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I said I wouldn't do it, because I knew you wouldn't appreciate it, but I guess I'm just a little, helpless writer who can't resist writing about his character not having sex.

Attached pic is the drawing I asked Pyg to make when I was still writing.

Oh, and you fucker that broke my combo last time, I'm gonna find you and fuck you with a screwdriver.


[ ] "... if it bothers you that much, why don't you do it yourself, huh?!"

No fucking way you're going to do it. It doesn't bother you a slightest bit, and given your lifestyle, can come in handy when a cold night strikes your homeless self. That's right, even though the fact that you've grown such an impressive forest because of inability to mantain proper hygiene, in the end, nothing bad that wouldn't turn out good - maybe it's thanks to them that your legs never froze to death. No matter how hideous it may look, it doesn't matter - hair is for functional purposes, not to look nice. Which it doesn't at all, as you bitterly remark inside your head. The only person who's bothered by their presence is him. That freakin' idiot. It's not his business at all, bah, he doesn't even see your legs on daily basis - and never will - so what's the deal? Momentary whim? He's not going to have to watch them anymore after you leave this bath, why does he care? A man should be able to bear with temporary discomforts, damnit. Life isn't just a series of hippy-happy events, and damn, he should know that. No, in fact, one would expect him to know it perfectly, given his background.
You let out a silent, but spiteful snort and try to get rid of the last traces of the embarassing blush that somehow made it's way onto your face moments ago before speaking.
"... if it bothers you that much," you try to make your tone as cold as possible "Why don't you do it yourself, huh?"
For a moment, you could swear that everything has suddenly stopped. Sudden realization hits your tired mind with the force of a charging elephant. What did you just say? He can do it... on his own? No, this is not good, definitely not good! He's an idiot, he might misunderstand, think that you actually meant...
No. No, no, no, wait a moment. He's an idiot. There's no way he'd ever dare to even try to do something like this. No, isn't he disgusted by this hair? Getting close to it would be like a torture for him then, right? Maybe it's not so bad then--
Accompanying his illegible response, a splash sound, indicating that he's stood up and left the pool. You quickly steel yourself not to accidentialy turn there and see what shouldn't be seen.
And then, he walks out without a word.

... he said 'in his backpack'. His backpack would naturally be in the locker room. Unless he suddenly changed his mind and decided to leave you alone, this sudden departure can mean only one thing.
He's not going to do it. He's not going to do it, right? There's no way he would. No fucking way. No way in hell. If he does... If he really took your words as serious... Shit.
Your eyes automatically start throwing glances around, looking for an emergency escape route, just in case. But this room has only one door - and no windows. No wonder, who could put windows in a public bath? Makes sense. But it doesn't help the situation at all! Damnit, at times like these you always curse the prudence of humanity.
Returning as suddenly as he left, he emerges from the mist, carrying what looks like a bar of soap in one hand, and a small, blue object in the other.
He really means to do it.
He really does.
What now? What's going to happen now?
He stops in front of you, an awkward silence dominating the room as he looks down, a bit unsurely. Thank god, he's wearing that towel, otherwise... No, you don't even want to think what would be happening inside your head if he was naked. Thank fuck for his shame. At least he has some. On the other hand, you... You are completely naked.
It wasn't as apparent up till now, but now that he has a clear view on all of your features - wet hair, confused, maybe a bit scared eyes, shoulders, bust, stomach, waist, hips... - it suddenly hits you as something really... Really... Frightening? No, damnit, you're not supposed to even treat him as a man! Why does his stare bother you so?!
He mutters something you can't hear.
"...w.... what?"
The words come out with difficulty, but at least they seem to reach his ears, seeing that he suddenly jumps up a little.
"I thought I'd... But..." he's hesitating. Damn it. This isn't how a man should act at all, but... No, it's a bit assuring that he hasn't straight out jumped to your legs and started to forcefully make his way with them, but... This isn't... This just isn't... "Is... Is it really okay...?"
No, it isn't! It isn't at all! It's not fucking okay!
Then why can't you mutter a single word? It feels almost like if there was a giant cork stuck in your throat, and against all odds, you can do nothing but nod.
You nodded.
You just fucking nodded.
What did you just do?
No, this is bad. This is definitely bad, even if he hesitates, this is bad. This isn't how it should've went at all!
He kneels and proceeds to wet the bar of soap he's brought with him. Wait, he can't... Why is he... He's not supposed to...!
"... w-wai--..."
You want to scream out, but he suddenly looks up at you, making the 'cover yourself' alarm go wild again.
"Look there," he says in a tone more forceful that you would have ever anticipated in such a situation "I'm not okay with it either, fuck me, I am, I'm fucking going insane here, you know, do you want to fucking do it or not?!"
The last words he pretty much screams out, making you back away mentally a little, and nod eagerly, despite all the negative thoughts trying to resurface and take over.
... something inside you wants to do it, despite it being so bothersome.
"Then just don't say anything, damnit!" he curses under his nose "Always putting me in such situations..."
He's taking his time. No matter how much you'd like for it to end already, he's doing everything to postpone the inevitable moment of initial physical contact as much as possible. Wait a moment, why is he even meddling with that soap? It... if he's going to shave those legs of yours, he's going to need to smear it all over them in order to... Wait, wouldn't it be better if you did it? It would, but... He said not to say anything... And that forceful tone... You don't want to hear it again. For some reason, you just don't want to hear it again.
"... hhh..."
Like if suddenly realizing he's acting like an idiot, he throws the soap to the floor and starts to glance alternatingly at his own palms and your thighs.
And then, without a slightest warning, he suddenly touches them.
The feeling of his fingers on your skin send electrical impulses throughout your whole body. Even though the contact is lessened by the hair, being touched so suddenly, it's... Part of your brain screams to kick him, punch him, bite him, and then run away, but the other one tells you to stay put. Don't move. Do not make any movements at all. Freeze.
You can only wish he wouldn't hesitate so long before putting the other hand on another part of your thigh.
And again, just as he touches it, shock shunts through your body, bringing up the same dillema you've solved seconds ago.
In perfect silence, he begins to slide his hand further down. Every inch, every centimeter, every millimeter of this slow movement feels like hell and heaven combined. His fingers tremble a bit, only adding to the already overthrowing sensation. Your mouth opens on it's own as you stare, almost hypnotized by what he's doing.
And then the contact breaks.
And you're suddenly able to breathe again. Only now you realize, that all the time he's been touching your leg, you were holding your breath.
His hand reaches to the previously discarded disposable shaver.
And you can only brace for the worst as it nears the area covered by the foam...

But nothing weird happens. He just simply runs the shaver down your thigh, cutting through the hair without any slightest problems. So clearly. None of the previous feelings re-appear. It's just that...
You can't help but sigh with relief.
"... what are you sighing for?"
He asks in an unexpectedly calm tone, without as much as looking up, while he washes the foam and hair off the shaver.
"... nothing."
"You're always so cheeky." he says as he takes away another stripe of hair "Why?"
".. it's none of your business."
Now he's at least stolen a glance at your face.
"Can't we have a normal conversation?"
"... why would we."
He sighs briefly.
"I don't think you realize how troublesome it is for me."
"... I know that even better than you do."
"See?" he brandishes the shaver around before returning to the task at hand "That's what I meant. Talking could help both of us relax, you know."
Relax. Well, sure, yeah, your nerves could use some peaceful activities now, but how are you to concentrate with him meddling with your legs?
"Oh come on, say something!"
"... idiot."
"You're an idiot." altough speaking takes an enormous amount of effort, you manage to get the words out without stuttering or doing anything equally stupid "You know that, right?"
"I might be."
"Don't say that."
"Because," you look aside for a second "An idiot who realizes he's an idiot isn't an idiot anymore."
"Nice." he actually sounds amused "Who was that?"
"I don't know."
"Well... It's kinda deep."
"You won't be able to understand what it truly means."
"Why is that?"
"Because you're an idiot."
"Maybe I am."
"Here you go again."
"I'm an idiot."
"Stop it."
"I'm an idiot and I know it even better than you do."
"I told you to stop it. Idiot."
"Uh, Fukuzai?"
Faced with this sudden break in the flow of dialogue, you turn your gaze to him, only to discover that he's staring at you, with the same uncertainty as before. What now?
"... hm?"
"Uh... the inner side..."
Following his nod, you glance at your legs... And blink in suprise - they're almost devoid of hair now. Woah. Woah, woah, woah. Already? No, maybe because you were absorbed in insulting him, you didn't notice when the job's been done...

Almost done.
Because for some reason, your legs are tightly pressed against each other, be it out of nervousness or anything else. And where they're touching, there's still some hair left...
Oh, in that case, you just need to unclasp them...
Wait a damn second.
If you do that, he... He will get a clear look on what you'd rather him not see, even though he's already seen it, but damn, you don't fucking care! No, there's no way you're going to do it. No, fuck, he's distracted you with small talk, but damn, this is too much.
He urges on, altough not as forceful as before.
"... no."
"You don't want to stop now, do you? It's only... Damnit, girl!" he suddenly yells out "I'm not going to rape you! I'm not even going to look!"
"L-Like if I care!" you rebute, cramping your muscles even stronger "Just let's stop!"
"No freaking way! Do you know how much self control it costed me to do this?!"
"I don't care!"
"Damnit, I'm not going to--"
He suddenly stands up, making you instinctively jump back.
Jump back. Completely forgetting that you've been sitting on a stool all this time. And such an act can end in only one way.
Namely, with the one jumping back falling to the floor.
Gasping out your name, he reaches out to catch your arm, but... Too late. Too clumsy. He slips on the wet floor, and...
Both of you, like careless children, fall down totally helplessly.

The impact of your head hitting the floor is almost enough to make you black out, but somehow, you manage to stay awake.
Trying to take a breath, you discover that something's preventing you from doing so. Wasting no time, you glance down at your stomach, where the said thing feels to be located, and...
The moment you see Renji's hand touching your stomach's skin, the shock almost makes you fall back to the floor again.
"God... damn..."
He raises from the floor just beside you, where he landed, or at least tries to get up using his arms... And the fact that one of them is on your stomach strikes him as suddenly as it did to you.
Yet he doesn't move.
"... Renji..." You try speaking his name, but that only causes his fingers to tremble, sending more and more little electrical shocks throughout your body. "... what are you..."
Looking at him, you shut up in an instant. Because right now, despite all the confusion, he's staring straight in your eyes, with a face literally froze in an incomprehensible expression.
He mutters. And accompanying his words, his hand slides down a bit.
And as before, just that makes your back almost arch back. It feels... No, it doesn't feel good. It... You can't find the words to describe it, but... No, it does feel good, but this kind of pleasure... Long forgotten pleasure... And it's him at that, this idiot... No, this can't be...
"... stop it..."
You try to talk, but only an unsure whisper comes out.


Further down.

And you almost moan when the sensation reaches your brain. No, no, no! This is bad, if it continues like this, he's going to...
"I won't... do anything funny..."
He mutters with visible difficulty.
Even further down, getting dangerously close to...
Then why can't you do anything? Why can't you do anything but stare at his hand, now almost on your... No, this is bad, this is most definitely bad!
"... your words an actions don't match..."
"I know..."
Like hell he knows! If he knows, then why isn't he stopping?! Why is he--
You feel your own fingernail scratch on the tiled floor, but it comes slowly, as if through a thick mist covering your mind.
His hand, so warm, almost burning, despite all the odds, despite all the confusion, despite the fact that you don't want it there, it's right on your... Right on that spot... That spot...
Your body almost jumps up on it's own when one of his fingers gently strokes that spot.
What is he doing?! This isn't supposed to happen! He's staring right in your eyes, making you unable to even as much as yell, with a perfectly straight face, yet his hand, his warm hand, his fingers...
And again, you almost jerk up.
"E-eh?" he sounds suprised all of a sudden "It... it feels good?"
Of course it does! If he's going to touch that part, of course it's going to feel good! It's natural! It feels fucking great!
"It-it doesn't!" You manage to pant out.
"But you were moaning, so..." Moaning? Wait a sec, you were WHAT?! Hell, you didn't even notice anything, how come...?! "Even though you're always so cheeky."
"I wasn't moaning!" you almost cry out "It doesn't feel good! Let me--"
"I'm sorry!" he suddenly cuts in "I've never done it before, so--!"
He tries to take his hand away, but lo and behold, gets stopped by your own fingers suddenly wrapping around his wrist, desprately trying to keep it in place.
What is that? Why is your body acting against your will? Alright, it felt good, but to such extent..."No, it can't be happening, it can't be...
... what did he just say?
"You've never done it befo--" "What are you--"
The two of you speak up at the same exact moment, and at the same exact moment shut up, embarassed about the fact.
This is awkward. This is hellishly awkward.
His fingers is still touching that spot.
"Fukuzai, what are you..."
Stop it.
"D-don't stop."
"But you just said--"
Just leave me alone.
"Don't let go..."
Don't touch me.
"T-touch me."
GOD DAMN IT! Why?! Why, all that is happening, is the exact opposite of what you want to happen? This is fucked up, why is this happening? This isn't supposed to... This shouldn't be... Not with him... Not with that idiot...
But it feels so good...
Acting on an unknown impulse, you release one of your hands' grip and instead grab a hold of his shoulder.
Then pull him down.
He doesn't even manage to gasp when you close your lips in a kiss and force your tongue in between his lips.
And at the same time, you force his finger to plunge into your already wet corridor.
Perhaps only thanks to having his tongue wrapped around yours, you don't moan out loud when it enters you, reaching deeper that you had expected it to.
He said it, he's a virgin, but for some reason, he immidiately catches on with the flow and starts moving both his tongue and the finger, filling your mind with inexplicible pleasure. Unable to resist it, you keep tight hold on his wrist, the very one moving along with his finger inside you. The sole thought of it being there, under that skin, moving around in your hole, is enough to make you go crazy. And it doesn't bother you anymore that it's him. It doesn't matter that the idiot who's gotten you into this mess is the one kissing you passionately as if you were lovers, it doesn't matter that he's touching your most private parts, as long as the pleasure keeps on flowing, he can do whatever he wants, he can do whatever comes to his moronic mind, he can even, if he wants...
Yes, that's it. It can't stop at this. No matter what you kept on telling yourself, now that it has started, you're going to take it to the end.
Forcefully, irritated, but not angered, you break the kiss and pull his finger out of yourself.
Using this moment of confusion, you quickly push him back to that he lands on his ass. And then, the towel that's been hiding a bulge for quite some time now, gets almost ripped off his waist as you sit down ontop of his thighs.
Like this, you can face him on the same level.
Taking special care not to look down, you continue to stare stright into his confused eyes while...
Your hand wraps itself around his erection, causing his to mutter a single, aroused gasp.
"Renji..." you throw away all embarassment and whisper his name.
And then, moving your hips a bit, you place the tip of his rod on the opening of your corridor.
"Your virginity..." you can't help but let a smirk creep onto your face "I'll be taking it."
And then push forward.


Because the very moment you were about to finally put it in, the door literally swung ajar, revealing a young boy, with blonde hair and a disturbingly big hat on his head.
Aside from a towel, he's not wearing anything.
"OHO!" he cheerfully exclaims when he notices yours and Renji's suprised stare.
For the first time in your life, the feelings of embarassment well up enough to make you want to scream. A young boy walks into a public bath, and he sees a girl sitting on a guy's lap, holding onto his... "Sorry to intrude!"
Neither of you find enough self-control to mutter even a single word.
"Well," the boy continues, still smiling cheerfuly "I guess I won't disturb you anymore! Please, continue while I help myself to your stuff!"
Then he retreats to the locker room, closing the door behind him.
It comes suddenly. The object you've been holding onto suddenly slips out of your hand, and before you notice, you're not on Renji's lap anymore. Instead, cold, tiled floor meets your ass.
"Why you little--!"
You catch a sight of Renji's back before he disappears behind the door to the locker room as well.


Alright. What did just happen?
You were about to... do it with him. With that idiot. Of all people. Of all the fucking people in the world, you had to lost yourself in front of him. Why? Why did it devolve into such a thing? Why did you lose yourself in the first place?
Was it because he started... touching you? No, just that wouldn't be... Because you were naked?
This doesn't make any sense.
You feel like letting out a bitter laugh, but don't find the strenght to do so. Excitement slowly leaks out of your body like air leaks out of a tire full of holes.
You give your body a few minutes to cool down before standing up.

He.. still needs to finish shaving them, your legs, right..."

So, maybe... another time...

"Like it's going to happen."
You give your head a well-deserved smack and head to the locker room, prepared for the worst.


There's also hair-less version~
Combo fucking completed.
Fucking Maurice. Still good, though.
>Fucking Maurice.

Yay, you posted it at last.
I wish you had censored those legs instead.

Why the censorship, YAF? YAF, where is the uncensored one? Post it one /at/ if you feel you have to, just post it.

Oh, and nice wall scene there.
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O fuk wrong trip.


Thanks for posting, both of them.
fucking awesome.
Now post continue the other one.

How about you earn it first~?
What's with this new trip?

Earn it? What do you have in mind?
>What's with this new trip?

Sorry for that. Opera's acting up, filling my name field with the trip I used for writing a story in /others/ and acting as ragecorp on 4chan. Yes, I am actually ragecorp, I just dropped this trip after becoming YAF and picked it up again recently.

>Earn it? What do you have in mind?

Oh, what I wonder? I wonder?
I don't know~, I don't know~.
Want me to post more homolust? I miss doing this here

Any reason you stopped? Mokou was awesome in it and needed her helmets squeezed (or the lame option that won).

Don't. As much as I like pictures of Lelouch in white button-up shirts, don't.


No reason in particular... But truth be told, I wrote it just to kill some time, and to see how hard it would be if I suddenly had to switch to first person narrative. It's harder than it seems.
Something I wrote out of a whim, and thought it would be nice to share it. Alternate version of the Moriya bath scene from CoMN1.


[X] "... yes. It will be better for the both of us. Disappear. Leave me alone."

No. It's wrong. What are you hesitating about? There's nothing to lose here. He's just an annoyance. Salt in your eyes, a splinter under a fingernail. His mere presence is irritating, and even though you've grown used to it, it doesn't change the fact that he's a pain in the ass. He saved you once, but it doesn't matter. If it wasn't for him, there wouldn't be any trouble in the first place.
You can't stand the anticipation emanating from his eyes. You've made your mind, but you know he's not expecting a negative answer, which he's about to receive.
Poor idiot... It's almost painful, to break his hopes like this.
"... yes." your voice is clear of any doubt. Though you thoughts are still wavering, there's no way you'd ever show any weakness in such a moment. "Yes." you repeat "It will be better for the both of us."
He doesn't even as much as blink at your response. Didn't he hear? What's with the silent treatment?
Nevertheless, you're not going to back away now. Even if you wanted to, it's already too late. Stuttering and trying to take back your own words would only worsen the situation, let alone making you look like an idiot. Besides, it's what you want, right? It's exactly what you've been trying to do - get rid of that idiot. Break away from his clutches. Break free. Because, like you said before, with him, whole world is your prison.
And to be held captive is not something you can allow yourself to do.
"I see." He finally breaks the silence. Neutral, cold statement, devoid of any emotion. Is he trying to mirror you? "You really want me to go away."
That wasn't a question. He's just trying to buy more time.
"Disappear." you decide to push him a bit, just to make it end already. No matter how much you try to defy that feeling, it still hurts.... When did you become so soft? "Leave me alone. I don't want you. I don't need you. So go away."
"I get it."
Now that's more like it. You avert your gaze as he stands up, and steadily walks out of the pool.
That's it. There's no need to say anything else. He's going to walk out, and you shall finally be free. Free to go wherever you wish. Free to do what you want.

But what is it that you want to do?

