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...With a sudden sharp thought of "Am I sleeping?", your eyes open, letting in a faint stream of early morning sun. Upon stretching your arms and cricking your neck, you look out of the window of the two story home you've lived in for the past year.

"Ah... Another clear day, huh?"

Smiling, you stand up. The trim of a bed robe meets the floor, and then the rest of the garment follows suit. Making your way to the closet, you half-sleepily put on your clothing, slipping your gloves on last. Then, making a swift leave for the door, you grab a pair of keys that spend their nights on a little hook in your private quarters.

After having made your way down the steps of the staircase, you head into the kitchen for breakfast. Opening one of the cupboards, you pull out some of the hard crackers that seem to normally carry no taste with them, but somehow fill you up quicker than anything else.

Soon enough, you've found your way to the front door, now with your working boots on your feet. The sun has gotten a bit higher over the thick trees of the forest, but it still isn't a strain to your eyes at this time of day. Looking out over the farmland, you begin to contemplate what chores you should take care of first.

[ ] Go get your tools out of the basement.
[ ] Tend to the livestock.
[ ] Check the grounds, for starters.
[x] Go get your tools out of the basement.
[x] Check the grounds, for starters.

[x] Go get your tools out of the basement.
[x] Check the grounds, for starters.

Well, alright then.
[x] Go get your tools out of the basement.

[x] Go get your tools out of the basement.
[x] Check the grounds, for starters.
[x] Go get your tools out of the basement.
[x] Check the grounds, for starters.

Writing now.
File 122738890984.jpg - (135.03KB, 569x413 , Alice_001.jpg) [iqdb]
Nodding to yourself, you make your way around the house, now being met with the sight of the two doors that keep the basement closed. Taking one of your keys in one hand, the lock is soon undone, and you open the doors down into the place. After having made your way down there and giving your eyes a moment to adjust to the relative darkness of the place, you look over the tools that you'll need today.

Putting on your work belt, you grab your shovel, hammer, watering can, hammer, and hoe. Then making your ascent back up the steps, you feel your eyes readjust to the sunlight. Locking up the basement, you look out over the open land that your grandfather passed on to you in his will a year ago. Though you've had all of a year to work on this land, you haven't really done anything to really make use of it, aside from growing some radishes in front of your house and taking care of the few cows and chickens he left behind.

Starting with a thoughtful sigh, you set the hoe and shovel down on the side of the house, and make your way past the fences of your radish patch to soon reach the calm river that flows a bit into your land. After filling up the can, you make your way back to the patch of radishes, watering them a bit. Noticing that one is fully grown, you pluck it from its place.

"Good morning, mister farmer!"

Turning to see the owner of the voice that just demanded your attention, your eyes meet a familiar woman. With her blonde hair, nice yet modest body, and gentle eyes, she smiles, waving at you rather sleepily.

"Ah, Miss Alice. Good morning."

Setting down the can, you make your way over to the fence to meet her, as is your morning routine. Ever since a few months ago, she's come by your farm every morning to wish you well, and you've grown accustomed to giving her one of the radishes that you grow every now and then. Brushing the hard thing off a bit, you hand it over to her.

"Oh, thank you." She grabs the plant, putting it into a little basket that she carries with her every morning. "I'll bring it by later, after I make something out of it, okay?"

"Ah, you don't have to do that." Rubbing the back of your head, you feel your black hair between your fingers, which stick out of little stubs in the glove.

"No, it's nothing, really." Smiling, she begins to walk back towards the main path. "By the way, I've yet to see the inside of your home. Not to impose, but could I see it later today?"

[ ] "Oh, sure thing."
[ ] "It's a bit of a mess..."
[ ] "It's a bit of a mess..."
[x] "It's a bit of a mess..."

Maybe we can talk her into cleaning our house for us.
[ ] "It's a bit of a mess..."
Hello, HY.
Writing now.


I have no idea what you're talking about.
File 122739134999.png - (197.64KB, 570x570 , Alice_002.png) [iqdb]
"Ah." You shake your head, only slightly grinning now. "No, no. My home is a bit of a mess, so..."

"..." Giving you a small nod, she turns about. "I understand. If you happen to change your mind, I'll be happy to help you tidy up."

"Oh!" She turns to look at you once more upon your outburst, and you continue. "...No, it's nothing."

"...Well then." Smiling, she waves. "See you!"

Turning about, she continues down the road, her blue dress waving around a bit with the wind. You merely look on at her as she walks, making her way towards the village. She eventually fades from sight, and you head back towards the radish patch to water them, and to plant a new radish in the place of the one you had just plucked.


Wiping the sweat from your forehead, you look to the skies. The sun has revealed herself in whole now, and the clouds in the sky roll on swiftly by her, occasionally blocking the light for a second or two. It's still early morning, and you're done watering the plants.

[ ] Head into town.
[ ] Tend to the livestock.
[ ] Till some of that excess land.
[x] Tend to the livestock.

This guy's got to have some dirty secret. Like maybe he has Keine strapped to a milking machine.
[x] Tend to the livestock.
[x] Tend to the livestock.

Welcome to Harvest Moon:Gensokyo Edition.
Sorry about the 7 minutes, I was caught up in something.

Writing now.
Setting the watering can down once more, you head over to the stables. Opening the door you are once more greeted by the grunts and mooing of your few cows. Picking up a device that you recieved from a strange girl that appeared in the river, you head over to them, ready to collect their milk.

Reaching down, you place the odd thing on one of the cows udders. It lets out a small groaning sound, and you pat her as you flick a small switch on this thing.

"There there, girl. Just need to get a bit of milk is all, relax."

The animal quiets down, and the pump-like machine begins to suck away, collecting the cow's milk in a small clear object on the end of it. Thinking back... that girl was rather strange. With a large green cap and big, blue ponytails, you found her floating in the river, passed out. It looked like she had hit her head against the rocks you use to cross the thing, but she was entirely fine. Though... for some reason, the girl insisted on keeping her hat on... It was strange then, and just as strange now.

