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For those of you not familiar with the genre,
The city of Gensokyo. A battle ground for the powerful, a hell hole for the weak. The five houses reign supreme here, and what they say goes. Well, for their own little sections anyways. They'd love to have power over the rest of the city, so they constantly fight for that end. That's where I come in. I'm left to clean up after their messes, or, well, I used to. I don’t work for the cops anymore. But that’s another story in and of itself.

It was raining again. No big surprise there, especially in this city. It was as if the sky was weeping over all the horrible things it was forced to bear witness over. There were some truly horrific things that the houses had unleashed upon each other usually at great cost to the citizens of Gensokyo. Much like the mess I was driving past. It looked to be another murder scene, by the looks of it. I would have kept driving if it hadn’t been for one thing. Capitan Reimu herself was at the scene.

Pulling the car over to the curb, I really hoped that they had thrown a rookie on crowd control. When I left the force, I slipped out with my badge. Most cops knew it wasn’t good any more, but flash it fast enough to a rookie and they’d never question you. An air of authority helps, which is something I never was lacking in. Stepping out into the pouring rain I elbowed my way through the small crowd that had gathered.

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to step back.” A young cop steps forward and puts himself between me and the tape.

Ah good, It’s some new kid. Looks like he’s fresh out of the academy. I quickly flash my badge. “I’m on the force, kid. The Capitan asked for me personally.”

“Ah, I’m sorry sir, but I haven’t heard anything to that effect.” The kid looks a little nervous now.

“C’mon kid. You wanna have to explain to the Cap’n why I’m not at the crime scene like requested? Or you want I should tell her?” I lean in towards the kid, “Really, I don’t wanna have to do that to ya, kid. You seem like a nice recruit. Just let me in, and it’ll be like none of this ever happened. Ya read me?”

The colour drains from the kid’s face as I say this, but he nods and lets me past. Thank god for rookies. I lift up the tape and slip underneath it walking back into the alleyway. Hoo. This crime scene is a mess. Lying face down in a pool of her own blood is some girl with green hair. The outfit she’s wearing looks like some sort of Halloween costume. I glance around the scene and look for the nerdiest cop. He’s the one most likely to be with the forensics team. Ah, there he is. Glasses and all. That wasn’t so hard.

Slipping up next to the cop I start in on him. “Hey, I just got here, can you bring me up to speed?”

The guy jerks slightly, as if he wasn’t expecting anyone to address him. “Oh, uh… err. . . Sure thing, sir, Just one moment.” he flips through a few papers in his hands. “Ah, here we are. The victim has been identified as one ‘Sanae Kotiya’. She’s apparently big with the Moriya faith, which is why she was identified so easily. She was shot, execution style, in the back of the head three times, with another three times in the back. All three shots were evenly spaced, forming a sort of triangle. Also, there’s no signs of restraints so we think she knew her assailant or was drugged. The question is, why would she be here of all places?”

Glancing around, I figured he’d be right. The alleyway runs behind a strip club on one side, and a mid level club on the other side. Nothing much for one of the higher ups in Moriya. Six shots though, that’s an odd number. Three in the head and three in the back. Evenly spaced to boot, something about that bugged me, it’s just not something that’s normal. Just as I was about to take a closer look around the crime scene a painfully familiar voice called out.

“Oi! Who let HIM in here.” She cried out.

Shit. That’s the Capitan. I was hoping I could have had some more time to look around before she figured out I was here, but I should have realized that wouldn’t be possible with such a small crime scene. I was quickly grabbed by two cops and dragged over to her.

“Ah, What a coincidence seeing you here, Cap’n. We just keep meeting in the strangest of places, don’t we?” I smile at her hopefully. If I’m lucky, I’ve caught her in a good mood. Scratch that. If I’m lucky, she won’t have me thrown in jail for a month.

“What did I tell you about the LAST crime scene you illegally entered? Hm? I believe that it was a month I jail. I do believe that I‘m going to make good on that promise. Lock you up with a couple of The Dead maybe. Just to see if they can‘t turn your attitude around.” The Capitan looks at me sternly before sighing.

That’s it! That’s what it was. “Or you would, if you didn’t need my help.” I grin slyly.