But, this is not how it happens. Even though the more spiteful part of your personality wishes him to disappear as fast as possible, it's painfully visible that he's trying to prolong this brief moment for as much as possible, to make it last longer than it should, to make it... Maybe a last, fleeting goodbye, before the inevitable parting. Seeing him, again, naked, both physically and emotionally, you can't help but instinctively avert your gaze, suprisingly embarassed about such a trivial matter. Why is that? If you were your old self, this kind of thing wouldn't have the right to happen. If you were your old self, you wouldn't view that pathetic being as a man. But there's no helping it. As much as you'd like to defy that feeling, you can't bring yourself to ignore his presence, you can't. Because deep inside your head, it's already been decided, hasn't it? That guy, Renji Usami, with a silly name like that, has become more than just another irrelevant person to cross your everyday life. No matter how hard you'd like this feeling to disappear, it's useless. Useless, useless, useless, irresistible, ominous and unsettling, like a fly circling around a fire, fated to get burned sooner or later, your own feelings too grew gradually and kept on getting closer to the dangerous area where making a return would be an impossible and painfull thing.
So why? Why did you say such a thing? He's messed up your life beyond the point of return, he's made it a living nightmare, it's all his fault for making it a disorderly race of seemingly random and perilious events, it was his fault in the first place that it has devolved into something like this. Being chased, suspected of murder, hated, kept away from the truth, having to run away, having to... It's all his fault. Then why? Why can't you shake off this feeling that despite all the odds, despite all the possibilities of your life actually becoming better if he disappears, you can't let it go?
He ought to simply walk out. To disappear, as you told him to. But this is not how it happens. This isn't how it ends.
"No." his voice, altought still devoid of any higher emotion, sounds much stronger than before "I'm sick of it. I'm not going to cope with it anymore. Screw this." a silly stomp, sounding more like a splash than a stomp "You want me to go away? Well, fuck you, Fukuzai Toorima. Fuck you. I'm sick and tired of your selfishness. You can go and drown it in a pool of lava for all I care. You should. You really should."
Altough tempted to turn around and steal a glance at his face, you remain unmoving, gritting your teeth, trying not to let any unneccessary words out. It's not going to change anything. Neither in his actions, or your own feelings. There's no point to that.
"I'm really tired of that ignorant attidue of yours." he continues "All the time, all the damn time we've spent together, all you were thinking of was yourself. Never once did you consider the good of neither me or Marry, did you. You're a bad woman, Fukuzai. You're the worst kind of scum there is."
'I know, damn it!' your mind wants to scream 'I know, so cut it out already!'
But your lips remeain sealed.
"I can't believe I risked my life, and not only mine to help such a person." you could swear his snort carried more spite than everything else he's said up till now "I can't believe it. You're a selfish, egoistic, rude and unfriendly person."
"... it..."
"To top it off," he deliberately ignored your muffled words "You made me go through all the trouble to bail your ass out of that mess. Really, how could I be so stupid? And because of you, my best friend is being held in a cell right now."
"... stop it..."
"Seriously." still nothing. He continues on throwing accusations like if your silent pleads didn't even exist in the first place "I don't know what's gotten into me, to make such risks for such a terrible person."
Terrible. That's right. He said it. Terrible. You're a terrible person. And no matter how hard you try to deny it, there's no way to run away. There's no escaping the truth. As much as you'd like to stay neutral, not relevant to this whole mess, you can't shake off the... guilt. It was his fault that you got involved in this mess, but it was also because of him that you're still - relatively - free right now. It was his desert that you're still safe and sound while Kain's army is looking for you. And even that irrelevant act of offering a shelter on that rainy day... It might've been crucial for your survival.
Yet, all the things he's said, all the accusuations... The truth hurts. It hurts, right? Of course it hurts. You can't say it doesn't hurt. You won't even dare to try to deny that it hurts. It hurts. Hurts, right? Realization hurts. Truth hurts. To be told, outright like this, hurts. To have the mistakes pointed out like this, it hurts. He just keeps on hurting you. Why? Why can't he just disappear? Like you told him to, why can't he just walk out and forget? Why can't he just--
"But you know what?" he interrupts your dreary thoughts with a little more cheerful tone "I don't care. I don't fucking care. I know, it makes me look idiotic, but I don't give a damn. I don't give a shit. I don't give a flying dog's dick. You can go and kill every single fucker from the human village for all I care, I'd still bail your ass out of any mess you may get it into."
Suddenly, your whole body spins 180 degrees around, pulled by it's shoulder. Renji's face is the first thing you see, and... It's all you can see while the soft sensation on your lips strips your mind off all the gloomy thoughts. He presses his lips against yours gently, but firmly, while still holding onto your tired body with one hand. It... it feels good. No matter how hard you try to deny it, if feels good. He's closed his eyes. And it would be only polite to answer in kind, right? It doesn't matter that he's the one kissing you, closing your eyes during a kiss in a natural thing, right?
And so you do.
It's a childish, a bit suprising kiss, but for the love of everything holy, you couldn't wish for anything else right now. Like if it were some sort of ultimate panacea for your mind, all the negative thoughts, all the exertion and worries are immidiately drawn away, sucked out, destroyed, by this simple physical contact.
Your arms, moving practically on their own, try to wrap around his shoulders, but find themselves unable to raise even an inch in the air because of all the confusion and suprise.
Sinking, immersed in the sea of long-forgotten extasy, you almost don't notice when he finally pulls away. Pulls away, but remains as close as possible without your faces touching each other. His chocolate-brown eyes, staring right into yours reveal nothing but soothing serenity. Nothing more than... a compassionate friendliness.
"I'd never thought I'd say it to someone of your kind, Fuku." he whispers, as if he was afraid that you would run away "But now I'm sure. I'm really sure. I didn't want to admit it, but... I love you. I really love you. I can't help it, I just love you. I love every single bit of you. I love you whole. And no," he places his finger on your lips as you try to say something "I don't care what you think. I don't care if you hate me. You've always been the only one selfish in this relationship, now it's my turn. If you hate me, then fuck you. You're going to have to put up with me. I don't care if you don't like me. It's the first time I've ever felt like this, and I'm not going to let it go. A man has to seize the every occasion to pursue his dreams. And you're my dream now, Fuku. So fuck you."
He suddenly gives you a tight hug, cutting off every single possible response your spiteful part has come up with to retaliate to that sudden confession. He loves you. So what? Does it matter? There's no space for love in this miserable life of yours, now is there? So, why do you find yourself unable to simply reject his feelings?
"... I..."
Words persist on staying in your throat instead of getting out like you'd want them to, just because his embrace has tightened for a split second. How weak. How weak, Fukuzai.
"I don't give a damn. Think what you want. I'm not going to let go. Sorry, I'm a selfish bastard like that."
Of course he is. You knew it already. And knew it well. All his actions, altough selfless at the first glance, served but to fulfill his wish. Wish to be at your side whatever happens. Has he succeeded? In a way.
In a way so that your breasts are squeezing against his chest.

"Um." you try tapping his shoulder gently "Could you let go?"
"No." he responds, apparently still in his defiance mode "I said I'm not going to let go."
"My nipples hurt."
It was vulgar, but at least it appears to have an effect on his determinated state, as he lets go almost immidiately, frantically stepping away and blushing all over his face. Oh, right. He also has a side like that. Your eyes fixate on that flushed face of his, and you try your best not to let them slide too far down.
Ahh, how annoying. He was so full of himself just a moment ago, and now he's apologizing like if he was a waiter that has just spilled a drink onto his customer's expensive suit.
"Seriously." you manage to somehow retain a straight face, despite the overthrowing urge to smile "That whole show was just to touch my breasts, right? You sly motherfucker."
As expected, the one casting fire all around is the one easiest to burn himself. An outright accusation like that even deepens his blush.
"I didn't--"
"Of course you did." you interrupt "You want to touch them, right? You want to touch me all over, am I mistaken?"
You notice his fingertips shiver once at that question. So easy to read, so easy to manipulate. Like a child.
"I don't-- I mean of course I do! If I had my goddamn choice, I'd be having my way with you right now! Do you know how much strain has this put on my self-control?!"
Easily much more than it did on yours. Ah, how annoying. Why do your eyes keep on sliding downwards?
Still, you can't end the show just yet.
Paying heed to reveal as much of your body as possible, you give him a troubled shrug. Troubled in an exxagerated, theatrical way.
"You dirty beast. You're just like any other man in this world. Thinking about one thing."
"I'm not!" he screams.
"You are."
"I'm not!" with every single passing second, he sounds more and more desperate. His eyes seem to be running around aimlessly, apparently trying NOT to look at the parts you're revealing for him to see. Aw.
"Of course you are." you force on a mocking tone "You want to touch them."
"YES!" he cries out "YES, I DO!"
"Too bad."
"WHY, YOU?!" Completely against your expectations, he suddenly turns around and approaches the nearest wall... Only to slam his head against it. Once, but strong enough to send a sickening thump echoing down the whole room. "This is what I hate about you!" he's on the verge of crying now. Ah, how pathetic. How annoying. How amusing. "You're putting on that whole cold facade, but inside you're just a goddamn witch!"
"Sorry for not fitting your fantasies."
"CURSE YOU!" he dares to look straight into your eyes again "Liten, we're gonna bail Marry out, get back outside, crash at my place, and then I'm gonna tap your godforsaken ass like there's no fucking tommorow! And if you even show any hints of trying to ditch me, I SWEAR I'm gonna shoot you in this cute face of yours! Goddamnit!"
Still spouting out curses, he quickly departs towards the changing room, not without - as you notice with spiteful amusement - almost slipping on the wet floor at least twice.
The slam of the door closing behind him makes you let out a relieved sigh.

It wasn't that bad.
It wasn't bad at all. You'd expected this kind of reaction, bah, the whole show was just to draw it out, but... It was still somewhat fun to fuck with his feelings. Well then. That's that. He won't be leaving after all, even though you initially wanted him to, but then again, was it really what you wanted? No, there's no point in going over that again. Treating him like a partner in misery should be enough to calm down the more pesky of your senses, and to be honest... His help is appreciated. Sometimes unwelcome, but appreciated.
Still, given your current situation, you might be in for one wild day. Bailing Marry out, then making an escape... It's not going to be an easy business, it it? And then, when you escape this hellhole full of crazy folks... 'Tap that ass like there's no tommorow', huh?
"... well." you hold back a smirk while you stand up "We'll see about that."
Still trying to hold back that stupid, girly grin that's trying to find it's way onto your face, you direct your steps to the chaning room.


in b4 YAF loev Fuku
Yes, yes I do. I'm drunk enough to admit it. I love Fuku and I want her to be happy.
Lord, I loves me some RenjixFuku. It's so dysfunctional it's perfect.
See, i knew you want to write. You cannot stop writing, you need to write, you WANT to write.
This makes me happy, write whatever you want, i will read it all.

When i was reading again TS1 and up, i noticed that you improved greatly since then with everything you wrote.

Keep it up, good work.
I'd told Giddy I'd write it for him, and I had a glass of gin yesterday, so... Yeah, that's what happened.

Isn't it? 's why it was my favourite pairing.
The win-o-meter just broke.

Even so; will Fukuzai ever get any cock?

I gently knock on the wooden surface of the door to her room. Carefully, because I know that if the knock is too loud or too quiet, hell might break loose in this house, and take up a form of an angry girl keen on kicking my poor ass.
I try calling her name, again, taking care not to make it too loud or too quiet. It's 11AM already, the eggs are getting cold, and I can't afford to throw them away. For some reason, despite being a formerly homeless person, this girl's tastes are so refined and equisite one might think she's in reality some sort of runaway princess. But, if I ever tried to make her wear a dress, I'd probably end up dead and packed into a plastic bag, then thrown into a river. Too bad, she really does have the potential to look unexpectedly cute at times.
"Fuku-- oh."
The door sets ajar, and a dishevelled head casts me a half-conscious glance from behind the gap. The sigh alone is enough for my heart to go 'd'aww', but since I'm the householder here, retaining a severe, scolding face is something I should be doing right now.
"Good morning, princess."
"... mornin'..."
Her hand ruffles her already messed up mop even more, in some sort of sleepy gesture that makes me want to drop everything and hug her on the spot. Too bad my willpower is maximum! We'd went through more embarassing moments before, and truth be told, I should've gotten used to it by now.

Oh, right. A word of explanation. It's been over two months since she moved in, or rather, since we got out of Gensokyo and returned to our normal lives. To be honest, I still don't know quite a few details about what exactly happened at Eientei, but I couldn't care less now. We got out safely, practically blew up the human village prison, bailed Marry out and made our escape... Well, not all of us. The boy she apparently kidnapped from Eientei refused to go with us, saying that he needs to 'mantain the clinic'. I didn't resist. I'm sure it will make me sound childish, but I actually felt jealous of that kid. Fuku gave him much more attention than I would expect her to, and truth be told, it pissed me off. Guess I owe him one. Gonna have to buy him a new game if we ever visit Gensokyo again.
Like that's going to happen.
No, thanks to all the mess caused by my precious princess, we're going to stay personae non gratae there for at least a few more years, and perhaps even longer. Kain Kamishirasawa isn't a forgiving man, and I doubt he'd simply forget about her doing... what she did.
Back then, in the forest, when she suddenly started talking like a diffirent person, she told me... That she had killed Aki Hieda. And that she's not what... she appears to be. That she needs to feed... And all that confusing crap.

"Whas' for breakfast?"
She asks, with the still not completely voice.
"Eggs. Salad. Bread. Cheese and ham."
Her eyebrows curve in some sort of a silly frown. Yeah, I know why. She doesn't like eggs. Too bad, princess, that's the only thing we have right now. And since I'm the one working and earning money here, you've got nothing to say in this matter.
That's right, even though she'd claimed to have a job before, she suddenly stopped to even mention it after we returned. And I know better than to bring up that topic. It's her business, and I realize she has many more secrets that I'll probably never get to know. But tell ya what, it makes her even more interesting. After all, what fun would it be if I knew everything from the very start?
"... why eggs?"
"Because." I point the fork I'm holding in my hand at her sleepy face "And I don't wanna hear a word about not eating them. We're not rich, you know."
Her mouth stretches in a displeased grimace. Even so, she still appears cute to me.
"... I don't like eggs..."
I sigh. It's always like this. For some reason, her personality changed a lot after she'd started living with me. It wasn't either abrupt or really smooth, but... I guess it's just an issue of getting used to a new lifestyle. I've no idea of her upbringing, and I know how being homeless can change a human into a selfish monster - which she acted like in the beggining - but... Well, if this is her original personality, then I've really got no complains. Hell, you could say I actually enjoy her little egoistic excesses. Man, I'm so hopeless. If Marry could see what happens here every morning, he'd probably tell me to grow a pair and show her who's the boss.
Ah, little does he know... I've already conquered whole of her, and not once, though the first time was rather... Hm, embarassing, at least for me. But that traumatic memory should never be brought up again. Otherwise my pride might suffer even more critical wounds.
"Well, you better change quickly. They're getting cold." I instruct her, though to be honest I'd rather her stay in this white nightgown she's bought with the money I gave her. No, I'm not some sort of sick fetishist, I just think it suits her. Plus she really does havy sexy legs, goddamn. I'm really not a fetishist. "So--"
"Nah." she interrupts "It's a pain."
I try my best to hold back the smile. She saw right through me. Am I really that easy to read? And even though she had to make up an excuse, I just know she's doing it for me. Ah, I love her. I really do. And to think that I used to tell myself that I'm never going to fall in love. Well, we all do make mistakes when young, don't we? Besides, it was not like I was looking for love. I just happened to meet it by chance and get struck in the least expected moment. Like in a bad romantic comedy movie.
"As you wish." of course I'm not going to just admit that I saw through her just like she saw through me "Go wash your face then."
I turn back to the living room, intent on making final preparations, but...
"Renji?" she stops me with a silent question "What about...?"
"Oh, there's no way," I turn to her and cast her a mocking grin "I'm going to kiss a dirty face like that."
Then disappear before the words get through her thick skull and she decides to throw something hard at me.

Let me ask you a question. What can a couple of young people living under the same roof do after eating breakfast on a free Saturday noon? Of course, I'm sure there are many things that come to mind, but I assure you, the answer isn't the one you'd like it to be. No, it's not that I wouldn't want it to be, but... Perhaps even more than that, I value myself this kind of activity instead. Namely, watching television while sitting on a couch with her beside me, resting her head on my shoulder. Yeah, call me a wuss, but I'd rather stay like this for an hour or so longer than do something perverted.
What we're watching doesn't really matter, as I'm sure neither of us actually pays any heed to what's happening on the screen. It's more of an excuse to spend time together than an actual way of spending that time. But we're both fine with that, so there should be no problem, right?
And when I start to think that we're just going to pass time like this, she suddenly snuggles closer, hinting that she has something on her mind.
"What is it?" I ask, still looking at the figures moving about on the TV's screen.
"... you're not working today, right?"
"Nn. On monday though, I am. Why?"
"Got any plans for today?"
Ah, how sneaky. She clearly wants something from me, but won't simply admit it. Well, not that I've the right to accuse her of that. Still, I wouldn't be me if I didn't at least try to mock her a little.
As expected, she falls silent like an offended princess. Just because I didn't answer right away. How predictable. But that's what I like about her.
"Not really. Is there something you wanted to do?"
Ah, giving me a silent treatment, are we? Well if you thought that I'm just gonna comply, then you're in for some big disappointment!
Quickly, not letting her escape, I lift her nightshirt and slide both my hands under the silky fabric. The feeling of her skin under my fingertips is more than enough to make my thoughts start to run wild, but I mantain the clarity of mind and instead of fantasizing... Start violently tickling her sides.
Too late, princess. You should've tried to pull away BEFORE I got under your clothes, not after that!
Everything according to the plan. By leaning slightly backwards, I make her body bump against mine, and then, as if it were just an accident, I 'fall' back onto the couch, making her follow without a chance of any retaliation.
"Got ya."
When she finally lays on top of me, already closed in an embrace of my arms, I whisper that into her ear. No escaping now.
Well, one might think it's kind of selfish of me - to force a girl to do something like this, but really, I wouldn't be doing this if I knew she doesn't enjoy it. But I know she does. Lack of even a slightest attempt to run away only proves my point.
"Why do you always have to mock me like that?"
"Why do you always ask question you know answers for already?" I reply, not without playful malice "Anyways, what did you want to do?"
She snorts quietly before responding.
"That horror movie."
"There's a sequel. I want to watch it."
"No, wait, what--"
"The one we watched last weekend."
Oh. THAT. Wait, there's a sequel? Oh man, this is bad, this is most definitely bad! It took me three days to get rid of a sudden fear of hammers and toothbrushes the last time around... Yeah, I know, I'm a man, but I've never been too good with horrors. Blame watching Tales from the Crypt at too young age, or whatever.
"Uhh... Are you sure? Isn't there anything else you'd like to do?"
Aw, fiddlesticks. I became so absorbed in coming up with potential excuses that I let go of her, which she immidiately used to sit up. Man, she's sitting directly on my...
"Not really."
Crap, this isn't the time to be thinking about that! Concentrate! That horror's gonna mess up your life again if you don't think up a good excuse, Renji! Gather yourself!
"We could... uh, play video games?"
She frowns.
"I don't like video games."
"That's not what I remember Kazuma saying."
"I liked playing with him, cause he was always sitting in my lap."
"You can sit in my lap, you know."
"Then you're just going to touch me, aren't you."
Ow. That's right. It's not like we haven't been over this before. I-I just can't help it, damnit! When she's so near, I just start thinking about hugging her, caressing her, touching her... It's not really my fault! Besides, she never once complained about it, so... Is it really that big of a problem?
"Ghh..." I groan, still trying to fend off all the impulses informing my brain about the warmth of another person's body on my crotch. "Alright... I guess... I guess we can watch it..."
"Good boy."
And then she smiles. Altough I've seen her smile before, many times, every single instant she does that, I can't help but feel really relieved. Happy, even. That I did something to make her smile. Not that it's a very honourable thing this time, but... Hell, that smile is enough of a reward for the trouble I'm going to have to go through. Yes, I'm a weak man like that. It's bad and I should feel bad, I know.
With a resignated, but glad sigh, I sit up and wrap one arm around her shoulders, only to pull her a little closer and plant a gentle kiss on her lips.
"Well then." I make a short pause to run my hand through her hair "We've got some more free time... What do you want to do?"
"Mm." she mutters "I don't know. You?"
That's how it always is. If 'always' is a proper word to describe a situation that's been going on for only two months. But then again, it's all an issue of getting used to a new lifestyle, right? Once we do, it really begins to feel like it's always going to be like this. And that it's always been like this in the first place. We forget about our past, about all the unpleasant events, and enjoy the serenity of present, happy at the closeness of each other's souls and bodies. Because, what does a painful past mean in the face of fortunate present? Perhaps one day, those happy days will come to an end. Just like mine did before. Just like her did before. But before that happens, we can just relax and play around as much as possible, enjoying each other's love to the fullest.
Because, if it isn't love, then what is?
"Hmm..." I make a theatrical pause "I think I've got a few good ideas..."


I got drunk again.
Well, while you're still drunk, how about you continue this latest plot with Renji being fed upon?

That happiness, it must be destroyed. Stupid Renji...
This happiness, it must be protected. Lovely Renji.
Your happiness. I'll be taking it.
Very nice. I can't help but like how you sneak in memes and such.

Too late. Also, I'm all out of gin and totally broke. So no. Sorry.

EDIT: shit, forgot my sage.
I would send you if that makes you write more

Meh, apparently people don't want me here, so don't bother. Also seeing how our polish post offices work, I'd get my gin bottles all shattered.
Not sure if i want you here. Necessary Evil maybe? TP without YAF, loses all meaning.
File 122652024254.jpg - (49.30KB, 338x481 , 1226279639915.jpg) [iqdb]
I've taken a liking to this idea (an ordinary day of Fuku and Renji), and will probably continue it, even though writing while sober isn't exactly what I want to be doing.

Still wondering whether I should make it choice-less or not. I'm mostly writing it for myself and Giddy, but I also can't decide between one of two possible turns of events. And if I should post it or not... Well, it won't hurt. It won't hurt, right? Don't tell me it will. Of course it won't. I won't let you tell me it will. It won't, and you know that. It won't. It just won't. It won't... right?
Yes, goddammit, write it.
Just start writing already jesus christ
"Looks like it's going to be a nice day."
I look up to the sapphire-blue expanse above me and smile. Almost no clouds at all, and even though it's already autumn, the temperature is just right, and even the slightly chilly wind can't break the pleasant feeling. Indeed a nice day. A good day to take a long stroll to the video rental store, instead of taking a car. Of course, she just had to be stubborn about it. But then again, the Hummer isn't even mine, and hell if I can afford the gas for everyday trips here and there. That's why I take a bus to work in the first place. Having to provide for two people on my own is troublesome enough, and if I can save some money on anything, I'll be sure to do it. Even if it's something as elementary as personal transportation.
Oh, oh no, of course I'm not complaining. Just trying to prove a point.
It's a nice day, and a free one for the both of us too, so why not use it to the fullest? Taking a leisure walk is the best one can do on a day like this, right? Besides, ever since we returned, she's been spending gradually less and less time outside, and while I do realize that she's probably had enough fresh air to suffice for lifetime, it doesn't mean she shouldn't go outside anymore. I... sometimes wondered if regaining a place to live in put some sort of... phobia-like condition on her mind, you know, something like 'I've had enough of being outside, I don't want to go there anymore'-sort of thing. Thank god, that didn't turn out to be the case. Guess what - she's just genuinely lazy. I really have no idea how she mantained that 'job' for so long, but it's a miracle someone wanted her to keep doing it - given her attitude, personality and social status...
Well, but it's none of my business. I promised not to poke into her past too much, and I'm keen on keeping that promise. After all, I too have some secrets that I'd rather not ever be let out to the outside world...

I let out a weak sigh.
It's been fifteen minutes since I left, told to 'just wait outside, damnit', and to be honest, I'm getting a bit tired of this. I knew that girls often take hours to prepare themselves to leave, but I know Fuku too well to accuse her of such trifles. It's more likely she just laid down on the couch and fell asleep than that she got stuck while choosing a fitting set of clothes. Should I check up on her? It'd save me the trouble of uncertainty, but if it turned out she was just about to leave, I'd probably receive a scowl and maybe a knock on the head, then a little comment about how I'm 'impatient like a four years old', or something along the lines. Out of two evils, I'd rather choose the smaller one, and just wait.

