about here, but the room is empty. It feels a bit lonely, now that you think about it.

You make your shower quick, favoring speed over your personal enjoyment. Though you'd half expected it, you find your clothes neatly folded in the changing room adjacent to the showers. Again, Chiyuri is nowhere to be found. And as luck would have it, your cape is gone as well. At least, that pistol Chiyuri gave you yesterday lays on top of the neatly stacked pile.

You dress as usual, and head out the door. You wonder, where could Chiyuri have gone off to? For starters, you choose to head back to your room. On the way, you take a bit of time to think about that dream you had.

At least, you think it was a dream. You remember every last bit of it, as if it had happened while you were awake. The woman's eyes, words, and even the little details of her dress--you remember it as if you'd actually met her. There's none of the fuzziness and loss of memory you'd expect from a dream, and you figure there can only be one logical conclusion.

Probably, almost assuredly, you weren't dreaming. What you'd heard, seen, and said had all actually happened. Which would mean you may now have a way to deal with the woman in the tank. Getting a problem like that off of your back is nothing short of a miracle, though..

How should you go about finding the silver-eyed person she spoke of? Maybe..

[ ] Someone in town knows about it.
[ ] The shrine maiden might know about it.
[ ] You should just forget about the whole thing.
[X] The shrine maiden might know about it.
[ ] Someone in town knows about it.
[x] The shrine maiden might know about it.

She probably knows about everyone inhuman.

...Chiyuri jacked our cape.

Chiyuri jacked our cape.

SHE JACKED OUR CAPE. I don't care if she's the love interest. She's going down.
[ ] The shrine maiden might know about it.
[X] You should just forget about the whole thing.

Pike off, bitch. Your body almost killed me. You want help? Then you ask nicely like a normal person. Maybe try saying please. One more bad dream and I turn the radiation in that tank right on up and see the miko about an exorcism.
[x] The shrine maiden might know about it.
[x] The shrine maiden might know about it.

Although if she offers to just exterminate it, then that's fine too.
[x] The shrine maiden might know about it.

Yes. We have to get her back somehow.
Maybe that shrine maiden would know something. You vaguely remember some of the rumors you heard throughout the village a while back. From what you could tell, she's supposedly fairly knowledgeable when it comes to strange creatures like the one you have locked up. If she doesn't know about this silver-eyed person, she may know of another way to solve the issue.

But first on the agenda would be finding Chiyuri. Where did she run off to, and what has she done with your cape? You're not about to leave without it, and you'd rather not leave her behind as well. It's doubtful you'll find her in your room, so why not check hers? As it stands, you're headed in the wrong direction.

You head back the way you came, passing by the usual twists and turns of these never-ending passages you've grown used to. Somehow, you're able to remember how to get there, despite everything looking about the same. On your way, you pass by the labs, that long and dark corridor leading to the lower levels, and eventually you find yourself standing amidst a long corridor of numbered doors.

This is the crew quarters, but.. Which one was Chiyuri's room? All of the others are unused at the moment, so rather than try each one, you look for the one door that appears more worn than the others. A few scratches on the side, maybe some exposed metal where the paint's been chipped.. Only one of the doors shows signs of use. The number plate stamped onto the door reads 17, and you make a quick mental note of it.

Of course, the room is empty. It had to be, right? It's certainly her room, though. You'd recognize that horribly messy floor and desk no matter what room she had it in. Looks like she's out. Well, so much for that idea. Now, where could she be?

List is order by search priority:

[ ] Mess hall
[ ] Probability drive core
[ ] Labs
[ ] Weapons storage
[ ] Engine room
[1] Mess hall
[4] Probability drive core
[5] Labs
[3] Weapons storage
[2] Engine room

I suspect that the first thing she'd do is eat.

And the rest because as the assistant, I imagine she just maintained and managed shit while Yumemi worked on the big projects.

Lab last because that contains you-know-who.
[1] Mess hall
[4] Probability drive core
[5] Labs
[3] Weapons storage
[2] Engine room

[1] Mess hall
[4] Probability drive core
[5] Labs
[3] Weapons storage
[2] Engine room
[1] Mess hall
[4] Probability drive core
[5] Labs
[3] Weapons storage
[2] Engine room

why not?
Well, maybe she went to get some food? It'd make sense for her to be eating at this time of-

Speaking of which, what time is it? You still don't have your watch. Well, in this situation, you can only make assumptions. And based on those assumptions, you could guess that she'd be in the mess hall eating right about now.

