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60205 No. 60205
You move down the hallway to the room immediately to the right of the room you were just in. You open the door, stride boldly inside, and close the door behind you. You realize this was quite a bad idea, given that there's no lights in the room, and it's now pitch black. you feel around on the walls for a light switch or something before you realize, This is essentially Feudal Japan. There's no electricity here. So THAT'S what was bugging you about that icebox. Feeling around on the walls has lead you away from the door, so you have no idea where you are in the room.

[ ] Continue groping the walls.
[ ] Call for help.
[ ] Wander into the center of the room.
[ ] Scream.

>> No. 60206
Wait, WHAT?!

[x] Wander into the center of the room.
>> No. 60207
[x] Scream.

>> No. 60208
Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck, isn't this the part where we missed getting Mystia?
>> No. 60209
Hey, it's MiG pretty much right exactly before things fucked up!

[x] Call for help.

>> No. 60210
Damn it, we also need to get Letty from the icebox.
>> No. 60211
[ ] Continue groping the walls.

One more chance, huh? I'll take it.
>> No. 60213
[X] Call for help.
>> No. 60214
Okay, last time we groped the walls which got us nowhere, and then we moved to the middle of the room where we got gapped. So, those are out.

[x] Scream.
We can just tell them we saw eyes looking at us in the darkness, or something. I dunno. Calling for help seems more likely to get us "helped" by gap bitch.
>> No. 60215

We can't possibly fuck up too bad this time. We've got the strategy guide.
>> No. 60216
File 122232213519.jpg - (11.02KB , 215x161 , dr-weird.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Wander into the center of the room.

>> No. 60217
[x] Call for help.
>> No. 60218
File 122232252388.jpg - (65.65KB , 300x300 , kira think.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 60219
>>We can't possibly fuck up too bad this time. We've got the strategy guide.

When it comes to fuck-ups, never underestimate Anon's ability to top himself.

Not that it matters, as I doubt this will last any longer than the past couple failed attempts to start this thing back up again have.
>> No. 60220
[ ] Call for help.

Wha...? Where am I? The last thing I remember... Snow...
>> No. 60221

Someone! Quick! Shoop this into Eirin!
>> No. 60222
File 122232286510.jpg - (111.52KB , 800x828 , 118484652681922.jpg ) [iqdb]
If we trigger the GA:SD dream sequence again, do we get to keep going with it if we don't piss Mokou off enough to make her pummel us to death?
>> No. 60223
You mean restarting GA:SD, too? Because that's how it started.
>> No. 60224
“HELP!” you call out loudly. No response.

“HELP! I NEED SOMEBODY,HELP!” Again, you listen closely. It still seems that nobody can hear you yelling.

“NOT JUST ANYBODY, HELP! YOU KNOW I NEED SOMEONE, HELP ME!”, You pound on the walls around you while shouting now. It doesn’t seem to have gotten anyone’s attention. Damn.

[ ] Continue calling for help.
[ ] Scream.
[ ] Follow the walls.
[ ] Panic.
>> No. 60225
[X] Continue calling for help.

Inb4 gap
>> No. 60226
[x] Scream.

SOMEONE is out there, we just have to be louder
>> No. 60227
[x] Scream.

What is this, 2 chances to pick the 1 right option out of 4? Or do we have to do them in the right order, making it 1/16? Goddammit Kira.
>> No. 60228
[x] Scream.

The walls do nothing.
>> No. 60229
I bet if we had something like a silver hammer they'd have noticed the banging.

[X] Follow the walls.
>> No. 60230
A fear prickles over your mind. What if you’re stuck in here forever? What if nobody ever finds you? You’d likely die in short order, trapped in a room somewhere, in some dark and lonely room. As this fear takes a deeper hold on you, you let lose a primal scream. It comes from somewhere deep inside, so deep you don’t even know where it came from. However, it does seem to have done the trick. Outside the room you hear footsteps pounding up the stairs. Moments later the door bursts open flooding the room with light. It appears that this room is octagonal shaped.

“I was wondering where you’d wandered off to. I’d thought that maybe you’d gone after Cirno and Rumia. It looks like I was wrong. What are you doing up here, anyways?” Rinnosuke stares at you inquisitively.

[ ] Following the cord.
[ ] Looking for the Bathroom.
[ ] Exploring.
>> No. 60231
[x] Following the cord.

