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Days Since Capture: Unknown
Escape Attempt: 1st

Subject Designation: 4N0n

It feels like your body is on fire, as your lungs scream in pain gasping for every breath your muscles sear with acidic pain, your heart feels like a jackhammer in your chest as it threatens to burst and your head swims with exhaustion, fear and pain. Your stomach clenches painfully over and over trying to purge, but you emptied it long ago.

Despite all this terror drives you on, you can't even think right now. There's no blood or oxygen that can be spared for your brain, you have to get away, gotta run.

Must escape.

Blindly you dash down the dark and silent corridors, your bare feet pounding along the cold floor making a rhythmic thud below. A jolt of pain as your foot cramps up sends you sprawling painfully to the ground smashing your chin on the wood and making lights of pain explode in front of your eyes, but your fear propels you to your feet and you scramble forwards once again.

"This way!"

Distantly behind you there's a call, a woman's voice that numbs your whole body in abject fear. You dare not even glance back for a second, you refuse to let yourself be caught and get dragged back to that living hell.

Her cold visage, one devoid of expression beyond a cool curiosity is burned into your memory so fiercely that it gives you nightmares. The very sound of her voice sends you into a cold sweat that stings your eyes.


Someone jumps out in front of you from a door further up the hall, presumably one of those monstrous rabbit girls that serve your tormentor, with a burst of fear induced strength you knock her down and dash past her without even slowing down. Barrelling your shoulder into her stomach you send her flying then turn into the door she came from recklessly.

But you're running down another corridor with nothing to distinguish it from the one you left, the same dark wood floor and screen walls that seems to extend endlessly before and behind you.

From beyond the door you just left you can hear the sounds of pursuit draw nearer, hot tears of desperation run down your face as despair threatens to consume you. But survival instinct drives you further even though yours is not a body used to exerting itself that now threatens to fail any second now, the promise of pain to come should you be captured again brings forth hidden strength.

Despite the agony you're in now, it pales in comparison to the pain that buzzes angrily behind your eyes like you've got a head full of angry wasps.

You don't know what she did to you; you just wish it would stop.

For what seems like hours you run beyond your limit down this infinite featureless hall, occasionally you make a sudden turn to try and evade your pursuers but you never seem to make any progress.

"I think that's enough exercise for one night, don't you?"

Daggers of ice split your heart and you go weak at the knees sending you sprawling to the floor again, a foot is placed upon your back and begins to push you down.

"At least you have proper manners, although your bow should be a little lower."

Squirming under that cruel boot you twist your head desperately to look upon her face; there lit by the cruel and callous moonlight is the one who has made you suffer so, in this light you can't help but notice how she has a horrible beauty. It highlights her noble features, deepening the shadows around her luminous eyes; shimmering like ice crystals off of her silver hair and making her soft half smile seem harsh and threatening.

"While I've enjoyed your little escape, it's certainly livened up what promised to be a boring evening." Her voice switches from amused to harsh in a moment.
"I do not appreciate the damage you did to my facilities."

Just as the pressure on your back was letting up she brings it down hard once again crushing your chest painfully against the cold, hard floor. But her mistake was to not keep you pinned like this, as she withdraws her foot you spring backwards and away.

Within seconds you're on your feet and running again, eyes screwed shut trying to shut out the pain that threatens to split your head open you run in the opposite direction to her.

"Udonge, if you'd be so kind?"

Who? It sounded like she was addressing someone, fighting off a wave of nausea you open your eyes to be greeted by the sight of another one of those rabbit girls. However this one seems different, more collected and dangerous as she holds herself with confidence, grace.

But still, she's just one girl and you've already pushed past one before if you can get past her maybe you can evade her master, you just have to......

A flash of pain cuts your thoughts short, something impacts your chest then...

Blissfully you loose consciousness for a second before you're restored agonizingly back to the waking world. Your eyes snap open, the rabbit girl is hovering above you with her long lilac hair brushing against your face, those deep red eyes regard you reservedly and behind you there's an arm holding your back up, presumably hers.

"Hey." She says simply, your mouth tries to form words but no breath comes. You've reached your limit.
"Not dead are you?"

Gently you shake your head knocking some stray strands of her hair swaying, behind you the presence of her mistress looms over you both even though you can't see her.

"Good work Udonge, I was growing tired of his pointless flight."

That voice, that callous and collected voice that gives the order to hurt you over and over. That voice galvanizes your mind with fright once again, with what strength you have left you grabs the girl's clothes weakly.

"P-pl-please! D-don't let her take me! Don't let her hurt me anymore!" Wildly you beg this stranger for help, tears streaming across your dirty face once again.
"I won't tell anyone you're here! I'm begging you! Don't hurt me! Don't hurt me!"

Over and over you whisper "Don't hurt me." as your voice finally begins to fail you, the girl's eyes widen but she doesn't move for a long time. Eventually she drags you to your feet as she stands, holding you and supporting your arm over her shoulder so you're face to face with the Mistress.

Calmly with an empty expression she examines you, refraining to touch you as if you were something unpleasant. Even now her mere presence makes you tremble with fear, when she takes a step closer you flinch.

She sighs.

"Should I take him back to the clinic master Erin?"
The rabbit girl's voice is level, expressionless.