Your feet carry you back the way you came. The mess hall isn't far from the crew quarters, but the walk gives you some time to think things over. At least, enough to formulate a decent search plan if it so happens you don't run into Chiyuri soon.

Before long, you find yourself staring down another door. They all look the same, but you're still able to find the right one every time thanks to the clear markings on the walls. You take a step closer, and a motion sensor triggers the door to open. You step through, only to find..

Well, at least it looks like Ruukoto's here. She's busy working in the kitchen, despite the fact that food preparation is generally automatic and requires little to no human interaction. Well, why not go have a look?

"Greetings, Professor." She says, her attention focused entirely on whatever she's doing. She doesn't so much as turn to look at you when she- Hey, something smells good!

"What's all this?" You ask, stepping up to the counter that more or less blocks your way into the kitchen. For some reason, she has the door closed, and it's difficult to get a look at what she's doing.

"Just following orders." She replies, setting some sort of utensil behind her as she turns around. She smiles brightly. That same, programmed-in smile you've come to recognize as part of Ruukoto's 'personality'. "Is there anything I can assist you with?"

"Have you seen Chiyuri?" You ask, leaning your arms slightly over the counter. You'd like to get a look at what she's making, but every time you try and move to get a better view, she positions herself ever so discreetly to block your line of sight.

"I do believe.." She pauses, turning her eyes to the ceiling as she makes another preprogrammed gesture made to mimic human thought. Despite your knowledge of it, that expression of hers is really damn convincing. "She was going to run some tests in the weapons lab. She didn't say what for, but I can only assume.."

You don't hear the rest. With a wave and a quick word of thanks, you're back out the door in a flash. So, the weapons lab, was it? Normally, she'd do her very best to avoid any sort of activities on the bottom level. Normally, she'd excuse herself by saying that floor 'gives her the creeps'. Normally, well.. It's hardly normal, now is it? Maybe it's important, or maybe she's changed a little during the time you were out.

Though, to get there you'll have to pass by the crew quarters again. For some reason, the designers of this ship put the main lift near the back of the ship. Maybe it's for safety reasons or something, but you'd rather not take one of the service ladders like you usually would. Cramped spaces and unusual movements may aggravate your healing wounds, you figure. Maybe it's just an excuse.

On the way there, you also pass by the shower room you'd used only a short while ago. Further down the hall and you'll even be back where you started. You take a walk down that dark corridor you passed by earlier, ride the lift at the end to the bottom floor, and make your way around to the weapons bay. Really, this place kinda gives you the creeps, too. All those dark, easy to hide in spaces..

The heavy blast door is open, and everything beyond it is exactly as you remember. Except, of course, for Chiyuri, who appears to be holding something red in her hands.

Hey, isn't that..

It is! She's got your cape! Well, that makes searching for it a lot easier, but what was she doing with it? Her head turns slightly, and her eyes widen noticeably as she sees you standing just barely inside the room.

"Uh, h-heya." She waves, a surprised sort of uneasy smile works its way into her expression. "What's up?"

[ ] ?
[x] "'sup chiyuri"
[x] "My cape. I'll be taking it."
[x] "My cape. I'll be taking it."

I like this choice
File 122923615451.jpg - (16.21KB, 240x240 , nanaya.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] "My cape. I'll be taking it."

Ah, Chiyuri, it would be like a dream to take you apart.
[X] "Hi. What are you doing to my cape?"

She's probably weaponizing it, let's not stop her now.
[x] "My cape. I'll be taking it."
[X] "Hi. What are you doing to my cape?"
I suspect a 'oh hi i upgraded your cape' is on the cards.
[X] "Hi. What are you doing to my cape?"
[X] "Hi. What are you doing to my cape?"
[x] "My cape. I'll be taking it."
[X] "Hi. What are you doing to my cape?"
[X] "Hi. What are you doing to my cape?"
Something seems odd. Maybe it's the way she greeted you--it sounded a little weak. Maybe it has something to do with the way she's looking at you. You can tell it has nothing to do with your sudden arrival.. She's hiding something.

