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“What’s going on?” You ask, looking inquisitively at Reimu.

“We’re going to have a little discussion about a matter that is of great importance to the both of us.” Reimu pushes her chair back as she stands. In one swift motion she picks up the papers and strides across the room to a filing cabinet. The papers are put inside and the drawer closes with a metallic thunk.

“But first. . .” Reimu turns around to face you, her hands held behind her back. “I. . . I just wanted to. . . Thank you. For. . . You know.” Reimu looks down at the ground, averting her eyes from you. Her hands seem to be fidgeting behind her back. Her posture sort of draws your eyes to slightly accentuated bust, though it doesn't feel like that was her intention. A light blush crosses her face.

“For...saving...me.” She seems to be having a difficult time putting together what she really wants to say. With hands still behind her back, she slowly walks across the room. Steadily drawing closer, she continues.

“You know...I never thought I'd be saying this to you. Whatever's gotten into you, its certainly impressed everyone. Even mother is speaking of you in such high regards. It’s almost as if she considers you an entirely different person now. . . Like you turned over a new leaf, or something to that effect." Reimu stops and takes a deep breath. "I'm sor..." be begins but stumbles with her words, obviously not accustomed to speaking a word foreign to her. "I'm sorry about my behavior at the hospital. I had been through alot and your sudden appearance startled me.” Reimu rounds the table that now separates the two of you.

“I really never expected you to actually forgive me for what happened. . . for what has been happening for so long between the two of us...we...it seems like we just naturally act weird around other...always going overboard...” Reimu trails off as she walks up behind you. She rests a hand on your shoulders and leans her head down next to yours. Delicate light waves of warm air brush against your skin she whispers into your ear.

“Anyways I would really like to show you my. . . Gratitude... for saving me. . .” her words takes on new tone. You can hear her breathing go slightly heavy. Her touch feels strange but not unpleasant. The soft heat is a rather disarming as she leans into closer to you.

“What do you mean Reimu?” You start to turn your head to get a good look.

“You’re about to find out.” Reimu’s eyes go wide as see smiles serenely.

“Wait wha-“ but you’re cut off by a loud pop. Everything goes black.

A dull throb. That’s the first thing you’re aware of. Slow and dimly, you open your eyes and look around. The student council room is still here, however the passage of time becomes evident as everything is now bathed in an orange glow and long shadows. Sluggishly you close your eyes and shake your head lightly back and forth, trying to dislodge the haze from your mind.

“Ah. 'bout time yah woke up.” You hear Reimu slur out followed by the noise of something heavy hitting a table.

The rest of your senses painfully try to return as an unsettling picture gradually comes into focus. Framed by the open window behind her, you’re greeted by the sight of Reimu leaning back in her chair with feet propped up and crossed on the table between you. A brown paper bag wrapped around a tall bottle stands dully on the table in one hand. That must have what the "thunk" sound was. The other hand idly plays at her now disheveled uniform. It’s hard not to notice that the first few buttons have been undone, revealing a fair amount of skin. Now freed from its ribbon entrapment, Reimu’s long chestnut hair flows down along her back and shoulders. The cold pale skin on her face seems brighter now, highlighted orange by the setting sun and an out of place red tinge.

Reimu pushes herself back from the table, uncrossing her legs in the process. The chair wobbles precariously before landing back on all four feet with a metallic clack. Unsteadily, Reimu rises to her feet, abandoning the suspicious drink. Ever so slowly, almost painfuly so, she walks around the desk towards you, one hand trailing on it for support.

“So, tell me. . .” Reimu closes the distance to now standing directly in front of you, “Tell me. . .” She lifts up and slides her right knee forward between your legs, resting it on the chair before leaning forward. You can feel the warmth from her leg between yours as other parts of your body heat up in response. Her hair drapes around your head like a veil as she towers over you and leans in closer. Ever so close. The hot humid breath as a sigh escapes her lips flows over you. It lingers with a strong astringent scent of...some you can’t quite identify.

Moving her knee back and forth on the chair unsteadily, Reimu speaks again. “Tell me. . .” she coos, masking any anger until its too late.

“WHA THE FAHK DID YAH DO TO MEH?” With a scream, Reimu’s knee shoots forward into your crotch, sending shockwaves of agony through your entire being.

You cry out in pain and surprise loudly, instinctively blinking back tears while you struggle to gasp out an answer, “I. . . ergh. don’t know wha. . . . gaaaaahh... what you’re talking about!”

“Yeh kno eaaa. . ekk. . . exaaah. . . EXACTLY what ah meahn, Morichika!” Reimu seems quite agitated, “tch. . .Yeh. . yah. . . YAH shhoowan uup, juuust in th. . . th. .. TIME to save meh.”

Reimu leans back against the table behind her, holding her head in one hand and reaching back for the bottle with the other. She takes a long swig before slamming the bottle down on the table.

“How. . . how elsh. . . jusht in time. . . jush so yeh can. . . lewk da he. . . hero to EVERYONE!” Reimu throws her arms wide at this, almost falling back onto the table. She starts giggling madly at this, rocking back and forth on the edge of the table.

With a quick movement Reimu leans forward. "Ya ...ya bastard!" her voice suddenly turns vicious. Swiftly, a hand swings forward. You reach out to stop the oncoming assault, but are surprised to find them bound behind the chair. Unable to block it, Reimu’s slap hits you across your face, leaving a throbbing sting. Your wrists burn with a dull pain from trying to move them.

“Ya hired thaat goon...that bastard who raped meh!” her eyes take on a crazy gleam.

You stutter something in your defense while trying to make your case, but it falls on dead ears. In a sudden panic you try to sit up, but to no avail. A horrible resistance below confirms that your legs are also bound to your seat.

You whip your head back up to face Reimu, who’s now laughing like a madwoman. “Yah relleh think thaat Ah’d not figa it out, din't jah?”

[ ] Try to talk some sense into her
[ ] Struggle
[ ] Remain silent.
[X] Try to talk some sense into her

Well, god damn.

Probably not gonna happen.