Your heart leaps, hope wells up like a spring of water within you gushing forth filling you with excitement. You don't even dare to breathe in case this is all an illusion, as if it might all be taken away if you make even the slightest move. Silently you thank the gods over and over; you make prayers and promise to never reveal this place to the rest of the world so long as you live if they let you go.
If only they let you go.

The one called Erin considers you for a long moment, for you the entire world hinges on her next words; if she would let you go then you could forgive her. You'd forgive anyone that takes you away from all this.

"Take him to the holding cells in medical wing; he's caused quite enough trouble for one night."

Just like that your hopes are dashed against the jagged rocks of despair, with but a single sentence she has condemned you to your life of nightmares both sleeping and awake.


Is all you can utter, you can't believe it. You refuse to believe it! The rabbit called Udonge holds you tighter in case you try to escape again but you offer no resistance.

Still wearing that same half smile Erin leans down to meet your eye level and sneer malevolently.

"Did you think I'd really let you go my dear? Hardly. Even if I did trust you'd never speak about what we have here, how could I ever give up a specimen that's so amazingly resilient? You're feats this night were simply."
She speaks the next word breathlessly.
Standing straight again she gestures, in response Udonge begins to drag your limp form away.

"No my dear, you're far too interesting for me to let go. Not ever."

You scream, you cry, you struggle as best you can but Udonge keeps you firmly in her grip as you're dragged unwillingly away backwards, Erin turns her back on you and begins to walk away down the corridor. It's then you notice behind her.

The end of the corridor, you were mere meters away from escape.

That, more than anything tonight, grieves you the most of all as you feel failure rub strength sapping salt into your wounds. Defeated you let the rabbit girl pull you along with your feet scraping on the floor uselessly; you're too weak to try anything anymore.

Escape will be harder next time, you got lucky to make it this far but next time you'll be locked up rather than left alone in an empty clinic, you'll become weaker as time passes too. Perhaps death is the only release available to you.

"Oh, Udonge?"
Erin stops just before stepping out the hall to address the rabbit, Udonge stops for a moment and turns to respond.
"Yes master."
"You're on suicide watch until our little white mouse there cheers up."
"Yes master."

That night your howls could be heard throughout the bamboo forest.
If you have time to write your twisted stories, why aren't you working on Forest LA?
I want Eirin to experiment on me.
This's kinda nice, despite the evidence that you've been skimming plotton off the top.
(╬ ಠ益ಠ)


You're writing the wrong thing
Any specific name for this little story?
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> Subject Designation: 4N0n


No not really.

Because I can write this at home and bring it to the library, I would be working on /forest/ if I had the internet at home and could gather votes. I just needed to check if I still had 'it' you know?

Until I can work on /forest/ for real, being able to update regularly and respond to votes, I'll be writing this for practice.
>I'll be writing this for practice.

Well, then what are you waiting for?
You still got it, good to see you back.
Are our resident writefriends interested in writing yukkuri stories by any chance?
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I'd buy that. Even with Good Ending.
What the shit is going on?
This was supposed to go up yesterday but it took too long and the library closed on me, now I'm posting from an internet cafe for you people which costs money! Pretend to be grateful.

Days Since Capture: Unknown
Escape Attempt: 6th

Subject Designation: 4N0n

Thick black smoke clouds your vision as you stumble crazily through the door, it billows from the room behind you and trails cloyingly up the cieling slowly as it spills out into the rest of the building. Soon the fire will spread and attract your captor's attention, already you can feel the heat of the blaze searing your back, but you intend to be far away from here when they come looking. Hopefully by the time the fire is under control and they come looking you'll be long gone.

Jerkily you check the silent corridor for the guard rabbits, you've broken out enough times now to have a general idea of how they patrol but it never hurts to be that little bit more cautious. The dark hall is empty and bare as ever, seizing your chance you begin to run cautiously along it trying not to break out into a full sprint and ware yourself out.

Your goal is that mysterious door you reached before being caught by that Erin woman the first time, since then you've never come as close due to the extra security. But those failed attempts have been hard won lessons, yes for every time you made a break for freedom Erin would praise your tenacity then push your body even harder. But now no longer does your panicked flight flit about uselessly and waste your precious time and energy. Your panic remains but now it is focused and tempered with planning, starting the fire as a distraction was a particularly good idea you think although should you be caught you can expect no mercy from Erin. Every day you remain here, every time you are pushed even further, you grow weaker; as you grow weaker you become less likely to escape and less useful to Erin.......

Your skin crawls at the very though of her, that cold beauty that tortures you so with her insidious experiments. Even now you can still feel every needle pushed into a vein to be filled with venom, every clinical cut with a scalpel that rends flesh or exposes muscle and the burning pain she instilled in the place behind your eyes that buzzes agonizingly all the time yet just never quite hurts enough.

Thoughts of revenge left you long ago, revenge would distract you from your escape and the only thing you care about is your freedom. Let this monster have her way with whoever she wants, as long as you're away you no longer care.

"Over here, this way!"

Swiftly you dart into the safety of a near by door, on the other side is a room you know is empty at night and from there you peek carefully out into the hall. Stampeding down it are a horde of the rabbits that populate this den of nightmares, they're running towards the fire with cries of alarm and panic. Their undisciplined panic insures the fire will burn do to their chaos for a time, if there's one thing you understand it's panic and fear. Once the hall clears you should have a shot at slipping out unnoticed, the rabbits guard the halls all hours of the day and while they aren't the most alert sentries they are numerous.

