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54117 No. 54117
It was encouraged, so here it is. I'm gonna try to emulate Not Gensokyo Man's style, too. Let's see how things go.
Remember, it's boundless. Also, first vote wins.

You wake up in Gensokyo, what do you do?

>> No. 54118
[x] Find the fairies
>> No. 54119

You go looking for fairies, but you realize you have no idea where you are. After stumbling around aimlessly you find a lake, and Cirno sitting by a frozen frog. The other fairies aren't here.
>> No. 54120
[x] Tear off Cirno's wing and stab them through her face.
>> No. 54122

You sneak up behind the little ice fairy and grab her wing. She starts to turn around, but you put strength into your arms and tear a wing from her. Blood comes out of the wound and she writhes in agony screaming as you pull out the rest. You try to stab them through her face, but they seem to be mostly for decoration and you simply bruise her as she lies on the ground sobbing.
>> No. 54123

[x] Drag her away and devour her to gain her ice powers. BECOME ICE-MAN.
>> No. 54124
Well this is off to an AWESOME start.
>> No. 54125
[x] Bean her in the face with her frozen frog.
>> No. 54126

You drag the fairy away as she continues to sob. Her sobs turn to screams as you start biting into her flesh, but she can't muster the strength to resist. It doesn't taste very good. It might take a while at this rate.
By now her screams have probably alerted someone to your presence. What do you do?
>> No. 54127
[x] Hide and lie in wait for your next prey.
>> No. 54128
By the way, if someone had that map of Gensokyo image, that'd help a little.
>> No. 54129

Punch her in the mouth to stop her screaming and drag her off somewhere else to finish eatting her.
>> No. 54130

You hide in the bushes nearby and wait. After a while, Daiyousei comes into the clearing and sees Cirno, horrified. Cirno is trying to speak.
>> No. 54131

Break daiyousei's neck and use her dead body to kill cirno.
>> No. 54132
Curbstomp Cirno in front of her.
>> No. 54135

While Daiyousei is leaning next to Cirno trying to hear what she's saying, you sneak up behind her and grab her by the neck. You then realize you never learned the correct way to break someone's neck. She's struggling. You probably have a few seconds before she breaks free.
>> No. 54136

>> No. 54137

You apply more pressure and her struggling weakens. After some time she stops moving.
Your fingers are sore.
>> No. 54138

Beat cirno to death with daiyousei's body.
>> No. 54139

Finish off Cirno with the dead body.
>> No. 54142

You don't relent. Cirno looks on in horror as you lift up Daiyousei's lifeless body and hit her with it. Deciding that such an indirect method will not be very effective, you lie Daiyousei on top of Cirno, face to face. You then wrap Daiyousei's hands around Cirno's neck and squeeze them until she stops breathing.
They're both dead now.
>> No. 54143

Drag them off someplace safe and devour them both. GAIN THEIR POWERS.
>> No. 54144

Also, make a skullcap from their heads.
>> No. 54145

You drag them further into the forest until you assume you won't be found, then begin eating them. You try comparing the taste of the two and seeing if different body parts taste any better. Cirno tastes better than Daiyousei, although you find that Daiyousei is more tender.
You're getting full, but you're far from finishing them. You don't feel any different.
It's starting to get late.
>> No. 54146
Create weapons from their bones and dig a hole and sleep in it.
>> No. 54147

You try, but you don't have anything that would cut through bone.
>> No. 54148

Fuck the dead bodies.
>> No. 54149

You decide to rape the dead bodies. Taking off their panties you lie Cirno on top of Daiyousei and take turns fucking them. It's tight, and you're soon done.
As nice as loli necrophilia and cannibalism is, you feel like you could be doing something more important.
>> No. 54150

Equip "Cirno's Wings" as a weapon.
>> No. 54151

You take two of the six wings and hold one in each hand. They don't seem very durable, but at least it's something. You feel slightly more badass.

+1 ATK
Cirno's Wings equipped.

(Note: this probably won't have any effect on gameplay.)
>> No. 54153
Rip the rest of their bodies to pieces as you prepare ritualistically summon a devil.
>> No. 54155

They are neither decomposed enough nor are you strong enough to do so.

Also, not as planned. I'll be back in about two hours. The madness shall continue then.
>> No. 54156
Tear off their necks and wear them on your head.
>> No. 54162

You are not strong enough. You will need either a sharp object or wait for them to decompose.
>> No. 54165
Equip Cirno panties on your head

Wander around
>> No. 54166

You find Cirno's panties, now somewhat dirty, and put them on your head.

-1 INT
Cirno's panties equipped. People will now look at you funny.

You decide to leave the bodies behind and wander around. after some time, you find a small clearing, and a house. The lights are off.
>> No. 54168
jump through the window
>> No. 54169

You walk up to one of the windows on the bottom floor, and attempt to jump through it. However, it doesn't break, and instead you bounce off it and hurt yourself. You should have figured it was reinforced by magic, you tard.

A light on the second floor comes on.
>> No. 54170
Prepare to attack
>> No. 54171

You run out of the clearing and into some bushes to hide. After a while, the light turns off.
You feel silly.
>> No. 54172
[X] Breach and Clear
>> No. 54173

You go back up to the house and attempt to get inside. However, the door is locked and the windows still will not budge.
Perhaps you should try another method.
>> No. 54174
>> No. 54175

You give up and fall asleep in front of the house, using Cirno's remaining wings as a pillow.


"Wake up, ze~!"
Only one person says that. You start to open your eyes before you get kicked in the ribs.
"Oi! Get up!"
You wince, and manage to pull yourself up in between kicks. Marisa is standing in front of you, with Alice in tow.
"What are you doing here, ze?"
They don't seem to have noticed the wings yet.
>> No. 54176
gb2 sleep
>> No. 54177

You lie back down, but Marisa keeps kicking you.
She wants an answer.
>> No. 54178
[x] I dunno lol
>> No. 54180

"I dunno, lol."
She kicks you harder this time.
"There was someone snooping around Alice's house last night, ze! You wouldn't know anything about that, would you ze?"
>> No. 54181
Fairies tryed to kill me. I fought back.
>> No. 54182
Damn slowpokeness.>>54181
>> No. 54183
>I'm gonna try to emulate Not Gensokyo Man's style

Really? Maybe you should try a bit better...

