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I know you've been waiting a while, and I felt bad about not being able to update this week. Please accept this first brick while I return to the half filled wall.


I’ve had enough of this. Keine opened her heart to me barely two weeks ago in the hopes of not suffering the isolation and loneliness of this curse, and now she tries to shove me away. I can’t image what it must have been like for her all these years, repeatedly spending terrifying sleepless nights surrounded by deadly youkai or worse, but I won’t let another one come. We all have hidden sides of ourselves, gallant or devious, and this is one she has no choice by to bear. It is a cruel shawl that covers her, shackled to the shining of the moon and painfully pulled forth by wax and wane. But while wild and strange, it is still a part of her; it is another aspect of Keine Kamishirasawa.

With a sigh I reach to the unceremoniously discarded headwear lying not a meter away. The polished wood feels cold and inert in my hands. This lifeless remnant, now a cosmetic shell, is the only emblem left of a woman whose soul was forced into the open.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

The red silk ribbon practically unties itself as I unknot it. She really does like wearing these, be it on shoes, hat, or blouse. It gives a nice feminine touch. In a way she feels…incomplete without it. Quickly I begin to wrap it around her left horn before she stirs with surprise.

“What are yo-,” she angrily demands before I interrupt her with my own now unnatural voice.

“Hold still for a moment.” I command. I half expect her to pull away from me, but she doesn’t. After a few seconds more of weaving and tying, its finished.

“There, done.” Returning to a gentler but still stern tone, I coax her up to me. “Keine, please get up. Look at me.”

Slowly the beast rises from the earth and turns to me with irritated confusion. Absentmindedly, she reaches up to the feel the ribbon, which now shines even brighter and more vibrantly than before. With pure bewilderment she opens her mouth to speak, but says nothing. Smiling, I return the box to its owner.

“Keine, you are still the same kind beautiful woman whom the entire village loves, even if your appearance is a little different. I’m not going to let you do this to yourself anymore. You aren’t frightening and shouldn’t have to hide this. And even if you were…,” say as I place my hands on hers, “…then we’d be monsters together.”

The air goes still and silent as we just kneel there, gazing at each other. She remains quiet, while the white moon shimmers and reflects off the tears that once against welling up around the red orbs of her eyes. The look of wonderment on her face fades to worried relief as she bursts into another around of sobs and throws her arms around me. Without reserve she cries like a child against my chest…

…for about 5 seconds.

Before I realize or can react to it, she throws me down with surprising strength. With a heavy thud I fall onto grass and leaves as she pounces onto me.

“Keine what are you-,” I protest before a pair of lush lips forcefully press into mine. A hot wet tongue slips forward between them to rub against my own. Sharp nails begin to dig into my shoulders as her weight shifts, grinding herself into me. Untamed lust ravenous ruby eyes flood my vision before disappearing under pale skin and long green tinted ‘lashes.

[ ] Push her away.
[ ] Roll over and pin her down.
[ ] Don't resist.
[ ] Sexy write-in.
[ x ] Roll over and pin her down.
[ x ] Roll over and pin her down.

>[ ] Roll over and pin her down.

Don't bother: EX-Keine is always on top.

[x] Don't resist.

You'll have fair turnabout when she's back in her regular form and self-conscious over her earlier sexual aggressiveness.
[x] Don't resist.
But we are fucking MANNOSUKE! Are you saying we should "take it like a man?"

EX-Keine vs Mannosuke.Who will emerge dominate?!
[ x ] Roll over and pin her down.
[x] Don't resist.
[X] Roll over and pin her down.

We said "we'd be monsters together" and that's just what we're going to be, damn it! To be more specific, we're going for "the Beast With Two Backs".
[X] "Feeling horny, huh?"
File 122438083583.jpg - (110.13KB, 746x626 , 0454d973ae09d257f64fc29c69d63240.jpg) [iqdb]

just one more update!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[x] Don't resist.

Not really feeling the "MANNOSUKE" vibes here.
[X] Roll over and pin her down.
[x] Don't resist.
Let's be a gentleman here.
File 122438568388.jpg - (434.11KB, 1048x1500 , longhorn.jpg) [iqdb]
Found this. Had to post it.
[X] Roll over and pin her down.

No. We get to be on top.
[Meh] Don't resist.
Let her have her way of things.
gb2/hotpod farm/ old geezer.
[x] Don't resist, but don't be entirely passive.
[X] Roll over and pin her down.
[X] Roll over and pin her down.

Are you a man or aren't you, Rinnosuke?
[x] Don't resist, but don't be entirely passive.

Sounds good to me.

This man is wise. I support his reasoning.

[ODIN] Don't resist.
[x] Don't resist.

ITT power issues
[x] Don't resist.
[x] Cover your ass.
Why is nobody willing to do the


Because for Anon, H scenes are srs bsns.

And just how are we supposed to do a H-Scene without using our equipment?

>And just how are we supposed to do a H-Scene without using tired memes?
Read >>62698 . Sexy Beam just doesn't fit with the mood.
[x] Don't resist

I think this is implied.
[X] Roll over and pin her down.

[x] Roll over and pin her down.

Delicious werecow.
[x] Resist just enough for her to get forceful; you like it rough.
File 122451367194.gif - (67.68KB, 400x267 , SMPredatorannihilator_150_100.gif) [iqdb]
[x] Flip her over
[x] Attack her weak point for massive damage
RoTS features real time disrobing.

Looks like we get to play the hybrid action game again. That's fine though, it will work out well. No ETA, sorry.
File 12246592029.jpg - (63.58KB, 600x800 , 53bb1ed005c8514c20012b421ff45ec7.jpg) [iqdb]
The beast’s abnormally long nails painfully cut my skin as she pulls and tears the robe from my shoulders. Her tongue continues to explore my mouth, lunging back and forth with a blind search. I doubt I have the will to resist from doing to same much longer. Desperate and a little remorseful my hands move between us as I shove her up, half suspending her.

“Keine stop what are y-“

She breaks my chance to speak by simply flipping my arms away as if they were nothing but air, before pinning them to the ground. She falls onto me again, weight shifted little lower now. Jolts of pain and pleasure shoot through me as she begins to lightly bite and nip my chest. Half sharp teeth move up to one of my shoulder and slide along it to my ears, tasting and teasing me.

This is crazy.

Straining my legs and back I shove my waist up and push with one arm, throwing her weight to the side. In a clumsy stumble I manage to flip her over, our positions now reversed. It takes all my strength just to keep her hands on the ground as I straddle her.

“Keine, what has gotten into you?” I demand.

She twists and struggles like a bound animal, trying to toss her body erratically from side to side. Her head lolls around dumbly, horn tips scraping up dirt, as she speaks dreamily.

“It’s…*pant*……overpowering …take me… I want it… *pant*… I need it. I need you.”

“You aren’t in your right mind. This is-“

“NO!” She shouts frantically at me. Keine closes her eyes and clenches her teeth, her face squinting in concentration. Her words become heavy and are agonizingly forced out between gasps for air. Red eyes appear again, but sharp and clear this time.

