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Note: Certain canon you may recall from either series probably does not exist here or is horribly warped. You have been warned.

The cars fly down the streets, with no regard for the other people driving on them. In the front, Maribel. A criminal. In the back, Rick Wheeler. A cop.
"You'll never catch me, rookie!"
Weaving between the traffic. Racing down a highway. This would be absurd at the best of times, but now-
She clips a car. She can't get away from him and drive safely at the same time.
"Take that!"
The car spins out of control behind her. Another car crashes into it. An explosion. More cars. They can't avoid it, and crash.
But that doesn't stop Rick Wheeler.
"You've underestimated me!"
He uses part of the wreckage as a ramp and drives over it, flying into the air. His car his the ground with a crash. That'll need to be repaired. But he ignores it for now. He still has to catch her-
Maribel can't get away from him. She gets distracted. But she's driving through a highway. Getting distracted is something she couldn't afford to do.
Her car slams into an oncoming truck.
Rick doesn't have time to dodge.
"No way! Come on, come on-"
He puts all his power into his brakes, but it's not enough. He flies into the smashed car.
An explosion.
The criminal named Maribel, and the rookie cop named Rick are no longer part of this world.


You wake up in a forest. Your head is bleeding, but you're otherwise unharmed.
"Where am I?"
You don't know this place.

You've woken up in Gensokyo. What do you do, Rick Wheeler?
[X] Climb a tree
[x] Get a good look at the surroundings. Search for your F-Zero machine.
You don't have an F-Zero machine. You were driving a normal car.

[X] Climb a tree
[x] Get a good look at the surroundings.

You figure the best thing to do at the moment is figure out where you are. You lived in the big city, so you don't know how you could have ended up in a forest. The last thing you remember is... Maribel.

You climb up a tree to try and get a look of your surroundings. Let's see... The sun's high up in the sky, so you can't really tell if it's morning or afternoon yet. There's some kind of river, away from the forest. Turning around-
There's a gigantic city. You've never seen anything like it. I mean, you lived in the city, but it was nothing like this. It's like some kind of gigantic metropolis. Before you can think about it, however, you see something heading your way.
You can't tell what it is, but it's getting closer. Fast. Way too fast. A few seconds ago it was just a spot, but now it's-
A gust of wind hits you as it flies overhead. You're knocked out of the tree and hit the ground, hard. Even so, you're doing better than the tree. Leaves are falling everywhere. Branches were snapped off. For a few seconds you hear a booming noise, but it's gone now.
What the hell was that?
[X] Rready weapons, or find something suitable to act as one
[X] Investigate
[x] Go to the city
Sorry 'bout the 7 minutes there.

[X] Rready weapons, or find something suitable to act as one
[X] Investigate
[x] Go to the city

You look around, and grab one of the fallen branches. It's hardly a weapon at all, but it'll have to do.
You wait for a while, but whatever it was, it's long gone.

You decide to head in the direction of the city. It seemed pretty far away, so it might take a while. Even so, you resign yourself to walking, with your car nowhere to be found.
While you don't reach your destination, you find a small building with the sign "Kourindou: Used goods and parts".
[x] Enter the building
[x] Enter the building

You decide to go inside. There's junk everywhere. Most of it seems to be parts of cars, though many of them you don't recognize.
"Oh? Is someone there? I'll be out in a minute."
Soon enough, a man dressed in strange clothes comes out to greet you.
He studies your face.
"Haven't seen you around before. Are you new to the F-Zero? Needing some parts? Oh, speaking of, I have one new vehicle... It's in poor condition, but I've never seen one like it! It's yours for free, if you can fix it."
[x] That's no problem for you!
[x] That's no problem for you!

