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"Yeah." Absentmindedly you start working on your doll again. "First, you're fine with me being your shrine-maiden?"

Hina takes a while to answer, but she gives you her usual smile. "What do you mean by that?"

"Well... You asked me to help with this." When you look at your doll it's pretty clear that it's nowhere near as good as Hina's, maybe not even passable, but learning to make it shouldn't be that hard. "So, you're fine with me not thinking about this for longer?"

"Hmm, yes, I suppose so. Althought that is a bad way of putting it-" In the middle of her speech she grabbed your hand. "You don't have to work on it now, let's just talk."

"Ah, right." You're bit reluctant to put the doll down, but do it.

She sighs, and then continues. "Yes, I am fine with it. Right now it seems that there is no way you'd change your mind anymore. So it should be better to start this soon."


Smiling happily, she gives a small giggle. "Your training as a shrine-maiden, obviously."

"Ah..." Continuing from that, there's something else you'd like to ask about. "As your shrine-maiden, what are my duties? I'm not really familiar with these things."

"Hmm, if you ask it just like that, it is kind of hard to answer." She lowers her head for a moment, probably thinking, then looks up seemingly happy. "You already met Reimu, right?"

"Yes, but... Ah!" She really didn't put much light on the matter. Actually the opposite. "I heard that she does hardly anything, usually just lazing around at her shrine! That can't be true, right?"

She sighs, looking relieved. "I am glad you think like that. It is true that she doesn't really do what you'd normally expect of shrine-maiden, but that's just becuase Hakurei shrine doesn't get many visitors. Normal humans don't think it's worth the trouble to travel all the way there from village through areas infested by youkai, so she gets mostly weird guests. She doesn't have any need to do normal things."

"Then, what does she do?" She talked like Reimu was really important, but still didn't say what she did aside from slacking off.

"You really should ask her yourself. Everybody knows that she takes care of things, but exact information about it isn't really reliable, and I never got too familiar with her."

"Come on, tell me! You should know at least something, right?" She's right, but you'd like to hear it from her view too.

She thinks for a moment, and then nods. "Hmm, alright. But I still suggest for you to talk to her later." She pauses, and then continues. "Basically she takes care of major incidents that happen here. When Moriya-shrine first appeared she was the first... Person outside the mountain to look into it. She's supposed to have dealt with most of the other problems here too, but like I said, I don't know too well about those."

"Ah, that's good. What about the shrine-maiden from the shrine near here? What was her name again..?"

"Sanae. She should be closer to normal shrine-maiden, so if you want to know the basic stuff you can talk to her- Adahn, what are you doing?" She stopped again, and is looking at your hand.

"Huh?" Following her gaze, you see that you're fiddling with the hem of your skirt. "Wha- I didn't notice that." You actually have to put your mind into it to make yourself stop.

Hina grabs your hand, and holds it down. "Just relax, this isn't that serious of a matter."

"N-no. It's not that..." The talk with Hina wasn't making you nervous. For some reason you don't like having your hands empty when you're close to Claymore, but telling that to her would be just a hassle. Pulling your hand back you smile. "Let's continue, alright? Both Reimu and Sanae are shrine-maidens at actual shrines, do you have one too?" You're pretty sure of the answer, but you'd like to change the subject as fast as possible.

"Ah, about that..." She really seems to be embarrassed about it, turning to look down on the ground and blushing a bit. "I don't have one. With the kind of work I have been doing so far, I haven't needed it." Weird, just now when she acted so different from usual, she seemed really cute.

"...Well, it doesn't really matter right now." Maybe it's better that she isn't like that normally. You lean back, and smile. "We can always ask Remilia to fund it after we take care of her problem."

"Ask... Remilia to fund it...?" Her voice wanders off. "That might not be such a bad idea..."

"Seriously?" You meant that as a joke, but she's really considering it. Well, she is the curse goddess. "Anyway, I talked to Chiyuri just a moment ago."

"Oh?" Broken out of her thoughts, she concentrates on you again. "About what?"

"She wanted to explain why she kicked you out."

She crosses her arms, slight frown crossing her face. "Oh? And why was that?"

...Telling this to Hina is really hard. You can only imagine how she would've been if Chiyuri was the one talking to her right now. "She-" You sigh. Again you ended up talking about relationships. "...Wanted more time with Nitori together."

Her eyes widen. "What?"

You cover your face with your hand. "Yeah. She thought you were spending too much time at their place, and didn't give them enough free time."

"Ah- well. I see, but, she could've just talked about it." You look away, blush spreading to you face. Hina must've noticed, as she continues. "So, was there anything else?"

"Yes!" Your eyes beaming, you turn back to her. "She gave me this one thing that should let me fly!"

"What? Just like that? There isn't anything weird about it?"

"She said it should be mostly harmless." There was that deal about your eyes, but... You don't want to worry her now. "And I can't always get somebody to carry me, right?"

"Well, if you say so. Is that all?"

"No." There is something you'd really like to get over with. looking at still sleeping Claymore you speak. "Can you tell me anything about him?"

"Me?" She frowns again, but still keeps her smile. "Adahn, you've known her for much longer than I have. We've hardly even spoken."

"Well, the deal is I hardly know anything about him even if I have talked with him. Can't you think of anything weird about him?"

"Hmm..." She takes a long look at Claymore, and then sighs. "I can't say anything for sure. He definitely isn't human, but he isn't youkai either."

"Well, that was kind of obvious. Can't you tell anything more specific?"

She shakes her head. "I'm not very familiar with weapons, Adahn. If you want to know where he is from, you should ask Momizi, or even better, why not ask him?"

"That is..." Yeah, why couldn't you ask him? "I get the feeling he doesn't like girls. And it was kind of annoying talking to him earlier." Right now he makes you feel uneasy.

"Really?" Hina seems honestly surprised. "From what I saw, he seemed really-" She stopped.

"Really what?" That got you interested.

"No, nothing. I guess you know better, he is your sword after all." Standing up, she straightens her dress. "I'm going to get something to eat now."
[ ] You're kind of hungry too.
[ ] Stay here, you should look after Claymore too.
I know this kinda sucks.
[ ] You're kind of hungry too.
[x] You're kind of hungry too.
[ ] Stay here, you should look after Claymore too.

Claymore's got some 'splainin to do.
[ ] Stay here, you should look after Claymore too.
>"Really?" Hina seems honestly surprised. "From what I saw, he seemed really-" She stopped.


[x] Stay here, you should look after Claymore too.

Don't avoid obvious exposition choices, Anon.
[ ] Stay here, you should look after Claymore too.
[x] Stay here, you should look after Claymore too.

[x] Stay here, you should look after Claymore too.
We will need nails, chains, and duct tape. Keeping him a captive audience might take some effort if he recovered enough.
[x] Stay here, you should look after Claymore too.
This is fine too.
Hina took care of Claymore for all this time. It's not fair if you'll just let it go liker that, right? "Alright, I'll stay here and look after him."

"Oh? That's fine, but there really isn't much to look after."

"What do you mean?"

"He is sleeping." She flashes you a smile before walking out of the door. "And I don't think he will wake up soon."

"Is that so?" Talking to yourself, you turn to look at him again. "Let's just see how long he's going to take."


Time passes painfully slowly. Looking at his sleeping face got boring pretty quick, so you ended up laying on your back and staring at the ceiling.


Sitting up, you gaze over him again, his chest rising and lowering in rhythm with his breathing. And...


That constant snoring. Now that Hina is gone, you can't ignore it. You really should find something to do, or else you can't take it.

Work on that doll? No, it really wasn't turning into anything good before, and now that Hina is gone you don't even have idea what to do next.

Just for the heck of it, you try talking to him.
'Claymore, are you listening?'
...Just as expected, there wasn't response. Although you would've hoped that he would've had at least some kind of reaction, but instead he just kept sleeping like nothing had happened. Is there anything else to do in this room?

...No. It's completely bland and empty, like yours. That reminds you, you should start working on decorating that place. Or do you even have to, how much time are you going to spend there?

Shaking your head, you at the window and at the clear sky outside. It's a clear day, good. How much time has passed, and how long is it going to be until that festival? Well, it should start in the evening, so... Not that much longer anymore?


That is really starting to annoy you. Does he really need to sleep any more, or is he just being lazy? Who has even heard of swords needing to sleep?
[ ] Shake him a bit. That should wake him up.
[ ] Pinch his nose.
[ ] Blow into his ear. "Clare~"
[ ] Forget it, let him sleep. Go after Hina.
[X] Sing a lullaby to distract yourself from his snoring.

It'll be good practice for when we have to sing our puppy tengu to sleep in the future.
[ ] Blow into his ear. "Clare~"
[ ] Pinch his nose.
[x] Blow into his ear. "Clare~"

[x] Blow into his ear. "Clare~"

[x] Blow into his ear. "Clare~"

As this is a traditionally male name, are we going to refer to him by it in the future? Now that we have both a sword claymore and an incarnated claymore, it'll be nice to name them in some way as to differentiate the two.

Personally, I want to order him to speak a scottish accent and refer to him as "Sean Connery".
File 122425974525.jpg - (192.43KB, 411x563 , superb.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Blow into his ear. "Clare~"
[x] Blow into his ear. "Clare~"
[x] Blow into his ear. "Clare~"
Why not mess with him for a bit? You smile as you lean forward, next to his sleeping face.

Ah. When you look at him like this, he doesn't look that bad. Actually, he's pretty good, with strong features, although you feel that it might be better if his hair wasn't that messy and he had a clean shave. Also, that earring fits him nicely...

For a moment you close your eyes and shake your head. You're with Momizi, you shouldn't even start thinking like that about others. And there's no way you'd like to have any kind of thoughts about Claymore. Opening your eyes slightly, you smile again as place your mouth next to his ear.

Quietly you blow warm air into his ear, and whisper in a soft voice. "Clare~" Where did that come from anyway, did you hear it from somebody or... Seems like it had an effect. A few grumbles escape his mouth, before- "Wha-?!"

He acted before you could even react. Quickly he swooped you into embrace, holding you tightly against his chest with one arm, while running the other through your hair.

"..." There is nothing can think to say now. You try to move, but it's useless, he is just too strong for you. And you can tell he isn't even trying, this is just him being playful. Why now? And why with you?

But... Being held by him doesn't hurt. His grip is tight, but it feels safe. The panic that was about to start is leaving you, only being left by calmness. You figure that the uneasiness that you felt from being with him before was completely meaningless.