[ ] Remain silent.
[x] Remain silent.
[X] Ask for some booze.
Kira's Reimu is at it again.
[x] Laugh. This is the worst day of your life.
[x] Laugh. This is the worst day of your life.
Changing my vote to this.
[x] Laugh. This is the worst day of your life.

Family is in shambles because your step-mother is missing, likely the result of your own words.

Yuka, your last sure source of information, leaves a ominous message in your voicemail in which she is apparently attacked.

Almost fell to your death because a section of fencing was not up to code, then got chewed out for it.

Having possibly important notes stolen from you by your irate teacher.

And now torture.
[☺] Laugh. This is the worst day of your life.
[x] Laugh. This is the worst day of your life.

Much better. Might piss off Reimu, but she's already not well.
[x] Laugh. This is the worst day of your life.
[x] "Haha, oh wow. I don't what I did to whichever fucking god to deserve this shit."
Suddenly, I have no clue why she stopped us from falling off the roof anymore.
This is not the time to bring up our amnesia; remaining silent is likely going to make Reimu try to force self-damning ammunition out of our mouth, or maybe she won't care to wait for it; and, we've already pulled on our bonds until our wrists hurt.

[x] Try to talk some sense into her
Hopefully this is Navajo for "taunt her."
[x] Laugh. This is the worst day of your life.

This is the only answer. Laugh like a goddamned lunatic.
[x] Confess your undying love to Reimu.
File 122473914936.jpg - (76.42KB, 500x510 , 9204b3027b6e35bcc62febfe59f38539.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, that sure was expected.
Pic fuckin' related.
File 122474014478.jpg - (232.94KB, 800x640 , 1169763085720.jpg) [iqdb]
Good times are ahead, Anon.

Good times.
[x] Laugh. This is the worst day of your life.

Since recent events make it look like we're heading for another snowy ending, might as well.
Hey now Mr. Negative, take it easy~ Would Kira and I really do that to you? Chill~ it'll be cool.


[x] Laugh. This is the worst day of your life.

hahaha, oh wow. Seems like i will finally get my Reimu Torture Scene that i missed in MiG.
File 122474110840.jpg - (86.72KB, 500x375 , 67766283_ed33bca6bb.jpg) [iqdb]

[x] Laugh. This is the worst day of your life.
[x] Burn the chair down in a fit of insanity.
File 122474197521.jpg - (26.93KB, 400x400 , 1188279901344.jpg) [iqdb]
So far, Day 5 is hurting a lot. Day 6 is not looking much better.
Wait...What? WHAT? Hired that goon? She’s lost it. She really has. But hey, what an incredible acme to such a craptastic day!

In that moment, as the memory and images of everything that has happened thus far today, something just. . . snaps. It starts quietly, just a small chuckle. Quickly it builds in both volume and insanity, until your laugh out paces Reimu’s own maniacal giggling. She stops and stares at you, confused, not quite sure how to proceed with the sudden change.

“Eh. . . Wha. . .?” Her confusion starts to turn to anger, but before she can act you start speaking.

"Hahaha...you dumb, crazy, narcissistic bitch. I fucking do the right thing, going out of my way and risking my very LIFE to save some girl from being raped. And lo and behold! Its my crazy childhood nemesis. Heh, you know what they say: no good deed goes unpunished!” Another fit of insane laughter fills you again, as the irony of the situation fully hits. “But you know, what? This bullshit? This whole situation that you’ve wrapped me up in? It STILL isn't as bad as the other shit I've dealt with today." Your venom and rage culminate as you glare directly into Reimu‘s eyes, “So fuck you, Reimu. Do your worst.”

“Oho. . . Ish that sho?” A sadistic grin crosses Reimu’s face. “Maybeh ah will then. . .”

Pushing off from the table, Reimu shambles over to the chair and flops down on your legs, straddling your immobilized body. She leans forward, pressing her body up against yours. Slightly exposed firm breast press against your chest as her fingers and nails run over your shoulders and down your back a little ways. As much as you hate to admit it, your body quickly responds to her touch, despite the fact that your mind is still raging at this girl who has done nothing but horrible things to you. Its all terribly confusing. She brings her face down to yours, licking her lips and grinning maliciously. You turn away from her in disgust and awkwardness.

“Oho. . . Nao yeh being teh shy boy? Hao cuuuute. . .”Her words slur about as she moves to your ear and runs her teeth softly along it before painfully biting and pulling at the lobe. Her fingers run up and down your back and neck, lightly brushing and then cutting into your skin. You wince in pleasure and agony as she teeters back and forth between delicate and furious forms of touch. Still, you refuse to cry out. Unhappily she sways back and stares in silence before slapping you across the face. “Yeh dun get tah be teh shy one here. . .LOOK AT MEH” Again she slaps you, but does not move forward to resume the torturous treatment. Instead, with shaking limps, Reimu grabs both sides of your head forces you to turn at her. ". . . Jus. . .look at meh! I'm...I'm 'n charge! I'm 'n control! You can't tell me what to do! No one can. . . .I’m. . . .I’m. . . ." You catch a glint of something other than rage in her eyes before she closes them and darts her head forward, planting a kiss directly on your lips.

[ ] Resist the kiss.
[ ] Return the kiss.
[ ] Do nothing.
[X] Resist the kiss.

Don't want Reimu
[x] Headbutt her.
[ ] End up hospital bound during times of critical importance.
[ ] End up escalating this into something that will bite us in the ass.
[x] Do nothing.

Who knows? Maybe she'll see the parallel between her own ordeals and what she's trying to do, and come to her senses?
[ ] Do nothing.

I will neither reciprocate nor deny you. You are nothing to me.
[X] Resist the kiss.
God dammit I want Mokou. Go away you crazy bitch.
[x] Do nothing.
[x] Do nothing.


Like that.
What >>63784 said.
[X] Resist the kiss.
Stop being me.

[x] Headbutt her.
[x] Do nothing.

Let's get her angry, try to break free when she makes a mistake and rape her hard. She is asking for it, she wants it.
[X] Resist the kiss.
[x] Do nothing.

How will you react, Reimu, when you receive nothing.
[X] Return the kiss.