You know, the problem with FUIG/FUG is not the "fucking up" part. I think it's how it works. Extremely short updates are extremely short but acceptable, the problem is with all the write-ins. I think it should be writen like any other LA/CYOA, with choices and all, but instead of playing the cool guy we play the retarded schyzophrenic psychotic retarded guy with choices matching the protagonist's style.

But hey, it's not like it won't work the way it is now.
>> No. 54184
Still applies.

You tell her there were some fairies causing trouble that tried to kill you. You fought them off but then collapsed from fatigue.
Marisa and Alice start talking softly. You can't hear them.
Do you want to say/do anything else?
>> No. 54186
>Really? Maybe you should try a bit better...

What's wrong?

As for the rest, I found the main appeal of FUIG to be that the utter stupidity and unpredictability of anon was the thing that made it funny. I figure if you had choices it'd be less entertaining.
>> No. 54187

Hide wings and panties
>> No. 54188

You said you were trying to not emulate NGM, but as much as I remember him, you're a copy of him. Maybe I should re-read FUIG?
>As for the rest, I found the main appeal of FUIG to be that the utter stupidity and unpredictability of anon was the thing that made it funny. I figure if you had choices it'd be less entertaining.

Anon can always do a write-in. It's not like a stupid one will be vetoed, right? I just have a feeling this will not last long, even though I'm cheering for you.

Ph yeah, now that you're doing FUIG2, will you write the SALA on /others/ or are you going to wait for full game translations?
>> No. 54190

You take the panties off your head and put the wings away.

Marisa and Alice finish talking. Apparently they were both too daft to notice you had panties on your head to begin with.
"Alright, we believe you ze!"
Yup, they're daft.
"But that doesn't explain how you got here."
Alice speaks up this time.
>> No. 54191
>You said you were trying to not emulate NGM, but as much as I remember him, you're a copy of him. Maybe I should re-read FUIG?
No no, I said I WAS trying to emulate him. It just wouldn't be Fucking Up [In] Gensokyo without random plot twists and berating anon for his choices.

>Anon can always do a write-in. It's not like a stupid one will be vetoed, right?
I guess. At the moment I figure anon would have to try pretty hard to end up dead. Even then, I don't see the point in continues so I'd just let 'em go back a choice anyway.
>I just have a feeling this will not last long,
Probably not. Depends on how long it takes for SA to get translated, though I may decide to do both if this entertains me enough, seeing as each post only takes about 4 minutes.
>even though I'm cheering for you.
Wasn't expecting that. Thanks.

>Ph yeah, now that you're doing FUIG2, will you write the SALA on /others/ or are you going to wait for full game translations?
Was going to wait for the translations anyway. It did occur to me that I could possibly start the LA before the rest comes out because if the characters head into the palace in the game it probably would make sense that anon wouldn't meet the palace characters for a while, but I didn't want to do that. I think without all the characters it would feel incomplete.
That and the game manual has all the character descriptions which is what I'm mainly basing the characters off as the in-game dialogue is pretty useless, and the manual either didn't have anything on Yuugi or it isn't translated.
And as always, if we don't get an /underground/ board by then, it'll go in /others/.
Of course, the LA will have a vastly different style.
>> No. 54193
>No no, I said I WAS trying to emulate him. It just wouldn't be Fucking Up [In] Gensokyo without random plot twists and berating anon for his choices.

I don't know how could I fail so hard at reading, I'm starting to see imaginary words!
>> No. 54195
[x] "A wizard did it."
>> No. 54196

You tell them that a wizard did it, temporarily forgetting that the only guy in Gensokyo that anybody knows is Rinnosuke.
Marisa excitedly grabs Alice and takes out her broom.
"A wizard, ze! Let's go find him and beat him up!"
"Marisa, we don't even know if this guy's telling the tr-"
"No time, we've got wizards to find, ze!"
You might have a few seconds before the idiot black-white leaves.

I will write the next post.... When I wake up in 8~ hours. Gonna try get an hour or so in before college.
>> No. 54210
[x] Wait for her to leave
>> No. 54222
[X]use this chance to escape and infiltrate the house of one of them
>> No. 54223
[X] Wait for them to leave, then break into Marisa's house and steal her TV. Like the nigger you are.
>> No. 54313
>> No. 54374
And I slept in. Also, just because the first vote wins, doesn't mean it works. It's more like any vote will probably go in, but the first gets priority, so feel free to vote even if you're not first.


You just wait, and shortly they're up in the air, Marisa dragging Alice along despite her protests. After a minute or so, they're no longer in sight.


You are at Alice's house, and don't know what way it is to Marisa's. Break into Alice's house?
>> No. 54375
[X] Burn the house down in a fit of insanity
>> No. 54376
[X] Take a piss on Marisa
>> No. 54378

For some reason, you get an irresistable urge to burn down Alice's house. You have no tools with which to do so, and as such grab some sticks and start rubbing them together in your desperate attempts to start a fire.
You just keep breaking them, and eventually the urge passes.


You doubt your ability to piss on someone who isn't there. However, realising that you last took a toilet break before coming to Gensokyo, you piss on Alice's door. You feel a little better.
>> No. 54379

Run aimlessly.
>> No. 54380
[x] Wander around until you find someone. Failing that, begin talking to trees.
>> No. 54381

You close your eyes, spin around, pick a direction and start running.
You hit the door of Alice's house, and get your still-warm piss on your pants.
Trying again, you run for a while only to get tired because you're so unfit.
Another sudden urge passes over you, and you start talking to the trees as you walk. They don't respond, the arrogant pricks. You make a note to come back and burn this forest down when you figure out how to get a fire going properly.

