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This is a compensation for my yesterday's faggotry. SBut, everything I said still stands. I'm doing this only because I felt bad.


Well, this is troublesome.

Alright, earlier, something's gotten into you, it's explainable, but... Now it's just...
Kazuma, still sitting on your lap, turns his head back to look at your face with a mixture of confusion, embarassment, and overthrowing innocence in his eyes. His cheeks, flushed like freshly baked doughnuts contrast with his pale lips. Oh, those lips...
"F--... Fuku...?"
Silently, almost whispering, he mutters your name. If it wasn't for the darkness of this room, you could probably see that his lips are trembling, in both suprisal and anticipation. But you can't. Maybe that's for the best. Because if you did, you could lose yourself here and now.
Something moves slightly under your palm, slowly, gradually growing bigger, as if to mock the reaction of the rest of his body.
Perhaps you're blushing. Maybe not. One thing's for sure - you've never felt something like this in your life. It's the first time - since that fateful day - when something like this happens. And...
"W-where..." he whispers again "... are you touching...?"

But how did it come to this? Oh, it's not as complicated as it would seem at first.

It's been many days since you've settled down at Eientei with Kazuma and the rest of the crew. It was a bit hard, to get used to living indoors again, but thanks to Eron's medical, and Kazuma's emotional support, you somehow made it. Well, not without a price though. To keep it brief, you lost the job. On the second day, the awaited message didn't appear. Not even an explanation letter or anything. They just severed their ties with you without a word of apology.
That's one thing.
The second are those daily injections Eron decided you need. While it's not very pleasant, and Eron wasn't exactly... trustworthy at first, you slowly grew accustomed to the fact that he really is a doctor, and that he might be right when talking about your... condition. Well, as long as his therapy helps, it's alright. Truth be told, it's a fact that you haven't felt strangely tired or weary ever since it started... Then it would be pretty safe to assume that it helped... right?

Either way, while Kazuma was still prohibited from going outside, for some bizarre reason, you found yourself spending more and more time inside his room, doing what friends do when they gather - talk, laugh (laugh!), play video games... Oh yes, the last one wasn't pleasant at first, but having gotten used to it, you came to like directing that guy in a strange armour in his crusade against various alien races. Hell, if it wasn't for you pride, you would say that you came to like video games. Of course, unless someone asks you this directly, you're never going to admit it. Yeah, while you had to throw aside most of the pride you had developed during the days of homeless wandering, some of it you kept, if only for the sole principle of malice.
Oh, and about video games, Kazuma sitting on your lap became some sort of custom of your daily gamer sessions. And considering that he's pretty much lost to the outside world while playing, letting your hands wander around like they wanted was a natural thing to do, right? It's not like you're doing this because you like it, or anything. It's just those stupid instincts kicking in. And what use is there is containing them if they don't hurt anyone?

And so we return to the present situation. To summarize it in a flash - those sentient hands of yours wandered a tad bit too far, where they really shouldn't. Causing various contradicting reactions from his side. The controller has been dropped to the floor, accompanied by a muffled squeal when you gently squeezed the bulge on his pants. Why did you do that?
And again. What the hell are you doing? And why does it feels so good? No, you know. It's not like it's the first time something like this happened, but...
If... if you pull this string here, his pants should come off... right?
No! For fuck's sake, what are you thinking?! There's no way you'd... with this boy...! No, it's just your stupid thoughts kicking in again! How many times has this urge appeared before? Twice? Thrice? No, fuck! Every single time! Why?! Every single time you were 'playing' with him, you KNEW your hands are going to start touching him sooner or later!
"Aa--aah! Ahhn!"
And what, is this what it comes to? That you're groping his crotch furiously like some sort of a dirty, sadistic slut?!
Oh shit. That's right. You've been groping that hot bulge of his throughout all this time. Oh fuck. Holy goddamn shit. Was he moaning? He was. Did anyone hear it? If yes, then--
Gotta fix this, and as fast as possible! But how? If you're just going to back away, it will not only worsen the situation, but make it awkward like hell as well... Then... No, maybe it'll work? It HAS to!
Careful planning didn't take place, but you still managed to cut in just in the middle of his next pleased groan. Perfect. That's what they call an unexpected bit of luck. Even if you plunge your tongue into his mouth like this, he should still be able to breath, right? If so...
Wait, what the fuck did you just do?! No, this has gone too far, this has definitely gone too far! You only wanted to stop him from screaming, but...! Jesus, what's wrong with you?! This isn't helping, this isn't helping at all! The fact that your tongue started to dance around his like some sort of a slimy worm, the fact that you can clearly feel saliva - both yours and his - dribble down your chin, the fact that your fingers just started making their way into his pants, it doesn't help the situation at all! Why?! Why did it come to this?!