You were never much of a mechanic, but you should be able to figure things out. "Sure, I'll have it."
"Alright, come this way then."
He leads you to the back parts of the shop. "Here it is."
He motions towards... a pile of rubble. Is this even a car? What the hell is it? You take a closer look, only to notice the emblem on your car. It's the Dragon Bird. A now, very, very beaten up Dragon Bird. Apparently you got out of that explosion in better shape.
"An odd one, isn't it? I mean, look at these things..."
He motions towards the wheels.
"What kind of stuff is this? It doesn't have a G-diffuser either, so it's almost like it was meant to run on the ground."
"It was."
"It was. That's my car."
"It came from outside the border though! How did- Wait, are you from outside the border?"
"The border?"
"The border between Gensokyo and the outside world. You must have come through it to end up here."
"...I don't know. I was in a crash, and then I woke up in the forest."
"In the forest?! You could have died!"
"Why? It didn't seem that dangerous to me..."
"I guess she was taking it easy today, huh..."
He doesn't really answer your question.
"Anyway, I doubt I could get people to pay for this. If you can fix it, it's yours. The parts will cost you, though."
You don't have any money.
"Well, if this is your vehicle, you must be a racer, right?"
"Sort of."
You were a cop, but you did spend a great deal of time in high-speed chases.
"Then you should enter the F-Zero, and get some money. The prizes are quite substantial."
He looks at you like you've hit your head. You did, but that's not really to do with it.
"We... Better go talk to the Captain. Wait here."

He walks off to a different part of the shop.
[x] Look at what else is in his store while you wait.
[X] Look around for parts and WEAPON
Now...how long till SA LA?

Dunno. I was going to wait until all the character material was translated, but it already has been.
Problem is, they don't say all that much about the characters, and Utsuho will be a total bitch to write. The other characters are interesting and all, but the first four were like, perfect material for me. I have great ideas for them and I know exactly how to write each of them, whereas for the new characters I'm drawing a total blank.

I did say I wanted to finish this story first, but this one will probably take me two or three weeks, depending on how long anonymous takes to get through it, and how busy I end up being.

Though there's a rumour going around that there's a new board coming when the drawing board comes back...
I'll make some new notes over the next few days and we'll see how things go.
Did you read the full profiles? They give a nice amount of insight. Reading their dialog will help, too, once that gets translated.

Yeah, but they talked more about the stories than the characters themselves. They also said bugger all about their personalities.

So invent them. That's what 90% of the fandom does anyway.

That was the plan, but I'm having a little trouble thinking of what a nuclear fusion loli's personality would be like.
Ah. True, since she stopped being crazy now. I might be able to get some of her dialog translated, So I'll tell you if I find anything.
Just remember: You can't hug with nuclear arms.
But I doubt she has them anymore. Besides, it was three nuclear legs.
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Take a touch of Dr. Strangelove, add in an unhelthy obsession with the wonders of the Atom and a little "I am become death, the shatterer of worlds". Then add a lot of moe and mix it all together.

Or that's what I'd do anyway.

tl;dr: Pic related.
She could be getting over the crazy, but still have nuke-obsessed relapses.

This was her final spellcard, her last hope of defeating the intruder from the world above. It was getting harder and harder to shrug off the paper wards trying to swat her away. She kept concentrating, controlling her newfound powers with the control rod grafted to her arm. She kept tearing danmaku free of the ambient air, drawing them towards herself, trying to strike her enemy from behind, and

Failed. Fell.

Crashing to the courtyard felt worse than anything the human had yet done. Somewhere was a terrible sound, like a crunch, or a snap. She struggled to sit up. None of the bones felt broken, but when she tried to point her control rod at the other woman she only saw a few scraps of wood and her own stump: the arm she had sacrificed for a third leg, to become a true Yatagarasu.

And now, she was just another youkai. She could already feel those vague dreams of world conquest slip away. That human, the red-white shrine maiden, was landing gently on the ground, walking towards her. There was a grim look on her face, and a cold deja vu crept upon Utsuho.

Suddenly there were arms around her, and another figure standing between her and the miko. She could hear two voices, one saying that it was enough, that it was over, the other sobbing and telling her she was hurt. Slowly, so slowly, their identities came to mind.

"Sa... Satori? Orin?"

Both of them now were fussing over her. She tried to reach out to them, but saw the ragged end of her arm. This must be why they were so upset. "Hey, it's going to be okay. I'm a youkai, you know, I'll just regenerate. Everything's going to be fine."

And then the shrine maiden was standing over her. Rin returned to a sort of guarding stance, and Satori still held on to Utsuho. Reimu seemed simply tired. "Alright, I beat you. Stop the catastrophe, okay?"