Fortunately for my nerves, it doesn't take it long for her to finally show up. Not muttering a single word, she silently appears at my side, in a way so if it wasn't for the sound of door closing behind her, I'd probably never notice that she's already here. Sporting a pair of dark jeans and a white jacket I bought her for her birthday - or at least the day she told me her birthday was - and of course a trademark sour expression on her face. I can't help but smile at how big the contrast between those two elements of her look is. Seriously, she's incredibly cute, but tries her best to hide it most of the time. Either through words or behaviour. Too bad, Fukuzai! I've already seen through your filthy shell! And I know that inside, there's the most beautiful pearl one could ever imagine. Or at least I could ever imagine.
"Did you lock the door?"
She casts me a displeased glance, followed by a slightly less displeased nod.
I know, it's treating her like a child, but well, it has two good sides - making sure that she's done everything that should have been done, and I just enjoy teasing her. The occasional angry outbursts she gives me in situations like this are one of her cutest points. Well, too bad, no outbursts for me this time. Instead, she just hands me the keys, which I quickly slide into a pocket of my trench coat, and give her a questioning look.
"Shall we go?"
Another nod, accompanied by her hand reaching for mine, entangling our fingers together. Ah, such a simple thing, and it already makes me want to jump in a delightful bliss, singing songs about how beautiful my life is. Of course, nothing like that happens. All I allow myself to do is smile and start strolling down the walkway.

Although our city isn't exactly worthy of being called a big one, it has it's considerable territory and population. But truth be told, almost all the social life concentrates in one, relatively small district we call 'the centre', which consists of a multitude of shops, restaurants and stuff like that, packed in a series of old tenement houses, built along a road that crosses the town, almost like a river, only it carries no water, but cars. I'm sure that on a day like this, it'd be full of people, enjoying their free time either alone or together with families or lovers, in other words, that it would be incredibly crowded. Well, fortunately, we don't have to venture there, which I think pleases both me and my partner. I know she's still not quite used to living among people, let alone being recognized as 'that girl who lives with Usami', and since I'm not a shut-in with no friends, a lot people passing by would recognize me, and of course - what follows that, the girl timidly holding onto my arm. And as long as she doesn't get rid of the uneasiness of being around people, I'm not going to put such a strain on her poor head.
What about me then? I'm just a little embarrassed, that's all.
So, where are you going then - I'm sure you'd like to ask. Well, it just happens that the block of flats where we live is situated near a nice promenade, with a small shopping centre on the opposite end, where the store is located. In the summer, you would see kids fooling around on the playgrounds built beside it in regular gaps, as well as buying ice cream from occasional stalls here and there. Now? The chilly wind has probably driven them to stay at home, or engage in other activities than running around, yelling their silly phrases and whatnot. It's only better, right? The less people around, the better.

While we don't exchange a single word during the walk, to be honest, I couldn't care less. It doesn't bug me a slightest bit. I'm just happy I can walk like this, with our hands clasped, and if she doesn't want to talk, then so be it. I know it's not out of spite, she's just... timid. Yeah, she may appear harsh on the outside, but I think she's just a bit shy. And to force her to talk wouldn't be my style. So I just keep silent and keep on walking.
File 12265942664.gif - (6.18KB, 320x160 , ijizoom.gif) [iqdb]
"... tch."
The distraction comes from the least expected direction. The grip on my palm strengthens for a split second, accompanied by a muffled curse. Oh, what now? What did I do now? I didn't accidentally--
Someone from behind calls my name. Of course, the only natural reaction would be to turn around and identify the one calling, and that's exactly what I do.
A girl, around her twenties maybe, abruptly stops just in front of us, panting and sweating like if she's just ran a marathon. He long, slightly curled, blonde hair covers half of her flushed face.
"Geez!" she pouts at me after catching her breath. I can't help but notice how there are suddenly nails digging into my palm's skin. I don't even dare to check Fuku's expression right now. "How many times do you think I called your name?"
This girl, do I know her? She appears familiar, but... I can't quite put my finger on it. An acquaintance? An ex-classmate perhaps? Damn, at times like these, I want to stab my poor memory, for making my life such a mess.
"I thought-- Wait a moment. You... You ARE Renji Usami, right?"
"Eh? Y-yes, I am, why...?"
And those clothes, damn, who wears something like this nowadays? Frilly dress that looks like something out of vintage movies about medieval times, where even frills are covered by frills. And that cap? Did she just get out of bed or what? Man, Fuku almost never wears anything other than a pair of pants and a shirt, but still-- Wait, I shouldn't be thinking about that now! First thing first, who the hell is she?
"Why? Wait, don't tell me!" she covers her mouth with her fingers, strengthening the image of a medieval queen inside my head "You... You don't recognize me?"
"Eh..." can't say I do, although there's that feeling premonition that I've met her somewhere before... Ack, the pain in my hand doesn't particularly help me concentrate either... "Sorry."
"R... Really?" she gives me a genuinely suprised look "You're not playing a joke on me, are you?" then blinks a few times, seeing my weak shrug "Geez, you're not in elementary school anymore! At least remember the face of your best friend's cousin!" Best friend's... Oh wait, wait just a second. She's... She's Marry's cousin? That would explain why it felt like if I'd met her before, but... No, now I recall, we'd really been introduced before, but... "Come on, you gotta remember!"
"Uh..." damn, I can feel my face start to blush. This is awkward, this is really awkward. "No... Sorry."
"Sheesh! What a forgetful man you are!" she puts her hands on her hips "I'm Maribel! Maribel Han, okay? Remember me now?"
"Ahaha, that's right, Maribel! How could I forget!"
No, I don't remember at all. When did we last meet anyway? I'm sure it was back in the pre-accident days...
"And this here would be...?"
Aw. Crap. That's right. Thanks to this ordeal, I've almost forgot about this girl holding onto my arm. Shit, now that I think about it, is she planning to make my hand bleed or what? I hurts. It hurts, goddamnit!
"Uh..." as expected, she won't even introduce herself on her own "Fukuzai... Fukuzai Toorima."
"A relative?"
I bite my tongue at the last moment, just before a pained groan manages to escape my mouth. Isn't it obvious? Damn, she's not a child! Look at this situation! Isn't it obvious that she's my... Damnit! You shouldn't be asking questions like these! It's embarrassing! Ow, ow, ow!
"Anyway, are you busy right now?"
"N-no, we're just taking a wa--"
"That's great!" she clasps her palms together, completely oblivious to my pain "It's a nice day, how about we sit somewhere and talk for a bit?"
"I'm not sure if--"
"Come on!"
With a cheerful smile, she grabs my other arm and starts to pull it somewhere towards one of the playgrounds, presumably to take a seat on one of the benches there. And I can do nothing to resist, just make sure that I don't lose the grip on Fuku's hand... Not that she'd let go anyway. Ow, for what sins?!

I don't even want to know how it ended up like this. We're sitting, all three of us, on a bench, with practically no people around, beside an abandoned playground.
"And then he just said 'no way'! That cousin of mine, does he always act like that? Anyways..."
Although it was obvious that Maribel would want to sit beside me, Fuku took the initiative and made me sit on one side, and successfully separated me from my friend's cousin with her own body. Smart move, but... was it really necessary?
"And he had all that military equipment with him, can you believe it?"
She's still holding onto my hand too, though ceased to dig in my skin, thank god. A few minutes more of that torture, and I'd break into tears. Damn, I knew she has problems with dealing with people, especially if they know me, but I'd have never expected it to be that bad... Or was it because the stranger is a girl? Could she be... nah, no way, right? She's not that kind of person, though a part of me would probably be incredibly proud if she were.
"... tch."
And that. She smacks her tongue like an angry bunny, and keeps squeezing my hand, but won't say anything otherwise... Damn, how am I even supposed to react? I can't simply fend off Marry's cousin, but if it bothers her...
"Man, it's chilly today."
Oh, I haven't even noticed when she finished talking... Meh, I guess nothing of value was lost. Marry would probably kill me if I got to know about some of his excesses. He has that aura of a calm, intelligent man, but hell, when he gets crazy, he gets crazy for serious.
"Mhm." I nod "Quite chilly."
"Hey, there's a coffee vending machine nearby, do you want something to drink? It's my treat."
Something to drink... Well, it wouldn't be polite to refuse, now would it? Besides, it's a free treat, so...

[ ] Agree, but go myself. It would be rude to let a girl run to and fro.
[ ] Tell Fuku to go, maybe it'll help her cool off a bit.
[ ] Agree, let Maribel go.
[ ] Refuse.


In the end I couldn't decide which branch to go with, so I'm leaving the choice to you.

Ah, and sorry in advance for any inconsistencies - I'm feeling a bit sick, and to top it off, I'm totally sober, which doesn't help me with writing at all.
[ ] Agree, let Maribel go.
[x] Agree, let Maribel go.

Oh god, choices. How I've missed you so.
[x] Agree, let Maribel go.
[X] Agree, let Maribel go.
I wonder, if we see Renko, what will she be like?
{X} Agree, let Maribel go.

Possessive Fuku~
[x] Agree, let Maribel go.
[x] Agree, let Maribel go.
[x] Agree, let Maribel go.

What is going on here!
[x] Agree, let Maribel go.

Choices, choices~

I have to say that I'm once again liking Renji. It must have something to do with it being from his perspective.
[X] Agree, let Maribel go.

Only a fool would reject an offer like that, and there's one thing that's worse than being a fool - it's being a poor fool. Since I don't want to become either, taking up the offer would be a logical thing to do. After all, it's her treat, she came up with the idea on her own, there's no point in worrying about anything. Unless she's like Reymont, keen on getting every single penny of borrowed money back. For my sake, I better hope she's not.
"Sure. Why not."
"Alrighty!" she stands up and dusts off her dress "Three cans of coffee then! Right on!"
If I had an exuberant imagination, I'd probably picture her in a waitress outfit inside my thoughts, carrying a tray with cups on it, smiling cheerfully as she does a 360 degrees spin, careful not to spill anything. Fortunately, as I already remarked, although in a roundabout way, I'm not in possession of anything like that, therefore even her waggling butt doesn't bring up any perverted images. Yeah. I wonder how Fukuzai would look in an outfit like that?
Speaking of which... As if she suddenly regained control over her breathing, a deep sigh escapes her lips. At the same time, her hand stops squeezing mine so violently, though still remains clasped with mine. What's gotten into her? Sure, I knew she's not used to dealing with other people in my presence, but this was way too extreme. I've never seen her like this before, though, yeah, it's the first time someone actually pulled us into such a situation. And what's the worst, it just had to be the garrulous cousin of my friend... Why the hell is she here anyway? I thought she was still living with her parents, in Marry's home town? What an ordeal, and to think that we just had to run into her... Or more like, she just had to run into us. Was it unfortunate? No, perhaps if I weren't with Fuku, I'd enjoy the encounter. Or not, I don't know. I haven't seen Maribel for so long, and she just popped up suddenly like that, so I have no idea what to do. I can't just fend her off, but on the other hand, I'm not supposed to be loitering around with her, damn it.
"I don't like her." Miss I'm-so-blunt-I-exhale-honesty of course doesn't mince her words. I would've never guessed. Still, what's up with that? You've only met her half an hour ago! I know you detest people, but damn, she's not even a total stranger! "If she tries to do anything funny, I'm gonna bite."
"Funny?" I can't stop myself from blurting out a stupid question "What do you mean, funny?"
Ack. I knew I shouldnt've. If there's a specific type of a stare you give an idiot after he asks something equally stupid to 'why do humans breathe', she's giving me one right now.
"You didn't notice?" she asks like if it really was something obvious "Seriously?"
"Like I said... I've no idea what you're on."
"Man, you're an idiot... A clueless idiot."
She sighs again, this time palming her face at the same time. It's kind of ironic, seeing how she's still holding onto my hand with her other one. If you want to scold me, why not give me one hell of a rebuke, instead of something half-assed like this? I'm almost worried.
"Why don't you enlighten me then?"
"No wonder you've never had a girlfriend."
This time I'm the one to give her a sarcastic look. Hey, what about you then? Who are you? My pet?
"I don't get it, she wasn't even trying to hide it. Are you blind?"
Alright, I know I've said that I love this stubborn part of her, but in situations like this it's kind of irritating. Uh, she's going to return any time now, would you kindly hurry up? I'm REALLY lost here.
"Look," I grab both her hands and look straight into her blue-and-violet eyes "I've really got no idea what you're talking about."
"... idiot."
Well, at least now it had some effect. She's still weak to this kind of gesture, huh? Good thing I noticed that the first time it happened, it's quite useful in emergency cases like the one I'm dealing with right now. It's kind of suprising, really, that someone like her would have a weakpoint so trivial, bah, silly even, but then again, this girl isn't what she appears - or at least wants to appear - to be. I keep forgetting that. What matters is that it still works, and that I can use it to gain control of the situation.
"So?" I ask, almost whispering "Will you tell me?"
Another sigh. This girl really does like sighing, doesn't she.
"She clearly has hots for you."
"She has hots for me? That's completely ridiculo-- wait a sec. She has what?"
Well, I did expect a blunt explanation, but that was... Unexpected, in the least. How-- why-- No, in the first place, how the hell does she know? I've only met this girl half an hour ago, I don't even know her that well, even though she's my best friend's cousin. What's up with that?
My precious prophet girl gives me a frown.
"You really didn't--..."Man, you really are... She kept staring at your butt like if it was a chocolate cake!"
Wait, and... that's it? She was staring at my ass? Well, I've never considered myself exactly fabulous, but... There's nothing wrong with staring at a cute butt if there's one around, ask any real man. Now, Maribel is a girl, but can't they act manly at times as well?
"'And'?!" she blurts out, but quickly lowers her voice again "It's mine, I'm not giving it to anyone else!"
She keeps staring at me with a completely straight, determined face. No, she couldn't possibly... Does she even realize how embarassing was the thing she just claimed out loud? No, it's not like I'm not happy or anything, damn, there's a cheering crowd inside my head right now, but that's not the point!
"What?" she backs away a little "What are you smirking at?"
Now that she mentions it, I indeed AM smirking. What the hell is wrong with me? Here I try to come up with a solution for this dilemma, and my body just goes on acting on it's own. Hell, maybe I should learn some honesty from this girl.
"No, nothing."
I wipe it off my face, apparently only strengthtening her confusion.
"You really... didn't notice?"
"I didn't. Honestly."
"I was too busy thinking anyway."
"Thinking about?"
"Oh, nothing special." I shake my head lightly "Just imagining you in a waitress uniform."
Oh, this is brilliant. I love taking her by suprise like this, it never gets old. First, she blinks around ten times in less than two seconds, then her mouth opens slightly, revealing her cute, white teeth (I know she was homeless, don't ask), and then her lips mutter a confused:
File 122661989762.jpg - (100.92KB, 837x586 , 1226497642843.jpg) [iqdb]
The cuteness of the scene before me is enough to make all the little girls from the crowd inside my head squeal in one, loud, ear-piercing chorus, and hell, I wouldn't be suprised if she actually heard it. I'm pretty sure my face right now looks delighted as well. Ah, I love it! I just can't get enough! I can't get enough of her confused face! Ah, I want to pinch her cheeks, I want to cuddle against it, I want to embrace her and jump around the place!
"You-- You're doing this on purpose." I swear, if she threw a pout in, my head would've exploded for sure "W-what do you want to achieve?"
Oh ho, you're using the wrong tense here, Fuku! What I wanted to achieve I already did! There's no taking it back now! Just like my butt is yours, your confused face is rightfully mine, Fukuzai! And mine it will be!
Using the fact that our hands are still connected, I pull her closer, as close as possible, and launch the final suprise attack. Let go of her hands, place on on her shoulder, the other one on her cheek, pull, close your eyes, and--!

Hm. Hmm. I knew she was hot, but THIS hot? And fore some reason, her lips feel strangely... flat. And hard. And goddamnit, they're so hot it burns!
I open my eyes, and in the space where I expected to see her suprised face, there's something else. No, that brown, metallic, cylindrical object can't be the face I fell in love with. The only logical explanation would be...
"Ack!" I jerk back, realizing that I'm still pressing my lips against that thing.
Wait, this is...
"Did I interrupt something?"
Maribel is standing behind the bench, asking me such a silly question with a happy smile on her face. When did she-- No, more importantly, did she hear any of what Fuku said? Damn, if she did, this could get awkwa--
"Oh damn it."
The can disappears from my sight, knocked aside by Fuku's swift swing.
"Wait, what are you--?!"
It all happens in a blur. She jumps at me, and before I know, I'm laying on the hard, hard wooden bench, with my precious girl sprawled on top of me. Oh, and one more tiny, wittle thing. My mouth has apparently been forcefully opened and connected with hers.

Oh. My. God. I knew she's a great kisser, but for some reason, it feels at least three times better when she's forcing it on me. Of course, it's not 'forcing' in stricte sense, but hell, does it feel great. I seriously don't know where she learned to kiss like this, and to be honest, I'd rather be kept in ignorance. Does it matter now. No, not at all.
"Um? I'm still here?"
Part of me wants to break the kiss and tell Maribel that indeed, we are aware of the fact, and that she should excuse us for just a minute, but unfortunately for her, that part is currently only a small percent of my mind, now absorbed in taking in all the sensations her tongue is giving me. Even though I try to keep up, to match her movements, in the end, I just keep having my tongue pushed and twirled around by hers. Am I a masochist? Trying to move my arm, intent on grabbing her by whatever part of her body I find by blindly touching around proves useless, as she's pinning both of them down, holding them down with the whole weight of her upper body. I could easily push her off, she's a girl after all, but... No way I'm interrupting this. No, right now, I'm in heaven. I'm in the seventh heaven, and that girl's mouth alone is enough to make me enter it. Amazing. Amazing alright. It's really amazing.
"H-hey?" Maribel apparently isn't going to give up just yet.
Uh, this isn't good. Perhaps I should at least try to signalize that--
"Go away."
Out of the blue, Fuku slides her tongue out of my mouth, and while still keeping our lips still connected, mutters that order in a completely cold tone. W-whoa, she's still able to talk like that, even in a situation like this? That's... That's some real master-level self control.
Apparently suprised about being told to simply disappear, Maribel puts on a face that could be best described as mixture of confusion and overwhelming innocence. Wha, why the show, it's not like it's going to-- Wait a moment, she's Marry's cousin, I can't be treating her like this! Hell, even if she did have 'hots' for me, it doesn't fucking matter, it's my responsibility to...
"W-wait, Mari--"
"Shut up." So forceful. My whole courage gets completely obliterated by Fuku's forceful command. How come I can't resist that tone? I need to set this situation straight, yet... "And you. Didn't you hear me? Go away."
Maribel, still apparently confused about the whole incident, continues to stare at my helpless figure for a few seconds longer, and then...
"Fine! If that's how you treat your best friend's family!"
Not before stomping twice in an angry manner, she quickly departs in an unknown direction.
Man, I feel bad. I know I shouldnt've let this happen. I mean, sure, I understand that Fuku was jealous, and fuck me with a screwdriver if I don't feel good about it, but that was... Just too rude.
"Fuku, what was tha--"
"I think I told you to shut up?"
Before I'm able to come up with an answer, she plunges her tongue into my mouth again.

And all my thoughts are gone in an instant.

About five minutes later, I'm gasping for air, trying to get my breathing back to normal, while she simply wipes her lips with a tissue, like if she just had a meal at an elegant restaurant. Even though we've just finished, swallowing the saliva accumulated in my mouth, and realizing that it's both mine and hers... No, stop it. Must... control... self!
"That was fun."
I can't help but notice some sort of lingering satisfaction in her voice. I know it's partially because of what we've just done, but... Could it be that she derived extra pleasure from driving Maribel away? Hell, I'm better off not knowing.
"Fu--..nnh..." I swallow the rest of the saliva, still fending off dirty thoughts, and cast her an amused glance. She really does look like a princess with that tissue. "Fun, huh? Do you, by chance, have more 'fun' like this prepared for me today?"
I swear that if it's possible to smile without actually smiling, it's what she's doing right now.



Sorry for the slow delivery.
You deserve an award for that last piece.

I must say, this is probably the most enjoyable thing you've written since back when TS was good. I really did not enjoy CoMN at all for reasons I've expressed before... but congratulations, you've finally made me like Fuku.

Please keep up the good work.
What he said. Only i already liked Fuku.
File 122669211616.jpg - (76.85KB, 450x338 , 1226642239732.jpg) [iqdb]
We arrive at the mall in much better moods than we were in after leaving the apartment, I guess mainly thanks to our little excess at the playground. I remember reading somewhere that an unexpected, sudden sexual activity during working hours often raises the productivity of the people that have been exposed to it, and while I'm not quite sure where exactly could I find such a weird information, I guess it's what happened to us as well. Fuku's steps are much more energetic, and truth be told, my body feels full of energy as well.
Well, I still do feel kind of bad about Maribel, but I couldn't really do anything about it, now could I? Sure, the man in this relationship is me, but it would appear that I'm not the only one wearing pants here. In a metaphorical sense. But, I just couldn't help it. When it comes to things like that, all my willpower just vanishes, gone like a wretched fly swept by a violent hurricane. Is that a sign of weakness? That's not for me to judge.