Suddenly, his back arches violently for no apparent reason. At least it's not apparent until you force all of your remaining attention towards analyzing the impulses coming from your fingertips.
Soft texture, boiling hot, almost burning, slightly wet... Smooth and with a single, little hole in the middle...
Out of reflex, you try to apologize, but lo and behold - you're still kissing him like mad.
There's no doubt. That thing you're touching has to be his glans, and that slimy substance... pre-cum. It's shocking. No, astonishing. It's not the first time, but to feel it so clearly, and to top it off, it's Kazuma's... Damn it. You didn't want this, you didn't want this at all! No, it was just to... Just to kill some time! And then it just... It just happened on it's own! It's not like you wanted it!
And even though you can feel yourself getting hot down there, it's only natural! You can't help it! It just happens on it's own!
The finger that now belongs to someone else starts sliding around his urethal opening, smearing small drops of pre-cum along his glans and foreskin is natural too! It's... It's not like you can help it!
Out of nervousness, your other hand, until now lightly wrapped around his shaft, suddenly squeezes, making his petite body shiver again. It's really that stimulating? Your hands are...
He tries to moan again, but in vain - your tongue doesn't stop for even a split second. Like if it belonged to another person. Perpetually dancing, twirling around, making obscene, wet noises that you can only wish no one hears. Saliva running down his and yours cheeks, dropping onto his clothes. And your hands, meddling around his crotch, making the bulge even bigger than it previously was.

It's... It's not going to be enough, right?

He's not going... He's not going to come just like this, right?

Because... That's what you want him to do. To end this. To end this awkward situation, he has to come. No, the fact that your own crotch is practically soaking doesn't matter now, he just needs to come and it'll be over--!

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Apologizing in your thoughts, you wrap both of your hands around his shaft and start moving. At first slowly, gently, as to not cause any pain...
He breaks the kiss.
But instead of screaming, he just gives you an embarassed glance, and...
Using his petite hands, pulls down his pants, so that the obscene spectacle shows to the outside world. His moist, glittering glans, your hands, also wet, with both sweat and his pre-cum, wrapped tightly around the hot rod, rhytmically moving up and down. He's staring at it. Without a word, he's simply staring as you give him a fully-fledged handjob. You can't see his face, since he's still siting on your lap, but just imagining his expression makes you feel a surge of heat that, orginating from the back of your head, ends up exactly between your thighs.
"D-don't stop... please..."
You almost don't hear his whispering plead over the sound of blood flowing in your ears and the mist of erotic excitement. It's not like you wanted to stop, what is he thinking, silly? You're just... getting to excited, that's all!
Then... you're not going to stop.
He can stare all he wants, as your hands stimulate that shaft! He can stare all you want, at least he won't notice how red and hot your face is! Then, let's do it faster, stronger... Let's make it better!
You speed up the pace, once again making his body jerk up. But like an obedient kid he is, he bites on his own palm to hold back the moan that was trying to make it's way out of his throat. And, by an accident or not, his other hand lands on your thigh.
The black skirt that Eron gave you some time ago was already pulled up a bit, but now that he's landed his hand on it, more of your thigh gets exposed. Which only makes you feel even hotter.
Faster and faster, giving him more and more pleasure, your hands run up and down his shaft. It's amazing, how you need both of them to hold it on it's whole lenght. He looks so young, yet... You want it... That penis... You want... You want it to touch you... Touch that most sensitive part of your body. And... make you feel what you haven't felt for so long... Once again...
"Ghhaw... Ghhww... Ah-- ah?!"
And then, like of on a signal, series of spasms run down Kazuma's whole body. Following that, the throbbing rod moves once and... Three salves of white liquid shoot out of the top and land with a silly splat somewhere in the darkness in front of you. Not being able to stop, you continue to stroke it for a few more seconds, making the boy jerk up along with your movements.
"Ahh... Ahh..."
He lets his shoulders relax, thus making his back lean against your chest. The hand that he was using to contain the moans softly falls to his side.
Even though you're still holding onto his penis, he's trying to calm his breath.
"Ama... Ama..." he tries to pant out "Amazing..."
He's still...
He's still hard. He just came, and quite spectacularly at that, yet he's still...