Strangely, it looks like it's evening already. You can't have been sleeping that long. You also feel like someone's nearby.
>> No. 54382
[x] Crouch low to the ground and sneak towards the sound. Remember the basics of your MGS stealth.
>> No. 54383
[X] Call for Tewi
>> No. 54384

You get down on the ground and crawl around. After a while, you see a black blob thing moving around and occasionally walking into trees, followed by an "Ow!" from inside.
Having successfully snuck up on it, you put your fingers in your mouth and whistle. The blob seems to vaguely move in place.
>> No. 54385
[x] Making sure to keep a tree between yourself and the blob at all times, run around yelling "MARCO!" repeatedly.
>> No. 54386

You run behind a tree and yell out "MARCO!"
Unfortunately that isn't how marco polo works.
Thankfully, the blob calls out "polo" and you also respond with "polo".
The stupid youkai responds with "marco" and your plan is set.
Running behind trees you yell out "polo" and wait while the blob walks into trees. After doing this for a few minutes with unchanging results the blob shakes and dissapears, revealing a clearly unconcious Rumia with a slightly bleeding forehead.
The light is back, too.
>> No. 54387

Set rumia on your shoulders.
>> No. 54388

You lift up the knocked out Rumia and hoist her onto your shoulders.
Nothing happens.
Your back is getting sore.
>> No. 54389
Walk off into the woods with rumia on your shoulders.
>> No. 54390

You start walking off into the woods. Eventually, you reach a stand advertising lamprey. Looks closed at the moment.
>> No. 54391

Set rumia down on a seat and give her a few of cirno's wings as incriminating evidence.
>> No. 54392
Anon, you genius.

You put Rumia down on one of the seats and take out Cirno's wings. You put two in her hands, leave one on the bench and put the end of one in her mouth, keeping the other two.
You also wipe some of the blood from her head around her mouth for good measure.
She's still knocked out, and no one's here yet.
>> No. 54393
Hide and wait and see what happens. If bad shit goes down get the hell out of there as sneakily as possible.
>> No. 54394

You decide to wait and see what happens. Finding some thick bushes with a good view of the stand, you hide and wait for someone to show up.
Soon enough, Mystia shows up, eyes red and openly crying as she walks towards the stand. She looks up and sees Rumia and starts to run towards her before she completely stops, apparently having seen the wings.
She screams and starts crying louder, waking up Rumia, who foggily looks around with the wing still in her mouth.
Mystia starts to sing between her sobbing. Why is she singing? Your head hurts.
Mystia flies at Rumia, knocking her to the ground several feet away. Suddenly, your vision goes black. You can still hear sounds of fighting, and that song...
You're losing your sense of direction, and your head is pounding.
>> No. 54395
Crawl blindly
>> No. 54397

Even if you can't see, you need to get the fuck out of there. You crawl around blindly while listening to screaming and singing. After a while the singing stops, but you still can't see. You feel your hand fall on something soft.
>> No. 54398

Fuck it.
>> No. 54399

You can't even tell what it is, but that doesn't matter to you, you horny fucker!
You whip out your dick and try to find somewhere to jam it in. After prodding a few places you manage to find somewhere wet and jam it in.
You feel something squirming against your dick.
>> No. 54400

Try to punch it.
>> No. 54401

You punch it.
Unfortunately it didn't occur to you that your dick was inside someone's mouth and punching it causes the teeth to scrape against your dick tearing the skin. You orgasm from the shock before you fall back, dick bleeding. You get some sperm on your chin.
You can see again. Mystia is either unconscious or dead and Rumia is choking on your sperm. Your dick is still bleeding.
>> No. 54402

Contemplate the horrible things you have done since you came here.
>> No. 54403

Also, I could have sworn we were fucking some nonhuman thing. Like an old lamprey or something.
>> No. 54404
Rape Mysita
>> No. 54405

You take a moment to relax and think about what you've done over the last day and a half.
You woke up in Gensokyo, and then went looking for the fairies. You found Cirno, which was good enough.
For your own sadistic pleasure, you snuck up behind her and tore out her wings. Dragging her away, you waited for Daiyousei, and strangled her when she showed up, having heard Cirno's screams of agony. You then used Daiyousei's dead body to hit Cirno with and then strangled her with Daiyousei's cold hands. Heh, classic.
You then feasted on their dead loli corpses, and took turns fucking their dead loli vaginas.
Soon enough, you were on your way and found Alice's house, where you inexplicably became quite tired and slept where you were. Alice and Marisa woke you up and you sent them off in search of a wizard who doesn't exist.
You then pissed on Alice's door, and went on your merry way.
Finding Rumia in the woods, you played a game of marco polo with her, eventually knocking her out by leading her into trees all the time.
You took her knocked out body to Mystia's lamprey stand and then framed her for the murder of Cirno and Daiyousei.
Mystia came back and fought with Rumia, seemingly having been killed.
You then stuck your dick in Rumia's mouth and punched her, came, and started to reflect on what you've done so far. Ah, good times.

MY GOD. YOU'RE A MONSTER! The reality of what you've done has struck you and you are overwhelmed by the monster that you've become in the last day. You feel depressed.

In the meantime, Rumia has choked to death on your sperm.
Nice work, you horrible, horrible bastard.
>> No. 54406

What he said.
>> No. 54407
Nah, it was her tongue. You did well though, I was expecting anon to keep going. If you had, your dick would be in worse condition. Namely gone.