>> No. 60232
[X] Following the cord.

'Tis the truth
>> No. 60233
[x] Following the cord.

"Holy shit! Electricity!"

Fuck up #1 averted.
>> No. 60234
[X] Following the cord.

Kourin can smell your lies.
>> No. 60236
[ ] Following the cord.
>> No. 60237
“I was following the cord.” You state, “I was wondering where you got electricity from in this place. To the best of my knowledge, I haven’t seen any power lines, or any other way of transmitting electricity.”

You shrug.

“Oh. That’s simple. I have a generator. The reason the cords run up here are because it’s some sort of solar panels, or something. Reisen said that they were a present from Kaguya for taking care of her pets.” Rinnosuke nods.

“Oh.” you feel rather embarrassed now.

Rinnosuke waves towards the door. “Shall we continue identifying items then?”

The two of you head downstairs. The table where you had been eating just a short while before is now covered in a wide variety of objects. Some of them you doubt that you could identify, while some of them are readily identifiable. You spend the next several hours identifying things for Rinnosuke and engaging in idle banter. As the sun dips low on the horizon, bathing the kitchen in a golden glow, Rinnosuke pushes himself back from the table.

“That was quite a few things you were able to identify. Most outsiders aren’t so helpful, nor are they able to identify such a wide variety of things. These devices are so amazing!” Rinnosuke waves his hand at a couple of hand held game systems you’d found in the pile. “So tiny, but yet, they play such wonderful games! And you can change them out to boot! Simply wonderful!”

Rinnosuke gathers up several items from the table and hauls them back out to the front room. A rumbling in your stomach reminds you that it’s been quite some time since you last ate. Cirno and Rumia have also been gone for quite some time.

[ ] Ask Rinnosuke for something to eat.
[ ] Go looking for Cirno and Rumia.
[ ] Relax for a bit.
>> No. 60238
[ ] Ask Rinnosuke for something to eat.
>> No. 60239
[X] Go looking for Cirno and Rumia
>> No. 60240
I can't choose.

>[ ] Ask Rinnosuke for something to eat.
This will prevent us from freaking out like last time.

>[ ] Go looking for Cirno and Rumia.

Hopefully Mystia GET.
>> No. 60241
[x] Go looking for Cirno and Rumia.

Retrieve your little sisters first for nice family-like meal.
>> No. 60242
[x] Go looking for Cirno and Rumia.

They gotta eat too, ya know.
>> No. 60243
[X] Go looking for Cirno and Rumia.

If it's food we're after, I'm sure those two know of something like a food cart that they could take us to.
>> No. 60244
[x] Ask Rinnosuke for something to eat.
[x] Go looking for Cirno and Rumia.

Either look for them while he's cooking, or if it's something quick, take it with us.
>> No. 60245
little sister huntan won. bed now. updates tomorrow.
>> No. 60246
File 122232705739.jpg - (269.53KB , 750x480 , b7781224b919b47688b80f55d36c1246.jpg ) [iqdb]
Who else do we have to get?
>> No. 60247

Aki Sisters and Letty.

And that's to even get something remotely resembling a good end.
>> No. 60249
We're still going for Reisen this time, right?

I was denied my moon bunny before, and fuck if I'm having that happen again.
>> No. 60250
Wait, what?!?
>> No. 60251
[X] Call for Tewi
>> No. 60256
[ x ] Ask Rinnosuke for something to eat.
>> No. 60257
[ x ] Ask Rinnosuke for something to eat.
>> No. 60260
What's with the reset? Are you giving up on play2?
>> No. 60261
I believe he said that Mystia is the only member of the "9 squad" we didn't get, but chen is part of the "EX-9 squad". With yukari as our enemy I don't see how we could possibly recruit her though. Hell we fought against her.
>> No. 60263

Someone told Kira that restarting MiG from the halfway point would make Anon shit, followed by some discussion that halfway point would be much better off as the point right before we started fucking up and so then as a result, this happened.
>> No. 60264
I, for one, whole-heartedly support this decision.
>> No. 60278
>MiG thread

Shitsux, Kira. If you're gonna write, write more GA:SD.
>> No. 60279
>Shitsux, Kira. If you're gonna write, write more WUIG
>> No. 60295
I can't please any of you fuckers, now can I?
>> No. 60296

We're just shocked, is all. Also that whole Anon thing.
>> No. 60297
You should have learned that a long time ago.
No, seriously, I'm honestly happy if you update any of your stories.
>> No. 60299

I'll be pleased when you update Gensokyo Academy.
>> No. 60302
I'm pleased, most of us just like to find something to bitch about. Don't act like you're being singled out.
>> No. 60304
Assuming this is a serious attempt to start back up again, I really am quite happy.