"Hi," You smile and wave, pretending as if you didn't notice while you inch your way forward. She lets out a troubled laugh as you close in. "So, what're you doing with my cape?"

"Ah," She glances down to the red fabric in her hands, only to shove it behind her back a second later. "This? Oh, uhm.. I wasn't really-"

"You weren't what?" You ask, pressuring her in to answering. You're close enough now that you're able to place your hand over her shoulder. She jerks, but doesn't pull away. 'Smile', you tell yourself. You need to keep smiling or she'll think you're angry.

"I was- It was- This is-" She stammers, her eyes darting across the room to avoid matching your gaze. She's clearly up to something, and now you're even more curious to find out.

"What is it?" You ask, pulling her close so you can get a look behind her back. She struggles to pull away, and you don't have nearly enough time to get a good look. "C'mon, show me~"

"Nuh-uh." She shakes her head 'no', a clearly negative response. She starts putting a bit of force in her voice this time around. "You can't see it yet!"

"Why not?" You moan, closing the gap again as you place a hand on the top of her head and bend down a foot or so to put yourself at eye level with her. Her eyes close as you run your hand through her hair down to her ears and back up again, but otherwise she shows no signs of letting her guard down. "Hey, Chiyuri." You whisper, closing the remaining space between you and her for a quick kiss.

She offers no resistance, and as your lips touch, you feel her loosen her stance a bit. Your fingers move through her hair, eventually finding a resting place on the nape of her neck. She does the same, holding your head with a small, empty hand. Just a little more and..

"Got it!" You yell, letting out a small laugh as your other hand finds and grabs the object behind her back. While she's stunned, you pull the object from her hands almost too effortlessly.

"That wasn't-" She yells, reaching for the red-colored lump in your hands with outstretched arms. As short as she is, you can hold it just out of her reach. "That wasn't fair! Give it back!"

"No way!" You laugh, unfurling the cape and throwing it over your shoulders and fastening it as the red-faced Chiyuri in front of you tries to intervene. She can be so incredibly cute when you catch her off guard like this.

But, low blows aside, you've recovered your cape. Now, what about Chiyuri? How are you going to calm her down like this? You hadn't thought of it before, but..

[ ] Maybe she'd like another?
[ ] Try to talk her down.
[ ] Give the cape back.
[ ] Do nothing, leave.

If leave:

[ ] Go to the mess hall.
[ ] Go to the outside.
[ ] Go to the labs.
{~} Maybe she'd like another?
{~} Give the cape back.
]X[ Maybe she'd like another?
]X[ Give the cape back.
[x] Maybe she'd like another?
[x] Give the cape back
Need our cape upgrade.
[x] Maybe she'd like another?
[x] Give the cape back
[x] Maybe she'd like another?
[x] Give the cape back
She really is far too cute for her own good. The way she looks up at you as she grabs for the small chain clasp around your neck--it just makes you want to kiss her again. You want to wipe that angry glare from her face, to hold her head in your hands and feel those soft, sweet lips once more. She's become something like a drug to you--to hear her moan in pleasure would bring you greater happiness than all the magic power in the world. You wonder how you came to be like this. You-

Ahh, you've done it. You lost control, and you kissed her again. You close your eyes as your arms find her shoulders, wrapping around her and pulling her close. She doesn't resist, with not even the slightest twitch of reluctance. Why is she- Why does she tempt you like this?

It's not enough. Even though she's this close, even though you've kissed her--it still feels like you're holding back. There's a greater pleasure to be had in this moment, and as your arms slide down her back--drawing ever closer to her small, round bottom--you decide to take it.

It feels strange, at first. Forcing your tongue into another person's mouth doesn't exactly seem natural. But she accepts it, pushing back with her own. Her body quivers as you squeeze her butt and pull her hips into you. You get this strange, fuzzy feeling as her tongue pushes through your lips.

"Mmmmm.." She moans, pushing you back into a table. Something clatters to the floor as her hands reach to undo the buttons on your shirt. The slight pressure of her hands on your chest sends waves through your body, forcing you to pull back.