Although her pace slows down a little after we enter the building, at least she's not actively trying to avoid the passerbys' stares or anything she'd usually do in such a situation. Along with the noise of the crowd's talking, tunes of some popular song, aired by the local station reaches my ears, and introduces this specific, distinguishable kind of mood one feels when in a place like this to my mind.
I'm sure you'd like to ask me - what's so special about a damn mall? I'm sure she would like to ask it as well, but of course, she won't, at least not when we're surrounded by all those people. To be honest, I don't know. I just like wandering around the alleys, looking through the shop windows, trying to find something that would catch my attention and make me enter the store. Kind of girly, huh? I bet that's what you think. Maybe a bit, but at least the stuff I look for isn't clothes or cosmetics, oh no. That would be going overboard. What then? Antics. I love antics. Militaria are only one of my hobbies, antics occupying the honorable second place. How do I afford something like that though? The answer is simple. I don't. My budget barely allows me to live on without taking up on another job, and if I was to buy everything that catches my heart, I'd be homeless by now, with a pile of junk weighting on my back. All the military stuff I possess was actually bought by Marry, since his family is rather rich, I'm only allowed to use it in emergency cases, or - though not anymore - when we visit Gensokyo. I kind of felt bad about keeping all of it after the whole incident, but he simply told me that guns and uniforms get used to their owner, and that I shouldn't return it. I still tried. But Marry's really stubborn at times. I don't get to use it much nowadays anyway...

Like I previously mentioned, thanks to being in a good mood, I don't even have to pay any attention to where we're going, Fuku swiftly navigates around the crowd, pushing straight towards our destination - the video rental store. Well, it's become more of a DVD-rental place recently, even though I really liked that olde atmosphere created by all those VHS tapes on the shelves. Oh well. Guess they need to go with the times to maintain the store... Not many people watch VHSes these days. A pity. Or maybe I'm just wearing nostalgia goggles that block out all the hi-res, hi-quality and all the other super-duper megaeffects that DVDs apparently provide.

At the very least they kept the little bell above the door that jingles every time someone enters the store. I really liked that as a kid, and to be honest, even today, I still get that urge to play with it from time to time. It brings back memories.
Of course, I've no time for such trifles, as the girl I came here with immediately resumes dragging me away after I close the door behind me. Until we reach a certain shelf, full of various boxes. In theory, they're supposed to be arranged by genre, but not all customers are as mannered as me, and so, what I see before me is just a mess of various titles and covers, chaotically spread around. Aren't there supposed to be people to take care of this kind of stuff? Back in the VHS days, something like this would be unacceptable.
"There." she stops and points at the unorderly chaos "You remember the title, right?"
"I... guess..."
Oh yes I do, of course I do. I remembered it so that I could avoid watching it again at all costs. But somehow the movie industry decided to play a prank on me and release a sequel... Curse them! If I'll have to have to fight a fear of hammers and toothbrushes again, I'm going to personally bust some caps in a few asses!
"Then find it. I'm going to check the other section."
I nod, more out of reflex than out of will to answer, but it's still enough to assure her that I heard and understood the command, seeing as she hastily departs deeper into the store. Ah, right, there's another section for horrors, perhaps she wants to see if there's anything interesting for another time... God, I'm fucked, aren't I.

And here it is - the ominously intimidating cover, sporting a bloody skull with toothbrushes sticking out of it's ears and oral cavity. I really don't know what's with all those horror movies nowadays. I remember when they were about actually having a creepy atmosphere, not just a series of gory scenes usually strung together by a poor, barely plausible story. Movie industry is slowly degrading, it seems. Even more reason to barge in there and empty some mags in their sorry asses. Make a good movie for a change! I don't wanna watch some guy getting a toothbrush hammered into his throat! Hell, I'd rather watch Sesame Street than that crap! Oh god, toothbrushes... Just recalling that one scene makes me wanna run away screaming. But, I promised, I can't just throw this DVD away and go home, now can I..."
I cast the cover a spiteful glance.
It... it could actually work. They never check it anyway, so if I... Mm, it could actually work. It really could. Of course, that would mean facing Fuku's rage when the cat comes out of the bag, but... If it's going to spare me from the toothbrushphobia, then it's a small price to pay.

[ ] Don't swap it.
[ ] Swap the disc for something else. (choose genre)


Well, an award I'd appreciate would be more comments and feedback, but... I've already said that I'm writing this for myself and Giddy, haven't I.


Thanks. You've no idea how motivating hearing stuff like this is.
[ ] Don't swap it.
{X} Don't swap it.

[x] Don't swap it.
You get praise when you deserve one.

>I've already said that I'm writing this for myself and Giddy, haven't I.

Of course, it's not like i am reading this!
[x] Don't swap it.
You're doing wonderful work. I thought about saying that, but somebody else already did and repeating it would be silly.

[X] Don't swap it.
[x] Don't swap it.

I can just imagine a mini-Renji in angel robes/wings/halo appearing on his shoulder and lecturing him about honesty.

>Well, an award I'd appreciate would be more comments

+1 comment.

>and feedback,

You're a great writer with a short temper. If you combine those and put them into your work in a positive instead of negative manner, you could get some interesting progress.

>but... I've already said that I'm writing this for myself and Giddy, haven't I.

I don't give a flying fuck who you write it for, but I know I'm definitely enjoying it.
[X] Don't swap it.

Oh, no. What did I just think of doing, swapping the accursed movie for something else? Such a lowly... Why did I even think of that? Sure, like hell I wanna go through the horror of toothbrushphobia again, but that's not enough of a reason to be doing something like this! I'm a man, goddamn it! How can I call myself a man if I can't even watch one damn horror movie?! Come on, gore is a trifle, I've handled worse things! Yeah, the toothbrush scene was... extraordinary, to say the least, but compared to some stuff I've seen it wasn't worth the stress! Ghh, they really know how to get on one's nerves, those filmmakers... Wait, isn't that exactly what they wanted to achieve? Did I fall right into their trap? Ack, how foolish of me! Curses!
Either way, I'm not gonna resort to swapping the discs just because I can't handle a sight of a toothbrush in someone's throat. Ugh. Right, I'm gonna sit through it whole, and I'm not even gonna as much as blink when they massacre another poor idiot's body! Strength and resolve, courage and burning spirit! Come on, Renji! Isn't that what allowed you to live on after your parents' death? You don't lack it, it's just that being with that girl made you a meek, submissive puppy with no self-esteem at all! Where are your balls? There they are! Who's got the balls? You've got the balls! And your balls are big enough to take on a B-class horror movie like the one you're holding in your hand! So deal with it! You're not afraid! You're not fucking afraid! You're a wild animal! Show me your war face!
That's not a war face! Show me your war face!
You call that a war face? Don't make me laugh!
"... what are you doing."
Oh cra-- What the--- I didn't even notice when she got back? Was I... No, she's right, what the hell was I doing? Growling at a DVD case? God, I sure do hope no one was here to witness that... Of course, no one other than her.
"Uh, I was... Um..."
This is freaking awkward. Even more so than that one time she caught me dancing half-naked to some really catchy electronica two weeks ago or so. Man, that really was embarrassing. How could I know that she was going to return just after I found that new album Marry had told me about? Not my fault it was so good I just HAD to start dancing! Goddamnit, I know it made me look like an idiot, but it really wasn't my fault! Neither is it now. I won't let movie directors spit in my face! I won't let them take away my pride!
God, I'm so embarrassed I wish I could turn into a stone statue now.
Using the moment of my confusion, she deliberately snatches the case out of my weak hands, and promptly takes a look inside.
"Mhm." she nods to herself "It's this one. Renji." her slightly pleased stare lands at my poor face "The card."
Obedient like a puppy that I apparently am, I pull out my wallet and take out a plastic chip card, marked with the store's logo and my name, then hand it to her. At times like these, I wonder why she has no problems with using my documents or cards, while being so reluctant about showing up in public with me at her side.
I watch her back as she approaches the counter and gives both the case and the card to the clerk.
Is it because she got used to using a false identity? Judging from the bits of information I've gathered about her past, she'd been homeless for at least a few years, before I met her. I'm sure she'd used more than one false name during that time, for obvious reasons. I can only ponder if 'Fukuzai' is her 'real' name... I somehow doubt it is, but... Huh. What am I even thinking about? It is her real name now, and whether she had a diffirent one or not, it's none of my concern. Her past is hers to know, and until the day she decides to reveal it, I can only wait and respect her will to hide it. She must have her reasons. So do we all. Everyone has their secrets, and as far as I'm concerned, even that selfish girl is a part of 'everyone'. As much as she'd like to deny it.
Before I know, she's walking back to me, with a little plastic bag in her hand. Not smiling, but I can tell that she's happy. Although she doesn't show it, I can see it in her eyes. She really is looking forward to seeing that movie. On another note, I admire the fact that she's able to be happy about such trivial things. One would expect a person like her to be... cold and collected all the time. Which she is, kind of. But only on the outside. Of course, an ordinary bystander wouldn't be able to see it, but I know. I've went through terrible things before, and thanks to that, I think I'm able to understand her a little bit more than anyone else.
"I really don't get it." I remark as we leave the store, trying to pay no attention to the bell "What's so good about that movie anyway?"
"..." she keeps silent for a few seconds "... I don't know. I just liked the first one. Do I need a reason?"
"No, I mean..." uh, she's so clueless "There are many better movies out there, we could rent any of them, but you chose a B-class gore horror movie instead. What's up with that? I assure you, even if you like gore, there are many better titles involving that."
"... mhm."
That wasn't a satisfying answer at all, but... Well, I'd expected nothing less. She's like that - when keen on doing something, she's going to do it even if it means sacrificing other stuff in the process. So stubborn. Sometimes it makes her sound like an elementary school girl. Well, I don't really know her age, but she doesn't look THAT young. Though I'm sure she was a cute child. Ah, I wonder if she has any younger siblings?
... nah. Not possible.
"No, really," I try to re-start the conversation "This one's a really poor piece. I'm not an expert, but even that one with a guy in a mask looked better. Come on, what's with all those toothbrushes anyway?" ugh, toothbrushes "I'd rather have chainsaws, to be honest."
She gives me an annoyed glance. Well, at least more annoyed than her usual expression.
"I don't know what you're trying to imply."
"I'm just trying to say that there are better movies."
"But I wanna watch this one."
"Yes. Yes, I know." I know, damnit! "I'm just saying that there are movies more worthy being watched."
"So what?" another irritated glance. It looks kind of cute, when she looks up at my face while hanging off my arm. "I'm sure there are better guys out there, yet I'm stuck with you for some reason."
Now she's said it!
"That's completely beside the... point..." Wait, did I just see what I saw? The person that came from behind that corner... Blonde hair, frilly dress... Oh fuck. "HOSHIT, DIVE, DIVE, DIVE!"
Grabbing her shoulder, I quickly dash behind the nearest stone plant pots, so numerous in these canopied alleys.
What is SHE doing here? No, hell, there's nothing wrong with her being here, it's just... Why here? I couldn't imagine a worse place to run into her after that incident at the playground, and as dastardly as it will make sound, in reality, I hoped not to meet her again. At least not today. Not in the nearest future.
Peeking behind the side of our cover confirms my suspicions. It really is her. There's no way I'd mistake her for someone else. Not with that kind of getup and hair.
Damn, I know she's Marry's cousin, but... This could get ugly. I just hope he doesn't hear anything about what happened back there. Not that he'd get offended, but... I just don't want him to know of it, that's all. Damnit, why did she have to pop up here? Right here, of all places?
>You're a great writer with a short temper. If you combine those and put them into your work in a positive instead of negative manner, you could get some interesting progress.

Already said this, but YAF is who he is. That's why he gets lesser votes and more people mad at him. He could be a HY.
But in the last time he really got serious and it seems that he started to change his ways already.

Hmmmmm... kinda boring YAF if he doesn't troll and start shit everywhere. It's like /a/ without tripfags.
File 122671511350.jpg - (9.70KB, 200x197 , AlbumArt__Large.jpg) [iqdb]
"What the hell was that for?"
Having freed herself from my grasp, she backs away a little and gives me an offended look. All while still holding onto my sleeve. She really is hopeless. Well, at least the timing is appropriate - Maribel has just disappeared behind another corner. One less second, and we'd have been exposed. I have to give her that - even if it's unconscious, she's got an intuition worth of an oracle. Maybe that's why she can read me so easily. No matter, at least I avoided being detected, and facing unpleasant repercussions of Fuku's earlier excess. For now.
I need a battle plan. If Maribel's around, I can't be loitering around, lest she's going to catch me sooner or later. I could simply grab Fuku and make an escape, but the nearest exit is still far enough to make the trip dangerous. That's two possibilities out, the only thing that remains is... Waiting it out. But what good will that do if the cousin girl is... Wait a sec. This actually makes sense, maybe even more that I'd intended it to. She's not from here, the only reason she'd be hanging around the mall would be to meet someone... or do some window shopping. Either way, there's no point for her to stay here for too long, right? In that case, I just need to find a quiet, concealed place to crash in for half an hour or so, and I'll be good to go.
Yes. Yes, that should work. Damn, I just might be a genius!
"Oi. Are you listening to me?"
Oh, right. I almost forgot. There's one thing I haven't taken into consideration. Well, nothing my tactical mind couldn't handle. I'm a genius after all. There's no problem I couldn't solve, especially if it's about saving my own stupid ass. Pathetic as it may be, somehow being in danger of having his rear kicked raises one's abilities tenfold. I'm no exception.
"Fuku." I squeeze her hand a little harder, looking straight into her eyes, praying it still works "There's a nice cafe nearby, why don't we go there and have a drink?"
"Eh?" she blinks twice "What's with that? Why so suddenly--"
"I just felt like it." of course, it's a lie, but what can I do? Besides, it isn't really that abnormal, now is it? After all, we're - more or less - a couple, it shouldn't be weird for us to hang around together. "So?"
She gives me a gentle frown.
"Didn't you just say this morning that we're poor?"
Oh, damn you, girl! Don't just go on grabbing me by my words like that! So what if we are? It doesn't mean I can't take you out every now and again! Hell, if it was necessary, I'd work even harder just to save up the money to do it! Fortunately I don't need to. Like I remarked many times today, we are rather poor, but not so much as to not be able to afford a coffee or two. Or a cake. I couldn't call myself a man if I couldn't afford something so trivial! I know she doesn't quite like going out, but first, this isn't how you strengthen bonds between people, and secondly, it's an emergency situation.
"I just happen to have some change on me, okay? It's a nice place, so..."
She doesn't answer, instead staring back into my own eyes, making me grow more and more embarrassed with every passing second. I know it's silly, I know it! But I'm just not ready yet to face someone you'd acted so hostile to, and then drove her away in such a rude way! Especially since she's my best friend's cousin! Perhaps I should just find her and apologize, but with you here, I can't really do anything! Understand my situation! Don't just stare at me!
"Eeeh..." she finally sighs, averting her gaze "Jesus, I don't know what's gotten into you, really."
Yes! At the long awaited last, something resembling an agreement! God my witness, I love you, Fukuzai! I love you!
"Come on, come on then." I raise from my knees and help her up "Let's get going."
"He-- hey, wait just a moment, wha-- Are you listening to me?"
I am, but there's no time to lose. I just drag her behind me like a mischievous child that's just done something reprehensible, trying not to bump into anyone. There's no need to be careful. I'm in a hurry, and we both know, that no matter what happens... I'm not going to let go of her hand, and she's not going to let go of mine. That's how it is. That's how it always was.

The place is exactly how I remembered it. I haven't been here for a long time, but it seems that what's good, doesn't need any changes. A cozy, kind of oldschooly decorated interior, walled off from the alley with window blinded glass, dipping it in nice, climatic shade. Just what I needed. This place is perfect. Now I just need to wait it out.
And simply sitting around would be way too suspicious. And boring. And completely pointless. So instead, I take a seat at the nearest table, situated near one of the windows - in a case I'd need to make a hasty escape. Which I hope I won't, but it's better to be prepared than caught with your pants down.
Fuku follows suit and sits down with a troubled sigh, that seems to be saying 'what an ordeal', or something along the lines. Not that I didn't expect it. I know I'm probably dragging her around against her will, but... Hell, we're a couple, this kind of stuff should be normal for us. Unless she wants to become a shut-in and stop going outside at all.
"How may I help you?"
A short, black-haired girl approaches our table with a trademark waitress smile, one that's polite enough not to offend the customer, but fake enough to make it feel a little uncomfortable for those able to see it. She's also wearing some kind of weird waitress uniform, a black skirt and shirt, with an apron thrown over them. Ah, yes, that's how they dress their female employees here...
"Ah, yes..." I run my eye over the menu, more intent on buying myself some time than on actually finding an item that would suit my taste "Coffee, two times... One cake, whatever's on the menu today... Fuku? Do you want something?"
File 122671513667.jpg - (5.33KB, 200x196 , AlbumArt__Large.jpg) [iqdb]
My 'girlfriend' gives me an odd stare.
"I don't like sweets."
Oh. Oh. OH. Right. Holy magnoly, I totally forgot about that! Indeed, she DID mention that before, some time ago, but... Hell, a girl that doesn't like sweets? I know how ridiculous it sounds, but that's how it is. Man, I'm screwed now, aren't I. Why didn't I think of that before? Shit, shit, shit!
"Um, what about a mini pizza then?" The cavalry arrives from the least expected direction. Either out of compassion after seeing my troubled face, or out of duty, the waitress jumps out with a sudden proposition. Mini-pizza? They sell those kinds of things here? Isn't this a cafe? Oh well, whatever suits their clientele, I guess. "Today's kinds are margarita, neapolitana and... Cheese mix, I think. So, how 'bout it?"
"Reeeenkooo!" suddenly, there comes a voice from the back of the store.
"Pft." Fukuzai snorts.
"Just a moment!" the final piece of this puzzle is the waitress' annoyed reply "Should I write it down?"
"Yeah, whatever." the grumpy girl throws a half-assed response, not even looking at the one speaking to her "The kind doesn't matter."
"Alright then. I'll be back in a minute."
With that, she disappears behind the counter.

I let out a sigh. For some reason, being alone again puts my nerves at ease. Am I learning from my dear partner? I hope not. Someone needs to maintain a decent level of social skills in this relationship, and unless she suddenly decides to change her ways, I'm the one taking care of contacting with the rest of the world.
It's understandable, and I mean no offense when I remark about her fear, or inability to interact with other people like a normal person. It's just that... it might be troublesome in the future. I won't be able to live with her forever without anyone finally noticing it and bringing the authorities onto my ass, and when that time comes, well... It would also help if she had a job, but seeing how things are now... It's kind of hopeless. Besides, there's another obstacle - as far as I know, she doesn't officially exist, at least in a formal way. If she had a family, I don't know where they are, or where they were, if they're gone. I don't know her real name. It's like if... I was living with a deceased person. Or a ghost. No one ever came looking for her, and from my research, no one is even trying to find her. How... sad. No wonder she's how she is. If I had to face such a situation...
My hand moves on it's own, and reaches for hers, entangling our fingers together, gently. She stops staring absentmindedly out the window blinds, and turns to me, with a questioning look on her face. But her hand remains perfectly still.
I can feel her bodily warmth seeping through my skin.
"... what is it?"
"Nn?" I break out of that silly state and concentrate on her words "No, nothing, really."
"You have something on your mind?"
Do I? That's a stupid question, of course I do! I've got so many questions, so many unanswered mysteries to solve... Yet you're not helping me at all, Fukuzai. Do you want to forever stay in the shadows, or... Will you, one day come out to me, and live a normal life? I'd really like to know the answer to that...
"... perhaps."
"So?" the corners of her lips flicker for a split-second, as if she was able to smile, but in the end, her expression doesn't change at all "It's not your style to keep silent."

[ ] Ask about her past.
[ ] Ask about a job.
[ ] Ask about the future.
[ ] Ask about the movie.
[ ] Ask about the plans for today.
[ ] Don't ask anything.
[ ] Ask about a job.
File 122671577588.jpg - (1.79KB, 75x73 , AlbumArt__Small.jpg) [iqdb]
Response time.

>Of course, it's not like i am reading this!

Eh, this one creation found it's way here purely because of my drunk antics, as opposed to a bunch of Fuku-related stuff that haven't seen anything other than the space of my E: partition, let alone Giddy's eyes, not even mentioning this imageboard.

>You're a great writer with a short temper. If you combine those and put them into your work in a positive instead of negative manner, you could get some interesting progress.

The problem is, I'm a natural pessimist. I get depressed easily, and my hobby just happens to be pissing people off, over the internet as well. Put those together and you've got an explosive mixture that allows one to troll without actually trolling, thanks to the creation of some stupid XXX = troll meme. Yeah, truth be told, I haven't trolled THP ever since the completion of CoMN1, whether you believe it or not. Bah, I don't even troll 4chan anymore, maybe with the exception of some ocassional baits on /v/. But /v/'s /v/, so yeah.


Dude, did you just compare me to HY? I'm a sickly pole, who learned his english from vidya, he's a britannian who's striving to become a writer, comparing us is like comparing Shadowflare and Diablo 2.
Do you even know what Shadowflare is? You should. It's a good game.

Nonetheless, thanks for the warm words.

By the way... I find it amusing that people actually think my trolling is something positive, or at least livening up the boards. Amusing, seeing how even my serious replies to serious questions get treated like trolls because of being signed by my trip.

pic unrelated, but this guy's sang romanticist poetry is an awesome music to write to. Yeah, sang romanticist poetry. Your eyes are not deceiving you.
[X] Ask about the future.
Fuck yes Renko.
[x] "Mmn. No, it was nothing. I just wanted to stare at you, that's all"
>livening up the boards


[x] Ask about a job.
[x] "Mmn. No, it was nothing. I just wanted to stare at you, that's all"

YAF, I must say how much I enjoy this. It reminds me why I like your stuff in the first place.

Spaz Renji and cold-but-getting-warmer Fuku enjoying life as a couple? Awesome.
Naya shoving all of his paperwork on Rinnosuke as he goes out and plays around in Gensokyo? Groovy.
Character X interacting in some way with Character Y? Sign me up.

You write and I read it. Fun times.

Also, your Reimu was awesome and I loved the crying scene with Yukari in TS1 when we still didn't know that she's the chessmaster through and through.

File 122677019068.jpg - (112.33KB, 750x1087 , 07.jpg) [iqdb]
I can't believe no one saw what I'm trying to set up here. Oh well, there's still a chance. Still waiting for an option to win.

pic unrelated, but the manga is awesome
{X} Ask about a job.
[X] Ask about not helping~
[x] "Mmn. No, it was nothing. I just wanted to stare at you, that's all. But, now that you mention it..."
[x] Ask about a job.