No time to hesitate. While it still lasts, you have to... NEED to... You MUST...!
Not caring about being violent, you throw him off your lap and onto the armchair, then stand up. Before he's even able to as much as ask what's going on, you've already taken off your panties.
"Ka... Kazuma..."
You throw them aside and turn to the boy. Look at his flushed face, then down, at his...
Suddenly realizing how embarassing this is, you avert your gaze.
"I want... I want... I want you." He stays silent. Unable to cope with the suspense, you steal a glance at his suprised expression. "I want you inside me."
To emphasize your words, you slowly pull up your skirt, revealing what's been calling out to his manhood for so long.
Streams of your own love juices flow down your legs, and he... he just stares in innocent confusion.

And then...

He nods.
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feels good man
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Woah. O.o

Suddenly, epic win. I feel my life is now complete.
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>I feel my life is now complete.

7/10. Too much.
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Dude. That's not how we do it here. The emoticon alone was a giveaway. Unless it was your intention to make yourself obvious, you pretty much failed.
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Fucking awesome, the rest?
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That's it.

Random fact: while writing this, I was listening to a recording of a polish romanticist poem called "Mury" (literally 'Walls'). Not that it has anything to do with the scene itself...
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Goddamnit. If you're going to do these little side story bits, at least put them in /shrine/ where they and CoMN should be. It's just even more disgusting here.
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Leave him alone. And CoMN doesn't even belong in /shrine/
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/shrine/ = /YAF/

It belongs there so nobody has to see it when they log onto the sight.
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Just ignore him. And there is a magical thing called Hide Thread.
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This is good. Too bad it will never be 'canon'.
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>/shrine/ = /YAF/
>It belongs there so nobody has to see it when they log onto the sight.
>log onto
>the sight

I see what you did there. Still, it's not very effective. Sorry, man, you have to try harder. I'll be waiting.
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it is wonderful
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And just by making that simple gesture, with his eyes still emiting that uncertain excitement, he makes your deepest wishes come true. Perhaps all the time spent with him was simply a buildup for this single moment, a moment when the two of you finally do what you've been dreaming about for so long. If it's not love, then you have no fucking idea what anything is anymore. Oh, it could also be lust, but now, what kind of perverted witch would feel something so dirty about such a pure being? You're doing this because you like him, right?
The skirt that you've been holding up slips away from your hands, and you notice with satisfaction that Kazuma's eyes follow it's movement in some sort of erotic fascination. This opening can't be wasted, and thus you quickly approach Kazuma and sit on his lap, careful not to touch the erection, still red and swollen from your previous caress.
Still unsure how to act, he gasps silently as you run your fingers along his sides, only to grab the edges of his shirt and hastily, violently pull it up, practically ripping it off his little body.
Even his squeals are making you hot. But what's more important... Damn, there's no time to undress yourself, and hell, the thought of doing it fully clothes - not counting your underwear - is somehow arousing. In a sick, sadistic way. Oh, he would surely like to see what's hiding beneath, wouldn't he? Well, he's already seen the most private part, the other stuff... will have to wait for the next time.
You slide a bit closer to the thing that's about to enter your insides. Oh, how long, how long has it been? And just when you thought that you'd never have the pleasure of doing it again... And to think that with this boy... It's more than enough to proclaim this the happiest moment of your life.
Your fingers, led by the anticipation, wrap tightly around his throbbing manhood with adoration worth of better cause. Why does it make you so happy? Is there even a point in thinking about this? He's about to enter you, and you're more than unpatient to feel him inside you already.
He moans quietly as you raise your skirt with the other hand and put the tip directly below your clitoris. That's it, one more push, and he's going in.
"Ka--... Kazuma, I'm going to..."
"P-please do..."
With no regrets, you quickly thrust your hips forward.