However, none of these atrocities can stop you. If you're this far gone, you may as well go all the way, right? You feel like you're losing your mind, but you rip off Rumia's panties and jam your still bleeding dick in anyway. Ignoring the pain you just concentrate on fucking her tight vagina and soon you orgasm again. And again. And again.
By the time you're finished there's blood and semen all around her vagina. It's nighttime.
>> No. 54408
[X] Rape the stand
>> No. 54409
Declare our undying love to:
Alice's House
The food stand
An Eel
>> No. 54410
File 121802280696.jpg - (78.91KB , 800x600 , 800px-Boca_de_lamprea.1_-_Aquarium_Finisterrae.jpg ) [iqdb]

You've lost it! With your bloody dick you'll rape anything that moves! And even things that don't!
You look around for a target.
The stand.
The stand.
The stand.
You will fuck this stand.
You charge towards the stand and start humping everything you can. It's painful, but you don't care. You rub your dick against the seats, the bench, the walls, and then break in and start fucking what you can find. You find the perfect target. Lamprey. Plenty of them. You jam it in, and scream.
You forgot that lamprey have teeth. Lots of them.
>> No. 54411
Train the Lamp ray to serve you.
>> No. 54412
Then eat it.
>> No. 54413

It is dead.


You pull it off, ignoring the damage done to your already badly hurt penis.
You don't bother to cut it up or cook it. This thing will pay. You devour it raw, spitting out the bones as you go. All that remains is a pile of lamprey bones on the floor.
Your penis is in bad shape.


Nevertheless, you find time to declare your love for the people you've met over the last two days.
Cirno... Your first victim, but not your first kill. That award goes to Daiyousei. Even so, you will always remember Cirno. She was your first in several ways. You snuck up on her first. You ate her first. You put your dick in her pussy first. Hell, she was the first girl you ever loved.
But where would you be now if not for Marisa and Alice? Those gullible girls... You remember fondly how they flew off after you told them about that wizard. And Alice's house... The first thing in this world to best you. But you got your revenge, oh yes! That house's door is gonna smell like piss for a while now! Ha! Stupid house.
And Rumia... Stupid, stupid Rumia. You would think she'd learn after the first tree. But no, she followed you without question. You begin to think that she may have believed in you, and almost feel bad for betraying that trust.
But then there's Mystia. You knew her so little, but she did so much. Namely died. Fucking stage 1 bosses.
Then there's the stand. The first inanimate object you tried to fuck, which led you to the lamprey. He got you good, he did. You laugh at how absurd the situation was.
Silently you thank all of these things for the times they've brought you. You'll always love them.

However, your reverie is broken by the continued pain from your nether regions.
>> No. 54414

Make a bandage for your dick out of rumia's panties.
>> No. 54415
Wait, there's something wrong.

Rape Mystia
>> No. 54416

You go back outside and search for Rumia's discarded panties. You wrap them around your penis.

Pantie bandage equipped. Slightly stops the bleeding.


However, you forgot something! Where is that sparrow?! You walk over to her and tear off her panties, fucking her, as well. After you're done, you notice that it was a bit warm for all this time being dead. The bleeding has started again from the activity too, and you wrecked the bandage. You're starting to get lightheaded.

Pantie bandage unequipped.
>> No. 54417

Bash her head in with a rock to be sure, then use her panties as a bandage.
>> No. 54418
Don't kill Mytisa

Nurse her back to health and gain her trust
>> No. 54420
Equip Mystia hat.
Go to the food stand and look for a knife.
>> No. 54421

You realize that the sparrow may still be alive, and find a large rock, holding it over her head. However, you think better of it and drop the rock.

Pick a number!
[ ] 1
[ ] 2
First to two votes wins.
>> No. 54422
[x] 2
>> No. 54423
[x] 2
>> No. 54424
>> No. 54426
[X] 2

The rock falls downwards and....
You'll find out after I have dinner.
>> No. 54428
Now where was I?

Right. The rock falls harmlessly to the ground next to her head.


You find the remains of Mystia's underwear and wrap them around your penis.

Torn Pantie Bandage equipped. Doesn't work very well.
You take Mystia's hat and wear it.

Mystia's Hat equipped. Enables double jump.

You go inside the shack and find a knife. You get the biggest one you can find.

Knife equipped. +2 ATK. +2 PRCATK. Can stab things.

You go back outside and wake Mystia up. She sees you and immediately scrambles away.
It might not be easy to gain her trust when Cirno, Daiyousei and Rumia are all dead and have been raped, along with Mystia, and especially when you have Mystia's hat on, are holding a knife, and you never bothered to pull your pants up, with Mystia's underwear wrapped around your cock.
>> No. 54430

"There is a very rational and reasonable explanation for all this, you'll probably find it quite funny really."
>> No. 54431

"There is a very rational and reasonable explanation for all this, you'll probably find it quite funny really."

Mystia stands up and glares at you.
She probably intends to kill you.
Given that she's running at you now, she most likely intends to kill you.
Think quick, anonymous!
>> No. 54433

Kiss Mystia, take her breath away
>> No. 54435

She's fast, but you're faster. You dodge her swipe and grab her arms, bringing her closer and you passionately kiss her. Anonymous, you suave devil, you.
She's totally stunned.
>> No. 54438
[X]Use this chance to stab her. Not to death, mind you, just enough to rape her with her concious.
>> No. 54439

Ah, Mystia. If only we had met before I killed and raped all your friends, you think.
You use your newly aquired knife to stab her through the chest.
She won't be able to survive, but she'll be alive for you to rape her again.
For the first time, you rape a conscious girl. Barely conscious, and bleeding to death, but conscious nonetheless.
And it feels good. She screams and cries. You're not sure when, but she's dead by the time you're finished.
Huh. You're ruined these bandages too.

