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"Not much I can think of to say." You take a step forward, placing your foot inside the shower. "What the hell happened there, anyway?"
Aya grabs you by the shoulders and pushes you into the wall behind her. Her arms block your movement sideways and she leans close to you. The water flowing from the shower hits your face, blocking your vision. It's freezing cold.
"Comfortable?" You hear her whisper into your ear.
"Not really, I can't see." You feel her step away, and the stream of water moves from your face to the wall. You open your eyes.
"Better?" She's smiling.
"A little, yeah." You wonder when she'll get to the point. "So are you gonna tell me what happened?"
"In a bit." She holds a finger to your lip. "She can hear us, you know."
"Who can?" You're pretty sure that Youmu can't hear you, and you lost track of Elly shortly after leaving the cave, which leaves only one person left to suspect. "Momiji?"
"Those ears of hers aren't there just to look cute, after all." Aya scowls, facing away and leaning backwards against you. "She's way too protective."
"Is that what's been bothering you?" Her mood has definitely improved.
"Among other things, yes." She sighs, turning around slowly. "It's safe now, but I don't know where to begin."
"Anything you can tell me is more than what I know." Other than what she said earlier, you know nothing. "You said something about how I overpowered you?"
"You did.." She leans her head against your shoulder. "You were faster, too."
"I was unconscious." You state matter-of-factly.
"I know." She pauses, stretching out her wings to shield her from the cold water. "But the rest of you just kept going after that."
"Is that even possible?" You've heard of sleepwalking before, but this is hard to believe.
"Most youkai can do it. They force their consciousness back and let their animal nature take over. They become stronger and more powerful in exchange for losing their minds for a short period of time."
You've heard of something similar before, where warriors in battle would throw themselves into a rage to overcome their bodies' limits and gain strength.
"I think I get it." You scratch your head. "So basically I go berserk whenever this happens?"
"I suppose that's a fair enough explanation." She looks up at you, examining your expression.
"So what causes it, and how do I keep it from happening?"
She leans over you, her head just next to yours. "Lots of things can trigger it." She whispers, "Mostly it's sensory or emotional overload. In your case, it's probably the former."
"Is that all that happened?" You'd thought there was more. "Did I hurt anybody?"
"Other than my back and my pride, everything's fine." She giggles. "Just try not to push yourself into doing it again. You might hurt yourself if you do."
"Hey." You place a hand on her chin, moving her head back to look her in the eye. "As I recall, it was you who did that to me. Remember?"
"Ehehehe~" She giggles. "Really? Did you enjoy it?" You just can't seem to have a serious conversation with this woman.
You grin. "I don't remember. Wanna go another round?"
She pushes you back into the wall. "Sorry, but you'll have to give me a few days." She steps under the spray of water. "Even though you were unconscious, you still did a number on me. You'll have to make due with washing my back." She turns her head just enough for you to see the cheeky grin on her face. She's obviously toying with you.
"Alright, then." You wonder what will happen if you just play along. "Where's the soap?"
You feel something smack you in the head.
"Right there!" You hear the sound of laughter coming from in front of you.
You wipe off your face and pick up the bar of soap laying at your feet. Two can play at this game! You reach forward and grab her by the shoulder, causing her to slip and fall backwards into you.
"Hahaha! Gotcha!" You wrap your arm around her waist, wrestling her to the ground.
"You'll regret this!" She struggles, kicking and twisting under your weight and laughing the entire time.
"Hold still!" You hold the bar of soap in your hand, holding her down with a leg over her shoulders. "This won't hurt a bit!"
You place the bar against her lower back, moving it around in a circular motion. She laughs as she pretends to scream in agonizing pain.
"Hahaha! Aahhhhhhhh!! The paaain! Haha!"
She continues to squirm under your legs, laughing and screaming gleefully as you forcefully wash her. You slap her once across the backside for good measure.
She flinches. "Hey! That really-" The both of you go silent as you hear a knock on the door.
Momiji's voice carries through from the other side. "Aya! Is everything alright?! Aya! Answer me!"
Aya rolls over and sits up as you step back. A look of extreme aggravation covers her face.
"Oh, for fuck's sake.." She turns her eyes to the door.
[x] "Come quickly! I've taken a blow to the head and have been forced into personal servitude!"
[x] "Come quickly! I've taken a blow to the head and have been forced into personal servitude!"
[x] "Come quickly! I've taken a blow to the head and have been forced into personal servitude!"
[X] "Come quickly! I've taken a blow to the head and have been forced into personal servitude!"
[X] "Come quickly! I've taken a blow to the head and have been forced into personal servitude!"
>Aya rolls over and sits up as you step back. A look of extreme aggravation covers her face.
>"Oh, for fuck's sake.." She turns her eyes to the door.

Disarm that bomb, Snake.

[x] "Come quickly! I've taken a blow to the head and have been forced into personal servitude!"

Red wire? Or was it blue wire? Fuck it, just cut all of them.
[x] "Come quickly! I've taken a blow to the head and have been forced into personal servitude!"
No Guts, No Glory.

"Red or Blue? C'mon, red or blue?!?!"

[X] "Come quickly! I've taken a blow to the head and have been forced into personal servitude!"
Aya slowly pulls herself to her feet, remaining silent as Momiji continues to pound on the door.
"Open up!" She orders from the other side.
"Goddammit.." Aya curses to herself. She turns and walks toward the door, waving for you to hide as she stands just behind it. She doesn't bother to pick up a towel.
You hide behind the shower curtain, peeking through the bottom of it to see what's going on. She unlocks and opens the door a crack.
"Aya? What's going on?" Momiji stares into the room, forcing the door open wider.
"Nothing. Everything's fine." Aya tries to force the door closed.
Momiji's foot stops her. "What happened to that guy?"
"Don't worry about him." Aya tries to hide her annoyance. "He's none of your concern. Now if you don't mind, I'm kinda naked here."
"Ah, yes, err.." Momiji removes her foot. "My apologies."
Aya shuts the door and locks it again. You take it as your cue to start. You cup your hands around your mouth and yell. "Help, help! I've been taken prisoner! Somebody save me!"
Aya glares in your direction. She storms over, thrusts the curtain to one side, and pushes you up against the wall. She strains to keep that angry look on her face. You smile at her.
She closes her eyes and shakes her head as the faint traces of a smile start to show on her expression.
"What?" You hold your arms out to the side. "Was it something I said?"
"No.. you.." She stifles her laughter, going silent for several seconds.
"I what?" You try to press the issue.
She leans up against the wall, pulling your arms with her and holding the palms of your hands against her chest. "You forgot to do the front."
You release yourself from her grip and place your hands to either side of her, just under her arms. "You only said to do your back." You decide to play with her a bit longer. "Shouldn't you try and repay the favor?"
You notice a tinge of red appear on her cheeks. She turns her head slightly, looking away from you. "I did."
"When?" You lean your head over into her field of vision.
She turns away again, visibly embarrassed. You find it strange that she acts like this now. She was fine up until you had her against the wall. Her reaction amuses you, so you decide to mess with her even more.
"Just now.." Her voice is hardly more than a whisper.
"Funny, I don't remember it." You grin, pulling yourself closer to her. "Do you really want me to touch you that badly?" You run a finger down her side from her armpit to her hip. Her body's still slick from the soap.
"Ah!" She yelps. "H-Hey!" She tries to glare at you, but is too embarrassed to make eye contact. "Don't touch a woman's body without permission!"
You place your other hand behind her head, turning her to face you. "But you gave it to me already, didn't you?" You bring your head forward until your nose touches hers. She can't avert her gaze now.
"W-When?" Her red eyes dart away, refusing to meet yours.
"You told me to do your front, didn't you?" You slowly bring your hand up from her hip to her breasts. She forces her eyes shut as you move your fingers over her wet skin.
"Mmmh.." She moans as your fingers play with her nipples.
"You're enjoying this, aren't you?"
You watch as she slowly opens her eyes. Now she's staring right at you.
"Ahh!" She opens her mouth to speak. "Yes, I am..."
She's being honest now. "Good girl." You lean your head to the side. "Here's your reward."
You press your lips against hers as you pull her from the wall and into you. You feel her tongue force it's way into your mouth as she tightens her arms around the back of your neck. You let her have her way with you for a few seconds longer before pulling your head back. She slowly opens her eyes as she gasps for breath.
"Aren't you overdoing it a bit?" You comb your hand through her hair.
"Maybe I am." She smiles, mischievously. "You're right, we should stop here."
She pushes you backwards as she steps out of the shower.
"Wha-" You stand against the wall for a second, dumbfounded. She's never done that before.
"Thanks for helping me." She grabs a towel and begins to dry her hair, pretending as if nothing happened.
"Hey, hey! Wait a second!" You step forward, place a hand on her shoulder and wheel her around to face you.
"What is it?" Her face is stone-cold.
"What about me?" She's been having all the fun this time.
"What about you?" She raises an eyebrow, looking you over like you were a laboratory specimen.
"What about me?" You hold your tongue for a second as you point to the rock-hard thing between your legs. "What the hell am I going to do about this?!"
She giggles, wrapping the towel around herself and walking out of the room with a smug grin on her face. Before closing the door, she swings her head back in for a final stab. "I'm sure you'll figure it out." She tosses you a towel as she gathers her things and slams the door.
You stare at the door for a minute as you come back to your senses. You plant a hand against your face.
"Looks like the joke's on me."
You quickly wash up and towel off. You get dressed in the bathroom, remembering you're the only man in this place. You open the door and head out into the main room, only to stand face-to-face with Momiji. Behind her, she's dragging an Elly-shaped bundle of rope.
"Help meee!" It cries.
[x] "Err...Why is Elly all tied up like this?"
Damn, if only we had only put on a towel, I would have had the perfect line.

"Something is going to come undone here, and it's going to be either the ropes you used to tie Elly, or the towel at my waist. You choose."
[x] "So Elly, how exactly did you get roped into this?"
File 121721629090.jpg - (42.02KB, 704x400 , STOP SCREWING WITH US.jpg) [iqdb]

So wait, what was she in a bad mood about earlier? Just having to deal with Momizi? Or is there still something wrong, and she's being indirect about it and blueballing us as punishment? She's usually so straightforward, maybe I'm just being paranoid.
[x] "So Elly, how exactly did you get roped into this?"

A pun so bad it'll freeze Momizi in her tracks, at least.
Goddamn it, Aya, we will get you back for that.
[X] "So Elly, how exactly did you get roped into this?"

Hell yes
I read that as
>[x] "So Elly, how exactly did you get raped into this?"
[X] "So Elly, how exactly did you get roped into this?"
[X] "So Elly, how exactly did you get roped into this?"
[X] "So Elly, how exactly did you get ROPED into this?"