An armoured hand grabs the goblet at it's base, and lifts it off the pedestal. Warming afternoon sunlight refelcts gently from the golden surface.
"Men!" the knight cries out "Our search is over at last!"
"Hou!" his companions answer, in perfect unison "Long live the King! Long live Brother Julius!"
Twelve gloved hands shoot towards the sky at the same time, their owners still chanting their commander's name.
Julius! - they shout - Captain Brother Julius the Strong! Long live the King, long live the Holy Empire!
After enduring countless, severe battles in a thousand fields, the knights can finally have their well deserved rest. The Holy Grail - sacred symbol of God's divinity has finally been found and claimed by the Holy Empire, in the name of King Vorador. Valiant warriors will now return to their land and devote themselves to life of prayer under their kind King's watchful eyes.
Even though the evil scourge has swept the land, their might combined faced the corruption and triumphed, bringing peace and happiness to the poor and weak. With the power of the Holy Grail, the depraved land shall be reborn and repopulated. Hundreds of victims shall be mourned, but life will spring anew in the Holy Empire.
The knights give their leader a last chant and prepare for a long journey back to home, where fame and adoration awaits them.

Gasping for air, drunk with pleasure and sensations, you pull back, letting Kazuma's throbbing member slide out of you. Every single second of contact feels like an eternity full of delight, even when he finally exits you, a trail of semen is still connecting yours and his private parts, as if to mock the fact that it's already over.
Both you and him try to calm down your breaths, which got irregular and ragged during the act, and let your minds cool down after this crazy dance of love and lust you've just went through.
"Huff... huff... Fu... Ku..."
You give his lips a brief lick before answering.
"Ye... yes...?"
"Are... aren't you... going to... get pregnant...?"
He doesn't even move when you run your hand through his pretty, but a bit greasy hair. Oh well, here's a scenario for that aforementioned 'another time'.
"Don't your... pretty head... worry about that. I'll be... okay..."
Altough still visibly unsure, he nods.

After a few more minutes of this relaxation session, you finally decide to stand up and set things right with your... shaken state. First, your panties that somehow found themselves on the floor among the clutter. But, but, this way they're going to get dirty...
"Kazuma?" you turn to the boy who's still siting on the armchair, seemingly too tired to even move "Tissues?"
"Yeah, you see, I'm a little..."
"O-Oh." if it weren't for the fact that he's already red as a tomato, he'd probably be blushing now "T-to your right, on the TV..."
You look in the direction hinted, and indeed, there's a small box of tissues there, which you notice - not without amusement - is half empty. As far as you know, he hasn't been sick even a single time since your arrival here...
"No, it's nothing."
You quickly pull out one of the square, white sheets and wipe all the liquid off your thighs, then take out another one and rub it against your crotch, removing the semen mixed with your own love juices. Well, at least all that's leaked out. The rest will have to wait.
Having put your panties back on, you turn to Kazuma and point at the box.
"I suppose you need this as well?" He blinks a few times before muttering something. "Oh?" you smile "Do you want me to clean it for you?"
"N-no!" he almost cries out "I'm fine!"
"Whatever you say."
You throw the box at him, which he clumsily catches, and gives you an anticipating stare. Oh, does he want you to leave? What an unexpected twist. But then again, the time...
"Huh." you pretend to look at your wrist watch "It's almost time for my examination."
"I-I see."
Oh, but you wouldn't be yourself if you didn't tease him a little more.
"Y-yes? What is it?"
You seize the opportunity and quickly jump towards him, with a hand aimed at the mess on his crotch.
Even in this dim light, you can clearly see his seed - a thick, white liquid - slowly dripping down your index finger, still - how suprising - warm. You slowly open your mouth...
"W-w-what are you doing?!"
And plunge it inside.
"Sweet." you comment silently "Do you think I could get more of that later?"
He almost throws the box at you in embarassment.
"Isn't it time for your examination?!" his yells almost sound like squealing "Eron will get suspicious!"
"Yeah, yeah, I'm going."
You resist the urge to give him a last kiss and leave the room without haste.

Now... You really do need to see Eron, but... Hm, he did say before that because of your sickness, some of the bodily functions may be disabled... How will he react if you asked outright if you can get pregnant? No, maybe it would be better if you came up with a roundabout way...?
"Oh well."
Asking him directly could have some hilarious effects.

With a smile on your lips, you head towards the doctor's office.
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Exactly what i was waiting for. YAF delivers.
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It's no CG dragon, but a Holy Grail is fine too. Now I'm all wondering what Fuku's first time was like.
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So did anyone read this or what?
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brb, fappan
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Yeah, already said it.
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