“No… Rinnosuke….you…are the only person who……who’s made me happy… in this… form…only one who… accepts me…Please… just let me have this…this moment… make love to me…please… let me be a woman tonight.” Her eyes well up with tears of intense emotion again which glide down the sides of her rosy. “Please,” she pleads again, eyes losing their focus. The words fall to short soft whispers. “It hurts…I’m…going…mad…I.” The heat of her body grows again, intensifying. I can barely make out her last words as they fade into struggles for breath. “Need…you…”

Her words…her body…I…start to feel lightheaded. Something suddenly tightens in my chest, a horrible unfathomable longing that’s been deep inside... This heat…the savage atmosphere…is it infectious? Each heartbeat hits my brain like a hammer stroke. Everything grows vivid again, like when Marisa was falling. Her soft delicate skin in my grip; the fabric straining as her buxom chest rises and falls with each inhalation; the scent of her perfume and sweat mixed with an organic musk of the forest; the sight of Keine, this nymph-beast, begging for me to take her… writhing in passion…it’s too much…it’s…

My muscles shake furiously in a shudder with abrupt power. Heat...all through me. An unquenchable burning desire...Keine…I want her to be happy. I want her to cry out in pleasure. I want to fill her. I want to

[ ] Embrace this strength and make it my own.
[ ] Decline this lunacy.
[x] Decline this lunacy.

Such tomfoolery.
[x] Embrace this strength and make it my own.
{X} Embrace this strength and make it my own.

[x] Hit it so hard, the next person who pulls you out of her will be crowned the motherfucking King of England.
[ODIN] Hit it so hard, the next person who pulls you out of her will be crowned the motherfucking King of England.

[x] Hit it so hard, the next person who pulls you out of her will be crowned the motherfucking King of England.
[x] Hit it so hard, the next person who pulls you out of her will be crowned the motherfucking King of England.

hahaha holy shit
File 122466743733.jpg - (165.22KB, 600x600 , 1206367979098.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Hit it so hard, the next person who pulls you out of her will be crowned the motherfucking King of England.
[x] Decline this lunacy.

Futile blueballs vote~

I see what you did there.

But really:

[x] Hit it so hard, the next person who pulls you out of her will be crowned the motherfucking King of England.
[X] Hit it so hard, the next person who pulls you out of her will be crowned the motherfucking King of England.

Hahaha, oh yes this will be great.
[X] Hit it so hard, the next person who pulls you out of her will be crowned the motherfucking King of England.

>down the sides of her rosy.

Whoops. We'll fix it in editing.

[some kind of crown ASCII character thing that probably exists but I can't be assed to go look for it] Hit it so hard, the next person who pulls you out of her will yadda yadda it's already won anyway.
I just came to a realizeation.

Written by Dr Doujin, infamous porn writer.

Main character is Rinnosuke, infamously the only male touhou.

This is going to be Mannousuke's sexy adventures in Gensokyo, isn't it?

On the contrary. The main character is not Rinnosuke but someone pretending to be Rinnosuke as to not disrupt the natural balance of this world he's visiting.

I shall call him the Doctor.
[x] Hit it so hard, the next person who pulls you out of her will be crowned the motherfucking King of England.

Fuck Yeah!
File 122469648763.jpg - (31.42KB, 300x468 , DoctorWho.jpg) [iqdb]
I laughed for a good minute straight. Well done, Anon.


Entirely coincidence I assure you. Tune in for the next great update of Rinnosuke Morichika, Pimpin' Through Time.
[x] Decline this lunacy.

And then she rapes us.
[x] Hit it so hard, the next person who pulls you out of her will be crowned the motherfucking King of England.
[Meh] Hit it so hard, the next person who pulls you out of her will be crowned the motherfucking King of England.
[X] Hit it so hard, the next person who pulls you out of her will be dubbed the motherfucking Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Sounds good.
File 122481768632.jpg - (291.12KB, 647x620 , 415d695b6892f413307957b9ae12a0fa.jpg) [iqdb]
Oh noes!
Sorry for the extended absence. Some may have noticed my lack of activity or even presence on the boards and in IRC. I've been rather busy and have writers block, so doing this scene justice has become very troublesome. I may have to go on a small hiatus until things settle down. Again, I apologize to you.
That's okay Doujin! Just take it easy, things will work out eventually.
File 12257301375.jpg - (510.14KB, 1131x1600 , 1224976281352.jpg) [iqdb]
Stupid sexy Rinnosuke...

Moe Rinnosuke > Mannosuke
Doujin! Update you faggot!
Believe it or not, I've been working on it pretty hard, but I've got writer's block something terrible. If you don't want the H to be skipped, and can't wait for it to be written, I could post the first 2 pages and make it a segmented interactive H (might lose its effect though).

You are weak. Grow a pair and move on!
Now this reminds me of the Touhou Game that you said you are making.
Give us a status report. But in a new Thread. I am quite curiouse and haven't heard about it in a while.

I second that motion, I'm curious too.

Just finish it.


Oh man, I laughed IRL. Good show, bro, good show.
But i am serious
Ok stop. The last thread was full of YAF trolling and dirtying it, I don't want this one to be so as well.

Please visit #TouhouVN on RIZON in IRC if you are curious. (that means you Scorn)

Then update.

>Please visit #TouhouVN on RIZON in IRC if you are curious. (that means you Scorn)
>visit #TouhouVN on RIZON in IRC if you are curious.
>#TouhouVN on RIZON in IRC.

Look, not all of us want to go there due to various reasons.
I am one of them. I asked a serious question and it's not my fault that YAF trolls all the time.

A long time ago you did update on what is happening with the Touhou VN, but you stopped that already, so i was curious IF you are still working on it or if you stopped it.
I hope that you will make a new Thread and tell us what is going on with it without me having to go there.
Yes we have been working on the VN, but its sadly slowed down to a dragging pace. The end of summer and return of real life has hindered many people, and that's been seen both on THP and on the VN. I will be honest and say things don't look great right now, but we don't plan on ending the project. http://z4.invisionfree.com/touhouvn/index.php?act=idxv

Sorry, I thought you were trolling.
Well, that sucks. Strangly enough there are many talented writers here, god knows why, and it would be a shame to let this go to waste.

Was one of the few who were looking forward to it.

It probably slowed because I stopped writing the scenes to let others 'catch up'. If I went back to it, I'd probably end up writing the entire demo save for a few scenes that were already finished.
Update coming, thanks to the editing and encouragement from Scorn, Ataisai, and everyone in #TouhouVN. May not be exactly what I envisioned, but it works and I really want to continue the story so here we go.
File 122652528080.jpg - (283.10KB, 700x770 , 4488caaa5167867486a28ea88c43060f.jpg) [iqdb]
I want Keine to be mine. I want all of her. I want to fall into her and melt until there is nothing left of either of us.

Without thinking I let go of her limbs and slip my hands around Keine tightly, feeling her struggle. She returns the gesture twofold; wrapping her arms and legs around me in a defiant refusal to let go. I start to lose myself as we kiss deeply and furiously, crashing our lips crash together in a battle for dominance. Saliva pours back and forth as our tongues massage each other by gliding around to out outflank and pin down our opponent. Even the very air in our lungs burns in demand for victory. As we fight I find myself relishing the wild delectable taste of my adversary. Her passion and resistance is tremendous, fueling my desire to win and magnifying the unrelenting voice in my mind which demands for more.

Suddenly the tides of battle turn as I’m once again flipped over onto my back and bound at the hips. If Keine was heavier the position might be painful, since she is nearly resting on my groin. Looking up I see her loom above me, red eyes wild and bright against the dark sky above. Violently she tears away my waist pouch and rips open my robes. I shiver slightly as the cool night air rushes against my bare chest. Keine’s panting grows heavier in excitement as she triumphantly indulges the sight of me half naked; her sharp lust filled eyes never cease their predatory gaze. An enticing tongue slides over her lips, wetting them in savory anticipation.

I am her prey. That thought makes me tingle with dread and exhilaration.