Catastrophe? Was that what she had been doing? She could hardly remember anything since that other woman, the strange lady of the ropes, came to her. Dreams, mostly. Dreams about ruling the world, both here below ground, and the land above. Had she really...

"Oh, Satori. Oh master, you must have been so worried. I'm so sorry..."

And then she hugged the woman who had cared for her since before she was even a youkai, and they both wept. Reimu took that as a sign that the evil mastermind admitted defeat, and went home to drink tea.
YOU! What you wrote? That was fucking awesome. Get to work on a new CYOA. Right. Now.

Because I couldn't resist writing out this idea.


"So, how much do I owe you?"

You sift through your wallet, hoping you have the cash on hand to pay the exterminator in cash. Your checking account's a little strapped at the moment, and you'd rather not have to charge it to your credit card at the moment. The uniformed man in front of you scratches at the stubble of his beard, as if thinking about it for a moment.

"Well, it wasn't all that hard, sir, and you didn't have me do the whole house, so I'll settle for a good... let's say thirty dollars or so. That ought to cover it."

Thank god for local businesses. You withdraw a twenty and a tenner from your wallet and hand them to the man, who accepts them graciously and tucks the bills into his pocket.

"Before I forget, sir," the man removes his cap and scratches his head, "you may want to move what you've got in that guestroom closet there into another part of the house. The sulfur smell is really going to sink in if you don't."

You frown and glance over at the closet in question.

"Sulfur? Why would there be a sulfur smell?"

"Well, sir, when I got to work in there, I was shiftin' some things around to get at the back, and it seems that closet is connected to a hellmouth."

You give him a skeptical stare.

"A hellmouth?"

"That's right, sir. It's what you might call a portal to the eternal realm of fiery torment, what lies beneath the surface of the earth. Far as I can tell there must have been a small crack in the border there, and the ancient magics what lurk beyond the veil pried it open. It's hard to seal them things up once they've opened, thanks to the constant stream of hatred and suffering that manifests in the form of evil energy."

A hellmouth. Really.

"I find it hard to believe--"

You're cut off as a tremendous burst of fire erupts from the closet, rending the door from the frame and reducing it to ash. An insidious purple mist leaks forth from the closet, as well as an eerie red light. Ghastly and horrifying shadows loom in the light, tracing the figures of creatures long since unknown to man.

"You want my advice, sir, I say you go down and get some incense candles right quick. Some chalk, and a good pint of blood will do you good, too. I've got a book back home from when I worked with the paranormal branch of the government, should be helpful for this. I can drive right back and pick that up for you if you'd like."

You answer him automatically, too stunned to even panic.

"Yes, thanks. That would be nice."

"Alright, sir. I'll be on my way for now. Should be back in a good eighty minutes or so. Try and get yourself ready for a sealing in the meantime."

The exterminator takes his leave, and you're on your own with the hellmouth in your guestroom closet. You just sort of stand there. You're not really sure what you're supposed to do. A few minutes pass, and you hear a voice growing near, echoing like an eldritch tone of horror. A silhouette, looking as though it bears a pair of horns, is cast in the terrible light of hell, a giant cleaver-like shape in what you assume is the shadow's hand puts you on edge.

A slow, cold horror builds in your stomach, and you watch detached as the shadow looms over your floor, ever larger. Your breath catches as a figure emerges from the closet, stepping into view...

It's a girl.

Long red hair done up in a pair of braids, tied by large black ribbons. Dark dress, printed with various floral patterns, also dark. Skin is an almost deathly pale, with just enough color to avoid becoming too ghoulish. Slim, young figure. Curiously, a pair of cat ears on her head.

She's actually pretty cute.

The girl looks around the room, puzzled, the enormous knife in her hand sinking into the rug she's walked onto. Glancing down, you can see that the enormous blade has carved up your floor; that's going to be a bitch to replace. You look up in time to meet her gaze with your own. She licks her lips nervously.

"Where am I?"



I'll go now.

I lol'd.
Anyway, writing will commence after I've had breakfast.
I have just realized that I know bugger all about cars.

