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50914 No. 50914
You turn, facing upwards. The underside of the hammock above is now a landscape of curves, the dent of Renko's head and the thrust of her buttocks, even through the thick cloth. You try to ignore the sight, whispering up to her.
"Hey Renko?"
"Mm?" She moves, face appearing over the edge of her hammock. You don't think you could balance yourself like that yet, you'd just tumble over the side. You notice that now her breasts are making a bump in the hammock. You focus on her face.
"What is it?" She asks, whispering back.
"We sail upon a ship which floats on dreams, yet sleep will not come as I drown in an ocean of thoughts." You say, Renko looking more and more bemused. "Do you have any tips?"
"What the ... " She trails off, and then lets out a suppressed laugh. "Didn't know we had a poet on board. Thought you were just a farmer?"
You frown at her. "Hey, I was being serious."
She grins down at you. "So basically you're having trouble sleeping?"
You nod. "The rocking is kind of relaxing, but a lot has happened in one day."
She rolls her eyes. "The busy days are few, don't worry."
You just keep looking up at her. Eventually she sighs. "I don't know, don't think about home, don't worry about tomorrow, just sleep." She rolls back over and the lumps above you change shape again. Her hips are rather rounder than you could see through her clothes earlier.

Don't think about home? That doesn't help. You don't really want to remember home at all, nothing to go back to there. Nothing to miss but long days in the field, an empty belly, cold winters and ugly girls. Worrying about tomorrow? You're not worried, you're rather excited. You turn on your side again, staring at the shape of Renko's body above you isn't going to help sleeping. Eventually, head full of swords and dreams of the sea water, you drift off to sleep.

"A ..... il!"
Sleep falls from you, slowly, washed away with each beat of the waves against the hull.
".... sail!"
You rub your eyes, hearing movement around you. Someone is shouting, off in the distance, voice muffled by the ceiling.
"Oi, wake up!" A hand on your shoulder. You wrench your eyes open to find Jack looking down at you.
"Come on!" He says. "Up on deck."
"A sail!" The shout comes again, from far above. Sounds like Ed.
Jack hurries off, through the door. You almost fall out of your hammock as you twist to get up, but one foot hits the floor and you manage to catch yourself.
Renko yawns behind you, stretching her arms.
"A sail!" The shout comes again.
Renko stops rubbing her eyes. "Shit." She says.
"What?" You ask. "We're on the sea, shouldn't we see some sails?"
She looks down at you. "Not on this route we shouldn't." She climbs down from her hammock, grabbing her hat from the floor.
"See you up top." She says, heading out the door. "Be ready."

You bladder is uncomfortably full. You can hear footsteps moving about above you.

[ ] Head up to the deck.
[ ] Grab something to eat first, just a hunk of bread.
[ ] Go to the loo first.
[ ] Grab a weapon before you head up.

>> No. 50917
[X] Grab a weapon before you head up.

Getting ready
>> No. 50919
[X] Go to the loo first.

Our business is greater than that of another boat's.
>> No. 50920
[x] Grab a weapon before you head up.

Just in case
>> No. 50921
[X] Go to the loo first.

We're not going to look good if the shit hits the fan and we piss ourselves.
>> No. 50922
[X] Go to the loo first.

I really don't want Anon to piss himself in surprise or fright.
>> No. 50923
[x] Go to the loo first.

In b4 we piss ourselves in the middle of combat.
>> No. 50924
[x] Go to the loo first.
>> No. 50925
I'm finding it hard to take this story seriously. This is the voters fault, not the writers.
>> No. 50926
[X] Go to the head first.

Nautical terminology.
>> No. 50929
would YOU go into armed combat badly needing a piss?

[x] Go to the loo first.
[x] Grab a weapon before you head up.
>> No. 50932
File 121684743949.png - (148.32KB , 347x367 , johnnyakiba.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Go to the loo first.

Don't want to shit ourselves like some rookie fuck up, now do we?
>> No. 50933
[ ] Grab a weapon before you head up.
>> No. 50937
[X] Go to the loo first.
[X] Grab a weapon before you head up.
[X] Head up to the deck.
In that order.
>> No. 50940
[ ] Go to the loo first.
[ ] Grab a weapon before you head up.
>> No. 50944
>Nothing to miss but long days in the field, an empty belly, cold winters and ugly girls.

Isn't it sad, HY? ;_;
England is a horrible place.

[X] Head up to the deck.
[X] Don't piss into the wind.
>> No. 50946
[X] Head up to the deck.

If everyone is hurrying up, clearly this isn't the time to be grabbing a bite to eat. We still have no weapons training, so that would also just be more time wasted. Even more so considering we could easily wind up hurting ourselves with our own weapon. And as unpleasant as a full bladder can be, it can wait long enough to see what the situation is. If things go bad, wetting ourselves will be the least of our problems.