Why am I such a sucker for bad puns?
[X] I can't believe I almost missed the gang bang!
[x] "So Elly, how exactly did you get roped into this?"

hahaha wow
Momiji glares at you.
You point to the burlap and rope sack behind her. "So... Mind telling me why you have Elly tied up like this?"
"Snaaaaake!" She cries out from inside the sack.
Momiji narrows her eyes, continuing to stare directly at you. "You know this intruder?"
"Yes." You hold out your hand. "I do, and I'd really appreciate it if you were to hand her over."
"Very well." She tosses you the rope in her hand. "It's all yours. I'll have no further hand in this matter."
You watch as she storms off into another room. She must really hate you, or at least how friendly you've become with Aya.
"Hold still." You pull out your knife and lean down over the sack. One quick cut and the entire thing comes undone.
It's certainly Elly who was inside it. She grabs your legs, almost knocking you over.
"I was soo scared!" She buries her face in your shins.
You try to help her up. "Alright, alright. You're safe now."
She stands up straight, rubbing her eyes and sobbing like a lost child.
"There's a bathroom over here." You show her to the door. "Go get yourself cleaned up. I'll be in the other room if you need anything."
She nods before walking silently into the bathroom. You shut the door behind her and breathe a sigh of relief. She seems to get separated from you at every step of the way. You should try to keep a closer eye on her from now on.
You head into the bedrooms, expecting to find Aya. Instead, you find Youmu. She's removed her black overcoat and appears to be struggling to remove the metal suit.
"Ah, Snake!" She looks up, seemingly not surprised to see you. "Give me a hand with this, will you?"
You shrug as you approach her. She's reaching for something behind her.
"So what do I do?" There's a series of small metal tabs that appear to hold plates of metal onto the suit.
"There's a lever on the back of the neck." She explains. "Pull it, and it should come off easy."
You look to her neck and find a small metal tab. "I think I found it." You reach out and pull it. You hear a faint hissing sound as the suit loosens around her.
"Thanks. I should be able to take it from here."
You take that as your cue to leave. You turn around as you stand in the doorway. "Oh, by the way. Know where I can find Aya?" You've completely lost track of her since she left the bathroom.
"Ah, I believe she's in her office." Youmu points to the door.
"Thanks." You wave and leave the room, closing the door behind you.
You guess her office is the room she tried to keep you out of previously. You walk up to the door and knock on it.
"One second!" It's Aya.
You wait silently, listening as she walks over to the door. She begins talking before she's even opened the door.
"For the last time, Momi. If you just force it open it should- AHH!" She yells as she sees your face.
"Uhh.. Surprise?" You smile.
"Oh, Snake." She waves you into the room. "Come on in."
You prepare to say something about earlier, but are taken completely by surprise as to how messy this room is. Everything is covered in papers and old newspaper clippings. There's a small desk by a window, and an old, worn-out bed just next to it.
You take a step into the room. The walls behind you are covered with thumbtacks, some of which hold papers up, and others just seem to have been forgotten. You follow her deeper into the mess as she takes a seat at the desk. You sit on the bed just next to it. Some of this stuff looks to be hundreds of years old.
She smiles, apologetically. "Sorry.." She shrugs. "I did say it was a bit of a mess."
"Yeah, but.." You look around the room once again. "I didn't expect something like this."
It's not much better than Marisa's place. The stacks and stacks of papers just seem to condense the mess a bit more.
She picks up a pair of black-rimmed glasses from the desk and puts them on.
"You need something?" She asks, reaching for a small black notebook lying on her desk.
"Uh, yeah." You want to know why she's acting so strangely. "Wait, you wear glasses?"
"Yeah, why?" She looks surprisingly good with them on.
"No, it's nothing." You lean back against the wall. At least the area around the bed is free of garbage. "Guess I'm just a little surprised."
"Really?" She puts the notebook back down and leans forward. "You wanted to ask something?"
"I did." You sit forward. "What was all that earlier? You haven't been yourself, lately."
"Oh, that?" She stands up from her chair and repositions herself beside you on the bed. "I lied."
"You lied?" You stare at her as she smiles back at you. "About what?"
"About me." She lean back against the wall, like you did just seconds ago.
[x] "So, your back is fine? Seriously, throw me a bone, here."
[X] "So, your back is fine? Seriously, throw me a bone, here."
[x] "So, your back is fine? Seriously, throw me a bone, here."


she's a slut and she's just been fucking with our minds the whole time, oh god i'm gonna fall into DESPAIR
File 121721902947.jpg - (20.76KB, 464x405 , drevil.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] "So, your back is fine? Seriously, throw me a frickn' bone, here."
I don't see anything wrong with that

[x] "So, your back is fine? Seriously, throw me a bone, here."
Well, if she's a slut (remember when we first met her at the shrine Kanako like IMMEDIATELY knew what was gonna happen between us, as if it happened before) and has been playing us I fear the sex cut-off is a sign she'll just dump us and be like "yeah thnx for the cock but I'm movin on good bye.... Men are such fools, love, honestly!"
"You refused to see me for what I was. I lied to you, but I wanted to be caught. You pretended to be understanding, to be a gentleman... You never made a conscious attempt to reach out to me... The only time you did was when I gave you no choice but to do so..."
[+] "Explain."

I really hope not, since this is one of the only imaginings of Aya that I like.
"Snake, im pregnant"

We already know she's pregnant though.
[x] "So, your back is fine? Seriously, throw me a bone, here."

Maybe she lied about being pregnant?


Wait, when she said that?

>"S-Snake, you.." She rests her head against your shoulder, staring down at the white fluid pouring from her.
>You're suddenly reminded of your current non-human self. The sudden reminder hits you like a ton of bricks. You wrap your arms around Aya, hugging her tightly. "I know. I just.."
She leans her head back, resting her forehead against yours. She stares at you with upturned eyes.
>"Whatever happens, happens." She smiles. "I hope you'll take responsibility and make me your wife."

Thought this implied it.
[x] "So, your back is fine? Seriously, throw me a bone, here."
"So what?" You're not sure what she means. "Is it your back? You're fine, aren't you. Seriously, throw me a frickin' bone here!"
"Haha, yeah. You're right on the money, there." She smiles, but doesn't explain further. "That's not quite it though."
You decide to take it to the next level. "Then are you trying to say you're secretly a double-agent working for the enemy, and that you've been sent by them to lead me down the path of darkness?" You grin. "Is it your job to sleep with the enemy?"
She laughs. "Hahaha! What the hell is that?!" She slaps you on the back, flopping around on the bed beside you.
"Then what?" You're a little annoyed by her dodging the question. "I'm seriously worried here."
"Alright, alright." She wipes a tear from her eye. "It's nothing, really. I just wanted to spend some time with you away from the others."
"So you faked an attitude problem to get me to follow after you?" You shake your head. That's gotta be the stupidest idea you've ever..
"It worked, didn't it?" She smiles, honestly believing it was a good idea.
"You could've just asked. I've got Momiji following me around now because of it."
"She's just worried about me, is all. We've been friends for a long time. She's like a sister to me."
"So why's she trying to keep me away from you?"
"You'd have to ask her." Aya reaches for her notebook. "She doesn't do to well around men."
"I see.." She didn't seem that way the last time you met her. You decide to change the subject. "What about before, when you just left me there like that? Was that your idea of a joke?"
"No, no!" She laughs. "We were being watched."
"Watched?" You expect it was Momiji.
"What you're thinking is probably right. After I closed the door on her, Momiji got curious. She wanted to know what I was doing with you in there." She pats you on the back again. "I had to stop before I got carried away. ..Sorry." She looks at you apologetically.
"It's fine." You expect she'll make up for it later.
You turn your attention to the room. "So what's with this mess?"
She pushes herself from the bed and to her feet. She spins around in front of you.
"Welcome to my secret lair!" She hands you the notebook from her desk. "Have a look at this!" She smiles, watching you as you open it and browse it's contents.
"Hey, this is.." It's a record of your travels, from that day you first met Aya to when you left the cave. You spend several minutes reading it.
"Well?" Her smile grows wider. "You like it?"
"It's not bad, but.. 'Flaming Broadsword'?" You chuckle. "When did I have such a weapon like that?"
"But you do have one, don't you?" Her honest smile turns to something slightly more sinister.
"Oh, right. I know what you mean." Certainly, all the more intimate bits have been cut from this retelling. "So why are you letting me read it now? Shouldn't you wait until it's finished?"
"Normally, I would." You hand it back to her. "But the deadline's due soon, and I need to get it submitted in time to have it printed." She places it back on the desk. "Well, did you like it?"
"As a work of fiction, yes." You laugh. "Reality's a little less sensational than that. I don't think I've fought off an army of wolf youkai, and I'm hoping I never run into such things."
She smiles again. "Gotta get readers, somehow. Boring stories don't sell."
"It's been far from boring, though." You wrap an arm around her shoulder as she retakes her seat. "Hasn't it?"
"For us, yes." She lays down, resting her head on your lap. "I don't want to tell that story."
File 121722180789.jpg - (9.48KB, 195x144 , 1206824897493.jpg) [iqdb]
Christ, Aya. Don't scare me like that.
[x] "So what types of stories would you like to talk about?"
Maybe you could write stories for her someday...
>"For us, yes." She lays down, resting her head on your lap. "I don't want to tell that story."

[x] "Well we aren't done writing it, are we?"

[x] "Well we aren't done writing it, are we?"
[X] "Well we aren't done writing it, are we?"
[x] "Well we aren't done writing it, are we?"
[x] Kiss her
[x] "Well we aren't done writing it, are we?"
[x] Kiss her.

Perfect. I was trying to think of something along those lines.
[x] "Well we aren't done writing it, are we?"
[x] Kiss her.
[X] "I think you might hook more readers with a 'suspense ending'. Like, say, telling them that we're hot on the trail of a dragon, and that you - Miss #1 Reporter - will be there for the inside scoop."
[x] "Well we aren't done writing it, are we?"
[x] Kiss her.
"So what kind of stories do you want to write?"You lean back against the wall.
"I like happy endings." She lifts her head up, laying it back down against your chest. She looks up at you. "You know, the kind where the hero defeats the villain, gets the girl, and lives happily ever after. Stories like that never seem to happen in the real world."
"Them's the breaks, kid." You cradle her head in your arms.
"Guess so." She sighs.
"I'm no knight in shining armor, either." You pat your hand against the side of her head. "But if I can be a hero for one person, I'll be happy."
She giggles. "That was pretty lame."
"Was it?" You raise an eyebrow. "What if I really felt that way? You could be crushing my hopes and dreams right about now!" You joke.
"But I'm not." She smiles. "Aren't I?"
"No, not really. I'm just trying to make you feel better. Maybe you could write that down. People where I come from love mushy stuff like that."
"I told you already," She scowls, sitting up. "What goes on between you and me is our business!"
"If that's the case, I've got more here for you to not write down." You smile, pulling her in close. You lower your voice. "We're not done with our story yet, now are we?"
She smiles, leaning ever closer. "That was pretty lame, too." She kisses you.
It only lasts for a second. She leans backwards, smiling as she lays down beside you.
You roll over on top of her, holding yourself just above her with your arms.
"That wasn't much better." You smile.
"Too quick for you?" She wraps her arms around the back of your neck.
"Yeah, a little."
She pushes you back, again. "If you can wait until nightfall, it won't be."
"I'm looking forward to it." You'll have to pay her back for all this waiting.
"Would you like to read a few of the things I wrote?" She changes the subject.
"Sure, why not?" You're curious to see why some of the residents seem to hate her.
She shuffles through a stack of papers and hands you a small booklet.
You open it. The title doesn't seem to bear much relation with the contents, which appears to be little more than a collection of stories and interviews relating to them. You've already met several of the people mentioned in it, and all of the writings seem fairly recent. There seems to be no mention of the mountain shrine.
"What do you think?" She smiles.
"Most of the people in this seem to be making fun of you."
She frowns. "I know, right? Seems a lot of people don't take my work seriously."
Most of the articles seem to be mostly comprised of Aya's opinions, rather than pure fact. You're willing to bet the retellings have been slightly altered as well. Some parts of it are downright insulting to the parties mentioned in it.
"Honestly, I can't take some of your work seriously, either." You laugh.
"Stop laughing!" She scowls at you, making you laugh even harder.
"What's so wrong with my articles, then?" She crosses her arms, demanding an explanation from you.
"Does 'flaming broadsword' ring a bell?" You try to keep yourself from laughing. Her expression is priceless.
"Well, it's true that I might add a little bit of my own flair in here and there, but.." She trails off. "Is it really that bad?"
[x] "Let's just say that I'm glad I'm on your good side."
[X] "No, no, it's great. A good article needs a bit of exaggeration, any successful reporter could tell you that."