My captor reaches up to her bosom, slowly pulling away the ribbon which holders her chest tightly bound. It flutters to the ground while Keine’s arms seductively glide across each other under her incredible bust. She tugs at the dress sleeves, causing them to slip from her shoulders and leisurely slide down her arms. Keine’s surreally pale skin glows under the moonlight, emphasizing her elegant neck and collarbone. Finally the strained fabric rolls away, releasing their hold on two bountiful pink tipped mounds. Keine’s spectacular breasts rise and fall with each ragged breath. The magnificent sight draws me in. Unable to resist, I defiantly sit up to grab them and appreciate their incredible texture. God, they’re so amazingly soft supple. She lets out a loud gasp and moans happily as I squeeze and suck her nipples. Firmly fitted between my teeth, I softly nibble while exploring the sensitive knob with my tongue. Keine frees her arms brings them around to my cradle my head against her, running her fingers through my hair. After a moment I move to the other nipple, biting it hard and squeezing my grip tighter. She howls and jerks her body, clenching my hair in her fists. Her reactions are driving me crazy. After she can take no more, she shoves me back down to the earth and angrily bites her lips.

Keine leans forward to place a hand on my chest, shifting her weight into it as she lifts herself up slightly. The other hand slips down underneath her flowing green and white gown. The chilly air suddenly becomes much more noticeable as I can feel myself being undressed. Something soft brushes back and forth against my legs and feet, tickling them. Involuntarily I jerk in surprise as a hand gently slips into my fundoshi to fondle my manhood. Her cautious fingers play up and down my shaft, sending shivers of pleasure. After a few passes, Keine moves to reach away and with a sudden flick of her wrist cuts the rolled cloth of my underwear away. Her frighteningly sharp nails just tore through the last barrier between us. Without a word she firmly grips my penis and raises it upwards as and begins to slowly lower herself down onto me.

Then I feel it. The warm wet brush against the tip of my member lets me know that foreplay is over; she won’t wait any longer. A look of maddening pleasure and pain appears on Keine’s face again as the slit of her pussy rubs around against me before finally being spread apart and enveloping me. She gasps loudly as she slowly descends, inch by inch. Deeper into Keine I sink as her tight wet walls squeeze all around me. At last the drop ends as Keine takes all of me in and shifts all her weight onto my waist.


A deep bellow that grows into a seductive growl rushes out through her parted lips as she throws her head back in delight. My burning desire to take control yearns for release, but the sight is too much. Awestruck, I lie there, and behold the horned woman who begged me to fill her. Long, silver-and-green hair drapes forward like a thin veil, half covering her hungry eyes, swaying gracefully back and forth like the gentle waves upon a sandy shore. She rolls her head in circles, causing the shimmering curtain flutter like in a breeze. The pale moon glistens upon the beads of sweat covering her soft, porcelain skin.

In what seems like slow motion, Keine pushes her knees against the ground, and lifts herself up away from me. The hot embrace of her pussy recedes as she ascends, coming up to the tip of my shaft before giving into gravity, and crashing down onto me once more. She cries out, again and again, as the process is repeated; slowly at first, but gradually growing faster. Up and down. In and out. Her body acts as though it wishes escape from being impaled upon me; flying up, only to weaken at the apex of its climb, and plummet down, into ecstasy. Slowly, subtly, her movements change.

I gape as Keine arches her back, heaving her breasts up into the air. The forward momentum continues through her body like a propagating wave. It slides down from her generous bosom, to her tight stomach, before finally reaching her round hips, forcefully sliding them into me. It almost hurts as she uses the force to grind against me, but I can't deny that the sight excites me. Every time she falls, the wave crashes harder. The gyrations continue as her moans grow louder and her pussy grips me tighter. Agony and delight mix, drugging my brain with confusing sensations. After a while, her movements start to shift around almost erratically. Fast and slow. Back and forth. Side to side. I can no longer tell if her clumsy motions are intentional, or if she has given into pure animal instinct, but she manages to stimulate every part of me without causing numbness. It sends tingling jolts and cascading heat through my body. I can't resist anymore. Synchronizing with her movements as she crashes down onto me, I force my waist up, and thrust into her.
File 122652539440.jpg - (186.90KB, 471x700 , 1212025786863.jpg) [iqdb]
"Ah aaAAAA" she cries out and gasps for air as I continue. I reach out to her beautiful curved hips and shove them against me mercilessly. She screams louder and rises for another plummet of wonderful passion. Again I pull us together, ramming into her with all my strength as my hips fire up and legs strain against the ground. The pounding shakes her to the core, as she weakens and falls towards me. Instinctively she throws her hands out to my chest for support, before digging her nails into my skin with each thrust. The sting only serves to fuels my fury as I increase the pace. Finally her eyes open to reveal dull unfocused orbs which roll into the back of her head in ecstasy. Her mouth hangs open dumbly as hot saliva slowly flows down her mouth and drips onto her heaving breasts.

"Aaa aaa aaAAaaa~ yes Ri ri- ri- ri- ri- ri-." Her words skip like a record as her mind fails while each thrust breaks her concentration, purging it with pleasure so much the she can only utter the first syllable of my name. I ignore the pain in my back and legs and continue to buck to send my engorged dick into her with all my might. Keine flails her arms around as her yells grow shorter and more intense.

“Hauh hauh yes yes oOOo yes oh god yes I- I- I-." Kiene's head flies back as she screams to me while her pussy constricts around my throbbing member. "yyeeEEEsss Rinnosuke, fill meeEEEE." She demands as I nearly come just hearing her voice.

"aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA" Keine howls as she orgasms and writhes madly, her tight walls squeezing almost painfully around me in pulsating bursts. Everything surges forth as I plow into her with all my strength and let loose my essence, shooting a flood of semen into her throbbing gap and hungry womb.

Keine flops down onto me, limp and heaving. But I'm not done yet. No, it takes a beast to awaken a beast, and I realize I'm still amazingly hard. She must take responsibility for her actions. Keine doesn't even resist as I roll and flip her over. A few leaves stick to her sweat covered back and in her hair, giving her an even sexier wild look. However, that doesn't concern me too much. I finally notice the other end of her transformation. Just above her coccyx, long, fluffy green hair emerges in a pony tail. A tail. She has a tail. I feel like I should be shocked, but I've suspended disbelief long ago. Like the horns, I simply accept them as a feature, not a flaw, and move on. Curiously, I run my hand through the tresses. Her tail feels so good, like the finest silk or the softest of pillows.

Keine’s upper body remains prone on the ground as I pick her up by the thighs and slip into her still throbbing pussy. She lets out a feeble plead and clumsily tries to steady her knees on the ground, pushing her ass into me. Weakly she attempts to lift herself up by the arms only to have them buckle under the force of my blows. Keine’s chest topples limply back to the ground, causing her huge breasts to jiggle as they are pressed down and spill out over the leaves. Her heads lies dumbly to the side on the grass, showing a fittingly lewd expression as one of her horns digs into the dirt. The way she is positioned, like a female animal in heat presenting herself to a male, is disturbingly erotic. It’s like she’s bowing down to me, begging me to ravage her. The salaciousness of her submissively bent backside sliding down from her wide fertile hips… how her long elegant hands scrape and tear up firsts of grass in a desperate attempt for support…god what an incredible sight.