"Kat..." Hearing his voice, you freeze. It's rough and somewhat weary, but that wasn't the thing that caught your attention. "You really should know better than do that before I wake up~" With every word that he says, deep bass rhythms vibrate from his chest. It's completely unlike what you've felt before, and... It's kind of nice. "Or do you want it right now?"

"Uhm- Ah-" You don't like the turn this took. Whoever he thinks he is holding right now, had much more intimate relationship with him than you'd like.

"I get it, I get it." He ruffles your hair, and lets out a small laugh. "It's just been so long since you last..." His voice trails of, and you feel his hold loosening. "Did- this..?" What was that? Did he notice who you are?

After moment of silence, he sighs and sits up while still holding you, puts you in a sitting position and sets you next to him. Breathing heavily, you slowly lift your gaze from the ground, and look at Claymore who is now awake. He has his yes closed, and arms crossed. "Adahn." Opening his eyes, he looks at you with deep brown eyes with a hint of yellow.

"Yes!" You can't help but to respond, even if he didn't ask you to.

"Don't ever do that again." That's a threat, no doubt about it, but...

"Ah- yes..." You can go against it.

The mood in the room gets heave, with both of you sitting and facing each other quietly. He doesn't ask where he is right now, or anything. Maybe this is a good time to ask about something. "Clare, would you mind if I asked you something?"

"Yes." He didn't give it even a second of thought!

"Wh-why?!" You lean forward, and try to look into his eyes. "Shouldn't you answer when your master asks you something?"

This time he actually gives it some though. "Right now I'm your weapon, your guardian. As long as I do what I have to do without problems, I see no reason to tell you about myself." But that wasn't any better either. "Although, if you really want to know something, go ahead and ask." He turns to look into you, and- "Since I don't know everything about you, I don't see why it should go the other way, either." ...It feels incredibly cold.

But there's one thing. Now that he is a person, can he still hear your thoughts? Hina did communicate through him earlier, and even before that he told you it would be really hard to break that connection. If you just asked, there's no way he'd give you a straight answer. So wouldn't it be better to test him? 'I'm going to live my life with Momizi.'

...Nothing. Either he's turned really tolerant, or he really can't hear your thoughts anymore. Maybe you should try to start trusting him more, he is your sword after all.

"Anyway. Clare, what are you thinking of doing now?" Hm. That name rolls nicely.

With a small 'hmph', he crosses his arms. "Are you stupid? No matter how I am, my job hasn't changed. You are my master."

"No, I don't mean that." You shake your head, and look at the door. "You can't stay here all this time, so you should come and eat with us, so we can talk things through."

"You mean with those tengus?" Well, at least he tries to hide his displeasure, no matter how bad work he's doing at it. But did he forget about Hina?

With a sigh, you continue. "Yeah, I'm not going to bring food for you to eat alone Clare. At least now you're going to eat with us."

Suddenly he lifts his hand in front of your mouth. "Adahn." Placing the fingers of his right hand to his forehead, he closes his eyes. "Please."

You don't do anything to move his hand, but look over it at him. "Hmm? What is it Clare?"

"Could you not call me Clare? Can't you use Claymore?"

"Huh? Why not?" Tilting your head to the side, you give a slight smile. "Does it embarrass you?"

Not showing any further hint of emotion, he turns to look at wall. "Just don't. Anything else is fine."
[ ] He is Claymore, right?
[ ] Doesn't matter, Clare is fine.
[ ] Write-in
[X]"Then i'm gonna call you Kitchen Knife."
[x] Very well then... Mr. Connery.

Pissing against the tide.
[x] "Whatever you say, Clare~"
[ ] He is Claymore, right?
[X] "If it really bothers you that much, then... sure thing, Clay."
[x] "You're fine with the others calling you 'Claymore'? What about Hina?"
[x] If he presses the matter, "Clay" or "Clayton".
[X] "If it really bothers you that much, then... sure thing, Clay."
[X] "If it really bothers you that much, then... sure thing, Clay."
We don't need him running off again.
[x] He is Claymore, right?
[x] "Who told you that you could run off on your own and attack the vampires?"
[x] "If it really bothers you that much, then... sure thing, Clay."
[x] If he presses the matter,"Clayton" works too.
[x] "Well, if you won't talk about yourself, then ask something about me."
[x] "If it really bothers you that much, then... sure thing, Clay."
[x] If he presses the matter,"Clayton" works too.
[x] "Well, if you won't talk about yourself, then ask something about me."
[x] "And if you don't want to do that, then let's get to breakfast--"
[x] "--chop-chop."
[x] "If it really bothers you that much, then... sure thing, Clay."
[x] If he presses the matter,"Clayton" works too.
[x] "Well, if you won't talk about yourself, then ask something about me."
[x] He is Claymore, right?
[x] "Who told you that you could run off on your own and attack the vampires?"
[x] "If it really bothers you that much, then... sure thing, Clare."
[x] "Well, if you won't talk about yourself, then ask something about me."
[x] "And if you don't want to do that, then let's get to breakfast--"
[x] "--chop-chop."

I thougt brekfast would be pretty obviously the next action whether it would voted for or not, but I do it for the pun.

And I like Clare.
[x] "If it really bothers you that much, then... sure thing, Clay."
[x] If he presses the matter,"Clayton" works too.
[x] "Well, if you won't talk about yourself, then ask something about me."
[X] Well, then we can come up with a new name for you, you can choose.
-pick one?
[X] Geroshabu
[X] Geroshabu
[X] Geroshabu
[X] Eh... something else too? okay then... how about... Clay?

IRC faggotry

File 12243598573.jpg - (224.75KB, 800x1158 , imperishable_night_sparrow_15.jpg) [iqdb]

lol no
[x] "If it really bothers you that much, then... sure thing, Clay."
lol that was the best part.
[x] Doesn't matter, Clare is fine.


You must be on IRC to know that, dear faggot~
[x] "If it really bothers you that much, then... sure thing, Clay."
Vodka, you lazy, worthless excuse of a snownigger, UPDATE.
I think Vodka keeps disapearing due to IRL circumstances, but he doesn't update even after he comes back. Bumping this in anticipation for him to return will do nothing.

Anyway, once he gets back, I'll make sure to make him get back to writing.

He's on IRC right now, and in fact, he's actually writing as we speak. Brace for a wall.
The wall was built. But it got torn down again.
Someone called Vodka tearing down a wall. Oh the irony!

No matter how many walls he builds, Vodka will never escape THE ROOF.

What if THE ROOF is ON FIRE?

You sigh and look down. "If it really bothers you, then..." What a shame. You really liked the name, 'Clare.'
"...Sure thing, Clay." That's nowhere near as good, but it should work.
He stays quiet for a moment and nods. "All right. Just 'Claymore' would've been fine, but you're the master."
He gave in really easily. You look at his face to get better idea about what he's thinking, but he keeps it neutral. ...Really, isn't he going to do anything?!
"..." You're kind of annoyed with his silence. Just how're you going to get him to talk? "Well, if you don't want to talk about yourself, then ask something about me."
"Hmm?" He lifts an eyebrow, and looks at you. "Ask something? I'm not particularly interested in anything about- Oh, wait!" He brings his hands together and smiles. "There is one thing: what happened in that mansion?"
You cock your head to the side. That's a simpler question than you expected. "...okay, but why do you ask?"
"When you were there I couldn't keep an eye on you. I'd like to know what happened."
"Ah, I see- Hey, wait a minute!" Right, now you remembered!
"I asked Remilia what you were doing there, and she told me to ask you if I wanted to know! You'd better explain yourself. Why did you even go there?!"
He looks at you for a moment, and then sighs. "I suppose I should tell you at least the basics. I'll keep this short for now, all right?" You nod. Just getting some kind of explanation is enough for now. "To start... How I did I get there? I have no idea."
Is he serious? "...Are you saying that you just appeared inside that mansion and messed with Remilia?"
"Well, not inside." Flashing a grin he continues. "I woke up outside the mansion, and seeing nothing else to do, I went inside." He pauses and smiles. "By the way, did you look at the doors on the mansion?"
That caught you by surprise. "Uh, no, I didn't." Just what is going on in his head?! He walks to the Scarlet Devil Mansion and looks at the door?
A slight frown crosses his face. "Shame, it was quite a work of craftsmanship. Anyway, when I got inside, that maid... What was her name?"
"Right, she lead me to Remilia. We talked for a while and I refused to work for her, which really seemed to annoy her."
She asked him, too? That's weird. Sure, he's telling you what happened, but he's obviously leaving things out.
"Then she asked Sakuya to go and get you, which I did my best to prevent. Afterward, I got out of there."
"Oh, come on!" Your interest had started to slip, but does he really think you'll believe that? "Then why did we have to get you out?"
He thinks for a moment, and then sighs. "...It... didn't really go like I had hoped. Instead of getting out, I ended fighting with that vampire and maid."
"I lost."
Well. You kind of expected that. After burying your face in your hands you speak. "You're leaving things out, right?" You didn't hope for a detailed explanation, but way he told it made it seem almost silly.
He grins. "Of course, I said I'd keep it short. Anyway, now it's your turn." Should you push him for something more..."

...No. At least you have some kind of picture of what went on, now. "All right. After Sakuya brought me there, I talked with Remilia."
He nods. "The part after that is important. From there on out, I have no idea what you did."
Why is he so interested, anyway? "She... asked me to work for her."
"Hah-haha! Is she for real?!" Claymore slaps his hands together and gives a wide smile. "Looks like she's interested in anyone. And..." He leans forward, looking really confident. "You rejected her."
Crossing your arms you frown. "Obviously, what else I should have done? I mean, I've already got a job waiting for me here, at the mountain." And besides, that mansion creeps you out.
"Job?" He lifts an eyebrow. "As a priest for that goddess?"
This would've come up sooner or later. Better take care of it now that you're together. "...Yeah." You pause for a moment, waiting for him to object. Incredibly though, he doesn't. "...What, you're fine with it? She is a curse-goddess, you know."
"Do you really think that matters? She helps humans, seems nice and isn't a monster." He rubs his chin for a bit and gives a small smile. "Work for her might be the best chance you'll get here."
"Oh, I... see." That's definitely something you didn't expect. But he's still going about that monster thing?