Somehow getting on her ass about a job doesn't seem to be the best idea during a semi-romantic moment such as this.
>Somehow getting on her ass about a job doesn't seem to be the best idea during a semi-romantic moment such as this.

Haha. I think the only reason anon is voting for it now is to create a moment of hellfire and brimstone for Renji. Not as if he couldn't just ask her later while watching the movie or anything, but right now would probably have Maribel finding us and creating another misunderstanding.
File 122679305388.jpg - (23.37KB, 317x447 , bloodrayne.jpg) [iqdb]

FUCK Brimstone.

Also, going with the combined option, for various reasons.


Not my style, huh? Perhaps she's right. Perhaps. After all, all I ever do is trash talk and make stupid retorts, right? I'm just an idiot that hopelessly fell in love with a person whose personality is completely opposite of mine. A girl that knows no joy of everyday life, nor is able to even as much as live on normally. How ironic, considering that we've been through similar tragedies. I have no right to judge her, and I do realize that my situation was probably much smoother than hers, but still... If there's a way I can give back the happiness of living an ordinary life, I will find it. I will find it, and give it back. What else is there I can do?
"Mmn. No, it was nothing." I look down at our clasped hands, at her fingers that had to endure so much throughout the years of homeless wandering, at her palms, that despite the torture they went through, still retain that distinguishable smoothness one would expect from a girl's skin. Compared to hers, my hands look much worse, even though my life was so much easier... Sighing, I return my stare to her intently awaiting eyes. "I just... I guess I just wanted to look at you, that's all."
To expect a gentle 'Silly...' or 'Renji, you dummy.' from her would be beyond even my levels of idiocy, but even so, I wish she would give me something more than that damning silence and the unsure gaze of her blue-and-violet eyes. Instead, she uses her other, free hand to support her chin, and lazily lets her stare drop to our clasped hands. Like a child, seeing an interesting, new kind of bug in the grass, she gives it an examining look, before slowly, carefully raising both mine and her palms in the air. I can only wonder what she's thinking right now, but I follow her movements without a word of protest nonetheless. Amazing, how I can find even something as trivial as this... enjoyable, if it's with her.
"So..." she says while untwining her fingers from mine, and placing her open palm on mine, as if comparing our fingers' length "... how long do you want to keep carrying on like this?"
"Huh?" I respond in a confused manner. Like this? What does she mean? "What?"
"I hate that part of you." she says, her expression still unchanging "Seriously, if you have something on your mind, say it."
"Ah, that..." yeah, actually, I wanted, but... "I just didn't want to ruin the moment."
Yeah, I know that the initial purpose of coming here was to hide and lay low for a certain amount of time, to avoid running into Maribel, but... Hell, the atmosphere of this place's really gotten into me, I guess. It's so quiet... Kind of suprising, actually, that no one else besides us is here at this hour, considering that it's a perfectly fine Saturday afternoon. Not that it's a bad thing. I can only ponder how silly holding our hands above the table like this must look from a bystander's perspective. Incredibly silly, I'd assume.
"The moment?" she repeats my words in a slightly amused tone "What moment?"
What moment, she says... What does she mean 'what moment'? I thought it was obvious? I mean, we're holding hands and all... Ehh, does that girl have no sense of romance? I love her, I really love her, but sometimes I wish she'd be more... ordinary. As much as I like the oddity of her character, at time like these, I wish she'd show more consideration for mundane stuff. I mean, as far as I'm concerned, she does have feelings for me, I'm pretty sure she does. Then why can't she act more... ordinary?
"I... No, nevermind. It's nothing." I desperately try to make the matter look as trivial as possible "Guess the atmosphere's gotten into me. Sorry."
"The atmosphere, huh...?" again, she mirrors my words in that specific, half-amused tone. Her eyes are still fixated on our hands. "Like..."
"... I don't know." she says after a second of silence "For some reason, I just thought about leaning over the table and kissing you for a second. Silly me. Guess the atmosphere's gotten into me."
I'm speechless. No, literally, words are stuck in my throat. I... I didn't see that coming. Though her face doesn't express anything at all, nor do her eyes or voice, the words, the words alone are astonishing. Is... is she making fun of me? No, there's no reason why would she be doing this here, at this exact time. Then, was that sentence just now genuinely honest? Even in my wildest dreams I wouldn't expect such a thing. No, perhaps if she just kept silent and did it, I would be less suprised than now. Then... Was the whole ordeal just to tease me?
I wish she'd give me a single hint to clear up the situation, if only a little bit.

Unfortunately, even if she was intent on doing so, which I highly doubt, the return on the waitress quickly makes all the potential unfoldings impossible.
"Here, here."
With energetic movements, she hands us plates and cups full of steaming coffee. Well, while my plate has some kind of chocolate cake on top of it, Fuku's - as ordered - sports a miniature pizza with colourful topping, and - a bit ironically - a heart painted with ketchup. Is that a normal activity here, to pain hearts on pizzas? Or maybe our little... excess has been seen after all..."Man, I feel so stupid now.
[x] Ask about the future.
"Do they have jet cars in your time?"

Pretty much everything he said.
>I don't give a flying fuck who you write it for, but I know I'm definitely enjoying it.
And especially this.

>FUCK Brimstone.

You're right. For Renji, it would be hellfire and kidney stones.
I wish I could make some witty remark about the layered chocolate cake being a metaphor for one's life here, but unfortunately the earlier incident left me rather dumbfounded, to say the least. My girl, on the other hand, appears untouched by neither the 'atmosphere' or my confusion, and proceeds to devour her pizza with a fervor worth of better cause, but not without destroying the ketchup-y heart with a provided plastic knife first, in a rather brutal manner, if I may say so. At least she didn't throw it at the waitress, I guess that's a success. Sometimes it's hard to tell what she's going to do, or how she's going to act. The waverings of her attitude make her really difficult to read, I swear. It's easier if it's about dealing with strangers, but if it's about dropping a bomb like the one she did a minute ago... A few more times and I might die of a heart attack.
Sheesh, it's not the time to be thinking about that. I wish I could use my cake getting cold as an excuse to clear my mind of any thoughts, but... Damnation, it's already cold, and I don't know what kind of idiot one would have to be to serve chocolate cake warm. I know I wouldn't. Unless it allowed me to calm the fuck down, pardon my french.
At least the waitress made no comment about our behaviour, thank god for that. Otherwise I could've exploded right on the spot. Man, and I thought I had the situation under control. Note to self - you can never be prepared for everything when this girl is around. Especially for something like that.
Then there's no use in blaming myself, right? No one would see that coming, let alone a poor, confused idiot in love like me. I better get to eating before the cake gets cold. Or rot. Or whatever happens to a cake that's left unattended for too long. Wouldn't that usually involve disappearing without a trace, often by the hands of one's housemates?

"So, Romeo?"
To my suprise, the first to break the silence wasn't me at all. Taking a short break between the bites, Fuku casts me a glance combined with a rather mockingly sounding question. Not knowing what to expect, I just reply with a nod.
"What was it you wanted to ask?"
Wait. She's still on about that? To be honest, I've already forgotten what I wanted to ask back then... And it wasn't even my fault. Wait, but does it really matter? Her curiosity is still a little unsettling, but I might as well spill the beans, instead of consuming in total silence.
"Mm." I gulp down a chunk of cake and point the little fork at her direction "Remember my rants about our financial situation?"
"Sadly, yes."
"You know what would help that?"
"Borrowing money from your rich fruitcake friend?"
"N-no... Not really..." I know there's always that possibility, but to be honest, I'd rather not resort to it until it's a live-or-die case. I had sponged on Marry enough back in the days, and the day he presented me all that military hardware, I swore not to depend on him anymore, at least when it's about money. A man gotta be able to maintain his home on his own. And his girlfriend too, that's why I'm working my ass off during the week days. That's why even now, I can't stop worrying about how much will this little lunch cost us. "You used to have a job, right?"
She suddenly puts away the piece of pizza she was about to bite on, and gives me an odd stare.
"Not anymore."
So... forceful. Whenever this topic comes up, she's always like that. Not even a single word about her job. I knew, I learned to purposely avoid the subject, but now it was her who dragged me into the discussion. Kind of.
"O-okay, I get it, I get it." I try to wave off her intensive gaze with a hand. In vain. "That's not what I wanted to talk about." Fortunately for my nerves, she sighs, and leisurely resumes eating the pizza. Really, I did not mean to bring up such a neuralgic point. It was more of an... introduction to what I'm about to ask her. I can't just jump with it right off the bat... Or at least I don't want to. "So..." I continue after a minute or so "I just wanted to say that it would really help me... Or rather us, if you found a job... Even a part-time would do. We could really use the money. Of course, I'm not trying to force you to do anything, just--"
"Wait a sec." she interrupts me, yet again giving me that odd look "Did I just hear what I heard?"
"Uh... yes?"
And another sigh from her mouth, this time deeper and more resignated than before.
"I see. I get it. I get it now. I should've expected nothing less."
"First the talk about money in the morning." she counts on her fingers, dirty with ketchup "Then, the talk about me in a waitress uniform. And now, this cafe." Oh. OH. OH DAMN. I didn't-- I really didn't notice that! Hell, now I know why-- I understand why was she so flustered about coming here. Oh shit, how could I be so careless? It was none of my intention to set such a vicious string of events in motion, it just... It just happened on it's own! And now, I must abide by the outcome, or chicken my way out. Out of two evils, I'd rather go with the lesser one. Besides, you never know, maybe I'll talk her into actually giving the matter a serious thought? It's worth a try. "How clever, Renji. I see what you're trying to do here."
"No, actually," I try to sound as relaxed as possible, which isn't particularly easy under that intensive stare of hers "I doubt you'll believe it, but it was just a coincidence."
"Coincidence. Right."
"Ahem. Anyways, like I said, we could use extra money. I don't care what kind of job would you want to do, as long as it's nothing dangerous, I'm just saying that it would really help us if you took up on it. Not necessarily in this place, but if you want, I'd have nothing against it."
"Renji, if this all is just to see me in a waitress costume, you're going the wrong way."
"It's not, damnit!" I slam my fist on the table, although rather lightly, not to make too much noise "If I wanted, I'd just ask, like if you didn't know me! Remember that one time when I was digging through my old stuff and found that dress I had to wear in a play in the elementary school?"
"I'd rather not."
"Still, you wore it!"
"Because you asked!"
"That's my point!" I give the table another slam "If I wanted to see you in a waitress uniform, I'd just ask!"
"Well then, DO you want to see me in a waitress uniform?!"
"Yes I do!"
"Over my dead body!"
"What the hell's up with that attitude?!" I'm almost yelling now "You don't have to be so hostile just because I asked you to find a job, damnit!"
"That's not it--"
"E-excuse me?" a voice from beside us cuts into our conversation "I-I'm terribly sorry, b-but we have to close the p-place for half an hour for cleaning, so..."
File 122679860775.jpg - (71.73KB, 538x777 , 1226785638755.jpg) [iqdb]
Before I even get to identify the person speaking to us, Fuku is already casting her an aggresive glare.
"Can't you see we're talki--..." And suddenly falls silent. Her eyes go wide, as well as does her mouth, and the piece of pizza she was holding lands on the place with a silly slap. Like if she saw a ghost, she's completely frozen in that dumbfounded state. "Why--..."
I too turn to the intruder.
"Yeah, that was rather--..."
And similarly lose my words.
There's... no way... No, that's just... Why would she...
Before me, wearing the same outfit the other waitress had, stands a rather short girl, whose yellow eyes keep on casting nervous glances around, apparently trying not to look straight in mine. Her silver-white hair, tied into a ponytail, jumps with every abrupt movement of her head.
I... haven't seen her for just two months, but after what happened, to meet her so suddenly is just...
"Ri..." I mutter "Rin..."Rin Morichika?"
It's her. Without a doubt, it's her. Reymont's wife, the one taking care of Hakurei's guests, ex-shopkeeper Rin Morichika in person. And now, instead of sweeping the floors at the shrine like she's supposed to, in the distant Gensokyo, she's standing right before me, in that silly waitress uniform, unsure what to do, maybe even more so than me.
"H-huh?" she lets out a suprised gasp "How do you know..."Oh?!" and another "Aren't you...?"
"Rin!" someone quickly jumps from behind the counter, and approaches the shy girl "You weren't supposed to go out! Why did you--"
"S-sorry!" she bows apologetically to the newcomer "Renko told me to go and ask them to--"
"Renko doesn't run this cafe, Rin." the guy then turns to us "I apologize, but we really need to close up the place for some ti--... Eh?"
I can't believe it. This string of events is just... It's incomprehensible. Out of all people, out of each and every person I more or less expected to see around here, those two, especially those two, those two in particular, I'd have never imagine running into them here. It would be against the logic. Against all the odds.

Reymont Hakurei looks at me with confusion painted on his usually strict face.

"You're... The guy who pissed off Kain, aren't you?" I simply can't believe it. This can't be happening. Stealing a glance at Fuku, she appears to have changed into a stone statue, not making any moves in the slightest. "Oh man, we might be more fortunate than I'd thought!"
Fortunate? No, in the first place, what the hell is HE doing here? There's no logical explanation for this turn of events! All I wanted was a peaceful afternoon with my girlfriend, was it really too much? Besides, he's the last person I'd want to meet now! What's his business in the outside world? More abductions? Another fishy investigation for Yakumo? Or is he here on Kain's behalf?
"Why are you--"
"Reymont!" again, I get interrupted by yet another guy entering the awkward scene, but this time.. "What the hell are you people doing?! Goddamnit, if there were more customers-- Renji?! Fuku?!" That's right, it couldn't get any better. The guy who just jumped out from the back of the store is no one other than my 'best friend', Marry Han. "What are YOU doing here?!"
I blink a few times before answering.
"I could ask you the same!"
"What do you mean?" he sounds genuinely suprised.
"What do I mean? What the hell are you doing in this cafe? And what the hell are those two doing here?!"
"Oh, they?" he points a thumb at Reymont and Rin "They're visiting."
I'm afraid the answer to the other question.
"Oh, this cafe? It belongs to my uncle."
I let my forehead hit the tabletop with a loud banging noise.

This is too much.
File 122679914464.jpg - (146.74KB, 596x659 , 1226782373866.jpg) [iqdb]
That's it for tonight, I guess. Pity I had to wait so long, I had quite a lot of free time on my hands during the day, I could've used it for writing... Oh well.

By the way, I downloaded and played Shadowflare today. And goddamnit, shit sux. It reminded me how much I hate hack&slash grindan. Plus those fucking dogs. Goddamn.

pic unrelated
Aaaaand you just broke the top of the awesome-meter.

Excellent work.
File 122680474846.jpg - (222.33KB, 989x2104 , jacketfuku.jpg) [iqdb]

Now, THAT! Went over the top of of the awesome-meter. But when are you going to draw her naked?! C'mon GD, don't let Pyg get all the fame to himself.
I miss YAF's writing on /shrine/. I miss the real CoMN. Damn it YAF, why did you make everybody else hate you? ;_;
I like where this is going...

I was wondering the same.
File 122683742365.jpg - (46.31KB, 550x538 , dreadedsharmatdagothur.jpg) [iqdb]

What a fool you are. I’m a troll! How can you like a troll? What a grand and intoxicating innocence! How could you be so naive?


Also, I'm going to repeat what I said in IRC last night. At first the hairstyle appeared to me out of place, kind of un-fuku-ish, but in the end, holy damn, it's sexy. And her hiding her thumb in the pocket? Get out of my head, Charles.
File 122686415395.png - (145.74KB, 400x450 , 1226786614558.png) [iqdb]
The door to the room closes behind the waitress apparently named 'Renko', leaving me and Marry alone in this narrow, cramped room.
"Alright," my voice miraclously finds it's way out of my throat, and immidiately sounds my complains "What the hell is this all about?"
I'm totally confused about the whole situation, let alone the prospect of leaving Fuku alone with all those people. But, my best friend requested privacy, and I've no right to deny him that privilege. I can only wonder about - and cringe at - the vision of what may happen if things go the bad way. Am I paranoid? I'd known from the very beggining that Reymont was against bringing women other than Rin into his shrine, yet that's exactly what we did two months ago. That, and considering how Fuku treated his wife... I can only hope that just like he's practically forgotten about my existence, he's also forgotten about Fuku's excess. I know Rin hasn't. But as long as they both keep quiet, and Reymont keeps his cool, it should be fine.
Hell, if it wasn't Marry, I'd be storming out every 10 seconds to check on the situation. Guess I am paranoid after all.
On the other hand, seeing something so unusual happening completely without any warning, I'm also devilishly curious about the whole ordeal. No, not only those two popping up out of the blue, this cafe supposedly belonging to Marry's uncle, but also what was up with him kissing Renko just because she left. This is fishy no matter how you look at it, all of it combined makes it even worse.
But first thing first.
"We haven't seen each other for two months and this is how you honour our reunion?" he snorts "I knew I shouldn't have let you rot under her influence..." He's joking, I know that. Still, he's kind of right. Because of Fuku entering my life, I haven't had a single chance to see my old friend during all this time. As much as I felt bad about it at first, soon I kinda got used to it. Yeah, I'm a bastard, I know. But isn't this a principle when it comes to friendship and love? As soon as one finds his love, he begins to distance himself from his friends. It's bad, of course it's bad, but... I can see why it's like that. "Women are the cancer that's killing brotherly bonds, hm, hm."
He nods at his own words in an approving manner. Is this irony? After all, he too...
"Wait a sec." I cut in "Says who? Didn't you kiss that girl just now? Who is she anyway?"
"Renko?" yeah, as if I'd know just by having her name repeated "Oh, don't tell me. Did you think you were the only one steeping in adultery those two months?"
"So she's your...?" I ask, even though I already know the answer.
"I guess you could call her my girlfriend, yeah."
"And she's working at your uncle's cafe because?"
"Acquaintances." I repeat "You bastard."
"What?" he sounds amused by this conversation "You already have a job, don't you? Besides," his arms cross on his chest "This cafe employs only girls. And as far as I know, you're not one. As opposed to someone else... Want me to pull a few strings?"
"No, thanks." I quickly decline "Just try to picture her working here. Impossible."
Yeah, that's right. With her attitude, and seeing how she reacted to the thought of becoming a waitress, one can easily deduct that she wasn't born for this kind of job. And I haven't got the balls to put that theory to the test. Not in this life, at least if I want to keep it. I'll find something else, I will. Just not something that needs... Interaction with other people.
"Are you sure?" Marry persists in the subject "I'm sure she'd look cute in our uniform, that is, if she's shaved her legs. Heh." he snickers "But I'm sure you wouldn't let her run around with bushes under her pants, right?"
"That's not it..." aren't we pretty much wasting time here? I still don't know why the hell would Reymont and Rin pop up so suddenly, and here, of all places. I also find it hard to believe that Marry being here with them is a coincidence. Oh no, my conspiracy sense is tingling, and while there's no tinfoil around to make myself a hat, I'm going to find out the reason. "Look, get to the point. Anyone from Gensokyo being outside can't mean anything good. And I haven't brought my hardware."
Half-ironic, the statement still makes him smile a lenient smile.
"No, it's not anything serious... Or at least not anything worth being scared about. Hold your horses, they're just here to talk. Well, at least Reymont is."
"Talk?" I repeat, confused "Talk about what?"
Flashing me a shark-toothed grin, he wraps his arm around my shoulders, and gives my side a light jab.
"We had to endure much, you and I, but within the week, we're going to have access to Gensokyo again. I've already discussed the matter with Yakumo."
"Access...?" I don't get a thing "I thought you can cross the border whenever you can?"
"Not quite."
"I see... But judging from your enthusiasm, I take it he was agreeable?"
"Oh yes. The only thing that's left," he lowers his voice to a whisper "Is to convince Reymont that we're harmless."
I still don't get it. Wasn't Marry's ability to cross the border at will? Of course, only in certain places, but still, he hasn't once complained about not being able to do it, let alone refuse when I asked to transport me there. Could it be that Yakumo strengthened the barrier after what happened two months ago? No, as far as I know, he doesn't have the power to do that... This is jacked up, how am I supposed to understand if I've been left out the whole background negotiations? Sure, it's not like if I had time to partake in them, but damn, they could've at least informed me of such a thing! It's important! Kinda. I don't know if I still have the time to loiter around in Gensokyo, especially seeing how my current lifestyle is, but... I can't help but feel attached to that world. Sure, there were enough distractions to keep my mind off it after the incident, but now that the matter's been brought up again...
"And that's why..."
"Yeah, pretty much." he nods "Rin's here because Reymont didn't want to leave her alone in the shrine."
"Makes sense... But why the waitress uniform?"
"Oh, blame Renko for that. She loves dressing up people. You don't even want to know what I had to go through..."
Damn right I don't.
... wait a second. That girl, Renko, who 'loves dressing up people', is behind that door. She loves dressing up people, and as far as I'm concerned, there's one person there who's still wearing casual clothes. That person happens to be my girlfriend, the ever grumpy Fukuzai Toorima.
This... this could get ugly. Fortunately I haven't heard any screams, so maybe it's safe to assume that everyone's still safe and sound... Or just the opposite. Oh shit. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.
File 122686688632.jpg - (193.94KB, 541x600 , 1918908.jpg) [iqdb]
But as I'm about to throw Marry's arm off my shoulders and dash back to the main interior, the odds suddenly decide to go against me, and present the already complicated situation with an addinational issue. Another door, which I thought led to maybe a store room or something along the lines, swings ajar, slamming on the wall, like if the person opening it had no care for the environment at all.
"Mari!" the voice alone sends shivers down my spine "I can't find the goddamn mop! Where the hell are the-- Eh?"
No, this can't be happening. Damn, I knew that there was a possiblity, from the moment I saw Marry, but... My head, my poor head. And this was supposed to be just an ordinary day...
Steaming with anger, now with suprise as well, Maribel stands before us, gaping at my hopeless face. And I can only return the confused stare, not sure whether I should even consider doing anything. No, perhaps not. Anything I could do would only worsen the situation. So it would be the best for me to become a stone statue. Yeah, just like this. Don't move, maybe she won't notice me.
"Right, I almost forgot. But I'd appreciate it if you stopped calling my by that name. We're not children anymore. It's silly." Marry sounds like if her popping out of that room was the most ordinary thing in the world "Renji, I'm sure you remember my cousin? Maribel, this is Renji, you met him a few years ago, reme--"
"Yes, we've met today already." Ugh. So cold. So cold it makes my stony legs suddenly become weaker, if it's possible for stone to do that. Looks like she hasn't forgotten, and truth be told, I'd be suprised if she had. "In rather unpleasant circumstances. I'd rather not talk about it. Where are the mops?"
I don't know what to say. Not that I intended to say anything in the first place, it's just that... What did I do to piss her off? Man, sure, I haven't paid much attention to her blabbering, but that's not enough of a reason to be so offended! I know, perhaps she's angry at what Fuku did, but it doesn't mean she can be treating me like this!
Still, my stony lips remain sealed.
"Oh..." Marry sounds a bit disappointed. Bet he was looking forward to introducing another 'reunion' into my life "Check the locker behind the counter then, they could be there."
Without a word, or even as much as a nod, Maribel leaves us alone in the room again.