“Aaah yaaah aaah.” Keine moans with every thrust. Her body quivers each time I plunge into her, driving myself into her tight pussy as hard as possible from behind. Her beautiful shapely ass slaps into my abdomen each time, shaking it erotically. Frantically her green tail swishes around before I grab. She lets out a low restless growl out as I run my fingers forcefully through the base where it connects to her rear. Gently at first I tug the hair. Her butt to rise even higher, allowing me to slide in deeper. Gingerly I reach out and take a lock of the hair from her head and pull them back like horse reins. Her loud cries and gasps echo in my ears like a beautiful symphony and I orchestrate another climax for the both of us


Keine’s lips stay firmly wrapped around my cock as she runs up and down its length. I shudder at the sensations as teeth and tongue dance along my shaft. Over and over she slides back and forth, rubbing my balls in one hand and finger herself with the other. Her upward turned eyes stare at me, wide and begging for her to taste my essence. Her tattered grasps for air ring out over the wet slopping, but I can’t tell anymore if she really needs to breath or if she is just so turned on. My hands running through her hair eventually grab a hold of the horns, massaging the base where it connects to her skull. She rolls her eyes and lets out a long moan, her muffled voice vibrating my entire dick in an incredible hum. It’s too much. The pressure builds as I strain to hold it for as long as possible. Keine senses my tension and reaches her hands around to my ass and grabs it, pulling me forward into her. I feel her throat wrapping around me, the muscles constricting and quaking furiously. I can’t take it anymore. In a loud cry I grab her horns with all my might and pull them towards my jerking waist as I fill her throat with my seed.

She coughs for a minute before staring up at me with red angry eyes. In a blur she springs up and pounces upon me, knocked me back painfully to the ground. Her knees fall hard upon my arms and anchor them to the ground as she squats over me. Keine’s dripping wet pussy forcefully presses against my mouth, pouring its juices forth in an attempt to drown me. Still, I accept it all with an overpowering attraction, like an animal to water. Furiously I drink her nectar, trying to quench my thirst for more than just hydration. My tongue roams vigorously inside the warm moist crevice of skin, causing her to quiver as she struggles to not fall.
File 122652563082.jpg - (44.35KB, 473x600 , keine.jpg) [iqdb]

<How long have we been at this?>
I wonder to myself as I slam her into the wide tree again and again, the branches above us shuddering under the throws of our passion. Keine’s legs squeeze tighter around my waist, refusing to let me withdraw completely from her vagina. Her breasts still bounce with each thrust despite being pressed firmed against my chest. I savor being covering it with their delicious warm soft texture while arms and nails once again wrap around my back. I roar with wild delight as the she feverishly bites into my neck and shoulder while I return the favor. I can hardly control myself anymore. Again we climax together as leaves from the shaking tree fall blissfully to the ground.
Keine shudders in climax, throwing her head back with muscles that spasm in ecstasy. We collapse again, Keine looking to me with a silly happy grin, eyes glazed over and unseeing. Seconds later she pulls forward for a kiss grinds herself against my legs. This almost isn’t healthy. Quickly grabbing the canteen from the supplies I managed to spread out, I pin her down and fill my mouth with sweet night chilled water. Her mouth opens wide, inviting me. Our lips meet and the elixir fills her while our tongues slides lovingly against each other. I swear, I could die of thirst from all this.
Over the hours in which we share our bodies and bare our souls, I being to really see Keine. I see the stern but compassionate, always prim and proper, woman showing the lustful beast inside. She releases her inhibitions as we go mad and only care about this feeling, this moment free from the years of turmoil. Her fears and loneliness from her curse no longer exist. This Keine is not the Village’s guardian and schoolteacher. This is someone else who is not shackled by the world’s problems and responsibilities. It must have been a dream for her to have just one beautiful fleeting moment, to relish in pure unimpeded happiness and companionship. Despite her were form, I don’t think I could see her as anything other than a woman. Her transformation doesn’t matter. The only truth in the world is that we are man and woman, and the connection of this night is beautiful.
Finally she climaxes one last time and falls feebly onto me. Her body weakly attempts to buck and grind against me, but there is no energy left. Years of frustration have been worn away. Clumsily she presses her lips into mine as we keep kissing each other, mindlessly caught in the rhythm of it. Gently, I run my hand along her face and close her eyes, cooing gently for rest. It’s the finally straw. She goes limp against me, nuzzling her cheeks against my pecs and moaning softly while her tail weakly swings happily from side to side. Her horns lazily pivot up and down with the rise and fall of my chest. We huddle close under the blankets, this half tamed beast and I.

The endorphin afterglow still hums through my mind and body as calm welcomed sleep envelopes me.
File 122652576127.jpg - (148.27KB, 800x600 , 1220985410387.jpg) [iqdb]
Something stirs me from sleep. I can taste it. The air carries the faint hint of ashes and tension as the lingering heavy atmosphere of conflict wafts by. Distant muffled explosions echo throughout the woods as colorful hues brush their reflections against the scattered clouds above in brief flashes of light. Someone is fighting. My lover next to me snores and stirs for a moment before returning to steady soft breathing.

[ ] Go investigate
[ ] Stay
[ ] Wake Keine up
[ ] Leave her be
[x] Go investigate
[x] Leave her be

Might be dangerous, and if it's Mokou fighting Kaguya as I expect, then Keine will likely involve herself.
[X] Go investigate
[X] Wake Keine up

I think investigating and not waking her up would make it look like she was a one night stand.
[x] Go investigate
[x] Wake Keine up

As dangerous as it is to risk getting Keine involved with Mokou vs Kaguya, I don't want to risk leaving her alone. The whole point of us going with her into the forest was because she wanted someone she could trust and confide in while she was in EX mode. Risking having her wake up alone in a dangerous area while completely defenceless after being fucked silly makes it look like we used and dropped her like a fucking tissue.
[x] Go investigate
[x] Wake Keine up

Yeah, just nail the girl and leave her in the middle of the forest hugging a log. That won't be a bad idea~
[X] Stay
[X] Wake Keine up

Not that I don't think we shouldn't check it out, but there's nothing wrong with letting her be the one to decide whether we do or not, right?
>Risking having her wake up alone in a dangerous area while completely defenceless after being fucked silly makes it look like we used and dropped her like a fucking tissue.

Which is why it must be done.

[x] Go investigate
[x] Leave her be
File 122653052114.gif - (188.66KB, 320x240 , 12207501652.gif) [iqdb]
This was beautiful.

[ODIN] Go investigate
[ODIN] Wake Keine up
[x] Go investigate
[x] Leave her be

I prefer KourinxMarisa, but that was quite good.
[x] Go investigate
[x] Leave her be

Fuck yes Doujin.
[x] Go investigate
[x] Wake Keine up
[x] Go investigate
[x] Wake Keine up
[x] Go investigate
[x] Wake Keine up

[x] Go investigate
[x] Wake Keine up

That was wonderful.

That's the idea. This Keine hasn't met Mokou yet.

[x] Go investigate
[x] Wake Keine up
I don't think it's Mokou vs Kaguya. Kaguya and Eientei are supposed to be sealed until Imperishable Night. It might be Mokou though.
Mokou and Kaguya were killing each other before Imperishable Night though. Either Mokou could somehow enter Eientei while it was sealed or Kaguya went outside.
There's also Moon-bunny to consider.
File 122660224542.jpg - (444.34KB, 524x600 , f8cedb62833787e151b919390bfbef7a.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Go investigate
[x] Wake Keine up
File 12270568546.png - (465.44KB, 600x750 , 1212026339478.png) [iqdb]
Thank you for the compliments.

No doubt, someone is fighting out there. It’d be nice to just ignore it, to stay in this bubble of happiness with my lover until morning, but I can’t. It agitates and steals any real rest as curiosity compelling me to investigate. We both should investigate.

“Keine…Keine~ wake up~…” I call sweetly in a half sing-song voice while tenderly rubbing the back and shoulders of the naked woman next to me.

“mmmm…” Keine sleepily moans in response. Ever so slowly her drowsy lids open to reveal two hazy red eyes. She smiles lazily and pulls herself to my lips. We share a mindless deep kiss once again until her movements drift away and she begins to snore happily in my arms. Gah, why is that so cute?! Her face is so calm… so serenely happy…so different than the intensity it showed tonight. I could watch this expression for hours; it feels like a crime to disturb her slumber. Still, I don’t want to leave her alone right now…not after what we’ve shared. Keine said she becomes incredibly emotional during the full moon, so I imaging the shock of waking up alone would be terrifying. It would be better if we stayed together.