Flicking the switch once more, you relieve the cow of the device, and move on to the next one.


After having poured the milk into a bucket, and into a seperate bucket for yourself, you once again look to the sun. The position of the giant orange in the sky seems to say that it's now midday.

[ ] Take the milk to town and make a profit.
[ ] Tend to the chickens first.
[X] Tend to the chickens first.

Maybe we can get some eggs to sell along with our milk.
[x] Tend to the chickens first.

I have no idea how this works. Do we have a cool place to store the milk?
{X} Tend to the chickens first.
[ ] Tend to the chickens first.
Sorry for the wait, I was having a bit of dinner. Writing now.
Carrying the large buckets with you, you enter the hen house to check on their eggs. A few of the hens are up and moving about, clucking as they survey the ground for sustenance.

"Oh, right." Nodding, you realise that you had forgotten to feed the animals today.

After setting down the buckets, you make your way to a hole where the feed comes out of the silo. Pulling it out of the place, you plop a chunk of the stuff onto the ground, and then spread it out a bit so the hens don't begin to fight. You then carefully pick up the white birds, setting them down in a little set apart area where you left the feed. One by one you do this, until they've all been moved.

With the concern for feeding the hens out of the way, you begin to check for eggs, and manage to gather up about a dozen of the things. Gently placing them into a bag, you decide to leave the hens to their own devices for the moment, as you find something to put the milk into.

Making your way to the main building, you carefully open the door and contine on towards the kitchen, where a few bottles are ready for use. As you begin to pour the milk into the bottles, and as you put your own share into a cold box, the sun begins to move again...


Stepping outside with the bag of eggs and a holder holding six or so bottles of milk, you look out at the horizon. It should be getting towards night time by the time you'd reach the village, and it should be late when you return. Just as you go to take the first step of your trek, you hear a loud noise of something hard hitting rock coming from the river.

[ ] Ignore it and continue to your income.
[ ] Check the noise.
[X] Check the noise.

More delicious Nitori, with useful inventions?
{X} Check the noise.
[ ] Check the noise.

Investigating strange noises on the farm. What could go wrong?
Writing now.
File 122740678519.jpg - (70.93KB, 500x550 , Nitori_001.jpg) [iqdb]
The thought of what, or rather, who just caused that sound passes through your mind, and you decide to check it out real quick. Hurrying over to the river, you see that, as you had expected, a girl with blue hair is floating in the water, unconscious.

"... Geez." Setting the produce down, you pull the girl out of the water. "You never learn, do you, turtle person?"

The only reply is the dazed look of an unconscious girl. Sighing heavily you lift her up onto your shoulder, and take up the produce with your free hand. Then making your way to the door, you ponder what you could do to assist her.


An hour or so later, you find yourself sitting by your bed. After having laid the girl down to rest, you couldn't being yourself to just leave her in your bed, to possibly wake up with no explanation of what happened. She lays there breathing steadily, looking as if she's having a rather content sleep.

"..." Slowly, you stand to your feet. "...Well, if you aren't waking up soon, then I might as well go to the village to make a living."

After taking a few steps towards the door, you hear the girl begin to stir. Turning about, you see that she has her eyes wide open, and she's holding her hand to her mouth to try and keep herself from laughing.

"Wha... you... you were awake the whole time?"

Sitting up, she nods.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I was actually out of it for a while, but I woke up and saw you taking care of me, and I couldn't keep myself from faking sleep. It kind of... um..." She begins to twirl her fingers, blushing a little. "It felt kind of good, having someone watch over me like that..."

"..." You grin, and pat the girl's head. "Geez, you're a handful, you know that?"

She merely smiles in response, and the two of you stand there for a minute, not saying a word. Then, pushing up off the bed, she begins to speak.

"...You said something about going to the village, right?"

You nod, and she then looks down.

"Oh... Well, I'll just go back to the mountain, then..."

[ ] "You can come, if you'd like."
[ ] "Okay then, I'll be seeing you."
[X] "You can come, if you'd like."
[x] "You can come, if you'd like."

[X] "You can come, if you'd like."


Plus, Kappa carries a Power Berry.
{X} "You can come, if you'd like."
I bet you Nitori would like to come.

Yeah, I got a bit carried away playing Rune Factory 2, and now I've gone and gotten myself tired. I'll be back tommorow, probably some time between 2 and 3 PM.
[ ] "You can come, if you'd like."
Back and writing.
File 122747218552.jpg - (65.54KB, 354x354 , Nitori_002.jpg) [iqdb]
You merely watch for a second as the girl goes over to the door, and begins to make ridiculously slow motions to open it.

"..." A small smile creeps onto your face. "You can tag along, if you'd like."

"Eeeh?" Turning on her heel, Nitori holds her fists up near her face. You could swear that there are stars in her eyes. "Really? Honestly? I can come alo-"

"Now, now." Patting the skirt-like garment that protects the back of your legs, you make your way towards her. "Don't over react, or the villagers will be suspicious."

"Ah!" Eyes widened, she nods. "Right, right..."

Taking her arm, you push the door open. Her shocked face looks at you for a second, a slight blush coming over her cheeks.

"Well then," You gesture towards the door. "Let's go, shall we?"


No longer arm and arm, the two of you make your way through the path to the village. The dirt road seems to stretch on and on, the village a mere speck in the distance. As the two of you walk along, you could almost swear that some noise keeps resounding from the nearby brush, but you see nothing out of the ordinary. As the speck of a village draws closer, and as the light of the sky becomes a bit dimmer, you hear a sharp yelp from behind you. Turning about, Nitori is on the ground, holding her knee.

"Ah, ah..." Clenching her kneecap, she continues to whine. "It hurts..."

"..." Breathing out, you smile. "Geez, here. Let me help."

Making your way over to her, you pull out a roll of firm, soft paper from your tool belt. Wraping it about the cut, you soon tie it off and help the girl up, kicking aside the rock that she had tripped over.

"Are you okay, then?"

"Ah." She nods. "Yeah, yeah. I'm fine."