Besides, if someone comes looking for us, do you really want them to catch us in the middle of draining the lizard?
>> No. 50947
[x] Go to the loo first.
[x] Grab a weapon before you head up.

>Nothing to miss but long days in the field, an empty belly, cold winters and ugly girls.

Is this some HY's Diary from his life on a Farm for a month?
>> No. 50949

>> No. 50950
Writing now.
>> No. 50951
[x] Go to the loo first.
[x] Grab a weapon before you head up.

Yeah, as >>50926 said, it should be "the head," but I suppose HY could weasel out of it by saying he's phrasing choices in terms Jimmy Newpirate would use.

>her breasts
Does not compute.
>> No. 50952
File 121685076385.png - (115.10KB , 360x1071 , ComicRenkoPop2.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 50953
Sad but true. Although she makes up for it through sheer AWESOME!
Anyone have the picture of Renko protecting Maribell from Wriggle's monster bug. Forgot the title.
>> No. 50954
>> No. 50955
File 12168514295.jpg - (151.34KB , 640x480 , reimusarashi.jpg ) [iqdb]
Which is funny seeing her Gensokyian counterpart has really nice sized ones that are always confined.
>> No. 50959
The footsteps above you are joined by the low rumble of conversation. You can't make out the words, but there are quite a few people talking. There is a shout, but just as unidentifiable.
You want to see what's going on, but you also badly need to use the toilet. Good thing you're on a ship, going to the loo doesn't require a trip to the outhouse. You would head up to the deck and take a leak over the side, but it doesn't feel right to do that while there's some kind of commotion going on.
Instead you head down to the rough-weather toilet, or to call it by its proper name 'the bucket in the hold'. Jack told you about it last night at dinner, informing you about daily life aboard the ship. You haven't been in the hold before, and when you open the door to it, you're not sure you want to go there at all.
The rest of the ship is lit by portholes by day, giving a murky green-blue light, and by oil lanterns at night. The door to the hold reveals only a set of stairs leading down into murky blackness. You hesitate, but upon hearing another shout from upstairs, you steel yourself and head down the steps.
The hold smells strange, of a thousand different things it must have contained over the years. Exotic spices, rum and sugar cane, wheat, grain, the hint of blood. Nearest and strongest though, is shit. The bucket, with a solid wooden lid, is right next to the foot of the stairs. You feel rather thankful that you don't have to venture any deeper into the maze of crates and barrels down here. You wait for a moment, letting your eyes adjust to the lack of light.

By the time you emerge into the morning sunlight of the top deck, the rushing around has finished. You notice how hot the sun feels, reflecting off the water, nothing to cast shadows and very few clouds in the sky.
The Captain and Ed are standing port-side, Renko and Jack are a little further along. They're all looking out to sea. You can see Toby up in the crow's nest and Wilf in the rigging.
You step over, behind Renko and Jack.
"What's happening?" You ask.
"A ship." Renko says, pointing.
"I knew that." You say, squinting at the vague dot on the horizon. "But what's so important about it?"
"They're following us." Mokou says, tone dark. You glance at her as she lowers a small device shaped like a cylinder.
"Why?" Ed asks. "Let me have a look."
She hands him the cylinder and he puts one end to his eye, pointing the other at the dot.
"Well, ain't never seen a flag like that before." He mutters and lowers the looking-glass. "What does it mean?" He asks Mokou.
"It means we run." She says.
He nods. "We haven't enough crew for a fight."

"Who are they Captain?" Comes Shakir's voice from behind you. You turn, seeing him sitting in the rigging as if it was a comfortable chair. He has one eyebrow raised in question. "Are they perhaps ghosts, chasing you? Are they ever-present Spanish? Are they merely our reflection? Hmm?"
Mokou points at him. "More powerful than us, that's what they are." She spreads her hands.
"Looks like we're turning west early!" She looks at Renko. "The wheel Miss Usami, everyone else, get the mainsail unfurled! We move now!"
Jack and Shakir scurry into action up the rigging, Toby hops out of the Crow's Nest and starts downwards, grabbing a rope. Renko takes the wheel and Mokou puts her head together with Ed for a moment.

[ ] You heard the Captain! Up the rigging!
[ ] Ask Ed what the strange Flag looks like.
[ ] Ask Renko about navigating, is there anything you can do?
[ ] Head back inside and get yourself a weapon, the Captain did say she was going to teach you.
>> No. 50960
[X] Ask Ed what the strange Flag looks like.
>> No. 50961
[x] Head back inside and get yourself a weapon, the Captain did say she was going to teach you.
>> No. 50962
[X] Ask Ed what the strange Flag looks like, then
[X] Ask Renko about navigating, is there anything you can do?
>> No. 50963
[ ] You heard the Captain! Up the rigging!
And while we're at it:
[ ] Ask Ed what the strange Flag looks like.
>> No. 50964
>seeing him sitting in the rigging
I read that as shitting.