Rebel without a cause.
[x] Do nothing.

[x] Return the kiss.
[x] Do nothing.

Poker face, go!
[ ] Snow End
[ ] Horrific slow and painful death End
[x] Do nothing.

Shit, got those first two backwards.
[x] Do nothing.
[x] Do nothing.
>>Max Payne: He had a baseball bat, and I was tied to a chair. Pissing him off was the smart thing to do.
I'm sitting this vote out.
[ ] Resist the kiss.

Why are people voting "do nothing"?
If we resist she gets out the baseball bat.
If we return it she'll think it confirms her demented belief.

When Kira's writing you don't look for the choices that help the most, but the ones that hurt the least.
[x] Hold Shift for focused movement
[x] Return the kiss.
[x] Bite her freaking tongue off, that bitch!
File 122477292728.jpg - (90.72KB, 400x400 , 1202709461038.jpg) [iqdb]
Gah, Anon is straight up paranoid. What happened to the good ole Reimu hate-sex try?
I think we're going for the "Anon broke down for today" mood.
>What happened to the good ole Reimu hate-sex try?

Still want. Just that returning the kiss might not be the way to get there.
It's a pity my connection was shut off last night, or else I'd have voted this:

>[x] Laugh. This is the worst day of your life.
>[x] "Haha, oh wow. I don't what I did to whichever fucking god to deserve this shit."
>[x] "Reimu, why the fuck would I bother hiring the scum of the earth to violate some cold-hearted bitch who wouldn't give me the time of day without spitting on me?"
>[x] "If I was that obsessed with 'teaching you a lesson' or something equally stupid, I'd have done it myself. I don't go in for rape, thanks."
>[x] "I mean, for fuck's sake, do you really think I'd do such an elaborate thing for someone in your shape? Look at you. You're drunk as a goddamn skunk, and acting like eleven kinds of bitch at me. Do you even remember your own phone number? You're in no position to be accusing anyone of a goddamn thing."
>[x] All the while-- even if you're interrupted --surreptitiously try flexing and twisting your legs and wrists, checking to see what you're bound there with. Try working yourself loose, straining and twisting at the bonds, if possible. She's a high school student, not a sailor (even if she acts as uncouth as one), and very unlikely to be aware of how to tie proper knots.

>We probably won't get anything close to all of that withering dismissal of her conspiracy theory out before she beats on us again, but fuck it; it's the spirit that matters.

>And Reimu WAS a bitch to us prior to memory loss, right?
>...If not, then scrap almost all of what I said, and just keep the "Working yourself free" part.
File 122478343758.png - (281.31KB, 500x707 , 4mem.png) [iqdb]
do want reimu

Well, this is MY kind of dere!
You do nothing, killing any emotion which may arise. With great restraint you force yourself to try to feel nothing. With all your will you stay perfectly still, stoic. Reimu stays there, pressed up against you trying to get to respond to her kiss. After a moment she pulls back, her eyes already wide with disbelief. "No. . .no. . ." her voice wavers in a slight panic. "Stop that. . .do something. . .hit me. . .scream at me! DO SOMETHING!" She screams, breathing gone heavy and erratic. "I. . . I need. . . . you. I need to be able to hate you!" Her eyes dart around rapidly. She slams her lips into yours again, feebly trying to force her tongue past your closed teeth. A strong taste fills your mouth while the overwhelming reek of whatever she was drinking invades your senses. It makes your eyes water slightly. In failing another kiss, she draws away.

"That was the only. . . I need. . ." Reimu begins to sob , rocking back and forth. In single swift movement she leans back and hits your chest with all her might. "HATE ME!" She strikes again, and again, crying out each time. "LOOK AT ME! GOD DAMNIT YOU FUCKING BASTARD, ACKNOWLEDGE ME! HATE ME!"

Each successive blow turns weaker and weaker until finally Reimu just sits there on your lap, sobbing, her face buried in your chest. Clumsily she pulls away bringing up a sleeve to wipe away her tears as sobs continue to wrack her body. Her other hand pushes against you as she tries to, unsteadily, regain her feet. Unable to do so she falls back against you, quivering. She seems so small, so weak. Not the much feared head of the Student Council. Not the Queen of the Campus. Just a feeble broken girl. Her head droops forward.

A moment passes in silence.

"I'm scared. . ." she finally says in a shaky voice between sobs, barley above a whisper. “What’s. . . h-happening. . . I don’t. . .I don’t what. . . anymore. . . e-everything. . . everything is. . .”

A sudden loud slam from the other side of the room draws your attention. You crane your neck to try and see what’s going on and catch the briefest glimpse of Mokou out of the corner of your eye. It seems as if she’s standing there in shock. Reimu, lost in her own little world, doesn’t seem to have noticed Mokou. The look of surprise on Mokou’s face swiftly changes to one of anger as she storms across the room. With a resounding thwack, Mokou’s fist collides solidly with your host’s face. Reimu yelps in surprise as she is knocked back, out of her daydreams and the lap she had just occupied, and falls to the floor. She looks up at the two of you, her eyes full of panic and sorrow. Her hand moves up to the place where Mokou had hit her, fresh tears streaming down her cheeks.

”What in the FUCK are you doing, Reimu?!” Mokou growls through clenched teeth.

”I. . . ah. . . What. . .?” Reimu stammers futilely, half choking on her own tears.

”Awww. . . the widdle baby’s crying~?” Mokou mockingly jabs at Reimu with pure jubilance.

Reimu grabs onto the edge of a nearby table and attempts to get back to her feet. Her uncoordinated motions fail miserably and only result in her pushing the table away as she falls to the ground again.

Mokou stands there, towering over Reimu, glaring down at her felled foe. A slightly evil grin playing across her face.

[ ] Don't stop her, Reimu deserves it.
[ ] Stop Mokou, Reimu isn‘t in her right mind. She needs help.
[ ] Stop Mokou, you want to leave NOW.
[X] Stop Mokou, you want to leave NOW.