[x] "No. The stories themselves are interesting, but every reporter needs an editor."
[x] "No. The stories themselves are interesting, but every reporter needs an editor."
File 121722968581.jpg - (61.84KB, 251x608 , 1211158828099.jpg) [iqdb]
Damn, that's hitting her where it hurts.

[x] "No. The stories themselves are interesting, but every reporter needs an editor."
[x] "No. The stories themselves are interesting, but every reporter needs an editor."
[+] "No. The stories themselves are interesting, but every reporter needs an editor."
[+] "How about starting with a bit more dedication to maintaining objectivity in your reporting?"
[$] "No. The stories themselves are interesting, but every reporter needs an editor."
[$] "How about starting with a bit more dedication to maintaining objectivity in your reporting?"
"I don't think they're bad at all." You sit up. "But with some of the stuff you add in makes the stories themselves a little hard to believe. Do you have an editor?"
"No, I do everything myself.. Except for the printing." You notice a faint smile on her lips. "Why, do you want the job?"
"Even if I did, I wouldn't know what to do." You flop down onto your side, laying on the bed. "If you'd like, I could read over your rough copies before you send them out for printing. I don't think I'll be leaving anytime soon."
"Consider yourself hired, then!" She claps her hands together once, as if sealing the deal. "Of course, you'll be working for free."
"Of course." You sigh, although you don't really mind.
You hear a light knock at the door. Aya immediately turns to face it.
"Wonder who it is this time.." She walks over and opens it. "Ah, Youmu? What is it?"
"Dinner will be ready shortly." You notice her eyes peering into the room. She seems a little put-off by the mess.
"Right, gotcha." Aya closes the door as Youmu turns away to leave.
She turns to face you, smiling. "Could you hand me that shirt?" She points to the wall behind you.
You sit up and turn around. There's a plain white shirt hung up on the wall. You pull it down and toss it to her. She unwraps the bath towel covering her torso and tosses it over your head. You reach up to grab it.
"Hey, leave that there." She laughs.
"Why? I can't see." You hold it's edge in your hands.
"Hehe~" You feel her hands against the towel, turning your head as if to look at something. "There's a girl naked right in front of you, but you can't see her." She releases you. "How does it feel?"
"How does it feel?" You repeat the question in a mocking voice. "It feels like I have a towel on my head." You try lifting it up a bit.
"You know what I mean." She giggles, stepping across the room. "Ah! No peeking!"
"Damn." You drop your arms to the bed. Every bone in your body is telling you to take off the towel. "What is it with you and towel games?"
"Hmm.. I wonder~" She laughs. Her voice comes from directly in front of you. You hear the rustling of her clothing.
"You're already dressed, aren't you?" You expect she's just drawing it out to tease you.
"Am I?" You notice her voice is quivering a slight bit more than previously.
"Everything alright?" What in God's name is she doing?
"Mmmh.. I'm fine." She presses a hand against the top of your head. "Keep it there.. Just a bit longer.."
"You feeling alright? You don't sound to good." You fight off your curiosity and keep the towel over you eyes.
"Never been better.." She's standing directly over you now.
You wait, listening to the sound of her breath as she hovers over you.
"Just a little more and.. Mmm-Ah! There!" You feel her hand press against your shoulder. She's breathing heavily.
You have a good idea of what she's been up to. She's been telling you to wait all day, but in the end she's the one who couldn't stop herself. She leans over you, pushing you into the wall behind you and tearing the towel from your eyes. She hangs her head over your shoulder. You notice she's now mostly dressed.
"Hey, Aya?" You hold her up as she starts slipping off the bed and down to the floor.
"Mmm.. Yeah?" Her voice comes as a whisper in your ear.
[X] "Yaranaika?"
She's trying hard to get Snake to unleash his horny Youkai side on her. I can see it coming a mile away.
I like it. But, hubby Snake needs food badly.

[+] "...I know what you're doing. And I'll pay you back for this later."
[+] Leave, with towel still on head. Just to prove a point.
[X] "Dessert? Now? You'll spoil your dinner"
[$] "Dessert? Now? You'll spoil your dinner"
[X] "Dessert? Now? You'll spoil your dinner"
[X] "Dessert? Now? You'll spoil your dinner"
"You'll spoil your appetite if you keep it up." You push her into a seated position on the bed beside you as you stand up.
"Hey, wai-" She holds her arms to her chest, "Where are you-"
"I'm hungry." You open the door to leave. "So I'm getting some food. You should do the same."
She stares at you silently, fiddling with the towel she grabbed from your head.
"You said so yourself, didn't you?" You turn your head and smile. "That we should wait until later."
She smiles faintly, hanging her head as she continues to look you in the eye. "I did, didn't I?"
"Come on." You reach your hand out to help her up. "I'm not eating alone."
She brushes your hand aside, standing on her own. She slaps you on the ass as she walks past you. You think nothing of it and follow behind her.
The others, minus Youmu, are already seated. You expect Youmu opted to do the cooking again. Elly seems to be upset over something and is taking it out on Momiji.
You sit down silently, listening in on the conversation.
"What were you thinking, setting traps like that?" Elly pounds a fist against the table, causing the silverware to rattle. "Someone could've been hurt! I could've been hurt!"
"But you were.." Momiji's ears droop over the sides of her head.
"I don't care! Trespasser or no, you shouldn't do things like that!" Elly seems to take notice of your sudden presence. Her expression and demeanor suddenly change as she lays eyes on you. She smiles, holding her hands together in front of her. "Ah, Snake! Please, have a seat."
"I'm already sitting." Is she really that dense? "What was all that just now?"
"Ah, nothing, nothing." She smiles widely. "It's all been dealt with. She won't do it again." She sends a threatening glare in Momiji's direction. "Right?!"
Momiji doesn't reply. She sits quietly, staring at her feet.
"What's wrong, Momi?" Aya takes a seat next to her and starts playing with her ears.
"Nothing, ma'am."
"Don't be so distant!" She pulls her ears up over Momiji's head. "We're friends, right? There's no need to hide anything in front of these people! It's not like they care!" She talks about the lot of you as if you were all sacks of potatoes.
"It's nothing." She perks up, slightly. "I made an error of judgement."
"The hell you did!" Elly slams her fist on the table again.
You push her back into her seat. "That's enough of that. She said she was wrong and nobody got hurt, so it's all fine now."
"Hmph!" She crosses her arms, sulking. You decide to leave her like that, at least until food arrives.
"Food's here!" Youmu steps out of the kitchen, holding a large plate in each hand. She's wearing the same style of clothing Momiji has on.
"Ah, finally!" Elly recovers as soon as the smell reaches her.
Again, it's something you don't recognize. Youmu brings everything over and sets it down on the table in front of you. You don't recognize the look of it, either. It's some kind of meat. It looks like a cross between pork and some kind of fish.
"Hey, looks good!" It really does. "What is it?"
Youmu sits next to you, across from Momiji, and begins cutting it apart. "I'm not sure. I found it in the freezer."
"It's that, isn't it?" Aya grins, "You guys wanna know?"
"Yes, please." Elly seems more curious than you.
"It's really nothing amazing." She leans forward. "I'm sure you've all heard some rumors about the creatures swimming in the Sanzu, right?"
You haven't heard about it, but you nod anyway.
"So that Death God decided to slack off one day and decided to go fishing." Aya pauses as Youmu tosses a piece onto her plate. Aya takes a quick bite. "Hmm, this is pretty good!" She brandishes her knife. "So anyway, I was on the job that day, and I caught her in the middle of it. Told me she'd let me have a shot at it if I didn't report her. Next thing I knew, I'd pulled up this huge monster of a fish! It's gotta be the weirdest goddamned thing I'd ever laid eyes on! It was all teeth and teeth and eyeballs and it had these weird globs of-"
"And we're eating it?" Elly seems a little put-off by this dinnertime discussion.
"Of course. So anyway when I went to gut it-"
You hold a hand over her face. "We get it, we get it! Can we just eat now?"
"Bah! You're no fun!" She frowns as she moves her focus to the food in front of her.
You eat in relative silence, with only a few meaningful stares passed between the group. The food is incredibly delicious, although you don't care much for Aya's description of the animal it came from. It would've tasted better had you not been told what it looked like. You assist Youmu with the clean-up before returning to Aya's messy room. She's already there, working on something.
"Took you long enough." She adjusts her glasses as she looks up to greet you.
You shrug, taking a seat on the bed next to Aya's desk. "What's that you got there?" You point to whatever she's writing in.
"The article I'm writing." She scribbles something out. "I look at it now and I think, 'maybe you're right'. I've decided to make it a little more true to what we're going through."
"And?" You want her opinion on it. "How is it when you take out all the flaming swords, wolf packs, and mechanical death machines?"
She giggles. "Hehe, well, don't get me wrong, but I liked the flaming broadsword too much to take it out." She closes the manuscript. "If you can get one that'd be great."
You lay back onto the bed. "And how exactly is a flaming sword more interesting than that giant robot?" You look through the window into the gray-orange sky beyond.
"You'll figure it out someday." She smiles, writing something down in another book.
[X] Peek at her writing

Not much else to do.
[x] "I wonder if that imagination gun can shoot flaming broadswords?"
[x] "I wonder if that imagination gun can shoot flaming broadswords?"

lol, YES
[X] "Hm, I wonder if the NIMR can shoot Flaming Broadswords at a low enough velocity that we can catch it? Or maybe figure out what to shoot it at that we can capture it?"
[x] "I wonder if that imagination gun can shoot flaming broadswords?"
[x] "I wonder if that imagination gun can shoot flaming broadswords?"