"I think that was the last of them, now's your chance."
"Yuh-yeah I-I-I w-was just th-thh-thinking th- SHIT!"

Whirling around you curse yourself for not checking the room first to see if it was occupied, just because it's usually empty doesn't ensure it's safe and now your carelessness has cost you. Standing demurely in front of you, pulling back as if she had been peering over your shoulder, is Reisen staring at you with a sad exasperated smile.

"Please don't make more trouble for me, if you come quietly I'll tell the master it wasn't you that started the fire."

The lunar rabbit, the only other name you know in this house of pain, Reisen Udonge Inaba. Ever since your first little adventure out of your confines Reisen has been assigned to keep an eye on you on and care for your needs on top of her other duties, she's stopped you killing yourself countless times and even force fed you when you refused to eat. She's the one person who shows any kind of sympathy for your situation, her patience and firm but gentle manner are the only warmth you can hope for anymore. After a while you stopped wasting your strength resisting her, she is as much a victim of Erin's tyranny as you at times and you don't want her to suffer on your behalf ever.

Even though the word doesn't quite fit, she's something like a friend to you.

"So how about it? You've got a hard day tomorrow," She says reproachfully. "You shouldn't tire yourself out and skip on sleep, it'll just be worse for me, uh, you I mean."

But she stands between you and your freedom, this is why she can't be your friend. In another situation perhaps you'd cry hot tears of gratitude as you lay you head on her chest, but if she chooses to oppose you then she leaves you no choice.

Firmly you shake your head and place a hand discreetly on the door ready to fly at the opportune moment. Reisen sighs and glares at you, her red eyes seeming to glow crimson in the dark.

"I didn't want to have to do this to you again."

But you're not falling for this a second time, you don't understand the how or why but whenever you look or even glance into those blood red eyes you loose your mind to fear. Your mind flinches away from the visions you saw that night, screwing your eyes up tight you rip the door open and dash through then speed up the corridor. Your heart clenches in your chest as you hear Reisen's irritated call behind you, but your panic has risen now and all coherent thought is gone.
Recklessly you plunge on opening your eyes to see if the madness has struck, but the hall is empty save the occasional shaft of moon light. Even though you know it's bad form you risk a glance back ready to clamp your eyes shut at a moment's notice, steadily retreating behind you is the figure of Reisen addressing a gaggle of rabbit and gesturing wildly towards you.

You're plan is in ruins, swallowing the lump in your throat that rose at the thought of Erin being summoned you press on and make a sharp left, you pray the fire was enough. That the halls will be empty for a time longer.

The dull ache of fatigue is setting in, soon your body will be seared with the pain of overworked muscles filled with lactic acid as you're forced to pay the oxygen debt, a trembling leg hints however that you may be too weak to even reach that point this time. They feed you just enough to keep you alive here, no more.

"I'm getting rather tired of these nightly chases my dear, you've just got no staying power." Speaking casually in a voice that strikes fear to your core, Erin lazily floats through the air towards you with that icy half smile painted on her face as usual.
"Might I suggest you try killing me or something? It's just I'd like a change of pace from escape attempts that end before you even get outside, the fire was a nice touch this time around."
Her voice goes hard and you can feel her stare as it rips into your back.
"But it was more annoying than anything, you'll have to be disciplined for that of course my dear."

The word disciplined makes you want to vomit with abject terror, any reasonable thinking is gone from your mind now as pure instinct keeps your muscles pumping. Slowly but inevitably Erin is drawing nearer, soon you'll be dragged kicking and screaming back to the cell where you'll be put through treatment indescribable in it's cruelty.

Sobs choke your breathing making your head swim, you really felt you had a chance this night but the claws of despair threaten to claim you again. The strength saps from your limbs, what's the point in trying anymore? You should've listen to Reisen, should've never even tried to escape.

You wish you were dead.

"Some one stop him before he gets to the fucking door!"

What? Behind you Erin's voice has become tinged with frustration, snapping your drooping head up you see your goal. The door that leads out of this endless hallway, the portal to your freedom.

Heartened by this sight the panic and despair are drained away and you are filled with strength once again. Grinning madly, drunk with jubilation and adrenaline you burst through the door with a cry and slam it hard behind you with a deliciously heavy thud.

Then, you let out a moan of total despair.

The endless corridor has lead you outside, the cool night air carries the scent of your liberation, into the sprawling grounds of an enormous Japanese mansion. Arranged around a huge ornamental garden in a neat square the building dominates the horizon towering above and stretching out of focus before you, it's easily large enough to house the rabbits you've seen three times over in comfortable conditions.

No wonder that one hall was so long, the entire place is monumentally huge.

"Now do you understand how pathetic your escapes are my dear?"

Leaning calmly in the door way is Erin, her face split into a wicked grin filled with malice and eyes that glitter with the cruelty of winter ice. Resting almost inconspicuously in her hands are a long curved bow made of dark wood and three deadly looking arrows.


She commands, unable to think of anything else you do so and begin to charge across the garden towards the doors opposite the ones you left. Erin's face drops, quickly notching an arrow to the bow she calls out commands to the rabbits.

"Don't let him reach the princess!"

Lurching through an ornamental bush you bull your way through the plants and hedges for cover as Erin's sleek arrows slice the night air, above the rabbits led by Reisen swoop down to grab you. Screaming in terror you stumble onwards crashing through the garden desperately.
By luck, divine providence or some unknown factor you are preserved against your pursuers, your clothes are tattered from the grazes and bleeding cuts you received from bush and bow but you stagger on regardless. This pain that would fell a lesser man is of no concern to one who has been entertained at Eientei.

