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68928 No. 68928
Kira is now somewhat back, and somewhat feeling better. And now, Kira has a question for you.

[ ] 6
[ ] 7
[ ] 8
[ ] 9
[ ] 10
[ ] 11

And then,

[ ] 1
[ ] 2
[ ] 3
[ ] 4
[ ] 5
[ ] 6
[ ] 8

>> No. 68929
[x] 7
[x] 5
>> No. 68930
File 12273260176.jpg - (134.08KB , 978x708 , cirno_hooray.jpg ) [iqdb]
Kira descends!

Random number generator, don't fail me now.
>> No. 68931
[x] 7
[x] 2
>> No. 68932

Huh, I wonder whats up.

Glad to see you're feeling better.
>> No. 68933
[ ] 9
[ ] 3
>> No. 68934
[x] 7
[x] 6

>> No. 68935
>> No. 68937
File 122732789862.jpg - (105.63KB , 458x390 , tcc.jpg ) [iqdb]
[] 6
[] 3
>> No. 68939
[ ] 9
[ ] 3
>> No. 68942
[X] 9
[X] 3
>> No. 68953
[⑨] ⑨
[⑨] ⑨
>> No. 68959

>> No. 68960
[\!/] 7
[\!/] 6
>> No. 68961
[x] 9
[x] 3
>> No. 68963
[X] 8
[X] 8
>> No. 68976
[x] 9
[x] 4
>> No. 68978
[X] Stalling
[X] Tactics
>> No. 68982

>> No. 69181
I walked down the path carrying the plants that I had spent most of the morning gathering. The patter of the second set of feet that were trundling along behind me drew my attention once again. It seemed to have become a game of sorts. I’d walk for a while, stop, then turn, and the little girl following along behind me would almost cry out in surprise and dive behind the nearest bit of cover. It seemed that she was a youkai. With that blonde hair, and that little doll floating next to her (dressed in a similar red dress, almost as if it was a miniature version of the girl), there was little else she could be. For the most part, she seemed harmless enough. Curiously following me, she had ample opportunity to attack me during the various points when I’d stop to gather more plants.

The sun loomed overhead, blazing away in the sky in a most uncaring manner. There was one thing, though, that it’s position told me. It was almost time for lunch. I continued to walk for some time, hoping to find a nice spot to stop amongst all the rocks. Coming out towards Nameless Hill is great for finding medicinal herbs and plants but it’s quite horrible for having a comfortable spot to stop and rest.

This heat is unbearable. I stop for a moment to wipe my brow again and hear the familiar swish of the girl diving for cover. I wondered idly if the girl would continue to follow me all the way down off of the hill, of if she was chasing me off. Albeit in her own bizarre little manner. My stomach complains loudly, in a most unpleasant manner, but there’s no helping it. I have to continue on my way.

The girl seems to be growing bolder now, following me closer and closer. Though, since my stride is longer, she seems to have to work her legs a little more to be able to keep up with the pace that I set for myself. She also no longer hides when I stop, but she does move back a distance. I find it quite odd, but I have never claimed to be an expert in Youkai psychology.

Finally, the girl seems to have worked up enough courage to run up along side me. I continue to walk along, pretending to ignore her as she walks along next to me. She seems to be quite careful not to touch me, as my hand brushed near her a few times and she jumped back quite quickly. Such a strange little youkai.

“Hey! Listen!” The girl shouts suddenly. I nearly fall to the ground in shock. Turning to look at the small girl she’s standing there with her hands balled up in fists, arms jammed down in front of her. All she’d need to do is stomp her foot and she’d look the perfect tantrum.

“Hey! Listen!” She shouts again.

“I’m listening. You don’t have to yell quite so loudly.”

“But you didn’t answer the first time I asked you!”

“I’m sorry. I tend to daydream quite a bit. What is it you asked me?”

“Whatcha doing? It looks like you’re doing like what the nice lady does.” The girl turns her head to one side.