"But we got side-tracked. What happened next?"
With a sigh you continue. "Remilia got really angry for some reason, and..." You gulp.
"And...?" He tilts his head.
"I... think she was thinking of killing me for a second. But she got Sakuya to do it instead."
Clay's eyes widen. "You fought? With her?"
"That's right."
"How did you do? Well, it's obvious that you survived, but how did the fight go?" He seems really excited. You could make yourself look good, and he wouldn't...

No. He would notice.
"At the start of the fight, something weird happened. It was like time stopped, for everything but me and her."
"Oh?" With a smug smile, he continues to look at you. "Go on."
...If that's the biggest reaction you'll get out of him, you don't really feel like telling this in detail. "...Yes, then after I won, it went back to normal."
"Well. She used knives, right?" You nod, and he gives a deep sigh while covering his face. "...The conditions were obviously on your side, so it wasn't a wonder you beat her."

"What?!" You almost died, and he tells you it isn't a wonder you won? "Do you have any idea how hard it was to knock her out with that stupid sword?!"
Clay freezes for a second, and then looks at you from between his fingers. "...You mean you didn't kill her?"
"No!" What in the world does he think you are? "I'm not going to kill people! Even if they're as horrible as that maid!"
"Sorry." He grabs your shoulder and looks at you with what is probably the most sincere smile you've seen from him yet. "You did a good job. I fought with her, too, and for a human she was strong."
"Ah, that's okay." His sudden change in attitude caught you by surprise. But... "You got into a fight as well? You said so earlier, but how did it go?"
"Well..." He rubs his back for a bit. "You really want to know?"
Seems like he isn't that enthusiastic to tell you. "It's only fair, right?"
"All right. I beat that maid easily, but frankly I couldn't even land a single hit on that vampire."
"Haha! Really?!" Are they really that different? But even more... "Wouldn't that mean we're on same level?"
"I beat that maid too, but I don't think I'd do that well against Remilia either." Well, you're not being serious, but it's a fun thought.
He speaks with a hint of amusement, but you can tell he's being serious. "Listen. The only reasons she beat me so badly are because I didn't have a weapon, and I can't fly."
He can't? So, soon you'll surpass him in that respect, at least.
"Honestly? You could reach the level I'm at some day, but you'll have to train under me for a long time."
Have... him train you?
>"Do you really think that matters? She helps humans, seems nice and isn't a monster." He rubs his chin for a bit and gives a small smile. "Work for her might be the best chance you'll get here."

oh ho
>Even if they're as horrible as that maid!
Th- the head maid is a wonderful person!!

So, do we slap him, or what? Or is everything MySQL failure from now on?
File 122493204187.gif - (354.18KB, 500x500 , 1208665241621.gif) [iqdb]
"No way." Crossing your arms, you look away from him. "There's no way that'd happen."
"Eh? The hell's up with that?" He grabs your shoulder. "You got some reason for not taking my help?"
His grip, it's...
"Yeah." You push his hand away, looking at him again. "Momizi is already training me. I don't need somebody else."
He lets out small chuckle as his face spreads into grin. "Oh? And just what have you learned from her?"
"That's..." Again, you look away. Right now it doesn't matter who taught you what, but you feel that anybody would be a better person to train with than Claymore. And atop that, you want to spend time with Momizi.
"Really, you're acting like a complete idiot right now." He sighs and closes his eyes. "That dog-monster isn't-"


A dog-monster. Never mind him saying you're an idiot, he said she was a monster! He's your sword, your servant! And yet he says things like that? What's his problem?!
You stay motionless with your hand still in air, and stare as he slowly feels his cheek. At first he looks confused, but then-

His smile grows even wider than it was before. "I see. You're completely in love with her, huh?" He speaks while rubbing his cheek for a bit, and stands up. "This might be interesting." Wait, just what is he planning? You're about to say something, but quickly look away, trying not to blush.
Aside from boxers, he isn't wearing anything. And... He really is well-built. That might be silly to say of a weapon, but with him it fits. From the side of your eye you see him stretching. "...What are you going to do now?"
"I'd like to talk to your love, but I guess breakfast is... hmm." He pauses for a second, and you hear him turning. "...Where can I get some clothes, here?"
He didn't realize earlier that he didn't have anything on?! Keeping your face turned you reply. "In the closet?" Well, it always worked for you.


"These clothes... They smell weird." What he ended up wearing is something Momizi usually has on, with the exception that shirt is gray instead of white, and bottom part is just some wide pants. Their color is the same though, black with red marking at the bottom. You didn't find footwear from the closet, so his feet are bare right now.
While walking in front of him, you lead him to living room. "Well that's too bad. They're all we got." You're still kind of angry from what he said. But you're also wondering why there's clothes obviously meant for guys here. Did somebody else live here earlier, or...
"Ah, we're here." You slide the door open, and familiar smell greets you. Sure, you think you won't be taken off by miracles anymore, but smaller things still catch you by surprise. Why would there be pancakes in here?
Hina is setting plates down on the table, along with syrup no less, and raises her hand with a smile when she sees you. "Oh, hello Adahn, and... Claymore, is it?"
"Just 'Clay' is fine." He walks past you, and sits down next to table. The pancakes don't seem to bother him, as he starts setting them to plate he just grabbed.
"Ah, I see." She sits down too, and smiles as she watches Clay eat. "...I'm glad you like those."
"Mmhm." He just mumbles a reply while chewing.
Walking next to table you sit down, and follow Clay's example, grabbing yourself a plate. But before eating, you turn to Hina. You really have to ask about this. "...You can make pancakes?" As far as you know, when served with syrup, it's not exactly Asian dish.
Hina smiles and brings her hands together. "You recognized them? That's great! Could you say how I did?"
"Ah, sure." You look at pancake on your plate, it seems normal enough. "But before that, how did you learn to make these?"
"That's simple, Sanae from told me."
"Ah, she's from that shrine that's near here? It came from outside the border, right?"
"Yes, and quite recently too. She knows many things about modern world, including food."

"I see." You take a bite out of pancake. You've always been fine with most of the food, but it really is delicious, just like pancakes should be. "Lots of things fall through border?"
She thinks for a while before responding. "...Yes, although Moriya Shrine didn't 'fall through', it was transported." She looks across the room. Now that you think about it, some... No, most of the pictures there are definitely of western locations. "But things do come through, sometimes because somebody meddled with the border, but usually it's just accident."
"So people slip through too?" You're interested if there's somebody else like you in here too.
"It does happen, but I'd say your case is unique."
"I see... What about the items?"
"Oh, anything can end up here! Be it things from the past, something completely useless, or..." She turns to look at your the former voice in your head, who is still munching the pancakes. "What about you, Clay?"

"Mmhm?" He raises his head, and swallows. "Me? What do you want to know?"
Hina leans over table, resting her chin on her hands. "For example, where are you from and when did you get here?"
"Hmm." He thinks for a moment, and then answers. "I don't really remember that well, it's been decades from then. But I think before appearing here I had been sitting at some cave for... Better part of the century. Maybe it was at the Europe?"
Oh, he won't tell you but when Hina asks it's okay? Somehow you think you should be offended, but at least you know now.
Hina nods. "Makes sense. Outside world doesn't need magic or fairy-tales anymore, everything like that turns up here." She sits straight again with her arms crossed. "But you were aware of yourself for all that time? What ever did you do?"
He pokes his pancake a bit with a fork. "Earlier I had gotten used to not being used for years, so most of the time I just slept. When I were awake though, I just thought."
She raises an eyebrow. "About what?"
"That... doesn't concern you." He goes silent. Well, you're impressed that Hina got him to speak even that much.

Finishing eating yourself, you turn to Hina and smile. "Thank you, it was delicious."
"That's good to hear, and..." She turns to Clay with expectant look. "What do you think, Clay?"
No response. He's still chomping it.
He's been eating really fast, but he's still going at it? "...I think he likes them."
Clay stops eating, and gulps down a glass of milk. "Yes, it was good. I'm grateful for the meal."
"I'm glad to hear that." She smiles and stands up, then takes yours and Clay's plates. "I'll take care of these, alright?"
"Alright." As she's carrying them to kitchen, a thought hits you. "Hina, you didn't eat anything?"
"I'm a goddess, I don't need to." Ah, that makes sense.
After she diseappears you take a quick look at Clay. No, he isn't looking after Hina, but at the pictures at wall. Why did he answer to Hina so easily?

When Hina gets back from kitchen, she sits down again, this time opposite to Clay. "By the way, Clay... Are you coming to that festival?"
He lifts his head, looking interested. "A festival?"
"Yes, Moriya shrine is holding a festival today, everybody important from Gensokyo will be there, I really think you should come too." She turns to you looking really exited. "What do you think Adahn?"
[ ] Why not? Like Hina said everybody will be there, he has to come!
[ ] No. Like Hina said everybody will be there, that's just asking for a disaster.
[ ] Let him decide.
Trying this style again. Yeah, I'm easily influenced. Also, PiG, Pancakes in Gensokyo.

>MySQL database connection error: Too many connections
Yeah, fuck you too. At this point I went to sleep.
Pancakes and sexual tension. Delicious.

[x] Let him decide.
[x] Let him decide.

If only because this might lead to Adahn teasing him. "Man, you must be the life of the party!" "Why are you such a SQUARE?" "But this party's full of girls! What are you, gay?"
[X] He can come ONLY if he promises not to do any stunts, we don't need another SDM case again.
>Too many connections

Now, that's a surprise, isn't it?
[x] Let him decide.

Honestly, he's more likely to get into trouble if we do leave him behind.
[x] Let him decide.
>>everybody important from Gensokyo will be there
Except for Lord Tenma most likely. Does he ever go out?

[x] Let him decide.
Flandre would probably cause trouble if she saw Claymore.
[X] He can come ONLY if he promises not to do any stunts, we don't need another SDM case again.
[x] Let him decide.
[X] He can come if he wants to...
[x] However, that will be ONLY if he promises not to pull any kind of stunt. We don't need another SDM incident on our hands again.
[x] Let him decide.
File 122505140889.png - (74.01KB, 634x573 , 1340582.png) [iqdb]
Alright, letting him decide won.
Yes, I don't have the update written, but how about this? Tomorrow at(about, give or take half an hour) 14 Brittfag time I'll update, and if the votes will come at decent speed(more than 5 in an hour) I'll keep on writing.
It's easier to keep myself on a mood for it if I can get back to it faster.