The Capitan raises an eyebrow. “Oh? and why would I need your help.”

“Because, Reimu, I know who committed this murder.”

“Hah! That’s a gas. But go on anyways. Tell me, who did it.” The Capitan leaned in close, her face looming in front of mine.

“Well, I don’t know exactly who did it, but I know the group. See, the three triangles is a sign of The Dead. However, the job must have gotten interrupted. That’s why there was only two of them.” Victory.

“Hum. Interesting theory, but doubtful. The Dead wouldn’t care about being caught, they’d finish their little symbol even if it meant their death. So sorry, Your get out of jail free card just evaporated.”

“Err. . . Not quite Capitan.” A voice crackles over a nearby radio. “It seems that their third triangle was just a bit larger.”

Reimu’s eyes go wide as she grabs the nearest radio and all but screams into it. “What the HELL are you talking about Alice?”

“Err. . . That is. . . Well, Capitan, There were three murders committed about the same time tonight. And well. . . The positions of the corpses forms a perfect triangle. The other two corpses were shot in the same way that miss Kotiya was shot as well. Two even triangles, one in the back of the head, one in the back. It seems that The Dead are trying to send a message to someone.”

Reimu’s face turns dark for a moment before she picks up the radio again. “Thank you very much, Alice. Please keep me up to date.”

I smile to myself. It seems that my theory was vindicated. “So can you get these goons to let go of me now?”

“Fine.” The Capitan waves her hands and the two cops let me go. “But you’re on thin ice. I’ll let you look around, but no touching anything, got it?”

“Scout’s honor, Cap’n!” I stand at attention and make an x across my heart while holding up the first two fingers on the other hand. The Capitan just shakes her head and stalks off. Well now, I’ve gotten a free pass to the crime scene, let’s not muck it up.

[ ] Check the corpse.
[ ] Search the surroundings.
[ ] Go into one of the nearby establishments.
[ ] Ask Alice about the other locations.
I was actually waiting for something like this; the genre suits you. Good show!

[x] Search the surroundings.
[x] Check the corpse.

Commence investigation phase.
[x] Search the surroundings.
[X] Search the surroundings.
[x] Search the surroundings.

Awesome, another CYOA for Kira to get bored of and quit.

I kid, I kid. I looks interesting, and first person is a nice change for once.
[x] Search the surroundings.
[x] Search the surroundings.

[X] Start an internal monologue about what The Dead are.

Not like there's some group of clueless onlookers hearing his thoughts, or anything.
[] Check the corpse.
[x] Search the surroundings.

[x] Roll back sideways one choice into MiG Reloaded.
[X] Ask Alice about the other locations.
Reimu is a red-white cop now?
What, Sanae's dead, and Reimu's innocent?

Can't compute.
The cops probably have the corpse well in hand. It’s usually the scene that they’re missing the important information on. You head back over to the forensics cop that you were getting info from before. He stiffens visibly when he sees you heading towards him, but doesn’t move.

“Hey. Did they find all the shell casings for the bullets?”

“Ah, see, well, sir, that’s the strange thing. This crime scene is remarkably clean. We didn’t find any fibers from the assailant, the shell casings were nowhere to be found, and, well, there’s no physical signs of an altercation on the deceased’s body. It also appears that the bullets were removed from her corpse with surgical precision.” the cop adjusts his glasses, “There’s no way she could have been shot from a distance then had the remaining bullets added later. Marksmanship like that is impossible, it’d bee too unreliable. And despite the fact that there’s a pool of blood on the ground, it seems that none of the bullets went all the way through her either. It’s all in all a very bizarre situation.” Scratching the back of his head the cop turns from his notes back to me. “I’m sorry, but that’s all the information I have at the moment.”

“No, thanks. That should be plenty.” I nod to him then return to thought. So the bullets didn’t penetrate. Which means she was shot like that from either a decent distance, or the bullets they were using were designed to not pierce. Strange, but not unusual for The Dead. Very few understood the madness that their leader preached.

The alleyway wasn’t very large, and with the number of cops down it made it seem all the smaller. Sanae’s body laid about half way down the alleyway, next to a dumpster. For her to have landed like that the shooter would have had to have been. . .