[X] You heard the Captain! Up the rigging!
[X] Ask Ed what the strange Flag looks like.

Not the time for weapon training.
>> No. 50965
[ ] You heard the Captain! Up the rigging!

Cap'n's orders! Don't bother her about it.
>> No. 50967
[X] You heard the Captain! Up the rigging!

Orders is orders.
>> No. 50969
[X] You heard the Captain! Up the rigging!
[X] Ask Ed what the strange Flag looks like.
>> No. 50971
[x] You heard the Captain! Up the rigging!
[x] Ask Ed what the strange Flag looks like.
>> No. 50972
[ ] You heard the Captain! Up the rigging!
>> No. 50974
[x] You heard the Captain! Up the fucking rigging!
>> No. 50980
[x] You heard the Captain! Up the rigging!

Aye, orders be orders.
>> No. 51009
[x] You heard the Captain! Up the rigging!
[x] Ask Ed what the strange Flag looks like.
>> No. 51012
[x] You heard the Captain! Up the rigging!
[x] Ask Ed what the strange Flag looks like.

It's Admiral Kaguya, run for your life.
>> No. 51037
[x] You heard the Captain! Up the rigging!
[x] Ask Ed what the strange Flag looks like.
If it's not the navy, then who?
>> No. 51045
[X] Ask Ed what the strange Flag looks like.
[X] You heard the Captain! Up the rigging!

I'm sure we can identify it, with our immense knowledge of practical agriculture and Welsh folklore.
>> No. 51055

Hey, it could be Remilia, captaining the Scarlet Devil.
>> No. 51059
[X] Ask Ed what the strange Flag looks like.
[X] You heard the Captain! Up the rigging!
>> No. 51065

>> No. 51073
>> No. 51075
Writing now.
>> No. 51077
>> No. 51078
Orders is orders. You put your hands on the rigging and start to climb, following Jack up one side. You don't know how useful you can really be, but you're never going to get anywhere if you don't do some hands on learning eventually. Good thing you tried climbing last night, this doesn't come naturally, but it's certainly better than embarrassing yourself in front of everyone as you constantly pause in fear.
Jack twists around and points at you.
"Stay there, grab the bottom rope when I let it drop." He yells over the sound of the wind.
You nod, watching him going further up, readying yourself.

In the end, unfurling the mainsail doesn't prove too hard. You and Shakir tie off the bottom, holding it in place. Jack scurries down and checks your knots, which he corrects. You try to memorise how he ties the rope, but most of you concentration is going into holding yourself steady on the rigging. Once the mainsail is in place, the ship picks up so much speed you can actually feel it in the wind on your face, in the rocking motion that sways you side to side. From your position high up on the rigging you can see the churning wake the ship leaves behind it. You can hear the Captain shouting something, Renko nodding and spinning the wheel.

"Come on, lets get back down." Jack says.
You haul yourself hand-over-hand as the ship begins to turn, the deck every so slightly tilted. It takes you a moment to find your feet again.
The Captain has her looking-glass out, peering at the dot on the horizon. You swear you can make out a sail now, the curve of a prow and the faintest flicker of motion at the top of a mast, must be the flag.
"Who are they?" You ask.
She turns, but looks straight past you.
"Renko! Keep turning!"
"How far?" She calls back.
"Straight West." The Captain says, then looks at you. "They're pirates." She says.
"Why are they after us?" You ask.
She considers you for a moment, expression unreadable.
"Because we look like good prey."
"No we don't." Shakir says, walking up behind you. "We look like a tiny little morsel, one that might be able to bite back. They have no idea that we can't."
The Captain scowls at him. "That just means they're desperate."
"Off the coast of Spain?" Shakir says, laughing softly. "Perhaps you are seeing ghosts Captain, I know I do." He gestures vaguely in the direction of the ship on the horizon.
"Get back to work, bloody Arab." Mokou says, voice hard, pointing at Shakir.
He bows his head. "Of course, my Captain." He walks off, heading below decks.
Mokou looks back at you.
"What are you waiting for?" She asks, still agitated.

[ ] Get back to work.
[ ] Go get a weapon, she said she was going to teach you.
[ ] Ask if you can use the looking-glass.
[ ] Press the subject, ask who is following you.


I'm implementing a new idea. The choices I have given you obviously contain attached dialogue. I am now asking you, if you don't like the sound of a particular option, to specify what you want to say as well. Basically, I am putting less words in your mouth. You don't have to use this all the time, and it's pretty much just an encouragement for more write-ins, but take notice of it.
>> No. 51080
[x] "Whaddaya want me to do cap'n?"
[x] Once you get your orders, you'd best be booking it to work before she throws your ass off the boat. Not literally, though.