"Woah. Woah, woah." Marry doesn't hide his amazement, and I can't blame him. The fact that she was here, and that he still didn't know we've met already only confirms my supposition, that whatever the reason, she must be really offended. That Maribel, I don't remember her being so... No, in fact, I don't remember her being at all. Like I said, we've only met once, and... Alright, then was this meeting today like a first one? Then no wonder I made a bad impression, though it really wasn't my fault. Damn it. I just hope Fuku won't go mad when she sees her... "Dude, what happened?"
"It's a long story." I answer truthfully "And an embarassing one too. Can we save it for later?"
"I guess..." he agrees, altough a bit unwillingly "Anyways, back to the topic..."
"Yeah, about that." I take a deep breath "I understand that you somehow convinced Yakumo, but what about Kain? Wasn't he the main reason we were banished from Gensokyo?"
"Oh, about that, yes, indeed he was."
"You'd be suprised how easy it is to negotiate with people when your wallet is thick."
Oh, so that's it. Bribery. Not a honourable way, but if it worked...
"Wait a second, does that mean...?"
"To be honest, we were about to begin when Renko sent Rin to your table. Of course, now that you're here, you'll take part in the peace talks. Since it concerns you as well."
Of course. I can't say I'm not thankful, but on the other hand, I also have no idea what to expect. What's there to negotiate if both Yakumo and Kain have already been appease, what's the point..."Unless it's just about Reymont's whim. He IS that kind of person after all. Eh, I guess I'll just go with the flow and try not to fuck up.
"Alright." he finally takes his arm off my shoulders. Only now I notice how freaking heavy it was. Has he been working out? Jesus, what do girlfriends do with people... Like I'm the one to say that. "Let's get on with it."
"One more thing." he stops me before I reach the door, intent on making a big, dramatic entrance "I suggested that they spend a night at my place. Rin and Reymont I mean. Of course, Renko and Maribel will be there as well. So I thought, that maybe... I wonder if she'll be alright with that."
"Yeah," he gives me a nod "But anyways, would you care to join us? It's nice to have fun with everyone every now and again."

[ ] "No offense, but I'm afraid I've diffirent plans. Sorry."
[ ] "I suppose we could. Sure. Why not."
{X} Talk with Fukuzai about it first.
[x] Talk with Fukuzai about it first.

Sounds good. Wouldn't want to piss her off too much.
[x] "I suppose we could. Sure. Why not."
[x] Rent several horror movies for Fukuzai and genuflect in your bedroom for the rest of the week.
[x] Talk with Fukuzai about it first.
[x] Talk with Fukuzai about it first.

I am happy with this
Slow, unsatisfying, depressing Sunday.


Nice, eh? If I recall correctly, Marry usually lives in an apartment similiar to mine, but he also has a mansion at his disposal, so most probably he's talking about crashing at that place. Well, I've been there only once, and just to visit him when he was sick, so I was taken straight to his room, without being given a tour around the humongous estate. A pity, but at that time I didn't really regret it. Besides, the size of his room alone was enough to make me go 'woah', so the rest of the mansion would probably give me a heart attack. I don't know why he's keen on using that cramped flat instead of the mansion as a place to live in, but it's his business, and I've no right to interfere.
Still, if it's about deciding whether to join them or not, I better not make any rash decisions. After all, I do have diffirent plans for tonight.
"I don't know." I respond, a bit sluggishly, trying to fend off the malicious voice telling me to take up on the offer right away, if only to postpone watching the toothbrush-y bloodfest "Mind... Mind if I ask Fuku first? You know how she can be sometimes..."
To my suprise, instead of a dissatisfied sigh, Marry clicks his fingers, and gives me a rather suprised, but still confident look.
"Right! I forgot! Of course, if you were coming, she'd be too! Sorry, man." he waves his hand at me in a half-assed apology "Didn't think of that. Of course, talk with her first."
Well, it seems that having a girlfriend of his own fixed his relationship sense a little. That's a good thing, I guess.
"Then it is decided." I say while nodding "Now let's talk the shit out of that insecure monk."
A cheerful laugh sounds from the other side of the door. Ignoring it, Marry walks up to me, and hits my reached out fist with his, in a gesture we always used as a seal of agreement.
Another nod, and I turn to the door, take a deep breath, and turn the knob. The next minutes might decide whether we will be able to return to Gensokyo or not, and while I realize I might not be able to even if we win, I still want to succeed at talking down Reymont. Call it a personal vendetta, I really begun to hate that guy when he blatantly refused to help in our search for Fuku two months ago, during the whole mess. Of course, we still did find her, but more thanks to a spur of luck than any strategy or carefully thought out actions, while all he would have to do was contact Yakumo or run a simple scanning spell. I'd seen him doing that when Rin went missing a few years ago, and it didn't really deplete his mana or anything he could be using. He still refused to help us though. That's why I want to kick his ass, and if I can't do it literally, talking him down will have to suffice.
Another laugh.
Besides, it's not only for my sake. Marry went as far as paying off the cost of our little adventure, and it would be a waste if we were denied access to Gensokyo after all the effort. He also convinced Yakumo to reconsider our banishment... I have no idea how, but it could've been an easy task.
I still don't know what's up with Renko and Maribel present at the negotiation site, but I'll just observe their reactions to make sure whether they actually know what's going on or not. Perfect. I'm prepared then, prepared for everything! Here I go!

Well, I said 'prepared for everything', but...
Immidiately after crossing the doorstep, something impacts with my body - chest and down. Something grabs onto my shirt, burrying it's face in it's folds. Startled, all I can do is try to find ballance after the collision, and thank god for the helpful door frame that I could grab onto.
"Oh, no need to be so shy."
The words come from Renko, standing with her arms crossed beside Maribel, who just gives me - and the person clinging onto me - a somehow malicious gaze while playing with a mop, spinning it in her hands. Reymont and Rin are sitting at the table behind them, the former not paying attention to anything at all, the latter looking a bit worried, scared even.
There's something off.
"What the..." My hands land on the shoulders of the person whose face is buried in my chest, but my fingers land on naked skin. I don't even want to look down. It is only by an accident, and a reflexive reaction that I do. "Fuku?"
There's no mistaking it, I'd recognize her anywhere, without even seeing her face - which I certainly can't now - even if all I had was her scent. No doubt, the one clinging onto my shirt is her, but...
She has no clothes on. Only some kind of laced apron I swear I've seen before somewhere. Just what the..."
Another glance at Renko confirms my worries. She's still wearing her waitress uniform, but as opposed to Maribel's, hers seems to be missing something. That's right, the apron.
Suppressing the weird thoughts, I embrace her, and take a step to the side.
Goddamnit, why, at a time like this... Shit, just feeling her skin under my fingertips is... Oh fuck me! That's not what I should be thinking about now! What happened here in the first place?!
"Hey, what's goin--"
I'm not the only one worried about the state of things, it seems. Marry, stepping out of the backroom, quickly surveys the situation with a few glances, then violently palms his face. Damn you, what's so facepalmable about this?! I myself am confused, but hell, do something! No, rather, I should be doing something! But...
I clear my throat. I'm not the only one wearing pants in this relationship, but fuck me with a screwdriver if I'm not the man here.
"Alright!" I force a harsh tone "Who did this?"
Renko raises her hand.
"Sorry!" her insincere apology only serves to fuel my anger "She looked so cute I couldn't help but wonder how she would look in that!"
So she just stripped her and forced her to wear it? Of course, there's always a possibility that it wasn't forced, but considering Fuku's personality, it's rather slim. Inexistant, even. How come I didn't notice it earlier? Her clothes are scattered all over the place...
The grip on my shirt gets stronger.
That girl... It's ridiculous. Why didn't anyone stop her? I can understand Rin or Maribel, but...
I say his name through my teeth.
And he just gives me a dismissing wave.
"It's your woman, you take care of her. I didn't look."
THAT'S all he has to say?! What the hell?! So he was just sitting there, doing nothing, while Renko... Goddamnit! And you call yourself a man?! What the hell, Reymont. I knew you were a bastard, but this is simply ridiculous. Don't you have a slightest bit of honour? Pride? Is there no place for other people than Rin in your heart? No wonder he's the 'guardian' of Gensokyo, with a personality like that... Yes, a perfect guardian, who does nothing but sit at his shrine, doing nothing all day, living off other people's donations. What a load of bullshit. I was negative about negotiating with him from the very beginning, but now he's really crossed the line. My hate for him is divine.
"Hey, it's okay." Renko speaks up, a smile STILL present on her face "I didn't take off her underwear."
"It doesn't make it any better!"
The cavalry arrives from the least expected direction. Shouting the above line, Marry dashes forward, straight at his girlfriend, who - seeing a charge so sudden and ominous - takes a step back, almost tripping on Maribel's mop.
And then the unbelievable happens.
Having reached his target, Marry lands drives his elbow into Renko's head. Violently, without hesitation. Like if she wasn't even a girl.
His tone is rough, one that doesn't tolerate any opposition. I've seen him like this before once, and I'd rather not mention the circumstances we were put in back then, just because thinking about it is scary enough.
And now, that brutal voice is being directed at the poor girl.
Did I just think of her as poor?
"I-- ow, I didn't--!" she tries to struggle, but all it earns her is another jab.
"I love you, but that was uncalled for. Apologize."
"Ow, Mari, stop-- That hurts!"
Shivers run down my spine when he says that. This is what I mentioned earlier. He might appear all calm and cool, but when he goes crazy, he really does go crazy. No matter what kind of craziness that is. Scary man. Sometimes I'm glad he's my friend and not my enemy.
"... sorry." Renko mutters that while not even looking at me "I just couldn't resist. Sorry."
Of course it's an insincere apology, I know that full well. But seeing how Marry reacted, I can't help but feel a little... mollified. I wouldn't want to be in Renko's shoes right now.
"Renji." he turns to me, still holding onto his girl's head "You can punch my face as many times as you want later for this, but can we get to talking now?"
"What are you talking about..." I half-state, half-sigh out.
"Seriously, I'd borrowed the store solely for the negotiations, and we already wasted a lot of time."
"I know, I know. I meant the punching part."
The answer is silence.
But he's right. We're intruding here, and even if it's his uncle we're talking about, it's his property. The whole thing about 'borrowing' it makes sense, given that there are no other employees besides Renko and - although I'm not really sure about her - Maribel, and outstaying the welcome would be too much. There are already enough problems as it is, I'm sure we don't need another one to be put on our shoulders.
But there's one more thing I need to take care of.
"Fuku?" I try to pull her away from my shirt, gently of course, but she still resists. Who would've thought, the one who did the exact same thing in the past, and to Reymont's wife nonetheless, is suddenly scared about being treated that way. The only question that remains is - why didn't she try to defend herself? Renko doesn't look particularly fit, though she is visibly more muscular than the poor ex-homeless postgirl I'm holding in my arms, but...
"She apologized." Still nothing. Her face remains buried in my shirt, and no matter how many times I attempt to pull her away, she obstinately remains clung onto it, like a little kid that just got scolded by one parent, and seeks comfort in the other one's arms. I sigh. "Look, put on your clothes. I promise I won't look. Neither will any of us."
A weak shake. She's shaking her head, left and right, or rather, rubbing her face against my chest.
But no words are spoken.
This is troublesome. But I've really no time to lose.
Sighing again, I let go of her, and take off my coat, then cast it over her back. It'll have to suffice for now, until she calms down. But, but, I can't be just standing here. That's why, bracing for whatever might come, I lift her body up by the shoulders and knees, and hastily start walking towards the table where Reymont is sitting.
All three - Renko, Maribel and Marry - step out of my way when I let my butt fall onto one of the chairs, and place Fuku, whose fingers still refuse to let go of me, on my lap. She should be fine like this, and I can still talk.
"What are you all lookin' at?" I throw an angry glance at the perplexed trio "Let's begin the main event."
Pardon, slow for some of us.

Sorry for the poor quality on the last one, I really had to force it out of my ass, mainly due to it being so fucking late, and not being able to update sooner. (insert a rant about votes here, I can't be bothered to come up with anything sounding whiny enough)

Also, enjoy the consequences of your actions.
I have no regrets, this is the only path
I don't know what the fuck is happening, but I want more.

This is the YAF of legend that I remember from days long past.

It's good to have you back, sir.
"So what's the issue?"
I decide to take the initiative as soon as Marry seats his butt on the only free chair left, just beside me. Maribel and Renko go back to what they seemed to be ordered to do, and appears to be what Maribel needed the mop for. Cleaning the floors, trying to looks as inconspicuous as possible. Of course, I still don't know whether they know about Gensokyo or not, and thanks to that, I'm not quite sure if I should keep my voice down or go all out... Fuku weighing on my lap and cuddled up to my chest doesn't particularly help me concentrate, but there's no way I'd just shake her off. Not now, not ever. As long as she wants to stay like this, I'll have to endure.
"The issue is you." Reymont states with a perfectly straight face "And what you did two months ago."
"About that," Marry cuts in, with a 'as a matter of fact' face "I've already covered all the expenses of that incident. Including the cost of repairing your home's roof, if I recall correctly."
"That would be correct." Reymont doesn't appear impressed though "For which I am thankful. But, as I said, the issue here is not the compensation, but the actions that you two took, and you may take in the future. That is, if you are allowed inside Gensokyo again." he supports his head on his hands "As you may already know, every single newcomer to our little... world has to go through my shrine first. I decide whether he or she is suitable to roam it, and if there's any potential threat he or she might constitute."
"We've been through that once before." I remark.
That's right, the first time I went to Gensokyo, I had to go through an... interview with this guy. He asked about a lot of things - if I want to stay, if I own any special powers, or if I own any outside props to defend myself with. Of course, I was so hyped up I answered everything in a way that I thought would satisfy him.
"Exactly. You passed with flying colours, promised not to cause any trouble, and yet, after a period of peace, I received a message that you had not only cause a serious ruckus in the human village, but also disturbed the already unstable situation in Moriya settlement, Eientei and a few more places. Not to mention that you blew up Kamishirasawa's prison with equipment that I specifically prohibited you from bringing in."
"Wait a moment." I cut in again "Why exactly can't we bring in explosives? I've seen people from the village using them, especially in that one incident at the Underworld Bridge. What's up with that?"
Reymont gives a silent, annoyed sigh.
"They're dangerous material that shouldn't be brought in just like that. Yakumo is the only one authorized to import and distribute modern inventions. We're having enough problems with smugglers as it is. I don't need another two running about."
"We're not selling it." this time it's Marry's turn to retaliate.
"It's not about making money on it." but the monk is still unimpressed "It's about people seeing it being used. 'If they can, why can't we?' - that's what they think when they see you dashing around, waving guns and blowing up buildings."
"What's wrong with that?"
"Are you retarded?" he asks in a tone that makes me clench my fists "Do you realize what would happen if the people of the village rebelled against the authorities?"
Ah, yes, of course I do. Sooner or later, Yakumo would lose the power, and the city would resume to evolve, just like it did in that short period when Yakumo opened the border to allow an industrial revolution. I heard that he'd done it 'out of necessity', and don't mean to criticize it, but... Why the desperate attempts to maintain status quo then? Nothing bad happened during that short period, why would it now? Unless it's about Yakumo trying to keep all the cards in his hands.
"What if we promise not to ever do that again?"
"You made a promise once, and didn't keep it. I've no reason to believe you."
"Those were special circumstances."
"It doesn't justify blowing up half of the district."
Hearing no replies from either of us, Reymont leans back a little, leisurely, without holding back at all grabs my cup and takes a sip. How impudent. How goddamn annoying.
But I can't deny it - he's right. No matter the silly reason behind it, be broke the promise that we swore to keep, no matter what. The cause might have been noble, but it doesn't change the fact. He's right in not trusting us again. Even if it's just about Yakumo trying to keep his crown. And as long as Reymont is the one responsible for the people entering on their own accord, we won't be allowed in again.
I wrap my around Fuku's shoulders.
What a fool he is. Doesn't he see that all he's doing is help Yakumo? Or is he actively trying not to see it? Bullshit, he knows. That triumphant, relaxed pose, the fact that he's silently sipping on my own fucking tea, it only proves my theories. But Marry said that he'd already discussed the matter with Yakumo himself... Why exactly is his right hand so negative about it then? Or was it just an excuse to... No, that doesn't make any sense. No matter how I look at it, it just seems unreasonable. There MUST be some superior motive behind it all, but I can't see it.
Glancing at Rin, I am met with a troubled shrug. She can't help. Or simply doesn't want to.
"Did you..." I start speaking, slowly, still trying to find right words "Come all this way... Just to tell us this?"
"Looks like it."
And he simply agrees, not caring if it makes him look worse than he already does. Then... what about the offer that Marry made? Spending the night at his mansion? Is he still going to intrude, even after turning down all of our arguments like this? No wonder. No wonder he's the 'guardian' of Gensokyo. Strict, egoistic, harsh. This kind of person won't be swayed by sweet words or pleads. Just what Yakumo needs. A tool.
Can't you see? Can't you see that you're being used, Hakurei?
I take a glance at Marry, only to find him staring at me in constipation.
Yeah, I know. I did all that on my own accord, without your approval, I know. But you understand, right? You were the one who told me to not let go of her in the first place. Isn't that why you sacrificed yourself to let us escape? No, I'm not trying to justify the stupidity of what I did. Don't look at me like that.
I blink once, trying to make a face that would say 'what to do?'.
All I receive in return is a shrug. Then he's out of ideas too.
Then, is... Is that all? It was so short, so abrupt. And we're already out of arguments?
The whole world around us freezes in an instant.

In one split-second, the aura of defeat turns into fright, startled confusion, all because of one simple thing, one unimaginable thing that just took place right before our eyes.
Without any respect that should be showed to a dangerous, religious figure, Renko, that stupid pervert girlfriend of Marry, just smacked Reymont with a wet rag.
Right on the head.
It probably hit his face as well.
Actually, there are droplets of dirty water all over his cheeks and forehead.
What follows happens even faster.
In a fit of justified anger, the monk springs up, with one hand aimed at the stupid girl's collar, the other one raised for a punch. The same exact moment, Marry jumps up as well, ready to dash and stop him.
And Rin.
Rin, with an amazing - at least for her - speed, jumps to grab her husband's shirt.
Perhaps only thanks to that, Renko manages to sidestep away from the first swing. The lag between that and the second one gives Marry enough time to find himself right in front of the enraged monk, in a typical street fighting stance, ready to stop and counter every strike that might come at his beloved one.
And I... I can only watch the spectacle with an opened mouth.
"You're wrong!" Renko shouts again, flailing the rag around like a morningstar, safe behind Marry's back "You're wrong and you know that!"
Maybe only due to the confusing nature of her words, Reymont freezes in place, with Rin practically hanging off his shirt. Wait, where's Maribel? Oh, she's just standing around a few meters away, looking confused. Just like me.
"Who are you to inquire the truthfulness of my words, bitch?"
"Oi." Marry throws him an angry look, but gets utterly ignored.
"I'm just a girl who happens to recognize a lie when she hears one!"
I can't believe it. She just keeps on intimidating a guy that's much larger and stronger than her boyfriend, behind whose back she's hiding! There should be a limit to impudity! What the hell does she think she's doing? Damn, if it keeps up like this, it might get ugly... I'm fit, but not even me and Marry combined would be able to take down Reymont. It's not only the issue of pure physical strenght. He's from Gensokyo. He could probably kill us just by muttering a word, casting a single spell. I saw him nail a stray youkai once by just clicking his fingers. There's no way we can take on him, yet she...
"Oh?" if it wasn't for the anger, I'd think he actually sounds amused "Then which of my words were false?"
"I'm not sure about the modern stuff business..." she pauses for a second "But all my senses started to tingle when you said that 'special circumstances don't justify' blah, blah, blah!"
This is bad. She sounds too overconfident to lull his anger, WAY too overconfident!
"Is that so?"
"So it is! Say, what would you do if Rin got kidnapped? You'd do everything to find her, wouldn't you? You'd blow up more than just a single building if you had to, wouldn't you?"
"You'd burn down the whole city to find her! Don't try to say you wouldn't, I won't let you say it. I'm a girl, I have the intuition."
"That has nothing to do--"
"It has EVERYTHING to do!" she interrupts even before he's able to finish "I've never been to Gensokyo myself, but I heard a lot about you from Mari."
"Renko." Marry cuts in again, but alas, gets ignored once more. Right now, it's a private war between Renko and Reymont.
"I heard what happened when she got lost in the Forest of This or That, and if what I heard was indeed true, I can say for sure. You wouldn't restrain from anything if Rin was in danger, right? Even someone like you knows love."
"Now try to put yourself in Renji's shoes. He loves that girl. And she loves him. Just look at how she's clinging onto him!" uh, no, actually that's because you stripped her. Not that anyone would listen to what I have to say now... "Anyways, I'm sure you're able to understand. After all, you're the same, right? You too would risk everything to help your loved one, right? You can't stand in love's way. You know that, right?"
"... tch." And then, to everyone's suprise, he lets his arms fall down, and takes a step back. "You sound almost like a guy I used to know..."
"Was he an idiot like you?"
H-hey... He almost gave up, why the hell are you trying to ignite his rage again? I swear, this girl has no sense of diplomacy... Though yeah, we failed at it earlier as well.
"Even a bigger one. Ehh..." he lets out a troubled sigh, and turns to Rin, placing one hand on her shoulder "You're right, I suppose. I guess I can make an exception, for once."
"Wha-- Really?!" I can't stop the words from coming out of my mouth, that's how suprised I am.
Reymont gives me a sharp look.
"Don't make me repeat myself. Of course, not for free."
I look at Marry, who seems to have calmed down as well. 'It won't be free', he said. If it's about the money, I can't be depended on. That means it's entirely Marry's decision now. Should he agree...
"Heh." to my suprise, my best friend smiles "If it's money you want, it's money you get." his smile widens even more "You corrupt bastard."
Oi, oi! First Renko, now you?! I can't say which one influenced which...