“Keine…wake up….Keine we’ve got to go.” Again I coax her to consciousness, although less delicately this time.

“Wha…?” Keine mumbles and sighs deeply.

“Keine, I think someone is fighting. I smell fire.”

She sniffs the air a few times and frowns. “Bedda not bea dragan,” she slurs groggily and rolls over, slowly wagging her tail in irritation.

It would seem that Keine is not a light sleeper, or maybe she’s just exhausted from our sexcapade. I may have lost track of time, but I’m rather certain we’d been at it for at least a few hours. The shift of the moon and stars in the sky implies we’ve only been resting for one or two, so there’s still a fair amount of time before dawn. Nevertheless, we’ll be stuck here all night if I do something. This isn’t going to be fun, but…

With a burst of resolve I throw the thick blanket away, exposing our bare bodies to the midnight chill. Keine yelps in surprise and scramble for the sheets to once again wrap herself in. Shaking and shivering I leap to my feet and dash around to gather our randomly discarded clothes.

The repercussions of the ‘exercise’ this night come in full force. Muscles scream in fatigue and pain, having been run to their limit hours earlier. The bites, bruises, and cuts my wild companion and I shared in the whirlwind of ecstasy throb menacingly while jolts of pain cause me to wince. I’m really going to pay for this in the morning.

Ignoring the shredded fundoshi, I dash to my robe and pull it around tightly. After countless foot numbing steps, all our wearable or not quite ruined garments are collected. I lay Keine’s dress and socks down next to her. She glares daggers at me before disappearing under the blanket with them. Desperate to stay warm I keep moving, packing away all our supplies. Huh…my glasses lay at my feet. Odd, I don’t remember taking them off. When did that happen?

After a few more minutes, we are finally fully clothed ready to leave. Angry and only half awake; Keine staggers forward and slaps me hard in the arm, leaving a burning sting.

“That’s for being so rough with a lady!” Keine huffs and fumes in irritation. Seconds later she throws her arms around my chest and squeezes tight. “And that’s for being with me…” she follows up in a much softer tone.

I hug her back, enjoying our mutual heat. I feel my mind slip to the center of my body, triggering the tingle which spreads out to my limbs and causes them to lowly levitate from the ground. The air lightly blows past my face as we lift off into the air, Keine shifting her firm grip down to a tender hold on my arm against her breasts. Steadily we head towards the billowing smoke in the distance.

“Keine…is it really ok for us to be flying? Someone might see.” I hate to remind her of our situation, but it’s important if she wishes this form to remain a secret.

“No, this is fine since it’s so late. We’ll never make it there otherwise. Besides,” she snuggles closer and speaks dreamily, “I don’t think anything could bother me right now.” Her peaceful face returns as she closes her eyes and smiles happily.

Over the endless moonlight trees we soar, bringing the column of smoke closer into view. The ground begins the rise and fall gently into small hills and marshes. The trees begin to thin out as well, replaced by innumerable stalks of bamboo.

Something changes. There’s a shift in the air; a pressure not on my body but on my mind. It’s subtle, but I nearly drop our swords and packs from the disorientation. Bamboo extends below us in every direction. Something in the back of my mind stirs, shouting in a muffled voice of alarm.

“Rinnosuke…is something wrong?” Keine looks to me curiously with still droopy lids over her hazy but curious eyes.

[ ] Ask if she knows anything about this area.
[ ] Ignore it, focus on the smoke.
[ ] Ignore it, focus on the smoke.
[x] Ask if she knows anything about this area.

Knowledge, power, half the battle, etc.
[ ] Ignore it, focus on the smoke.

whoa, Doujin updates, i almost gave up on seeing these again!
[X] Ask if she knows anything about this area.
{X} Ask if she knows anything about this area.
File 122713202699.jpg - (424.70KB, 800x700 , 1220930326195.jpg) [iqdb]
“Nothing, just felt a little…weird.” I stumble with an answer, trying to collect my thoughts. “Where are we? All I can see is bamboo.”

Keine becomes more alert as she looks around, quiet in thought for a moment before replying. “We…we must be in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.”

“The what?” I’ve heard of a Bamboo Forest near the Village before, but never called that.

“It’s a sort of legend, though in comparison to other stories its quite young. This forest…its haunted. They stay it traps people inside, moving the ground itself so no one can tell where they are going. Even youkai tend to avoid it, except perhaps the strongest or dumbest. Supposedly there is a vengeful wraith that wanders it and kills anyone who trespasses.” Keine pauses dramatically.

I’m not the sort of person to be frightened by ghost stories, but that feeling I had is making me worry. Still, something seems odd about the story.
“Wait, I’m confused. You said the forest traps people and the wraith kills them. If that’s the case, how did anyone survive to know about it?”

“Well it literally says that ‘in the bamboo exists a creature pale beyond this world, clothes drenched red in the blood of its victims, and a burning hate which consumes all who crosses it’s path.’ That’s why everyone thinks it’s a wraith. In the story a foolish young boy entered and became lost, but felt like something was always watching him. Then he saw the glow of the spirit and hid. After it passed, he carefully followed out of curiosity until it suddenly disappeared into the darkness. The boy ran forward to look where it had gone, and he emerged at the forest with the Village in sight. Frightened, he sprinted home to warn everyone that there was a wraith heading straight for the town to drag someone back to its layer in the Bamboo Forest since it couldn’t find him. A sort of trade if you will. So they call it the Bamboo Forest of the Lost because they believe any who enters will lose their path and then lives of their loved ones or themselves.”

A chill runs down my spine. It’s because of the air! Not because of some haunting story and in a strange place at night! I’m just cold!

Keine giggles. “Rinnosuke, are you scared? It’s just a story. I’m sure the boy was just crying wolf. Besides, we are strong enough to fly, so we won’t get lost.”

“Yeah…” I trail off, even more bothered than before.
File 122713219844.gif - (61.16KB, 950x1320 , 1203316737975.gif) [iqdb]
Eventually we reach the burnt remains of a battlefield. Entire patches of bamboo lay broken or seared amongst the dying firelight. Still, some parts still smolder with flame and billowing smoke. What in the heck happened here?

“We…we should check below,” Keine declares, slightly unnerved and loosening her grip on my arm. “We came all this way…and someone might be hurt.”

“Are you sure? I mean it doesn’t seem very pleasant down there. I’m sorry for waking you up…maybe we shouldn’t have come.”

“No…I have a duty as the Village Protector. We should look.” Keine reaches for her blade and bag with a worried expression, before we slowly drift down to the cinders below.

The air stings my eyes and nose with heat and ash, but the overwhelming leftover atmosphere is worse. The ozone taint of danmaku bullets lingers everywhere, assaulting my senses. But other than that there is nothing here; just burnt bamboo and moss covering the ground. Whatever occurred here is long since over with no sign of the perpetrators…

And then I see it. Through the grey ash and smoke, a pale apparition emerges. Like a shadow the image sways back and forth, inconsistent and ethereal in the haze. Cinders crackle and sputter like footsteps as it draws near. Keine and I freeze in place, silently watching the thing approach. Panic hits me as all I can think about is the story and reach down for my sword.

“Keine, get back! I’ll…” but the words leave my throat as the shroud finally parts, revealing something neither of us were expecting.