"Well then, the village is close now. Let's hurry up."


Pushing open the door to the store, you look at the resident of this place. A large, round woman, with a look on her face that seems to radiate a motherly and kind aura.

"Ah, you're here." She smiles, setting her large arms down on the counter. "Brought me something nice, did you?"

"Yeah, I did." Setting the bottles and the bag down on the counter, you grin. "So then, how much have I made with this?"

"Ah, let me see..."

As the woman reaches for a small cupboard, where she apparently keeps track of the prices she charges for items, Nitori hurries over to your side, grabing your arm upon seeing the large woman. The shop keeper sees the small girl and smiles ever wider, setting one arm back down on the counter.

"Oh, I didn't know you had a girlfriend." Putting a hand to her rosy cheek, she laughs. "And such a cute, cute one, too! Where did you meet her?"

"Ah!" Nitori gasps. "Erm... I... I'm not..."

"You're misunderstanding. This isn't my girlfriend, she's my... cousin." Both the clerk and the kappa look at you with confused looks upon their faces. "Right, she's my cousin who's recently moved onto the farm. She used to live with her parents, who were hermits, and then..."

"My, my." The woman sighs. "If you're that embarrased about it, you don't need to make up such a horrible lie. Be a little more honest, okay?"

"Ah..." You nod. "Right, right..."

"Well then, it was nice doing business with you!"

"You too, thanks." Turning to leave, you realize how she avoided paying you for the goods. "Hey, wait a minu-"

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" The clerk pulls out a few dozen coins of varrying colors and tones. "I was merely testing you, love. Here's your pay, 800 for the milk, and 600 for the eggs. Have a nice day."

"Oh..." Pocketing the coins, you nod. "You too."


Walking out of the store and down the street, Nitori still clings to your arm, looking off at some shop window. Looking closely, you see that it has some kind of new swimwear in it, which was apparently provided by the strange man near the forest.

[ ] "You have your eyes on something?"
[ ] Check around the shops before you leave.
[ ] Head on home.
{X} "You have your eyes on something?"
[X] "You have your eyes on something?"

Not like we have much other use for the money, aside from occasional grocery shopping. We can spoil her a little.
[X] "You have your eyes on something?"

About 85% of the money in Harvest Moon goes into upgrading the farm and curting the girls. The rest is spent on new seeds and occassional livestock.
At least in my games.
Writing now.
File 122747620226.jpg - (485.74KB, 1100x1250 , Nitori_003.jpg) [iqdb]
"..." Still looking at the quiet girl, you laugh. "Have your eyes on something, Nitori?"

"Ah!" She shakes her head swiftly, her blue ponytails swishing about as she does so. "No, it's nothing! Don't worry about it."

"Heh." With her still holding on to your arm, you walk towards the store she was so nervously eyeing. "It's fine, I don't even have much use for this money until I need a few groceries or something of the like."

"Ah..." She looks down, probably to hide the thick red blush on her face. "But... you really don't have to..."

"It's fine isn't it?" Giving her a swift thumbs up, you open the store door. "Besides, your clothing gets so wet when you swim in the river. That's why you were looking at that thing, right?"

"Ah, but I-"

Nitori's onslaught of humble and nervous words is cut off by the two clerks of this store. A red haired girl and a man who looks like he could be her father stand at the counter, both smiling widely.

"Welcome!" The both of them say this together, watching you as you walk in.

"Ah, hello." You wave, with Nitori trying to make herself small behind you. It quickly becomes obvious that she's trying to avoid the gaze of the red haired woman, who is wearing a rather bright green outfit.

Making your way over to the odd outfit, you begin to notice that it really has no special features to it. Aside from its shiny blue color and sleek surface, the outfit seems to just be a one piece dress, really simple and with an odd whitespot on the chest, which sports two faded numbers.

"This... this is what you were looking at, right?"

"Y-yeah... I thought it looked kind of cute, in a really modest way. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Ah, yeah." You nod, smiling at the girl. "It'll look really cute on you, Nitori."

"Eh?" Turning to look at the source of the noise, you see that the red haired clerk just let out a loud noise.

"Hong, is there something wrong?"

"Ah..." The female clerk shakes her head, smiling dejectedly. "No, it's nothing."

Grabing one of the suits below the display suit, you make your way to the counter. Nitori still tries to make herself not seen behind you, eyeing the woman whos name is apparently "Hong".

"I'd like one of these, please."

"Ah, yes." The male clerk examines the suit, and then checks a book that serves a purpose similar to the Grocery clerk's list. "That'll be 900, please."

"Right, right." Pulling out a few bronze coins and a silver one, you hand the clerk his payment. The man nods, and you pick up the suit, heading towards the door.

"Have a good evening, you two!"

"Ah." You nod, and wave a farewell to the two clerks. "You too."


Sitting by the bathroom door, you look out at the fields through your window. It's gotten dark out, and the only source of light are the moon and stars above, which illuminate the fields in a ghastly glow. You had already put away the tools before going in, and are now waiting for your friend to come out of the room in her new outfit. Just as you begin to wonder when she'll step out, the door opens, revealing Nitori in the blue suit.

"So... how does it look?"

Looking her over, it seems that the suit was a good fit. She doesn't really have well developed breasts yet, so she looks a bit like a little kid wearing this odd garment, but it really does seem to suit her.

"You look very cute, Nitori. I assume your backpack can hold everything you brought with you?"

Nodding, she replies. "Yes, it all fit. I guess I'll be on my way, then." Trotting towards the door and opening it, she giggles. "Thank you for the present!"

[ ] "You're welcome."
[ ] "See you."
[ ] "Oh, a friend was supposed to come over soon. Wouldn't you like to stay and see her?"
[x] "You're welcome."
[x] "See you."
{X} "You're welcome."
{X} "See you."
[x] You're welcome.
[x] See you.
{X} "You're welcome."
{X} "See you."

This is how the Nitori-EWI began.

>>Your bride.

Was that intentional or did you choose the picture for the swimsuit only?