Somehow you've managed to cross the garden and reach the building before you, desperate cries from Erin and Reisen behind you call for you capture quickly but you ignore them. You can almost taste the freedom that lies beyond, laughing madly you ignore the exquisite silk making up these screens and burst through them with an immensely satisfying rip.

The room you enter is calm, almost as if it has an aura of peace about it, it's warm and filled with a comforting golden light with heady perfumes in the air, behind you the cold night seeps in from your entrance chilling your back.

"Oh my, who might you be?"

Sat at a low table with her kimono spread all around her is the most beautiful woman you've ever seen, her long black hair shines like polished jet under the light of a huge decorative candle and is fanned around her in long flowing locks. What you thought was a pattern on her pink kimono was in fact streams of her luscious hair that flows like a dark waterfall around her.

She looks at you with a mix of surprise and curiosity on her elegant, porcelain white face. Her hands are stopped mid way through brushing that silky hair with a golden comb, lying on the table before her are a collection of hair ornaments made from precious metals and gems.

The sounds of pursuit snap your mind back to your situation, they are drawing closer to you now. Casting about wretchedly you look for an exit, but this high ceilinged room has many chambers branch off with no indication of where they go. You could be running into a dead end and not realize it until too late.

"Are you Erin's?"

You notice the girl for the second time now, she still sits unthreateningly at her table where she has resumed combing her hair.

A fel idea takes you, just as Erin leaps through the entrance you made you spring across the table and snatch up a long silver hair pin with a deadly looking point. Grasping the girl in one hand and the needle in the other you press it to her throat until it punctures that ivory skin ever so slightly making a tiny rivulet of blood run down her crane like neck.

"L-l-le-le!" You stutter, the needle trembles in your shaky hands but remains pressed to the girl's throat.
"L-le-let muh-m-me g-go!"
Erin approaches cautiously walking slowly towards you her hands open before her, tightening your grip on the frail girl in your arms you raise the needle once again threateningly.
"L-let me go!"
"Hey isn't that my line?"
Bizarrely the girl whom you hold hostage pipes up jovially, Erin folds her arms and gives the girl and apologetic look. They seem to be ignoring you.
"I'm sorry about this princess, this is all my fault. Forgive me."
"Nonsense! I'm princess after all. It's been a while since I've been taken hostage!" She turns her head towards you to get a look at your face, ignoring the needle as it tears a hole in her flesh. She smiles at you.
"Hello, what's your name?"
Erin answers before you can even speak.
"4N0n, if you need something to call him by."
"I huh-h-have a nuh-name!"
You scream that at Erin furiously, you're fear of her is temporarily overridden by something greater. You can't explain why, but a name is more important than being scared and to emphasize the point you shake the princess roughly and flash the needle again. You have the power now!

Erin glares at you darkly.

"And what is your name, worm?"

You can't answer, why can't you answer? What's your name? It's important, your name is you! If you don't have a name then what are you? Every time you try to remember your name the buzzing pain just behind your eyes grows, it flays your senses and claws at your brain. What is your name?

"E-eh-Erin!" You ignore the question, if you can get away you can have your name back. You know it, you just have to get away from her and this buzzing pain.
"I don't think that's your name." Erin says with barely restrained laughter.
"E-ehhh. ERIN, y-you took muh-my name! Yuh-yooou hurt muh-m-m-me! L-let muh-me go!"
Yanking your captive's head she cries out, exposing her neck you glare fiercely at Erin and place the needle directly over a pulsating artery.
"Or Ah-I k-kill her."

"Oh dear."

Is all she says, she looks not at you but the princess who giggles playfully. Not looking away she speaks to Reisen, gesturing with one hand.

"Udonge, go get the princess another change of clothes will you?"
Clearly not understanding but obediently she nods and moves to go.
"Yes master."

A soft hand touches yours, the girl has turned to watch your face once more, to warn her you push the needle a little deeper into her skin but to your surprise she doesn't resist at all.

In fact, she pushes it in deeper.

A gush of blood springs forth a sprays into the air like a fountain, all the while the girl maintains a sweet smile and a adorable expression. Even as your hand recoils from the blood slick needle in horror, but she doesn't stop.

With a sickening inevitability she takes the needle from you gently and pushes it deeper into the soft whit flesh of her neck even as blood sprays violently from the punctured artery, never does her expression change nor does she ever look away from your face. Transfixed yet horrified you cannot look away, even as the silver point reemerges on the other side of the neck and you can see the needle moving under her skin.

You can't turn away, even as takes the other end of the needle and pulls it forwards stretching the skin grossly away from her body widening the hole it entered until finally the flesh tears away with a spray of blood that spatters your face, then hangs loosely like a hinge of skin or a second mouth on her neck.

And never, never does she stop smiling sweetly at you.
You scream, so primally scared you are that you don't let go of her as she sits in your arms laughing silently at you. You simply sit and scream like a lunatic, eventually hands pull you away from the princess and Erin goes to her.

"Oh dear me, don't you think that was a bit much?" Erin fusses over the princess's clothes as the girl smiles fondly at her.
"Look at this blood, you'll never get it out. We'll have to throw it away."
The princess's body shakes with more silent laughter.
"Well as long as you're amused, where's Udonge with that fresh kimono?"