You've got more important things to do.
[x] Stop Mokou, Reimu isn‘t in her right mind. She needs help.
[x] Stop Mokou, Reimu isn‘t in her right mind. She needs help.
[x] Stop Mokou, Reimu isn‘t in her right mind. She needs help.

Fucking Reimu Route do want.
[x] Stop Mokou, Reimu isn‘t in her right mind. She needs help.

With all the stress of being the "perfect one" in the eyes of her mother and the school, hating us was the only emotional outlet she could find. Now that it's gone, all thats left is a weak little girl.
[x] Stop Mokou, Reimu isn‘t in her right mind. She needs help.
Be humane. At the least, I want to lower the chances of us having to save her a third time.
And having the blessings of mommy Hakurei might even help us in our maternal search - both of them - later.

Reimu is boring.

Do want Mokou.

Mokou is boring.

Do want Reimu.
Incidentally, Kira, what would have happened if we had accepted the kiss?
[x] Stop Mokou, you want to leave NOW.
[x] Stop Mokou, Reimu isn't in her right mind. She needs help.
Someone else would've gotten Mokou's fist, obviously.
[x] Stop Mokou, Reimu isn‘t in her right mind. She needs help.
Reimu-hatesex. lol.
[x] roll back one choice
[x] roll back one choice
[x] roll back one choice
[x] roll back one choice
[x] roll back one choice
And so once again ends the Kira-Doujin co-writing endeavors of the past few updates.
>Reimu-hatesex. lol.

you got work to do.
[x] Stop Mokou, Reimu isn't in her right mind. She needs help.
Or to be specific-
Get Mokou to untie us first, then go hug the crumbling Reimu.
Deep down, anon is a big softie, and you all know it.
[x] Stop Mokou, Reimu isn't in her right mind. She needs help.

Stop posturing and untie me already. Goddamn.

y u do this?
[x] ಠ_ಠ
Of course Mokou would have walked in on the hatesex, and would hate you for fucking Reimu. Also, Reimu would still hate you afterwards.
Valid point. Which is completely vetoed by my point - now we have no hatesex scene.
[x] Don't stop her, Reimu deserves it.

"Reimu route"? You fucking idiots.

But I want Mokou.
>Of course Mokou would have walked in on the hatesex
Incorrect. You just KNOW that if we had chosen to read another route, something DIFFERENT would've caused us to lose the other ones. We only got the Reimu note back because we already read it, it being school-related was just an excuse. Thus it's possible mokou only walks in because we didn't accept the kiss. And if Doujin is writing it as a side story, there's no need to continue perfectly with what actually happens anyways

While I do not want a Reimu route, I voted 'She needs help' because she fucking does.
Routelock isn't yet. After day 7 is when routelock kicks in. So you have 2 more days.
[x] Stop Mokou, Reimu isn't in her right mind. She needs help.

Superbitch Reimu is super and bitch, but she really needs some fucking help.
Little sisters route

Best brother ever

It's the only good route.
>Best brother ever

Except for that whole "driving Marisa away" bit. Home-wrecker.
[X] Fuck this shit, got to get to Yuukas place. Escape while the two are fighting
The one where Anon rapes his little sisters so some asshole later in life can't take away their virginity? I'm not really down for that route but hey, enjoy your incest.
I'd prefer the route where we just stay with our sisters and love them platonically.
That's not really a route, we should do that anyway.

Incest would destroy the route. I just want a good brother route.
Routes bring more information and lines in a story.
We've got amnesia and the first thing we do is tell them and ask to help, then we sorta just forgot about them and do other things. Instead of being a good brother.
What happened to those toys we won? Did we ever give them to our sisters?

Scruples? In my Doujin?
Well, we just go around doing what sounds like relatively simple things, that end up somehow eating almost all of our free time.

We almost fall off a building, zip to the end of the day where we are answering a summons, and then we get knocked-out until the evening.

Is Day 6 a Saturday?
[X] Stop Mokou, you want to leave NOW.

Get the fuck out of there.
Bitch is crazy.
But bitch is crazy about YOU Anon. Its hard to find that level of dedication. She love/hates you to death ~<3~

Its more likely than you think!
welcome to every dating sim/h-game ever. Things either take up no time at all, or are an event that eats up a crapton of time.

I'd be up for a Reimu route if the world wasn't already crumbling around us.

We tried to balance winning over a touhou and solving a crisis in MIG, and look what that got us.
Yeah, but in MiG we were pretty much fucked before we even met Reisen.
I chose the "get her help" option without actually caring about a Reimu route. Merely playing on consistent characterization. Anonymous has a hard time deciding who he should trust and who he should revile, and our tabula rasa seems to have picked up a knack of finding it hard to wish people ill in general.

We're not gullible yet because we got into this problem from a blind note pick, regarding our decision as part of the former "meet me in the usual place" mystery. We just chose incorrectly.

>We just chose incorrectly.

Are you dense? This is Kira. Every choice is the wrong choice, one way or another.

I see no difference in this situation.
Did you guys honestly think that "Doing nothing" would lead to sexings?

I mean, the level of butthurt in this thread is hilarious, if not a bit disconcerting.
Most people seemed to be reasoning that 'Accept' could lead to sex, but the kind that totally fucks up your chances with ANY girl, including the one you just banged.

>[ ] End up hospital bound during times of critical importance.
>[ ] End up escalating this into something that will bite us in the ass.
>[x] Do nothing.
File 122481850760.jpg - (164.36KB, 600x850 , 37abd3cf34e74c4bb139094364605d4b.jpg) [iqdb]
>>I'd be up for a Reimu route if the world wasn't already crumbling around us.

I'd be up for a Reimu route if there wasn't already somebody better to pursue.
You guys suck.
File 122482135756.png - (18.90KB, 470x652 , 1224599316416.png) [iqdb]

Who did we just bang and where is this delicious ?hurt
>Who did we just bang
No one you retard. The likely result of accepting Reimu's kiss would be some form of relationship with her, possibly involving immediate sex. However there is no way this would be the real Reimu route, and it would lock out everyone else (especially since Mokou walking in on us is likely, but as I said, not guaranteed).

tl;dr giving into Reimu would just fuck everything up. Bad end romance wise.
Can't see the downside to this.