It's just that, one can only see certain writers drop a story for some reason (most often due to life/gaming/writer's block/substance abuse), attempt to start it back up, drop it once again, , come back, leave, come back, leave, and so on before it becomes difficult to take any attempt to restart it seriously.

If you can actually follow through on this, more power to you. Personally, I'd rather it be with a story that has been left unfinished than a re-do of one that has already been taken to completion (albeit a rather unsatisfying one) but I'll take what I can get.
>> No. 60307
I'll be pleased if you actually stick with this instead of abandoning it like GA:SD, Noir, and the second run of MiG.
>> No. 60336
>> No. 60345

>> No. 60363

>> No. 60364

You mean he started something up only to abandon it? Color me surprised.
>> No. 60365

same dramafag
>> No. 60366

For some reason this part made me chuckle. GJ.
>> No. 60367
You push yourself up from the table just as Rinnosuke walks back into the room.

“Ah, are you going somewhere? I was about to make dinner. It’s the least I can do after all you’ve helped me with.” Rinnosuke stares at you.

“Well, I’m just worried about Cirno and Rumia. They’ve been gone for an awfully long time.” You glance out the window at the setting sun.

“Well, they’re Youkai. They’re fairly adept at taking care of themselves, especially this near to the forest. There’s a lot of things in that forest you really don’t want to meet at night. Trust me on this. It’d probably be better for you to stay here and wait for them to come back rather than running off into the woods.” Rinnosuke walks over to the stove and coaxes the flames up.

“Well. . .”

[ ] I’m going to go look for them anyways.
[ ] I guess I can stay and eat.
[ ] I’ll take something quick to go, please.
>> No. 60368
[X] I’ll take something quick to go, please.
>> No. 60369
[ ] I’ll take something quick to go, please.

Youkai can be coerced into eating stuff besides humans. Just make sure he doesn't make chicken.
>> No. 60370
>>There’s a lot of things in that forest you really don’t want to meet at night.

And at least one thing that we do.

[X] I’ll take something quick to go, please.
Please don't let it be chicken...
>> No. 60371
[x] I’m going to go look for them anyways.
[x] Don't worry about the food, I've burdened you enough; still, there wouldn't happen to be a food stand open late around here, would there?
>> No. 60374
[x] I guess I can stay and eat.

I think I remember Kira saying that meeting Mystia at night would be a very bad thing.
>> No. 60375
[✓] I’ll take something quick to go, please.

Sorry, Kourin, can't ignore Anon's big brotherly nature.
>> No. 60376
>> No. 60377
[X] I’ll take something quick to go, please.
>> No. 60378
I thought that was Rumia.
>> No. 60381
“Well, I’ll take something quick to go, please. I really want to go look for those two. Something’s bothering me, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. . .”

Rinnosuke looks at you, appraisingly, for a moment before sighing. “Alright. I have some jerky I could give you. Just try to come back alive. I’d hate to lose such a valuable source of information.”

You smile and give Rinnosuke a confidant thumbs up. “I’ll do my best!”

Snatching up the jerky you run from the room.

That was several hours ago. Now you’re lost, cold, and alone in the middle of the forest at night. Several times you thought that you’d seen flashes of color at the edge of your vision, but you couldn’t be sure.

[ ] Plow forward.
[ ] Find somewhere to hide for the night.
[ ] Call out for Cirno.
[ ] Call out for Rumia.
>> No. 60382
>>[ ] Call out for Cirno.
>>[ ] Call out for Rumia.
In before ninja Tengu.

Well, almost everything that can kill us in the Forest is faster than us so ...
[x] Plow forward.
>> No. 60384
[x] Plow forward.
>> No. 60385
[X] Plow forward.

Plunging into the dark unknown with the threat of imminent death constantly hanging over our heads, ready to drop like a sword the second we make some bone-headed decision that in hindsight should have seemed like an obviously bad idea?