Erin glances about looking for her and seems to notice you for the first time, even though your screams and frantic struggles with the rabbits must be ear splitting.

"You, I have to say that I'm quite upset with you. I'm afraid as punishment I'm not going to go easy on you any longer, I had hoped to take my time and preserve you but you've proved too dangerous for that."
Her twisted half smile mocks you.
"Was it worth it my dear?"
Stalking slowly up to you Erin emanates an aura of pure evil, but a croaked sound behind her halts her in her tracks. The princess has stood up and has one hand raised towards Erin, she tries to speak but all that comes out are obscene croaks and bubbling blood around her neck. Erin glances at you then to her.

"I can't of possibly heard you right, really?"
The princess nods, Erin frowns.
"We'll talk about this later, I hardly think it appropriate considering what happened here Kaguya."
Kaguya just shrugs, then looks at you sweetly. Finally through the screams you find your voice.


Kauyga laughs silently again making bloody foam rise around her neck. Reisen reenters the room carrying a bundle of clothing which she hands to the pincess.
"Shall I wash the old set master?"
"Don't bother, just take our friend here back to his home." Huffily, as if she's annoyed about something Erin gives Reisen her orders. Glaring she looms over you making you flinch.

"It seems you'll have a place at Eientei for a while yet, my dear."
Holy shit I didn't realise it was this long, explains why it took so long to write.
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I'm getting "I have no Mouth and I must Scream" levels of despair here.
That was fucking amazing.
I've missed you so much, Scorn.

Amazing doesn't even begin to describe this.
Most delicious.
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If you or Decker need to access my account the login is "etodd" and the
password is "saintmary".

Be careful, and I'll find you after this is all over,
Holy shit, Scorn.
This is despair. This isn't even the good kind of despair. It's just...depressing.
I'm surprised you continued this.

At least there seems some hope for the guy now.
A little hope is a most dangerous thing.
Sometimes the very worst thing that can happen.

This is *Scorn* we're talking about, the motherfucking living proof that there's always someone to lower the bar.

Knowing *Scorn*, Kaguya probably has eight humongous dicks eager to molest Anon's virgin asshole or something like that.
A trip through the Internet Hate Machine will turn even the nicest of NEET moon princesses into the most horrendous thing imaginable...
The only hope is for the constant exposure to pain and suffering to stamp out every last bit of humanity within 4N0n, turning him into some kind of fucked up pain-manipulating youkai capable of causing such severe and intense agony in those around him that he can disable them all temporarily and escape.

But this is *Scorn*, so I'm guessing that won't happen.
The anonymous has been kidnapped by the rabbits.
Are you a bad enough Anon to rescue the anonymous?
Oh whatever.
I think someone should make a game about this. Done in the 'Bad Dudes' style.
Reading this back reminded me of something, I've heard of but never played an old adventure game where every time you die you get reincarnated in the first room again but your corpses remain where they fell. You're supposed to use it as a way of by passing traps by setting them off or something I think.

Anyone recognise what I'm on about here?
Something sortof like that works in Netscape, I think.
Even being resilient, our test subject probably won't last much longer, right? So will he be granted a bit of hourai elixir? Imagine, a guinea pig that will never die and you can experiment on him to your heart's content. Remember:

> "It seems you'll have a place at Eientei for a while yet, my dear."
Don't give him ideas!
Also, sage goes in the e-mail field.
Aw, but then the pain (and the story) can go on forever! Isn't it grand?
Also, I know, but I wasn't paying attention to which field I clicked. I'm an internet retard.
>internet retard
Isn't that redundent?

Scorn was about to update, but he couldn't access thproj from the library he was using to browse the interwebs. Or so he said on /jp/.
I blame you Nigger, and that Mc donalds has no internet access.
Hey Scorn. I need my fix of abuse STAT!
Yeah, Scorn are you continuing this?
Ronald MC Scorn, where are you?
>Hey Scorn. I need my fix of abuse SCAT!

(╬ ಠ益ಠ)
Bump. Scorn, are there plans to continue this?

You should have known the answer is no.
>Actually it's a partial lie, today I'm doing an update for my Eientei thing but tomorrow will be all good.

Okay here it is, the write wouldn't flow yesterday so I couldn't post it until I was happy with it. I'm still not entirely pleased with how it came out but it'll do.

Days Since Capture: Unknown\More than thirty days
Escape Attempt: 10th

Subject Designation: 4N0n

Flickering candle light illuminates your tiny cell, a cage barely big enough for you to move or lay down without hitting a wall, sending the rabbit guard's shadows looming across the walls. You stare with disinterest at them while they play cards, conserving your strength and not moving a muscle.

"King of clubs, queen of diamonds, three of hearts. I'm bust."

With a resigned sigh one rabbit drops her cards to the table despondently as her companion greedily pulls the winnings to her chest, the jingling coins sounding too loud in the silent night.

"Another hand?"
The winner picks up the deck and begins to shuffle it with a grin filled with guile, a smirking mocking face that you’ve come to loath on all rabbits, the desperate urge to smash her face in wells up inside you but you quash it.

It wouldn't do to let yourself get worked up.

"All right, but not for money this time okay?" The loser leans back in her cheap wooden chair slumping her shoulders. "I can't afford to loose anymore."

Nodding her assent with a slightly disappointed look the winner begins to deal another hand, disappointed that she can’t feed her avarice further; the cards make a quiet little "Shwic" sound as she does.