I stalked down the alleyway towards the entrance. Assuming that they weren’t point blank shots, and for them to not pierce they’d have to have shot from about here. Mn. No that’s no good. They’d be too close to the alley way entrance. So that’d mean that they’d have to have shot her from the other end.

Pushing my way past the cops I head down towards the other end of the alley way. Right next to a dumpster, with a couple of trash cans nearby too. There’s a fence at this end of the alleyway too, Which would seemingly make escape harder after committing the crime. The surgical degree of precision which this crime was carried out though, it’d make more sense for it to have come from here. Kneeling down I look under the dumpster. Pay dirt. There’s a shell casing here, and a fairly high end one at that. Reaching into my pocket I pull out a hanker chief. Good thing I actually decided to carry one of these. Grabbing the shell casing I quickly jam it in my pocket. Not a moment too soon either, as a cat apparently decides that it’s had enough with all these people and runs out from it’s hiding place among the trashcans.

I jerked back from the dumpster crashing into several of the nearby garbage cans. As they spill out all over the alleyway and myself, I see a familiar glint of metal. Extracting myself from the cans and the garbage I crawl over to it and brush the gunk off of it. Yeah. It’s a gun. And one I know unfortunately. This tells me exactly who did this. It just doesn’t tell me why.

“HEY! REIMU! DOWN HERE!” I shout loudly. A few moments later I’m joined by a grumbling Reimu and a few officers.

“What have I told you about calling me by my first name? This had better be imp. . .” Reimu’s words die in her throat as I point out what I found.

“You know this gun too, don’t you.” I turn up to look at the Capitan’s face.

“Yes,” She whispers, barely audible, “That’s one of those three sister’s guns. But why would she. . .?”

“That I can’t tell you, but I can tell you this. While you and I know this gun, we’re not going to be able to link it to them in any way, and you know it.”

The Capitan’s face falls, “Yeah. I know. But still. This is a firm piece of evidence. Bag it boys.” She motions to the two officers flanking her. They quite quickly have the gun bagged up and run off towards that forensics cop. Turning back to face me Reimu’s face is grim. “If Yuyuko is employing those three again, she must be up to something. Not that any of us can fathom her insane schemes. Thanks for the help on this one but I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

“But--” Reimu cuts me off before I can even object.

“No buts. I need you out of here.” She presses a piece of paper into my hand as I stand. “Now get out of here before I have you arrested!”

Slipping out of the alleyway into the crowd was much easier than slipping in. Thankfully the press hadn’t arrived here despite the growing throng of people. Really, I can’t believe that yellow journalistic whore wasn’t here trying to slander the cops again. How she got away with it boggled anyone with half a brain.

A clanking sound from my pocket brings me back to reality quickly. I still have that shell casing. Well, nothing much I can do about it now, unless I get lucky and catch Nitori. Oh yeah. And that note from the Capitan. Unfolding it I quickly glance over it’s contents.

“It seems that I’m going to need your help on this one. Unofficially of course. Stop by the precinct later and I’ll have Alice fill you in on the details.”

Heh. That’s Reimu for you. Good cop, especially since she knows when she can’t play by the rules. In any event, I really should figure out what my next move is.

[ ] Head back to the office.
[ ] Head down to the precinct.
[ ] Give Nitori a call.
[x] Arrest Sakuya.

It's always the butler.
looks promising
[x] Ask Alice about the other locations.
[x] Give Nitori a call.
[x] Give Nitori a call.
[x] Give Nitori a call.
[x] Head back to the office.
[x] Give Nitori a call.
[x] Head down to the precinct.
[X] Give Nitori a call.
[ ] Give Nitori a call.
[ ] Give Nitori a call.

At first I was like "Fuck yeah Noir!" then I noticed it was Kira.

But then I was just like "Fuck yeah DESPAIR Noir!"
Because Noir is fuckwin.
[x] Give Nitori a call.

Let's at least bring something to the table when we meet with Reimu.
So anyway, this is a test post.

ITT: The Prismrivers are assassins.
Alright, since I can *FINALLY* get this thing to load again, I'm off to bed now. I have opening tomorrow, and the day after so I should be able to do some more on monday. I have several things that I have to take care of, and this takes a while for each update. So I'll probably be running it on an every other day, as my work schedual allows, updating timetable.