Sage for writefag not doing writing. Pic not related... or is it?

Well, we do need to settle things with her, in the proper Gensokyoan way: A laser light show, with a little befriending on the side.

sounds good
File 122511507575.jpg - (132.53KB, 481x717 , Momi.jpg) [iqdb]
You stay silent and look back to Clay. Wouldn't it be fair to let him decide for himself?
"Ah, you're right!" Hina seems to understand as she turns to him too.
"Hmm?" He eyes you a bit before sighing. "Now... you are not acting like a master at all."
"So what?" Really, this is what you get when you try to be nice? Crossing your arms you frown. "Do you mean you would've liked it more if I didn't let you have a say in this?"
"No, not really. This is just..." He pauses, as if looking for words. "Completely different than what I'm used to."

"That aside, what do you think?" Hina smiles while talking to him. Is she being honest or faking it?
...Either way, for a moment you wish you could be more like her when dealing with people.
Clay goes deep in thought, with his eyes he holds his chin. There goes a while without him doing anything except breathing before he suddenly speaks.
"You said everyone would be there?"
"Y-yes. Well, at least everyone important, or those that can come. Obviously there's no way people from village would come, or-"
"No, that doesn't matter." You sigh, he cut her off too? Well, it's nice to know you're not the only one. "What I mean is this: are those vampires going to be there too?"
"Oh, I don't..." She turns to you. "Adahn?"
"Uhm.." Remilia was going to go anyway, and you talk with her ensure that Flandre would be there too. "...Yes, both of them."
Good that he thought of that, you just got him out of that mansion so it'd be pretty bad if it were to happen again. Maybe you should start giving him bit more-
"I guess I'll come."

"What?!" You slam your hands on the table. "W-why?! What about Remilia?"
With a smug grin he leans backward. "I don't think she will try anything with so many people there." He spreads his arms and laughs. "It's a festival with gods around! A single vampire won't have much of a say there!"
"Uuh..." You turn your head to the ground. He does have a point, but with his earlier question this is just weird...and his attitude is annoying.
What is he planning?
"Adahn." Hina takes your hand and speaks calmly. "I'm sure it'll be fine."
"...Right." You look at him with a slight frown. "But don't mess around or pull any stunts, alright?"
"What, do you think I'm stupid?" Not stupid at all, more like reckless...
"I'm sure Clay won't do anything." Hina gives him a stern look. "Right?"
He looks at her for a while before sighing. "...Yeah, I'll behave."
Why does he listen to Hina so easily?!
A sound of door sliding open. "Good morning~"

Turning to door, you see Momizi sluggishly walking towards the table with her eyes half closed. She's wearing clothes alright, but they're so loose fit that they're definitely not her size. At one point she almost trips to her own legs.
She's just woke up, huh?
"It's nowhere near morning, Momizi. Right now you'd say good day." You can help but to smile when you see her like this, still sleepy and relaxed.
"Geez~, that's just because you didn't wake me up!" She ruffles your hair playfully after sitting next to you, and plants a kiss on your cheek. "That should be eno- Oh! What are these?"
Momizi lifted the plate covering rest of the pancakes, and breathes in the smell.
"Just something I made. You should eat them while they're still warm." Hina smiles as she watches Momizi inspect the pancakes. She must like it when people enjoy her food.
"Oh, I will. Thanks for the meal~!" She takes a plate and places one on it.
Just looking at her act like this really puts your mind at ease. But isn't there something weird about this..."

"It tastes even better with syrup." Suddenly Clay reaches over from next to you and peers bit of syrup on Momizi's plate.
"Oh? Thank.. you..." She goes quiet when she notices who it was. "Claymore...?"
He just smiles and giver her his hand. "The name's Clay. Pleased to meet you."
"Ah.." Reluctantly she takes the hand and shakes it. "Momizi Inubashiri, uhm... Same to you?" She gives you a questioning look.
You just shake your head. Even you can't make out what he's thinking.
Momizi continues eating, but noticeably more tense now. When she's done she bows her head. "Thank you Hina, it was delicious."
"You're welcome, it is great you liked it." She takes the plate and gets up, heading towards the kitchen.
"Say, Momizi." Again, Clay speaks with a smile, with his arms crossed. "Would you like to have a little practice match?"
"Wh-what?" She scoots a bit closer to you. "You mean right now?"
"Yes, although later is fine too."
[ ] "What?! No!"
[ ] It's fine, let them settle it.
[ ] What is he thinking picking a fight with Momizi, and right after she woke up! Really, it doesn't look like you can bring him to that festival either...
[X] What is he thinking picking a fight with Momizi, and right after she woke up! Really, it doesn't look like you can bring him to that festival either...

Show him who's boss. What's he thinking?
(Hina will appease us anyway, even when we get pissed off at him, so it should be fine)
[ ] It's fine, let them settle it.
[x] What is he thinking picking a fight with Momizi, and right after she woke up! Really, it doesn't look like you can bring him to that festival either...
[x] What is he thinking picking a fight with Momizi, and right after she woke up! Really, it doesn't look like you can bring him to that festival either...

We'll fight him instead.
[x] What is he thinking picking a fight with Momizi, and right after she woke up! Really, it doesn't look like you can bring him to that festival either...

Poor Claymore. A monster-slaying sword, trapped in a world full of friendly monsters. He's been getting into trouble like he's got something to prove.

...Better find somebody to teach him Danmaku, that way he can kick as much ass as he wants.
[x] What is he thinking picking a fight with Momizi, and right after she woke up! Really, it doesn't look like you can bring him to that festival either...
I love this story, especially the character interaction.

[x] What is he thinking picking a fight with Momizi, and right after she woke up! Really, it doesn't look like you can bring him to that festival either...

Act like a master should.
I guess the votes didn't come in fast enough for your liking?
{X} What is he thinking picking a fight with Momizi, and right after she woke up! Really, it doesn't look like you can bring him to that festival either...
He really... What does he think he is?!
"Come on Momizi, how is it?"
Your fists shake in anger as you look down. He has been acting like a jerk ever since he woke up, annoying you at every chance he got!
"I-I-I... I don't really know, is this really- Adahn?"
And now he's picking a fight with Momizi right after he met her, and he said he'd behave! Filled with ire you grab Clay's arm and stand up.
"What the hell is your problem?!" You scream right into his face, leaving him staring at you eyes wide.
"All the time you act like you're trying to prove something, and that always ends in trouble!" You continue staring him down, not giving him a chance to respond. "First thing you did here was started brawling in Scarlet Devil Mansion, and how did it go?! We had to rescue you!"
"Adahn, your-"
"And now just after I told you I wanted Momizi to train me, you try to pick a fight with her! It's like the first- no, the only thing in your mind when you see somebody inhuman is to kill them!"
Clay turned quiet, but...
"Please, stop..." Now Momizi is holding to your hand, trying to pull you down.
"Really.." You sigh, there are still things for you to say. "If this is how you're going to be, I don't think you can come to that festival either."

With that, you stop. Momizi is clinging to your arm and looking down, Clay is staring at you just as viciously as you're at him, and Hina...
She's just looking away with her eyes closed.
"I see." Finally he stands up, now looking down on you. "Then I guess I won't be having that match with Momizi?"
You nearly start again, but manage to stay calm. "Right. You're not fighting anybody."
"Oh, but I am." That smile again! What is he planning now?
"...Who?" Even if you're annoyed, you're interested in finding out why he's thinking of fighting with.
"What?!" Both you and Momizi yell at the same time, and she stands up too.
"Clay, why are you challenging your own master?! Doesn't this go against your pact with her?" Momizi is doing her best, but she just can't look intimidating when facing Clay.
"You're wrong wolf." You tighten your grip on his hand, and he smiles. "My master denied a fight from me, so isn't it only proper for her to... Set things right with me?"
"Adahn." Hina looks at you sternly. "Don't."

"...What if I decline?" This doesn't make sense. He expects you to accept it just like that?
"Our contract would end. And now that I have this body..." He licks his lips. "Who knows what I would do with it." He's outright threatening you.
So, you really don't have much of a choice. "Alri-" You feel a tug on your hand, and turn to Momizi.
"Y-you d-don't have to fight him." She's shaking. "I'll do it." Something about Clay.. Or the situation is making her afraid.
No, you won't let Momizi do this for you. "Sorry." You turn back to Claymore, and shake his hand. "I accept, but what about the future? Every time I tell you not to fight I have to take you on?"
With a smug grin he replies. "This is but a one time thing, I hope it won't happen in the future." What? He hopes?
"Anyway, when do we do this? I don't think we have much time..."
"Right now, we're tight on time after all." He turns to Momizi. "Obviously we'll be fighting with wooden swords. I hope you'll get us the weapons."
"Ah, right!" She runs past Claymore, who follows after her.

He stops at the door and looks at you. "Oh, and how about we make this interesting?"
You tilt your head to side. "Hmm? What do you mean?"
"A bet. If you win, I'll do whatever you want, answer any questions you may have... Anything."
That sounds too good to be true, he has to be planning something. "...And if you win? You can do whatever you want?"
"No, obviously not." He shakes his head and smiles. "If I win, you'll have to let me teach you to use that sword. I'm only thinking what's best for you here."
[ ] Accept.
[ ] Decline.
[X] Decline.

No. We're not that good yet, but Momizi is training us, and nothing will jeopardize that. She's our teacher, now and forever.
[ ] Accept.
[X] Decline.

Not very obedient is he?
[X] Decline.
[x] Decline.

And then Adahn trains under Reimu and Sanae at the same time, right?
[X] Decline.

He thinks he can just cancel the contract if we don't agree to duel with him? That son of a bitch! Though I'm not really sure if he has a mother.
If we accept, wouldn't losing be just as good as victory? We want to learn to use that sword, and Clay is be the best teacher you could hope for.
Self-sage because I can't decide.

I don't. I'd like to see her hurling persuasion needles and consecrating things left and right. If anyone should do the swording, it's Momizi. We'll just be cramping her style.
"No." You're not sure at all if you can even win against him, and even if you did, what could Clay do for you? "Just a regular match is fine."
"Suit yourself." Sighing in disappointment he heads out of the door.
You start walking, ready to follow him when you notice that one person in the room hasn't moved at all.
"Hina, you're not coming?"
"...Sorry Adahn, you did the right thing, but I'm not interested in fights."
You nod. "I understand, it's alright."
"And..." She speaks in somewhat bored tone. "I think I have a fairly good idea of how this is going to end."
"Huh, what do you mean?"
"No, don't worry about it." She gives you a light smile and looks away again. "You should go after him now."
"Hina..." Of course you'll think about it when she says it like that! "Well, later then."
With those thoughts you follow him.