"Know what you mean, it's not like keeping an eye on ol' ugly in there," She gestures to you disdainfully with a shake of her head, you don't react. "Pays particularly well."
"S' better than working in the clinic. Not by much though."

Scowling at you the loser rabbit gets up from her chair and takes a step towards your cage, the shadows dance across her face making her inhuman features even more grotesque and highlighting an ugly bruise over her right eye.

"Why do we even keep the bastard around? I'd swear he causes more trouble than he's worth, breaking things and all."
"Erin says she still has more to learn from him and the princess...." The one still at the table, in the circle of light shudders as of to ward off a chill or unpleasant thought.
"Well I heard things you know" she calls it 'playing' with her new 'pet', I had to take 'im back to the cells after she played with him once and he was a wreck."
The rabbit pauses to take a drink of something that smells strong and foul, you do your best to close your ears to her words.

Mustn't get upset.
"He was all shaking like a leaf, like something had frightened him half to death. Was pretty beat up too, there were like burns and stuff all over his arms when he came out."

She gives you as look of pure revulsion.
"Near lost my lunch when I looked at him, what ever those two do with him. I don't want to know more."

Even though you try your best to ignore her words the memories come flooding back unbidden and unwanted, your hand goes to you forearm feeling the misshapen flesh of the scars there , a lump of emotion rise in your throat as you recall....

The agony they put you through daily.

The cold indifference of Erin.

The frightening enthusiasm of Kaguya.

And always, always the buzzing pain that gnaws at the back of your head and threatens to drive you insane keeping you on the brink of panic and madness.

"It's all he deserves I say." The rabbit stepping towards you brings you back into the moment again, her lips drawn back in a cruel snarl.
"They can do all they like to him for all I care, he doesn't deserve death. You hear me in there you goddamn brute? If you just had lain down to die like the pathetic thing you are maybe you wouldn't have to suffer now."

Barking at you angrily, the card game now forgotten, the bruised rabbit stomps forward again fists clenched by her sides as she yells at you.

You give a slight grunt and ignore her.

"Instead you have to act like a barbarian and cause all that havoc, breaking things and running around. No regard for anything or anyone but yourself, smashing your way through this house! You goddamn humans are all the fucking same! Soulless bastards that live in filth and call it civilization! I hate humans and I hate you! Do you even fucking remember me?"

Despite her harsh words and demands, to you the rabbit just looks like a little girl no more than a child even as she stands fuming before you. With no expression you stare at her and shrug making another slight grunt.
"You fucker!" She explodes and points to her bruised eye, the skin swollen and purple pushing the skin around the eye closed. "You did this to me! Hit me in the face to save your own worthless hide, you marred my perfect face you bastard! Do you just hate pretty things because you're so freaking ugly?"

The rabbit is screaming at you now, her voice bounces around the stone room amplified, gesturing wildly with failing arms as her companion stares on in shock. You just continue to stare on with your dead expression.

"I'd kill you with my bare hands for what you did, tear you apart!" Her anger breaks, the furious expression replaced with a wicked smile.
"If it wasn't for the fact I know you're gonna get worse here than if I sent you to hell, you fucker."

She spits the last part in your face, sending a tickle down your face that cuts a small clear path through the grime.

"Feeling better?"
The other rabbit sighs as the bruised one turns back to the table.
"A little, I'll be happier when I'm away from here and can wash his stench off my skin."

"Unwashed beast."

Silence so tense it's almost loud.

"What did you say?"
Shakily the rabbit turns to you once more, matching her previous grin with your own vicious smile you speak again.
"Filthy animal."

In the blink of an eye the girl leaps to the cage and grabs you pulling you level to her face, so close that you can feel her hot breath as she pants in your face with her teeth clenched. Jerking you against the bars of the cell her nails dig into your scar hardened flesh, the metal feels cool against your body and the air is filled with the scent of iron mixed with the rabbit's sweat.

"Listen to me you fucker! I'll rip yo-"

With a fluid motion you reach through the bars and grab her head while escaping her grasp, all before she can even finish speaking. There's a split second where she suddenly realizes what's happening and you can see the fear spread rapidly across her face to the point she actually goes slightly limp in your hands.
Without wasting a second, before anyone can say or do anything, you yank the rabbit's head smashing her face into the solid iron bars making her face explode with blood that runs free from her nose. You don't even hesitate as you do it again and again, with a rhythmic sound of crashing metal you break the rabbit against the cell bars. Your muscles strain with each powerful jerk while each blow messes her face up even more turning it into a bloody mess, the bruised eye begins to bulge out of profile red and disgusting as her nose is spread out across her face.

You're vaguely aware of screaming, probably from the other rabbit in the room seeing as all you can hear from this one is a weak wheezing through split lips and broken teeth, but you're too involved in killing this one to even care.

Slamming the girl has become something mechanical to you now, she feels like a rag doll in your hands with her limbs failing about lifelessly, you're surprised she's so small compared to you as her feet dangle off from the ground.

Finally you stop your assault, to admire your handy work; the rabbit is on the verge of unconsciousness with eyes that loll about in her head unfocussed and a limp neck. Blood pours from the eyes, nose, mouth and a few tears in the skin from your rough handling through which you might be able to see bone.

The rabbit gurgles painfully through her shattered mouth, you let go of her leaving her in a heap on the floor.