We can ask questions later, we have work to do. What exactly, I have no idea. So we're asking, I guess?
>> No. 51081
[X] Get back to work.

In b4 nigger
>> No. 51088
[x] Ask if you can use the looking-glass.
Spying Games.
>> No. 51090
[X] Get back to work.

She obviously knows more about that ship than she's saying, but pressing her about it probably won't get us more than a boot to the head at the moment. Needless to say, this also probably isn't the best time to ask her about fighting lessons.

Might be interesting to see if we could use the looking-glass, though.
>> No. 51118
>you'd best be booking it to work before she throws your ass off the boat. Not literally, though.
How do you get figuratively thrown off a boat?
>> No. 51119
I think the difference is that in one way you're "thrown off" in the sense that you have to leave the next time the ship makes port, while the other way you're "thrown off" in the sense that you're going to be in for a very long swim.
>> No. 51120
[X] Get back to work.
>> No. 51121
[ ] Get back to work.
>> No. 51122
[x] Get back to work.

Shit needs doin.
>> No. 51127
[X] Ask Renko about navigating, is there anything you can do?
[X] Head back inside and get yourself a weapon, the Captain did say she was going to teach you.

We'd just slow everyone down in the rigging.
>> No. 51131
>We'd just slow everyone down in the rigging.
Well we don't even know what a compass is, so I doubt we'd be much help navigating. She'd just waste time explaining stuff.
>> No. 51142
[X] Go get a weapon, she said she was going to teach you.

"You like you need to vent your anger. Teach me, cap'n!"
>> No. 51143
[Z] Get back to work.
>> No. 51144
[+] Go get a weapon, she said she was going to teach you.
>> No. 51151
[ ] Get back to work, Anon.

...whoa, typing that felt really, really weird.
>> No. 51152
"Sorry Captain." You say, nodding your head differentially.
She shoos you away and goes back to watching the ship on the horizon.

You spend the next couple of hours below decks, with Jack and Shakir, cleaning the cannons. Apparently Mokou wanted them fully checked over and cleaned out, despite Ed's protests that the they're in fine condition. It's boring work, checking the metal of each cannon for any hairline cracks, cleaning out the breach and the touch-hole. Jack is quite talkative, full of tales of your destination. You're interested, but you can't help but wonder why Shakir keeps laughing under his breath, otherwise staying quiet. When three of the six cannons are finished, you all head back up to grab some lunch. You're quite relieved, feeling rather hungry.

"What do you think you're doing?" The Captain's voice comes from behind you as soon as you step inside the mess.
"Er, getting lunch." You say, turning around. She's sitting at the corner of the table, finishing off a lump of cheese and some bread. You notice Keine slumped next to her, head resting on her folded arms. She looks fast asleep.
"No you're not." Mokou shakes her head, grinning. "You're forgetting something."
"You mean, training me to fight? I hadn't forgotten." You say.
Mokou's expression turns surprised, a little gleam of something in her eye. "Better memory than I expected? Eager to so some work beforehand?" She stands up, slapping the table. Keine sits bolt upright, rubbing her eyes in bewilderment. "Let's get started, shall we?" She grins again.
You can't help but grin back at her a little.
"Hey, Jack." Shakir says, emerging from the kitchen again. "Perhaps we should eat on deck."
"Huh? Why?" Jack says from behind him, jamming some bread into his mouth.
"Because the new guy is going to learn some swordplay."
Mokou points over your shoulder at Shakir. "We'll have no audience for this."
Jack tuts, making a disappointed noise.
Mokou laughs. "Maybe when he can put up a better fight, eh?" She looks back to you again, gesturing at the door. "Go get a cutlass and a musket, and be quick about it."
You nod and turn to go.
"Hey." The Captain says when you reach the doorway. You turn back and she throws a chunk of bread at you.
You catch it.
"Eat that." She says.

You chew on the bread all the way to the armoury, stomach full of butterflies. Forcing each mouthful down, you pick up the first sword that comes to hand. It's one of the heavy, single-edged ones.
You put it back and pick up the one you tested last night. A little longer and thinner, but a cutlass all the same. You swallow the last of your food and then take a musket from the rack. It's a lot heavier than it looks, you put it over one shoulder and head back upstairs.
Out on deck, the sun has risen right to the apex of the sky, beating down with a fierce heat. You pass Renko, still at the wheel. She nods to you, glancing at your sword and gun with surprise.
Mokou is standing port-side, looking out to sea. You can just glimpse that ship from before, in the far distance. It looks smaller than earlier, obviously the mainsail made a difference. The Hourai Thief really is fast.
The Captain turns when you approach her, expression dark for a moment before it breaks into a manic grin again.
"Good, you got the right kind of sword." She winks at you. "Come over here." She walks to the centre of the deck and you follow, started to feel a little overheated in this sun.
Mokou turns to face you again, hands on her hips. She takes her hat off and hangs it on a nail jutting out from the mast.
"Rest the musket on the floor, always barrel up." She says. You do so, being especially gentle with the gun..
"Why barrel up?" You ask.
"So the powder doesn't fall out." She reaches over and touches the end of the musket barrel lightly with two fingers. Unprotected by her hat, the wind blows her long silvery hair out in a wave behind her for a second.
"Now, boy." She says softly, softer and more sombre than you've heard her speak before. "What are you?"
You can't answer for a moment, entranced by the play of her hair in the wind.
"A-a ... I'm ... what am I? Sorry?" You frown.
She sighs "Are you the up-close and personal type? Or would you prefer to fight from afar?"
"Oh ..."