When you get outside Clay is explaining something to Momizi who is holding two wooden swords. He lifts his hand in greeting when he notices you.
"Adahn! Took your time, I see." Why is he so cheerful?!
You just walk to them and look at him. "...What were you talking about?"
"I just explained to Momizi that this was going to be completely harmless match." He laughs and takes a hold of your shoulder. "Can you imagine? She was actually worried about you!"
"Yeah..." You look at her. She's still tense, but definitely not scared anymore. Whatever Clay said must've calmed her down. "...What a wonder."
"I suppose you want to hear the rules?"
"Ah, sure."
"Alright." He extends his hand, and Momizi gives him one of the swords. "To avoid any injuries you could get from longer match," He taps your head lightly with the sword, "winner will be the one who lands the first hit with the sword. Understand?"
You rub the spot he hit you in. Why is he so sure about winning?! Crossing your arms you frown. "Yes, let's get this over with."
"Good, Momizi will- hmm?"
She pulled you away from Clay and looks at you apologetically. "I'm sorry, but before you start just let me say two things."
Nodding you smile to her. "It's alright, what's the matter?"
"First, don't push yourself."
"I know that without you telling me." You smile and brush her hair. "What else?"
"Then, uhm... This may seem weird after what I just said, but... Please, beat him."
You lift your eyebrow. "What?"
"Just... do it, alright!" She hands you the wooden sword and looks back at Clay.

"Alright..." He sighs and then goes back to his usual smile. "...If that's over with, Momizi?"
"Yes?" She stands straight when Clay calls for her.
"Could you count from five so we can start?"
"Yes!" She gets away from you and stands at the side of the porch. "Five..."
You can Clay take stances and stand still, looking at each other.
Can you actually beat him? For all this time he has been completely sure of himself, and even Hina doesn't seem to believe you have any chances. But Momizi asked you to win, and...
You got hundreds of years worth of raw skill from that sword. You just have to use that. When it comes to technique, you're as good as...
No, you're better than anybody.
Except maybe the sword itself. What can't you read his stance?!
[ ] Be aggressive, all you have to do is land one hit.
[ ] Go defensive, wait for a right moment to strike.
[ ] Try to turn his attention somewhere else, distract him!
[ ] He can't fly, right? You on the other hand...
[ ] Focus on him. He's your sword, you know what he's going to do.
[X] Be aggressive, all you have to do is land one hit.

He's expecting us to go defensive.
[x] Be aggressive, all you have to do is land one hit.
[x] He can't fly, right? You on the other hand...
[x] Focus on him. He's your sword, you know what he's going to do.

Surprise him with the abilities we already have, and the abilities we just got.

That sword? It was training wheels for something bigger.
[x] Be aggressive, all you have to do is land one hit.
Unleash hell
[x] Be aggressive, all you have to do is land one hit.

Normally, I'd go with being defensive, but we can't even read his stance. Since he doesn't consider us a threat, he might toy with us long enough to figure his style.
[x] Be aggressive, all you have to do is land one hit.
[x] He can't fly, right? You on the other hand...
[x] Focus on him. He's your sword, you know what he's going to do.
[ ] Focus on him. He's your sword, you know what he's going to do.

Guys, we haven't even tested our flight skills yet, how do you expect to be able to simply fly as if you were a 500 years old winged vampire faster than a bullet?

And trust me on this, whatever hit you try to land, he knows how to counter it. Going agressive is just going for a faster defeat.
[X] Go defensive, wait for a right moment to strike.
[X] Focus on him. He's your sword, you know what he's going to do.

Listen to Momizi, guys! I think the above (read: doing nothing really) would be the best way to maximize our chance of winning by simply not making us lose. But we're already beyond hope anyway. I wonder how we'll break our neck by trying to fly.
The diversion option is tempting, though. But I don't want to flash just to win.
[X] Go defensive, wait for a right moment to strike.
[X] Focus on him. He's your sword, you know what he's going to do.
[X] Go defensive, wait for a right moment to strike.
[X] Focus on him. He's your sword, you know what he's going to do.
[X] Go defensive, wait for a right moment to strike.
[X] Focus on him. He's your sword, you know what he's going to do.
Calling this now, as people seem to be changing their votes. Update soon.
Also, spoilers: Clay told Momizi he'd rape her if you lose.

>Also, spoilers: Clay told Momizi he'd rape her if you lose.

If that's true we're gonna make him wish he didn't have a body anymore.
come party time we're handing claymore over to remi immediately
Thought the same but didn't want to get that idea into people's heads because Anon would like that.
>Thought the same but didn't want to get that idea into people's heads because Anon would RAGE.

That little shit. Flandre can have him back.
As soon as she's finished counting you almost dash towards Claymore.
One moment of hesitation saved you for now, as Claymore does the exact thing you were planning and runs towards you with a smile that tells he's completely sure of himself. So, instead of preparing for an attack you raise your sword and get ready to defend against anything he may have.
Right. For now only thing you should do is 'survive', you have no idea how he's going to fight, so finding that out is most important thing. Just read his stance and defend against the first attack...
Wait, you couldn't make it out before, so how could you do it-
A second before he reaches you your mind turns clear, and you know exactly what he's going to do. It's going to be a strike from left, aimed to your feet.


"Kh-" Your swords clash and you bite your teeth together. He hit hard, much more than Momizi during your training earlier. Is he being serious?!
Yeah, you wish. One look at his face tells you that he knew you would block that. But at least you managed to do it-
No! You didn't do that yourself, you just suddenly knew it! And because Clay knows you can do it, this won't do you any good. Even more, if you can tell every time where he's going to hit, you have no choice but to try and block him.
This is not a match, it's going to be just a test of endurance.
You feel it again. Next one will be to your hand. Fast.
And you block it. Clay looks satisfied as he prepares for next attack.
This wouldn't be a problem if you could attack, but he doesn't leave himself open. And if you know you can't land a hit, what's the point in attacking? But...
Just defending won't get you anywhere. You have to work something fast, what can you use?
Hundreds of years worth of raw skill? Right, if you just could attack and not defend all the time.
Strength? You're a human fighting sword given body!

...Sword? What helped you when you were training with Momizi? How could you block all of her attacks?
He told you. You didn't have a single moment of peace because he was in your head, and judging from what you're experiencing right now, maybe part of him still is. He is your sword, and right now you know every move he's going to make. So...

Only thing you have to do reverse the connection you had earlier.

And how on earth do you do that?! You still have the fight to worry... about...
Oh. You realize that you haven't heard the 'voice' for a long time. Actually, you haven't even paid attention to the ongoing match. Something like this happened when you were training with Momizi, didn't it? Like your body is moving on it's own when you can focus on something completely different.
...You don't like it. It makes you feel like you wouldn't be in control anymore. But you have to let that go now, it's the only way you can do this.
Now you have an idea, but no idea how to make it work. What was it like when you had him inside your head?
...Like it was filled with something more, but not he didn't take any space for himself. Even now you're not the same, he did leave something there. And if you follow it back to him-
You are one again.
'Next will be... To the head!'
His sudden voice startles you, and you try to take a step back. But your body doesn't listen and moves the sword on way of his strike.
'She's still up? A small wonder, but she is just a human, nobody can go on forever.'
Excellent. Now you can hear his thoughts in your head and you can't stop your body from defending, and you can't tell how tired you are, or if you're at all. You'd better just forfeit now before it gets worse than this...

No, you're not losing now. After coming this far it'd be a waste, and this is just what you wanted. Now to use it.
'With next slash she'll step back. Playing is fun, but this is getting boring.'
And no you wont! Your body jumps to right, and for the first time attacks, forcing Clay to dodge.
'What the-?!'
Huh. It seems you're still doing the best possible action for the moment.
Lifting his sword to defend he stops moving. "Adahn." He speaks. His voice comes out ragged, but he doesn't seem tired.
"What is... it...?" What, you can only speak from between gasps?!
He smiles and slowly shifting to right. "...Finally decided to attack?" You manage to make yourself nod.
'I didn't think she would actually do this, it might be better to end this.'
He does have a point. If this goes on longer you might just fall over without realizing your condition.

You start attacking. Since you know every move he's going to make even before he has decided them himself, it's easy. It doesn't take long before you're the one with advantage. He has no choice but to keep on defending!
But... Isn't there something weird?
'What the hell is this...?''
No. You can win. You can beat Clay!
[ ] Continue this!

[ ] No, stop!
Update written on laptop. If this looks weird, that's the reason.
[X] Continue this!

He just doesn't want his ass kicked.
[ ] Continue this!

Sup Katana?
[X] Continue this!
[x] Continue this!

Sally forth!
[x] No, stop!

I don't want to become 'one' with this asshole.
When you say ...
>>[ ] Continue this!
>>[ ] No, stop!
... with the former in 'im in yur head, readin yur mind' italics, do you mean continue using the mental link for the battle or do you just mean continuing the battle?
[x] Continue this!

Kick his ass.

If we lose, Momizi will become 'one' with him.

Involuntarily of course.
[X] No, stop!
[x] Continue this!


Bring on Adahn the Destroyer.
[x] Continue this!
...No, not really. Sorry.
Really, the deal about Clay raping Momizi was a joke. Horribly bad one, yes, but it wasn't serious.

I know you weren't. I was just playing off of the idea.

What a shame. I was thinking about what kind of huge emotional breakdown speech Adahn would make when the guy she trusted so much and even saved from SDM suddenly turned around and violated her friend. It would be quite the Rape the Dog moment.
[X] No, stop!
Yes! If you continue this, you can win!
'This girl... What is she!'
His thoughts outside the fight turn short, with him desperately trying to turn the tables again. But you aren't interested in those, you just want to know how he's hoping to attack next, only to have it given away by his own mind.
'Wait, this couldn't be...?!'
Who would've thought that beating him would be this easy? He's losing the focus, you're the one in lead now. You feel yourself grinning like a madman when you land a blow after blow, each that he only barely manages to avoid.
'Ah, I see.'

A moment of him not paying attention to you, and it's over.