fucking awesome
[x] "I wonder if that imagination gun can shoot flaming broadswords?"
[x] "I wonder if that imagination gun can shoot flaming broadswords?"
Don't burn down Aya's office.
[x] "I wonder if that imagination gun can shoot flaming broadswords?"
[x] "I wonder if that imagination gun can shoot flaming broadswords?"
"Hey, I had a thought. Maybe that imagination gun can shoot flaming broadswords." You say it on a whim, as it was the first thing to come to mind.
"You know," She stops writing and stares at you intently. "You might be onto something. Next time you get into a fight, use it! I bet it'd look pretty cool." She smiles.
"I dunno, I just thought of it." You stare at the ceiling, blankly. "So what's in that book?"
"This?" She holds it up for you to see. "Nothing, really. Just a shopping list and things that need to be done while I'm out. Momiji usually takes care of the housework when I'm off chasing villains or something."
"So you have yourself a housewife." You laugh. "Whaddaya need me for, then?"
"If I said 'sex', what would you say?" She grins.
"I'd say you're narrow-minded." You stare back up to the ceiling. "Although it's not like I don't enjoy it."
"You can rest easy, knowing that it's not the only reason I have for sticking around you." Her head blocks your view as she crawls onto the bed. "You want to know why else?"
You'll ask later. "You're in my light." You smile, waiting to see her reaction.
"Deal with it." She smiles back. "Do you want to know?"
"Do you want to tell me?" You know what she's trying to say. You feel it, too.
"I told you before, remember?"
"Then tell me again." You want to hear her say it--those words.
"I love you."
You let her kiss you. It's pure, unadulterated. Something you've never shared with her before. The lust you normally feel for her isn't there. You sit still, enjoying the moment.
But it only lasts for a second. She pulls her head back. The fading light, along with her black hair hides her face. You brush it aside.
"I love you, too." You mean it. That's not something you throw around lightly.
"You've never said it before, you know." She smiles. "That you love me."
"Well, there you have it." You smile back as she rests her head on your shoulder, laying beside you. "I'm no good with this mushy stuff."
"You're killing the mood." She pinches your ear as a sort of impromptu punishment.
"That hurts." You state, hoping she'll stop. It doesn't really bother you that much.
"Ah!" She withdrawals her hand. "Sorry."
"So?" It's almost dark. The others should be preparing for bed by now.
"Are we gonna do it?"
You caught her off guard. Her eyes widen as she sits up, hitting her head on some shelving above. "OW!" She rubs the top of her head. "Did you have to come right out and say it?!"
You probably didn't. You're just impatient. But you can't tell her that.
"Of course." You sit up. "Are we gonna do it or not?"
She goes red in the face. "Stop it! You're embarrassing me!" You watch as she tries to conceal her expression, holding her hands in front of her face.
"What's wrong?" You like it when she gets flustered like this. "Didn't you say the same thing a minute ago?"
"But, that's.." She looks to the wall, dropping her hands to her side. "Different.."
You hold her chin with your thumb, turning her to face you. "It makes no difference to me." You lean in and kiss her again.
She struggles, unprepared for your sudden attack. Her hands press against your shoulders, pushing you back. You hold her close to you, waiting for her to calm down. Her struggling weakens as seconds pass by, and eventually ceases altogether. You release your grip on her, allowing her to breathe. She stares directly at you as you separate.
"Better now?" You ask.
She nods in response. "You're embarrassing me."
"Are you scared?"
"No, that's not it." Her expression suddenly becomes more alert. She punches you lightly on the shoulder. "Stop trying to surprise me! Jeez!" She laughs, pushing you back down onto the bed.
[X] "You think she'll hear us?"

Think Momizi will stick around to listen?
[X] "You think she'll hear us?"
[$] "You think she'll hear us?"
[X] "You think she'll hear us?"
[X] "You think she'll hear us?"
[+] "You think she'll hear us?"
Bandwagon jumpin'.
[X] "You think she'll hear us?"
Let us give Momiji a show to listen to. Make Aya scream in pleasure.
[x] You think she'll join us?
Oh ho.
You all DID pick up on Momiji not exactly being to keen on men in general, right?

Just hoping she doesn't hate us for boning her unrequited crush.
Assuming you're >>52520 , but even if you aren't:
Are you high, dumb, or just stupid? Did you also fail to recall that Aya is not into sharing Snake? This is not HLA; Snake does not go about banging/fondling every piece of pretty he sees.
And on a technical note, Momiji is also a tengu.
You are right about everything, thank you for making me realise my mistakes.
[Q] "You think she'll hear us?"
It's no fun when you just pretend to concede like that.
File 121744947841.png - (15.19KB, 802x340 , 1217443189004.png) [iqdb]

Have this instead.
File 121745268586.jpg - (365.66KB, 1055x1500 , 7832482.jpg) [iqdb]

Have this instead.
You notice her eyes keep darting towards the door. She's been wary of other people listening in since she got here, and you don't expect that'd change so suddenly.
"You think they'll hear us?" You catch yourself looking at the door as well.
"Probably not... If we're quiet." She whispers.
"Do you plan on being quiet?" You turn her to face you.
She smiles. "Not really."
"I thought you were worried about eavesdroppers."
"I am." She throws a leg over you and raises herself over you. "I'm just not going out of my way so that they can't hear."
"So just like what you did the first time?" How she behaved in the baths that day has been contrary to most of her actions since then. "When we practically did it in front of everyone?"
"That was different. I was drunk." So she's a little less modest when she's had a few? You could believe that.
"Riiight." You can't let her get away with that excuse, though.
"No, really!" She grabs your shirt and leans forward. "I was!"
"Alright, I believe you." You wait for her to release her grip on you before continuing. "But you seemed completely obsessed over people listening, earlier. Why's that?"
"That's because... It's Momiji." She looks away for a brief second. "I don't particularly mind strangers and acquaintances, but I can't stand the thought of her knowing this side of me."
"And I'm okay?"
"Well, you're you." She smiles. "I guess I just want to set a good example for her. She is like a little sister to me."
She did say something like that, didn't she?
"So you don't feel like being quiet, and you don't want her listening. Bit of a tight spot you're in, huh?"
"Yeah, well." She reaches for her shirt, removing it one button at a time. "I guess I could keep it down, just a bit."
"Good luck with that." The way she's sitting, you're only able to remove your shirt half-way. You leave it open and help her undo her skirt.
She throws off her shirt, smiling at you as it lands somewhere on the other side of the room. You reach a hand under her skirt, feeling between her legs. She's soaked! The anticipation must've been as bad for her as it's been for you.
"Ahh!" She bites her lip, thrusting her hips forward as you stroke her through her panties. "Nnnh.. Don't get ahead of yourself.."
Her eyes close as her body responds automatically with each of your movements. You push her undergarments aside, inserting one finger inside her.
"Mmmhhhhh!" She flops forward, muffling her moans with a pillow as she clamps down on your finger. She pulls on the bedsheets with both hands.
"Don't get ahead of yourself." You repeat her words with a smirk as you thrust another finger inside her. "This is just foreplay."
She arches her back, thrusting her hips down as you begin moving your fingers. "Mmmn.. Aahhhh!" She throws her head to the side, crying out from beside your ear. "Sto-Stop it! Ahh! I'm.. HaAAHH! Too.."
"Hmm?" You turn your head, calmly gazing into her pleasure-filled eyes. You feel her squeezing tighter and tighter as she gets closer to orgasm.
"HaaAAHHH!" She cries out louder and louder, her breath wetting the side of your face. She's just about there.
You withdraw your hand, bring it out from under her skirt and stare at the fluids sticking to it.
"Haah.. Why did you.." She breathes raggedly into your ear.
"But you told me to stop." You grin as you turn to face her. "Didn't you want me to stop?"
She gives you a displeased glare as you feel her undoing your pants.
You jolt upright in surprise. That came from the window!
Aya slowly sits up beside you, still recovering from what you did a second ago.
"Snake?" She gives you a confused look as you stare through the window.
[X] "Looks like we had an audience."
{X} "Looks like we had an audience."

wah wah wah
[X] "Looks like we had an audience."
[X] "Looks like we had an audience."

Someone wanted to see a live porno, it seems.
You can't see anybody, but you're sure that voice was human--or at least as human as things get in this world. You don't hold your gaze longer than necessary.
Aya grabs your arm and shakes you. "Snake, what is it?" It seems she didn't notice.
"We had company." Her eyes widen as you finish speaking. "Hold on, I'll go check it out. Wait here, I'll be back shortly."
You're glad you still have some weapons with you. You make your way towards the door, cursing to yourself the entire way. You've been interrupted too many times in one night. You step outside. It's dark, but not dark enough that you can't see your way to the side of the house. If somebody's still there, you want to catch them by surprise. The window's just around the next corner. You hear a voice.
"Oww, that smarts!" You hear a hollow sound, like bare feet banging against a barrel. "Looks like they didn't notice." A pause. "Eh? Where'd he go? Hmm..."
You take a quick peek around the corner, trying to identify the person. Female, short, light colored dress, something on her head. No weapons. You move silently.
"Maybe he's taking a dump?" She's completely immersed in her own thoughts. "Geh, that's gross! What the hell am I thinking?"
You're almost right on top of her.
"Hmm?" The thing on her head twitches. She wheels around, coming face to face with the barrel of your pistol. "GYAAAAA!" You push her against the house, your hand covering her mouth. You press your weapon against her forehead.
"Sorry, bathroom's outside."
Her eyes widen. It seems she recognizes the thing against her head as a weapon. You hear a knock from above.
Aya stands in the window, waving down at you smiling.
You lower your weapon, carefully releasing the girl.
"So what the hell do you want?"
She sneers. "Having a fun time with the Tengu, are we now human?"
This kid's got one hell of a bad attitude. You glance at Aya with a 'can-I-shoot-her-please' look on your face. She shakes her head.
"Damn." You curse to yourself. You stare the girl directly in the eye. "Yes, I am." You point to the mountain pathway behind you. "Now why don't you scurry back on home while you still have all your fingers and toes?"
"OoooOOOOOooooooo, scary!" She snickers, stepping down from the object she's been standing on. "To be quite honest, I was sent here to deliver a message."
"Really?" You don't believe her. "What might that be?"
"Go stand at the edge of the bamboo forest and you'll find out." She ducks under you, running between your legs. "Smell ya later, jackass!"
"Fuck!" You weren't prepared for that one. You turn around to catch or shoot her, but she's already gone.
Aya taps on the glass, looking through the window with a curious expression. You sigh, put away your weapon, and return to her room.
"What was all that, then?" She asks, looking around the room for something.
"'Go to the edge of the bamboo forest and I'll find out'." You repeat back to her in a mocking tone. "Really, all I wanted to do was have a nice night, and then all this happens." You sit on the bed, removing your shirt.
"Bit of a mood killer, huh?" She pulls an old sheet of newsprint out from inside the mess and uses it to cover the window. "I probably should invest in some curtains for this place if we keep it up."
"I know." You lay back down. "I almost don't feel like doing it anymore.. Almost." You allow yourself to smile.
She makes her way back over to you, propping herself up over you like before.
"Well that's too bad." She takes her top back off, throwing it over your head. "You'll just have to sit there and take it, I guess."
GodDAMMIT, Tewi!

