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Snake here. So I spent the night playing some old video games. One gave me this crazy idea for a side story. It's completely unrelated to GiG, and as such it'll follow the usual method of voting. To avoid cluttering up the board any further, I'll keep this really short. One thread, no more than five posts of material.


It hurts.
You pick the metal slivers from your bloodied arm. A battle well-fought, you'd say. Your brethren could not defeat the interloper. Yet because of your skill in battle, it lays in a bloody heap at your feet, dead by your hand. It quivers once, the electric current still surging through it's body. You pull the last shard of metal out from under your thick skin, and make your way back to the gate. The Mother, she calls to you. You must return.
You wish for nothing more than to be back by her side. You long to hear her voice, praising you for a job well done. You have killed the final threat to her--the one who killed the God-Beast of the pit, and you now wear it's spine as a trophy around your neck. The wind whistles ominously through the corridors, carrying with it the grunts and moans of the lesser ones. They too, are the mother's kin. Yet they are not your brethren. To you, they are little more than nuisances, or maybe a meal if you get hungry enough.
They continue to cry out, brainless and enslaved to the Mother's will. You however, are different. The choice to serve the Mother was one you made of your own free will, and you harbor no regrets. You move of your own power, linked to the Mother by nothing more than a shared goal--the subjugation or obliteration of the new realm.
Ahead, you hear the wind's howl grow stronger. The gate is near. Beyond it lies the path home. You gaze into the rippling surface of the dimensional rift it contains. The ancient power of the device is beyond you. Your kin merely inhabit this realm, the builders have long since vanished from it's halls. You approach the device. A flash of light from the rune in your grasp signals the gate's activation. You raise your arms ahead as you plunge forward into what lies beyond.


You find yourself lying in a grassy field, bathed in sunlight. This is wrong, you should be underground. You raise yourself to your feet--if you could call them feet--and gaze upon this strange new world. You squeeze the rune tightly in your hand. It's power no longer speaks to you; it's now nothing more than an elaborately carved stone. You toss the useless object away, and stamp it into the dirt. It must be the cause of all this!
You allow the anger to pass, and you examine your surroundings. Lush forests of green, a sky of azure, and in the middle of it, you. This must be the new realm! You are alone, and your power against the vast armies of this world would be as nothing. Yet the Mother wishes for conquest, and conquer you shall. You make your way from the field, and stumble onto a long walkway just beyond it. As it appears to be intentionally laid there for passage, you follow it.
It continues for quite a distance, passing through forest and field alike. Eventually, it divides in two. Beside the fork, you notice an oddity. A long row of stairs climbs up a hillside. You decide to follow it, as it may lead to a settlement of other-worlders.
It continues upwards, much farther than you had anticipated. Somewhere along the way, the hillside had become a mountain, and you're too far along the path to want to turn back now. You push aside tree branches and overgrown bushes on your climb up, and the way eventually clears as the mountain suddenly flattens out. You've reached the summit.
Above you looms a red, wooden structure. You assume it to be a gateway of sorts, yet it appears not to lead to another world, but a small building straight ahead. A single living creature moves about the exterior of the building, it's appearance very similar to the interloper you eliminated in the last world. This is indeed the newly-discovered realm, and to pass up a change to destroy one of the inhabitants would be foolish. You approach the creature with the intent to kill. It turns to face you as you approach, showing little sign of fear, or even really acknowledging your presence. As you close the distance, it straightens out it's tiny body, and reels it's head backwards. It speaks.
"Uwaa~" It covers the organ on the center of it's face. "What a horrible smell!"
Your service to the Mother has paid off. Although you are unable to speak them, the primitive languages of these creatures are easy to learn and comprehend.
"Go away!" It waves a stick at you. "You stinking youkai! You'll scare off the customers!"
It shows no sign of fear, and it seems to treat you like one of it's own. Perhaps it's instincts has failed it.