She doesn't get up.

But you're trapped now, the second rabbit is now standing stunned in horror before you but she won't be inactive forever, she's got you cornered and it's not going to take her long to realize it. Right now you're both frozen, as if in a split second one might flee and the other give chase, every muscle is tensed and ready to sprint into action.

But there's no where to run, you're in a cage with no way out, any second now rabbits will come pouring into this room and you'll be dragged to Erin or Kaguya for "correction".
You've only got one chance; you've got to goad her into making the wrong choice.


With a monstrous laugh you move, she hesitates to see what you'll do and with another hideous laugh you scoop up the dying rabbit before you again.


The girl takes the bait, rather than calling for help she jumps forward to save her friend pulling her out of your grasp, a desperate swipe for her falls short before you can get her.

With her friend safe she retaliates, filling the air with those blinding lights the rabbits use to take you down, the rabbit girl's eyes are filled with a terrible fury as she swipes her hands before herself over and over sending waves of pain at you.

Skittishly you press yourself up against the back wall, almost tripping fatally on the cot make you giggle madly with the excitement as the lights streak towards you.

Most impact harmlessly into the narrow bars eliciting another unbidden giggle, but some still barrel into you sending your mind into a white haze of pain. Gritting your teeth you try to hold on to your mind, even as you can feel your strength eroded away at the edges you can’t help but titter.

It's like you're clinging to a rock in the middle of a stormy ocean, waves of sound and pain assail you from all sides threatening to send you falling into the inky depths. Part of you wants to give in, to be consumed by oblivion and to feel nothing ever again, but doggedly you cling on despite it all.

You’re not sure why you even try, you gave up hope long ago as it leads to despair and you’ve never even considered revenge against your captors. So why do you fight, or rather, why do you continue to make your escape when even you think it’s futile? What is it about the human spirit that would push you to try and fail over and over like this?

All you know is that you will never surrender, they may break your body and flay your mind or toss you into the dirt until even you think of yourself as an animal, they can build your hopes and dash them into a thousand pieces. But they will never make you concede your right to freedom, even if escape is impossible as soon as you stop trying to break free then you truly lose your liberty, it is only in your defiance that you can stand to bare all this pain.

The onslaught ends, the white haze clears from your vision and the turbulent ocean calms. Your mind free of pain you can think once more, you hadn't noticed you had shut your eyes just now which are now screw tightly shut. Your whole body is quivering with adrenaline, you feel like you’ve just run a marathon but you haven’t even left the cell yet. A fel snicker escapes your trembling lips.
All you can hear in the tiny room beyond the cage is the sound of sobbing; cautiously you open you eyes and see the frail form of the rabbit girl as she cries over the broken form of her friend. You get a vague sensation, one you can’t quite pin down or understand as you watch the tiny girl hold her friend close to her body with tears running down her face. Her little shoulders shake violently with each sob; in fact everything about her is small now that you look at her properly she’s no bigger than a human child. The crippled form in her arms doesn’t move, you can’t tell if she lives or not.

Damn, you were hoping she'd loose herself to rage and open the cage to get to you but it looks like you overestimated her. Sullenly you sink back down to the floor, all you needed was to get them to open the cell door and you’d be away by now, she was supposed to get in here and subdue you but instead she’s sobbing over some worthless rabbit. You really don’t understand these creatures, isn’t it natural to strike back at someone who lashes out at you?

"How boring, you didn't even make it out of your room this time."

That voice, that elegant and musical tone laced with boredom….


Standing casually by the entrance in all her elegant cruelty is Kaguya, an irritated expression written across her face and her arms folded in those voluminous sleeves. Already you’re quailing with fear.

"It's no fun for me if you can't even get out of the first room, it’s no like you’re new to this or anything. Or have you been holding back on me?"
Haughtily she walks over to your cell her face a mask of imperial regality and distain, as she looks down her nose you immediately you prostate yourself before her and begins to babble incoherently an apology.

"If you've been wussing out just to deprive me of my fun, then I'll be really mad!"
Crawling across the filthy floor you stay genuflecting to her as you sputter out your pathetic excuses, hating yourself for doing it but being too terrified not to. You’d do anything to spare yourself her anger, your pride means nothing in the face of her games. Her beguiling touch, such a sensual woman that captivates you with a terrible beauty and wracks your body with unbearable pleasure from exquisite agony, you never want to be alone with this woman again.
You’d loose your mind if you did.
With a condescending sigh Kaguya reaches one foot through the bars of the cell towards you, carefully keeping it from the putrid floor.

"Kiss it."

She commands tersely, even as your mind rebels to her orders you grab that lily white foot and plant a series of gratuitous kisses all over it. Running your lips along the heel and over the top, giving each toe a single peck and kissing all along the arch of her foot trying to please her and filling your mouth with the bitter tang of sweat. She squirms and giggles to your ticklish ministrations.

"All right, don't get too excited!"

A powerful kick sends you sprawling again stinging your eyes with pain, but it's nothing compared to what you're used to. Really she's just being playful. You find yourself thinking that treacherous thought before you can even stop yourself.


