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I don't really have an explanation for what's about to follow. I was in despair one second, and the next thing I know I'm writing this. Enjoy anyway.


Two figures beneath the moonlight, silhouettes against the cloudless night sky. They had only just come together, and in a single flash, they come hurtling towards the ground, one on top of the other. They crash into the underbrush together, a sickening crack and a grunt of pain piercing the darkness.

"Hmmhmmhmm..." a soft female voice chuckles as the owner runs her hand along the face of the one she mounts on the forest floor, a heavily injured young woman herself, patches of deep red bleeding through her ashy grey shirt. The pinned girl coughs roughly, a drop of blood forming at the corner of her mouth.

"Y-you... cheater..." she rasps through her pain, and a second crack and a grunt echoes into the night, this time sending a spray of blood onto a nearby bamboo stalk. The dominant girl retracts her hand and gently wipes away the residual blood before wiping it back on the girl beneath her, leaving faint red streaks on her shirt.

"There is nothing unfair about it, you're simply getting too slow in your old age," she says while leaning forward, long black hair pouring over her shoulders. "Fujiwara no Mokou."

Mokou sneers despite her coughing, the drop of blood having turned into a rivulet now. She had been tricked again by manipulation of the eternal and instantaneous, and in a time immeasurable she had been pierced by several bolts and brought crashing to the ground. Several ribs were broken, one arm was crippled by a bolt, though both her legs felt as if they were fine. Despite her injury however, she simply glares confidently at the girl on top of her, her nemesis for centuries now, the 'moon princess' Kaguya Houraisan.

"What's wrong Mokou? Did I break your jaw?" Kaguya asks, brushing aside some of her hair and leaning in closer. Mokou spits a mouthful of blood into her face, causing Kaguya to reel back, and another backhand blow strikes Mokou across the face with even greater force, and the fresh bitter taste of blood fills her mouth once again. "How rude!" Kaguya exclaims, wiping away the mess on her face with her sleeve, though her expression has darkened. "I can see you're feeling rather spirited tonight. That's go~od." Kaguya coos, bringing one of her hands to Mokou's jaw and pushing it hard against her top jaw as she leans forward again, nearly laying flat on the injured girls broken body.

"I'm going to enjoy playing with you again tonight, Mokou~" Kaguya sighs, running her free hand along Mokou's 'good' arm until she reaches the hand, and without hesitation, grasps a finger and snaps it to the side violently. Mokou doesn't even respond with any more but a facial tic. One by one, Kaguya uses her vantage point to break Mokou's fingers, taking her time between each one, as if she was gently appreciating the hand she was mangling before each break. The entire time, she never took her eyes off Mokou's.

"How's it feel?" Kaguya asks gently as she wrenches the final finger with a quick snap. Mokou flinches a little now, then gives a hoarse laugh.

"You're losing your touch, Kaguya." Mokou says, not even offering the slightly resistance as Kaguya pulls her hand away and leans back, tossing her hair back behind her with both hands before leaning back and easily snapping Mokou's elbow in a single twist. "You don't have what it takes anymore."

"Hmm," Kaguya sighs, pressing her hands into Mokou's ribs intentionally, pushing her fingers into the bones to feel out the fractures, giggling to herself childishly as she rubs them and presses each of them, counting them as she does so. "I guess I'll need to find something new for you then." she says, shifting her weight slightly and smiling down at Mokou with a twisted grin. "I have to say though, it's become a lot more fun since you've given up on trying to burn me off of you when I come to play." she says, running her fingers through Mokou's hair softly. "I could get used to this submissive plaything you're turning into." Kaguya says, pulling her hands back up and resting them on Mokou's relaxed shoulders with a smile. "My own beautiful little doll that breaks easily but never stays broken for long." she continues, bringing her hands to Mokou's throat and closing her hands tightly, pressing her thumbs into Mokou's throat. A single wheeze escapes as Mokou's last breath before her airways are shut completely by the force. "My own little Mokou that I can crush the life from at my fancy every. Single. Night." Kaguya sings as Mokou's eyes slowly begin to roll back into her head.