Also, Call Nitori won.
[x] Call for Tewi
>Also, Call Nitori won.

Suddenly, Prismriver ninja!

Oh, don't be silly. This isn't Kira, we don't have t... to... .. worry about ...

>Touhou Noir. Thread 1.

This is going to be a good story. I can feel it.

all the white in the OP is a sign.
As much as I love Kira's VNs and writing, I cannot say I completely apporve of this one. How long will it be Kira? How long until it ends or dies?

Damn it Kira, GASD on hiatus, MiG's missing, and now you come up with yet ANOTHER one? For fuck's sake, focus on something.

tl;dr baaawwwww, I want MiG/GASD.
I like how this is playing out. Though an update for Gensokyo Academy would be nice sometime.
So, this is a story of the noir genre, right? Right. And if it's noir, you have to have corrupt cops. Just ain't the same without.

Now, in >>51864 , someone said:
>What, Sanae's dead, and Reimu's innocent?
>Can't compute.

Well, the killing pattern is that of The Dead, so clearly our Captain --or Capitan, wtf"-- is innocent.

However, what if there were a cop working for The Dead in the force? Like, say, an undead zombie?

I think we knew who the killer really was, all along.
File 121722117872.jpg - (253.67KB, 853x683 , movieposter01.jpg) [iqdb]

Oh FUCK yes. This is awesome!

Finishing up the post right now, Should be up in 7 minutes.
File 121728044922.jpg - (141.36KB, 853x683 , Hohoho.jpg) [iqdb]

Oh but Kira is so going to kill me for this.
Nitori would be my best bet right now. Who knows, she might be able to tell me something useful, for once, and I can use that to better my position with the Captain. It’s always good to have someone on the inside, given that Marisa’s not too reliable a source of information. Slipping into my car, I pull the phone out of it’s little hook. Flipping it open I hit the speed dial button for Nitori. I may not be a fan of technology, but I’m well aware of when it can be extremely useful.

Ring. . . Ring. . . Ring. . . Damnit Nitori. Pick up.

“Hi, you’ve reached Nitori. You know what to do. *BEEEEEEEEEP*”

Damnit. I hate answering machines. “Uh. . . Yeah. . . Nitori. It’s me, I’ve got uh. . . something I need you to err. . . take a look a-” My uncomfortable little speech is interrupted by a raucous laughter.

“I can’t believe you fell for that! The beep was so fake too!” Nitori’s giggling her ass off. Damnit. I hate when she does shit like this, but she’s the best in the business.

“So there was something you needed me to take a look at, eh? Swing on by the lab and I’ll get you set up. For the usual fee, of course.” I could almost hear Nitori’s grin over the phone. Sighing, I agree to her usual terms. Her fees are steep, but you really get what you pay for.

A short drive later, I pull up in front of what, for all intents and purposes, looks to be an abandoned warehouse. After checking several times and making sure that I wasn’t followed, I slink up to the door. Glancing around one final time, I knock loudly, three times. Nothing happens. Did she change the damn password again? I’m just about to knock again when a slat in the door slides open, revealing a pair of golden eyes.

“Password?” The woman rasps.

“Ran. It’s me. You know it’s me. Who the hell else would be here at this time of night in the pouring rain?” I reply getting aggravated.

“You know the rules. Now. Password.”

Sighing resignedly, I begin. “Goddess Nitori, the most wise, the most beautiful, the most intelligent, the most humble, won’t you please allow this lowly worm the glory of your presence?” I shake my head upon finishing it. I’m gonna need something strong to drink after I finish dealing with Nitori. I almost always do.

“Correct!” The voice sounds happy, almost cheerful. “You may enter.” The sounds of many locks being unbolted ricochet through the air, and the door slides open, just enough to let me in. Ran smiled broadly, reveling her rows of sharp teeth. I shuddered inward, much like I do every time I see one of these morphers. I never understood the desire to merge your body with some sort of animal, but there’s people who swear by it.

“Now that I’ve been put through that particular indignity,” nodding as I walk past ran into Nitori’s lab, making sure to avoid looking Ran’s toothy grin again, “Could you take a look at this?” Walking into the large room, I spot Nitori at a nearby computer typing away.