At first I was only going to use it for the swimsuit, but then I saw the "Your bride" part and thought it'd be a nice bonus.

Writing now.
"Heh." Blushing a little, you rub your head. "It's nothing, really. You're welcome anyways."

"It was still really sweet, though." Smiling, she nods, then walks out the door.

"Ah." Getting up, you walk to the door and wave as she sinks down into the water. "See you!"

She waves back, then takes off, dissappearing as quickly as she made her way to the river. Closing the door as you walk in, you sigh, wondering when Alice will arrive. Just as you're about to work on cleaning up the place a bit, you hear a loud noise coming from the barn. It sounds like the mixture of a cow's bellowing and... something else. Something really nasty.

Swiping up your coat from the rack next to the door you head out, making a mad dash toward the source of the commotion. As you fling the door open, the other worldly noise departs. The two of your cows to the left of the entrance are making loud, moaning sounds, and... the third...

Holding your hand tight over your mouth, you look on in horror at the scene of carnage. Whatever that thing was, it managed to clean the bovine of its flesh and tear up its bones in such a short period of time. As you wonder just what could have done this, you hear someone else walking in behind you.

"Good evening, you. What's all the commotion abou-"

You turn to see Alice stop in her tracks, looking on in a familiar horrified stance. She turns to look at you, not saying a word, but merely moving her mouth to no avail.

[ ] "Come on, let's get out of here."
[ ] "...Could... Could you go get a bucket? I need to clean this up."
[ ] "Did you see it?"


That'll be the last update for now. I may be back later tonight.
[ ] "Did you see it?"

[x] "Come on, let's get out of here."
[x] "Did you see it?"

It was the fucking Greys, man. They mutilated my cows and now they're probably planning to stick something up my ass.
[x] "Did you see it?"
Probably a youaki. A youkai that was hungry.
[X] "Come on, let's get out of here."
[X] Take the cows somewhere else as well.
[X] "Did you see anything that may have caused this?"

Thinking of the poor livestock as well.
{X} "Did you see it?"
Why is...why is everyone so nice to us? So instantly lovestruck..."

There's something wrong here.

There's something wrong here.

There's something wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong
File 122749354084.gif - (23.10KB, 647x393 , antispiral-justasplanned.gif) [iqdb]

We're in the Antispiral's Alternate Space Labyrinth.
We were already friends with Alice and Nitori, and they're usually shy or reclusive. It's not strange for them to be happy to see us. Plus we're giving them both presents.
Back, and I'll only be able to get one more update out before sleeping. Sorry about not writing as much as I could, but I'll at least try to stay on a schedule, so you'll know when I'll be writing.

Writing now.
File 122749768455.jpg - (118.10KB, 850x653 , Alice_003.jpg) [iqdb]
"...Did... did you see it?"

Coming back to her sense, Alice looks at you, attempting to avoid looking at the mess that the unknown creature left.

"Did I see wha... Oh." She claps her hands together, nodding. "Right, the thing that did this. All I got was a passing glance, and it moved too fast for me to see it."

"Oh..." Glancing back to the remains of your poor cow, you shake your head. Only a true demon could rip something apart like that, and tear the whole thing to shreds. "Well then... Let's go inside, for now."

"Right." She nods, clutching the plate she had been holding in her hand. You've just noticed it, after getting over the shock of the situation. "But, what about your other cows?"

"I'll just lock them up." Walking towards the door, you feel around for the lock. "Though I could swear I had locked them up before-"

Your foot hits a group of heavy objects, and, looking down, you see the remains of your lock. Whatever that thing was, it had the power to rip a metal lock to shreds.


"That really shocked me." Sitting down in the chair opposite of you, Alice sighs. "The only thing that could have done that was a particularly vicious youkai."

"Eh?" You look at her, surprised. "A... youkai?"

After another short pause, you bring your fist to your open palm, nodding. "Right, that makes sense. The only thing capable of that is an actual demon, right?"

Alice nods, taking a bite of the pickled radish she had brought with her. "Yes, that's right. I'm not sure how a demon of such strength has appeared here, and my only guess is that some magical force has slipped up and torn open a hole in space, allowing the thing to appear here."

"Ah, but wait." After chewing a piece of the stuff, you continue. "There's already plenty of youkai around here, right? Isn't it possible that one of them went a bit over the top?"

"Yes, that is true. Though I can't think of a youkai that would so openly attack a human's land like that, even out of hunger. It's either incredibly vicious or incredibly stupid. Possibly both, wouldn't you think?"

"Haha." Smirking, you nod. "Yes, I suppose so."


"Well then, I'll be back tommorow to help clean up."

"Eh?" Taking a step back, you grin confusedly. "You don't have to do that, I can clean this home up on my own."

"No, no. Friends do things like that for eachother, right?" She giggles, waving a hand at you. "Well, I'll really take my leave now. Look forward to me tommorow, okay?"

"Ah, you can count on it. I'm always happy when I see you, Alice."

"Geez." She smiles, stepping down the steps of the porch. "Keep saying things like that and you'll make me blush."

[ ] "Well then, take care."
[ ] "Will you be okay on your own?"
[ ] "Keep saying things like that and I may take a fancy to you."


I'll be back tommorow, some time between 3 and 4 PM.
File 122749812088.jpg - (103.12KB, 500x761 , 12170355105.jpg) [iqdb]
[\!/] "Keep saying things like that and I may take a fancy to you."
[X] "Keep saying things like that and I may take a fancy to you."


Turn on the chutzpah.
[x] "Keep saying things like that and I may take a fancy to you."

No other option.
[X] "Keep saying things like that and I may take a fancy to you."
[x] Sniff that rose that appeared in your hand somehow.
File 122750396578.png - (19.67KB, 240x160 , Incubus.png) [iqdb]
[X] "Keep saying things like that and I may take a fancy to you."
[x] Sniff that rose that appeared in your hand somehow.
We aren't Captain Rex, a magic rose is overdoing it.

