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John-Eric Protaggonist walked down the street with a swing in his step. It had been a good day. In the morning, he'd somehow snagged the last lemon-flavored muffin before any of his siblings could beat him to it. All the usual crap at his workplace had gone by swimmingly, an unusual occurrence. And now, as he walked home, the weather was perfect. Not too hot, not too cool. Just right.

And then John-Eric began to turn into a Youkai.

"Seriously, you're turning into a Youkai," said Plot Device. "I'm also probably the blame." She laughed annoying.

"Yes, I'm definitely to blame."

John-Eric scratched his head. "I'm turning into a Youkai?" he mumbled to himself. "How terrible! I'll see all my friends and family turn old! I'll be forced to feed on human flesh to survive!" He began to near panic. "I'm an outcast, now, in the eyes of authority! This is terrible! Terrible!"

"Nope," Plot Device corrected John-Eric. "You like it."

"I like it?"

She nodded. "You like it."


John-Eric mulled the idea over in his head. Now that he liked it, it was much easier to think about his circumstances. It was also much easier to pull up nuggests of information that he had no rational reason to actually possess.

"Alice only became a Youkai after studying magic for most her lifetime. In a similar vein, it's Marisa's lifetime of using magic that's liable to turn her into a Youkai, right?" He nodded to himself. "Well, at least if I'm turning into a Youkai, it'll be a slow, gradual, horrific--"

"It's not horrific. You like it, remember?"

"Oh, right." John-Eric started again. "At least it'll be a slow, gradual progression, instead of just--"

"You're done!" chimed in Plot Device.


"You're a Youkai, now!"

John-Eric's face twisted into an expression halfway between befuddled and annoyed. "Oh."

And then there was inexplicable sex.
I like it.
I chortled.
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One day, I woke up to a sound of an alarm clock. When I looked in the mirror, expecting to see my usual dirty face, something else glanced at me with red eyes from under too long, black hair. I was a youkai. Funny as it was, it was the most horrible thing I could think of.
I hate myself for laughing.
You take 1d8 SAN damage.
John-Eric put on his silly hat and said: "It's time for me to live up to my family name and face full life consequences."
No, Plot Device. YOU are the youkai.

And then John-Eric discovered a giant, but inexistant plot twist.
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tl;dr - This describes a lot of Touhouproject CYOAs.
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Jesus, learn to Engli...

Oh, I get it, YAF parody.
Well, this failed to be funny.
Ohhhhhhh, NOW I get it!

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