Torn Pantie Bandage unequipped.
>> No. 54440
[x] Pull your pants up and sneak back to Alice's house, lie in wait for your next victims.
>> No. 54442

You pull your pants up, hoping your underwear will stop the bleeding, and make your way back to where you assume Alice's house was.
It's morning by the time you find it, and you're pretty tired. You got there just in time though, as you jump back in the bushes when you notice a shape in the sky coming closer.
Marisa flies down to the house and Alice lands after her.
"See? That guy was just making stuff up."
"Yeah, but we had fun, right-ze?"
Alice just waves as she walks towards the house. Marisa's already gone by the time she reaches the door. She's opening it.
>> No. 54443
[ ] "Miss Margatroid your life is in great danger!"
[ ] Tackle her to the ground
[ ] Cop a feel
>> No. 54444

"Miss Margatroid, your life is in great danger!"
You yell as you run towards her.
She doesn't finish before you knock her down, copping a feel on the way.
She's glaring at you. You don't know if she noticed.
"You're that guy from before. What do you want?"
>> No. 54445
[x] "To rape you."
>> No. 54446

"To rape you."
She just stares at you impassively, like she doesn't think you're a threat. But no man, nor woman, can with stand the might of a...
Suddenly, everything becomes clear to you. In that instant, you feel more alive than you ever have. You have comprehended how it feels to be as awesome as Captain Falcon himself.
Your burning passion ignites your fist-
-and you slam it into her stomach!
Huh, maybe that was overkill.
You punched a hole clean through her stomach, and into the ground. Her organs are nowhere to be seen. She coughs up blood-
-and dies.
Even so, you take out your worn out cock and J-J-JAM IT IN.
Soon enough, you see your load shoot clean through the hole in her stomach and go somewhere into her chest.

You now have a whole house to yourself, what do you do? You're really tired now.
>> No. 54448
[ ] Find Shanghai
[ ] Become her daddy
[ ] Reform your twisted ways and become an up standing member of soceity for her.
>> No. 54449
We just did something FUiG Anon 1.0 could never manage to do.

>> No. 54451
>[ ] Reform your twisted ways and become an up standing member of soceity for her.

Are you sure you didn't mean "Burn her alive"?
>> No. 54453
File 121803455927.jpg - (38.91KB , 284x424 , 1211705267643.jpg ) [iqdb]
One of the first things he did was a Falcon Punch though...


You dig a grave and hide Alice's body. Can't have anyone finding that.
You search through the house for Shanghai, that loveable doll. Eventually you find her, locked up in a box. Alice... You bitch!
Shanghai floats around, probably curious as to who you are. You tell her that Alice had to go away, and she left you to look after her. You don't know when she'll be back, or even if she is, but you'll be around to take care of her.
Shanghai falls down to the box and puts her head in her little hands. She must be sad.
But you encourage her! You'll take care of her, and you're sure Alice will come back soon.

Marisa came by the next day, and you told her you saw that wizard come by and Alice chased after her. Of course, there was no wizard, but that dumb black-white believed you and chased after them. You've never heard from her since. She's probably still looking.

As the years went by, you let go of your killing and raping past. Some people were glad they don't need to worry about those troublesome youkai and fairies, anyway.
You visited the human village often, and while the people thought of you as a rather eccentric man who lived in the forest, you became a well liked figure.

But most importantly, a few weeks after you first moved in, you gained Shanghai's trust, and that doll hasn't left your side since. You even learned how to make more dolls and manipulate them to give Shanghai some friends, but you two were inseperable. You'll never need anything but Shanghai, you think.

20 years later...

"I'm home~"
As always, you call out when you get home. In a few seconds, Shanghai floats into the hallway and curtsies to you. She takes your hat and puts it on the hanger and helps you with your coat. Coming in closer, you can smell tea.
"Thanks Shanghai. I don't know what I'd do without you."
She does a little pirouette and leaves, then comes back with a small cup of tea.
You sit down with that newspaper (Aya's still at it) and Shanghai joins you on your shoulder.
Tch, Aya still hasn't given up on Alice. She never got along with you, always guessed you'd killed Alice from day one. And there's another report in her paper about it. You only read it out of habit.
Still, not like they'll find the body. You had to move it a few times, but eventually you decided to put it in the lake. Nobody will find it there. That lake is a death trap.
Still, you flip the page. You don't think Shanghai remembers Alice, but it'd be bad for her to see that anyway.
You put the paper down and Shanghai follows you around, helping you out with various tasks. By night, you're ready for bed, and Shanghai comes with you, of course.
Next to you there's a tiny pillow, just the right size for Shanghai's head.
"I love you, Shanghai."
She can't speak, and her face is expressionless, but somehow, you've always been able to read her like a book.
"I love you too." She says.

---Shanghai good end reached---

Anyway, someone vote something else and I'll continue tomorrow from >>54446.
>> No. 54456
[X]Find Shangai
[X]Tame her, and the other dolls
[X]Learn how to use dolls for WORLD DOMINATION
>> No. 54460
[X]Find Shangai and tame her
[X]Use the doll for sexual pleasure and then rest
>> No. 54465
[X] Eat Alice's remains to gain her powers.
[X] Rape Shanghai
[X] Find a means to light a fire and burn down the house in a fit of insanity
>> No. 54466
[X] Remove Alice's skin and clothes and wear them.
>> No. 54467
[X]Wear Alice's clothes
[X]Eat Alice to gain her powers
[X]Rape and tame Shangai
[X]Learn how to control the dolls for WORLD DOMINATION
[X]Learn how to make fire and burn down the house in a fit of sanity.

>> No. 54469
{X} Wear Alice's clothes
{X} Eat Alice to gain her powers
{X} Rape and tame Shangai
{X} Learn how to control the dolls for WORLD DOMINATION
{X} Learn how to make fire and burn down the house in a fit of sanity.

>> No. 54588
[〄]Wear Alice's clothes
[〄]Eat Alice to gain her powers
[〄]Rape and tame Shangai
[〄]Learn how to control the dolls for WORLD DOMINATION
[〄]Learn how to make fire and burn down the house in a fit of sanity.
>> No. 54680

Wearing Alice's clothes would be rather difficult as you just punched a rather large hole through them. However, you take Alice's headband and wear it underneath Mystia's hat.

Alice's Headband equipped. +1 Doll Mastery. You feel pretty.

You start eating Alice. Huh. She tastes much better than Cirno and Daiyousei did. You're almost sad that you need to stop when you get full. You've only eaten about half of her arm.

You go searching the house for that doll. Eventually you find her locked up in a box. After you open it, she floats around, probably wondering who you are.