This costed me a lot of coffee, from a cup that insulted my favourite TV series and told me that Fallout 3 sucks. I shot the fucker.
File 122704063961.jpg - (72.56KB, 320x448 , YAF is legend.jpg) [iqdb]
>YAF of legend
Awesome continues to bleed from every pore. Keep it coming, would you kindly?
"The rules are simple."
While still unsettled, I listen to Reymont's words with utmost attention. Better than than ponder the consequences Renko's rebellion could have had. Seriously, I almost popped a vein there. Dealing with the monk alone is serious business, and that girl had the balls to play on his nerves with unnecessary words. Bah, she even slapped his head with a dirty rag! Thank god Marry coincidentally had some of Gensokyo's currency on him. Nothing better than money to appease an angry Hakurei, huh? I don't know whether to laugh or cry. It sure did help the situation, but the concept alone is ridiculous.
But what amazes me the most is that the girl on my lap went through the whole thing without even as much as muttering a single word. Of course, at some point, she had to stop cuddling up to me and witness the chaos with her eyes, but still. Doesn't it concern her at all? We're all in it, or so it would appear, since Renko seemed to know of Gensokyo's existence, and I doubt Maribel would be let out of the circle, seeing how she's Marry's cousin and all... Yet this girl didn't even try to throw in a single word. Doesn't she have any unfinished business there? With a certain boy... As much as it pisses me off.
Bah, screw that. This kind of behaviour has that certain type of charm to it, especially since all she's wearing is lingerie and a rather short apron... Well, of course, my coat as well, but from this angle, it doesn't block out anything at all. And she doesn't seem to mind.
"First of all, this is a semi-legal agreement. I'm sure you realize that." Reymont states in a neutral tone. How appropriate, for someone who's just accepted god-knows-how-much money as a bribe. "Therefore, you won't be allowed into the human village. I'd also advise not to even get close to it."
"What if we have business with Yakumo?" Marry asks equally calmly. I'm starting to wonder if this kind of shady business might be, by chance, an everyday thing for them. No, come to think of it, I'd rather be left in ignorance. I want to believe in them! I want to believe in them, damnit! Don't ruin my mental image, you two!
"He'll know. You of all people should be the most aware of that."
"Right." Marry nods. I don't get a thing.
"Other than that, there should be no problem with you wandering around... As long as you don't meet anyone who would be caring enough to report you to Kamishirasawa."
Wait, something's not right here. Didn't Marry say that he's already dealt with Kain? And now the monk says we can't get close to him... Something's fishy here.
"Wait a moment." I cut in "Why not? I thought the matter of destroying the prison has already been talked over?"
"Ah, yes, that." Reymont smiles, and it's not a pleasant smile "You see, Kamishirasawa personally fatigued his butt over to my shrine, to request that I don't let you two in again."
"Even though we... I mean Marry had paid off the reparation costs?"
"He offered a hefty sum."
He admits, just like that. So... To keep it brief, he has been bribed not to let us in...
Now this makes even less sense.
"Just a second." I put my hand to my forehead "I don't get it."
"Let me put it like that: higher bidder wins."
Higher bidder... Wait, don't tell me...
I look at Marry, who's listening to the whole conversation with a sly grin on his mouth. For some reason, I get a feeling that there's more going on behind the scenes than I realize. And all that is an effect of two-months absence from the Gensokyo Circlejerk club.
"And the sum your friend offered just happened to be a tad bit higher than Kamishirasawa's. I wonder why."
To my terror, I notice that Marry has serious problems with holding back that malicious grin. I'm scared. I'm scared, mommy. I don't get a single thing that's going on.
"I have my sources."
"I'm sure you have. As expected from Yakumo's... Oops, I almost said it." Hello? People? You lost me? "Well, at least now I see that the resemblance is well earned."
That's it. I don't even want to listen anymore. The more I hear, the less I know, the more I want to simply let it go. The important news is that we're allowed into Gensokyo again, and through what means, it doesn't matter. I don't know if there will be time to visit it again, given my current lifestyle, but it's always nice to have a place to escape to. It's good to have it back.
"Moving on, there's also--"
"Will I be allowed to visit Kazuma?" Everyone, like one man, simultaneously turns to the girl that hasn't spoken a single word up till now. I didn't even notice when she turned on my lap to face Reymont. Shaking off the suprisal, I quickly cover the bits of her body she's revealed by doing that with my coat. No one dares to mutter even a single word. "... what?"
I'm the first to regain my voice.
"N-no, nothing... Reymont?"
"Hm? Ah. Ah, yes." he snaps out of it as well "Eientei should be fine. As long as you don't hang around in the public section. People from the city sometimes visit that place... Though I'm not sure if anymore, since dr Eron went missing... If you know what I mean."
Fuku continues to stare at him for a few seconds before averting her gaze.
"... I don't."
"Of course." Reymont shrugs "But that reminds me. Speaking of the Houraisan kid, I've been handed a message I was supposed to deliver."
He plunges his hand into the folds of his shirt, and takes out an envelope, which he promptly puts on the table.
But before I'm able to take it, someone else has already snatched it and made it disappear under my coat. This is kind of irritating. Aside from me, that kid appears to be the only one she cares about... For some bizarre reason. And that's why it's so annoying. Well, if I ever get to have a one-on-one talk with that brat, I'm gonna squeeze him dry until he tells me what's going on between him and my girlfriend. Despair, Kazuma! When I get my hands on you...
After exchanging a few more words with the scheming duo, I decided to move on. There was nothing left for me to do there, and to be honest, I still have a rather delicate matter to attend to. Grabbing Fuku's clothes, and their owner as well, I excuse myself and retreat to the back room.
As soon as the door closes behind us, she jumps off my arms and onto the floor. Her shoes tap silently against the cold, tiled surface. I can't help but stare while she throws my coat off her arms, and begins to wrestle with the apron, apparently unable to reach the fastenings. While a part of me wants to give her a helping hand, the other is too fascinated with the adorable sight to move it's ass. Only when she turns to me with a question in her arms, I actually grab one of the strings and pull it.
The apron, just like the coat, falls to the ground.
"... thanks."
Leaving her to her own devices, I return to my spot under the wall, and leaning against it, sigh. And then again. And once more.
I must admit, it wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated it to be. It is true that we failed at convincing Reymont to listen to us, the unexpected - and inconventional - help from Renko tipped the scales onto our side. I still don't really get why didn't Marry just offer a bribe instead of going through all that mess, but his reasons are beyond me. And as long as it works, I'd rather not go too deep into it.
Having put on the top half of her garments, Fuku grabs her pants and approaches me. Then, as if it was the most ordinary thing in the world, leans against me, supporting herself that way while she pulls the pants onto her legs.
I don't get her. Mood swings and diffirence in behaviour when we're alone and with other people are one thing, but the sudden craving for physical contact she sometimes shows is even more confusing. Not that I'm complaining, oh no. I'm all game for that. And she doesn't seem to mind.
Leaning foward, I wrap my arms around her stomach and place my chin on her shoulder.
"... what is it..."
She almost whispers while still trying to fix her pants.
What is it? Nothing. Nothing at all. You're not the only one suddenly getting touchy, Fukuzai.
But... Yeah, there's one thing that has to be discussed. Though I already know the answer.
"Say..." I whisper into her ear "I know we have diffirent plans, but... Marry invited us to spend a night at his mansion. And I thought that since we haven't seen each other for so long--"
"Will the pervert girl be there?"
Pervert girl? She means Renko? I... suppose. She IS Marry's girlfriend after all.
"I think so. Reymont and Rin too."
"Then no."
Without any delay, she promptly refuses in a simplest manner possible. I'm taken aback by the honesty.
"If she tries to make a move, you can just defend yourself."
"... I can't if Rin's there..."
"... nothing." She breaks free from my embrace, and steps away, picking the apron and the coat along the way. Then she turns to me. "Besides, it's like you said - we've diffirent plans. I really want to watch that movie."
"We can watch it another time--"
"I want to watch it today. With you."
"I don't really--"
My words get cut off by the world suddenly disappearing from my sight. Or rather, by my coat suddenly being thrown at my face. Peeling it off, I barely catch a glimpse of my capricious princess storming out through the door.


still writing
stay sharp
ahahaha, i knew you would return to me YAF
WRITE and never stop!
In hurry, I follow her, throwing a quick and loud 'Sorry, no-go' to Marry and the crew. He and Renko give me identical 'too bad' shrugs as I dash past them.
She's already out of the store, and I don't even bother with proper good byes before running out after her.

I don't have to chase for long. Her displeased face greets me just behind the nearest corner. In all this commotion, she appears to have found enough time to retrieve the plastic bag with the movie we had rented. Impressive. I almost forgot about it.
... damn.
"What's gotten into you?" I ask, stopping right before her. The blue-and-violet eyes continue staring at me as I try to catch my breath. "It's the first time I've seen you storm off like that. What was it abo--mmf?!"
All I manage to let out is a suprised gasp before my face suddenly gets pulled down, and my lips - violently, forcefully - connected with hers. Holding me by my collar, she continues to keep her soft and warm cherries pressed against mine. One second... Two seconds... Three seconds... And every moment feels like an eternity. I don't get it at all. Why is it that every time she kisses me, all my negative thoughts disappear? I want to be angry, I want to scold her, but... That's the ace she always has up her sleeve. I'm a weak man. Weak against her. Weak against those eyes and lips.
My eyelids get heavier with every passing millisecond.
And finally, it breaks. She pulls away a bit, and lets her gaze fall to the floor.
Her hand though, continues to grip my collar.
"... I..." she's so quiet I can barely hear her "... I just want to spend some time with you... Is that weird?"
Why? Why does she always have to come up with such questions? Why, instead of just telling me to stay with her, she has to put on that cold facade, beat around the bush, hide her intentions...
I don't get you. I don't get you at all, Fukuzai.
But that's what's so beautiful about you.
"I'm not going anywhere." I answer, or rather let my tongue answer on it's own.
"I..." she steals a split-second glance at me before returning her stare to the floor "I know."
"Then what is it?"
This is hopeless. I don't want this. Neither does she. I know, there's something on her mind, but it's a principle - if it doesn't come out at first, it probably never will. I've gotten used to that, and as far as I know, there's nothing I can do about it. That's how it is, that's how it's going to be. That's how it always was. Ironically.
Perhaps in the future, she will open up more, let out what dwells inside her soul, beneath that shell of indiffirence. Because, I'm sure, despite having seen her own share of tragedy throughout all these years, inside, she's just a normal girl.
I quickly move in and give her a hug. Long, tight, passionate. Seeping my whole love into that contact, I lock away all the negative thoughts, all the regret, and substitute them with happiness. Joy of simply being with her, being near her, being allowed to talk with her, touch her, kiss her...
Love kills friendship, they've always been saying that. Perhaps they're right. Perhaps because of this girl, my long-lived friendship with Marry will come to an inevitable end. But there should be no regrets. We've chosen this path. He too, in my absence, found his other half. I'm sure he'll understand. I'm sure he won't mind it.
Because, after all, who can stand in love's way?
"Come on," I whisper into her ear "Let's go."
And with a girl of my life hanging off my arm, I start walking.

Before I know it, the sun sets, leaving the sky gradually slipping from grey to deep, almost ominous navy-blue.
I look at the clock. It's already past 9PM. The sounds of some TV show coming from the living room suggest that Fuku's currently trying to kill some time before our appointed event.
I return to staring at my laptop's screen.


The shadows cast by the bonfire danced around happily, as the two of them sat, in silence, in this small clearing, surrounded by deep forest. Perhaps somewhere, at that time, someone was reading a poor science fiction book in the light of a cheap desk lamp, totally immersed in the world where everything was possible, where there were no constrains on what one was able to achieve.

But for them, there was nothing else, but the buzzing of the wind, the warmth of fire, and... Each other's eyes.

No sounds other than the joyful crackling of the fire could be heard.

Even so, they both understood each other, not through words, not even through something as trivial as gestures.

They kept on talking... Talking through their hearts. Through happy stares, that, like two rivers, connected, can never, by no one in the world, be distinct again.

The wind swept through their little camp, sending chills down their backs.

Other than their little fire, there was no light over the forest that day.

Her sudden shout returns me to reality, breaking the fragile curtain of reverie my mind has been shrouded with. I've lost the track of time, as it now appeared to be around midnight. Have I been sitting there for three hours straight?
And there's not a single additional word on the screen...
"Yes." I stand up, closing the laptop's lid. "I'm coming."

"Do we really have to watch this?" I ask, full of uncertainty, while the DVD player slowly devours the disc. I wish it would take even more time, to postpone the undoubtable torture of watching the scary bloodfest. For the first time in my life, I find myself wishing the borrowed DVD would turn out to be broken. Normally, such a turn of events would piss me off to the border of insanity, especially if it were a movie I was looking forward to watching, but... No luck for me, I guess. The menu appears on the TV screen with not even a single pixel missing. Even that is enough to give me the shivers. "I'm sure there's something nice on the TV..."
Fuku, observing my struggle with the player from a safe spot on the couch, crosses arms on her chest, and gives me what I'd assume was a pout, though it disappears too fast for me to determine if it indeed was a pout or not.
"That again?" I can tell that she's trying to sound annoyed, but is apparently too excited about the movie to make it sound authentic "Are you even a man?"
"I'm just not good with toothbrushes being hammered into people's throats..."
I mutter a complain that will probably be let by unnoticed, and - turning off the lights first - throw myself onto the couch. If I'm to watch that movie, I can at least compensate the trauma by doing something pleasant to weaken the effect of all the gory special effects. And so I do.
By using her legs as a pillow.
She looks down at me, a little displeased.
"What are you doing."
"Isn't it obvious?" I force on a playful tone "I'm making myself comfortable."
"On my crotch."
"It's warm down here."
She frowns.
"... I don't get what's so special about my crotch."
"Oh, believe me," I smile "Your crotch is the best in the world."
Besides, from this perspective, the table is blocking out half of the screen. That's almost like watching only a half of the movie, right? Half the movie, half the trauma. Plus she can't really see if I close my eyes at the more gruesome scenes.
"... how can you tell?"
"Point." I admit without any shame "Now let's get it over with. The sooner we're done, the better."
With that, she picks up the remote control, and starts the movie.

A girl in ragged clothes runs down what appears to be an abandoned hospital corridor. Her ripped, dirty clothes get stuck in piles of rubble she tries to jump over, apparently escaping from something other people cannot see.
She trips.
A hoarse, victorious groan tears through the cold, night air as a shadowy figure jumps at her, pinning her to the floor covered in broken glass.
She screams.
But not even strangling the disfigured, old man can stop him from pulling out two objects from under his dirty coat.

A toothbrush and a hammer.

"Fuku... Do I really have to watch this?" I try asking, using it as an excuse not to look at the screen while the psycho geezer plunges the toothbrush into the poor girl's throat. The gurgling that escapes her mouth is enough to make me feel nauseous. "..." I wait a few seconds, but there's no answer. "Fuku?"
I look up, and in the flickering light of the TV screen, I witness something that erases all the bad feelings from my head.
With her eyes closed, breathing rhythmically, she sits there, with one hand still in my hair. I didn't even notice when she stopped playing with it.
She's asleep.
After all we've went through - all I've went through, she falls asleep not even half an hour into the movie.
I want to laugh, but restrain myself at the last second.
Better not to wake her up.
As quietly and gently as possible, I pull the remote out of her hand, and press the stop button. There's no need to let it keep running if the only interested one is not present, lost in the dream world.
Then, still doing my best not to make any noise, I sit up and pick up the blanket I prepared beforehand.
The night is cold, so I have no choice, but to sit next to her, and lightly pull on her arm. She, her body, obediently follows my movements, and leans on my shoulder. That much should be fine.
Careful to cover everything that needs to be covered, I throw the blanket over me and her. It would be bad if she caught a cold.
Now, where is... Ah, here it is.
My hand finds hers, and entwines our fingers together.

This way, maybe I'll meet with her inside our dreams.

My eyes close on their own, tired with all what's happened today. The fuzzy nothingness, made of weariness and warmth of the blanket, gradually overtakes my mind.

And soon, my consciousness fades into black.


...Wow, YAF. You've gotten just about as bad at pretending to be Anon cocsucking yourself as Patchwork has.


Nice try, YAF.

I'm not YAF, you're YAF.
You're both YAF. Quit arguing with yourselves.

Have a sammich instead.
ITT we are YAF

But serious, he behaves nice in the last time, cut him some slack.
Still, no need for things like >>68270
This is just wrong
Very nice. This was an enjoyable read, in my humble opinion. Loves me some Renji and Fuku love-love action. Well, whatever passes for love-love with those two, anyway.

The inclusion of Maribel and Renko was fine too.
I am YAF.
A word on praises. They're nice, as long as they're not mindless cocksucking. And as long as they're not praising something clearly bad.
For example, I'd feel offended if - although it'd require me to break my own moral rules - I wrote a LOL ALL OF A SUDDEN SEX WITH MARIBEL scene and got praised for it.
Was it? I was feeling particularly pleased by the update, and decided to light off one of his favored memes in celebration.

Oh well.

Hey, it's just another version of the story, right? You've been doing it for awhile now. Anyways, drama side-story where Fuku catches you fucking Maribel is a rather.... interesting thought. Soap-opera style would be a new experience for anon.
>>68350 Nicely sums up my ( >>68374 ) current feelings as well.
I would seriously like to see more like this. I am still clinging to the slim hope that you will continue/restart TS someday, hopefully with a bit of this mixed in.

A guy can dream.

I'm a normalfag. And a moralfag at that. Truth be told, I'm unable to come with any reason why would Renji decide to have sex with Maribel while he has Fuku. Plus I'd feel bad just writing it.

>hopefully with a bit of this mixed in

Wait, how would that even work? TS and CoMN combined, what would it even be abo-- Oh wait. I almost forgot that CoMN is just a genderbent TS. Silly me.
Or did you mean the first person narrative?
>TS and CoMN combined

now that would be awesome beyond words. I just don't know how you would fit those 2 in a 1 story.
Whatever, fund it.
File 122710848348.jpg - (117.79KB, 750x600 , shodan.jpg) [iqdb]
Fun facts.

CoMN1 is around 111,357 words long. It took 3 months and 9 days to write it with an average rate of 1125 words a day.

CoMC (or The Ordinary Day) is around 23,137 words (not counting the H-scene and the alternative bath scene). It took 7 days to write it, with an average rate of 3305 words a day.

CoMC makes up 20.8% of CoMN1.

CoMC's rate of progress was roughly 3 times higher than CoMN's.

And the moral is: votes. Slow. Shit. DOWN.

pic related to me being a perfect, immortal writing machine and the walliest writefag on THP
Had to wait until the this to end was finished because I want YAF writing. But now I can finally sage this for Renji without regrets. Goddman it, I still don't like him.

It was nice to see YAF writing again tho.

>And the moral is: votes. Slow. Shit. DOWN.

Haven't we gone over this once?
Yes, we had this whole voting thing with YAF complaining saying it's more of a chore than a pleasure.
It ended with him deleting CoMN 2 and going emo for a while.

YAF was made for writing Reimu. TS was and will be the best he ever wrote. Too bad that he doesn't get the votes anymore like back in the days. It's a shame....
Hey YAF, do you save your works? Think it would be in any way possible to place them all in a zip/rar and upload for those interested?

Oh, hi, don't you have the archive bookmarked?

Gimme a few minutes to get it together.

Thank you kindly, YAF.
Here, almost everything I've written up till now, not counting a few things I'd deleted in a fit of rage, or some that are on my desktop, which I can't access now.


CoMN.txt appears to be missing a chunk of text, but the threads are still up, so you can go and take a look.

edit: forgot my sage, fuck

Great. I look forward to reading these.
File 122712620648.jpg - (21.32KB, 704x400 , 1227024134547.jpg) [iqdb]
FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUU, I didn't want to include my ideas dump file ;_;

... oh well. You know what, I don't give a damn.

older Lelouch unrelated
Thanks, was waiting forever for this

Does this mean I'll be poking around the inside of the unseen part of YAF's brain? Hmm.
File 122713145445.jpg - (25.78KB, 372x267 , slowniggerisslow.jpg) [iqdb]

I don't think that's good. Something so horrible and twisted must be there, as not even my computer seems happy downloading it.
Giddy drew another thing, but refuses to post it~

Aww, why?
Posted for convenience.