[ ] Write in only.
>> No. 51153

[x] "Well Captain, I'd say it'd have to depend on the situation."
>> No. 51154
>> No. 51155
Damn, a choice between being a gunslinger (musketslinger?) or a cutlass wielding swordsman?

Eh, I'll go with the cutlass, despite my predilection for guns.

[X] Down and dirty, close and cutting.
>> No. 51156
>> No. 51157
[X] Musketeer

Too many melee fighters in other stories.
>> No. 51158
[X] Down and dirty, close and cutting.
>> No. 51159
[X] "Up close and personal sounds good to me."
>> No. 51160
Oh wow.
>> No. 51161
[X] "I'm a lover, not a fighter. Allow me to demonstrate."
>> No. 51162
[X] "Up close and personal sounds good to me."
>> No. 51163
[x] All-rounder, I can do both
>> No. 51164
[X] "Up close and personal sounds good to me. But I'm not adverse to taking 'em out from afar."
>> No. 51166
[x] I'm a farmer. Guess that means I'm the up-close type.
>> No. 51167
[x] All-rounder, I can do both

Cutlass in one hand, gun in the other.
>> No. 51168
[X] Down and dirty, close and cutting.

"Hey, captain, teach me some wrestling!"
>> No. 51169
File 121693815912.jpg - (119.67KB , 400x400 , 1206419946915.jpg ) [iqdb]
Forgot my pic.
>> No. 51171
File 12169382445.jpg - (46.76KB , 219x320 , strikewichesir5.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] I think i'll try the musket
>> No. 51172
[X] I guess it would depend on the situation, but let's find out.
>> No. 51173
[x] I don't know. What type are you?
mokou one-sama
>> No. 51175
File 121693902056.jpg - (250.17KB , 500x518 , ZeroX.jpg ) [iqdb]

Why do they even have tails?
And its a musket, not a semi-auto rifle. Or even a revolver at that....You know what. Nevermind.

[x] Up close and personal.
>> No. 51221
[X] I'd like to send my enemy a love letter. A bullet straight from my gun to their heart.

Basically just [X] Musket.
>> No. 51224
[x] Down and dirty, close and cutting.
>> No. 51225
>> No. 51226
[x] "I like swords."
[x] "I like swords."
[x] "I like swords."
[x] "I like swords."
[x] "I like swords."
[x] "I like swords."
[x] "I like swords."
[x] "I like swords."
[x] "I like swords."
[x] "I like swords."
[x] "I like swords."
[x] "I like swords."
[x] "I like swords."
[x] "I like swords."
[x] "I like swords."
[x] "I like swords."
[x] "I like swords."
[x] "I like swords."
>> No. 51229
>> No. 51231
[X] "I'd prefer you not think I wasn't perfectly capable of both, Captain," you say as you begin to smile, "But for now, a dance with you sounds too good to pass up."
[X] Close combat
>> No. 51232
[x] "Up close and personal sounds good to me."

Muzzle-loaded, smooth-bored abominations? Nuts to that. Time for sword practice.
>> No. 51233
If I'm remembering my historical piracy right, we really should know both. Muskets for Pre-boarding action, and Swords, pistols, and maybe a blunderbuss once we're up close.
>> No. 51235
[X] "I'd prefer you not think I wasn't perfectly capable of both, Captain," you say as you begin to smile, "But for now, a dance with you sounds too good to pass up."
[X] Close combat
>> No. 51244
Seconded. Muskets are only any good when fired in volleys by groups of thirty men or more at a time. They're hellishly inaccurate, and mostly useless for naval combat - especially with a crew this small.

Forget guns until we get some rifles.

Also, slight inaccuracy - once the ball is loaded, it fits tight to the inside of the barrel, preventing anything behind it (including the powder) from falling out.

Anyway, voting.
[+] "Up close and personal sounds good to me."
>> No. 51245
[x] "Up close and personal sounds good to me."
I want to see the look on their faces when the sword pierces their hearts.
>> No. 51246
[X] "Up close and personal sounds good to me."
>> No. 51247
>Forget guns until we get some rifles.
That raises a point, has it been mentioned what year it is? Muskets might be all we have to work with.
>> No. 51252

Probably early 17th century, that's when everything was big anyway.