"Don't worry Shanghai. We're going to become good friends."
With that, you grab the doll and try to jam it onto your cock. Of course, there's no hole. So you just settle for rubbing it against her until you're done, then you lock her back in the box and look through the house some more.

You find a bed. Thank mohammed! You collapse onto the bed and fall asleep within seconds, but you have a plan.


Aw, what the hell is it this time?
"Alice! Alice!"
Oh, right. You forgot to move her body.
>> No. 54681
[x]Sneak up behind her and CQC her.
>> No. 54682
[X]Sneak behind her, CQC
[X]Remember to put Shangai's box in a pocket or something.
>> No. 54684
[X] Mess yourself up as if you were in a struggle with someone, stumble into the room with Marisa, and weakly tell her that the wizard came back, before collapsing and feigning unconsciousness.
>> No. 54686
You are in the bedroom. Marisa is at the doorway. You doubt you could find a way to get behind her without her noticing, and you don't think you have time.
Shanghai's box is also rather large.


If the truth doesn't work, lie! Lie through your teeth! You find a mirror and start messing up your hair and tearing your clothes. You then run down the stairs, and stop to crawl at the bottom. You make your way to Marisa, crying over Alice's body.
She notices you and jumps back.
"The wizard... He came back... Tried to fight him... Avenge Alice..."
You then fake collapsing on the ground.
You hear footsteps getting closer, and Marisa's hands on your shoulders.
"Hey! Get up, ze! Don't die!"
She shakes you. Mystia's hat falls off. The shaking stops.
>> No. 54687

[x] Slowly pull yourself up, and then fall onto marisa for support, stabbing her through the heart with your knife.
>> No. 54688
>> No. 54689
Shit, the headband.

[X]An opening! Stab her throat!
>> No. 54690

I really want to do two things here, but one negates the other.

Pick a number!
[ ] 1
[ ] 2
>> No. 54691
[ ] 1
>> No. 54692
[X] 2
>> No. 54693
[x] 2
>> No. 54694
[X] 2
Heh. Bad choice, anon.

You act like you're regaining consciousness and turn over, then lunge with the knife in front, and hit air.
Huh? She's gone.
Wait, what?
Sounds like it came from outside.
>> No. 54695
>> No. 54696
[X] Crawl under a table and DUCK AND COVER.
>> No. 54697

You run back to where Shanghai's box was, and grab it. It's big, but fairly light.
You run for the nearest window-
-and jump at it-
It gives way this time!- But behind you-
-the spark hits the ground and sends you flying further than you believe.

You wake up in a field of sunflowers. There's a bunch of squashed flowers behind you. Guess you came from that way. You have no idea how you're not dead. The box is nowhere to be seen.

Mystia's Hat lost.

Want me to tell you what else you lost?
>> No. 54698
Our life, duh.

Oh, and the headband.
>> No. 54699
All hope of survival the second we run into who I think we're about to run into?
>> No. 54700
[x] RUN AWAY LIKE HELL (let's say to the left).
>> No. 54701

Headband is still equipped.
You are still alive.


I'll tell you.
If you'd picked choice 1, you'd have stabbed Marisa, and then maybe gone on to do what you planned. You could also have found Alice's grimoire, and unlike her, actually used it, granting you vast power. Hence, soon enough, if you continued to not fuck up, you'd have a doll army.

Anyway, there's no sign of the batshit insane flower youkai. What do you do?
>> No. 54702
>>Want me to tell you what else you lost?
Oh, that's easy, we just lost the g-OH NO YOU DON'T.
>> No. 54703
[X] Fap on the flowers
>> No. 54704
Our legs?

[X]Check body, quick look around, stay away from anything that moves and from buildings in this region.
>> No. 54705

You stand and run straight to the left.
And immediately hit Yuka.
She doesn't look pleased.
>> No. 54706
[X] cop a feel
>> No. 54707
[X] Talk to the flowers, pretend to laugh at their stupid jokes. Stupid flowers.
>> No. 54708
[x] Ask her if she knows about The Wizard That Did It. It seems he mind controlled you into killing a bunch of people and running into her flower field.
>> No. 54709

We would have ran into her whatever direction were chosen, right?

[X]"It's marisa's fault! Alice died and she went crazy, sending people flying everywhere!"
>> No. 54710
[x] Piss yourself, followed by praying to your impotent god.
>> No. 54711
[x] Ask her if she knows about The Wizard That Did It. It seems he mind controlled you into killing a bunch of people and running into her flower field.
>> No. 54712
File 121807562437.jpg - (402.08KB , 600x800 , 121652359845.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Anyway, there's no sign of the batshit insane flower youkai.
Sorry, I meant to write "You can't see the batshit insane flower youkai."


You grab Yuka's chest. She definitely doesn't look pleased. However, you quickly blurt out an explanation about "The Wizard That Did It" who's been mind controlling you into doing all these things you don't want to do. You pump her chest to emphasize your point.
She's probably going to kill you.

And with that, I'm off to college.
>> No. 54713
[x] Ask if you can take it easy with her and the flowers.
>> No. 54714
[x] Piss yourself, followed by a course of praying to your impotent god.
>> No. 54715
[x] Up + B = FALCON DIVE
>> No. 54716
[X] Get killed
[X] Go back 6 choices
[X] Kill Marisa
>> No. 54717

In such cases, just go with what has more votes at the time. Even if they are not equal, group them into one and do it.
>> No. 54742
The votes were all for killing. It was the outcome that I couldn't decide on.


Without taking your hand off her chest, you ask Yuka if you can stay here and take it easy with her and the flowers.
She smacks you with her umbrella, sending you flying.

When you land, she starts walking towards you, and you piss your pants out of fear. Despite the youkai moe~ you realize that you're in deep shit. You pray to god, but after three or four seconds you realize that even if he did exist and could intervene in Gensokyo he probably wouldn't help such a sinful bastard as yourself.