I believe the implication is that sure, you get your Reimu dominance based hatesex now, but you're still going to staring out at the beautiful snowfall in the end.
Not like Kira will give us any other End anyway.

Well, that's more a matter between the optimistic strategists and cynical earth salters.
I wish people would just let this go. I was irritated by MiG#1 snowend as much as anyone but continuously bringing it up will just increase the chances of it happening again.

With that said,

[x] Stop Mokou, Reimu isn‘t in her right mind. She needs help.

But only because it's a misunderstanding.
Kind of.
A little.
...okay, maybe we can step on her heel as we walk out.

Bitch is a pain.

Amen, brother.
Do we get to press charges? Please let us press charges.
[X] Stop Mokou, Reimu isn‘t in her right mind. She needs help.

[X] Don't stop Mokou, Reimu isn‘t in her right mind. She needs help.

In this case help is a good beating.
I can't wait until Kira locks our route in.

It doesn't really matter to me what route we get in--I just can't wait until the route lock.

Since it will pretty much wipe out all the moronic voting that goes on between Anon fighting over which girl they want to go after, leaving the only idiotic votes coming from butthurt Anons who feel it is their duty to troll because their character is no longer chaseable?
She's upset and emotionally unstable because we AREN'T hating her.
The best course for some short term horrible abuse is to forgive her for tying us up, saving her from mokou, and maybe even a nice big hug.
[X] Stop Mokou. Tell her to untie you.
[X] Ask Mokou to help you capture and tie up Reimu until she cools down.
Yes...tie up the girl who is freaking out about control and was recently raped. This will end well. Bloody brilliant...
Making her hate us gives focus to her instability.
File 122487160412.jpg - (68.13KB, 400x322 , hugesuccess.jpg) [iqdb]
You truly do have a window into this character's soul. Having to deal with an overbearing controlling mother all her life, maintaining a cruel authority image for so long that she can no longer tell if she is faking it or actually enjoys it, having her structured world destroyed by being raped/victimized, and then having the one person who she shares a consistent deep emotional tie with (even if it is hate) suddenly rescue her be with a new unbelievable kindness and forgiveness of her own sins...that's all shallow. What she REALLY needs is Anon to abuse her so can continue to project all her anger onto him and return to her happy perfect lifestyle.

Its solves everyone's problems, both short and long term. Brilliant.
Hi guys, do you know a country where it is legel to marry a picture?
Probably the Netherlands.
File 122487502591.jpg - (17.18KB, 176x450 , bigsuccess.jpg) [iqdb]
I think you meant this image.

So basically what you're saying is, we should rape her?
Nice Boat End.
-Someone rapes Reimu.
-Reimu is depressed.
-We save Reimu from herself.
-Reimu is distraught.
-We rape Reimu (could the averted "hate-sex" be called "a raping?").

... yes, this is not suspicious behavior at all.
Either way, someone's gonna get hurt/raped if we go on with Reimu route.

This Reimuis the most interessing one so far, so I'm going for her now.
You say it like it's a bad thing.
So when's the next update?
>>This Reimu is the most emotionally/psychologically damaged one so far, so I'm going for her now.


There's that too.
Anon likes damaged goods.
Hold on just a minute.
Kira and Doujin were writing the Reimu stuff together? What the hell?

Too bad Mokou is better than damaged goods Reimu.

That's just, like, your opinion, man.

But yeah, she is.
I never thought I'd see YAF say this.
I lost my faith in you YAF.

Stop replying to yourself.
But it's fun.
Updates where!"
Collaborating with Doujin isn't bad, the pace kind of picked up.
File 122496828297.jpg - (49.93KB, 572x800 , 120780985156.jpg) [iqdb]
If Reimu goes axe crazy, we stand no chance.
File 122496841125.jpg - (137.50KB, 550x548 , 1222995073389.jpg) [iqdb]

No need, as this is Kira after all.
Kira is sick of everyone's bitching, and doesn't have much will left to write because of it.
Not completely true. While the bitching is annoying, the current dearth of writing is due more in part to workan and having to keep up with my schoolan. I'm writan a bit right now, but I dont know if it'll go up tonight.
>While the bitching is annoying

That's it, we're dead now.
So. How's the update schedule though? About how much free time a week will you likely have to write?
Right now, I'm working 35~40 hours a week, and I'm taking a 5 credit hour class. I'll usually get one day off a week, but the past couple of weeks have been odd in that I had 2 days off in a row. Made for a nice little bit of relaxing. Quite a bit easier to write when You're not having to constantly watch the clock and make sure that you're in bed soon enough to be up for work. Also gave me plenty of time to get my homework done. Alas, this week isn't as forgiving.
Ouch. I assume this weekend won't be good then, since you already got time off this week?

Anon sympathizes. However, Anon is also very selfish. He can be patient, but only if he's provided reliable ETAs on the updates. If you do this, I assure you that you'll get markedly less bitching no matter how long it takes between each up date.

And even when you can't provide an ETA for the next update, call the vote whenever possible; a few extra genuine votes aren't worth the potential votespam drama.
home now. Writan now. Update sometime tonight.

File 122507418691.jpg - (481.32KB, 1070x1300 , 1225073678673.jpg) [iqdb]
Temporary delays as I figure out how to work the SA cast into GASD.

Blame this picture.

Yugi route, let's do this shit.

holy hotness
More new characters?

And what, are we going to meet one in the next update? That seems sudden, especially given the current time of day

Give him a break, guy. At least here he let us know it would be another 7 minutes.
No, but to keep the story intact and add more characters requires a balancing act, and changing portions of the story. You're likely to run into Yugi, given that she's actually the easiest to work in. Not today, but still. Working on both the update and working the new characters in. Just letting you know that there's gonna be some delays though.
Since the pic is your inspiration, I'm assuming she's going to be a drunkard gym teacher, or maybe really athletic student. That alone, as you said, doesn't seem too hard to work in.
And is there any need to incorporate everyone? Kaguya is the only one from Eientei actually introduced, and Eirin was only mentioned in passing. You already don't have a complete cast from the current games, so is it at all a problem to just add a single character?