Captain Anonymous Rex's throne is empty because he got banished to the realm of seven minutes. It's only natural that someone else takes it.

Even so, this Anon doesn't seem right for that role.
[x] "Keep saying things like that and I may take a fancy to you."
A wrench has been thrown in the works, so wait about 30 minutes to one hour and I'll get to writing.
Writing now. Sorry about the delays.
"Heh." Grinning, you reply. "Keep saying things like that and I may take a fancy to you."

"Ah-" Losing her footing, the golden haired maiden falters for a moment, then regains her posture. "Lines like that unnerve me!"

"You're cute when you're unnerved, Alice."

"G-" She looks at you with a deep blush on her face. "Geez! Don't say things like that, you..."

Brushing a lock of hair from her face, she breathes out.

"Um... Right then." Nodding, she smiles embarassedly. "See you."

You nod, and she takes off into the night, running to the main path. As you look on, she seems to be heading in the direction opposite of the village...


Sitting back in your chair, you breathe heavily. The moon is in perfect view from your bedroom window, and the night is still not that late. Though sleeping may be a good idea, there might be something else you should do.

[ ] Go to sleep.
[ ] Bathe.
[ ] Write in your diary.
[ ] Write in your diary.

Well, it's different at least. We've bathed and slept in other stories before.
[x] Bathe.
[x] Write in your diary.

Evening bath is a great way to unwind.
[x] Bathe.
[x] Write in your diary.
[ ] Go to your diary.
[ ] Sleep.
[ ] Bathe in your writing.
[ ] Bathe.
[ ] Write in your diary.

Think about Nitori or Alice in the bath?
Alright then, I feel I should clear something up real quick.

For those of you who've played Harvest Moon, you know that writing in your diary saves the game. I suppose that here it's a bit more like Rune Factory, since, if you were killed by a monster or passed out in a a dangerous place, you'd die and have to restart from where you last wrote in your diary. Basically, if, for some reason, a bad end is met, you'll reset back to the point where you wrote in the diary.

That said, writing now.
Standing up from your place, you walk to your dresser and pull out a pair of pajamas that the teacher of the school gave you as a present. You remove your gloves, putting them back in their place, and make your way down the stairs. Opening the door to the bathroom, you light up a candle that illuminates the room. The tub is still nice and spotless, the toilet shining, and... there's a wad of paper sitting on the counter of the sink.

Opening the thing up, you discover that it's a note left by Nitori. Opening it even more you begin to glance over the words.

'You know... I really had fun with you today.
Not just because you bought me this nice swimsuit, but because...
Because I really like to be with you.
I can't really describe it, but you feel kind of like a...'

The following word was scratched out, and you can't figure out what it might have been.
'For that reason, I'm coming back over tommorow to give you a present.
Look forward to it, okay?'

"Love, Nitori." Folding the paper back up, you can't help but blush a little. Just what was she wanting to call you, and what could the present be? "...I suppose I'll find out, with time."

Nodding to yourself, you remove your clothing and begin to pump in the water for your bath. After a while of this labor you've filled the tub, and are ready to get in. Taking a bar of soap in one hand, you begin to lather up, making sure to clean every inch of your sweat ridden body. As you finish washing your body, you take care to dunk your head into the water to wash your hair. Eventually you finish bathing altogether, and you've soon changed into something more comfortable.

Ascending the steps to your bed room once more, your mind begins to wander back to the note. A few questions enter your mind, like "Why did she sign it 'Love' Nitori?" and "What is her present going to do?", but you shake these from your mind as you settle into your bed, and begin to write words into your diary.

"Dear Diary,
Today was a good day. Alice came by to visit again, and I gave her a radish from the fields.
I also spent some time with Nitori, and bought her a new swimsuit.
It looked really cute on her, and I had to try my hardest to keep my eyes off her rump as she dove into the water of the river to go home.
The only bad thing that happened was the mutilation of one of my cattle. Whatever killed it has done this same thing before, but never this violently.
I'm honestly worried about what might lurk in the woods about my home.
But I suppose I'll find out soon enough, won't I?'

Signing your name at the bottom of the page, you nod, and put out the candle by your bed. As you look up at the roof, your mind fades off into the land of dreams, to spend a peaceful night thinking of those things that only exist in your imagination.



A quick question. Should I leave it here for now, or move onto Day 2 right away?
>>A quick question. Should I leave it here for now, or move onto Day 2 right away?

I'd say the sooner the better, but go with whatever you think is best.
I suppose I will leave it there. I'll be back tommorow, some time between 4 and 5.
Alright, back and writing.
Opening your eyes, the sunlight pours in through your bedroom window. It looks as if you've slept a little later than you normally do. After sitting up and yawning you begin to change into your day clothes, ready to get to work once again. After you put on your gloves you head down for breakfast. Once again you eat the hard crackers that you've grown so accustomed to, and you then walk outside to smell the fresh air.

It's not very likely that you'll get any produce from your animals today, and, taking a quick glance at the raddish patch, it seems that there's no produce to sell at all today. As the sun beats down on your face, you ponder what you may do to start off the day.

[ ] Take care of watering the plants and feeding the animals first.
[ ] You've let your land go to waste for too long. Begin to till your open ground.
[ ] Go check the river.


Not really much to write about for the start of this day. I'll be able to be more descriptive in the next update.
[x] You've let your land go to waste for too long. Begin to till your open ground.
[X] You've let your land go to waste for too long. Begin to till your open ground.

Maybe we should go clean the stables?
{X} Take care of watering the plants and feeding the animals first.

And if there's time...
{X} You've let your land go to waste for too long. Begin to till your open ground.
[ ] Take care of watering the plants and feeding the animals first.
[ ] Take care of watering the plants and feeding the animals first.
[x] Take care of watering the plants and feeding the animals first.
[x] You've let your land go to waste for too long. Begin to till your open ground.

I'm going with this, since there's two votes for either option and one for both. This will also probably be the last update tonight, as I feel horrible.