It feels...nostalgic...
>> No. 60386
[X] Call out for Cirno.

>> No. 60388
[x] Plow forward.

Well, that sure was expected.
>> No. 60389
For some reason, I thought we weren't going to wander aimlessly through the forest for hours. Aren't there any roads or trails around?
>> No. 60391
You seriously think a forest known to be the home of a variety of man-eating plants and animals would see enough foot traffic to create even a slightly-worn path, let alone merit creating a road?
>> No. 60392
plowing on won. Bed now. Updates later.
>> No. 60393
[X] Plow forward.

My gut is screaming that we are going to be killed. I've missed this paranoia.
>> No. 60396
File 122249214852.jpg - (35.70KB , 640x480 , IN Paths.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yes, according to Stage 2 of Imperishable Night.
>> No. 60397
>You smile and give Rinnosuke a confidant thumbs up. “I’ll do my best!”

>> No. 60400
Fair enough.
Although, even if there is a path, it doesn't do you much good if you can't even find it, and considering it would have become dark not long after we left Kourindou that could be easier said than done.

Without some sort of light, the woods at night are going to be dark. Very, very, VERY DARK. Good luck finding a pathway in that.
>> No. 60457
You decide that the best option right now is to keep moving. And keep moving you do. Charging through the undergrowth and out into a clearing somewhere in the forest. The nearly full moon above casts an eerie glow across the entire clearing. Through the middle of the clearing, a stream trickles lazily, the moonlight reflecting off of it’s surface.

The sky above is quite clear. You’re quite thankful for that, it’s the only reason you can really see anything at all after your rash decision to go running off into the woods. Tentatively, you take a few steps towards the middle of the clearing before glancing around warily. The feeling that something is watching you prickles at the edges of your consciousness. You try to shake off the feeling as you kneel down to take a drink from the stream, but it continues to linger. Hearing a splash, you whip your head up towards the sound. There’s nothing there. Probably just a fish, or maybe an animal of some sort. . . You hope.

[ ] Go investigate the noise.
[ ] Follow the stream.
[ ] Continue on.
[ ] Find somewhere to hide for the night.
>> No. 60458
[X] Go investigate the noise.
>> No. 60459
[ x ] Continue on.

Doesn't make the most sense, so its right.
>> No. 60460
[x] Go investigate the noise.

Worth a shot.
>> No. 60462
[X] Go investigate the noise.

Hi, Mr. Voorhees!
>> No. 60463
File 122256975398.jpg - (603.98KB , 804x1205 , snowdrop_~_winter's_gift_05.jpg ) [iqdb]
Note to self: Kick all containers, especially cold ones.

[X] Go investigate the noise.

Dumbest option. Most likely with the stupidest outcome.
>> No. 60466
[X] Go investigate the noise.
>> No. 60467
[x] Go investigate the noise.
>> No. 60469
[x] Go investigate the noise.
[x] Maybe you're hallucinating out of hunger? Eat a piece of that jerky.
>> No. 60475
Investigation won. appologies for singular update, but sleep is nao. Updates later.
>> No. 61120
After hearing the splash, you immediately rush over to see what the noise was. It seems that there’s a small fairy here that had fallen into the water. Upon seeing you, it jumps up out of the water and vanishes into the woods. Looking around, you see quite a few fairies flitting about. Something in the back of your mind tells you that this is a bad thing.

Shaking your head you head back out into the clearing. It almost feels like something is watching you at this point. A cloud passes in front of the moon casting the whole clearing in shadow. You think that you faintly hear someone singing. If they are it’s at quite a distance. . .

[ ] Continue wandering the woods.
[ ] Find Somewhere to hide for the night.
[ ] Investigate the singing.
[ ] Stay put.
>> No. 61126
[x] Investigate the singing.
[x] Hum along with the tune.

>> No. 61129
[x] Investigate the singing.

Hungry for some eel.
>> No. 61132
[X] Investigate the singing.

>>Hungry for some eel.

A sparrow is fine, too.
>> No. 61133
[x] Investigate the singing.

Forward to our fate!
>> No. 61140
The song. It calls you. You walk along through the woods in an almost trance like state. Step. Step. Step. All around you the night seems to be growing darker. It must be more clouds moving in front of the moon. Idly you hope that it doesn’t rain. Step. Step. Step. It fades darker and darker until you doubt that you could see your hand in front of your face.

