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Movement on the right.
Instant reaction. Concentration. Muscle contraction. Leap. Buzzing of the wind in ears. Feeling of grass blades lashing on the naked skin of legs. A split-second full of anticipation, impatient excitement, euphoria, feeling of the prey trying to break out of an iron grip. Realization of success. It's horrified cry.

"Let me go easy!"

And there it is. After long hours of hunt, finally, at the long last, it looks at you with resentment, still wriggling around like a limbless worm. It's eyes, unnaturally large, gleaming with calm, neutral, but terrible insanity, it's deformed nose, it's mouth that lacks teeth, that keeps spouting nonsense about letting it go. Oh no, miss Easy, you're not going anywhere. This man has spent too much time trying to find you, trying to catch you, to simply release you now.
You give it a spiteful grin, to which it responds with another plead. Oh, little does it know.
Come to think of it, why have you found yourself hunting for this poor, hideous thing? Oh, that's right. Because of that fateful day, not so long ago, when you first noticed a family of those things dancing in the pale moonlight on a hill near the village. It was then, you realized, that your whole life, your endeavours, training, were all just preparation for this hunt. Because no matter how stupid those things look, catching them was no easy business. Even the experienced youkai hunters that strived to achieve this encountered numerous problems when it came to tracking those creatures.
But here you are, with a perfectly fine, adult specimen of Yukkureimu (named after that nosy shrine maiden) in your grasp. What now? Oh, there's only one thing you can do now. This is the culminating point, the climax of your entire life!
Speaking of climaxing, time to get to it.

"Bad mister, let go ea-- easy?!"

It almost squeals when you find the right spot with the fingers of your other hand. Yes, just like they said it would be there, it is. A small, round hole, just the size of a beer bottle's neck, literally perfect. Then, without further ado, you can come to the point.

Your pants land swiftly on the ground and free the raging fury of a thousand of hours spent on looking for this creature in a form of a meaty pillar that, protruded, aims at the yukkuri's hole practically on it's own.

"Mister!" it cries when you place your glans, already shining with pre-cum on the entrance to it's hole "What are you doing?! Take it easy!"
"I'm going to take you... EASY!"

You answer and plunge your enormous erection all the way in. The warmth of bean paste surrounding your shaft sends a wave of pleasure to your head, pleasure that no human woman could ever give. It is better than any other vagina your cock had a chance to taste before, it's better than that toy you've bought from Kourindou! The thought alone, of that delicious, sweet paste brushing your raising dragon is alone to cloud your mind with extacy.

"Aiiiee?!" it cries as you pull out and push back in "I ca---- easy!"

Stroke after stroke, you let the sexual tension, gathered inside those two round objects that are now obscenely slapping against your thighs, flow out, all at once. There's nothing that can stop you now. The sweet bean paste will know the taste... of a man!

"Mister! It--- I-- I feel easy! Don't stop!"

It likes it! That's even better! The taste of tonight's feast shall be heavenly!
Feeling the point of climax incoming, you quicken your pace and give it a few last humps before you unload your whole load into that warm hole.

"Ahh..." it pants, as do you "Refreshed..."

You slowly pull out of it's hot insides and take a look at your gradually limping member, now all smeared with brown, sweet substance.
"Damn," you say to yourself "I'm looking good."


"Hey, mister!"

The creature happily jumps around you as you unpack everything needed to prepare a meal out of your backpack. Bread, cutlery, matches... Oh, come to think of it, you'll need some wood as well...


"I wanna take it easy again!"

"Look here for a moment."

"Hm? More refreshments?"

Without hesitation, you drive a knife deep into it's forehead.


Tune in next time!
Damn it, stop it already! Take this shit back to /shrine/
Not bad. I think I can come to enjoy this kind of posting from you.

Yukkuris don't belong in /shrine/.
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The very idea of a yukkuri enjoying sexual intercourse with a human disgusts me.

If you're going to fuck a yukkuri, do it right. Like my never written idea of smashing a Remirya's legs with a lead pipe, tearing off it's clothes, discovering it doesn't have a vagina and creating one yourself by forcing your dick in, ejaculating inside, then forcing it to suck you off to clean your dick, and finally telling it Sakuya will give it pudding if it tells her about the new trick she just learned.
Normally I like your writing, but this sucked because you didn't do your damn research. That thing didn't act like a Yukkuri at all.
Jesus Christ, just go back to /shrine/.

Newsflash: it wasn't supposed to be good.

Sure it wasn't.

Then I have done my job as supposed to.

Now, what next?


STALKERxTouhou crossover? Already done that.

Well, as soon as Pyg finishes that HairylegsxRenji drawing, I'm gonna write a scene to go with it, so stay sharp.
>HairylegsxRenji drawing

And you're gonna post it for all of us to see it, right?

I don't know, I'm not really satisfied with the response this and that other H-scene got, I might as well drop the idea, no?

The goal of trolling is to be eloquent, leaving people believing you're serious. He usually fails this, but I doubt he'd intentionally attempt to shoot his chances of success into the ground.

Actually, I consider it then greatest success when people KNOW that you're trolling, yet still fall for it.
Just like you guys often do, sadly.
please define "fall for it"

because if it means "reply to my posts" or "insult me" then you're just acting out for attention, like a child
>A small, round hole, just the size of a beer bottle's neck, literally perfect.

So I heard YAF has a tiny dick.

Reply in an angered manner. Shitstorm-hijack and sage the thread just because I posted in it. Fanatically defend anyone I criticize with a fervor worthy of better cause.
What's the point of doing that, if you know that I'm trolling (which I not always am, but let's leave that aside)? You see, the thing is, by doing that, you don't do me any harm. The one getting harmed is the OP of the thread where you start bashing me. And since the goal of trolling is to spite people (at least it's my goal), by stirring up trouble in someone's thread, and having you respond, therefore fagging up the said person's thread, makes me successful. It's that easy. It doesn't matter whether your anger is true or not, I don't give a shit.
You really didn't do your homework, did you? Remember what I said in Patchwork's /forest/ thread? Perhaps you should look for my post there and read it. Maybe it would help you deal with trolls, if you despise them that much.


The scene is written in second person narrative, mind you. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, etc.
>The one getting harmed is the OP of the thread where you start bashing me.
But you're the OP of this thread.
Jesus christ, just ignore YAF if he annoys you so much.
This will annoy him and he won't succeed in his endavour >>65640.
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I think you mean "fervour".

That's why I'm not trolling it, durrr hurrr.


I mean exactly what I wrote.
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Can it be trollfest stop tiem nao plz?

You ask the impossible. Don't you know? It's a custom here to unskilfully troll every thread posted under YAF's trip.

Oh, by the way. Pyg's finished the drawing.
You've stopped being funny YAF. Shut up already and stop bumping this thread for attention.

Was I ever?
Also, make me.

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