I'm just asking questions. No real harm in that. I'm not intending to give him a problem. He's free to take his time.
Well, I meant to the overall story. I have most of the other routes that you guys aren't on planned out. If I felt like it, I could actually turn this into a VN. I just don't have an artfag to make the character sprites and the like.
As you look down at Reimu, prone on the floor quivering with her head in her hands, you shift uncomfortably in the chair. Mokou is still standing there disdainfully glaring down at Reimu, making like she’s about to hit her again.

“Oi. Mokou. Little help here?” You attempt to quip, but only come off sounding more weary than anything.

“Eh?” Mokou quickly turns to face you, surprise evident on her face. “Oh. . . Uh. . . Sorry. Kinda forgot you were there for a minute.” Sheepishly looking off to one side and laughing slightly, she heads around behind the chair. Craning your neck you to try and follow her.

Mokou whistles after taking a look at the knot. “Hoooooooleeeee shit. That bitch sure knows how to tie knots. This. . . is gonna take a bit.”

A tugging on your wrists indicates that Mokou’s set to work on the knot. You sigh. What a day this has been. It’s still not over. Your gaze again turns forward, back to where Reimu had been. Not seeing her immediately, you quickly scan the room. Movement halfway across the room draws your eyes. Reimu, now sitting in a corner of the room, hugging her knees to her chest, is staring off into space. She flinches visibly as Mokou curses.

“Ah! Damn it!” Mokou curses again, “I don’t know what kind of knot this damn thing is. But I do know how I’m gonna untie this damn thing. Hold still really quick, wouldya?”

You hear a clicking noise behind you, then the rope tugging on your wrists again. A few moments later your wrists are now free. Mokou’s face suddenly pops into your field of vision from the side, a huge grin splitting her face.

“Told ya I knew how to get it undone. Gimme a sec, and I’ll have your legs free.” Mokou kneels down in front of the chair and cuts at the ropes.

Rubbing your sore wrists you look away from Reimu and down at Mokou, “Say. . .Where’d you get that knife? I don’t remember you ever having one before. . .” And strangely enough, you get the feeling that Mokou’s never carried a knife before.

“Ah. . . Errr. . . This thing? It was ah. . . a gift.” Mokou pauses for a moment, obviously thinking hard. “That’s it. It was a gift, from a friend.”

She’s obviously hiding something, but you’ve no idea what. Pressing the issue at the moment seems like an incredibly bad idea as well.

“That should do it!” Mokou looks proud as she pushes herself up off of the floor.

Ah, that’s much better. You rub your legs trying to restore some feeling to the area. It hurts a lot more than you thought it would.

“So,” Mokou grins a horrifying smile. “Now that you’re free, you wanna join in beating the crap out of her? Or would you rather just watch?”

You sigh and shake your head. “Leave her alone Mokou. She’s not. . . she’s more messed up than I think either of us could have ever imagined.” You look over at Reimu, still in the corner, with a look of sadness. Reimu continues to sit there, staring off into space.

Mokou looks at you incuriously. “What. The. Fuck. Seriously. What the goddamn fuck. Before, you would have left this girl lying in a ditch to die. Now? Now I don’t even know you any more. You loose your me-”

“Mokou!” You quickly cut Mokou off. You made the mistake of telling Marisa about your amnesia. That little event, and the subsequent happenings, showed you that this is something that should not be common knowledge.

Mokou glares at you, quite upset. “What?!” she all but shouts at you.

You simply gesture in Reimu’s direction. Mokou turns and looks at Reimu before she makes the connection.

“OH! Oh. Oh. . . Right. . .” Mokou turns back to face you. It seems that there’s more that she wants to say to you, when she has the chance. The two of you stand there in silence for a moment before Mokou speaks.

“So,” Mokou jabs the knife in the general direction of Reimu, “What do we do with her?”

[ ] Help her home.
[ ] Take her back to your place.
[ ] Have Mokou take her home.
[ ] Take her to the school infirmary.
[ ] Take her to the school infirmary.
[ ] Better come up with a good story, too.

The most neutral path.
[X] Help her home.
[X] Leave her there. You have more important things to worry about.
[x] Sex Mokou, make Reimu watch.
File 122509135335.jpg - (177.49KB, 423x500 , 322e71f4672ea36e0799d4fc1094ac63.jpg) [iqdb]
[\!/] Take her to the school infirmary.

Help her, Eirin~
[x] Talk to Reimu.
[x] "Oi! Are you ok enough to get home yourself? ...Uh ...Twitch once for yes and ...oh forget it."
[x] Take her to the school infirmary.
[x] Better come up with a good story, too.
[x] Take her to the school infirmary.
[x] Better come up with a good story, too.
[x] Take her to the school infirmary.
[x] Better come up with a good story, too.
[ ] Rape her while Mokou holds her down.

[x] Take her to the school infirmary.
[x] Better come up with a good story, too.
[x] Take her to the school infirmary.
[x] Better come up with a good story, too.
[x] Take her to the school infirmary.
[x] Better come up with a good story, too.

That's a lot of bad looking ideas in those options.
Perhaps I'm just bad at it, but I don't exactly know how to come up with a good story for a girl who's drunk in school that just tried to rape me and is now horribly traumatized.
That is Kira's problem.
See, now we'll get "[ ] Write-in" as the option when we have to explain this to Eirin.

Simple. Tell Eirin exactly that, minus the raep.
[ ] Take her back to your place.

Reimu route, go.
[x] Take her to the school infirmary.
[x] Better come up with a good story, too.

I don't quite think that would work out how you imagine it would work out.
[x] Take her back to your place.
[x] Better come up with a good story, too.

Raep her with little sisters help

So what, I just want to take her home~
“I suppose the best option would be to take her to the school infirmary. She could probably sleep this off overnight, or something.” You venture.

“N-NO!” Reimu cries from the corner, fear evident on her face. “I CAN’T STAY HERE!” Visibly agitated, Reimu crawls across the floor and tries to cling to your pants leg
“You can’t leave me here!” She pleads up at you. “The. . . The school is haunted! I. . .” Reimu looks as if she’s about to cry again.