She shines brightly in the moonlight, even amongst the rising black clouds. Long silver hair drifts down, impossibly brilliant yet dull at the same time as if neither life nor death could touch it. Pure white skin illuminates like a beacon in the dark, uncharred and unpigmented. But with a horrible clenching of my stomach I finally notice the crimson shade on the albino figure. Nausea surges through my body as the girl stumbles forward again, holding an armful of her entrails which gush with blood onto rose colored pants. Red on white…a perversion of colors which should represent purity... I…I feel sick.

Her deep crimson eyes sweep back and forth uncertainly. Unnatural eyes, like Keine’s. Oh god, Keine!

Hands to her lips, Keine stares at the retched thing with eyes wide in horror. Tears stream down her cheeks as she shakes uncontrollable. “No…no…” she sobs.

I turn back to the disgusting figure. It reaches out with the hand of a teenage girl, pale but normal. Not ghostly hands…not clawed youkai hands. A young woman’s hands. Human hands. She’s…a human…but still alive. This…this is impossible.

The girl opens her mouth to speak, but only a horrible gurgle comes out with a spray of liquid red vomit. With one final step, she tumbles forward and collapses to the ground. Prone on her side, blood and organs spill out and ooze from her opened abdomen. Her outstretched arm never stops reaching for us.

Keine falls to her knees and rocks back and forth in a trance. “No…no…my fault…didn’t protect…villager…oh god help her…no…no…this is a dream…this is a dream…” she chants quickly as she begins to hyperventilate with short sharp breaths. I sink down to hug her, but she doesn’t respond. Keine suddenly feels miles away.

Another gurgled cry rings out from the fallen girl, still alive and weakly writhing on the ash.

[ ] Help the girl.
[ ] Continue to hold Kiene.
[X] Help the girl.
{X} Help the girl.
[X] Help the girl.
[X] Help the girl.
[X] Help the girl.
[X] Help the girl.
[ ] Continue to hold Kiene.

Calm Keine down and she will help Mokou. remember, They need to be the best friends here, not Kourin.
[X] Continue to hold Kiene.

Oh no, no, no.
I've read enough harem manga to know that this is how that shit starts.
First you hold a girl and say some encouraging words, and then suddenly, blam, love triangle! And then the author goes, hey, what's better than a love triangle? Love rectangle! And then on and on and on, with the relationship chart getting more arrows pointing to the protagonist labeled with the word "love" and you wonder when the manga started to suck.

This is when the manga started to suck.

Don't do it.
So, while Keine was actually enjoying herself for the first time in a while, a human was being horribly maimed. That's going to do wonders for her psyche, I'll bet.

But the protagonist isn't Rinnosuke, so yeah!
...what does that have to do with anything? All I ever said was "protagonist", idiot. Learn to read before you start mindlessly spouting memes.
[X] Help the girl.
[X] call out to Keine to help you carry her back to your shop
>[ ]Call out for Tewi.
Then we just have to make sure Keine sticks around long enough for Mokou to regenerate and tell us that this happens to her all the time.
[X] Continue to hold Keine.
[X] Leave Kiene to face the cold night air alone.

Seriously, fuck Kiene. Nobody even invited her.
This man understands.
File 122716610723.png - (370.09KB, 600x850 , 1204325354122.png) [iqdb]
“Keine. KEINE!” I start to lose my nerves and shout, but she still doesn’t answer. Even shaking her doesn’t rouse her from her cradled tormented rock back and forth. Its…its disturbing seeing Keine like this…clutching her bag frantically and chanting. I should help the girl.

Clumsily I stagger over to the pale girl. Her eyes focus on me, becoming sharp and fierce. She open her mouth to speak, but again it is useless as the river of blood cascades from her lips. Instinctively I pull out the first aid kit. This…this won’t work…there is too much blood. How is she still alive? This is impossible its-

The abomination squeezes my arm firmly, pulling me back to reality. The blanket… I’ll use the sheets and blanket. Grimacing in disgust I shovel her organs back into her stomach and wrap the now crimson stained cloth around her tightly. Oh god this is wrong…it can’t be natural. What the hell is she? How is she still alive?

I move to stand up, but the girl grabs my arm again. Her touch is hot with life and frightening in a horrible juxtaposition to the state of her body. Still, she won’t let go and vainly continues in attempt to speak.

“Keine,” I call out in a shaky voice. “Keine, I need your help. We’ve got to move her back to the Village.”

She doesn’t reply. The background noise of her crazy repetitions long since stopped, though I never noticed until now. With a great deal of effort I draw my gaze away from my patient to my partner. The sight knocks the air out of me.

Keine stares back at me with wild eyes, so like the ones I saw just after dusk. The panic…the fear…and something new. Guilt. Her breaths are heavy and labored under a terrible strain. The blue embroidered pack lies open and scattered on the ash, empty. In long and slightly were-form warped hands, the woman who shared her heart with me holds a large scroll and freshly inked brushed. What? Why did she bring that? But she speaks before I can ask.

“It’s my fault, Rinnosuke. Oh god, it’s my fault. I don’t want her to die. I should have been on patrol. I should have been here to help this girl. I shouldn’t have indulged. I shouldn’t have…with you.” Her eyes dim a little under the pain of a terrible sadness. “Thank you, Rinnosuke. I’m…” she chokes out with tears of grief and loneliness. “I’m so sorry.” The brush trembles in her hand.

In a defeated voice, she speaks one last time. “I’ll fix it.”

The intense energy and atmosphere of her hakutaku transformation appears again. It bathes everything in the passionate vibrant essence, shifting savagely against reality itself. A horrible dread fills me as the brush glides down to the parchment, seeming like a harbinger of doom.

The roar of something breaking fills my ears.

My world spins.
File 122716620291.jpg - (288.76KB, 1254x403 , alpha and omega.jpg) [iqdb]
I scream as a vision fills my mind with beyond real intensity…
It’s how it all begins and ends.
The blue sky is covered with white and black as giant scrolls roll across it. Brushstroke kanji miles wide drift from horizon to horizon. An immense tale which I could never begin to fathom weaves itself together like a tapestry.
Suddenly, a blinding flash and deafening roar. The blast is like a hammer to my chest as it hits and slams me to the ground. The world trembles.
Finally, my senses return. A faint dinging sound, like a wind chime, fills the air. Looking up, I see the scroll in the sky dissolving, as if being burnt away.

Causality interference.
Temporal consistency must be maintained for restoration and preservation of the greatest sum of lines in the main line. Minor alterations will continue to be permitted so long as overall stability is upheld.

>>Commence removal of distortion factor.


Distort factor contains compatible attributes which may be extracted from all lines to be incorporated and serve as faux component in greater system. Extraction will likely cause irreparable distortion or corruption to said aspect, but structural strength will be maintained. Temporary isolation from the main line is highly advised.

>> Run Diagnostic

Synchronization level: >100% (exceeding normal limits)
Augmentation: Toggle still engaged
[_____] Initiative: Pending
Previous Container Structure Strength: 62% and falling quickly
Current Container Structure Strength: 4*3!^$2$#24!5 (…unable to determine Container Structure Strength)

>>Enter command:

[ ] Inhibit distortion factor. (WARNING: attributes will be lost)
[ ] Extract and incorporate distortion factor.
[ ] Terminate distortion factor.
[ ] Induce temporal frame shift to contain distortion factor (WARNING: will alter all other lines as well)
[ ] Create and insert customized command script (WARNING: incompatible commands may not be executable and degrade structure strength)
[X] Extract and incorporate distortion factor.
[x] Extract and incorporate distortion factor.
[x] Terminate distortion factor

Reality manipulation is cheating, Keine.
[ ] Extract and incorporate distortion factor.

so is the protagonist some sort of Rinnosuke invading Yuki?
>[MOKOU] Initiative: Pending
Bet ya.