You didn't have the power to put much power in the strike anymore, but it hit him, straight to head.
"I won." You smile as you look at his surprised face, and let your sword fall to the ground. "I... Won!"
"...Yes." It takes a while for him to correct his expression and say something.
"Adahn, that was amazing!" From somewhere in distance you hear Momizi's voice.
"Hahaha..." You lean backward and nearly fall over, then shout to her. "Momizi, I need something to drink, anything!"
"Right!" Footsteps from the distance, she's running inside it seems.
You smile and wobble a bit when Clay steps closer. "That was quite impressive sho- watch out!" You're about to fall down when he catches you and holds you up. "Truth to be told, I didn't expect anything near that good."
"Ah, t-thank you." You feel a blush creeping to your face, with him holding you so close to him, smiling sweetly. What's up with him, one moment he is incredible jerk and now he's acting really nice?!
He puts a hand on your forehead. "You're incredibly hot. There's no sense pushing yourself like that."
"It's fine..." You look away from him. He isn't being a poor loser at all, maybe you just judged him wrong?
'Just how did you do that anyway?' He speaks softly and lets you calm down. 'Did you figure out it out in the middle of the fight or what?'
"...So you noticed." Looking at him you smile back. "But it was pretty good don't you..." You swallow and somehow manage to the sentence. "...think." Oh no.
With a devilish grin he looks into your eyes, and you hear a single word in your head. 'Hello~'

Something is pushed inside you. 'Let's see what you been doing lately~'
"Ghaaah!" You can feel it. Him reaching to you, fiddling around with your memories, going deeper, deeper and- oh god isn't he going to stop?!
'Considering what you did earlier, isn't this only fair, hmm?'
No! This is nothing like what you did, he didn't even notice that. But now, every time he goes deeper the strength disappears from your legs. Your entire body is numb.
He holds you tight, not letting you fall down to the sweet embrace of the earth. 'Relax, I'm just going to see what you've done today...'
"STOP!" Unable to take it anymore, you shout. "Stop this now!"
"...Fine." He lets go of you, and at the same moment you fall to your knees. "That should be enough." The relief of him not holding you is great, but right now it means nothing to you.
You can still feel him inside you. He's still there. "Get... out..." Still looking on the ground you speak in quiet, but determined voice. Even if you would have energy to push yourself up, you don't want to look in his face. Not now.
"Oh? Sorry, slipped my mind entirely." Like hell it did! Really, when you can move again, you're going to-
"AaaAAGH!" It hurts, like something being severed from your head. As if part of you was just ripped out without warning. You try feeling yourself, but there is nothing, you shouldn't have a single reason to be like this, so why is the pain so bad?! "...oh god..." No, he didn't take anything away, something inside you was broken.
You shouldn't think about it like that. It's all in your head, just ignore it and it's going to disappear. You hope.

Sound of footsteps going away from you. You know he's leaving, but can't look up. "Oh, hello Momizi." She just came back huh?
"Uhm, hi." A small pause, and she continues. "...What happened?"
"She was just bit too hard on herself. I thought I'd let her rest for a bit. Look after her for now, alright? I'm going to clean myself." What is he saying now, and acting so casually too?! He really..
"Y-yes!" And Momizi buys it. She pads next to you, and you feel her brushing your hair. "Geez... I told you not to push yourself."
She's being so carefree, but that's normal. She has no idea what happened, after all. "...it's not... fair..." Quietly you whisper the words, only for yourself.
"What's not fair? Come on, drink this." Momizi tilts your head up and you feel something cool touch your lips, but can't bring yourself to open your mouth. "Adahn..."Really, what's wrong?"
[ ] "Please... Let me be alone."
[ ] Let her comfort you.
[ ] Tell her what happened.
[ ] Don't tell her.
-Press Select for ATE(?)-
I'm thinking removed the inherited combat experience.
[x] Let her comfort you.
[x] Don't tell her.
File 122539623666.jpg - (41.74KB, 346x408 , krauzer.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Let her comfort you.
[X] Don't tell her.
Poor Adahn.

-Press Select for ATE(?)-
No reason not to.
[ ] Let her comfort you.

[ ] Tell her what happened.

-Press Select for ATE(?)- Yes

We should tell her, don't want it biting us in the ass later and we shouldn't have secrets from her.
[x] Let her comfort you.
[x] Tell her what happened.
[X] Let her comfort you.
[X] Tell her what happened.

Changing my vote to tell her. Better to let her know so she will be cautious around him than to risk him trying to get into her mind.
[X] Let her comfort you.
[X] Tell her what happened.
[X] Let her comfort you.
[X] Tell her what happened.

I don't see Clay going to that festival.
>-Press Select for ATE(?)-
...So ...he basically just raped us?
If rape is only in a sexual way, no. If it means exploiting an asymetrical relationship for his own benefit, then yes. Basically, he hurt us real bad.
[X] Let her comfort you.
[X] Tell her what happened.
[x] Let her comfort you.
[x] Tell her what happened.
-Press Select for ATE-

Changing vote.
[X] Let her comfort you.
[X] Tell her what happened.

Voting to tell her because I myself don't know what just happened.

Basically, "Do you want to see an additional scene from a second point of view (y/n)?"
[X] Let her comfort you.
[X] Tell her what happened.

I cannot believe the nerve of that asshole. See if we bother trying to rescue him the next time he gets himself in trouble. Probing our memories against our will? Not even remotely on the level of what we did, and not fucking cool. His sorry ass is going to have to pull something pretty damn amazing to earn forgiveness for this shit.

Fucker tries that again, and we ought to do the same right back. I wonder how he'd like it if we peered deep enough to find out exactly why he doesn't like the name Clare? Maybe learn a few things about him that he'd rather have hidden.

I swear, whatever he "broke" in our mind, if it has anything to do with our ability to love Momi - and I wouldn't put it past him to try and tamper with that at this point - his ass is grass.
>Fucker tries that again, and we ought to do the same right back. I wonder how he'd like it if we peered deep enough to find out exactly why he doesn't like the name Clare? Maybe learn a few things about him that he'd rather have hidden.

That actually sounds like a good idea. Along with arranging him another play-date with Flandre.

Clay appears to have massive control issues. If you want him to be useful, you're gonna have to break that son of a bitch in two.
What could you do now? You're tired, feel horrible and... The pain is still there. with your arms shaking you hold on to Momizi's shoulders, and manage a light pull, urging her to move closer.
"Adahn...?" She's suprised by your reaction, but doesn't get tense.
You start resting your head on her shoulder, and try to get yourself as close to her as possible. But you can't. You have absolutely no strength left in your arms, so only thing you can is wait for her to act.
"Ah, uhm..." Slowly she wraps her arms around you, finally giving you relief. "There." She runs her hand through your hair and speaks softly.
"Momizi..." You breather in. She smells familiar, good. Completely unlike Clay, and what he-

A spasm runs through your body and for a moment your nonexistent grip on her tightens. You start sobbing uncontrollably, crying onto her shoulder.
"It's alright..." Speaking to you while holding you against her she rubs the back of your head. "It's alright..."
Somehow it calms you down, and after a while you stop crying. But you stay together, holding onto her.
She separates from you. You don't know how long you were holding to each other, but it's didn't feel like nearly enough. "...Here." Momizi lifts the can of again, and this time you drink. Water feels so good, it feels like you could speak again. "Now... Please, what happened?"
"Uhm..." Fidgeting around your try to decide what to say to her. "H-he..."
"It's alright." She takes your hand and holds it. "What did Clay do?"
"I-I think h-he... He went inside m-my head." You have no idea at all yourself either. Only thing you know is that I was horrible. "He touched my memories, and... I think something's... wrong..." You can't continue. Words get caught in your throat, they just won't come out.
You grab Momizi again, and start crying. "Shh..." She lets you let it out, and holds you.
"Aah..." You stretch your hands, and let the warm air soothe you. Finding the bath was easy, you saw that girl come here earlier after all. Apparently people here put towels around them self when bathing, a strange custom but you have no reason not to comply. "Well then..." With your eyes close you rest your head back and start thinking.
Adahn. Now you know what she did when you weren't around, and... You're not sure what to make out of it. She avoided conflict with Remilia and forced her to let her sister out(you still shiver at the thought of her), then started a negotiations on that Goddess' behalf... Either she's incredibly brave or stupid.
No. She learned to use that sword during a fight, that caught even you by surprise.
If only she had determination like that all the time...

Behind you a door opens and somebody walks in. "Do you mind if I join you?" The Goddess. Out of people who live here, suprisingly she seems the most normal and level-headed. You wanted to talk with her.
"Not at all." Not shifting your position you keep your eyes shut. "Always better to have somebody to talk with."
"Yes, that's true..." She talks while walking, and soon you feel shifting of the water from your left. A moment of silence before she speaks again. "First time in an outdoor bath?"
"You can tell?" Did you do something wrong?
"No, just a lucky guess." She thinks for a moment, and then changes subject. "Did you enjoy your victory over that girl?"
"Hmm..?" Yes, she thought you'd win. "No, not at all."
"Oh? An unsatisfying battle, was it?"
"Wrong again." You sigh. Even if you lost, the match wasn't anything you'd complain about. In all honesty, it was better than what you experienced in that mansion. "She beat me."
"She... did?" She's taken aback by your response. It's no wonder, nobody would expect for human to beat you. "Surely it was just a luck?"
Was it? Surely, she must've needed it to figure your connection so fast, but she took it even further, she learned how to use it while avoiding defeat. "...She won because of her skill. Although I was at fault for not taking her seriously, in the end that didn't have anything to do it."

"Oh, doesn't that mean she's stronger than you? Don't think I'm doubting your strength, this just seems quite unbelievable." This came up with Adahn too, but you admit that Hina has much more of a point than she did.
But that doesn't matter. "No. Right now she's just a tad more powerful than ordinary human, at least when it comes to sword." This time was weird, but in the essence it was like before. "If we were to have a rematch, I'd surely win."
"...Despite your earlier loss you sound awfully sure of yourself, why?"
"All of my masters have to go through a test before using me." You're talking of yourself as that sword, but that really isn't the case anymore. "Her circumstances were weird, so she will have to train to get power like that again."
"Hmm? You really think she wants to train?"
"What?" Her question doesn't make sense, the answer is just too obvious. "Don't all humans- no, all living beings want power? That is what drives them. Before she asked that wolf to train her, didn't she?"
"Oh Clay..." She sighs, and lets out small laugh. "You know what I think? Maybe Adahn isn't interested in swords at all, maybe she asked Momizi to train her to spend more time with her."
"Th-that's foolish." She can't be serious. Adahn has age-old weapon in her hands and she's thinking about love?! "In any case, she is going to practice properly. I'll make sure of it."