Suddenly you’re broken from a world where it’s just you and Kaguya, once again you become aware of the other presence in the room and you see the rabbit you broke and her companion, she’s staring at Kaguya imploringly. Kaguya seems to have only just noticed her, regarding her with narrowed eyes, you just stare on dumbly.
“What happened here?”
Kaguya speaks in neutral tones, unreadable, through her tears the rabbit speaks.
“Th-that bastard did this! He grabbed her an-an-and hit her head against the bars, Princess he tried to kill her!”
There’s a long heavy silence, it weighs down oppressively on you as your mind races with the fear of the Princess’ discipline. You’re fucked, you’re totally fucked, you’ve done this to yourself. Should’ve thought it through, wasn’t supposed to happen like this, you let yourself get upset, can’t be upset or…..

“And why didn’t you stop him?”

Timidly the rabbit stammers at the princess, Kaguya stands staring imperiously at the girl who seems to shrink under her gaze.

“I asked you a question, why didn’t you try and stop him?”
“But I-!”
“Your friend is dying because of your actions!”
“You can’t blame anyone but yourself, you could’ve done something but you just stood there!”
“I couldn’t!”
“Yes you could! You just didn’t want to! You wanted her to die didn’t you!”
“Then why is she dead?”

With a cry the rabbit flees the room to escape the onslaught of the princess unable to stand her accusations anymore, you can’t even begin to understand what happened here, it was all to fast. Confused you look to the dead rabbit, her eyes are vacant and her face is crusted with rapidly drying blood, you can barely make out features you destroyed them so thoroughly. Something shifts in your stomach but you don’t know why.
“She’s gone.” Kaguya sighs and turns to you with a wry smile. “You’ve been very bad you know, if Erin finds out she won’t hesitate to kill you. Oops! I mean, have you put down rather.”
She speaks in an off hand manner, as if this were just a normal conversation between two people and there wasn’t a dead body in the room. Her causal tone and stance frighten you terribly, fearfully you back into the corner of your cell for protection, but the princess approaches the cell door.

“But don’t worry my pet.” She says in hushed, soothing tones that make you break out in a cold sweat. “I won’t let anyone take you away.”
A clank of metal, the lock falls away and the door opens.
“You’re my precious little darling, so I’ll take care of you.”
She enters the cell; you can smell her sweet cloying scent.
“S-s-s-st-tay a-wuh-way!”
Your stutter is back, you’re panicking.
“Don’t be like that pet.” She pouts and draws closer.
She’s in the cell, the door is unlocked but right now you’d give anything to be locked in by yourself again.
“Hush now, you’re safe with me. The rabbits won’t ever find out you’re a murderer.”
“I-I-I’m not!”
Kaguya draws closer to you, pressing her body against yours making you go rigid with terror. She closes her eyes and rests her head in the crook of your neck.
“I know pet, didn’t I just say that you weren’t?”
She’s trying to confuse you, to cloud your mind again. What’s worse is it’s working, you can’t keep your head together as she runs her fingers along your chest filling you with dread and wonder.
“Yes I did pet; you should listen to me better. There’s no way you could be a murderer.”
“No way.” You whisper, her body slowly pushes you to the bed.
“Animals can’t commit murder, that’s just silly.”

Something wrong with what she just said….

“You never have to worry my dear little pet, as long as you keep making your Kaguya happy you have nothing to be afraid of.”
Some how your head has come to rest against her chest, your fear isn’t forgotten and yet you find great comfort here. You begin to cry.
“Shh, it’s alright pet.”
An uncontrollable flood of grief wells up and pours forth, spilling out from you to Kaguya who just sits and holds you, stroking your hair.
“Now, now pet. I told you it’s alright; you won’t be punished for this…”

Something wrong with what she just said….

“But you didn’t play with me tonight pet,”
“I was so bored waiting for you to start the game.”
“In fact you made your Kaguya a little cross.”
“So we’ll just have to play now, I need to work out my frustration.”
“Don’t you see pet, it’s all your fault. You make me do this to you.”

It is impossible to describe the agony of being tortured by one, who controls eternity.
Lame ending I know but I don't want to make the focus of these the torture so I generally don't describe it.
I feel violated myself.
Scorn, GJ!
what's the opposite of "feels good man"? because that's what I'm like right now

feels bad man
This shit is awesome.

Scorn you have a brilliantly twisted mind, and I love you for it.
Does Eientei have a room 101?
Tewi's room.
I can't take it easy like this!
Scorn strikes again
File 122057047235.jpg - (43.60KB, 722x282 , brilliantescapeplan.jpg) [iqdb]
Perhaps 4N0n should have lit HIMSELF on fire when he tried to escape...

Only works against TENGU NINJAS
File 122105350045.png - (482.32KB, 800x800 , Untitled-1.png) [iqdb]
It would have been pretty awesome if Mokou attacked, and 4N0n managed to escape while everyone was distracted. Then he would be running away, and then collapsing in the middle of nowhere. He would begin to feel himself drifting away, but his survival instinct and desire for revenge would keep him alive. He would wake up shortly after, with a strange translucent orb following him. Then he would be like an awesome half-ghost ninja. I even made a picture of him with his would-be half-ghost. Don't worry, I won't share any more of my 'art' with you guys.
I think I might hate you now.
>an awesome half-ghost ninja zombie orc

think about it, *Scorn*.
half-ghost 4N0n would be the perfect man for Youmu. Write your dreams come true

I'm pretty sure this is standard /tg/ trolling, but I see no mention of keyblades, so I can't be sure.
Oh I remember this.
Boring ending is boring, and odd.

I don't think he meant that was the end of all of it, just that segment.
Well that would just make it even weirder, as it's rather conclusive.

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