Thinking back to last night, you hatch a plan. That's it! If you can execute a technique such as the Falcon Punch, a weaker move like the Falcon Dive should be no problem, right?
You ready yourself and jump into the air-
-----and fall back down after doing a flip.
That probably won't work until Yuka gets closer. Like she's doing.
>> No. 54743
[X] Fuck it, you're dead. Rip and tear some god damned flowers before she takes you out.
>> No. 54744
[x] Wait until she's in range, THEN Falcon Dive.
>> No. 54745

If you're gonna go down, you'll at least be a bitch before you do!
You crouch down and start ripping out flowers while waiting for her to get to you. This seems to piss her off, and she starts running.
You take advantage of her RAGE and Falcon Dive at her and-
wait, what? You're upside down.
And Yuka's holding your leg.
She swings you around and slams you into the ground. Over and over. Your head is bleeding and you've probably got a bad concussion.
You're about to give up, when-
Looks like she saw you get blown away. The black-white is up in the sky heading towards you.
You take advantage of Yuka's surprise and-
- Kick her right in the fucking face, sending her flying backwards.
She's been dealth with, but you're in pretty bad shape and you still have Marisa to deal with, this time without cover.
>> No. 54746
[x] Throw Marisa off of her broom and choke her to death with her giant hat.
>> No. 54747

You hide in the sunflowers, forcing Marisa to fly low in order to spot you. When you think she's close, you jump up and-
-grab the broom, spinning it around and knocking Marisa off.
She falls to the ground, hard, apparently winded.
You take off Marisa's hat and wrap it around her neck tightly, typing it in a knot. God damn, that hat is fucking huge.
After a while she stops moving and soils herself. Suffocation is wonderful.
>> No. 54748
[x] Go over to Yuka and engage in a CG Dragon duel with her.
[x] And by that, I mean mana transfer.
[x] And by that, I mean rape.
>> No. 54749
[x] Take Marisa's Hakkero and Magic Broom
>> No. 54750
[X] Wear Marisa's clothes
>> No. 54751
[x] Find a way to remove Yuka's scalp and wear it like a wig.
>> No. 54752

You undress Marisa, taking her clothes and switching them for yours. You also take her broom and mini-Hakkero.

Marisa's Hat equipped. +2 MAG. Makes you three feet taller.
Marisa's Clothes equipped. You feel even prettier.
Mini-Hakkero gained. Might be useful as a weapon.
Marisa's Broom gained. Allows flight.

You walk around, trying to find Yuka. She's waking up, but still hazy. You quickly snap some of those fucking flowers and use the stalks to tie her up. Being a scout wasn't so bad, after all.

"Time for a raping, da-ze!"
As usual, you rape her. For once, there's actually some sizeable tits, so you make sure to use those as well. Either you tie some damn fine knots or she's too out of it to resist. It doesn't matter to you.

After you're done, you take out the knife and think about cutting off Yuka's scalp and wearing it. However, you'd need to switch out one of the headgears you're already wearing.
>> No. 54753
[x] Remove Alice's hat
>> No. 54754
[x] After descalping Yuka, remove Marisa's scalp and put it on Yuka's head.
>> No. 54755

You cut off the top of Yuka's head, not bothering to kill her first. She doesn't scream, and just lies there as tears run down her face.
When you're done, you take off Alice's headband and switch it for Yuka's scalp.

Alice's headband unequipped.
Yuka's scalp equipped. It feels disgusting. You now have pretty green hair.

You leave Yuka there, and go back for Marisa, and do the same to her. You then head back to Yuka, now dead. You try to put Marisa's scalp in her, but it's too small. You pull out Yuka's brain and then put Marisa's scalp in the space. It's an odd fit, but Yuka now has blonde hair.
>> No. 54756
[x] Fly back to Alice's house and get her grimoire.
[x] Using the combined magic of Yuka, Marisa, and Alice, fly to the Human Village and rain fire and brimstone upon it.
>> No. 54757

You mount the broom and fly back in the direction of Alice's house, using the crushed sunflowers as a guide.
You reach the remains of the house. Marisa obviously wanted you very dead, as the house is totally destroyed, and several trees on the side of the clearing have been knocked over.
Alice's body is nowhere to be found.
You search among the rubble for a while, but can't find the grimoire. It must have been destroyed in the blast.
>> No. 54758
[x] Continue with Phase Two of Operation: Draw Out The Wizard That Did It.
>> No. 54759

You head back in the direction of the sunflower field and the human village. On the way, you see a small building. It must be Kourindou.
>> No. 54763
[x] Sneak in through the window, jesus christ
>> No. 54764
[x] Kick open the door.
[x] Yell "What's up Kourin da-ze!"
[x] Start looking for things to steal.
>> No. 54765

You land at the back of the shop, and then sneak in through an unlocked window. You then find your way around the house and kick open some doors. When you find Rinnosuke sitting in the dining room you yell "What's up Kourin, da-ze!"
Rinnosuke simply sits there astounded at the situation as you go around looking through his pots and pans and stealing his cutlery.

Fork x3 aquired.
Small knife x3 aquired.
Spoon aquired.
>> No. 54767
[x] "Marisa and Alice are dead-ze! I killed them! See ya!"
[x] Tip your Yuka-scalp to him and leave.
>> No. 54769
[x] Try and see if you can cast a Master Spark in order to incinerate Rinnosuke's entire shop from afar.
>> No. 54770

"Marisa and Alice are dead-ze! I killed them! See ya!"
You tilt Yuka's scalp towards him and then leave, noticing his expression somewhere between utter despair and utter confusion.
Flying back into the air above his house, you take out the mini-Hakkero and try to cast Master Spark with it.
You don't have any idea how magic works, though.
>> No. 54772
[x] Attempt to use semen to power the mini-hakkero and unleash your annihilation of Rape.
>> No. 54773
File 121811151413.jpg - (99.42KB , 800x1000 , Spark_lesson.jpg ) [iqdb]

You jerk off on the Hakkero,
shout the spell to the mini-elemental-reactor violently,
aim at Kourindou,
and unleash your annihilation of rape!

"Master Spunk!"