Nice lady? Gathering herbs? The only person that I can think of who might come out to this area would be that woman from Eientei. She seems the type that would know of the medicinal value of the plethora of plant life in this particular area. Especially the uses of Lily of the Valley.

“Hm. I suppose I am.” I reach up and scratch the back of my head. “So what of it?”

“Juuuuuuust saying!” The girl rocks back and forth on her heels. This whole scene just strikes me as being quite odd.

“Oh!” she says suddenly, “I have to go! bye bye!”

The girl waves at me before running off. Such a strange encounter. No matter though. I have to get these plants back to town. I turn back to the path that I had been walking, and slog off towards the village in the blazing heat.

[ ] Orange
[ ] Green
[ ] Yellow
[ ] Red
[ ] Purple
[ ] Pink
[ ] Red
[ ] Blue
[ ] White

(pick 2)
((Just doing some quick things to get back into the flow of writing. C&C are welcome on these. They're going to be short, and not really in any sort of cannon.))
>> No. 69183
[X] Red
[X] Blue
>> No. 69184
[x] Purple
[x] Pink

>> No. 69185
[x] Red
[x] Red
>> No. 69186
[X] Red (The second one)
[X] White
>> No. 69187
[x] Red
[x] That other Red
>> No. 69190
[x] Red
[x] Red
>> No. 69193
File 122741830131.jpg - (123.08KB , 657x486 , 1206842245137.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Red
[x] Blue
>> No. 69195
[x] Red
[x] Red

I wish I could go with "Double Black".
>> No. 69196
[x] Red
[x] Red
>> No. 69197
File 122742147717.jpg - (302.58KB , 600x434 , e00b4fc966f6874cbc62680681eb3a9c.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Red
[X] Green
>> No. 69198
You iiiiiidiots.

Everyone knows you want to mix a red herb with a green herb. Well, unless you're poisoned.

[ ] Green
[ ] Red
>> No. 69200
File 122742236851.jpg - (103.27KB , 850x637 , sample-d7717838fd67516a44521b66c669564e.jpg ) [iqdb]

Yeah, we've definitely been poisoned. Better prep those blue herbs, Ms. Chambers.
>> No. 69203
[x] Red
[x] Red
>> No. 69204
[ ] Orange
[ ] Green
>> No. 69210

Ow, well, in that case--

[x] Green
[x] Blue
>> No. 69214
[x] Black like the color of my soul.
[x] Rainbow striped like the color of my nipple warmers.
>> No. 69215
[x] Green
[x] Blue
>> No. 69216
[\!/] Green
[\!/] Red

>> No. 69221
[x] Green
[x] Blue
>> No. 69338
Once again I find myself trudging up the Youkai Mountain. Infamous for the large number of Youkai that live on it. I get sent up here ever couple of months to take the village’s tribute to the shrine at it’s summit, partially because I’m one of the few stupid enough to do it, but mostly because youkai tend to leave me alone. I sure as hell don’t know why that is, they just seem to be more. . . curious about me than anything else.

Which, I suppose, is why I shouldn’t have been surprised when one came spinning down in front of me.

“Hello~” Her voice rings out clearly, despite the fact that she’s spinning around.

“Uh. Hi. Can I help you?” I rub my temple in annoyance. Well, at least it’s not one of the kappa again. Once they get started talking it’s almost impossible to shut them up.

“Oh, Not rea~lly. You just don’t see many humans, beings such as yourself, around here. It is, as you know, quite dangerous in the place where we are~. Many youkai who would be considered, at least by some, as ones thought to be feral.” Still with that spinning. It’s making me dizzy.

Sighing loudly, I show her the pack strapped to my back. “I’m only here to bring the tribute to Moriya. I’ll be out of your hair soon enough. So, if you don’t mind. . .”