[x] Look at what else is in his store while you wait.
[X] Look around for parts and WEAPON

The Captain? Who's that? In any case, it might take a while, so you decide to look around the shop as you wait. There are a few things that catch your fancy, mainly vehicle parts. The problem is, you don't recognize many of them.
This one looks like an engine, but it's way too small to give any decent performance. Other parts vaguely resemble rockets, but to attach one of these to a car would be plain foolish.
It's like a scrapyard for vehicle parts that serve no purpose.

"...es. Come quickly. Thank you."

You hear a small click, and Rinnosuke comes back towards you.
"Well, the Captain's on his way. Something like this doesn't happen often, so it's best to tell him about it."
[x] Ask him about the Captain.
[x] Ask him about the Captain.

"So who is this Captain guy, anyway?"
"Oh, right. You wouldn't know anything about him. Well, his name is Captain Falcon. He's like a hero to the people of Gensokyo. He goes around conquering evil and such. He's also a mighty fine racer, if I say so myself."
So, some kind of wackjob vigilante.

You hear a huge rumbling sound, and then suddenly quiet.
"That'd be him now."
What kind of vehicle could make that much noise? Is he flying a plane here or something?
You follow Rinnosuke out of the shop. Parked there is some kind of strange vehicle that you can't help but think resembles a falcon. It doesn't have any wheels, either. The cockpit opens up and a man comes out.
Yeah, he's a wackjob.
He has some kind of tight blue clothing on, which accentuates his muscular figure. On top of that, there's a red helmet with a small insignia of a falcon. Most of his face is covered by a visor, but you can't help but think there's something off about his chin...

"So, is this the guy?"
His voice is deep, but there's something off about that too...
"Yeah. Come to think of it, I didn't get your name."
"Oh, right. It's Rick. Rick Wheeler."
"Rick Wheeler?"
'Captain Falcon' seems to be pondering something.
"Anyway, like I said, he doesn't know where he is, and his car came through the border. It doesn't look like the F-Zero machines, either. I'm pretty sure he's from outside."
"Hey, I get that you guys are curious, but I'd really like to know what's going on myself."
A look of shock crosses Rinnosuke's face.
"Oh, of course, how rude of me. Well, come inside, and we'll sort things out."

Soon enough, you're all sitting around a table in the kitchen. Looks like Rinnosuke lives here as well. Rinnosuke is preparing some tea, while Captain Falcon seems to be evaluating you. He still hasn't taken his helmet off.
[x] "What's with the helmet?"
[x] "What's with the helmet?"

This guy is bugging you.
"What's with the helmet?"
"Would you like me to take it off?"
"I think it'd be polite to."
"I can't reveal my identity."
"Tea's done."
Rinnosuke pours you each some tea and sits down at the table.
"You must have questions, right? Ask anything you'd like."
[x] The races.
[x] Who to watch out for.
[x] Who can help you fix the car.
[x] How to get into the races.
[x] A good soundtrack to play while you're tearing up the streets.

We all knew where this was going.
[x] Ask if they saw a blonde haired woman that answers to "Maribel."
[+] "What's this 'F-Zero' that Rinnosuke was talking about?"
[x] The races.
[x] Who to watch out for.
[x] Who can help you fix the car.
[x] How to get into the races.
[x] A good soundtrack to play while you're tearing up the streets.
[x] Ask if they saw a blonde haired woman that answers to "Maribel."

"So what exactly are these races you guys keep talking about?"
"That is the F-Zero."
"Like you said, they're races. You saw his vehicle outside, right?" He motions to Captain Falcon. "That is an F-Zero machine. They're capable of faster-than-sound travel. It wouldn't be an understatement to say that Gensokyo pretty much revolves around the F-Zero. Speaking of, there's different classes of races. There's the Novice, Standard and Expert classes, and a bronze, silver and gold cup for each. The Novice cups have no entry fees, but they don't have much of a reward either. People tend to start out on them until they can afford to enter the Standard and Expert classes. Standard has a small entry fee, of about... $20,000,000."
You choke on your tea.
"$20,000,000?! That's ridiculous!"
He gives you a strange look.
"Perhaps in your world, that was a lot of money, but in Gensokyo, that's maybe enough to pay for a used G-diffuser."
"Uh... Right. Go on."
"The Novice class' reward is between $15,000,000 to $25,000,000 depending on the cup."
You'll want to take the silver or gold cup to get to the Standard class in one go, then.
"The Standard class is more difficult, but the rewards are much greater. Bronze is worth $40,000,000, silver $50,000,000, and gold $60,000,000. The real rewards come in the Expert cups. The entry fee is $50,000,000, so if you lose, it'll cost you. But if you win... The bronze cup is $100,000,000, the silver $250,000,000 and the gold $500,000,000."