[X] Terminate distortion factor.

It's not your fault.
[X] Terminate distortion factor.

Tolda ya we should have hold Keine.
[x] Extract and incorporate distortion factor.

I don't like the sound of "terminate". Especially after
I wish I knew what any of these choices meant.
>[ ] Inhibit distortion factor. (WARNING: attributes will be lost)
Sounds like preventing kiene from working her were-youkai powers.

>[ ] Extract and incorporate distortion factor.
Rip kiene out of existance, re-condition, re-instert.
>[ ] Terminate distortion factor.
No more kiene. Ever.
>[ ] Induce temporal frame shift to contain distortion factor (WARNING: will alter all other lines as well)
I believe we stabbed rinnosuke in the face once alreaady, thank you.
>[ ] Create and insert customized command script (WARNING: incompatible commands may not be executable and degrade structure strength)
Not a fucking clue. Maybe stealing Kiene's powers, or trying to find some way to get her to help you fix shit?

But that's just my take on it. Man, I'm almost worried what would happen if we ran into Akyu now.
As an ammendum to that, Remember that there were giant scrolls in the sky during that first break, and again during this one. Most likely we need Kiene, given, you know,

>In long and slightly were-form warped hands, the woman who shared her heart with me holds a large scroll and freshly inked brushed.


>The intense energy and atmosphere of her hakutaku transformation appears again. It bathes everything in the passionate vibrant essence, shifting savagely against reality itself.

Maybe it's that we're supposed to turn her powers to our usage, instead of hers. Would kinda make sense with the refrences to scrolls rolling out across the sky, in the previous and in earlier posts.
>[ ] Create and insert customized command script (WARNING: incompatible commands may not be executable and degrade structure strength)

>Not a fucking clue. Maybe stealing Kiene's powers, or trying to find some way to get her to help you fix shit?

I'm fairly sure that it's just a write in command with the added penalty of making things much worse if the write in doesn't work.
This is the part where Rinnosuke absorbs us and we get to see our mother?
[x] Backup and isolate active line.
[x] Terminate distortion factor.

The distortion factor is Keine's abilities here, not Keine herself.
There is no greater joy for a writer than people discussing story points.

You're doing incredibly well, Anon. You've almost got it figured out.
Are you sure? Given that Kiene's abilities are part of herself, what might happen? Complete removal of her powers results in what, Never bitten by the Hataku, not becoming a were-hataku, no history hax, so just a normal person. Who may then be easily killed by any youkai that fancies to. awesome.jpg

I think it's just going to temporarily disallow her to use her powers.
File 122721800586.jpg - (257.20KB, 984x1051 , 1593332.jpg) [iqdb]
I think the distortion factor is actually Keine's history creation/consumption hax:
Keine is the line's container (as are all of the other characters) I presume. Marisa is the container for the "main line," with the interactions of these lines effecting their containers (corporeal forms). This choice is how to handle Keine's "aspect"; the ability to use her hakutaku abilities to inherently fuck with these lines and the systems that connects them (hence why this aspect contains a "distortion factor"). As to what "attributes" are, I'm kinda lost. Could use some input.

Considering this, the choices read:
[ ] Suppress history consumption/creation; it will mess up whatever "attributes" are.
>>Distort factor contains compatible attributes which may be extracted from all lines to be incorporated and serve as faux component in greater system
Do want to know what attributes are, may go back to check prior posts
[ ] Stop hax powers. It will work, but it really mess up Keine's abilities
>>Extraction will likely cause irreparable distortion or corruption to said aspect, but structural strength will be maintained
[ ] Eliminate the ability; everything will be fine but Keine's ability is gone
Terminating something ingrained in the aspect = gone
[ ] Go back X choices, but everything will be wonky now due to time manipulation
>>Temporal consistency must be maintained for restoration and preservation of the greatest sum of lines in the main line. Minor alterations will continue to be permitted so long as overall stability is upheld.
[ ] Write-in, and it better be good or you're fucked.

That said, I'm gonna bank on a write-in.
[x] Initialize personal initiative; supress aspect through container level interface.

If my guesses are right, this means going back to the Touhou-verse and stopping Keine, either physically or by persuasion. We know the extent of her powers, we know what she plans on doing. On a sentimental level, we don't want to lose everything that has happened. We should shoulder this sin together.
I'm sure someone can come up with something better. Or this is all just crazy bullshit. Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents.
File 122729890329.jpg - (252.10KB, 850x1133 , sample-86f35f3e336c8b34ffe83d153bb23da9.jpg) [iqdb]
That is an awesome picture and would have been perfect for the previous update.

There seem to be a lot of conflicting votes, but that's probably my fault since the options might seem a bit convoluted. I'm going to wait to update since the votes are still in the air.

I will say this:
-If there is an option to return to a previous point in time, it will be obvious. And since that would mess with a bunch of things, they will be quite uncommon.
-There are no Bad Ends or Rollbacks. There is simply this world and who or what you can save/restore/preserve. The sand will keep falling, you are working to make sure it lands in the stable or functional spots.

An alteration to the distortion factor will effect the container and/or its line. The key is that there are certain degrees of negativity for it, depending on what you do.

A "frame shift" is like smacking an hourglass on the side to cause the sand to change its position. Thus the current situation is solved, but it can alter a bunch of other things as well.

Overall you have many correct assumptions, though some are misplaced.
[Z] Create and insert customized command script: Replace file.actor:Mokou with file.actor:Kaguya. Rewind.playback:420s. Reinsert.

I'm not sure we really have the power to do some of those. It's more like causing things to follow a different path, a different possible future for the timeline(s).
File 122732078517.jpg - (702.24KB, 1082x758 , GREATSCOTT.jpg) [iqdb]
Ha ha, I finally put the picture in >>68545 together with the post. Derp. So, the event with Keine consuming this history occured already. Now it is occuring again (lol time-space continuum) but the weakened system can't handle the strain of the distortion factor? Unless we mitigate the impact of the distortion factor, the system is going to be hit for massive damage? I only have a vague idea of what catastrophe we're trying to avert.

My best guess is that we have to somehow blunt the impact of the distortion factor from crushing the system entirely. All of the (non-write-in) options somehow 'weakens' the force of the history consumption: 'inhibit', 'extract', 'terminate', and 'contain.' But what good is letting a blow land and trying to reduce the damage, let alone a hay maker like Keine's hax? Why not try some fate altering jujitsu? Use the >100 system synchronization rate as leverage/superior control of the system and redirect/reroute the distortion factor elsewhere. Either spread it out so it does a little damage over a more manageable space instead of a single, intense point...

...or use it to blow away what caused the distortion factor to act up. That is to say: let the distortion factor occur (because it already has), but redirect it to the point of the system that caused the distortion factor of the container's aspect to become active, removing that point, and thereby negating the need for the distortion factor from becoming utilized, allowing the temporal consistency to be maintained since the distortion occured while the system survives because ultimately the distortion never occured.

tl;dr - use the hax to make sure the hax doesn't get used.
File 122773233830.jpg - (181.45KB, 850x1133 , sample-0e51cf947e874e18d859c9f825b23edd.jpg) [iqdb]
Well I've waited long enough. Extraction it is then.