"Ah!" You gasp, breaking away from Chiyuri's warm lips. Something moves on your neck, and she pulls herself back.

"Mmmmmmm, got it." She purrs, letting out a lazy, contented sort of laugh as she pulls the cape from your shoulders.

"Tha-that's.." You try to catch your breath, recovering your stance and fixing your hair with your hands. You wipe a bit of saliva from the corner of your mouth, and allow yourself to get angry. "You little-"

"You reap what you sow, right?" She grins, setting the cloth back on the table she was at when you walked in. "B'sides, it felt pretty good, too."

"I-" The anger fades, replacing itself with this awkward sort of feeling. You think to yourself, maybe you shouldn't have done that. Maybe you should've given the cape back instead. Sure, it felt good, but..

[ ] ?
[X] What's wrong with feeling good?
[X] If you could feel even more, it would be so...
[X] You're body might not be able to handle being subjected to that, but...
[X] Would she let you do even more? Would she let you touch her in that sort of way?

Because I think it would be nice.
[X] Pout. "I was going to give it back anyway!"
[X] Pout. "I was going to give it back anyway!"
[X] Pout. "I was going to give it back anyway!"
[X] Pout. "I was going to give it back anyway!"
[X] Pout. "I was going to give it back anyway!"
"I was going to give it back anyway!" You groan, crossing your arms in frustration only because you can't think of anything better to say. She ruined the moment, and it would've been nice if you could've gone a bit farther.. Just a little bit more and you'd have been fine with letting her have it.

"Hm." She grunts nonchalantly, simply shrugging off your words without even a passing glance in your direction. By the looks of it, she's already started working on something.

How can she just blow you off like that?! Is that really it? She's just going to stand there with her back turned and just simply ignore you? Well, you won't let her! Now that it's come to this, you'll just have to-

"I'll be finished in a bit." Her voice rings in your ears suddenly, pulling your attention away from your own roiling emotions. The split-second redirection seems to calm you slightly as you realize that even if she's not looking at you, she still acknowledges you as still being in the room. "This takes a hell of a lot of concentration," she says, "so I'll talk with you in a bit, 'kay?"

"Fine.." You sigh, trying your hardest not to sound too angry. It'd be great if you could just wash your hands of the matter entirely, but reality isn't quite so endearing. You'll be feeling angry for a while longer, even if the matter were to be resolved a second from now. You should leave, if only just for a little while. Maybe a short walk ought to clear your head.

"I'll come back later." You grumble, reluctantly taking your first steps back to the elevator. You take notice of the waving of Chiyuri's hand, bidding you goodbye as you step out of the room.

Each step you take creates a heavy, metallic thump as your hard-soled shoes come into contact with the metal grating that serves as a floor on this level. At least, inside the room you just left there's some manner of comfort. Out here, it's all exposed tubing and machinery on the walls--cooling pipes from the engines and ventilation ducts mostly. Even knowing what it all is, the place gives you the creeps.

The elevator ahead is in the center of the room, a small white platform surrounded by walls of hard--and probably bulletproof--glass. The transparent walls are at least five centimeters thick, and could easily withstand a good beating or two. You don't pay the surroundings any more mind as you step inside, press the button marked 'LEVEL 1', and stare through the glass walls as you ride back to the top level.

The brighter, almost completely white surroundings do plenty for your mood. You're glad to be out of that dimly lit hellhole of a room below, and even if the halls up here are smaller, you still feel less cramped. Clearly, this part of the ship was built with comfort in mind--at least of the psychological sort.

But as cruel fate would have it, your walk around the ship leads your right back to the laboratory door, and though you'd like nothing more than to keep going, something--like a voice inside your head--tells you to go inside.

[ ] Go inside.
[ ] Don't go inside.
[x] Go inside.

The voices~
[ ] Go inside.
[x] Go inside.
[x] Don't go inside.

Fuck that voice. It can wait until our cape gets an upgrade and we know who it's talking about after our talk with the miko.

No need to see our microwave gerbil now.
[X] Don't go inside.

We're ornery in this story. Heck with you, mysterious voice. As before, you want our help, you ask politely.
[X] Go inside.