"So if I'm going to enter these races, who should I look out for? Who are the good racers?"
"Well, in the Novice class, you'll want to look out for Flandre Scarlet. She has a bit of a tragic story, but it helped her race. Her sister was Remilia Scarlet, legendary pilot of the Mighty Gazelle. Unfortunately, she was killed in a race several years ago. Eirin Yagokoro managed to save her.... partly. She put her brain into the Scarlet Gazelle, which Flandre pilots. That girl has natural talent, and her machine has the experience of her sister. She's been tearing up the novice cups. There's little else to the novice class. There's a few jokes who showed up a while ago that enter every race but always lose. Parsi, Kisoomi and Yuuga or something like that."

"The Standard class is where it gets serious. Reimu Hakurei, Hina Kagiyama, Eirin Yagokoro and the Prismriver sisters all race in there. They're all pretty tough, but they're no match for the people in the Expert class. I don't think there's much point in telling you, but if you ever make it to the expert class, you'll need to contend with Captain Falcon here. He's never lost a race. There's also Genji. He's been in the races ever since they started. He has the most experience, but he can't keep up with Captain Falcon. He's getting old, too. There's also Ran Yakumo, who's supposed to be part of the defence force or something. Lastly, there's Sakuya Izayoi, who's rumoured to be a contract killer."
That doesn't sound good.
"Rumours like that are pretty baseless though. Don't worry about it."

"So how do I get into the races?"
"Well, you'd need a machine, but you don't have one, do you?"
You shake your head.
"How about getting my car fixed? Who could do that?"
"That'd be Nitori Kawashiro. She made the first F-Zero machines, after all. She's probably the only mechanic around who could fix something like that. She might even be able to convert it to a machine, but it'd cost you."
You have like $30 in your wallet. That probably won't help.

"How 'bout some music?"
"What do you mean?"
"Like, any recommendations on what to listen to?"
"I... No. Each track has a set theme which is sent to each car. The racers don't get much choice in the matter."

That's about it, but there's something else you need to know.
"Other than me, has anyone else shown up lately? In particular, someone called Maribel. She's kind of short, has blonde hair."
"Is she from beyond the border too?"
"Yeah. I don't know if she made it here, but I got here thanks to her."
"How so?"
"I was chasing her down in my world. I'm a cop, you see. She's a criminal. Anyway, she had me chasing her down a highway and we ended up crashing. I woke up here, and I guess that's how my car ended up like that."
"I see."
"I'll lend you the Blue Falcon."
For the first time, Captain Falcon speaks up.
"Captain Falcon? You can't! He's never even piloted one before!"
"He'll be fine. I can tell."
"Uh... The Blue Falcon?"
"My vehicle. You saw it outside. I'll let you borrow it for a few races. Let you get the money to convert that car."
"Um... Why?"
"Because I'll have you help me in return."
That's a pretty generous offer.


[x] Do it, faggot.
No Aya in these races?
[X] "Could you teach me how to drive it first?"
Didn't think of it, so no.

[x] Do it, faggot.
[X] "Could you teach me how to drive it first?"