That means that we can still be packing an old fashioned thunder-gun. Pirate boarding blunderbus.
>> No. 51253
I think that might be what HY meant instead of 'musket'. Back in the black powder days, shotgun-like weapons (including the blunderbuss) could spill their load if tipped down.
Anyway, those don't need much in the way of training to use. Once you learn the loading and firing of one, it's just "point in the general direction of what you want to die and pull trigger".
>> No. 51275
[x] Melee
>> No. 51288
[x] "I swing both ways."
>> No. 51289
[X] "I think knives would be good. Big, fuck-off shiny ones. Ones that look like they could skin a crocodile. Knives are good because they don't make any noise, and the less noise they make, the more likely we are to use them. Shit 'em right up. Makes it look like you're serious. Muskets for show, knives for a pro."
>> No. 51290
[x] musket vote.
>> No. 51292
[X] "Up close and personal sounds good to me."
>> No. 51294
[X] "I fight with fist."
>> No. 51296
[X] I am Heavy Weapons Guy.
And this...is my weapon.
>> No. 51306
[x] "A true warrior needs no sword."

Welsh martial arts?
>> No. 51312
[X] "Up close and personal sounds good to me."
>> No. 51375
[X] Musket
>> No. 51515
"I think of myself as a center-fielder/opportunist. Can this musket be fitted with a bayonet?"
>> No. 51516
"Howsabout we take some rope and tie the Cutlass to the end of the musket?"
>> No. 51517
[x] "Up close and personal sounds good to me."

You can't swashbuckle unless you have a sword.
>> No. 51518
[x] "I've always been fascinated by tales of swashbucklers. I didn't see any bucklers in the armory though."
>> No. 51583

[x] "I've always been fascinated by tales of swashbucklers. I didn't see any bucklers in the armory though."
[x] "Or swash for that matter."
>> No. 51634

>> No. 51667
I have never met man who can outsmart bullet.
>> No. 51672
File 121705180534.png - (50.56KB , 200x372 , Backburner.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 51708
[x] "I like both."
>> No. 51798
[X] "Hand to hand is the basis of all combat, only a fool trusts his life to a weapon."
>> No. 51800
Unusual for HY to go this long without updating.
>> No. 51801
He's trying to be like other main-board writefags.
>> No. 51806
Knowing him, his brother probably died or something. HY's the writefag that will pierce the heavens - give him a week to POWER-EMO it out of his system.
>> No. 51810
Not dead. He was writing for the VN yesterday.
>> No. 51885
File 121712856421.jpg - (26.68KB , 350x350 , GA-P35-DS3R.jpg ) [iqdb]
Did you say mainboard?
>> No. 51887
You, back to work ಠ_ಠ
>> No. 51888
HY, at least give us a notice that you will not write.
>> No. 51902
File 121713476125.jpg - (133.39KB , 449x560 , HYwillpiercetheheavens.jpg ) [iqdb]
You mean like this?
>> No. 51962
Well, not quite. He's not holding a pen in that one, but the pose is dead on.
>> No. 51967

Gigabyte boards are shit.
>> No. 52100
File 121721075896.png - (118.12KB , 424x600 , 6835df60cd773983225b9f2fcce444da.png ) [iqdb]
Cirno Bump
>> No. 52101
I can attest to this.
>> No. 52180
HY, maybe you should move this into /sdm/. Not because it's taking up space here, but because carrying a whole board seemed to give you impetus to write.
>> No. 52182
HY ran away to Canada on the Underground Railroad.
>> No. 52227
HY, why did you leave us without saying a Word.
Don't pull a Kira or a GM on us here.
Those two fags are the worst, don't become their kind.
>> No. 52274
In b4 HY reveals that he's also Kira and GM.
>> No. 52286
Okay, seeing as there's been some protest at the lack of updates, I better let you all know. I didn't want to say anything before because saying it makes it more concrete. I haven't got much time at the computer lately and when I'm here I don't really feel like writing, seeing as I have even less time for planning.

I'm not stopping, but this will be very, very sporadic until sometime in the future (give me a few weeks), but by then I may be in the mood to start SDM round 2, so sit tight and go read the other stories for now.
>> No. 52288
Well, you earned your break, after that long and dedicated months and weeks of writing.
Get some weeks off and start with new ideas and refreshed powers for a 2nd round.
>> No. 52300
Thanks a bunch so far, HY. It's been a fun ride here and some happy months over at /sdm/.
>> No. 52301
Don't force yourself to write, it'll only turn it into a chore. As >>52288 said, take a couple of weeks off and come back when you're feeling refreshed. And you're still the best writefag ever.
>> No. 52302
File 12172654533.jpg - (410.60KB , 900x749 , 95d5110bcabc468fe64cf22bc6f1652e8cdbb98d.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 52304

You lost me.
>> No. 52333
Yay! You're alive!
>> No. 52336
File 121727188566.png - (196.41KB , 600x500 , 5f2b3b3f79eb7b8ecb9acb505a5d7d9ff445b65c.png ) [iqdb]
>>52333 Of course I'm living. I am immortal!