“Hm? Oh yeah, sure. Fee up front though. You know the drill.” Grumbling I hand over a wad of cash to Nitori. She tosses it in a nearby machine and it quickly counts it. “Ooo. . . Good. Plus what you didn’t have last time. Thanks.” Nitori turns back to face me, beaming, “So, Whatcha got for me?”

I reach into my pocket and pull out the handkerchief containing the casing. “This thing. I found it at th-”

“You fond it near Sanae’s corpse, no?” Nitori cuts in. “Marisa was off investigating the other one, dunno who was in charge of the third, some name I’ve never heard before. Heard Reimu found one of the Prismriver Specials there.”

I have no clue where this girl gets her info from, but she’s always beyond up to date on everything that’s going on. “Err. . . Yeah, something like that.”

“Sweet! Gimme a bit.” Nitori swipes the casing and handkerchief out of my hand and plops down in a nearby chair. Pushing off she slides over to a bank of machines and begins fiddling with them.

This is the worst part of getting info from Nitori. The waiting. I really don’t get any of her science-y junk, and Ran just unnerves me, so I usually end up just stand there twiddling my thumbs. I Glance around the interior of the warehouse. Nobody would ever guess that there was something like this here. Rows and rows of test tubes, a maze of computer banks, every conceivable technological gadget was in here somewhere, I presumed, and some that nobody but Nitori’s twisted little mind could conceive. Where she really got her funding, I’d never know. Sure, she did the ‘examine stuff for cash’ but I didn’t think she had enough customers for that. But who knows, they might be lining up for miles.

Ugh. I hate all this waiting. Walking over to a nearby computer I pull out the chair and start to sit.

“Don’t touch anything.” Nitori calls out with out even looking up from whatever machine she’s working with.

“Yeah, yeah. I know the drill. Shut up, sit here, and wait for you to be done.” I smile grimly to myself.

“Good. Don’t forget it.”

Meh. She may be arrogant and self centered, but she’s good at what she does. I remembered when I first met this twisted little girl. It was back when I was still on the force. My gut had told me that there was something more at the crime scene that we had missed, and so I’d been poking around when she showed up. She apparently had thought that nobody would be here and she’d give it a once over herself. Heh. Trying to play detective. She was cute back then, thinking that she could-

“What? But. . .”

My thoughts are interrupted by Nitori speaking. “Oh? What’s up?”

“It seems, the gun that fired this? It wasn’t one of the Prismriver Specials. It seems to be a shell casing that’s from a Scarletti Family model. The Vlad 7, I believe. It‘s one of their personal models, not yet released to the public, if you know what I mean.”

“Wait, that can’t be right.” My mind reels at the possibilities. A Scarletti Family member was in that alley tonight and fired a gun? That opens up a whole new can of worms? Why would the Scarl
“Oh, there’s more. The casing would have been from around the time that Sanae was murdered, if the police autopsy is accurate.”

“Wait, how do you. . . Never mind. I don’t think I want to know how you know.”

“Smart choice. I’d have to kill you if I told you.” Nitori winks at me. She smiles while waggling a finger at me in mock scolding.

“Alright, anything else of interest?”

“Not really,” Nitori shrugs, “There’s not too much I can tell you from the shell casing alone. Get me the gun and I can tell you more. Anything else for you today, kind sir?”

“No. Thanks. This has been really helpful. I’ll call you again if I find anything out.”
“Thanks. And you know, if you find out anything about them. . .”

“I know, kid. You’re the first one I’m calling.”

“Don’t forget.”

“I won’t. See ya, Nitori.” With that, I turned and walked out, past Ran and that godawful grin of hers.

“Please come again, sir. I hope that miss Nitori’s services were up to par once again.” She widens her grin. Goddamn. I swear she knows how much that bugs me.

“Yeah. Thanks, Ran.” I hurry out the door, and hear the multiple locks seal the technological princess away once more.

Back in the sanctity of my car, I ponder my next move.

[ ] Head down to the precinct.
[ ] Head back to the office.
[ ] Head down to the precinct.

Let's drop this down in the evidence bin before someone sneaks up behind up and wallops us upside the head.