Writing now.
File 122766165089.jpg - (404.61KB, 1024x1365 , Nitori_004.jpg) [iqdb]
Nodding confidently to yourself, you make your way over to the entrance of the basement. After undoing the lock and descending the steps you grab your belt, the hoe, your sickle, and your watering can. Making sure you have everything you'll need you go back up the steps, and set out to do your morning's work.

First making your way over to the radishes, you carefully water them one by one, making sure not to give any of them too much water. Eventually you finish this task, and make your way over to the barn.

Pushing the door shut behind you, you look over the cows that remain. As you do this you notice their droppings, and make a mental note to take care of those later. After having opened both of their stalls you open the main door, and prod the two out of the barn and into the field you keep for them to eat. Making sure that they're eating the grass you nod, and make your way into the chicken coop.

The hens greet you with their usual stares and clucks, with their glances then turning to the feeding pen. You pull out a chunk of feed from the silo and begin to set the hens down in the pen, one by one. Soon enough they've all found a place to peck at to get their own feed, and you take a moment to glance over their former places. Yup, none of them laid any eggs today.


After having put the last chicken away and putting the cows back in the barn, you make your way over to the open field that you never took the time to rid of weeds and grass. Just as you pick up your sickle to begin work on this area, you hear a splash from the river, followed by a pattering of feet. Surely enough, a pair of damp arms and a flat, wet chest wrap about you, as a young girl makes herself known.

"Good morning!" Nitori giggles, her face up against your back. "So, are you ready for it?"

"Ah..." You shake her off, and turn to look her over. Surely enough she's wearing that swimsuit, only she has a blue jacket on as well this time. "Ready for...?"

"You saw the note, didn't you?" She pouts, putting her hands behind her back. "I brought you a present today, as a 'thank you' for the swimsuit."

"Oh, that..." You look out over the large field you have to clean, and wonder if you should be doing this now.

[ ] "Not now, I have to take care of this as soon as possible."
[ ] "...Okay then, let's see it."

[ ] "...Okay then, let's see it."
[ ] Till the field afterwards.
[ ] "...Okay then, let's see it."
[ ] Begin cleaning the field, listening to her as she talks.
[x] "...Okay then, let's see it."
[x] Till the field afterwards.
[\!/] "...Okay then, let's see it."
[\!/] Till the field afterwards.

I'll be severely disappointed if we get Patchwork'd. But getting the shirikodama sucked out our ass would be great, hilarious even.
She'll probably help us work the fields though
It'll be the sprinkler or something to save time on watering crops, I think...

[x] "...Okay then, let's see it."
[X] "...Okay then, let's see it."

And if we have the time left to do so:

[X] Till the field afterwards.


I would prefer it if we got to "sprinkle" Nitori instead.

File 122772786960.png - (172.53KB, 640x368 , shirou.png) [iqdb]

She's a kappa, right? I think she'd prefer a swim, myself.
Hope you have enough stamina to fill a pool then.
I'm feeling better now. I should be able to get to writing some time in the next two hours.
"..." You sigh, smiling slightly. "Okay then. Let's see it."

"Hooray!" She throw her arms up in the air, beaming widely. "Okay then, turn around and drop the sickle, please!"

"Eh? Just what kind of present is this?"

"Hee hee." Giggling, she pantomimes a 'turn around' signal. "You'll see."

"Geez..." Turning around, you do as she asked and put the sickle on the ground. "Really, what is it? You're really starting to make me curio-"

Before you can finish your sentence, she wraps an arm about your neck and pops your mouth open, sliding something in. After shutting your mouth once more she makes you swallow the thing. Turning about, you protest.

"W-wait! What did you just make me eat?"

"Heheh." Putting a finger to her cheek, Nitori begins to explain. "It's a special type of fruit that's supposed to invigorate a human. It does nothing for us kappa, but I'm sure you'll thank me later."


Just as you try to query her about what she meant, a surge of energy courses through your body. You merely stand there a second, wondering if what you're feeling is real. Then, picking the sickle back up, you nod.

"Well, we might as well see how effective this thing was."

"Yeah!" Clapping her hands together, Nitori cheers you on. "That's right, show that grass who's boss!"

"Here... I... go!" Swinging the sickle blade down, you cut a large group of stalks down in one swing. Looking over the sickle, you nod before continuing with this chore, as Nitori cheers you on.

It takes a little under an hour to cut all the tall grass down to size, and you've found yourself sitting up against the barn, exhausted.

"Haa... haa..." Wiping the sweat from your forehead, you turn to look at Nitori, who is sitting beside you. "That was... some kind of rush..."

"Yeah, but you tired now." You sarcastically think 'Oh no, reaaally?' before she continues. "You know, there's a really relaxing hotspring a short way down the river. If you'd like, we could go."

[ ] "No thanks, I'm expecting company."
[ ] "Allright, let me go change into something more appropriate."
[ ] "Ugh... I'm too tired to even get up, so I can't go."
[x] "Ugh... I'm too tired to even get up, so I can't go."
[x] "....Give me another one so I can get up."
[x] "And a second to deal with that youkai that's killing my livestock."
[x] "And a third for the road."

Marduk can kiss my BLACK ASS because I need some more STIMUTAX!

[x] "Actually, one of my cattle was ripped to bits by a youkai or something...worse. My friend Alice was going to come by later today to help me clean it up. Maybe we can reschedule the hot springs for another day when things aren't so crazy?
[X] "Allright, let me go change into something more appropriate."
[x] "Actually, one of my cattle was ripped to bits by a youkai or something...worse. My friend Alice was going to come by later today to help me clean it up. Maybe we can reschedule the hot springs for another day when things aren't so crazy?"
[\!/] "No thanks, I'm expecting company."
[x] "Ugh... I'm too tired to even get up, so I can't go."
I wanted to get more than one update out today, but I need my sleep. Hopefully I can get more updates out tommorow. I'll probably be back some time between 10 and 11 AM or 2 and 3 PM.
Now that I think of it, we had barely gotten anything done yesterday before Alice had passed by the house. Today, again, we have just finished doing something in a similar amount of time.