The voices in your head will never lie to you.
{X} Don't go inside.
[X] Don't go inside.
For some reason, you don't resist. The door opens, and you step inside. The lights flicker on, and you step forward. The labs are the same as you left them--various instruments and testing equipment strewn about the room, every machine and test tube in it's proper place. Nothing seems out of the ordinary, and if it weren't for that creature on the other side of the partition wall, you'd have wondered what brought you here.

You head towards the specimen tanks, carefully, and ever so quietly. You hardly make a sound as you pass into the next part of the room, but the automatic lights make your efforts all in vain. Besides, it's unlikely that it--she could hear you through that thick wall of glass. You step up to the last tank in a line of six. Your vision seems clearer than the last time you were here, and you're able to see the woman in greater detail.

Slowly, she sits up--pulling herself from her resting place on the hard metal floor of the tank. Her black dress--at least, you think it's a dress--lays tattered under her body. You expect her to launch an attack, but all she does is sit there, staring at you with the same animal eyes you remember from that dream. Her expression shows fatigue, and nothing more. None of the rage or hatred you should expect from her--just a tired stare from some mindless, naked girl in a cage.

"You don't scare me." You declare, and despite the knowledge that she won't be able to hear you, even this sort of confrontation helps you to work off the stress. You remember the dream, and the woman's pleas for help.

"Why are you in my dreams?" You ask, laying a hand on the glass and, like a small child mimicking her parent, she does the same. "Who the hell are you?"

If anything, she seems to have completely forgotten about yesterday's encounter, and if what you'd been told in your dreams is the truth, what could have caused her to wind up in this miserable state? She seemed.. Human, almost--at least in your dream. This woman in front of you seems like nothing more than a caged animal.

"Of course, you can't hear me." You smile to yourself as you look down on her, watching as she pulls her hand back as she lays down on the floor inside the tube. What brought you here is beyond your reckoning, but seeing her seems to have--strangely enough--calmed you down.

You leave the room the same way you came in. No more voices or urges within you direct you to turn back, and you head back down the hallway. You head down the long stretch of corridors, passing by the bridge and your room along the way. Eventually, you find yourself right back where you started--staring down the long, dark hallway and the elevator that leads to the bowels of the ship.

[ ] Go check on Chiyuri.
[ ] Go to the mess hall.
[ ] Keep walking.
[ ] Go check on Chiyuri.
>[x] Go insi--
...what the fuck is that even from, again?

Also, this story needs more of Chiyuri's ass.

I wonder if anyone has pondered how we're going to convince Reimu to board our ship, when it might look to her like we're taking her on board to spirit her away back to their home dimension to study, which I believe were the terms Yumemi set for if Reimu lost the fight against her at the end of Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dream, which I'm mostly sure this takes place after.
>...what the fuck is that even from, again?

[x] Go check on Chiyuri.

My cape! My cape! I can't be seen without my cape!
[ ] Go to the mess hall.

Chiyuri won't be done for a while. Better to grab something to eat and build up our strength again.
[X] Go to the mess hall.
[x] Go check on Chiyuri.

We are nothing without our cape.
You start towards the elevator, eager to check up on Chiyuri. Without a watch, you're finding it difficult to judge time. You're not used to life without one, though it feels to you like it's been long enough. She should be done by now. Well, you hope so at least.

The ride down is the same as the ride up--slow, uneventful, and a little boring. You'd think that with mankind's discovery of faster-than-light travel, they could at least invent an elevator that goes a little faster than a snail.

The second floor--and the passage to the probability drive core comes into view through the transparent walls. You can see the hatch into the room, and a quick glimpse at a panel of green lights just next to it tells you that everything is working properly. You might've been worried had one of the lights turned to red.

The second floor soon passes over your head, and the third floor comes into view. The elevator stops--without so much as even the slightest vibration--and the door slides open. You pass through the same poorly-lit utility room and back into the weapons bay where you'd left Chiyuri.

Sure enough, she's still at it. By the looks of it, she hasn't done so much as take a rest since you left. You walk closer, careful so as not to startle her, and peer over her shoulder.