After a few moments of darkness, the world returns with a sputtering cough and a wheeze as Mokou gasps for air. Kaguya had released her throat just short of killing her. She can't even speak right now, she can only manage hoarse rasps of laughter at Kaguya, who laughs back with her clear voice. Once more, Kaguya lays herself against her broken chest and turns her face upwards, studying Mokou's features. Mokou knows what's coming next. Kaguya hums to herself as she gently traces the features of Mokou's face with her finger, leading to the bridge of her nose. Slowly, Kaguya clamps her fingers over Mokou's nose and squeezes. Kaguya only has to hold for a few seconds before Mokou's mouth opens to breathe, and when it does, Kaguya moves her other hand quickly and jams her fingers into Mokou's mouth, and bringing her other hand to the top jaw to oppose the hold on the bottom jaw, Kaguya violently rips them apart with a loud snap.
"Ahahahahahaha~!" Kaguya laughs into the night, face to the sky. "You break so easily anymore Mokou. All these resurrections are weakening you, aren't they?" she asks, prodding at the new fractures in Mokou's jawline. "I think you could use a bit more milk in your diet." Kaguya says, a smile spreading across her face as she brings her hands to her shirt and slowly pops out the button at the collar, then the next, and then the next, until she exposes her bare chest to the night air, shivering slightly as the chill catches her. "Hmhm~" Kaguya giggles, rubbing her breasts gently. "It's pretty chilly outside, wouldn't you say?" She idly fingers her stiffened nipples before leaning forward and brushing them against Mokou's face. "A little milk does a body good~" Kaguya recites, pinching her breasts. "The milk of an eternal, an immortal, would it be better for you I wonder?" she asks rhetorically, shifting her position to place one of her breasts into Mokou's broken mouth for a moment before withdrawing.

"I wonder what someone would think seeing us like this," Kaguya says, absently scratching away the now drying flecks of blood at the corners of Mokou's mouth. "Maybe they'd think we're lost lovers enjoying each other under the moonlight?" she says with a gentle smile, shifting her hips slowly as she rubs against Mokou's waist. Kaguya takes a moment to pull the collected shirt from beneath her, and spreads her legs more to allow her to press her hips against Mokou more, slowly rocking back and forth. "A pair of youngsters that ran into the bamboo forest of the lost together to enjoy each other bodies far away from the eyes of others?" She says, cooing softly as she makes longer rocks back and forth. "It's kind of romantic don't you think? Ah, I'm getting all excited on my own thinking about it, this foolish Earth emotion of lust. It's quite powerful, isn't it?" Kaguya says, moving one of her hands beneath the drape of her skirt and rubbing herself, sighing as she does so.

"These things, these curious impurities, the strange and impure people of this planet and all their joys and sorrows, this is why I chose to stay here." Kaguya says, pitching her chest forward as she raises her hips. With one hand occupied, she takes Mokou's unbroken, crippled hand and pulls it beneath her skirt, turning the fingers upward. "These foreign emotions, these impure feelings, I love them." she whispers, leaning in to Mokou's ear as she lowers her hips, positioning Mokou's hand so that her fingers slide easily between Kaguya's moistened lips with a shudder and a sigh, closing her eyes. Kaguya keeps her hand on Mokou's wrist to hold the position as she slowly works her hips back and forth. "You're going to feed my passions tonight Mokou, and you're going to give me something wonderful. Something your father never deserved to give to any woman." Kaguya says, ending with a quick gasp as her vaginal muscles spasm against her will from the sensation inside her. "At the same time, I'll take the only thing you have remaining, your pride as a human. Ha-Ah~" she gasps, legs pressing against Mokou's sides.

"You will... become, mmn, my slave, my toy, until your very will to live, haah, extinguishes itself." Kaguya says between gasps and moans as she slides her other hand under to adjust Mokou's hand more, twisting her arm painfully to push her fingers farther in. Kaguya opens her eyes, looking down at Mokou with a look born of malice more than extacy. "I can only imagine what kind of disgraces, aah, your father would have accepted... to be the one inside me right now. Haha~" she chimes, smiling down at Mokou, this time with genuine pleasure. Mokou smiled in return, for her own reason. She was waiting for this, she won't let her chance go this time. She had been too hurt, only barely conscious the last time Kaguya had begun playing with her, so this time, she let herself get knocked down, she didn't fight back, and she endured the pain, all for this one chance, literally at the tips of her fingers. Kaguya was too far gone into enjoying her own pleasure to react in time to the wave of heat that radiated from Mokou's hand seconds before a wall of flame issued forth, pouring into Kaguya's body and burning her from the inside out. She faded into the flames laughing and cursing Mokou's name.