Size: 2,58 KB (bytes: 2 649)


Cuh-rayzee gunslinger delivery boy running errands in Gensokyo.
genre: action
[scrapped, apparently a ripoff of Kino no Whatever]



Young guy gets sucked into Gensokyo along with his crippled ward - a teen girl who's lost the control in her legs in a mysterious accident. Seeing the new possibilies in the new world, he swears to find a way to heal the girl.
genre: slice-of-life/mystery/drama
[scrapped, reeks of Damaged Goods]


Red Omen

You awaken from shards of tattered dreams, full of disturbing images... Your mind, shattered like glass, and it's shards, piercing your brain like needless, bringing forth the curse of consciousness.
You can't remember anything.
Why have you awoken in such a strange place? A dark room, and it's decorations, ominously obvious about their purpose. A small, bedside table, cluttered with plies, spikes, hammers and saws, all alike, dirty with dried up blood.
Clanking chains, holding you prisoner, tied to this uncomfortable bed.
And a pair of red eyes, lustfully glaring at you from under a too long fringe...

Is this a dream? Or is this reality?

And why is there a feeling... that somewhere... beyond the reach of your mind... someone, or something... keeps howling out, in the shadows, like a wounded wolf..."

[lol I dunno]


Groundhog day

Groundhog day style playthrough of TS. Shrine, human village, possibly sdm.
[scrapped, thp can't cuh-rayzee anymore]


Brother Captain in Gensokyo


[scrapped, this is shit, also crossovers]



Letter to Patchouli, sdm doesn't allow women, renji and fuku get hired, male sakuya gives fuku pads, fuku serves Remington as a maid, patchouli is gone, Marisa took over viole, need to find patchouli, avoid sakuya,

underground avilable, utsuho has a radiation wave arm, loves frying people, Parsee is a bishie, Satori is a Mao

high potential of renjixfuku romance, r&m scheming behind the scenes, etc, etc

[scrapped, boring, also fagged up]


Legacy of Reimu (lol)

TS from Reimu's perspective.

[scrapped, would be boring, also stealing Naya's spotlight]



Aussie Mokou, insane protagonist, also addicted to cigs

Mokou romance, pissing off Kaguya, roaming around Gensokyo doing crazy shit



Crossover Faggotry

High school comedy, grumpy protagonist attends a school full of CYOA protagonists
slice of life




oni-possessed arm
sword danmaku
something with a loli as the protagonist


would have been awesome
Possible CoMN 3s:

Start over at the beginning from Marry's perspective. You find a homeless girl and sigh as you think "What would Renji would do?"

Moving forward.....

Fuku + Mansion + A sadistic Marry + ??? = Profit.

Or.... The original story from Marry's perspective which would lead off into what happened when he was captured, how he got together with Renko, the encounters he's had where he waves his money around, possible backstory of Marry's life, etc.
>Was awful.


That's because it didn't even have a full thread.

>>Fuku + Mansion + A sadistic Marry + ??? =


File 122721678236.jpg - (102.35KB, 1000x681 , quickfuku2.jpg) [iqdb]

I asked if we would allow me to post it if I wrote a scene to go with it. And here you go.


They say that the moment of awakening, the beggining of a new day, when the dawn is breaking, ought to feel like one's soul's rebirth. How many times have we seen it being used as a metaphor for revival, marking the start of a new story, a new chapter, a new world, a new life...
But the truth is, all those similes are but a work of fiction, an exxagerated, poetic comparison that has nothing to do with reality. There's nothing pleasant in awakening, in having your eyes be bombarded by stinging sunlight, the feeling of your body being weak, devoid of strength, in having to force all the will you possess into such a simple action as sitting up and looking around. Your eyes, swollen, sometimes covered in an imaginative slime that you cannot help but try to rub off, often carelessly stabbing your own eyeballs with your own fingernails. I fail to see the poetic beauty in all this. Call me an insensitive, uneducated idiot, but while I tolerate poetry, it often appears to me as just a bunch of nonsense. Especially when it comes to swaggering and describing the most trivial things as unbelievable miracles.
Not even the down-filled quilt and extremely cosy pillows can ease the pain of being 'alive' again.
"... mnn."
My lips agree with me, it seems, as they let out a displeased groan, oh-so-related to my current state of mind. My eyes, still covered with dreamy mist, slowly survey the surroundings, a bit confused about the lack of the elements usually present at my awakening. The navy-blue ceiling apparently decided to raise a bit higher, and sprout a chandelier, which - judging by it's looks - I couldn't afford even after 50 years of continuous work. Same goes for the bed. And the covers. And practically everything else around. What bothers me the most, is the giant painting, hung on the wall opposite of my current position, depicting a long in the tooth man, sporting impressive moustache and a hunting rifle. The colour of said moustache perfectly matches the blonde hair sticking out from under his cap.
"... blonde...?"
What a fool I am. To be so forgetful about the events of past 10 or so hours, I must've had a really deep sleep. How could I forget? After somehow easing the tension between Maribel and Fuku, we finally got to the mall, where we bumped into Marry and - suprisingly - Reymont. It turned out that we might be allowed into Gensokyo again, but only if we manage to convince the corrupted monk... Which we did, thanks to the unexpected help from Marry's - apparently - girlfriend, named - disturbingly - Renko. It's going to be a long time till I get used to that. And then we got invited here... Fuku barely agreed, since we had diffirent plans, but Maribel had an ace in her sleeve, in form of a few whispering words none other than she herself and Fuku could hear... I don't even want to know what were those words, I'm just happy that I got to spend a night here, at this enormous mansion Marry's parents built for their son to live in.
Regretfully, it wasn't long before all of us got weary and went to sleep... For some bizarre reason, Marry assigned me to a room with a four poster bed, way too large for a single person... What was the reason, I'd rather it stay in the shadows of ignorance. After all, in the end, it came in handy.
Since she had decided that her room was too empty to sleep in, and snuck into mine. What happened next, however, will have to remain a sweet secret.
I look to my side.
She's not here. An early bird she is, huh? And to think that usually she's the one to oversleep... I've no watches or clocks on me, but I can say it's around 9 or 10AM, judging by the sunlight somehow finding it's way inside through the windowblinds. The colour of early morning is diffirent.

Still trying to shake off the false weariness of a deep sleep, I stand up and stretch my back. Loud creaking of my bones sounds delightfully relaxing, for some reason. The first thing I do, is direct my steps to the balcony door, which - slightly opened - lets in a nice, although a bit cold breeze to stir the still air of the room.

And there she is. Leaning on the balustrade, dressed in only the clothes she'd been lent by Renko - a white button-up shirt, and of course underwear - with the vast expanse of the mansion's garden as the background for her beautiful hair, fluttering in the light wind.
The sun is already relatively high in the sky.
I stand beside her, and look at the breath-taking view, composed of countless flowerbeds, artistically trimmed hedges, fruit trees and a gravelled web of paths. The only thing it lacks to complete the image that has somehow been formed in my mind the first time I saw it, is a mountain shrouded in mist, but I guess the hill right in the middle of the whole edifice could suffice. I sigh. No wonder he doesn't want to live here. I've been his friend for quite some time now, and I can tell, that all this doesn't satisfy him at all. Sure, he does appear to enjoy waving money left and right, but it's always for a noble cause. But living here... would be rather lonely, wouldn't it.
With the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of Fuku glancing at me.
"Good morning." I speak up, still admiring the colourful spectacle before me "How are we today?"
"... still sleepy." she answers, in a rather tired tone that confirms the words.
I chuckle.
"Then why didn't you just stay in bed for a while longer?"
Saying that with a smile on my face, I turn to her, only to find out that she's staring at me, looking somehow displeased about something. That, and... Her shirt is half-unbuttoned. The curves of her chest area are revealed and free for the world to admire. Truth be told... I can also see her nipples showing through the thin, white fabric.
Curse you, fate, for giving me such a stimulation after such a long and tiring night.
I oppose the urge to stare with all my might, and actually manage to avert my eyes, returning them to the garden. What a beautiful garden. I can't help but like the way the fruit trees grow right in the middle of a very large flowerbed. What a brilliant architectural sense. Simply genius.
Damn, I can feel myself blushing.
"W-why aren't you wearing your bra?"
"... you tell me." she answers, and sighs "I couldn't find the damn thing. Where the hell did you toss it? Onto the chandelier?" Ah, yes, that... Like I said, I'd rather not talk about what happened last night. Let the information that it was one of the best nights in my life suffice, okay? "I had you for a gentler kind of man. The way you went berserk on my clothes... It's a miracle they're all still intact... as far as I can tell."
Yet she intends on drilling deeper into the matter.
"Look, if you didn't like it, you should've said so."
"... it's not like I didn't like it..."
"What was that?"
It's my win. Of course, I've heard perfectly well what she said, and fuck me with a screwdriver if it didn't make me want to jump up and scream 'YEAH!', but for the sake of ending the subject, my enthusiasm shall remain concealed.
"Anyways," I continue, careful not to break into loud, satisfied laugher "You're going to catch a cold like this."
She's not listening. Lost in reverie, or simply ignoring me, her eyes are fixated on the flowery stage before us.
I let out a weak sigh. Her totally defenseless figure, the amount of skin revealed, the fact that she feels so safe being like this, even though I'm right here, even though it's a rather passive way of showing it, I can't help but feel my heart grow a little. Pleasant feeling, something like delight mixed with an urge, or maybe a silent wish, a craving, to protect her, to stay with her forever, like this. To enjoy her trust, and being allowed to be by her side.
I can't help but smile.
"You're really going to get sick at this rate."
My hands, moving partially on their own, grab her shirt, and careful not to make any unnecessary physical contact, gently button it up. Maybe it startled her a bit, but all she does is stare dumbfoundedly at my fingers, without a word.
Finishing the last one, I step back, giving her chin a light rub.
"Hey, wake up."
"..." She gives me a frown, but her eyes betray her true feelings. What they are? Let it remain a secret. "... don't just go on doing whatever you please."
"If you didn't like it," I smirk "You should've said so."
To conceal my triumphant grin, I pretend to do a few squats.
"Ah, it's really cold... One, two..." I pant through my clenched teeth "I wonder if the breakfast's ready yet. Three, four..."
"... that's the first reasonable thing I've heard from you today. I'm starving."
"Alright then," I straighten up "Let's go downstairs then."

"But, you know what? I think it would be better to find your bra first."
>something with a loli as the protagonist

You better do this.
>Crossover Faggotry
>High school comedy, grumpy protagonist attends a school full of CYOA protagonists

You better go help Vodka, Faggotry must not end!

And I'm still waiting the rest of the last scenes.
>the rest of the last scenes

... what? What last scenes?

On another note, the lack of comments on Giddy's drawing is disappointing. I know my scenes might be of no interest to you, but for the love of god, you could at least give the humble drawfag some attention. It's even more disappointing than my laptop's latest habit of giving me sudden bluescreen storms whenever I try to fire up something more complicated than WordPad, thus rending me unable of basic pleasures, like vidya and animu. To top it off, the urge to re-start CoMN that has been growing on me over the past few days got stronger after realizing that I won't have access to my desktop for even longer than I had expected. So, if you want me to write something, now would be a good time to ask. I need to open the floodgates of my exuberant imagination, lest I'm gonna pop a vein.

About Faggotry, I'd first need to consult Vodka about that.

Well then, I second >>68802


Honestly, you're a good writer, but CoMN just never appealed to me. The whole genderswap thing kinda detracts from it all, and the blackouts, missing time, and dream sequences just drug the story into the ground.

Of course, I'm certain you could make a second runthrough of CoMN interesting. But my votes always going to be for something closer to TS. Though I will say that I like Renji and Fuku as characters.

Of course, you're the writer, so write whatever the hell you want. I'll probably end up reading it either way.
Quick note. I'm not going through the disappointment again. Single, choice-less scenes are okay, but no fully fledged stories, or ANYTHING involving choices.

Then write CoMN in 'one single scene', as if it were a book, and post it. Like, the ultimate form of railroading.

Oh, don't give us that, YAF. You were doing it before, you even did it during this thread. Even if there are just three anons posting their choices, the rest still enjoy your writing, so just continue with fast updates the way you normally do. You still get an entire story done, and go straight into version 2 or switching choices around. In the end, all of your work is posted for everybody to read to their heart's content.

You did it with TS, correct? Hell, there should be a section just for you to fuck around in. I can picture it now - thousands of topics spilling off the pages, all of them rewrites of a single story.
What's the use in you being here then? If you really want to restart CoMN, and this time without your faggotry, then do it right like the first one. Or leave it.

But i don't want some CoMn, i want TS again. It's been a while after all. Back to the basics.

Or why not just make a vote of what you should do next, let the people decide. Include a vote if people want you to write Single, choice-less scenes, a full story again or something with choices.

No. I'm a man who when he does something, he does it. No half-assed faggotry - if I know I can't achieve something, I don't bother with trying. Call it an OCD or whatever. If I can't finish Gloom's Keep in under 30 seconds, I don't bother with speedrunning it. If I can't finish a petty sidequest without taking any damage, I don't bother with it (since it would be a waste of resources to heal myself during such a trivial task as finding 10 wolf tails). If I can't finish writing a scene before the sleepyness overwhelms my senses, I don't bother with starting it. If I can't have a story with lots of readers and votes (which - writing for people - is the premise of writing publicly), I won't bother with it. CoMN1 got so far only because I thought the place was dead, and that was why it got only a readerbase so big. HY's return verified that theory as false, and suddenly writing lost it's meaning. That's why it quickly started losing it's quality, and ended so abruptly.

If I can't get what I want, I may as well fuck it. Which I've been doing the past few weeks - writing for myself. And since it was for myself, it's for no one else's eyes to see. This particular mini-story found it's way here only because I was drunk. I took it all the way to the end only because I would feel bad if I left it like that. The choices were there only because I couldn't decide which version of potential scenario to go with. And it still pissed me off enough when I had to stay up till 3AM to continue.
Choice-less scenes are fine, since I can resume writing whenever the fuck I want. I won't create a story with choices that gets 3-4 votes, because that way it would be missing it's vocation.

You need to learn how to take it easy. The world is not how you want it, it isn't like how anyone want it to be.
Well, i really don't know what to say..... maybe too bad for us?
I can't force you to write if you think that way.
Gonna put it on my list, wait for GM's return, wait for YAF to write TS again.
>No. I'm a man who when he does something, he does it.
You sound much more like a man who defines success through the actions of other people. Which is actually funny, given that a good number of people on here do seem to want you to write
>through the actions of other people

This is quite correct. After all, isn't the premise of writing publicly getting a public? And in my dictionary, 3-4 people don't make a public. I know I used to have a vast readerbase in the past, and to regain it was what I was striving for. Seeing that I'm unable to, wouldn't dropping the nonsenical effort be a logical thing to do?
I'm not a writer, so maybe it's different for you; especially since this is a more reader-dependent type of writing.

I've viewed writing publicly as just wanting to share something you think is good. The important part is writing it, having people read and enjoy it is just a bonus (having people read and say "This sucks" is obviously detrimental; that's when you should stop doing it publicly). Now, you're right, there is no point in publicly posting something written if no one is going to read it (and ~5 people out of 200 seeing it really counts as no one). But if no one is reading it, there's also no harm in it. You see to be just going "If you guys aren't going to fucking read and enjoy my story, I ain't writing, fuck you all". I can't say I know how you normally react, since I didn't follow TS after a few threads, and I only started reading CoMN a few days ago, and it looks like most of your drunken rants got deleted after the fact. But you really just seem absolutely insistent upon being loved (much like you said in >>68975); you seem to be focusing on the people reading your story and not so much on the story itself (I think anyways; don't you lash out at your readers all the time in a drunken rage?)

You seem to like writing; you SAY you do at least.
There are people that like your writing enough to say "Stop crying and get back to work".

Why not just write?

Alright, let me repeat myself.

I like writing. I do. I've been writing for myself on daily basis ever since CoMN2 got fagged up, but as I said, a thing I write for myself is for my eyes to see only. Writing for myself and for THP are two diffirent things. Like I already remarked, when I do something, I get it done. If I can't, I won't bother with it, because of numerous reasons - wanting to avoid the disappointment, not wanting to waste time on something useless, and others. Writing for THP is writing publicly. If I don't get any public, audience - then it's useless.

Of course, I could re-start CoMN, but then again, due to me being a foreigner, and having a rather unstable personality, I'd need to be able to write whenever the fuck I want to make the story good. Sometimes I get good ideas, but they tend to get forgotten or turned down by my low self-esteem after some time. If I was able to use them when I get them, before they disappear, I'd be able to make the story good. But given that I'd need to wait 12 hours to get poky 5 votes - the limit I've set for CoMN, as opposed to TS's 10 - my mind has more than enough time to fuck up whatever plans I might have. Plus there's the issue of it feeling like a chore. Do you know how many times I've sat in front of my computer, hyped up about writing an update, only to discover that there are next to no replies, let alone votes? In a situation like that, a person like me loses all the verve he might have had.
Another thing is, a story written publicly is not for the author to enjoy, but for the audience. If I can't please the audience - and I can't, seeing that it's so small, unlike other writers' - again, it makes it a useless effort.

I don't want to be loved. I don't even want to be liked. Bah, I'm a troll, or so people here seem to believe. There's no reason to love a troll. But the stories I write have NOTHING, I repeat: NOTHING to do with anything else I do outside of that. I want people to like my stories. And fail at it. That's enough of a reason to say 'fuck that' and go do something else (in my case, write something for myself and myself only).

EDIT: tl;dr version for your convenience:
1 - I need to be able to write whenever I want to make the story good. I'm beggining to suspect that it was the main reason for TS1's success, despite it having extremely poor grammar. I could just jump on the boards, count the votes, and write.
2 - to achieve the above, I'd need a bigger readerbase, so that the votes would be more numerous and frequent.
3 - vicious circle.
4 - ??"
5 - depression.
What this Guy said, he is right. If i would write something and even one guy would enjoy it, it would have been a success for me.
And i am sure HY thinks the same. The times of TS are sadly over and the numerous and fast votes that you once got are a matter of the past now.
Sadly you don't seem to care for the 5 or so people that read and like what you write, but you are who you are.
I accept your choice and will wait for you to change your mind.

5 is not enough. The limit I set is 5. Now imagine what would happen if those 5 people voting would vote for diffirent options? A conflict with no way out. No, I will NOT lower the limit. Don't even ask. Call it an OCD, or whatever, 5 is a must. I had enough problems with bringing myself to write at the end of CoMN where I wanted to end it as fast as possible.

10 readers would be just alright. Not too much, not too little. And don't tell me 10 petty readers are a problem, because I see other writefags get 20+ votes on most trivial stuff.
>Bah, I'm a troll, or so people here seem to believe. There's no reason to love a troll. But the stories I write have NOTHING, I repeat: NOTHING to do with anything else I do outside of that. I want people to like my stories.

Maybe People just don't like you enough to vote for you. If you behave like a fag they just don't read your stuff and are assholes to you. You = Your Stories.
Whatever you do still reflects on your stories.
Vicious circle
Change yourself and the rest will come from alone.

Hahaha. No.
Do you think !nmVOHsTRd is my only trip?
I've cast my ominous shadow not only over the clouded skies of /shrine/ and /th/. I've invaded /others/. And one more section whose name shall remain unmentioned.
Yet all of these attempts to 'start over', without having to deal with my... reputation failed.
To be honest, I do not even remember when exactly did I become 'a troll'. Truth be told, I don't remember making any effort to become one either.
>I've invaded /others/

Are you Inquisitor?
>Are you Inquisitor?
I can assure you he isn't.
Well, then that leaves only one thing: You are a mediocre writer whose peak was TS. Or maybe it was just the right thing at the right time and a combination of the new arrival here, GM's presence drawing people here, few stories to read, or people like HY, Mode and some others introducing Quality.
When everything else fails, back to the roots.
I'd gladly make bacon sandwiches for Kazuma. I'd give my life for him. I'm not talking about sexual partnership either. I'd become his personal slave, if necessary. Bringing him his daily regimen of bacon sandwiches, Big Macs, and cherry soda would bring me great happiness. As he burped and gobbled down his meals I would sit basking in the glow of his ravenous maw. Even as he became hungrier, and plumper, I would not grow tired of serving him. I would work harder than ever to make him happy. I would learn to cook new recipes, I would roast entire Turkeys for him, I would hand-feed him deep-fried twinkies. And once he had gained a most excellence roundness, now so fat that he could not leave his bed, 350 lbs. of mouth-watering shotafat, bubbling like an over baked jello, he would yell to me with fat,blubbering lips: "Onee-chan, it's time for mah dinner!" And I would come. Fork and knife in hand, I would enter his bedroom. His glistening, gluttonous eyes would turn dry and roll back as I sank my teeth into his quivering, greasy hide. In a panic, thrashing around like a beached whale, his blood would boil, marinating the fat nicely.As I neatly cut him into bite-sized chunks, he would lose consciousness. And then I would feast. Oh would I feast.

The bigger the better!
File 123348470170.png - (13.96KB, 595x629 , 1230719625444.png) [iqdb]
Dear lord.
File 123351799237.jpg - (26.58KB, 420x300 , yaffyevilplanned.jpg) [iqdb]

You're here! It's been a while since I last saw of you, where have you been?
File 123352594447.jpg - (61.32KB, 448x473 , 1223179218243.jpg) [iqdb]
File 123352661491.png - (32.06KB, 400x400 , 1222755963971.png) [iqdb]

Stale copypasta is stale
File 123353487099.jpg - (32.91KB, 534x416 , Request__Hong_Meiling_by_RageWerewolf.jpg) [iqdb]

Took my trip off since I barely ever do anything but vote anymore. I'm still on #MiG every day though.


Thank fuck someone got it. YAF thought I made that myself.

Oh and here's some devart China belly for you guys.

It's real heartening to know you're still contributing to the low signal-to-noise ratio on these boards.
File 123354433710.png - (313.63KB, 913x1500 , fukuzaiwitch.png) [iqdb]
>YAF thought I made that myself.

Well, I ain't particularly experienced in the department of creepy copypasta. Excuse me for being into more normal fetishes. Like clothed sex. Or hair brushing. Or white button-up shirts. You're the deviant here.

Countering with Witch Fuku.

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