“O~h. Is that So~?” The girl giggles slightly. “I could take that pack that you carry, heavy as it looks, all the way up to that far, distant po~int”

I don’t know what this girl is playing at, but I’m not going to fall for that old trick. My eyes narrow. “I’m sorry, but the pack doesn’t leave me. Thanks for the offer, but I’ll have to decline.”

I move to walk past the girl. She makes no attempt to stop me, only saying something as I walk past.

“Well then, I hope that no misfortune befalls you on this mountain so da~n~ger~ous~” She giggles again and spins off into the air. I really hate dealing with Youkai, they’re nothing but headaches, and you can never really tell what they’re thinking. Adjusting the pack on my back, I continue my way further up the mountain.

[ ] I
[ ] P
[ ] X
[ ] Q
[ ] D
[ ] K
[ ] C

(pick 2)
>> No. 69340
[x] P
[x] Q

Mind them.
>> No. 69342
[x] P
[x] K

>> No. 69343
File 122750172216.jpg - (52.87KB , 460x580 , 121629156973.jpg ) [iqdb]
[\!/] Q
[\!/] C

>> No. 69344
[ ] D
[ ] K




>> No. 69346
File 122750297190.png - (346.83KB , 666x987 , xkcd_loves_the_discovery_channel.png ) [iqdb]
[X] X
[X] K
[ ] C
[ ] D
>> No. 69349
[X] I
[X] D
[X] D
[X] Q
[X] D

Hell yeah, God mode!
>> No. 69350
[x] P
[x] Q
>> No. 69373
[x] X
[x] D
>> No. 69376
[ ] D
[ ] K
>> No. 69386
[X] P
[X] Q

Yep. Kira's Hina still has that strange, unnerving quality that makes me desperately want to smash her face in with a shovel.
>> No. 69389
[x] X
[x] D

So randum.
>> No. 69392
>Yep. Kira's Hina still has that strange, unnerving quality that makes me desperately want to smash her face in with a shovel.
Yeah, Kira. What's up with that?
>> No. 69396
File 122753071113.jpg - (246.56KB , 896x717 , 1213906498351.jpg ) [iqdb]
HAHA.No. Hina~is loev.
>> No. 69408

Tetro's Hina is love. Vodka's Hina is love. Mode's Hina is love. Kira's Hina is just a creepy cockblock.
>> No. 69410
Hina IS strange and unnerving. She doesn't want people to stay close to her, but she feels the innate need to be near to people. The pardox of need. Bad things tend to happen to those around her, so she pushes people away, despite persuing the fleeting contanct with them that driving them away brings.

Just because your passing skips on the surface like a stone upon the water, don't assume that the river is shallow.
>> No. 69411
also, writan.
>> No. 69413
File 122754994767.jpg - (209.18KB , 1000x776 , 1200447480229.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 69414
Again with that look. That glare, cold as ice.

“Look, I said I was sorry. I even helped you pick up the stuff.” I sigh and shake my head. This woman is quite annoying. After I bumped into her, causing her to drop the basket she was carrying, she’s done nothing but glare at me.

“I have other things that I have to do. So, I’ll just be leaving now.” I turn around and get barely two steps away before the woman is somehow in front of me again. I blink to make sure that I’m not seeing things. Nope. Same blue maid dress. Same grey hair. Same blue eyes, glaring daggers at me. Man, if looks could kill I’d be dead a thousand times over before I even hit the ground. I adjust the pack on my back, inwardly grumbling about how heavy the damn tribute always is.

“Lady, I have to get this tribute up Youkai Mountain. So if you would kindly get out of my way, I’ll be leaving.”

The woman scowls a moment more before speaking to me. “. . . How.” Her voice is barely above a whisper.

“Eh? What?”

“I SAID how. HOW did you run into me?” The woman leans back on one leg, crossing her arms across her stomach. “I should have sensed a pervert like you coming. So how did you run into me?”

“Oh. Uh. . . Well,” Confused as to what the hell this woman’s talking about I flounder a bit, “I was just walking along, daydreaming. Next thing I know I’m landing on top of you.”