Well, at least her attempted cockblock failed.

[+] Let Aya take charge this time.
Every time we try to make a move, someone interrupts.

[+] Go berserk in the middle of the action.
[x] "I can only give you my name, rank, serial number..."
[x] "...and my love."

Damn, this seems simultaneously brilliant and massively corny. Like "Yeah, give me a double shot... of information!" in Buffy. Except that's not brilliant at all.
Sauce fucking now.
>You take a quick peek around the corner, trying to identify the person. Female, short, light colored dress, something on her head.

Fucking Tewi
[x] "I can only give you my name, rank, serial number..."
[x] "...and my love."
[x] "I can only give you my name, rank, serial number..."
[x] "...and my love."

So fucking cheesy.
File 121746246980.jpg - (46.26KB, 300x715 , Solid Aya 1.jpg) [iqdb]
Here. Have some MGS Aya as encouragement, Snake?.
[X] "I can only give you my name, rank, serial number..."
[X] "...and my love."

Snake loves corny lines.
You pull her shirt off your head, tossing it across the room. You think of the silliest, most corny thing you could possibly imagine in this situation.
"I can only give you my name, rank, serial number..." You pause, gazing into her eyes. "...and my love."
She remains silent for a second, staring at you with a dumbfounded look on her face. Then, she bursts out laughing.
"AHAHAHAHA!!" She doubles over, pounding her fists against your chest.
"What?" You try to keep a straight face. Her uncontrolled laughter makes you want to laugh as well. "Did I say something wrong?"
"Wha-haha!" She beats her feet against the mattress. "Hahaha! What the hell is that?" She slowly regains her previous composure.
She leans forward, supporting herself with a hand on your bare chest. "You like cheesy lines like that, don't you?"
The gig is up. You can't pretend to take yourself seriously anymore.
"Yeah." You nod, adding in a final remark. "Almost as much as I like teasing you."
You kiss her. You hold it for several seconds until you feel a hand against your groin.
"Hey." You lean your head back onto the bed. "Don't you think you're rushing it a bit?" You don't honestly think so, but you want to see her reaction.
"But.." She forces the zipper on your pants. "I can't wait any longer."
Neither can you. You're already as hard as a rock, and she'll see it as soon as she opens that last button.
"Hehe~" She grabs at you with both hands. "You're already this hard.."
"What're you gonna do about it?" You watch her expression twist as she stares at it.
"Whatever I want." She leers at you, training her eyes on your face for a split second. "It's mine, remember? You gave it to me."
You don't remember that. "When did I say something like that?" You question her as she scoots forward, sitting directly behind it. The tip of your manhood presses against her thighs.
She grins, that hungry look in her eyes re-emerges. She raises her hips, leaning her entire body into your relaxed figure. Her head rests just above yours.
"You said you love me.." She whispers the words to you, enticingly.
She slowly brings herself closer, pressing her breasts against your bare skin. You can hardly stand the wait. She's taking too damn long!
She puts a hand around your penis, holding it against her warm skin. You feel her begin to slide it inside, inch by inch, enveloping you in her body's warmth. She bites her lip, moaning silently to herself as she stares at you with those hungry red eyes.
"Mmmh.." She closes her eyes, concentrating on the immense pleasure you must be delivering her as she slides down more and more, until you're completely inside.
"M-Makes it mine.." She finally finishes her little speech.
She sighs, a relieved expression appears on her face as she opens her eyes and leans back. You thrust your hips forward, pushing yourself deeper inside her.
"AH!" A surprised yelp, a malicious glare. "Don't move.. Mmmh.. Not yet.."
Her hands reach to her hips, unbuttoning her black skirt from the side. You didn't realize it came off that way. She throws it across the room, reaching down and touching her stomach.
"Ahh.." She massages herself, just above her pubic hair. You notice she's trimmed it back. "Snake is.." She wraps her fingers around the base of your cock as she looks down at herself. "Inside me.."
She releases her grip, thrusting her hips down once onto you.
"AHHHhhh~n!" She cries out. "Snake.."
She pushes her hips forward, giving you an exquisite view of your connection to her.
"Look!" She pulls her labia aside, showing you everything. "You're already this far.."
You're not sure how to respond. Thankfully, you don't have to. She begins to rhythmically move her hips up and down, riding you as if you were a wild animal.
"Ahh~n, Mhh~!" She bites her lip, muffling her voice as her breathing becomes harder and faster.
You feel her clamping down on you, pushing you out. You push back, trusting your hips forward to combat her monstrous strength. You didn't think a woman could have such power over you.
"Ahhn! S-Snake!" Her voice shakes with each of her movements. "I-I'm.. c-co-"
She arches her back, hanging her head limply behind her and staring blankly towards the ceiling. She grabs your ankles, using her arms to support her weight as her movement becomes quickened.
"Ahh! Ahhh! AhhhHHNNNN!" She no longer seems to care whether the others hear her or not. Her loud moans fill the entire room as she comes.
"Already?" You're not done with her yet. She flops down onto your chest, breathing raggedly. You stay still as she tries to catch her breath.
"Haah~ Snake.. That was... haah~" She turns to look at you, giving you a satisfied smile as she involuntarily contracts again and again. She's so tight it hurts.
You bring your legs close, bending them at the knees for leverage.
"Snake?" Her eyes widen. She's so immersed in her own pleasure that she didn't bother to notice you're still deep inside her.
"I'm not done." You state, emotionlessly, as you thrust your hips forward, forcing your way deeper into Aya's warm body.
"Kyaa!" She winces, completely unprepared for round two. "Ahh~!"
"I.. Won't.. Stop.. This.. Time!" You say one word with each thrust. You wrap your arms around her back, preventing her escape.
"SnaaAAAAAAke!" You won't let her speak, either. She's had her turn.
"HaaaaAAAAA~!" You can feel her orgasm again. She's entirely too sensitive for her own good, tonight.
Your vision is engulfed in black for a brief second. She's released her wings. Is it voluntary? You don't have time to think. You sit up, careful not to break your rhythm. Her arms flop loosely over your shoulders, her nails scratch against your back. You ignore the pain.
"AHHHHHHH~N!" She's practically screaming. You need to keep her quiet.
You grab the back of her head, holding it firmly in one hand. You press her mouth against the skin on your neck, hoping that'll work. She comes again.
"OW!" You feel a sharp pain where you just laid her head moments ago. She bit you! "Dammit!" You slap her hard across the buttocks as punishment as you continue to fill her with a beast-like pleasure.
But why can't you come? You don't know how long it's been, but you hardly feel any different. You're not even breathing heavy.
Aya claws at your back as she comes a fourth time. You decide enough is enough. You're hard as a rock but you can't seem to do anything about it. You carefully lay her back down on the bed, pulling out of her as she flops down onto the black sheets. You watch her carefully as she remains motionless, save for her heavy breathing.
"Aya?" You lean over her, looking at her face. Her eyes are half-closed, dripping with tears. A smooth trickle of blood drips down the side of her face.
"Snake.." Her voice is almost inaudible. She places a hand on your thigh in a comforting gesture. "Sorry.."

[x] Rub her back. "It's alright, I'll heal. Sides, I know you didn't mean it on purpose."

[x] Rub her back. "It's alright, I'll heal. Sides, I know you didn't mean it on purpose."
[x] "I've got something to take care of."
[x] Go into another room and rub it out.
[x] Rub her back. "It's alright, I'll heal. Sides, I know you didn't mean it on purpose."

She's a biter.
File 121747341415.jpg - (94.72KB, 592x680 , 1207524024174.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Rub her back. "It's alright, I'll heal. Sides, I know you didn't mean it on purpose."
[z] Rub her back. "It's alright, I'll heal. Sides, I know you didn't mean it on purpose."

Aya reassurin gaems.
[~Ze] Rub her back. "It's alright, I'll heal. Sides, I know you didn't mean it on purpose."
[~Ze] Rub her back. "It's alright, I'll heal. Sides, I know you didn't mean it on purpose."
[ ] Whisper Marisa's name in her ear as vengeance.
"Don't be." You're partly to blame, too. "I've been bruised up far worse than this. I'll heal." You lay a hand on her back. "What about you?"
"I'm.. fine." Her breathing begins to steady. "Just tired.."
"You look tired." You sit silently for a second, listening to her breathing as it grows softer and softer. "Did it hurt?"
"A little.. Towards the end there." She looks up at you, smiling weakly. "Hey.."
"Help me into bed." She tries to sit up.
You move her to the corner of the bed, supporting her by the shoulders as you pull the covers down and move her feet under them. She does the rest herself.
You stand up to leave the room. She probably wants to be left alone. As you stand, you feel something catch on the leg of your pants.
"Hey." Aya's got you by your rear left pocket. "Don't go."
You sit back down, obediently.
"Sleep here tonight." She pats the bed next to her. It's hardly big enough for one person, you're not sure how that's going to work out. You'll have to think of something, though. You can't say 'no' to those eyes.
"Alright, but I should do something about my back and neck first."
She seems upset by the mere mention of it.
"Top drawer, over there." She points to a small dresser tucked away in the corner of the room.
You take a look, finding bandages of several kinds and a small mirror. You decide to inspect the damage first.
"Snake.." She calls to you from across the room as you try to angle the mirror right.
You don't see anything. The wounds on your back and neck are gone.
"They're gone." She says it just after you've already realized it.
"I know." It's weird. You saw the blood on her hands and face, but there's no marks. Maybe it has something to do with all the other weird stuff happening to you.
You shrug. All that can be saved for later. Even if you didn't come, you're still tired as hell. You step back over to the bed, leaving your pants on as you slip next to her under the covers.
She wraps an arm around your neck, trying to pull herself closer.
"Mmmm..." She rests her head against your shoulder, breathing deeply.
"Mmmmm?" She responds lazily.
"What's happening to me?" You know there's no possible way she could know the answer. The question is directed more towards yourself than anybody.
"Mmm.." Her tone of voice tells you nothing.
"Aya?" You turn your head, just enough to recognize she's fast asleep.
You kiss her lightly on the forehead before turning to face the ceiling. You're too plagued with questions to feel like sleeping. Who was that girl earlier? What's wrong with you? What are you becoming? Older questions arise as well. Questions you thought you knew the answers to, such as 'Why am I here' and 'How did I get here'. Against your own will, you fall asleep pondering the answers.


I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 1000. Post a number with a subject. The closest guess to the correct number will have that subject written into a dream sequence. Be creative, as multiple responses with the same subject will be ignored.


Coming home from a journey to Aya and little tengus.

How many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

Going through a giant oven to save the world.

Battles Snakes has fought in, but with all the enemies as Aya.

Interrogation by Comrade Shameimaru.

File 121748147537.jpg - (111.14KB, 576x768 , 1217389204263.jpg) [iqdb]
Suwako fhtagn

A climactic battle with our Mystery Antagonist in a nuclear missile silo with only 60 seconds left to defeat him and then disarm the nuke before it's launched at Gensokyo.

Snake defeats him but fails to disarm the nuke.

Snake training with his sister to perfect the art of CQC.