[ ] Bat it around like a cat toy
[ ] Bolt it to death
[ ] Obey it's commands
[ ] Leave
[ ] Other (Specify Action)
[ ] Other (Genuflect)
{X} Other (Genuflect)
lol k
[x] Bat it around like a cat toy
[x] Other (Genuflect)

[x] Other (Genuflect)
always an option.
This one's lack of fear perplexes you. The majority of others like it would cower and run at the sight of you. On occasion, one would be brave enough to fight, yet this one seems to do neither. Perhaps it is under the Mother's care? Perhaps it is another mind-slave. You cannot be sure, and killing it now would destroy your chances of investigating it.
"Go away, I said!" It nudges you with the frayed end of the stick. It doesn't appear to be a weapon, and it does little more than annoy you.
You decide to greet it, lowering your head to it's height in a manner of bow. It takes a step back, the organs on it's head contort. Perhaps it means something.
"W-What are you doing?"
Greeting you, of course. Yet it doesn't understand, and you doubt it can communicate in the same manner as you. It resumes it's nudging you with the stick. Indeed, you probably should have killed it when you had the chance. You're acquainted with it now, and killing something to which you've familiarized yourself is frowned upon by the Mother. You must let it live until it attacks you.
"So persistent! Go away, I say!"
You sense movement from the building beyond. Something stirs within. You should investigate further. You approach the building cautiously with the small, blood-red creature following close behind.
"Wrong way you moron! Go the other way!"
The building seems to have no doors, yet the walls appear to be thin and weak. You bring a heavy, clawed hand down and tear an entrance of your own liking. The wooden structure shreds under the force of a single slash.
"AHH! Now look what you've done!"
The creature becomes more adamant about hitting you, increasing the pressure and frequency of the blows as you make your way into the building. Your legs break through the floor. It wasn't built for one so heavily built as yourself. You search the area, trying to locate the source of the movement.
"Ah, Reimu."
A blackened slip-gate appears before you, dark as if fouled by some evil energy. From it appears another small creature. This one is slightly taller than the other, and colored purple. It carries a certain weight to it's existence, and it's power over the realms surprises you. It stares directly at you.
"You certainly do attract the strangest of company, don't you Reimu?"
It seems to be conversing wit the smaller one in red.
"This is your doing, no doubt!"
"Good heavens, no!" The purple one's noisemaker seems to break down. It repeats the same syllable over and over again for a time. Just as suddenly as it started, it stops. "This one seems to have made it's way here on it's own power."
"Well don't just stand there and DO something about it!"
The purple one holds its arms out. "What do you want me to do, take it out back and shoot it?"
You've been shot enough for one day. Perhaps you should kill this one first.
It turns back to face you. "You be silent."
"Wait, you can understand it?" The red one points towards you. "It hasn't said a damned thing since I saw it!"
"I just manipulated the borders a bit, is all."

[ ] Bat them around like cat toys
[ ] Bolt them to death
[ ] Try to converse with the purple one
[x] Other (Genuflect)
[x] Other (Genuflect)

Polite shambler is polite.
[x] Other (Genuflect)

It would seem the purple one can communicate with you, in a sort of round-about way. It may be of use to you, if you are to leave this place. You greet the newcomer in the same manner as you did the red one.
"My, how polite." The purple one returns the gesture.
"Huh? Are you losing your mind Yukari?" The red one seems entirely confused.
Yet now that you've identified this realm as the un-subjugated world, you must find a way to convey its location to the Mother.
"A lost child, perhaps? It seems to be searching for its mother."
"That thing?" The red one reels back. "I don't wanna see the monster this thing came out of."
Her assumption is incorrect. The Mother is not of a biological sort. Rather, you are in the service of the Mother.
"A shikigami, then?"
You are unfamiliar with the term. Perhaps it's derived from an older dialect these creatures use.
"Really, you're freaking me out here. If you're going to talk to it, would you hurry up and get it out of here? It's wrecking the shrine! And it stinks!"
The red one resumes hitting you with the stick, as the other one steps into another slipgate. You feel that you must investigate this power it wields. You follow it into the gate, leaving the mountain and annoying red creature behind.