If she is coming (before midday), she should be just about here already.
[x] "Actually, one of my cattle was ripped to bits by a youkai or something...worse. My friend Alice was going to come by later today to help me clean it up. Maybe we can reschedule the hot springs for another day when things aren't so crazy?"
Delays, delays. I don't think I need to explain what the delays were, considering the date, but I'll get to writing here soon.
File 122782494319.png - (128.09KB, 500x500 , Alice_004.png) [iqdb]
"Actually..." Looking up at the sky you sigh, then turn to look at Nitori. "A friend of mine, Alice, was going to help me clean up a mess, and she'll probably be here soon enough."

"Is that so?" Nitori merely looks at you as you continue.

"Yeah. One of my cattle was killed by a youkai, or possibly something else."

"Eek!" Raising her hands to her mouth, the girl gasps. "That's horrible!"

"No, no. It's happened before, so I was getting kind of used to it. It's just that I'm a little too busy today, so I thought that we could do the hotspring thing another time."

"Well... I really think you should relax there before doing anything else, but if you really don't want to go now, then maybe we could go tommorow?"

Smiling, you nod. Without a word the two of you continue to sit there, just looking up at the nice blue sky. It seems like some time passes just relaxing in that spot, until you feel Nitori tap your shoulder.

"Hey, hey." Turning to look at her, she seems to have a really curious look on her face. "That work made you kind of... sweaty, right?"

"Ah." Pushing some locks of hair from your eyes, you nod. "Yes. It was some really hard work."

Pushing up off of the ground, the kappa girl raises her arms as high as she can.

"Okay then! As your close friend, I'll take it upon myself to wash your face for you!"

"E-Ehh?" Being taken aback, you feel a slight blush meet your cheeks. "You don't really have to do that. I can do it myself, it's no proble-"

Looking at her face, Nitori is now giving you a look with large, sad eyes, as if begging you to let her do this. For a moment you merely look aside and try to see if she'll give up, but she merely sits down and scoots closer to you, still giving you that pleading look. Another minute passes with an awkward, almost painful silence, before you speak up.

"Fine. Do as you please."

"Hooray!" Nitori throws her arms up in joy, and takes off towards the river. She then calls back to you in a sing-song voice. "This'll only take a minute, so wait warmly, okaaay?"

You merely nod, and think inwardly as the girl begins to fill some strange device with water. Your thoughts turn back to just what may have done that to your cow, and... you can't help but think that you should go see if someone in the village could sell you a replacement. This train of thought soon comes to a halt, though, as Nitori comes prancing back over with an odd device, who's form and purpose you can't quite determine.

"Nitori... this is?"

"This is my greatest water based invention, the 'Face Cleaner version 3'!"

"Version... three?" You blink before continuing. "What was wrong with it before?"

"Ah. Ahahahaha... ha..." Blushing, Nitori rubs the back of her head. "Well, first it did more sucking than shooting, and then it got a clog in it, so..."

Before you can ask what she meant by "shooting", the girl turns the device on. It begins to whir loudly before firing a stream of cold water at your face, hitting you with a real force. For a second you merely sit there, wondering what she was thinking when she made this, before you hear a familiar voice call out from the side of the barn.

"Eh? What are you two doing, and... why are you all wet?"

Turning your line of vision, you see that Alice has arrived, and is blushing as if she just saw something incredibly deviant and naughty.

[ ] "...Wait, no! It's not what you think!"
[ ] "She was just cleaning my face is all."
[ ] "She can do you too, if you'd like."
[x] "She was... cleaning my face? I think it could use some adjustments though."
[x] Your shirt is probably soaked. Take it off so you can wring out the water.
[x] "She was just cleaning my face is all."
With a water ejaculating machine.
[x] "She can do you too, if you'd like."

Wet T Shirts, whoo!
[x] "She was just cleaning my face is all."
Let's give them a show, eh?

[x] "She was... cleaning my face? I think it could use some adjustments though."
[x] Your shirt is probably soaked. Take it off so you can wring out the water.
[X] "She was... cleaning my face? I think it could use some adjustments though."
[X] Your shirt is probably soaked. Take it off so you can wring out the water.

That's right, give those ladies some eye-candy.
[ ] "She can do you too, if you'd like."

C'mon, let's take a fancy for her.
[\!/] "She can do you too, if you'd like."

Spit on Remilla Harvestnon to floor.
Calling it now.

[x] "She was... cleaning my face? I think it could use some adjustments though."
[x] Your shirt is probably soaked. Take it off so you can wring out the water.
Was the first to three, so it wins. I'll get to writing here soon.
File 122783908089.jpg - (177.71KB, 600x800 , Nitori_005.jpg) [iqdb]
"She was just... cleaning my face, I think." Looking over your wet self, you sigh. "I think her gadget could use some adjustments, though."

"Oh... Is that all?" Letting out a breath, Alice smiles. "I'm glad."

"Oh, would you like to see it?" Nitori smiles excitedly, and trots over to Alice. The latter begins to protest as she runs from the kappa, laughing a bit as she does so.

As they begin to talk to eachother, you feel the clothes you have on. Your pants are fine, but your shirt is soaking wet. After untucking the bottom of it from your pants you pull it over your head, and hear a shriek as you take the shirt off.

"Ah, that's cold!" Alice shakes her hands of the water that got on them, frowning slightly. "That thing is for cleaning faces? It seems a lot more like a weapon than a luxury!"

"Eheh." The blue haired girl smiles menacingly as she holds the device. "I wonder, how did it end up like that?"

"Hey, hey. You two cut it out." Standing up, you begin to wring your shirt free of water. "That thing is already dangerous enough, no need to use it one anyone else, right?"

The two merely look at you in shock for a second, and it takes you a moment to realize that they're looking at your chest. It seems that you must have made a facial expression that showed this realization to them, as they turn their heads as Alice begins to blush.

"Ah... are you two okay?" Holding your shirt at your side, you grin. "There isn't anything wrong, is there?"