The Hakkero shoots out a giant glob of what looks suspiciously like semen, completely covering Kourindou and crushing it in the process.
>> No. 54774
[X] Burn down the forest. There are some arrogant trees to ignite.
>> No. 54775
[x] "Wizard! Do you see now what your son can do?!"
>> No. 54776
Oh man, I'd totally forgotten about that.

You head back towards the center of the forest, remembering those foolish trees and how they mocked you. Well, you're about to have the last laugh.
You land in the forest and eventually manage to start a fire by rubbing some sticks together and putting magic energy into it. You should probably learn how to use proper magic sometime.
Still, it's enough, and the fire soon spreads. You fly back into the air, and watch as the fire consumes the forest. You hear screaming from within the forest.
>> No. 54777

Well, there was one "Pretend and kill" and two "Kill imadiatly", so I considered them separated
>> No. 54778
[x] Kill the screaming.
>> No. 54781
Wait, we killed Yuka? Wtf? Take it easy with anon's powerlevel Anonymaster. We should be able to die too, even NGM had a lives system.
>> No. 54782

You fly down to where the screams are coming from, and find a quite toasty Wriggle.
Apparently she can't tell it's not her.
So you do the obvious thing and stab her when you get close.
"Sorry Wriggle. Your screams were bugging me."
The last thing she hears is a terrible pun. What a way to go.
>> No. 54784
[X] Go to the human village and rest a bit. Stay clear of the villagers though, it's better to act at night.
>> No. 54785
[x] Take Wriggle's antennae.
>> No. 54786

From what got archived he never had to use it though.
I wasn't too sure on how strong Yuka was, but I figured she was a fair deadl stronger than our Anon in terms of physical strength. Even so, I figured she would at least be stunned from a kick to the face.
Still, you're right. I kinda botched that one. Sorry.
>> No. 54787
If jerking off on the Hakkero gave us Master Spunk, holding it in the flames could give us a spell to engulf Gensokyo in fire. Maybe.

[X] Hold Hakkero in the flames. For example, Wriggles burning body.
>> No. 54788

You grab Wriggle's body and take her away from the fire, then use your knife to cut off her antennae.

Wriggle's Antennae aquired. They twitch sometimes.

You head off for the human village as per your original plan and look for a house that seems to be vacant. It's getting pretty dark by now, and with all that's happened you're pretty tired. After finding a vacant house and making sure nobody's around, you break into the house and find a bed, collapsing on it.

And with that I'm off to bed for tonight.
Sorry to say, but there probably won't be any updates tomorrow. I'm usually busy on fridays.
Next post will be in a new thread, seeing as this one's on autosage.
Also I'll try to work on the powerlevels for next time.
>> No. 54790
>From what got archived he never had to use it though.

Yeah, but I think that's because FUIG ended before it was ever used.
>> No. 54791
Dammit, the more I read it, the more I see how badly I fucked things up.
Hence, first to 5 votes chooses where I start the next thread.

[ ] Waking up back in the sunflower field
[ ] From where we are now in the human village
>> No. 54793
{X} Waking up back in the sunflower field

Too safe at the moment. :>
>> No. 54805
[ ] From where we are now in the human village
>> No. 54808
[X] From the beggining.
[X] Options Menu
-Writing Options
[ ] Enable Not Gensokyo Man Style
[X] Disable Not Gensokyo Man style

This style is a huge turn-off.
>> No. 54863
>I wasn't too sure on how strong Yuka was, but I figured she was a fair deadl stronger than our Anon in terms of physical strength. Even so, I figured she would at least be stunned from a kick to the face.

Yuka's face would break your leg, and she wouldn't even flinch. Yuka powerlevel is maximum.
>> No. 54884

Yeah, I just read through Yuka's section in Perfect Memento.
Probably should have killed anon there. Several times.
>> No. 54895
[X] Waking up back in the sunflower field
>> No. 54914
You just want more detail in the rape scenes.

Select option for a description and to change the setting. All options require a minimum of three votes to change.

Not Gensokyo Man style:

Bonus modes:
Doll Master
C___a____a____ (Complete game to unlock - name clears as you progress)
>> No. 54923
[x] Not Gensokyo Man style: Disabled

Might as well try it out.
>> No. 54927
Vote counted.

Not Gensokyo Man style:
A style to imitate the writings of Not Gensokyo Man.
There is little in the way of description, and dialogue is often not directly written.
The detail is sacrificed for speed.
>> No. 54933
[x] No
>> No. 54936
[x] NO
>> No. 54943
Not Gensokyo Man style kept.

Still need more votes on the starting point.

I'll tell you 'bout the other options too.

>Easy: People die when they are killed. Enemies are weaker, and Anonymous is stronger. You have to screw up pretty badly to die. Fewer characters will make an appearance.
Normal: Weaker characters will die when they are killed. Enemies are of decent strength. Anonymous should be able to hold his own against most of them. Same number of characters as easy.
Hard: Characters will only die when they are killed if killed with an extremely powerful attack. Anonymous is fairly weak, so this would be difficult. More characters will appear.
Lunatic: Characters far outmatch Anonymous in every conceivable way. The only way to kill them would be with massive spiritual damage. You would need a spiritually charged weapon or the help of another person.
Most characters will appear, along with many unnamed ones.
Anonymous is fucked basically.
Note: Difficulties require a game restart to take effect.

Lives: Currently disabled. When disabled, anonymous will simply be able to choose a different selection from their previous choice. When enabled, the same will happen but when anonymous runs out of lives he will need to restart from an earlier save point (the game saves when resting).
In both situations a special situation may happen, so please die often~

Doll Master: Unlocked by getting the Shanghai end. Anonymous is a master ventriloquist.
Pacifist: Alternate game mode where Anonymous is a friendly bloke who hates to fight.
Note: Special game modes require restart to take effect.
>> No. 54999
Difficulty: [+] Normal
Doll Master [+] On
Lives: [+] 3
>> No. 55008

Votes counted.
Still needing votes on the starting point.
>> No. 55017