“I see. . . Maybe it truly was an accident then. For surely, if you had an intension against me, then I would have realized your presence. Unless you’re a pervert with no hostility, or intent to be perverted.” A slight grin plays on her face. “But if you just unconsciously moved against me, there would have been no way for me to have sensed you.”

The woman stands there, apparently mulling this over in her mind. A knife suddenly appears in her hand which she then flicks back and forth idly. “I believe that I shall make you pay for what you have done, whether intentioned or not.”

I sputter something in response while attempting to back away.

“I’ll say this just once, but I have no intention of going easy on you. You tried to grope me, so even if you beg for mercy, I will kill you.” The woman informs me, a broadening grin floating on her pale, ghastly features.

I stumble back away from this woman. . . this demon, and in my haste fall to the ground. Something to defend myself, I need something to defend myself. I whip my head around looking for something, anything, that I can use to defend myself.

A loud, barking laugh escapes the woman’s lips. “Look at you! In such a panic! Did you really think that I was going to kill you? The mistress would have my head. I just thought to have a bit of fun is all. Now get out of my sight before I change my mind.”

The woman turns and walks away, leaving me there in a stunned silence. I release my breath, which I had apparently been holding. I don’t believe that I’ll ever understand the people of this place.

[ ] Earth
[ ] Fire
[ ] Wind
[ ] Water
[ ] Wood
[ ] Metal
[ ] Light
[ ] Dark

(Again, pick 2)
>> No. 69417
File 122755368269.jpg - (27.06KB , 355x355 , Earth_Wind_and_Fire-All_N_All_b.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Earth
[X] Wind

...and Fire. A Captain Planet reference would be too obvious and lame.

Also, we learn something different about the character we're playing as with each new post?
>> No. 69418
[X] Fire
[X] Metal
>> No. 69419
[ ] Water
[ ] Wood

Looks like Sakuya's a bitch like always.
>> No. 69420
[x] Fire
[x] Wind
>> No. 69426
Nailed it on the head.
>> No. 69435
File 122755904757.jpg - (601.56KB , 1195x1066 , 1138261.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Water
[X] Wood
>> No. 69436
[X] Earth
[X] Water

>> No. 69438
>Same blue eyes, glaring daggers at me.
>glaring daggers at me.
oh u

Also this Sakuya is a mix between a bitch with a horrible and harsh personality, and the worst parts of every tsundere ever, carying on and on about how every accidental action is perverted and/or intentional and never lets him explain.

GGs Kira, now I hate Sakuya even more than I actually hate her.
>> No. 69457

Hm, this is more interessing than I thought.
>> No. 69459
[x] Heavy
[x] Metal
>> No. 69461
>>the worst parts of every tsundere ever, carying on and on about how every accidental action is perverted and/or intentional and never lets him explain.

Ah, but the more harsh and extreme the tsun-tsun shell, the more delicious the gooey dere-dere center.
>> No. 69473

...are you fucking DENSE?
This is Kira, after all.
>> No. 69689
[X] Dark
[X] Metal

Changing vote.
>> No. 69690
Ah, too late. sorry.
>> No. 69692
It was the middle of the night, in the dead of winter, when I was awakened by a sharp rapping at my door. Bleary eyed, I pulled my self up from the bed and, upon realizing the time, hurried to the door. I feared that one of the villagers may have taken ill in the night. Dashing across the room, my robe hastily thrown on, I called out that I was coming. I made a half hearted attempt to tie it off as I reached the door. Pulling it open revealed a sight that I neither expected nor wanted to see.

“You.” She spits tersely, “The mistress requires your aid.”

I blink a few times, thinking that I must be seeing things. It must be a dream. That’s it. A cold, unfeeling dream in which. . . “OW!” I cry out as she grabs me forcefully by the arm.

“We have to hurry.”A hint of emotion flickers on her face.