You find yourself surrounded by familiar structures. A dungeon constructed by the ancient builders. The runes lining the moss-covered stone walls signify this to you.
"More to your liking?" The purple one floats above you.
What is this power she holds? The only existence capable of bending the will of the realms is the Mother, yet this one stands before you. Perhaps the Mother sent this creature to test you? Maybe it is merely another form of the Mother?
"That's doubtful. I am myself, and nobody else." It seems to respond to your thoughts.
That ability may be inconvenient for you. An existence that can invade the mind of another often holds the ability to control them as well. An abhorrence should not be allowed to exist. You may have to kill this one, if necessary.
"Ooh, scary." It disappears. Yet the sounds it makes carry through the air. "Do you think you can kill me, then?"
The abilities this creature has grows with the passage of time. It may be a worthy adversary, or an even more worthy ally.

[ ] Bat them around like cat toys
[ ] Bolt them to death
[ ] Do not genuflect
[ ] Other (Specify Action)
[x] Other (Genuflect)
[x] Other (Genuflect)
[x] Other (Genuflect)

Snake, you are a trooper.
What is this? "Genuflecting in Gensokyo"?

[x] Other (Genuflect)
[x] Other (Genuflect)
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It was total humiliation to be genuflecting before the Gap Youkai who had raped my little sister and scooped out my best friend's eyes.

But I didn't want to die. While there is life, there is hope. My precious life is irreplaceable. So I plastered an obsequious smile on my face and meekly got down on my hands and knees. "YA FUCKIN' LOSER! NO MAN WOULD BOW DOWN THAT EASILY! Die like the dog you are!" Yukari then lifted one of her legs, and sent it hurtling towards my prostrated head. Its heel sank into the back of my head with a disgusting crunch. My head cracked open like a pomegranate and fresh blood splattered everywhere . . .

And I died.

[ ] Get a clue
[ ] No time for this shit
Genuflecting in Gensokyo, AKA GiG.
[X] Get a clue
File 121605385342.jpg - (81.36KB, 642x482 , Osaka Bancho.jpg) [iqdb]

"Kennedy died of starvation, suckah! Yeah, that's right, homey g dawg, if I hadn't eaten all the steaks in Dallas that shit might never have gone down. My bad, my bad, yo! Anyway, dawg. Osaka Bancho here. You little fool, don'tcha see that ya can't just genuflect to yer enemy like that? DEATH TO ALL COWARDS!"
[x] Other (Genuflect)
[X] Get a clue

[x] Do not genuflect
The Mother must be ashamed of us.
[x] No time for this shit
[x] Bat them around like cat toys
This power it holds is something you will be unable to defeat. You now realize the weight you feel to this creature's existence is due in part to the immense power it holds over reality. You cannot kill it, even if you were to try.
"Thats riiiight~" It's voice wavers as it reappears before you. "Swear allegiance to me, and I might grant you some of this power."
It's offer surprises you. Though you were born with several inherent abilities, the power over dimensions would be most helpful in further conquest. Submit yourself to this one, and you may become more useful to the Mother than even her strongest of God-beasts. You genuflect before the creature, giving in to it's demands.
"That's a good dog." You feel a small, clawless hand against your head, and the world fades from view.