But you're not exactly sure what you're looking at. The shape is that of a control module for nanites--the same one you'd installed on your cape when you'd first built it. She's done something to it. The electronics components are completely different, and you're able to recognize only a couple of the components.

"Mind not breathing down my neck so much?" She says, her voice strained with concentration. You don't answer her, but you take a step back to give her a bit more room. "Like I said, this takes a hell of a lot of concentration. Now if I could just.." She pauses, trying to force something together in the following silence. "There!" She sighs, turning herself around to face you with this intensely proud smile on her face.

"You certainly came back in a hurry." She giggles, wiping sweat from her face with her sleeve. The dirty clothing leaves a small streak of what looks like grease going across her nose. "So what's up?"

"I'd thought you'd have been done by now." You shrug, trying to get another look at the device she's built into your cape. "By the looks of it, I should say I came back too soon."

"Naah, 's fine." She pats your shoulder with a dirty hand. Your first inclination is to shrug it off, but if it's going to leave a mark, you're already too late. "I just finished the tough part. Now all's I gotta do is piece the outer shell back together.." She suddenly goes silent, giving you this sort of dirty look. You wonder what it is you did to warrant a scowl like the one she has on now.

"To tell you the truth, I kinda wanted it to be a surprise." And in an instant, she's back to smiling. "Well, now that my plans have all gone to hell, lemme give you a quick run-through of what I put together."

She pulls you forward, towards the messy workbench. Strewn about in pieces across the table are a number of components from your cape. A few of them appear to have been ripped apart, and would most likely be useless if you were to try and use them. The more important parts seem to have been consolidated into an almost impossibly small necklace-looking thing.

"So, what I'd done is," She explains, putting one arm around your waist and directing your eyes with the other, "I kinda slimmed it down a bit."

"I'll say." You mutter, trying desperately hard to keep your hands off the device. Clearly, it isn't finished, but at the same time, you're curious to see how it works. "So, where's the rest of it?"

"This is all of it." She picks up the device--hardly more than a band of metal--and holds it just below eye level. "I'll have to fit it properly later, but for now it works. You wear it around your neck, and that's basically it. Everything's self contained, and the power supply should last for.. Oh, well, let's just say the sun'll explode before then."

"So, what's so different about it, aside from the way it looks?" You ask, trying to draw your own conclusions at the same time. Clearly, she's been working on it for quite some time, and you'd like to know all you can before you decide to wear it around.

"First thing's first, it's waterproof." She sets the device back down as she speaks, her eyes never leaving it for more than a second at a time. "I've also increased it's processing capacity again. The best parts are what you can't see, though." She smiles, giving you a funny sort of look. You can't quite figure it out. "It's got it's own self-contained black hole on board."

"What?" She's not lying, is she? Where did she get something like that? A black hole? In a suppression field? That small? It hardly seems possible, even by the combination of even the latest technologies and physics breakthroughs. In a way, it's almost like magic.

"Yeah, yeah. So gimme a medal or something." She shrugs, passing it off like it's no big deal. "'S what I was working on when you walked in the first time. Getting one that small to stay stable wasn't easy, I tell ya." Her expression turns devious, and she lets out a muffled laugh that'd have even the craziest of mad scientists wetting themselves. "Heh, you're gonna have a lot of fun with this baby."

"I'll say," You reply, beginning to wonder yourself what it's currently capable of. But while you're thinking, you notice something else. All the red bits--and even the cape itself--are all gone. "So, where's the cape?" You ask, still worried about the aesthetics of it as always.

"You won't need it, not with all the nanotechnology I've thrown into it." She smiles, her eyes filled with the pride of having accomplished what seems like the impossible. "It's all thought-sensitive, so if you think it, the 'bots inside will make you a cape."

[ ] Ask to try it out.
[ ] Let her finish talking.
[ ] Ask her something else. (Specify)
{X} Let her finish talking.
{X} Ask to try it out.
[ ] Try it out.
[ ] Let her finish talking.
[X] Try letting it talk.
[X] Finish her.
[x] Let her finish talking.
[x] Ask to try it out.
[x] Imagine a cape that's even bigger and redder than ever before.
[x] Let her finish talking.
[x] Ask to try it out.
[x] Imagine a cape that's even bigger and redder than ever before.