She seems more tense than the last time I met her. . . She seems almost. . . upset? No time to ponder that now. I sigh loudly.

“I have to gather my things. Give me a mo. . .” The woman shoves a bag into my hands containing most of my herbs and tools.

“There’s no TIME. Hurry.” she hisses, now pulling me out of my door in earnest.

“Alright, alright!” I throw the strap of the bag over my head and onto my shoulder. It’s familiar weight pulling down on me. “Let me at least close the door.”

After locking the door, the woman leads me off into the snowy night.

[ ] 17
[ ] 10
[ ] 2
[ ] 9
[ ]22
[ ]15
[ ] 23

(you know the drill by now. 2 to pick)
>> No. 69694
[x] 2
[x] 9


It's shit. Shit, right?
>> No. 69696
[X] 17
[X] 23
>> No. 69697
[ ]22
[ ]15
>> No. 69698
[X] 2
[X] 23
>> No. 69699
>> No. 69700
[X] 17
[X] 23

Prime numbers; there's only one choice.
>> No. 69701
[x] 9
[x] 15
>> No. 69709
[ ] 9
[ ] 2

>> No. 69713
>> No. 69826
[X] 17
[X] 23
>> No. 69827
Oh. Forgot to call this. I'll be writan tomorrow. Most of today was spent planning something new.
>> No. 69963
The hall was silent, save for the constant patter of rain on the roof and the swaying of bamboo in the wind. When I slid back the door, my nose was assaulted by the dank, pungent aroma of mustiness that often accompanies buildings of such age. My eyes swept across the dimly lit room. There were several tables and chairs in the large room, and in the front of the room was a desk. That desk, which was, as usual, covered in stacks of papers an various vials of curious concoctions and dangerous drafts was remarkable for one particular feature. The woman seated at it. That mature, beautiful woman, who now looked up from the clutter that dominated the desk at the sound which pulled her attention, in full, to the newly occupied doorway. However, instead of that usual thin smile of hers, annoyance muddied her typically diaphanous features.

“You’re late” she chided in a tone that was half annoyance, half anticipation, “You do know the penalty for being late, don’t you?”

“Ye-Yes. Ma’m.” I swallow hard. Eirin’s little ‘punishment games’ were never fun and usually resulted in me being either injured or humiliated. Usually both. In spite of this, it seemed that god was smiling on me favorably that day.

“Waaaaaaaah!. . . does that mean I’m late too?” A small voice calls out from behind me. Looking down, I see the small blond haired head of Medicine peeking around me, looking at Eirin with wide eyes. She seemed to be on the verge of crying, judging by the sniffling noises she made.

Coughing and turning her head to one side, Eirin’s face seems to flush slightly. She coughs into her hand once more before speaking. “A-Ah. . . Well. Seeing as that both of you arrived at the same time today, I suppose that I can let it slide. Just this once.”

“Ohhh! YAY!” Medicine bounded into the room, taking care not to brush against my exposed skin. “So, whatcha gonna teach us today! I can’t wait!”

I laugh silently to myself. Once Medicine learned what Eirin could teach her, she developed a voracious appetite for learning. Despite the amount of time that Medicine has apparently been learning from Eirin, Eirin’s still easily swayed by that cuteness routine.

Never the less, Medicine and I take our respective seats. Quickly regaining her composure, Eirin begins the lecture.

I still couldn’t believe that Eirin, THE Eirin, had agreed to let me apprentice under her. Allowed me the opportunity to learn from her vast medicinal knowledge. The things I had learned in the short time that I had been working under her astounded me. It seemed that there was nothing she couldn’t accomplish with her medicines. This was no time to reminiscing, however, as Eirin’s lectures were notorious for being fast and Eirin unforgiving when being asked to repeat herself. The little ‘punishment games’ that she would play with you, should you ask her to repeat something, only served as further reinforcement to keep up with the lecture.

[ ] ..
[ ] .--.
[ ] -..-
[ ] --.-
[ ] -..
[ ] -.-
[ ] -.-.