You awaken in the other world. A building, similar to the one you invaded earlier. This time, there is no red creature swatting at you with sticks.
"It still smells funny, even though it's been bathed." A noise from another room.
You pull yourself to a standing position, and scan the area. The room is bare, and the floor doesn't crack under your weight. You wait, listening to the voices coming from the other room.
"I don't expect it would smell like flowers after just one bath. Give it time, Ran."
"But what are you going to do with it? It looks like an average beast to me."
"I haven't thought about it, yet. But a shikigami's a shikigami. Perhaps it may become powerful with time."
"But why give it to me? I have little use for it."
"It needs to learn how to live in this world. I can't think of a better instructor."
"Fine then, I'll do it. But let's at least try bathing it one more time. I can smell it from here!"
One of the walls slides open, and the purple creature steps into the room. Does it have the power to move walls, as well? You notice a taller creature of similar, yellow dress follows behind.
"We should probably think of a name for it, if you're planning on keeping it." The yellow one stares directly at you.
"He can understand you, you know."
It doesn't seem to believe the words of the purple one. It continues to argue, though it realizes already that it will not win.
The yellow one continues to stare. "So how are you going to get it outside? You had to gap it here, as I recall."
The purple one doesn't respond, instead holding up a hand. You fall. The floor becomes a gateway, and you're sucked into another realm. You land in water. You look around, assessing your new surroundings. The walls and floor are lined with a smooth, white stone. It appears to be resistant to water. You pull yourself onto the stone, out of the water.
A noise from behind you.
You turn around, faced with another one of these small creatures. Yet this one shows fear, unlike the others.

[ ] Bat it around like a cat toy
[ ] Bolt it to death
[ ] Return to the water
[ ] Genuflect
[X] Other (Genuflect)
{X} Genuflect
i dont know
[X] Bolt it to death

[X] Other (Genuflect)

There are no other choices.
[x] Bat it around like a cat toy
[X] More Genuflecting

this IS GiG.
[X] Other (Genuflect)

Riding this to the end.
[+] Observe the situation
Stop being so uncreative, Anon~
[X] Other (Genuflect)

Genuflect is ALWAYS the right answer.
[X] Other (Genuflect)
all the cool kids are doing it
[X] Other (Genuflect)
GiG all the way
[ ] Other (Genuflect)

Voting in epic thread
>Voting in epic thread
File 121615542640.gif - (3.85KB, 100x100 , ಠ_ಠ.gif) [iqdb]

[x] Other (Genuflect)
no GiG on page one?

[x] Other (Genuflect)
[X] Genuflect

Bah, whatever.
[x] Genuflect

"W-What the hell?" It stares at you with its wide yellow eyes. "Goddammit Yukari!"
Yukari? You've heard that word before. Is it not perhaps the purple one's name? This yellow one seems to be in service to the Yukari, like many of the others you've seen in this realm. As such, you feel you should greet it in the same manner.
"Yukari!" It calls out, eyes darting around the room. "Get this thing out of here!"
You can faintly hear the purple one's laughter echo off the clean stone walls of this small dwelling.
"That does it!" The creature raises it's frail arms to your chest. "Master Sp--"
You fall. Fall into another one of those strange gateways as the realm above explodes in a burst of multi-colored light. You find yourself laying in the purple one's den, feeling that you may have narrowly escaped death.
"Better?" The purple one stands before you.
"Not much." The yellow one kneels beside her. "What do you want me to do with it?"
Suddenly, three red-clad figures burst into the room.
The figure in the middle figure crosses it's robed arms as it stares around the room.
"Our chief weapon is surprise." It declares, "Surprise and fear... Fear and surprise... Our two weapons are fear and surprise... and ruthless efficiency. Our *three* weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency... and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope... Our *four*...no... *Amongst* our weapons... Amongst our weaponry... are such elements as fear, surprise... I'll come in again."
The figure steps out of the room.
The yellow one paces around the room in confusion. "I didn't expect a kind of Spanish Inquisition."
As if on cue, the cloaked figure breaks into the the room.
"NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition! Amongst our weaponry are such diverse elements as: fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope, and nice red uniforms - Oh damn!"

You have reached the GENUFLECT END.

[x] Genuflect.

[x] No time for this shit.
[x] Get a clue
[+] Genuflect the maids
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[x] Reflect
File 121870892015.jpg - (150.99KB, 700x519 , 1208453659361.jpg) [iqdb]

Spanish Inquisition End is the best end.

[x] Genuflect to the inquisitors

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