"So," You say, trying not to stare longingly at the device. You'd really like to get your hands on it. "That's great and all, but what is it capable of?"

"Ever seen Terminator 2?" She asks, her eyes switching their focus between you and somewhere across the room.

"No, can't say I have." You shrug.

"Well, nuts to you then." She giggles, setting the device back down on the table and reaching for a small bit of metal just out of her arm's reach. "It's a good movie, even if it is a bazillion years old. You should watch it someday."

"What's it got to do with my cape?" You ask, wondering why she's suddenly diverted into discussing old video reels. Does it have anything to do with it at all? Maybe you'd understand better had you seen it.

"Well, it would've been the easiest way to describe most of it's limitations, but yeah.. You hadn't seen it." She explains, taking the piece of metal and setting it in the device. It seems to be some sort of protective covering. "First, it has a set number of nanomachines it can control. The number is.. Somewhere in the trillions, I forget. It can regenerate them if you lose a few, which with the way you're gonna use it is an inevitability, but it can't generate more than that set value. Basically, you're only limit is mass and weight."

"Soo.. No building skyscrapers, then. I think I get it." You watch as she screws the plate down carefully, completely focused on the task in front of her. "What about firearms?"

"No can do, there. It can't reproduce anything by way of conventional firearms or beam weaponry, but you should be able to manage something like catapults and throwing weapons." She looks away from the device for a second as she reaches into her pocket. "Oh, right, I forgot to give you this." She thrusts something into your hands--it's cold and metallic.

It's your watch! She's had it the entire time! Well, that saves you all the trouble of having to look for it. You quickly attach it and get a look at the time. Strangely, it's not even noon. How long have you been awake? You must've woken up early today, which may help to explain Chiyuri's lack of preparation.

"So, when can I test it out?" You ask, taking another look at the device on the table. It looks complete, but you're not quite sure just by looking.

"Right now, if ya want. That was the last piece to it, but.." She gives you this uneasy sort of smile as she hands you the object. "Well, I wouldn't dare mess with it inside, if I were you."

It looks like your average choker-style necklace--mostly black, probably fake leather, and a bit of exposed metal on the front. As an interesting touch, the exposed bit is cross-shaped. The inside of it is all metal, with a few clearly visible sensors placed here and there, with the concentration of them to the back where it should be able to read nerve impulses from your spine. For some reason, it weighs far more than it looks like it should--as if the entire device were made up of lead. It must have some sort of antimatter charge incorporated into it's design for it to be this heavy.

Chiyuri drags your attention away from the device wit a quick snap of her fingers. As you place the device around your neck, she walks you to the vehicle-cargo lift where the tank has been parked. A little haphazardly, but you're willing to let it be. It probably hasn't been moved since you'd first been injured. At least it looks like it's been cleaned off since you last drove it. Little details around the floodlights and gun barrels tell you Chiyuri really did a thorough job of it.

"Well, here goes nothin'.." She groans and sighs, and pulls the manual lever to lower the lift. The motor hums to life, and the floor below you starts to drop down under the ship.

Eventually, you find yourself back outside. Not surprisingly, it's grown a bit colder since you were last out, and the leaves have begun to change colors. There's a slight rush of wind past you as the cold air rushes inside the ship, carrying with it a small number of fallen leaves.

You take several steps from the metal platform, far enough that it'll probably be safe for you to fire off a few quick bursts. Normally, you'd combine the objects your cape creates with shots from your blaster, but you're not trying to kill anything today.

[ ] Keep it simple. Try to make it look like a cape.
[ ] Go all-out. Flying crosses, lasers--the works.
[x] Go all-out. Flying crosses, lasers--the works.
[x] Cackling laughter.
[x] Go all-out. Flying crosses, lasers--the works.
[x] Cackling laughter.
[ ] Go all-out. Flying crosses, lasers--the works.
[x] Go all-out. Flying crosses, lasers--the works.
[x] Cackling laughter.
[x] Go all-out. Flying crosses, lasers--the works.
[x] Cackling laughter.

[x] Go all-out. Flying crosses, lasers--the works.
[x] Cackling laughter.
[x] Go all-out. Flying crosses, lasers--the works.
[x] Cackling laughter.

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