"N-no." Alice replies, her voice muffled, as if she's trying to keep herself from giggling. "There's nothing wrong at all."

With that, she turns about, and Nitori then copies her, glaring over at the blonde woman. You raise your arms up to place your hands behind your head and laugh heartily, nodding.

"Well then, let's get to cleaning up. All three of us."

"Right!" Nitori holds a fist near her chest, her face beaming with determination.

"I'll go get the mop. You once told me you keep things like that in your basement, right?"

"Ah, yes. Yes I did." Reaching into your pocket, you pull out the key and toss it over to her. "Here, use this."

Alice reaches up and grabs the key as it flies towards her. After turning to Nitori, who then gets an agitated look on her face, she takes off to the basement. After she has disappeared from sight you put your hands to your sides and sigh, then putting the barely damp shirt over your shoulder. As you do this Nitori walks over to you, looking at you with a serious face.

"Tell me!" She huffs her words out, as if she were talking to the chief of a building project. "What should I do?"

[ ] "You can go get the water with your face cleaner... thing."
[ ] "You could help me work on the house itself, if you'd like."
[ ] "Could I get a closer look at that thing you made?"
[\!/] "You could help me work on the house itself, if you'd like."

Mad Alice is mad~
[ ] "You could help me work on the house itself, if you'd like."
[ ] "Also, if it's gonna be a face-cleaner, you might want to turn down the water pressure on it."
Well, I suppose I'll just pick up again tommorow. Until then, good night /th/.
[ ] "Could I get a closer look at that thing you made? Maybe we can use it to clean the stable."
[x] Maybe that thing could be used to hose down splatted cow?
[ ] "Could I get a closer look at that thing you made? Maybe we can use it to clean the stable."
[x] "Could I get a closer look at that thing you made? Maybe we can use it to clean the stable."
"...Ah..." Looking at the device she used to spray you in the face, you nod to yourself. "Mind if I get a closer look at that thing you made?"

"E-eh?" She stops for a second, then holds the device up. "Oh... Yeah, sure. Here you go."

Taking the thing in one hand, you nod your thanks to her silently. As you begin to flick switches and press buttons on the thing, it starts to fire off streams of water at high speeds. After pressing a large blue button on the handle of the device it comes to a calm, and you're left in wonder.

"...Nitori." Turning your attention back to her, you grin. "Think we could use this to clean the stable?"

"Oh... Yeah! That could work, couldn't it?" Snatching up the device and your hand, she tugs you along to the barn. "Come on, let's try it out!"


With a huff you sit back down, surprised at how well the thing cleaned the splated cow. Nitori disposed of the bones for you, and is now sitting to your left.

"..." She looks at you intently, as if she wants to ask something. She hesitates for a moment, then begins to speak. "Hey... could I get a look at your watering can, when Alice gets in here?"

[ ] "Sure, but... I wonder, what's taking Alice so long?"
[ ] "Why would you want to do that?"


Sorry for taking so long to update. I've had a lot of personal problems in the past few days, though it isn't really a good reason to ignore this like I have.
[ ] "Sure, but... I wonder, what's taking Alice so long?"
[ ] "Sure, but... I wonder, what's taking Alice so long?"
[x] "Sure, but... I wonder, what's taking Alice so long?"
File 122827707254.jpg - (116.15KB, 570x800 , 1f5d475596b53af9effb53f8b82ed722.jpg) [iqdb]
[\!/] "Sure, but... I wonder, what's taking Alice so long?"
[x] "Sure, but... I wonder, what's taking Grant!DOzf5m3qdY so long?"
Apparently he was nine.

Waaait, wait, wait, wait, you're joking, right?

Yeah, about that.

I guess I should've mentioned this earlier, but whatever. Anyway, when I had the idea to start a Harvest Moon CYOA, Nine thought it may be a hilarious idea to make people think I was him. Not sure what his goal was with this, probably to piss off his readers, or something like that.

Anyway, I really do have to apologize for being involved in something like that. Especially to HY, since he was one of the bigger parts of this retarded "scheme".

On a sort of brighter note, I'll get back to writing after some family problems come to a close. I guess that means you can expect updates in 3 or 4 days.

I find that story highly suspicious, but perhaps it's just my obsession kicking in. If you are Nine though, know this - I don't think anyone would mind you coming back to business. No, no need to answer this, neither is there need to continue the play if I'm right about your identity. Sure, you've pissed off some people - you, as in: Nine - but some of us still like you. It is not easy to gain the friendship of anon, and such bond is so fragile one might think a single excess could break it. But in reality, do we really care? As long as you write, you're okay. As long as you stay with us.

Grant, in case you are not Nine, disregard what I just said. I'm still kind of shaken after what happened to one of my favourite people on THP.
Can someone fill me in on this Nine business?

All I can say is that Nine got banned because he came up with a poor excuse and anon raged. Needless to say shitfest started and Nine and Anon were banned, thread locked on /border/. The thread is still there so you can still read it, even if Nine deleted his posts.

What excuse he used? He wanted BC/BCR be deleted at any costs and wouldn't update until it were gone.
Nine who first wrote Border Crossing(story with futa protagonist, in overall considered to be bad/silly) starts a new story, Aria of Deception(story with trap protagonist, in overal considered to be excellent).
He then slows down, and nearly stops writing. HY proposes to continue story, Nine says that he will, but only if Border Crossing is deleted. Needles to say, people consider this idiotic, and are annoyed. Bans result.

Nine deleted all his posts.
Either way, keep writing this, it's good.
So, was Grant really Nine in disguise or what?

Most likely. This story will be truly missed.
He wasn't. They use different IPs, and even appeared and talked in the chat at same time. It is not definite proof, but you can't get much better one around here.
In the end, Grant stopped writing for number of reasons. First, becuase he couldn't read the stories as much as he wanted if he also had to write. Second, becuase the whole deal with Nine demotivated him(let's not go into that any more). And third, he lost interest in writing story.
Grant most likely isn't coming back. Sorry.

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