Well, and where is your write-in then?
File 122773683452.jpg - (636.97KB, 1100x1100 , 2110518.jpg) [iqdb]
Honestly, converting that mess into a write-in that compatible with the language of >>68545? I originally had something along the lines of:
>>[X] Personal Initiative: redirect distortion factor| target: antagonizing integration point | Redirect power - source: synchronization level | Calibrate - temporal consistency - case: paradox | Execute

But I nixed it and put up the rest of that as a discussion point. Was kinda hoping for a rousing discussion of various time travel theories. Back to the Future vs. Twelve Monkeys type thing. Didn't think the thread would die immediately after it, which sucked. If I had known I would have added a vote. Now worries now anway: >>69735
File 122773839264.jpg - (99.83KB, 400x407 , green tornado.jpg) [iqdb]
The world slows to a stop. It almost like moving through water; everything feels so heavy while I’m propelled forward by a foreign will. My hands reach to Keine, her brush wielding arm frozen in air. The sorrow and panic on Village Protector’s face won’t fade no matter how much I want it to. Even now she’s beautiful, but her red eyes have gone a little dull. It’s hard to look at her, though this may be my last chance to.

The brush and scroll shatter into a million pieces upon my touch, like swinging a bat into an impossibly fragile sculpture. The tiny fragments swirl around in a strange tempest, mixing with the wild emerald energies which surrounded Keine’s were form all night. It becomes a chaotic storm, yet feels like the bringer of life and creation rather than destruction. Rain upon a barren desert.

You long ago moved to a different hourglass, having slowed the fracturing of the previous line. But this one is a different case. You watch with mixed feelings as the blue and green sand separates, spinning furiously in opposite bulbs. The top slides off, freeing the jade tornado from its container and allowing it to fall upwards as if gravity was inverted. You watch the spectacular sight as the sand shoots up to the darkness above.

In a feral roar the sky changes. Spots of white grow and quickly spread out, as if they were being burned in reverse. Soon the sky lightens as the transformation is complete and massive scrolls continuously roll across the horizons to cover the emptiness. But they are blank and dull; no words drift across them.

You frown. Though part of the sky was recovered, there will be repercussions. One such as yourself is beyond real emotion, such a thing is impossible upon this plane of existence, but still the connection to your insertion factor remains and you feel it. It will take some work to compensate for this change to preserve the overall timeline and adapt to upcoming events... to deal with the casualties.

You replace the lid of the inert hourglass filled with tranquil blue.

I blink. The torrent is gone.

My sight returns to the broken bamboo and fading dance of flames around us under the pale moonlight. At my feet lays the unmoving body of a blue haired woman, a shell of my former lover. She seems so different, sprawled across the dirt so perfectly still and calm. The dull red ribbon in her clenched hand flickers slightly against a dying breeze before falling limp again.

Consciousness leaves me as my mind and body collapse into familiar darkness.

Container Strength – 83% and stable
Macroscopic Restoration Initiated – ??% complete
Likelihood of resulting disruption – moderate to high

(end of Moonlight Night)
more update sometime later.
We broked it.
Did we just kill her?

And is the Rinnosuke act over?

I'm confused.
Wow, we're causing more damages than we are repairing the system.

[X] Use timehax to go back and confort Keine instead of helping the girl.
Great, we fucked up again. We're the worst Time Lords ever.
File 122774777559.jpg - (169.24KB, 800x800 , 849617.jpg) [iqdb]
Now I feel bad for not trying to force points I raised in >>68676 and >>68921. Just a selfish request: can you put whether my notion in >>68921 would have worked in some spoiler tags? At least I'd know how bad to feel about this result.
File 12277528518.jpg - (51.31KB, 350x320 , 120728864526.jpg) [iqdb]
Don't worry Anon, I'm not the type of person to make a kill off a love interest that quickly. Things will just be a little different than they would have been.

Don't think you are failing, because it is extremely difficult for you to match the timeline perfectly to the canon. Just enjoy yourself and focus on the bigger picture to ensure everything keeps running smoothly (and improve things if you are daring enough.)

You are advancing the plot, even if you did dive into the deeper stuff pretty quick. I know this must feel like some episode of LOST in which you have no idea wtf is going on, but you will. Take it easy~

The occurrence that caused the beginning of the story was not necessarily Keine's fault. There are other factors at play.

The problem just now when Keine tried to rewrite history is that (amongst other things) it would have created a paradox while you were at an important causality point (nexus, node, cut scene, whatever.) That is not something you can really "move" so your only given options were to prevent the scenario from happening or to stop her presently. You chose to stop her.

Now lets fill this thread with EX-Keine pictures so I can start a new one!
File 12277612089.jpg - (475.04KB, 800x1100 , 1679003.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, when you put it like that...
File 122776126325.jpg - (568.16KB, 1024x768 , 1740823.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776137637.jpg - (431.92KB, 1000x778 , 1793528.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776140495.jpg - (125.22KB, 1000x1200 , 1801802.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776142787.jpg - (30.89KB, 442x609 , 1802090.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776145267.jpg - (183.06KB, 500x708 , 1912940.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776148228.jpg - (256.33KB, 520x693 , 12237584788.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776151049.jpg - (124.70KB, 600x750 , 120724758134.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776155784.jpg - (213.29KB, 732x848 , 1201981884941.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776159237.jpg - (56.83KB, 464x779 , 1206495485910.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776161687.jpg - (56.21KB, 510x336 , 1206496378362.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776164045.jpg - (42.10KB, 370x312 , 1206496940975.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776166744.jpg - (124.68KB, 600x600 , 1213649197331.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776174423.jpg - (117.12KB, 524x645 , 1214180303225.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776185832.jpg - (298.68KB, 1239x1200 , 2244661.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776190762.jpg - (95.85KB, 763x658 , 2196194.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776195136.jpg - (192.75KB, 700x875 , 2049535.jpg) [iqdb]
File 12277619959.jpg - (131.99KB, 556x693 , 1985450.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776203336.jpg - (564.98KB, 1280x1024 , 1945270.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776207039.jpg - (305.18KB, 500x550 , 1759857.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776211982.jpg - (384.45KB, 800x600 , 1603568.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776215178.jpg - (226.82KB, 600x600 , 1585223.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776220373.jpg - (708.88KB, 1400x1050 , 1496627.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776224119.jpg - (240.80KB, 500x722 , 1349946.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776226651.jpg - (227.16KB, 720x960 , 1236700.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776240624.jpg - (202.70KB, 800x1366 , 991895.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776244342.png - (314.14KB, 450x600 , 1035800.png) [iqdb]
File 122776253160.png - (171.38KB, 450x700 , 375727.png) [iqdb]
File 122776258367.jpg - (75.45KB, 685x525 , 221711.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776261031.jpg - (93.98KB, 495x700 , 144040.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776270944.jpg - (103.81KB, 608x781 , 6294d2cbe984d48a406943a4315ad499.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776272847.jpg - (91.97KB, 607x900 , 708dfba80f58c7b79890d036de26d3b2.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776276043.jpg - (356.53KB, 1280x1024 , a8533d9c1813efb94651181c4d4bfa7a.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776284699.jpg - (382.91KB, 800x800 , ba76aeeedc58c195420509c1f049d8ad.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776286315.jpg - (39.78KB, 514x654 , 383e9e259c56af671025f2271c6f180e.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776290656.jpg - (296.96KB, 900x1200 , 208a348318c78f9f96552284078071b7.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122776301253.jpg - (656.31KB, 1024x768 , 28987.jpg) [iqdb]
File 12277631204.png - (28.67KB, 500x500 , bf244fdaf673cd28b2d416b4ff8a3182.png) [iqdb]
There, autosage. New thread when?
File 122776409692.jpg - (132.86KB, 734x1077 , 7e7b90b95e9444ef24573e8280ec3fd4.jpg) [iqdb]
Holy crap, I didn't think anyone cared about my story enough to do it. T-thank you, Anon. Writing now.
Doc has more fans than he thinks, I dare say.

your story has thus far been pretty awesome, will tune in for more upcoming and expected awesome

Oh god, Ex-Keine is the hottest.

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