You feel as though your manhood would be threatened if you refused.
"I accept."
A grin breaks out across his cold face.
"But... Could you teach me how to drive it first?"
"Heh. Follow me, Rick Wheeler."
"Captain Falcon?"
"We'll be back, Rinnosuke."
Captain Falcon gets up and leaves with you behind him. He takes you over to the Blue Falcon, and opens the cockpit.
"Get in."
You climb up the side and hop in. There's a bunch of small screens in front of you. The wheel is split into two sides. There's a small trigger on both sides where your index finger is. At the bottom, there's two pedals.
On the board with all the screens, Captain Falcon takes off his glove and puts his hand on one of them. The machine starts up and all the screens light up with different information. One screen states:
Body: B
Boost: C
Grip: B
Weight: 1280kg
Another screen shows a chart of speed and acceleration over time.
"Welcome, Captain Falcon."
The car spoke.
"Now, put your hand here."
He takes your hand and puts it on the same screen.
"New driver registered. Access granted."
"Alright, I'll show you the basics. Then it's up to you. To start it up, you have to press this button."
He points at a red button next to the wheel.
"Now, this screen is really important."
He points at another screen showing a bar, red at the moment.
"This is the vehicle's energy. If this bar gets empty, you'll have more things to worry about than paying me back for the damage."
"Now, feel those triggers behind the wheel?"
"Those are your drift triggers. Hold them down to activate the drift unit. It's a simple way to move left or right without turning."
"Now, when the energy bar changes colour, you'll be able to do a boost. It'll change colour after the first lap. When that happens, hold down both triggers to activate it. It's hard to control, but you'll need to master it if you want to get anywhere."
"Alright. One question though, aren't there any gears?"
"There used to be. Not anymore. There's only one gear now, and that's go. The pedal on your right is the accelerator, and the one on the left is the brake. There are a few other things, but you don't need to know them yet. I'll put you on the forest course. Now look here." He points at another screen. "This one's the map. The data gets added to your machine when you start a race. Well, that's about it for now. Start it up and you'll have my course in front of you. Go do a few laps."
He pushes the red button.

The machine starts rumbling, and lifts off the ground.
"Good luck."
He jumps off and waves to you as you continue to rise.
"Training track loaded. Autopilot will engage to take you to the start zone."
It ignores you and takes you forward a bit, above the trees. The map screen shows a simple oval.
"Ready. Three, two..."
[x] Get your foot on the accelerator and get your head in the game
[x] Get your foot on the accelerator and get your head in the game

You slam down the accelerator when it says one. "Go!"
"Boost fire!"
The machine suddenly jumps straight to 1200km/h. You're pushed back in your seat by the force. You see trees getting uprooted as you soar past them. The machine drops down to about 600km/h before moving back up to 900km/h. By the time you've regained your composure, you're already at the first turn.
"Oh shi-"
You slam the wheel to the right, but it doesn't do enough. There's no course to see, but you hit the edge of it and are bounced back towards the track. That's one turn done. You gain speed as you go down the straight and when you get to the next turn, you brake as you take it. You clip it, but you've lost speed. There must be a better way. You get back to the starting point and begin a new lap.
"You've got a new booster!"
The energy bar's changed colour. You save it for now. When you reach the turn, you let go on the accelerator and hold the drift button. You take the corner with ease.
You hold down both drift buttons and the boost activates. You're going over 1000km/h. You reach the turn and let go of the accelerator, dropping speed before making the turn. You're getting the hang of this.
You go through the same process several times, getting better with each lap. As you race, you try to make yourself familiar with the screens. One shows your time on the lap, and compares it to the best time. The best time must be Captain Falcon's, at 9.48 seconds. Your best is 13.79. Looks like it'll take a while before you can best him. Another screen shows a menu, allowing you to end the race. You press it, satisfied with what you've learned.
"Race over. Vehicle unlocked."
You head back over to the edge of the forest where Kourindou was, and move the machine outside. Powering down the system, it falls slowly to the ground before stopping.
Hopping out, you hear applause. Captain Falcon is standing at the doorway clapping.
"You're a natural. Tell you what, I'll take my Blue Falcon back now. I'm going to pay for your vehicle. Kourin, get Nitori over here. Come on."
He heads inside.
[x] "Thanks, I'll pay you back ASAP."
[x] Bask in the afterglow.
[x] Head back inside.
[x] Ask him what he expects you to do for him.
Gonna call that as being it for today. Will resume tomorrow. Hopefully.

It's a little late, but just reading the back story for the SA Extra shows me that Utsuho is scatterbrained. They call her a birdbrain, and she seems to forget quite a few important things.