But you've finished your story the final boss fight was a bit fast. But you've made it very well, compliment. But you've ruined my original ending, that would have been connected to your story. Any Remi route OVA? MINI EXTRA? or you will just continue with an other route someday?

ALSO: I try to make my "speedy" regular daily updates from now on.
>> No. 52415
HY self talking games.
>> No. 52906
Did you exact revenge for your father's car yet?

GET BACK TO REVENGE! If you know what I mean.
>> No. 52960


I mean, he IS everyone, not that he is doing some selfcest.
>> No. 53005
File 121747570810.jpg - (107.28KB , 1024x768 , THmod.jpg ) [iqdb]
We waiting for you HY...
>> No. 53006
The fucking thread, read it. Also, see >>53005
>> No. 53014
If HY is in fact writing for the VN, then I couldn't care less about a lack of updates.
I curse my inability to contribute to it outside of advocating for the programmers and can only offer a lack of complaints and a sage.
>> No. 53016
File 121748017567.jpg - (150.94KB , 439x785 , 1206676452930.jpg ) [iqdb]
If HY is in fact writing for the Touhou VN, then I couldn't care less about a lack of updates.
I curse my inability to contribute to it (outside of advocating for the programmers) and can only offer a lack of complaints and a sage.
>> No. 53061
I want to see the continuation of the story. So I ask for them. Is that so wrong?
Meh, whatever.
>> No. 53069
Can we get a status update HY?
I heard you write for the VN, but you said that you don't want to write?
What is it now, will there be a new Game in a few weeks?
>> No. 53070
The VN is set up so the writers can work on it independently whenever they feel like it. And with so many writers, it shouldn't take much of their time. Don't worry about it.

Take it easy~
>> No. 53096

Do want Youmu and Yuyuko.
>> No. 53123
Okay, status update and final word on this for now. I don't have a lot of time for writing at the moment, partly because I'm enjoying what little 100% holiday I'm going to get for a long, long time.
I am writing a little for the VN right now, and this will pick up speed in a couple of weeks. Around the same time, I will start SDM playthrough 2. So basically, sit tight for another couple of weeks.
>> No. 53136
File 121754760597.png - (271.38KB , 600x500 , Flandre_00183.png ) [iqdb]
You made Smaug sad ;_;
>> No. 53137
>SDM playthrough 2

>> No. 53146
>I'm enjoying what little 100% holiday I'm going to get
Of course, if you cut your vacation time down to a tenth of that, or spent it with Ran, then it would be a 10% holiday.
>> No. 53148
Oh you.
>> No. 53186
I'm reading this with interest and just want to point out that you're making Keine appear a bit too pussy. Keine is gentle but not feeble or without courage, as shown in IN when she bravely tries to protect the village.
Here she's hiding under tables, sleeping on someone's arm, hurrying scarily to the kitchen, looking nervous and ronery and being Mokou's servile bitch.
Yeah, it's boring, all canon Touhous show a certain dominance (which is why I like them) and you did positively to portrait 3 out of 4 that way.
Mokou in her easy-going way, with a slightly colloquial way of talking and with whim and determination. Renko as a cool navigator, who can also jump around and fight. Also apparently damn intelligent. Lastly Maribel, mysteriously calm, smiling faintly, noble but not arrogant appearance, hits like thunder when she talks (just the perfect way I imagined her to be, some parallels to Yukari I see).
It's just Keine's helplessness that bugs me to no end. Maybe my view on her is skewed or you can elaborate why you picture her like this. I'm very interested and it might help me understand/accept it better.
>> No. 53188
I'm going to say this nicely despite wanting to say this rudely. Don't tell HY what he is or isn't doing correctly with fictionalcharacters based on your opinions. When you feel like writing a VN, you can do things your way. But until then, you can wait for a set of check boxs before you contribute your opinion.
>> No. 53190
An important part of a CYAO is feedback. What you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, etc. And while yes, they are fictional characters, they have some pre-existing personality. It IS also possible for writers to make mistakes, which sometimes need to be pointed out by someone other than the writer.