"I'm afraid that won't do." Her tone changed entirely. The earlier playfulness is all gone. "Others are sure to object too."
What does she think she is, suddenly talking like that? You open your eyes and look at her. And then you wish you hadn't. You gasp, but manage to speak. "...Why do you say that?" By the gods, she looks entirely different with her hair down naturally, without those weird ribbons. And save for the hair-color she's like... No.
With her hands crossed under her breasts she speaks. "She's going to be my shrine-maiden, and Momizi's lover. There aren't much more spots to fill." Dammit, she really resembles Kat. "From the look of things, at least how she spoke to you earlier, she doesn't like you at all. And to be honest you haven't been helping at all."
You continue looking at her, fascinated by the resemblance. "And what do you suggest?"
"Let her come to you. She saved you from Scarlet Devil Mansion, didn't she? I don't know why she did that, but maybe if you give her time you'll find out?"
Give her time... That sounds like a good plan, if it wasn't for one thing. "I don't think I have time. Didn't you notice anything weird earlier when she yelled at me?"

"Oh..." She looks away ashamed. "You mean her eyes."
"Exactly. I don't know why they changed color, but it happened during the fight too." You sigh and look at the sky, evening is steadily getting closer. "She might be changing into something."
"...I understand that, but what does that have to do with time?"
"I have no idea what's going on!" You hit the water, causing a large splash. "If she doesn't train now, will it be too late for her to adapt to the sword, or will training make it worse?! Only thing I can hope for now is to make practice as much as possible so that the sword wouldn't be wasted!" Are you getting too worked up over this? You sure hope so.
"...I see." You sit in a silence for a while before she speaks again. "Hmm, excuse me, something bothered me..."
"We've already talked this much, ask away."
"Before she accepted the fight, you said something that seemed like you would kill her if she didn't fight you. Was that true?"
[ ] Yes, you were serious.
[ ] No, that was a bluff.
[ ] You don't have a choice about that.
[ ] She really doesn't need to know this.
[ ] No, that was a bluff.
[ ] No, that was a bluff.


Switching views to Clay.
[x] No, that was a bluff.
[x] You don't have a choice about that.

"I was bound by our contract"

He's still a bastard though. But at least not a complete monster.
[x] No, that was a bluff.

Just playin' with 'ya lass.
[x] No, that was a bluff.
[x] You don't have a choice about that.

He said all his masters go through a test. I'll take his word for it.
[x] You don't have a choice about that.
[ ] No, that was a bluff.
[x] No, that was a bluff.

So he's not a monster. He's just an idiot.
[x] You don't have a choice about that.
[X] You don't have a choice about that.
I just had a thought. Maybe kind of a stupid one, but who knows?

You know the whole gohei thing? Maybe since Adahn is much more sword-oriented, we could put some gohei paper things on the pommel of the blade for when she gets her miko groove on.
Or maybe on the sheath.

Question is whether or not she'll still want to hold a blade after Clay mindfucked her.
[x] No, that was a bluff.

She'll continue her training under Momizi if only to spite him.
Yeah, sorry. But Fallout 3 and Heaven's Feel were released, so...
"No." You shake your head in the disgust of the idea. What does she think you are?
"That was just a bluff, she would've never fought me otherwise." Breathing in you look at her. "I'm never going to kill people. Ever."
"Oh, isn't that inconvenient for a sword? Weapon that doesn't kill..." The goddess laughs mockingly. "Maybe you need a new job, or a hobby." She doesn't understand? But that's to be expected.
Flashing her a grin you explain yourself. "What are you talking about? This is a world filled with monsters!" You lift your hands up for effect. "For me, nothing could be better!"
Hearing this she tenses for a moment, then looks away quiet. Why, shouldn't that be incredibly clear?
"Pray tell me, Claymore..." Speaking coldly, she looks at you with stern eyes. "What is a monster?"

"A monster?" You have to repeat the word in wonder, that's how simple the question is. This makes you think, is she stupid? "That's easy, it's something inhuman, a being that needs to die."
After a short silence she smiles to you and laughs. "Oh Clay..." Laughing a again, she stops. "...That's not it at all."
She dismisses your answer just like that? Frowning you reply. "If I'm wrong, then tell me: What is a monster?" You doubt that she knows it even herself.
"That you have to figure out yourself. Or you could ask Adahn, she is human after all."
"Adahn..." With a deep sigh you look up at the sky. Like Hina said, you've given her lots of reasons to hate you, and that fight just now didn't help at all. "I don't know, she won't be one for long."
"Maybe, but for now she is. And even more importantly, she's honest and strong-willed." With a nod to herself, she finishes. "She's a good girl."
"...I'll think about it." Yes, what were you thinking? It's true that this situation is weird for you, after all you've never had girl as your master and it has been ages since you had actual body to move, but right now you're sure of at least something.
Your master is strong, that fight isn't going to bother her.

A sound of door sliding open.

Hina looks at you calmly. "There isn't much time for the festival anymore, so it's only normal for everybody to bathe together."
"...I see." What was that about? It's not like you were worried or something.


"...Do we really have to go there now?" Not caring about your objections, she pulls you towards bath. "I mean, Clay and Hina are already-"
"Adahn, I already said this, we should get you cleaned now." She turns around, and gently smiles to you. "If we put it to any later, we'll be in a hurry."
"But..." She already got you undressed and you have the towel around you, but you still don't want to go there. You're not bothered about going to bath a guy, but if it's him right now...
You look down on the ground, unsure about yourself.
"You really don't have anything to worry about." Confidently she holds your hand and looks into your eyes. "He isn't going to try anything there, and if he does, I'll protect you."
"...Alright." The way she acts really makes you smile. After you had relaxed and explained everything she was ready to kill Clay for what he did, and then you had to calm her down. Knowing you can trust Momizi you nod. "Let's go."
She slides the door open, and the familiar steamy air greets you.

"...only normal for everybody to bathe together."
"...I see."
Yes, they're both there, talking to each other. The steam is thick, but you can see that Hina is pretty close to him. A part of you thinks it's good that they get along together, while another part doesn't want anything like that for Clay.
Rubbing your head lightly you follow Momizi to bath.

"Hello, I hope we're not interfering." Momizi slips into water, some distance away from Hina.
She smiles to you two. "Not at all, company is always nice, isn't it?" Hina looks at Clay, waiting for him to answer.
"...I suppose." Not looking at you, he just grumbles a reply. Good, it might be better if he's like this now.
You get down yourself too, and set yourself between Hina and Momizi. There's good distance between you, but you shift yourself closer to Momizi just to be safe.
And to get further from Clay. You look into his direction and see that Hina is leaning back and looks relaxed, while he is...
[ ] Hina might want to talk with him, don't bother them.
[ ] He hurt you, his master! What was he thinking?!
[ ] No, you can't look at him now. Get closer to Momizi.
[ ] Hina might want to talk with him, don't bother them.
[x] Hina might want to talk with him, don't bother them.

Too weary to get pissed off, but not weary enough to back down.
[x] Hina might want to talk with him, don't bother them.
A tad insecure; non-confrontational.
Unless this leads to A WALL OF SILENCE entry.
[x] Hina might want to talk with him, don't bother them.
[X] Hina might want to talk with him, don't bother them.
[x] Hina might want to talk with him, don't bother them.

Sit and stew.
[ ] No, you can't look at him now. Get closer to Momizi.

Added affect = Pisses off Claymore again.
[x] No, you can't look at him now. Get closer to Momizi.
[ ] Hina might want to talk with him, don't bother them.
[x] No, you can't look at him now. Get closer to Momizi.

head broke, need momi
That's right, they must've been talking with each other before you and Momizi came in. You turn away from them, and try to give them as much privacy as they need.
This also gives you good excuse to ignore Clay.

"So, have you given it any thought?" It takes a while, but Hina starts the conversation.
"Are you serious?" He responds in somewhat amused, although also annoyed tone. "It's been, what? Not even half an hour."
"Oh, and I thought that you would have learned to think fast when you spent century in that cave." Hina's attitude surprises you. How come she is making fun of him just like that?
"This isn't a decision I have to make fast. Important things should be considered for appropriate time." This is even weirder. Instead of snapping back, he continues speaking sternly.
"...I remember saying that to somebody else quite recently..." From corner of your eye you see her flashing you a smile. "But sometimes you just don't have time, or something unexpected happens."
"I'm going to do this when I see to be the best time." He sighs and continues tiredly. "And to be honest, I can't see why you want to solve this now and here."
"But don't you have everything you need right here?" She speaks in mock wonder. "What about asking right now?"

"...I don't have to listen to this." Something about the question must've offended him as he grumps and gets up, starting to walk towards the door. You see Momizi turn her head, and do the same.
For the first time here you look at him, and see that he has the towel tied around his waist, with his back exposed. Even now you can see how muscular he is, maybe even better than earlier since he's moving now, with long and loud steps.
"Oh my." You turn to Hina, who didn't bother to look after him. "I guess I went a bit too far?" She is simply smiling with her eyes closed.
"Hina... What was that about?" You're confused, Clay acted weirdly. But then again, can you really say what's normal for him?
"Hm..." She stretches, and stands up too. "Nothing you should worry about. I'll try to talk with him, hopefully he'll calm down." If she says so, you can trust her. Getting up she follows after Clay with a light steps. It really contrasts how he left.
After watching Hina leave, you turn back to Momizi.

She's relaxing, with her ears lowered and eyes closed she breathes deeply and smiles. You were in here earlier too, right? And then Aya came in with Hina and ruined your moment... You're not actually angry since what followed was possible the happiest moment you've ever experienced, but... You're kind of annoyed. Thinking about this, you slowly shift yourself closer to her.
"Ah." Suddenly she opens her eyes and looks at you, making you freeze. "What do you think Hina was talking about with him?"
"I-I don't know." You give a small laugh and almost look away. "What would goddess talk about with sword?"
"Hmm, that's a good question." Her voice fades as she turns her gaze at the sky, still lightened by the sun that wouldn't be there for long. Keeping her head up she speaks. "...It's quiet."
"Yeah.." That's true. If neither of you says anything, there's only light sound of water going against rock, and occasional song of a bird. Completely quiet, no matter how serene it is, you wish you could break it somehow.
She was of so much help to you earlier, but right now she just seems small...
[ ] That's right, you're here, all alone with her...
[ ] You should try to calm down, relax.
[ ] Shouldn't you get out too? You still have to get dressed.
[x] That's right, you're here, all alone with her...