“Heh. Let’s just dump the bitch in the infirmary and then go. . . Ah damn, wait. The nurse leaves early on Tuesdays. The Infirmary’ll be locked up tight as a drum.” Mokou shakes her head. “I really don’t want to have to explain breaking into the nurses office either.”

Mokou seems to take notice of Reimu trying to cling to your pants leg. “BAH! GET OFF OF HIM!”

Reimu flinches and flees back to her corner. You sigh again. This isn’t going how you expected it to.

[ ] Maybe you should just take her home with you.
[ ] Just send her back to her own house.
[ ] Mokou needs to take her home.
[ ] Phone a Friend.
Also, off to work for several hours. Back later in the afternoon.
[x] Maybe you should just take her home with you.

[x] Maybe you should just take her home with you.

We can take her home and treat her like a pet.
[x] Maybe you should just take her home with you.
[x] Maybe you should just take her home with you.
May be onto something...
[x] Just send her back to her own house.
Our family doesn't need the extra drama on top of, you know, a missing parental figure and distressed children; there'd be no easy way to explain what's going on with her to the others; and, we'd probably lose Mokou's support somewhere along the way since she is reacting far worse towards Reimu than she was Kaguya. Need I mention that she just helped save us from falling off the roof AND has been supporting us despite our amnesia from the get-go.
Anyway, like or not, she's going to have to go home sooner or later.

And sending her home is asking for trouble from her mother.

Goddamnit, why is there so much Gasoline on every bridge? I don't want to burn any of them!
[x] Maybe you should just take her to Keine's.

Keine will do what's right; this is the woman who took in Mokou out of compassion. Who Reimu needs right now is a sympathetic authority figure: Not you, not Mokou, not the police, and certainly not her mother.

>and, we'd probably lose Mokou's support somewhere along the way since she is reacting far worse towards Reimu than she was Kaguya

And that is something we will have to work on. As well as her explosive jealousy toward Kaguya.

>Need I mention that she just helped save us from falling off the roof

Yeah, but so did Reimu.
[✗] Mokou needs to take her home.
[ ] Maybe you should just take her home with you.
Problems: Marisa is gone, but Kourin and even the sisters know about the problems between Reimu and us. Plus, bringing ANY girl in her condition home isn't a good idea. We'd have to somehow hide Reimu, keep her overnight most likely, and bring her to school without anyone knowing to avoid damaging her reputation and all, which would definitely give her mother issues (what day of the week is it? Did we have a sunday? I can't remember)

[ ] Just send her back to her own house.
Mother Reimu would be simply delighted to see her drunk daughter, don't you think? Of course, if we don't send her home she'll have to give her some story about where she is

[ ] Mokou needs to take her home.
Ahahahahahahahahahaha NO.
Keine is a better choice, but I'd prefer to keep Mokou away from Reimu.

[ ] Phone a Friend.
Phone who? Even without our memory loss, who could help her? We haven't seen Reimu have any real friends. Mokou has her own option. So who's left? Is there anyone that could be trusted with a girl in her state, and won't try to use the information of her being drunk as blackmail or anything? Patchouli or the others from the occult club would probably be the choice here, although I honestly can't remember if they had issues with Reimu.

Thus I say taking her home is the best option. I already voted, however.
Maybe, but we shouldn't take her to our home - just what we need: a clingy distraction - and there really doesn't seem like there is anyone we personally can call about this (Mokou maybe, but not our list of post-amnesiac contacts).

I don't want us to ask Mokou to drag her home (from the implication, it sounds, by herself). Most likely Reimu won't want to go home either. There's a chance that only either us or Mokou will be the only one taking Reimu home if we do - Mokou rejecting the idea and stalking off in a huff ... - but there's not much we can do with this option.
>Maybe, but we shouldn't take her to our home

Completely true, even for people itching for a Reimu route. However, sending her home is pretty equally bad. Her mother doesn't seem to like us, and it's just asking for trouble.

>there's not much we can do with this option.

And that's pretty much the end of it there.
No one to call, No place to bring her, No wish to impose on Mokou. We're playing rigged minesweeper.
Every path leads to pain. We could probably pull off getting Mokou to let Reimu stay with her and Keine, provided we make some REALLY fucking good arguments. Maybe if we point out how our situation at home really sucks and bringing drunk Reimu into that would be like lighting a match in a room full of black powder. Also, having seen how Reimu Sr is, sending her back home would be a fate we wouldn't wish on anyone, not even a bitch like her. Speaking of bitches, point out that by helping Reimu out when she really needs it would hopefully prevent her from being such a bitch in the future. If none of that works then I suggest calling Patchy, so at least we can find out what that note said.
Something needs to be done, or else this vote is going to be consumed by people who voted with their pants (Reimu do not make good pets, they can not be house broken). I voted already ...
File 122512996187.png - (845.35KB, 400x3260 , 1222637856902.png) [iqdb]
>Reimu do not make good pets

>>64467 and >>64515 here
I voted for our home, without thinking with my pants (despite the pet joke). I don't want a Reimu route, I just wanna help a girl in need. I honestly think that taking her to our house is the best option if we want to help her. Yes it has it's problems, and I'm sure we'll have to hide her at least from Kourin if not also our sisters, but everything else has WORSE problems.
>We could probably pull off getting Mokou to let Reimu stay with her and Keine, provided we make some REALLY fucking good arguments.

It's Keine's house. Mokou only lives there by Keine's goodwill. If we bring Reimu to her and explain how she needs help, Keine will bend over backwards to help her out, including making damn certain that Mokou keeps her hands off of her.

Then we take Mokou out on a date to make her forget all of this, and check Yuka's flower shop under the pretenses of buying Keine some flowers as a thank you.
[x] Maybe you should just take her home with you.

In a fucked up situation this is probably the least fucked up choice.
The major problems with this is that, shortly, her mother is going to catch up to Reimu anyway and that will directly involve either Rinnosuke or Keine. Moreover, Keine may allow it for just one night but might also turn this around and do the responsible thing of getting her to return to Hakurei Sr..