Dinner, Dinner~ It’s almost time for dinner~
Time to eat~ Time to feast~
A delivered meal this way comes~

Something seems strange about the song, but your mind is fuzzy. You can’t really think clearly. Step, Step, Step.

[ ] Fight it.
[ ] Give in.
>> No. 61148
[X] Fight it.

Failure to resist will most likely result in a quick death. Resist as much as possible until we can get close enough to engage Mystia directly.
>> No. 61155
[X] Give in.
>> No. 61158
[x] Fight it.

She almost ate us in MiG 2, and that was WITH Suika around. This is not a good way to meet Mystia.
>> No. 61160
[✗] Fight it.

You're not supposed to eat your future big brother, Mystia!
>> No. 61162
[X] Give in.
>> No. 61164
>>You're not supposed to eat your future big brother, Mystia!

Agreed. Our soon-to-be little sister is being rather naughty, and shall have to be punished appropriately.
>> No. 61166
[x] Sing along.

Hooray for lamprey!
>> No. 61169
[x] Fight it.
>> No. 61173
Your idea is intriguing but we'd probably fail the Charisma check.
[x] Fight it.
Which leads to the question: what then?
>> No. 61174
>>Which leads to the question: what then?

You really need to ask?
We follow the voice, and do whatever we can to get the little birdie in range for us to unleash "that" technique.
>> No. 61191
Step. Step. Step. Shaking your head, you try to clear the fog from your senses. Step. Step. Step. Where ever it is that you’re heading, it evokes a deep seated fear in your heart. You’re not quite sure why, but where you’re being lead is dangerous. Step. Step. Step. Damn it! You have to stop! STOP MOVING GOD DAMN IT. Step. Step. . . step. Damnit. It’s not working. Redoubling your efforts you try and stop, shaking your head again. Step. . . Step. . . Step. . . Ah! You seem to be slowing down a bit, but not soon enough. The final step brings you out of the woods and into a clearing. There’s a small wooden building here. Well, maybe it’s a cart. You’re not exactly too sure, as your mind is still a little foggy. Step. . . Step. . . Stop.

Oh~ What ever do we have here~?
     A customer, A customer~
          Or maybe, A fancy dinner~?

Still unable to move, you stand there staring as a girl walks out of the building/stand.

“Come come~ Eat, or be eaten~” She calls out in a sing song voice. Unable to stop yourself, you comply.

“So,” The girl grins at you, revealing many rows of sharp teeth. “What can I get for you?”

[ ] Taiyaki
[ ] Yakitori
[ ] Shirayaki
>> No. 61194
[X] Taiyaki
>> No. 61195
[x] Taiyaki
>> No. 61196
[x] Shirayaki
Or, if we're in suicide modo," My, what big teeth you have ..."
>> No. 61197
[X] Shirayaki

I think we all know what the "wrong" answer is, here.
>> No. 61198
[x] Shirayaki

why would she have taiyaki
>> No. 61201
>>why would she have taiyaki

Maybe she put those items on her menu as a sort of test, to decide who she will welcome as a valued customer, and she will welcome as a valued meal?
>> No. 61202
[x] Kabayaki (unagi)
Mystia grills eels. Its what she does.
>> No. 61203
Do we have any money right now? I've completely forgotten if we went over this at any point, and we're much further back than when i started this story the first time.
>> No. 61205
I think that's broiled, not grilled. We're getting grilled lamprey, or yatsume-unagi no shirayaki (八目鰻の白焼き).
>> No. 61206
[x] Shirayaki
>> No. 61207
Oh, so shirayaki IS eel. I just chose it by process of elimination.
And now I just thought about how saying "yakitori" might be an interesting reply for triggering an H-scene.
>> No. 61210
[x] "That depends: Are you on the menu?"

Walk right in / It's around the back / Just a half a mile from the railroad track
>> No. 61218
[x] Shirayaki

Well, not much options are there?
>> No. 61234
It's more like "shish kebab", but yeah. Apparently eel is the most common kind of shirayaki, though, and the other two have nothing to do with eel.
>> No. 61244
I see what you did there sir.

You can get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant. Excepting Alice.~
>> No. 61247
[Q] shirayaki
>> No. 62132