Suddenly, Momizi rapes Adahn.
[ ] You should try to calm down, relax.
[ ] You should try to calm down, relax.
[ ] Just talk to her to pass the time, maybe more intimate subjects? Either way spend some time alone with her, you deserve that much.
[X] That's right, you're here, all alone with her...
[x] You should try to calm down, relax.
[X] That's right, you're here, all alone with her...

[X] That's right, you're here, all alone with her...
[X] That's right, you're here, all alone with her...
[X] That's right, you're here, all alone with her...
{~} That's right, you're here, all alone with her...
[x] That's right, you're here, all alone with her...
File 122597716613.jpg - (47.62KB, 500x1048 , 1225876656615.jpg) [iqdb]
I'll just leave this here...
[x] That's right, you're here, all alone with her...
That's true, right now you're here, all alone with her. Hina just left after Clay and Aya is... You have no idea where Aya is. But that doesn't matter.

Slowly you move towards Momizi, while she is still looking up in the sky. "Adahn, don't you think we shoul-" She freezes in mid-sentence and looks at you. "What are you planning?"
"Planning?" With a sly smile you get in front of her, and put your behind her head and lift her chin with the other one. "I'm not planning anything~" It's true. Right now you're following your instincts, anything else would ruin this.
"A-a-A-a-a--!" She tries to say something, but can't let out a word as you pull her closer to you, and kiss her. "Mm-mmmmh..." After the the first shock she follows you, and wraps her hands behind your back. This isn't like yesterday, when it was just for a moment and too sudden for you to feel anything.
No, this time your kiss goes on for what seems like forever, at one point she's pulling your tongue, then again you're in the lead. This is really incredibly, unlike anything you've felt before. When you finally part there is a thin line of saliva connecting you.
"Wa-aah~..." Her eyes have lost their focus, she's trying to look at you but right now that impossible for her. She's shaking, so much that you fear that if you let go of her she might fall to the water. But you can't let that happen, instead you keep her as close to you as possible, holding her tightly and wishing you could be one.

"Please.." Just as you're about to pull her in another kiss you hear her voice, and stop. "Wait..."
Opening your eyes slowly, you see Momizi with her face completely red, eyes closed. That must've been so good just now, so why..."
You brush your hand hand against her cheek gently and speak. "...What's wrong?"
"U-uhm..." She takes hold of your hand and looks away, avoiding your eyes. "I-I'm really g-glad for this. R-really! But..." Ah, when she's flustered like that's she's just too cute.
"Momi~!" Not able to control yourself, you embrace her again and ruffle her short hair, feeling her ears. "Please don't say anything else~" Rubbing your cheek to hers you have a wide smile on your face.
"Ah! Please, w-waitwaitwaaahn...!" Seems like she has trouble talking when you're biting her ear. "Aaah~daaahn~, pleaase..." Still, no matter what you do she's trying so hard. You could continue this, not letting her say it, but... She wouldn't like that at all.
Before pulling back you give her a single gentle kiss, and then run your through her hair again. "So... What is it?"
"Th-thank you..." Slowly she turns to look at you, smiling faintly. "C-can we... Do this later?"

Tilting your head to side confused you have to ask her. "That wasn't good?"
"Nonono!" She shakes her head furiously, cheeks till flushed. "I-I, I mean, that was great, but..." She looks straight into your eyes, "Please, understand, I, now..."
"Shh..." You put your finger on her lips, urging her to stop. She doesn't have to say any more for you to understand. "It's okay."
"...thank you." She speaks quietly and hugs you, pressing her head against your chest. It's nothing weird, right now it's natural for her to do so. "I love you Adahn." Why does she say it? You know it, and she knows it too. So why...
"I love you too." You pull her against yourself and respond. Is saying the obvious really that bad thing?
You stay like this for some time, and then...

After that even longer. Momizi's breathing turns calm, and she doesn't make an effort to move away.
"...Momizi?" You try moving her a bit, and she doesn't react at all. "Really, did you fall asleep...?" Seems so.
Well, what now? You've already been here for quite some time.
[ ] You should really start preparing now. Carry her out and wake her up.
[ ] Who cares if you go there a little later?

[x] You should really start preparing now. Carry her out and wake her up.
[ ] You should really start preparing now. Carry her out and wake her up.

[x] You should really start preparing now. Carry her out and wake her up.

Let's not keep everyone waiting. Momizi wanted to go to the festival too.
[x] You should really start preparing now. Carry her out and wake her up.


Every time I imagine Adahn advancing on Momizi, I imagine her donning a wide smile with a line of drool going down the side of her face, saying "LEDZ GED REFRESHED~".
[P] You should really start preparing now. Carry her out and wake her up.

[x] You should really start preparing now. Carry her out and wake her up.
[x] You should really start preparing now. Carry her out and wake her up.
[x] You should really start preparing now. Carry her out and wake her up.
[x] You should really start preparing now. Carry her out and wake her up.

Geez. Didn't she already sleep in today? Is she alright?
"Geez..." Sighing you run your hand through her soft white hair for the last time after making up your mind. You love to be like this, but she wanted to go to festival too...
No, she said she had to be there, and everybody else is expecting you to be there too. Going late now would wouldn't be nice. At all.
The way you just push this situation to side is pretty horrible, but what can you do? You place your hand under her smooth legs, and get a good hold of-
No, it's not like you wanted to feel her butt or something! Anyway, you get good hold of her, and stand up. Really, you have to stop thinking like this...
She still has her hands wrapped around you, so she's helping no matter how weakly that might be. Getting out of the bath requires some work when you're carrying her like this, but it's not too hard.
"Hahhn...." She mumbles something in her sleep and tugs you tighter with a smile on her face, while you carry her over to the dressing room. What is she thinking about..."

Finally you set her on one of the chairs, and start trying to wake her up. "Momizi..."
She doesn't respond to your voice. You could just try shaking her, but that'd be... Boring? Yes, something like that. Now that she's just sitting there, wouldn't it be only proper if you messed around a bit?
No no no. She wouldn't like that at all, and you might get carried away. Better just get this over with quick. "Momizi." You grab her cheek and pinch it. "Wake up."
Immediately she grabs your hand as her eyes dart open. "Owowwow!" She looks into you, holding back tears. "Don't do that!"
Eh? Isn't it weird that she woke up that easily? "...Were you really sleeping?"
"Eeh?!" Quickly she looks away, blush creeping on her face. "Y-yes I was! What are you thinking?"
"Well..." She was just faking it and wanted to be closer to you, without neither of you trying anything? "...Nothing. But shouldn't we get dressed now? We spent quite some time in there, you know." You throw her a towel you took from shelf, and take one for yourself.
"Oh, yes! You're right!" She quickly starts rubbing the towel to her hair, and you proceed to do the same.

The one you took for yourself is big and soft, colored in pink with big flower printed in it. It feels familiar, so was this the one you used earlier? Well, that doesn't matter now, does it?
"Uhm.." Momizi speaks to you, holding the towel against her chest. "Could you... turn to face the other way? I-I'll do that too!" She speaks the last part hastily, and turns to the wall left from her.
"Oh!" Right, you were looking at her all this time. You had totally forgotten she didn't like being watched. Quickly turning around you try to hide your blush. "Right, sorry Momizi."
"...You shouldn't apologize, really." She speaks quietly, and you hear the sound of towel falling to the floor.
Resisting the urge to look behind you, you do the same as her and unwrap the towel around you, and place it on the hanger. You just skipped actually using soap to carry Momizi here, so you're not completely clean, but enough. Nobody should notice anything, they'll probably have better things to do than pay attention to hygiene of others.
While drying yourself you spot something lying on a shelf. Something that that looks like clothes, with a note on top of it.
"Hmm?" You take the note, and read it through.

'(If this is Momizi reading this, please give this to Adahn)
Hello Adahn, here are some clothes for you to wear at the festival, I hope you like them!
You were taking so much time in the bath that I got worried you wouldn't have time to dress properly.
If you can't put them on yourself, ask Momizi for help. I understand that she has some experience with these kind of clothes.
Also, going against my better judgement I included striped-stockings. You really seem to like those, so I looked for new ones that'd suit these clothes better.
Don't take the sword, it might be important to you but you're not going to need it.
I know that others have told this to you too, but everybody is going to at the festival, so it'll be important to look your best!
Have fun ~ Hina'

She... Had time to pick clothes, and even write this note? It doesn't look like it's written hastily, although that might just be her style. Just how long were you in there?
Looking at what she chose for you, it seems that dominant colors are red and dark-green, and the stockings seem to be there too, like the letter said. You really can't make out that well what it's supposed to look like when you put it on when it's hanging like that. The set looks kind of complicated and really fancy.
You take a quick look at Momizi drying herself, now with the towel she had on earlier removed. She might have clothes ready for the festival, but you sure don't. And Hina went through trouble of finding these for you.
[ ] Yes, these will do fine.
[ ] No, get back to your room and pick something else.
[ ] Yes, these will do fine.
[ ] Yes, these will do fine.
[X] Yes, these will do fine.
>Looking at what she chose for you, it seems that dominant colors are red and dark-green, and the stockings seem to be there too, like the letter said. You really can't make out that well what it's supposed to look like when you put it on when it's hanging like that. The set looks kind of complicated and really fancy.

Our transformation into Mini-Hina begins.

[x] Yes, these will do fine.
[x] Yes, these will do fine.
[x] Yes, these will do fine.
[ ] Yes, these will do fine.

It's the uniform. Wear it.
[x] Yes, these will do fine.
[x] Yes, these will do fine.
This is all the convincing I need.

[x] Yes, these will do fine.
[x] Yes, these will do fine.
>Looking at what she chose for you, it seems that dominant colors are red and dark-green, and the stockings seem to be there too, like the letter said. You really can't make out that well what it's supposed to look like when you put it on when it's hanging like that. The set looks kind of complicated and really fancy.

A drawfag is needed.

[x] Yes, these will do fine.
A drawfag is supposed to be working on it but this should certainly not discourage other ones from trying their hand at it.

More details available on request in #MiG.

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