Snake brutally killing everyone he cares about

never got where the bees thing came from, keep seeing it around here and on other boards.

File 121748209237.png - (58.81KB, 954x407 , The Pain.png) [iqdb]





Snake experiments and finds out his gun can shoot BEEEEEEEEESS!

Snake has sex with Aya while she's in the middle of pregnancy, and while they're fuckmaking, he pierces through something hard. He pulls out, looks down, and sees bits of egg shell, yolk, and the bloodied remains of his unborn children fall out of her.

But Tengu don't lay eggs, so yeah.

Watching helplessly as cyborg Youmu tries, and fails, to bring down a hijacked Metal Gear RAY

Who the fuck was that guy with the gun?

Snake dreaming about how he ends up fighting a bunch of humanoid monsters in police uniforms using two blades which extend from his hands to his shoulders. A few seconds in, he loses control and turns into a vampire and starts to RIP AND TEAR through his enemies.

In b4 BAD END "It wasn't a dream."
Aya, pissed off at Momiji's incessant cuntblocking, ties Momiji up and forces her to watch as the two of you have hot interspecies marathon sex.

You don't feel any better.

Racing Yukari backwards through a series of pseudo-recursive dreams.
869 - Snake fights dinosaurs dressed as a viking, strangles a T-Rex to death with his bare hands and then sodomizes the corpse.

Snake is locked in mortal kombat with a dragon, he gets beaten back but then Sakuya appears and slices the dragon's head clean off in one move. When asked how she did it, she replies, "But I'm a perfect maid, so yeah."

Then Snake wakes up questioning his manhood.

Snake with his 3 little tengu children, teaching them CQC
File 121749612687.jpg - (118.62KB, 755x800 , grp0308012644.jpg) [iqdb]

Snake awakens strapped to a table in a brightly lit torture room for some... punishment. And don't even think of using auto-fire, or I'll know.
61 - The famous giant purple stuffed worm in flapjaw space, with a tuning fork, does a raw blink on Hairi Kairi Rock! Yukari needs scissors!

Epic cat fight between Aya and Merin.
[777] Snake discovers that Aya does have a penis.
Snake finds the dragon.

A journey through the endless calculation of pi.
>>53049 won.

The magic number was 86.
If you manage to write this, should we call the narcotics police?
I wanted my Cthulhu Suwako ;_;
I want my money back.
I call shenanigans and demand a recount.
shit sux
After a mostly sleepless night, you awake reluctantly. Getting out of bed just isn't something you want to do right now. Besides, Aya's-
Wait, where is Aya?
She's nowhere to be found. You're all alone, sitting at the edge of her bed in her room.
"Aya!?" You call out into the hallway, hoping for a response. You hear nothing. Where the hell could she be? An unnerving silence fills the room.
Somebody calls your name.
"Yukari!" You'd recognize that sleepy tone anywhere. But it's not coming from your radio.
"What's going on, where's Aya?"
"Your mother just called, Snake."
"Make sure you stop by the store after your mission, and buy a gallon of bread and a loaf of milk before the cantaloupes roll to the garage."
She's not making any sense! Furthermore, she's nowhere to be seen. You search the entire room for telltale signs of her presence.
"Where are you?!"
You rush out into the hallway in your search. You start with the bedrooms.
Bathrooms, nothing.
Kitchen, nothing!
There's nobody here!
"What have you done with everyone?!"
That impertinent laughter!
"Where the hell are you?!" You rush back inside, following your ears.
The bathroom! You rush through the doorway as the laughter fades away. She's right in front of you!
She makes a sour face at you.
"Don't pester me now Snake, I'm vacuuming the commode."
She seems to be doing just that. With vacuum in hand, she tries to suck the water out of the toilet bowl.
"Where is everyone?!" You repeat yourself. Her incessant neglect to answer your questions makes your head hurt with anger.
"Snake. Something happened to me last Thursday when I was driving home." She explains, continuing her reckless attempt at vacuuming somebody else's toilet. "I had a couple of miles to go.. I looked up and saw a glowing orange object in the sky, to the East! It was moving very irregularly..." She tugs on her hair in a gesture of deep thought. "Suddenly there was intense light all around me - and when I came to, I was home. What do you think happened to me?"
"You lost your fucking mind is what's happened!!" Your patience wanes. You'd like very much to strangle her right now. "Tell me, where is everybody?!"
She shoots you a furious glare, her eyes glowing a deep purple.
"I can't believe that the guy who preformed all those twisted acts in the women's bathroom could have made it this far. This is the end of the world!"
"WHAT TWISTED ACTS?!" Your temper flares, dissolving the feelings of fear you felt upon seeing those eyes. "What the fuck are you talking about?!"
"Forget the Tengu, Snake!" She fires another intense glare in your direction. "My cat is stuck in a tree. Rescue my cat!" She holds her arms out, in a sort of pleading gesture. "Destroy the neighbor's dog! Hurry Snake, we don't have much time!"
"We'd have plenty of time..." You try to calm your temper by looking away. It doesn't work. You feel like she's making faces and obscene gestures at you while your eyes are averted. "IF YOU'D START MAKING SOME FUCKING SENSE!"
"Yesterday, while I was drinking asparagus, the tomato plant told me that the trash cans outside are full of mercury." She extends her index finger, explaining this meaningless babble as if it had a point. "Hurry Raiden, feed the dog the commode!"
She suddenly performs a feat of immense strength, tearing the toilet from the wall. Pipes burst and water rushes forth from them as she tosses it directly at you. The last thing you see is white.
The glossy white of the porcelain goddess slamming into your face.

shit sux not so much
>"My cat is stuck in a tree. Rescue my cat!"

[X] Wake up

I can't tell if that was a BAD END or not.
File 121753363826.jpg - (49.16KB, 165x247 , LaLiLuLeiLoLaLiLuLeiLo.jpg) [iqdb]

Gained special ability: Postal Nuke

Don't lose hope just yet. I liked the idea and I plan to write it anyway.
File 121753593760.gif - (8.76KB, 201x152 , 1206771727142.gif) [iqdb]
Your eyes burst open as your consciousness suddenly floods back into your mind. What the fuck was all that just now? You look around, attempting to pinpoint your current location.
You're right where you left yourself, in Aya's bed. This time, she's beside you sound asleep.
A light floods in from the window, tinted gray-orange as it shines through the thin sheet of newsprint Aya put up yesterday. You look around, trying to find any indication of the time.
"Mmmmm..." You hear Aya groan beside you. Her grip tightens on the covers, pulling them off of your body.
You work your way out of her grip, careful not to wake her. You sit at the edge of the bed, holding your head.
That dream. It was far too vivid to be just a dream. You had felt awake, just like you felt when you had the dream inside Yuka's mansion. You feel you shouldn't write it off as just an ordinary nightmare just yet.
You leave Aya to her sleep, carrying about your morning routine. You bathe and dress yourself before heading back to Aya's room. As you walk through the door, you notice her sitting naked at the foot of the bed.
"Morning, Aya." You wave, taking a seat beside her. "Feeling better?"
"I'm fine, now." She greets you with a warm smile. "Gonna bathe.."
She rubs her eyes, lazily stepping past you and walking stark naked out into the hall as if nothing's the matter, dragging the bed sheets along with her.
"You're not feeling fine at all!" You grab her by the waist and force her back into the room, shutting the door behind you. "What kind of idiot walks around naked?!"
"But I'm not.." She turns her eyes to herself, looking down her chest. Her eyes pop open. "Kyaa!" She tries to cover her body with her arms.
You sigh. "You don't have to hide yourself when it's just us two." You shake your head, wondering just what's going on in that head of hers.
"Oh.." She drops her arms to her sides, obediently.
"Here." You look around the room, looking for something she can wear. You find her panties, but can't remember if she was wearing a bra earlier. "If you have to go shower now, at least put these on." You hold them to her face, searching for her shirt.
You find it, holding it out for her as she puts on her underwear.
"Ah!" Her body tenses up in pain as she pulls them over her hips. She tries to ignore it, grabbing the shirt from your hand and fastening it around her.
"Take it easy, alright?" You pat her on the shoulder as she steps out of the room.
"I'm fine!" She adamantly declares, even though it's obvious she's not. She leaves the door open behind her as she walks off into the small hallway.
"You're not fine at all." You repeat yourself despite the fact that she can't hear you.
You tear the old newsprint from the window, allowing the light to flood in. You should probably check on the others, then notify Nitori that you'll be arriving shortly. You follow Aya's path down the hall and into the main room of the house. Youmu sits calmly at the table, sipping something you could only guess to be tea.
"Good morning, Snake." Her terse and sudden greeting catches you off-guard. She didn't even bother to look up.
"Good morning, Youmu." You return the greeting, ignoring her seeming unpleasantness. "How goes it?"
"Normal." She pauses, taking another sip. "You were loud last night. Did something happen?"
"Straightforward as always, I see." You'd expected somebody would've heard all that noise. You weren't, however, prepared to be asked about it outright.
"Nothing you should worry about."
You don't feel like talking about it.
"I see." Another sip. "Best to leave it at that, then."
She doesn't seem to want to talk about it, either.
"By the way, Snake." She finally looks up, staring at you with a nonchalant expression. "Your eyes are glowing."

[x] "I appreciate the compliment, but Aya is just in the bathroom. You should be careful about the things you say when she's nearby."
[x] "I appreciate the compliment, but Aya is just in the bathroom. You should be careful about the things you say when she's nearby."

[X] "And your eyes... shine."
>"By the way, Snake." She finally looks up, staring at you with a nonchalant expression. "Your eyes are glowing."

I'm really not sure how to word it, but I think we should actually be asking about this.
[X] "I'm not turning into some type of monster, am I?"
[+] "Hmm?"
[+] Find a mirror
[x] Burn down the house in a fit of insanity.
[+] "Hmm?"
[+] Find a mirror
As promised. No relation to the main story of GIG, etc.


'Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Suwako Moriya wgah'nagl fhtagn.'
That line, uttered by your colleague Aya ten days ago, was the last thing she ever said. She died on that fateful night--struck down by an invisible force, right before your eyes. The doctors say she dies months ago, but after having witnessed that, you're not sure what to believe.
Still, the words linger in your head. They're the only lead you have. It took a lot of doing, but after a long and hard battle the police finally let you into her house. The place was stripped bare by them during their investigation. They took everything but the furniture.
Thank God for that, too. She kept her precious notebook hidden beneath the top drawer of her dresser, where she kept her undergarments. No man but you would ever dare to look too closely at it. Pull the wooden tab in the back right corner, and it falls to the floor. Like clockwork.
Yet upon opening it, you were horrified by it's contents. Last you had seen it, she had written pages upon pages about the secret love she shared with you. Now, it's filled with scribbles and drawings depicting an ancient beast--a terror unknown to modern man.
Her obsession with it was sudden. One page she declares her love, the next she announces the existance of a monster. An elder God of the Earth. The pages describe it as appearing not too dissimilar to a toad. With it's head full of eyes, it's massive size--greater than that of even the tallest of buildings--and it's bloated and speckled form, this creature would truly be a sight to behold. It's written that it sleep eternally upon the highest mountain, waking only to end the world. The writings describe others, as well. One--a human woman, her form twisted and warped to something far more sinister. She serves as the creature's protector, living a life of servitude in return for life eternal. The other is far more fearsome than both. A demon of immense power, with the ability to transform the stars and sky, it exists only to torment the sleeping God of Earth.
And during your search for clues to this thing's whereabouts, you wound up here, in this stinking fetid marshland. The Genbu, the locals call it. A strange lot, them. They dance around, night after night, performing the same ritual in attempt to please their guardian deities. You inquire time an time again about these Gods, and their response is always the same. They tell you that the Gods are among the oldest creatures on this Earth, and that they are of untold power. Pretty much the same crock any religious group would tell you.
The stench is overpowering, something akin to rotting fish. It burns your nostrils and makes your eyes water. The mountain looms just ahead, hidden by the marsh's thick fog and the night sky. You hold your compass forward, rechecking your heading. Due North, as it should be.
Something catches your attention out of the corner of your eye. A large rock formation comes into view just to your left. You carefully approach it, making sure not to step too deeply into the snarled layer of peat that seems to cover the entire landscape. One wrong step and you'll sink right under it.
You hold your lantern up to the rock, examining it's surface. As if created by the cooling of magma, the face if it is segmented, forming a tortoise-shell pattern all across it. It looks anything but natural. You carefully begin to scale it's face, climbing to the top of the structure and shining your burning lamp on it's surface.
Carved into the rock face in clear English, are the words 'Suwako fhtagn.'
'Suwako waits', the book said it meant. You're so close you can smell it. The reason why Aya died lurks just ahead, and you'll be damned if you let it get away!
A strong wind knocks your lamp over. You scramble after it as it rolls over the face of the rock, falling and sinking into the marsh below.
The flame burns brightly as the glass casing floods with water, and is quickly snuffed out, leaving you surrounded by this impenetrable darkness.
The wind blows again, carrying with it the sound of frogs croaking. The sound pierces your ears, sending a chill down your spine.
Slowly, it grows louder. The light of the full moon shines through the thick fog, illuminating thousands of pairs of tiny eyes just at the bottom of the rock. The way the light reflects off them, it appears as if they're looking right at you.
But that can't be true, can it?
Among the high-pitched whining of the frogs, the sound of a much deeper call emerges. The sheer magnitude of the noise causes the air around you to vibrate.
That stench. You smelled it earlier. That earthy, rotted wood stink. It grows close as the moon illuminates a set of much larger eyes, hovering just behind the small army of frogs. It glows green in the blackness.
Around it appears another set of eyes, and then another. They continue to multiply as your heart begins to race. The answer to Aya's death.. Was it worth the price of your life?
The mass of eyes draws close, slithering up the face of the tortoise-shell rock. It calls to you.
[x] "What."
[x] Find a mirror or some kind of shiny reflective surface. The kitchen's got to have at least one of those.
[x] "I appreciate the compliment, but Aya is just in the bathroom. You should be careful about the things you say when she's nearby."
[x] "No, they're not."
"Glowing?" With the way Youmu's staring at you, you're not sure if she's coming on to you or if they're really glowing.
"Yes." Her voice emits a hint of emotion, though her actions don't betray any sign of it. She continues to sit there, calmly sipping her drink.
You don't take any chances. You go for the mirror you left in Aya's room, closely inspecting your eyes. You don't notice anything out of the ordinary, they're not glowing at all. You take he mirror and walk back into the other room.
"They're not glowing, Youmu." You're not in the mood to put up with any more nonsense after that dream. "I just checked."
"Indeed." She makes a passing glance at you. "Though they were just a minute ago. I wouldn't lie about such things."
True, she's not the type to joke around. You decide to hold onto the mirror anyway, as it may have it's uses. As you move to speak, Elly bursts forth into the room.
"Hiya folks!" She slams the bedroom door open, a huge smile across her face. "How's it goin?" She takes a seat next to Youmu. "Boy, I slept like a rock!"
"Yes," Youmu stays calm, although you could've sword you just saw her eyebrow twitch. "We heard.."
"Heard?" Elly replies with a confused scowl, standing back up and rushing off into the kitchen.
"Oh," She leans her head through the open doorway. "That other girl went out somewhere. Said something about delivering a report or something and that we should go on ahead."
"Really?" Aya overhears, stepping out of the shower. She seems to be moving around a little better. "When did she leave?"
"Last night sometime." Elly walks back into the room with some food in her hands. You guess it's the leftovers from yesterday.
"Hmm." Aya shrugs, returning to her room. She shuts and locks the door behind her.
"So where were you last night?" Elly turns her attention to you, giving you a suspicious stare.
"Uhh.." It takes you a second. "I was out on patrol. There was an intruder."
Speaking of which..
"Hey Youmu."
"Yes?" She leans her head up, alerted by you calling her name.
"What's inside the bamboo forest? The one I caught said something about it."
She turns her head away, a sudden look of aggression appearing on her face.
"I don't wish to discuss it."
You wonder why she reacts that way every time you bring up the subject. Maybe somebody living there insulted her warrior's honor or something? You doubt that's the case.
Aya bursts into the room, putting a stop to any further conversation. She's wearing a combination of the clothes you gave her, and some of her own. The white top is noticeably hers, although the camo bottoms and boots are those you gave her.
"Alright people, let's get going!"
It would seem she's completely recovered. She marches forward, the first out through the front door. You grab your stuff and follow closely behind her, making sure she's fit to move around like she is.
"So Nitori's place first, right?" She smiles, leading the way down the path.
"Yeah." You look behind you, making sure the other two are following. They're lagging behind a bit, but they're following. Youmu keeps a steady watch on Elly.
"Mind the bump." Aya declares, jumping down a large section of exposed, jagged rock.
You work your way around it, noticing small man-made marks on a few of them. A little worn, they're painted on the tips of several of the rocks with a deep crimson paint. You pay them little mind, wondering who put them there.
Eventually, you come to the edge of a cliff. You notice Aya's already flown down it, although if you were to jump, you'd almost surely break your legs. Though there really doesn't seem to be any alternative way down other than to jump. She waves for you to follow her.
[X] Use the imagination gun as a grappling hook + rope
[X] Use the imagination gun as a grappling hook + rope
[X] Suck it up and jump.
[x] Jump

We're Youkai now with fast healing, lets test it
[X] Use the imagination gun as a grappling hook + rope.
[X] Use the imagination gun as a grappling hook + rope

The goddamn Batman.
[x] Use your imagination gun to make a slide made of ice, like Iceman does.

There's no need to take a leap of faith like this one. What's she planning to do, catch you? Not even a few hours ago, she was staggering around like a drunkard! Even if it was your fault, killing yourself by jumping won't make it any better. Besides, you have some rope.
"Something wrong?" Youmu and Elly stand directly behind you. The two of them obviously see the cliff.
"Yeah, bit of a drop here." You remove the rope from your backpack, tying one end to a nearby tree.
The rifle should make quick work of the rest. You tie the other end of the rope to it, envisioning the end of a grappling hook. If you can get it to catch on some rocks down there, you should be able to get down without trouble.
With both ends of the rope secure, and the image strong in your mind, you fire the weapon.
The projectile springs forth, snagging the rope as it exits the barrel and speeding down wards in a wide arc. As you'd hoped, it pummels into a large boulder.
You sling the weapon, test both ends for slippage, and carefully climb across. Aya waits at the end, smiling widely.
"Hey, that was pretty good!" She compliments you as your feet touch the dirt.
"Are you sure this is the right way?" You don't remember this being here the last time.
"Of course." She points down the slope of the mountain. "It's right down past those rocks."
Of course, the rocks she's talking about have to be jagged, and they have to stick straight up twenty feet out of the ground like that. As the others climb down, you try to get in touch with Nitori.
"Hey, Nitori. We're on our way."
*So I heard.* She sounds overjoyed. *We're just putting the finishing touches on it.*
"'We'? 'Finishing touches'?" She just doesn't seem to quit with the inventions.
*Yes, well, a lot has happened since you lost track of it, and it came back pretty banged up.* She sounds a bit disappointed.
"Sorry." You apologize. Losing track of it was your fault to begin with.
*It's not your fault. It ran into some trouble on the way back. From the recordings, it seems to have been ambushed by something..*
That doesn't sound good at all. "Ambushed? By what?"
Youmu and Elly reach the end of the rope, standing patiently as you continue your conversation.
*That's the thing, I don't know. Whatever it was, it was big.* She sighs, her voice grave. *Problem is, it took out several key parts. We'll talk further once you get here.*
"Understood." You end the transmission.
"What's going on?" Elly looks confused. "Why's he talking to himself?"
"We'll explain on the way." Youmu adss a sense of urgency to the situation. "We should get there as quickly as possible."
"I know a shortcut." Aya darts off to the left, just slowly enough so the rest of you can follow. She seems hesitant to take this path.
She leads you down another pathway, and eventually you run off the trail altogether. At least this area's free of trees. You never once lose sight of your destination. You pass by a small mud brick house on the way down, not stopping to investigate. Aya glances at it once, you guess checking it to see if it's inhabited. Once you've retrieved RAY and received all the details from Nitori, you may want to go back and investigate it.
The path leads around the jagged rocks, down the slope of the mountain, and eventually you find yourself standing directly over the cave entrance to Nitori's lab. Looking down, you notice she's already waiting outside with several other people. You recognize the two who gave Youmu the metal suit. The others' identities are a mystery to you.
"Up here!" You call out to them, carefully beginning your climb down.
"We meet again, dumbass!" The blonde-haired girl gives you a somewhat hostile greeting, grinning from cheek to cheek.
"And there they are!" Nitori smiles, though the rest of her body language betrays uneasiness and impatience. "Let's get inside!"
You follow, allowing Youmu and Elly time to catch up. The two strangers, along with the two you know, follow behind you. Having them to your back doesn't settle well with you, but in a group this size you doubt they'll try anything.
This post is so full of things I don't know where to start.

>You decide to hold onto the mirror anyway, as it may have it's uses.
Let's remember this for later.

>"Boy, I slept like a rock!"

>Youmu stays calm, although you could've sword you just saw her eyebrow twitch. "We heard.."
...So Elly snores loud? I thought her complaint was with Snake and Aya making noise.
Unless she got little or no sleep at all between the two things... Expect crankiness. Hopefully she won't grow more and more irrationally irritated to the point where we have to stab her with a kitchen knife.

>"That other girl went out somewhere. Said something about delivering a report or something and that we should go on ahead."
>"Really? When did she leave?"
>"Last night sometime."
Momiji heard them, and is embarrassed at best or angry at worst.

And also remember >>52205 ?
>"So why's she trying to keep me away from you?"
>"You'd have to ask her." Aya reaches for her notebook. "She doesn't do to well around men."
In before yandere Momiji.