(same as before. two up two down.)
>> No. 69964
[ ] ..
[ ] -.-.

I see.

Well, actually, I don't.
>> No. 69965
[x] -.-.
[x] --.-

Calling any station.
>> No. 69966
[-..-] -.-
[-..-] --.-
>> No. 69967
>>[x] ..
>>[x] --.-
Most common pattern in its simplest form, and only one where there is three of a kind.
>> No. 69968
>[ ]...--
>[ ]--...

What? No write-ins? Well, ok then...

[X] .--.
[X] -..-
>> No. 69969
>[ ] .. I
>[ ] .--. P
>[ ] -..- X
>[ ] --.- Q
>[ ] -.. D
>[ ] -.- K
>[ ] -.-. C

For those too lazy to look up morse code.
>> No. 69970
>> No. 69971
[x] -..-
[x] -.-

Morse code?

I'm picking these because they look like faces.
>> No. 69972
[x] .. -.. -.. --.- -..
[x] .. -.. -.- ..-. .-
[x] .. -.. -.. -
[x] .. -.. -.. -
[x] .. -.. -... . .... --- .-.. -.. ...
>> No. 69973
>> No. 69981
[x] ...---...

If anyone can hear this, this is Bob Anderstein. My family has taken refuge in a drainage tunnel near a radio relay tower just outside of D.C. My boy is very sick, needs medical attention. Please help, if you can.
>> No. 69986
[x] - .... . --. .- -- .
>> No. 69990
[x] -..-
[x] -.-
Irrelevance agreement
>> No. 69996
[x] -.-
[x] ..
>> No. 69997


[ ] ..
[ ] -.-.
>> No. 69998

Heh, That's where I found the Firelance.

[x] -.-
[x] ..
>> No. 70037
Hm, what are the objectives of tihs unconected scenes?
>> No. 70058
Don't make bad choices.
>> No. 71301
Thanks for reminding me, Kira!
>> No. 73346
bumping this up.
>> No. 73348
“Ah! Ah! Gerroah meh!” My guide through the bamboo forest pulls forcefully away from me.

“We can’t leave your injuries like this! At least let me splint the arm properly!” I plead with my guide.

Leaning heavily on the bamboo stick she was using as a crutch, Mokou glares at me. Her arm hangs limply in front of her, supported by a small strip of cloth. It was most likely fashioned from her shirt, as there’s several rips and tears in it.

“Look, if you don’t let me at least splint your arm, it could easily set wrong. It’d be useless to you and anyone else who’d need guiding. I don’t know what kind of youkai could d---”

“Whasn’t nah yahkhai.” She interrupts forcefully. “Naahnhn lahk any dahm yahkhai.”

“Err. . . Right. Then. Well. Just let me splint your arm, would you?” I implore once again.

The girl sighs, leaning on her stick with her good arm. “Yah ahs bahd as Keheen. Sahpaase thaas nah fahtn yah.” She shambles over close to me before thrusting her limp broken arm in my general direction. “ghet iht avaah with”

It takes several minutes, but I fashion an excellent splint out of materials in my bag and from the nearby bamboo. The teachings I’ve received from Eirin have served me well, especially her lessons on improvisation. “There we go! Now just a bit of cloth to hold your arm level. . .”

I reach up and put the sling around her head.

“Nah pahl tha haah thrah.”

“Err.. I’m sorry?”

“Tha haah.” She shakes her head slightly, showing the hair’s caught on the sling.

“Oh right right! Sorry.” Moving around behind Mokou I begin messing with her hair. It takes some doing but I finally manage to get it all through the sling.

“Ahal raht. lahts goah.” Mokou nods her head in the direction we’re going to travel and sets off, limping. Though, it seemed that she wasn’t limping nearly as much as when I started working on her arm. It was something odd that I had to make a note of.