It is delicious canon Utsuho and Rin, Anonymaster must read it.
No update today, probably not tomorrow. Some faggot broke into my car while I was seeing The Dark Knight (great movie, by the way) and stole my calculator (a ridiculously expensive one) and fucked around with my work. So I need to spend tomorrow sorting things out and I also need to prepare for a speech on Wednesday. Shit sucks.

>stole my calculator and fucked around with my work

what do you do?

Go to college.

By that, I meant I'm a student. Kinda tired along with being annoyed. But yeah, if you didn't figure that out, there you go.
Minor retcon: The reward for the Expert class bronze cup is $150,000,000, and the silver cup is $300,000,000.

Also writing now.
[x] "Thanks, I'll pay you back ASAP."
[x] Bask in the afterglow.
[x] Head back inside.
[x] Ask him what he expects you to do for him.

You wait outside for a while, proud of yourself. You can get the Dragon Bird fixed, and then start racing yourself. You're not sure what to do next, but you figure you can just go with the flow. You've always been that kind of guy. You decide to head back inside.
Rinnosuke's on the phone, talking to someone. Captain Falcon is back at his seat, drinking some tea.
"Thanks. I'll pay you back for everything, as soon as I can."
"That won't be necessary."
"What? Isn't this expensive?"
"Probably. Saving that thing and converting it to a decent F-Zero machine will probably cost around three billion."
How can this guy be so nonchalant about spending so much money?
"Then... What do you want?"
"I told you I'd have you help me in return. That part still stands."
"Help you with what, exactly? You're being awfully vague."
"You'll find out soon enough. For now, concentrate on the present. Big things are planned for you, kid, but they're for the future."
This might not be such a good idea, actually...
"...Alright. We'll be waiting."
Rinnosuke hangs up the phone and starts making some more tea.

"She'll be here soon. I still don't get you, Captain. Why are you doing so much for this guy?"
The words aren't exactly kind, but he doesn't seem to dislike you. It's an obvious question, anyway.
"It's simple, Kourin. He's the one."
"The one? What are you-"
Rinnosuke stops and you swear his face turns white. He looks at you, studying your face.
"Him? He's just a kid, Captain! Surely you've made a mistake!"
"It's no mistake."
"How do you know?"
"I just do. Trust me Kourin, it's him."
You have no idea what they're saying.
"Hey, sorry to butt in and all, but what are you talking about? I am right here, you know."
Rinnosuke turns to you, while Captain Falcon just continues drinking his tea. Rinnosuke starts to speak, but he's drowned out by another of those loud roars, accompanied with the clattering of the teacups. It stops soon enough, and the door opens, followed by... A young girl with blue hair?
"Hey guys! Sorry to keep you waiting-"
She sees you and freezes, and runs back out. You can see her peeking around the doorframe. Rinnosuke heads out to talk to her.
"Don't worry, this is him. He's fine."
She nods to him and walks back through with her head down.
"U-um... Hello. I'm Nitori."
[x] Introduce yourself.
[x] Extend your hand. "Don't worry, I don't bite."

Or do I?
[] Manly pose.
Well, my hard drive is fucking up, so no updates until I figure it out or give up. Hopefully I'll be done in an hour or so.
...What the fuck. I download all these programs and look everywhere to try figure it out, and now I look again and it's working.

Anyway, writing now.
...And it's not coming. Sorry, that's it for tonight.
So, here's the deal. I'm ready to start the SALA now, but if I do, I doubt I'll ever end up finishing this. This is going to take a while, and honestly, high speed races aren't my specialty.
As such, the great power of democracy offers you a choice. Vote.
[ ] Continue 20 Years Later...
[ ] Start the SA LA
I'll leave the count up to me.

Also, due to awesome ideas in the IRC, the SA LA has undergone some minor changes. You'll see them when it gets started.
[X] Start the SA LA

Oh god, I've been waiting so long for this.
[x] Start the SA LA

I can't see this going anywhere anyways.
[X] Start the SA LA
[X] Start the SA LA
[ ] Start the SA LA

The call of spiderloli beckons me.
I see nobody voted to keep this going. This will be taken into consideration.

That is, writing now.
Where are you putting it in? /other/?

Then I'd have two reasons to go to that board!
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