Also, Ran and Nitori? There's a story there.
Oh God, something horrible happened to Yukari, right?
[x] Head down to the precinct.
[x] Head down to the precinct.

Reimu did tell us to stop by
[x] Head down to the precinct.

You know, I just can't imagine Ran's smile as anything but sweet. Even when it's full of razor-sharp teeth that could rend flesh within moments.
File 12172955023.jpg - (80.74KB, 800x918 , Ran_by_Doyora.jpg) [iqdb]
>I just can't imagine Ran's smile as anything but sweet. Even when it's full of razor-sharp teeth that could rend flesh within moments.
[x] Head back to the office.
We need to get some brooding in
File 121729761047.jpg - (132.64KB, 400x600 , 43839b788cab1ad6919fec51f7e2a45c.jpg) [iqdb]

Well, that's more in the eyes. Take this for example; same teeth, but without freaky bug-out eyes. Still, I suppose if the most powerful of the beast youkai feels like scaring you she will make it happen.
[x] Head down to the precinct.

I knew it. Sakuya's the only one who could leave a scene so clean.
[x] Head down to the precinct.

Baaaand waaaaagoooooooooon.
Looks less creepy and more like an ugly child molester.

>Sakuya's the only one who could leave a scene so clean.
oh u
File 121730326289.jpg - (183.85KB, 744x690 , YsoSerious.jpg) [iqdb]
This city deserves a better class of criminal, and I'm going to give it to them.

Nemo's too chill to be a criminal.
The picture leads me to believe otherwise. I'll look into it.
He's from Scorn's Forest LA, right?

No, you're thinking of David, who isn't chill--just ℳℴℯ.
I should have just gone with the picture of the Joker.
Also: now reading Scorn's LA.
Where's Nemo from? I need reading material.
In fact, all that is needed is a picture of the most bat-shit-insane anon to ever be written of in any of the CYOA's to be produced by a draw-fag. That will suffice. Ignore my previous misconceptions. (>>52459)
Nemo is from Zakeri's CYOA, which was on /th/ but hasn't updated for some time. Probably discontinued.

He'd get along really well with Poison Ivy.
Reading into Scorn's Forest LA, I'm not surprised that Marisa is a Zep fan.
File 121730857875.jpg - (212.45KB, 500x1600 , 121202449720.jpg) [iqdb]

This is how chill Nemo is.
File 121730873985.jpg - (99.23KB, 294x735 , 121201884087.jpg) [iqdb]
Fuck it, dumping some Nemo.
File 121730877159.jpg - (121.03KB, 690x850 , 121241324132.jpg) [iqdb]
File 12173088037.jpg - (243.91KB, 958x900 , 121242227374.jpg) [iqdb]
Same for Van Halen. That's Marisa for you.

still awesome

I think Youmu would be able to do so too. But since we have a weapon and signature of one faction, and the bullet of another, this may all be a setup. Probably Eientei trying to throw someone out of balance.

>Probably Kira trying to throw Anon out of balance.
>“Err. . . That is. . . Well, Capitan, There were three murders committed about the same time tonight. And well. . . The positions of the corpses forms a perfect triangle. The other two corpses were shot in the same way that miss Kotiya was shot as well. Two even triangles, one in the back of the head, one in the back. It seems that The Dead are trying to send a message to someone.”

So, how much you want to bet there's something important at the center of that triangle? Mabye another dead body, or whoever The Dead were trying to send a message to.

Kira doesn't even need to try, just his name is enough to make Anon cry in despair.
>Kira doesn't even need to try, just his name is enough to make Anon cry in despair.

I met a lurker from an oldfag board
Who said: Two vast and plotless walls of text
Stand the message body. Near them, the name field,
Half sunk, a shatter'd tripcode lies, whose hash
The vote and emotions of Anon it wield
Tell that its writer well those passions read
Which yet survive, timestamp'd on these lifeless threads,
The write-ins that bumped them and the RAGE that fed.
And on the board this post appears:
"My name is Kira, king of writefags:
Look on my works, ye Anonymous, and DESPAIR!"
Nothing beside remains: round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sage stretches far away.
Well done, Anon. Well done.

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