[ ] Pick a toohoo.
>> No. 73349

[x] Letty
>> No. 73350
[X] Mokou
>> No. 73351
File 123121928124.jpg - (321.78KB , 800x800 , 7a77f3e664a05340cac8cc6ab58c516d.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Sariel.
>> No. 73353
[X] Mokou
>> No. 73357
[\!/] Letty
>> No. 73358
[x] Sariel
>> No. 73359
[x] Letty
>> No. 73360
[X] Patchouli
because patchy + medicine man = ?
>> No. 73362
[x] Letty

Love that icy woman.
>> No. 73367
[x] Letty
>> No. 73368
[X] Mokou

The return of Speech Impediment Mokou? FUCK YEAH!
>> No. 73369
[〜] Sariel
>> No. 73370
[ODIN] Sariel

But isn't Sariel supposed to be male?

Oh well, details.
>> No. 73372
>> No. 73376
>>73351 >>73358 >>73370 >>73369
What the hell is Sariel?
>> No. 73377

The angel of death in jewish mythology, and/or one of the HRtP final bosses.
>> No. 73381
File 123127155286.png - (11.24KB , 126x254 , Th01sariel01.png ) [iqdb]

Really obscure PC-98 Touhou boss.
>> No. 73382
[x] Reisen.

>> No. 73383
[x] Sariel

Heck yes.
>> No. 73384
[X] Letty
>> No. 73386
[X] Letty
>> No. 73388
File 123128915850.jpg - (209.07KB , 600x600 , 2507847.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Letty
>> No. 73391
[] Letty
Just kinda wondering Kira since your back does that mean Gensokyo Academy will open its doors again?
>> No. 73392

It's on hiatus right now, but I hope it starts again at some point.
>> No. 73871
[x] Sariel
>> No. 74232
File 123285622852.jpg - (131.52KB , 500x688 , letty1.54.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is a story from long ago. It’s a half remembered fragment of a memory that’s floated on the edge of my consciousness for as long as I can remember.

It was winter. I used to love winter as a child. Though it may have been cold, and the clothing that was spared to me did little against the frigidity, there was much fun to be had. Though, on that particular night, my love was burned away in an instant.

On a dare from Ichijiro, I found my self wandering about on the path between the village and the forest. He had dared me to sneak into that strange shop on the edge of the woods. Why I ever agreed to it I’ll never know. Anyways, since night had fallen, I was hopelessly lost in the cold and the dark. The winds were picking up in a most atrocious manner as snow began to make itself known from the sky. shivering, I slowly trod along in the direction I prayed was the village. It was impossible to tell how long I had been walking. Minutes? Hours? Days? Weeks? The surroundings provided no clues as the storm deepened all around me. Plodding through the frustrating, freezing night found me no closer to the village than I had been when I had started. In fact, it seemed that I was likely doing nothing but going in circles.

I cursed loudly into the night, shivering violently at this point. How could I have been so stupid? Going to that store was bad. Sneaking inside worse. Having to wait for that twit of a shopkeeper to leave? That’s what had done me in. I had spent the better part of the day waiting for him to leave, and when he did it was nearly nightfall. He headed into the woods, and I took off like a shot as soon as he was out of sight. Into the building. Full of bizarre things. I had only meant to sneak inside quickly and grab some random item quickly. The sight of all those wondrous things, however, stopped me in my tracks. My biggest mistake that night was browsing through many of the things that Rinnosuke had gathered there.

It was a mistake that would nearly prove fatal.

Exactly how long it was before I succumbed to the cold I’ll never know. Collapsing to the ground, shivering from the cold and wind, I thought I was going to die. As my consciousness swam, I thought I heard someone speaking.

“Oh my, what do we have here?” the voice sounded. . . cold.

And then, everything faded to black.

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Are we almost to the point where we're going to have a definitive plot?

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There's many plots and many story threads. These are all sections of an individual's life. An individual, I might add, who had an exceptionally interesting life.
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I had no idea that there was an update.

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