Kira CYOA vision:
>>[ ] Maybe you should just take her home with you.
Perhaps safest in the short run, but also the most involving situation for the long run, if we survive that far. Reimu subplot? possibly; wrecking current ties to others? possibly.
>>[x] Just send her back to her own house.
Yes, trust the person who just tried to kill themselves and is currently huddled shivering in the corner to find their way back to a stressful home safely. This is the least crippling option for us, but it just accelerates Reimu's degradation as, again, we're just dismissing her. Worst case scenario - we never see her again ... AND, as the last person to have been seen with her, WE are blamed. Don't lose focus on what we are doing though.
>>[ ] Mokou needs to take her home.
Obviously, we can't take her home anymore--just Mokou can. It make sense given the previous option was to dump her off - out of sight, out of mind. Definitely a wild card that will hurt us, but not in a known way.
>>[ ] Phone a Friend.
Who are we supposed to call? and where are we supposed to get this mystery phone reception?

We should have just taken her home ourselves when we had the option.
> trust the person who just tried to kill themselves
Did I miss something?

>Moreover, Keine may allow it for just one night
Why are you assuming that Reimu would be with whoever she stays with for more than one night? I was under the impression that she is a wreck right now and can't go home, if only because she is drunk and has an overly strict mother. A single night at Keine's or at our home (hidden or not) shouldn't be much of an issue for the host, and a convincing story should make Reimu Sr. not question her daughter not sleeping at home for a single night.
>Moreover, Keine may allow it for just one night but might also turn this around and do the responsible thing of getting her to return to Hakurei Sr.

Keine would be aware of how bad an idea that would be. That's not the "responsible" thing, that's that "I want to wash my hands of this" thing, and Keine isn't like that.

[x] Phone a Friend. (Keine)

She'll have a car and be able to pick us up at the least Reimu. She needs to be supervised for the time being, and Keine is the most appropriate person to do so at this juncture
Pardon. I'm frequently switching between different instances of Notepad and the browser and that sentence is broken. Change "the person who just tried to kill themselves(sic)" to "Reimu" and ignore "to a stressful."
Then we should agree on something before this thread vanishes from the front page and we end up with the burden of bringing Reimu home when we need to focus on the little sisters (if we have the option). We haven't even yet been able to ask Mystia whether she's okay.

>>[ ] Phone a Friend. (Keine)
>>[ ] Just send her back to her own house.
>>[ ] Phone a Friend. (Keine)
>>[ ] Maybe you should just take her home with you.
Fixed. Hasn't EVERYONE said that sending her to her home is a VERY BAD IDEA?
I shouldn't be doing this, but...

[x] Take Reimu to a hotel.

Oh ho, why not add fuel to the fire.
[X] Help Reimu calm down, get her coffee or any other alcohol-negating drink, and then ask her where would she preffer to go.
Simple, effective, and considerate all at the same time.

[x] Take Reimu to a hotel.

Sure, why not?
When options are already terrible, it couldn't do any harm I suppose.
>get her coffee or any other alcohol-negating drink

>ask her where would she preffer to go
Not too bad an idea, I suppose. She might even give us another idea besides our house/Keine
>get her coffee or any other alcohol-negating drink
I actually think this is not such a bad idea, might get a more rational response after that.

I'll go with-
[X] Help Reimu calm down, get her coffee or any other alcohol-negating drink, and then ask her where would she preffer to go.
Simple, effective, and considerate all at the same time.
>I actually think this is not such a bad idea
Drinking coffee won't actually make you more sober. Not according to every conscientous-drinking propaganda video I've seen.
>get her coffee or any other alcohol-negating drink

Alcohol doesn't work that way, You actually need to get it out of your bloodstream. All Coffee does is soften the blow to your liver and make you need to piss, which will clear out the alcohol your body has already dealt with.
Unless you're willing to wait five or six hours and let her use the ladies' room many times. In which case, she'll be slightly more sober, but entering a hangover due to heavy water loss. That's assuming she doesn't just plain fall asleep on you.
Meh, well, i don't drink (and no, i'm not underage....) so all my expirience with that stuff is mostly what i see on tv.
Anyway, doing it will have -some- positive effect eventually, no?
Best you can get out of it is the psychological implication of trying to help the other. It won't actually do anything to sober her up, but it might put her more at ease. Or totally fuck her up because wants us to hate her. I'm not getting into that because I know jack shit about how to handle women.

>and no, i'm not underage
Why the hell haven't you seen the same safe drinking crap as me then?

About the same positive effect as taking a vitamin supplement for no reason.
[X] Maybe you should just take her home with you.
[ ] Phone a Friend. (Keine)

Mouku ain't gonna like this, but I'm sure that she's capable of feeling compassion for anyone. Even Reimu.
You gonna get taken home's won. Class here shortly, Some writing has been done and will be finished up when I get back from class.
>Alcohol doesn't work that way, You actually need to get it out of your bloodstream. All Coffee does is soften the blow to your liver and make you need to piss, which will clear out the alcohol your body has already dealt with.
>Unless you're willing to wait five or six hours and let her use the ladies' room many times. In which case, she'll be slightly more sober, but entering a hangover due to heavy water loss. That's assuming she doesn't just plain fall asleep on you.

The water in the coffee more than compensates for that which is lost from its diuretic action. It doesn't mitigate the liver load; they're both metabolized by different enzymes. Hangover is a more complex issue than simple dehydration, and has more to do with the systemic buildup of acetaldehyde.

Caffeine, rehydration, aspirin, and re-dosing small amounts of alcohol ("hair of the dog") all have been proven to palliate hangover symptoms, but none of them are wholly effective.

Caffeine does restore lost alertness from drinking alcohol, but has no effect on the cognitive slowing and impaired sensorimotor coordination.

There are metastudies on this, and I've recently seen an OTC caffeine/aspirin combination drug that is FDA approved to treat hangover symptoms.

Isn't that one of the big ones that slows down alcohol processing? Riddle me how the hell that works...

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