>She turns her head away, a sudden look of aggression appearing on her face.
>"I don't wish to discuss it."
Unless this is reference to IN, I'm wondering about this.
[X] "Nyeh, what's cookin', Doc?"
[X] Chew on carrot
[x] "Nitori, you know who lives in the mud brick house we passed on the way here?"
[x] "Nitori, you know who lives in the mud brick house we passed on the way here?"
The entire group crowds into the elevator. It's large enough that everybody has space to move around. Nitori presses the red button marked 'down', and the platform descends back into the depths of the mountain.
"Hey Nitori, we passed a small house on the way down here. Any idea who lives there?" You try to find her in the crowd. She's fairly short compared to the others, and you have difficulty finding her.
"A house?" Her voice comes from somewhere in the back. "Hmm, well guessing by where you came in, I'd say nobody lives there. At least, not until autumn."
It did appear to be a little run down. You don't press the issue further.
The ride down after that point is long and silent. Nobody says anything, which you find particularly strange. You see a flash of light to your left, and torn to face it. You just passes the lab! The elevator descends further down, and the air suddenly becomes frigid.
"Hey." It's that blonde girl. She's still got that stupid smirk on her face. "Izzit hot in here, or is it just me?" She snickers.
You hear several exasperated sighs coming from the group, and a loud thump as her read-haired superior whacks her across the head.
"Somebody care to tell me where we're headed?" You decide to ask. "I saw the lab back up there a ways." You can still see the white lights against the far wall of the shaft as you look up.
"I had to use the main facility." Nitori calls out from somewhere in the group. She's probably the shortest of the bunch. "The one designated to me is far too small for the task at hand."
"Small? As I recall it fit in there nicely before." Youmu calls out from beside you.
"The manpower required to reassemble the machine was immense." The red-haired woman answers, facing you directly. "When it was recovered, it was missing much of it's drive mechanism, or so I've been told."
"That's correct." You see people disperse as Nitori pushes her way through the group. "I had to recruit an army of workers to assemble it. Thankfully, you have yourselves a few useful allies that were willing to assist."
"Allies?" You don't know anybody from this world that has the full command over an entire army. Who could it be?
"Yes. She insisted that the work be done under her direct supervision, and I can safely say I couldn't have done it better myself. It's just about complete."
"How long have we been gone, then?" You wonder if it's truly possible for a machine of that level of complexity to be completed in mere days.
"About one and a half weeks, if I recall correctly."
A startling revelation, indeed. You can't say you weren't expecting it.
"Wait, wait, wait!" Aya pushes you aside, facing the green-clad young woman. "We only spent one night in there! How could we have been gone a whole week?"
"I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that." Nitori's will crumbles under Aya's uncompromising stares.
"There's a lot of questions I have that nobody seems to know the answer to." You push Aya aside, breaking her concentration. "That's just one more on the list." Then, a thought comes to you. That weapon! You pull it from your jacket pocket. "But here's one I think one of you may know. What exactly is this?"
You notice the red-haired woman's eyes widen. "Oh my, may I see it?"
"Of course." You hand it to her carefully, remaining vigilant for any sign of attack.
She carefully takes it from you.
"How archaic!" She investigates it, carefully. "Certainly, it should.. There!" Somehow, she pops it wide open. The trigger grip and guard separated from the muzzle of the weapon.
"It's firing mechanism is... Wait, I've never seen something like this." She suddenly turns back to you. "Where did you get this?"
"I found it inside that strange house. I don't think it belonged to Yuka." You shrug. Yet another failure..
"I see.. Was there anybody else?"
"Yes, actually." Your mind automatically brings the memories of that strange man to your attention. "There was a man in the same room who held me up. I didn't get a look at him. He suddenly disappeared before I could do anything. I think there was another with him."
"Hmm.." She holds a hands to her chin. "Do you mind letting me borrow this? I'd like to run a few tests."
"Sure, go ahead." You really don't have much use for it as a weapon. It's more of a novelty to you, and the information that could be derived from it's construction would be far more beneficial.
"Heeey..." Elly abruptly enters the conversation. "How much farther 'til this thing stops?"
"We're about halfway there." Nitori turns to face her, studying her features. "Snake, who is this woman? I've never seen her before."
"She's a friend." You try to keep it short. If Elly wants to talk about herself, she will. "All I can tell you is that we helped her escape from that place. Apparently she was one of Yuka's servants."
"Hmm." Nitori rubs her brow in response. "Is this true?"
"Yep." Elly doesn't seem to enthralled with the kappa. "That's really about it."
"Nitori." Another voice comes from the back. It's one of the people you don't recognize.
You watch as she steps forward. A woman steps forward. She's stands about as tall as Aya, wearing an elaborate red dress with her long green-blue hair tied down in front of her with a small bow. She almost looks like a living doll.
"What's up, Hina?" Nitori turns to face her. "Something wrong with one of 'em?"
The green haired woman called Hina points to you, speaking calmly and quietly. "This one is wrong."
"Wrong? How?" Nitori tilts her head, giving the two of you a confused grin.
"I can't explain it." She gazes up at you with a cold, almost emotionless expression. "There's just something wrong with him. It's no curse, but I can see it."
"What am I, chopped liver?" You don't really appreciate them talking about you like that, but you're in no position to disagree. Something is wrong with you, after all.
"Ah." Hina's eyes grow wide. "I beg your pardon." She leans forward in a bow. "I am called Kagiyama Hina. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."
Is everyone so formal around here? You don't bother to ask about the weird hair colors.
"The name's Snake." You must be growing accustomed to this. You find yourself bowing back. "Uhh.. I won't argue with the fact that there's probably something wrong with me."
"I'm sorry, I meant no offense." She's awfully apologetic compared to the others you've met. The presence of somebody with social graces is a much needed change of pace for you.
"Hey, he's fine with it." Aya slaps you one on the back. "He's been a little off since I first met him!"
Of course, she's a different story. You can afford to be a little more aggressive around Aya. "What the hell do you mean by that?!"
"Nothing~" She giggles, turning to face the opposite wall.
"You little.." You move to grab her as the elevator suddenly comes to a halt.
"We're here." The group files out of the elevator and into what may be the biggest hangar you've seen in your entire life. The room appears square, and extends in all directions for almost a mile each way. All around, you see men and women in blue, working hard constructing various machines and devices in an assembly-line process. The noise is deafening.
"All this was underground?" You're amazed at the size of the place. You could land every last warplane in the military in here, and it wouldn't even take up half of it!
"What are they building?" Aya seems just as amazed as you are.
"This and that." Nitori leads the group. "Mostly household electronics. Stoves, refrigerators, hair dryers, you name it!" You sense an aura of pride emanate from Nitori's direction. "We're over here."
She makes a sudden left turn, heading towards a large concrete and steel barricade hiding a corner of the room from view. Red signs pasted onto the walls are painted with strange glyphs you could imagine say KEEP OUT.
You continue to gape at the massive structure as you close in on the enormous barricade ahead. Nitori's group talks amongst themselves as yours follows silently behind. You can't understand a word they're saying. Their speech is filled with terminology and mention of machines you've yet to encounter.
The shape of a large machine begins to come into view as you get closer. The huge concrete wall to the side seems built to keep prying eyes away from whatever lies behind it. You see the olive and black camouflage pattern you remember from RAY on the object. Yet it looks nothing like it.
The group stops, the machine in full view. Nitori spins on her heels to face the group. Hina spins along with her, seemingly just for the hell of it.
"Gentlemen!" Nitori smiles widely, obviously proud of her achievements. "Behold!" She throws her arms out. "The wave of the future!"
The redhead and blonde snicker in unison. You don't understand why, though. This is incredibly impressive. The remaining stranger steps forward, standing just next to Nitori. She brushes her long, white coat and straightens her glasses in the most dramatic of fashions.
"Indeed, this is the most advanced piece of equipment I have ever built."
"You've ever built!" Nitori fumes. "This was a collaborative effort, Rika!"
"Of course." Her response is dismissive in nature, and she heads off toward the machine. You notice that along with several men and women in blue, there's a bunch of creatures of various shapes and sizes monkeying around with the machine.
Nitori snorts in frustration.
"Who was that girl?" Aya thrusts a thumb over her shoulder, pointing in the direction the woman walked off to.
"Asakura Rikako." Nitori replies. "She led the project's design team and now she thinks she owns the damn thing." She clenches her teeth in what you would normally see as hatred. Obviously, they share a complicated relationship.
"I believe introductions should come first." Youmu steps to the front. "Although most of you know already, I am Konpaku Youmu, gardener of the Netherworld."
"Shameimaru Aya, Tengu journalist extraordinaire!" Aya smiles.
The redhead steps forward. "Okazaki Yumemi." She pulls the blonde upright by the ear. "This rascal here is my subordinate, Kitashirakawa Chiyuri."
You have no idea how she managed to get that girl's last name out in one go. It's one hell of a mouthful.
"Dammit woman!" Chiyuri smacks her hand aside. "Can't I speak for myself?!"
You wince. The sound alone was enough to cause you to fear for your safety. Yumemi rubs the back of her hand as you open your eyes.
"Helluva subordinate you have there." Aya jeers.
"Indeed." Yumemi doesn't try to argue. "It would seem that she's become more aggressive over the years. Perhaps she needs to be re-trained?"
"Geh! No thanks!" Chiyuri lurches back. You don't know what kind of 'training' she has in mind, but to cause a reaction like that it must be something awful.
You redirect the conversation, introducing yourself. "Snake. Outsider-slash-dragon hunter. That's about it." You can't think of much else you'd be willing to share.
"And everybody knows the two of us, I'm sure." Nitori makes an elaborate bow before running off to the machine behind her. "C'mon, I'll show you what's new!"
You follow her to a large blackboard propped just in front of the machine that now looks nothing like the RAY you knew. There's a row of chairs, enough for everyone to take a seat. You sit between Aya and Youmu, and Elly sits just behind you. The others return to whatever work they were doing before you showed up. Yumemi takes the weapon you lent her over to a workbench and begins to dissect it.
"Ahem!" Nitori audibly clears her throat, attempting to redirect the group's attention onto her. You face forward.
"Right." She begins, taking a thin metal rod and pointing to a diagram of the machine drawn onto the blackboard's surface. "This is the RAY Mark Two. You already know what happened to the first one." She paces back and forth as she gives her demonstration. "Now, if you'll allow me to run through the basics, we can get you suited up and ready to go."
"Wait a sec." Aya raises her hand, behaving like a student would during a lecture. "Isn't Snake the pilot? Why do we have to sit through this?"
"If I can explain, I'll get around to that eventually." Nitori responds with a frustrated tone. Aya's hand drops.
"Good." Nitori resumes her overview. "Now then, this machine is completely different. The interface you knew from the first machine has been scrapped due to it's destruction at the hands of whatever we're facing and time constraints. This is where Miss Okazaki comes in. She's designed a pilot assist program that will help to control the machine. She refers to it as artificial intelligence. Basically, the machine will make all the troublesome movements and calculations for you. I'll let the machine explain the rest of that, seeing as it's much better at it."
"The machine is able to talk?" What the hell did this woman create?
"Yes." Her reply is unsatisfactory. You'd hoped for a little more detail. "Just think of it as another person."


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