Or was that just a sore spot for you? That post wasn't really inflammatory enough to warrant a rebuke of that nature. And you might want to work on your 'polite' writing, it sounds like you're calling him scum.
>> No. 53191
Thanks, despite putting it so nicely I could feel your mild anger. His descriptions of Mokou, Renko and Maribel are so precise to how I imagined them to be, that the sudden mismatch in Keine is shaking my understanding of her. Hence I want to ask HY, why and if it is really the way he sees her that way permanently or just decides to put her like this in this adventure. Nothing more, though I can see how it can be perceived wanting things to be changed, as it always is when one expresses an opposite point of view. I cannot seperate this conclusion of yours from the mere wish that HY possibly say a few words about Keine. A simple "lol, I like to see her that way" is fine too. From an elaborated writer, there's hope that there's more to it. Just hope.
>> No. 53196

I don't find Keine all that out of character in here. It's clear she's out of her element; as yet she hasn't found something to protect.

Lets see some more of her before we make gross assumptions of her character.
>> No. 53197
File 121761347261.jpg - (17.68KB , 300x234 , 1213393218835.jpg ) [iqdb]
Haha wow, you're a dick. I hope you don't react this badly to feedback on your own story.
>> No. 53199
A bit of a sore spot. A bit just how I talk. You apparently don't know how 'rude' I can write, and I'll keep it that way.

As for your argument about pre-existing character traits. It's true, but as much as I love cookie cutters. It's nice to see something other than standard sized gingerbread men and christmas trees.

I enjoy you. Just not your opinions. I could care less what HY does with his story. Its his to do with as he pleases. And I like this more human school teacher side of Kiene.

I'm mean. Anti-skub. Sorry?
>> No. 53200
I am, and I might. It'll still be an awesome story. I'm actually a really nice guy. Sorry if i'm rough around the edges.
>> No. 53202
Interesting, i hope that you can prove that.
>> No. 53205
>I'm reading this with interest and just want to point out that you're making Keine appear a bit too pussy. Keine is gentle but not feeble or without courage, as shown in IN when she bravely tries to protect the village.
This isn't Gensokyo anymore, and Keine doesn't have were-hakutaku hax (probably). If you want to see how her character in Pirates could have developed:
1. Remove her were-hakutaku power and the experience of overcoming hardships in Gensoyo; consider this the removal of two major roots of her courage and self-confidence in IN.
2. Now conceive of Keine as accustomed to a sheltered, non-violent lifestyle--as a teacher in a small, peaceful village or somesuch--and then drag her out of there and throw her amidst a bunch of pirates.

Voila. An understandably timid Keine.
>> No. 53209
File 121762584294.jpg - (291.91KB , 1024x800 , 00014.jpg ) [iqdb]
You don't even need #1. If she just lost her were-hakutaku power, the additional stress from the inevitable feelings of helplessness would contribute to her timidity. The fact that Mokou is much more adept at just busting heads doesn't help, either, since her immediate reaction might be to rely on Mokou.

Just keep in mind that everyone here has the right to criticize anything you write. If that's too much for you to handle, don't write at all. If that's fine, then we can go on being one big, abusive family.
>> No. 53223

Yeah, that and not only danmaku can kill people, as also not everyone can use it.
>> No. 53228
File 121763411827.jpg - (26.48KB , 400x300 , takeiteasy.jpg ) [iqdb]
Me too.
Writing on a public board and not expecting criticism would be retarded. Posting on a board and not expecting at least one person to be in a bad mood is also retarded. We'll all learn from the attached picture.
>> No. 55413

Thought you might like to know.
>> No. 55416
File 12184576274.jpg - (407.70KB , 1140x1600 , Rumia5.jpg ) [iqdb]
You thought correctly.
>> No. 55431
Wow, I come back from vacation for this? Fucking awesome. I will never think poorly of Monday again.

Sage because my post is not important enough to bump this thread.
>> No. 55453
>> No. 55466
I get dumped, find out my computer's not fast enough to run SA, then wake up to find myself covered in vomit but go to work anyway, where I am constantly ridiculed as I do the most degrading job in the shop.

But today was good, for that. Thank you, HY.
>> No. 55469
And that is why I write. Glad to hear I made your day better.
>> No. 55470
>that is why I write

That will only end in tears.
>> No. 55472

It is the only path.

No regrets.
>> No. 55478
You made my day brigther, my pc fucked up and i lost everything that i collected over 3 years.
But you managed to make me smile today.
>> No. 56005
File 121894260156.jpg - (103.76KB , 641x481 , 1218924994140.jpg ) [iqdb]
They miss you HY.
>> No. 58127
can anyone please post links to an archive of the first two threads? This looks awesome, and i missed the first two.
>> No. 58161
>> No. 60052
File 122221465935.png - (28.43KB , 420x300 , HY.png ) [iqdb]
HY is a faget
>> No. 60071
Honestly, I'm more interested in this than in /sdm/LA part II.
>> No. 60100



HY is dead, he gave in to the power of chaos and transformed into Saguya completely.