"Princess, are you awake?" Eirin called. Kaguya could only whine in response. The majority of her body had been badly burnt, what hadn't been reduced to ash from the initial flames at least. The fatal damage regenerated slowly over the course of several days, yet it would still take a few weeks for Kaguya to be fully healed once again. A pair of gentle hands removed the bandages that clung to the regenerating skin and applied new, soothing creams that cooled the burns and gave relief to the constant pain in darkness Kaguya had been suffering, having lost her eyes to the flames, they weren't expected to regenerate for another few days at least.

"Udonge, fetch me more bandages." Eirin ordered, and the sound of retreating footsteps signaled that orders were underway. "You must have had quite a battle with Mokou to be this burned. She seemed quite proud of it when she came to Eientei, bloody and bruised, left you laying in the forest as little more than a charred torso." Eirin says with a sigh, laying a new layer of bandages over the freshly applied salves and ointments. "Had it not been for shreds of your clothing, I'd have been convinced it was the burnt remains of a woodland creature. For you to be left in such a condition however... something must have really happened." she says, taking a pause from the bandaging. "I guess I'll hear about it when you recover your voice." Eirin admits with defeat, resuming the bandaging. Several seconds later, a pair of footsteps return, one stopping outside the room and another entering.

"Here are the bandages Master," Reisen says, sounding a little uncomfortable. "She... can recover from this, can't she?"

"No way, she's going to be crispy forever!" Tewi's voice declares from the doorway. "We're going to have to start following her with brooms and dustpans to sweep up her ashes!"

"Tewi!" Reisen says angrily. "That's enough!" Despite Reisen's complaints, Eirin gives a soft laugh to Tewi's outburst.

"That would be something to see, wouldn't it? She would have an entourage like a true fairytale princess." Eirin says. Kaguya can see her smile in her mind, the warm, motherly smile she always wore for her. Even if she couldn't see it, it was soothing to know that she was smiling at her right then. Eirin went back to bandaging, and a second set of hands joined in to help finish the job. Afterwards, an almost undetectable prick pierced her arm.

"I'm giving you a sedative to help you get back to sleep, Princess." Eirin says, pulling the needle from Kaguya's arm. "Hurry up and heal in time for the full moon." she says, and a silent procession of footsteps leaves the room. Alone in the silence with her thoughts, Kaguya's mind wandered ahead. The full moon was upcoming, she should be healed by then, true, she was looking forward to it. After all, she was going to go back to meet Mokou again, under the night sky.
Reminds me of that unfinished Mokou/Kaguya flaming futa pasta that never got delivered. Pretty hot
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Immortal Hatesex: Mokou edition
Mmm...eternal lesbian hatesex.
Ah, the Kaguya/Mokou dynamic and its endless potential for delicious love-hate.

I actually thought a bit about the logical consequences of this, and the horrible and delicious despair that it holds. I might even write a little sidestory dealing with the subject if the inspiration strikes me.
This was nice EZMode. Now please get back to work.
[X] Mokou, I love you.
wow nice work mode
>>this foolish Earth emotion of lust.

Kaguya speaks like an alien woman out of the original star trek.

Unless I'm wrong, the lunar capital is a fairly emotionless place, so normal human emotions are the 'impurities' on Earth that causes the lunarians to look down on humans as lower life forms.

Or that might just be from Tohonifun. One or the other.
>alien woman
She's from the fucking moon. That's alien enough for me.

No, that's canon in LiCR, moon people are emotionally vacuous.
That is just Tohonifun, but whatever we will take that for real.

Hmm, I forgot I read that. Right then, everything's in order!

Eh, not really. The moon folks can quite plainly be amused or sad, or feel any number of things. It seems more like they lack any kind of passion; they never really seem to get drawn into or connected to their feelings in any significant way. It's all just passing whim.
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"The peaches are telling me to work harder."

Yeah. That's why I said "vacuous."

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